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The Open Door: Darshan in Poona One

Swami Deva Ashoka, in 1977,  wrote the introduction to the darshan diary ‘The Open Door’. He perceptively discusses the two Osho’s he perceived, the one who spoke in discourse and the other, in darshan. Am I the only one who … Continue reading

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The Empty Chair

Parmartha writes: I was lucky enough to be around at the beginning of this lecture series in Poona one, (1979) , when Osho was unable to give lecture -  it was never fully clear why..   Whether intended or not, I … Continue reading

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Today I remembered the Taran Taran Jayanti celebration at Fawwara Square, Jabalpur. I can’t remember the date but it might have been the break of winter 1967 or 1968.  On the stage, Osho was seated with Shri Kunji Lal Dube, … Continue reading

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Osho: the experience of his physical presence?

PHYSICAL PROXIMITY TO OSHO….HOW IMPORTANT WAS/IS IT?                                                 Lokesh Explores this Question My favourite book is ‘I AM THAT’ by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. I have read it cover to cover dozens of times and yet I still come across passages whereby … Continue reading

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Finding Osho Everywhere

Below is what I mean by finding Osho everywhere. This is a Greek cafe with an Osho quote at the door. And a beautiful quote too.  I am sure you would find Osho inside, and no gateless gate to pass … Continue reading

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