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Osho Answers from the Silence, 1982

ED BRADLEY OF THE 60 MINUTES TEAM VISITED RANCHO RAJNEESH (Rajneeshpuram)  in Oregon in  May, 1982,  when Osho was in silence. He forwarded four questions to Osho who sent these short replies by letter. The answers still seem to us … Continue reading

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Perspectives on Ma Laxmi, Osho’s Secretary, 1970 – 1980

Three Osho sannyasins share their experiences of Ma Laxmi  Swami Satya Vedant: Always happy, always smiling, always laughing, Ma Yog Laxmi was totally surrendered to her master, Osho. When questioned on any task she accomplished or any major problem she … Continue reading

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Indian Journalist Imprisoned for quoting Osho on Shiva

SannyasNews has noticed that an Indian  journalist has been arrested for publishing some words by Osho on the worship of ‘Shivling’. The journalist has been charged under Section 295 A of the IPC (deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage … Continue reading

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The Student Chancer: Osho

Cashless with Osho  ….   by S K Saksena Here in India today, in the midst of present demonetisation, the word ‘cashless’ is much in currency. The government is sparing no efforts to turn the nation almost cashless. How does one … Continue reading

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Yuletide, New Year, Easter, Diwali, Yom Kippur, Eid and so on…

Why does man use excuses for Celebration, when homo sapiens should be celebrating every day that the sun rises ? Osho comments:   Celebration Cannot Be According to the Calendar   “Have you ever thought about why, all over the world, … Continue reading

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