SannyasNews: From Here

A New Opinion Column from Simon Dunster It does sound like a good idea, to reduce the quantity of personal attacks and petty quarrels between contributors. It’s been interesting to observe personal attacks and vitriol of some contributors for a … Continue reading

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Trademark Case: More Stuff

‘Osho’ brand belongs to Zurich Entity, rules European Court On October 11th, The European Court dismissed the petition by Osho Lotus Commune, Cologne (Germany), against the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on the trademark case. The Cologne commune had … Continue reading

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Zuckerberg and Amrito

Some Punters have asked us about this picture. It shows Mark Zuckerberg, (founder of Facebook) and Amrito at the Pune Resort, about ten years ago. We think Zuckerberg only visited the Resort once.  A  Amrito used to be called Devaraj. … Continue reading

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Original Osho Will claimed to have been destroyed by Vivek

Alisha Alexander, (deceased) (sannyas name: Vivek, later known as Nirvano)   the main caretaker of Osho, destroyed the purported Osho’s original will, the Bombay high court was told on Wednesday,  in the latest development in this case. The court was … Continue reading

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The Dilemma of Children in a Commune

Currently the management of the ashram/Resort impose quite strict rule about children, (I am told.) . Children below 12 can only enter at lunch times for an hour. This doesn’t seem to me to be altogether a bad thing! It … Continue reading

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