Dance And Be Forever Young?

Why do many sannyasins look younger than their age might usually tend to indicate? Refusal to ‘grow up’, avoiding taking responsibility in the so-called ‘grown-up, problematic world, the ‘puer eternus’ (‘eternal child’) syndrome? Medical research suggests  this might be the … Continue reading

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The Right To Experiment: Trial, Error, Improvement – A Commitment To Meditation (Come What May)

Prem Arpana describes with gratitude, how, despite many ups and downs, his commitment to meditation has transforned  his entire life… It’s so unusual for me to be this clear about beginnings, about cause and effect, but I can write with … Continue reading

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WITNESSING – An Incomplete Teaching

Osho emphasised witnessing, a meditative watching of thoughts, emerging emotions and states of being, and here Lokesh maintains there’s a lot more to come beyond that… “Just remember one thing, just the one thing that is the only quality of … Continue reading

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Sorry about down time

Apologies for the fact that site has gone offline a couple of times. The host company has been upgrading its servers. The fault partly lies in the fact that the Sannyas News software itself needs updating.

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What Is ‘Osho’s Legacy’?

What is ‘Osho’s Legacy’? This question has surfaced at Sannyas News a number of times over the years, evoking conflicting viewpoints: Is it what he consciously and carefully left behind, eg a specific structure, including places, (communes, ashrams), practices, guidelines … Continue reading

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