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Rare Footage of Osho talking to Pilot and also in a Boat

Bloggers here may well be interested in this Ranch footage as it is rare. Notice how physically vulnerable Osho appears. Notice the (deliberate?) confusions about the car doors between him and disciples, notice the initial stalling of the car, notice … Continue reading

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The Gurdjieff Movements in Nisarga

Prem Martyn Opines: Doing the Gurdjieff movements in Nisarga was and is a technical bind, a choral liability, a gordian knot, an exercise in futility, a realisation of defeat, a surrender to due diligence without result, unrewarding practice, mutual support, … Continue reading

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The Old Place in Jabalpur

This rare picture of Osho from 1969, (before he went to live in Bombay)  has a certain quality.  What can be seen in it? Osho the bookman?,  Osho offering a certain penetration to his interviewer? The modest circumstances in which … Continue reading

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The Struggle between Disciple and Master

Coming to a Master for the Wrong Reasons: Osho A disciple and the Master are in a great conflict; a great struggle goes on. And the disciple can win only if he is unfortunate. If the Master wins it, the … Continue reading

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The Delhi Jain Conference: Accommodation block antics

In the latest Viha Connection, which SannyasNews always recommends people subscribe to, Arun tells a revealing early story that says nothing for Jainism! Osho came from a Jain family so during the early days after His enlightenment, the Jain community … Continue reading

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