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Osho: the experience of his physical presence?

PHYSICAL PROXIMITY TO OSHO….HOW IMPORTANT WAS/IS IT?                                                 Lokesh Explores this Question My favourite book is ‘I AM THAT’ by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. I have read it cover to cover dozens of times and yet I still come across passages whereby … Continue reading

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Finding Osho Everywhere

Below is what I mean by finding Osho everywhere. This is a Greek cafe with an Osho quote at the door. And a beautiful quote too.  I am sure you would find Osho inside, and no gateless gate to pass … Continue reading

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The Words should reach – How? – it is not my concern: Osho

Osho spoke both for an against many many things with eloquence and persuavesiveness, and yet this was not his main work at all. It was the transmission of something beyond words – but talking to people did engage their minds … Continue reading

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Heinous Atrocities: An Osho Take

Osho declares, “If we examine the course of human thinking in the last 300 years, we find a steep increase in doctrines of humanity and justice. But never, in all the history of the world, has mankind indulged in such … Continue reading

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Osho Answers from the Silence, 1982

ED BRADLEY OF THE 60 MINUTES TEAM VISITED RANCHO RAJNEESH (Rajneeshpuram)  in Oregon in  May, 1982,  when Osho was in silence. He forwarded four questions to Osho who sent these short replies by letter. The answers still seem to us … Continue reading

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