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Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking died yesterday. Perhaps his greatest contribution was not as a physicist, but as someone who against all the odds “Lived”. One liked his simple advice to students, “dont look down at your feet, look at the moon, look … Continue reading

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I am a follower of Osho and I love the way he used to convey a serious message in a funny way

Comedy writer Shobhit Sinha at Globe Park in Lucknow Lucknowite and comedy writer Shobhit Sinha, who has shows like ‘Entertainment Ki Raat’ and ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’ to his credit, was in the city recently to meet his friends and family. … Continue reading

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Indian Sannyasin calls for Global Government

Kalyan Mitra Ageh Bharti spoke at a meeting held in Mumbai on February 11, 2018 calling for a One World Government Ageh Bharti writes: Before reporting about this most historic event in India,  that was organized by Swami Gyan Anadi … Continue reading

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Wild, Wild Country/ Osho 82/85

FOR INFORMATION: Netflix is about to publish (March 16th) a major six part set of documentaries about the Ranch. (Rajneeshpuram). 82/85. Lokesh says this is “big” as many people will watch it,  as it is Netflix… Here is the trailer: … Continue reading

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Meditation and Medication in Depression?

The Dail Mail UK rag ran the silly article below today…. The real research should be around talking therapies and community building.  But raising money for such research ain’t easy. Instead here more research around the drug company products….. and … Continue reading

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