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Vinod Khanna, Bollywood Star and Osho Sannyasin, dies at 70

Celebrated Bollywood star, politician and sannyasin, Vinod Khanna has died aged 70 The actor’s career spanned four decades and over 100 films Vinod in Blue Khanna died of advanced bladder cancer on Thursday morning, said Tushar Pania, from the HN … Continue reading

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Perspectives on Ma Laxmi, Osho’s Secretary, 1970 – 1980

Three Osho sannyasins share their experiences of Ma Laxmi  Swami Satya Vedant: Always happy, always smiling, always laughing, Ma Yog Laxmi was totally surrendered to her master, Osho. When questioned on any task she accomplished or any major problem she … Continue reading

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Alleged Will of Osho

  This is a simple short view of the matter!

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A Day in a Poona One Encounter Group, Late 1970′s

A day with Chintan in an Early Encounter Group The following is a selection from a longer essay on encounter groups. With the exception of my name and the group leader’s name, all participants have been assigned fictitious names. The … Continue reading

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The Orange Time in Australia

‘Orange: Sannyas in Fremantle’, is an upcoming exhibition in Fremantle, Western Australia. It will be shown at the Fremantle Arts Centre from April 1 to May 21, 2017. Brendan Foster reports in The New Age on March 24, 2017 below: … Continue reading

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