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Son of Osho’s Philosophy Mentor Speaks

S. K. Saksena lives with his family in Mumbai, India and writes occasional blogs about life and experiences. His father was Dr. Sri Krishna Saksena, Professor Emeritus Philosophy, University of Hawai, and was before that Osho’s teacher and mentor at … Continue reading

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Tooth Truth: Some reflections on Devageet’s Book

Swami Prem Navajat reflects, after a first reading of Devageet’s book, ‘Osho: the first Buddha in the Dental Chair’.  Swami Devageet worked as Osho’s personal dentist for many years. Two thirds fascinating, one third disappointing. The disappointing part is the … Continue reading

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Seeds of Revolution with the early Osho

The outline of this story was originally told by Arvind Kumar, the then Secretary to Osho in Jabalpur in 1966, and has been previously re-told in various ways in various places.  A professor of the Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi … Continue reading

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Arrested for a Silent Explosion

 Excerpted from Swami Anand Arun’s new book ‘In wonder with Osho’ he tells of his arrest in 1975 in Nepal for selling Osho Books. In 1975, Nepal was still under the Panchayat System, the authoritarian monarchical regime. In 1960, King … Continue reading

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Kindred Spirit Magazine Latest

An article from a sannyaisn, Swami Swarum, has been published on the homepage of Kindred Spirit Magazine, the UK’s leading guide to Mind, Body and Spirit for the past 25 years. Since summer 2014 Kindred Spirit has become part of Watkins Books, … Continue reading

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