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An Australian Sannyasin…

An Australian sannyasin,  who had just returned after a visit home,  had been interviewed on television in Australia about sannyas. She said to Osho: The media asked what your message was, and how it was for me. The hardest thing … Continue reading

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Commune and Communism….

Some Osho Extracts about Communes  Real socialism is not a revolution in the society, it is not social: it is the revolution in the individual consciousness. If many people who are going through an inner revolution live together, then there … Continue reading

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Negative Thinking, Arhata Opines

Arhata gives a view on Negative Thinking Arhata leads an admirable street Freedom of Speech movement, now in Washington state, USA It’s ok to be negative …sorta! Reset the brain! In the brain is a thing called ‘the mind’. The … Continue reading

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WHY BIOFEEDBACK DEVICES CANNOT SHORTCUT MEDITATION by Swaram  ( Neurons in the brain communicate with each other via electric impulses which fluctuate rhythmically. Using EEG technology (electroencephalogram), it is possible to monitor these patterns, called brain waves. Interestingly, scientists have … Continue reading

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Memory: a Tool for Unburdening the Mind

By Amrit Sadhana who is in the management team of Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune   (This article appeared first in the Asian Age.) Memory has been a highly important faculty of the human brain, so much so that it is … Continue reading

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