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The Man who was God: Debunked.

Someone wrote of this documentary years ago as below. I think it is a good comment. I dont like the movie, but it needs to be confronted and not hidden. Swami D wrote:  ” Aside from its technical brilliance the … Continue reading

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Siddharta’s Movie from the Ranch

Questions from a Deeper Place This historical video from the Ranch (1983?)  of about 20 minutes is of value. Only put out this year, it contains a lot of footage of drive by, and could prompt a discussion of the … Continue reading

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Two Contradictions of a Great Master

You are sitting a written exam to see if you can get a place in the Oxford theology department.Here is your written question, your answer will be discussed later in your viva…. Please comment on these two major paradoxes of … Continue reading

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Zen Archery with Bodhihanna

Recently Ma Bodhihanna died. She was I believe 89 years old.  She was an admirable person who had survived nazism. She became interested in zen archery late in life and used to practice in Pune.(Osho Teerth Park) I like the … Continue reading

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Osho’s Work: Is this a Meaningful Phrase?

Lots of people use this phrase “Osho’s work” without really thinking what they mean….. By way of ordinary language some disciples woke up just from a look, a glance, and being receptive to it.  The receptivity was arrived at by what … Continue reading

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