‘The Best and Worst of Sannyas News’

Lokesh introduces his new book, a compilation of outstanding posts from the SN archives.

Work on the book, based on a compilation of articles and comments taken from Sannyas News, is progressing well. The word count is now at 130,000 words, which means I could do with at least one more article. If any of the regulars know of an article from the vaults that is in some way special, let me hear about it and I will use it if I have not already done so. I suggest you go back about five years at least.

Now I will revise the almost complete manuscript before typesetting, cover design etc. So far, it has been a lot of work separating the chaff and corny from the wheat, but finally that part of the process is just about done and dusted. What remains is, well…here’s the revised blurb…

‘The Very Best and Worst of Sannyas News’ is based on the edited content of a long-running blog, ‘Sannyas News’, created by disciples and friends of the now deceased, controversial, Indian mystic, Osho. The book will appeal not only to Osho’s followers, but also to spiritual seekers of all persuasions, be they young or old, seasoned or novice. Topics covered include meditation, the relationship between master and disciple, synchronicity, The Work of George Gurdjieff, renowned spiritual masters, most notably Ramana Maharshi, H. W. L .Poonaj and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, spiritual bypassing, ‘Wild-Wild Country’, sex to super-consciousness, psychedelic drugs, witnessing and self-observation, out-of-body experiences, reincarnation and the role of psychotherapy in relation to the pathless path.

At times profound, at others irreverent, there is often an element of humour at play. In certain chapters, some of the commentary is absurdly funny, as one might expect when reading something produced by the followers of Osho, a man who took great pleasure in telling dirty jokes and who extolled the virtues of a non-serious approach to life and, of course, one’s self. I am certain Osho, who was a great reader, would have enjoyed this unique and highly creative book. In the Master’s own words, “Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.” Swami Astitvaheenji Phd, Bhangalore, India.

If you have any comments on the blurb please write them. I am open to both positive and negative feedback concerning any aspect of the book’s creation. The same goes for the book title. If you think you can come up with a better one let me hear about it. The reason I am sticking with the current title so far is because I cannot come up with anything more suitable. I kind of like the fact that it contains the words “very best’”and “worst’” which somehow presents what I aim to achieve with the publication of this book. A balanced perspective.

Some of the content is unique, fascinating, informative, humourous, enlightening etc. In other places it is contemptuous and in your face like only a group of sannyasins know how to be with each other…good, clean, dirty fun! In one chapter, I let some bickering shine through, not a lot, just enough to let the reader see we do not always like each other, let alone love each other. This illustrates that, like Osho, we are fallible and if cornered we do have teeth. I do not want ‘The Very Best and Worst of Sannyas News’ to be just another New Age book, filled with clichés about the eternal now etc, but rather a publication that shows not only how intelligent and wonderful sannyasins can be, but also how utterly human we are and all that being human encompasses.

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  1. Klaus says:

    “For those about to write/publish -
    I salute you!”


    • Lokesh says:

      I used to feel slightly immature about being an aged AC/DC fan until I read that Keith Richards thinks they are one of the best rock bands in the world. Keef is right. I predict you will be thunderstruck when you one day read the book. Still needs a lot of work but it is already exceeding my expectations.

  2. Klaus says:

    In my youth I took classical Spanish guitar lessons: I am a fan of Julian Bream, Andres Segovia, Narciso Yepes, John Williams, Sebastiao Tapajos and others.

    Via Irish and Scottish folk music I got into:
    AC/DC, LennardSkennard, Dr. Feelgood, Steve Gibbons Band, VanHalen, Molly Hatchet etc. with load guitars!

    Power up.

    Looking forward to the interesting book.

    “load guitars” – lead or loads of guitars, Klaus?!

  3. frank says:

    No need to worry about the guilty pleasure of being an AC/DC fan.

    By an amazing synchronicity,I hear that it turns out that some of Swami Bhorat`s disciples are claiming that Bhorat has been a secret AC/DC fan all along.

    To be fair, it is a long way to the top if you want to get enlightened, but disciples have been thunderstruck to hear that whilst Bhorat was publicly singing the Gayatri Mantra, in his spare time he was doing the bad boy boogie and dirty deeds done cheap, shaking it all night long, shooting to thrill, beating around the bush and a whole lot of Rosie was going on.

    As I say, the news has left people thunderstruck and many are now worried that their path to nirvana has turned out to be the highway to hell.

  4. Lokesh says:

    Yeah, ‘Shoot to Thrill’ is an all-time favourite. Love to watch Angus Young perform…takes being total to a whole different level. Such an ordinary bloke offstage, but onstage he is definitely a channel for the monster of rock, who has brought so much fun and excitement into the world’s arenas.

    • frank says:

      I don`t know exactly, as yet, which parts you have put in the book, but anyway here is a variation on the blurb, for fun:

      `The Very Best and Worst of Sannyas News’ is based on the edited content of a long-running blog, ‘Sannyas News’, created by disciples and friends of the now deceased controversial Indian mystic, Osho.

      This book is a must read not only for Osho followers but to anyone with an interest in seminal influencers of 21st century spirituality: Gurdjieff, Ramana Maharshi, H.W.L.Poonaj, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and the lesser-known Swami Bhorat.

      Prepare to have your preconceptions shattered by an eclectic group of mystic misfits as they take you on series of no-holds-barred, out-of-the-box, neo-Socratic dialogues that are guaranteed to surprise you, inspire you, enrage you, make you laugh out loud and enlighten you in equal measure. Sex, superconsciousness, spiritual bypassing, ‘Wild-Wild Country’, crazy wisdom, rascal saints, psychedelic drugs, meditation, self-observation, out-of-body experiences, reincarnation and the role of psychotherapy in spirituality are just some of the subjects explored in a spirit of exuberant yet grounded enquiry that you would expect from those drawn to a spiritual leader who coined the motto “Love,Life,Laughter.”

  5. simond says:

    Will it truly be a warts and real tell tell, Lokesh?! What about a film of the book, starring some of the Hollywood greats? Johnny Depp as Lokesh – I’m sure you’re already casting some of the other old dudes on the site, there’s still a fine selection of older actors around: Hugh Grant as SD, Frank would properly be best acted by Frank himself.

    Good luck with the book.

    • Lokesh says:

      Simond, in my thoughts along with the rest of the SN gang due to editing comments daily. You ask, “Will it truly be a warts and real tell tell, Lokesh?”

      To a certain extent, yes. Warts are a naturally occurring phenomenon. But if too big they can become ugly. There is already enough ugliness in the world, and I want the book to be uplifting, and in no way a reminder of how ugly life can be. If we want to see ugliness we only need switch on the TV and watch a few news bulletins. Nonetheless, the world is in many respects still a beautiful place and I want to do my bit by adding a few more drops of beauty. I am sure you will catch my transcendental drift.

      Currently, there are a few scandals emerging on social media, concerning Osho’s private life and also some very distasteful smut concerning the actions of a small group of sannyasin men. I ran some of this by Satyadeva and he said he did not want to be party to anything that endangered Osho’s work. I felt compelled to agree with him, although I am still not sure what Osho’s work actually is. If I had to make an educated guess I would say it might have a lot to do with trying one’s best to bring a little more light into the world in the form of love, dance, meditation, laughter and creativity. After all, as Osho said in the above article, “Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.” Enough said!

      • Klaus says:

        Light, clarity, understanding, insight into the human sides of our existence and the beauty in all of it.

        I have no dirty laundry regarding all things “Osho” in my life.

        • Lokesh says:

          Back in the mid-seventies there was a rumour floating around in the ashram that Osho’s stools were pure white. Quite a number of sannyasins believed this at the time. Eventually, it emerged that this was pure Bhagwan-shit.

          Some people will believe anything if it is delivered in a convincing enough manner.

          • Klaus says:

            I was writing about my personal experiences…I have no experience of what you mentioned. Huuuuuuh.

            • Lokesh says:

              Hi Klaus, I do not suppose you do. And yes, of course, you were writing about your personal experience.
              It just happened that someone had just reminded me of that story. And the punchline always rings true. I will repeat it. Some people will believe anything if it is delivered in a convincing enough manner. Nothing personal. Just a general statement that I accidentally posted in the reply box instead of the comment box.

              • frank says:

                From Anand Yogi`s facebook page:

                “Certainly Lokesh`s stories of Osho`s pure white floaters that were floating around the ashram are true!
                Their divine presence inspired Swami Bhorat, who was but a humble bog-cleaner in those halcyon days, to pen the famous haiku:

                “The old squat toilet
                like a pond.
                The floater drops in blissfully

                In related matters, just recently Swami Bhorat has, out of compassion for humanity, begun bottling his own urine and selling it to the faithful with the slogan: “It is important to take the food every day but is more important to take the piss!”

                In his recent discourse series, ‘The Watercourse Way”, he explains that his gut microbiomes have become so purified by combination of yoga practice, ayurvedic worming tablets and mantra-chanting that his system has been yogically upgraded so that all water that he passes is in accordance with ancient Indian vedic purity laws which are similar to the Reinheitsgebot in Germany!

                Swami Bhorat finds, as have the sages and rishis from time immemorial, that a few glasses of the amber nectar are most welcome after a hard-day`s work of conducting tantric strip-searches and in-depth chakra inspections of his female disciples!

                And he finds it efficacious for replenishing his depleted prana after strenuous energy darshans involving major love explosions channelled through his mighty lingam!

                So much is Swami Bhorat at the top of his powers that, like other great masters, the energy that he is emanating is strong enough to make negative disciples or family members who are getting in the way of his vision slip quickly and quietly into Mahasamadhi!

                Hari Om!”

                • Lokesh says:

                  Right, that does it. I am going to become Anand Yogi’s Facebook friend, if Shantam has not already beat me to it.

                  Please take into account my current hypothesis that some people will believe anything if it is delivered in a convincing enough manner.

      • satchit says:

        Maybe talking about the smut IS Osho’s work.

        I can imagine that it helps a few to get rid of their sannyas prison.

        • Lokesh says:

          Satchit, I don’t think Osho was very interested in work as such. I recall attending a discourse where he said something along the lines that it is a bad idea to think in terms of work. I remembered him speaking about how a flower blooms, and it is not work but play, play being light and non-serious, while work is heavy and serious, or something like that.
          If someone is in a sannyas prison, that is their problem not yours. What should be of major concern to you is what kind of prison you are in. Unless you recognize the fact that you are in prison you will never be free. Do not make the mistake of thinking you are free. That just means that you are in a sophisticated form of prison that makes you believe you are free, but you are not.
          On that note, once you recognize that you are in prison, it helps to get together with other prisoners and form a group and make an escape plan. Yes, you can work alone, but working with a group your chances of escape increase greatly, because some of your fellow prisoners can share information with you about the prison’s structure that you do not know about. The great escape!
          ‘Gonna make a jailbreak
          But I’m lookin’ towards the sky
          Gonna make a jailbreak
          Man, I wish that I could fly.’ AC/DC

          • Just because things don’t happen my way does not mean divine is sleeping, when divine will wake up, my file will be taken for signing.

            Divine flow and intervention is happening every moment.
            Even if someone pours oil and burns the forest, it also cannot happen without Nature´s forces at work.

            As a race of spices with brain, we can find the causes why things happened the way they have.

            When I retrospect the rise and fall of Osho’s work in the form of commune, it feels not something has happened out of the way. Some vital thing was missing; what that was is a matter for collective retrospection.

            Here I remember a saying: often wise crow sits on his own shit.
            The biggest shit around a Charismatic person is Flattery….

            • satyadeva says:

              “Just because things don’t happen my way does not mean divine is sleeping, when divine will wake up, my file will be taken for signing.”

              Well, Shantam, if the divine can be awake and fast asleep at the same time, that’s why it’s divine, I suppose…

              Utterly amazing insight!

  6. satchit says:

    Lokesh, you should not believe everything that he said.
    Do you think one can become a professor of philosophy by
    playing? Even in India this is not possible.

    I am free. What else shall I be?
    It includes also thinking for myself.

    If people get irritated by scandals on social media, good.

    Maybe doubt helps them to become free of the guru and the group they think themselves connected to.

    • Lokesh says:

      Satchit, do you think you have control over the thoughts entering your mind?

      • satchit says:

        Yes Lokesh, I have a firewall that no thought is allowed to enter into my mind.

        Sometimes when I’m in a good mood I allow happy thoughts to pass through. You?

        • Lokesh says:

          Me? I’m not delusional enough to believe that I can control the thoughts entering my mind. Nobody can control the thoughts entering their mind, including you. We can choose whether or not to think thoughts.

          You can witness thoughts. But controlling what thoughts enter into your mind simply is not possible.

          Perhaps the enlightened can, but all we know about the enlightened is what they tell us, and I have never heard an enlightened person say they could control the thoughts entering their mind.

  7. Till now on this thread, the best is the introduction of the book. Sharp and witty.

    Looking forward for the work of Spiritually Misfits. I am sure it can be used as a reference book of our times.

    I know this suggestion is not practical but I will write anyway:
    Introduction of the writers written by fellow-writers as well as by oneself. I don´t mind a studio picture, others can hang their cat´s or mala´s.

    • frank says:

      FB Anand Yogi:

      “Perfectly correct, Shantambhai!
      Certainly, out of respect to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Assbook, all contributors should submit close-up picture of backside for inclusion in book by way of introduction!

      Logistical problems are there for finding adequate space for Shantam`s submission!
      Also, the absurd baboons seem to have forgotten that Shantambhai has already long ago contributed best title for book:
      “Sannyasnews: Wisdom from the Beyond and the Behind”!

      Hari Om!

      • Klaus says:

        Very integrating stance, Yogi! Congrats!

        As I am not so firm with conjunction “and” as well as other grammatical items in the title “SannyasNews: Wisdom From the Beyond and the Behind”, should/could not it be “for” instead?

        Ah, the versatility of the English language is fabulous indeed.

        • frank says:

          The beyond and the behind are two separate things so I don`t think it`s a problem.

          • frank says:

            I think it could be a good idea to have a short interview in the style of popular fanzine media for each of the contributors at the beginning of the book. For example:
            Name :Shantam Singh
            Hobbies: Gora girls, Japanese Zen porn, religion.
            Favourite food: Any white meat
            Favourite colour: White
            Favourite animal :Ass
            Dream: To be dispatched from life wearing my 400 year-old underwear.

            Name : Satchit
            Hobbies: Beer, football, advaita
            Favourite food: This would simply be a judgment of the mind
            Favourite colour: The mind loves to judge
            Favourite animal: Without mind there is no judgment
            Dream: Certainly, it is the mind that is dreaming.

            • Lokesh says:

              Yes, Frank, good idea. You first. If commentators respond well, it will go to print.

              • frank says:

                Name: Frank
                Hobbies: Cynicism, misanthropy, master-debating and larping.
                Favourite Food: Serve me anything and I will scoff.
                Favourite colour: Skobeloff.
                Favourite animal: Red-bottomed baboon
                Dream: To discover irrefutable proof that all people are motivated purely by self-interest, egotism and self-aggrandisement at all times rather than ever acting for honourable, noble or unselfish reasons.

                How `bout you?

                • Arpana says:

                  Kudos and respect, Frank.

                  Welcome back, Arps! Where on earth HAVE you been?

                • Arpana says:

                  Sometimes one needs a break, even from a game as engaging and wondrous as Sannyas News. ✌ ( ᐛ )و

                • Lokesh says:

                  Welcome back, Arpana. I’ve missed you terribly.

                  Thought of you this morning, when trying to find a good Osho quote about reading. I found the following:

                  “You can use reading as a food for the ego. It is very subtle. You can become knowledgeable; then it is dangerous and harmful. Then you are poisoning yourself, because knowledge is not knowing, knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom has nothing to do with knowledge. Wisdom can exist in total ignorance also. If you use reading just as a food for the mind, to increase your memory, then you are in a wrong direction. But reading can be used in a different way; then reading is as beautiful as anything else in life.”

                  If anyone else has any suggestions about appropriate quotes that could be used on the opening pages of ‘The best and…’ Please do not hesitate to post them on this thread. Which does not mean to say they will be used. Thanks.

  8. Lokesh says:

    Name: Lokesh
    Hobbies: Creating something out of nothing.
    Favourite food: Anything healthy that tastes delicious.
    Favourite colour: Ultramarine.
    Favourite animal: Siamese cat.
    Dream: To one day leave this world in peace.

    • Klaus says:

      Names: Klaus – Swami (P)rasanto
      Hobbies: Sky & Nature watching, seriously no sports
      Favourite food: Salami cheese sandwich at any time
      Favourite colour: Begoni (Bangla), which is purple-red
      Favourite animal: Snow lion
      Dream: To lose each and any idea of ideals.

  9. Lokesh says:

    The manuscript for ‘The Best and Worst of Sannyas News’ is now complete. The next step is typesetting and cover design. Thanks to everyone involved for their contribution.

  10. Lokesh says:

    Yes, Satchit, great idea. You are a true source of inspiration. Thanks.

  11. frank says:

    Name : Swami Bhorat.
    Hobbies: Blagging, getting blasted, making stuff up, having a vision, getting blowjobs from disciples.
    Favourite colour: Orange
    Favourite food: Whipped cream, jellies
    Favourite animal: White birds
    Dream: All dreams must cease, apart from mine.

    • frank says:

      Not bad.
      Red is good.
      Have you done any variants?

      • Lokesh says:

        Yes, about a dozen. Tempted to do something crazy, because the more I study the book’s contents, the more I am convinced that the whole thing is nuts…fun nuts! I read a chapter to my wife this morning. She shook her head and looked up at the ceiling.

        Right now I am sticking to making a classy cover…it will con people into believing there is something really spiritual about the book…when in fact it is all a bit of a cosmic joke.

        • frank says:

          Classy cover is good. Guarantees at least one page will be classy!

          Seriously, tho`, maybe your wife isn`t “ready”?

          It`s understandable. How to prepare for such a genre-defying, paradigm-shifting, game-changing stick of once-in-a-yuga spiritual dynamite?
          Not easy.

          • Lokesh says:

            She expressed concern that the book might not be able to live up to the blurb…written by you know who. I’m also considering changing author’s name to Swami X…to lend the cover an air of mystery.

  12. kavita says:

    Lokie, making a compilation is such a maverick idea!

  13. kavita says:

    Name: Koan
    Hobbies: Just gazing in air!
    Favourite colour: Turquise
    Favourite food: Seafood
    Favourite animal: Tortoise
    Dream: To not dream!

  14. Lokesh says:


  15. Lokesh says:

    Recent photo of his holiness, Swami X.

  16. Lokesh says:

    Thanks for the Info. Swami X sounds a bit like Yogi, but not as good. How about ‘SWAMI 108′?

    • kavita says:

      Could ‘SWAMI 0′ or ‘SWAMI Zero’ be an option?

      • Lokesh says:

        Hi Kavita, I think SWAMI HOO is a fitting name. Check it out.

        • frank says:

          I think you might have nailed it there.

          • frank says:

            108 and 0 work but I think HOO edges it, so far….

            Btw. Just thought, isn`t it the Sannyas News 20 year anniversary this year (2001-2021)?

            “Sannyas News: Keeping the sin in sannyasin and the con in consciousness for over 2 decades.”

            • Lokesh says:

              I think I might go for SWAMI G.

            • satyadeva says:

              I vote for ‘Swami HOO’ too.

              I recall during the first heady days of ‘Bhagwan’ and dynamic meditation in London, superbly managed by Veena and Shyam Singha back in Spring ’73, large banner adverts appeared at the upper sides of some central London buses, declaring, “Who’s Hoo? Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh!”

              We recent ‘converts’, high on a rising tide of newly awakened energies, loved it. Not sure if anyone actually came to Sannyas through seeing that ad. but we weren’t inclined to think about that, we were part of something special.

              • frank says:

                People might have thought it was an ad for this that was released at the same time:


              • Lokesh says:

                My partner went, “Oh no, not HOO!” Frank is not 100%.
                SD likes it.
                I like SWAMI G.
                I think it is time to do a spot of gardening.
                I’ll check later to see the SWAMI G vote. Thanks

                • frank says:

                  I guess ‘HOO’ has a little of the `in joke` in it, whereas ‘G’ is more neutral, thus possibly more enigmatic.

                • satyadeva says:

                  ‘Swami G’ is good – yes, maybe better than ‘Hoo’, which might be a bit dated, as your wife’s response seems to suggest.

                • kavita says:

                  Hi Lokie, ya, ‘SWAMI G’ sounds good.

                  Frankie, please consult AY!

                • frank says:

                  More from FB page of AY:

                  “It is utterly disgraceful to think that one as holy as Swami Bhorat would give his blessings to such a perverted project!

                  The depraved aim of this degenerate and lewd book is clearly to destroy Osho`s vision by portraying him as some kind of fancy-dress joker, out of his head on a variety of substances, who was insulting all of the religions, having no regard for morality or the law, giving authorities the finger, cracking dirty jokes and encouraging his disciples to follow his suit in indulging in intoxicants, having frequent sex, clearing throat by saying “Fuck you!” and generally failing to take anything seriously at all!

                  And all in the name of meditation which was devised many yugas ago by the rishis and sages of mighty Bhorat especially to prevent this kind of behaviour!!

                  Certainly, this disgusting and subversive tome is the very manifesto of Kali Yuga itself!

                  Fortunately, Zorba the Buddha Modi is due to meet the Pope soon, so many of Bhorat`s senior disciples have been writing letters to Modi imploring him to bring the matter up and see if some global alliance can be formed in order to ban this book and stop the resultant tsunami of unconsciousness from engulfing what is left of Osho`s legless legacy!

                  The very future of consciousness is at stake here!

                  Hari Om!”

                • Lokesh says:

                  Good post from Yogi and big-up from Kavita.

                  The book has now been uploaded but it will take some time until it is available. Will keep you updated as the situation worsens.

  17. Lokesh says:

    Acknowledgement The ‘Very Best and Worst of Sannyas News’ is the end product of many people’s efforts. Without those efforts this book would not have happened. Thanks to the following people for their contributions:
    Parmartha RIP, Paritosh RIP, Dharmen RIP, Jitendra, Satyadeva, Swami Shanti, Shantam, Kavita, Frank, Swami Ali, Anand Yogi, Arpana, Dominic, Satchit, Amrito, Klaus, Sweetness, Simond, Veet, Dean Carter, Jivan Alok, Tan, Rati, Bob, Chicklit, Subhuti, Anubodh, Yogini Bhati, Samarpan, Lokesh (Luke Mitchell), Martyn, Christopher Calder, Chicksat, Anthony Thompson, Dr Prakash, Hasya Aspad, Chodana, Donat, Jameekshak, Dhongee, Kartar, Prem Salami, Jagmohan Singh, Umberto Carrara, Bernard Levin, Ritvik, Bharti, Sugit, Heraclitus, Andreas Roth, Dhiren, Nutan, Chetna, Alok John, Maggie, Be, Nakal, Parvati, Rupa, Levina, Miss Jean Brodie, Mudra, Punarjanm, Veshya, Bodhi Vartan, May, Jafite, Mukhabira, Pato, Dhyanraj, Mini Kang, Prem Doug, Cintan, Prateeksha, SL, Kusum, Sam Lucas, Kamal, Kahn, Avinashi and last but most certainly not least, the man of the eternal moment himself, Osho.

    • frank says:

      Dharmen also RIP, I think.

      Yes, that’s been done and he’s up there next to his two co-founders. Jitendra (Clive) next as he’s largely financed SN since Parmartha left us, as well as doing tech work on the site.

  18. Lokesh says:

    RIP added to Dharmen’s name.
    Looks like ‘Swami G’ it is. Apart from the obvious link to ‘SWAMIJI’, we also have Ali G, and MR, so Swami G is in good company.

    Who’s “MR”, Lokesh – Gurdjieff, perhaps?

  19. Klaus says:

    I come around feeling that it is an exciting, fitting and really likeable Sannyasworthy book project:

    Jokingly about the big questions

    Good Go!

  20. Lokesh says:


    ‘The Very Best and Worst of Sannyas News’ is the culmination of many people’s efforts. All of those people are in agreement that all proceeds generated from the sale of this book will be donated to a worthwhile charity.

    When I landed the job of compiling and editing articles and comments from the Sannyas News blog site to form a book, my first thought was, this will be a lot of fun. It turned out to be a lot more than that. The Sannyas News site had been running for twenty years and was host to 700 articles and over 70,000 comments. Sifting through them for material to use in a book required a lot of painstaking work. It was also a challenge deciding what to keep and what to discard. I ended up using less than 5% of the material available.

    As a writer I not only wished to use the articles and comments provided, but also endeavoured to lend a sense of character to some of the people who had written the comments. I wanted to illustrate how human these people are, and also how perfect in their imperfection they are.

    I first met Osho in 1975 at his ashram in Pune, India. I stayed there until his sudden departure to the USA in June 1981. I caught a glimpse of him, smiling from the back seat of a limousine as it sped by. That was the last time I saw him. I always thought I’d see him again. That was not destined to happen. Controversy surrounded Osho throughout his life, and it still surrounds him today, even though he left his body in January, 1990. I will always remember him as the most remarkable man I ever had the good fortune to meet in my lifetime. I trust that this publication adds something to his enigmatic legacy.

    Swami G, Bhangalore, India, November 2021

  21. Lokesh says:

    Just checked the page count….over 450 pages, which means that it will be a big book.

  22. Klaus says:


    But then again: Heaven may be indifferent…

    “The indifference of heaven” – Warren Zevon
    Performed by the great and lovely Master of Strings, David Lindley:

  23. Lokesh says:

    ‘The Very Best and Worst of Sannyas News’ is now available from Amazon globally.
    Go to Amazon site, type in either ‘The Best and Worst of Sannyas News’, or simply…’Swami G’ and you will find it.

    The book is available in both Kindle and paperback formats. The book is quite big and has 475 pages, but is still for sale at less than 20e.

    I trust that it is a worthwhile reading experience for you. Below is a flyer advertising the book. If you care to, please send to friends, or post it on social media to spread the word.

  24. Lokesh says:

    Yes, definitely bears a strong resemblance.

  25. Klaus says:


    That was fast: from upload to being available.

    Now I am waiting to receive it in few days.

    Congrats. One more step of Sannyas history made.

  26. Lokesh says:

    One thing is for sure, hundreds of people have become aware of SN’s existence during the last 24 hours.

    If ever there was a time for a new and interesting thread it is now.

    • satchit says:

      One interesting thread would be:

      ‘What to do with the heaps of money you make with this book?’

      I believe SN might be one beneficiary of any profits, Satchit. Firstly, Clive (Jitendra) who’s owed a lot of money for having largely financed the site for the last three years or so (without even having a personal interest in SN or, indeed, in Sannyas).

    • frank says:

      “Hundreds of people have become aware of SN’s existence during the last 24 hours.”

      Man, where have those guys been?

      I wonder if they`ve had enough of propagandist, sycophantic, obsequious, servile, saccharine toadying and mealymouthed, sanctimonious hagiography yet?

      If so, they should log on and speak their mind, if they`ve still got one that is.

      • Lokesh says:

        They are running to Swami G’s feet.

        • satchit says:

          Seems he is not the only Swami G on Amazon. Om Shanti, Maha Shanti!

        • frank says:

          From Yogi`s facebook page:

          “Certainly Swami Bhorat is disgusted by Swami G`s appearance on the spiritual scene! It is certainly Kali Yuga!

          He has pronounced that this G is simply a solo flute, playing solo on his flute with sound of one hand flapping as rhythm section! Whereas Swami Bhorat is like mighty orchestra with music of the spheres bursting forth from magnificent orbs in region of bass chakra!

          Sannyasnews is simply online version of Muktananda sewage lagoon!

          True spiritual seekers will avoid Swami G and other revolting baboons in cesspit of unconsciousness, abuse and negativity and remember to get all neccesary life information and truth from Bhorat News and Bhorat Times!

          Hari Om!

    • satyadeva says:

      Message from Madhu:

      Dear Satyadeva,

      I’d like to share something with you and SN and Lokesh.

      Even when missing a human exchange in the Sannyas Realms with fellow-travellers I am busy with the Issue of Digital Detox and a special wisdom whisperer with South Korean roots who is living for a long time in Berlin/Germany and officially studied here – became a teacher of Philosophy.

      Have been looking for some expression where British Natives could get a hint of what this Human has to share (English subtitles):

      https:// youtu.be/bNkDeUApreo

      There you can watch some of the Life from Byung-Chul Han – if you are interested.

      Not at least Lokesh I guess will like the long Drumming at the beginning – it’s a real one and not from a computer….

      Have a good say – all of you!

      And thanks, Satyadeva, to pass on my recommendation (and/or to use it for yourself).

      With Love,


  27. Lokesh says:

    Hi, Satchit.
    If you go to books on Amazon and put Swami G in the search box, guess what comes up?

    • satchit says:

      In my computer comes up:

      ‘Divine Musings of a Tantric Master – Guru Swami G.’

      In your computer?

      • Klaus says:

        On amazon.de that happened to me, too!

        Not only 1 Swami G. there:

        “SWAMI G’S SHORT STORIES (English Edition)”

        Then I searched for the title and found it directly….

        • frank says:

          AY from Meta:

          “Certainly there is more than one Swami G!

          There are so many abc and xyz swamis that one can find on every street corner of mighty Bhorat`s browned and hallowed turf!

          Usually with one hand down pyjama trousers scratching base chakra and mindlessly smoking beedi and chewing pan and delivering time-honoured one-liners fro Upanishads and Vedas.

          Thou art that!
          Jus` like that!
          Like that only!


  28. kavita says:

    Reached Poona, got the Kindle book!

    Lokie, hope the proceeds to the charitable trust are able to support that charity till eternity!

  29. Dear friends,

    I am pleased to buy the work of Lokesh where our posts have taken a book format.

    I hope readers and contributors will surely buy this book, it is an irreverent record of once alive Neo-Sannyas movement.

  30. Lokesh says:

    Kavita and Shantam: Thanks.

    • Klaus says:

      Posted this, including one flyer:

      “Recommendation – Empfehlung

      ‘The Very Best and Worst of Sannyas News’
      by Swami G.

      It is a selection out of more than 70,000 comments in the last 20 years on the sannyasnews.org blog.

      It could be seen as a historical collection of comments on time-related articles with regard to the meditation process, therapy methods, the inner path and its obstacles and hindrances, and most importantly on the question “Do you need a teacher guru for this? If Yes – What kind of a teacher guru might be most suitable??!??!!”

      Book is now available on Amazon globally.
      The book is available in both Kindle (ca EUR 8) and paperback (ca. EUR 20) formats.

      I trust that it is a worthwhile reading experience for you. Below is a flyer advertising the book.
      If you care to, please send to friends, or post it on social media to spread the word.”

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