Sannyas and Time-Rich Living, by Nitya Prem

Nitya Prem writes: “Here’s  an article on the dilemma we all face about how to live as sannyasins in the modern world. We all need to earn a living, but sannyas life needs time too, and so we have to … Continue reading

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Compassion for the man Osho, by Nityaprem

Nityaprem writes: I thought I’d write a bit about the various stages I went through after I started commenting for SannyasNews, so here is a slightly longer article on that… It seems that these days most sannyasins live without the … Continue reading

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Osho As A Mythological Figure, by Nityaprem

Nityaprem explores… So lately I have become interested in mythology, and I’ve started with the American professor of literature Joseph Campbell. Pretty much the first stop of my journey was the television documentary series ‘Joseph Campbell and the Power of … Continue reading

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Remaining Loose Like Water, by Ma Deva Uma

SN has lacked sufficient female perspectives for far too long but here’s one woman’s remarkable story (and her views on SN) from Ma Deva Uma, who lives in London. The first Osho book I read was titled ‘Tantra, The Supreme … Continue reading

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Sannyas Beyond Osho, by Nityaprem

It took me a while to decide to write this, but in the end I thought it’s worth talking about honestly and clearly. Many of the older sannyasins still clearly remember what it was like while Osho was alive, and … Continue reading

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