Final Appeal for Funds for SN to Continue

SN has to find $240 (about £170) by November 6 in order to pay for another year of online security.  Clive (Jitendra) (who has no interest in SN) has personally covered the vast majority of such expenses for the last three years and no longer wishes to bear this burden. So the responsibility rests on us, the clientele.

If anyone is willing to contribute towards this fee then please just get in touch, don’t send anything yet until it’s clear how much could be raised.

If the fee isn’t paid on time then Clive has said the site might possibly be able to keep going for a while but would be far more subject to problems,  vulnerable to hackers etc.

If we don’t want to risk that then an alternative would be to re-open SN on facebook, as a discussion site, so that articles and responses could be maintained.

But whether or not it would be worthwhile making efforts to continue SN, in its current or another form, would depend on ideas and contributions from readers, which have slowed right down in recent months.  So it could be that SN has run its course and that this is the right time to finish.

If the site doesn’t continue in its current form then we’ll aim to keep its contents, ‘mothballing’ it all for ‘posterity’, as a historical resource, which was co-founder Parmatha’s wish.  However, I understand that might not be technically straightforward so at present nothing is definite.




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10 Responses to Final Appeal for Funds for SN to Continue

  1. Lokesh says:

    I have often thought a SN page on FB would be a good idea.

  2. simond says:

    I’m happy to send £50, just email me how to do so.

    Thanks very much, Simond, let’s see what happens re fund-raising responses.

    • frank says:

      Please send all monies immediately to :
      Swami Ghandoo Bhorat.
      Bungabungalore Ashram,
      17, Sukdeep Dikshit Lane,
      Cumbum District,
      Tamil Nadu,

      Many thanks.

      No need to send any money yet, we’re waiting to see if there’s an adequate response!

  3. All the world media is at facebook.
    I am sure hundreds of more contributors will join at facebook and finally, sannyasnews will be free from the grip of 5-7 tribal-minded oldies.
    And yes, there one has to come with the clean identity, not much space for anonymous hit-and-run kind of faceless writers.

    Still, no harm to keep the independent identity of Sannyasnews if all are willing to share the cost.
    I know I still have to give 50 euros. Will do it the moment I get paypal address of the receiver.

    Future is at facebook, or later on at Truth Social! If we don´t change with the time, it means end point comes sooner than later.

    Wait to pay until we see how the financial response goes, Shantam.

  4. satchit says:

    Last year I did transfer 25 euros to Clive’s account.
    I could do same thing again.

    FB I don’t like. Why should one give energy to Big Brother?

  5. kavita says:

    Have been travelling since a week, just saw this post now.
    Would like to contribute.
    Hello SD, please inform how to do the needful.

    Thanks, Kavita, I’ll be in touch when I’m clearer about what’s goping to happen.

  6. VeetTom says:

    Just let it die in peace….

    I’m afraid you’re behind the curve, Veet Tom. Enough has been offered by contributors to pay for the site for another year (also see the current topic).

    • frank says:

      From Anand Yogi via Meta:

      “Perfectly correct, Tom!

      Certainly, in order to preserve honour, SannyasNews should commit sati and enter mahasamadhi in time-honoured tradition of hardcore Hindu honour killing!

      It is the way of all the sages and avatars of mighty Bhorat!

      Hari Om!

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