Resort invited to show a copy of Osho’s original will

Information garnered from various Indian newspapers by SannyasNews,  15th Dec, 2013

The Pune police station has issued a notice to the Osho International Meditation Resort and Trustees asking them to produce the original copy of Osho’s will following legal action by disaffected followers claiming it is forged.

Osho Friends Foundation lodged an FIR earlier this week against six administrators of the Resort, alleging that they produced a forged will,  dated ‘October 15, 1989, Poona’, of Osho, bearing a fake signature.  Police officials said they have issued a notice to the ashram authorities without prejudice to produce the original copy of the will. The police have booked the case under sections 465, 467 and 471 of the IPC that pertain to ‘punishment for forgery’, ‘forgery of valuable security, will’ and ‘using as genuine a forged document’.
Ramakant Shinde, Assistant Police Inspector,  Pune police station, confirmed that an FIR had been lodged in this regard.  “We issued a notice three days ago to the ashram management asking them to produce the will that the complainants have mentioned in the FIR. We are still investigating and will also ask government-approved handwriting experts to analyse the signature on the will for verification should it be received”.  However the police say they are still waiting for a response from the Osho International Meditation Resort’s management.
In the complaint to police, Yogesh Thakkar alias Swami Prem Geet  has alleged that three signature experts, one in Italy, and the others in Aurangabad and Delhi, considered the signature on the will was faked, though it is noticeable that the police will also employ their own experts should the matter be forwarded.Thakkar told the Times of India that the will was presented by the administrators in a European Court in June 2013. He added by way of argument that if indeed it was Osho’s will, why was it not produced in a previous 2009 US court case, where the claim over Osho’s trademarks was dismissed.
“When the Resort/Ashram in Pune was contacted someone calling himself Mukesh Sarda came on the line and said the Foundation would not comment save to say the matter was sub-judice.
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  1. shantam prem says:

    “When the Resort/Ashram in Pune was contacted someone calling himself Mukesh Sarda came on the line and said the Foundation would not comment save to say the matter was sub-judice.”
    Just the last evening on this site I have written, resort response will be , ” matter is Sub Judice.”
    As an Indian I know, how Indian crookedness works. And Mr. Mukesh Sarda is one such resorty crooked. I don´t know whether he is past life brother or brother in law of Prince Jayesh, but in this life, he has really hypnotised Prince with his Gujrati Buttering. . North Korean Uncle should have learnt from Mukesh, ” The sublime art of sycophancy.”

    • satyadeva says:

      Why the surprise at a response that would be standard practically everywhere?

      Why assume “crookedness”?

      And how about answering Parmartha’s question of a day or so ago? Not to mention several you’ve avoided from me over the last months.

      Obvious assumption is that you have no adequate answers so hope the uncomfortable questions will just go away. Thus, in your own way, you show similar characteristics to those of your avowed ‘enemies’. Quel surpris!

      • frank says:

        “gujrati buttering?”
        yes,i remember that scene from the 70s Bollywood classic
        “the last tango in parinirvana”
        starring marlon mango.

        • dominic says:

          As a young man my gurus, Sri Satya Bigknobaji and Yogi Grabbir Boubi, loved to play the ‘hot buttered naan’ scene to raise their kundalini, before giving shagtipat.
          Now I self-realized they were sexual deviants!

        • satyadeva says:

          This article, well chosen by Arpana, highlights the difference between a graphologist, who is concerned with analysing personality, and a questioned document examiner (QDE), whose job is about forensic handwriting analysis of documents. Graphology is apparently highly suspect, while QDE is rooted in scientific methodology. So any graphological evidence concerning Osho’s will is to be discounted, as it’s a proper QDE that’s required.

          This extract shows the difference:

          “The artificially inflated reputation enjoyed by handwriting analysis is largely due to the tendency to confuse the profession of graphologist with that of a questioned document examiner (QDE). As Dale Beyerstein [20] has observed, nonsense often rides piggyback on sensible knowledge, and graphology, though it bears only the most superficial resemblance to scientific document examination, misappropriates the latter’s well-deserved prestige [21]. Both fields analyze handwriting, but that is where the similarity ends.

          A QDE is a scientifically-trained forensic investigator who also has considerable knowledge of the history of papers, inks, writing implements, systems of penmanship, and styles of expression [22]. QDEs are respected experts who are frequently consulted by the police and the courts. Their modus operandi is quite different from that of a graphologist, however. The job of a QDE is to establish the provenance and authenticity of documents, some of which are handwritten. Unlike a graphologist, a legitimate QDE would never attempt to discern the personality of the writer from the script he or she examines. Where appropriate, the QDE will compare the writing in disputed documents to known samples from the hand of the putative author. Thus a typical question for a QDE might be, “Is this an authentic letter from Mozart to his patron or a clever forgery? Or, “Did the defendant in the dock write this ransom note?” By comparison, a typical question for a graphologist might be, “Does this writer harbor a secret resentment of authority?”

          If need be, a QDE will chemically analyze the ink, microscopically examine the fibers and watermarks of the paper, and look for distinctive marks left by different kinds of writing instruments. In addition, he or she might compare grammar, style, and punctuation to social or historical norms, all for the purpose of establishing when, where, and by whom a given document was written. The exposure of the infamous “Hitler Diaries” as forgeries showed QDEs working at their best [23]. As consultants in litigation or historical disputes they are asked only to rate the probability that a given person wrote the document in question, not to pass on the guilt, innocence, or any other psychological trait of the alleged author. That a few QDE’s also practice graphology on the side also leads to confusion in the public mind. Most QDEs are just as unhappy at being confused with a graphologist as an astronomer would be if mistaken for an astrologer.”

    • dominic says:

      According to my sources Mukesh Sarda has been instructed, in the words of W C Fields, to “Never Give a Thakkar an Even Break.”

  2. shantam prem says:

    Forgery is a criminal offence, may be in those banana republics also from where few people like Arpana have done their schooling.
    English jurisprudence which is the mother father uncle aunt of all the common wealth legal systems recognise this so sternly that even the drug addicts will refrain from counterfeiting the signatures.
    May be for devotional types who hate everything scientific and tried and tested methods, best way will be to take those affidavits before a channel. May be the swing of the pendulum can ascertain what is truth and what is reality.
    In case of doubt, one can take the help of some tarot or chart reader or some energy reader also. All such people are easier to find on the side bar ads. in Oshonews!

  3. shantam prem says:

    Sooner or later, boy dictator in North Korea will also get his day. If he has left a successor like him, thousands of people will be seen crying oceans of tears.
    If he is the last asshole, hundred thousands of people will be seen celebrating.
    Masses grow around the leader; any kind of leader, spiritual or worldly.
    Therefore my guess is if someone from Osho regime goes into prison because of the forged signatures submitted in the court; few will need some therapists thumb to suckle.
    I can say without doubt just through the contents of writing at sannyasnews.

  4. shantam prem says:

    News about Osho´s forged signatures is a burning news at facebook and also in the media.
    Yet not a single high profile Indian or Western Osho disciple has opened their mouth in pro or contra.
    Is this an hall mark Silence of an Osho meditator or they are waiting for Osho´ second coming?

    • satyadeva says:

      Ever thought that such august personages (or at least some of them) might possibly simply have a respect for the processes of law, Shantam?

      You know, rather than sounding off like a know-it-all-with-an-agenda, without knowing the full facts?

      You know, rather like the worst kind of sensationalist tabloid newspapers?

  5. shantam prem says:

    “Swami, your wife is dating the therapist?”
    Swami, ” Let me consult my advocate.”

    Every month, I get one or another mail regarding some petition against China´s so called occupation of Tibet or change of roads in Lhasa. Most of the time, such mails are circulated by sannyasins

    Next time, I am going to write back, ” Beloveds, can you tell what is the position of Uno, UN, WTO, Unesco, green peace and Chinese Parliament.”

    After all, as world citizens we must have the respect for law!

    Satya deva, Just the accusation is enough in this particular case, as prima facie it sounds forgers. It seems, for few people less than holocaust, everything else is sensationalism.

    • satyadeva says:

      Pathetic response, Shantam – no wonder you never made a lawyer.

      To compare two such different types of issues, one a matter of internal government, whatever the argued rights and wrongs, the other a civil case against a few people, due to be heard in a criminal court, is absurdly inappropriate.

      To try to wriggle your way out by this means denotes you, Shantam, as a first-rate shyster, worthy of intellectual and/or professional disrespect. Unworthy of the keyboard you’re using to deliver such spurious nonsense.

      As I’ve said, you don’t know the full story, so you’re not qualified to judge anything or anybody in relation to this case. You’re just a prejudiced man-with-an-agenda, and as such eminently unqualified to shoot off your big mouth on the matter.

  6. Fresch says:

    You know, I used to hate engineers, but then for some reason I had to tell their stories for almost 2 years. And even fall in love with one. Well, luckily for a short time. (And he is a meditator). Also, I used to get fine with my car all the time and ended up in all kinds of small arguments with my car and police until I just became overly careful with all that stuff. Now police is my friend. However, right now most people I do not understand at all are the lawyers and accountants. So, you know by now where my biggest problems are; my accounting and dealing with my clients’ lawyers. What can I say, I hope I get through this Osho will stuff. This will clear my karma.

  7. Parmartha says:

    Having had a little to do with various areas of the law in my time, all I can say is the Indian police are acting with caution. They say they themselves will subject any will produced to assessment by their own handwriting experts, etc, before taking any action, etc. These guys who question the will are agenda driven, and of course pay for their graphologists, who wish to please them for their wads.
    The frenzy on facebook is just that, a sort of diminished group mentality mental state that locks away sense and discrimination in a jar by the wall.
    There are those who say “get a life” to anyone who comments on such things here, but they should say it even more loudly to the millions who seem to spend their lives on facebook, each and every day!

  8. Parmartha says:

    Shantypants said and left unanswered on the previous string and quoting me:

    “Almost anything can be “proven” with the right backhanders in these backwaters of civilisation….”
    Parmartha, my request is before it is too late on the aging scale, please visit India.
    May be you well get nice surprises.
    14 December, 2013 at 8:01 pm (Edit)
    Parmartha says:

    I was in India a fair share, four times between 1974 and 2000, often for quite lengthy periods. I also read current Indian press at source sometimes, etc.
    Yes something magical in the sub-continent sometimes, and not just in Poona. However corruption was rift then, and also now – as it is in Italy all the way to the top.
    Sorry to offend old chap, but I do notice that your good self chooses to reside on the German /Swiss border and has done so for a good time. So what stops your good self from returning to the source, and particularly to Poona, cos that is obviously where your heart is ? Genuine question Shantam, and deserving of an answer.
    And why do you want me in particular to visit India? Not at all clear to me.

    Shantam I notice that you have failed to answer these questions. What really keeps you away from India? safe on the Swiss German border? I think a responsible player on this board should answer direct questions if proper discussion is to be fostered.

    • Lokesh says:

      Parmartha asks Shantypants, ‘ What really keeps you away from India? safe on the Swiss German border?’
      All the regulars know the answer…sponging off the state. Shantam, the great disciple, disobeys a direct order from the high command on this level. Osho was correct in telling his people not to become dependent on government hand outs. One reason being that it does not exactly nurture one’s self esteem. Time and again we watch Shanypants make an absolute fool of himself on this site, contradicting himself etc. Yet day after day he returns to SN with his warped vision of Osho, resort management etc. One can only conclude that he is a thick-skinned fool who has nothing better to do with his life than write a lot of tosh on SN that basically interests nobody. His one true purpose is definitely to retain his role as SN’s vllage idiot. There have been other contenders, Devarage Erkantum, Even Swami Rajneesh(He reads SN daily, just in case his vain self ges a mention), etc, but they all lack Sri Shanypants staying power. Nobody can deny this. He is unbeatable on this level. A true champion o the absurd….Jai Shantypants!

      • swamishanti says:

        Why should swami shantypants care what the ‘regulars’ think?
        His master Osho, always made fun of the ‘mob mentality’, and always stuck by his ‘individualist views’. If Swami Shantypants sees a group of men pissing on one wall surely he is free to piss in another direction?

        • Arpana says:

          His master Osho, most certainly always made fun of the ‘mob mentality’, and always stuck by his ‘individualist views’.

          but unlike shantam, he didn’t try and impose his views on everybody else, or nag, or manipulate, to create clones of himself, like shat your pants does.

        • frank says:

          swami shanti is right….
          give old sancho pantsa a break.
          as a sidekick to the don quixotes of the osho scene, he does a fine job. even frequently upstaging the in(s)anity of his masters at times.
          “in the matter of words,it does not matter if the underwear is outside the trousers”
          could Cervantes have topped that? I doubt it.

          and so what if hes scrounging the dole…?
          linda goodman,(or was it india godman?) reckons its just another bit of bad astro-karma for Deutschland..
          in this lifetime,he`s gone up in the world.
          in the golden temple the social only give you a plate of gruel and a chapatti on the floor….
          whereas in Germany its all-you-can-eat at lidl,free euroXXXX internet connection, organ replacement and free Prozac,to boot…
          the boy done good.
          credit where its due.
          you guys just don’t understand indian culture.
          sitting on your ass munching your mums chapattis and indulging in religious phantasies is what they do…
          what do you expect him to do
          change his own chuddies?
          get real!

        • satyadeva says:

          Quite so, swamishanti – except that Shantam might well be said to represent another sort of “mob mentality” himself! That of the mediocres who, unwilling or unable to truly ‘go within’, instead almost solely focus their attention on externals, on customs, rituals and places they once knew but are no longer part of, except in their over-active imaginations, which they use on a daily basis to make up for…well, not a lot happening in their daily lives.

          They are the conservative, conventional type (although thinking themselves quite the contrary) that like to mourn the ‘lost past’ (where it was so much better, of course) and think their purpose is to restore that past, or make the present and – crucially important – the (non-existent) ‘future’, as much like that glorious past as possible. Labouring under the delusion that they have such a capacity and that such an ideal is actually feasible.

          As I said earlier, the type who like to help create religions, ie concerned with the ‘exoteric’ rather than the ‘esoteric’.

          Aka damn fools.

  9. shantam prem says:

    so time to answer point by point.
    First Satya Deva, This forgery case is a tip of the iceberg. Main thing is over all discontentment among most of the sannyasins who have stayed with Osho in thick and thin. Many don´t bark in public like me or few others but their disenchantment with the team of three is the reason, world is full with people, all the Indian ashrams are attracting amazing number of people whereas Poona Ashram is like a multiplex theatre with 95% empty seats!
    It is wonderful that you and Lokesh kind are communicating at this site. If you both think, you have got the direct hotline with almighty, I won´t judge, but to be on the fairer side, you have no idea about the players involved and the organisation structure.
    I stand by the overall impression my words are creating and will humbly accept any criticism or modification in the facts and emotions stated from any one who has been the eye witness of the events unfolding during 1987-2000.
    for the last 5 years, I have written the maximum paragraphs at this site and I am sure, there are more than 10, 20 readers of sannyasnews. If any one passionately involved with Pune is unable to contradict my comments, how dare they can do with the regime. So I take it as presumption, my words are the scream of the innocent sannyas heart. Point

    • satyadeva says:

      You see, Shantam, you appear incapable of separating out these different matters. You’re allowing your pre-existing agenda to determine your views on the case under discussion. “Tip of the iceberg” for you and others – although far from everyone – or not, these views are worthless due to your ‘anti-regime’ bias.

      Similarly, even if forgery is proven, it does not necessarily follow that all that these people have ‘committed or omitted’, done or left undone, has to be judged as ‘wrong’. You claim that everything they’ve been responsible for since the mid-80′s will be questioned, rejected in fact.

      If so, then those judges will prove themselves utterly irresponsible, stupid fools – but there again, would that be ‘news’ in the sannyas movement? I hardly think so! I wonder where you’d stand on all that…

      I’m afraid I don’t actually believe that you’d prefer a ‘not guilty’ verdict, as you’ve consistently been such a severe critic of the people involved. I suggest you’re either lying or deluding yourself.

      And btw, I really don’t give a damn either way, so I’m impartially neutral.

  10. shantam prem says:

    If to be in the west was a career option, I will be the utter idiot to spend precious time of my life in the German speaking countries. Every Indian with the right education goes to UK, USA, Canada, Australia.
    Even during the Resort phase, I was a regular visitor to Pune from 2000-2005, every year for three four months, have joined the work and hardly missed any single evening meeting at Osho Auditorium; really a very aesthetically made meditation Pyramid, a passionate homage of Jayesh to His beloved master. I will say, it is a Taj Mahal built by a disciple. ´
    I had always a very cordial relation with almost every one on the management side including those who were kicked out through summary trials. With Jayesh´s brother Yogendra, I have shared so many astrology books. I have photocopied many of his books, he also borrowed mine. Before showing my protest so openly, I have made clear many times to the friends in Pune that the course taken by Jayesh and co. is counter productive. They have no bad intention but it won’t bring desired results.
    Interesting fact is that there is a policy since mid nineties that Indian living in the west should pay the entry fee like the westerners. Management people dealing with this issue, never asked me to pay like Europeans for the simple reason, they knew, I only visit west because of my children, my heart and being is always in the ashram. both children are An Osho Ashram production. It is Oshofield´s grace that so many people fell in love with the people from unknown countries and cultures.
    How I can ever forget and be less than thankful to Osho, His people and His ashram.

    • satyadeva says:

      Btw, having just seen a truly shocking BBC tv documentary investigation into the violence against women endemic in Indian society, where a UN survey has found that 95% of women fear going out alone and 2/3 of men say that women provoke violent attacks by how they dress, I’m not surprised you’ve chosen to live elsewhere.

      I won’t forget in a hurry the sight of a young Indian girl horribly disfigured for life by an acid attack – just because she rejected the advances of a youth.

      What an unutterably stinking hole is that country, both physically and morally. Why not abandon the wretched ashram and move the Sannyas ‘HQ’ – if indeed there has to be one – to a more civilised place? The future surely has to be away from there.

      • Preetam says:

        Blatant statement, not humble neither thankful considering that England’s wealth is still dependent on third world colonies particular such as India.

        • satyadeva says:

          Sentimental codswallop, Preetam. And irrelevant to the point I’m making.

          Just look at the country as it is, not through some rose-tinted, pseudo-historical glasses and see that it’s an unhealthy, corrupt, dirty, largely uneducated, caste-ridden, sexually-repressed hole, whose deep prejudice against half the human race disqualifies it from the term ‘civilised’.

          If you think it’s such a great place, why don’t you go and live there?
          Would you, if it were convenient? Be honest, please.

          • Preetam says:

            Already before 33 years the people told me, to go too the east (east germany was meant). But, why i’m born here in this Love repressed country, here support is needed not in the east.

            Anyway, the west makes the east so poor that raping is not needed for rech westerners. They go in clubs with a personal child servant.

            The east suffer’s under the western invaiders. What do you guess, how many rape is commited through English invaders at the moment and the last 500 years world wide.

            • satyadeva says:

              You seem to be living in the past, Preetam. I suggest you bring your vision up-to-date and see things as they are, not what happens to be convenient for your particular world-view, beliefs and values.

              For just one example, what about the deeply ingrained repression of half the country’s population involving multiple forms of socially accepted abuse (see my and Dominic’s recent posts)? Is that the West’s fault?

              And the caste system – who created that?

              I ask you again, would you choose to live in India, all other things being equal?

              • satyadeva says:

                Preetam, such examples as I’ve given above would seem to make a mockery of your view that “in this Love repressed country, here support is needed not in the east”, don’t you think?

                You appear to see too much in simplistic, over-romanticised, ‘black-and-white’: ‘good v evil’, ‘innocent v exploiters’, ‘victims v persecutors’, which is convenient, of course, for an idealistic mind looking for ‘certainty’ and a cause to fight for, whereas significant aspects of historical truth are more often more complex, painted in shades of grey.

                • Preetam says:

                  The whole leading structure is a rape of Humanity.

                  No, i’m looking for some causes… main cause for the trouble is a profane materialistic fascism which brought people as far as possible of oneself. Main interest of the lobby… Don’t let people find their self worth. Past? Nothing past… why you only want to see the half story? Either spirituell or materialistic, but it belongs together for completion.

                • satyadeva says:

                  Do you mean the same “materialistic fascism” that’s enabling you and me and everyone else to exchange ideas on the internet, to travel very easily all over the world, thanks to modern medicine to have a life expectancy double that which was the case 500 years ago, to live in the sort of comfort that our ancestors could never have dreamed of, eg hot water and electricity at the drop of a switch, to enjoy the luxuries of car, motor bike, radio, tv, cinema?

                  And all the myriad other ‘miracles’ of our times – is it that sort of “fascism” you’re on about, Preetam?

                  Just curious….

                • satyadeva says:

                  Another aspect of this is that it’s a lot easier to maintain an idealised, romanticised, ie imagined version of a person or place when one doesn’t have to live with the person or in the place. If you actually lived in India, Preetam, you’d find how much “love” is there, wouldn’t you?

                  Not that I’d particularly recommend ‘spiritual’ westerners (apologies for this dreadful term, but you know what I mean) to ‘go east’ for the long-term as that would often seem to be just a rather pretentious attempt at escape, ie another delusion (one or two have turned up here and are good examples of such an aberration).

                • Preetam says:

                  Satyadeva don’t let us go into another discussion which leads into ‘nothing’.

                • satyadeva says:

                  Preetam, what you’re concerned about – to the point of almost pathological obsession, it would seem – really boils down to power, ie who has it, has had it, and who doesn’t, didn’t and never has had any of it. Doesn’t it?

                  But apart from totally disagreeing that there’s an organised, ongoing, ‘historical’ conspiracy against what we might term ‘The Truth’ and its actual and potential adherents, all I want to suggest is that you might possibly be well advised to investigate any obvious or perhaps hidden ‘power issues’ within your own daily life, in your own make-up, in your own psyche, and the sources thereof, rather than continually focusing on the evidence of such goings-on ‘out there’, however – perhaps seductively – disturbing the outer scene might be.

                • Preetam says:

                  An occult shade between spirituality and matter, aren’t we the bridge – the collective expression? But right this place is sabotaged since long. If you want to repair that place need to be faced, sure it has to be healed on the psyche level.

                • Preetam says:

                  A little addition… because I forgot that one thing should have priority first, it’s to cut off creating pressure.

      • dominic says:

        Yes I saw that programme SD. It is perhaps the greatest shame and curse of humanity, that it’s female population has historically and today still in many third and second world countries, been dominated and abused by it’s male half.
        Though I am also seeing that societies can move backward as well as forward. Progress is not guaranteed.
        In this country, thanks to multiculti spineless government, it is the case. We now have female genital mutilation, early, forced or arranged marriage, and marriage to first cousins with concomitant birth defects, honour killings and associated violence. Not to mention the now infamous pakistani child grooming gangs.
        On my rounds I see little girls in school clothes swaddled in oppressive head and body coverings, being taught to internalize their oppression from a young age. All given the nod by those feckless dickwads in poly= (many)& tics= (blood-sucking parasites), who have just awarded their fat priviliged asses an 11% pay rise.
        Oh don’t get me started… again.

    • dominic says:

      So SP do you mean it was by Osho’s grace that prized white meat was first made readily available to lecherous sexually repressed indians, so they could get them up the duff, come over to the west and sponge off welfare? Jackpot!
      Is this how you fulfill paternal duties, through ubiquitous and lascivious online drivel? Seems a full-time occupation with little time left over for children.

  11. shantam prem says:

    Satya Deva-If these defendants are acquitted, found not guilty, would you be disappointed?
    Shantam- Truthfully speaking, I will be very relived and happy if they are found not guilty. If proven guilty, they will be treated guilty for all acts of omissions and commissions dated back from the time of American fiasco.

    I know these people. They are basically not criminal types, they are just controlled by their white men´s burden. Because of their paranoia, they have vaccinated Osho vision to the point of hospitalisation!

  12. mini kang says:

    Message from Swami Rajneesh :

    FACT : OSHO LAST WILL : dated 15 October 1989

    OSHO Last Will declared and revealed in June 2013
    was typed on an ordinary stamp paper of 10 rupees which is commonly available on the streets of any indian court or office

    NIREN states in European court :
    I drafted the Will, and witnessed Osho’s execution thereof,
    in the presence of the signing witnesses, as can be seen on the face of the document.
    The copy provided is a true and correct copy of the Will,
    and the signatures thereon were made by the persons so identified and were made on the date indicated on the document.
    Osho asked questions about the legal effect of the document prior to his execution thereof, and was unquestionably mentally alert and in full possession of his faculties at the time of execution.

    The signing beneficiaries and witnesses :
    Jayesh , Amrito and Niren

    All 3 claim to be present and witness to OSHO signature and
    and have Attested each others signature to this documents validity

    FACT : Niren claims to have drafted OSHOs last will and was witness to OSHO signature along with Jayesh, Amrito and Niren himself

    Why was this supposedly OSHOs Last Will missing for 24 years ??
    Why was it Hidden from October 1989 till June 2013 ??

    FACT :
    The graphologist was given hundreds of specimen signatures for analysis
    They were shocked to accidently discover
    that a past OSHO signature on a personal letter dated 6.2.1976
    was “ EXACT 100 % hairline fingerprint match “
    to the signature printed on the LAST WILL Document dated 15.10 1989
    This particular personal letter signature of 1976
    has many intricate curves, loops, angles, lengths of underlining
    and over 80 connecting points and dots and various thickness
    and pressure of the pen that was used in 1976

    Strangely the 1989 OSHO Will signature matched every single millimenter
    and was an exact “ hairline fingerpint match “ in every aspect of loops, lines, distances, angles, curvatures, each intricate connecting points of the signature of 1976

    This is impossible unless it was scanned photocopied and reprinted
    from the original OSHO signature of 1976
    and then reprinted on the 1989 document

    FACT : High resolution scan shows :
    The date 6.2.1976 which was signed by OSHO in 1976
    overlapped and joined on the on signed “ date area “ of the month 2

    During their attempt fo remove the month 2
    This overlapped area of the month 2 was clearly airbrushed and removed
    and has left a “ visable clear notch “ on the exact exact same dot and spot

    FACT : This is another clear evidence that the signature was “ lifted and photocopied and then printed on the OSHO last will

    FACT : wake up and smell the coffee !!

    a Zen Koan for these 3 to sit in deep meditation soon :
    Who Is IN ??!!

    • Parmartha says:

      Mini kang (speaking for Rajneesh) makes some errors which usually follow from anyone intricated within a “belief” system.
      One of the most difficult places to be for someone exercising ‘discrimination” is to proceed with a certain neutrality, and never look for “confirming instances” of one’s own views, but look for evidence that disconfirms one’s views, then you can be said to properly practice “having an open mind”. Such a discipline is actually very difficult for all, but can pay great dividends in the long run so it is worth the effort.
      As far as I see it, not only major scientific achievements are reached this way, but discoveries in social sciences and other areas of human endeavour.
      I know it is difficult, and one has respect for anyone trying to create a commune based on love and helping others. But to make such statements with such an irrefutable style is a sad business. And though “love” is often invoked one cannot help feeling that a certain kind of politics is also going on here.
      Graphology is not a science, and in all courts of law known to me they simply echo the views of those who pay them large sums to “confirm” their views.
      Why not sit back, and hear what is said by those that stand so accused, and also if the will is produced, then see what the Indian police, hopefully not corrupted by the tinkle of silver from anyone, make of it.
      This frenzy of declamation against those who in their own way served Osho so long, and also gave their lives for him, deserve at least the civilising force of discrimination.

  13. shantam prem says:

    If you don’t give a damn either way, then what a waste of human life.
    Satya Deva, Are your life so meaningless that there is no issue to live for or fight for?
    And still I say, I will be delighted if Jayesh and co. comes clean from the allegations of forging the will. These instruments are solemn by nature. even ordinary citizen´s last testaments are treated with gloves of sacredness.
    For sure, I will oppose them but that opposition is about policy matters and interpretations of Osho´s intentions.
    What so ever, my sincere advise to you is to find some meaningful vocation, where you can involve yourself passionately and intensely.
    Learn something from Shane Warne´s tweet, ” ‘The past should be the past and stay there… It destroys the future.”

    • satyadeva says:

      Shantam, I concur with Lokesh’s latest post.

      As for “If you don’t give a damn either way, then what a waste of human life” – Well, rarely even you have written such absolute bollocks. Do you really believe this issue should occupy me as if my very life depended on it? You idiot.

      Unfortunately, apparently you still haven’t grasped what you’ve been told time and again here over the years, ie that you’re wasting your life ‘campaigning’ (if your confused notes here can be glorified by such a term!) against the current ashram regime, as you’re under the laughable delusion that you, who continually come across here as a bumbling fool, have the remotest clue about how things ‘ought’ to be run, and, the biggest joke of all, that you are fit to be taken seriously in any debate about “interpretations of Osho’s intentions”!.

      I mean, what a feast of utter nonsense you’ve been serving up these years! Yet another example being this misdirected piece of bullshine: “Learn something from Shane Warne´s tweet, ‘The past should be the past and stay there…It destroys the future.’” Shantam, I strongly suggest you read this 500 times every morning and night, keeping it with you at all times, as it’s a significant part of what YOU need to learn and practise, as you’re stuck, immersed in a veritable quicksand of the past, dripping with sentimentality, from which you weave all sorts of comforting dreams and illusions.

      However, you do have a certain value here as you represent a useful lesson in how the well-meaning-but-foolish are drawn to such situations, liking to think they’re fit to exercise influence, when the reality is that they’re so far on the path of mediocrity themselves that the limit of their ‘vision’ can only be equally mediocre, stuck in the past, deeply unconscious, wanting to exercise influence, but ultimately having little true understanding of what they think they’re pontificating about. Blueprint for a typical priest…

      Who then has the nerve to suggest another not only could but absolutely ‘should’ follow him and, er, ‘improve’ his life (aka ‘save his soul’) by taking up a cause and giving his life to it! When he knows nothing whatsoever about the person he’s addressing! Delusion upon delusion. The blind imagining he’s leading the blind…

      And that’s how dead religions are born, folks.

  14. Kavita says:

    Ya sannyas ‘ HQ ‘ should be moved to Jupiter !

  15. Fresch says:

    They are going to move. I would say to Italy. Great, I actually felt reloaded with that idea, for reason I do not know. It has been just time to really go for something totally new for a while already.. That would explain the odd will. Well, I am sure if they co-operated with the sanyasins in Europe, people would support them and the whole thing.

    It’s like when parents separate when they have children. Worst thing is to involve government, lawyers and social workers. You need to come to terms with conditions and forget about the past. Or other people start ruling your life. I just got new inspiration that there might be a new solution. I am also sure Shantam would like if Headquarters’ was just one hour from his home. I would just be very happy about the new beginning. I would be like wow.

  16. shantam prem says:

    In my facebook mail box, there was a surprise query from a well known Osho freak like many of us.
    “who is satya deva ??
    a real person or a fake name ??”
    My spontaneous answer was-
    he is a real person. English living in France. Poona one sannyasin like Lokesh.
    And he is a follower of one Mother Meera. One can google search her.

    In case some biodata correction is needed, SD, please feel to correct.

    • satyadeva says:

      Well, ‘fame’ (or is it notoriety?) at last!

      Shantam, do you ever take proper notice of others’ posts? Apparently not, as first, I don’t live in France, and second, as you’re the one who continually insists that I am such “a follower”, having hypnotised yourself into creating an image of me that happens to suit your prejudiced mind.

      Thus I suggest you write to this person and admit what you’ve been up to, adding that you really haven’t a clue who or what you’re talking about.

    • Lokesh says:

      Where is Mother Meera going?

    • Parmartha says:

      I can confirm that Satyadeva is a real person.
      He actually was the first Editor of the Mustard Seed, an early Osho book published in 1976.
      He lives in England. I would not describe him as a follower of Mother Meera. He has many eclectic spiritual interests and strings to his bow, this being just one.
      I can imagine his amusement at gaining some notoriety on Facebook of all things, as he is totally against that type of social media.

      • satyadeva says:

        Yes indeed, Parmartha, totally hilarious!

        I wonder what such doubt was based on – did he think I was a ‘bot’, perhaps?!

        Btw, The Mustard Seed was first published in ’75, not ’76.

        • swamishanti says:

          Are you sure its not the the new ‘Satyadeva-bot 7′, the latest model designed in Japan,that can speak six million languages and is capable of holding up to five different arguments with qausi-religous comm entators at the same time?
          Do the SN editors employ the bot in an attempt to boost the ratings,with lots of ooh’s and ahhs and juicy arguments between the intellectuals and the devotees?

          • frank says:

            the editors of the SUN, I mean, SN know all the tabloid tricks in the book…

            poona karma drama ding dong!
            complete with a brainless topless gurus flashing their jugs on page three
            and plenty of stories about wacko stars living in their personal kingdoms with their pet monkeys…
            plenty of jingoistic rubbish splashed all over it,too…
            … inner circle sunk by an oif trishul torpedo with a 10-rupee will stuck to it…

            but to be fair…there`s plenty of sport
            and it`s read exclusively by people who are all trying as hard as they can to be as mindless as possible.
            SN. we love it!!

  17. Fresch says:

    Are any of you payed for writing here? Just curious..

  18. Fresch says:

    I do not mean by sn, but by some other part?

  19. sannyasnews says:

    SN Editors comment:
    SN does not pay anyone. It costs a small amount of money to keep SN going, and this is paid as a charitable donation.
    It is highly unlikely Fresch that anyone gets paid to write here! You dont seem to be properly registered here Fresch, why not register at the caravanserai, and log in before you write, and then other members are more likely to treat you as an equal, etc.

  20. Fresch says:

    Well, when there is a lot of money involved, companies hire good writers to write in different blogs, why would it not happen here? There is a lot of money and power involved with osho’s copyright.

    I am just a vistor and like to keep it that way.

    • Parmartha says:

      Yes I understand your point Fresch. And of course do know about companies, etc paying writers to occupy space on blogs, etc. One would think however it is highly unlikely at SN. Which posts/posters did you have in mind?
      Understand your wanting to retain visitor status here, but sometimes much can happen with a greater degree of commitment – in all human endeavours, not just spiritual life. Have you considered that?

  21. Parmartha says:

    It is surprsing to me that no-one here has commented that according to most reports that Niren (Philip Toolkes) actually left all ashram/Osho activities a little while after Osho died and worked as a criminal lawyer in Los Angeles for many years, before retiring a couple of years ago. He would have had very little contact with anything to do with the ashram in all that time.
    As for his authenticity as a seeker one only has to look at
    to be assured of that.

    • Arpana says:

      I knew him vaguely when I worked in Vippassana, and recall one afternoon, the Brazilian guy who ran the go down, the vippassana basement, where all the yet to be bound books were stored, was pulling his leg, (We were in the corner office.) and he was giggling like a three year old, and at the same time answering questions on something to do with the law. :) ))

    • mini kang says:

      Swami Niren Philip Tolkes has been very active these past 3 years.
      We have een receiving many legal notices from OIF signed by Niren. Our websites have also received Legal Notices and all our 8 Facebook pages were removed by Notices signed by Niren for OIF.
      We know that Niren actively joined OIF again 5 years ago, and is working on day to day legal matters from New York.

      • Heraclitus says:

        I dont know about very active!
        For 20 years he was very inactive and seemingly reflective. Making a living in LA for the last 20 years of his active working life.
        He is now a pensioner.

  22. Fresch says:

    Niren was in pune last December.

  23. shantam prem says:

    Request for Satya deva
    Do you have some photo some where?
    My high profile sannyas friend is curious to see the person behind the words.

    • satyadeva says:

      Does your “high-profile sannyas friend” have a name, by any chance, Shantam?

      But whether he does or doesn’t, I’m not about to make myself the subject of physiognomical speculation by some self-important so’n'so-with-an-agenda who likes to waste his time frequenting your Facebook site, thanks very much.

  24. shantam prem says:

    It seems you are mixing Niren with another Niren.
    Another Niren was once a right hand man of Jayesh. He was chosen to be in the Original Inner circle. And this inner circle Niren was one of the first high profile sannyasin who went to Punja ji. I think it was because of the influence of his Indian girl friend. Most probably, she wanted to have a living master.
    When shops are open why to buy coke from the automatic machine and pay 35% more. Instead of listening and reading the great adventures of disciples who met their masters, why not find one for oneself, is quite a pragmatic approach and also intelligent one.

    • Parmartha says:

      No mistake Shantam. The Niren I am referring to is Philip Toolkes.
      Whether he went to Punjaji or not, I know not. I do know his article in Viha, previously referred to and which you have obviously not read, from 2005 sounded authentic to me. Basically he returned to “the world” after or just before Osho’s death and worked as a lawyer in LA.
      He did retire around 2010 and may have returned to sannyas orientated work after that, as Mini Kang seems to allude.
      Sometimes Shantam, you do seem to simply write what comes into your head, without thoroughly reading previous posts, etc. If you did, then it might be that people would want to dialogue more with you.

  25. shantam prem says:

    I wonder about the digestion of folks who get bleeding piles with the paranoiac idea of Sannyas becoming a new religion.
    First of all, it is better to become a religion than a totalitarian regime and secondly what is wrong?
    World has so less religions. New religions and competition with the old is good. Competition is always good!

    PS_The world “competition” will open the files saved in the brain and some mouse will come out and dictate, ” But Osho has not spoken good about competition.”

    • satyadeva says:

      A religion is pretty well a totalitarian regime, Shantam, in case you haven’t noticed. Full of pseudo-political mindsets, rules and regulations, false concepts of ‘God’, misleading moralistic imperatives etc. etc. etc.

      When something that was once alive and kicking becomes such an ‘official’ institution it inevitably becomes subject to the law of entropy of large-scale organisations, hardens, loses its life juice and eventually fossilises. With enough adherents it’ll slide inevitably into an alliance with governments – and then it really is as good as dead.

      Such an organisation naturally tends to attract ‘living fossils’, conventional souls, those who worship the past, enjoy following habitual customs, traditions, rituals; natural followers who are seduced by such outward shows and the reassuring presence of many others, liking to imagine they’re involved in something ‘significant’, deluding themselves they’re on some very important, perhaps even ‘radical’ path!

      Sadly, this post of yours has once again confirmed that you really are as conventionally unintelligent as you appear, that you’ve failed to learn key lessons from your time with Osho. Shantam, you’ve damned yourself with your own words, you’re bound for Hell, sir (of the conventional, quietly desperate kind, of course!).


      (Application form for trainee priest role (with general admin duties) is in the post).

      • satyadeva says:

        Shantam, allow me to provide some honest feedback:

        I think it’s time for you to begin to look for another teacher, or at least someone who could provide some freshness, another perspective – on YOU, primarily, as well as on what the so-called spiritual life is about.

        As it is, 95% of the posts you present here are essentially repetitious garbage, born of a mind that’s simply stuck, yet imagining it’s championing some ‘great cause’ (itself a delusion). Focused solely on externals, you provide little or no evidence of any ongoing internal process of self-enquiry, or any fruits of such a process.

        In fact, you don’t seem to have much of a clue of ‘what it’s all about’. Hence your silence when I recently enquired regarding your personal spiritual practice.

        I ask you, seriously:

        Is such a person genuinely qualified to pronounce on “Osho’s intentions”, to help decide the ‘future of sannyas’?

        Doesn’t he rather belong in the theatre – the theatre of the absurd?!

      • dominic says:

        You’re not wrong SD. Religion is religulous!
        A victorious withering logic punch is delivered to the chuddieman!

  26. Fresch says:

    Without Shantam SN would be a bit boring. And he must be one of the youngest

  27. Fresch says:

    Also, I have been criticizing shantam for being lazy. Now he is not it at all, but in full fire. Good for him.

  28. Fresch says:

    Satyadeva, you are in fire with shantam. What is happening, normally you are such sweet soul?

  29. Lokesh says:

    I’m keeping my head down. A Mini Klanger has been sighted. Could be a vanguard for a full scale invasion by the Clingons. Heaven forbid!

  30. Fresch says:

    Yes, if we talk about energy and sincerity (remember how it feels like), I would really like to read mini kang’s information and interpretation of the situation.

  31. Fresch says:

    Satyadeva, other way to put it; you sound like Shantam’s are giving loving (from your point of view), but useless advice.

  32. shantam prem says:

    Short Notes-
    *I know few people who have got more than few masters in this particular life. Seeing their expressions about inner life, I think billions of people without any master are in much better position.
    *Spirituality is like sexuality. It is now an established fact, series of lovers cannot give to few women that feeling, which comes with a simple battery operated device.
    *Path of a disciple is path of a feminist.
    Masculine mind will sooner or later realise, cross dressing is not their way.

  33. dominic says:

    50 more embarrassing shades of red… (an extract)

    Inspired by the Bollywood classic “Last Tango in Paranirvana”, my reading of Butternjali’s Sutras, and the fire of truth decay, I sought a spiritual path to follow and teachers to guide me.
    With Bigknobaji firmly behind me however, I fared still worse in joining Sheikh Urbouty and his Whirling Pervish Order.
    At that time I was an innocent abroad and not the wise road warrior you see before you now.
    It seems nothing is impossible on the spiritual path… except decency and good behaviour!
    And I have lately concluded that oftentimes a large membership is in inverse proportion to the authenticity of the teaching.
    Perhaps the members’ names should have alerted me to the abuse I could have expected.
    For example…. Ibn Zorandi, Rabia Diq Al-Wauch, Makweer Hari Balz, Uluwiyya Apyapoupr, Apulit Uliqqit, Yusufr Marod, Hamda Mada Fakir…..
    I shall spare you the details but after a few nasty turns, with red pointy things, I grew giddy with disillusionment and left the Whirling Pervish.
    Again I had been left looking up at the stars… from the gutter!
    I was left thinking that religions didn’t like women much either!
    So undeterred I went looking for something more inclusive, and middle way.
    I hoped that sitting around a lot and growing a buddha belly would suit me.
    Alas I was to learn that the two senior Lamas, Wangdik Thokmay and Dorje Jampa, practiced moderation… but only in moderation…

    Raving Reviews…
    “Ho Ho Ho”, says Santa
    “What a crazy Mother Clucker”, Dr. Eggbantam
    “Better than a naked lunch”, William Burroughs
    “More wisdom than the Dumberpada”, Nearvana Times
    “One karma cockup after another”, Kindred Spirit
    “It’s religulous”, Blasphemers Anonymous
    “Deserves the ‘Man Burqua Prize’ and a morbidly obese Fatwa”, Ahmad Mohamad
    “If I’d have known I wouldn’t have bothered”, God the Creator
    “Insanely great”, Stiv Chiops

    Order your copy now! Dirty stocking filler for xmas!

  34. shantam prem says:

    “My words are my Sannyasins.”
    Posthumously version of Osho´s sannyas.

  35. Fresch says:

    Satyadeva and Parmartha, I thought I was the only suspicious one.

    SN, it’s sometimes difficult to read new posts when they appear just anywhere.

    I do agree with Parmartha, that let just see what happens with the will and I am also interested what Anando will say in her coming book. It has been really heard for me to understand what happens with people who actually have been close to osho and been meditating for many years and then do odd things. I also cannot see anybody new, young people especially, wanting to go for some franchising business if they start to organize meditations, asking for permission from other side of the world from unknown people, that is just history, not modern way. It just will not happen. It’s actually ironic how the freest movement, osho’s movement, would become the most rigid and controlled regime.

    Thank you mini kang, very interesting. Keep us updated.

  36. Fresch says:

    And dominic, so you see, it’s useless to go anywhere else but to stay with the nutcases of osho.

  37. shantam prem says:

    Fresch, Do you want to bet, what Anando will say about Osho´s will?
    If there is no mention about it, you give me One Euro, and if there is a single sentence about, I will give you hundred.
    From this, just remembered, Osho´s one and the only dentist has also written a book and there too, no mention about Osho´s last testament. Seems like in the palace politics, devageet was a bit outsider, was not invited to be a party in the ” fake Signature Celebration.”

    • swamishanti says:

      From Devageet’s new book, Devageet describes meeting Master in private, “My many first impressions were superimposed on each other. I noticed that his head was shinier than I had ever seen it as if there was light shining directly on it,although the venetian blinds covering the windows were closed…”

      • Parmartha says:

        Well Devageet’s book to me was a bit of a let down. Very selective, and sort of, “best amusing stories” cobbled together.
        He never revealed “how much” nitrous Osho had a taste for, or the span of time involved. Or discussed the issue of someone of such advanced spiritual life flirting with a substance which to say the very least, if taken in large amounts and over a long period is
        very harmful to the physical health.
        Cant imagine that Anando’s book will be much else either. It is from the same publisher.

  38. Fresch says:

    Shantam, osho’s will will be decided in some court. Everybody has already said they never heard about will. It would be good if she took a stand. Actually she has being one of the osho news’s writers.

    I do not expect Anando will talk about it (the will) in her book. And all she writes or leaves out is very interesting. Osho’s last words were “Anando will be my medium” even according to Amrito. So, that will be interesting for me.

  39. prem martyn says:

    Osho’s last Will ….the FACTS …verbatim

    I leave all my Gossiping and unverifiable rumours to Sannyas News Corporation which in the trusted hands of a very wonderful team of Cricketing sportsman under the Captaincy of Sir Rupert Parmdoch and friends will provide profound guidance and succour to many seekers and more importantly all my specific instructions are to be fulfilled exactly by Swami and Ma ..gngghfghaaaaaa ,and and …… don’t forget to…

  40. Fresch says:

    According to Amrito’s statement Osho put Andando clearly on spiritual position, while inner circle is for practical things. So, I am excited because I actually do not care so much how practical things will be, but other stuff…well… both are important of course., inner and outer, man and woman..etc

  41. Fresch says:

    And Anando is also a lawyer..

  42. shantam prem says:

    Ironical statements point to certain facts which are not touched by the factual statements. Swami Wise Arpana, read again
    “My words are my Sannyasins.”
    Posthumously version of Osho´s sannyas.

    Even the master was heard saying, ” Hope for the best, expect the worst.”
    When butchers start thinking themselves as hunters, present day Sannyas kind of reality was bound to come.”

  43. Parmartha says:

    A resounding silence seems to have descended on the Indian Press in the last five days since Yogesh Thakkar (Swami Prem Geet) is supposed to have activated the Pune police into asking for Osho’s original will.
    Yes I knew that India moved slowly, but five days go by without a murmur from either side? The SannyasNews of Fleet street, UK is in discontent and mystified. Five hours, not five days, would be enough for the Sun and Daily Mail here to get another angle/story….

    • frank says:

      S_N might have to use tabloid tactics for new threads:

      `randy sex cult leaders try to get legacy over in court.`
      `what a bunch of cults!`
      `nietzschean gurus in will to power struggle`
      `new man bites dog`
      `anti-family sect end up in custody battle`
      `religion,the last resort and the scoundrel`
      `pune fraud case moves to mexico,starts ashram`
      and the classic
      `will the last person leaving the ashram please remember to turn out the lights`

      • frank says:

        might need a few slogans:


        jesus saves,moses invests,osho sues!


        trust in allah,but tether your attorney.

        life is a misery to be lived,and a court case to be solved.

        I leave you my legal team….

      • dominic says:

        The Oshoddy Oshady Oshocking Oceanic O’shite O’byrne Oshow.
        Loveguru’s “ill-Will”! No love-in!
        Cashram, follow the money!
        Dikileaks! Sex Guru’s dossier sexed-up!
        En-Rightenment! Lawyers in love war!
        Osho vs Osho! Three sect cult vs free sects cult!

  44. shantam prem says:

    Whether before Indian police or Spanish court, where author Osho´s will was submitted as copy, resort authorities will be advised by their lawyers to use a simple tactic; ” We have no more original will with us. The file has been eaten by the rats.”
    Another excuse can be, ” The cup board where important documents were stored, got short circuit. Papers are burnt. Blame the Indian electric wires.”

    Lies and damn lies are part of the legal procedure. Any way lies used by spiritual people have higher dimensions!

    • satyadeva says:

      And there goes Shantam, demonstrating why he’s no loss to the legal profession, nor, most certainly, to the principle of justice, jumping the gun for the 100th time, presuming guilt before hearing all the evidence, not even knowing whether or not there’ll even be a court case.

      Behaving like a stubborn old, thick-skinned ‘Sadarji’ – who, btw, are renowned in India for, shall we say, not exactly being the shiniest spoons in the drawer…

      And all the time imagining he’s helping to create a ‘new religion’!

      You really couldn’t make it up…He wouldn’t be out of place in the new Monty Python show….

  45. prem martyn says:

    What’s all this talk about Shantnav.. the onscreen directionlesss guidance giver…
    I thought it was Osho’s mirthiful legacy we were all here for ?

    Signed ,

    Osho Ali-baban Centre…
    Tunbridge Wells,

  46. shantam prem says:

    We want to resolve our difference in an amicable way. All the sides in an Osho family feud were heard saying to their faithful ones. We are working very hard towards this goal. Our people are trying their best to find a relevant paragraph in Osho´s books which helps us to resolve the issue.

    It is really a laborious work when holy books are so many!

  47. shantam prem says:

    frank says:
    20 December, 2013 at 10:58 am

    These one liners are worth a stand up comedy show in the premises of Osho, Pune.

  48. Dhanyam says:

    Devageet has two more books coming out. Let’s see what he reveals in these.
    Anando’s book is still in process for 2014 publishing.
    In the Indian press I have seen articles in the Times of India, Indian Express, India Today, Hindustan Times, etc., and lots of TV news programs about Osho’s “will” and the Resort being invited to show the original will to the Pune police.
    On another note, in the UK Sunday Times there is a great article about the Path of Love.

    • sannyasnews says:

      Thanks Dhanyam for your helpful comments.
      The stuff from the Indian press SN knows about, but maybe did not say clearly enough that the requests for information, called in India a FIR were delivered seven days ago and nothing further reported about a response from either side.
      By the way do you know the force of a FIR? in indian law? Has it got to be acceded to, or can it be refused.

  49. shantam prem says:

    Meditation finally in the hands of Western mind-

    Many city trams are carrying the stickers of a meditation research project. So I noted down name of the website to check.
    Seems like the western mind will make Meditation free from the world of Indian gurus. They won´t promise sky on the palm but day to day feel good energy. Meditation is a new cash crop to get state funding for education and research.
    On the other side, mysteries in the hands of scholars simply lose their mystery, their shine, their poetry.

    • frank says:

      did you see that sign as you were heading down to the social security office to pick up your dole?
      or was it on the way to the doctors` to pick up some more Prozac?

      • Lokesh says:

        Prozac is about the only thing Chuddie King is capable of picking up, because anything with two legs runs away as soon as they see him careening round a corner, chanting incoherant mumbo-jumbo.

        • dominic says:

          “Medication finally in the hands of chuddiewuddie mind.”
          He saw the blonde totty on reconsat advertising something called “Ham-centering”, thought this is right up my strasse, went round and took out his salami!

  50. shantam prem says:

    I leave this on the discretion of readers, who they think are walking and talking Krank!

    Poor Lokesh, words are leaving the uncle dry. Even criticism is not creative any more.
    Is there no Papa ji to adopt oldies who have lost their golden voice!

    • Lokesh says:

      Shantypants, I have plenty to say. Thing is, all this bunkum about Osho’s will is of absolutely no interest to me. I’m contemplating starting a new thread tentively titled Osho, the man and the myth. You for instance are interested in the mythical aspect of Osho’s life. You know little or nothing about the man and prefer to deal in fantasies. Your misguided notion about regime change at he resort (yawn) is central to this. To me you appear confused, yet you firmly believe your vision of how Osho’s commune should be run is a worthy substitute for how things are run in the current resort. I would not authorize youto hammer a nail into a plank, let alone set guidelines for running a meditation resort. Do a few groups,mmmmh…

  51. sannyasnews says:

    Has anyone thought of a double bluff to top all double bluffs here.
    What would everyone be doing in the temporal world of sannyas, if it wasn’t for the production of this will, which prima facie seems a bit absurd.
    Or the furore over copyrights and trademarks…. another absurd waste of energy, etc but that has kept the underpants over the outerpants, and absolutely everywhere a major focus of interest, etc for years.
    Just do a thought experiment, how empty would be the pages of articles and comments without them. And the google strings would be way down the list…
    Clever old fox that Bhagwan Osho in the advertising department. Osho says apart from being paid to lecture in philosophy at various Indian universities, his only other paid job was subediting in a newspaper, whilst making money as a student – maybe he learned a few more tricks than the biographers will have us believe whilst working nights there!

    • Lokesh says:

      Well, SD, his notion that any publicity is good publicity, didn’t actually pan out so well. In the general public’s eye he will always be remembered as the Indian guru with a fleet of Rolls Royces: a pity as there was a lot more to him than that.

      • dominic says:

        Yes the rollers all backfired!
        I can remember at the time being an almost apologist myself, mouthing phrases like, “Well it’s a device to mirror western materialism and draw media attention,” while feeling as turned off as everyone else by all the Ranch nonsense.
        Every Guru needs one court jester, one sweetheart, inner council, and sangha to give feedback and tell them at various times…
        “Guruji, you are being a dick! Get a grip, get counselling or get fired!”

    • dominic says:

      “I mean, we’re all trying to find out who the hell we are, aren’t we?”
      ― Robert Ludlum, The O’Byrne Identity

      For sure a counterintelligence game of intrigue and shadows maybe even a triple bluff.
      Thakkar is a double agent.
      Jayesh a manchurian candidate nobbled by the BJP.
      (Sadly I believe ‘the new world order’ had already got to Osho with nitrous..)
      Shantypants (aka special agent provocateur singh) is a mole paid by the man, to confuse and wear down the general populace. He also writes in code for other agents to read.
      Sannyasnews is a blue chip front end for recruiting and information gathering.
      And I am a sleeper agent turned whistleblower… Mwahaha…

    • Arpana says:

      There is a chess game like ploy about this.
      Seems inconceivable they would have faked
      a will, produced the will, and thought that would be it.

      Shantam or Brian are stupid enough to pull a stunt like that.

      If you think about it, Thakar, Shantam, Brian etc, believe Jayesh and Amrito to be evil, Machiavellian plotters, and at the same so stupid that they would cobble together a will and expect to get away with it.

      Something going on here.

      • Parmartha says:

        Thanks Arpana.
        Yes I have an intuition that something like this is going on, maybe reflecting some game that even Osho himself planned in 1989!
        Triple or double bluff it is not outside the frame in the Buddhafield of a great Master!

  52. shantam prem says:

    The force of a FIR? in indian law? Has it got to be acceded to, or can it be refused.
    Thanks to the British raj for giving India the well needed laws in the form of Indian Panel Code and Civil and Criminal procedure codes.
    But no thanks to their cleverness where they made clear to the public servants, ” Your main loyalty is to the seat of the power.”

    So for decades after independence, ” Police has shown quite often the reluctance to register First Information Report(FIR) even in the cases of heinous crimes.
    Civil societies and media created recommendable pressure to change that. Now, police is bound to register a case and also take steps in this direction. FIR is an opening whistle for the state machinery to roll its wheels.
    If someone sitting in England thinks the case will be decided as expeditiously as recently concluded Nigella Lawson’s case, it is a false expectations.
    Somehow India is still a heaven for crooked and clever. Similar charge in the west would have shown a different circus as in India.
    And second reason for slowness in this case will be because will was not submitted into some Indian court. I hope the other party will request for the forensics experts opinion in the Spanish Courts where will is already submitted under oath.
    This will save time. I am sure in spite of being in recession Spanish courts have less work load as their Indian counterparts, and therefore speedy justice is possible.

  53. shantam prem says:

    Lokesh, I won´t say you should do groups. Hard stones don´t melt with placebo. But surely, you can create a new website, pure mysticism without politics. Write as much as you can about Ramana ji and who am I, Punja ji; the papa with Mama´s heart and there must be so many others great souls, who helped you to shape, what you are. Satya Deva can also contribute in that 24 carrot spirituality. I can even suggest one title for him, ” Ammas who never use fair and lovely facial creams.”
    But for God´s sake, don´t try to handicap Osho like other half educated ones.
    It is clear, people like you could not take the heat and left the pan in Pune One. Was Osho moaning your absence? He continued His version and many new people joined the show.
    Osho is the one who has taken religion and politics with same go. Just months before his death, he was heard condemning UN´s Basic human rights charter and dictated His own versions of Basic Human Rights.
    If you are not interested about forgery and power struggles, then go for a swim with your equally minded couples. It is not mandatory, every one should be a political pandit.
    Every spiritual movement ends up in dustbin not because of the politics but by those Brahmins who ignore the political mind in all of us.

  54. Bodh Ekantam says:

    Shantam Prem!

    I admire your perseverance.
    Do you really believe
    that Parmartha, Sannyasnews, Satyadeva, Lokesh and others,
    will ever be able to understand you?

    They are intellectually blind people,
    their vision blinded by their intellect gone perverse.

    You are talking about light to such blindies,
    for them light is a fiction and that is all.

    I really thought over about them,
    and then came to realize
    they are all alike
    just clones
    “The intellectually Blind Disciples of Osho”

    The Intellectually Blind disciples
    They are mostly western disciples,
    For them Osho is not a Master,
    For them Osho is just a miracle man but man none the less,
    For them Osho is just an ordinary human being,
    Who made many mistakes and had many human weaknesses,
    In fact the intellectually blind disciples think
    that as human beings they make less mistakes,
    and they have comparatively less human weaknesses,
    they think that they are far better and wise human beings than Osho,
    only thing that grudgingly accept about Osho’s superiority,
    that this man was by magic able to create incredible love energy around him,
    so they take pride in being special over the rest of humanity,
    because they had the direct experience of that incredible love energy of Osho,
    which is the rare show once in million years thing,
    and they are the chosen few to have experienced that!
    In nutshell for them India remains a stinking and rotten country,
    with some entertainment of snake charmers and magic makers!

    So these intellectually blind disciples regard Osho,
    as a rare snake charmer showing his show of incredible love energy,
    although as an Indian he remained a stinking man,
    stinking of far more human weaknesses than them,
    far more mistakes and blunders than them!

    In fact these intellectually bind disciples,
    Who have becomer old by now consider themselves senior disciples,
    are declaring themselves much wiser than Osho,
    to them the incredible energy which Osho showered on them,
    was just a kinky experience which they indulged in as teen age foolishness,
    they explain the glow of love energy on their faces with Osho,
    as just emotional excitation of teen age wildness,
    not related in any way related to inner journey.

    These senior intellectually blind disciples talk with great relish,
    not about the inner vast invisible godliness/truth of Osho,
    not about the words, the scriptures, the meditations of Osho,
    these things to them is junk of past, repetition of Osho,
    these things are not truth or noble,
    any body talking about these things is a clone, a parrot of Osho,
    any body talking about them is an outdated person living in past!

    These senior intellectually blind disciples will gossip about
    what kind of insane and sick people used to live with Osho,
    what wrong dirty and foolish acts they indulged in,
    who fooled around with whom, who cheated whom,
    and they will hold Osho responsible for these wrongdoings,
    to them it is not a reflection of Osho’s compassion,
    of accepting all sorts of people just as they were,
    they will use these wrong doings to prove Osho as a stinking man,
    they will use these wrong doings to prove themselves better than Osho,
    this kind of gossip however does not make them an outdated person living in past,
    this kind of gossip is the ultimate truth to them,
    they take a perverse pleasure in being broad minded people,
    who keep their eyes open to the fallacies of great master Osho!

    The one more thing that these intellectually blind disciples,
    have taken from Osho and which they still carry around,
    is the zen stick of Osho,
    the stick with which Osho would hit at the perversions of mind!

    Osho would talk about the various perversions of mind,
    be it social, political or religious,
    Osho would expose and hit ferociously on the perversions,
    Not because he was against existing social, political or religious order,
    Osho would hit upon them because such mental perversions in his disciples,
    were an obstacle,
    for spreading of his inner vast invisible godliness/truth,
    in to the interiority of his disciples!

    Osho’s primary work was positive in nature,
    he intended his disciples to spend time in his presence,
    his presence overflowing with inner vast invisible godliness/truth,
    let his presence spread to the disciples,
    let his presence grow in the disciples,
    till his disciples become just that presence,
    at that point, the disciples become living masters,
    and that inner vast invisible godliness/truth goes on living,
    in a chain of living masters,
    available for the new disciples!

    To attack the perversions of mind of disciples,
    was just to free up and make space inside his disciples,
    for his primary work!

    But these senior intellectually blind disciples,
    they have stopped meditations long ago,
    they have stopped listening to Osho long ago,
    they have not even a trace of
    inner vast invisible godliness/truth of Osho left in them,
    but having listened to Osho long back attacking on mental perversions,
    they love to do that,
    to attack the mental perversions of new disciples,
    to cut them to size,
    but it is not for the good of new disciples,
    this they do to prove a certain superiority over new disciples,
    to show them that they are far ahead,
    so this zen stick has become an instrument in their hands,
    to get a perverse pleasure by cutting the new disciples to pieces
    and earning money from new disciples!

    This zen stick without the vast invisible inner godliness/truth,
    has made these intellectually blind senior disciples into a curse called,
    psycho analysts, therapists, group leaders!

    So while disciples would feel elated,
    whenever Osho would hit them with zen stick,
    Osho’s godliness would come and fill the space created by stick!

    But with these senior intellectually blind disciples,
    when they use zen stick on the new disciples,
    there is no godliness/truth there to fill the space created by stick
    depression would fill the new disciples,
    they become more vulnerable and easy prey,
    receptive to various groups and therapies on the offer,
    so these senior intellectually bind disciples,
    would go on getting richer and richer out of new disciple’s money!

    These intellectually blind senior disciples,
    they have become parasites and blood suckers,
    have degenerated to such an extent,
    that they start seeing perversions and sicknesses,
    even when it does not exist,
    they use logic of Osho to prove to new disciples,
    that indeed they have perversions and sicknesses
    which is not there in reality!

    In nutshell,
    for these intellectually blind senior disciples,
    osho’s Sannyas is reduced to two things:
    One, you are nothing but the mental perversion and sicknesses,
    which these intellectually blind senior disciples show you.
    Second, do the therapies and groups
    which these intellectually blind senior disciples advise you!

    • dominic says:

      Yada yada yada…
      Egg-Bantam – I hear you cluckin big chicken.
      In a ‘nut’-shell, Punatic lays another egg.

    • Parmartha says:

      The Moderator has allowed this post, Mr Ekantam. What does this mean to you Sirrah? It should mean that those at Sannyasnews show tolerance and maturity far above your own tirades.
      Speaking for myself I still meditate, and still listen to Osho, in fact I am enjoying at the moment the answers that Osho gave in September 1985 to the press. I was given the role as an ordinary European commune member after Sheela left of opening the door for Osho at some of those press conferences, and they have the same effect on me now as then.
      The “transmission” was and is the same, and though beyond the words, the words are a great vehicle for the transmission.
      You simply caricature us oldies as an homogenous group, but we vary as much as the shells on the seashore, and glitter with our own individual iridescence.

      • dominic says:

        Fowl play Eggie.
        Do you have bird flu? A communicable virus that seems to be doing the rounds a la Swami Brian, Dhyanrage… even fleshie showed early signs, but may have recovered.
        Get yourself checked into the Hospital for Rhetorical Diseases.
        Even Shantam is afraid to get too close.
        Whereas his prose gives you a headache, yours causes nausea and vomiting. Pass the sick bag, doctor!

    • Lokesh says:

      Wow…..this would be really funny if Bodh Ekantam was fooling around and being ironic etc. But he is not. The man is serious. It is quite clear that he has not a clue what he is on about. A real nutter. The fact that he congratulates poor Shantypants is a sure sign the chuddie king needs to rewrite his script.

  55. Fresch says:

    Ekantam, You are not exactly helping shantam:) or Osho with your post.. Supernanny needs to go to India.

  56. Fresch says:

    Arpana, they just might play poker, that is banker’s mind

  57. Fresch says:

    Does anybody know what is happening with face book? Osho Nisarga is back; does it mean face book does not close osho groups any more on OIF request?

  58. shantam prem says:

    Fresch, this is the notice on the new Osho Nisraga page. Feel yourself, what is happening in the world of meditators.

    Beloved Friends,
    It is sad that our fellow travelers from OIF, Pune are trying to stop connection between Osho Nisarga and Osho Lovers by removing our Facebook page.It is even more shocking that the Facebook administration is supporting them blindly.

    One month ago our Osho Nisarga page was removed. We got a notice from FB that complaint has been received from OIF, Pune and so they are removing the page.

    FB administration should have first sent us notice that they have received this complaint and ask us do the needful otherwise the page would be removed. But there was no such notice – instead a direct action of removing the page.

    Anyway beloved friends, here we are back again.
    We would like to request you to help revive the glory of Osho Nisarga page by again “Liking” this page and inform the same to other friends also.

    Through this page thousands of people stay virtually connected with happenings, events, photos and articles of Osho Nisarga.

    Thanking you for your love and support.


    Osho Nisarga
    Web Team

  59. Fresch says:

    Good question Parmartha. Could you people in Nisarga and osho news jump in discussion for more transparent and better communicative sanyas world/network?

  60. shantam prem says:

    Bodhi Ekantam,
    Sorry to say, no one deserves such strong worded criticism on the border to judgements.
    After scanning your lengthy post, I remember one famous saying. In the context of Sannyasnews, I will say, “I may not agree with the fellow bloggers, but will defend their right and style of communication.”

  61. Fresch says:

    Dominic, it’s true I do have my dark own fanatic side, but people like Ekantham bring me quickly down to my feet.

    A friend told me Jeyesh said they had ask workers to pay in Pune because everything is so expensive that Jeyesh has to work all day long in Mumbai stock exchange. One interpretation is they try to sell property etc to make better return on investments. and then invest it on developing spreading osho’s words in more effective way. If there is somebody playing a real game and strategies, it must be osho. We have not really had religious war among sanyasins yet, so I would not be surprised if osho was into planting that kind of lessons for us..Remember just by his education he knew everything about born of religions, no need to be even enlightened to just see how they develop.

    • satyadeva says:

      “We have not really had religious war among sannyasins yet” – By Jove, you’re right there, Fresch, it’s just been a war of words so far, ultimately rather boring really. Still, plenty of utter contempt and even potential hatred flying around, so, with a bit of luck, a proper war should break out in due course. Keep reading the newspapers and watching the news on tv would be my advice…

      Good old Osho, he certainly knew how to keep us all entertained, eh?!

  62. Fresch says:

    But I still cannot see anything good with the copyright staying in one person’s power; it would be keeping Osho’s words at the level of parrot cold…or cold parrot…ehh how does it goes

  63. shantam prem says:

    Copyrights is just one of the symptom, there are layers and layers of negative feelings, personally as well as collective.
    Surely for the janitors in the hospital, cough means simply a cough. To think, this can be tuberculosis, they will feel less secured with their job as janitor!

    • Arpana says:

      The fact that these people refuse to pay attention to you, or your ilk,
      particularly you, who Lokesh, rather sensibly, wouldn’t trust to hammer a nail into a plank, tells me Osho knew what he was doing when he chose Jayesh and Amrito to do this work for him.

      • frank says:

        I also thought that the inner circle guys had completely lost the plot.
        until I read the apoplectic ejaculations and emissions of the mentally subnormal cast of characters who line up against them.
        then I started to realise that they must be doing something right!
        amrito ….well into his seventies and still got the energy to wave an empty bottle of gin at the hard-core hindu sannyasins and moon them, shouting: `I`ll give you something to kiss ,marble kissers`

    • Arpana says:

      Belief-Bias Effect

      The Belief-Bias Effect refers to the results that happen when an individual’s own values, beliefs, prior knowledge, etc. affects, or distorts, the reasoning process through the acceptance of invalid arguments or data. This can happen when an observer assumes ahead of time that they know what the results of an experiment will be and uses that belief to distort the results.

      An example of this could be an researcher studying the affect of prayer on illness. A completely open-minded researcher will gather data and then come to a conclusion based purely on the data collected, while a highly religious person may interpret the data in favor of prayer as a factor in healing, while an atheist may discount pro-prayer data.

      • satyadeva says:

        This is surely extremely common, Arpana, in fact it’s how most people reach judgments on all sorts of issues, political and otherwise.

        Football fans’ arguments are saturated with the Belief-Bias-Effect, for example. Just like religionists-with-an-agenda. Same thing really, I suppose.

        Emotion ruling reason, subjectivity undermining the capacity to even approach being objective. Often best just to see it and laugh, or else risk perpetual exasperation at the stupidity of the human mind (including one’s own, but of course!).

        • Arpana says:

          ‘Often best just to see it and laugh, or else risk perpetual exasperation at the stupidity of the human mind (including one’s own, but of course!).’

          Absolutely, along with a bit of eye rolling and face pulling. lol

  64. Bodh Ekantam says:

    Sannyasnews, Lokesh, Parmartha, Satyadeva and others!
    For all these exsannyasins who consider them more than friends of Osho!
    For all these wise fellows who sneer at Swami Rajneesh and Swami Arun!
    Here is Osho showing us their reality:
    It is a little complex. You will have to be very attentive to understand it.
    The master can say, ”I am your friend.”
    The disciple cannot say it. The disciple will say, ”No, you are my master.”
    But there are people who are disciples unwillingly, they would rather be masters. In fact, they have
    accepted being disciples as a bridge, so that one day they can become masters – but their goal is to
    be a master. So when I declared that I am your friend, these people who were unwillingly disciples
    were immensely happy, and the real disciples were shocked.
    Nirvano came crying to me, ”No, Osho, don’t say such things. I cannot conceive myself as being
    your friend. Just to be your disciple is too much.” And this was happening to many – the authentic
    disciples were shocked. The phony disciples enjoyed it very much; in fact they wanted it, they were
    waiting for it.
    If I had said to them, ”I am your disciple, you are the master,” they would have rejoiced even more.
    That’s what they really want. Because to be a disciple means to drop your ego, and it is the most
    difficult thing. So people at the most hide it. Instead of dropping, they simply hide it; and whenever
    there is a chance it comes up again.
    If the master says, ”I am holier than you” he is not a master. He is still in the same ego trip which
    you are in. He is a politician, not a religious man. A religious man cannot conceive himself as holier
    or higher. The religious man has simply disappeared; there is nothing but pure emptiness. It cannot
    be compared. The real master can only say, ”I am your friend – just to hold your hand, to pull you
    out of your darkness, to bring you on the path.”
    The real disciple, even though he becomes enlightened, remains a disciple.
    It is said about Mahakashyap, the first patriarch of the great tradition of Zen Buddhism…. He was a
    disciple of Gautam Buddha, and when he became enlightened Buddha sent him to wander, to go to
    those who are thirsty, who are in need – ”Spread the word, share what you have gained.”
    Mahakashyap said, ”You tricked me. If you had said it before, that after enlightenment I would have
    to leave you, I would have left enlightenment! Because enlightenment is my nature; I can attain it
    any time I want. But this is your last life, and I will not find these feet again. For enlightenment the
    whole eternity is there, but once you disappear then there is no way to find you. Where am I going
    to see you, to hear you, to touch you? You tricked me badly.”
    Gautam Buddha said, ”But I have to do it. I cannot reach every thirsty person. You are my hands,
    you are my eyes. Now you are my being. Go – I will be with you.”
    Mahakashyap said, ”With one condition: that you will not die without me. I have to be present.
    Secondly, I have to be kept informed of which direction you are moving in so that every day I can bow down in that direction. Although you will be far away – I will not be able to see you – perhaps
    you may be able to see me. And it does not matter whether I see you or not; what matters is that
    you have not forgotten me. It does not matter whether you are in my eyes or not; what matters is
    that I am in your eyes. Give me these two promises and I will go.”
    Buddha said, ”You are asking strange things, because it will be difficult to keep you completely
    informed every day of where I am, where I am going. Secondly, about death – to promise you that
    I will die only when you are present, I will have to make certain arrangements with death too – that
    death has to wait. You are putting me in a strange business! I have never asked anybody anything,
    and now you are forcing me to ask death, ‘Wait a little, let Mahakashyap come.’”
    But Mahakashyap was very adamant. He said, ”Then I am not going.”
    He went, because Buddha promised him; but it was a trouble. Every day he had to be informed of
    what direction Buddha was in. And morning and evening he would bow down on the earth, tears
    of joy in his eyes – just dust in his hands, but he would touch it as if he were touching the feet of
    Buddha. And people would say to him, ”Mahakashyap, you yourself are now a master. It doesn’t
    seem right for you to behave like a disciple.”
    Mahakashyap’s answer was, ”As long as Gautam Buddha is alive I cannot be the master, I can only
    be the disciple. Because to be disciple is so beautiful; under the shade of the master it is so cool, it
    is so protected. When Buddha dies, of course I will be a master – under the hot sun, there will no
    longer be any shade over me.
    ”Don’t prevent me, and don’t ask this question again and again – because you don’t understand that
    being a disciple is not in any way less than being a master. The whole question is of being total. If
    you are totally a disciple, you have all the glories and all the blessings and all the benediction that a
    master has; there is no difference at all. It is a question of totality. And how can I forget even for a
    single moment my gratitude to this man Gautam the Buddha, without whom I would have been still
    groping in the dark. He came into my life as a song, as a dance, as a light. He transformed me, he
    gave me a new birth, he made me eternal.”
    And the day Gautam Buddha died, the first thing was to call Mahakashyap. He told his disciple,
    Ananda, ”Find Mahakashyap immediately, because I don’t want to ask death – I have never asked
    anybody. But this Mahakashyap… if he does not come before the sunrise tomorrow I will have to
    ask death to wait.”
    Many followers rushed in all directions to find Mahakashyap. He was found, he came in the right
    time. And Buddha smiled and he said, ”I knew it, that you would not let me down, that you would not
    force me to ask death to wait. Now death can come. Mahakashyap has come.”
    Buddha died in Mahakashyap’s lap; his head was in Mahakashyap’s lap. That was a rare
    phenomenon, because Buddha had ten thousand disciples present at that moment. Amongst those
    ten thousand at least one hundred were enlightened. Why was Mahakashyap chosen? The question
    went around, ”Why has Mahakashyap been chosen?”
    Sariputta, another enlightened disciple of Gautam Buddha, said, ”He is the only one who has
    become a master but has not left his discipleship. The remaining ninety-nine have become masters and forgotten about discipleship. He is richer; he is a disciple and he is a master. He has much
    more than anybody else present here.”
    And it is not surprising that Mahakashyap became the source of one of the greatest traditions, which
    is still alive – Zen, which has given to the world more enlightened people than anything else.

    • Parmartha says:

      I never considered Osho my friend, he never behaved like a friend!
      He played and still plays the role of spiritual mentor to me, and an endless contact high. People like Ekantam are shying at the coconuts, but throwing on the wrong stall.

  65. Fresch says:

    It’s interesting information that osho was working in a newspaper, so he knows how media works. One thing what journalists do when they want to maximum publicity and really get some person down is that they come with the stories one after an other (not everything at one time in one big story), that is harder for the target person and a way to increase intensity.. just see it works everywhere. Also, I do not think osho would have left us without firecrackers. It’s almost torturing. These have been going on for some years now. If I could only see my self, you know..wake up.

    • Parmartha says:

      Osho left his firecrackers, but they wern’t at the burning ghats!
      They are still there working their magic, and one can appreciate this simply by seeing how many buttons can be pressed for all types of disciples and by what to me seem quite simple devices… leaving a will, what a great one!

      • frank says:

        yes,its a nice dream that when osho wrote his will,he said to his boys: don’t bring it out till your backs are completely against the wall,then make it look like a forgery to get the nutters steamed up a bit , and then, at the last moment, bring out the real one… leaving all all the delusional imitators,impressionists,fantasists,`ave- a-go avatars, achuddyas,brainwashed hindus with trishuls stuck up their asses etc looking like a bunch of jilted bridegrooms who show up at their wedding to find the bride being shagged senseless on the altar by a drunken Anglo-Saxon practical joker, and enjoying every second of it.

  66. shantam prem says:

    Denial is such a wonderful thing. India´s most famous father son duo are in prison for series of sexual exploitations and rape. Millions of faithful ones think, it is a conspiracy. Bapu(The elder) was only touching as device.
    Surely Parmartha has his own right to see Osho fire crackers in downright forgery and criminal offence.
    PS- This thread is about Osho signatures. So let us have the link to those signatures into the archives.
    Also good to have darshans of master´s calligraphy.

  67. madhu dagmar frantzen says:

    the night here in munic is a very silent night tonight
    believe it our not i can only cope with reading your and my (freshly installed) posts by imagining
    aaahhhh–this are all love letters
    there are people who call it love when they fuck
    there are more and more people who fuck-up whatever comes to their greedy fingers and may be the most perverted who call THAT -loving or “caring”
    also there seems to be a competionline…. quite male in a way
    in “how i know better as you” and habe an overview about this and that
    whatsoever came up
    as a wave to surf on
    i experience the virtual “realities” not as the real
    but on the other hand i experience how much harm is done by misuse and perpetrating privacy
    or in confidence to “meet” friends this way in sharing matters one is concerned of
    and then and there very often starts the distortion
    in this night and now-here i just want to share that i could t stop looking into your letters

    so have a beautiful christmas


  68. dominic says:

    Denial not just a river in Egypt.
    There’s something ‘crackers’ alright that goes on in Dipsychoples heads.
    Another kind of button (distortion) being pushed.
    Everything (projection) is a device of superdaddy (regression) who is all wise all knowing (splitting).
    Please pay my secretary and book your next session on the way out.

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