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Sorry about down time

Apologies for the fact that site has gone offline a couple of times. The host company has been upgrading its servers. The fault partly lies in the fact that the Sannyas News software itself needs updating.

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Ma Yogini’s trip to the divine

Ma Yogini Bharti, a Canadian sannyasin now based in the Amazon rain forest, relates her remarkable story.   I first met Osho in 1972, during one of his meditation camps at Mount Abu. We did not exchange words but I … Continue reading

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On reading Osho’s ‘Last Testament’

Press interviews show Osho was blind to what was going on at The Ranch. He was outrageous, contradictory, and sometimes factually wrong. But he was still a great teacher, writes Lokesh. For lack of something to read on a rainy … Continue reading

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Veena talks of Vivek, her Friend.

Veena, after hearing Anando say in a recent radio interview in Australia that Nirvano was a schizophrenic, questions this statement and gives her point of view about her long-time close friend’s health. (First published in Osho News, but without the … Continue reading

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WW Country Parody: Good for Laughs

This should make those with a sense of humour have a good laugh!

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