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Osho Leela featured in the Guardian

 Communal Living ?  (extracted from the Uk Guardian newspaper, 3rd February) Every Wednesday morning, Devaraj Sandberg and the rest of the community at Osho Leela, a spiritual commune in Dorset, gather together for a group meditation session involving shouting, screaming and … Continue reading

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Osho: driving the Chase Car

The author of this piece Deva Peter (American)’s, job,  was to be the follow up (chase)  driver to Osho when he went on his daily drives around Rajneeshpuram,  and also for a while when he took his Rolls on to … Continue reading

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The Origin of the Species questioned in Indian Government this week

A hot debate has gripped India, after Satyapal Singh, India’s minister for higher education, emphatically stated that Darwin’s theory of evolution is wrong. (This article below published in The English  Guardian, on January 23, 2018) “India’s minister for higher education … Continue reading

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How I learned to Dance/ Shantam

“Nothing is said, nothing is heard, and the heart start dancing with the Master” (This little piece I wrote in remembrance of the Osho Musicians, Late Swami Om Prakash Saraswati (Osho Rajyoga, New Delhi)   and Swami Satya Krishan (Bajaj Sahib, … Continue reading

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An Ordinary Man ?

RADHA is said to be a tantric teacher. We are not sure what this means. However this link shows her answering a question about Osho’s physical presence which SN thought worthy. Radha says in replying to a question about experiencing  … Continue reading

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