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Osho Birthday Event in Freiburg

Shantam reports Every Friday, my mailbox gets one circular mail about spiritual activities in Freiburg. Most of the time I delete it without even opening. I know what is happening: every week, two or three events are of Bhajan Singing, … Continue reading

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Laxmi was Osho’s Secretary between around 1970 and 1980. She is well remembered by many, partly because she did sometimes seem like a hollow bamboo, which Sheela, Osho’s later Secretary,  definitely did not. There is a new book, which as … Continue reading

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Osho visits a Bistro

Osho takes an Ice-cream (in 1962) An excerpt from Chapter 2, Life Awakening Center (Jivan Jagruti Kendra) of Laherubhai’s book ‘Blessed Moments with Osho’. People listening to Osho in Bombay around this time. Since 1961-62, some institutions in Mumbai had … Continue reading

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Ozen Rajneesh

Sannyasnews punters seem to want to discuss this guy, and the latest accusations against him.  As in any situation like this, there may be pluses and minuses. Ozen is very disliked by OIF, so they might well have an investment … Continue reading

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Watershed Time for the Goddess ?

This woman, Jane Fuller, chooses to place an OSHO QUOTE at the end of this Huff post (UK) article, if you can get that far./…  it strikes us as a simplistic view. Jane Fuller HuffPost UK16 November 2017 ‘A woman … Continue reading

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