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Dimensions Beyond The Known: Osho

Many suffer from disturbances which are called by western Doctors mental ill health. Many live with them all their lives. Some are visited from time to time.  And some it acts as a lifelong battle. Osho suffered as he himself … Continue reading

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The transcript of another Epic Rap Battle of History has come to light and reaches the shores of wisdom first on SannyasNews.  GEORGIE G versus RAMAN `THE MAINMAN` MAHARSHI GEORGIE G Yo! My name is Georgie G and I`m a … Continue reading

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Meditation and Medication in Depression?

The Dail Mail UK rag ran the silly article below today…. The real research should be around talking therapies and community building.  But raising money for such research ain’t easy. Instead here more research around the drug company products….. and … Continue reading

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Silence can only follow Catharsis

Osho re-tells the well known story about the Sufi Master, Rumi.  The story is worth absorbing into one’s being. A great Sufi mystic, Jalaluddin Rumi, used to live with his one hundred disciples in a monastery. Few travellers came. The … Continue reading

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A Message from Kavita

Parmartha, I thought you would like to see these never-seen-before photos of Osho. A close friend of ours (my boyfriend/Shashwat) died on 9th Feb, 2018 in Pune. He had left this very precious album of Osho photos at link below … Continue reading

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