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Swami Gajar Baba

Swami Gajar Baba was an Indian sannyasin who was,  as far as I know a primary school teacher from Bihar, though how much he worked in that trade after he became an Osho sannyaisn, only maybe another blogger will know.   … Continue reading

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Ageh Bharti replies to our bloggers re Osho Death Letter

Beloved friends at Sannyas News Firstly, I would like to express my regrets for not seeing the comments with regards to my open letter about Osho’s death (Osho’s Death: An Open Letter from Ageh Bharti) that you posted on June … Continue reading

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A Claim by Swami Anand Arun

In his recent book, “In Wonder with Osho” (June, 2017) Arun makes a possibly interesting claim about Osho’s wishes on his death. (Page 164). He says that in the fifth lecture of the series “And the Flowers Showered” Osho gave … Continue reading

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You Raise Me Up

A little inspiration is all you need:  Martin Hurkens singing in the shopping mall in Maastricht. The tears in the eyes of the citizens of that town are very moving as they listen to this previously unemployed baker. Lyrics When … Continue reading

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Mega Dynamic Meditation in London

IT WAS AMAZING ! Thank you all of you who joined us for Sunday’s Mega Dynamic Meditation. To do Dynamic Meditation in a big group is a transformative experience. Your smiles, hugs and positive energy at the end of the … Continue reading

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