TAN TAN TANIT: Ibiza Tracks

It’s late on a Saturday night. My phone rings. I pickup. It’s Frank (not SN Frank). He sounds very emotional. This is unusual for Frank, because he is normally a very cool German man.

‘Everything alright?’ I ask.

‘Yes. I’m fine,’ Frank replies. ‘I just want to thank you for that promo CD you gave me.’

Somewhat relieved, I enquire, ‘Did you like it?’

Frank chuckles. ‘I didn’t like it. I love it. It completely changed how I feel. You have created something wonderful and I just wanted to share my gratitude.’

I was moved. The conversation ended. I sat for some time, thinking about what had just transpired and how it had come to happen.


The Tan Tan Tanit project began three years ago. Tomas San Miguel, a close friend of mine, approached me and asked if I would write lyrics for a melody he had composed. The idea being that his wife, Alla Zaikina, a soprano, would perform the song. A string quartet and children’s choir were brought in. ‘Heaven’s Gate’ is what came out of the recording sessions. It is a beautiful, moving and profound song. (follow link) It turned out so well that I started composing more songs and producing the music with Tomas. A whole new world opened up for me. Tomas is a world-class pianist, music producer and a great teacher.

As the project evolved we brought in other musicians, some of whom are old-school sannyasins. Manickam Yogeswaran laid down a dynamite vocal on a track called ‘Guru Guru’ (follow link) and things began to blast off into a whole new musical dimension. Mastering was done by a wonderful New Yorker, called Louis Sarmiento. He turned out to be a media guru. I sat at his feet and learned much. He told me that if you create something beautiful in life do not make the mistake of thinking it is yours. You are just a channel. I’d heard that one before, but this time I felt it to be highly relevant. That said, I think people who believe they are channeling Osho are delusional. Channeling energy, yes. Channeling dead people, no. There is no such thing as personal immortality. The creative spirit is impersonal.

Three years down the line and a lot of hard work later, our album has been released.

While watching ‘Wild, Wild Country’ one excerpt that stayed with me was when Osho talked about how he wanted his people to be creative. Cut to sannyasins doing all manner of creative things. Yes, I thought. Osho once told me that, if I wanted to know the creative spirit directly, I must be total in my creativity. I took that on board. I’ve been involved in the creative arts for most of my adult life. The trick is to stay focused on the creative act, not the creation. The true yogi looks not to the fruits of his actions. Lord Shiva does the Nataraj and dissolves into his creation. Tomas, our fellow musicians and I merged with the music. Now it is ready to be appreciated. Like all of my creative projects it was a labour of love. I hope you enjoy it. If you feel so inclined I would very much appreciate if you share the links with friends. You can create great music but the beauty is to share. The giver should be thankful.

A Short Review of Tan Tan Tanit

The driving forces behind Tan Tan Tanit are Tomas San Miguel & Luke Mitchell. Their mutual love of music and their desire to nurture the soul of musicianship creates a unique musical fusion. Living on Ibiza, one hears music everywhere, from the best DJs in the world to the drummers jamming on the beach at sunset. Tan Tan Tanit’s contribution to the ocean of music, which exists on this beautiful island, is delivering lyrics intended to compel the listener to give a knowing chuckle, or pause for a moment to contemplate what is being said. Meanwhile, the band plays on, delivering dynamic instrumental solos, augmented by contemporary beats and hot brass section. Like a pair of musical shamans on a full moon night, they set out to expand Ibiza’s musical horizons. I believe they have achieved that.

James Marshall, MNE, Ibiza, August, 2017.

Links:  The first two are especially for Sannyas News readers and commentators. The others will bring you to websites where you can listen to samples of all the tracks. Happy listening.




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47 Responses to TAN TAN TANIT: Ibiza Tracks

  1. Kavita says:

    Lokesh, the first track reminded me of the Eurythmics style – of course not comparing – maybe due to the soprano.

    Second one is a Master-piece! Only hope you have the copyrights to Osho’s voice!

    • Lokesh says:

      Hi Kavita,
      No concern for using Osho’s voice as an opener. I mixed that on for SN listeners. The commercial track on the album does not have Osho’s voice.

      I have been thinking of bringing out an album with samples of Osho’s voice for years. Nobody seems too clear about how much you can get away with on that level. Taking into account the OIF’s strident approach to controlling all things Osho, they would probably pounce on anyone using his master’s voice on anything. I find that an extremely limiting stance. So it goes.

      Yes, Kavita, ‘Guru Guru’ is quite a track. In places eighty channels of sound to create it. No kitchen sink, but there are Tibetan nuns, Siberian resonance singing and even some Middle Eastern ladies doing their wooga wooga thing. Guru, guru!

      • Kavita says:

        Lokesh, all ‘Guru Guru’ versions you shared on SN are incredible. Cheers!

      • bob says:

        Good work, Lokerman, and all the rest who contributed. I like the heavy bass, goes right through my body…helps to digest my food, I think. Also, I like the bold driving beat on both tracks. It makes one know one is still alive, and not dead. That’s a good thing in this computer world of constant screen addiction.

        Will OIF pounce on you for using Osho’s voice? They probably will if you keep it up and don’t relent and back down–I speak from experience. But, I would advise–keep on pushin’ on…let the music blast!

        • Lokesh says:

          Bob, if you like bass check out the track ‘Mombasa’ by Tan Tan Tanit…it’s an earth shaker.

          • bob says:

            Wiki’ed “Tanit” and found the interesting Mediterranean/Tunisian history. Never heard of her before, but that picture of one of her statues on your album cover is pure Hellenistic sculpture from the classic period. With some Level 10 Hair Gel maybe.

            • Lokesh says:

              Yeah, Bob, picture is from a statue in Ibiza museum. Dug her up somewhere on the island way back. Tanit and Bes were the big deities in the good old days. Check out what Tan Tan is. Also interesting.

  2. Parmartha says:

    Sometimes in the last two weeks I have felt the dominance of the ‘Wild, Wild Country’ interest and that it might betray the emptiness of present time for many.

    It’s good to see someone like Lokesh moving in the present, and creating, rather than just responding. Respect.

    • Lokesh says:

      Yes, PM, Wild Wild West is still doing the rounds and will continue to do so for some time.
      What will follow is a spate of Osho docus. Have already heard of two in the works. There will be talk of presenting a more balanced picture etc. But really, what is behind it is the desire to make money by exploiting Osho’s current popularity. Bit of a two-edged sword. Quite remarkable that Osho is set for a boom period so long after his death. That’s life.

  3. swamishanti says:

    Hi Lokesh, sometimes I am enjoying great music in dreams, and then I wake up and think, “Wow, that was incredible music”, and then I realise that I was ‘channelling’ that music in my sleep. So I know what you mean. I usually think, “That was great”, but then later I forget how the track went.

    I haven’t listened to your tracks yet, but will do soon.

    You also say, “channelling energy, yes.Channelling dead people, no.” But Osho already was dead, before he died. That’s why people can still get his energy.

    As far as Osho still being around personally, like you I doubt it. However, people talk of different dimensions connected to this planet that are not part of space/time.

    • Lokesh says:

      SS, while looking for a snippet of Osho to mix on at the beginning of ‘Guru Guru; I came across an interesting discourse. Profound and to the point. I might make a wee mix of it to add to the thread if it stays up long enough.

      Osho was talking about the great difficulty the Buddha must have experienced when telling people their so-called soul was one day going to disappear.

  4. frank says:

    Man!! Check this one out!!!!
    I got an email this morning, just a few moments ago from no less a guy than Chapman Way, one of the Way bros. who made ‘Wild Wild Country’!!!

    He writes, 10.36 am:
    “Hi Frank,
    Since the explosion of interest in our docuseries we have become aware of the existence of Sannyasnews as it has been referenced in various articles on the net.
    Man, me and Mac been reading the backpages on the site and I gotta tell you, that`s some of the best entertainment that`s out there online – it`s right up there with ‘Wild Wild Country’ itself.

    I am writing to you as you seem to have been on there forever, and I want to sound you out about whether you think that Parmartha and his crew will be willing to contribute to our next Netflix docu project: ‘Whatever Happened to the Rajneeshees?’

    It is clear that most of the contributors on there are folks who have both definitely got Osho`s message in spades and have some pretty darn good stories to tell. You guys and gals kick ass!

    We want you to help with the script, we want Lokesh to do the soundtrack, and maybe you could suggest to everyone to come up with their best ever story relating to love, life and laughter (and maybe sex, too).

    Hoping to hear from you soon, buddy.

    Chapman Way”

    • frank says:

      Fuck! I am so excited!!
      What shall I write back and tell him?

      • satyadeva says:

        Truly incredible news – surely the major highlight in the history of SN! And a just reward for the consistently high quality of the articles and the responses to them.

        Congratulations, Frank and Lokesh, you both richly deserve being singled out in this accolade.

        I, like, I’m sure, everyone who comes here, am very excited, profoundly moved…Tears of joy are starting to flow…

        Jai Bhagwan! Osho Forever! Way to Go! Let’s Dance! Get IN!

        April 1st, 2018 – I’m sure I’ll remember this day for the rest of my life!

      • Lokesh says:

        Frank, that is great news. I knew fame and fortune was waiting for us at the end of the SN rainbow. My partner has done a few movie soundtracks and during the last month has had interest from two independent film producers to supply soundtrack music. Just tell the bros to make a deposit and we will get right back to them with hugs and kisses.

      • sw. veet (francesco) says:

        Perhaps, Frank, you could thank them for me and the Pope.

        Thanks to them, now Osho for the mass is no longer that of the satirical page of Facebook “The most beautiful phrases of Osho” but also the leader of a religious movement, dominated by fanaticism and capitalist spirituality, and associated with the Japanese guru who uses a gas that sends you to the stars, the Sarin.



      • bob says:

        Settle down now, Frank, take it easy, boy…just write back and tell him that all us proletarians here at SN would be more than happy to weigh in (‘scuse the pun!) to his new sequel. There’s no way (‘scuse) that we would pass up this chance to work with the Way (!) Bros.

        By the way (…), if the project happens to fall through, we can always all just embrace The Way (holy donkey-dick soup!) of the Grasshopper of the Kung Fu series and Lao Tzu! Enter Bob’s Saloon. Yahooooooo!

    • Parmartha says:

      This is an April fool’s hoax, surely!! And from Frank!!!

  5. Kavita says:

    Frank, could you share Chapman Way’s email id, I would like to contribute directly to them but then only in Indian Rupees!

  6. Tan says:

    McLoke, listening to your sounds, for the first time after many years I just danced in my living room, spontaneously!

    With so much rubbish around in terms of music, it’s time for change, a new musical dimension, like you said. And what I like about your work is that everything comes at the right dosage.

    Congrats, and I hope it’s just the beginning.

    Cheers! XX

    • Lokesh says:

      Hi Tan,
      Thanks for that. Best dance track on album is called ‘Mombasa’.

      You say, “I hope it’s just the beginning.” At 66 it’s more likely to be getting very near to the end. Aieee! As in The Doors’ “this is the end”.

      No rest for the wicked. Off to do a wee experimental mix with Osho’s voice.

  7. Lokesh says:

    His master’s voice with backing provided by the late, great Ananda Shankar.


  8. shantam prem says:

    Without doubt, it is creative adventure of Lokesh. But someone feels “gratitude” for any music is unheard of.

    I really wish Lokesh earns good money from the sale of his music and invites all of us for First Sannyasnews Gathering at Ibiza.
    For second annual event in Pune, I will be glad to be the host.

    Those bloggers who would like to participate but in hidden identity, I will try to arrange costumes from Europa Park, my working place.

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