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Latest: Indian CBI offers to play role in Osho case

This week a court was again hearing a petition filed by Yogesh Thakkar in India, complaining, in his opinion, of embezzlement of funds by Osho Estate Trustees,  and violations under FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act), by allegedly  using,  he says,  … Continue reading

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Someone Wearing a Mala….

The other day I was  coming out from the head post office near the mail railway station (Freiburg) and suddenly my eyes caught hold of a bearded western man,  who was wearing some kind of mala and who was sitting alone … Continue reading

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A Fourth Way in Politics?

Excerpt from Arjuna’s (John Hogue) latest book. It is called, , Beyond Alt-right and Alt-left, and asks whether there is a fourth way in politics?!  Abandon the two-party scam, Americans. The lesser of two evils is “evil” winning anyway. These inhuman … Continue reading

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Antelope/May 1st/1985

This rare footage below is interesting if you can bear with the ads of the time. The big wigs of the Ranch actually come over okay in a way, and one would never imagine at the time that within a … Continue reading

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The Only Life: The journey of Ma Yoga Laxmi

A Message from English Rashid, who some of us remember from his gardening and farming days in Poona, who was commissioned by Simon and Schuster  to write a book about Ma Yoga Laxmi, who served as Osho’s secretary from 1970 … Continue reading

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