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“The Path of Love” reaches the UK’s Daily Mail

Jane Alexander attended the Osho influenced ‘ Path of Love’ retreat,  and experiences real transformation. Published in the Daily Mail on January 29, 2017 With her marriage in tatters and self-esteem at an all-time low, writer Jane Alexander sought solace … Continue reading

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Swami Vismay’s Death starts National Protest by Ken Loach

Ken Loach, famous film Director,  joins vigil for ‘fit to work’ Swami Vismay, who died on his way home from a London  job centre. Ken Loach addressed the vigil for Swami Vismay in Kentish Town AWARD-winning film director Ken Loach … Continue reading

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Osho International move to UK

Below, interesting document ending up on the SN desk….. Osho International move to UK:  on Dec 2016….   open attached legal document No doubt will excite people like Shantam with its ramifications… OIF England    

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“MAN HAS NO INDIVIDUAL “I”  BY LOKESH But there are, instead, hundreds and thousands of separate small “i”s, very often entirely unknown to one another, never coming into contact, or, on the contrary, hostile to each other, mutually exclusive and … Continue reading

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Osho and Dr Saxena

Osho did speak about Dr. S.K. Saxena, who was the father of the author of the two previous strings. Here below about his first meeting with Dr Saxena. (Spelt variously) When on the first day I entered the university’s philosophy … Continue reading

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