Sorry about down time

Apologies for the fact that site has gone offline a couple of times. The host company has been upgrading its servers. The fault partly lies in the fact that the Sannyas News software itself needs updating.

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  1. bob says:

    So true, frank…but, this immediately begs the question:
    Wasn’t the Osho experience, the Osho legacy, or whatever you want to call it, supposed to be the stuff, the medicine, that updated the software of those who chose to drink that glass of wine?

    A therapeutic medicine produces results irregardless of the patient’s status, beliefs, or conditioning. If you have a bad toothache, the painkiller will work, notwithstanding your confidence in it, or lack of it, to do the job.

    There are those who catapulted the ‘being in the physical presence’ of the master (Bhagwan/Osho) as the uplifting tonic: his vibe, his eyes, his energy, etc.

    Then, there are the ones that cheerleaded the ‘meditation’ aspect: just do dynamic every day and you will be released from all hang-ups and repressions sooner or later….

    Next come the ‘being in the buddhafield’ group: just living in close proximity with like- minded spiritual seekers will produce the desired software update results – the commune types.

    And how about the less focused, more universal souls, who spout that “Osho is everywhere”, dead or alive, Ranch or not, meditate or not – whatever turns your crank, read the books or not…and so on.

    Anyway, what I’m getting at is if a group or person propagates things as being solutions to problems or spiritual blocks, or whatever, then there has to be some verifiable, observable results that are not just individual adventures in self-aggrandisement and ego advertising – anybody can do that!

    So, did the Osho experience, in all its multi-faceted manifestions, work, or not? Stay tuned…

    Also, frank, I liked your Osho/Michael Jackson side-by-side similarities post: “had a lot of brothers that looked like him”…funny! But, you left out one big one…though I won’t tell you now what that was…not now anyway.

    And Lokesh, always enjoy your posts. Looking foward to the one you’re working on, on witnessing, should be illuminating. May you keep on witnessing the great internal deep blue and letting us know how it looks to you – always a captivating story.

    • frank says:

      Hi Bob,
      Welcome back.
      You raise some points…

      I guess the question “What is Osho`s legacy?” could also be framed as “What`s your favourite spiritual fantasy?”

      Everybody needs somebody to love (as another set of brothers who were big in the 80s pointed out). But everyone needs a fantasy to love too, otherwise life ends up without meaning.

      Hardcore no-minders and enlightenment freaks will hate that kind of talk but they probably can`t face the reality that when they go on about no-mind and enlightenment when they are not actually in that state it`s just another fantasy, no different than thinking you are in bed with Rihanna when you are actually shagging your pillow!

      I`m not knocking fantasy. Everyone needs it.
      Just make it a good one! But a lot of these spiritual ones are just so corny.

      Re “objective” assessments of success…
      The `spiritual` world is such a good medium for “self-aggrandisement and ego-advertising” because there`s no end product like there is with say, building a house, playing the guitar, cleaning the floor etc. etc. so “objective” assessments of success are always going to be difficult whilst wild subjective inflations are easy.

      What`s the other MJ connection?
      Something to do with his back catalogue being grabbed by dodgy characters, I suspect?

      • Lokesh says:

        Here’s the theme music. Oooh wah. Is it just me or does this still sound great? Saw these guys at the second Glastonbury Festival…blew me away!

      • bob says:

        No, though that’s a good one too…but, like I said, I can’t really tell you right now.

      • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

        You said ( yesterday morning) Frank:
        “I´m not knocking fantasy. Everyone needs it.
        Just make it a good one ! But a lot of these spiritual ones are just so corny.”

        How about sharing with us here your own ( ´good´ one) fantasy, besides knocking out others, I mean ?

        Did Bob – coming up here again – came close, teasing you a little – from buddy to buddy ? One never knows, does one ?

        My own experience is, what might be yesterday´s a ´fantasy coud be next day´s reality – AND VICE VERSA !

        And my own experience is, that such stuff is not decided in a boxing -ring whatsoever.
        That´s the reason, I love to share and as well love to listen to others, who share.


        • satchit says:

          Madhu, Frank is too shy to answer your question.

          What is his fantasy? It is that others should update their software, but surely not he.

          • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

            Hi Satchit,
            I don´t second you there with your remark(s) of this morning (about Frank).

            This amazing ´thread´ just now reads: “Sorry about down time.” Actually, it´s a good one (thread-topic) as it refers to a real happening of ´being on and off´ (re online sharing IT-TEC capacities) where we seemingly all have had a GAP, looking what it´s worth for us to share with one another and how and in particlular why and what for (?).

            One never knows how the regulars here took or take use of such a gap, do we? I experience some regulars more of a gambling group, sometimes unfortunately with quite fixed patterns to come into contact. And it´s a virtual contact, after all.

            When I started here and joined in, in the beginning I had quite sometimes the ´dream´ that we would meet sometimes in flesh and bones so to say; after a half year or so, this dream was falling apart (dropped) as I felt nobody of that team shared such a dream.

            I´ve been continuing to write (here, from quite an isolated space and place in Munich, Germany) taking it as a meditation re topics of sannyas history and more, which are touching and have been touching me deeply and love/loved to express that. And sharing like that has obviously not been possible in the German area here.

            I´m immensly grateful that our late editors and those few who try their best to get it going now still provide us with such a platform.

            However, we all don´t know when such is about to die, or do we?


            • satchit says:

              Yes Madhu,
              someone said only death is certain, all else is accidental.

              It’s a nice virtual place for sharing, being playfull and entertainment. But it is true, one cannot rely on anything, what the future brings.

              But Munich is also a place where one can meet sannyasins in flesh, not only virtually, is it not?


              • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

                Yes, you are right here, Satchit,

                Also, Munich is a place to meet sannyasins and lots of those, using their sannyas names – like me, I do.

                Along all these decades I´ve prefered to be in more multi-coloured, multi-faceted surroundings.

                And that, for sure, is one of the ´biggies´ of the unlearning-learning left-overs for me.
                Thanks for pointing that out and reminding me.


          • bob says:

            Whoah…Satchit picks up the Zennyas News bow and lets the arrow fly…Is it a centre-strike?! Frankie-boy, what say you – did it hurt, or help? Or maybe both, or neither?

            A complete miss perhaps, it may be Satchit who is fast asleep, and in that sleep…perchance a dream is born…”I am a Master Zen Archer, in full regalia and awareness…”

            Even if not, he now sees the possibility of it, and works (Madhu, this, i guess, is what you mean, ya?) to make it a reality…

            Or, as Osho said in his last dying breath (yes, i was there)…”I leave you my fantasy.”

            • satchit says:

              Hi Bob,
              Somehow you remind me of old Anand Yogi. Hope he is still alive.

              So you have been there when the Master left his body. Must have been very impressive?

              But to be true, he spoke of “a dream”, not of “a fantasy”. And dream in the meaning of a vision.

              • bob says:

                Just kidding, Satchit…

                Of course I wasn’t there, I was trying to set the scene as if I was actually in the room, for a good joke, just to create the image for you. Yes, we all know he said supposedly said “dream” – actually only one person claims he heard this, everyone else after the good doctor is just repeating it on blind belief – but, my point is directed at the current theme here of what is a dream, a fantasy, or a vision? Are they different?

                Osho was always adamantly against dreams, repeating constantly that he never dreamed, enlightened people don’t have that need anymore, dreams are just manifestations of unfulfilled yearnings, etc. Why would he use that word when, he meant, at least according to you, “my vision”.

                I mean, c’mon, Osho was pretty facile with words, said what he meant to say, in exactly the way he meant to say it, in the moment, on the spot. I would have thought he would use the word ‘vision’ too – much more appropriate, in line with his teachings.

                But, there were a lot of odd things that went down that day, and days before and after too for that matter, but alas, we probably never will know the full true story, unless those that were there fess up – a real long shot in my book.

                But then, all the people who make these current ‘mockumentaries’ would be out of work making a buck off their parodies – such good material for them everywhere you turn in the story. You just gotta laugh.

                • satchit says:

                  You seem to be more doubting than me, Bob.

                  My experience with Osho is that he changed the meaning of words according to the situation. So the situation was that he was leaving soon. I would have also used the word “dream” instead of “vision”. Because dream comes from the heart and vision from the head.

                • anand yogi says:

                  Perfectly correct!

                  It is indeed fortunate that there are disciples of the calibre of Scratchit to educate the ignorant baboons on SN about what words Osho used and why he used them and what he meant by them!

                  His words of wisdom, as usual, shine forth like a stream of bat`s piss in the spiritual darkness of Sannyas News!

                  Scratchit, like any good parrot, certainly talks the talk and squawks the squawk, and he tries to walk the walk which, to be fair, is quite difficult in a small cage waist-high in a sludge of last century`s guano droppings!

                  Certainly, the ward of the electro-shock hospital in Munich in which he is occupying next bed to Madhu has, not unlike the Chernobyl electroshock hospital, produced some of the finest no-minds ever to grace the no-minds-land of the SN trenches!

                  For that, as Madhu reminds us, we must be eternally grateful!

                  Hari Om!

                • satchit says:

                  Yogi, I have a book suggestion for you:

                  Title: ‘What Causes A Person To Have A Split Personality?’

                  Written by Dr.Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

                • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

                  Thank you, ´YOUR HONOUR´ (AY), talking so much care in abundance about some unknowable (secret) committee, legal as well as illegal affairs, speaking out of a (secret) closet.

                  (We learn-unlearn a lot these days, don´t we, how such is dealt with in the United Kingdom ( Queen-dom)? Some of those protagonists should be trained and coached by Your Honour, if they are not already…?).

                  Today´s sunny here and much warmer, as yesterday´s.
                  Good day to take care – not only of camels….


                • anand yogi says:

                  TOP SECRET
                  From the desk of Swami Bhorat

                  The Illuminati – the most prominent secret society of all or is there any other society that far supersedes the mysterious nature associated with The Illuminati? The answer to this question is: Yes, there is another society that is far more mysterious and pervasive than the Illuminati and it goes by the name: The Nine Unknown Men of Mighty Bhorat.

                  You will probably have at least the following questions in mind:

                  Is it a worldwide society or is it located in a single country?
                  Who started the secret society?
                  When was the secret society formed?
                  What does it do?
                  Why does it have such a weird name?
                  Who are the members of this society?
                  The answer to this last question (# 6) is pretty clear. No one knows the people who form up this society. A bit of digging can reveal a member or two of the Illuminati but not the members of The Nine Unknown Men.

                  For the rest of the answers, let us go through the list of 20 interesting ‘The Nine Unknown Men’ facts:

                  1. The Nine Unknown Men is the name of the secret society that was created in 270 BCE by Mauryan Emperor Ashoka of India, who became popular for the Kalinga War that claimed the lives of over 100,000 men.

                  2. It is being said that The Nine Unknown Men is the most powerful secret society on the face of Earth.

                  3. The story goes that after the Kalinga War, Ashoka understood the extent of damage the world has to endure if power goes into the wrong hands, and hence formed a secret society consisting of 9 men.

                  4. These 9 men were tasked with the responsibility of preserving, developing and preventing secret knowledge from getting into the hands of evil men.

                  5. The 9 men were each given one book to guard. Each of the books contained supreme knowledge which could help mankind into evolving but if in wrong hands the knowledge could destroy humanity – the whole of it.

                  6. During Ashoka’s rule, the knowledge of past and present as well as natural science was vowed to secrecy. Henceforth and for next 2000 years that followed, all the knowledge that was developed was hidden in the secret books.

                  7. The collective research knowledge guarded by the secret society includes everything from collective psychology techniques to the structure of matter.

                  8. As per legend, Ashoka also charged those 9 men with the task of manipulating Indian culture and presenting it to the external world as a country of mystically-oriented backward people so that the advanced scientific knowledge accumulated over time can be safeguarded from people with malicious intentions.

                  9. There are other versions of the legend available. For instance, one of the versions states the reason why Emperor Ashoka formed the secret society to safeguard advanced scientific knowledge was to preserve the Rama Empire.

                  10. Rama Empire, if it at all was to be compared to any ancient society, then the only contender is Atlantis. According to Hindu Scriptures, the Rama Empire was destroyed 15,000 years ago by highly advanced weaponry.

                  Interesting The Nine Unknown Men Facts: 11-20

                  11. Some theories originated which went up to the extent of claiming that the Rama Empire and Atlantis were engaged in nuclear warfare, leading to complete annihilation of both and hence, the secret society was entrusted with safeguarding the advanced knowledge of destructive warfare.

                  12. The story of the Nine was popularized by Jacques Bergier and Louis Pouwels and prior to that by Talbot Mundy and Louis Jacolliot, who claimed in their ‘The Morning of the Magicians’ that the nine men very rarely reveal themselves but only to really wise men from the outside world in order to transfer some knowledge to them for the greater good of humanity.

                  13. One such outsider was Pope Sylvester II, who, as it is believed, received in secret a mysterious talking bronze head (skull) that spoke robotically to the Pope in just ‘yes’ or ‘no’ whenever the Pope asked questions about religion or other stuff.

                  14. Theosophists from across the world believe that The Nine Unknown Men are not only real but are continuously working for the good of humanity.

                  15. It is also being said that Indian scientists like Jagadish Chandra Bose was an ardent believer of the secret society. Some say that Bose was actually a member of the society.

                  16. The nine books guarded by these Nine Unknown Men contains knowledge that is continuously rewritten and improved over time and that the books hold knowledge that is potentially hazardous to mankind.

                  17. The first book is said to be on propaganda and psychological warfare which teaches how to mould mass opinion. It is said to be the most dangerous of all 9 books.

                  The second book is about physiology, which explains how to kill a person simply by touching. Known as ‘the touch of death’, the book supposedly teaches how to reverse the nerve pulse of a human by a simple touch and kill him or her. Many people say that the martial art form Judo is a result of leakages from this second book.

                  18. The third book is said to be dealing with biotechnology and microbiology. Some say that The Nine Unknown Men gave the world the cholera vaccine, which is probably a piece of knowledge retained in this third book.

                  The fourth book deals with transmutation of metals and alchemy.

                  19. The fifth book is believed to be on communications and explains how to communicate with extra-terrestrials.

                  The sixth book is said to be on gravitation and Vaiminika Shashtra which explains how to build vimanas (airships) which are often referred to as ancient UFOs.

                  20. The seventh book is said to be on cosmology, holding the secret of time travel, including means of inter and intra-universal trips at enormous speeds directly through space-time fabric.

                  The eighth book is believed to be on light, which explains how to increase or decrease the speed of light and even use it as a weapon.

                  The final one – the ninth book – is said to be on sociology, which holds the secrets of societal evolution and predicting their downfall.

                  Anand Yogi, would you provide the source(s) for this veritable tidal wave of esoteric info, please?

                • satyadeva says:

                  In the picture, which one of the Nine is Swami Bhorat, Anand Yogi?

                • anand yogi says:

                  I am not at liberty, on pain of death, to disclose such information.

                  Suffice to say that the Swami is much too busy on many different levels and planes of consciousness, visible and occult, to answer questions that stem from mere intellectual curiosity.

                • satyadeva says:

                  I see…He hasn’t been receiving lessons from Boris Johnson, by any chance, has he?

                • anand yogi says:

                  Satya Deva,
                  The truth of the matter is that, as we speak, the Nine Men are exerting supernatural efforts with their deep meditations to manipulate Boris Johnson through the etheric field and the web of Indra!

                  One can usually tell those who are being used as a channel for the Nine – they look confused, dishevelled, a little insane and then say the first thing that comes into their head!

                  Hitler, Johnson, Shantam and some of the other contributors of SN…the signs are all there to see for those who have developed their clairvoyant, astral, auric sensibilities to adept level!

                  What is the aim, you ask?
                  It is simple.
                  The karma of the GB is finally coming to fruition.
                  The once proud nation will that has caused so much trouble in the past, as Nostradamus also predicted, will be reduced to a laughing stock, a kind of schadenfreude Punch and Judy show to provide entertainment for the rest of the world to enjoy, thus making the world a much better place, providing you do not live in UK!

                  Hari Om!

                • satyadeva says:

                  A radical fresh insight indeed, Anand Yogi…

                  Are you available for interview at ‘Newsnight’ tonight? (Too busy, I expect).

                • anand yogi says:

                  Certainly I am available, Satya, but remember, it is your receptivity that determines how much you receive.

                  We would all do well to remember Madhu`s words of wisdom a few days ago:
                  “What might be yesterday´s fantasy could be next day´s reality – AND VICE VERSA!”

                  Hari Om!

                • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

                  ” A radical fresh insight, indeed, Anand Yogi”, you posted yesterday, Satydeva, in one of your rather fine taken stances on irony (?).

                  After having been reminded these last days (again) of the black humoured comedy “Wag the DOG” ( a Hollywood entertainemt blockbuster of 1997) , reminded by the stance ( here) when ´esoterics go politics´ and what can come out of such a wave…

                  I was happy ro dicover Sw Keerti´s article : ” The vicious circle of worries ” , whereto he ( Keerti) offered Asian Age Publications the following Osho quote from times and rimes ago :

                  “Watch a dog, its a beautiful phenomenon. In winter, in India, you can watch anywhere dogs, sitting in the morning, sunning themselves, enjoying. Then they suddenly become aware of their tail, just by their side.
                  Such temptation, they jump. Then the tail jups farther back.
                  Of course tht is too much for a dog to tolerate, this is impossible. It hurts – this ordinary tail, and playing games, with such a great dog. He goes mad, round and round , he goes.
                  You will see him panting, tired, and he cannot believe , what is happening.
                  He cannot catch his tail….
                  And don´t listen to some Dale Carnegie´s (= don´t worry …. be happy…). As that is the only method (provided by such): ´chase your own tail and go mad.”

                  Keerti´s chosen quote published an Asian Age, (September 4, 2019) and a bit later published in Osho News , comes from Osho´s : Yoga – the alpha and the omega, Vol 6, Ch 2, Q 6.

                  And is a premium ´offer for me too working also for the other ´worry, that came up in me, when I heard that the nowayears-nowaday´sday “Golden Lion” in the Venice Festival went to a very black horror movie, called – ” JOKER” – and the plot is telling a story of a really mad man,
                  sick and sickening , casted ( in the story telling of the plot) to play a CLOWN in the ´streets of a devasted totally deteriorated society.

                  And this take of US/2019 ( other than ” Wag the Dog” /1997) hasn´t left anything encouraging left overs like – ´growing conciousness´ will have by chance a ´savior´ button ( at least) , to ´escape atrocities .
                  The utterly devastating madman mutated with his clown´s face into a serial killer, while his surrounding society went into ´oblivion´: lost any capacity to realize what´s what …. in the reams of inter-human realtings.

                  So – there is indeed enough of the stuff stuff, that cannot be called ´funny´, I´d say.
                  And -
                  Good, to not loose one´s marbles , while surfing , what we call ocean of conciousness, I´d say !


                • frank says:

                  Hi Madhu,
                  You say: “Good, to not loose one´s marbles, while surfing.”
                  How true. I wish you the best of luck in following your own advice.

                • bob says:

                  Not the “head”, not the “heart”, but…
                  Osho’s last words really were (yes, I was there)…
                  “I Leave You My Marbles” – the “balls” of the Master!

                • shantam prem says:

                  People like Bob were there to see the spectacle demise of one Indian mystic who got honey-trapped with the idea that Buddha did not have people from around the world.

                  Master knew about the West only through the books and the chutzpah of his foreign followers!

                • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

                  Hi Frank,
                  Thanks for your good wishes; I wish you the best according to that advice too.
                  And we may not have the same understanding re “marbles”…could not find out that up to now.
                  Or if you – in any way – relate to what I said; not merely intellectually, I mean.

                  The Heart has its own intelligence. Far beyond any fanaticism.
                  The Beauty of a coming together in sharing instead of fighting to be (the) top dog, so to say.


                • satchit says:

                  But it is part of the game to fight to be the top dog, Madhu.
                  Nobody wants to be the underdog.

                • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

                  Hi Satchit (at 10:44 am today),

                  The game you refer to is IDIOTIC in the human realms!

                • satchit says:

                  Idiotic or not, it’s the reality, Madhu.
                  Kids learn it already in the kindergarten.

                • Prem Ritvik says:

                  Anand Yogi! You traitor!
                  You leaked the whole information from a pulpit of popularity which costed 100,000 lives!

                  Do you know how tough it is to get popular that way? People who die don’t come back and essentially it is not an election. It takes the wrath of an organised mass criminal to kill so much and preserve 9, and you leaked out so much!

                • satchit says:

                  The Yogi Boy is too shy to provide the source.
                  It’s some parrot stuff: Internet Page 11689.

                • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

                  Your mockery of appearance and disappearance re ‘mockumentaries’ could hardly be more accurate.

                  Well, whoever has a good laugh about it could have a good cry later about the same stuff, couldn´t he?

                  And not being in the Presence of the present moment YET!

                  And yes, there were a “lot of odd things that went down that day, and days before, and after that for that matter” – to keep up to your written words of yesterday evening, Bob.

                  And my question is, do you like to water a bad seed, or not?

                  The Mystic we call Osho was a true Master of the Paradox – not ulike Lao Tzu, and to be in Mastery of the Paradox is quite a challenge for His Lovers. At any time, btw.

                  When you say He didn´t like ´dreamers´, you can find any contradictions to your statement(s) too, I´d suggest.

                  I remember also quite often, when He said, “don’t push the river” (it´s idiotic to oppose Nature…not only you will fail..).

                  Having been able to meet a Being who succeeded to float in the river of life and inviting His Lovers to get to learn by unlearning that too, is a most precious gift for me. Everlasting – and learning by unlearning, moment to moment.

                  Always a Beginner….


    • Lokesh says:

      Cool, Bob, sent the article in a few days ago. It is a fun one with plenty of space for debate.

    • veet francesco says:

      Bob, if the placebo effect meets your rational taste then there should also be possible the opposite effect: you should resist to the medication and meditation.

  2. Lokesh says:

    Yet another spoof on Rajneeshpram. Just watched the first part of a two part documentary called ‘Batshit Valley’. It is from a TV series called ‘Documentary Now’. ‘Batshit Valley’ comprises episodes one and two of the third series. Kind of what you might expect with a few amusing twists chucked in. Seemed reasonably amusing. Woman who plays Sheela is pretty funny.

  3. shantam prem says:

    Bob and Frank: are they two faceless characters or one man playing double role?

  4. Lokesh says:

    “I leave you my dream.” Sounds more like Martin Luther King than Osho.

    What you make of Osho’s last words is surely just one more of life’s reflections. At least Osho managed to get some last words together. From what I can gather he was present right up until the last moment, which says a lot more than his last words do.

  5. satchit says:

    I was thinking that you like this kind of humour, Lokesh, hidden behind a false identity. Tell your friend he shall go to the therapist!

  6. shantam prem says:

    I leave you my words..
    Time has shown the reality!

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