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“Kumare” The Movie

Recently I watched the movie “Kumare” in which a Vikram Gandhi , an American of East Indian heritage masquerades as a yoga guru, and through crafty PR (and the presence of cameras) gains a following. Gandhi  could have been simply … Continue reading

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Is it OK to disagree with Osho?

I came across this Osho quote the other day,which made me think.Advanced meditators will have to indulge me for the fact that it did not cause me to stop thinking altogether,but i obviously haven`t reached their exalted level,yet. I am … Continue reading

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Wise Men and Foolish Seekers on the Osho Path

The grand old wise men on this site, although not agreeing about everything, do tend to agree on certain things. For example, that they are wise, and that their wisdom is derived from their lives which have passed through myriad … Continue reading

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The Oregon TV programme about Rajneeshpuram

The programme made by the Oregon Historical Society about the Ranch is available here: Do you feel it is a fair, even-handed report? Was the ranch destroyed from within or from without? or six of one,half a dozen of … Continue reading

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There are so many satsang people,teachers,awakened,enlightened and so on these days.literally thousands . My question is this: Does anyone know if any of these people are suffering from Alzheimers or any of the other forms of dementia? I ask this … Continue reading