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The transcript of another Epic Rap Battle of History has come to light and reaches the shores of wisdom first on SannyasNews.  GEORGIE G versus RAMAN `THE MAINMAN` MAHARSHI GEORGIE G Yo! My name is Georgie G and I`m a … Continue reading

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What happens when you meditate but don`t get enlightened?

Here`s something I would like to put to the readers and contributors of Sannyas News, who, whatever their path, their opinions, their experience and so on, I assume can at least be linked by one thing: that they meditate. People … Continue reading

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Frank Questions: Is Cancer just Neurosis Contingent?

I notice that Osho News on 21st May published an Osho quote on the subject of cancer running under the header : “Cancer can exist only in a certain neurotic state of mind”. Cancer Osho says,  controversially perhaps: “When the … Continue reading

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Mad to be Normal: The crazy wisdom of R D Laing

Here`s a movie that might be of interest to some sannyasins and veterans of in-yer-face therapies of the 60s 70s and 80s. Osho praised R D Laing profusely. Amongst other things he said: “The great Western psychologist, R. D. Laing, … Continue reading

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Epic Rap Battles of History: OSHO vs KRISHNAMURTI

Some video episodes from Youtube of “Epic rap battles of history” which involve historical personages in imaginary rap battles have been posted on SN recently which set me wondering what one involving Osho and Krishnamurti might be like.  (FRANK) EPIC … Continue reading

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