Osho’s Few Directives!

Maybe too few directives for some                                                                                                                           but it is clear that in 1985 Osho gave these directives as I was actually there when he gave them, and that is why they are still so pellucid for me. In fact they threw the commune into perturbation, and it was already in great perturbation from Sheela and her gang leaving 10 days before..

On September 26, 1985 Osho told us to stop wearing the colours of the rainbow and the rising sun – and the mala, the traditional symbols of initiation (as also reported in the Rajneesh Times, 1986: 27). All malas were to be sent back. When some protested, Osho relented a little and allowed such people as wanted to, to keep their mala and wear it privately. However  today over 25 years later some still use the mala and the colours of the rainbow publicly  after Osho foreclosed them!  To me this is a great abhorence,  particularly when it occurs amongst those who are said to be so devoted, and often level accusations of non devotion against such as myself.

At around the same time Osho announced the end of Rajneeshism, saying “A religion has died.” A celebration of the death of Rajneeshism took place at Rajneeshpuram which I personally attended in which a funeral pyre was made of copies of Sheela’s book Rajneeshism and her “Pope’s robes.”,  amongst much celebration by the whole commune.

The Rajneesh Times of October 4, 1985 offered Osho’s explanations for these actions: to me they reveal his acute concern for the problem of institutionalization. In an interview with Bill Graves of the Oregon Bulletin, Osho said he had decided to take these steps in an effort to keep his movement from becoming institutionalized. The book and the word “Rajneeshee” were developed he stated by Ma Anand Sheela – against his wishes during his three-and-a-half years of silence. Osho said at the time: “I hate the word ‘ism.’ ”

Osho delivered other blows to the organisation of his movement. The Rajneesh Times of October 2nd reported when I was still personally present on the Ranch that the daily “gauchamis” or bowing ceremony “which he said was too similar to ritual Christian and Mohammedan prayers” should be abolished, and at the same time the terms “worship” and “temple” were to become plain old “work” and “department” again.

I still maintain it is a legitimate question to be put to Arun, Rajneesh, Keerti and Veeresh to name but four,  why they continue with orange, mala and gauchamis,  that were really part of the “Bhagwan” phase of Osho’s work, but clearly not intended for its maturity.


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  1. shantam prem says:

    Parmartha, what you have heard or witnessed in 1985 was the phase of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.
    Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh told stop wearing Orange in 1985. In 1988, months before droping the Hindu tag of Bhagwan( Bhag means Vagina, wan means who owns it), He recommended again the dress code of maroon and white, as there was no change later on, Marron and white will remain the colors of Osho movement irrespective who rules the corridors of power in the world of Osho. Some one can even change the name from Resort to International transit lounge, but colors will remain the same.

    • Parmartha says:

      Dont want to quibble Mr Shantam, but maroon and white is not orange and a mala! All the colours of the rainbow are the real colours of sannyas, and only those allow you to go underground, which has to be the place for a real sufi sannyas….
      As a matter of interest do you wear orange and a mala on the Swiss border doing your care work?

  2. OSHO 1988…these discourses tells it all !!


    Just look how easily you can drop red clothes, how easily you can drop your malas, how easily you can drop gachchhamis, because you were never authentically and sincerely in love with them.
    You pretended, you were hypocrites.
    You had pretended you loved your mala, but the moment you found the chance to drop it, you dropped it immediately.
    And you must be thinking you dropped it because I have said so. But I have been telling you for years continuously to drop the ego — that you don’t drop.
    Strange… I said only one day, “Drop the malas,” and you were so happy and so clapping, rejoicing. But when I say, “Drop the ego,” you don’t clap. You know that you are not going to drop it. Ego seems to you to be very precious, and ego is nothing but poison. The mala cannot harm you, red clothes cannot harm you. But the ego is constantly harming you.
    BONDAGE TO FREEDOM – chapter 29

    But when I say to you, “Drop the ego,” you all become deaf. “Drop the mala,” and you are immediately ready. But all have not dropped the mala. Those who had loved it, those who had accepted it as symbolic of a relationship with me — they have not dropped it. Neither have they dropped their red clothes, because red clothes have become their remembrance of being a sannyasin, that they are initiated into a mystery school. Those red clothes twenty-four hours a day remind you that your work is to find yourself. They have not dropped them.
    A few immediately dropped… and it was simply a great experiment to see who is really an initiate, and who is here just by accident. Those who did not drop the mala and did not drop the red clothes may perhaps be able to drop their egos first. Then those who dropped the mala and the red clothes and rushed to the boutique to find new clothes, they will be the last to drop the ego.
    ( FROM BONDAGE TO FREEDOM chapter 29 )

    Second thing, the mala and red clothes are symbolic of the commune. If you don’t want to wear the mala and red clothes, then pack your luggage and get lost. This is not your place, and we don’t want you to be here.
    This only shows how the mind moves to extremes. Either you will be a slave or you will be licentious, but you cannot be a free individual.
    Your red clothes are your identification that you have dropped all old conditionings, that you are the sunrise of the new man and of the new humanity.
    The mala has one hundred and eight beads. It represents the one hundred and eight methods of meditation. Any method will do. It is just to remind you continuously that one hundred and eight doors are open to bring you into light, and you are unnecessarily groping in darkness. Choose any method. I have spoken extensively on all the methods of meditation.
    Dropping the mala simply means forgetting the symbolic meaning of the mala. Dropping the mala means that you don’t want to meditate. If you don’t want to meditate, then what the hell are you doing here? It is a meditation commune.
    And why were you not walking around without the mala and without red clothes before? Cowards!
    When everything was being done against humanity and against you and against the law, that was the time to revolt. That time you were just docile. And now, because nobody is forcing you, you are walking around without the mala and without red clothes. You can walk, but that means walk out. And we don’t want anything to do with such people, because these are the people who will again force the same structure.
    My picture, and the locket in the mala, is simply symbolic. It is not something sacred. It is symbolic of your freedom from all religions the way I am free! It is symbolic that you are my fellow travelers. It is symbolic of your love.
    It is difficult, of course, for me to hang around my neck one million lockets to show my love. It is easier for you.
    On the one hand you address me, “Beloved Master” — and you cannot have the mala and the locket. I know the reason. In the outside world, everywhere you will go you will be condemned, you will not be accepted. You will be misfits. And I want you to face the world, rather than get lost into the crowd. My picture is enough. You will not be accepted anywhere. So you can decide. If you don’t have the courage to be rejected everywhere — in your family, in your friends, in your society — you are free. Nobody has told you to become sannyasins. You have become sannyasins on your own accord.
    ( FROM BONDAGE TO FREEDOM chapter 9 )

  3. and more messages of OSHO to read deeply :

    “…You have been clapping because I have dropped red clothes, malas. And when you clap, you don’t know how it hurts me.
    That means you have been a hypocrite!”
    “Why have you been wearing red clothes if dropping them brings you so much joy? Why have you been wearing the mala? The moment I say, ‘Drop,’ you rejoice. And people rushed to the boutique to change their clothes, they have dropped their malas.
    “But you don’t know how much you have wounded me by your clapping and by your changing.”
    “Now, I have to say one thing more, and I would like to see whether you have guts to clap or not; that is, now there is no Buddhafield. So if you want enlightenment, you have to work for it individually, the Buddhafield exists no more. You cannot depend on the energy of the Buddhafield to become enlightened.
    Now clap as loudly as you can. CLAP!…”
    “Now you are completely free: even for enlightenment only you are responsible. And I am completely free from you.”
    “You have been behaving like idiots!…”
    “And this has given a good chance to see how many people are really intimate with me. If you can drop your malas so easily… Even in my own house there is one sannyasin who immediately changed to blue clothes, with great joy. What does it show? It shows that those red clothes were a burden. She was somehow managing to be in red clothes against her will.
    But I don’t want you to do anything against your will.
    Now I don’t want even to help you towards your enlightenment against your will. You are absolutely free and responsible for yourself.”
    (From Bondage to Freedom)

    • Parmartha says:

      This last discourse passage is not from 1988, but 1985, a day after he dropped the orange and mala!
      He rescinded the Buddhafield on that day, but a few days later as I remember reinstated it. He was a variable man, and that is the main point.

  4. since my name was added and i was asked to respond :
    last passage for you to read !!

    OSHO : My effort was to give you more responsibility, more freedom. I allowed sannyasins… I left it up to them whether to use the mala or the red clothes. Those who had really understood have not changed anything; those who were reluctantly wearing the mala, forcing themselves to use the red clothes, they have dropped. It is not a loss. I am relieved of a great burden of idiots who have come into the sannyas movement without understanding why they are joining it. And they must be telling others also to drop the mala, to drop the red clothes “because Osho has said it.”
    I have not said to drop them; I have simply given you the choice.
    It is up to you now to keep them or to drop them. But why are they telling other people? They must be feeling guilty that they have dropped and others have not dropped; perhaps they are doing something wrong. If others also drop, that will help them feel a certain relief that they are not the only ones who have dropped. And the strangest thing is that I had told them, “You can drop the mala, you can drop the red clothes; still you will be a sannyasin.”
    But it is very difficult to forecast what the stupid minds will do, will understand. They are not simply dropping red clothes, they are saying they have dropped sannyas “because Osho has said so.” What I had said is that I will be accepting sannyasins even without red clothes and a mala. But they are thinking that now they are no longer sannyasins, and they are trying to have others also do the same — and making it a point of freedom.
    The others should reply to them, “It is our freedom to use red or not, and we decide to use it. You decide not to use it — that is your business. Who are you to suggest to us or to try to impress your idea upon us? That is against freedom — trying to convert anybody is against freedom.”
    All missionaries are against freedom.
    ( PATH OF THE MYSTIC chapter 37 )

    • Parmartha says:

      With all due respect Swami Rajneesh, you missed!
      Osho’s whole method was to be very persuasive in his discourses, in a great deal of matters both for and against. That was his strategy for foxing the mind.
      The point is to recognise that is what he was, and is doing, and on all matters temporal listen to your own voice. That is the real maturity of a sannyasin.

  5. honeysucklerose says:

    he failed Parmartha- miserably- for these last 10 or so years its become even more “institutionalized” than ever…. pity those idiots totally disregarded the old man’s wishes so they can become part of the institution and their names to live forever… people like the jokers in Pune and in Nepal care only in creating institutions and then latch on to them at the beginning so they can say they were part of it… Legacy… and vanity.. that’s what’s its about- so i think.

    • Parmartha says:

      Thanks Honeysuckle. Good post.
      In my own sannyas life I think his strategy succeeded! I consider that I was mildly “institionalised” between 75 and 85, but never thereafter! So it worked for some of us.

      • honeysucklerose says:

        perhaps way back in the beginning, the “institution” was more like a confederation of individuals; a lot of freedom and leeway given, but the basic structure of an institution existed with foolish types being chosen to run it, maybe Laxmi was kind of an exemption , i liked her , but when orders had to be given or directives issued and followed, she was a boss. Things really hardened up when the move was made to the U.S. and then to Pune(2). Since then and after his death, the institutional mentally rooted itself deeply. Again, many parallels to the old religions of Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, when the master departs the inmates get control of the asylum.

  6. shantam prem says:

    End paragraph of the lead article reads, “I still maintain it is a legitimate question to be put to Arun, Rajneesh, Keerti and Veeresh to name but four, why they continue with orange, mala and gauchamis, that were really part of the “Bhagwan” phase of Osho’s work, but clearly not intended for its maturity.”

    I wish to ask the question to the writer, What is “Osho” phase of Osho’s work and where one can see this blosseming and therefore we can participate too?

    • satyadeva says:

      Tell me, please, Shantam, do you wear the ‘true colours’ at all times in your normal daily life, at and outside work?

      Just curious….

      MInd you, easterners can ‘get away’ with it far more easily than westerners, as such self-presentation tends to be more commonly associated with people from India and beyond.

      A westerner in his own land is, I think, much more likely to be met with hostility and/or derision nowadays, although of course there was a bit of that now and then, even in that era, two or three decades ago. In comparison, Asians tend to have a smoother ride. So I think it’s highly arguable that the colours and mala directives might well have been changed by Osho yet again, had he lived on for another few years.

      Sure, it’s only speculation, but I say that to take Osho’s latest words on the topic to be what he definitively, ie ‘really’, thought and wanted is perhaps questionable, even rather foolish, as they were his ‘last words’ simply because of his unfortunately highly premature death, not necessarily because he wanted them to be ‘the last word’, as it were.

      Such a perspective might well be difficult to swallow for a ‘fundamentalist’ type with an eye on the main political, religion-creating chance, but it seems pretty sensible to me.

    • Parmartha says:

      Shantam asks:, ‘What is “Osho” phase of Osho’s work and where one can see this blosseming and therefore we can participate too?’

      Its a little invisible,
      but when you are ready it will appear!

  7. shantam prem says:

    Satya Deva, I think Osho was expert in changing with times, and has his fingers on the pulse of the changing time. Reason behind His success was to shake the market with new and innovative products. I don’t think such kind of innovative enterpreneour exist at this time on the earth. Almost all are selling the tap water in their branded bottles, this is one of the reason there is no hostality among the present day players, All have the same kind of smuggy humility on their face.
    So it is impossible to predict how Osho would have adopted in this age of 1000′s of TV channels beaming all kind of news and views.

    One thing is clear, main seat of Osho’s work is cut off from the world. They have got all the property ready made and are not answerable to any one.
    Rest of the players are really doing their best to keep them relevant and gather people around them.

  8. shantam prem says:

    Tell me, please, Shantam, do you wear the ‘true colours’ at all times in your normal daily life, at and outside work?

    You have to elobrate the question as i have not understood the content and intentions.
    As far as work is concerned, i try my best to find the ways, how to do it minimum. Investment banker i cannot then why to exhaust just for survival, is my motto!

    • satyadeva says:

      No, you’re too metaphorical, Shantam (lol), my question is literally about colours, I’m asking whether you ‘religiously’ make a point of wearing what you think of as ‘true sannyasin colours’, in and outside work.

  9. shantam prem says:

    There are no sannyas colours any more. Though for years long association with Orange and maroon, I buy the garments quite often in these colours.
    Orange is now very main stream colour in Germany. From under garments till jeans, shirt, pullover, jackets, shoes; i cannot resist. With the last one it became too late, God willing, to the next one i am going to present Orange BH set on her birthday.
    So this is a small story about the impact of Orange in my life.

  10. shantam prem says:

    There is no need to stretch the memory of the time of Osho’s last years and his last dictations, it is all here on the top of the brain. As i have no power to protect some object of self interest, therefore manipulation is almost minimum. posthumously i can rest peacefully in my grave, if Shantam is acknowledged as the most honest interpreter of life and time around Osho.(Though this acknowledgement has the worth as Afghan Currency in Oxford Street, London)
    In my eyes, Jayesh team in Pune will get the maximum points for manipulation and distortion whereas Osho Nisarga lead by ex. Lead Inner Circle member Neelam is keeping the dictates as clean and pure, as Humanly possible.
    Photos on the facebook by all the groups show enough, where typical Osho Energy is present, I mean aesthetic and “wow” element.

    Rajneeshpuram went beyond Osho’s control. It was too big a bite to chew or swallow, one has to vomit it out. But Osho Pune was not like this. Osho poured all of His energy to create a small Oasis among the Hindu resistance therefore many things have to adjust accordingly.

    One thing is clear, Osho wanted Pune to be the central point of His work which will go on nourishing seekers on the path. As one sees, most of Osho meditations are social by nature. To do Dynamic or Nataraj with many others has an atmospheric effect.
    To avoid antagonism of local Pune population, it was dictated that Robes should be used only in the Ashram campus or during meditations, and significance of Mala was reduced significantly. It was no more a piece of exhibition. One can wear it under the clothes as a sacred reminder. At a certain time, Mala became an item to purchase at Ashram’s kiosk. Years ago, i have purchased in 100 Rupees and then forgot in some camping place in France, since then i have no Mala. I also don’t feel naked without it.
    Now the question is whether Rajneesh and Arun are doing something illegal, unconstitutional?
    My answer is No.

    When the people controlling the central nervous system simply ignore the spirit of their spiritual Dad, other players have the right to respond according to the time and situations.
    If a loser’s product called Sannyas is still in circulation, it is mainly because of these new players. Their main participants are not intellectually arrogant/proud/ educated Westerns but new generation coming out from behind the iron curtains.
    So to someone like Parmartha, it may look a bit odd, but knowing the context, may be he will also look in a bit softer way.

    • satyadeva says:

      Too easy to stereotype the first generation of sannyasins as “intellectually arrogant/proud/ educated Westerns”, Shantam, thereby implying that the new ones are overwhelmingly non-intellectual or intellectually humble/ meek/ uneducated, simple souls, coming – naturally – from further east.

      A cursory glance at any of Ekantam’s outpourings (or those from certain Swami R adherents earlier this year) will put you right, I reckon. (Mind you, a number of those adherents could have done with a bit more ‘mind’ and a lot less emotionalism).

      And it’s perhaps arguably a weakness of Osho’s work if it depends upon groups of people meeting and formally meditating together, as you appear to suggest. Isn’t such formal meditation, however delightful, just ‘the icing on the cake’, whereas the ‘real thing’ is ‘meditation-in-life’, where all one’s circumstances are involved, not just an hour or so a day set aside to go within?

      And by the way, what makes you think Osho intended the Pune ashram to be the main focal point of his work after his death?

  11. Kavita says:

    Now Iam wondering ? did Osho want all his sanyassins to be Mahaveera , I mean the colours of rainbow cover mostly all the colour palattes !

  12. swami anand anubodh says:

    A new mala designed especially for the ‘next generation’ who apparently have plenty of fire (but sadly, very little else.)


    • anand yogi says:

      The fire is there burning hot in the heart of the true disciples and devotees who wear the orange and the mala!
      The now cold burned ashes of the absurd dogs and baboons are ready to be thrown into mighty Ganga for ever!
      Without the mala and orange,as Osho says,meditation is simply not possible!
      One such who has realised this is the magnificent Swami Rajneesh whose wisdom shines as bright as a million million suns at all times!
      Jai Jai!
      And, apart from intellectual baboons and barking dogs,who cares whether Osho said something in 1985 or 1988,it makes no difference…
      Even if Swami Rajneesh twists the truth for his own ends it is still the truth because he IS the truth!…. and for the fully awakened one who is at-one with all, such as Rajneesh ,time is of little consequence .
      The diseased western mind thinks time is money…
      But we live in eternity!
      Jai Jai!
      Of course some westerners can be enlightened too,we are not complete racists!
      See how Rajneesh in his compassion has raised the spirit of the great soul Dhyanraj from his already lofty heights in the sannyas scene and catapulted him into eternity alongside Ananda,Vivekananda and Milarepa…
      There is some hope for the diseased western mind,yet!
      Jai Jai !
      Hari Om!

      • Arpana says:

        ‘See how Rajneesh in his compassion has raised the spirit of the great soul Dhyanraj from his already lofty heights in the sannyas scene and catapulted him into eternity alongside Ananda,Vivekananda and Milarepa…’


        I thought Rajneeshed and Dhyanrage were paranoid schizophrenics anand yogi.

        Are you sure about this???

        • anand yogi says:

          The baboondog,Arpana barks again!
          Mind can never be sure because mind is as stupid as the people who have them!
          From the western intellectual viewpoint that knows nothing of the kirti,or glory of consciousness,looking at these swamis,can only see paranoid schizophrenia!
          Swami Rajneesh and Dhyanraj,stripped to the waist with flowing beards and a crazy gleam in their eye may look like people with seriously unresolved family issues,unresolved addiction problems and clear cases of feelings of inadequacy and shame being held at bay by grandiosity….but in the East we do not need therapy and those who can SEE,who have their third eye functioning can see perfectly well that what to an intellectual baboon looks like braindamage is indeed enlightenment and that they are vehicles for the divine!
          Jai Jai
          Hari Om!

          • Arpana says:

            The baboondog, anand yogi barks again!
            Mind can never be sure because mind is as stupid as the people who have them!
            From the eastern intellectual viewpoint that knows nothing of the glory of consciousness,

      • Parmartha says:

        My God, Dhyan Raj being mentioned in the same breath as Milarepa….. one for the gossip columnists that…

  13. Bodh Ekantam says:

    Whenever I encounter an oldie on SN,
    mostly he is westerner and sometimes easterner,
    Just quote some thing of Osho,
    And their mental and verbal gymnastics,
    few start barking,
    few start scratching their heads,
    few start psychoanalyzing,
    a full fledged circus,
    all looks so pale and insipid in the background of Osho Quotation!
    These so called oldies look like jokers taking themselves so seriously!

    • satyadeva says:

      That’s terrible poetry, Ekantam. But I guess you’re trying to be a clone of the Clone…

      You do take yourself far too seriously. I thought all that “fire” you keep mentioning is supposed to burn that sort of stuff away. Perhaps you just need a cold shower…

      Are you sure that “fire” isn’t just sex and emotion, by the way? Have a look and see.

  14. Parmartha says:

    This Yogi talk of a burning fire of passion, etc is actually dangerous. There was plenty of that at Hitler’s Nuremburg rallies in the early thirties – have a look at the films. Those people were ecstatically happy, make no mistake. Some women had spontaneous orgasms sat on the floor of those enormous Nazi halls.
    The psychology of the Third Reich is almost universally missed by historians. Make no mistake loads of ordinairy human beings got swept up into partaking in the banality of evil in what they felt was a kind of holy fire.
    What Yogi and other presumably Rajneesh disciples miss so tellingly is any sense of “self examination”. To me that is where real sannyas begins, whatever colour is on parade.

    • anand yogi says:

      Intellectual and psycho-analytical ideas of “self-examination” mean nothing to him who has realised that the self does not exist!!
      Adolf Hitler was a westerner!
      If he had been born in India he could have become a Buddha!
      Swami Rajneesh is a Buddha!
      He may appear to you like a puffed-up inflated and angry little man with religious delusions and DhyanRaj may appear like a mangy lost dog following his master in the hope of getting a bone,but this is just the projection of your mind.
      Maybe you need to examine your “self” ?!!
      Jai Jai!
      Hari Om!
      Sieg Heil!

  15. Parmartha says:

    There seems to have been quite a bit of disquiet over my post that started this string. Basically the purveyors of the anti-ashram brigades get a little disturbed when they realise that the good Doctor may be basing his directives on something other than his own desserts.
    I myself for clarity’s sake, have no judgement about those who go around in malas and orange, or white and black robes, or whatever. They are perfectly free to do so. But by the same tack they must not then try and dictate their pro forma on everyone else, or somehow accuse someone like me of “not being a true disciple”, etc….

  16. shantam prem says:

    Who is Anand Yogi?
    Some non Muslim Taliban?
    And Bodh Ekantam, As i see from your facebook profile, You have mentioned yourself as medical practioner. Are you really a qualified doctor?
    Too much emotional impulisivity and Ideal worshiping is no good.

  17. Atmo says:

    Just after reading the above,i came across this which i felt was perfect to post. Enjoy

    This is what I mean when I say: ‘Be a sannyasin. Just be.’

    “Your ochre robes, your mala – these are rules. This is a game. This is not what I mean by real sannyas.

    “But you are so accustomed to games that before I lead you to a rule-less life, in the transitory period you will need rules. Moving from this world of rules, of games, to that world without rules and games, a bridge has to be passed.

    “Your orange clothes, your mala, are just for that transitory period. You cannot drop rules immediately, so I give you new rules. But be fully alert that your robes are not your sannyas, your mala is not your sannyas, your new name is not your sannyas.

    “Sannyas will be there when there is no name, when you become nameless. Then there will be no rules. Then you will be so ordinary, you will not be recognized.”

    Osho, A Bird on the Wing, Talk #9

    • Parmartha says:

      Yes Atmo, thanks for the quote.
      (moment of synchronicity indeed, if you came across the text just after reading this string! )
      Good stuff, but of course Osho clearly played with this orange/robes/ and chanting business, offering different views at different times with equal eloquence!
      By the way what period was “A Bird on the Wing” from?

    • Preetam says:

      Thanks Atmo, Osho so beautiful…

      Upanishad says:

      Now that golden person, who is seen within the sun, with golden beard and golden hair, golden altogether to the very tips of his nails,

      Whose eyes are like blue lotus’s, his name is ut, for he has risen (udita) above all evil. He also who knows this, rises above all evil.

  18. anand yogi says:

    We are not fanatics,Bodh Ekantam and I!
    Ekantam is a beautiful soul with fire in his belly and much spiritual energy in the heart!
    Is it fanatic to wear an orange lunghi and a mala?
    Is it fanatic to contradict the vomit of fools, moron ex-sannyasins and psycho-analitic therapreists?
    Is it fanatic to recognise ourselves to be part of a lineage of 8 future enlightened ones that will bring true religiousness to the endarkened humanity for hundreds,even thousands of years to come?
    Is it fanatic to blast the depraved dogs and red-bottomed alcoholic baboons who have abused the freedom given to them by Osho in order to destroying Oshos vision and legacy?
    Is it fanatic to shout abuse on the websites of ex-sannyasins and intellectuals,knowing that what we say are the words of the living Buddha?
    Is it fanatic to follow a man who is obviously a complete replica of Osho in all the details?
    If so,then Bodh Ekantam and myself are guilty as charged!
    But we have fire in our bellies!
    Like our masters Swamis Rajneesh and Dhyan Raj,the men who will re-ignite and kickstart the real sannyas for real sannyasins for lineages to come and open communes all over the world,do you think we care about your idiotic mind-level-minds and stupid,retarded,ugly,unconscious,moronic,baboon-like,flea infested and judgmental minds?
    Ekantam.We are brothers in the holy fire!
    Let us show the true meaning of compassion!
    Jai Jai!
    Hari Om!

  19. chetna says:

    now this is from lalaland: Without the mala and orange,as Osho says,meditation is simply not possible!

  20. shantam prem says:

    Quoting books has its own crazyness.
    In the world of words does it matter whether underwear is over the trouser?

    • satyadeva says:

      So it’s just your thing vs. others’ things, your preference vs. others’ preferences. No one’s right, no one’s wrong – so how to settle it? Why, by force of course, just like the rest of the world…

      Which is pretty well what happened to all the other religious movements, stubborn fools arguing over insignificant bullshine.

  21. shantam prem says:

    Parmarha, Do you think all the hoolah Gullah about Gacchami was because of Sheela and Osho was unaware about it?
    Was Osho just a guest in Rajneeshpuram or foundation too?
    His disbaning the religion was really a matter of conviction or a desperate effort to avoid the lurking grip of American System?

    Let us presume, if it is not an Indian but some American enlightened Master caught in the net of law, Would the law machiary acted with kids gloves.

    In my opinion, you all participants are equally responsible to bring Osho in a mess. May be it was behind the brain, with enlightend master around, angels will simply turn the legal text books into the Books of No Words.
    And this all,during the last years of 20th Century.

    I think, By recirculating Gacchamis, Arun is sharing that serene atmosphare.

  22. Bodh Ekantam says:

    Whenever I read the comments and posts of oldies of SN,

    I chuckle and giggle at their hypocrisy!

    They are so obsessed with their small stupid minds,

    any garbage coming out of it,

    they stick to it,

    it is so sacred,

    it is their own,

    far sacred than Osho words,

    coming out of No Mind of Osho!

    With their sacred and original stupid little mind,

    they analyze and comment upon Osho the No Mind!

  23. Bodh Ekantam says:

    These oldies of SN,

    nothing is their own in them!

    They get up in the morning,

    sit and shit on the commode made by others,

    use tooth paste and brush made by others,

    take shower with soap in bathroom, made by others,

    read newspapers and internet made by others,

    their cars and roads are made by others,

    their language is made by others,

    their clothes are made by others,

    their houses are made by others,

    their thoughts, ethics are made by others (family, society, governments),

    all the subjects taught in school colleges, they are not their own,

    the money they earn, the skill involved is not their own,

    the legal name and nationality they use are given by others!

    Their breath is not their own,

    The life forces in their body are not their own!

    Even after taking sannyas,

    they continue to use name given by Osho!

    Their mind is so stupid,

    all aspects of their life,

    they are simply using either existence,

    or the menkind who came before!

    Their mind is really parrot!

    But when Words of Osho are invoked by anybody,

    they start seeing parrots behind that!

    These oldies can not see that Mind whatsoever it is,

    It is a parrot,

    it has no originality!

    So when these oldies see parrot in others,

    I get a good laugh!

    A parrot saying others that they are parrots, if they quote Osho!

    A parrot thinking it as original, when they are not quoting Osho!

    It is funny!


    • satyadeva says:

      Nice parroty again, frank.

    • anand yogi says:

      Yes,Ekantam,these parrots stumble around in the excrement at the bottom of their own cages and present it as wisdom!
      Whereas you,Ekantam,noble upholder of all that is true in the face of adversity, are a shaft of 24carat originality,your words gleaming with the honesty and fire of true sannyas with a mala on.
      Carry on chopping the egos of these old moronfools,and even as our Master,Rajneesh has said,even their dicks when necessary.
      And do not worry that this demented intellectual baboondog with borrowed or stolen Indian name Satya Deva who makes the absurd and perverted claim that you are Frank!
      Frank,possibly the lowest of all the dogs swilling about in the foul emissions of their own unconsciousness in the unholy cess-pit of ignorance and hate that is Sannyasnews.He is a classic example of what Arun has said that these oldies have abused the freedom given to them by Osho,thrown away their malas and left meditation years ago,and instead of having fire in their bellies and hearts and promoting Oshos vision and legacy,they have hung around on beaches,gone to discos,smoked charas,had far too much sex,have not done the Panch Sheels,but laughed a lot and not taken enlightenment seriously at all and instead of meditating have just sat around doing nothing!
      Keep up the good work,bhai!
      Jai Jai!
      Hari Om!

      • anand yogi says:

        The revolting smell of unawareness,parrot droppings and baboon dung has become too much for a meditator of my sensitivity.
        It is noxious here for one who has tasted the absolute!
        Ekantam,be aware,it may be more compassionate to leave these low beasts to their terrible karma and to leave this foul smelling place and focus instead on our inevitable enlightenment!.
        Jai Jai!
        Hari Om!

      • Amrito says:

        Oh Anand Yogi, when the “one” who tells you that older sannyasins are “obsessed” with sex–that “one” maybe in the same category. It is just a matter of time when the can of worms starts coming out, and that time my friend, please do not resort to taking your anger on OSHO, because the potential is your cynicism (which is very supressed at the moment) will also come to light. Remember, priests and politicians are whom OSHO is notoriously criticizing from day one, and that criticism makes OSHO very difficult to digest in the masses. When OSHO becomes a main-stream figure with priests and politicians holding his books for photo-ops, and doing absolutely nothing about their own corruption, know well that at that point, OSHO’s message has already been corrupted to the worst degree. Witness the ambitions of those around you in this “movement”, and try this experiment: instead of “center leaders”, replace them with
        “Manager, Junior Manager, CEO, Director etc”, and you will notice the ambitious feeling is the same wine in a different bottle.

    • Arpana says:

      Bhod ekantam
      has nothing of his own
      he gets up in the morning,
      sits and shits on the commode made by others,
      uses tooth paste and brush made by others,
      takes a shower with soap in bathroom, made by others,
      reads newspapers and internet made by others,
      his language is made by others,
      his clothes are made by others,
      his houses are made by others,
      his thoughts, ethics are made by others (family, society, governments),
      all the subjects taught in school colleges, they are not his,
      the money he earns, the skill involved is not his own,
      his legal name and nationality are given by others!
      his breath is his own,
      The life forces in his body is not his own!
      Even after taking sannyas,
      he continue to use name given by Osho!
      His mind is so stupid,
      all aspects of his life,
      are simply using either existence,
      or the menkind who came before!
      His mind is really parrot!

    • Oinkba says:

      Unfortunately osho, and other enlightened ones really do also have minds that are full of rubbish, ekantam.
      Yes, they can see beyond mind but still have the same ‘biocompooter’ as Osho calls it so its just the n same rubbish,and just as imperfect as the unenlightened.
      It is a little difficult as we imagine buddhas to be ‘perfect’ but even they cannot be truly free of the body-mind until they leave the body behind.
      As Osho used to say, ‘ I am not in my words. Go on throwing my words away and collect that music,collect that hum’

      • Arpana says:

        I’ve wondered about this.

        I’ve wondered if meditating gets rid of the rubbish or we become less identified, the sense of identify that binds us to the crap changes so we become less bound, while its still there.

        I am a thousand times less bothered by the rubbish now than then, but also my sense of personal ”identity” is very different to when I took sannyas.

        I really enjoy your piggy posts, so whats occasioned this very differently voiced intervention, this ”dropping out of character. ”

        • Oinkba says:

          Well, I just feel that a lot of what comes out of the masters mouth may be just piggy poo ,
          very tasty and good for fertilizing the plants in the garden, and makes nice sounds when comes out his mouth, but surely the silence that comes after the grunting and groaning of the master is the real point (or perhaps I am just parroting osho) perhaps we all do.
          Question is , who was osho parroting?

          • Arpana says:

            Pigs and Parrots.
            Far out.

          • ma prem tarito says:

            Pigs? Parrots?
            What dis is a facking farm?
            Dis is Sannyas News man?
            Real home for real sannyas!

            • Kavita says:

              hoo , hoo , hoo , am I , the only eternal / momentary question , in the jungle of questions remains !

            • anand yogi says:

              You are absolutely correct Ma Prem Tarantino!
              We must make this rotten demented old morons home into a place for real sannyas!
              The egos and other inessential body parts of these rotten old men must be chopped as per Swami Rajneeshs` orders!
              You are doing His Work,beloved Ma Prem Tarantino!
              And it is perfectly correct that moron oldie parrots who talk about parrots and pigs instead of listening to Osho discourses and sharing Oshos vision,must be told to frack off!
              Jai Jai!
              Hari Om!

              • ma prem tarito says:

                Yes all thirty-two year old fackin ex-sannyasins must be chopped!
                All fackin ex-sannyas can be burn!
                Burning in blazing fire Osho-man him a-come! him sing and dance and off clothes them a-come!
                Osho man make song uh-uh-uh and can fly like swan!
                Osho-man pyramids him a- build!

  24. shantam prem says:

    Very Good Observation Ekantam, in the above post- Made by Others…

    • anand yogi says:

      Yes,beloved Shantam.
      Yogi,Ekantam and Shantam!
      We are indeed the three wise men of India!
      As you have so beautifully expressed:
      “In the world of words does it matter whether underwear is over the trousers?”
      Jai Jai!
      Hari Om!
      Bole So Nihal!

  25. Arpana says:

    Anand Yogi stumbles around in the excrement at the bottom of his own cage and presents it as wisdom!

    Ekantam possibly the lowest of all the dogs swilling about in the foul emissions of his own unconsciousness in the unholy cess-pit of ignorance and hate that is his life, is a classic example of an individual who has abused the freedom given to him by Osho, and left meditation years ago, and instead of having fire in his belly and heart and promoting Oshos vision and legacy, just wishes he had had more sex and not taken enlightenment seriously at all instead of meditating.

    • satyadeva says:

      Absolutely correct, Arpana.

      But rest assured, these two (and others) are almost certainly ‘under close surveillance’ and will not be permitted to foist their deeply flawed version of Osho’s Vision and Legacy on his aspirants, friends and followers.

      • Arpana says:

        The bigger the gap between how people perceive themselves and all that they really are, the more egregious is their behavior.

        In this case, all the adjectives they use here are descriptions of themselves.

  26. Bodh Ekantam says:

    Ha Ha Ha!

    Oldies of SN!

    I love them seeing running around in circles!

    Their small circle of stupidity of mind!

    Mind is parrot! One has to see it!

    One has to move out of it into the No-Mind!

    So simple!

    It is a wonder, oldies of SN do not get it!

    Osho is No-Mind trying to take you from Mind into No-mind!

    Oldies of SN are not parrots of Osho,

    they will not allow Osho to take them from Mind into No-mind,

    they will remain their Minds,

    what was the need for Sannyas then?

    Good for nothing fellows!

    Confused fellows!

    Just displaying their stupidity on SN!

    Disgrace to Osho!

    • satyadeva says:

      Well, Ekantam, you’re doing a pretty passable parrot impression with these boringly repetitive posts of yours.

      But that’s what the reactive fanatic idealist mind – political or spiritual – does, resorting to slogans and low quality propaganda to convince himself as much as others, it would seem. Otherwise, why the need to repeat the same old strident bullshine?

      No one here takes you seriously (except your fellow-fanatic Anand Yogi and occasionally, poor old Shantam), because by adopting the smugly righteous tone of a loud-mouthed, arrogant priest – though self-evidently naïve and inexperienced – you continually ‘shoot yourself in the foot’. You’re a bit of a caricature, something of a joke here. Who’s bothered what you say when you come across like that?

      But as you take yourself extremely seriously, the truth, I suspect, is that you simply don’t like being made a figure of fun, someone of little or no credibility. It just doesn’t fit with your view of yourself as a passionate spiritual searcher, well on the way to the glorious goal of ‘No Mind’! You claim to “laugh and chuckle”, but I don’t believe a word, I reckon you’re kidding yourself, putting on an act, a self-defensive reflex. The opposition you receive here very likely reflects what would appear to remain hidden from your view, ie the residue of doubt you carry somewhere inside. You know the old saying: The greater the front, the more the opposite is the case?

      You really wouldn’t survive long in a decent therapy group with such a transparent – to others – persona. Which is why you like to choose to avoid such a situation, at all costs, imagining yourself, as an Osho meditator closely affiliated to Swami R, ‘beyond’ such trivia!

      But isn’t getting clear on such basic aspects of self-knowledge at the very root of meditation, clearing the ground for whatever’s to come? And, as ‘seekers’, we surely avoid those truths at our psycho-spiritual peril?

  27. Bodh Ekantam says:

    Mind is just a colored stone,

    howsoever value you put to it!

    No-mind is a diamond,

    howsoever you mock at it!

  28. shantam prem says:

    I don’t think other than sannyasins, any other cult has this high nose to add master’s name with each and everything. Osho world, Osho International , Osho Universe, Osho Buddhafield, Osho London, Osho Köln etc.
    In a way instead of saying Osho is everywhere, right tribute will be to say, Osho Everywhere!
    Osho Everywhere(Registered trademark)

  29. prem martyn says:

    Please explain why Patrick McGouhan is followed by a big bouncing balloon in the opening shots of a famous sixties series. Somehow he is relentlessly pursued by things that reduce him to puzzled befuddlement, gaining insight by extended metaphors and spurious chases and punch ups, hiding hither and thither and delving into mystery upon existential mystery… creating a veritable fan club for years to come…
    It’s nothing like life on sannyas news is it ? Or …

    • frank says:

      welcome back to the village!
      why did you resign?
      nobody escapes from the village!
      ….be seeing you….!

      • prem martyn says:

        Thanks for the welcome.
        My dad actually had a Mini Moke (the car in the series) in the family when I was kid, and remember well the ever present black and white world of the 60′-70′s. Lennon’s birthday this last week too…Mind games forever…

        It seems that if there is one thing I can be sure of , is that despite my best attempts at avoiding unpleasant reality, like the Prisoner does , it often rears up again at unexpected places in life’s journey. Thank god its Friday, and I can spare the time to catch up with all you camp followers.
        Watch out here comes that balloon again…..
        People are just so weird wherever you go…and losing the plot seems to be the only self respecting way to make sense of it…
        until the next time….

  30. shantam prem says:

    In a way, Frank has hit a sixer on a no ball by saying in an easy to understand metaphor,
    “Wanking over pictures of your favourite filmstar and watching her videos in your room is not the same as having her in your bed!”

    This is really an incredible true statement and fits quite well with the generation of Europians who stood in the Q to have the real darshan of the spiritual Diva!
    In a way, Western mind is quite honest, other than accepting Jesus’s poetic versions as historical, they are quite skeptical.
    And i am sure, Osho was well aware about this. As i see, He never wanted to sell himself beyond the expiry date but as a scientific researcher in inner dimensions, He wanted His project and products speak on their own after His demise.

    By destroying that sublime energy around Osho’s lab, representatives of the western mind have done a great harm. They have contaminated that source which could have nourished their own people more than any one else..

    • satyadeva says:

      Isn’t this obsession with the fate of the Pune ashram a convenient mental red herring, Shantam, diverting you from your own, more personal concerns, especially from whatever you take to be your ‘spiritual life and practice’?

      Do you actually have a ‘spiritual life and practice’ outside the confines of cyber-space?

      Or have I just bowled you a bouncer?

  31. Bodh Ekantam says:

    For those who are still young and interested in Inner journey!

    This article basically creates a confusion.

    Whether Mala, Sannyas, Robes, Gacchhamis are Ok for present time!

    OIF Inner Circle are advising against using them on the basis of Osho Guidance!

    Swami Rajneesh, Anand Arun etc are for using them on the basis of various quotations from Osho!

    Now the issue is whether Mala, Robes, Sannyas, Gacchhamis are helpful in inner journey for the present disciple?

    Now whom should the disciple listen to? Obviously Master – some one who has crossed a certain mile stone in his inner journey – some one who can be a guide!

    What options the disciple has?

    First option – Osho?
    He is no more in body!
    He can not answer you specifically!
    His words though ordinary, they make you relaxed, fresh, quite, clear, loving, rebellious, free, inspired for inner journey!

    Second option – Your own inner still voice?
    That is the real master!
    But the disciple can hardly hear it in the cacophony and noise of his own mind!
    In fact first work of Master is to take the disciple
    out of the cacophony and noise of his mind, to settle him
    so that disciple is able to listen to his own inner still voice
    and move on into the unknown!

    Third option – OIF Inner Circle?
    Listen to their words!
    They are complicated!
    Do they make you relaxed, fresh, quite, clear, loving, rebellious, free, inspired for inner journey?
    They are more like church guidelines without alive Jesus!
    You deserve alive Jesus, do not buy second hand Church guidelines!
    So they are not the option for disciple!

    Fourth Option – Commentators of Sannyas News?
    Listen to their words!
    They are complicated!
    Do they make you relaxed, fresh, quite, clear, loving, rebellious, free, inspired for inner journey?
    So they are not the option for disciple!

    Fifth Option – Rebel Disciples of Osho?
    Swami Anand Arun, Swami Rajneesh, Neelam, Ma Dharm Jyoti, Swami Vairagya Amrit, Swami Brahma Vedant, and others!
    Listen to their words!
    Just go to google!
    Search Swami Anand Arun Videos!
    Search Swami Rajneesh Videos!
    Search Videos of other rebel disciples!
    Just listen to their words!
    They are not complicated!
    Do they make you relaxed, fresh, quite, clear, loving, rebellious, free, inspired for inner journey?
    It was yes for me with Swami Rajneesh and few others!
    It may be yes for you with them or others!

    Then just sit in the presence of the rebel disciple,
    whose words have worked for you!
    Whether his presence makes you deeply peaceful and blissful!
    He is the right guy for you!
    Listen to him, if he says Mala, Robes, Sannyas are good,
    then try it till your own inner still voice crystallizes!
    Once your inner still voice arises, listen to it,
    and believe me
    your rebel disciple will never force you
    to go against your inner still voice
    even if
    your inner still voice says you
    to walk opposite of the rebel disciple!

    • satyadeva says:

      Behind the waffle, Ekantam, what you’re proposing essentially boils down to personal choice. Which is not a lot different from the present situation, apart from certain dress codes in one or two ‘special’ places.

      Fair enough, but there’s really no need to go through the various processes you advocate. (Perhaps you listed those details to demonstrate your ‘liberal’ spiritual credentials, having finally realised your previous modes of approach here had gone down like a month of wet weekends?).

      But why leave out the colour of the clothes from your list of ‘key issues’?

      Btw, as for gacchamis, well, they’re pretty well meaningless for westerners, just something rather on the exotic, ‘mysterious East’ side, to excite our would-be spiritual imaginations, ie a useless waste of time.

  32. shantam prem says:

    If writers at sannyasnws are not inspiring, then blame the damaged brain who cannot stop reading the nonsense at sannyasnews.

    Even in the diamond mines, hardly somestones are diamonds..

  33. chetna says:

    One thing I have noticed with Rajneesh and his friends is that all his achievements are in the future tense: will build the commune free of charge (years passed but there is no commune), will fight Pune (Pune is Pune) and all that bla bla. I am probably not informed at all, but has Rajnesh actually completed anything? I hear the fire in his belly is actually driving people away because of his conflictual nature. Having said that these could be rumors… With Arun it is easy: numerous communes, books spread out around the world, hectic meditation schedule around the world etc etc….

    • anand yogi says:

      Ha Ha Ha!
      Yes,the fire in Rajneesh`s belly burns very hot,much chilli!
      And many times it is driving people away!
      People cannot handle too much reality!
      But remember,Osho told many times that the flatulence of the enlightened one is better than the wind in the bamboo of the unenlightened one!
      Bodh Ekantam understands.
      He is like a hollow bamboo and the wind of the Master passes through him without hindrance!
      Hari Om!
      Rajneeshs communes would have been set up all over the world like a wildfire if it was not for the interference of red-bottomed intellectual western baboons on facebook,petty officials in goa,medical expenses,absurd disgruntled disciples asking for money back,ex-sannyasins and all the negativity that a Buddha will always encounter from retarded pygmies and unconscious masses!
      It is vital in the case of a living Buddha to realise that it is always someone elses fault!
      Jai Jai!
      Hari Om!

    • Parmartha says:

      I am channeling, but I think it is time to “go to Katmandu” for good for you Chetna. The call of your Master is so great it is time to make the great leap into his fire. Besides which life with all these books, and “hectic” meditation schedules (cannot help noting the contradiction!) is so much more riveting and exciting than boring old London and its studied neutrality in the face of orange.

  34. Bodh Ekantam says:

    Dear Oldies of SN!

    It has taken me sometime!
    Now i know many of you, and what you stand for!

    As far as i am concerned,
    whenever i attended meditation camps,
    i just kept my eyes closed,
    my ears open for each and every word of Osho!
    I poured all my energy into meditation,
    I kept my focus on my interiority,
    what is happening there,
    and it was really a wonder,
    that Osho will talk about those inner happenings,
    Osho will describe them,
    and show me the way forward,
    how Osho managed that,
    A genius of highest category,
    not in body, not in my time,
    yet walking with me,
    holding my hands!

    When the camp would be over,
    I have no friends, no social relations there,
    I am going home with experiences,
    will work on my inner at home,
    will come again in camp!

    So many things,
    So many gossips,
    so many things between camp conductor and participants,
    so many things between participants,
    positive and negatives,
    I was totally oblivious of that,
    never understood their importance!

    But now I realize,
    With Osho also so many things,
    happened between his disciples,
    between Osho and disciples,
    on the outside,
    these have no value for me,
    But Oldies of SN,
    actually relish those things,
    they relish the contradictions and confusion in them,
    they relish in ridiculing Osho and each other,
    it is a game they enjoy,
    they are at it for years together!
    SN is the forum of this game!

    I came to SN thinking it is for inner journey!
    Sannyas is inner journey!
    But Oldies of SN started their game with me,
    thinking that they will put me easily on mat!
    I played their game,
    I found that i have an ability to put them on mat!
    I did it repeatedly!
    They are so easy to beat, as they stand on the ground of mind!

    But it is dawning on me now!
    It is a boring game!
    It does not fulfill me!
    I wonder how these oldies manage to repeating this for years!

    So dear Oldies of SN!
    Enjoy this game!
    It is your freedom!
    I am just quitting it!
    There is nothing in it for my inner journey!

    From my side,
    My feedback will be purely of,
    how the post affects my inner journey,
    or the post has any relevance for
    someone who is interested in inner journey!

    In nutshell,
    I shall be posting or commenting,
    for those who are still young and interested in Meditation!

    So dear Oldies of SN,
    Kindly ignore my post they are not for you!
    If you still comment on them,
    Please do not mind if i ignore your feedback!
    I am not interested in you!

    • satyadeva says:

      More delusions of spiritual grandeur (including the attempt at ‘poetic’ form, a la Swami R) from a young man with more blind spots than the average UK heavy goods vehicle.

      Such pretensions, such self-importance – all in the name of dying to that very self!

      Ekantam, you’re attempting to run before you can even walk properly (which doesn’t say a lot for whoever’s teaching you).

      • Arpana says:

        Hes displacing isn’t he?

        He’d like to talk like this to old people, where he lives,
        who don’t pay him any attention, because hes ‘young’, but he doesn’t have the courage to talk to them, confront them; so he takes advantage of the Sannyas News openness to diverse views.

    • Parmartha says:

      Pure fascist rant from this idiot B Ekantam….. but I cannot help feeling he may be a spoof. His “imitation” of Rajneesh’s style is a little too studied. One can only hope this is his “goodbye” letter.

    • swami anand anubodh says:

      Hey! Bodh…

      There’s a nice ‘going away’ gift for you here:


  35. shantam prem says:

    When blue chip share go into Penny category, one can only write the commentary as we do at sannyasnews.
    Blessed are those, who sold their hand before the inside trading charges could become the breaking news!

  36. Parmartha says:

    The “new commune” of Swami Rajneesh, it is to be noted, has moved location again. It is to be in Northampton in the middle of England, the most boring town in the UK, and particularly because lead disciple Anand Yogi lives there. The very “fire” he contains is so great that the very bowels of England will explode when joined with his Master.
    The next flights from Mexico are on facebook, and the car journey from Heathrow to Northampton is the most boring in western Europe, the perfect road for a reunion of these two great souls, Rajneesh and Anand Yogi.

    • ma dhyan shunya says:

      I find it disgusting that the editor and moderator Paramartha is speaking against Swami Rajneesh and taking sides. This is biased and shows jealousy and personal vendetta against Swami Rajneesh here.

      • satyadeva says:

        On the contrary, Shunya, the editors and moderators have been far more generous than any other online medium in allowing space here for the views of both Swami R and his friends/disciples. This despite almost universal scepticism and opposition from other contributors.

        Why not similarly condemn Ekantam, who has been allowed to express utter contempt for this site and its non-Rajneesh writers ever since he first posted here?

        Or do you think those who finance and run SN deserve no right of reply to his self-serving attacks?

        I must say that, with very few exceptions, the posts put up here by adherents of Swami R have done him and his cause no favours. Frankly, this makes me wonder both about the type of people he’s attracting and what he’s teaching them.

      • Arpana says:

        Disgusting is people starving in the midst of plenty.
        Disgusting is physical cruelty.

        What a word to use to to describe a man expressing a viewpoint; a man who will allow you to express your opinion here, despite the fact you would prevent him doing so.

        Bravo Shantam. .

  37. shantam prem says:

    Parmartha is not just a moderator but a fellow seeker too and therefore has all the rights to express his inner expressions.
    Parmartha is not a referee in a boxing ring, neither we are the boxers. No barred discussion is also one of the process to purify the nectar.

    • ma dhyan shunya says:

      Parmartha says above
      ” This Yogi talk of a burning fire of passion, etc is actually dangerous. There was plenty of that at Hitler’s Nuremburg rallies in the early thirties – have a look at the films. Those people were ecstatically happy, make no mistake. Some women had spontaneous orgasms sat on the floor of those enormous Nazi halls.
      The psychology of the Third Reich is almost universally missed by historians. Make no mistake loads of ordinairy human beings got swept up into partaking in the banality of evil in what they felt was a kind of holy fire.
      What Yogi and other presumably Rajneesh disciples miss so tellingly is any sense of “self examination”. To me that is where real sannyas begins, whatever colour is on parade ”

      For Parmartha to compare Swami Rajneesh and his people to be deluded, like in Hitler’s rallies is disgusting. Swami Rajneesh is a devotee of Osho since 32 years and has been known to be a sincere sannyasin. What has Hitler rallies in Nuremberg got anything resembling Swami Rajneesh and his people ? This is what i say is disgusting that the Editor and moderator of SN make such loose derogatory comments, against a sannyasin.

      • ma dhyan shunya says:

        This statement of Parmartha is clearly objectionable

        “taking in the banality of evil in what they felt was a kind of holy fire.

        In reference to Swami Rajneesh people, Just reading these words, makes me vomit.

      • satyadeva says:

        Shunya, you seem to be missing what I take to be Parmartha’s key point:

        “What Yogi and other presumably Rajneesh disciples miss so tellingly is any sense of “self examination”. To me that is where real sannyas begins, whatever colour is on parade.”

        The impression I’ve had from almost all the Rajneesh people who have posted here has been that they’re somehow ‘intoxicated’ by ‘energy’, by emotion, essentially by emotional energy – by “fire”, as Swami R, Ekantam and others often repeat. This at the expense of anything like self-examination, which is the key element of what might be called spiritual intelligence. Thus they often come across almost as human minefields, ready to explode at the slightest hint of opposition.

        Add to that the emphasis on ‘purifying’ Sannyas, including ‘political’ ambition in the movement, the scapegoating of therapists and now, of so-called “oldies” (creating each of these as a common ‘enemy’), not to mention the focus on ‘uniform’ (robes, colours, malas), on outward show, and the fascist potential is clear.

        Hence the parallel drawn between them and those ‘intoxicated’ by Nazi rallies.

        Besides other factors, the above alone demonstrates the limitations of Swami R’s teaching and to indicate that he’s certainly no Master, whatever he might have realised.

  38. Kavita says:

    Sadly / happily , Good riddance to bad rubbish .

  39. Bodh Ekantam says:

    Dear Oldies of SN!

    I understand you well now!

    What is Inner Journey and things relevant to it in my view,

    is simply rubbish to you!

    I am Ok with this fact!

    Now Parmartha deserves my appreciation,

    for allowing my rubbish on SN!

    Other Oldies too deserve my appreciation,

    for hitting at my rubbish on SN!

    Just a word for Parmartha,

    What the Oldies of SN love to post,

    is simply rubbish to me!

    I have not written a Goodbye letter yet!

    I have just stopped,

    hitting at the rubbish of Oldies of SN,

    because it is not helping the Oldies of SN!

    I will continue to post my rubbish on SN,

    for those who are young and interested in meditation,

    for they may like my rubbish!

    I won’t mind if

    Oldies of SN keep hitting at my rubbish,

    I do not care about that!

    Parmartha dear,

    It is your freedom,

    to allow my rubbish on your post,

    to disallow my rubbish on your post,

    I respect your freedom!

    • Kavita says:

      ” What is Inner Journey and things relevant to it in my view,
      is simply rubbish to you! ” ~ Swami Bodh Ekantam let me tell you directly now , Iam not rubbishing your / anyone’s , Inner / Outer Journey , I don’t have as much patience & energy to explain to you in detail , one thing is certain you are having loose motions on SN for long time now , you need a good dose of isapgol , ofcourse sometimes doctors tend to neglect their own health .

    • Parmartha says:

      Bodh Ekantam,
      you are mistaken. You again misunderstand both me and this site.
      It seems difficult for those from cultures where democracy is just a facade for corruption and greed.
      The whole challenge of democratic activity is less to do with voting than finding a place where if we disagree with someone, we at the same time defend to the death their right to have and express their views.
      This is a very foreign concept to most of the world, and also foreign in sannyas, with it usual elites and “I know better than you” types, the beginnings of fascism are everywhere, inside and outside sannyas. In fact man is a fascist animal. Anything other is actually rather rare,.
      But if you really want to “grow” then you have to pass through the fire of self criticism and finding a mature human tolerance, and that is hard work and elusive.
      But it is possible through this site to try it out, and maybe even find it.
      As to whether you are a spoofer or not, I would still think you are a spoofer as you sometimes sound like a carbon copy of someone you claim to be your Master.

      • satyadeva says:

        I reckon the sad truth is that Ekantam is for real. Copycatting, righteous arrogance and a certain immaturity seem to be second nature to those who gather around Swami R. Or at least the vast majority of the ones that bother coming here.

        As Osho

        You’re never


        As the
        Of a

  40. shantam prem says:

    Borderline cases and meditation; they fit as good as Whiskey with sleeping pills.

    • Preetam says:

      99 % are borderline driven, a result of the insanity approach of Authorities.

      A common problem if people from countries which in serves of “United Babylon” come together . They speak different languages and claim to know the way of the heart but only know counting. If we realize barely a few debris from the whole mosaic (Spiritual and material world), it most probably makes our communication end with more confusion, frustration and mutual incomprehension.

  41. shantam prem says:

    It is so easy to condemn Rajneesh and the people who get some motivation from him. At least the man is sharing some energy, motivating some hearts.
    How many public faces in the world of Osho are doing it?

    In a barren land, some bushes too give the impression of greenery.

    • Preetam says:

      Hearts don’t need motivation, hearts need freedom to blossom.

    • satyadeva says:

      You never answered my recent question, Shantam, re your own ‘spiritual practice’. As you so often bitterly lament the lack of this, the lack of that in the sannyas world, I assume you feel you can’t do anything without a fully functioning set-up where you can participate, meanwhile restricting yourself to ‘working online’.

      Is that correct, or have I got the wrong idea about you?

  42. shantam prem says:

    Hearts don’t need motivation, hearts need freedom to blossom.
    Heart don´t need freedom but a V shaped football stadium, suppose to be built for football world cup!

    There are as many this and/or that as there are brains..

  43. Kavita says:

    Actually now seeing this situation , here on Sannyasnews , really makes me ponder ( even though momentarily ) , Osho for one , when he started his Ashram in Pune , stood against the very fibre of the existing religious fabric of the land , with whatever was best available to him , as time went by he could not hold his people together , could this be the very nature of any fabric of institutionalization & is something we shall all have to live with ?

  44. Bodh Ekantam says:

    Dear oldies of SN!

    One thing is very common to you all!
    You all use certain words to diagnose abnormality in others (for example me)!
    Loose-motion (Kavita)
    Fire of self criticism missing ( Parmartha)
    Spoofer (Parmartha)
    Copycatting (Satyadeva)
    Righteous arrogance (Satyadeva)
    Immaturity (Satyadeva)
    Clone (Satyadeva)

    Another thing is very common to you all that you suggest certain treatment to others (for example me)
    Good dose of Isapgol (Kavita)
    Self criticism (Parmartha)

    Now i expect some basic intelligence from you all.
    Your diagnosis and treatments advised need to be correct!

    You should know the criteria on which to make the diagnosis!
    You should know the rationale behind the treatment!

    If you do not know the criteria,
    you end up making wrong diagnosis!
    If you do not know the rationale of treatment,
    you end up with wrong treatment!
    You are simply stupid
    if you make wrong diagnosis and wrong treatment!

    Satyadeva and Parmartha, I have debated intensely on SN.
    They diagnosed so many abnormalities in me!
    I probed into their minds,
    I found they do not know
    the criteria of diagnosing those abnormality!
    In fact, I told them the common sense criteria,
    and strangely their diagnosis fitted on them and not me!

    I challenged them to just tell the criteria
    behind the abnormalities they diagnose!
    They could not answer,
    instead they came with diagnosis of many new abnormality!
    I asked again the criteria behind their new diagnoses.
    They could not answer them as well!

    Then i questioned the rationale behind
    what treatment they were suggesting to me!
    I showed them they themselves were living
    just opposite of their own suggestions!

    So I was really saddened,
    these oldies of SN,
    they do not know what they are talking about,
    they do not live what they are suggesting to me!

    Then i realized they do not live by logic,
    In fact they get annoyed by my questions,
    about their diagnosis and treatment suggested!

    Then i realized that they want me,
    to simply accept without debate,
    that they possess superior intelligence than me,
    that their treatment advice for me has a wisdom!

    Then I asked them to elaborate,
    what is their eligibility criteria,
    based on which they want me to accept
    their diagnosis and treatment suggestions,
    without applying rigorous logic!

    They could not enumerate,
    even a single reason,
    why should i accept their
    observations without applying
    a neutral logic!

    Then i realized,
    these oldies of SN,
    they are empty and hollow,
    not only love wise,
    not only meditation wise,
    but also logic wise,
    and intellect wise!

    Then i realized,
    they are full of,
    contempt towards others!
    Their diagnoses and treatment suggestions
    are simply catharsis!
    SN is the forum of their catharsis!
    Catharsis has no logic in it!

    So when oldies of SN,
    refused to see logic,
    use logic,
    I did reverse,
    I just started giving them,
    a taste of their own stupidity,
    just to see that whether they like
    what they are dishing out to me!

    So i started abusing them,
    Just the way they were abusing me,
    in the name of self criticism,
    then i started calling them,
    by various names,
    Oldies of SN,
    Fools of Moron Category,

    I was surprised,
    oldies of SN did not like it either!

    If I do what you are doing to me,
    It is fascism, Loose motion and so on…!
    But when you are doing that yourself,
    it is some thing democratic!

    Then i realized,
    Oldies of SN do not like to face
    Razor of Logic,
    They do not like to face
    what they are themselves doing!

    They will continue,
    what they are doing,
    No logic,
    Just Catharsis!

    Then i made a conscious decision,
    to move on,
    hence the decision,
    that I shall ignore your rubbish,
    I shall not be hitting at your rubbish!

    At last,
    Since Kavita had chosen to be direct now!
    I have known her personally for a very small period of time!
    I have been very quiet to you, But i understand you too!

    Good dose of Isapgol is never given for Loose Motion!
    Good dose of Isapgol is actually given for Constipation!

    Loose Motion is diagnosed when one is passing large volumes of watery shit in a day!
    Constipation is diagnosed when one is passing very little and hard stool that too with great difficulty once in a few days time!

    Good that you spoke directly!
    Wrong diagnosis and Wrong Treatment,
    of a very common illness,
    suggested by a lay man,
    to a Doctor!

    A classical Oldie of SN,
    That is you Kavita!

    So dear Oldies of SN!
    Self criticism,
    I have done!
    I shall not be hitting at your rubbish!
    I shall be ignoring your rubbish!

    The other suggestion of Kavita,
    Not acceptable, I care for myself!

    I was to ignore your comments, but since Kavita opened up, i responded!

  45. Parmartha says:

    The simple fact is that your post is published here, Ekrantam. Dont you find that a surprise, unusual?
    Unlike your impression I dont mind at all if you want to go around in orange and mala, and gauchammi every car before you drive it, and sit with Rajneesh, etc. It is perfectly okay. Just dont project and say this is the only way or others should do so.
    Whether you are with Rajneesh or Arun or anyone else, if they are worth their salt they will be encouraging you, wearing orange or not, to “look within”. If you are not hearing that advice from whoever you are with, then you miss.

  46. ma dhyan shunya says:

    I would like to ask these wise Oldies of SN like Satyadeva and Parmartha, Frank, Lokesh, who are against Arun, Rajneesh, Keerti and Veeresh type of people.

    Since you are against what Swami Rajneesh, Swami Arun, Swami Keerti, Veeresh are all doing, who are the correct sannyasins in your view??

    How do you evaluate yourselves in comparison to them??

    What have you people contributed to Osho movement, other than spread your opinions, judgments and condemnation sitting behind computers?

    On a positive, who are the people you recommend?
    Do you recommend that we follow the advise of Parmartha, Satyadeva and Lokesh or Frank? As they claim to be Oldies and mature?

    Will like to read your list of wise people! Or your list of people who are correct sannyasins!

    • satyadeva says:

      That’s a lazy statement, arising from emotionalised bias, Shunya, to say that the SN contributors you mention are all “against” all those four characters. You need to be far more accurate if you expect your argument to have any value. If you could have been bothered to do some research you’d have found that contributors here have varying degrees of support for or opposition or neutrality towards each of the four.

      For example, I have nothing against Veeresh, although he’s essentially a master therapist and has never really promoted meditation.
      I know nothing of Keerti.
      I think Arun is probably doing a good job in the context of where he is, the people of that region, although I’m not attracted to seeking him out as I find it all a bit ‘watered down’ and ‘over-religious’.
      And while I do have certain strong reservations about and even dislike for Swami R, I expect he’s also doing a good – if limited – job, in certain respects, for certain people.

      None of them, from what I know, I regard as a true spiritual Master, but they clearly all have their place.

      Btw, what you regard as ‘mere’ “opinions, judgments and condemnations” can also justifiably be taken as the product of discrimination, derived from much experience, in and out of sannyas, by people who’ve been ‘doing it’ for a long time, often around 40 years. And these days, where there’s much conflict in sannyas, such voices might arguably have a few valuable things to say, even if you, Shunya, feel offended by them.

      As for who to recommend in the sannyas world, well, how about Osho himself? Otherwise, just go where you feel it’s right – and, most important, where you might not necessarily get a guaranteed ‘easy ride’.

      And don’t mistake a priest for a Master (unless, of course, his name is Frank, Lokesh, Parmartha – or even Satyadeva!).

    • Parmartha says:

      Not against any of the people you mention young Shunya. If you want my opinion then the sort of seekers I come across both young and old, on the whole, would be better off going to Paca Mama and do the Osho work with Tyohar. I would not recommend Veeresh to everyone, he is suited to people who may have already done some Reichian or similar therapy. Rajneesh is suited to Indians. Arun is suited to Nepalese people.
      Speaking personally I have done my bit for Osho during my almost forty years as his disciple, including in earlier times serving in his communes for four years, leading meditations in London, and acting as a networker for over 25 years there also. I also took Osho’s work to Ireland between 1977 and 1980 for the first time. What are your achievements young Shunya?

  47. Kavita says:

    Ekantam , first of all , let me tell you , you may be a medical doctor , but you surely have not used isabgol , as yet or if so you may have used it only for constipation , let me enlighten you about this , as actually I did suffer from loose motions myself & have used it for it , anyway you check this , you dont have to believe my word : http://qna.rediff.com/questions-and-answers/what-are-the-health-benefits-of-isabgol-husk/21367143/answers

    Anyway , I am / have been so glad we met only for a short time .

    Hopefully I wont be answerable to you anytime from now on !

    SN , please have a hide facility ( like the one on FB ), anyway Iam done with FB !

    • anand yogi says:

      this angry little retard ek-rantam,(trans:the man with only one rant) is a doctor?
      and he so ignorant that doesn’t even know what isabgol is used for in india?
      and gets uppity and arrogant about his own pig-ignorance?
      what a smug, arrogant and stupid little piece of parrot-dropping.
      with “medics” like him around,who needs euthanasia?
      still,i suppose that’s the nearest you`ll get to population control in india.
      he is an expert on enlightenment,too…
      but he doesn’t even know how to treat his own logorrhea.
      and with that patter, I`d guess that his hanky is the closest he`s ever got to having a proper girlfriend.
      ,ekrantam,shunya,dope-rage,mini kong,,meera…..where to they find these thick-shit-sandwich-for-brains characters?
      has Rajneesh been trawling the bedlams and bedsits of this world in his desperate search for disciples?
      they`ve got about as many braincells between them as the scrapings off an emotionally stunted baboon with learning difficulties` ass!

      • frank says:

        I haven’t agreed with you on most of what you say,but i`m with you on this one,yogi.
        dr.ekruntams words are about as well aimed as the average pile of shite in an indian public toilet,
        and the aroma is slightly worse!

        ekrantam goes to the doctor with constipation.
        the doctor gives him a massive dose of isabgol.
        ek returns the next day.the doctor asks:
        “any movement?have you moved yet?”
        “no,i haven’t moved”replies ckruntam.
        the doctor gives him another massive double dose of isabgol and sends him away
        ekrantam comes back 3 days later.
        the doctor asks “any movement,have you moved yet?”
        “no,i haven’t moved yet”replies ekantam
        the doctor is a little surprised and gives him a mega triple dose of isabgol and sends him away
        ekantam returns a week later
        the doctor asks “have you moved yet?
        ekantam replies “no.i will be moving tomorrow.my house is full of shit.”

        on another occasion ekrantam goes to the doctor with a fire in his belly.the doctor prescribes him a suppository.
        when ekantam comes back the next day,the doctor asks “any improvement?”
        ekantam replies “none at all.i took it,but for all the good it did me,i might as well have stuck it up my ass”

  48. chetna says:

    Having done a bit of guru-shopping, I personally regard Thích Nhất Hạnh a real deal if you are interested in meditation. It is a different path, but having listened to Osho for so many years barrier actually break between this and that and one can benefit tremendously. However no one can skip the actual “going in alone bit” no matter how great teacher you have found. 

    As to Osho sannyains the ones that stand out (and speak the least) are Ma Madhu, Mukti with Narendra and Yog Chinmaya. I love Arun as well and am not Nepalese…I am yet to meet a Western disciple with the same depth in meditation (although there are some very good ones).

    I hear Tiohar and his gang are into a lot of drugs… but have never met the guy.

  49. Kavita says:

    Oh what would we do without frankincense !

  50. Bodh Ekantam says:

    Dear Oldies of SN!

    Kavita First!

    Now what to do!

    Your stupidity is too much!

    I checked your refrerence regarding Isabgol!

    I saw the Posts where Isabgol is recommended for Loose Motion and Dysentery!

    I did not find any rationale given in the post for the use of Isabgol in loose motion!

    I did find the rationale of its use in Constipation!

    Then I checked the author of those posts!

    They had no medical qualification!

    Now a stupid is free to take advice from idiots!

    If it works by fluke, stupid is free to give advice to others!

    Other stupids too are free to take advice from enlightened stupid!

    Let me tell you, In my 20 years of practice, neither I nor my teachers used Isabgol in loose-motion in thousands of prescriptions!

    It is ok to be stupid!

    But stupids must know they are stupids!

    But SN is different!

    Here the stupids pretend to be experts!

    Little knowledge is dangerous!

    That is what has happened to you!

    You read posts by unenlightened ones,

    Feel enlightened,

    And then start giving unenlightened advice to enlightened ones!

    My advice to you Kavita,

    Get a medical degree and certificate from Rediff.com!

    Start your practice!

    In fact you symbolize a tragedy!

    Oldies of SN,

    They get a little knowledge from here and there!

    They become enlightened psychoanalysts,

    They in fact start enlightening qualified psychiatrists!

    I met you for a short time,

    But I am neutral about that,

    Not good, Not bad!

    I could see through you stupidity,

    There and then!

    But I do not interfere with people!

    I accept them as they are!

    I never gave you any advice then and even now!

    It is you who started diagnosing things

    And giving advices to me!

    Just be ware to giving your stupidity to me!

    You assume a certain maturity,

    You need to prove that first,

    Instead what is proved is your stupidity,

    Otherwise it is fit to be ignored completely!

    Hence my decision to ignore your post!

    Coming to Rantartha!

    What is the surprise that Rantartha is publishing Ekrantam!

    What came as a surprise and unusual was “look within” from rantartha!

    So far Rantartha along with Rantdeva,Rantarpana, Rantrank,

    were looking out to Clones, Arun, Veeresh

    and lost in their mala, clothes, gucchamis!

    Ma Dhyan Shunya!

    This is what Oldies of SN have learned

    With their 40 years of experience!

    To miss spell

    Ekantam as Ekrantam!

    • satyadeva says:

      Odd how you keep on declaring you don’t care what’s said here and that you’ve finished with your adversaries at SN, yet you keep coming back for more, ie more self-defensive bullshine.

      Also odd is how you’ve been presented as a young man in his twenties, around 27 I recall, while here you’re claiming to have had 20 years of medical practice!

      I smell a rat and it’s emanating from your direction, Ekantam.

  51. Kavita says:

    Ekantum no energy to ever respond to you !

  52. Bodh Ekantam says:

    Kavita, no desire to ever respond to you!

  53. Bodh Ekantam says:


    You are rightly smelling a rat!

    But that is definitely emanating from your direction!

    Now you have read some thing which i have never written!

    Where did i write that i am in my twenties especially 27,

    Old age has caught up with you!

    Frank seems to be not even a clone of you,

    more of a tail bone of oldie Satyadeva!

    • satyadeva says:

      Your age was stated by someone who apparently knows you. As it is, I barely believe anything you say (especially after your ignorance was exposed re a diahorrea remedy!).

      Again it’s interesting how you always rise to the bait despite protesting you’ve “finished” with people here.

  54. Bodh Ekantam says:


    “Some one who apparently knows me” is a stupid!

    Are you a clone of this some one?

    You can believe any stupid you like!

    Believing that stupid, you can make any stupid conclusion about me!

    And your stupid conclusion, any other stupid can believe in it!

    Now it reflects upon your intelligence!

    You seem to have no intelligence of your own!

    You operate out of belief in others!

    You operate out of belief in a certain diarrhoea remedy,

    without knowing about it’s mechanism!

    Just read a proper medical text book of Medicine,

    read about diarrhoea,

    types of diarrhoea,

    their mechanisms,

    various treatment options,

    which treatment comes first,

    which treatment comes last,

    what is the rationale of each treatment modality,

    then tell me about your favourite diarrhoea remedy,

    when it is given,

    which type of diarrhoea,

    it is given,

    what dosage it is given!


    You behve like ignorant easterner,
    who believes in whatever his friends and ancestors have told me!

    Be like a westerner,

    Be scientific,

    Do not believe,


    Reseach and find out the truth!

    So I give you a homework,

    Baby Satyadeva,

    Go to google,

    Search for textbook of medicine,

    Any one you choose,

    Read complete chapter on diarrhoea,

    Get enlightened,

    Stop believing in stupid,

    Who apparently knows me,

    Stupid without medical qualification,

    Whatever they post!

    Or else go to a

    Doctor with qualification MBBS or MD

    in medicine,

    ask him!

    Do not believe in quacks!


    You say I rise to the bait!

    What is the bait?

    The bait is Your stupidity –

    Operating out of belief in stupids,

    Despite being born in western lands,

    Despite being a disciple of Osho,

    The most intelligent master ever!

    It really pains me to see,

    Old disciples of my master,

    Moving around foolishly,

    Displaying their foolishnees,

    On SN!

    You are using your foolishness as a bait!

    You are not finished with your foolishness!

    This time you displayed a brand new foolishness!

    Hence I was trying to stimulate some intelligence in your old brain!


    I am finished with all the stupidity you have displayed so far!

    But I am alive,

    If I am in charitable mood,

    I would keep trying to stimulate some intelligence in your old brain,

    for you are fellow traveller too, we share same master!

    • satyadeva says:

      My, what a tantrum!

      Worthy of a young child – even a 27 year-old, perhaps? – suffering a rather acute attack of diahorrea of the verbal kind.

      As you appear to be so enraged by your age
      – being ‘misrepresented’ by one of your online compatriot friends –
      I suggest, Mr Doctor, you seek out him/her and give them a bloody good injection of the brown stuff…I’m sure you certainly have enough reserves to spread it around even further…And you could certainly do with the temporary relief, as it’s clogging your entire system, even invading your middle-aged brain!

      Shitonthebrain – did they teach you about the symptoms and cure of this benighted condition in medical school? It would appear not.

      • sannyasnews says:

        This was shot in Germany in the eighties. How is it different from Rajneesh and Arun doing the same thing today? On this occasion that old fart Paul Lowe (Teertha)

        The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  55. chetna says:

    Parmartha, if you think Osho sannyas stopped you then really lost touch with Osho.

    (MOD: Chetna, do you mean ‘stopped,’ or ‘stopped you,’ ?)

  56. Bodh Ekantam says:


    Ever heard of let go!

    At this old age,

    You are not able to let go,

    of a young child of 27,

    and his diarrhea!

    Ever heard of osho saying let go!

    You have started sensing something which is not there!

    “Misrepresented about my age – my online friend – enraged”

    Old age has affected you very bad!

    Shitonthebrain – that is the correct diagnosis of your condition!

    Seems you have experience of taking browstuff injection!

    Oldie of SN!

    They have this unique quality!

    What they suffer from, they project on to others!

    What they have taken themselves, they advise others!

    It is a strange Guruitis!

    Guruitis of SN Oldie!

    Now baby satyadeva!

    Why should I seek out “my online compatriot”!

    I have not asked her about you!

    I did not need her information about you to talk to you!

    You have asked her about me!

    You needed her information about me to talk with me!

    You need belief in her,

    Because you can not argue on your own!

    I can do it on my own!

    I am a man!

    You are a woman!

    You need opinions of so many,

    to be able to bitching about me!

    Come on Oldie!

    Show some maturity!

    Either Let Go!

    Or comeup with Logic!

    I am sure!

    You have none!

    • satyadeva says:

      Total bullshine as usual, Ekantam.

      The person concerned – and btw, how do you know it was a woman? – gave the information without being asked, as if she was doing a pr job on your behalf.

      I don’t necessarily believe anything you say. For all I know, you’re Swami R trying to do a pr job for himself (and failing miserably, of course). Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

      As for ‘letting go’, well, you’re a fine one to advise others to do that, having already several times trumpeted here that you’d ‘finished’ with the other contributors (being so far ‘above and beyond’ them!). Foolish little hypocrite, or what?

  57. Bodh Ekantam says:

    Total woman type bitchiness, Satyadeva!

    The person concerned – how do you know it was not a woman!

    You brought this bogus person between us,

    So it is your duty to disclose who this person is!

    Why should I do that for you?

    You reveal another facet of yours now!

    It is seeing some thing which is not there!

    Some times you see in me a 27 year old!

    Sometimes you see a middle aged man in me!

    Sometimes you see Swami R in me!

    Well I can not be three persons at one time!

    You are in a pathetic frame of mind!

    Clinging to irrational beliefs!

    A man either fights with logic or let it go!

    You were resorting to bitching like a woman,

    about my age, and other stupidic things,

    giving reference of other person apparently close to me!

    So I was challenging you to behave like a man!

    Either use logic,

    Or let go!

    I use logic,

    I have freedom to choose let go!

    You use neither logic,

    Nor are able to let go!

    I was just showing that you!

    Just see the contrast,

    If I make an observation about you,

    I use a logic first to back that up!

    That is being man!

    You make certain observation,

    It is either your belief,

    Or some shady entity has said,

    And you believe in that shady entity,

    No logic,

    That is exactly behaving like

    Woman in bitch mood!

    A woman in bitchy mood,

    She throws tantrum like you,

    I believe in this, I believe in that,

    I will never believe this, I will never believe that!

    So bitchy Satyadeva,

    Keep your bitchy beliefs about me!

    It is your freedom!

    • satyadeva says:

      Another smokescreen of hot air, Ekantam. The simple fact is as I’ve already stated, one of your female ‘colleagues’ has described you as a 27 yesr-old – and ‘very quiet’!

      Now, why would she – or you – choose to lie? A wish to conceal your identity? ‘Religious politics’?

      “I use logic” – talk about delusions of grandeur! What a farce.

      • Bodh Ekantam says:

        lost in his own world of illusions
        my colleagues,
        religious politics
        delusion of grandeur!

        Enjoy baby!

        • satyadeva says:

          Ekantam, if anyone’s “lost” around here, it’s you…

          Lost in denial
          Lost in self-delusion
          Lost in spiritual one-upmanship
          Lost in ‘but I’m a real disciple’
          Lost in ‘the throbbing energy inside a tiny wooden box’
          Lost in ‘I can write just like Swami R’
          Lost in medical confusion
          Lost in ‘hard done by’
          Lost in ‘I’ve finished with those ignorant bastards’
          Lost in ‘I’ll get even with those fuckers’

          Lost in humourlessness -
          Lost in self!

          Don’t worry, doc
          I’m enjoying the spectacle
          Most amusing it is
          Everyone can see it
          Who badly need
          A pair
          To see
          You Actually Are
          Instead of
          This ideal fantasy
          You like
          To project.

          As another Master said,
          Your self
          (You’re not
          As well
          As you like

        • Bodh Ekantam says:

          Chill Oldie Chill!
          Soon you are going to see me everywhere!

          • satyadeva says:

            Don’t kid yourself, doc, you’re just a comic sideshow.

            Time to self-collapse those delusions of grandeur. But you wouldn’t understand that, of course.

            Ever laughed at how absurd you and your pretensions are?

            Thought not.

            • Bodh Ekantam says:

              Ha Ha Oldie!
              If you are wise enough
              to realize that
              bodh ekantam is
              a comic show,
              delusion of grandeur,
              absurd and pretensions;
              why you are so obsessed
              with bodh ekantam,
              devoting your energy!
              Why you are so obsessed
              with sickness of others,
              are not there more beautiful
              and more positive things
              to be obsessed about!
              Why is that Satyadeva?

              As far as I am concerned,
              I appreciate innocence of heart,
              silence of being,
              I just shut off my mind,
              when i encounter heart and being!
              I do not let dogs of
              my mind and its psychoanalytic ability,
              bark and bite into heart and being!

              There you are different Satyadeva!
              Your dogs of
              your mind and its psychoanalytic ability,
              they have become rogue dogs,
              they just jump upon innocent hearts and silent beings,
              they bark and bite,
              they have not left even Osho,
              they have not left even your innocence and silence,
              they are dogs actually,
              but they have become wiser than Osho,
              they give you power to put down others,
              but in the end,
              they make you a fool,
              they keep you hovering around
              sickness of others,
              even in the name of exposing others,
              they make you lose out
              on the innocence of your own heart
              and silence of your own being!
              Your mind and its psychoanalytic
              ability are basically dogs
              interested in filth of others!

              Pay attention to my posts!
              You will never find my dogs of
              mind and its psychoanalytic ability
              jumping on the innocence of heart and silence of being of others!
              My dogs are dogs but not rogue like yours!

              And yes,
              I have the courage to
              post my innocence of heart and
              silence of being,
              knowing fully well they are vulnerable,
              they make me sound cuckoo!
              But they are beautiful,
              shantam prem gets that often,
              hence his appreciation of me!

              I use my dogs
              of mind and its psychoanalytical ability,
              on those rogue dogs
              of mind and its psychoanalytical ability,
              who jump upon the innocence of heart and silence of being!

              So Satyadeva,
              so far it started with your rogue dogs
              jumping upon outpourings of innocence of my heart and silence of being!
              Since then it was my dogs versus
              your rogue dogs!

              I challenge you,
              just let innocence of your heart
              and silence of your being
              express themselves on this
              forum of SN,
              then you will realize
              what is the difference between
              bodh ekantam and satyadeva!

              • satyadeva says:

                Ekantam, your repetitious sneering at what you term ‘psychoanalysis’ merely demonstrates your failure to understand the importance of self-examination (aka self-knowledge, self-awareness). For your information, psychoanalysis is not the same as either meditative self-observation or a considered and/or intuitive assessment of and response to the behaviour and nature of another person. Perhaps that’s something else they didn’t teach you in medical school?

                Anyone who so fervently resists criticism by taking such a negative stance towards what is pretty basic psychology reveals both a profound insecurity and a measure of philistine ignorance – not to mention a deficiency of common sense – that would be more fitting to the Middle Ages than to these times.

                My guess is that as a presumably upper middle-class Indian doctor (if indeed that’s what you are – and I still have certain doubts about that) enjoying a high social status over there, you’ve lived in a sort of ‘ivory tower’ most of your adult life, immune from criticism, automatically ‘respected’, without necessarily deserving such ‘reverence’. Thus, you don’t take kindly to criticism, whatever the issue, whatever the source.

                If you imagine it’s a realistic option to simply ‘drop mind’ without a considerable measure of ongoing work upon your own psyche and its mental and emotional patterns and attachments, as if you’re suddenly going to be totally ‘liberated’ for ever (and, in your fantasy, enjoy its concomitant cachet of status and power?!) then you’re sadly mistaken. (As is Swami R, who likes to peddle such nonsense and who, of course, you like to copy).

                And in your particular case the need for such basic work is so blindingly obvious to all who have so far commented here that, as you’ve been regularly informed, it’s simply laughable to see how you cling to your delusions of spiritual grandeur.

                As for ‘innocence and beauty of heart’, well, I suggest that your outpourings – eg your recently published ‘death-wish’ for and ‘spiritual superiority’ over your adversaries (to name just two of many instances) are hardly evidence of such qualities, so let’s add spiritual hypocrisy to the list of aspects of your psyche that require close examination.

                And what sort of insufferably self-regarding prig boasts about how ‘innocent’ and ‘silent’ he is – or imagines he is – compared to another? ‘No mind’? Pull the other one, guv!

                You ask why I choose to respond to your nonsense if I find it so laughable? I’ll tell you why, Ekantam, it’s because I also find such arrogant delusion thoroughly offensive and as such, deserving of challenge as well as derision.

              • Bodh Ekantam says:

                Ha Ha Satyadeva!
                Why your innerness stirred only by arrogant delusion of Bodh Ekantam!
                Nature has so much more to offer, so much scenic beauty, so many beautiful people and creatures, so many postive things in people – why all that
                fails to stir your innerness, Satyadeva?
                What do you get out of your efforts?
                How it helps your inner journey?

              • Bodh Ekantam says:

                It is far simpler than that!
                You see rubbish everywhere!
                Something to do with your eyes!
                Running in close circles!

  58. God Dieux says:

    Osho wanted people to become more free. The only way he really displayed this was by being free himself. To be free there is no need to follow Osho or to become like Osho, because that again will be a duplication. The only thing to be free is to realize who you truly are. No one can do this for you and most likely, you cannot do this for you. Osho, such a beautiful flower in an orchard of infinite grace. A lovely master, with a lovely legacy.

    If fighting over what Osho meant by this or that really helped anyone become more free, then we should all start to discuss much more.

    If only being free frees, then lets just be free and enjoy life. When you have to fight for something like Osho’s will or legacy or Samadhi, then already the real freedom is lost. You are chasing a ghost. The replica guru’s emerge who mimic the real masters echo.

    The quality of who Osho is has to become authentic in you. If you recognize his authenticity then you have to flow towards your own. I find it highly unlikely that it is authentic for anyone to follow and fight for the words of a dead master.

    If Osho has taught you your real dance; I believe the only solution is to dance and not fight for the copyrights of his dance moves or mimic his style or rhythm.

    • Arpana says:

      ”dead master.”

      Been going through a darshan diary.
      You know, to me, feels like being in his physical
      Everything he says seems so alive, so in the moment.
      Sometimes addressed to me, sometimes to others.

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