Arun in trouble with Osho International; – seeks advice!

One of our Correspondents picked up on this earlier today somewhere on the web… interesting!

“We are in need of your support and advice.

On 12th November all of Osho Tapoban’s public facebook pages that had an impressive numbers of audience and followers were closed down by Facebook, including Osho Tapoban’s public official page ‘Osho Tapoban’, following the  infringement complaints made by Klaus Steeg on behalf of Osho International Foundation (OIF).

We are in great shock and anger at such a primitive act of oppression, fascism and discrimination made by Facebook that also in the 21st century.

I came to know that Osho News and many other pages have also been a victim of this discrimination. Can anyone guide us how you responded to this and if there was any outcome.

Previously few years ago Google had done the same thing by removing our url from their search engine,  but after making a counter complaint they had to reinstate our sites. However it seems there is no such facility available as per the facebook policies and we are in a deadlock as there is no medium to protest.

We would be really thankful if you could help and guide us in this regards. Any kind of support from your side would be highly appreciable.

With love and warm regards,
Osho Tapoban
International Office”

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  1. shantam prem says:

    Some renowned psychologist should find out how come educated and rational headed Western started channelling Arabian mind set after getting initiated into Indian version of Spiritual journey.
    It is like an Indian makes love with an American and child looks like Chinese and becoming lazy like Japanese.
    One can simply laugh about it.

    PS-Klaus Steeg aka Parmod gets new name, Swami Chemical Ali!

  2. Anand Newman says:

    I am sure some body will give necessary inputs to you (Tapoban) and you will find a way to get out of this situation with FB.
    I am here to say something interesting. For last 15 years I have been using internet extensively for both professional and personal reasons. But I have not some how got hooked up with FB at all. Out of about 50 odd people who graduated along with me, there are very few people who are active on FB. Those few people are also active because their wives somehow got obsessed with FB, so they have no option. According to what I heard, FB’s bubble is going to burst soon. I know they have an interesting story and a box office hit film about their genesis, but based on what I have seen its already in declining mode. So no need to be panic about it. Majority of incidents in human history ( talking about recent history) have happened even before the technology has evolved so much. SO NO NEED TO BE PANIC.

    Instead, use this opportunity to get more popularity. Fill all the news media in Nepal and India ( at least) with this news. ” Iron fist on budding lotus flowers” , “Act of oppression on flowering roses” etc. etc. Once that becomes popular, it can add to your fight on FB greatly.

    But I am all for unity of Osho lovers. It all came from one man called Osho, not two or many. So why can’t we be united.

    Good luck.

  3. atmo says:

    Osho International Did the Right Thing.
    multibranch osho system is creating lot of chaos especially to the mind conditioned in The Indian Conditioning.
    Osho International Foundation is doing great job. People involved in the Osho International foundation and current participants in the Inner circle are not stuck in the past moment when Osho left his body, they have gone into the world and are living life. .. . on and on … just like osho wanted.

  4. Bodh Ekantam says:

    Ha Ha Ha!
    The topic of this article is just upside down!
    In reality, OIF is in trouble with Osho fire in Arun!
    Two thousand sannyasins dancing and celebrating Osho’s fire in Hardwar with Swami Anand Arun!
    And OIF-Inner Circle people, they do not have Osho’s fire, so their action in Facebook is like trying to pour water over the Osho’s fire!
    But Osho’s fire is still burning! OIF-Inner Circle’s water has disappeared into Vapors!
    These OIF – Inner Circle people they are ultimate idiots and morons!
    While Osho was alive, the bans on him by world religions and govenments – failed to extinguish his fire!
    Now OIF-Inner Circle is behaving like world religions and governments to extinguish Osho fire in Swami Anand Arun!
    OIF-Inner Circle is left with only this consolation – power to ban on facebook!
    As far as hearts of sannyasins are concerned, OIF-Inner Circle is nowhere to be seen, it is An
    and Arun who wins hands down with love energy!
    Osho has rightly said that OIF Inner Circle is den of robbers!

  5. anand yogi says:

    Yes,the alcoholic baboons must be removed from power by regime change.
    These idiots and morons can remove us from facebook or even assbook,but we will never be defeated.
    The holy Temple,with Arun and Rajneesh as the figureheads will once again rise from the ashes and every true sannyasin,wearing malas and holy orange robes of mighty Bharat will rise up and reclaim Osho for India and the western monkey mind will bow before the elephant in a religion that will last a thousand years!
    hari om!

    • Arpana says:

      Hallelujah, and praise the Lord.

      • anand yogi says:

        Yes,the act of oppression on flowering roses and the iron fist that seeks to crush the lotus must be met with an orange fist with a mala on..
        Make no mistake,the alcoholic red-bottomed baboons will have to be fisted in order for Oshos vision to take root in the unconscious world!
        hari om!

    • honeysucklerose says:

      Yogi- you need to lay off the hootch dearie, or is it the nitrous? Anyhow, just lay off whatever it is that’s making you praise the lord.. nice touch with the “elephant” remark.. very hindu-like.

  6. Parmartha says:

    I am surprised that some posters here see this “problem” as a question of east versus west, or “Indian” versus western monkey minds, etc – and also in such black and white terms.
    The “problem” on both sides seems to be a lack of self examination – of looking within. Fire alone is not the only defining mark of sannyas.
    The common ingredient on all sides is a “superiority complex”, coupled by an unacknowledged and unexamined “will to power”. They both want the same thing, some kind of ownership of the temporal facade of sannyas, they just disagree about who should “control” it. But the inner kernel of sannyas can never be owned and never be controlled!

    • satyadeva says:

      Spot on, Parmartha.

      As Sannyas seems to be in a state of chronic internal conflict, is there really a genuine chance that it can avoid the fate of all the other post-living-Master movements which, once full of vibrant religiousness rather than religiosity, soon enough became fragmented into disparate groups, each claiming it best knows and embodies the truth of the Master and his teaching and hence ‘the best way forward’? In other words, is there any hope of it not becoming a sort of – or even an actual – sectarian religion?

      As Parmartha suggests, only through a rigorous self-honesty of the individual that cuts through self-righteousness and exposes perhaps hidden inner motivations, or else it’s surely hopeless to expect anything else? Would it not indeed be a profound and even tragic irony if a movement dedicated to the search for truth and ultimate freedom were to founder and disintegrate into permanently wary or even warring factions due to the inner dishonesty and unconsciousness of its members?

      On past and current form, I’d give little chance of overall harmony in external Sannyas ever happening.
      But still, is ‘No Sects, please – we’re Sannyasins!’ such an ultimately important agenda? Does it really matter, does any genuine search depend upon the sound and fury of such ‘outside’ factors at all, or does whatever treasure hidden within us remain free, unaffected by material factors, even the political in-fighting of religious sects? As Parmartha says, “the internal kernel of sannyas can never be owned and never be controlled.”

      (And Bill Murray also has something to say on such matters…

      The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.


      • honeysucklerose says:

        a “state of chronic eternal conflict”… did you get that from Islamic history or Christian? Sounds like organized religion to me.. this so-called Sannyas.

        • satyadeva says:

          honey, you’ve mixed up your “eternal” with my “internal”. Call yourself a religious commentator?!

          Bah, humbug!

          • honeysucklerose says:

            isn’t the “internal” flame, the same as the “eternal flame”? internal , eternal- same shit, different name.

            • satyadeva says:

              Not if you take the terms in the relevant context, honey.

              “A state of internal conflict” that exists in any sort of group or organisation, be it family, office, political party, football team or even ‘external’ sannyas, has nothing to do with the ‘eternal’.

              Not, that is, unless you’re fixated on carelessly gratuitous points scoring….

  7. Kavita says:

    Where there’s smoke there’s fire , Seems like this ‘ Fire ‘ is going to create an ash , just like any fire !

  8. frank says:

    folks will get interested,read osho,do his meditations…
    some will take it as authorisation to create in-groups and sub-sects
    some will take it as authorisation to shag themselves senseless in the name of tantra or drink hard liquor in the name of conscious drinking
    some will see it as authorisation for therapy
    others for a good lalalala 5000 year-old singalong
    some will go on power trip,some will get their asses burnt by powertrippers
    some will use it as an excuse to live out their grandiosity and religious fantasies and lay their `I know it all trips on others`….
    all will follow the idea that to transcend the self you have to first be selfish and look after number one.
    some might even learn to meditate and watch their breath.

    plus ca change,plus c`est la meme chose
    same same,baba!


    The OIF is getting insecure due to the rising popularity of other OSHO sannyasins spreading OSHO.It is a hinderance for them in selling OSHO and running their OSHO Theme Park(Pune Ashram). OSHO Tapoban people should write to Facebook Admn. the against closing it their FB pages. For a change we can write to Google and Facebook to Ban the website and facebook pages of OIF …may be that should bring them to their senses….

  10. shantam prem says:

    In the religious organisations too, Superiority complex and will to power multiplies manyfold if one is already coming from the socities famous for their will to power.
    White dissciples of brown gurus cannot be psycho analysied. They are beyond psyhology. I have done little experiment with many such people, ask their sun sign and they freak out, ” I am not my sun sign. I am beyond.”

    • satyadeva says:

      Are you forgetting the famous Hindu v Moslem Cup Finals of the late 40′s and other times, Shantam?

      Or don’t they count in your “will to power” analysis? (If not, please explain why).

    • Arpana says:

      You only have to meet one white person who fits
      your prejudices and all white people are worthless;
      whereas I don’t think all Indians are morons because
      you are one.

      • anand yogi says:

        Yes,the will-to-power-obsessed westerners who are like an iron fist crushing the fragrant lotus of authentic indian sannyas must be taught a lesson.
        These intellectuals think that they are beyond the Vedic science of starsigns,but with their western intellectual mind ,the white disciples of the brown guru have destroyed our holy temple like an iron fist on a humble lotus,and hence must be fisted vigorously in return,by those who have the experience, ability and will.
        The truthful words of Arun, Rajneesh and Shantam must be thrust like a trishul into the red-bottomed alcoholic baboons where they will feel it most….
        Jai jai
        Hari Om!

        • Arpana says:

          I hope your not frothing at the mouth anand yogi.
          Humph. Not very spiritual.

          • satyadeva says:

            I just hope Anand Yogi’s not ‘one of us’, Arpana…If he’s an Indian then it’s understandable, I suppose – thoroughly disgraceful, unspiritual, of course, but, what else to expect?

            • frank says:

              what a battle eh?
              Osho Alcoholics Foundation (OAF)

              to be honest,i wouldn`t piss on any of them if they were on fire!

              • satyadeva says:

                Not a lot of goals in this one though, OAF have got their traditional attacking ploys well worked out, a system proven over the years – but can they score these days, especially away from home?

                And as for ARSE, well, Rajneesh isn’t interested in that side of the game, Ekantam likes to make out he is but hasn’t grown up yet and is basically all, er, ‘hot air’, Shantam’s absolutely out for the count (that’s c-O-u-n–t, by the way) and can only dream of past glories. Which leaves us with Arun as the only one with a decent chance of scoring (according to as yet unconfirmed reports from the training ground).

                Reckon I’ll go for a 0-0 bore draw…With a saver on Ekantam being sent off after 30 seconds for drawing exclamation marks in the ref’s notebook while being booked for calling him “an old, white intellectual bloody bastard, not fit to lace my boobs – er, sorry, I mean boots, hahahahaha!!!!!”

                • frank says:

                  the only place that ekantam will ever have a remote chance of scoring is round the back of the cowshed at tapperban,by the sound of it.

      • honeysucklerose says:

        just most Indians, not all

  11. Bodh Ekantam says:

    Parmartha, Satyadeva, Arpana!
    Always grumbling, psycho-analysing others, inventing illusory sickness in others, relishing their own inventions and illusions, can’t relish healthy osho discourses, can’t relish other’s celebrations!
    Words, Words and Words!
    Stuck at mind level for eternity!
    Fools of moron category!

    • anand yogi says:

      Yes,Bodh Ekantam,
      I understand.
      I recognise a great soul in you,soaring far above the fool and moron level of these dead old western moron men.
      These sick intellectuals have nothing to offer a high-flying meditator like yourself.
      They seek with the diseased iron fist of intellect to try to destroy the lotus of no-mind that true sannyasis like you and I are in touch with..
      They will never succeed.
      We are lotuses growing from the filthy mud of the old moron idiots.
      Charivaiti.Charavaiti.O wise one.
      Hari om!

    • honeysucklerose says:

      “Fools of moron category”, a category founded and so-ever cherished by Bodh Ekentam.. may your head trip be a very bizarre, delusion filled, and spiritually numbing one.

    • Arpana says:

      Bodh Ekantam
      Always grumbling, psycho-analysing others, inventing illusory sickness in others, relishing his own inventions and illusions, can’t relish healthy osho discourses, can’t relish other’s celebrations!
      Words, Words and Words!
      Stuck at mind level for eternity!
      Fool of moron category!

  12. Parmartha says:

    My advice to Arun and anyone else – is not to be too worried about Facebook. The whole adventure of Facebook is based on a subtle control, and almost an attack on the privacy of the true meditator. So it is not really the sort of thing for genuine seekers and sannyasins to give so much energy to.
    Just use other methods and refine those in looking to bring Osho to the world.
    I dont know who Anand Newman is, (I notice it is Devageet’s surname though?!) but his view about Facebook in a previous post on this string I would echo.

    • honeysucklerose says:

      yes Parmartha your description of Facebook is an accurate one.. but like most people, Facebook followers will venture off a cliff if their friends tell them to do so… Facebook and Twitter both are places for the low self-esteem and desperately lonely of the world.

    • Lokesh says:

      Facebook is kids stuff. If it really means something to you it is time to step back and have a look at your life and enquire where it all went wrong. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to post photos on Facebook of what I had for dinner last night.

  13. shantam prem says:

    Parmartha has given the wise men’s advise, is not to be too worried about Facebook.
    It is really not a question of facebook but impropriety on behalf of the people who think themselves as the only begotten disciples of late Sh. Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain Aka Osho.
    Sometime i wonder, is it a Greek Tragedy or poetic Justice that Osho; who was raising fingers against all kind of corruption and priestly controls have got even the worse treatment from His own Vatican!

    • honeysucklerose says:

      Shantam- didn’t you encourage SN readers in the past to check out and communicate with you through Facebook? My, what a short memory span you have grandpa.

    • Lokesh says:

      Osho dabbled in the odd bit of corruption himself…isn’t that part of his legacy?

      • honeysucklerose says:

        Since it’s about holiday time here in the states(Thanksgiving on Nov.28th), it’d like to share a recipe that Osho himself passed down to me as part of the American celebration of greed, corruption and sexual repression.. Take one part corrupt politician, add to it, one big sack of money- any currency will suffice; then add, two parts cocaine; two parts truck load of whiskey, one part prostitute, then 2 parts of good old american racism, along with 3 parts religious extremist sponsored homophobia along with 1 part sexual harassment- blend well, put in the legislative oven for about two weeks and presto- laws passed to humiliate and intimidate everyone except White anglo-saxon protestants(catholics reluctantly included).. have a very happy holiday

  14. shantam prem says:

    Yesterday, I was browsing Carvan Sarai. There was one post from Parmartha, around a month old. There he has quoted some press information from Sadhna, that 20,000 people visit Osho Resorts every month.
    My name was mentioned too, that may be i am spreading misinformation about The Resorts.
    Parmartha, please post those contents here at the main page of Sannyasnews.

    On my side, i can say, Please google hotels and restaurents in Koregaon Park, Pune. Phone few of them randomly and ask, “When was the last time, they have seen Osho People in their premises?”

  15. frank says:

    forget facebook…
    what about a live link from the CCTV behind the cowsheds at tapoban,direct onto assbook?

  16. Recently I have filed a case in Bombay High Court against some dodos of present Rajneesh Ashram management.
    So File a complaint in Police first.
    Try to recover your site by attaching the papers on copyrights by OSHO.
    I stay in Koregaon Park , very close to Ashram .


  17. Bodh Ekantam says:

    Satyadeva, Parmartha, Arpana and…..!
    I wonder how all the morons turn out to be western only!
    Full of mind, Full of Judgments, Contemptuous to things of Heart!
    Osho rightly said that these people are abnormal and ordinary!

    • Arpana says:

      Bodh Ekantam
      I wonder how all the morons turn out to be Indians only!
      Full of mind, Full of Judgments, Contemptuous to things of Heart!
      Osho rightly said that these people are abnormal and ordinary!

    • satyadeva says:

      Anti-intellectual, racist, ageist, full of pseudo-mystical righteousness, with a penchant for shouting the odds and quoting the Leaders…

      A certain ‘will to power’…

      Fundamentally rather immature, stupid…

      Same old same old…

      Young fascist mentality.

    • anand yogi says:

      Again the clang of truth rings out as Ekantam the wise one speaks!
      Bhai,you are truly a man among morons!
      Satya Deva,Parmatha and Arpana are like depraved dogs barking,but we are like elephants!
      And you are right ,it is common knowledge that Osho had nothing but contempt for western morons and idiots.
      Only those with brown skin and sub-continental birth(except Muslims)can understand Osho in the same way as you and I can,dear fellow seeker!
      The rest are,as you say, clearly abnormal and ordinary..!
      Of course,logically the depraved western intellectuals will not understand such a contradiction of abnormal and ordinary,but they, in their filthy,unloving,judgmental,stuck-at-mind-level minds and judgmental attitudes have not experienced,as we have,in our soaring meditations and numerous flights into no-mind, the might and wisdom of true enlightenment that was discovered by our very own Indian sages so many years ago!
      Jai Jai!
      Hari Om!

  18. Kavita says:

    anand yogi , MAYBE you are on the wrong website , you & the likes of you should be on www.

  19. shantam prem says:

    In Hindi there is a saying, ” Newly convert Muslim will do the holy prayer, not five times but fifteen times.”
    This is true for all the newly converts in any of the religious sects. People who have seen Himalya in the photo books can write a better essay than those who got dehydrated on the way.

  20. Swami Aatmo Neerav says:

    was not a public statement made on behalf of Osho Tapoban but actually a private mail that I wrote to a sannyasin. Don’t know how SN’s correspondent picked it up and from where. It was a surprise.
    Anyways its good the messages out.

    Just to put things right, Tapoban has never been in trouble with OIF, although OIF tries to create it all the time. But funnily exactly the opposite happens. We have just become stronger and stronger everyday.
    Tapoban is an Osho commune that was one of the first to deny the fascist regime of Osho International from the very beginning.
    And this has made us fully independent and despite the continuous problems that OIF tries to create through the forged copyrights and what not we have always done what we wanted and will always do the same in future also.

    Our creations, our new projects, our new communes and centers around the world are our answer. OIF must be really pissed that we recently opened a legally full proof well established Osho Ashram in USA or maybe they are pissed that we have already published 62 Osho books of the same quality as that of OIF publications and are distributing them around the world at Cost Price, 20 times less than what OIF charges, we will go on publishing more. So we have given a thousand reasons for the guys at OIF to be pissed so we can understand these small incident of them closing our facebook or trying to get our URLs removed from facebook. But this won’t stop us, this has only made us stronger every time. This facebook incident has been a boon infact, why? you will
    know it very soon.

    For now don’t forget to watch the December issue of our video magazine Osho Sandesh that will be online by the 3rd of December.

    Have a fantastic day.
    International Office
    Osho Tapoban

    • Ashok says:

      Yes Neerav – I couldn’t agree with you more. The slippery ones of OIF have in fact done you a favour, and generated more interest in Tabopan than would probably have been the case otherwise. That they have resorted to getting you thrown off of FB, is yet another sign of their current desperation/decline, and an indication of how far down the slope they are! I doubt that it would take much effort to get reinstated on FB, should you so desire.

  21. Bodh Ekantam says:

    SN is basically for those,
    who had once lived with Osho,
    but have left meditation long ago,
    who have got bored with Osho’s words,
    who want others to listen to their words,
    who do not want their words to be scruitinized,
    who think they are now living to scruitinize newcomers,
    who think their old age should be respected,
    who think their judgments are not shit exactly,
    who fail to inspire anybody,
    who bark like dogs at anybody who inspires others!

    Basically they are old ash barking at new fire!

    • satyadeva says:

      If this place is so far ‘beneath’ the ever-so-lofty heights where you clearly belong, Ekantam, then the obvious question is why on earth do you bother to condescend to descend here? I mean, how can such a self-evidently superior one like yourself bear to take even a single breath of such polluted air?

      Still, I guess every arrogant little turd has his day, although I suspect yours here is fast approaching midnight….

    • Arpana says:

      Bodh Ekantam

      once lived with Osho,
      but has left meditation long ago,
      has got bored with Osho’s words,
      but wants others to listen to his,
      does not want his words to be scrutinized,
      is now living to judge anyone with a different viewpoint
      and fails to inspire anybody,
      Then barks like a dog at anyone who disagrees with him.
      Is basically a howling baboon

    • satyadeva says:

      Never mind, at least Anand Yogi appreciates you.

  22. Bodh Ekantam says:

    Such old ash not necessarily be westerners only!
    There are plenty of indians too!
    Only difference between them:
    Westerners bark loud and a lot so that it has weight!
    Easterners bark less loud and little under illusion of it’s sophisticatedness!

  23. Kavita says:

    Such young fire need not be eastern only !
    There are plenty of westerns too !
    only similarity is barking !

    • Oinkba says:

      And not only barking!
      Oinking can be heard too!
      And we request that older sannyasins can donate their bones and body parts after death to be a help for constructing new communes in Nepal and Oinkdham!
      And we are looking to build an ‘osho bridge’ across the river constructed entirely of old sannyas skeletons!

  24. Kavita says:

    Oinkba , my only question is , will it be toll free ? yahoo !

    • Oinkba says:

      Yes to pass the bridge will be free, but you must pass naked, without clothes, and jump and shout ‘hoo! Hoo! hoo!’ three times before you pass, and you must sing as you run across the skeleton bridge, “Thankyou, bhagwan…thankyou old ones for giving us this cosmic walkway”,yahoo,yahoo”,
      and then you will be allowed to cross toll free!

  25. Bodh Ekantam says:

    It is natural!
    Old dogs love their own barking!
    Old dogs do not like young dogs to bark!
    Young dogs do not care about old dogs!
    All is natural!

  26. God Dieux says:

    Sometimes it is good and healthy to have a break from Facebook.



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