The Psychology of a Wounded Sikh and Sannyasin

Shantam Iqbal Singh (aka Swami Shantam Prem), a prolific, long-time contributor to Sannyas News, reflects on his 32 years’ experience of Sannyas. (He chose the title of this article). He writes: Before I say long-term goodbye to Sannyas News, let … Continue reading

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The Romance of Osho

Simon Dunster (formerly, Swami Rakkas) discusses his experience of Sannyas and how his views on Osho have changed. (N.B: Apologies for flaws in presentation, causes unknown). I was attracted to Osho in the early 80s and together with two brothers, … Continue reading

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Lokesh presents his thoughts on the pros and cons of Sannyas News relocating to Facebook. There has been some talk of creating a Sannyas News Facebook page. Here are some of the pros and cons. Perhaps some of the regulars … Continue reading

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“If it takes a million years….”

Shantam Prem provides some brief thoughts in honour of Osho’s 90th birthday.  He explains: As I see, Sannyasnews is the only site with a discussion facility. This is its usp.  Here we just need a small thought, a small thread to … Continue reading

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Message from the Amazonian Rain Forest…

Ma Yogini Bharti provides an update from the Ecuadorian Amazon, where she’s recovered from Covid but can clearly perceive we’re heading towards planetary disaster… It is now well over two years since I wrote an article for Sannyas News, detailing … Continue reading

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