About Life, Death and Spirituality, by Nityapem

Inspired by an ancient Buddhist meditation on death, Nityaprem contemplates the one certainty of our lives and asks some searching questions. While I was studying Buddhism I came across this short meditation by the tenth century teacher Atisha, called the … Continue reading

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The ‘Tombstone Exercise’: Have You Lived From The Heart?

Nityaprem considers what ‘living from the heart’ means for him and wonders what it might mean for SN readers. One of the things I came across recently was the ‘Tombstone Exercise’. This is a simple thought experiment where you imagine … Continue reading

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Osho, Gurus and the Spiritual Search, by Nityaprem

Nityaprem writes… Not so long ago I asked my father what were the most significant books in his life. He answered, P.D. Ouspensky’s ‘In search of the Miraculous’, and any Osho book (of course). Apparently he had read Ouspensky’s book … Continue reading

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‘Osho: Intimate Glimpses’, by Anando: Lokesh reflects

                                                 “Anando will be my medium” (Osho)                     … Continue reading

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What a Sannyasin Can Learn from Buddhism, by Nityaprem

Nityaprem, who recently began writing comments at Sannyas News, presents some key lessons he’s learned from Buddha’s teachings. First, a little personal history: After a successful (and very un-spiritual) career in software development, I had a breakdown which led to … Continue reading

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