Lokesh examines the value and drawbacks of this extraordinary human faculty, together with an appreciative and critical look at John Lennon’s great song, ‘Imagine’. (N.B: Apologies for some poorly spaced bits – computer issues). The antithesis of a call to arms, … Continue reading

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The Ring Of Truth?

Frank questions the validity of current popular socio-political theories arising from various responses to the Covid-19 pandemic and other controversial issues. In the last months, since the Covid emergency, many newsagents, including, of course, Osho sannyasins, have bought into and … Continue reading

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‘Nothing To Lose’ – A Fairy Tale with Sheela as the heroine

  A review by Subhuti* about Manbeena Sandhu’s just released biography of Sheela. (Sannyas News acknowledges and Subhuti for providing this article: Thanks!) ‘Nothing to Lose’: The authorized biography of Ma Anand Sheelaby Manbeena Sandhu (HarperCollins, India) – –  It is … Continue reading

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The End Of Sannyas News?

Re ongoing site expenses, Clive/Jitendra has recently paid the annual web host fee of £59.99 and there’s a further payment due in November, around £200.  Despite having no further interest in Sannyas, and being very busy with his own creative … Continue reading

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Mounting two horses, stretching two bows, serving two masters…

Today Sannyas News opens an extra feature, where readers are invited to send in stories and quotes for further discussion. Arpana starts the ball rolling with a quote from Osho’s ‘The Mustard Seed’. (Apologies for cramped presentation). THE TENTH SAYING … Continue reading

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