• But Karima, how can Goering’s young relative be bracketed with his ‘monstrous’ actions? He was responsible for the ‘evil’ he perpetrated, not her.

    So it’s not accurate to say ‘good’ and ‘evil’ came together in […]

  • But OF COURSE you’d have done either this or that, Prem, it’s obvious, innit?!

    As usual, hindsight’s such a wonderful thing – and I trust you’re thanking Gord within and without for it bringing you SUCH clarity, […]

  • Thank Gord someone here’s got it the right way round (congratulations, Frank)…

    Imagine, you’re present at the birth of a child, or on your deathbed, or diagnosed with a fatal illness, or ok, lightening things […]

  • Btw, Teertha – are you the ‘real’ (excuse me!) Teertha, the one that ran the Encounter Group, aka in certain circles for a while as “Osho’s successor”, and since the demise of the Ranch as Paul Lowe?

    Doubt it, but curious anyway….

  • Alok John: I have often thought that the average Western sannyasin has not gone from atheism or Judaism or Christianity to Osho. They have made a big detour through humanistic psychology and many of them are still stuck there. I think this is one of the reasons for the conflict with the Indian sannyasins; they [...]

  • SD wrote (in response to frank) a week or so ago: You might be laughing now, boy, but I’m warning you there’s no place in this universe for negative entities like you… You and your crowd should never have been here in the first place!! jay c. pennie wrote me a reply via an email [...]

  • frank; if a man is wise he is wise. if he is a fool he is a fool. if you love him or her for being wise or a fool. its up to you.. a sane man may give you wrong advice and a madman may help you on your way. sd; Couldn’t agree more. [...]

  • Besides, by your own argument, why should I or anyone else subscribe blindly to what Herr N might advocate in this matter? Convenient for you, so you can carry on indulging your admittedly great gift of comedy, taking nothing on board besides an apparently overwhelming cynicism, but in this case, irrelevant actually, for me. Oh [...]

  • Also, with respect to Herr Nietzsche and his unquestioned profound intelligence, I somehow doubt whether he ever claimed – or had – ‘enlightened’ credentials.

    Please enlighten me if I’m wrong….

  • frank said… firstly,having a mythology of any sort does not make it a “truth” for everybody. bl claimed that his myth of draco etc.was not the product of “mythological imagination”, that is was closer to real than that. that gives free rein for subscribers to imagine that all must live within this myth or somehow [...]

  • Some might say the ‘Court Jester’ has a “mythology” of his very own, ie that nothing is conceivably of any worth at all – except as a source of laughs…

    Weeeeelll…Life’ll get ‘im in the end, won’t you, Life, eh?!!

  • Unless, of course, you’re just part of ‘Life’s Rich Tapestry’…

    You know, the dark background against which seekers of the Light ply their trade….

  • You might be laughing now, boy, but I’m warning you there’s no place in this universe for negative entities like you…

    You and your crowd should never have been here in the first place!!

  • frank:
    and sd…attempting to charitably educate jcp with a “comprehensive description of what happens after we die” (lmao),may well turn out to be a case of misdirected unconditional love …..!

    Well, Frank, I trust you’ll be laughing in similarly comfortable complacency on your death-bed….

  • Alternatively, try his ‘Seeing Through Death’ tape/cd.

  • If anyone is interested in a comprehensive description of what happens when we die, written in modern English, may I wholeheartedly recommend Barry Long’s ‘The Origins of Man and the Universe’. jay c. pennie, this might get through to you as, coming from a down-to-earth Aussie, it doesn’t contain Eastern terminology that can be off-putting [...]

  • Judging by my – admittedly miniscule – experience of Lady Gaga, here we might well have someone finding it convenient to use a great person’s words to mask their own essentially thoroughly mediocre creative ‘talent’. What’s more, from what little I’ve read about her, she appears to be someone utterly driven by ambition for fame [...]

  • Prem Martyn: Satya deva…. the UN is currently seeing if the document above applies to all natural born liberators , and like you they are going through it point by point in the committee stage. SD: Quite so, PM, such matters are for too important to be left unexamined. However, I hear that a significant [...]

  • Although, jay. c. pennie, Nirman isn’t advocating or making a big deal of the prayer/mantra, he’s only using it to introduce his point re the possibilities of the ‘Osho Community’.

  • Yes indeed…And Baden Powell organised Scouts into small groups, ‘patrols’ of 6 or so members, perhaps realising teenagers’ liking for being part of a ‘gang’?!

    Could this be a solution to inner city rioters’ problems?!
    (Only joking)

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