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Can SN continue for another year? Appeal for funds!

In order to keep going for another year we need to pay the web host £240 very soon, ie within a week from today. If you’re willing to contribute please send an email to and we’ll let you know … Continue reading

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An Ayahuasca Voyage, September 2023, by Simon D

  Simon D writes: For my readers, may I request that you suspend any rational thought or judgements concerning the writing below and allow a sense of enquiry and mystery to my exploration of this voyage of Ayahuasca. In late … Continue reading

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The Quality of Sannyas News (Or: Was the Past Better?) by Satchit

Lately, people have come up with the idea that the quality of SN is down. They have even been searching for a scapegoat to justify their judgement. For me, Sannyas is living relaxed in the Now. So one can ask, why … Continue reading

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Appeal for Funds (£45)

Clive (who hasn’t been an active part of the SN team for quite a while) has just paid another £45 for site security (part of the deal with the web hosts) for which he should be reimbursed (especially as he … Continue reading

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The Four Types of Spiritual Seeker

What motivates someone to become a spiritual seeker? And does that motivation change over time? Didn’t Osho say that his people were largely rebels,  “crazies” who couldn’t fit in with their oppressive, repressive societies? Was that true only for a … Continue reading

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