A different View of the Wild

 Ananta, could you say something about the Wild Wild Country series on Osho?


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  1. shantam prem says:

    Interesting biography of the lady:

    My personal style is before I waste or use my time to listen to someone’s talk or converse, I prefer to know about the person´s background and a little bit of a resume.


  2. Levina says:

    Yes what a gift, thank you!

    • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

      Yes, Levina,
      It’s very beautiful to have this other kind of View; not only on ‘WWC’ but also in a way on the very last decades re many of the so-called and the maybe called ‘Advaita-sitting-in-Truth’ facilitators. I loved the way of spoken Honesty not excluding Herself but including Herself in the processing ever not ending…

      Never, ever ending too is the finding of ever fresh ways and means to meet some fellow traveller friends at the point they are at. And Art, deserving big letters…(Listened to some other takes too…).



  3. Kavita says:

    To me, Ananta seems like a real ‘killer’ ready to be killed!

    • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

      Well, Kavita, as we are meeting on THIS virtual plane here (SN/UK and the broad variety of pretty much anonymous contributors or something trolling, on the edges of cybercriminal riot stuff, their bot-like way into a caravanserai), I would really suggest not to play the ´killer´ or ´victim´ poker card too much.

      The latter has nothing to do with Ananta nor with you, but maybe strong shortened messages get easily misunderstood – and the latter again may lead to fatal consequences on a not-at-all virtual plane.

      Yes, I also liked very much what Ananta had/has to share.

      And it’s strange, isn´t it, have been listening to my laughter and small scream of joy, not unlike a kid watching a filter bubble finding its way in today’s just marvellous, magnificent vastness of a spring sky here – disappearing…

      Nice to come to know (by this thread topic) about that small Sangha of Friends happening, celebrating Life.

      I´ve been out to look for the new leaves.
      To be in awe about it – ever new and ever fresh – even when these moments pass and disappear in an instant like a small breeze. Precious.


      • Kavita says:

        Dear Madhu,

        Thank you for your suggestion.

        I seriously fail to understand why certain words create turmoil in some people when expressed for their true value.

        Actually, I have a web guard on my pc and Sannyasnews is not ‘secure’ according to it! But I have learned how to bypass that whenever I am on SN!

        • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

          Aaah Kavita,
          grateful for your considered and friendly response ; I´ve had been a little concerned that I might could have got a ´grumpy´one.
          Actually me, I´ve neither a ´webguard´on my PC and more so, my writing ( Diary but also e mails etc)and moving in this Bavarian ´world ´suffers / experiences lots of pretty cynical also cruel misuse of my private data , being targeted.
          That´s my Path , walking the very last decades, so to say.
          Good, that I am of ´some age´…., grateful for that too.

          But I´m also learning bypassing these difficulties, whenever I´m on SN or in the flat, or on the streets here.

          Learning never ends, hopefully.

          Grateful about your response…quite a very níce taste of Indian chai this morning with good ingrediance ( hard to get here, but – see – its possible !

          Watching out for the buds of the little new planted tree next to my window here, to open; they take their time and that´s very beautiful too.

          with Love


          • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

            Information Age created the Immensity of a huge Flatliner ( exponential growing) ; and by that I mean , that – how did you put it ? ” why certain words create turmoil in some people when expressed for their true value” – might be even more misunderstandable while in other ( past)times, where such words were passed on in quite secluded spiritual schools and only for those, who might have been been ready to embody the Peace of it all and their true Value, indeed; instead of going for completely immature ways ( see this obnoxious IS stances ? or much more of such CRAP) starting some disembodhied cyberwar or other then ´embodhied ´wars whatsoever.
            For a totally immature human, those same kind of words´are sometimes used and available, believe it , or not , very much unfortunately.

            ( Seeing Ananta in the vids , left in me the impression of Her , to be very well aware of that – while others, I came across, seem to be playing with fire more like small kids , imagening ´empowerment´with sometimes fatal consequences and infecting others to do so )

            We all have to learn to cope with that, its not only me or you or the tiny little virtual sharing gathering here on SN/UK caravanserai.

          • swamishanti says:

            Beloved Madhu,

            You say that you don`t have a webguard on your pc, but if you are concerned about your private data being targeted as you say, it may be a good idea to ask someone in an IT shop, perhaps, to set you up with a “firewall” or a security system like Mcfee or something similar. These kind of systems can be used to prevent and look out for anyone targeting your data, or any Trojans or malware.

          • Kavita says:

            Madhu, I saw your response only few minutes back.

            About your “Actually me, I´ve neither a ´webguard´ on my PC and more so, my writing (diary but also emails etc.) and moving in this Bavarian ´world´ suffer/experience lots of pretty cynical, also cruel misuse of my private data being targeted.”

            I think & feel you could take SS’s suggestion seriously, I remember Lokesh also suggesting the same.

            Sometimes/many times, we are victims of our inhibitions in utilising a practical approach/solutions which we can overcome to save our own energy.

  4. shantam prem says:

    Looking forward for male comments who have watched the video till the end in one go. Just by watching it in one go, you have shown steel-like resolve. You are worthy to be called The Man, my friends!

    • Klaus says:

      Listened to it.

      To me, it boils down to:
      “It is about the politics of power. But this is in everyone of us: just put two people in a kitchen. And watch what happens!”

      Attitudes. Put into the people ‘by the shit-stem’. In every one of us. To work on it. To see it. To go beyond it from 0-100% – the ’78.000 Shades of Sin’.

  5. frank says:

    Klaus says (quoting Ananta):
    “But this is in every one of us: just put two people in a kitchen. And watch what happens!”

    Yeah, just made a salmonella pie with generous lashings of liquidised beaver, followed by some Haldol Cheesecake and adrenaline cupcakes (see pic) for my wife.

    See how she likes that, the bitch!

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