We have to pay £57 (a recurring fee to the web hosts) by September 9 in order to keep Sannyas News going.

If you want SN to continue please first send a message to .

Also, please bear in mind that Clive (formerly Jitendra) is still well out of pocket for having shouldered the burden of keeping SN going financially for getting on for  four years so any extra contributions would be highly appropriate and most welcome.


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  1. simond says:

    I can’t believe that, with the albeit small number of contributors to this site, we can’t raise enough money to pay the website fee and any other debts to pay off Clive. If not, the site deserves to disappear. I suggest you publicise here the full amount needed to settle the debt and request a sum from each of the regular contributors. Those who don’t wish to pay should not contribute any further posts.


    • satchit says:

      Good idea, simpleton.

      If you force them to pay, you will even have less contributors.

      The cracks like Frank and Loco are gone.
      Life will show where the river flows.
      SN has been laying many times on its deathbed.

      I suggest you’re speaking about Frank and Lokesh far too soon, Satchit. It’s summer, people go away and have other things to do.

      • satyadeva says:

        PLEASE NOTE, potential contributors!

        Please contact this address (not the one previously given):

        Apologies for this error.

      • simond says:

        Yes, Satchit, it is no wonder that it has been on its deathbed at times; some of your observations have been so simplistic, contributors tire of reading them.

        As to “forcing” people to pay, it does seem logical to ask those using the site to actually contribute with £ rather than use it without taking responsibility for it. “Life“, as you put it, doesn’t just show where the river flows, it’s action from you and me that makes the difference.

        • satchit says:

          Action from you and me, Simon?

          You should not think so much that you are the doer. Things happen when time is ripe.
          In this way or that way.

          A small lesson in choicelessness.

          • simond says:

            Yes action from you and me. I thought my statement was very clear on this.

          • satyadeva says:

            Your “small lesson in choicelessness” over-complicates a very simple matter, Satchit:
            Either one wants SN to carry on and is prepared to support this financially, or one cares (or thinks one cares) but doesn’t want to give anything, or one doesn’t care at all – three possible options.

            No need for pseudo-spiritual obfuscation, just see the facts and decide.

            • satchit says:

              “Pseudo-spiritual obfuscation” – Now this is really mean of you, SD.

              So only three options are possible? Yes, Master.

              Ever heard of the word ‘maybe’?

              Btw, I have still the account number of Clive somewhere at home.

              That account number might have changed, Satchit, and there’s also a Pay Pal option. So it’s probably better to contact Clive via and he’ll give you any updated details.

              • satyadeva says:

                The word ‘maybe’ is not really viable in this context as one still has to choose from the three options. If you stick with ‘maybe’ you’re essentially choosing not to pay right now, whatever you think you might possibly do later, and whether or not you care (or think you care) about SN’s future.

                This has nothing to do with “choicelessness”, in the spiritual sense, that just sounds as if you’re ‘dressing up’, even ‘glamourising’ the mind’s reluctance to commit itself to action, hiding from the fact in your head that might well be something like, “Oh, better wait and see what happens, maybe others will donate enough, and besides, I don’t want to risk losing anything.”

                Is this true or am I being too judgmental, not ‘spiritual’ enough?

                • satchit says:

                  You can be as judgemental as you want, SD.

                  And you can enjoy your fantasies about me.

                  Surely I could say I pay if I see what the others have paid.
                  Or I pay if Frank and Loco come back from holiday and the action becomes better.

                  Whatever. It is all part of my freedom and my choicelessness.

                • satyadeva says:

                  Ok, Satchit, so you’re playing a waiting game, and no one’s questioning your or anyone else’s “freedom”, but I don’t see where “choicelessness” comes into it. You’re choosing your personal criteria and in doing so misusing spiritual terminology to ‘glamourise’ a simple, mundane process of making a decision.

                • satchit says:

                  I don’t play a waiting game. I said: “I could”.

                  The value of decision making is exaggerated.

                  Did you decide to wake up this morning or did it happen to you?

                • satyadeva says:

                  That’s a poor analogy, Satchit, you’re equating involuntary bodily processes with conscious mental decisions based (hopefully) on evidence as well as (perhaps partly unconscious) personal preferences. The two are worlds apart.

  2. Nityaprem says:

    I’m not exactly a long-term user of the site, but I’d be very willing to contribute towards this year’s costs.

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