Siddharta’s Movie from the Ranch

Questions from a Deeper Place This historical video from the Ranch (1983?)  of about 20 minutes is of value. Only put out this year, it contains a lot of footage of drive by, and could prompt a discussion of the … Continue reading

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Two Contradictions of a Great Master

You are sitting a written exam to see if you can get a place in the Oxford theology department.Here is your written question, your answer will be discussed later in your viva…. Please comment on these two major paradoxes of … Continue reading

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Zen Archery with Bodhihanna

Recently Ma Bodhihanna died. She was I believe 89 years old.  She was an admirable person who had survived nazism. She became interested in zen archery late in life and used to practice in Pune.(Osho Teerth Park) I like the … Continue reading

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Osho’s Work: Is this a Meaningful Phrase?

Lots of people use this phrase “Osho’s work” without really thinking what they mean….. By way of ordinary language some disciples woke up just from a look, a glance, and being receptive to it.  The receptivity was arrived at by what … Continue reading

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Osho’s Death: An Open Letter from Ageh Bharti

An open Letter from Swami Ageh Bharti re Osho’s Death Because of recent allegations and comments that have been made publicly about Osho’s death, Ageh Bharti has written an open letter to shed light on the more exact circumstances of … Continue reading

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