What Is The Value Of Meditation? Are Its Effect And Reach Over-Hyped?

Here we have two perhaps quite commonly held contrary views. from two very different characters with very different backgrounds and preferences.. Shantam Prem, from an Indian Sikh heritage, with, I think it’s fair to say, a strong ‘Bhakti’ or devotional … Continue reading

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The Winds Of Change…

Madhu reflects on the mysteries of how life changes and asks whether more mutual nourishment is possible here at Sannyas News, given the nature of our core Being. Winds of change are always blowing, aren´t they? Sometimes feeling like watching … Continue reading

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Was Osho Wrong About Drugs?

Gangaji, a new contributor to Sannyas News,  discusses whether Osho was “naive” about drugs, contrasting his attitude with that of Sadhguru. Question: WAS OSHO WRONG ABOUT DRUGS? He seemed to think scientists could create drugs without the negative side-effects. A … Continue reading

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“It Won’t Happen To Me…”

  As we approach old age it’s hard to escape from realising the eventual fate of our bodtes, of what we ‘normally’ assume to be ‘ourselves’. And yet somehow there seems to be a sort of ‘denial’ mechanism that prevents … Continue reading

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Dance And Be Forever Young?

Why do many sannyasins look younger than their age might usually tend to indicate? Refusal to ‘grow up’, avoiding taking responsibility in the so-called ‘grown-up, problematic world, the ‘puer eternus’ (‘eternal child’) syndrome? Medical research suggests  this might be the … Continue reading

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