Indian Journalist Imprisoned for quoting Osho on Shiva

SannyasNews has noticed that an Indian  journalist has been arrested for publishing some words by Osho on the worship of ‘Shivling’. The journalist has been charged under Section 295 A of the IPC (deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage … Continue reading

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Samadhi by the Lake by Deva Peter Haykus

Excerpt from Chapter 5 of  93 Rolls-Royces by Deva Peter Haykus.   (The book is available from Viha)  First published in Viha Connection This has been my whole life: putting out energy, waiting for something to happen. Waiting without … Continue reading

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No Need to have anything, just relax into whatever situation occurs around you Osho speaks on acceptance and gives the Buddhist nun Rengetsu as a good example The first thing is to accept life as it is. Accepting it, desires … Continue reading

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Commune and Communism….

Some Osho Extracts about Communes  Real socialism is not a revolution in the society, it is not social: it is the revolution in the individual consciousness. If many people who are going through an inner revolution live together, then there … Continue reading

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Toasts to the Idiots

These are the 21 categories of Idiot that Gurdjieff used to toast his disciples with. The Idiot’s Names 1. ordinary  2. super 3. arch 4. hopeless 5. compassionate 6. squirming 7. square 8. round 9. zigzag  10. enlightened  11. doubting  … Continue reading

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