Could Anyone, With The Right Application, Become A Satsang Giver? (Or: How To Spot A Phoney Spiritual Teacher?)

Frank recently found this critique online. Is the writer correct to declare that many teachers are phoneys, essentially actors just playing a part? Frank writes: Someone said this: “Giving satsangs and enlightenment-speak is something that can be learned, a social … Continue reading

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Do We Create Our Own Reality?

Lokesh offers some sceptical thoughts on a belief  that’s commonly held and taught in psycho-spiritual circles. “Don’t become a prisoner of your own reality, set yourself free by creating a life worth living.” ― Steven Redhead, Keys to Creating Your Reality “Whatever … Continue reading

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Hitler and Ashoka’s Circle Of Nine – Osho Reveals a Cosmic Mystery

Many of us in the West tend to enjoy a good mystery story around Christmas time, and here’s one from Osho himself, from one of his earliest books, ‘I Am The Gate’, published in the early 1970s, provided by Ganga, … Continue reading

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WHAT SANNYAS NEWS NEEDS TO CARRY ON: FUNDING THIS SITE – AN APPEAL FOR DONATIONS! Regulars at SN might well have already read this as it was first put up at the Caravanserai page nearly four weeks ago,. Now there’s an … Continue reading

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What Is The Value Of Meditation? Are Its Effect And Reach Over-Hyped?

Here we have two perhaps quite commonly held contrary views. from two very different characters with very different backgrounds and preferences.. Shantam Prem, from an Indian Sikh heritage, with, I think it’s fair to say, a strong ‘Bhakti’ or devotional … Continue reading

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