The Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra: A New Wave of Consciousness or just the same old same old?

I notice that the Dalai Lama met with Deepak Chopra recently in Dharamsala, HP. This is reported in Osho News as presumably good news for the evolution of consciousness. But is it? What is so attractive about an old-time religion that … Continue reading

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Ma Yogini’s trip to the divine

Ma Yogini Bharti, a Canadian sannyasin now based in the Amazon rain forest, relates her remarkable story.   I first met Osho in 1972, during one of his meditation camps at Mount Abu. We did not exchange words but I … Continue reading

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Coming back to earth

It was a lovely day, and a lovely way to take a final goodbye. A meet up in a pub on the warmest day of the year, a stroll down into the woods, a cheerful picnic, a five-minute meditation. Then … Continue reading

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On being spiritual

Arpana says, “I was just about to post this and say it reflects Sannyas News at its best, that it’s how I see Sannyas News, but there’s potential for a discussion in this, methinks…”


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Opening Weekend Of New Osho Centre, Provence, South of France

A new Centre, amidst lovely surroundings, created and run by Swami Dhyan Pascal in Simiane-la-Profonde, Provence, has opened with a weekend celebration over Easter. Here’s a taste of the fun… Tel: 00 33 68 59 12 865

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