Amrito gives his take on Wild, Wild Country

Osho’s Personal Doctor Gives His View on  Wild Wild Country This first appeared in “The Cut” . As the Sheela cabal tried to murder Amrito it is important testimony, and a major flaw that the film did not try to … Continue reading

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The View from the Street: The Ordinary Sannyasin at Rajneeshpuram

Rashid Maxwell Artist/painter and farmer living in England. Lived at Rajneeshpuram for four years. Because of my agricultural experience, I was one of the first people to go to Rajneeshpuram. My job then was taking the land, which had been … Continue reading

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A different View of the Wild

 Ananta, could you say something about the Wild Wild Country series on Osho?

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The “Editing” of Osho’s Words by the Cabal

I always find it outside of normal logic when commentators and others, most of whom never stepped foot on the Ranch say it was Osho telling Sheela and her cabal  to do “things”. I dont share this view at all. … Continue reading

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Tom Robbins on Osho/ 1987

Tom Robbins post Ranch essay on Osho (Bhagwan)  hits the nail on the head. (Tom Robbins, is the famous author of Even Cow Girls get the Blues and eight other novels. He is still alive, must be around 85 years … Continue reading

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