Message from the Amazonian Rain Forest…

Ma Yogini Bharti provides an update from the Ecuadorian Amazon, where she’s recovered from Covid but can clearly perceive we’re heading towards planetary disaster… It is now well over two years since I wrote an article for Sannyas News, detailing … Continue reading

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The Final Chapter…

Lokesh writes… Up until now, I was satisfied with the last chapter in ‘The Very Best and  Worst Of Sannyas News’, although I was left with the nagging thought that it did not end the book with a big enough … Continue reading

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Lokesh views his experiences with Osho and Punjaji in retrospect and reflects on a fundamental lesson from his experiences with them. ALONE “We need a leader, we need a master We can’t do it all on our own We need … Continue reading

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Final Appeal for Funds for SN to Continue

SN has to find $240 (about £170) by November 6 in order to pay for another year of online security.  Clive (Jitendra) (who has no interest in SN) has personally covered the vast majority of such expenses for the last … Continue reading

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‘The Best and Worst of Sannyas News’

Lokesh introduces his new book, a compilation of outstanding posts from the SN archives. Work on the book, based on a compilation of articles and comments taken from Sannyas News, is progressing well. The word count is now at 130,000 … Continue reading

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