Pravasi, manufacturer of LSD dies

Nicholas Sand, (Swami Pravasi) Chemist,  Who Sought to Bring LSD to the World, Dies at 75 Pravasi in August 1970 One day in 1964, Pravasi, a Brooklyn-born son of a spy for the Soviet Union, took his first acid trip. … Continue reading

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Good Bad and Ugly, by Arhata

May 8, 2017   We are all suckers for a good deal, but what shines on the outside, may be ugly on the inside, and that’s ‘bad’! One person or ‘thing’ can be all three rolled into one. Situations and … Continue reading

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How to Give Up Coffee?

A POEM FROM MY OLD FRIEND LAILA YOU  are my one true love You are there when no-one else is. You make me excited
, but then I can`t sleep 
You give me ideas 
but make me nervous You are bitter … Continue reading

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New Kundalini and Dynamic Meditation Music…..

I received the below from Dhyan Raj who I used to know all those years ago.  We liked each other. What do SN punters think about new music for these meditatons, and, also, if one does approve, what does one … Continue reading

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Days of Negativity at Pune Resort dissolved in a Buddhafield Hug

I took my journalism class to India this past spring to cover the role of religion in the recent election. I’d done similar trips before, but this time I wanted the students to have more than a fleeting encounter with … Continue reading

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