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An Ordinary Man ?

RADHA is said to be a tantric teacher. We are not sure what this means. However this link shows her answering a question about Osho’s physical presence which SN thought worthy. Radha says in replying to a question about experiencing  … Continue reading

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Philanthropy in Sannyas?

Buddhas behind Bars For Years Dhanyam and Avinasho of Viha Connection have created a connection with prisoners in American jails.  Of which we are told there are many. Some statistics put the population for American jails at something like 1 … Continue reading

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The Cosmic Joke

MULLA NASRUDDIN Sannyasnews sometimes feels that whilst our bloggers are sincere, they are also often rather “serious”.Its good to keep things light, and a good laugh does.  The Sufis made a good contribution to this with Mulla Nasruddin. Osho often … Continue reading

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Osho Satsangs of Silent Communion

On the  1st May, 1981,  “Osho Satsangs”, heart to heart silent communion with Osho begins They last until Osho goes to America  At the beginning and end the gachchhamis are chanted; there is a period of silent meditation; the satsang … Continue reading

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The Long Pilgrimage

Osho comments on the Englishman John Bennett’s book on Shivapuri Baba. The first book is by Bennett, an Englishman, a perfect Englishman. The book is about an absolutely unknown Indian mystic, Shivapuri Baba. The world has come to know about … Continue reading

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