Krishna Prem meets Osho for the first time

February 14th is Valentine’s Day….

celebrated all over the world as a day for lovers. On February 14th, 1973 I met the love of my life; his name at the time was Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, known today to his beloveds worldwide as Osho. My body age at the time was 29 years old, and I have now attained the ripe age of 38 as an Osho sannyasin; you do the math! I certainly can’t imagine how many more blog entries this bloke has left in his being but for now, I feel like reminiscing….

Imagine if you will that I am 29, miserable and angry, sitting in front of a beaming Osho for the very first time…I so wanted to crawl under my orange pyjamas (standard outfit before the maroon robe of now became the fashion), and disappear to get away from his attention. In this very moment, it was just him and me in his one-room home in the desert in the middle of Nowhere, India. Back in ’73 Osho’s official residence was an apartment in the Woodlands Building in Bombay. He was already bigger than his apartment and this desert was to be the beginning of his first ashram. As I jumped onto the train, Osho got there first in his pre-Rolls Royce, pre-historic Chevrolet. I don’t know the exact location because I arrived by train from Bombay and thus saw nothing but Indians by the dozen on all four sides of my immediate circumference…yes I can remember the smell and my desire to die immediately and nothing else. Having miraculously survived a 3rd-class un-air-conditioned Indian train journey, I nearly lost my mind when I came to know that the only available transportation between this rural train stop and Osho was a bullock cart…no shit, except, from the bullock which upon first breath hid the smells from the train with welcomed relief. Intuitively I remembered to breathe out.

The first thing Osho said to me was that the revolution is inside of myself. I immediately exploded into the unknown because I had thought my life was secret and he read me like an open book. In the same year, 1973, Roberta Flack sang the song, ‘Killing me softly with his song, telling my whole life with his words.’

The second thing he said to me was, “Your new name will be Krishna Prem.” The only thing I knew about Krishna at this point in time was freaks chanting ‘Hare Krishna’ at the airport, and to be honest I immediately came crashing down to earth. It took me a while to laugh at the thought of a good Jewish boy having a name like Krishna. When I found out that the mythical blue god had 16,000 wives I turned red with envy. Osho said, “Krishna means ecstasy and Prem means love, will this be easy to pronounce?” As I nodded yes I thought to myself yes, but it could be hard to live with. Even today it’s easier when you say to me, “Hi Krishna Prem” than when I call myself by that name. Many of you know me as KP. That came about from a time when I made a reservation at a Michelin-starred restaurant and I simply couldn’t reserve a table for two under that holy name. Can you imagine coming back to America in orange pyjamas and a mala (108 wooden beads), a beard down to my toes, and with a name like Krishna Prem? Being with Osho can be very shocking. Basically Osho’s first Western sannyasin was given the name Krishna Christ, and I often wonder how Osho ever got a second sannyasin. I was once at the airport flying to India with Krishna Christ when all of a sudden over the public-address system I heard the announcement ‘Krishna Christ you’re holding up the flight and your luggage will be off-loaded if you don’t present yourself at Gate 16.’ I wonder how mad we are considering the fact that hundreds of thousands of friends from all walks of life have traded in their birth names and became fools for the truth. If you don’t believe me please call yourself Krishna Prem for twenty-four hours and watch the whole world around you go into shock.

My life up until this point was a lie, festering like a disease. I wasn’t surprised when Osho suggested I do the Dynamic meditation each morning for the next three months. For those that don’t know the Dynamic meditation it  begins with ten minutes of deep, fast, chaotic breathing, which may or may not lead to letting go through screaming. In my case primaling was the truth. I needed to throw out my entire universe of enemies as well as friends in order to be alone again.

Osho suggested that the more I could let go, the more room there would be for me. I felt a key in his words that I could work on myself instead of trying to change you or change the world.

Basically…that in my loneliness I have invited my parents, my priests, my politicians, my girlfriends, all to live with me, without ever asking them to leave, and by now I was so full of my past that there was simply no room to be in the present. And he said, “Please don’t invite me into your life until you clean up your house.” And then he cutely said, “I’m not talking about rearranging furniture in your mind.” I took this to mean to make room for love I needed to throw out my hate. I don’t think he was trying to say that everything about my past was negative, but I was very welcoming without being discriminating. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I travelled ten thousand miles away from my home town in order to get some distance from my up-bringing. By the time I did the Dynamic meditation for ninety mornings at Juhu beach in Bombay I was so alone from throwing everything out that I didn’t even know who I was. Isn’t it funny how much we define ourselves by our past relationships? This I that I’m referring to is made up 100% of ‘the not-real me,’ and that is why in meditation one comes to know that one doesn’t exist as a personality. That in fact we are all individuals who instead of coming from our own passion, come from the teachings of others. Blessed are the ignorant, including family and friends, who have shared their untruths with me. This is why meditation is called no-mind. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t a mind, it simply means that we come into this moment naked and alive and creative…not a part of our up-bringing. Of course the problem was that I threw out the baby with the bathwater, so just like one had problems holding on, sometimes you let go too much. Life is in the balance. By the way, I didn’t do the entire ninety mornings of Dynamic at Juhu beach, I was travelling and ended up dizzy and short of breath in the Himalayas. Deep, fast, chaotic breathing is not the best thing to do at high altitude with Mount Everest as a backdrop; it’s similar to getting the bends coming up from a dive in the Maldives. As above so below. I continued to do the Dynamic mediation for the better part of the next nine years. I giggle to myself even today as I recall when I once did it at Venice Beach by the Pacific Ocean while I was still blindfolded; I simply floated on the salt water during the silent stage, and luckily didn’t drown when the tide came in. I was also once detained temporarily by the Los Angeles Police Department when I did Dynamic in Griffith Park at sunrise. I thoroughly recommend, for your personal safety, that you come to the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, to do the Dynamic meditation for a minimum of twenty-one days. It’s not only a safe environment for change and personal growth, but you can avoid incarceration. Remember, meditation can get you in trouble.

“There are only three steps. The first step: becoming aware that this world is nothing but games, becoming aware that this world is nothing but our projections; and the second step, becoming aware that the other world, heaven, paradise, is also nothing but our unfulfilled dreams, our unfulfilled desires projected in time, in the future; and the third step, when this world is dropped and that world is dropped, then all that is left is you. Then all that is left is the faculty of projection, the mind, the ego. And the third step consists of dropping the ego. And suddenly you are back home. Suddenly nothing is needed any more, all is available. And then one starts laughing, because this had always been so – all had always been available. Just because we were searching and searching, and we were in such a frantic search that we never looked within; we never looked at the treasure that we are already carrying, we became too much obsessed with the outside world; we forgot the language of the inner, we forgot that there is an interior in us and that interiority is God.

Meditate over these beautiful lines of D.H. Lawrence:

Are you willing to be sponged out,
Erased, cancelled, made nothing?
Are you willing to be made nothing,
Dipped into oblivion?
If not, you will never really change.

The phoenix renews her youth
Only when she is burnt, burnt alive,
Burnt down to hot and flocculent ash.”

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132 Responses to Krishna Prem meets Osho for the first time

  1. Gandhi says:

    I was in New Delhi last week, nice airport.

  2. Kavita says:

    Hey KP . . my father died on 14th Feb 1985 . . at 3.40pm
    it was a thursday . . incase you dont know as yet whome to leave your dough . . lam a child of existence . . living off
    inheritances . . jus to let u know Dear . . do Wish u live forever . . cudnt find an English song . . with such words
    . . :)

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  3. Lokesh says:

    Police arrested two kids yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, the other was eating fireworks. They charged one and let the other one off.
    Tommy Cooper Zen Master.

  4. Kartar says:

    I was inside the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune the other day.

    And all the sannyasins were in an outdoor session jumping up and down shouting, ’13….13….13.’

    The greenery was too thick to see through, but I saw a little gap, so I looked through to see what was going on…

    Some sannyasin poked me in the eye with a stick!

    Then they all started shouting ’14….14….14′…

  5. Lokesh says:

    Kartar, you’ll be happy to know you succeeded in making me chuckle. 15..15..15.

  6. Lokesh says:

    “As part of our complete USB IP solution, we expect the new PHY IP to be adopted in many cost- and power-sensitive designs for the competitive mobile and consumer market.”
    Guri Stark

  7. Kavita says:

    I jus love Samuel Goldwyn . . he said . . ‘ Let’s have some new cliches. ‘ . . :)

  8. shantam says:

    Kartar…Today you have lifted a sixer, high above the bowler towards the long run!
    I don´t know whether the editors of this site take prior permission to copy the matter from other people´s website.
    I think in this series we can have atleast 50 thousand articles, how was my first moment with Osho…than Bhagwan sorry Acharya back in Satyuga(the age of the beaming truth)

  9. Gandhi says:

    Every story from Krishna Prem starts with how he took sannyas on February 13th, 1973. yes we get it Krishna Prem, you are OLD.

  10. shantam says:

    To be Old is gold if you are a permanent residence of an ashram turned resort. It is a heaven for the old bodies with young heart.
    I mean if you are an old man!

  11. shantam says:

    I would like to suggest the PR agency of the resort to focus their attention on the male senior citzens of the world.

    Be our guest, be better than Hugh Hefner!

    and to show the authenticity, slogan must be accompanied by the life long Swami residents of this place…

  12. chetna says:

    “I thoroughly recommend, for your personal safety, that you come to the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, to do the Dynamic meditation for a minimum of twenty-one days. “-is it becasue it is quite expensive, hence will work better?

  13. shantam says:

    Many glorious traditions of Osho´s Times are erosed….for example to ban people for their own good!

    Are you reading Mr. editor, what i have written?

  14. shantam says:

    When few people get some UBS stick not in the brain but somewhere else..they can see very clearly, Guru(osho) is dead…
    but the same people will get an electric shock..if they utter the samefeelings…for Buddha or others in the dead Men´s walking club of last 5 thousand years….

    Question is not whether Osho died or left His body..the question is whether the trees planted by Him are growing or are being cut by the city administraion!

  15. shantam says:

    This is the courage and the will Power of Sannyasins to stand for their truth..they will go on swallowing or ignoring few people but will not dare to say fear of retaliation..
    After all, one has to take care of one´s body and soul oneself..Trust in existence is nice as poetry..the way it is a poetry..we all are the successors of Osho!

  16. Lokesh says:

    I always enjoyed Osho’s descriptions of himself in the role of gardener…a bit of cutting here, a little pruning there. He did not plant the trees, though. They had been in the earth already for a very long time before he showed up.

  17. Lokesh says:

    Someone just sent me this link for free Osho book downloads. Perhaps someone is interested.

  18. shantam says:

    Old sannyasins love themselves when they ridicule Rajneesh, but the Man is doing wonders by pouring his love for Osho.
    The link above is because of a single man´s passion to motivate…

  19. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    Link to the The Main page of Free Osho

  20. shantam says:

    82 years old man who has licked the power for his whole life, has again given the speech to stay on as president of Egypt..

    What a poor souls are there on the power seat of the world..and where is the leadership quality from America?

    No wonder…USA is remembering President Rgean on his 100th birthday for strong leadership..

  21. prem bubbie says:

    Anand/Poopta Gandhi: Yes, Krishna Prem is old, but you are old plus you piss and shit in your pants… which explains a lot.

  22. prem bubbie says:

    What’s your fuckin problem Shantam? Enough with this obsession with Egypt and america… blah, blah… You have forgotten your pro- dictator mindset. Chameleon #1. short term memory loss also.

  23. Kartar says:

    Two lesbians at the Osho Resort, gave me a Rolex for my birthday. Very nice, but I think they misunderstood me when I said I wanna watch.

  24. prem bubbie says:

    So Kavita, you are also known as, “Dilruba”. You used to post by that name last year…. your schizophrenia caught up with you i suppose, be a good hot mama and take your meds. P.S. How big are your boobs? Will your meds affect their size? For the bigger i hope. see ya.

  25. prem bubbie says:

    Kartar- hairy or shaved?

  26. prem bubbie says:

    What’s your preference? for me shaved… it takes care of the crabs as a side benefit. Lokesh, what about you? Shantam, i’d ask but he’s already out looking for the bearded lady.

  27. Kartar says:

    Premmie one hairy one shaved, hopefully, which reminds me:

    My Little Friend Sanwan lives in Africa, he is poor, he hardly eats and has to ride his pushike to school each day. His bike has a bent wheel. So please send a $10 donation to SannyasNews.

  28. Kartar says:


  29. shantam says:

    God is screaming through millions of throats, Go Mubaraak Go..and the man just said, ” I will stay till the end of my term because i took the oath before God and constitution”..
    Seems like God, Master and constittuion is the last refuge for the power hungry thugs..all around the world, where No system of public check and balance exists..

  30. shantam says:

    We are all successors of Osho..and this successor of Osho is asking for more honesty and transparency in the matters effecting us Jointly….
    What is your legal brain says about the vast Osho property in Pune..most of it is because of the contributions of innumerable number of sannyasins?

  31. Gandhi says:

    Prem ‘Goat father’ Bubbie, you forgot to answer my questions. Why did YOU not stand up against Sheela then on the ranch? What is your excuse? Besides having a donkey as a father.

    At least most of us moved on, but you got stuck collecting social security in Oregon and whining.

  32. Kavita says:

    Bubbie darling . . jus like you have your reasons for not revealing your full name / sanyas name . . I have mine for changing it . . call it whatever you feel happy . . so dont even come close to me better dont even mention any of my names ever . . you son of a bitch . . :)

  33. Lokesh says:

    Thought for today: “And why take ye thought for rainment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow. They toil not, neither do they spin, and yet I say unto you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these… Take therefore no thought for the morrow, for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.”

  34. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    My comments are being moderated since 2 days ??
    Now what is happening here ?? Moderating my simple comments ??

  35. Lokesh says:

    Perhaps your comments are so simple they need moderating.

  36. Kavita says:

    Gandhi will you remain a Gandhi ? . . even though you walked so much . . you seem far behind . . :)

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  37. chetna says:

    “chetna worry not about me…..but face your owm fears…”-fell of the roof, love?

    i hope you do read articles, on which you are supposed to comment.

  38. Gandhi says:

    Gandhi is fasting, visited Rishikesh temples, back to my roots….

    Thank you Kavita, very kind, love Gurjieff.

  39. prem bubbie says:

    Dilruba/Kavita dearie; so glad to piss you off, how about a date with Anand/Poopta Gandhi? a match made in heaven? wiping each others ass… joy joy.

  40. prem bubbie says:

    Gandhi, keep walking- to the Ganges, then jump right in, maybe Krishna or Vishnu will save you… don’t wait for osho, he’s got better things to do. P.S. Water is Wet, lose those bloomers before you wade in.

  41. shantam says:

    Because of the collective will of the people´s power one more dictator has been flushed down the drain…

    Thanks God..there were no group leaders among the Egypitan people otherwise they would have pacified the crowd, ” Don´t feel like victims..Mubarak is just like all of us. Your protest give shim the power. Just watch inside..ral powr lies inside..”

    and for this wisodm..enroll for further courses at, “Pay as you Grow”.

  42. shantam says:

    Today Egyptians are the luckiest people on the earth. They have won the freedom, it was not given on the silver platter..

  43. shantam says:

    Autocratic rulers.. Hope your kind of people will disappear from the earth..
    Bye bye..No see you again!

  44. shantam says:

    People can join together..but not Osho sannyasins. These people are not people..they are angels!!!

  45. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam, please, just shut the fuck up- jackass

  46. shantam says:

    One of the reason for Rajneeshpuram´s complte fall was…people like prem Bubbie..

    It will sound wierd..but it is not so….

    I hope future Masters will take care not to enroll everybody in their disciple´s register…

  47. shantam says:

    world which is becoming more and more secular, Religion is taking the shape of Pubic hairs.. You keep or shave is a private matter..
    Public display is OK once in a while, if one is on the Ibiza kind of beaches.
    That is IT.

  48. shantam says:

    As a matter of decency, i wish to respond only to the real people with their real names..
    As Sannyasnews is a public platform..anybody can write anything, not just sannyasins…so i will also write what i feel is appropriate from the point of view of a Osho disciple…
    But dialogue!
    how is it possible with faceless and fictitious names?

  49. Gandhi says:

    Shantam, now I remember Bubbie, he was one of the homeless people on the ranch. I had some beers with him, then I heard he had Aids and lost contact with him.
    Now I hear he has a goat farm outside of Portland……

    It must be heard Shantam to register Sangeet’s remarks: there is no regime in Pune. We are all directly related to Osho. these folks are just ordinary people, not doing their best. One major issue gone…

    Issue number two: faceless people…aren’t we all?
    The rest is all imagination……

  50. shantam says:

    Sangeet, a little bit of Google search was needed and the article i was looking in my memory is part os sannyasnews archieves, written by one of your Osho attorney colleague..
    If you feel so, i think it will be interesting if you let your memories flow in the words of your days around Osho and a interesting phase of His work in Oregaon.

    Let Go and Fall Apart
    by Swami Prem Niren

    (Niren was Osho’s attorney through all the Ranch period and still works as a lawyer in Califonia. Here he talks of a lawyer’s worse fear, the fear of falling apart!. )

    I didn’t ask Osho a lot of questions. I sometimes met with him personally to report on His work, but it felt inappropriate to ask Him personal questions at those times.

    One question that I did submit stands out in my memory. A couple of years into Pune Two there must have been a shortage of questions, because the “question people” in Lao Tzu House were encouraging people to submit questions. I wrote a question, but when it was quoted by Osho it was quite different from the one I had asked. I wondered if others had this same experience? I liked the changes because the question He answered was a deeper, better question than the one I had asked, and it took me deeper into myself.

    (As it happened) Osho didn’t answer the question until after I had left Pune. I was not aware that he had until months later, when an old friend sent me the tape. It seemed to me perfect timing, to get it while I was trying to reestablish myself in the world, and it impressed on me the timeless nature of His teachings.

    In his reply to my question Osho had said:

    “Your fear is, Niren, that if you come in deeper communion with me, you will fall apart. Naturally, nobody wants to fall apart. And a great fear arises. […] And I guarantee: you will fall apart! So what is the fear? Do it once – once and for all! Then there will be no fear. Fall apart and let us see what falls apart. Not your legs, not your hands, nor your eyes… Nothing that is really yours is going to fall apart, only your false notions about you. Your personality, your ego, your knowledgeability, these are the things that are going to fall apart. But they are not worth holding. […] And the authentic reality need not be supported by you. It is there, it is not going to fall apart. Only the false can disappear, only your shadow – not you. (Sat Chit Anand, Chapter 16)

    When I first heard the answer, it hit me hard. I saw that I was trying to keep it together, to not fall apart. For a number of years after His death, I was totally involved in trying to reestablish myself in the world, and trying to have a deep relationship with a woman. Although I did continue my meditation practice, I was pretty much lost in “trying” to keep it together in the world.

    In recent years, this answer has come back to me more and more often, and I treat it as a meditation: just let go, fall apart, and see what remains. I turned 60 recently, and that event moved me to look hard at my life, and to ask myself: “What do you have to lose? What can you hold on to, anyway?”

    Currently I have been reading a lot of old Osho and Eckhart Tolle books. I see that to choose presence, not mind, is to choose that ongoing “falling apart.” For me, endeavoring to remember and choose presence, and letting go and allowing whatever is, has brought me to a deepening relaxation. And it has brought me more deeply into gratitude and silence — and to Osho.

    This article first appeared in Viha Connection

  51. Lokesh says:

    Ikkyu, a famous Zen teacher of the Ashikaga era, was the son of the emperor. When he was very young, his mother left the palace and went to study Zen in a temple. In this way Prince Ikkyu also became a student. When his mother passed on, she left with him a letter. It read:

    To Ikkyu:
    I have finished my work in this life and am now returning into Eternity. I wish you to become a good student and to realize your Buddha-nature. You will know if I am in hell and whether I am always with you or not.
    If you become a man who realizes that the Buddha and his follower Bodhidharma are your own servants, you may leave off studying and work for humanity. The Buddha preached for forty-nine years and in all that time found it not necessary to speak one word. You ought to know why. But if you don’t and yet wish to, avoid thinking fruitlessly.

    Your Mother,
    Not born, not dead.

    September first.

    P.S. The teaching of Buddha was mainly for the purpose of enlightening others. If you are dependent on any of its methods, you are naught but an ignorant insect. There are 80,000 books on Buddhism and if you should read all of them and still not see your own nature, you will not understand even this letter. This is my will and testament.

  52. shantam says:

    When people talk or writeabout Buddha, the man who lived and died 2600 years ago, they speak as if it is the event of yesterday and this man´s last sentence was uttered before the Tv cameras…

    This is the joy of recreatig one´s own stories through the collective imagination…

    Same people when they speak about Osho, the man they have seen walking and talking..they think of him as it is the event of thousand years ago…

    Amazing is the power of human mind…

  53. Gandhi says:

    A million of people in Egypt managed to get rid of their dictator president.

    Latest news out of Pune are that workers and facilitators have to pay the 850 Rs entrance fee. Friends are shocked, doing White Robe Meditation in their hotel rooms.

    The heart of Osho sannyasins is non-political. When will the heart erupt over the head?

  54. Gandhi says:

    A small group of people (Jayesh, Amrito, Yogendra, Mukesh) dictate the lives and meditations of millions of sannyasins. They control all Osho publishings, YouTube accounts, the property 17 Koregaon Park, editing Osho Talks into compilations, secret finance transactions, donations. What is next?

    And all of us, say yes and amen.

  55. Kavita says:

    Bubbie munchikin . . seems like you are an agent of a match maker . . and I can see the both of u wiping each others asses . . by the way I use a bidet . . l dont need anyone . . hee hee :)

  56. Kartar says:

    My friend Hung Chow calls into work and says, ‘Hey, I no come work today, I really sick . Got headache, stomach ache and legs hurt, I no come work.

    ‘The boss says, ‘You know something, Hung Chow, I really need you today. When I feel sick like you do, I go to my wife and tell her to give me Sex. That Makes everything better and I go to work. You try that.

    ‘Two hours later Hung Chow calls again. ‘I do what You say and I feel Great.

    I be at work soon………You got nice house’

  57. Kavita says:

    and she came from afghanistan . . wandering all the way
    to Poona . . :)

  58. Kavita says:

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  59. shantam says:

    ‘Winds of change are sweeping the Arab world’
    Will this wind will ever touch the grounds of 17,Koregaon Park, Pune Again..

    Osho who spoke so much about the Dynamics of change, and in His name we are indulging in cosmetic changes. For example painting the rooms every six months, changing the style of wash basin every year…..

  60. shantam says:

    If you don´t have your real face, name and faces are imaginations..

    When big big truths come in the hands of small small can see a scene like a sick horse being watched by the hungry dogs..

    If you don´t have your real face, name and faces are imaginations..

    So Gandhi went to India by borrowing the passport of his mother/wife/dad…
    and also convinced the immigration control to let him go….

  61. shantam says:

    “Latest news out of Pune are that workers and facilitators have to pay the 850 Rs entrance fee. Friends are shocked, doing White Robe Meditation in their hotel rooms.”
    If this is the factual news..there is a scope of new bank…

    Ja yes…Bank
    Borrow Now Pay in the next life…

    The extreme example of for Master´s video is so strong..long time workers are willing to borrow the money…

    Matter of fact..hardly one sees some free resident going in the ashram with one´s own money… Litte saving little saving..and one can buy a flat in Pune..and do meditation at HOME…

    Be a light unto yourself…SAve the money..this will carry the soul to the next life!

  62. shantam says:

    The heart of Osho sannyasins is non-political. When will the heart erupt over the head?
    gandhi ji..when the heart will have the courage to stand up..and face the bullet…

    Come out form your Gandhi Shawl…
    it does not fit with your heart energy…

  63. shantam says:

    Youth power of Egypt has shown, Dictators any where will face an unceremonious exit..
    Who is next please…

    Kick on the butt of Corruption, India…Ms. Corruption is the defacto dictator..

  64. Lokesh says:

    Shantam, ‘Winds of change are sweeping the Arab world’

    Yes, it cetainly looks like that, which means a great opportunity is being presented to Islamic fundamentalists. You can hear their rallying cry already, ‘We have to return to the old ways, because they work.’ It could well be the case that, like the former Yugoslavia, when the iron grip of power is broken all hell breaks loose.
    Of course, Shantam, you are using the situation for your eternal rant against the powers that be in number 17. It is a bit like someone complaining about the sea being wet in the sense that Osho’s rule was completely authoritarian and that like most power structures the shram was always run by a heirachy. Osho was not a democrat and he made no odds about it and I understand his reasons for doing so. Democracy is often touted as the new socio-religion, but it does not always work. I believe most Iraqis would agree that democracy was the worst thing that ever happened to their country and things were better when Saddam Hussein ruled the land. You are a man with a mission but to me it looks like a complete waste of time that only provides you with a crusade to fight, which probably appeals to your Sikh mentallity…historically the Sikhs have always enjoyed a good fight against an oppressor.
    The new paradigm requires that we break free of all that authoritarian bullshit we’ve been programmed to believe in. Including the concept of divine beings who know what is best for us and the idea of creating holy spots to worship in like number 17, because none of that stuff is providing the important answers that we have to have answered in order to survive as a species.
    Shantam, you keep comparing Osho to Christ and Buddha etc. As Osho did himself but it is only history that will show if he will be remembered as such. Right now that is really unimportant because if we do not get our collective shit together soon this planet is going down as far as we are concerned and there might not be anyone left to read the history books in the not too distant future. I am too to certain what direction we have to move in order to create a healthier world for our children but I am 100% it has nothing to do with what is going on in number 17. Only a myopic idiot like Gandhi could come away with unbelievable statements like, ‘A small group of people (Jayesh, Amrito, Yogendra, Mukesh) dictate the lives and meditations of millions of sannyasins.’ What a bloody joke. ‘Millions of sannyasins’ my hairy Scottish ass.

  65. Lokesh says:

    Kavita, ‘yuhi chala chal rahi ‘. Very corny.

  66. Kavita says:

    Loky . . lets hear some of ur music . . here . . if its ok . . :)

  67. Kavita says:

    even with no eyes / closed eyes . . :)

  68. Kavita says:

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  69. Kavita says:

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  70. Lokesh says:


    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  71. Kavita says:

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

    . . :)

  72. Lokesh says:

    if you want to watch an inspiring and very moving movie look no further than ‘Temple Grandin’. It is what brilliant acting and film-making is all about.

  73. shantam says:

    “If it is a government of institutions, i don’t care if the president is a monkey.”
    A gold nugget shared by an Egypitan protestor….

    Read more at:

  74. Dr. Jai Hind says:

    Dear friends, i have received my doctorate on the thesis written about spiritual teachers from India. I feel greatful l to say, how much Osho´s books helped me to prepare my work.
    Therefore i feel one of Osho´s disciple and request the people on this site to use dignified language for such a great and wise master.

  75. shantam says:

    If someone has not seen how real son of the bitches express themselves..sannyasnews is the right site to find few exotic names of 100% pure and original son of a bitch…

    Dear readers, Decide yourself..which one you would like to raise as your pet.

  76. prem bubbie says:

    Kartar: Wasn’t his name actually- “Sum Yung Guy”? i met him once, pleasant fellow.

  77. prem bubbie says:

    Lokesh- nice comment about shantam’s supposed rants about the resort and pro-democracy raves happening in Egypt. I took t the long and arduous trouble of reading some of the old boy’s past postings… very anti-democracy guy, as i’ve mentioned before… now, that anti-democratic feeling disappears like a fart in the wind(desperate to stake a popular claim somewhere)…. Shantam… Sw.Poseur . keep looking for something more worth while to rant/rave about.

  78. prem bubbie says:

    Kavita- i have an idea while you had to be taken away to a rubber room a while back- you are too fucking serious and can’t take a joke, nor can you tell jokes…. take the masters advice and lightened up…”Seriousness is a disease” as the old boy said many times.. no amount of pills can help you…. good luck my big breasted babe. “Ain’t gonna bump no more, no big boobed woman”.

  79. shantam says:

    When i read few people on this site, my serious impression is how few Reatrded beings must be lucky to find a channel to release their mental sickness…
    Was this the pupose of Sannyasnews, to become a toilet seat for handicap souls..ozziing puss…

    Great Karma, editors of sannyasnews……the mothers of two guys will give you blessings for taking care of their sons.

  80. Kavita says:

    shut up u Boobbie . . you sure are the funniest guy around . . l cant help laughing . . hahahaha . . you blaaady son of a gun . . hee hee . . :)

  81. shantam says:

    No dear..this is not democracy..Sannyasnews is almost a world of will be to say..a town or country in the grip of civil war…This is the blood and water for Anarchists..

    And wonder is that assholes who got influcned by osho and call themselves Anarchists are the people who live on the mercy of regulated world…

  82. shantam says:

    lIsten you smart ass, if you want to address the question to me..than give some introduction about you..Nothing much but the way Sangeet introduced herself…
    it is the basic etiquette..

    On the other can go on playing with the similar people who are writing with fictitious names and are protective about their faces..

    I hope i have made my point clear…

  83. shantam says:

    In the name of Jugni and Bulle shah.. i withdraw this word smart ass..and say sorry too…

  84. shantam says:

    I wish to answer every question with my limited knowldege/wisodm but with maximum honesty…..
    but beloved one..come clean with your identity, be honest..

    If you don´t want to reveal yourself on public platform..No problem…
    Write me the mail at my facebook profile..And be sure..who so ever you are..i will keep it to myself..

    I want to know with whom i am communicating, and this is a very natural and simple human wish…

  85. Lokesh says:

    Osho : You do not exist even in dream.

  86. shantam says:

    So..have you send me the mail at facebook or you want to check with your attorney or your boss or who so ever?

  87. shantam says:


    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

    If some courage is missing, some balck hole in the sole is holding…

    May be this Dua, this prayer can help…one of my most favourate..

  88. shantam says:

    Answer truthfully few questions in the name of God…Allah..Bhagwan…

    You seem to be well read person. i appreciate that.
    Do you have the face book profile or not…with other 500 million people?
    If yes..what stops you to reveal your self for this discussion. Do you think Sannyasnews discussion comes under the cataogory of social or criminal offence…

  89. shantam says:

    MAy be because of any constraints you are unable to reveal yourself publically, i have asked you for one to one introduction..

    If this is too much, than respect the fact, i don´t want to communicate.

  90. shantam says:

    my e mail address is-

    Drop me the mail with your photo, and if after initial communication, you want me to delete the contents i will do?

    And think in this way too, i am coming to you with open arms and heart. I hope you will appreciate this bridge…

  91. shantam says:

    One thing is clear, if faceless cowards may be with criminal backgrounds are going to hijack this site..and few of them, the faceless and masked Taliban types… create communial disharmony between the religions
    than i am out…

    If sannyasnews remains like is my last day on this site…
    It is 23.44 middle Europian time…It means the last 16 minutes…

  92. shantam says:

    even if i reconsider my thing is clear because sannyas news editors are sleeping on the time is my duty to inform the cyber policing agency to monitor the contents of this site..

  93. shantam says:

    My decision will be reconsidered only, if Editors of this site will install proper screening methods..
    Till than no article and no further comments…..
    God bless…
    Khuda Hafiz..
    and love for all…

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  94. Swami Detective says:

    Swami Surfi you have earned your name by riding the last big wave at 9:38.

  95. Swami Detective says:

    Shantam still on the same trip it seems, yet still unable to explain your two-faced clown act.

  96. Swami Detective says:

    Cyber policing….that’s me! I’ve got a speed radar on the next big wave you catch Swami Surfi.

  97. Swami Detective says:

    Surfi, ShitSham is already a lying politician. I just don’t know what’s in it for him….yet!

  98. Swami Detective says:

    The mind myth of Osho has been deconstructed to its origins in delirious delusional psychopathology. What next?

  99. Swami Detective says:

    I heard from Ghandi that the resort is running an exorbitantly priced Osho Musician training. I was thinking of attending but wanted to do a bit of a background check.

  100. Swami Detective says:

    My research indicates Osho may have been tone deaf.

    Have never heard him rattle out a tune on anything, though did see him looking quite musical holding a sitar.

    So what the heck is Osho music? There is no such thing!

  101. Swami Detective says:

    What about the name Osho?
    Come from Zen in Japan?

  102. Swami Detective says:

    Osho, a Rinzai abbot of Dai Bai Zan Cho Ben Zen Temple in Seattle, will lead a zazen seated silent mediation from 6 to 6:45 p.m. Feb. 18 at Cascade Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 1550 Sunset Highway.

  103. Swami Detective says:

    Delusion: in the face of the obvious a grand lie is perpetrated and propagated.

    Psychopath: pursue above at all costs.

  104. Swami Detective says:

    As if your Osho does not know he lifted his name from the Japanese.

  105. Swami Detective says:

    As if your Osho does not know that the basic ingredients for his therapies and meditations is either well worn spiritual practices, or modern techniques in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.

  106. Swami Detective says:

    Repeat the truth often enough and the crowd may be freed of their delusion.

  107. Swami Detective says:

    Hypnotised into believing the truth, for your own stupid good.

  108. Swami Detective says:

    Not for you of course, but for the innocents.

  109. Swami Detective says:

    Like Nadia.

  110. Swami Detective says:

    People are drawn to Number 17 because of an essence. They become an outsider out of intelligence. The fracture is a causal factor, directly or indirectly.

  111. Swami Detective says:

    Anyone changed over the years?

  112. Swami Detective says:

    For the better or for the worse?

  113. Swami Detective says:

    Is Osho still the love of your life KP?

  114. Swami Detective says:

    Is Amrito still the greatest devotee?

  115. Swami Detective says:

    Everyone understand dictatorship, democracy, and meritocracy?

  116. Swami Detective says:

    I can only suppose Osho chose Sheela on merit, so the saying goes.

  117. Swami Detective says:

    Yet in the aftermath Osho declares The Ranch to be the epitome of dictatorship.

  118. Swami Detective says:

    It is not meritocracy that you need to understand. It is not democracy that you like to denounce. The real question is what is hypocrisy?

  119. Swami Detective says:

    Seen or heard anything lately?

    Send me some news.

    Or the pink panther.

    Just another delusion?

    More power.
    My money.
    My love.

  120. Swami Detective says:

    Can tyrants be victims, or are they just victims of their own tyranny?

    Make your investigations with a sense of objectivity, unclouded by emotional and judgmental inclinations.

  121. Swami Detective says:

    What about The Ranch KP?

    Love, love, and more love.

    I love Osho, women love me.

    Women love me, I love me.

  122. Swami Detective says:

    KP, you are the love of your life you fool.

  123. Swami Detective says:

    Well KP you won’t get arrested if all you do at the resort is dynamic meditation.

    Ever heard of a crime of stupidity?

  124. Swami Detective says:

    What about as The Ranch fell apart, and the US government was left to clean up the mess: mass poisoning, attempted murder etc.

    Swami Jetset Jailesh and friends cruise around planet Earth with the love of their life. Spare a thought for the mess left behind?

  125. Swami Detective says:

    Swami Armedrito is declared at the time by Ma ManEater to be the greatest devotee of all timelessness. No reflection on the carnage left behind, just pure devotion. Should I say, just pure blind devotion!

    Under the circumstances only blind love could possibly ignore a little inner reflection and detached contemplation.

    So Swami Armedrito is the greatest blind devotee of all timelessness. Now that makes more sense with what has followed.

  126. Kartar says:

    ‘Deja Moo’: The feeling that you’ve heard this bull before.

  127. Lokesh says:

    Kavita…amazing acting, I’m sure you will agree.
    The way things are going around here it will become very quiet, what with the main hot air producers promising to disappear over the horizon. SN has been particularly uninspiring of late. Having the same old story repeated by KP for the umpteenth time does not heñp matters. I’ve read that tired tale so many times I did not bother to read it this time because I know it by heart.
    No use complaining, though. I’ll leave that to Shantam. Contribute or bust. I’ll try and write an interesting thread or simply retire from these pages for a wee while.

  128. Kavita says:

    Yes Lokesh . . splendid performances & all . . watched it
    with my mum . . ya guess KP’s post is too boring . . he even sent on the email address so . . this was a drag . .
    Shantam has saved himself from being mummified here . . at least for now . . hope to see some interesting developments . . me also need a change of site or else sufi & me shall be mummified together here . . thats is not my scene . . so me too outa here . . for now . . l guess . . :)

  129. Lokesh says:

    I’ll continue to ignore the fool in the hope he will become bored and go back to the insane asylum where he belongs.

  130. Lokesh says:

    Nothing new there. Wind up that clockwork soldier and watch him go.

  131. garimo says:

    I want substance.

    Stop being such a miser.