Dictatorships Old and New

The need for Regime Change in the Sannyas Movement

Just a few days ago, Mubarrak, the 30 years long dictator and President of Egypt has addressed his nation after seeing the unprecedented show of public dissatisfaction with his imposed leadership.

In this context he apparently said that there is a possibility of a new constitution being drafted allowing a person to be President for a maximum of two terms, the way it is in USA.

A few weeks before the Tunisian people have dethroned their dictator, and consigned him to the garbage bin of history.

Humanity is clearly asking for more transparency and the ordinary citizen’s involvement in the matter of governance. The music of freedom is being appreciated by even the bottom of the human pyramid.

My question is how long the Chairman and joint Chairman of the self  styled “official” Osho movement in Pune will continue in their positions.  They also have held sway for some thirty years since the fall of Sheela’s regime in 1985, their appetite for power similar to those of the Arab dictators.  A majority of sannyasins have increasingly shown their disquiet by adopting an indifference posture towards the Pune regime. Is there scope for a popular uprising against this resort monopoly?  Is there a possibility that an opposing party may bring the story of a divided house through the media into the world’s notice?  and change occur?

Through this thread I wish to initiate a discussion about the role of change in the stagnated world of Osho movement. Let us discuss point by point possible case scenarios.

My first suggestion will be that Osho Friends International issues an appeal through the news media to the functionaries of the Osho resort for a summit meeting. Let us find out how we can again ignite the Osho fire into the hearts and beings of old and new sannyasins. What steps are needed and to explore why the resort management is lacking in their efforts?  Everybody knows spiritual institutions are not built just by cement steel and bricks. Collective passion is the fundamental necessity…

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  1. shantam says:

    SANNYASNEWS-welcomes all sannyasins-
    It is almost clear in me not to respond to the chain comments of the person(s)as long it is not clear whether they are Osho sannyasins or not.
    So dear readers,
    If you are sannyasins, please feel free to criticise/modify my line of thoughts coming through the written words.

  2. shantam says:

    As i have seen as one of the ashram gate guards during the phase of 1987-1990, Osho´s peak time with His people, His devotees and disciples, it was not uncommon to see some kind of people getting banned almost on regular basis.
    Thieves and people who were rude to other people´s territory were quite less, most of the banned people consisted of highly spiritual type, overflowing with “wisdom”, drunk with the too much “divine”. Banning principle was simple, if you cannot be normal inspite of high energy, you need a rest in your room.

  3. garimo says:

    You wrote:
    “Garimo the comment regarding democracy from Osho are not to do with his singular authority, which is differant thing,but in regards to the political sphere.”

    I think your edited memory is not quite accurate. You keep referring to “Osho said” as some sort of support for your notions. But it’d be better if your opinions could stand on their own. at least then your inaccuracies couldn’t be pointed out by a quick google search.

    “Question – Beloved Master, In what way do you envisage democracy playing a part in your communes?

    Osho – The question is a little complex. Democracy is not the highest goal. It is better than dictatorial regimes, it is better than monarchies, but it is not the end of the journey — because democracy basically means government by the people, of the people, for the people, but the people are retarded. So let us say: government by the retarded, for the retarded, of the retarded.
    Democracy cannot be the highest possibility man can attain. It is good in comparison to other forms of government that have preceded it, but not something that can succeed it. I call that meritocracy. I want a government by the people of merit. And merit is a very rare quality…”

    Also Osho’s notion of how a one world government would work, looks pretty democratic. I’m sure if you wanted, you too could google for facts before you post. But since freedom is all we have… you’re free to keep posting as you choose I wouldn’t want to appear as interference to your freedoms.

  4. prem martyn says:

    i cannot comment on your blog entry because as i said earlier. today . i really don’t want to organise awareness via religion or religious endeavour.. as much as i don’t want to organise love through the family…
    the ‘idea’ that deliberate and persuasive forms of experience are either achievable, desirable or useful is a form of slightly less than useless intoxication……(i.m.h.o)……including the buts and ifs

    that it is not a solution to my experience of living but part of the problem…and yes living is for some people more problematic than others..
    .I don’t even like to look at the community noticeboard here on SN as all the being and becoming ‘ guff’ irks me so much.. it always did…

    i’m just into people as people…friends as friends… with the added bonus of mutual support… and that is really it…genuiness does not need red or black robed bedsheets… and mass movements…

    i have other interests now
    ones which lay dormant as a result of historical deficiencies , which ‘religion’ was not ever going to solve..despite the promises of salvation..
    even the language use in oshoism is never capable of ushering in breakthroughs by itself… so whats the purpose of revering it,,,or its adherents

    my prorities became clearer as i became more ‘cynical ‘…or pragmatic….

    having a peer group of mutually healing friends is essential in fractured contemporary living… but being collectively orchestrated is not a remedy for that…
    what is ?
    i wish i knew…

    and just a thought….
    perhaps we could now split the blog up into sannyasnews.. and… sannyas_ j’accuse …..and sannyas_abuse… and sannyas_very_extended _views.com that way satisfying all bloggers…

    nite nite…

  5. garimo says:

    “& garimo we ALL including you see what we wanna see”

    And yet we keep looking.

    What is it you are here looking for?
    Do you know what you’re missing? What need you’re
    looking to have fulfilled? Is your strategy working well?
    are you seeing what you want to find?

  6. prem martyn says:

    garimo if you adopt a semantic analysis you’ll get a semantic result…

    and the semantics are the basis of most organised collective interventions including the guidance for meditations… its the post semantic ‘experiences’ which combine to create an ongoing effect…and my contention for my own purposes is

    enough…is enough…..

    only you know when that is and in what way….and it needs no justification…

    in fact anything more would be ..semantic …

  7. Lokesh says:

    Do they lock you up at bedtime?

  8. garimo says:

    Prem Martyn

    “garimo if you adopt a semantic analysis you’ll get a semantic result…”

    And when the semantic words one chooses to use fail to communicate the intended meaning that arrive at a shared understanding, the result is only semantic confusion without any connection.

  9. Lokesh says:

    You are only doing that because for once you took your medicine.

  10. garimo says:

    My first Osho book was: Yoga, the Alpha and Omega.

  11. garimo says:

    “& one thing i absolutely agree with what you said about the eyes!
    the people who reach certain inner states radiate ‘something’ from their eyes…”

    Who said something about eyes?
    It’s only something I think about… I have an acquired theory also.

  12. garimo says:

    I have two ways of loving You:
    A selfish one
    And another way that is worthy of You.
    In my selfish love, I remember You and You alone.
    In that other love, You lift the veil
    And let me feast my eyes on Your Living Face.

    Rabi´a al-Adawiyya

  13. prem martyn says:

    sorry have i got the right page here.. ?
    has it changed to


    it must have changed from sannyas_lose_screws..com..

    …through the administration of homeopathic doses of religion…


    well i can sleep better now

    and have some sannyasnooze.com

  14. prem martyn says:

    which is a result of drinking too much

  15. prem martyn says:

    that leaves me in a state of sannyasconfused.com

  16. prem martyn says:

    though im often like that whenever life is pointless and i’ve got nothing left to sannyasprove.com

  17. prem martyn says:

    though i’m always glad if i have an audience for my sannyasviews.com

  18. garimo says:

    . There’s plenty of time for Shantam to post another topic to stir your semantic synapsis.
    Maybe your new target will arrive by the time you wake.

  19. prem martyn says:

    (i’m being paid per line .. so this could run and run)

    as in fact, i find it brings joy which i otherwise wouldn’t have because i suffer from a dark side in my sannyasmoods.com

  20. prem martyn says:

    there again..i suppose i must have missed the boat so many times in being my non self
    that it resulted in me being

    and all i’m left with now
    is a history of loss and shame
    which i sing in the sannyasblues.com

    in the bar with the musical name of

    if only the seeking had worked in my favour…and not
    like the facile

    which i have had to

    without having an ..’ffing

  21. chaitanya says:

    Says a sign somewhere on this page:
    “I will be known through my sannyasins” – Osho

  22. shantam says:

    May be more than few hundred times Osho has reminded us about the trap of Knowledeable, which happens because of reading the books and how in our hurry we confuse it with Wisdom, which can be a long and ardous journey.

    In that sense,Reading Osho or someone else…Watching playboy or something else…has some titiliating effect. The legacy holders when give too much importance to the words but ignoring the actions, they are doing immense harm to the inner Enviornment.

    It is not difficlut to see a big crop of such scholarly idiots all around, the end product of paper tigers.

  23. Kavita says:

    I wonder . . what would l do without sannyasnews . . cant stop wondering . . wondering if all the contributors share this feeling . . love you Paramartha wherever you are / are not & also the one who made u / didnt . . and l cant stop wondering & :) ing

  24. Kavita says:

    one prayer . . to whosoever it concerns . . can there be a
    hide posts – facility like facebook has . . its ok if you cant . .
    jus needed to convey this to whosoever ( not Sw Chaitanya Bharti ) hee hee . . :)

  25. Yatrima says:

    I was directed to this site via an individual. I’ve never seen it before. But I’m shocked to see the form of raving going on here, the incoherent nonsense being written in the name of sannyas. If this is a sannyas forum, who wants to have anything to do with it? Unless I’m totally dumb myself, is anyone actually commenting on what Shantam has written? Or are people only interested in vomiting in public?

    Sadly, I now understand why the New York Times & other news websites have moderators.

    Having said that, Shantam has a point. The power in the Osho Resort in Pune has been in the hands of one or two people for over 20 years. But the official Osho International is not a country. It’s a marketing strategy. It’s a high profile exhibition piece for Osho’s work. We, the sannyasins around the world, don’t pay taxes or company dues. We are not enrolled in a club. We are not part of a committee and we don’t receive dividends.
    So why should we have a say?
    I heard Osho say on the Ranch in the US that he wanted his administrations to last no more than six months at a time, to prevent the very entrenchment that occurred with Sheela and her group.
    I also heard him say that we, his people – if that’s what we are – are responsible for any ‘dictatorship’ that occurs in his name.
    I also heard him say that life with him was ‘not a democracy’.

    Here we have Osho in all his contradictory glory!

    Of course that beautiful being in the body has gone. Even the shadow of his presence has been stripped away – deliberately, it seems, so as to avoid our getting too attached and worshipful (it’s always comforting to be mamma’d and pappa’d into nonattachment by the wise old men who seem to know what’s good for you!).

    The question of a transfer brings up the question of who else is qualified to manage such a massive stretch of high-profile real estate and all its international trappings?
    Imagine the cost of running that place and its book and CD industry!
    Think of those lighting and airconditioning bills! (not that there’s much lighting really. I hear people are always falling over in the dark and breaking their bones!). But take a look at the slick 21st century granite buildings and the smart book jacket designs, and ask yourself…
    Do you want the job?

    Though it’s hard for those who’e been through Osho’s many phases, the point is to realise we are not a nation, we are not even a community. We may have been once, but the discouraging of any real community involvement in the Osho centre in Pune, apart from working as functionaries, has made us all free-floating folks. We’re back to being individuals, out in the world, doing our thing, and trying to stay above water while, hopefully, remaining a witness to the tidalwave of difficulties that head our way.

    Who wants to run the resort? Anyone?

  26. Kavita says:

    exactly dear . . when we need to explain in so many words . . that simple Tao . . the whole purpose / fun is lost . . probably thats why each one has a unique way of interpreting life . . in silence / words / poetry / music / any creativity . . . :)

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  27. Kavita says:

    Chinmaya . . this one for you . . :)

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  28. Kavita says:

    Fax message to PM . . from Kavita

    l have accepted the sponsorship PM . . and l thank you
    for recommending me to them . . as l jus got a phone call
    from the sponsors saying so . . flying xxx to you darling . . & did tell them l sleep between 10pm – 8am IST . . and they were happy to know that . . but wondering what the L stands ( pun intended ) for . . :)

  29. prem martyn says:

    swami defractive withdrew at the last minute.. …after his partner cited strange irregularities .. and he is now the subject of litigation, intimidation and water purification…and a paternity suit with his ex …both in habeas corpus and coitus interruptus…

    In his defence , which has set a court record ,(the b side is a recording of the ancient indecipherable chinese classic the watercourse way)
    he claimed, unusually , enigmatically for someone with extended analytical skills .. I didn’t know what I was doing
    I withdrew , i mean i pulled out of the elections and cannot be held responsible for being irresponsible…

    After admitting that he was holding something against her ….. he counter claimed that he always got excited on SN which led him to blog profusely….

    the judge ordered the case to be dismissed and all accusations to be watered down against the defendant.

  30. Kavita says:

    Hey Lokesh . . his wife can help him . . maybe . . l have stopped being of any help and yes Iam a good sole . . you got the spelling wrong as usual . . probably too much of the malt drink . . me signing off now . . hee hee . . :)

  31. prem martyn says:

    … ” Martyn and Bubbie have always given the impressions of socially dysfunctional psychology ”

    well i can’t speak for bubbie here on sannyasabuse….
    ‘always socially dysfunctional psychology…’.

    then you won’t notice me in a group of sannyassins will you …shatman.. (evidence of my dysfunctionality is the inability to spell your name properly, though i really do try..)
    of course..
    ‘my chosen peep holes…’

    have i been damned or praised.?. i’ll have to get clouseau onto this…


  32. prem martyn says:

    evidence of a phone/room tap from swami arun….

    gnneahh.. i’m comingghhaaaa

    (sound of lighting cigarette ..and rustle of rolls royce catalogue pages)

  33. Lokesh says:

    Inspector Jacques Clouseau: [parachuting out of a plane] Kurosawa!

  34. prem martyn says:

    kato.. kato.. is that you…?

    you fiendish japanese devil you..

    where have you put the bueummm ?

  35. shantam says:

    Mr. Chairman and co chairman of Sannyasnews,
    The copy of this article i have forwarded to few prominent sannyasins in and out of the resort for their comments.
    One has just responded. I think the answer belwo is worth contemplation for you, as it is upto you how you create a synthesis between Freedom of expressions ad responsible writing.

    “…share it with people who are sensitive open and wish to seek real answers…
    sannyasnews…not for anyone who really cares…deeply enough…
    unfortunate…the quality of responses…
    i am always open and available…but not for communicating in sannyasnews anymore…it is deeply painful to see how we represent our beloved master osho on this sannyasnews…the world is laughing…at our sannyains… Quote ended

  36. Deva Rupa says:

    In my experience of running an Osho Centre, which I did for a number of years I found that certain sannyasins saw my role as one of power, they also felt an absolute entitlement to criticise, always from a distance and usually without really getting involved in any of the centre activities.
    From my perspective the idea that my position was one of power was laughable. When working in a Buddha field one learns really quickly that control is an illusion and that one can either surrender or continue to bang one’s head against a brick wall and at the same time hinder the flowering that is happening all around, by itself.
    To my knowledge Osho did not impose a time limit on the “term of office” of the inner circle or suggest that the inner circle should be elected.
    You talk about the “stagnated world of Osho movement”. I have seen that when I am stagnant everything looks stagnant. When I am alert and living creatively the idea of stagnation is far away.
    Forget about “the Osho movement”, there is no Osho movement, forget about what you perceive as the power structure at the resort, just live your own Buddha nature, and be free of all conflict
    Peace, Shantam. There is only one of us.

  37. prem martyn says:


    well thats a success then isn’t it…..
    mission accomplished !

    coming from a place that takes itself so .. ermm, credibly…!

    awww you want it all to be so..
    so so so corporately beloved…

    you haven’t lived matey !

    ahemmm .. i puffing myself up now so read carefully…
    its pompous ass news :-

    when i was a governor of ko hsuan school , some of the pune big shots visited…
    and were apparently fine or perhaps even impressed..( i don’t really know cos i didn’t bother talking to them) and we weren’t under their jurisdiction.. even determinedly rejecting an insider attempt to make us so…

    …and all the government inspectors who came our way….we got full marks..

    despite and because of our independence…

    you want esteem… go get yourself a kettle…

    socially dysfunctional?… with full exam passes and head of department and governor…
    yes i guess i’m worried by your letters….so send me some religion… in a tiffin
    go munch on a chapati u self serving TWAT…

  38. prem martyn says:

    ko hsuan..school

    up to 100 kids.. and 14 adults..
    up to six hour teacher ‘sharing’ meetings every sunday plus all week everday.. with full accountabilty…

    now go play…

  39. prem martyn says:

    i’d like to discuss
    the word

    but i’m not worth it….

    and i’m due for ect treatment for trivia….
    there that should result in some abuse therapy….
    ps i’m off out now. to the ect centre… so feel free

  40. shantam says:

    Osho Hsuan School, what happened to this school, Martyn?

    As i have tried to read about this school at the net, seems like, once it exsited, like most of Osho related instittuions, it has also fallen with the burden of its own weight.

    Somewhere something is not Normal with us sannyasins. We seem to be perfect in board room planing, perfect in creating paper rockets!

  41. garimo says:

    >garimo you wanna show your ugly face now

    My personal version of social retardation doesn’t fit in the theme of this script. When I finish my tea, you’ll find me at the beach today after working in the garden some this morning.

    Enjoy your freedom.

  42. prem martyn says:


    your paper tigers was close to some other event i was involved in in london…
    what osho group responsibility did you have in your life shantam.. you know ..you can say ..

    it would be nice to know which burden you carried in your not normal phases of sannyas..

    .any bored meetings for you ?

  43. shantam says:

    Martyn, normal or not so normal phase of sannyas is good to discuss with honesty..to share the wounds and the flowering with fellow seekers, but as sannyasnews has become, it is not the right time.
    One should be this much aware, not to allow all kind of insects in the operation theater.
    In short this is the story of Sannyas and its institutions..every Tom Dick Marry can enter the temple with the filthy shoes..

  44. Lokesh says:


  45. prem martyn says:

    half full or half empty shantam… ?

    and if you want you can include important phases of your life where you learnt about living….

    1) including looking after your mum

    (loads of good karma and no letter from Pune needed)

    2) not picking up the phone in case it is your cousin with the € 500, 000 .

    (bad karma and previous lifetime debt…
    Pune example- letter needed for long term court case and haggling over who gets what )

    or perhaps mention a few osho centres you lived in around the world…. and the belovedness …

  46. prem martyn says:

    snoopy i’m currently browsing thickfuks.com..
    as you mentioned it earlier…
    and nobody is reading an osho book there …have you given the correct address…?
    hang on .. wh???
    …jeez that black guy is really excited about something…and there isn’t an oshobook in the room..
    oh well.. maybe if i fast forward the video…

    whooooooaaAAAA jeesus osho buddha nirvana.. what the donkey snakehead is that…???

    as i said stupi , i think you are misquoting osho when you say thickfucks… i think what he actually said was

    big black knobs…

  47. prem martyn says:

    shantam you think some of us were born yesterday with your letters to the the ashram ..

    seen it all before deary…

  48. shantam says:

    I have just downloaded Osho Nataraj music for “free” from Osho Cocom´s website, the creative endeavour of Rajneesh.

    It is amazing how this single man can create such a momentum in the world of Osho, whereas Osho appointees are busy in their protected islands.
    No doubt, he is the “Bodhidharma” kind of Osho´s Sannyas linage.

  49. shantam says:

    Gandhi..Parmartha can still open his eyes and ears.Parmartha seems to be that kind of parents who are not willing to give vaccinations to their children and courageous enough to take them on the journey to African Safari.

    Me like a small time journalist is already looking for a new proprietor who is dedicated to Sannyasins voice of rejoice and grievances.

  50. prem martyn says:

    shantam’s experience of collective mutual group responsibility =…..
    ahh ok we’ll get back to you on that…

    later shantam will be informing everyone how to experience themselves

    last week shantam received religious advice on how to really love the commune and osho….

    this week shantam will be guiding people to cosmic joy via his letters from Pune

    remember if you really love Osho you’ll love to love him more through us than through yourself..after all what the fuck do you know anyway..
    use TRUSTO SENTIMENT the cleaning fluid for floors and concrete hearts.

    if you really love jesus don’t mention nails
    if you love osho don’t mention willies…

    special offer
    buy the ‘osho and me are one’ trusty binoculars and telescope set.. for making things look closer than they really are for others, this valentines …

    and remember if you don’t know how or what to love next, book a group at your local osho centre now…
    or get a new heart from your medical insurance…

    same cost same guarantee…

  51. prem martyn says:

    ps rajneesh…

    shantam… wow your gps gyroscope is sending out signals in all directions….
    sn /poona/ rajneesh..
    yeayy of course its all osho..
    except for the ‘ go stick your religion where the sun don’t shine.. of course thats not osho.. no thats er .. um er…being alive …(which doesn’t count…)

    hey keep your antenna up
    you never know you might hit jackpot.. or crackpot

  52. prem martyn says:



    ‘ the power of verbiage’… a new science fiction novel of life in the future’ based on the religious teaching Here, Now and Then..but not at tea time…’

    devotees of the mistake from the east , the famous Shantam ali GuruMeera Gautamaneesh Oshzorbahammed peace be upon him.. announced
    that in him all things are the same…

    all god’s are one lightbulb …in the Xmas tree of life..
    all shops will be open on sundays
    all underpants can be returned for a refund with receipt

    and he has a letter to prove his good intentions from his mum…

    book now for his world tour that starts in his living room…and is unlikely to go beyond the kitchen…

  53. prem martyn says:

    i am now retiring from sannyasnews.. really for the forseable future.. of course i’ll pop in now and again..just to read.. but i won’t be posting.. thats it…

    its been great fun
    and i have really had a lot of fun..
    i wish you all the greatest fortune in whatever way you choose…
    osho or wherever and whatever…

    may your joys go with you.. for now and then


    love and osho

    goodbye, so long , adios…

  54. Sangeet says:

    This seems to have gotten a bit off the point, but I’d like to comment on Shantam’s original post. Shantam, what on earth makes you think there is an Osho movement or that the people running the center in Pune are somehow in charge of it? Why should we have a summit about something that doesn’t exist? I don’t know about you, but I never joined a cult or became part of a movement.

    We don’t need to have summits. Osho declared all his people his successors. The people running Pune have their ideas, which have absolutely nothing to do with the rest of us. Jayesh and the folks centered in Zurich have their ideas, which, again, have nothing to do with the rest of us. Sannyasins in Cologne, London, Japan, and so forth all have their ideas, which have nothing to do with the rest of us. We can meet and share ideas, but there is no movement to direct.

    Osho said repeatedly that all the centers are independent. If people setting up and running centers want to be a democracy or not is none of my business, unless I’m part of that center.

    All we need to do is change our perception of the present situation. Osho has always said that he wants no religion, no movement, no organization. Great! The reality is that though there have always been people trying to dupe people into thinking that there is a religion, movement, organization, and there have alwayys been people willing to be duped, it has never been true. There is no movement and nothing to resolve.

  55. Purushottama says:

    The original article by Shantam is not that dissimilar to “The Final Call” which was put out by Mahadevi a few months back. It seems that some sannyasins think that Osho’s work needs to be resurrected or saved. Shantam refers to “the stagnated world of Osho movement.”

    And here again we have someone who wants to channel what they see as discontent into some political movement. I say political because any ‘movement’ is political.

    I wonder if the last two sentences were written with a straight face. “Everybody knows spiritual institutions are not built just by cement steel and bricks. Collective passion is the fundamental necessity…”

    “Spiritual institution” is that really what you think Osho was up to? And then the icing on the cake, “collective passion.”

    Well I do apologize, but what I have heard from Osho is a concern for the passion of the ‘individual’ not for the collective and may I suggest that if anyone feels that they have lost their passion – Inquire Within.

    If you see a storm of words surrounding you just watch them without jumping in. I am afraid that this hornets nest of words and emotions have dragged you down.

    No need to save Sannyas from the evil empire. It is enough to save ourselves from ourselves. And we can begin by learning the knack of watching our own thoughts and emotions passing without either pushing away or getting excited.

    Be a Light Unto Yourself

  56. Kavita says:

    Marty boy . . come yet again come come . . :)

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  57. Kavita says:

    Loky boy . . l do moon walk . . sometimes . . :)

    seems like the aliens have arrived or were they always here . . are these aliens inhabitants of the moon . . jus wondering . . :)

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.


  58. Kavita says:

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  59. Kavita says:

    someone still doesnt get it . . no Nobel for guessing . . only a :)

  60. Lokesh says:

    Thought for today.

    “Excluding people who don’t think as you do is using ego instead of
    compassion to relate to other people.” Carla L. Rueckert

  61. Kavita says:

    wondering if there is a no thought for this moment . . :)

  62. Kavita says:

    both have a mix of both . . :)

  63. Gandhi says:

    Good reminder Sangeet.

  64. Kavita says:

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  65. Lokesh says:

    Well, Shantam, looks like you will finally have your wish for a while. Bubbie and Martyn have moved on for the time being by the looks of it. Can’t say I blame them. They say be careful you might get what you want. Now you are free to post your repetative comments about who is running the show in number 17 etc with nobody worthwhile to get on your case. That does not sound very interesting now that I think about it. Anyway, lets see how it goes.

  66. Kavita says:

    I heard a bird ( species is unknown) softly sing that all the dodo’s have dropped the cases against eachother . . and seem to get it that a lot of their preys were eaten by some eagles . . so they now want to grow up and become swans . . wishing them all the luck always . . this wondering jus goes on . . :)

  67. Kavita says:

    what a real revelation . . Iam sure Shantam is injoying . . only hope he has the capacity to bear so much in one day
    . . :)

  68. Kavita says:

    my last post for the day . . :)

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  69. shantam says:

    Sangeet // 8 Feb, 2011 at 2:10 am
    Thanks Sangeet for commenting on the original post.
    Pupose of my each post is to create the atmosphare of discussion, so that everybody who think himsefl/herself as an Osho successor can find a common point of some basic road road rules.

    One thing is clear from your post that you are a western sannyasin, whether Ma or Swami, Mr. or Ms. i was tryying to search at Facebook. Out of 13 Sangit/sangeet one man and and one woman i know from Pune days.
    So if you shed a little more light on you, i can tailor made my answer point by point.

  70. Lokesh says:

    Ho-hum. I don’t think you’re being 100% honest with the last comment addressed to me; Shantam. But really it is not so important. I am taking a back seat for a while and will watch as the situation develops or deterioates…I suspect the latter.

  71. garimo says:

    you wrote:
    “One thing is clear from your post that you are a western sannyasin, whether Ma or Swami, Mr. or Ms. i was tryying to search at Facebook. Out of 13 Sangit/sangeet one man and and one woman i know from Pune days.
    So if you shed a little more light on you, i can tailor made my answer point by point.”

    When I read Sangeets insightful message yesterday, I told myself you would be caught up with the messenger and not be able to take in message.

  72. shantam says:

    Garimo, what you call The message is just a cyclostyled version of Osho, The lazymen`s Smoothie with 100% fruit juice!

  73. shantam says:

    Handicap beings find a good solace to know…God is every where!
    No need to take the effort to take an ardous journey..

    Few spiritualy insightful yet blinded people have started the campaign to stop the study of eyes from medical texts..

    It prevents the people to find the Real light inside..

  74. shantam says:

    Osho declared all his people his successors..
    Does it mean we all will look like the cars standing in the transport train..!

    When the hair dressor wanted to broom the hairs from the marble floow after a session with the queen, hairs started screaming one by one, ” Don´t broom. I am the queen. I am the queen”!

  75. garimo says:

    >Garimo, what you call The message is just a cyclostyled version of Osho, The lazymen`s Smoothie with 100% fruit juice!

    and yet, rather than posting about the content of the message, your focus was on the messenge’s gender and nationality. Your interests tend to be sex and race.

  76. shantam says:

    Only a very stupid person will ignore the fact that our collective plays a very important role in our interpretation of subjective matters.
    AND I am almost sure, Sangeet is a 100 white sannyasin, as you are Garimo!

    I think there are very few percentage of people in every society, who can go beyond their mind and look at the things with bird´s eye view, with immense objectivity to their opinion and a understanding how the others perceive the things…

  77. garimo says:

    >I think there are very few percentage of people in every society, who can go beyond their mind and look at the things with bird´s eye view, with immense objectivity to their opinion and a understanding how the others perceive the things…

    Your stuck on race and gender. Does that fit well with your notions of objectivity?

  78. garimo says:

    >Your stuck on race and gender. Does that fit well with your notion of objectivity?

    not only stuck… but stuck on separating them into different Catagories. Each with their own little slot in your mind. Each needing a different kind of response. I think it’s called bigotry.
    But you keep saying you want unity in the world of sannyas. Do you think you’ll get there for here? Perhaps if you choose to become less stubborn…

    sorry, I’ll stop. I’m feeling frustrated now.

  79. garimo says:

    in 1981 I wrote to Bhagwan asking why there was so little unity among sannyasins. The reply was that the only thing sannyasins had in common was:
    the color red,
    the “intention” to meditate,
    and love for him.

    Now days, we don’t even share those things. We’re on our own. Responsible for who we become.

  80. shantam says:

    garimo // 8 Feb, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    This the hard reality, Garimo.

    Just because i criticise the convinient logic well accepted by some certain racial group, makes me racial?
    It means these people are so touchy about their belief that anything else is simply discarded..

    I will say Osho is Like a BLOOD…but does not mean Blood has only one group, and this particular one group should claim the monoply over the Blood Bank!

  81. Lokesh says:

    The way you are, you cannot say that you are. You don’t have a being. You are a marketplace–many voices. If you want to say ‘yes’, immediately the ‘no’ is there. You cannot even utter a simple word ‘yes’ with totality…. In this way happiness is not possible; unhappiness is a natural consequence of a split personality.

    Osho Dang Dang Doko Dang Chapter 3

  82. garimo says:

    >>Just because i criticise the convinient logic well accepted by some certain racial group, makes me racial?

    I’d have to say that agreeing or disagreeing is not relevant.

    But holding onto the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits, capacities and thinking patterns is what defines racism.

  83. Lokesh says:

    Osho on Knowledge and Knowing

    Osho – All that you know, all that you think of as knowledge is rubbish. Know it as rubbish and drop it. All that is borrowed, all that is learned from others — and all that you know is learned from others — has to be dropped. It is humiliating: to carry it and to declare that it is knowledge is humiliating.

  84. Lokesh says:

    By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.
    Adolf Hitler

  85. Lokesh says:

    Hitler and Mussolini were only the primary spokesmen for the attitude of domination and craving for power that are in the heart of almost everyone. Until the source is cleared, there will always be confusion and hate, wars and class antagonisms.
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

  86. shantam says:

    But holding onto the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits, capacities and thinking patterns is what defines racism..

    If my posts and comments have given this impressions, than i am Sorry Garimo…

    Yet to ignore the racial blue prints and marks, to say there is no collective mind because we/I as sannyasins have transanded is also living in fool´s paradise..

    it will be also interesting to know that in the world of Osho, most of the wstern inner circle people left on their own or with a little pressure, whereas prominent inner circle membere were almost dragged out…
    I cannot expect any Indian would have shown such brutality towards one´s own Master´s people…
    There is nothing great about this. It is also a part of collective make up…

    But when we want to create a synthesis of east and west, the intelligent way is to mix the best of the both worlds.
    Due to some reasons, this process has taken a back seat..and therefore world at large does not look at Osho´s people or His work without question marks…

  87. garimo says:

    >Yet to ignore the racial blue prints and marks, to say there is no collective mind because we/I as sannyasins have transanded is also living in fool´s paradise..

    Show me this “collective mind” that is more than a product of your mind.

  88. garimo says:

    >I cannot expect any Indian would have shown such brutality towards one´s own Master´s people…

    Have you forgotten Sheela? And even she didn’t do her works because of the color of her skin…

    The source is the mind.

  89. garimo says:

    Morning tea is over.
    Stuff to do.

  90. shantam says:

    Garimo..this is a good point about Sheela !

    May be she is ruled more by her American hegonism than her Indianness…and it is also a fact, Indians are the most adaptable to change the inner softaware according to the profit….If the grass is greener, they are the cows. if the meat is fresh they are the dogs..!!

  91. shantam says:

    The Universe is Big..very big
    Osho WASN’T even a drop…no…not even a drop..

    Who will contradict this, so true…
    But than say such sentences to those who are holding the not even a drop in their hands generation after generation for thousand of years..and they will find you even in the darkest corners of the earth….

  92. Lokesh says:

    Mankind is divided into rich and poor, into property owners and exploited; and to abstract oneself from this fundamental division; and from the antagonism between poor and rich means abstracting oneself from fundamental facts.
    Joseph Stalin

  93. Lokesh says:

    Stalin was not a revolutionary, he was one of the great establishment makers. Osho.

  94. Lokesh says:

    Load the ship and set out.
    No one knows for certain whether the vessel will sink or reach the harbor.
    Cautious people say, “I’ll do nothing until I can be sure.” Merchants know better.
    If you do nothing, you lose. Don’t be one of those who won’t risk the ocean. Rumi.

  95. Lokesh says:

    Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
    “Death is a creation of people who lived their lives in total unawareness, there is only life, life and life alone, moving from one dimension to another dimension.”

  96. Lokesh says:

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    Winston Churchill

  97. garimo says:

    “A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.”
    Mark Twain

  98. Sangeet says:

    Hi Shantam,

    I am Ma Sangeet, sometimes known as lawyer Sangeet (City Attorney on the Ranch, Osho Times in Pune II) if that gives you some clue. I’m not on Facebook.

    By believing in a movement and complaining about the power others have, we give them power. Sannyasins have been giving Jayest et al. power they don’t have independently for the past 20 years…and then complaining about it.

    Osho said we were connected only through our love and connection to him, not as part of any organization. That is the point, so it isn’t a particularly Western point of view. It seems to me that Osho clearly understood how poisonous an organization can be, but it can only be harmful if we believe in it and give it power.

    When we realize it’s a fantasy, then whole new ways to deal with issues like legal challenges and copyrights are available. Believing in a movement and in “powers that be” is only crippling.

  99. prem bubbie says:

    So, Sangeet, the “Sheela and the Gang” lawyer.. please, before you comment on anymore postings, first Apologize for the stupid, arrogant, hateful, and just plain boneheaded actions you took on behalf of Sheela and the rest of your stuck up narcissistic friends. Actions which nearly led to the arrest or harm to thousands of people. I could go on insulting you( well deserved), but that would take too much of my time and energy… i’ve got better things to do….As for your reply to Shantam, my take is- why we give power is all in the nature of humans… we are pack animals, and need to be in a pack for any kind of “self” to exist… since pack animals are by “nature” hierarchical, we chose “leaders”, we give these leaders “power”, for “skills” they possess, and we lack. Simply, it’s all nature’s trip- human style, nature did give this to us, and it’s unique way to us…. Evolution and the addition of “love” genes( where love and compassion are the most important things for survival on this planet),will change this way of living, short of that, we are stuck with what we have…. Power will always be there, along with the pack mindset, until nature and the great cosmos(consciousness) feels the need to change things on this physical plane of existence… some of us can dodge the bullet, with great difficulty…. Reply first with your apology…..if you got the BALLS!!!

  100. prem bubbie says:

    i was staying away, until i read Sangeet the shyster’s posting(all lawyers are by training- swindlers, double-talkers, manipulators) I just couldn’t resist . Ciao.

  101. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam- you are still on this pro-democracy, fantasy land journey— give it up- you chameleon. Mr. Bullshitter Extrordinaire

  102. prem bubbie says:

    oh, by the way, Sangeet, you did NOT attain the post as City Attorney by opposing Sheela’s deceitful and dangerous actions,. Quite the opposite, you just puckered your lips and smooched her tiny tush quite thoroughly. With or without lipstick?

  103. Lokesh says:

    Things are picking up.

  104. shantam says:

    Thanks a Lot Sangeet…
    Being a half trained lawyer before joining Osho wagon, i know quite well how misconceptions people have about some professions.
    It is like World is full with politics even when most of the people hate politicians, world is full with religious talks yet in reality..

    Any way, i know you from the face during Pune 2 phase, and always felt you as a soft and introvert person and therefore don´t wonder, you were not the right choice to scheme the things in the web of quite a complicated jungle.
    I also remember when few years before you have spoken about the Echhart Tolle´s first book with the same openness as it was for Osho….

    We give the power to the power hungry people…but the children of these givers want it back too…the way young blood of Tunisia and Egypt are showing to the world..

    World is MAYA..it is a subjective experience but the process to make it as a life policy, OSho has told many times, why India became the slave and lost all the shine because of such unrealistc approach on collective level…

    As far as Pune is concerned..allmost all the intelligent sannyasins have taken a sabath from there..are not nurturing that place any more whose loss it is?

    ANd being a long time disiciple and a laywer..i am sure you are well aware..how someone can sabotage the constitution in their favour in Banana republics..and Osho has spoken so intensively it is almost like a complete encyclopedia of Criminal, social and civil laws..To mix the sections and articles of one branch with others will not bring fruitfull results..

    And you also know how important is the last Testament of a person even that person is a begger on the street. i am sure you have seen the complete video of, “I leave you my dream”, the spontaneous sharing in Buddha hall just 24 hours after Osho´s departure..

  105. Kavita says:

    I just had a vision that Iam the official DJ for sannyasnews . . hee hee . .

    Sorry the new management team was not informed . . earlier . . this 1st song I dedicate to my Master Osho . . with tears of Gratitude . . :)

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  106. Kavita says:

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  107. Kavita says:

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  108. Kavita says:

    Loky dear . . I do miss my Marty boy . . this silence is killing me . . hee hee . . :)

  109. Kavita says:

    Letter to Whosoever it concerns . . Iam no longer the official DJ of sannyassnews . . but will ofcourse . . share only as an individual sannyassin henceforth . . thank you . . :)

    Ma Sangeet greetings to you . . :)

  110. Lokesh says:

    Shantam, just in case you missed it.

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    Winston Churchill

  111. Kavita says:

    which people . . :)

  112. Gandhi says:

    Asshole Bubbie you again show that you are still stuck in your Rajneeshpuram fixation. That show ended 25 years ago. Get into the NOW! No wonder you are stuck in Portland.
    For your info, Sangeet has overcome throat cancer and did a great job supporting the Osho World action in the frivolous attack from Osho Inrernational to make Osho a trademark. Give people a break. Life has moved on far beyond the desert of the city of Antelope and you have missed 25 years of life with Osho, you dried old prune.

  113. shantam says:

    Good Gandhi for a clear cut message..
    And i hope Sangeet will take one step more, to support the process of a legitimate governing body at Osho Pune, which represents and nurtures all the different thoughts and schools of Osho..
    Why Osho Pune should end up just an ENT clinic, when master has left a complete plan for a multi speciality clinic and research centre.
    Let Pune be the meeting point of East and west…an Osho recipe of Tomatoes, onions, and Potatoes..Where body, mind, heart and soul have a synthesis..Less than that is a blunder with the life long work of OSHO

  114. Lokesh says:

    Gandhi perhaps you’d be so kind as to elucidate what benefits have come about in your personal life as a result of 25 years of life with Osho. Lead by example and all that. I’ve watched your comments for some time now on SN and they almost always are grounded in decrying somebody else on this blog and rarely say much about you as an individual other than that.

  115. Lokesh says:

    Shantam, the East meets West is a recurring theme in your comments, but other than repeating it perhaps you in turn could speak about how East has met West in your own life. Does it go beyond you being an Indian national drawing unemployment benefit in Germany? Osho was very clear that he did not want his sannyasins to live off of state benefits. What does your synthesis of East meets West entail exactly? Could make for interesting reading.

  116. shantam says:

    Assholes are so full with their own shit that to create a communication bridge is not their cup of tea.. They simply need to do their Kha Kha, where ever it is possible.
    For example, instead of welcoming Sangeet, who has a life long experience of being Osho devotee, some accidental member of rajneeshpuram simply jumped over him…
    Is sannyasnews a boxing ring, where punches should be delivered with the ring of the bell?

    Differences apart, i am really thankful Sangeet, that you responded with your best of knowledge and belief to the contents of this thread…
    And i hope more and more successors of Osho will be vocal enough to pour energy for the Rivering of the river..

  117. shantam says:

    Lokesh..i have no objections to open the pages of my life. This is the reason, click on my name opens my facebook page.
    One thing is clear, i wish to write only that what i have lived and stand for.
    So when there are the vibes of healthy communication and sharing at this portal, i can say..what it means meeting of east and west in my personal life.
    Good or bad..many people who know me have said,” this is the life story, they have seen only in the Cinema or TV Soaps.”

  118. shantam says:


    Are we the island floating on the dirty sea with the anchors built by Osho foundation Pvt. Ltd?

    World around us is showing how we are connected with each other and how we hold each other in case of injustice and cruelity of the powerful.

  119. Gandhi says:

    Lokesh:I do not exist, so nothing to know.

    Shantam: Sangeet is a woman, living in the Bay area.

  120. Lokesh says:

    Gandhi, that is a very corny response. Don’t kid yourself; you exist and part of maintaining that existence has to do with making yourself feel superior while hiding behind the mask of anonymity. Nothing special there. You could have made something interesting happen but chose not, which does not surprise me in the least.

  121. Lokesh says:

    Shantam, I appreciate your comment but – goodness gracious me – suspect that I’ve seen it in the soaps. Due to the current lack of money for big budget movie production costs I reckon that ‘SHANTAM’ the movie will not be coming to a cinema near you any time soon.

  122. prem bubbie says:

    Lokesh- i disagree with you about Goop-da Gandhi, he is a nobody. When a person has their head up their ass, then there is nothing, a nobody. So yes, Gandhi Poopta-Gupta, I agree with you. As for Sangeet recovering from throat cancer and her effort to free up osho’s discourses from copyright- well, you can pin your precious medals on her… i feel she just did her dirty deeds at the ranch and moved on, without an apology, without admitting she fucked up.. she needed to clear the air with all sannyasins about her actions and what she witnessed. she did not.. perhaps fearing prosecution from the authorities… well, that’s just too bad, with the evil shit that went on and her being part of that cowardly group, i feel she needed to take whatever was dished out to her… a big pussy!! chicken shit woman. and she opened the door to criticism by her introduction to the readers of this blog… she mention the ranch and pune 2, i did not. and you, you cheesy scumbag using Gandhi’s good name… you mentioned her “PAST” good deeds, and illness, not i. So suck on my big 10 inch… scumbag.

  123. prem bubbie says:

    and shantam shit for brains… you’re the clown calling for transparency. Well, call on Sangeet to be transparent about her role at the ranch. Youcall on transparency from the idiots at the Resort, yet you don’t demand that from Sangeet. Why? perhaps, she’s given you some attention… you crave attention you little worm… you have been honest though with one thing- that you are a “half trained lawyer”.. this was no surprise to the rest of us. it’s taken you this long to at least come out partially from your state of denial…. a half-trained lawyer – is equivalent to a total dim wit…. keep up the good work…. here come the malpractice lawsuits!! you and your big mouth.. your former clients will be pissed.

  124. Lokesh says:

    Bubbie is back in black with both six-guns blazing.
    I was keeping the kid gloves on with Mr Gandhi, who is probably one of the few people who blog on SN that I might not like if I met in 3D. Something about his comments affects my bullshit meter in such away as to turn the needle to ‘SNEAK’. No big deal for sure and my wee meter has far more colorful appellations than that. Why the other day the needle went on to dark red when aimed at a string of comments and the LED read out ‘FUCKING INSANE’.

  125. shantam says:

    Oh Oh..Gandhi and Sangeet,
    It seems i have mixed Sangeet with another male high profile attorney from Ranch days.
    It means, i really don´t have any idea who Sangeet is though thousands of faces are saved in my memory, i cane across in the ashram..

  126. Lokesh says:

    Shantam , don’t worry about it.

  127. Anand says:

    Finally re-united again: Prem Bubbie, our Ranch stuck old soldier, and Lokesh, from the Pune 1 division. United they fight the believers and own the final truth.

    Lokesh, as a writer you should know, how to create fantasy characters. They do not exist, except in your brain.
    Gandhi is going on a fast now, namaste.

  128. prem bubbie says:

    Anand the pussy boy has retired “Gandhi”… your retarded writing style gave you away… chump-change. if you and shantam join at the head you might be able to type in some “baby-talk”. how’s New Mexico- anand-anus/Poopta-Gupta Gandhi?

  129. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam: if i were a science fiction writer and needed a movie plot, i’d use you as my main character… It goes like this: Space alien lands on earth. Space alien tries to communicate with inhabitants of north America… Space Alien comes up with new hybrid English language. Otherwise known as “Shantam-Speak”. Yes, a space alien would talk like you shantam… mumbling, fumbling about with english grammar, metaphors and haiku alike. Turning prose into bizarre poetry…. “Welcome Space Aliens, The Earth Greets You, Here’s Shantam, Our Translator”.

  130. prem bubbie says:

    no shantam- you didn’t get the gist of garimo’s comments… if you put down your book- “India’s Legal System for Dim Wits”, the fog may lift for you.

  131. Lokesh says:

    Shantam, congratulations to meet you.

  132. Lokesh says:

    Last night I dreamt I ate a ten pound marshmallow. When I woke up the pillow was gone.
    Tommy Cooper Zen Master.

  133. Sangeet says:

    Hi again Shantam. Don’t worry about what other people are saying. I’m not bothering to read any entries but yours. I’m not a man, and I didn’t write about Tolle, and I’m also not much of an introvert, so I think maybe you have me confused with someone else.

    No matter. I am a long-time disciple who wants Osho’s successors to shine as Osho’s successors. He said it was so difficult for everyone to be successors that it had never been done before, but he believed we could do it.

    I think an important step in that direction is to step outside the power abuse game. We can’t be successors and victims at the same time.

    In order for there to be a power abuse game (and there IS one gong on, no doubt about that) there has to be not only a tyrant or group of tyrants, there also have to be victims who relate to the tyrants as tyrants. There are usually also saviors who battle the tyrants on behalf of the victims.

    As soon as the victims and the saviors stop playing the game, the tyrants stop being tyrants. They become ordinary people who can be dealt with in the same way as everyone else.

    To speak about a movement and regime is to be squarely inside the power abuse game. To engage the tyrants as tyrants, i.e. people with power, is to be in the power abuse game.

    To see the people lusting for power as ordinary people with a lot of personal problems changes the dynamic and shifts the energy.

    Osho spoke a lot about how Hitler’s propaganda people told big lies over and over and over again. Eventually people believed them. Osho meant this as a warning against manipulation, but Jayesh seems to have taken it as a game plan. OIF (in Switzerland, not Pune) tells the same lies over and over and over again: they run the center in Pune, they own a trademark, they own Osho’s copyrights, there is a sannyas movement with a mother church in Pune, and they are in charge, they are the regime, and on and on. None of this is true.

    These are just the emperors’ fake clothes. As soon as we see that the emperor is naked, the whole thing will shift. Maybe it will be appropriate to have summits, but not from the victim stance and not with any idea that a regime exists. Let’s notice the emperor is naked and deal with him as follow successors.

  134. Sangeet says:

    Sorry, a typo. Let’s deal with him as fellow successors.

  135. prem bubbie says:

    Sangeet’s comments: From a mouth of a babe!!!

  136. prem bubbie says:

    Sangeet: you have no idea what you’re talking about. that was your problem throughout your life as a sannyasin… it shined especially bright while you were the Ranch’s lawyer….. keep on dreaming.

  137. prem bubbie says:

    BTW Sangeet- if you re-read your post… it’s a lot of gibberish, repetitious fluff… just parroting osho and other masters…. after all of this time away, one would think you would have something intelligent to say….. bubble brain. Sangeet + Shantam= ??????

  138. prem bubbie says:

    Sangeet: you complain about the “Resorts” idiot masters…. yet not a peep about your own participation with past idiot masters…. i would suppose it might be learning from one’s past mistakes, but you haven’t admitted to making any mistakes. Takes one to know one… aye? let them have their fun, just like you and your gang of thugs did…. fair is fair

  139. shantam says:

    Sangeet, few hours ago, Gandhi has reminded me that you are a Ma based in Bayern Bay, and i have written my apology for mixing you up.
    I was digging into my memory chips of 25 years back. May be i was thinking another Osho´s American attorney with the name Nijjan(?) and this person has written somewhere at Viha connection magazine about Eckhart Tolle!

    But now it is clear Ma Sangeet..

    I think Gandhi(fictitious name of some ancient sannyasin) knows much about you; your courageous encounter with throat cancer and how you have helped Osho Friends International to win the land mark case of Osho trade mark.
    May be you have read my previous posts. For the last few years, i am writing much about the unloved and (unsuccessful too) changes imposed by few fellow travelers over the silent majority.
    May be i am unable to see my words from an objective distance, it can be that impression comes out as a Victim..
    But in reality that is not the case.
    As a share holder of Osho legacy, as one of the disciple/devotee of Osho..i think it is my right and everybody´s right to put the question marks whenever it is needed..
    This is also true, no system administrator can satisfy the expectations of all. But for what we have the democracy… Osho has himself given the command for collective leadership…..
    Any way..were you part of Pune 2 phase or after the debacle of Rajneeshpuram you created the distance with day to day happenings around Osho?

  140. shantam says:

    Bubbie you should have at least an iota of shame..
    You know who Sangeet is?
    She must be a well known face for the ranch days sannyasins?
    Does she knows about you?
    Before you think to attack her with your abusive language, won´t it be an appropriate thing to introduce yourself?

    Some basic (n)etiquettes are missing.

  141. Gandhi says:

    So then big mouth Bubbie, since you are stuck at Rajneeshpuram since over 25 years, tell us: what was you role on the ranch, what was your responsibility? Why did you not stand up against Sheela’s regime, when you were there? You are obviously still very bruised from that experience, so what was your experience?
    Rumor is that you were on the payroll of the CIA through your mother. You never cleared that up either.
    Come out of the shadows and own your truth!
    Where is your apology?
    And what have you been contributing to the Osho movement during the last 25 years, except sharing your private mental vomit on sannyas news?

    Lokesh: I am just one of the characters you invented in your last novel. You created me.

  142. Sangeet says:

    Hi Shantam. I’m actually based in California, but you do have the right person. Maybe you were thinking of Niren, though he didn’t write about Tolle for Viha. Oh well.

    I didn’t mean to attack you, so I apologize. One of the things I learned in the 10 years of the US trademark case was that “the regime” is a paper tiger with no substance. Sannyasins only have to stand up and assert their successorship and do what they want. Instead of doing that, I keep hearing people who are fighting against “the regime” is one way or another, and this gives them energy and power.

    I obviously am in favor of dealing with people who want to control other sannyasins, but I’m not in favor of perceiving any of them as being in positions of authority or power over others. That is their fantasy.

    When we changed the perspective in the trademark case their whole pretense collapsed. It was never anything but hot air, but it was important to see that. Then they were just ordinary, not very significant, people, and the Trademark Board didn’t believe a word they said.

    I do feel pretty strongly about the “movement” idea. I recall Osho saying that we are not connected to each other, only to him. Our connection with each other is just a loose connection through our love for him. I feel this is very true, and this perspective helps to avoid any kind of power abuse. There is no organization, only an organism, a collection of successors who are connected through the heart, not through legal contracts and regimes.

    I haven’t read many of your comments over the past years, since, I’m sorry to say, I can’t really stomach the site. There’s just too much mental vomit. I can’t really call it anything else. I appreciate your intention in creating a place for open discussion, but I really don’t want to wallow in that energy.

  143. Sangeet says:

    Hi again. I forgot to answer all you asked. I was on the Ranch and in Pune II, since then I’ve been with sannyasins in Japan, Maui, and California.

    As I clicked through I saw a greeting from Kavita. Sorry I missed it before. Hello Kavita!

  144. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam:you can’t even read. Gandhi said no such thing, regarding Sangeets whereabouts…. he said “The Bay Area”, not “Bayern Bay”… your reading abilities match your legal skills. As for “You know who Sangeet is”? What are you, a very impressionable 5 year old? She is giving you so much attention, positive one at that, and you are falling for her bait, hook, line, and sinker…. What a buffoon!!! and so what, about Sangeet, she was part of the gang of thugs from the ranch worse than the thugs at the “resort”… oh you didn’t/couldn’t read my post correctly, i forgot, you’re mentally handicapped. “… have at least an iota of shame”. Fat fucking chance!!!

  145. prem bubbie says:

    also, shantam, you complained about sheela at nauseum… sangeet was one of her pals, close one at that…. that’s okay, though since she is showering you with golden rays of attention…. for you a golden shower would be quite adequate.

  146. prem bubbie says:

    sangeet, this blog maybe be nauseating to you…. at the time of my ranch stay i should have felt the same way with your group of pirates and jackoffs…. i was a very naive and impressionable young man working as a grunt on the ranch…. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” or for you rockers…”we won’t get fooled again”– oh no!! and for Anand/Poopta Gandhi: i told my story a few times already about my ranch days… now who is dragging this shit out? Shantam’s to blame- just read his article…. assholes!!!!

  147. prem bubbie says:

    I suggest that Sangeet confess all of her crimes committed against other sannyasins… confess, confess, confess…. or else:

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  148. prem bubbie says:

    is that you Sangeet, in the lead role? about your age.

  149. prem bubbie says:

    This is what a person gets for getting free advice from a lawyer… perhaps that explains the mess at the ranch… free legal counsel, all the while a paid lawyer would have done a better job… Sangeet, you still love giving advice , even after all of these years… what are you about 60, 65 by now… still can’t resist the neurotic, perhaps obsessive compulsive urge to tell other what to do. I just noticed the advice you gave Shantam earlier. Shantam’s a big boy, well not really, but, let the imbecile learn on his own… stop acting like a mama for him and for others… just retire and learn to let your mind calm down(maybe osho’s meditations will ACTUALLY start working for you) , you can’t always be calling the shots….

  150. Kavita says:

    Ma Sangeet ‘s singing is melodious . . hope to listen more of her singing . . :)

    By the way Ma . Sangeet . . my sannyas name is Ma Deva Dilruba . . very few friends call me that . . lam not a logical person . . jus a lil intro . . for u . . :)

    Joke : A woman had 7 children with the same name. When she was asked how to call a particular one, she answered : by the SURNAME !i . . :)

    Gawd I sure miss my Marty boy . . :)

  151. Kavita says:

    Come on Bubbie . . she did say sorry . . forgive her man . .
    . . if you forgive her . . the whole cosmic energy will change . . probably the global warming will cool down a lil . . hee hee :)

  152. Kavita says:

    yes the one l saw is . . :)

  153. Kavita says:

    Iam not really good with numbers . . but good to know now . . :)

  154. Lokesh says:

    I saw it but did not read it.

  155. Kavita says:

    Loky . . this post is more interesting . . right now . . :)

  156. Lokesh says:

    Kavita, I agree.

  157. garimo says:

    When you come up with some balanced substance to share.
    I’ll have more time.

    Look in. Breath. Then post.

  158. garimo says:

    You’re free to be Moderate.
    You choose to not be.
    Freedom has responsibilities.