Running in Circles: Lokesh explores

The Wheel has to be moved again

“When a Buddha moves the wheel of dharma, it takes two thousand five hundred years for it to stop completely. The wheel that Buddha moved has stopped. The wheel has to be moved again. And that is going to be my and your life’s work – that wheel has to be moved again. Once it starts revolving it will again have twenty-five centuries’ life.” OSHO

‘Everything started from pure consciousness and will ultimately end in pure consciousness. Awakening to this reality brings the ultimate freedom. As I’ve told you time and again, it’s just like when an earthen pot is shattered and it is realized that the space within is one with the space without. It will happen for everyone when the appointed moment rolls around, because all of my creation is cyclical and all beings will one day close their individual circle and return to me, having gone beyond the ridiculous notion that the ego can seek spiritual enlightenment.’ LORD BRAHMA ‘BORDERLINE DREAMTIME’

I’ve used these quotes to illustrate that life moves in circles, and seeing as how we are life it is inevitable that we will also be moving in a circle in one way or another. Osho put it like this: ‘Life is only a school and unless you learn enlightenment, you will go on moving into the circle of life and death.’

To return to the opening quote: ‘The wheel has to be moved again. And that is going to be my and your life’s work – that wheel has to be moved again.’ I believe this is a core element of Osho’s teaching. He is saying this is his life’s work and, somewhat optimistically, yours also.

If you are reading this it is more than likely that you are a sannyasin and therefore one of the people he was addressing. I’ve been commenting on Sannyasnews for a few months now and one thing I’ve noticed is how everyone is running in circles and getting nowhere with what they say, yet everyone continues the repetition because they are comfortable with it. For me, sannyas was never about being comfortable. People who are too comfortable soon fall asleep. Sannyas is about awakening.

One of the predominant issues on Sannyasnews blog is how the inner circle are running things and how the outer circle thinks what a bad job the inner circle is doing. Somehow it seems to me highly ironic that a spiritual movement based upon being freed from a vicious circle has so many of its members running in circles. Meanwhile the greatest treasure that is our very birthright seems to be of no value whatsoever, in the sense that nobody seems interested in speaking about it. What treasure is that? You may well ask. I’ll let Osho answer that one for you. ‘It does not matter to a man of awareness whether he is successful or unsuccessful, whether he is well known or absolutely unknown, whether he is somebody powerful or just a nobody, a nonentity. To a man of awareness, all these dualities don’t matter at all, because awareness is the greatest treasure. When you have it, you don’t want anything else. You don’t want to become a president of a country, or a prime minister of a country. Those are for children, retarded people, to play the game.’

So, my fellow sannyasins, wouldn’t you say that it is high time to stop focusing on the circles, be they inner or outer, and, like the fictional Lord Brahma says, awaken to the reality that brings the ultimate freedom. Or as Osho put it: ‘Become aware, awake. Then you will see that everything comes and goes, all things come and pass. Life is a flux. Your consciousness is the only thing that is immovable, that is eternal. To attain it is freedom. To attain it is the goal of life. If you miss it you have missed your life and you have missed a tremendously great gift, a great opportunity.’

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  1. dharmen says:

    Right on Lokesh!

  2. prem martyn says:

    yes but will it get you a decent a chat up line.?.im off to try it out..thanks for the tip..
    ..ten minutes later at starfucks cafe in downtown europe somewhere..
    hello missy could i tell you about the wheel of dharma..wont take more than 5 thousand years..anyway..hang on i haven’t lovely legs …anyway yes.. ..

  3. prem martyn says:

    omg i posted my thoughts again.. what an error of stupid of me..bad karma..add some more lifetimes ..must go before i get stuck again here in one track mind land…

  4. Gandhi says:

    Th Inner Circle rules 17 Koregaon Park and the Osho Publishing. Beside these two entities all sannyasins are completely free to live their life. So why cry?

    All things must pass…. (George Harrison).

    And if Lokesh says all things move in circles, we will all be here again.

    Let’s at least enjoy our small moment of consciousness here on this planet.

    Good Morning and Peace to all beings.

  5. prem bubbie says:

    And Gandhi Speaks!!! “so it is written, so shall it be” (Ramseys the II- Played by Yul Brynner, The Ten Commandments). any more of the commandments?

  6. prem bubbie says:

    Nice exploration Loki.

  7. prem bubbie says:

    What brings you back O Prem Martyn most anointed one? did you bring my order of tuna-free dolphin burgers with barbecue sauce and potato salad on rye with a side of kosher dill pickles? Hold the mayo.

  8. Kavita says:

    You have hit the spot . . Lokesh . . :)

  9. shantam says:

    What a nice beginning…and nice end of a well written article…
    Many times poetic expressions create so much feel good chemicals that we think it is the only reality, we become greedy to become fragrance of the rose and living in a make believe world that fragrance of the rose has no connection with the dry roots, crooked branches, green leaves and sharp thrones..

    Now let us think there are 20 people “sleeping” in a waiting room called Earth.
    when at 06.15 alarm rings, 10 “wake up” from their dream like sleep.

    Now what is the inner sate of these 10 awakened people? they will think in the same way, they will chalk out their daily shedule in the same way…
    Now also think..there is one toilet in that waiting room..
    And sooner or later all these awakened ones will need to occupy that room…

    When five out of ten are standing with their hands on the belly..who will be the first second or third to occupy that room and for how many minutes…

    Survival of fittest is every where..

  10. Kavita says:

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

    . . :)

  11. shantam says:

    Democracy, rules, regulations, parliaments constitutions, check and balances…do such dry dry dry things are needed only for the world of sleepers..
    Does a country full with awakened people will be free from these red, yellow and green lights on the roads…

    If you are really awake think for a moment…
    “One awakened one driving His Merc. simply crushed another awakened one on the bicylce in yet another case of road rage..”

  12. Kavita says:

    Shantam . . wondering if u r sleeping or awake . .
    I love to wonder . . so no need to answer . . :)

  13. Swami Detective says:

    The wheels of the bus go round and round. How profound and novel. The little quote from Osho is such a play on his anointed disciples and now special Friends. No more is Gautama just one of many special buddhas, he is a single buddha in several millennia of waste land. And as the wheels of the bus grind to a halt, Gautama II saves the day and humanity journeys forth for another two and a half millennia. Not much room in all this for ten thousand buddhas, nor for all the other buddhas since past. If Osho is Gautama II, then we his beloved people must be pretty special. How many proud people must have left that discourse, full of fire and zeal for the special task that lay ahead. This religious supremacy means the role of the bus driver and front seat passengers is critical for the spiritual growth of planet Earth over the next two and a half thousand years. Wow, you folk must be pretty special, and very, very important. Osho the entertainer, ever so gracefully playing to the fanciful megalomaniac tendencies of his chosen few spiritual drunkards. Zero tolerance is the alcohol limit for bus drivers. Tell me this though, how is it then that the chosen people who have the momentum to carry on His work for the next cycle are only allowed to make practical, mundane decisions. Ah yes, the chosen few are Friends of Osho, and have transcended the concept of disciplehood. Tell me still, with permission to run the show without so much as an MBA Osho style, then how this great wheel keep churning its way through unconscious magma of human sloth and torpor? The MBA Inner-Circle remains an oxymoron, and so to does the notion of once unguarded profound secrecy about profoundly dull matters. If there was to be an Osholeaks about the practical affairs of being a caretaker, then I yearn not the day it shall shower upon me its surprise. Keep his work chugging my special MBA friends. Yet, a droplet appears upon my brow telling me that Osho’s chosen few are so smart that spiritual affairs are just mundane to them. Through this they wield the sword of wisdom upon the remaining seventeen or so of merit foretold. Now here comes the little trick. These that have been dealt the blow shall not without dishonour speak for they shall break the oath of secrecy upon which the Master supremely spoke. Very tricky indeed. Let me hear and so then tell of another tricky trick. How is it that to respond in kind to the position of The Resort chiefdom, that one must journey into philosophical musings? Notwithstanding the hole riddled cheesy arguments, the philosophical is invited to confront what other than the philosophical? Ah yes another oxymoron whereby the chiefs are of such depth that their practical approach has inevitably to unintentionally journey into the depths of philosophical rumination. It is not their fault that they are so wise in being MBA caretakers. As the big wheel turns the sound of mice pattering their anxious little feet tickles the tummy of eternity. I can almost feel the Earth spin a little faster as the big bus full of MBA sleuths surges forth over high pass and bottomless precipice. I can almost too feel the Earth wobble with trepidation on its axis as the MBA excursion and incursion bus careers impossibly around razor sharp corners left and right of never ending dreams.

  14. Gandhi says:

    So the slow walking Swami Rajneesh, who never seems to wear a shirt is promising Osho for free.
    And then why does he ask for donations on his site? For the building of the hall he desperately needs. And giving internet hearts in exchange.

    Another guru going after the money of the stupid ones. Be aware people, the fake gurus and copycats come in many disguises.

  15. shantam says:

    Kavita, do you know the feeling lying under the blanket, with half closed eyes..and watch how the awake cohabitants are stealing the cash from the sleeping ones jackets??

    I will prefer to regsiter myelf as sleeping than to be such awakened ones…Definately, i will leave the bed when some worthwhile project comes..till than just lazing around in the bed..sometime alone, sometime with someone..Listenig Osho from under the blanket…..
    I remember the feeling of lying on your sofa after a nice Thali cooked by your Mom or Aya…
    Will this be called sleeping or awakened state?

  16. Kavita says:

    Shantam . . I have experianced . . sitting in your Popular Heights . . and your mother . . serving us . . parathas . . and your grand mother saying . . if when will my daughter . .(that is your mother ) sit and someone will serve her parathas . . but I guess . .now our mothers realise . . its best to work till . . they can make it !i :)

  17. chetna says:

    Is it just me, or did Lokesh didn’t really say anything? All I see are quotes of another.

    Seeing life moving in circles is beautiful to see when doing a silent retreat. Then you see that it is not just life, but the blood, the mind, emotions inside too are moving in circles.

    But my question has always been-why the hell am I born here with this moving circles. Did I create this world?-NO! Did I ask to be born here, unconscious?-No!

    Sometimes I get angry that we get told that we are unconscious, we need to wake up, we need to do this and that and in the end it is all already there and no need to do anything, just realise it!

    Smells like some game to me.

    But hey, what a hell. Like my friend said, it is better to trust some guru and completely waste your life, than some politician.

    It is funny to hear stories about the Inner Circle. I think only old sannaysins care. It was their world and power games. To be whether they exist or not, makes no difference. Let even Pune ashram burn down, Osho is not in any specific place!

  18. shantam says:

    What it means Chetna, Osho is not in any specific place?
    Is people like Him are the satellites of Vodafon, BT etc.?

    I really wonder when people say, ” Osho is every where, in the flowers, in the sky, in the tube..”

    Looks like Everywhere is also a crowded place. Jesus is everywhere, Krishna is everywhere…and hundreds of other people…
    When billions of sbscribers are there for everywhere products, few hundreds are still the small no.

  19. Lokesh says:

    Small wheel turn by the fire and rod,
    Big wheel turn by the grace of God,
    Every time that wheel turn ’round,
    Bound to cover just a little more ground.

    Jerry Garcia

  20. shantam says:

    Lokesh, i feel like saying thank you, as through this thread you have highlighted the very essence of Osho´s teachings, the nectar of the spiritual journey, the central point of all the masters of all the ages..

    from my part, i wish to remind His people again and again, the value and the purpose of Osho creating the commune with His blood and being, not just he put His whole investment into His vision of spiritual laboratory, He also presided the rituals and activities..

    Single individuals out of millions were always getting the POINT, without new age bookshops and musical meditations. Osho wanted us to grow the fields of awakenings, not just a rose in the room but rose gardens..
    To bulldoze this field and cover it with marbles is almost a crime.

  21. shantam says:

    “it is better to trust some guru and completely waste your life, than some politician.”
    Hug for your friend, Chetna..

  22. Lokesh says:

    Chetna, you say: It is funny to hear stories about the Inner Circle. I think only old sannaysins care. It was their world and power games.

    I can’t go along with that. I am connected to a global network of old sannyasin fiends numbering in the hundreds and I don’t think even one of them is in the slightest bit interested in the inner circle. I suspect that is because many of them are intelligent people and therefore have more interesting things to be concerned about. I’d say most of my old sannyasin friends view such localised political power games as utterly boring. To say it was their world and power games is inaccurate. Yes, old sannyasins were interested in politics, but of a much different kind. They were into, and many still are, the politics of exstasy.
    I have no doubts that most of my old sannyasin friends would agree with what I am saying here and agree with Osho’s words that I quoted at the beginning of this thread. I will remind you what Osho said about politics and politicians…..’Those are for children, retarded people, to play the game.’
    Just look at Obama Barrack. He has only been in office for a year and he is already turning grey.
    Yes, Osho formed the inner circle…so what? In the long run we will see if it was a good idea or just another of his failed experiments, winding up in an existential cul-de-sac.
    Remember the ranch was another experiment. It was a failure, but each one of us learned something from it.

  23. chetna says:

    I will be happy to accept that Lokesh. I certainly have not heard new sannaysins so interested in any circles. Unfortunately at times they are not interested in Osho either (being sannaysins), but that’s another story.

    I thought the question was whether he even created that circle? Remember his announcement of enlint sannaysins? And when he called himself as a friend, rather than a Master. In fact, even his statement that after his death people should find a living Master. He explained that these were the devises. True disciples will not be deviated by anything. And all these last statements are just gossips it seams. Otherwise, why are there no recordings proving anything on that?

    Shantam, sorry I didn’t reply to your previous question on relating to Osho individually and now when you said I really wonder when people say, ” Osho is every where, in the flowers, in the sky, in the tube..”

    I think this wonder will dissolve if you start meditating every day. To be with Osho means to be in meditation. And in my experience the deeper the meditation the closer you are to the Master. Do not ask me the details, I am not God to answer. But the meditator or a real lover of Osho just come to know that connection. And it is sad that you are more interested in outer things, politics of Pune etc, rather than your own experience.

    Your questions just tells me you are not in commune with the Master, as yet. But hey, everyone has their timing….

  24. Lokesh says:

    Chetna, you make some interesting points. Like…
    ‘why are there no recordings proving anything on that?’

    Osho spent years having what he said recorded. He covered everything under the sun, including a lot of unimportant matters. Osho wanted people to bring a meditative quality into their lives. He created intelligent techniques for helping develop that in a person’s life. This is his real legacy. All the other stuff is superfluous. Yes, people should be allowed to visit his Samadhi, but there is no need to make a lifestyle out of it.

    ‘Osho is every where, in the flowers, in the sky, in the tube.’ This viewpoint is called pantheism, and there is nothing new about it. It is based on a high level of abstraction, while its appeal is based in its simplicity and consistency. Pantheism also has a down side. It appears to do away with dualism but is in essence a dualistic concept, because it makes certain expressions of oneness better and higher than others. Hence the need for some sannyasins to proclaim that they are more in touch with Osho than others etc. It all started in the Upanishads about 3000 years ago. Historically pantheism has not been very effective. It was believed the unity trip would make everyone less self-centred. As we can see, even in sannyas dimension, the idea that we are all part of one thing, energy,Osho, etc has not really sank in very deeply because at heart human beings are selfish, which is probably one of the reasons we have survived as a species. To call this oneness Osho is a personal matter. I don’t feel the need to do that and I find it curious that others do… but really that is none of my business.

    Chetna you say…’Do not ask me the details, I am not God to answer.’
    That sounds like a cop out. You don’t have to be God to answer these kind of questions. I think it is important for us to educate ourselves and become articulate about the dimensions that meditation can bring us to, so that we can help those uninitiated to understand what meditation is really about . I’d take it a step further and say that bringing a meditative quality into your life brings you closer to your self. We only have gurus and masters on the outside because we need to have it hammered into our souls that the real master is who we really are. What is known as the sat guru….the true teacher is our true nature.
    That is why I can’t help speaking up when I see people worshiping the master rather than letting his teaching enter their heart and becoming masters themselves. Oh yes, we have the bhakti yoga argument but I don’t think a lot of these people are actually practising bhakti but rather swapping one form of bondage for another. They are becoming attached to a form and calling this attachment spiritual. A real master sets you free. I think in the traditional hindu masters and disciples game there is a strong risk of both parties becoming childishly dependent on each other. There are exceptions but unfortunately you hear about them because they are few and far between.

  25. chetna says:

    “Hence the need for some sannyasins to proclaim that they are more in touch with Osho than others etc.”-I agree with you. In fact, for example, Arun does it all the time. He says that he is the purest medium, and he is the one who speaks with Osho. Famous Rajneesh says he is a Matreya of Osho etc. Etc. If it came out of me in the same way, I didn’t mean to. But when I hear a sannaysin like Shatam asking what it meant to relate to Osho individually, tells me he feels no connection.
    At the same time, I think it is a possibility that we are all different and at different stages of consciousness. And the point is not to make it higher or lower, just different. Otherwise it makes no sense that not everyone is so sharp, clear and intelligent, like Osho let’s say.
    “Chetna you say…’Do not ask me the details, I am not God to answer.’
    That sounds like a cop out. You don’t have to be God to answer these kind of questions.”
    You seem to always challenge me on this Lokesh, and I do accept it is my limitation to verbalise and analyse meditation and its impact. There are a number of reasons for that. I am a relatively new seeker (at least in this life) and am not at the stage of clarity and understanding so I am unable to explain how the Master who left the body works (but he does), what actually happens to my soul and body. I can speak on the surface and say that meditation changed my habits, made me aware of my own energy and in fact the fact that Osho is inside me and outside me at the same time. But all these sounds illogical and I do not think we can truly know unless we are enlnt.
    “That is why I can’t help speaking up when I see people worshiping the master rather than letting his teaching enter their heart and becoming masters themselves.” I think this is truly the difficulty of the East, almost like a habit to bow down etc. BUT, those who have experienced LOVE for the Master will probably agree with me, that this LOVE for Osho is more fulfilling and meaningful than our own experience of enlignt! What I mean is that you forget yourself when you love Osho, at least momentarily.
    Osho once said that the only thing we could give him back as a thank you is our own enlightement. And meditation with surrender to the Master go hand in hand beautifully together so there is no need to choose! And if one really lets Osho enter the heart he is bound to fall in love with Osho forever! I see this everyday and it is immensely beautiful, like magic.
    Perhaps Lokesh you are a wise and experienced person, a seeker, no doubt, but are you open enough for a miracle besides logic???
    As I am sure we’ve heard, we need to become children again, in wonder, for God to reveal itself! And I do not think Osho is anything different. It will all come in package.
    The fact that you went to Papa Jee and others says to me that you didn’t let Osho to enter you fully! Otherwise you would not be jumping from one place to another or say you do not need a Master! My humble opinion!
    I wish we could talk in person, as seeing someone’s eyes and feeling their presence can make all the difference. Who knows perhaps Lokesh is a wonderful loving being that I cannot feel through internet! 

  26. shantam says:

    But when I hear a sannaysin like Shatam asking what it meant to relate to Osho individually, tells me he feels no connection.

    Chetna, let me phrase the question in a different way. It is not about you, me or someone else on personal note, but relating used for millennium in all the religious traditions.
    Are billions of people born during 2 thousand years are stupid and childish who felt a personal bonding with Jesus..
    For more than 5 thousands years, by listening the songs about Krishna billions felt a personal bond with Him during good and bad times..

    What is the difference in the inner spectrum when someone says..I feel individual connection with Osho..
    and others say, I feel individually related with Jesus, Buddha etc.?

    Every leaf feels individually connected with the tree, His/her tree otherwise how leaf can live the whole life span.. but if the leaf opens the eyes bit more..he/she can see, i am not alone..there is a fine net work of thick and thin branches…

    Somewhere we are all inter connected..Osho has spoken a lot about co dependency..

  27. shantam says:

    Shanatm dies and reaches the gates of hell/heaven. The guard says to him, sorry we cannot find your name in the list of Osho´s people. Seems like you did not renew your subscription, so the Osho shuttle service cannot bring you to your designated point.
    You have to walk yourself..
    Should i complain that the guard should check the register again. my bond with osho is based on life long subscription, there was no need for annual renewal.
    I don´t think
    If this is the register maintained by the higher forces, than it be so..

    and on the way..i see the Osho shuttle bus with flowers and music is standing on the road side stall for refreshment and drinks. I recognise many sannyas faces, i have shared many meditation hours with them.

    Will it make me sad that i should have renewed the so called individual connection subscription with Osho….

    I don´t think so..

  28. chetna says:

    “What is the difference in the inner spectrum when someone says..I feel individual connection with Osho..”

    I think the play of words completely changed the topic. What I was trying to say was that my relation to Osho is individual and so is for everyone else’s. So in effect it does not matter whether there is a Pune resort putting everyone together or a person just does Osho meditation in his room and listens to Osho discourse alone. We do not to have a middle man with Osho. So chill about Pune, Inner Circle etc. Worry about your inner.

    There are other Masters and they have deep relationships with their disciples. No difference.

    I am not so ignorant to say that Osho is THE master of Masters, beyond enlnt and Jesus is an idiot on a donkey (he he he, Osho did say smth like that).

  29. Lokesh says:

    Chetna, I enjoyed your heartfelt and candid response.

  30. Lokesh says:

    Chetna…Arun does it all the time. He says that he is the purest medium, and he is the one who speaks with Osho.

    I’m open to most things but as far as I’m concerned that sounds like a load of nonsense. I’ve watched vids of Arun and although he seems sincere I suspect when hearing such comments that he is delusional. To say that you speak with anyone who is not in a body requires the acceptance of a whole lot of givens like, personality survives death etc. I reckon Osho had said everything that was needed to be said before he died. Why would he need to channel something through some old guy? Osho was already speaking about retiring before he died but now he is dead he is back at work. Sounds ridiculous. Besides, if there is somewhere else that you can speak from, there would be a whole lot more interesting things to talk about than what Arun comes away with. He appears like a sentimentalist and hence would not have much appeal to Osho who was not a sentimental man.

  31. chetna says:

    Lokesh, all I know that Arun is a devotional person, sincere and totally in love with Osho. He basically dedicated his whole life to Osho and his message. But he does say things that I personally cannot prove and it is his experience so he has the right to say what he wants.

    And I do think there are mediums. Another area, though, that I cannot explain. But to say like Rajneesh, for example, that he is Osho’s Matrey is an equal nonsense to me.

  32. Lokesh says:

    Chetna: ‘he does say things that I personally cannot prove ‘
    Well, at least he has something in common with Osho.

  33. Lokesh says:

    Where have all the rest of the bloggers gone? Even Bubbie has dropped out. Shantam is very quiet…most unusual…everyone has broken out of their circle it seems. Ah, peace and quiet.

  34. shantam says:

    It is the effect of your thread lokesh, time to go deeper even it is just a mm. After all..what to say……………….

  35. shantam says:

    A new book by internationally-renowned author Patrick French who has turned his gaze on India this time, arguing that India could be, what he calls, the default setting for the future globally. Is that really the case or is that an overstatement?
    A nice interview-
    Read more at:

  36. anugrah says:

    Beloved Ma mellisa left her body yesterday in spain . Rest in peace

  37. prem bubbie says:

    shantam…lots of empty barking, boy… now go pee on Gandhi’s leg, and be of some use.

  38. prem bubbie says:

    “The Rain in Spain fell on Mellisa’s Brain, and away went her pain, so she returned to some where sane, way to go babe!!”

  39. Lokesh says:

    The wheel is beginning to turn again.

  40. prem martyn says:

    this site was down for two days…

    i really am not here.. apart from the odd occasional interlude….
    but i thought that everyone should know that thanks to incarnating by way of evolution and some really quite astonishingly surprising historical lines of unbelievable parental couplings under all manner of stresses and strains.. it all ended up with me leaving starfucks and…

    having a great shag last night…..

    sometimes life has a deep and rich meaning beyond the supermarket queues…
    if it hadn’t been for pleasure and the accompanying lovely profane expletives at just the right moment…then i’m not sure the universe would have been able to make the wheels of heterocycluality so enjoyably attractive…for millenia….

    My guru sleeps with me and gives me joyrides…nice…
    she’s got great tits too…

    ( thats what a guru is isn’t it ? i do hope so, otherwise i’m just enjoying myself meaninglessly and. that would be awful…though on second thoughts …..)

  41. Lokesh says:

    Good to hear that you are having some penetrating insights, Martyn, and that you are moving deeper. Let us know when you get out.

  42. prem martyn says:

    bubbie ..

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

    ere is a sangg al farr u

    me is prayin for yo to get de liver ants…
    me is ‘opinn dat you is ganna fine de light
    like dat wot is in joy in evan

    (not am tinking yo’s eva gonna get dere eeeting de dulvines fram de solomon islands… de music is from de’ thin red line..’.)

    ps. dat b’loke esh..wasss him talkin bout al time .. some weeli ting abot whe-halitee…wasssuppp ?

  43. shantam says:

    My guru sleeps with me and gives me joyrides…nice…
    she’s got great tits too…..

    She must be a dumb bimbo too,
    who can not see that this old asocial brain is a coward..who writes annonymously about her tits in the sannyasnews…

    I hope like all the girls before she will get her self esteem back..

  44. prem martyn says:

    sorry shant-am that wont-do as I -am writing to my-self..and or anyone i you can’t play as i have-n’t decided to include you …
    you always spoil things….

    enjoy the tune above or something…

    night night

  45. shantam says:

    Mellisa, Ma Puja Mellisa..
    Thanks Anugrah for sharing the news of her demise at Sannyasnews.
    The name was ringing memories in my brain. It is difficult to relate the dead body with the profile photo at her facebook page. Was she passing through some sickness during her last years?
    I think..thousands of people have seen this graceful Ma during her continuous stay at Pune and that too at Lao Tzu house.
    During my first Osho discourse in Januray 1987, she was the person on the frisking line..
    Years went by, but she was always looking the same with her long open hair and the same slim structure all the years…Her silence presence in the ashram campus was inspiring..
    The one of the tragedy of Osho Jayesh resort is that all the people who were part of Osho caravan have been removed from the scene, not just physically, but the memories of their life long quest with Osho…l They should have been the part of Osho history. After all, what is a master without His disciples…the toruch bearer of His legacy..
    I hope someone intimate with her can write something about Mellisa´s life, her life at 17, Koregaon park Pune and the life in the real world.

  46. prem bubbie says:

    There are now 13 signs of the zodiac, it seems the earth was out of alignment due to the moon’s and sun ‘s gravitational pull over the past thousand years. The “New” sign is called “Ophiuchus”- Between Scorpio and Sagittarius; November 29th – December 17. “Ophiuchus”, is considered a healer of men(women),maybe a doctor of medicine or of science, who seeks higher education and enlightenment. Well, this is the biggest news since Swami Rajneesh started walking slowly and morphed into an Osho clone. Now the Wheel may start turning again(as if were waiting for this astrological update). Really now….

  47. prem bubbie says:

    And where were these so-called astronomers and astrologers, these past few hundred years? Asleep at the Wheel!!. pun intended. “The wheel in the sky keeps on turning, i don’t where i’ll be tomorrow…” Journey-1978

  48. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam says– “…Mellisa’s life, her life at 17,Koregaon Park Pune and the life in the real world.”— HUH? You mean the life at “Koregaon Park pune”, is not the “real” world? you dope!! what’s this shit– “RIP”… what, she’s rolling in her grave now that she’s discovered life at the ashram wasn’t the “real” world? You’ve been brainwashed by the Christian fanatics shantam… but you’ve already told us more than once already to “Trust in Jesus”…. R.I.P. my ass!!!

  49. prem bubbie says:

    shantam = a total mental defect.

  50. prem bubbie says:

    Prem Martyn… Wassupppp, bro, my white negro? You gotsta move to de part of town where de action iz , my homie… u britz gotsta be tired of dat cold, damp weatherz…. come herez to de states…. miami beechhhh, iz homie terf… getz sum colorz on jor skin…. wassuppp?

  51. Kavita says:

    his is a video os Mellissa . . need to share it here . . :)

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  52. shantam says:


  53. Kavita says:

    correction – ” this is a video of Mellissa . .

  54. shantam says:


  55. prem bubbie says:

    So kavita you are back…. how was the funny farm? Cheers!!!

  56. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam: your buttons are pushed— cheers!!!!

  57. Kavita says:

    Funny farm cost me Rs 60,000 / – in hospital . . but no regets dear . . injoyed the ride . . worth every penny . . Bubbie . . Chareveti Chareveti . . !i

  58. prem bubbie says:

    shantam says he first met mellisa in 1987, she was on the “Frisking” line— hmm, did she do the crotch check on you shantam dear? maybe a little too far up the you-know -where, gave you thoughts she was “interested” in you…. oh, you silly misbehaving boy!! Such dirty thoughts.

  59. prem bubbie says:

    Nice to hear…. now back to reality… enjoy the ride babes. I hope you didn’t lose any weight, i like my women a little plump. magnifique!!!

  60. Kavita says:

    Bubbie . . I did lose a little . . have retained the magnificence . .

    do u have broad shoulders ? I love men who r . . Tall Dark ( haired ) . . with broad shoulders . . hee hee !i

  61. Kavita says:

    Bubbie sorry if I sounded demanding . .
    I accept . . u . . any way . .
    but LOVE I dont compromise . . :)

  62. Kavita says:

    Does anyone know of American Raabia ?
    . . was jus wondering about her . .
    found a feather she gave me . .
    while I was gaurding in Lao tzu . .

  63. Kavita says:

    correction – while I was gaurding at Lao tzu gate . . when the gate existed . . in 1999

  64. Lokesh says:

    And so they all returned to their respective wheels and, like hamsters running on a treadmill, continued on the road to nowhere. Did they live happily ever after? The jury is still out on that one.

  65. prem martyn says:

    kavita.. it fell out of your brain

  66. Kavita says:

    Lokesh I have to share this . . once when I was gaurding
    . . at the Lao tzu gate . . Indian White Mukesh asked me
    ‘ so how long do you gaurd the gate ‘ and I said
    ‘ 24 hours ‘ . .
    At that time one had to work 6 hours . . and I was allowed to work 2 hours only . . 7 – 9 . . even Zareen had a problem with that . . when i told Mukta . . about this . . Mukta said ask Zareen to speak to me . .
    when i told Zareen about this . . she had nothing to say . . and I live happily after that . .

    Sorry if I sound pompous . . I guess we all are at some point in time . .

    ofcourse Iam glad out of the system but yes part of the wheel . . :)

  67. Lokesh says:

    Ehm…er yes, Kavita….and the pink flowers and the red flowers and…ehm..yes, even the orange flowers melt into the void. Oh yes and don’t forget DJ Octopod, who spins eight records at a time. Sing along now….
    ‘We would be so happy you and me
    No one there to tell us what to do
    I’d like to be under the sea
    In an octopus’ garden with you.’

  68. prem martyn says:

    anyway here’s the chat up clincher..
    i told the babe her karmic wheels needed pumping after 5000 years…and i just happened to have a cycle pump made for the job..

    thing is i’m about to publish my sequel to Books i Have Loved.. its called …
    Girls i have Shagged…a layman’s guide

    I tend to compress the tantric techniques into an easy-to-read and-hard-to-forget formula.

    Step 1 . Start with a number ..any number after 5000 will do.

    Step 2 . Tell them that one of us will feel much better after getting a hold of a ‘unique-repeating-birth-producing-cycle pump’ and that she will feel much karma after a few short breaths of air.

    Step 3 . Read up on Karl McChanics the german scottish laird of the universe …. and invite the current love of your life ( any passably attractive babe sitting alone will do ) to help you stop you incarnating…
    and …
    ( this ones a bit tricky)

    Step 4. Mention that you have been watching her thoughts and that you particulatly liked the one that included struggling with the pvc tyre straps.

    Step 5 . that she has an overinflated ego probably as a result of using mix of profane gas and hot air.. and that releasing it will take some time.. and repeat visits.

    Step 6. Avoid all the above and keep mentioning how much you love awareness. (in case a quick get-away is needed the morning after)

  69. Kavita says:

    Bubbie . . have to tell you . . I returned to Poona . .on 5th Dec 2010 from Bombay . . and felt this my latest birthday . . thanks for the feed on the latest astrological discovery
    . . :)

    Loky darling . . love being anywhere with you . . who cares about the dj . . flying kisses . . :)

  70. prem martyn says:

    lokesh.. re kavita..

    go straight to step 6..

    (you’ll thank me later, i know)

  71. Kavita says:

    Marty boy . . Real love comes only after Awareness . . so thank u . . any way . . hee hee !i . . :)

  72. anugrah says:

    This song dedicated to Prem Bubbie

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  73. anugrah says:

    prem bubbi, please try to find some song for me too, I do not mind

    I seached two hours and finally i found that song which suits you and perfect for you . Try to find hindi translater or someone here on this website will translate sooner or later.

    have a good time,

  74. Gandhi says:

    I propose to collect money to buy a ticket for Bubbie to fly to Goa and have a private meeting with Rajneesh swami.
    Lokesh his buddie can also fly over from Ibiza and we film the whole wedding ceremony on HD video. Soundtrack by Premal and Miten: there is so much magnificence.
    Puke buckets for other visitors supplied by Hari Deva.

  75. Lokesh says:

    Martyn, you forgot to mention the electric-cooled donkey harness stimulater markV.

  76. Lokesh says:

    Sorry Gandhi, I am that rarest of phenomena…a happily married man. I’ll say this much, as far as hosting fantasies goes, yours take a bit of beating. I suggest dynamic meditation…be total in the catharsis period and perhaps you’ll be able to shift that junk out of your head. Good luck.

  77. Lokesh says:

    Oh, Yeah….and just for the record, I am not a fan of Premal & Miten’s music. Way to sugary sweet for a voodoo chile like myself.

  78. Kavita says:

    Hey Gandhi . . are u Kalidas Gandhi . . hee hee . . the guy who runs an ayurvedic shop on central street . . looks like you have opened a branch in Goa . . :)

  79. Lokesh says:

    Starring that Goddess of the Bizarre…Kavita. Kabam! Witchcraft……aieeeeeeeeeeeegh!

  80. Kavita says:

    Lokesh . . Iam a lil scared of the nouns . . u use . . with special effects . . but shall take it as pure divinity . . :)

  81. Dhanyam says:

    Kavita, (Black American) Rabiya is living in Ashland, Oregon, and doing fine.

  82. Kavita says:

    I miss these abundant trees . . Iam sure she is being nurtured well . . Thanx Dhanyam . . :)

  83. shantam says:

    First the green brigade has cut the huge trees to make way for their cars, than they call the consultants, how to grow trees in the flower pots….

    Everything around Osho´s name is very scientifc…
    Very very scientific..

  84. Lokesh says:

    Spok: ‘Yes. Captain Shantam, and very illogical.’

  85. shantam says:

    Was the way of the heart ever logical…??

    Peth Prem Ko Atpato..Path of love is Zigzag…!!

    The Osho scientists have done a great job by creating ketchup out of raw tomatoes….
    Packed and maufactured in Pune..shipped all over the globe..but not available at Spar, Tisco, Walmart etc.
    May be in Bio shops..!!!

  86. shantam says:

    “When a Buddha moves the wheel of dharma, it takes two thousand five hundred years for it to stop completely. The wheel that Buddha moved has stopped. The wheel has to be moved again. And that is going to be my and your life’s work – that wheel has to be moved again. Once it starts revolving it will again have twenty-five centuries’ life.” OSHO

    Buddha´s wheel has stopped. Osho´s wheel is moving for the next 25oo years…


    Put diesel in the petrol car.. it won´t move even for a week..even it is brand new..the newest model..

  87. prem bubbie says:

    Gandhi’s(Anand’s) head floats around like a ship bobbing in the high seas, with it’s cargo unsecured, shifting from one side to the other. All of that junk in his head just slams from one end of his head to the other…. a little bit of head banging against the wall will shake that shit out gandhi gupta; or is it goop the gandhi?

  88. prem bubbie says:

    that was funny lokesh!

  89. prem bubbie says:

    Say wa, Shantam?

  90. prem bubbie says:

    I’d love to see what would happen if Shantam and Kavita,, copulated and had a kid… Eraserhead Lives!!!

  91. prem bubbie says:

    Eraserhead- movie -1976, google for more info

  92. Lokesh says:

    Talking of movies, just watched a cracker of a German one. ‘Soul Kitchen’. Funky and funny.

  93. shantam says:

    Tunisia´s youth have kicked their dictator out of the country. Few jokes are making the round at twitter-

    As Ex. Dicatator Ben Ali’s plane is reported in different locations around the world, the traffic on Twitter suggests the emotions that have been aroused:

    “Breaking: An earthquake just hit Egypt, ooops sorry that was Mubarak shaking!!”

    “Ben Ali’s plane stopping over in Cairo before final destination in the Gulf? A couple of seats free for Mubarak.”

    “If Ben Ali plane ran out fuel, let it be above Mubarak mansion, then we’ll live victory.”

    One of the most remarkable thing one can see the growing proportion of the youth in the emerging countries. They have education, ambitionand yearning for more freedom, more honesty, more transparancy..

    But in the world of sannyas this is not the case. Wheel of Dharma is being pushed half hearted oldies..young blood is not getting too much influenced by Osho at least in the west, because the people from the generation before seems to be too much in the mind and less in substance.
    Let us see how the winds of change will come to write the next saga of Osho movement.

  94. Gandhi says:

    did anyone notice the new sn feature on the top ‘who’s online’. Now we can zoom in on Bubbie in Portland.
    The Internet is really made of glass.

    The Goa wedding ceremony between Lokesh/ Bubbie and Swami rajneesh is going ahead as planned. Guest initations are being mailed. rajneesh is sending letters asking for donations for the tent.
    Lokesh’s music request has been accepted. Jimi Hendrix will be performing live on Anjuna Beach ‘The Voodoo Chile” with Premal as a back up singer and Miten playing acoustic guitar. An event not to be missed. Shantam finally agreed to leave the German winter to re-visit his motherland and face off with Bubbie/ Lokesh.
    Food is vegetarian, but some raw buffalo meat soaked in good old scotch whiskey will be grilled right on the beach.
    Indian women are advised to stay away from the carnage.

    The sponsor Hari Deva will provide puke buckets for the attendees.

  95. prem bubbie says:

    Goop of Gandhi is just rehashing his previous dry joke, this joke is drier than your balls!! Try tea-bagging Prakash, that my firm them up a bit. shave first. he likes ‘em smooth.

  96. Lokesh says:

    Shantam. ‘Wheel of Dharma is being pushed half hearted oldies..young blood is not getting too much influenced by Osho at least in the west, because the people from the generation before seems to be too much in the mind and less in substance.’
    The lack of interest in Osho probably has more to do with the fact that he heralded the arrival of a sexual revolution that has been around for some time now. Another thing one might take into consideration is that they have more pressing matters to deal with. In Spain there exists massive unemployment amongst the country’s youth. They are leaving university with degrees and can’t find a job. It is much the same all over the world right now. Therefore spiritual values are taking second place to material values. What we will see more and more of is the youth taking it to the streets, Young people, due in part to the internet, will get organised and start protesting about the systems that are in place just now,
    I can smell tear gas.

  97. Kavita says:

    Bubbie . . please dont copulate in your brain . . use the real / appropriate . . organ for that . . incase you need to
    . . I have no need to have kids . . with anybody . . for that matter . . :)

    Shantam probably needs to be in presense of a live master . . more often rather than copulate . . he has done enough of that . . I guess . . hee hee . . :)

    Gandhi . . there is also ‘ welcome all sannyassins ‘
    on the top . . :)

    Sannyasnews . . thanx for the upgrading . . :)

  98. shantam says:

    Shantam probably needs to be in presense of a live master . . more often rather than copulate . . he has done enough of that . . I guess .

    Sugar and ghee in Your mouth Kavita..

    Living Master for me is getting ready….
    Shantam Prem is the name for that one…

    May be you meant by other people´s living master..
    some Dalai Lama.. or some Indian out of 12 dozens in the market……

  99. Kavita says:

    Shantam these . . other people . . are also your fellow travellers . . dear . .

    anyway . . today is loady . . festival of kites . . here in . . India . . i send some some sweets for you . . & family . . :)

  100. shantam says:

    Murphy’s golden rule thanks Rohit

    First: Whoever has the gold makes the rules.

    Second: Never think of the future — it comes soon enough.

    Third: For every credibility gap there is a gullibility fill.

    Fourth: Youth looks ahead, old age looks back, middle age looks worried.

    Fifth: Youth is when you blame all your troubles on your parents; maturity is when you learn that everything is the fault of the younger generation.

    Sixth: The best thing about the golden old days is that they cannot come back.

    Seventh: Being frustrated is disagreeable, but the real disasters in life begin when you get what you want.

    Eighth: The solution to a problem changes the problems.

    Ninth: Almost anything is easier to get into than to get out of.

    Tenth: Beauty is only skin deep, ugly goes to the bone.

    Eleventh: Celibacy is not hereditary.

    Twelfth: Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate.

    And thirteenth: If you think education is experience, try ignorance

    With meditation one is closer to God..with Money one is closer to Master…
    Discourses are for everybody, secret guidelines are for few….

  101. Kavita says:

    16th. …
    ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. :)

  102. Lokesh says:

    I think it is high time Bubbie wrote an article…or maybe Gandhi, who definitely needs to exercise his mind a bit, going by his stale comments. Whaddya say?

  103. prem bubbie says:

    I made that offer last week and haven’t heard from the SN crew… maybe too afraid?

  104. Lokesh says:

    Yes, just the thought of an article penned by Prem Bubbie has got me filling my nappies. Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  105. shantam says:

    Will the man behind the name bubbie will shed some light on his credentials with the article?

  106. Lokesh says:

    I see shantam is back in his loop…loop…loop…loop…loop…ad infinitum.

  107. shantam says:

    Everyone and everything die sooner or later.
    I must modify this statement.
    Live with false will remain intact, will be immortal, even when one dies..

  108. shantam says:

    in one village something like sannyasnews or resort in Pune, there were so less inhabitants..people were not willing to visit what to say about creating the roots..because the vilage was haunted by the ghosts..

    But the few villagers who were living there had no complain. They were of the this way we have all the space, all the air.. it is not congetsted..

  109. Shahriar says:

    I like the song you posted Lokesh. Very beautiful. (Gaand Me Danda.)

  110. Gandhi says:

    Lokesh you go exercising your mind. I work on transcending…….. and watching……

  111. Swami Detective says:

    Lacking some filler for the new constructions? Don’t complain if this is not enough!

    From Swami Rajneesh in Tears of the Mystic Rose we have:

    …this same time the ashram was attempting to buy the sunderban hotel

    …the ashram management made it clear to all sannyasins staying there
    to boycott the hotel as talera was not agreeing to sell it at their offered price
    as i was told by talera they had threatened to shut down his hotel

    …during these days i was informed by the ashram office
    that i was ordered to leave the hotel that same day or face banning

    …i was not able to locate another room
    for atleast six days and had to meanwhile stay in sunderban
    i was stopped at the gate and called to a meeting
    told i had received their warning to leave sunderban
    which i had disobeyed and was banned from the ashram

    …banned i continued to live in sunderban
    to find out one morning that there was to be another meeting with
    talera and the ashram management
    talera called me as i was the only sannyasin staying on
    and discussed with me…that he felt angry now

    …talera and i agreed that if they began their meeting
    with softness and consideration he would agree to sell

    …five people arrived…angry to see me sitting with talera
    they felt their boycott had made him more agreeable
    and were arrogant in their approach to him
    talera refused to sell…not even for double the price

    …the next few days i was met with a serious threat
    while walking on the ashram street at night a sannyasin man
    rushed towards me showing me a knife with threats to have me finished
    that i was given notice to leave poona or would be taken care of
    that they would break my bones…my legs

    …the night it happened
    as usual i was on my way when i was stopped by an indian sannyasin
    he insisted that he would take me by motorbike and to hop on
    i hate bikes as they are uncomfortable to sit on in a robe
    and i loved to take my slow walk after discourse
    he insisted again and again and i gave in

    …he took me there and he got off his bike on the street
    without any warning suddenly hit me with an extremely violent force
    on my face and continued to punch me on the ground
    this sudden violent attack on my right jaw completely turned my neck
    with a cracking sound in my skull and neck vertebrae
    i flew diagonally backwards onto the ground and to save my fall
    landed on my left hand and heard a sound deep in my left shoulder
    my collar bone went into my neck and i felt my left shoulder blade had crushed into my spine and was dislocated
    my lungs were compressed and breathing was very painful
    he kicked my face and body asking me if i had learnt my lesson
    got on his bike and went away
    [End Quote]

    Even today on Swami Rajneesh’s website is the following:

    i am aware of the threats to my life and threats to my friends
    we are all watching every step you now take against me
    [End Quote]

  112. Swami Detective says:

    Prem Abhay has an account of leaving Pune under duress, after leaving on Amrito’s desk an extensive report about health, safety, and negligence at the resort. Obviously some heated web and email play took place. The following is an email from Amrito to Prem Abhay:

    Dear Abhay,
    I am afraid your website has caused a bit of stir, especially with your comments, now removed, but repeated in emails, that you might be the target of some murder plot… etc…etc.
    Now you need to write here before coming…. Several people have seen this article and feel that this is the last place you should be!
    I hope you are ok!
    With best wishes,
    [End Quote]

    From Abhay we have the following:

    I recall one particular incident that occurred when I was standing at the back-gate of the centre. A car roared up to the gate and stopped abruptly; music was blazing loudly; and the young man of Indian appearance gave the appearance of being drunk. The car window was down, and he made some strange obscure comments to me. Suddenly he accelerated of, only to stop approximately 100 metres down the road. The car then spun around, and came back at considerable speed. It then swerved towards me. I reacted quickly, and ended up near the wall of the centre – another person witnessed this event. Other than thinking what a ‘crazy driver’ (a euphemism), I thought nothing further of it; nothing further, that is until right now I type these words.

    If subtleties and innuendoes are not your thing, then let me make it clear. I left Pune as a matter of utmost urgency because I had a clear sense that there were people conspiring to murder me: out of jealousy and my incessant efforts to expose and stop absolutely deplorable conduct. I now am reflecting on whether or not there has already been an attempt on my life?
    [End Quote]

  113. Swami Detective says:

    Amrito requested that Abhay mail the resort prior to coming, so here is the mail from Abhay:

    Subject: RE: status of visitation
    To whom it may concern
    My name is Prem Abhay.

    I seek official clarification as to whether or not I am elligible to visit the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India.

    Due to some apparently controversial reports that i circulated i received an email from Amrito (I am assuming this to be Doctor Amrito, Osho’s personal physician). Amrito’s email stated that some people feel that the resort is the last place I should be, and that i needed to write to before coming to the centre. My response was to send a letter (with a link to more details on a website) informing a number of Indian State and Federal agencies about my concerns. I also copied Amrito and “response” in the email.

    A copy of a series of email exchanges with Amrito is at the end of this email.A copy of two website links that outline some of my concerns are below.

    The only other information of substance is a thirty page report received by Doctor Amrito. I would like to add that i considered the emails from Amrito to be of a threatening nature – in particular I was deeply concerned by the following: “several people…feel this is the last place you should be”.

    I would finally like to add that the only reason I can think a person of sound mind considers the concerns that I have documented to be groundless is that this person has been blatantly lied to.

    Yours sincerely, Prem Abhay
    [End Quote]

  114. Swami Detective says:

    As per Amrito’s request Abhay wrote to the resort asking if he can visit. The request is awaiting moderation by Sannyasnews. If it survives you can read it above.

    Here is the reply from the resort:

    Hello Abhay,
    Here it is, the way you want the response… “You are not welcome at Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune”;
    Have fun,
    [End Quote]

    Abhay obviously does not find this conclusive so follows up with:

    (From Abhay To Response Team)
    To Whom It May Concern I have been trying to find out if I am eligible to visit the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India. After being redirect several times and then after several email exchanges by Dhyanesh, all I managed to find out was that I was not welcome. Quite obviously I am not welcome there. That is why I did not ask such a question. I wanted to know if I can visit the resort to reconnect with Osho. I am not interested in whether I am greated at the front gate with hugs and kisses or not. I have been the target of slanderous, malicious lies that started out with me being apparently responsible for someone having a severe allergic reaction whilst working in Lao Tzu garden. The character defamation then turned to me being involved in causing people to drink contaminated water during a monsoon. These and any other propositions of this nature are utterly false. It would be nice if it is that simple. Unfortunately these lies have the effect of people not listening to the warnings I am repeatedly trying to make about the resort. The problems therefore continue to worsen and pose more and more danger to the health and safety of resort guests. Now if the malicious rumours have a source, and if that source was found to be systematic and calculated in spreading the rumours, this person(s) becomes deeply responsible for the illegal goings on at the resort. I know from Dhyanesh’s email that he has the view that I am trying to have a bit of a laugh at the resorts expense, and will one day deeply regret it because for example now I am not welcome. Unfortunately this situation is not the case. Unless I here otherwise, I am assuming from Dhyanesh’s email that although not welcome, I am eligible to visit the resort and reconnect with my beloved master Osho. Finally, the actual reason why I am not welcome there is that I will push for the lies about me to be shown for what they are, and that this will in turn reveal some utterly unconscionable actions by people running the resort.
    PS Is there any vacancies at the GuestHouse soon.
    [End Quote]

    Dhyanesh replies with:

    Hello Abhay,
    You are not welcome to visit Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune.
    Response Team
    (from Dhyanesh)
    [End Quote]
    Yogendra (member of the Inner-Circle and brother to Jayesh) copies Abhay in on an email to Jayesh (chair of the Inner-Circle):

    Hi Ji,
    Please inform him that thanks but that you are our chief criminal negligence investigator and top notch to boot. Hence no need for his services at this time.
    Much love,
    D’Arcy O’Byrne BA, LL.B
    [End Quote]

  115. Swami Detective says:

    After all this drama Abhay turns up unannounced outside the front entrance of the resort and starts handing out a drinking water contamination report. The following is his report to police about what happened subsequently:

    Report to Police: Assault 1 on Prem Abhay Date: Sunday 30th December 2007

    Incident outside the Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, INDIA.

    This letter is a formal request to take legal action(s) against the relevant persons in this report. I was threatened with physical violence by Dhyanesh, I was physically assaulted by two guards; I was further threatened with severe physical violence by one of these guards; Dhyanesh did not allow me to remove myself safely from this severe threat. Dhyanesh also, in my opinion threatened to deal with me in other than legal means, instigated, encouraged, maintained, and refused to stop, this very violent attack.

    The role of the resort employee (the fourth person mentioned in the attack) is not clear to me.

    The following is my recollection of the facts surrounding the incident that occurred outside the Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, India. The incident happened on Saturday the 29th December 2007, the time was mid-afternoon (approximately 3pm).

    In the morning I printed out copies of a report that I have written about the contamination of water at the Resort. I collected the copies from a print-shop and in the early afternoon handed out some copies of the report to people at the Yogi Tree Restaurant and then the German Bakery. I then proceeded to the Resort.

    When I reached the entrance of the Resort I started handing out the report to people. I continued this uninterrupted and peacefully for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. I asked people if they would like a copy of a report about contamination of water at the resort. Some people said or indicated that they were not interested and I immediately respected their wishes. Other people were interested in what I had to say and asked me more specific questions. A lady ‘guarding’ called me over and requested a copy. A person that I recall is a long time Engineer or engineering technician approached me and requested a copy, and then another copy. The lady ‘guarding’ suggested I provide the main gate with a copy. I gave the main gate two copies.

    At one stage, as I recall, a guard from the secondary entrance requested me to move. The main guard also asked me to move. He said that the area where I was – that being the road and roadside – was private property. I asked him for confirmation of this as I was quite sure where I was distributing the report was council property. I was met with an unclear response. However he did say to wait near the entrance as a person was coming to speak with me.

    Dhyanesh approached me with a pen waving in his left hand. His approach was to me very abrupt and aggressive. There were two guards present. One of these guards had already touched me once on the arm – suggesting me to move on. As I recall, this guard touched me a second time on the upper arm, and I said to him that that was the second time he touched me, and that I found this to be inappropriate.

    Dhyanesh said that the entire street was maintained by the Resort, and that the resort had the power to move anyone on if that person was causing a disturbance. He told me to go to the German Bakery. My position was clear and simple: I was distributing a report, and did not consider myself in any way to be causing a disturbance. On the contrary, I found myself well received, with people interested in the report, and interested in asking me more specific questions.

    Dhyanesh said that he would deal with me in whichever way. I asked him exactly what he meant by that. He mentioned the possibility of him calling the police to deal with me; however the direction of his conversation lead me to understand that his interpretation of ‘whichever way’ stretched beyond the law.

    At one stage, as I seem to recall, Dhyanesh said he would hit me. He also said a number of times that he would get the guards to hit me. The next thing I recall is that two guards are forcing me backwards away from the main-gate. My arms are placed in an awkward upward position, with my fingers bent painfully backwards. I managed to withdraw my hands and as I walked backwards tried to use my arms to defend myself from what I consider to be an unprovoked physical assault.

    I withdrew from this assualt to the other side of the road. I continued to then make an attempt to distribute the water contamination report. I was approached by an employee of the resort. He stood almost touching me and asked me to move on. I asked him if he was going to assault me like the other two people just did. The bigger of the two guards then moved towards me from the other side of the road. I asked him if he was going to assualt me a second time.

    He continued towards me in such an aggressive manner that I walked backwards along the footpath. He followed me (within striking range with his fists) and with fist(s) clenched threatened to strike me in the head. He did this a number of times as I walked backwards past the rickshaws. I then walked backwards onto the road, and as I did this the guard picked up a very large wooden broom. As I walked backwards down the road he threatened on many occassions to strike me both in the facial region, upper body region, and legs. During this the employee and Dhyanesh were close by.

    The guard was in my opinion out of control with blind rage. He was clearly completely out of control. Dhyanesh was in my opinion insensible with anger. There was clearly an inappropriate an excess use of (and threat of) force. I walked backwards under attack a significant distance – to the entrance of Sunderbaan Hotel.

    By the time I reached the entrance to Sunderbaan Hotel I realized that it was also dangerous for me to walk backwards down the street as I may get hit by an oncoming vehicle (or person), or simply trip over. I passed close by a sweeping lady who was near the road-side. With this guard threatening to strike me with a large stick (and within striking range), I could not for one moment take my concentration from him; hence the risk of something from behind. This was when I started to become vocal. I said to Dhyanesh that I needed space so I could turn around and walk away. Dhyanesh said I could simply turn around and walk away. I let Dhyanesh know that with a large Guard threatening me angrily with a big stick, that this was not an option.

    Walking backwards along a road with three guys in my face, with one of them waving a big stick, was in my opinion very very dangerous. Also, Dhyanesh did not allow me the chance (and space) to turn around and walk away from the serious threat. Hence I made the decision to try and change the situation. I vocally shouted if you attack me I will defend myself. I repeated this. I threw the remaining copies of the report on the ground – partially in frustration and partially to keep my hands free in case of an imminent attack. I continued to be very vocal – yelling things like ‘fuck off’ and ‘give me space’ – and this seemed to work.

    Dhyanesh must have then moved back a little. The guard with the big broom stick moved back a little. Then the resort employee moved back a little. I moved to the entrance of the Sunderbaan hotel, got out some more copies of the report, and gave one to a gentleman. We had a short and fruitful discussion. Another person approached me and seemed to have a calming effect on me. He walked with me to the end of the resort road. He made some suggestions of what I might do to resolve the problem, and showed me frame by frame pictures of some of the incident. I gave him my email address and he said he would send the photos.

    I was very shaken by the incident, and probably was in a state of shock. That night I had a very disturbed sleep.

    I was handing out a report that in my opinion uncovers serious negligence on behalf of senior management at the resort. However I was doing so in a peaceful manner, engaging people in constructive dialogue, and very definitely not creating a disturbance. After the two guards initially attacked me I made this point clear to Dhyanesh. I said that I was not creating the disturbance. I repeatedly said that I was here peacefully, and that he and others were creating the disturbance by attacking me. This is what happened. I was making a peaceful protest and I was physically attacked and threatened. If the guard with the large broom stick did actually strike me the way he threatened to, he could have easily killed me!!!!

    I have been a critic of resort management for years. I have been banned from the resort, and in my opinion I have previously been threatened by people at the resort. I have approached and been well received by the Australian State police on two occasions; I have attempted to personally visit the Australian Federal Police. I have sent messages to the Australian Federal Police, to Interpol, and to the Indian Central Bureau of Intelligence – on a number of occasions. I had a lengthy and helpful discussion with the Australian Embassy in Bangkok. I have repeatedly said that I have a sense that a person or persons having involvement with the centre are trying to kill me.

    The message that I have is that the negligence at the resort shows a blatant disregard to the sanctity of human life. The management is in my opinion very clearly aware of this, and ignores the right direction to fix the problems – problems that may have already lead to serious injury and death. So if the management is to this extent ignoring problems, why would they not make efforts to harm me, or end my life??? I came to Pune to resolve this issue as I have now spent years in hiding, am tired of it, have no place to hide left that I wouldn’t mind staying at, and am running out of money.

    I handed out a report in peaceful protest and was physically attacked and threatened in a manner that if carried out, could easily have ended my life. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Prem Abhay
    [End Quote]

  116. Swami Detective says:

    Abhay then wrote a Notice of Eviction and had it plastered on every available spare free advertising space around Koregaon Park. This notice also featured on Sannyasnews. Less than a month after the first incident we have Abhay writing another report to police:

    Report to Police: Assault 2 on Prem Abhay Date: Monday 28 Jan 2008
    Location: Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, INDIA

    After the first assault, I e-mailed the Resort requesting a mutually agreed place that I could distribute the Water Contamination Report. After a day (perhaps two), I went to the front gate and requested that I see someone about arranging this, having not received an email reply. The main gate guard said to go to the Welcome Centre and talk to the people their. I spoke to a lady at the Welcome Centre and she said Dhyanesh was coming to talk to me. I said I did not want to speak to this person about the matter as he had already been involved in an assault on me. She said that there was nothing to fear as there was plenty of people around. I disagreed with her.

    Dhyanesh came and said ‘come let’s go…to the police’, among other things. I left the Welcome Centre assuming that we would be going to the police, which was fine with me. Outside the Welcome Centre, being escorted by Dhyanesh, I was met by Anand Titnavage(?); as I recall, he was waving a curtain-rod at me. Dhyanesh agreed with my suggestion that I distribute the report outside Sundarbaan Hotel. I recall that the first afternoon of doing this, Anand Titnavage came up to me, again threatening me with a curtain-rod.

    Some days later I went to the front-gate to request the phone number of a resident. I called the resident from the front-gate phone, and as the phone was ringing, Anand Titnavage came up to me and started again threatening me with a curtain-rod. The main-gate guard said that I needed to leave, and called Dhyanesh; I left (before Dhyanesh could arrive).

    Perhaps 10 days or so ago, one of the Security Guards (Anand Titnavage) made a leering remark (Baba!!) at me whilst I was walking along the street (near Sanai Complex). I was on the walkway on the other side of the road. I walked over to him and said please do not do this. I thought that was the end of the matter. However a few days ago, as I walked passed the front gate, this Security Guard again leered at me…Baba!! I then walked over to the main gate and explained to the person on duty that this is a recurring problem, and I want it to stop. Dhyanesh approached, and I explained the problem to him. He said that many people call him baba: implying that to do so was complimentary. I explained to him that the problem was the Security Guard said “Baba!”. I asked Dhyanesh to tell the Security Guard to leave me alone. Dhyanesh said something to the Security Guard (presumably in Hindi), and I walked off.

    I have been calling a resident at the Resort over a number of weeks. Her name is Mukta and she is my friend. A few days ago I tried to call her from the back gate. The person at the back gate said to call from the security guard phone near the back gate. As I walked over to that phone the security guard received a call, and then hung up. I asked if I could use the phone and he said I could not. I went back to the back gate, and another person said that the back gate phone was for internal use only. He said that I could use the phone at the front gate. I asked who he was and explained that I had received conflicting messages from a number of guards at the back gate about the use of the phone. He said he was the ‘shift co-ordinator’.

    Two days later, which is today ( approximately 4.30pm), I went to the front gate to phone Mukta. Dhyanesh was close-by, near the main gate guard. I phoned Mukta and she answered immediately. We had a conversation and were trying to arrange a time to meet. A Security Guard then came over and told me to hang up the phone. He took the phone as I was in mid conversation with Mukta, and he hung it up. He then grabbed me on the arm and started escorting me away from the phone. The phone then rang again. Presumably it was Mukta wondering why I had hung up on her.

    I asked the guard to not touch me, and said that I would walk away: so there was no need to physically remove me. At some point he let go of me and Dhyanesh spoke to me. He said that I needed to listen to him. He said something like ‘do you know who I am’, among other things I can’t in this moment recall. After I listened to him I asked if I may explain something: that I was told by the “shift co-ordinator” that I could use this phone. Dhyanesh said that I could not speak. I remember then that the Security Guard struck at me with his fist. I recall that his fist struck my right hand above the wrist (it struck a leather band that I have on my wrist).

    I backed out of this situation and Dhyanesh confronted me. He faced me and said something like ‘I will beat you’. The Security Guard than ran to his post and picked up a curtain rod. He ran back and ran at me threatening to strike me with it. I backed back down the road under threat. As I went back, another Security Guard came at me with a wooden stick. I backed back further down the road and then onto the footpath to the entrance of the hospital, with these two Secuity Guards threatening to attack me.. I said that I was backing back and there was no need to threaten me with a curtain rod and stick. At the entrance to the hospital I said that if you attack me I will attack (in self-defense).

    As I understand it, people can in general use the back-gate phone. Hence I assume that me being denied access to the back-gate phone(s), and saying that I could use the front-gate phone, was a response to me personally. The question I am asking here is was I set up to go to the front-gate and therefore, was I the victim of a pre-meditated attack?

    After the confrontation, I went to Nala Park. In Nala Park (the side with the Osho statue), I did my usual circuit. On the section where the path narrows, a person was approaching. When he was approximately 2 metres away I noticed that he had a pocket knife in his left hand. The blade was somewhat open (not fully, say 1/3 open). I immediately said hey what is this. He closed the blade shut and said that he was oiling it. After he had walked past I said to him basically that it was a little concerning having someone walking along with a half-open pocket knife. I finished my circuit, and this person was ahead of me to the entrance. He talked to the guard at the entrance. I can recall quite clearly the person’s appearance. Perhaps this situation was nothing at all. However just in case, I recount it here.

    After walking in the park (perhaps 45 minutes later), I then came back past the Resort, thus completing the regular route of my morning and afternoon walk. I prefer not to walk the back-gate road and then along North Main Rd to reach the German Bakery lane because of the excess traffic. The first Security Guard I met told me that I cannot pass – I was walking on the bitumen. He motioned and said that I had to turn around. I said to him that I was walking along a public road, and told him to fuck off. I continued passed the Resort entrance, and made my way to the German Bakery.

    I had a chai at the German Bakery and then typed this report.

    I will send this report now, as per my usual procedure, to the Australian Federal Police, to Interpol, and to the Indian Central Bureau of Intelligence. In the morning I will lodge my second complaint to the Pune Central Police Station.

    I make here also one remark that comes to mind. I have had issues with Osho International Meditation Resort. I have heard that the Resort is for sale for $375 million (I am assuming that to be US$). If the rumour is true, and there is a person or persons offering such an amount, and if they read my reports, they would change the offer to the value of the land less the cost of knocking down all the buildings. I guess this might take several hundred million US$ off the value of the Resort. That wouldn’t be very nice at all. Perhaps there is no truth in the rumours.

    Yours sincerely,
    Prem Abhay
    [End Quote]

  117. Swami Detective says:

    A short while afterwards Abhay sends an email to the resort:

    To Management Team India and Osho International Foundation (Inner-Circle/Trustees)

    I have been the victim of two assaults. After the second assault, the next afternoon I was stopped by a guard who had just picked up a metal pole and held it behind his back, saying I could not pass along the public road. Eventually I passed by. The next afternoon he had a metal pole and glared at me. However he did not try and stop me walking along the public road.

    Today, Monday 25th Febuary, as I was putting up small flyers on some metal sheeting protecting a construction site that is not the property (as I understand it) of Osho International Meditation Resort nor Osho International Foundation. A security guard from Osho Resort followed behind me collecting the flyers. Another security guard approached from the other direction and said I could not do this. I said that this was a public road and the adjoining property was private and (presumably) not Osho Resort property, and to leave me alone. I seem to recall that one security guard said that someone had asked him approach me. After repeatedly (perhaps ten times) asking the other guard if he was security for Osho Resort, and similarly indicating that his security badge was turned around so I could not tell, he eventually turned the security pass around to confirm that he was working for Osho Resort. After me repeatedly saying that they had no right to interfere with me, they left me alone.

    If this incident is leading up to a third assault on me I find it completely and totally unconscionable. I want to know from a person of relevant authority that I will not be assaulted a third time. I want to know that I can walk along any public road around the Osho Resort and not be unnecessarily approached, not be threatened, and not be attacked. My position is one of peaceful expression of my point of view. I want confirmation of my request urgently as from this mornings incident, a third assault may be imminent. Dhyanesh has been involved in two assaults on me. Obviously I therefore do not consider this person to be an appropriate authority, so I do not want him to reply to my request, and actually am requesting that senior management take appropriate measures to deal with this person. Below is a copy of my latest work. For more details on the assaults and more works visit

    Yours sincerely,Prem Abhay.
    [End Quote]

  118. Swami Detective says:

    With the first of the monsoon rains coming early Abhay writes on his site:

    Yum Yum Sunday March 23, 2008

    Indeed it is a sad day for visitors to the Osho International Meditation Resort here in Pune, India. With my basic question remaining unanswered – other than by threats, banning, and violence – I can only assume that the water treatment systems remain in their archaic state. Hence the following scenario is an unfortunate and distinct possibility.

    The resort has just been drenched by torrential rains. Hence the wells at the resort get stirred up with microbes and other contaminants. The water treatment systems draw this stirred up water, and because they have been in a poor state, simply deposit this contaminated water at random throughout the resort. So for the next few days, it is distinctly possible that the contaminated water will pass through the drinking water stations. Also, I would argue that the drinking water is tested weekly (not daily as on the website), and also, there is a 24 hour delay in determining test results. Indeed I feel for the innocent victims that are unknowingly going to the resort today, and consuming the water from the drinking water stations.

    What is needed is as soon as it rained, a rigorous testing at various points throughout the water system, to ascertain exactly what is going on during periods of heavy rains. This of course was already done four monsoons ago, and the results were disastrous. It is in some way unfortunate that the level of contamination is below the threshold that the problem is obvious: that is, people dropping down in droves around the drinking water stations. Hence the resort can get away with what is happening. Further, I would add that the repeated occurrence of this situation of not doing anything is akin to poisoning. To introduce a contaminant into a water supply or to not make efforts to stop contaminants from entering a water supply is very very similar.

    Finally I add that once the water network has been contaminated, even if drinking water stations are closed (with atleast a 24 hour delay of this happening), the contaminated system needs to then be appropriately flushed prior to re-opening. The reason for this is that microbes build up in the system.

    Granted the water system may now be at least of reasonable standard. If this is the case I ask anyone that is interested in condemning me to save their energy and ask resort management if this is the case. So rather than venting your anger through blind ignorance and the false delusion that resort management are taking care, simply inform me that now care is being taken with respect to water.

    Prem Abhay
    [End Quote]

  119. Swami Detective says:

    The threats and violence towards Abhay followed him wherever he went:

    My Rickshaw Driver Friends: More Resort Drama?

    After approximately two months of dramas with Dhyanesh and the Resort – that would be two months after arriving in Pune – for a couple of afternoons as I passed near the German Bakery a rickshaw driver yelled out to me that he could solve my problems with the resort. He mentioned that he new someone at the resort that could help me. I didn’t stop to discuss the matter and ignored the person.

    Soon after, a girl who had just arrived in town approached me at the German Bakery and asked if I new of any reasonably priced rooms. I said that I stayed with an Indian family near here, and they had a spare room. I showed her the room, and she liked it. I left the house, and when I was near a cemetery and rubbish drop-off area, I was approached by the three rickshaw drivers – who loiter around the German Bakery and run a little business trying to find people rooms. The man who had yelled out to me that he could solve my problems came up to me and said that if I keep doing this there will be trouble for me. I replied that I didn’t like being threatened and that I was simply helping out a fellow traveller.

    That afternoon as I passed by the German Bakery the rickshaw driver again called out to me and said that he new someone at the resort that could solve my problems. I was completed disinterested and did not look at him. He then yelled out that his friends name was Dhyanesh. I still ignored the person and continued walking by. However I felt a little stunned at the time and wondered whether I had just been at the receiving end of yet another threat.

    I was threatened once more by the three rickshaw drivers. One of them approached me as I was entering the German Bakery. He said he needed to talk to me. I said that he can talk to me right here. He wanted me to come outside the Bakery. After a little time for reflection I followed him. I followed him round to where his two rickshaw friends were sitting on a seat outside the Bakery. He said in a low voice, now you listen to me. We have a little business here…. I new exactly where the conversation was headed. I called to a passerby to listen to me being threatened. The passerby came over to listen. The three rickshaw drivers then moved over to their rickshaws. The rickshaw driver first mentioned in this incident then told me to go back to my country. I said to him that he was threatening me and that I may go to the police about the matter.

    There were no further direct incidents of being threatened by these three rickshaw drivers.
    [End Quote]

  120. Swami Detective says:

    Enough for now.

  121. prem bubbie says:

    This is part of a child’s song, sung primarily in day care centers(in America, of course): “Here we go loop de loop; here we go loop de li ; here we go loop de loop; on a saturday night. We’re havin’ a party; Everybody’s havin’ a great time; All the gang’s here and a dancin’, Yeah, I’m a loopin’ with a baby of mine”…. Sw. Demented: yeah “Enough for now” and forever!! Writing about yourself again!! Loop de loop….. loop, loop, loop, loop, loop, loop….. not only Shantam is back in the “loop”…

  122. prem bubbie says:

    Lokesh- it’s all your fault!! That comment about shantam was ace… when i got to Abhay’s(Sw. Derivative) posts, it got me started…. Shantam’s god will punish you, and your ancestors.

  123. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam= Mr. Mumbles. Sw. Prem Abhay=Sw. Demented. you spin me right round, baby. right round like a (looping)record, baby….. oooh baby, baby,baby,oooh.

  124. Gandhi says:

    Lost and found near the sea coast outside of Portland OR: an old relict from the ranch, Prem Bubbie.
    Any takers?
    He is a bit dirty from being neglected for so long, his manners are not for high standards, his language his foul and he stinks of piss. Any takers maybe from Ibiza?
    We pay shipping via FedEx.

    Sorry, the marriage in Goa is off. Rajneesh Swami has declined the invitation. He is off to Pune to spend the
    2 millions dollar donation he received to invest in real estate.

  125. anugrah says:

    shahier, it was me who posted the song for bubbie, did you like it

  126. anugrah says:

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

    One more time for dear bubbie

  127. anugrah says:

    Who the hell is sw. abhay,

  128. Lokesh says:

    Swami Abhay is someone who is stuck in a loop that has become entangled in some other people’s loops and they are obviously not too happy about him…them viewing Swami Abhay as a major pain in the ass. What I find interesting about the Swami Abhay story is how someone can become so passionate about such a lost cause and waste so much time on it.

  129. Gandhi says:

    yes Lokesh, how come someone spends their precious time in protecting the purity of the water in 17 Koregaon Park? How come people are still so passionate about Osho, that they flock in ten thousands yearly to the resort/ ashram? How come they do not follow the Advaita principle and get enlightened straight away and end their futile search?
    And better still, why don’t they go to amazon. com and buy the book of Lokesh ‘Mind Bomb’, where the world can see his fascinating adventures.
    Now at:
    Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #1,465,494 in Books

    Quite an achievement.

  130. shantam says:

    There is a nice quotation of Osho at today´s no thought of the day..
    About possessiveness, about trust in existence..
    When the words of Masters are not given the life energy by their own disciples through their deeds and actions, they simply become dialogues as in the movies..
    When the masters says so much against possessiveness, they why the clergy remains hooked with their CONTROL over the places of prayers and meditation.
    They come to the level of tooth and nail fight just like the monarchs in the middle east.

  131. Lokesh says:

    Gandhi, I’ve told you already that I find your comments uninteresting. I’ll give you a good example of what I mean by this. You say, ‘Lokesh you go exercising your mind. I work on transcending…….. and watching…… Which, after reading your latest comment, totally destroys even the vaguest notion that you are transcending or witnessing anything about your nasty little self whatsoever. You come across as a conceited and none-to-bright individual who really has not learned even the most elementary things about the workings of the mind.
    You can write what you want about me but, unless I see that you have begun to recognize the hypocritical nature of what you are saying, you will not receive another response from me.

  132. prem bubbie says:

    Much of the same can be said about Shantam, given his last post, quoting osho, the “no thought of the day”… about possessiveness, etc… funny shantam should quote osho about possessiveness, he doesn’t bother to read all of his other bullshit postings— yes, a hypocrite indeed! Prem Abhay, another moral crusader— so many of them posting here- Gandhi(Anand), Shantam, Anugross, Prakash, Shahriar, all brothers taking up arms for their just and righteous cause… did any one shout- “Crusades”? Simply stupid…. keep on meditating… your time ye is a wasting… a coconut dropping from a tree and hitting you on the head would benefit all of you much more than any of Osho’s meditations, and that’s a fact Jack(off’s).

  133. prem bubbie says:

    I know what Mahatma Gandhi stood for, but this douche supposedly named Goop of the Gandhi, what he stands for is idiocy, hypocrisy, and authoritarianism…. time to use another “Alias”-dickhead.

  134. Lokesh says:

    How about?

    Hindi word for arsehole. Also used to describe someone stupid and incredibly dim-witted.

  135. prem martyn says:

    things i dont do..
    number 432…

    I dont read all the posts on sannyasnews……..

  136. prem martyn says:

    if i didnt know any better i would say that the editors (hello boys..) run the SN office for the benefit of alien visitors who want to understand the solitary pursuits of men who like to talk to themselves via the third person singular.. and have an excessive amount of internal dialogue about people that they(we ) have very little chance or wish to meet in a dark alley…..late at night…..let alone discuss the future of the world….
    but its only my humble opinion…
    i could be wrong
    the only two women who post here have some courage i must say….though at least one of them enjoys the benefits of prescription drugs so is able to put these posts into a heightened state of delirious enjoyment no doubt…

    Time on the planet sometimes seems so generously plentiful.. that despite looking for meaning .. we’d often just prefer to simply pass the time …

    i wonder if our parents intended our futures to look like this….’
    …what a lovely blogger he is…..he went to university you know….and he makes lovely scones….

  137. shantam says:

    Sannyasnews has gone stale almost like Resort..
    If someone wants to write thesis on, “How to distract new energy and old wisdom”, these two institutions can be the right place to start with..

    Seems like owners of these two have some entrepreneur energy but how to take the curves for the involvement of wide section is beyond their grip..

  138. prem martyn says:

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

    happy new year indian kashmiri santoor style…

  139. shantam says:

    The black panties…thanks Krishna Prem
    From Prem Jeevan”

    Karen lost her husband almost four years ago and still hasn’t gotten out of her mourning stage. Her daughter is constantly calling her and urging her to get back into the world. Finally, Karen says she’d go out, but didn’t know anyone.
    Her daughter immediately replies: “Mom, I have someone for you to meet.
    Well, it was an immediate hit. They talked to one another and after dating for six weeks, he asks her to join him for a weekend in the Catskills.
    Their first night there, she undresses as he does. There she stood nude except for a pair of black lacy panties; he is in his birthday suit.
    Looking at her he asks: “Why the black panties?
    She replies: “My breasts you can fondle, my body is yours to explore, but down there I am still in mourning.”
    He knows he’s not getting lucky that night…
    The following night the same scenario. She’s standing there with the
    black panties on, and he is in his birthday suit … except that he is wearing a black condom.
    She looks at him and asks: “What’s with this black condom?”
    He replies: “I want to offer my deepest condolences”

    Sannyasins are very open minded when it comes to sex and Liberal world poltics; but to discuss the internal politics…the balls simply shrink!

    One of the reason…Sannyas has no future on the big world scene…. It is almost an institution on the dead end.

  140. prem martyn says:

    as we do not have access to voice chat here .. i thought it mught help if we added our own sound effects for free.. as we browse helplessly from post to post..
    just hit play….

  141. prem martyn says:

    thank you ladies and gentlemen….

  142. prem martyn says:

    the sounds of swami defective working on his blog can be found here….

  143. prem bubbie says:

    Prem smartie Martie: My parents wanted me to become a doctor. well, my pops wanted me to become a gynecologist, if he was stuck with the same pussy for 30 years he wanted his son to at least have a potpourri of pussy. Now, that’s thinking ahead. Things didn’t work out though… oh well.

  144. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam- this song is for you: by Billy Preston-1972: “Will it go round in circles; Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky”… sing the entire song. this is your mantra and live it. Sticking to the theme of the moment.

  145. Lokesh says:

    What goes up must come down
    spinning wheel got to go round
    Talking about your troubles it’s a crying sin
    Ride a painted pony
    Let the spinning wheel spin

    Blood, Sweat and Tears.

  146. prem martyn says:

    revision test for osho exam soon…

    here are some tips…
    >remember the main points<

    do what you want

    do what you dont want

    do what he wants

    don't do anything

    do what you think he'd want

    do what you feel in your heart

    do what everyone else wants

    don't do much

    do world domination

    and other planets

    always do it

    and finally
    where's frank ?

    sung to the tune of…
    do what do what do what
    whoa woaaaaa

    why do birds fall in love ..
    doo whap doo whap doo doo whhaaa

  147. shantam says:

    One of Osho quotation from facebook. I have added my comments there too.
    This is the beauty of facebook. People are logged in with their name and faces. Those mundane names and faces!!
    Yet it shows openness and courage, and self restrained expressions and therefore loved by 500 million people.
    I hope..Sannyasnews editors and participants will learn something from this.

    Discussion welcome..

    Everybody is after being extraordinary. That is the search of the ego: to be som…eone who is special, to be someone who is unique, incomparable. And this is the paradox: the more you try to be exceptional, the more ordinary you look, because everybody is after extraordinariness. It is such an ordinary desire. If you become ordinary, the very search to be ordinary is extraordinary, because rarely does somebody want to be just nobody, rarely does somebody want to be just a hollow, empty space. This is really extraordinary in a way, because nobody wants it. And when you become ordinary you become extraordinary, and, of course, suddenly you discover that without searching you have become unique.

    It is so so ggod to be ordinary, NObody.
    Has it not become the New fashion Mantra for al lthose who wanted once to be extra ordinary?

    Osho is NOBody, we are nobody…so we wil not celebrate His extra ordinary days at Ashram(resort)..and to …IMPOSE this regulation..we will do our best..
    Such are the nobodies of modren day world!!

  148. Swami Detective says:

    When confronted with the truth of a situation the professed seekers of that sole quality employee all oblique means to avoid such knowing. With humour and subtle pretension, with unsubstantiated trivialisation, or with just plain blankness, that which is obvious remains blurred, diminished, or unseen by the timid, unwilling and blind.

    Throw away the shackles of attire that cloak the sexually repressed of those below and gone by. Sexual liberation, so easily attained through rugged pride, is just an opening to full liberation. As I stand naked and proud so I throw off all with a scream and unadorned dance, and thus shall I be fully liberated with all my fellow wise friends. It is not brutishness but rather subtlety and refinement that nourish transcendence of the animal condition, else the history of humanity would be a history of enlightenment rather than war.

    For some still there remains a slight bondage tethering the free spirit, and so the imaginary constraints of political shackles are broken by adoption of anarchic or liberal ideologies. It is not the content, but rather the imagined effect, that invites the anchored spirit to wage a great and imaginary fight. It is based on the false view of self in external bondage when the truth lies firmly set in self-delusion. External oppression may be a truth, but it is so often not. As you hide from the outer truth that you are not in chains, so you hide from the inner truth that you have tied yourself in a knot. How could it be otherwise? There is some internal politicking going on that refuses to clearly acknowledge the state of external reality. Ignorance of external reality is evidence of ignorance of internal processes. How mixed up it is when professed seekers live such lies. What is the sought other than its antithesis? God is imagined when truth is denied.

    A dialogue is internal when it is an untruth born of paranoia and the splitting of one’s mind. It is a dream of hidden swirl that can only as matter of luck mirror reality. If instead that which the mind comes to know and share has a striking fit with the truth of things, where it comes from may be mysterious, yet it does not come from delusion of sick mind. It is an intuition and is psychic rather than psychotic in nature.

    If a person speaks from different perspectives it is evidence of nothing in itself. The key is whether the mind is integrated or not. There is a vast chasm dividing what is revealed as wisdom or schizophrenia. Depth and great intellect are required for journeying to many and differing vantage points. People who are quick to choose which side of the chasm a person sits note only their own quality of hastiness. They themselves have a narrow and baseless perspective.

    Those who seek grandeur or escape condemn those who seek truth and justice. Those who seek grandeur of spirit jealously guard the gate from their imagined conquerors. Those who seek escape imagine all others are fighting for grandeur. They dismiss injustice as imagined unwise effort. They speak of the truth, yet see all fights as empty of purpose and inherent in violent motive. Such lacking in empathy cannot be other than expansion of ego and withering of spirit, superficially free and cut off from life’s source.

    All this philosophical speculation would probably be ignored by all those practical thinking people following Osho’s mandate for his legacy. Let me make things a little more practical then. The Osho movement is run by a group that has all the hallmarks and furnishings of a tyranny. The people in the movement either enjoy metering out punishment or enjoy receiving it. Others who stand on shifting sands are indeed true to this quality in character.

  149. Lokesh says:

    Osho, although speaking much about the benefits of being ordinary and how he was an ordinary man, was, without doubt, an extraordinary human being and a lot of what he did could only be described as being extraordinary. To actually be conned into believing otherwise only shows a lack of critical faculties.
    Talk is cheap and if you really want to understand a person it is better to study a person’s actions. Every morning for years Osho sat on a podium and gave discourses from an elevated dias, thus setting him physically higher than the people who had come to hear and see him. This is deliberately setting oneself above others. I’m not saying that there is anything bad about this. I am just telling it how it is. Osho owned a big fleet of expensive cars in USA and every day he drove by thousands who came out to greet him. Can you honestly say that this was because of his ordinaryness. The man spoke books, some of them excellent. If you’ve ever written a book you will know how difficult it is to create a half-decent one. Yet here we have a man who has his name on hundreds of books. There is nothing ordinary about that. I personally experienced Osho’s skills as a mind-reader, mass hynotist, and astral projector. How many people do you know that can perform these extraordinary actions? The list is endless.
    Yet, here we have the same old parroting that has been going on for decades about,’rarely does somebody want to be just nobody etc’. But when it all boils down Osho was a great somebody. Even Time magazine declared Osho one of the twentieth Century’s most influential people.
    The danger in exalting the condition of being a nobody is that you will become just that. I’ve watched for years as many of my sannyasin friends allowed themselves to becomes nobodies and utter failures in life, doing nothing and contributing nothing that furthers society, not even meditating. Being a nobody can just become an excuse for being lazy. If we look at India in a historical context we can see the damage done to a society that believes in nobodiness.
    Yes, Osho is right, in essence we are nobody but that does not mean we have to behave like we are nobody in regards the environment we live in. Be in the world but not of it means just that. Osho wanted his people to take it to the marketplace and excel. Those who think that to be locked in to some dumbed-down form of nihillism are missing the whole point of sannyas, which in its origins was a movement formed by intelligent and therefore rebellious men and women…not idiots who go around declaring the fact that they are nobody, while it is perfectly obvious that they are some kind of warped somebody..

  150. Lokesh says:

    God is playing marbles
    With his planets and his stars
    Creating havoc through my life
    Through his influence on Mars
    That’s why I’m stumbling down the highway
    On my boots of steel
    I should be rolling down the skyway
    On my cosmic wheels
    [ Find more Lyrics on ]

    In the present position of the planets
    It’s impossible for me to say
    Just when I’ll find my course again
    With these boulders in my way
    I should be rolling down the skyway
    On my cosmic wheels
    Instead of stumbling down this highway
    On my boots of steel
    I should be rolling down the skyway
    On my cosmic wheels
    Lyrics: Cosmic Wheels, Donovan

  151. shantam says:

    Abhay..what a beautiful piece of poetic prose you have written.
    it reminds me of Arundhati Roy, here articles have such bluntness with best of words in human vocaboulary and the real life courage to stand with.
    WHat to say about facing the bullet, even to express oneself in clear terms and identity has become so rare and that too in the free and democratic world..

    One of my friend expresses so much disappointment with sannyas leaders and wonders why sannyasins don´t protest.
    The moment i ask him, “Will you do it”?
    He says, ” Sorry.”

    So the best way is we concentrate our energy on “Free Tibet”!

    Those who are afraid from forest near by always dream of exotic hunting..

  152. shantam says:

    After That comes Lokesh´s post….
    Desert after the nice meal….

  153. prem martyn says:

    i’m joining second life. com… its huge in south korea..
    its all about living a real virtual life.. adults wanting to be children wanting to be adults..

    gosh.. finally i can really be somene and no-one at the same time…

    the word autism comes to mind when i join my fellow bloggers here..

    less artiste.. more autiste of the soul…..

    just fold the corners of the napkin neatly and put the pens in a line… then start typing..

  154. shantam says:

    finally i can really be somene and no-one at the same time…
    People with the name marty, bubbie, gandhi are already lving their second life here at Snews..
    Total freedom with no accountablity..
    Traits of tyranny..are not just with people in power.. Powerless people can be equally brutal, sometime even more..

  155. Satya Deva says:

    You’re as bad, worse even, than anyone you criticise for these spurious reasons, Shantam.

    Don’t you realise yet that you’re barking up the wrong tree with at least one of them?! Do you never listen, you stubborn old dimwit?

    You’re a time-wasting fool, Shantam, you contribute virtually nothing new, you just go on and on repeating the same, tired, old boring drivel.

    Just give it up would be my advice

    And wouldn’t you say, btw, that your ‘sannyas’ is really just a convenient ‘label’ now, long confused with and corrupted by what are essentially mere ‘political’ considerations, with little or no relevance to how you actually live your daily life?

  156. shantam says:

    I was thinking Satya deva must be meditating in between or atleast enjoying the loving walks with the loved ones, after days he comes back..more like a starving dog and less as contented soul..
    Nothing wrong my dear..
    Human beings have all the possibilites..

    By holding the holy sari of a saviour, surely does not save our soul..

    BHav an ocean buring with the unfullfilled desires and crushed wishes…Thy Name may be is the way of redemption. Perheaps…..

  157. shantam says:

    Were you visiting Mama Meera SD?
    were she reciting Shakespeare´s sonnets?
    Or just went on and on repeating the same, tired, old boring drivel.
    What a person you seems to have become inspite of having the personal psycho analysis from Avataras..

    Can you repeat a single sentence of yours which can be termed as contibution, the creative contribution, some occult wisdom, some satire, some punchline, something of psychological insight..

    Not asking for much…JUST ONE SINGLE SENTENCE.

  158. shantam says:

    And wouldn’t you say, btw, that your ‘sannyas’ is really just a convenient ‘label’ now, long confused with and corrupted by what are essentially mere ‘political’ considerations, with little or no relevance to how you actually live your daily life? SD

    It can be..very much possible..

    yet i am willing to put myself for clinical trial with think is the better half of my dark, uselss, convinient Sannyas…

    But should be from sannyas world, not a Hindu Avatara from South India..
    I think such women don´t use deo sticks..They stink of fish and jasmine oil..
    To be in the same room for clincial trial is not possible.

  159. Lokesh says:

    Sannyas is no different from people. The movement was born, it will reach some high point in its existence and then will degenerate and die. Where it is currently appears to be in the eye of the beholder. Perhaps we should vote on it.

  160. shantam says:

    Loki Pujan Raab..Main tera Birhara…
    Sanu So Makkaya da Haj..we tere Birhara…
    Loki Pujan Raab…

    People worship God..i do with your separation
    Hundred times to Haj…oh dear is your separation..
    People woship God..

    For generations..humanity has poured their devotion on different objects, people, ideologies…

    21 years ago..none thought in the gathering in Buddha Hall, at this time of the white robe brotherhood..that Osho, the Buddha of our time will breath His last during coming 48 hours..

    Loki Pujan Raab..Main tera Birhara…

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  161. shantam says:

    The movement was born, it will reach some high point in its existence and then will degenerate and die. ..

    Seems like new born movements are dying too fast..too young..
    Don´t we have the anit virus, anti infection medication for them..
    If Buddha´s wheel could move for 2500 years, why not Osho´s..?
    Reason is the factory level they are shipping the petrol cars with free diesel vochers…!!

  162. Lokesh says:

    Yes, and not only that, Osho’s wheel has some punctures.

    You go back, Jack, do it again.
    Wheel turning ’round and ’round.
    You go back, Jack, do it again

    Steely Dan.

  163. shantam says:

    Yes, and not only that, Osho’s wheel has some punctures.
    How come..?
    is it possible to change the tyre tube?

  164. shantam says:

    Few minutes ago, i have read one term “Oneness Energy Giver”, on the website of a sannyasin.

    This lead to google search and the website of Sri Bhagavan.Remmebr not (bhagwan shree)

    Other than people and philiosphy..ther emust be some numerological significance too..

    Oneness community and their head as one goes through the webpages….it is a tremendous success in a short period of time..

    Does this growth rate is possible because the founder is still Alive..or this growing graph is possible because humanity as a collective beleived in Miracles…

    what can be a bigger miracle..someone puts His hands on your head and something Happens..

    What a easy way to change and modify the software…

    Who says growth process is an ardous journey..!!

  165. prem martyn says:

    i’m changing my name to
    martyn prem

    that should make me more enigmatic in a virtually real sense…

    ‘ Bushido samsung kim il sung virtual life sayonara mastercard pleasure girliuu ‘

    Which means in korean.. i have to use my mastercard to have a secret affair with the princess of light in the land of fat dictators…only five gold points and the level of the she devils await…

    hey guys come on in i’m here and not at the same time…SATORIIIIIIIII BanZaiiiiiii !

  166. Lokesh says:

    Yes, and not only that, Osho’s wheel has some punctures.
    How come..? Too much hot air pressure for a start.

    is it possible to change the tyre tube? Perhaps this is a matter for the inner circle to discuss, you know, inner tubes…inner circle..

    I’ve already written about this oneness idea…the concept of oneness is also known as pantheism. Whether the idea of oneness is an actual objective reality underlying the multitudinous forms of life can be debated. I say go for it today. Tomorrow never knows.

  167. prem martyn says:

    lokesh .. i went to the zoo as a child cos they promised me to see the pantheists… and all i got was a short trip on an irrelevance…and then got attacked by an argulator…

    pantheists ..grrrrrrrrr

  168. Lokesh says:

    Last time I went to the zoo an orangu tango told me a secret about Osho.

  169. Satya Deva says:

    I was thinking Satya deva must be meditating in between or atleast enjoying the loving walks with the loved ones, after days he comes back..more like a starving dog and less as contented soul..
    Nothing wrong my dear..
    Human beings have all the possibilites..

    In fact, Shantam, it’s good to have been away, including from here…Coming back is really quite depressing, seeing the same old bull from you and others like you.

    You can’t realise just how much drivel you spout, because you’re always at it! Addicted you are – to spouting utter drivel!!

    As I said, I recommend you take a loooong break – somewhere, you know it makes sense (don’t you?!).

  170. Satya Deva says:

    Can you repeat a single sentence of yours which can be termed as contibution, the creative contribution, some occult wisdom, some satire, some punchline, something of psychological insight..

    Not asking for much…JUST ONE SINGLE SENTENCE.

    Yes, Shantam, very easy it is too:

    Just re-read my last two posts, ok?

    Have a luvverly night!

  171. prem bubbie says:

    S.D.- Shantam’s issue is he thinks all that he posts has some great value… a genuine imbecile… doctors all around the world are reading these posts.. just to get a taste of the a true text book definition of an imbecile… either that or an early Alzheimer’s case… either way, shantam’s one for the record books.

  172. Lokesh says:

    I reckon this has all to do with the shift into a higher dimensional reality, which is taking place right about now. Shantam is just suffering an overload in his cerebral cortex. Nothing a lobotomy cannot fix. We have to take care of those weaker than ourselves. Compassion is a key word in the new millenium. I will now light some incense and candles, set them in front of the three metre high blowup photo of Osho that he sent to me from the ranch and then pray for Shantam’s soul.

    Om many padme hum, please help Shantam return to planet earth etc, etc, etc.

  173. Lokesh says:

    Ooh, the wheel in the sky keeps on turnin’
    I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow
    Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin’


  174. prem bubbie says:

    Given the “New”, cosmological stellar arrangement, where is the wheel at this very moment? This new stellar setup even means that all the horoscopes have been “wrong” for at least over a hundred years. I had my horoscope done in late ’82 by a sannyasin using a RFI certified computer program. All the stellar positions in the sky over a 20 year time frame. and the swami telling me “who i really was” according to the stars. All of that shit was wrong, now that the stellar positions weren’t updated by humanity for the last thousand years or so…. reality is what we make it- it’s a head trip. that includes horoscopes. Take things with a grain of salt i suppose… So, Osho’s horoscope was obviously wrong.. We are so gullible… we rely too much on what others think of us and tell us…. This astrological crap is real, concrete proof…. I was reading reactions to this news, many people want to stay with the old setup of the heavens, many are pissed off at the professor who broke the news… It also shows how people are in denial and want to stay with the old stellar alignment. Denial in the sense they discovered their fantasy land in which they live has burst, and they don’t want to leave it… how much they listen and believe what others say about them.. i think this maybe the best thing that’s happened to humans in a long time… Now, if sannyasins are really as bright as they claim to be, they’ll absorb a thing or two. I’m shooting for the moon I guess, i won’t hold my breath. Shantam and co. prove my point everyday.

  175. prem martyn says: utans are known for swinging around …happily playing with the di-vine…


  176. prem bubbie says:

    What ever happened to Garimo? the bloke from Santa Cruz,CA.? anyone see Frank? forest gump?(it was nice to verbally abuse him) This new Zodiac alignment sucks.. The mumblings of shantam Prem seem to be the only stable thing on Sannyas News.

  177. prem bubbie says:

    “Can you see the real me, Doctor”? Can you see the real me, can ya?” The Who- 1973

  178. anugrah says:

    prem martyn or martyn prem , it makes no diffrence to anyone because nobody give a fuck about you in real world as well as in sannyas world. If you really want to change , then change the way you have been living upto now

  179. shantam says:

    Ulta Chor kotwal ko Daante..
    Thief shouts on the Inspector…

    What a sick state Sannyas has come, if one sees the readers and writers at sannyasnews(include me too)..

    Many readers have left this forum because tone of the writings is not very encouraging. I think they should have gone at least by registering their protest.
    Indifferent withdrawal cannot bring the required change…
    Similarly those who complain that there is no new stuff, no new thought provoking stuff..can try to bring their version of life…Sannyasnews is not a Time Magazine, where you must have some diploma of journalism from the best universities.

    Wonder is about those three four regulars..when they complain like the sick patients on the Hospital bed..why there is similar breakfast everyday..

    From my side, i know i am not writing a great literature….so what…?
    To give a witness needs to stick with the seen facts and the intention to give the truthful interpretation…

  180. shantam says:

    In what is seen a first and probably stemming from deep frustration, a group of India’s top business leaders have written an open letter to the country’s leaders citing a governance deficit and corruption as two elements are eroding national confidence. They say corruption needs to be tackled on a war footing.
    Read more at:

    Are all Sannyasins full with Reiki or the silence genrated from Auerverdic massage with aura soma.
    such people don´t bother about the need of improvement in the governance standrad..

  181. shantam says:

    such people don´t bother about the need of improvement in the governance standrad.
    The sentence is meant as-
    MAY BE Such people ARE NOT bothered about..

  182. Gandhi says:

    Oh Bubbiew you are looking for your playmates? We all had it with your sick language and rotten mind, so there is more beautiful stuff to do on this planet, then to get abused by a sorry existence of a sorry being out of the oregonian woods.

    Osho sannyas has moved on to new shores and nobody gives a flying fart that you are stuck in your own shit.

    That is what sannyas news has become and will be now for the next future. Lokesh and Bubbie playing their mind games and Shantam looking for new leadership in Koregaon Park and Detective wondering about the well water over there.

    A quite deserted bunch of loosers.

  183. shantam says:

    How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take out the speck that is in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the log that is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take out the speck that is in your brother’s eye.
    Luke 6:42

  184. shantam says:

    Osho sannyas has moved on to new shores and nobody gives a flying fart that you are stuck in your own shit.
    For example.?

    Just little improvement Fictitous Gandhi..Shantam i.e. me will be glad to take the leadership role at Pune but not more than 5 percent of the voting power, it means a team of 20 people deciding the day to day functioning as part of their work as medittaion, But no cut and paste over the programme designed and presided over by Osho, himself..
    Corporate governance..for the sannyasins by the sannyasins in accordance with Osho´s spoken words actions, gestures, suggestions …

  185. shantam says:

    If i read Gandhi´s post with more attention..Osho´s sannyas has definately moved into a new horizons from the time when a group of Orange seekers had group sex with Some Bubbie´s girl freind.
    Emotional wounds stay even when the dust merges with dust…
    But sannyasins have not taken the energy to the new heights in the sense..A boeing machine is stuck because the airport authority wants to built a Spa on the runway..!

  186. Kavita says:

    Dear fellow travellers . .
    The first time I heard Osho was when I was 22years . . in Munich . . my friend Michaela . . who was a Poona -1 sannyassin was married to a close family friend . . and they lived in Munich . . jus as I finished my 3rd year graduation . . in Bombay was invited by them . . during this time . . once . . Michaella needed me to translate some of Osho’s hindi discourses to her . . she used to take me to the Tao center . . in Munich . . sometimes . . in my free time . . I was teaching English to some German Children . .and in a bookshop & also worked as an Aupair . . after some travelling . . and having lived in Europe . . missed the warmth . . of India & more so my mother . . who was my only immediate surviving family member . . got work as soon as I came back . . in one of the Taj – President Hotel in Bombay . . worked there . . in Feb of 1992 . . came to the Poona Ashram . .with Michaella . . and in June that same year . . worked in the welcome center . . for a couple of months . . meanwhile my mother decided to shift from Bombay to be with me . . during this time I had started living-in with Swami Shashwat Tirtha . . and came to know about Osho & meditation . . through him . . at a much deeper level . . we traveled around in India . . returned back . . and I started to work in the Ashram . . in the Audio dept . . & later Post Office . . within a year of my sannyas . . my mother had taken sannyas . . & shifted to Poona . . by now she took voluntary retirement from her job in Bombay . . by now Shashwat was in his hometown . . doing what he always wanted to do . . teach & spread meditation through . . and me in & out of the ashram . . I worked for 2hours . . in the book shop . . and was working full time . . in the Ashram . . then in March 1998 . . once while coming out of the Buddha Hall . .after Dynamic meditation . . Mukta asked me if I cud do guarding at the Lau Tzu gate . . l told her that l could work only for 2 hrs . . from 7 – 9 am . .as I liked to be home . . during the day . . we became friends immediately . . and I started to work . . it has been the most beautiful part of my life working . . here . . then one day . . on 31st Dec 1999 . . Australian Nirmegha . . who was a co -worker . . at the gate . . told me . . that soon the Sannyas would be stopped . . somehow . . I was very disturbed . . I went crazy . . and I told Mukta . . that same day . . that . . I shall not come for guarding . . from the next day . . she didnt say a word . . ofcourse . .over the years . . there have been many changes . . and there will always be changes . . Iam glad for my actions . . and non-action . . and Iam even more glad that Neo – Sannyas . . has spread in spite of all . . and shall continue . . I hope the Wheel goes on rolling . .

    I needed to write & share this . . it is 21 years . . of Osho leaving his body . . there are definately no regrets . . at the same time I am not in a mood to celebrate it . . I thank Sannyasnews . . for having been a medium . . to convey this . . :)

  187. Swami Detective says:

    Shantam, amazingly you demonstrate knowledge of fear and oppression within the Osho sannyas community. A nom de plume is employed in such circumstances to (hopefully) avoid recrimination. What is it that you don’t get?

    Too Mr Ediot and Mr Idet @ SannyasKnows diddly dot, where are the missing articles for the last months of last year? Is there an innocent explanation? And, have you ever had any correspondence with Swami Prem Abhay? Ever authenticated his email? What’s that I hear….No. Just as I thought. Funny that! Probably just my internal psychotic splat brained dialogue of dribbling diatribes wouldn’t you think Mr Smartyn.

    Dear Mr chaiTitan ye CareTea, is there a non-conspiratorial explanation for the two dance step disappearance into nirvana of articles on the Osho World rules site?

    I have noted recently the quick escalation of violence towards Swami Rajneesh and Swami Abhay, all this in time frames and with circumstances that point rather glaringly and ominously towards resort management.

    After Swami Rajneesh’s dramatic finale, he not surprisingly thinks he might not be around much longer if he stays on, and plans on leaving after he physically recovers sufficiently. He also then raises concern for his Master. It is not very difficult to draw such a concern.

    So Swami Abhay identifies and tries to fix the water problem. The problem is ignored, and then Abhay gets pushed out by the duo of Gatha and Sudheer (banned from working), with direction presumably from above, but is not actually banned from entering. He comes back, investigates, and then dumps a report on Amrito’s desk. Shortly afterwards Abhay feels a growing sense of being threatened which becomes strong enough to cause him to leave Pune immediately. He did note that this may just have been his imagination. Nonetheless he acted on his suspicion of growing ill-will, and abruptly left.

    I have noted above the violent reaction from the resort in relation to Abhay subsequently advertising a drinking water contamination report near the front entrance of the resort. So what about this other earlier report that was received by Amrito (he apparently acknowledged to Abhay in phone conversation that he had read the report, that the water needed addressing urgently, and that other problems also warranted attention)? In this report, the drinking water is just one of numerous health and safety issues. We have seen what the resort thought of the drinking water contamination issue. What did they think of the report that contains a plethora of issues? What, did Doctored Armedrito flick through the report, throw it out, and then go straight to Mr Muckhash and Swarmi Doin’amess Beauti?

    Perhaps Amrito and others addressed the issues, yet did not want to give the credit to someone they were anyhow in the process of throwing out. I find this possibility remote.

    So, what is in this report then?

  188. Swami Detective says:

    Below, to my knowledge, is an abridged version of the report written by Abhay and received by Amrito. It includes subsequent explanations.

    The body of this article is a summary of a 2006 report into “Health & Safety, and Management” at the Osho International Meditation Centre, Pune, India. A brief, non-exhaustive summary of the investigation follows. Please note that the summary is written as if from the time of writing the report in 2006. However this summary adds some post-report information.

    Upon visiting Pune and the centre, I fell very ill with gastro-enteritis. A stool test from Hemotech Diagnostic Centre revealed that I had Entamoeba Histolytica (amoebic dysentery). Mucous, puss cells, and red blood cells, were also present. An abdominal ultrasonography from Jehangir Hospital found ‘no significant abnormality’. It took three different treatments of broad-spectrum anti-biotics and anti-virals before the gastro-enteritis abated.

    Just prior to becoming ill I had started drinking the ‘purified drinking water’ provided by the centre – rather than drinking bottled water. There was a sense that the drinking water was the cause of my gastro-enteritis. I also recalled that in the second most recent monsoon there was a major contamination problem with drinking water. (Note: the contamination problem was significantly worse in the most recent monsoon).

    At the time of this contamination I was helping (Work-as-Meditation) in hygiene at the Kitchen Department. Issues to do with water were the responsibility of Facility Management. However the consulting micro-biologist employed by the centre tested food and water, and so I was privy to the water testing results.

    At times drinking water gets contaminated by ‘back-contamination’: contamination of the water taps – by spitting or brushing your teeth at the water dispenser for example. It was towards the end of the monsoon when I noticed what appeared to be an excessive level of (unfortunate) back-contamination. I contacted the Facility Management about the matter, and the drinking water stations were consequently shut-down.

    An investigation into the contamination revealed that the contamination source was indeed not back-contamination; both central water treatment systems at the centre were not effectively treating the water: they were pumping out contaminated water to the ‘drinking water’ stations. Significantly, the investigation also revealed that, in my opinion, the overall water treatment system was in a seriously neglected state.

    At the centre, monsoonal rains have the effect – as rain water filters down into the (underground water) aquifer – of increasing the level of aquifer contamination: bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants as well. It is a little like watching a clear pool or pond get disturbed by torrential rain (in a city). This being the case, the monsoon puts significant pressure on the water treatment system.

    It might be argued that in the monsoon, ‘we simply do our best under difficult conditions’. However a ‘what to do’ response has no relevance in this situation. The situation is of, in my opinion, a seriously neglected water treatment system. The ‘what to do’ is to fix the derelict system.

    Admittedly if best practice is being employed (or at least standard practice), perhaps a legal and ethical response might be ‘what to do’. However if the water treatment system is not up to a reasonable standard (let alone an optimised system), how can the water treatment system stand a chance in sub-optimal (monsoonal for example) conditions. Even if adequate or optimised systems are incapable of dealing with heavy monsoonal conditions, they will at least provide more purified water than a rundown system. Up until the time of getting very ill, I assumed (or perhaps hoped) that the matter had been at least adequately dealt with.

    People drank, and may perhaps still be drinking, contaminated ‘drinking water’ from a seriously rundown water treatment system.

    As well as monsoonal rains, the water aquifer at the centre may be further contaminated by the following local events:

    • leaking (and overflowing) taps and garden hoses;
    • leaking ponds;
    • emptying out of ponds;
    • construction in and around the centre:
    • industrial pollutants;
    • deep footings disturbing the ground (thus making it more easy for contaminants to flow down into the aquifer);
    • leaking roofs (the Pyramid buildings for example);
    • leaking water pipes (Pyramid buildings for example);
    • leaking sewerage pipes (anecdotally Osho House for example); and
    • leaching down of chemical elements from ‘leaking’ buildings – an example being dieldrin from termite treated timber.

    Note: This list is not necessarily exhaustive.

    While the water treatment system ostensibly removes bacteria and viruses, I am not sure how it is designed to respond to an influx of sewerage. However as I understand it, the system is not designed to remove bacterially produced toxins, industrial chemicals, building residues such as dieldrin, pesticides, heavy metals, and the like.

    With a little summary of water, I turn to food. The Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) solution used at the centre to treat fruit and vegies – which I understand to be in accordance with the consultant microbiology companies HP concentration guidelines – is significantly higher than stipulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is also significantly higher than the ‘Indian text’ level, as shown to me by a senior microbiologist. In too high concentrations, HP is hazardous and corrosive. If a dose of highly concentrated HP is ingested it can for example cause internal bleeding. There are also other concerns about the use of HP in excessive concentrations – by Sodexo kitchen staff.

    There are similar concerns with Sodium Hypochlorite (NaHCl). NaHCl is used to sterilise typically large items (pots, pans, trays etc) not processed by the central dishwashing station. Also, chlorine (hypochlorite) is known to be carcinogenic when mixed with organic matter (food). So the mixing of food with chlorine residue – from excess NaHCl concentrations – on pots, pans, trays etc. is of concern.

    I have been cautioned about drinking fruit health drinks – I only surmise that the reason being the possibility of ‘rotten’ fruit (and vegies) making their way into the production line. I question the healthiness of the soya health drinks: India is a country with significant pesticide/herbicide use; growing soya beans normally requires a high use of herbicides. Lettuce has historically been next to impossible to keep (hygienically) clean, and continues to make its way onto the counter – papaya is another example. There have been repeated problems with Himalayan bottled drinking water – according to testing guidelines from the consultant microbiology company. There have been other ongoing hygiene problems: with coffee machines and plastic food containers for example.

    There are a number of ‘finance’ issues. For example, there was (previously) an ongoing delay in obtaining the DDT test results for the ostensibly ‘organic’ brown rice the centre purchases: the reason as I understand it was that Finance had not paid the bill. I also recall – though with not absolute surety – a letter from the consulting microbiology company that appeared to me to outline a reduced level of services provided, due to financial reasons. The hygiene laboratory also has aging, outdated, and at times improperly functioning, equipment and facilities.

    Rats and mice are a historic, endemic problem at the centre. On just one occasion I went for a brisk, early morning walk at the centre. The Meera Garden dishwashing station had the appearance of being unattended by Sodexo (contract labour) from the night before. Its main door(s) was left wide open; the floor of the dishwashing station was in a filthy state; there was rubbish piled up behind the station; and there was a cat inside the dishwashing station. At Zorba Restaurant the window to the ‘serving’ kitchen was open; the door to the service counter was slightly open. Used dishes and food scraps were left at the Dishwashing Station drop-off point. At the time, the Zorba Restaurant area also gave the appearance of being unattended.

    In my opinion Sodexo cannot be educated about hygiene, and will not comply with clearly stipulated hygiene guidelines. For example the Sodexo chief engineer didn’t even know where the specific kitchen water taps were that he was supposed to have been decontaminating – a request made regularly by the consultant microbiologist. I have also regularly watched Sodexo staff employ the use of surgical gloves enthusiastically in outdoor manual labour, and incorrectly to sterilized kitchen equipment.

    The central dishwasher has not functioned properly for at least a year, and produces visible and microbial contamination. At one stage processed items continually tested positive to E. coli (microbe) for weeks, with in my opinion, nothing fundamentally done to fix the dishwasher. Even the critical temperature gauges have been broken for at least fourteen months. Further concern (especially in monsoon) is that the machine uses municipal water; and dishes and scraps in Meera Garden are regularly raided by teams of scavenging birds. Just a little further note here: the deadly H5N1 strain of bird-flu has been found in a neighbouring state, and wetlands outside Pune are host to migratory birds.

    I have also watched contract labourers spend weeks ‘dry-cutting’ stone tiles, sending plumes of dust all over the Pyramids area. In Australia the use of a ‘wet-saw’ to cut stone tiles is mandatory by law. The centre appears to have a ‘dry-saw’ policy. Incidentally, at this dusty time, the exterior building walls were being cleaned without cleaning the rooves, and done so just prior to bats arriving and painting the walls with faeces in their annual migration.

    At the centre there are also other design and construction issues – some of which pertain to rodents. Meera Garden and Zorba Restaurant dishwashing stations are by design open to the elements. An attempt has been made to seal off the new Plaza Café drop-off station with a roll-a-door. However the roll-a-door does not close properly.

    The dishwashing station at Zorba restaurant is excessively small – this small room functions as a dish and scrap drop-off point, a food scrap storage area, an automatic and manual dishwashing station, and as a drying station. However there are two considerably larger service counters, one of which, to my knowledge, is never used unless the other is closed. Washed items from this dishwashing station have been continually contaminated with more serious microbes (E. coli for example) for at least a year.

    Relating to construction, on one occasion as I attended the Meera Garden men’s showers, a large marble slab at a cubicle entrance broke away (not completely). It appeared to me that the reason for the marble slab dislodging was that the cement had been ‘mixed down’. ‘Mixing down’ is a term used when there is insufficient cement in the ‘cement-sand’ concrete mixture.

    Also, shortly after the Osho Auditorium opened, a large slab of railing broke away from the main entrance. It makes me wonder about ‘mixing down’. For example were there responsible supervisors and adequate supervision of workers in this project’s construction; and hence is the auditorium really a pyramid like Egypt? It makes for something worthy of meditating on when you are in the ostensibly ‘pollution-filtered’ meditation auditorium – good luck on the silent sitting!

    Another issue that has some relevance to design is that of unsafe passage through poorly lit areas at night – areas that are encouraged to be used at night. An example of this is a lady who injured her ankle (a broken bone or torn ligament) near the Internet Café. This area is extremely poorly lit, and the terrain very uneven. There are numerous other night hazards, and perhaps there are numerous other casualties?

    Relating to casualties, there was a night-time scooter (motorbike) accident involving two Westerners – during the last monsoon. (I do not know in what way, if at all, the people involved were connected to the centre). The rider died at the accident scene, and the pillion passenger was thrown into a neighbouring field. At some stage later a passer-by heard her screams, and the short of her story is that she had been seriously injured, and was emergency air-lifted back to her home country.

    Another anecdote is of a Mystic Rose meditative therapy participant who forgot to retract the stand of his motor-scooter. Travelling to (or from) the centre, the un-retracted stand hit the road surface, and the person was thrown from the scooter. The scooter went into another vehicle, and fortunately the rider was thrown in the other direction. However he nonetheless sustained what I consider significant injuries.

    The issue here is a question about ‘duty of care’ towards participants of ‘strong’ emotionally charged therapy groups, where the participant has off-campus accommodation.

    There are three issues relating to trees. I recount here an anecdote about a very large Neem tree that borders Sanai (used by the centre) and Number 21 (a private residential block). The tree was encroaching on buildings in Sanai. The centre cut down the half of the tree on Sanai’s side – hence alleviating the encroachment problem. The tree subsequently (or perhaps consequently) fell over onto residential buildings on Number 21’s side. The buildings were not completely destroyed, and were re-built. Fortunately, when the tree fell, no people were present in the accommodation buildings – the rooms are normally rented out to people attending the centre, as it is in close proximity.

    I recall hearing that the centres response to complaints by the owner of Number 21 was that perhaps leaking hoses or an over-enthusiastic gardener caused the roots of the tree to rot. However in Osho Teerth (Zen Garden) there are towering Neem trees that also enjoy the fruits of irrigation in addition to the monsoon rains. These trees look to be doing very well, and I haven’t noticed any of them falling over.

    In my understanding, the likely (and blatantly obvious) scenario is that in cutting one side of the tree down, the tree was precariously over-balanced, and fell over (the other side).

    The second concern is that there are many dead trees and limbs at the centre. I was particularly concerned about one tree outside Lao Tzu carport (entrance to Osho’s Samadhi). I spoke to the person whom I thought responsible for such affairs. He told me that he was worried about trees all over the centre, and mentioned in particular a tree outside the bookshop that had been dead for five years!

    The third issue is that there are many ‘cabled’ trees – in particular around Buddha Grove. The trees have grown up at a precarious angle and notoriously therefore fall over. The historic response is that a tree leaning one way be cabled to a tree leaning the other way.

    Is this a good idea? The cables have little stretch in them, and are fixed to a certain point on the tree. So when one tree grows up one way, and the other tree grows up the other way, the distance between the two trees at the point of contact with the cable should in theory increase. However the cable is not going to give in to this request to increase in length, and so the effect is that the trees will both be pulled up a little straighter. As the trees grow, they tension themselves – and the cable – up. (To some extent the tree may grow into its straightening position). To give a practical analogy, it is like making a gigantic sling-shot – except the sling is a cable, and doesn’t stretch. I have not read any textbooks on the matter; nor have I done any testing or measurements; it is a theory about the situation. However it is a theory that is to me concerning.

    The above is a partial summary of the contents of a Health & Safety and Management report that as I understand it, was given to the Osho International Meditation Centre early in 2006. The following issue is partially mentioned in the report, however deserves more attention.

    In relation to safety of women, on an unrelated visit to a local chemist I was once offered prescription aphrodisiacs. Also, Western women (and no doubt women in general) are seen by some locals as being objects worthy of sexual assault. Osho Teerth (Zen Garden) is for example the scene of daily privacy invasions. My sense is that part of this is a deeply misguided notion about Osho’s views on relationships.

    At the centre, on one occasion a man of local appearance, dressed only in non-maroon coloured underwear, was parading himself at the crowded Zorba swimming pool – I also add that he was displaying what he may well have considered to be a rather large erection. From my observations, the person (women) on duty at the poolside tried unsuccessfully to deal with the situation. I approached this person, took him to the sign saying ‘maroon coloured swimwear only’, and in no uncertain terms explained to this gentleman about the ‘colour’ problem. The centre carries a ‘sex-guru’ legacy, and there are many people (both local and from overseas) that are drawn to this, and display psychotic symptoms and undertake psychotic actions. The safety of women, especially outside the centre at night, warrants serious ongoing attention.

    Perhaps some of the issues raised in the report – and here in summary – can be attributed to financial constraint. However the recent construction of a Guesthouse-Kitchen-Auditorium complex, the Zorba Restaurant, the Plaza Café, and a veritable army of Sodexo (and other) contract employees at the centre, make such a proposal utterly absurd.

    Admittedly (perhaps) the Buddha Hall ‘tent’ structure needed retiring, and perhaps a new kitchen was overdue? However Buddha Hall has become a highly used open-air meditation space (Buddha Grove); also, the type of design of the pyramid shaped Auditorium complex must have required way above average financial investment for seating capacity. It would be incomprehensible to spend money unnecessarily or in exorbitant ways if the water treatment system wasn’t (in the least) up to scratch! I would for example prefer to sit in Buddha Grove under the stars, than to sit in the Auditorium with a churning stomach. Surely clean food and water takes absolute priority. If it cannot be provided then the centre should not be in operation.

    Perhaps it would be not so nice to sit in your nice white robe under the sky in a torrential monsoon downpour? Personally I would enjoy it much more than consuming unclean food and drinking contaminated water; and, I have never attended a White-Robe sleep-over! It is to me negligent to invest in non-essential infrastructure over basic infrastructure and services.

    The meditation centre is, in my opinion, a prima facie successful business Notwithstanding what appears to me to be (in the least) very bad investment decisions, it begs the question as to why the centre, in my opinion, struggles to meet the most basic duty of care principles.

    Osho was a very powerful being. Some people are attracted to power, and some people are (or become) blind to this power. The centre in Pune has a legacy. There is a story that there are some people who, when in charge, won’t let anyone else behind the counter (be in charge). There are other people when in charge let everyone who wants to jump behind the counter. Osho happened to fall in the latter category.

    Hence the centre’s legacy is one of managerial and administrative chaos. This makes for interesting times. If a subversive person or persons undertake to push their way to the top of the centre’s hierarchy, factors may well have been in place to make this unavoidable – or at least extremely difficult to avoid. An example might be that a subversive person owns some of the land or buildings at the centre – please note here that this is a hypothesis and nothing is being implied; I have no knowledge of the ownership situation.

    Osho, his vision, and the authentic seekers that follow this path, are part of a fresh direction into life-positive spirituality. However, it is very easy to get a job at the ‘just-like-heaven’, ‘heaven-on-earth’, ‘spiritual oasis’ in Pune. If you don’t know the ropes in a difficult (or perhaps even treacherous) environment, you may well get hurt; you may well end up looking like you have wronged; you may well falsely think that you have wronged; and you may well end up fighting on the wrong side.

    The centre has been a challenge for me. In my last visit – when I investigated and wrote the report, of which this is a summary – I felt increasingly a target of ill-will. It got to the stage where I felt that my personal safety was being threatened – perhaps just my imagination? However at a certain stage an inner-voice in me said that I must leave the centre, leave Pune, and leave India, immediately. Within a few hours of this intuition, I had thrown a few of my belongings into my backpack; with washing left on the line and a room full of belongings, I was in a hastily rented vehicle heading towards Mumbai airport. I caught the next available flight out of India.

    The situation of feeling victimised (and perhaps even feeling threatened) was similar to the year before. I had been working (or should I say fighting) in the Kitchen Department helping out with hygiene. One day, as I was walking around Buddha Grove, my co-ordinator approached me. The meeting was curt. I was asked to stop the Residential Work Program, and to also stop the (non-residential) Work-as-Meditation program. I was given no reason for this. I had very little money at the time, and so could not afford to stay in Pune: now faced with additionally paying outside rent and the non-worker entrance fee. (I had previously made my co-ordinator aware of my financial situation. Naturally I soon left Pune).

    After this meeting, when I at short notice had insufficient time to find adequate accommodation outside the centre, I asked the Residential Program co-ordinator if I could stay a little longer. The co-ordinator said I could only stay an extra day or so. When I later spoke to my accommodation care-taker, I gave mention of the slightly amended move-out date. The care-taker was surprised that I was given such a short extension, as there was no-one allotted to move into the room for some time.

  189. prem martyn says:

    yes, but will it get you a decent shag ?

  190. shantam says:

    Seems like people with intensive experience with Osho and meditation techniques..from top to bottom, and midlle need to go through extensive rounds of psycho analysis…(i am part of it)
    May be this can also be said about the other groups also..where people become overly involoved with their Bhagvans and Avataras….
    Seems like the path of mysticism is very mysterious..people who take the regular medicines make regular rounds of visit to their GP are the people with maximum Sick look….

  191. Swami Detective says:

    Yes Mr Smartyn it will, so long as you stay well away from The Resort!!!

    If I look at the carnage from misinterpretation of Karl Marx then it worries me to think what people could do with Ayn Rand. No doubt Bernie Madoff is one of her closest disciples. The global financial crisis is Ayn Rand’s greatest ideological debacle.

    Despite what I have seen from The Ranch and The Resort worshiping and warping Osho’s teachings, he has nothing on the likes of Ayn Rand for capacity to wreak havoc and mass destruction – if his diverse and cryptic teachings are all given fair airplay. So long as love is not displaced entirely by individual expression, and so long as freedom is not removed of its entailed responsibility (and hence is not an excuse for licentiousness), then Osho will likely be received and understood on his merit.

  192. Lokesh says:

    Only losers win at this game and I’m happy to be ranked a loser if a maggot like Gandhi sees himself as a winner.

  193. shantam says:

    The word responsibility is not part of sannyas dictionary. It is response ability..
    So if Sannyasins are lacking in the ability to respond to the teachings of their own master, it is futile to expect, world at large should listen or follow the lead.

    As i have seen, most of us will shout with humiliation if it is mentioned that we are not giving our best to the teachings..
    How how is not fair will be the collective voice..
    One discourse listening three times dynamic or Kundalini in a week..Once in a fortnight auervedic massage or craniosacral balancing..regular aura cleaning with aura soma..watching and witnessing on regular basis.
    Once in a two year, two weeks trip to the resort, inbweeen Satsang with Samarpan or Samdarshi.. Yearly hugs from Amma….
    what more one can do…..!!

  194. Lokesh says:

    I just glanced over Swamu Det’s latest outpouring. None of the content has anything in it that I can relate to because the goings on in number 17 don’t concern me, but I can offer a comment.
    In Poona One hepatitus infected almost everyone. Part of this had to do with sanitary conditions in the shram, which, all things considered, were cutting edge for the time but unfortunately not draconian enough to prevent a lot of sannyasins falling quite seriously ill.
    Osho was of course aware of this and somehow managed to convince a lot of us that hepatitus was a ‘spiritual’ illness. It sounds ridiculous now, which only reinforces the impression of how much the times have changed.

  195. Lokesh says:

    Shantam: ‘So if Sannyasins are lacking in the ability to respond to the teachings of their own master…’
    Osho taught a lot on a lot of different levels. To make sense of what you are saying it might help if you wrote down what teachings you are actually referring to. Unless it is a case of talking just for the sake of the action, with no real desire to communicate anything of value, which if the case means you are right on course.

  196. diane says:

    In 1978 I was assigned the Vipassana group by Osho. During the group I kept feeling exhausted, lightheaded and I could not eat. The leaders, Pradeepa and Gopal, told me that it was all part of the process of cleaning brought up by meditation. Finally they sent me to the medical center, where a german doctor made me sit on his knees, telling me the same thing. Then he looked a little closer and realized that my eyes were turning yellow. Surprise!

  197. shantam says:

    Gurur brahma~ Gurur Vishnu ~Gurur Devo Maheshwara ! Gurur Sakshaat Parabrahmaa ~ Tasmai Shree Guruve Namah ~! Aum Shantihi-Shantihi-Shaaaanti

    Just few hours away is 19th January…the day Sun did not set alone..Osho was going to the other shore…
    All the love…and best wishes for those who are holding the light in their hands for the… journey of thousand miles…

  198. prem martyn says:

    ”amoebas.. you’re so lucky mate…
    … we had hepatitis..”

    ‘ hepatitis .!!! ..gor blimey if we had had hepatitis we would have felt blessed….
    oh yes….you are so lucky..
    we, we… had amoebas… and hepatitis …and everyday religiuosly we had to inject cholera into ourselves after lunch…’

    ‘ Cholera Cholera.!!! ha !.. you lucky bastards if we had had cholera we would have been happy..’

    ” we had amoebas, hepatitis, cholera…. and everyday before waking up we had to praise the virtues of the black death before rollling around in a pit of venomous hooded pythons and then hanging ourselves with our
    own tongues…”

    ‘ hanging was too good for us………’

  199. prem martyn says:

    shantam this one is for you…

    scroll down to August 17th 1980….third name down..

    maybe you will sleep happy tonight.. or maybe you will just be shantam forever…..
    its a late xmas present
    isn’t life great…

  200. Lokesh says:

    Yes, and it is cyclical also. Isn’t it about time for a new thread? I feel dizzy from running in circles. We need some fresh blood on SN. A bit stale of late in my not so humble opinion.

  201. prem martyn says:

    less politics …..more on the man-woman thread…. would be nice.. maybe writing about how our partners have brought love into our lives on the path to self realization.. and then a reply from the relevant other about how we never take the dog out and always leave the toilet door open…

    i mean if sannyas wasn’t about men and women… i’m a chinaman…

    but then that would be too personal and difficult to write about …so on second thoughts…
    ….have you seen the state of sannyas recently.. i remember in my day…
    bottled water… amrito… beloved osho… swearing… etc etc etc…terrible.. should be strung up.. its the only language they understand .. terrible .. no respect..
    dharmen and parmartha… we need a re-launch.. how about sannyasnudes…. i’m willing.. i have a nice centrefold for your first edition…

  202. prem bubbie says:

    Diane: i suppose in matters relating to the Ashram, whether it was pune 1, 2, or current, as well as the ranch, science and common sense take a back seat to superstitions and dogma. Yes, OshoSannyas has a dogma, you guys just spelled some of it out for all to see- AGAIN- this time ya all, kindly don’t bury your head in the sand– The denial issue has reared it’s ugly head-AGAIN– fuckin’ monotonous!!!! Whether it’s fucking the therapists for “one’s clearing of stuck energies”, or getting hepatitis is as Osho said ” a spiritual” illness; how quickly a person surrenders their intelligence for the sake of another person’s approval!! (Kindly re-read my comments above).. For “Higher Spiritual” “Knowledge” of whatever else it maybe called, people are so quick to become stupid, so quickly to become automatons… the current Automaton kings are:Shantam, Anugrah, Gandhi(Anand), Prakash, Chinmaya, Swami Defective(Abhay), and rivals- the gang operating the “Resort” and all of the ashrams and centers throughout the world….A lot of imbeciles, a lot of douche bags, scumbags, jerks, dickheads and cunts… Have you clones tried suicide? Better chance for all of you for some clarity in the after-life. Doesn’t anyone get tired of goose-stepping backward? Shantam-please explain.

  203. prem martyn says:

    not the blonde diane from medina?

  204. shantam says:

    Martyn, Thanks for the link to a complete darshan diary..I am waiting for the 17 August 1980´s page to get loaded..
    271 pages are in total. just came on a marked quotation somewhere around 30th, 40th page-

    East is east and west is west,but the twain can meet.That is what His work is about, Osho concluded tonight…..

    What a book..unpublished book…Thanks again..
    it is really a late Xmas gift…

  205. Lokesh says:

    Bubbie: ‘Have you clones tried suicide?’
    Which reminds me of an old sannyas homily…’It’s sannyas or suicide.’ Contemplating the ridiculousness of that statement now makes me realize that things were…ehm…er…quite extreme, once upon a time. Now number 17 is a resort…how quaint.

  206. shantam says:

    As i could read, In between the three steps called Love, Prayer, Enlightenment. Osho has addressed “our prem Martyn” of sannyasnews fame.

    How long will you be here?
    i am leaving in one week.
    Then come back again for a longer period.This is not like a German. Next time Come like a German.!
    (But before even a first step is taken you need provisions. Trust is a must. He told Prem Martyn)

    Love is possible only for those few fortunate people who have the capacity to trust. People live in doubts; not in one but million of doubts. And it is because of there doubts that they cannot love,they cannot trust, they cannot be loyal,they cannot be committed,they cannot get involved in anything totally.But then they miss there whole life. And life is a great opportunity because here we can discover God,and God can be discovered only here……………………………

    ……………………………………………. Osho

  207. shantam says:

    So simple is this martyn..I withdraw all those words i have presumed for that Fictitous Prem Martyn.
    Sorry for all the inconvinience..and thanks again…
    I have typed the first part of the delicious and insightful Osho talk…addressed to all of us but through you, Prem Martyn…

    I hope..few others like frank, gandhi and ass Bubbie will follow the lead….


  208. shantam says:

    And martyn, it is your choice and henceforth i will not show any objection, if you use any kind of Profane expression for Osho or sannyasins…

    As i have read at wikki, Profanity are words, expressions, gestures, or other social behaviors that are socially constructed or interpreted as insulting, rude, vulgar, desecrating, or showing disrespect.

    Once it is clear, you are not hiding behind the bush and firing indiscriminately like the “fick-tit-ass Bubbie”, it becomes your personal relation with Osho…
    who i am to obejct about the disciple´s expressions towards our mutual master…

  209. prem martyn says:

    welcome shantam.. andcould we have that quote again.. i mean it is public now.. so all can see on the link above…

    osho asks me ‘how long will you be here?’
    and i replied..
    ”i don t know…”

    (your keyboard went off on its own again in its own version of reality…methinks..)


  210. prem martyn says:

    ahh i see the mis-understanding .. you are quoting from the previous sannyas name above my entry re the german joke..(a ma Hannelore from germany…not relevant to me)

    what he asked me is at the end of my darshan .. not at the beginning….
    happy xmas

  211. Lokesh says:

    It is history now.

  212. prem martyn says:

    yes apologies for the private interlude

    now back to the music

  213. shantam says:

    During the day time, i will read the chpater again and will type the relevant portion..Yes typing as i don´t know how to copy freom pdf format..

    Lokesh says(in a sarcastic way) is history now
    I will say..let us include this in the history books of university semesters..

  214. prem martyn says:

    detective here’s a visual with some parallels to your concerns…

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  215. prem martyn says:

    shariar.. this is for you

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  216. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam says: “to give witness needs to stick with seen facts…” In your case, your “seen facts” are delirious delusions… “Witness accounts”- to what? dip shit. “Seen Facts”- you’ve just seen my ass in your face!! That’s a fact Jack(Ass).

  217. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam says: “as i have read at wikki, Profanity are words…” So bubble brain- so goes Wikki, so follows shantam… an imbecile. and so gullible.

  218. prem bubbie says:

    “I am waiting for the 17 August 1980′s page to get loaded…” Shantam- are you talking about your brain or your computer? If you defrost your brain, you might be able to scrape off some tar to make room to load a page or two of osho’s tall tales. If you’re still looking for work, DON’T try the computer repair business, or a psychic.

  219. prem bubbie says:

    Prem Martyn- you’re such a concerned sannyasin…” joy to you brother”- The disciples of Landru(Star Trek-episode- “The Archons)

  220. prem bubbie says:

    Which reminds me- Gene Roddenberry must of had a dream about Shantam and his ding dong disciples- Prakash, Anugrah, Anand… and came up with “The Archons” episode…. he was more gifted than Nostradamus… what more say ye, o, exalted and revered one?

  221. shantam says:

    19th January..One of the Osho days…

    21 years ago, 19th Janauary if it was just the other day..It became clear..from this day onwards Osho´s physical presence will not be among His people…But nobody thought that the expressions like His people, Buddhafield etc. Will also get burn at the burning ghat…

    No, the vision of the master cannot be turned into can only be frozen in the coldness of human management..

    Let us see, when will be the day again..when Osho´s days are celebrated again in the premises of 17, Koregaon park, Pune..when such days are celebrated in every Osho centre all around the world..

    Osho days are the link between Master and His other disciple has the right to decide on behalf of all others in a tyrannical manner….This is not the right way to deal with the Master who has stood for the freedom from the clutches of clergy and high priests..


  222. Kavita says:

    I would love to share this . . found this site during exploring . . old & new aspects of Buddhism . . its called Nicherin . . if anyone is interested do read / go through it . . if possible

    I have not heard Osho mention this . . do correct me if Iam wrong about this . .


  223. Lokesh says:

    Shantam: Lokesh says(in a sarcastic way) is history now.

    To say this statement is said in a sarcastic way is ridiculous, because it is not said in any context whatsoever.

    I asked you yesterday what teachings of Osho’s you were referring to. I also said that if you do not wish to clarify you are obviously writing on this blog just for the sake of writing and not out of a genuine desire to communicate anything of value to anyone. You don’t bother to respond, therefore I can only conclude that what you are doing here is some bizarre form of catharsis, whereby you just vomit out whatever passes through your mind with no concern to say anything worthwhile….you just have to get it out. Does this ring a bell, Shantam?

  224. Lokesh says:

    Shantam again: But nobody thought that the expressions like His people, Buddhafield etc. Will also get burn at the burning ghat…
    I can think of no better example of what you are describing as your self, Shantam. Have you every considered the idea that the world that you think yourself to be perceiving might be a projection of your own mind. I very much doubt it, because if you had you would not write such nonsense.
    By making a statement like this, ‘Osho days are the link between Master and His Disciples.’, you illustrate perfectly what a myopic version of Osho you carry.
    Now I’ve allowed myself to be drawn into your circle of idiocy once more…we all have our indulgences, I suppose.

  225. Swami Detective says:

    Well I will likely never be so amazed. Love Bubbles asks Shantam for a miracle, and on the dawn of the day of physical extinction of his Master, Shantam becomes chief channeller. Shantam are you aware of what you have just done? You have presented a background of relevant facts, and presented a quite solid argument. This is most profound, and no doubt would have turned a few stone heads at Number SeveredTeen, kOregon Again Park, PunEh!

  226. Swami Detective says:

    Osho spoke in different circumstances and different times and different places. Then the times change and people remain stuck in the past, often with many misconceptions about what that past was about.

    I always assumed part of the reason for resort management indulging in sickening its guests was because they had all been through a bout of typhoid or hepatitis or whatever, and secretly wanted revenge.

    Perhaps along with the other peculiar features of the new de-Osho creation at The Resort is the concept of microbial enlightenment. I find it unlikely that Osho considered hepatitis a spiritual disease. More likely, if all was already being done to take care and still people became sick, then a certain level of acceptance would have been required.

    Times have changed, and Number 17 is no longer a third-world ashram. As per the advertising propaganda machine, it is setting the international standard on many fronts, including health and hygiene. Facts contradict the propaganda in the extreme.

    I give weight to the theory that there is a warped belief about contracting diseases at Number 17 that is an outgrowth of living with Osho (Bhagwan Rajneesh) in Pune 1. Still there are other factors.

    With incredible India jumping on the world stage, surely the Pune municipal corporation will get their act together and provide reasonably clean water throughout the whole year. That way, we at the resort can just tap into this before out own water treatment system crumbles beyond recognition. That is a great plan for maximum utilisation of a sunk asset and minimisation of unnecessary investment. Good business skills are in play here.

    Trouble is, if PMC is as good at providing water as it is with power, then I would not be relying in this strategy. The only other trouble is the time frame for swapping from internal to external water supply does not overlap very well. The old internal system already fell apart years ago, and the new internal system never worked properly. No matter, so long as no one knows, and so long as everyone blames the airline food and greater India when they get sick. Shred all the water contamination reports, and one day we can hook into PMC’s pristine water supply. Best of luck.

    My suggestion is do a little doctoring to the latest Osho compilation, and get everyone believing in the virtue of infections like hepatitis in the spiritual quest. Maybe you could call the book Amoeba and Ecstasy, or what about From Hepatitis to Heaven, or maybe even The Rebellious Typhoid, or if not, then perhaps Clarity with Cholera.

  227. prem martyn says:

    to the one known as bub-bie .. you will become telepathetic if you carry on watching landru and the archons..

    life is only real here in sunnyarse news land..

    concerned me… how did you guess? i need a shag a day to stop me tensing up…….

    what is this shagging captain?

  228. chetna says:

    “Osho was of course aware of this and somehow managed to convince a lot of us that hepatitus was a ‘spiritual’ illness. It sounds ridiculous now, which only reinforces the impression of how much the times have changed.”

    I am afraid the times have NOT changed. I got very ill for 3 years after my trip to India and Nepal and all sannaysins were telling me I am sick because of karma, negative mind etc etc.

    Perhaps if they cleaned up their ashrams and more importantly country I would not have picked lovely parasites and bacteria that have been eating me alive.

  229. Lokesh says:

    Yes, Chetna, I’m with you on that one. That is why I prefer Thailand to India health wise, because the Thai’s understand and maintain fudamental health standards. Indians just don’t get it that mixing sewage with drinking water is a bad idea. While living in Poona I contracted hepatitus and typhoid, maybe because of my heavy karma but it definitely was a great way to lose weight. 30 kilos in less than a month.

  230. anugrah says:

    India : Nation of cowards

    Two months ago one documentry was shown on National Television name OSHO : EK VIDHROHI made by Satya vedant and chaitaniya keerti.

    Both swami were praising osho and his rebellious life , but when it comes to support sannyasins. Those two priests show their back .

    They even can not say some words after reading everyday on this site

  231. anugrah says:

    open letter to satya vedant, keerti,

    fear and rebelliousness does not go hand to hand together
    if you do not undertand this , please stop pretending and time to say some words

    what are u waiting for

  232. shantam says:

    It makes me vomit to read the intellectual bullshit of Lokesh, Amrito kind of people.
    He has written-
    Have you every considered the idea that the world that you think yourself to be perceiving might be a projection of your own mind.

    Is the statement not true for your tribe of people, Lokesh?

    I am asking for simple thing..No mental projection from any side..Follow the last testament of Osho written, spoken and gestured..

    When such emotionally bankrupt souls will ever think..that Osho was participating in His own Xmas..
    It was not introduced after His death…He was presiding over the Osho Days….
    Don´t be so dumb to think..i am imposing my wishful thinking.

    And yes..i am also of the clear cut opinion..that those who are celebrating Osho days with religious vigour will NOT get the first place in heaven, neither there is a guarantee that they will get some privilege in the Q to enlightenment…
    But than it is also very clear..that a beggar on the street, a clerk in the bank, a bus driver and a cleaning person etc. has the same possibilities to touch the pinnacle of evolution without ever being in the presence of some Osho or Punjaj or Sai baba ji..
    Never heard that Existence has given the franchise to these self proclaimed holy man…

    But to make the cuttings and postings in the testament of a dead one is a panel is a legal and moral crime in every society and civilisation.

  233. Lokesh says:

    Shantam, going by your self-righteous and belligerant ravings,it sounds like you have been drinking too much cheap whiskey.
    I hope your hangover at least teachs you that this sort of behaviour is bad for your brain. Get well soon. XXX

  234. Lokesh says:

    In Spanish the word for stupid is ‘tonto’.

  235. prem bubbie says:

    I also agree with you, Chetna… just today the headlines here say that there is a massive outbreak of Ebola like hemorrhagic fever, in western india, a virus generally confined to cattle and other livestock but has now be spread to humans, you can read more , just google it…. Some great country of yours shantam.

  236. prem bubbie says:

    The best thing that ever happened to the sannyas world was Osho leaving his body some 21 years ago… just as good as telling the world, that all horoscopes are bullshit and for everyone to grow up and get a life… especially sannyasins!! What other great news is in store for us humans, Shantam’s conversion to Druidism?

  237. prem bubbie says:

    Regarding osho leaving his body… sometime before he kicked the bucket, the old man said he could do more from the “other side”. that his body was too much of a burden… So celebrate you guys and dolls… this day means he’s been poking even more fun at you for the last 21 years than when he was alive… I’ll drink to that… I’m breaking out my 19 year old Dom Perignon bubbly , anyone want to join in the festivities? L’Chaim!!!!

  238. prem bubbie says:

    Lokesh- Shantam’s as the “Lone Ranger”‘s sidekick– he should auditioned for the lead

  239. prem bubbie says:

    Swami prem abhay the “Defective”– Shantam as a channeller? A presenter of relevant facts? You too have sipped too much cheap hooch… I didn’t know that “Wild Irish Rose” was sold in Germany or India…. Miracles do happen.

  240. prem martyn says:

    found this trailer for the latest epic movie on sanyass


  241. Lokesh says:

    Martyn…great link man. Here is my first effort.

  242. prem martyn says:

    lokesh your movie could really be the beginning of erm a .. er.. the .. i mean

    bollywood and your novel are made for each other…
    bring on the dancing girls.. i can see your name in lights
    the bollywood oscars..shantam will be there too..i’m sure.. wiping a tear…
    ‘ i’d just like to thank all my friends at sunshine news without whom this movie would not have been possible….’

    can you hear the applause…

  243. prem martyn says:

    i’m afraid i’m addicted to multimedial responses …
    so from now on i will just post some sound effects

    as a metaphor …for words that have been overused
    try…one of these beauties

  244. prem martyn says:

    bubbie try number 5 here…

    is that really you…?

    wow old romantic..

  245. Gandhi says:

    Now we know what happened to Bubbie, the Ebola virus hit him.
    “a virus generally confined to cattle and other livestock but has now be spread to humans”

    You can see on these pages, what effects this virus has on brain function.
    Let’s call in the all wise Dr. Lokesh from his exile in Ibiza.
    He had a narrow escape himself from the virus, when one of his LSD acid infected his brain. He now runs in circles on sannyas news.

  246. prem bubbie says:

    P.M. Great one- it left me in stitches!! especially those two who wanted special privileges , was that Shantam i saw falling? Was that Abhay Defective wanting a drink of water? Shantam starring in his own Kung fu movie- “Fist of Fury; Sw. Defective- “The Big Boss”-thirsty from of that falling- you guys wanna drink of water?

  247. prem bubbie says:

    P.M.- shantam should try #4, that’s what his posts remind me of.

  248. prem bubbie says:

    Gandhi- Your lip is shitting again, try ass whistling- your last name is “Lipshitz” isn’t it?

  249. prem bubbie says:

    More comedy about the “zodiac and horoscopes”. take a peek at this: http://

  250. prem bubbie says:

    Lokesh: now you’re stooping so low as to peddle your book to hospital patients- definitely a captive audience- did prakash or gandola put you up to this?

  251. prem bubbie says:

    P.M.– try page 4, last one down…. i’m still celebrating!! cheers

  252. anugrah says:

    New Osho Vedio telecasted on 19 jan 2011

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.


  253. Lokesh says:

    I watched Yug Purush part 1 of 4.flv (the link that Anugrah posted).
    My Hindi is a bit rusty but, as far as I can understand, the short film was about mass histeria, the rise of facism in India and (remember, I’m only guessing) LSD in the drinking water. Am I right?

  254. shantam says:

    “The short film is about Mass histeria..the rise of fascim in India….”
    Be thankful dear one, that you are not part of that India..your connection with Mass histeria is over..
    The others with similar opinion can also go back a better world…

    As i see, the short film is not about mass hysteria or rise of fascism in is about a Man who is really really a YUG PURUSH in His field of action, the way Apple´s Steve Job is a YUG Purush..the way facebook founder is the their own respective fields.

    Osho is unique In the sense that in His line of action..sometime it takes centuries to have such Tsunami of an energy….

    Hazaron Saal Nargis apni benoori pe rooti hain..
    Bari mushkil se hota hain chaman main Deedavar paida..

    “for thousands of years..dew drops cry on their fate..
    with much rarity, the garden gets such flower´s birth..”

    Problem with few Botanical experts is that they cannot distinguish between a rare flower and some local flower from Lucknow..Bhopal, Indore, Delhi….

  255. Swami Detective says:

    To be or not TB, that is thy question.

  256. Gandhi says:

    For all Osho lovers, haters, Advaita specialists, Osho dogs from Portland, here is Osho direct:

    “You are fortunate. Whatsoever I am saying to you is just at the source. That’s why I say you are fortunate. It happens only once in thousands and thousands of years that ou are near the source. It will not be so again.

    Even with my ideas it will not be so again. Sooner or later the logicians will enter. They are already on the way. They will systemize everything, they will destroy everything, and the opportunity will be missed. Then it will be dead.

    Right now, it’s alive and you are near the source. That is why I say you are fortunate.”

    (from My way, the way of the White Clouds)

  257. shantam says:

    As i have written again and again..Sannyas and west has the one generation affair..The chance to integrate Osho in the day to day life of the west has gone diminished.

    For example..was there a single country in the world other than India, where the popular media took noitce of 19th January, a chance to remember Osho and His contribution to the the world of spiritutality…

    Has the Executives of western controlled Pune has this much influence in any Tv Channel in their own countries to show even 30 seconds of positive footage about Osho…..

    Why these dead branches are still hanging on the big tree surviving in their flower pot..

  258. shantam says:

    Even with my ideas it will not be so again. Sooner or later the logicians will enter. They are already on the way. They will systemize everything, they will destroy everything, and the opportunity will be missed. Then it will be dead.

    And the Oscar goes to….
    Dr.Amrito from London and Mr. jayesh from Edmenton and their crew…

  259. Lokesh says:


  260. Swami Detective says:

    The concept of community from Marx and Engels became lost in the ideology of communism. The individual became lost in the collective. The collective mind-set became the hypnotic impulse to drive and control the weakened individual.

    In the likes of Ayn Rand, the reverse is the case. The risk is the alienation of the individual from others and the community. The possible fall out is not group madness, but rather rampant individual megalomania. Society may become full of individual super-humans, all pursuing their own unique and insane agenda.

    Essentially the battle over Osho splits the movement into an ideological battle between Marx and Rand, or between the collective and the individual. The Resort has edited out love and denied community. The community reacts by fighting the individual. If this continues (and with Osho’s emphasis on freedom in his teachings) the risk is of idiocy on a grand scale.

    The faction of Ayn Osho will seek to destroy the community. The faction of Karl Osho will seek to destroy the individual. It is an Osho style Cold War of the collective heart versus individual will, and it is both frigid and boiling. History endlessly repeats itself on the ashes of profound wisdom.

    What Marx did not understand was that the collective heart draws its life force from balanced individual will, and individual will comes from life sustaining primal energies. This is why the collective cannot sustain itself if it severs the individual. Also, the individual that denies the collective cannot grow, and the energy denied its higher nature explodes laterally in ways destructive to others.

    If a community denies the individual then it loses its source of guiding direction. Its direction becomes a force on its own, guided by an unknown mix of ideas and needs that no longer have roots. In this case the starved heart must follow the collective on a directionless and uncharted course.

    If the individual denies the collective then it can grow out but not up. Each individual grows and then starts bumping into other inflated travellers. Understanding the other is denied and so the only way out is to bear arms.

    Osho is dead and so is the wisdom in his teachings. In that you are unfortunate. I have no doubt his closest disciples have worked sincerely in turning their love into egoistic gurudom, and have greatly enjoyed carving up Osho’s vision, as if it can be. My slice of Osho must be better than any other piece because I the great devotee both cut it and greedily scoffed it down into my grumbling belly.

  261. Lokesh says:

    Swami Det, well constructed comment and well written.

  262. prem martyn says:

    Yes… reading that made me thirsty…( as often it does with sw Deciphered.).. so i went over to Lokesh’s side to get myself a drink of pure untainted water……..
    and well
    all i can say is

    the wallpaper is me…

    and the frogs are larger than usual…

    isn’t lsd great ?


  263. prem martyn says:

    swami semi detached….your clarity bespeaks some chemical interference..
    are you tripping too?

    isn’t life watery…


  264. prem martyn says:

    after all these posts . i’m currently working on my guide to sunnyarse
    the tome-ic
    Osho for Dummies (c)

    its amazing how much material is available right here on sannyasnews….

  265. shantam says:

    Who says Osho´s world has no thinkers with high quality language.
    Detective´s post is worth for the mainstream Osho media like Oshonews, viha connection, oshoworld etc.
    Resort´s website has any way no relevance other than the daily Osho quottaion.

    Will it ever reach there?
    i have a serious doubt..
    is a question worth to be discussed.

  266. prem martyn says:

    finally its happened
    we have been waiting
    many lives

    shantam and lokesh.. actually agree on something…..


    how can we ever thank you mr very long explanations man…
    a joy of the opposites meeting through you…

    who would ever have thought…i should have betted on it.. i’d be rich ..
    but still who cares about money at a time like this….

    joy joy joy

  267. shantam says:

    In political circles it is mentioned quite often, ” We have a different political view but we are not enemies.”
    So should be the inner circle or any other association where more than one person is involved.
    Discuss your opinion with passion..If there is no common agreement, let us vote..

    But in the world of sannyas..Where meditation and Osho´s wisdom is quoted with every breath..reality is not so wise.. For example..representatives of two main fractions of Osho have no communication between them.
    They are almost living like people in Korean Peninsula.

  268. shantam says:

    If quotating holy scriptures and singing praise on the stories of Krishna, christ, Mahavira or Osho was of any significance..the inner lumination would not have been so rare…millions of people enlightend….!

  269. prem martyn says:

    so what you’re saying shantam is that later on this week you’ll be switching lives for a bit
    .taking acid…visiting the odd individual enlightened person for some tuning in….listening to rock music… and writing your memoirs..without mum around?

    meantime lokesh will be looking for a way to increase readership of sannyasnews by castigating white men in osho’s pants in pune…without profaning

    well i didn’t make any bets last time.. but this time i know its gonna make me rich…..i can see it all now….

  270. Lokesh says:

    Yes, yes, all this holy smoke is all very well but it is money that everyone worships…except me. I worship…ehm…er….any suggestions?

  271. prem martyn says:


    in the boozer

    without any result

    despite the advice of your best friends

    only when someone dies and you receive the inheritance

    by the light of the silvery moon..

    on a leap year

    for revenge on those who said it can’t be done

    in private

    in your underpants

    in the nude

    in the shower with a friend

    despite not knowing how to..

  272. Lokesh says:

    When Bubbie was walking through a market in Germay he overheard a conversation between a butcher and Shantam.

    “Give me the best pork sausages you have,” said Shantam.

    “Everything in my shop is the best,” replied the butcher. “You cannot find here any sausages that are not the best.”

    At these words Bubbie became enlightened.

  273. shantam says:

    How Bubbie can be enlightened, unless it is a name of a living person?

  274. Lokesh says:

    I’ll put it like this.

    One day Shantam visited Bubbie, who was drinking wine at the time, not even a drop of which is suppposed to touch the tongue of a Sikh.

    “Hello, brother,” Bubbie greeted him. “Won’t you have a drink?”

    “I never drink!” exclaimed Shantam solemnly.

    “One who does not drink is not even human,” said Bubbie.

    “Do you mean to call me inhuman just because I do not indulge in intoxicating liquids!” exclaimed Shantam in anger. “Then if I am not human, what am I?”

    “A Buddha,” answered Bubbie.

  275. prem bubbie says:

    Some people will do anything to peddle a book!!

  276. prem bubbie says:

    Next, you’ll be willing to kiss by booty. will you offer the same to Shantam?

  277. prem bubbie says:


  278. shantam says:

    Lokesh, your loving compassion has no bounds today.
    You are calling our Buddha nature!!

    I hope one is so common the way boys become Man. Nothing extra ordinary..just nature..

  279. Lokesh says:

    I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. Don’t take anything I say on this blog seriously. SN is fun for me….nothing more, nothing less.

  280. prem bubbie says:

    you’re SO serious, lokes!!

  281. shantam says:

    21st of jan till 2nd of February contents have disappeared…
    Mr.Editor, bring them back but deleteting the irrelevant these days are also part of sannyas movement archives..
    The sleeping pockets on the earth are also getting the rays of freedom.
    Tunisia and Egypt..and the march of youthfull energy goes forward..

  282. shantam says:

    Welcome all sannyasins–is a new caption with the heading of sannyasnews.
    It also means, if you are not willing to log in with your sannyasname, express yourself somewhere else..

    Some order, some discipline, some protocol is always required..when there are more than one persons involved..

  283. shantam says:

    Parmartha, Writers at Sannyasnews seems to be in a state of shock.
    No bird is flying out of their nest.
    You need to explain, why suddenly the latest threads were shred into pieces..
    Policy change needs to be explained in the democratic set up..otherwise it looks like authoritarian decision….
    Something like air without oxygon…

  284. dharmen says:

    Shantam, nothing sinister is going on we have a problem at the server end. We currently have no ftp access to the site, the up to date home page will be restored when we do. Meanwhile, all recent post are accessible from the blog right hand side, side bar, under the heading New

  285. Kavita says:

    Love you Dharmen & sannyasnews team . . hug from me
    to each one of you . . :)