South African Centre cancels agreement with

Letter To Global connections OSHO Resort, Pune, from South African centre leader Prasado was started as a project of love and information in 2005 to serve as a web point for OSHOs work in south Africa as shared by
his friends and traveling teachers, to keep the ball rolling and make it grow in this part of the world. I asked Global connections to put our web link on their site , and a lady called Vatayana responded that I, in my personal capacity, have to sign a agreement to do that.

I said OK and she sent the doc, and by the way she mentioned that I will have to also register the OSHO school for creative touch which I was running in Europe and Africa since 1990, I asked for a web link and got a whole process down my throat…

I found it odd – all this paper work and since I had heard that a final Ruling in the USA has finally declared OSHO is not a trade mark in Jan 2009 I found it even more of a strange quote agreement she sent to me on March 2009.

“The name OSHO Center/ Institute …. Includes the mark OSHO and others specified on our web site is your permission to use these marks in relation to your OSHO Center/ Institute …. and related activities. These permissions are not transferable and may be withdrawn at any time. “

in contrast the actual ruling

In an unanimous verdict by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on 13 January 2009, it has established that Osho and His works cannot be trademarked.

I hereby revoke my agreement with global connections as they bluntly misguided me and many others and I call on them to recall and void all the bogus agreements in their files, and I call on all those who have signed these agreements to cancel them as well.

This feels good, 30 years with Osho I and many others don’t need this central control emanating from the resort, the fear of banning me from the resort does not apply, it has become so stiff and a meeting place for yea Sayers not for friends, from his thousands of old friends that used to gather there, the circumstances were created by the managers to keep them far and away, the air has fear control in it and the longest I can stay is 4 days go to the Samadhi and pay my respects, drink his spirit and move on before the politics hit me. And they have the whip to threaten anyone not allied with them with a big fat BAN.

This has to end, ban lunatics criminals and gurus but not just any sanyassin who does not happen to agree with you or your line.

After my 4 day pilgrimage to the Pune resort in Sept 2010 I went to visit OSHO Dharm in Delhi, the “enemies” of resort management. Besides the huge farm with the same beautiful black buildings and lush gardens as in the Pune resort – with a massive marbled floor Buddha hall , there is love there and devotion to OSHO, maybe a bit much for my western taste but it was heart opening and even though most are Indians and the discourses are much in Hindi , it’s the atmosphere there which has gone missing in the Pune resort.

There is need for some kind of change of heart in the Pune resort, but I cant see it happen with the team who made what happens now, and who will stay till death do us part.

In the mean time leave us alone to do it in the rest world.

in Cape Town

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  1. prem bubbie says:

    hey Prasado, is Vitsy(Vidya) still hanging around your part of the world… being south african and all… maybe she’s the one doing all the “misguiding”…. where’s swami Detective when you need him?

  2. prem bubbie says:

    You also say, “… ban all lunatics and criminals…” Haven’t you understood Osho after all of these years, we’re ALL lunatics; as far as criminals, one person’s criminal is another person’s Dudley Doright. Keep on meditating MAYBE it’ll sink in eventually. “Come ye all yet again”

  3. LAKSHEN says:

    Very well putted Prasado… Am with you hundred percent!

  4. Shiva says:

    Beloved Prasado…I am 100% agree with you. Reosrt people are just heartless people…power and power….totaly mad…and yea they killd Osho’s place badellyyyyy..

  5. oshobob says:

    Came across this photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, reading Lao Tzu’s “Tao Te Ching” in a bed-in, probably about 40 years ago. The Chinese character on the bookcover is “Tao”, meaning “The Way”. The media, over the last few days, is picking up on John’s 70th birthday anniversery. Thought this might be of some interest to the readers here at SN….

  6. Lokesh says:

    Prasado’s article brought up an old memory and in so doing brought to mind the control that has played an increasing role in the sannyas movement over the years.
    During the mid-eighties a neo-sannyas-fascist-Argentinian prick started an Osho centre in Ibiza. Devayana was new to the scene and determined to score points on his report card. To boost this process he was constantly on the phone to Oregon to get the latest rules and regulations from that idiot Sheela. The list of absurdities that this fool racked up is so long it would damage my hard drive if I tried to list them…you know, shit like ‘if you get caught smoking a joint, you have to hand back your mala’. The point is that laws and rules are part of the sannyas thing because of the hierachial structure that exists within the organization, the pitfall of all organizations, I might add. Therefore there is nothing new about Prasado’s article and he should know it if he has been a sannyasin for thirty years. Didn’t you learn anything during that time, Prasado, or are you just waking up to the situation now. It is the same old boring recycled shit with a South African touch.
    Meanwhile, in Switzerland, we have sannyasins queuing up to have there photographs taken with Sheela at the premiere of the Osho movie that will doubtless add more money to the funds that she ripped off from other sannyasins when she fled the ranch (estimates run as high as $45,000,000). And still people don’t get it. Is there no limits to the depth of people’s stupidity, wherein they apparently refuse to see how spiritually bankrupt the sannyasin movement has become on an orginizational level.
    I can appreciate paying one’s respects at Osho’s samadhi, but how about paying respects to oneself by distancing oneself from an organization that has little to do with anything that sannyas was funded upon other than the bleating sheep principle?

  7. Kavita says:

    ” I can appreciate paying one’s respects at Osho’s samadhi, but how about paying respects to oneself by distancing oneself from an organization that has little to do with anything that sannyas was funded upon other than the bleating sheep principle? ”

    you Absolutely right Lokesh .. wonder when these guys will stop this bullshit ..

    Prasado .. its ok to vent yourself .. but time to wake up Dear .. unless you think you are waking up sannyassins / sannyas movement .. Sorry dear your clock is kaput .. either repair your clock .. or get a new one .. best is not to use one

  8. Alok john says:

    The trademark case was only lost in the US, the country that murdered Osho. Trademark law may well be still legal in SA.

    I expect Pune would only withdraw permission to use the trademark if you were grossly misusing Osho’s name; for example creating a new bodymind technique and calling it an Osho technique; or inviting one of the many charlatan gurus.

    If you just want to run Osho meditations and discourses, I’d be surprised if you had any problems. Of course the world is full of people trying to make money out of Osho, and this is where problems usually arise.

  9. Alok john says:

    PS I looked at the site, and could not see much wrong with it.
    Maybe best not to ask for help from Pune; just ignore them and get on with it.

  10. prasado says:

    Those resigned to the the facts happening in our movement, are the sarcastic losers who adopt that critical higher than thou I told you so.
    I write my comments to add to a wave of change that will happen in the next 2 years in OSHOs world, if you sit silent and hurl your sarcastic bull it wont add to the change.
    people like OSHO world who fought the trademark , and put energy to make his vision happen, or other writers who send their energy in word or deed to live and materialize thir way with OSHO , are the ones that make and will make a difference. that the organisation made its home in the center of our movement will need input and creative opposition to make a difference , so that we or our next generations will have a a leagcy as the one Budhha left , this is where its going. try or die trying…
    and raise your bar a little all that old dirty tongue jarrgon is as outdated as the times of the encounter groups.

  11. Kavita says:

    Prasado .. let me tell you / all the sannyassins like you … one thing that you are either ignorant or a politician … becos these guys at the top of both the organisations appear to be fighting a legal battle but they send their messengers to eachother’s camp / party to pass their messages .. l know one such sannyassin .. who did that .. so now l have become very alert about any such activity .. l use that time for myself .. any way its me / us sanyassins to do what one needs to do .. l had to share this .. so dont worry be happy

  12. Kavita says:

    any way its up to me / us sanyassins to do what one needs to do .. l had to share this .. so dont worry be happy

  13. prem martyn says:

    anyone who wants a social organization needs to lay the ground rules down….

    and really no rules are better for a start….more chaotic but generally much more fun.. (although id probably settle for a rules and consequences guide book before joining up )

    which could mean love or a fight or alternations of the two break out intermittently….

    but thats what being a socially constructed being needs or does….
    it mingles and finds excuses to do so… like stamp collecting… but more sociable (sorry to stamp collectors everywhere)
    as far as creating a dynamic legacy of osho… if thats what you want go for it….

    it wont necessarily be anything to do with osho…but more to do with what you or i make of it….

    but you couldnt call the commune / a centre the MaybeOsho centre .??? . ( that wouldnt sell .. no, we have to assert its osho for breakfast lunch and dinner otherwise there’s no glow on the osho name….

    and thats fine… and so is a straight fight….

    its the smarmy love coochy coo with hidden agendas that make socialising such a pain…

    no wonder we all wanna get enlightened and envy those fucking cunts who are..(bastards)

    ( love ‘em really.. cant help it….)

  14. Ma Prem Jenny says:


    “Those resigned to the the facts happening in our movement, are the sarcastic losers who adopt that critical higher than thou I told you so…”

    For the past two thousand years traditional Western thinking has been dominated by a dualistic, either-or approach: either something is good, or it is bad; desirable or undesirable; someone is an ally or an enemy.

    We perceive experiences to be either positive or negative and we expend much energy in trying to eradicate what we consider to be negative.

    This is like trying to erase the negative current from electricity because it is not “positive.”

    Because we perceive ourselves as separate from others, we often find ourselves in opposition to them.

    Taking these “differences” for the way things “really are” leads to breakdowns in relating, arguing, fighting, and even killing.

    We do the same with ourselves. We dislike or disown parts of ourselves and struggle to change.

    Perhaps it’s time to celebrate the positivity. If you want the rules of the social organisations you can always join the Rotary Club!

  15. prem bubbie says:

    Addressing Prasdo’s assertion that there will be changes in the next two years….. Why just in two years, your lucky number? My lucky number’s one—Lene Lovich…. Get a grip on “reality” Prasado, I continually see that with most “sannyasins” of supposed virtue, very similar to Christians, muslims where they take things said by their master/prophet and bend it out of shape….I think you’re on the one extreme, with sheela being on the other end…. how about just living, with no dogma, interpretations of quotations from a guru or prophet…. stop the game playing for once in your life—okay? Don’t you stupid clowns ever get tired of the game playing?

  16. prem bubbie says:

    Alok John, you claim America murdered Osho… O really? Prove it!!! Quotations from osho is not proof…. Have you ever thought that was a smoke screen or just another way to attract more seekers… I can make allegations that osho’s death were from other causes; all from heresy evidence, gossip etc. Would you like me to list what I heard from others? Are you just a dimwit after all?

  17. prem bubbie says:

    personally i think india killed osho; with all that stinking air he was breathing, food grown from polluted soil which he ate, and the emotional distressed caused by being around so many stupid, foolish, brain dead zombies…. now those ingredients mixed together would kill a healthy person in seconds in any other part of the planet!!!

  18. prem bubbie says:

    kavita— what drug are you on today?
    …. take the marbles out of your head, please.

  19. prem bubbie says:

    martyn, “that smarmy love coochy coo”, is how business is done…. very few can handle the truth right off the bat… take for instance when a guy is looking to get laid, he’d be rejected every time if he were to just state from the onset that that’s what he’s looking for… he has to be smooth, cunning, do the coochy coo talk to a woman and maybe, he’ll get lucky… all of this with the hidden agenda of wanting to fuck a chick’s brains out, then of course dump her and look for another… i think that’s the main reason we have prostitution… saves guys the trouble of being a bullshit artist, at least once in a while….courtship amongst humans is strange enough, now doing business dealings, setting up organizations etc is even more bizarre. Don’t take my word for it, look around— with your eyes open of course— still an inability with most sannyasins— just amazing!!!

  20. Lokesh says:

    Jenny, hot stuff. I enjoy a good roar of independence, but there is no way that I’ll be joining the Lion’s Club.
    Prasado is ready for a fight with the sarcastic losers, whoever they might be. Are those specific losers barred from the ‘Only Losers Can Win At This Game Club’ simply because they are sarcastic? If so how does this fit into this legacy type thingamejig the likes of which Buddha left behind. Now then, was that the same buddha who said don’t build or make statues of me when I have left this world? That kind of legacy? Really, it is all too confusing…a regular tower of Babel. Tell you what, as soon as all the self-righteous types start getting an organized religion together…count me out.
    I don’t need to raise the bar because I tossed it away years ago. I hear an ancient echo. It is not about religion, religion, religion…. It is about bringing a religious quality into ones life, life, life…. Wow! Hold on! Let me take a few notes. That means we don’t need a trade mark, because a quality of religiousness in ones life cannot be commercialized and therefore has nothing to do with trade. Hey, way cool. Now where was I?
    Ah yes. Up in the Scottish highlands with four sannyasin friends (old School).
    First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is. This very body the Buddha, this very world the lotus paradise.
    ‘Our next generations will have a a leagcy?’ The way things are going it will be anscestor worship next.
    Here and now, boys and girls, here and now. And anyone who tells you otherwise is lost in…. Well go figure it out and I’ll see you when you get back here.
    Anything good on the telly?

  21. Kavita says:

    who am I ? what drug ? and what’s the day today ? what marbles ? what head ? whose there ? knock knock

  22. Lokesh says:

    Bubbie, man, we hit the buton at exactly the same moment in other parts of planet maya…has this something to do with the Mayan prophecy about 10/10/10….you know the one…hold on… sorry gotta go….’Scarface’ is on telly…
    Tony Montana says, ‘First ya gets the money, then you get the power and then ya get the women!’
    The question is, was Tony Montana influenced by Osho?

  23. prem bubbie says:

    wasn’t he a drug runner at the ashram? That face looks familiar— it’s that scar, pointing downwards. with a face like that, who needs a big dick to get the ladies!!!

  24. prem bubbie says:

    i imagine these “insulting” posts are pissing off many ma’s and osho lovers… get used to it.

  25. prem bubbie says:

    Prasada: does the South African center have a rubber room? I’ll donate the funds to build one if you don’t have the money, for you guys certainly need one.

  26. Alok john says:

    Bubbie, I cannot prove that the US murdered Osho. But Osho said so, his doctor and dentist and Shunyo and several others who were close to him have said so. None of the “Inner Circle” have contradicted this. If this was a lie it would be difficult to keep it secret with so many people involved.

  27. Kavita says:

    bubbie .. build yourself a wash room … with your money .. maybe you need a nice clean wash .. and scrub yourself well … with some ‘ sult ‘ .. rub it ‘ in ‘ … maybe you need to soak yourself before the wash .. too much stinky muck

  28. prasado says:

    bubby save the money will send you a ticket will be great to punch some sense into a silly bored doll ;) )

  29. Kavita says:

    Kavita : bubbie darling .. have you started to build the washroom already … l thot so ..

    prem bubbie : no lam on my way to buy the bricks .. dont worry l can build the wash room in 1 day .. see u guys after lam fresh again ..

    Kavita : ok dear so l zzzzzz

  30. Lokesh says:

    I knew Prasado wanted to punch someone.

  31. bob says:

    On the Osho Case…

    “…But Osho said so, his doctor and dentist and Shunyo and several others who were close to him have said so. None of the “Inner Circle” have contradicted this.”

    Alok, I’m glad you’re not Chief Homicide Detective of MI6 — Britain would be in some deep trouble. Maybe you could do with some continuing education courses in the field of Basic Investigative Procedure…

    Your conclusion would be like:

    “There are WMD in Iraq. George Bush said so, his Secretary of State Colin Powell said so, his Vice President Dick Cheney said so, and his wife Laura said so too. Too many people saying so for it to be untrue.” Right.


    “Al ‘Scarface’ Capone said he dint comit no goddam crimes, …. his right hand capo Bugsy said so too, and Joe ‘Psycho’ Giollioni said so too,…not to mention Vito ‘Beanhead’ Carpucci, and hey what about Mario ‘Bags’ Pallone, he’s one of Big Al’s most trusted Inner Circle meatheads, I mean….uh, distinguished associates…hehe…”

  32. prem martyn says:


    i have asked for a sannyassin date/fuck with er more than one ma in my time… worked.. i couldnt have been the only one?? I was? then why did she carry condoms?? Oh she lied to me and told me she didnt usually do that …but that i was … different????

    no wine, no candles

    just straight fuckky fuckky .. i know plenty of ma’s who did same….
    Humaniversity actually means ‘stick it in my mouth’ in Dutch.
    though i have never met a woman who has paid for sex…well okay they paid the tantra group leader to permit/okay them that they MUST have lots of sex over a week… but thats paying for permission to have sex, not sex itself….
    followed by the i’m not your property mantra offensive or intensive.. i was never too sure…
    and speaking of tarts

    …. from what i have seen of youth its called friday night in any Welsh city….really i know Swansea , and the youth there… though most of it is boozy ..its definitely shag city.

    But this is not a post about shagging , but a metaphor for the commune and spiritual tom foolery….

    Actually, i prefer to consider shagging on second many people used spirituality to get a shag and how many used sex to improve their awareness??
    (hey ma would you help me raise your consciousness??? nahh that derfinitely never worked…)

    Case closed…

    from lowering bars to punching in them… this place is turning into one long sleeze….i demand some better socializing….hey bar tender , its gonna be a shaggy boozy sannyas night again….

    bubbie stop crying into your drink man, theres a woman in the corner who is gagging for it…..put your dick on the table and sing ‘love me tender’… it usually works….

    and if anyone really wants we can all come back to my place sit round in a circle after wards and build a commune…so that we can become more unified and less er divided and….. hey get your hands off her she’s mine…

    and have fulfilling introspections on the nature of mind…..and jump up and down a bit….under a picture of Khan the Mighty (from Dan Dare)…

    im free thursday…

  33. Alok john says:

    ““There are WMD in Iraq. George Bush said so, his Secretary of State Colin Powell said so, his Vice President Dick Cheney said so, and his wife Laura said so too. Too many people saying so for it to be untrue.”

    But hans Blick, chief weapons inspector, said there were no WMD on the eve of the war (as far as I can recall). And Bush and cheney and co were caught out by their lies.

    Inner circle’s assertion that Osho was murdered by us has never been disproved by hard evidence.

  34. bob says:

    “Inner circle’s assertion that Osho was murdered by us has never been disproved by hard evidence.”

    Alok, you are sinking deeper into your own quicksand here.

    The only time anyone is going to disprove any accusation of murder is when they are defending themselves on that accusation, in a court of law, to be specific. The US Govt. could have been named as a defendant in a criminal case brought by Osho and his team. But that never happened. So why would the US Govt. search for any evidence, hard or soft, to clear itself of a murder charge that was never initiated in the first place?

    The burden of proof always lies with the person or group making the accusation, not with the accused defending themselves. Cornerstone of modern jurisprudence, isn’t it?

  35. prem bubbie says:

    Alok-o John: There is no hard evidence to prove osho was murdered by the U.S. gov’t…. it works both ways…. but for a blinded fool like yourself, evidence doesn’t count, just being brainwashed does. uh oh, i’ve said the forbidden phrase, “brain washed”… i’m going to sannyasin hell for that, take his mala away, tell the ma’s to stay away and not sleep with him(and pass on herpes, the clap, and crabs)!!! Yes, Alok even well meaning sannyasins are brain washed, just because it’s osho…. don’t mean a thing!!!

  36. prem bubbie says:

    the “Real” Prasado has shown his face…. who’s next??!!!

  37. prem bubbie says:

    Kavita, either you’ve been doing some hallucinogens or you are schizophrenic. Or you’re rehearsing for a part in some movie… Have you ever heard of Sybil? hey prasado, kavita’s on his way!!!

  38. prem bubbie says:

    Martyn,The sannyasin scene was a rare exemption to the general game played by men and women, though my time with the ma’s and what I noticed was, especially when the ranch was running, that the wild sex orgies and fucking on the drop of the dime happened much less frequently, as per orders from headquarters(Sheela, and her thugs, they didn’t want to be known in the U.S. as the sex cult).It Didn’t work; word spread like wildfire about the sannyasin trip in India. while camped in a tent at the beginning of my stay at the ranch, every day and night, echoes of ma’s screaming in ecstasy would be heard, those canyon walls sure did a great job in announcing a ma’s orgasm. for the most part the “courtship” games went on, in modified sannyasin fashion.

  39. prem bubbie says:

    Hey Bob, You forgot about Dr. Vinnie Boombots, plastic surgeon extraordinaire, gave Big Al his ravishing looks, ran swag on the side…. That’s what someone told me… my girlfriend’s friend of a cousin who’s grand uncle bought a bottle of hooch from Bugsie’s driver.

  40. Kavita says:

    bubbie .. have you ever tried observing yourself .. try it man .. and by the way lam a woman … l jus needed to clarify this .. actually its not your fault .. ……. you know as they say ” every woman has a man in her .. and man has a woman in him ” .. anyway you are not only one who thinks lam a man .. anugrah also called me sw. kavita .. but frankly l enjoy it .. becos l know who lam really

    l love watching movies .. and l dont enjoy building any room / anything .. l enjoy jus being alive !

  41. Lokesh says:

    I was just looking at a group photo from Poona one with my old pal Guru Prem when he pointed out a chubby Indian woman with a broad smile and said, ‘That is Kavita’. Surely not one and the same.

  42. prem martyn says:

    bubbie i missed the ranch….which is a real shame …

    but i was told just recently from the swami in charge of handling them…. that when the homeless black guys turned up… well it was osho fuckfest international… i mean that no white tralamala swami had any chance of hanging on to a ma..with or without awareness

    …..that the well hung street surving black dudes were ripping through vag like there was no velcro left in the world….

    i agree that worldly courting is a humourless pain in the butt in comparison…(having only ever had in 33 years osho or hippie chicks actually i dont know anything else….).

    as the hormones level drop now though , nostalgia kicks in and just now and again i like to imagine a never ending courtyard of female ass thats swinging hippie osho style….

    as i say to my current hippie-chick vegan spaced out babe …laughing and fucking together are the sweetest notes a voice can make….

    and to everyone else in case you wondered … im setlling for those two in case i never get enlightened….


  43. Alok john says:

    I doubt if I am brainwashed. I just try to evaluate evidence as best I can.

    It is somewhat a matter of judging character and looking for consistency. Courts also make decisions by judging character and looking for consistency. There is also circumstantial evidence, for example Osho’s irregular incarceration in Oklahoma–the middle of nowhere.

    A wise man once said “Three people can only keep a secret if two of them are dead.” And here conspiracy theorists are suggesting that about twenty people can keep a secret and maintain a fiction for over twenty years. What motive would all these people have for maintaining this fiction? Is Jayesh going to murder someone who speaks out?? Is he paying all the original Inner Circle to be quiet?? Come on be realistic!

  44. Kavita says:

    Lokesh … l came to Poona in 1992 .. l love seeing poona -1 pictures .. lam sure l would have enjoyed being around at that time .. actually love seeing

  45. prem martyn says:

    conspiracy theory

    if by leaving a teensy weensy doubt about US image over freedom of speech , that the Mighty Khan has left a legacy about state abuse , etc etc then the mighty khan has done well..

    if he had played safe like echart tolle the christian suburban housewives choice for Oprah Winfrey, (can i still be a christian and search for truth…yes like you can suck , swallow and spit????) …….then the radical rebellious anti fascist message would have been diluted within the frame of .. ;
    ‘look how marvellous the state, any state is.. or at least dont bother about the social implications of emotional intelligence … just look at a candle and breathe,,,,,’

    death at the hands of the state is a great legacy..

    its anti-authoritarian, sabotages the veneer of niceness the state cultivates and is a formula for looking at what did mr Rajneesh , the mighty Khan say all his life…..

    and so i say comrades the next time you are sitting in an office and the boss tells you what to do…..or your kid goes to school and has to mindlessly behave…. pufff yourself up and in a big loud voice shout

    MY GURU WAS POISONED BY AMERICA..and IM NOT TAKING THIS BULLSHIT ANYMORE… then pick up your redundancy pay and leave, take your kid out of school and leave…. American Beauty style )

    Everybody stand for the stars and stripes ..

    America America you are so great…
    I like that homespun philosophy its better than the commies and the mullahs at any rate..
    vote to sponsor 150 years of murderous policies
    its just the leela
    ….. of sexually inverted depravity

    attennnnnn-hup !

  46. Lokesh says:

    It is possible that Osho was poisoned, but why would anyone in the American government do that? Osho was more of a joke than a threat to the powers that be. Nothing in comparison to that gangster twat that runs North Korea and he is still alive. Osho was not exactly shaking the foundations of the American staus quo. I mean to say, buying tons of crappy imported cars is what lots of rich people do in the states. He was good for business and that is what counts as far as Uncle Sam is concerned. I think many sannyasins overestimate Osho’s importance in the scheme of things. Well, at least as far as the USA is concerned. And another thing. A friend of mine who knows about such things finds it highly unlikely that the CIA poisoned the old boy, because the are not that smart. I reckon the cause of his death was the same as everyone else’s…birth.

  47. prem martyn says:



    he was…..and they ( the cia fsb mi5 etc etc) arent smart agreed…. but toxic

    and when they….. (those prefects and monitors and school head boys who were always arseholes and became part of the old boys network of arseholes in the governments) ….are not then its time to fan the flames of what they represent…. osho did it all the time every day plus the cosmic vibes … amazing….

    wish i could too….

  48. Lokesh says:

    Who knows?

  49. prem martyn says:

    well whoever it is i think we have to stop the bar fight first…

  50. prem bubbie says:

    Martyn, those well hung & diseased black homeless guys did screw many a ma, but not most…I witnessed their “games” played with the ma’s first hand and they were games, from an oldie but goody played as an adolescent- R.C.K.- Run Catch Kiss(then maybe fuck) to– “lets go to the out house together”. I’m sure many more games were played, but what I found out just before leaving the ranch was that the big shot- ma’s in- charge, were fucking these guys WITHOUT condoms; so desperate for big black dick, their sense of health and safety went out the window with the sight of a shiny black skin strutting down the mall!!! After all the talk and threat of expulsion to anyone caught fucking without a condom… Double standard indeed… those hormones will win out every time!! After a few months though, the buses were headed outbound to Portland full of sweaty and satisfied guys. I think any swami wanting to fuck their ex-old lady after being dumped for a toothless sex fiend should have left too, for the nearest buddhist monastery and become celibate… better that than have one’s dick fall off or get HIV.

  51. prem bubbie says:

    alok-o: “When a lie is repeated over and over again, it becomes the truth”…. Sound familiar? As with Mr. Adolfo Hitler…. as far as you evaluating evidence, blah, blah… I’m still waiting, so far you have not done so, you merely, recite the pune2 traditional song…. You can use osho’s name, lao tsu, jesus, bodhidharma, it doesn’t matter… but you think because you follow osho, a giant halo has descended over your head and that of other “sannyasins” and wannabe’s….. how do you spell “delusional”?

  52. prem bubbie says:

    how many “enlightened” people have Indians murdered? You’re not making such a fuss about that, why not? I think, most of you sannyasin goose-steppers have nothing better to do than to make a mountain out of a mole hill… Drama Queens… Are you dressing up for Halloween as a drama queen, Alok-o? Hurry most of the costumes have already been taken by other sannyasins, how good are you at dress making? at least it’ll keep your hands busy

  53. prem bubbie says:

    MA kavita– you take things too literally…. Lighten up sugar….Uncle Boobalah has some sweet treats for you this Halloween, if not then, I want to invite you to “The Come As You Are Nude Pilgrim Thanksgiving Dinner”, a truly unique American event… all we ask is to trim your bush and bring a dessert with you… Whipped Cream provided!!!

  54. prem martyn says:

    bubbie ..
    if we’d had black brothers en mass in sannyas i would have had to get another guru…

    i mean grey cardy wearing gurus are quite stylish really,

    im currently flipping between writing here and watching the x factor on my laptop….(im a fan of glossy tawdry populist productions since i got religion).

    big black cocks and white girls….
    spirituality ,loving osho , and watching your thoughts hasnt got a chance…

    cheers for the night time images……aaaiieeeeee…


  55. prem martyn says:

    i just had a marvellous idea for a money spinner….

    white tart holidays in south africa in the revamped nearly osho centre being helped to achieve 3 week orgasms

    Black Muscle Tantra Groups …(copywrite)

    Prasado will encourage everyone to use nice words…. or he’ll help their teeth meet the bar….

  56. prem bubbie says:

    …”Condoms left at the door, never mind your shoes.”

  57. Kavita says:

    bubbie Darlin .. will be there .. lam sure I’ll injoy the
    invite to your ” The Come As You Are Nude Pilgrim Thanksgiving Dinner ” .. & dont worry dear l like my bush trimmed anyway .. l will get some honey to go wid the whipped cream .. dont bother about condoms l always carry in my wallet !i

  58. Lokesh says:

    I’m no’ leavin my sporran at the door. My mind, aye, but my sporran, never!

  59. Kavita says:

    Listen to this :

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  60. prem martyn says:

    thanks for your invite…

    please log onto my favorite website, oshopornhub and sign up ..
    we only ask for photos and your telephone number and your exact location and age….
    its all about building a community , and trust and sharing right….? and you wanna spread ..err peace and love.. so we all merge and melt into one…..

    your one

    ….steady guys she’s the only ma here… go easy ….

  61. prem martyn says:

    kavita… you wait till bubbie sees these shots


    you look amazing…

    i like the open for business tatoo also but…….what made you go for the double piercing there though.. did it hurt?? does it help ?

  62. Kavita says:

    Ma Jenny is there too .. but go easy .. anyway .. l injoy it slow .. but if u guys dont go easy .. is also fine .. l’ll join in the rythm .. Marty boy … if u click my name .. on my last post .. u can join my website on FB .. u will get the necessary details on it !i

  63. Kavita says:

    Ya Marthy ..
    did hurt ..
    but guess ..
    no pain ..
    no gain

  64. prasado says:

    Great entertainment, cant stop laughing… you guys are really sharp , my beloved sangha such good company, who want to go to heaven if hell is so jucy.. love u all and watch your teeth if u happen to pass in cape town ;)

  65. Lokesh says:

    Aye, right, Prasado, but just keep yer dirty hands away from my sporran.

  66. prem martyn says:


    i checked the utube link

    the woman is obviously squashimg some kind of an animal in a box which emits awful sounds… how cruel.. have you reported it ?

    ps kavita could you describe a peak experience of yours, (as its getting a bit boring here with the boys…talking politics…)


  67. Kavita says:

    Marty .. l have had countless of them .. so tall me about yours .. then .. l’ll catch maybe

  68. prem bubbie says:

    Prasado, you can wipe yer dirty hands on his skirt if you want…”cleanliness is next to “godliness”…

  69. Lokesh says:

    As long as ye dinnae tuch ma sporran everything is hunky doory.

  70. prem martyn says:


    Did i ever tell you the time i was with osho in discourse one night……
    well i was in discourse one night.. (.ha obviously )
    contemplating nothing much
    listening to the sounds of osho’s voice …..

    siting on the ground with my legs crossed….

    then suddenly

    like this sort of nothing
    all the way down my spine


    i looked for the source of the nothing

    wondering how it had happened
    then of course my mind came in ..

    then the ego…. and all of sudden it was gone like nothing had happened


    i went home and told my therapist girlfriend at the time and she just laughed

    she said a lot of nothing happened around osho
    like it was that kind of place

    and then this energy took over and we ended up having lots of sex….

    she said the sex was like nothing she had ever experienced….

    she also laughed ….but i never quite understood why.. then she dumped me….

    is that similar to you?

  71. prem martyn says:

    i posted a reply to the previous mahadevi link which only just got thru under the pseudo ‘smarmy’ prem martyn,,as a final post there

    i feel stripped naked by your words

    forced into submission and tied up in knots by you..

    ..and im free thursday..


  72. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    You should see what Swami Rajneesh is doing in Goa with the new Osho Cocom idea !
    All Osho groups and Therapies and Training courses will be Free free. This will clean up the corruption and business of the Poona Resort and other Osho centers in the world when it opens.
    Finally one sannyasin has come up with Vision and courage to stand up against the Poona Resort.
    Many more centers should cancel their stupid agreements with Resort Thugs

  73. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    You can see new website of OSHO COCOM

  74. prem bubbie says:

    talking about carrying condoms…. just don’t rely on them to protect you from herpes… the latest stats are that approximately 80-85% of all adults are infected by either type 1 or type 2 virus, about 15-20% have no symptoms-ever…. trouble is, it’s the foreplay that gets you infected , herpes virus survives up to 5 minutes on dry skin.and just about forever on warm moist places(wink, wink).. so ya all start taking herpes anti-viral daily, then you have a shot of not passing it on to your partner…. sneaky little bugger that virus. Message brought to you by, your world- wide sannyas medical institute.

  75. prem bubbie says:

    yo Prakash– where did this clown get the money, A) to buy the land 2) have an architect design the buildings; and how is he going to pay for the operation of the this joint? Free my ass ole’ chap…. smells more fishy than the local Chinatown seafood market. Your jumping for joy has flung your brains from your head…. Has he declared himself “King” yet? He’s just making plans to move the “Sannyas Capital” from Pune to Goa. BTW- Who’s sewing the new flag? is he thinking about employing sheela to do the job? at immigrants wages of course.

  76. prem bubbie says:

    Prakash, I believe Rajneesh is also a “Thug”, disguised as a clown,or Josef Goebbels reincarnated.

  77. Lokesh says:

    Yes, I experienced nothing many times around Osho…like today. I was wandering across a misty field in the north of Scotland this afternoon when I came across a highland cow. She looked kind of sweet the way her big bovine eyes peeped out from under her fringe. I stretched out and she licked my hand. Her tongue was rough but there was something erotic about it. Then i heard Osho’s voice in my head. ‘Let go of your mind,’ it said. ‘Be total, swami!’
    Wow, I thought, this is weird. The cow nudged up against me and let out a friendly snort.
    ‘Be total…be total…be total…’ Osho’s voice echoed in my head.
    The highland cow presented her hind quarters to me.
    And then I pulled…
    To be continued.

  78. prasado says:

    Red neck lokesh thin k I speak scotch, back to your telly belly.. before my dirty hands reach u , for a hug of course if u dont smell of booze.. ) besides the poking, do u not see value in this writing should i have just stuffed it up mine and back to my telly… and not let a sound against whats up there, I know its like this for years now, and many a folk have blown the trumpet in vain, but oshos world victory and letters from harideva and ramatirtha make me compelled to do something , so at least I and others can shout we dont support this. of course I dont want to just throw mud at them there is much good they are doing, but on some points the pressure is buiding up to have some change happen. jaesh is in court almost every day , amrito is under pressure to leave from within the group. things are happening . the old osho lovers either dont want to become involved as they judge it as politicts or they dont care or resigned to the state of thing, the new ones dont know how it used to be. and sure thins change we cant expect the same pune as 20 years ago, but we should expect that some basic principals of Oshos work remain in tact, the juice the love the music and sure some devotion too if some preffer it so , and the festivals? gurupurnima july full moon?? id love to share this spaces with everybody again. mybe Im a hopeless dreamer but i know there are thousands like me out there feeling the same. so sporan wearing redneck tell me what to do , and will see if ill listen, if u managed to get your ass into some 8 cylider engines, mybe youl get mine dancing again.

  79. Lokesh says:

    Prasado, I see it like this. Osho has hundreds of books but he said many times that the words in his discourses were not important, but rather the space between the words. In the same way the resort organization might appear to be important but it is nothing compared to the hundreds of thousands of sannyasins who are located all over the world and in some mysterious way have been touched by Osho.
    I do not feel connected to what is happening in Poona today, but I do feel connected to the many sannyasins I meet on my travels, along with many people who have nothing whatsover to do with Osho. Osho, like all masters, is a signpost on the road of life. He gave some very useful directions to me and, after having thanked him, I moved on. Consciousness has nothing to do with commerce and from a distance it looks to me that what goes on in the resort has a lot to do with business. No problem for me as I am not identified with the scene.
    During the summer months in Ibiza I hang out on some rocks that edge a beautiful bay. It is amongst other things an informal meeting place. Many of the people I meet there are sannyasins. Some I know, some I don’t, but I can always recognize a sannyasin…even a dumb one. There is something marvelous about this. Sometimes I chat with a sannyasin who is passing through Ibiza and just happens to have landed on the rocks. I always recognize a smile, a look, a special way of being that is particular to these people and in a way I suppose myself. Cureently I am in the north of Scotland. The other day I met up with three old sannyasin friends and went for a walk in a place that looked like a scene from Lord of the Rings. I enjoyed their company so much that I am about to travel south to Aberdeen in order to meet up with them again.
    I remember the old man saying that whenever three of his sannyasins are together his presence will be felt. He was telling the truth. This is a great thing because it means that what is still alive about Osho’s way will never be controlled by an organization and will always be available to those who are really connected to the spirit of freedom. Hoots!

  80. Kavita says:

    Marty .. lam Speechless ..after reading about your peak … and you said ” but i never quite understood why ” .. thats the most beautiful thing to happen

    In my case .. l was in a relationship with a Sw. and but l knew it was not what l wanted .. then meanwhile l met a Sw. who gave discourses & had been one of Osho’s lawyer .. who had left the Ashram .. l throughly enjoyed his company along wid my boyfriend .. then one night when my boyfriend & me were visiting this guy .. l just told my boyfriend to leave .. as l wanted to linger around longer & he was getting late .. then this Discourse . Sw & me .. had the Time of r life in bed / otherwise .. and keep having when ever we meet … and I guess .. l have never stopped being Alive .. ever since .. l / We are reborn

    ” is that similar to you? ” guess all the you’s are one in that sense ..

    & Marty .. this a link for all sannyassins /Seekers to read .. which l found very interesting ..

  81. Kavita says:

    ” Iam / we were ” .. l sometimes forget the tense ..hahaha

  82. prasado says:

    Hat off lokesh, my ass is dancing in joy, “when my saynassing meet my presence will be felt , when they celebrate my message is realized” in the world when this happens as it does again and again the sweetness and magic is greater than where we would expect it , in his last resort. this needs to change or not , each according to his path.
    I want to rattle that cage , and untill i pop in 2-3 decades it will be my joy to become a big mouth at his feet. I can just feel the chuckle..

  83. Lokesh says:

    I love cows.

  84. prem martyn says:


    Thanks for giving me a peak at your life….im speechless
    im… how do you say it in your language..???? ermm. ah yes..
    i am utterly underwhelmed….utterly

    about your squeezebox.. (you know the one that shrieks when you press it , the one on you tube…)
    do you find it ( that poor little animal) makes the same sound whoever is using their hand to press the air out of your box …does it always squeal??
    I find that the furry animal is often released when using all the hand on your box and squeezing intermittently … until the little thing pops out….
    i always try to liberate furry animals from imprisonment, so would be happy to free yours anytime from its squeezebox….
    i talked to my sex partner, i mean soul mate about this and she says that as a Vegana (thats a female vegan) she likes to help other women feel the same as her…. she’s a bit swingy like that….

    my best wishes to you and your legal position… i prefer illegal ones… apparently in some US states what i do still is….

    Ps Lokesh…

    language.. language… women are reading this… (cows indeed) no need to be offensive…or i’ll tell prasado

  85. prem martyn says:


    amazing about blavatsky.. i thought shea was just a sinister ugly old cow who sucked aleister crowleys cock….

    of whom gurdjieff said of crowley… your energy is dirty get out of my meetings…

    ps kavita…blavatskys squeezebox was an old victorian dirty one.. her theosophical society is full of idiots.. their london bookstore manager once told me they didnt store osho’s crap and not to enter his shop with a mala…

    now thats a real cunt…

    .try something more contemporary next time…


  86. Lokesh says:

    How about the Beano?

  87. Kavita says:

    thats why l like facebook .. for this feature .. one can delete /change … after posting .. anyway l wish sannyas news becomes contemporary soon !i Marty dear .. lam sure u didnt read it .. it still is a good read ..I injoyed it !i

  88. Kavita says:

    By the way ..Marty .. the legal position was no more there as he dropped it .. before ‘ O ‘ left .. and l burnt all his certificates after the BIG BANG !i

    all the best to u & ur whatever .. :-)

  89. prem bubbie says:

    Sugar pie kavita, Here’s a recommended read; “Fundamentals of Esoteric Philosophy”, by G. de Purucker…. One of “the gang of ‘idiots’” according to p. martyn… just have to take each person as they come. They’re discourses made during the early 1930′s, his english is a little stuffy. It took me over a year to read the book, had to go over each chapter several times for my Western mind to even begin to absorb the stuff. i mentioned it on this site some months ago, now since you’re talking about Madame B…. I think it’s a good postlude to Osho’s “Psychology of the Esoteric” the puzzle of “it” all starts to fit. Enjoy, babycakes!! P.S. If you really want to experience orgasms, try Latihan…now I know why women love sex so much more than men.

  90. prem bubbie says:

    Yo Lokesh, I mean Farmer Lokesh… Try the Bovine Veterinarian racket, since you love cows… you’ll really get your hands full.

  91. prem bubbie says:

    Prem Martyn… “Language , Language”…. that’s what you told Lokee… then look what you then post… Stop sniffing the glue… or women’s underpants…. You turned quite smitten with that Kavita babe… she’s a big girl, not just her boobs, she can handle “obscene” language…. What language is obscene, btw? “All of it”, said the pope.

  92. Lokesh says:

    Highland cows have big……………………..horns.

  93. prem bubbie says:

    Personally, after what I’ve read over the years regarding the disdain of Osho that the Theosophists have, is that they feel Osho corrupted the esoteric part of the ancient mysteries, he turned it into a “tabloidesque” romp through the mystical forest. For eons, the “mysteries” were kept secret, revealed only to persons with special gifts, having a high consciousness or just more awareness about life and the life forces that exist. Osho, decided to cast the net far and wide,and decided to share the Mysteries” will all, given the dire circumstances of human kind, something the Theosophists can’t seem to acknowledge, or maybe just suck in ancient times and are happy to have a share of the “new age” market and felt threatened by Osho’s “All Inclusiveness” policy. I happen to agree with osho’s experiment and risk taking even though it is a very risky thing to do/have done, just look at the “great american experiment” conducted at rajneeshpuram. Then why not try, what worse could go wrong, after all of the past failed experiments of the long dead gurus. though i wonder if mother earth wanted to commit suicide by creating human beings on purpose and the end of the road has already been marked… Just for your info, the earth is also a living, breathing being and maybe she’s been very depressed these past 60 million years(that’s equal to about one year to her). Or just plain pissed off at the rest of the solar system for being hit repeated by asteroids and comets, she’s got some mighty big scars on her cheeks; think of her as an abused woman- how many beatings can she take?, and she created humans so we could actually stop the reign of terror from asteroids, she obviously can’t. Sounds strange, what’s the new business jargon–”Gotta think outside of the box”? We’re small potatoes, yet we think we’re the ultimate in creation…..stopping the human arrogance would be a start.

  94. prem martyn says:

    Bubbie …

    first i post ‘language’ then i turn on a sixpence….

    ( u cannot be serious? the english are the masters of irony…….

    now please catch up..
    or your bedtime stories will be a re-read of beezlebubs tales to his grandparents and all of tertium organum before bedtime..with no cocoa )

    i love squeezeboxes……including kavitas.. she knows i care…

    religio means to re-connect
    and obscene means
    without underpants

    i like to use ‘all and everything’ to jack up the car in the garage…
    does your massive theosophical tome help to soak up excess drivel from the oil sump?

  95. prem bubbie says:

    Prem Martyn, there really is not much to anything that’s contemporary , Except for Osho, and he’s starting to go ancient too, especially with regards to the latest in research and discoveries about the human mind/brain.. His comments about the topic are from things he read during the 1960′s -1980′s. there was any research done using MRI’s, PET and CT scans back then. these last 20 years and especially the last 10 years have greatly expanded the science about how-what-and why the human brain/mind works;causes of neurosis, psychosis, schizophrenia, how viruses affect the brain(google-herpes virus and alzheimer’s disease) and just plain how our ticker works. So, checking out the theosophists and other “ancient” lectures isn’t a bad thing…Diamonds are hidden everywhere, honey bun

  96. prem bubbie says:

    No, just your excess vomit

  97. prem martyn says:


    ladies and gentlemen .. i bring you
    Gottfried de Purucker
    (you have been warned….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plus zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz equals……oil all over garage floor….

    ” The nebular hypothesis, involving the theory of the existence of a primeval matter, diffused in a nebulous condition, is of no modern date in astronomy as everyone knows. Anaximenes, of the Ionian school, had already taught that the sidereal bodies were formed through the progressive condensation of a primordial pregenetic matter, which had almost a negative weight, and was spread out through Space in an extremely sublimated condition. — The Secret Doctrine, I, 588, 589-90 ”

    also see :
    ..” in pure terminology the banana can thus be worn on the head as an ornament or eaten in or indeed smoked, whilst awaiting for the men in the white coats to ring the door bell…. –Cooking for One, Gottfried de Purucker , dial 901.

  98. Ma Prem Jenny says:

    Blavatsky, poor woman — I pity her and love her too, in spite of her face, which is not lovable, not even likable, what to say of love!

    Her face could only be used to frighten children when they are doing something nasty. Blavatsky had a very ugly face — but I pity the woman: in the world of men, made by men, dominated by men, she is the only woman who asserted, dominated, and started the first religion ever by any woman… Theosophy.

    She competed with Buddha, Zarathustra, Mohammed, and I thank her for that. Somebody needed to do it. The man has to be put in his place. I thank her for that.

    THE SECRET DOCTRINE, although so full of esoteric bullshit, has many beautiful diamonds too and many lotuses.

    There is much rubbish in it because she was a collector. She went on collecting all kinds of rubbish from everywhere possible, without bothering whether it was useful or not. She was great at putting all that useless nonsense in a systematic way. A very systematic woman. But there are a few — sad to say only a few — diamonds here and there.

    On the whole the book is not worth much. I am including it just so that a few women are included in my list and I am not thought to be a male chauvinist. I am not. I may be a female chauvinist, but not a male chauvinist at all.

    Source – Osho Book “Books I have Loved”

  99. Lokesh says:

    For me one of the biggest mysteries that went with living through the whole of Poona One was how that wee guy on M G Road, who had flattened legs and moved about on a little trolley, always managed to have such a lovely smile on his face.
    As for Madame B and the gang….I can smell the reek of mothballs wafting down from the astral plane.

  100. Ma Prem Jenny says:

    …and that blind boy who sang out, Paise, paise, Babaji, outside the ashram. they wanted to put him in a home but he much preferred to sit outside the ashram with his bow, he seemed pretty happy too.

  101. Lokesh says:

    ‘Spread out through Space in an extremely sublimated condition.’ Wow, Martyn, Madame B was obviously taking acid before it was invented. Heaveeee, man.

  102. prem martyn says:

    look up herpes and raw nerve… you step in to disassemble profanity..and..pardon my french … visits to the ladies in the rue de remarks…. ?

    in favour of what… theosophy…..its not even useful….?

    and remember its vegan vomit… theres always carrots in it…


  103. prem martyn says:

    of course Al Zheimers is a little known pensioners terrorist group who cant remember who or what to attack…..or even when….

    so the risk factor is considerably lessened

  104. prem martyn says:

    pps you are welcome to lower the bar…. its quite a challenge to see how low it can go, whilst still maintaining an upward direction….

    a tricky paradox , yet egalitarian and not exclusive….

    think joan rivers …then some…

  105. prem martyn says:

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  106. Kavita says:

    Bubbie .. anyway let me tell u .. l was initiated by one Swami Krishna .. from Malaysia .. .. into Latihan in 1995 .. l did practice for couple of months .. and by an Indian .. Mr Dave .. from Jam nagar Gujrat .. he had translated Osho’s .. ” The Way of the white clouds ” into Gujrati and was an old theosophist … he initiated me in1997 & gave me an Amber stone which l have put in my plants after he left .. and since l have always been reading .. so l have read these books .. & also books Osho loved and also worked in the Recording Department of Osho’s discourses for a year with Ma Kamala & Sw Devendra .. these are some of the happenings in my life .. of 43 years ..

    Anyway l do Injoy when u give me energy .. :-) oh l love this yellow smiley .. this feature is not available on FB .. so thank u Sannyas news :-)

  107. Kavita says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :-)

  108. prem bubbie says:

    A person has to be serious at least once in a while to maintain their sanity… Didn’t work this time…. ciao bella

  109. prem bubbie says:

    Kavita, You’re one HOT babe!!!! Speaking of stones… if you partner up with me, I have a big bag full of blue diamonds waiting for you…. put them anywhere you like, I’ll play “hide ‘n seek” with you anytime…. Big wet kisses to you gorgeous!!!!

  110. prem bubbie says:

    Osho, had nerve talking about Madame B’s face… with those psycho looks he often gave and sometimes photographed, he must of had some serious “Crazy Glue” holding those sweaty asses down during discourse…. Vincent Price never looked so handsome on Halloween!!!

  111. prem bubbie says:

    “Esoteric Bullshit”… So what made the old man go off on his own esoteric bullshit trip called..”Psychology of the Esoteric”? the usual i guess, he says one thing and then flips and says another, right mr. martyn?

  112. Lokesh says:

    He says one thing and then flips and says another. Yeah. like ehm…right, Bubbie, man. But Osho says, like, life is ehm…a paradox and seeing as how he is totally like in tune with life the things he says might appear like paradoxical, man, but that is only because you have not dived into like the heart of existence, man.
    Let go….in your pants!

  113. Kavita says:

    bubbie .. l was born wid diamonds of all colours … as l have already put them away .. where they need to be … as nuisance is the only value it has for me .. so thank u for ur offer .. and about partnership .. l Injoy being alone .. and do what / when l need to .. in the moment .. like now .. So thank u again :-)

  114. frank says:

    madame blavatsky was a very heavy hash smoker.
    not a lot of people know it but its true.
    check the places she went to afghani,manali,almora,paki,you name it,she was tokin` it.
    she also had a bent vagina,that no dick could fit in it,hence the celibacy.
    did you know that?

    and what about “bishop” meatbeater,excuse me,leadbeater,the paedophile who taught krishnamurti and the others how to circle jerk when they were kids.

    does all this detract from the mission of the theosophical soc?
    not at all if you like smoking dope.wanking and reading spi-fi ,spirit fiction…..

  115. frank says:

    on the other hand,blagvatski pre-dated the overland trail by the best part of a century,and pulled some pretty excellent scams and hung with some crazy dudes along the way,as a lone woman….pretty brave…
    she may have been celibate,but i guess she must have enjoyed those nepalese temple balls all the more…

  116. frank says:

    i suspected it all along….
    behind bubbie, that hard-boiled, no-nonsense hardcore-zen in-yer-face the truth hurts like a poke in the eye backwoodsman bootboy,was all along hiding a flaky pastry theoretical theosophical throwback who was secretly slipping off into the toilet with his copy of the “secret doctrine”….
    madame bubblatsky….
    chatting away to disembodied masters in his bog,dressed only in her bustles and peticoats embossed with sacred symbols……..
    it all makes perfect sense..!

  117. frank says:

    lobsang rampa
    albert hoffman
    emily pankhurst
    his dog

    i give them postthumous neo-neo-religionless sannyas

  118. Lokesh says:

    Frank, you missed out the Kray brothers.

  119. frank says:

    ……the blues brothers
    buster keaton
    tommy cooper
    the who-am-i guy in his underpants
    anyone with a tea cosy on his head

    may the road rise up to meet you
    happy trails…..

  120. Kavita says:

    Love this Whole creativity …
    Wonder if we have any choice …
    but love / compassion / xsjhndfr *#^$ #@ : -)

  121. prem martyn says:


    im learning from my mistakes here..of course i now see i should have used bubbie’s mating/ flirting technique all along…
    as in bubbies previous;
    ‘hey kavita what drugs are you on , you slum dog’
    followed two weeks later by ‘wow baby have a pearl necklace of mine you look fantastic’

    i reckon the herpes got his brain already…
    but if it hasnt… then
    alzheimers has been shown in a control study to be improved by 40% less neurological damage by high dose b vitamins…and
    cellular ageing improved ,30% longer life span ,by the ingestion of pure doses of amino acids including lysine valine and another i cant remember..(must be the alzeimers kicking in)

    by my own investigations i once deduced that these viruses , which are used by insects to communicate their chemically laden trails , including termites are more proactive in organic wood and tissue matter than inorganic matter ..metal, rock etc…
    Viruses furthermore in very recent research have been found to chemically identify by ‘sniffing’ out their target (a relevant host )and to reject others.Furthermore the presence of particular metals can interrupt a viruses ability to detect and replicate…

    So how did we as humans pick up herpes.. well chimps and humans eat termites and fish which also carry herpes…. so over time the virological implications are obvious….
    however…in defence;
    and colloidal silver in micro doses have been found extremely effective in preventing the replicant abilities of herpes to spawn
    when taken internally.

    and yes kavita i am genetically incapable of flirting without turettes syndrome….virological damage…

    in fact when i get enlightened i’ll make it mandatory for all my disciples to shout ‘fuck my arse’ as a religious greeting…

    speaking of which ….are you addicted to big shiny round ….. smileys???

    and as i know frank and lokesh are reading this then….

    joy, love and wonder to everyone….

  122. frank says:

    i dont mind admitting that bubbie has been a great disappointment to me.
    i imagined that he was the sort of guy where when i would enter into the last chance saloon in nowheresville,close to the frontier……
    the bartender would slide a quarter of bourbon down the bar to me,i would see bubbie next to me,drinking from the bottle, cursing the bartender,and nervously fingering his colt 45 and chewing his unlit cigar……..
    i would ask him “are there any sannyasins around here?”
    he would turn toward me,taking time to slowly spit onto the sawdust floor before, with a clint eastwood gravelly drawl and air of tangible menace,replying
    “sure,the graveyard`s full of `em”

    but it turns out he`s just another serious spiritual seeker hiding in the toilet with his stash of esoteric literature by gottfried von puker (wtf?) and blavatski,and no doubt memorising just enough intelligent sounding quotes to try and pull a few airhead satsang junkie guru babes……

    i`m so disillusioned…….

  123. Lokesh says:

    Martyn, I had a good chuckle when I read this….and as i know frank and lokesh are reading this then…you were right.

    Yes, I was also surprised by Bubbie’s rap on the theosophists…another thing about Bubbie is that he has heart…key to enjoying the man is a nonserious viewpoint.
    That is in essence how I look at this blog in general. Any time I catch myself writing anything that I am getting real serious about, I immediately delate it. A few of you have almost caught me out but so far, so good and thanks for the entertainment…beats the hell out of TV any day…btw, I rarely watch television.

  124. Kavita says:

    lam going to a break from the net .. l guess Dearies !i
    and Marty .. l dont know what to say to u .. :-)
    so u guys .. Injoy anyway !i

  125. prem bubbie says:

    “I woke up in love this morning… I woke up in love this morning, went to sleep with you on my mind….”…. yes you, Lokee, you big hunk, never mind Kavita….. Just to let you know, I do let go in my pants, since i wear diapers…. saves the trip to the john…..

  126. prem bubbie says:

    Geezzz, i talk about a book i read some 12-13 years ago and I get labeled an old esoteric loving fart… the nazi’s were right for burning books, for different reasons of course…. why bother talking about something you read in the past when stupids are waiting like gangsters to take you down and your turf…. so why the need to have books around? Wienie roast this Friday at Sw. rajneesh’s hangout at the coast…. bring books, magazines, newspapers(old copies of the rajneesh times preferred) to get the BBQ up and running through the night…. Mustard and kraut provided.

  127. prem bubbie says:

    AKA, “The Frank n’ Furter Celebrity Roast”

  128. frank says:

    we all thought you were popping out to have another tattoo on your weiner,pump some iron,beat a few losers to a pulp,or at least be reading “american psycho”, or vinnie jones` biography.
    turns out you were hiding in the toilet dressed in mme blavatski`s knickers,reading ” the fundamentals of esoteric philosophy” by gottfried purucker…

    i feel cheated…..

  129. prem bubbie says:

    Would you like your money back? I always aim to please…. my aim has been off lately, either the toilet’s moving or I’m still drunk-not of the divine!! O, i just realized I gave the money to Sw. Rajneesh, as a down payment for a cabin at his luxury 5 star meditation carousel. No refunds from him or for you, sorry,old man.

  130. prem martyn says:

    i’m changing my name to kavita … just so we all can stay in the ‘zone’ still

    i read a book once…. they all ended up going to the shops….. ..i got to colour it in too…

    no hard feelings to anyone…. except on kavitas squeezebox…

    xxisses from kavita

  131. Chinmaya says:

    Kavita dear,

    Where is Shantam Prem, the show seems to be very silent.

  132. anugrah says:

    chinmaya, sannyasnews without shantam is not the same ……..he is one of those who writes meaningful stuff on this site……….no idea where is he these days…….but hopefully soon we will hear from him again.

    love to you all

  133. Chinmaya says:

    Thanks Anugrah,
    We think alike.
    Love to you, Shantam, to Kavita to all our fellow sanyasins……

  134. frank says:

    we …are….oshobots…..

  135. prem bubbie says:

    Anugrah– sannyasnews with Shantam IS the same; got it ass backwards….