Paritosh’s Acid Diaries published by main stream publisher

The Acid Diaries by Christopher Gray (Prem Paritosh)
(Now available from November 1st through Amazon UK)

Micheal Horowitz (the biographer of Timothy Leary) says of Paritosh’s book -” like any strong acid trip, there is both existential angst and cosmic bliss, and many states in between. The Acid Diaries is a contemporary classic of personal psychedelic exploration.” Well that’s saying something, but is it true?

The story begins at the end of his fifties, when Paritosh took, for the first time in years, a 100-microgram acid trip. So extraordinary, and to his surprise so enjoyable, were the effects that he began to take the same dose in the same studied way – once every two weeks. In The Acid Diaries, Paritosh details this on going experimentation with LSD over a period of three years, and shares the startling realization that his visions had an inner consistency beyond what is normally called consciousness.

Following the theories of Stanislav Grof and offering quotes from others’ experiences that paralleled his own – including those of Aldous Huxley, Albert Hofmann, and Gordon Wasson – he argues that trips progress through three stages: the first dealing with personal issues and pre-birth consciousness; the second with ego-loss, often with supernatural overtones; and the third with sacred and spiritual themes. Pairing his experiences with an exploration of psychedelic use throughout history, including the ergot-spawned mass hallucinations that were common through the Middle Ages and the mid-20th century use of LSD for therapeutic purposes, Paritosh tries to offer the reader (and with some success) a greater understanding and appreciation for the potential value of LSD – not merely for personal growth but more importantly for a spiritual advancement that moves one beyond the ego.

Prem Paritosh (1942-2009) was well known for his involvement in the 1960s with Situationist International, for his various radical writings, and as a disciple of Osho. He translated Raoul Vaneigem’s Banalités de Base (as The Totality for Kids) and is the author of Leaving the Twentieth Century, the first English- language anthology of Situationist ideas, and most importantly the acclaimed biography of Osho published in 1997 called ‘Life of Osho’. The latter is available from Sannyas News.

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  1. Shantam says:

    Few are breathing heavy and deep, Few are chanting Mantras and reciting holy scriputres. Soma Rasa to LSD, from this guru to that “Sadguru”….life and death..knocks us down, inbetween is just like a thrill of a football match.
    Before we even spell the mysterious code word, it is already changed!

  2. Shantam says:

    Philosphy behind the acid and LSD has taken the fancy of few, Philosophy of sex is a universal subject.

    Some sutras in this regard-

    “You know “that look” women get when they want sex? Me neither.”
    –Steve Martin

    “Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.”
    –Woody Allen

    “There are a number of mechanical devices which increase sexual arousal, particularly in women. Chief among these is the Mercedes-Benz 380SL.”
    –Lynn Lavner

    “Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation. The other eight are unimportant. ”
    –George Burns

    “Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake whole relationships. ”
    –Sharon Stone

    “My girlfriend always laughs during sex —no matter what she’s reading.”
    –Steve Jobs (Founder, Apple Computers)

    “My mother never saw the irony in calling me a son-of-a-bitch. ”
    –Jack Nicholson

    “Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, but he never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is.”
    –Barbara Bush (Former US First Lady — and you didn’t think Barbara had a sense of humor)

    “Ah, yes, divorce, from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man’s genitals through his wallet.”
    –Robin Williams

    “Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place.”
    –Billy Crystal

    “According to a new survey, women say they feel more comfortable undressing in front of men than they do undressing in front of other women. They say that women are too judgmental, where, of course, men are just grateful.”
    –Robert De Niro

    “There’s a new medical crisis. Doctors are reporting that many men are having allergic reactions to latex condoms. They say they cause severe swelling. So what’s the problem?”
    –Dustin Hoffman

    “See, the problem is that God gives men a brain and a penis, and only enough blood to run one at a time.”
    –Robin Williams

  3. frank says:

    well,mr shantam.
    which subject is it that doesn`t remind you of sex?
    apart from resort politics of course
    and you`re prob only interested in that cos you`re not getting enough imported punani these days……!?

  4. frank says:

    and on the subject of the acid experience,i would like to point out….
    er……. i forgot what i was going to say,man…
    like,the patterns on the carpet just blew me away…you know?
    and the flowers are so incredibly high
    there`s the girl kaleidoscope eyes
    and check the rocking horse people eating osho beef pies…
    aaahh ……..
    etc etc etc etc

  5. Shantam says:

    RESort politics needs to be Sorted out, because the ashram around Osho is the most unique experiment of human history.
    Just the other day, i was at SwamiNarayan Temple at New Delhi. landscaping and aestheticness will make any resort manager lick the dust, yet the philosphy and vision is not an inch deeper than the traditional approach of hinduism.

    And the way, followers have installed the larger than life statue of their late sect founder, is an extreme example of Guru worshiping.
    Osho deserves at least a small percentage of this devotion.
    Why His own seat shyies away from any expression of devotion and gratitude; has someone ever said that white man represents the human heart in the scheme of human evolution, heart so big that there is some space left for some one other than Jesus.

  6. Lokesh says:

    ‘Life of Osho’ is for me one of the most intelligent biographies about Osho’s life, presenting a balanced view of the man and his work…although I’m not sure if work is the right word. Perhaps play would be a more appropriate word.
    When I first met Osho in 1974 he asked me what I had been doing with my life.
    ‘Taking LSD every week for the last six years,’ I replied.
    ‘Very good,’ said Osho.
    ‘Wow, this guy is really far out, I thought.
    Osho then went into a talk about how I’d seen the peak of the holy mountain, but if I wanted to stay in those Himalayan peaks I should start to meditate. It was good advice that I followed wholeheartedly. It was not so difficult and after six years of psychedelic excess it was also good for me to straighten myself out.(my 28 carat brain was somewhat scrambled)
    I believe that psychedelics have a place in the search for truth. The trick is not to get stuck with the experiences. There is nothing quite like LSD for sparking a cosmic curiosity that eastern religious ideas are much more in tune with than their western counterparts.
    I was talking to a Christian man the other day who was describing his greatest spiritual revelation. I asked him if he’d ever taken LSD. When he told me that he hadn’t I suggested that it might be a good idea.
    ‘Why?’ he asked.
    I replied, ‘Because if you think that what you just described to me is a revelation you have not even seen the tip of the iceberg.’
    I have while meditating entered LSD-like spaces within myself. These experiences were in no way as intense as many of my LSD experiences but what was cool about it was that I could easily step out of those spaces wheras under LSD that is not always so easy.
    The bottom line for me is that just like my blissful acid experiences I one day had to let go of my blissfil meditation experiences. The truth of who we really are is an experiencing, not an experience. The hippy generation began to awaken to this when Richard Alpert (Baba Ram Dass) gave his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, 1500 micrograms of LSD and the old boy just smiled. I’ve taken doses of this amount and I can assure the uninitiated that it is nothing to be taken lightly. Quite a life changing experience is how I would describe it. The baba’s message was that there is something going on beyond the world of ‘spiritual’ experiences and that Neem Karoli Baba was firmly rooted in that reality.
    It is only now that many people are waking up to the idea that truth has nothing to do with experiences. I find this to be a positive sign in the sense that people are really waking up. LSD has played a big part in this shift in consciousness, but for me it is history.

  7. bob says:

    looks like this book is available in the US, since Sept. 24 at i havn’t read it, so i can’t comment on it directly. but i hope paritosh makes some money on the sales. lsd use, especially in britain, was tied in with the pop music scene, especially – after slogging through numerous biographies and autobiographies on the Beatles the last few weeks – with the lads from liverpools’ surprisingly heavy use of lsd in the ’66 to breakup era. Tie that in with a trip to India and the Maharishi M.Y., and meditation — there seems to be some sort of a pattern here, reformed in the Osho sannyasin journeys too, paralleling the ‘fab four’ in some respects.

  8. Lokesh says:

    Bob, Paritosh won’t be making any money. He is dead.

    Shantam, you say: the ashram around Osho is the most unique experiment of human history.
    So glad to have you back because you supply a lot of laughs.

  9. bob says:

    Lokesh, you have to take the “Situational” historical aspect of Paritosh into consideration here, which deals with a lot of theater, pseudo-names, designed events, a healthy dose of humor, and so on. (hey, dude, sounds a lot like SannyasNews! whooooaaah…)

    Elvis made a shitload of moolah after his “death”.

    Same goes for John Lennon. It’s said that Yoko has quadrupled the bucks in their joint account since 1980.
    Son Julian piggy backs, son Sean cuts a career, Yoko has some ‘events’ going on always, ex-wife Cynthia and ex-girlfriend May Pang write books, etc….i mean, it’s a juggernaut of sorts…in some respects “death” is good…

    Sam/Paritosh/Chris Gray wrote a good book in Life of Osho, though it was really Life of Paritosh. I read that one online, and can recommend it. Lot of good perceptions in it, but if I remember rightly, he ended it with a big chunck of ‘Chakra Talk’, which didn’t hold my attention too much. I think his stories of his personal journey were much more interesting, at least a lot less theoretical…

    So, dead or alive, Paritosh goes on…usually artists get bigger post-mortem. If they set the stage right.

  10. prem bubbie says:

    “elvis made a shitload of moolah after his ‘death’”…. “show me the money.”.. that’s what Elvis said from heaven… bob, do you know what accountant Elvis uses? Got to get me a good one, for after I die, gotta keep track of every penny from the after-world. Now talking about Shantam being good for a laugh!!!

  11. prem bubbie says:

    Loko-kesh: It’s all a matter of perception, just ask a schizophrenic how many people there are in an empty room… Ask the same from a Zen Mystic…. Popping acid, snorting Special K, a.k.a. “The Buddha Drug”, sipping green tea or just chugga-lugging lattes, that’s all nice, it’s all a head trip to finding an easier way out of life’s daily and dreary routines… Blame God, if you believe in one, for all of this mess or blame yourself, if you believe the Buddhists, that we all chose our incarnations….. then again it’s all a stupid sadistic game anyway, so Fuck It!!!

  12. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam, just to mention, in case you haven’t figured it out, Women are way hornier than men, they play their game so as not to be thought of as sluts,or whores. Men have written the rules and acting like a slut left sexually active women ostracized; women are reliant on the good graces of society controlled by men for their health and well being, so acting like a good virgin was the ticket to wealth and prosperity.. These last 50 years have changed things somewhat but only in the western countries… So Shantam, if you’re looking for a mate or just want to get your brains fucked out, travel to Iran, you’ll see stars like you never seen them before… Toodles….

  13. bob says:

    bubbs, the king’s accountant was probably jewish, aren’t all the good ones…? but, the problem was not with the accountant, the problem was with the DOCTOR, who was a goddam greek, Papadopolous or something….the doc had elvis on so many drugs, it put him on a trip to rock ‘n roll heaven, whether the king wanted to go on that journey or not. Drugs have a LOT of dangers, whether it’s lsd, coffee, coke, or booze.
    Lokesh mentioned one of those for lsd, that is, you can’t get off the roller coaster ride if you want to, you have to wait it out for the trip. You can easily be given lsd against your will or knowledge too – this happened to the Beatles and their group, their dentist spiked their teas without telling them. A fearful trip for most of them, unfortunately, according to the reports….

    Moral of the story…get a doctor and dentist you can trust, then think about the accountant.

  14. prem bubbie says:

    Greeks never leave their friends behind…. nor can they pay their taxes either!!! Poor bastards, that country’s broke and no butt plug can stop that currency leakage.

  15. shantam says:

    Shantam, you say: the ashram around Osho is the most unique experiment of human history.
    So glad to have you back because you supply a lot of laughs….

    MAy be i should make some modification for the cynical, uninitiated or the mind stuck frogs, who think they are crocodiles*

    YES YES YES…the way Osho left His Ashram, the way Osho created the tangible reality at the Ashram, the way His idea was to create a space for a new kind of spiritual movement…. It was the most unique experiment of our time..
    What happens later on, is a cemented RUIN..
    it is just one of the other million of ashrams, churches etc. with a set structure and rituals.

    The impact of this ruins one can see all around, no need to look at others, just watch one self and see…how after a certain while, we have gone stuck in a big lake like situation..
    RIVER is not rivering.. Trees have grown but birds don´t take the shelter. Fruits seems very ripe but there is no juice..
    Why it happened so.?

    Disicples were too eager to show their presence to the world. May be wanted to prove to their dads and Moms., YESSS we have reahced, we are the new man and woman…

    FUCK… even these words are not being mentioned any more…Old goats are happy to be goats…

  16. Lokesh says:

    Oh Oh, Shantam is back in town, in this case back-peddling. First it was in human history, now that has been modified to our time. Aww, how cute. When will the man realize that it is all a projection of himself? The jury is still out on that one, but the general consensus is….a very long time.

    Yes, maybe Paritosh is up in heaven counting pennies. Good luck to him if he is…was he Scottish?

    Special K…mmmh…strange stuff. I tried it once…that was enough to know I did not need to repeat the experience. A hundred mill injectioon in my left buttock, out of body, strangely strange but oddly normal, stay away from the astral socket or you might not get back in to your earth suit type experience. Time for a cup of tea.

  17. frank says:

    listening to shantams ranting about the greatest moment in human history…when he shagged a euro-chick,…
    or a shot of elephant tranquiliser up the ass?

    i`ll have death by bonga-bonga please…….

  18. Lokesh says:

    Death by bong-bonga…great joke that I have not heard anyone mention in some time.
    So that is the root of Shantam’s psychosis….not enough bonga-bonga. Poor man…such is life…it simply is not fair.

  19. Shantam says:

    Call it Osho´s work, A greatest experiment in Human history or of our time, is a same thing.
    Neither Buddha nor Moses has provoked so much in their life time as Osho did. Buddha and Moses were part of a developing world, but let me know a single name from our time who has created such a laboratory of inner search, who collected all the possible techniques under one roof, who gave so much new meaning to the old vocabulary.

    and psychological bend of such racial profile can be seen at sannyasnews from the writings of few regulars.

    Simple thing what i want to say is that Osho created the contemporary stair cases, the electronic stairs one sees at the super stores or at airports.
    Just stay and keep your senses open so that you can leave them at the desired floor.

    What the western mangers did so that they can satisfy someone like Lokesh or Frank?
    simply they stooped the electric current, the unseen mysterious energy.
    Electronic stairs are not moving any more. People have to walk their own walk.

    But in that case, majority of people Will prefer the traditional stairs, stairs made with bricks, sand and cement.

    The result is, when all the branches of human world are becoming more and more sleek, religious and spiritual milieu is going more and more retro.

  20. Shantam says:

    Western sannyasins giants giving commantary about the inner dimnesions seems like mysterious scientists….who take their semen in the left hand, stirs with the index finger of the right and exclaim,
    ” Wow..what a beautiful child, we have given birth to.”

  21. Lokesh says:

    Shanatm speaks..ugh! Great to have you back Shantam. What would a circus be without its clowns? Thank you for helping me laugh.

  22. Shantam says:

    As long i can make you laugh.bro, it does not matter you call me Clown or on the intoxicated circus animal..
    though to be remembered as rebellious mystic will sooth my ego quite well, specially when i see..every mediocre in our branch of thought having million plus followers behind.
    The power they generate during their 15 minutes of fame on the world stage is mind boggling..
    For them also i will say…. the mystics..who take their “EGOLESS” Cum in their hand.. project it on the giants screens before the mesmerised follwers and exclaim, ” This is Brhma Vishnu Mahesh, This is trinity… This is God”
    and me as a Master, His humble servent…simply share the Mantra for redemption…

  23. Lokesh says:

    Go for it, Shanta, you’re on a roll and its downhill all the way.

  24. prem martyn says:

    Hello boyzzz
    Kavita here..

    im sorry i left in such a hurry ..i had to keep my reputation intact and be a little bit how u say..’ free from computer generated infectious viruses,,,’
    and whilst on the subject …

    it seems that a lot of you boyzz are not getting it recently…
    i mean you know.. osho’s energy…
    anyway i just want to tell you that i’ve got it

    loads of it….
    i just dont use words to communicate IT

    think of me as a woman tennis player’s service grunt… you know when they hit the first shot… all u hear is …



    especially when the balls hit the net…
    so if you want to find a direct channel to Osho avoiding all the nonsense

    write to me here ..
    . im waiting for youuu

    and tell me exactly what you want from my love of Osho….

    the best love letter wins .. a full service ball game with me or my sister Ryvita… she’s a cracker…oh yes believe me swamis…

    We dont just remember being with Osho , we let you taste the experience.

  25. prem martyn says:

    Ps what is all this fandango about Cycledelicacies… is it a rickshaw home delivery service like Tescos online shopping.?.. ‘You Shop we Drop’.. You tune in to Osho , we space out and sing hindu devotional songs in the front cab and avoid uninsured accidents with a large bunch of flowers–

  26. Lokesh says:

    Kavita, I…I …I think I love you.

  27. Satya Deva says:

    I read Pari’s book quite a while ago and found it a brilliant piece of work, superbly constructed and written, the fruit of an adventurous, humorous and gifted man. I agree with the reviewer who said it’s a classic of the genre.

    I can almost guarantee that if you read it, you won’t regret it….

  28. Satya Deva says:

    The book I’m referring to above is ‘The Acid’ (I also enjoyed ‘Life of Osho’ – but ‘The Acid’ is his masterpiece, I reckon).

  29. prem martyn says:

    oh thank u lokesss

    i¨m a sporty girl who likes to win….
    when i lose …i swallow my pride

    when you win…
    i swallow yours

    osho and compassion
    love light joy and wonder…

    not to be confused with any other ..ita or swallower…..

    ps my kind of love pays the bills …does yours??

  30. Lokesh says:

    I’m Scottish…what bills? Come on Kavita…I loves you, but keep your hands off my sporran.

  31. Shantam says:

    Lokesh, read the posts carefully. Prem martyn has written a fictitous letter pretending to be Kavita.
    If by living in Ibiza and seeing nudes all around is a way of getting free from the sex and a lavitation towards super consciousness, World would have already few hundred million enlightend people all around.

  32. Lokesh says:

    What! Don’t tell me! I’ve been conned by a man posing as a woman. Good grief. I’ve heard of the power of Maya but this is horrifying. I’ll never live this down. This is a public outrage. If only Osho were alive he could tell me what to do.
    Hold on… What’s this? I hear Osho’s voice in my he head.
    It says, ‘A fisherman puts a worm on the hook of his rod because the fish does not eat the hook. Perhaps someday the fish may be coaxed into swallowing the hook directly, but it is the worm that attracts the fish to the rod and it swallows the hook with the intention of eating the worm. It is only after swallowing it that it comes to know that the hook was the main thing and the worm was only a bait. But by then it is caught.’
    Osho! Osho! Osho!

    Ha ha ha.

  33. Shantam says:

    “The World May End In 3.7 billion years”

    few astrophysics from US have predicted the approximate date of world´s end.
    Many newspapers have quoted the above title during last few days. German Yahoo has this news as the main news at this moment.

    “The end of the world as we know it cannot be avoided, but it can be predicted, according to a group of astrophysicists who see a 50 percent chance of the final countdown ending in 3.7 billion years.

    “Time is unlikely to end in our lifetime, but there is a 50 percent chance that time will end within the next 3.7 billion years,” according to the team of US and Japanese scientists, who are challenging a long-standing theory of the universe.

    While scientists have long concluded that the universe is expanding, and will do so for an infinite period of time, the researchers say the very rules of physics suggest that “an eternally inflating universe” is far from given.”

    News apart, i would be glad to know from these great brains of our time, when they think, earth will be free from the grip of mass religions of last few thousand years.
    and is there a chance that once these religions run out of gas, no other will replace them.

  34. Lokesh says:

    The world will not exist when you die.

  35. prem bubbie says:

    Dearest shantam, Is it true your daddy passed away recently? If so, all of this madness you’re posting is quite understandable, though, here’s some advice from an ancient mad man, “Death in the family is always a good thing”- Genghis Khan. hope that helps in your recovery…. Cheers

  36. prem bubbie says:

    Hey, I’m in love with Kavita AND Lokesh. What to do?

  37. Shantam says:

    Bubbie, If my dad´s departure is a reason of my posting madness, it can also shed the light to the point that you may were raised in one of the centres run by Missionaries of Charity.
    Does any nunn did something against your modesty?

  38. prem bubbie says:

    Yo Lovable Loko-kesh- I saw a real cool sporran while watching HBO”s “Boardwalk Empire”, great kilts too. Say Loko, where can I buy one?

  39. prem bubbie says:

    And you thought I threw tantrums!!! Take a chill pill Bro!!!

  40. prem martyn says:

    Hello Boyzzz…

    Kavita here

    I have also written some diairies

    here is an extract

    …” what a lovely day, i feel so happy..”

    ” sitting at the cafe waiting for a swami , everything is so so great here, makes me feel really good”

    had an amzing thought today, i realized all my thoughts are just like thoughts and not like anything else…’

    Went shopping today and bought some shoes..they are really amazing, and love i suppose.”

    Swami never showed up but i met another lovely swami, life is just so abundant, ps he likes my shoes.

    ”Must take a bath and have the soap ooze away all my fears…osho is like soap i thought today… really amazing and wonderful….

    it would be great to find the right man… someone who understands me…need some love therapy. Ps isnt it great feeling great ?

    i hope my thoughts can bring about world peace and love .. that would be great wouldnt it ?

    I feel osho even when i shop … amazing lovely really fun….


    my book will be out soon ..until then



  41. prem martyn says:


    i have some photos of kavita and lokesh

    she’s a bit fuzzy though
    and he’s come out underdeveloped..

    (its either his sporran or his tibura has got baubles on it and a silver clip through the top)

  42. Shantam says:

    Martyn, as a fiction writer you are really showing your talent. Kavita as a generic name can be any Ma. Osho can be any Osho…Osho Rajneesh or Osho Shailandra.


  43. prem martyn says:

    ps bubbie

    kavita here…

    i was doing some latihan with ma prem jenny this morning…

    well we call it latihan….we just stand around not doing anything much..sometimes we sit and have a coffee and let the energy take us over…

    sometimes we even giggle out loud and people think we are crazy..
    thats us craaazzeee girls

    she says her legs make a lot of involuntary movements … but then we laughed and I said is that with her eyes open or closed..?.
    she said that it doesnt matter… then we laughed some more….

    love is always inside isnt it ?

    ps that Gottfried Pucker guy sounds amazing .. here is a quote from wikipedia that makes me want to have met him.. a real lady’s man..

    ”….In 1895 Purucker returned to Europe. There in September 1896 he met the theosophist teacher Katherine Tingley while she was in Geneva on her first world tour:

    I never shall forget the effect that the great Theosophical Teacher produced on me — an impression of strength, reserve power, compassion, and of a mind that looked through one. I was instantly and strongly drawn to her. Our conversation lasted for an hour or more, during the course of which she invited me to accompany her party on their tour. To my lasting regret, I felt obliged to refuse. I now wish that I had accepted her invitation. It would have meant my immediate union with the Theosophical forces. — The Theosophical Forum, Sept. 15, 1929, p. 11-12

    I love unions like that they are like really amazing…dont you think Bubbie ehhh. sweetie???

  44. Shantam says:

    Mama Mia…

    What a nourishment…..” Diary of a Osho Sannyasin.”

    Martyn, you will soon have a book.

  45. prem martyn says:

    shantam…i said i would never speak again…but out of compassion i realized my painting was a little unfinished… so welcome to my little tidbits of spiritual hooha

    and like my paintings

    i still enjoy being well hung…

    ask kavita ….


  46. Lokesh says:

    This is an outrage. The secret is out. Or should I say secrets?

    Shantam is capable of making a short and concise comment.

    Martyn is crazeee Kavita.

    Kavita is well-hung Martyn.

    Bubbie has gone all soft in all the right places.

    Lokesh is having a laugh.

    Satya has been reading a lot of good books.

    Paritosh…well, looks like he has been pretty much forgotten about already.

    Whatever happened to Gump?

    Such is life.

  47. frank says:

    well,any debate about the future of enlightenment involving a man in his holy chuddies and a man in a kilt would have to be treated with the appropriate respectful level of gravitas,of course….

    that reminds me.
    i was in kashmir once and ,as i was walking along the banks of the river,i saw,coming downstream,a very large rowing boat,full of sikh soldiers dressed in full scottish military regalia,including kilts and playing the bagpipes…
    luckily,i was tripping at the time,so it all seemed quite normal…

    anyway there`s a historical liknk there.
    and sikhs and scots both like a bit of a ruck.
    i remember a sikh guy kicking off at a railway station once because another guy had walked past him twiddling his moustache..
    which i guess is the equivalent of “what ur ye lookin at,pal?”

  48. Lokesh says:

    Aye that’s all very well, Frank, but keep yer hauns aff ma sporran.

  49. prem bubbie says:

    Gump is Martyn; Shantam is Martyn; Frank n’ footer is a not so well hung Martyn— now that’s a laugh

  50. prem bubbie says:

    Martyn, the reincarnation of the infamous Martyn Bormann; i knew there was something to the theory that there are so many Nazis reincarnated as sannyasins…. Go get ‘em Martyn.

  51. It’s with great regard to all this intelectuals and observers on nature,that can share all of Us, this experiences such like as Alex’s Huxley or Timoty Leary,amongst many!
    But with regards meditation there are parallels betweens these states of meditation,no mattter how “syntetical”this trips might have been with deep stages of meditation! In fact bros Lokesh put it simply with best and most humble attitude of all “star gasers” I have ever Heard ,that went on to experiment with meditation after experiences with acid or psylocibins! Acid or psycadelic experiences lead me personaly by grace of the devine(Osho!) to depts of meditation that had I not had these experiences I would most probably have gone into so much meditation!
    Please I understand when *lokesh swami explains depts of beyond the known thruogh,acid or fungi trips!
    Please be aware that I also experienced personaly halucinations and paranoid schizophrenic experiences under acid,just by the fact that I head had the experience that”Lord Neem Karoli Baba”had when he ingested all those trips !
    To people that have not had this experiences for their benefit I@ll tell you that some of those acids in 70′s and on till 72′sone would be triping for some 12 hours without being to get out just with moments of lucidity and mind contact with fellow traveller (When there was no vocal communication !)or some form of telepathy!
    Be aware we will through the grace of devine wiil use this psychotropics as Lord Siv had in His past times on this earth!
    OSho is our love,
    and the fairysaint our guide to it!

  52. Chinmaya says:

    Please write more about Lord Neem Karoli Baba – who is this, what is his location and all about.

  53. Saupleallek says:

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  54. Lord Neem Karoli Baba,is the budha took(injested!)all those “trips” the same experience as far as acid was concerned and lived it to tell the story!Nothing happened to His consciousness whilst I myself had times of unconsciuousnesss as well as beautifull unconsciousness,a beauty that only is shared seldomly whith Osho’s samadhi experiences!
    Osho is our love ,
    and the fairysaint the guide!

  55. I,pray that one day not too far away there will be a place within Osho’s community that some kinds of experiments of psychotropic caracter and meditation that will include “Notes of a Mad man!”
    Acid,LSD25.or psylocibin, particularly has many effects on the human psychi,benefic as well as treacherous when not subsisted by meditation including breath awareness!
    The hiden psychosis within human psychi is like diving into a well where lost keys where left or had fallen!
    Its with our guide*The fairysaint,that future inquiry and conscious one will be the study of human interests!
    No ecstasy can be greater on earth as far as the mind is concerned….”acording to Barbara BUsh’s comments, with regards the loss of aparent memory that president Bill Clinton seemed to have had experienced,although retracted later about His,quasi spiritual experience with M/S Lewinski!
    Our *Fairysaint dosen’t bother much with human high energy states,or ecstasy, which She although knows it to be excelsior,never the less benith Realm unknown that surpasses any form of ecstatic …..ecstasy!
    Osho taught His people not to down grade human love and sexual intercourse,but rather to go into it with all awareness whenever posssible..!.As we’re mostly in a hush,particularly the male species,and the hormones in His bloodstream requires,a watch is required until the observer is observed!!!
    This has been the teachings of sages andOsho in particular opened an area of human psychology that is mostly just as a tabu,until not long ago!
    I made love whilst on acid or excstasy and the next step was…an enquiry”Where FRom?*Who am I?
    Osho is our love
    and the fairysaint our guide!
    Amritlind and crew!

  56. Please if any one intends to try this kind of experience,specially the Young @Heart,please for the *Fairysaint’s and our own sake, try also the 3am or 3 thirthy,stage or mod of mind where the, I (iiiiii)’s rises and there’s no end !Please this the stage(I’m saying itsn’t easy!),but we’ve the fairysaint that’s the *lunar side of Lord’s consciousness that keeps *wrenching our brains sometimes ….Until we get (up!) awake and go to the window to have a look and what’s happening!!!!
    *Where From?
    *Who am I?
    Helps to start watching at and enquiring at 3 to 3thirty am,when we coming out from the deep sleep or the dreamless sleep!
    It does help to watch the breath whilst on this things….breath awawreness goes long way and *Where from,this feelings arising in the Heart? Its fgood to watch the the *energy changing within and the *treath(that acompany’s!) the mind(Tots!) within that its will destroy Us any minuite….”The crossed I ,reminds me sometimes of nature-nature!”
    Please lets enquire whilst in the storm,whilst its possible otherwise*Bom Shankar OSho!
    Take our worries with You ,Lord and carrie Them!
    Oh,Lord thank you for your Your help in sending the *Fairysaint to help Us, Watch,whilst the *banion has plans for runing inside the bush,,,jungle with the *coco-nuts!
    Please be assured that the Lunar’s side of Lord’s conciousness is helping and She’s(*fairysaint!) beyond any modes of mind!
    Take care !
    Your bros and sis’ssssssss and whole family wish Us a good journey back!
    Osho is our love,
    just as the Fairysaint is our guide!
    amritlind and crew!