Dining with the Divine
Over the last few four or five months my partner and I have been growing steadily more interested in the enlightened mystic Mahadevi and what is happening around her. By the end of August this year we both felt that we wanted to be involved and that we should make a trip out to Berlin and see what would happen from there. At this point we had only been keeping track through Mahadevi’s website and the posts there but had not read her book.

We flew to Berlin after contacting the team members using the e-mail addresses available there. We were welcomed warmly and quickly a meeting with Mahadevi was arranged. The time came around for our meeting and Mahadevi arrived fashionably late and gracefully greeted us with “Namaste”. Other team members were invited to be there and we had a beautiful evening sipping mint tea and trying a range of dark chocolates (Mahadevi’s favourite sweet). When Mahadevi heard that I play an instrument she was very excited and I was immediately asked to play. She explained that music is very important to her and that it plays a major role in what is and what will happen around her. She spoke about music to me and I must admit I remember nothing of what she said I remember just her big brown eyes, a feeling of waves passing over me and the beauty of the moment. The evening carried on and we all exchanged jokes (mostly Osho’s), stories and I was requested to play again. When the time came for Mahadevi to leave she enquired how long we would be staying in Berlin, she then sweetly invited herself for dinner the following evening and promised to bring salad.

The second night there were more friends invited to share dinner and company. A young artist had brought his guitar so we played together for awhile and we all had a great time. Again we shared jokes (Mahadevi is very fond of jokes) and Mahadevi told us a story of hers about a drugged Pundit who destroyed a Pan Shop display table because he liked the colour of the cloth. At the end of the evening Mahadevi left us with a warm and loving hug but more than that she left an impression in our hearts and as a result we are both now actively involved.

To be with an enlightened one is an experience that cannot be brought into words but only lived. There in Berlin is an opportunity to experience this. Mahadevi is giving Darshan on Sundays, answering questions and guiding seekers. She is also holding her meditative therapy “Return to the Womb” regularly.

If anybody is interested in going to Berlin, getting involved from Britain or purchasing Mahadevi’s book then please do not hesitate to contact us at or go to Mahadevi’s website

Sw. Prem Bodhi

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  1. Kavita says:

    Sw. Prem Bodhi .. good to know about that u & ur partner .. enjoyed being with an enlightened one .. and the details

    but seems that Mahadevi is advertising through you .. its ok to advertise .. hope u are ALERT … anyway
    Chareveti Chareveti

  2. Lokesh says:

    Yes, but how does anyone know she is an enlightened one, seeing as how one has to be enlightened to recognize another enlightened one?

  3. frank says:

    that`s right.
    it takes one to know one!

    btw is madahevi still slagging old egghead tolle these days?
    she really seems to have it in for him.
    maybe she`s envious of his success.
    right now,his power of now seems to be more than her power of now,but i guess she`s working on it.
    ok,so she`s better looking than he is,but thats not neccesarily an advantage,as there`s something reassuring and unthreatening about an enlightened one who looks like the back end of a bus…
    it`s nice to know they dont have all the luck….

  4. Satya Deva says:

    Mahadevi seems ‘a bit special’, and clearly infinitely further forward in ‘the game’ than the likes of me, so ‘fair play to her’, as the saying goes…

    Yet I ‘m not sure whether I can readily accept as ‘enlightened’ someone who seems to think Elvis Presley was a beacon of loving virtue, a shining example to us all…

    These easterners becoming westernised, men and women both…they do worry me!

  5. Satya Deva says:

    As for her slagging off Eckhart Tolle, well, a lot of people seem to reject the very possibility of anyone apart from robe-wearing, brown-skinned Easterners attaining any genuine spiritual authority (if y’know what I mean).

    Maybe she’s one of these…?

  6. Satya Deva says:

    From Bodhi’s account:
    The time came around for our meeting and Mahadevi arrived fashionably late….

    Oh, how very impressive!

    Who the hell does she think she is then?!!!

  7. bob says:

    So it’s Maha-D vs. Eckie, is it…?
    I’ll put my money on the Ma, she’s a lot cuter, she would definitely upstage Oprah on looks alone, if she ever got on the show like Eckie did…i just hope she doesn’t start wearing those sleeveless soft librarian sweaters like Tolle, that would be a real negative on the image front for sure.
    so, like i said, if i was forced to choose, i’d go for the Maha Ma over the Egghead Gnome from the Black Forest. no question aout it.
    but, with due respect to Eckie, he’s got an Asian babe by his side, like Swami Rajneesh Cohen. that’s definitely the wave of the future…so those guys are falling in with the John/Yoko model …. it will be the 30 year anniversery of John’s “murder” in NYC in a few months….Imagine!

  8. prem bobby says:

    i basically agree with bob on his points. well taken, with just the right amount of ironic humor.

    on the mahadevi thing, looks to be a validation of Osho’s semi-scientific hypothesis that the further away the 2 parents DNA imprint is, the better the progeny. As MD states that she is half Indian and half something else (not told) in her book, From Fear to Enlightenment, this bodes well for her chances in the fledging guru-game race for the roses. Eugenics in action, maybe. Like Tiger Woods, with a big genome mix, rose to the top of the heap in the bang the little white ball game.(though he’s had his troubles now in the relationship arena,….well, Tiger, just tee up for the next hole bro’….)

    And just like the Beatles, the Sex Factor is the X Factor that counts for a lot in the guru biz. The Fab Fours’ audience when they were in their young 20′s were mainly girls 10 years younger, 13-15. They came in reverent chaotic ecstasy to scream at their pedestaled idols on stage — not too dissimilar from the sannyasin group that did the same to Bhagwan in the 70′s in Pune 1(reverent awe in this case). The guys go along basically to be near the chicks, and to hope they can be someday like the Adored One(s) onstage. Lot of similarities, though not mentioned too much — the Big Daddy role is looked at more, but the Perfect Boyfriend has yet to be illuminated with as much frequency or interest.

    So, I would assume in this postulated paradigm that Mahadevi will attract more men (looks to be the case already, though not younger!), just as Osho attracted more females, at least initially.

    Well, i got to browse this book by a London author, Philip Norman, I think it is…his bio on J. Lennon that came out recently…see if there’s any insights in there on John that may throw some light on these interwoven stories of culture and charisma…I am going to have to find that Osho video too, that Satrakshita had on his website, at the end of 1980, where Osho goes through the ‘Imagine’ song line for line, and talks extensively about Lennon after his sudden “death” in the States. That was a gem, though Osho blasted it….

  9. oshobob says:

    The song Osho goes through was Mind Games, prem bobby, not Imagine.

    Text on Satrakshita’s website, under Philosophia Ultima book –the video doesn’t seem to work, though…

  10. prem bubbie says:

    See posting from “osho realities” article

  11. shantam prem says:

    Is this the article?

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    Only when you are in such restaurant, you feel how deep their culture is.
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  12. shantam prem says:

    Medical professionals have very small name plate at their entry, people find their way to the specialized branch of their need.
    Never heard someone writing article, Dr. So and so is a perfect orthopedist in Berlin. In case, you have broken your bones, please visit him.

    I think, every city in the devloped world has all such facilites available.
    it is another matter, on the matters related to soul, one still needs, travelers monks.

  13. shantam prem says:

    DINING with the Divine..

    Seems like this ma or Swami was living in a refugee camp the whole life, First real meal provided by Caritas India Unlimited!

    PS. i understand every body has their own personal journey and needs, but to share with the others, these simple experiences with over the board adjectives, Some Chilli will follow in too Sugary soup!

  14. shantam prem says:

    Mail to Dr. Amrito, Keerti and Sadhana,

    Dear Friends engaged in Osho’s work.

    Today morning i was zapping the Tv. Channels. At Sony entertainment channel, One very successful Guru, Kumar Swami (Om Namo Naryana) was delivering his talk. As on the highways i have seen much of his advertisement posters, out of curiosity i put the remote aside to listen him.
    Few minutes later after the end of the alloted time, i was shocked to listen the most used Osho’s music signature tune for winding up his episode.

    Please, go through one of his programme at Sony channel. This man and the channel need an urgent notice from Osho’s attorneys. it is a clear cut case of misuse of copy right and intellectual property rights. In my individual capacity, i will send the mail to Sony also.


    Shantam I Singh

    Moral of the story- when two cats fight, Monkey eats the whole cake. It is still not to late to take a jump out of frozen understanding ingrained onthe brain cells.

  15. Forest Gump says:

    Kumar Swami was originally an Osho Sannaysin, took sannayas around 1985. Then sooner or later he went his own way..I knew that long time back. Why would I care and give flying fuck to his business. He is not the only one….

  16. Chinmaya says:

    Dear Shantam,

    Almost all Gurus prevailing in India, are exploiting the public in the name of their gurudom and wisdom, by stealing and copying the material/discourses of our Osho and making huge sum. Without doing much inside research work, it is an easy task – Dhandaa – for them whereas the organizers/administators/management of our Osho are silent spectator. I just do not understand as to why they keep mum, at least for the sake of copyrights of original work of our beloved Osho. He spent (Osho) and we spent our life and life time, and fruits are being eaten away by these buggers.

    Amrito, Kirti and Sadhna, please take immediate eligible steps legally.

  17. Lokesh says:

    Chinmaya, something you obviously have not realized is that ‘our’ Osho, as you refer to him, was a great plagarist himself and he did not hide the fact. He was a glutton for the written word and devoured books like Indians eat rotis. It was thus that he was able to keep on the cutting edge of various fields that existed during his lifetime. As the man himself said, everything has already been said. He added his own distinct flavour, that is all. The idea that enlightenment is some fixed and permanent state that cannot change, seems to contradict the concept of life as ever changing, nonetheless Osho did a very good job of moving with the times. Even today much of what he said has stood the test of time, except for some of his prophet of doom statements etc. I mean to say, Chinmaya, what do you suggest? Claiming copyright on truth? Really, I think you would do well to educate yourself a little more before making such preposterous statemants as ‘He spent (Osho) and we spent our life and life time, and fruits are being eaten away by these buggers.’ What fruit exactly? Your half-baked ideas? What a pathetic joke.

  18. oshobob says:

    Right Lokesh, plagarism is a hard thing to define exactly — everything’s out there in the universe floating around for all…who ‘originated’ something is lke trying to nail jello to the wall (someone said that before, if my memory serves me right…).
    So, George Harrison is sued in the courts for pinching his “My Sweet Lord” melody riff from “He’s My Guy” I think, by an R&B group in the States…then someone has to decide, did he swipe it or not….the lawyers are getting rich on this kind of stuff.

  19. frank says:

    now there`s a word that you dont come across often around here.
    buggers stealing your fruit?
    how long have you had this problem?
    oh dear,better not tell a psycho-analist about it…

    and plagiary
    untrustworthy scandalmongery…

    all welcome and suitable here,
    in this caravansery….

  20. bob says:

    that song was actually titled “He’s So Fine”, recorded in 1963 by The Chiffons in the US. I think Harrison lost the lawsuit on the case 20 years ago, or at least he had to pay some compensation.

  21. frank says:

    lets hear the full story about the “drugged pandit who destroyed a pan stall because he liked the colour of the cloth…”
    sounds quite rock `n` roll,that……

    i heard about the tabla player who drove his morris ambassador into the temple tank…
    the sadhu who threw a tv out of a hotel window…
    the brahmin who urinated on gandhis memorial without putting his string over his ear…

    but that pandit sounds like he must have chewed his way through a couple of kilos a paan,or so…..

  22. prem bobby says:

    frank, that drugged pandit coulda been a blimely barmy bugger, getting so emotional about the color of a piece of cloth like that…

  23. frank says:

    you are beginning to sound like dick van dyke in
    “mary poppins”……

  24. bob says:

    mary poppins..?
    she was the toppermost of the poppermost!

  25. prem bobby says:

    i’m still trying to understand the subtle difference, if there is any, between ‘slagging’ someone, and ‘shagging’ someone…

  26. prem bubbie says:

    i heard a song, i guess you can call it plagiarized; called, “Hey Windbag” taken from the beatles “Hey Bulldog”… was it meant for the sannyasin clique? it wouldn’t surprise me!!

  27. prem bubbie says:

    will someone please give shantam pee pee a quaalude to calm the bugger down… oops, now i’m sounding like lokesh and frankie chuckles

  28. anugrah says:

    Shantam, I was reading your open letter to amrito, keerti,sadhana.

    Many are misusing osho and Many more are tryiing to stop the onces who are misusing it. Both parties thinks that osho would have support them and not the other. This fight will not stop with legal notices , this fight will stop with understanding because it is out of control.

    It is not just in india, it is worldwide these …Two cats are fighting. They will need to sit down and communicate… failed to arrange meeting between neelam and jayesh last year, but great that you atleast tried. such meeting is needed to stop this madness of copyright.
    In the begining it was neelam and jayesh , now there are more involve in it.
    Deep down every sannyasins has been tired of this bullshit cat fights. Monkeys and politicians are taking advantage of it everyday and laughing at us too.
    Down the centruries whenever masters like osho left their body, their disiples gets into such fights…….In my early days with osho , i used to think that it will not happened to osho , but i was wrong. times have changed, but mentally has not changed.
    If this cat fight continue , you will see more and more new gurus , more and more new small centers and more and more divisions among us. no one can this war….we all are loosers in the end in cat fight.
    has anyone have solution to cancer which is spreading among sannyasins every day? feel free to comment, critisize, whatever , but do something before it is too late ……

  29. Lokesh says:

    Anugrah: but do something before it is too late
    How dramatic. If you need a soundtrack for western readers, I suggest Barry Maguire’s ‘Eve of Destruction.’ It goes like this.

    rld, it is exploding
    Violence flarin’, bullets loadin’
    You’re old enough to kill, but not for votin’
    You don’t believe in war, but what’s that gun you’re totin’
    And even the Jordan River has bodies floatin’

    But you tell me
    Over and over and over again, my friend
    Ah, you don’t believe
    We’re on the eve
    of destruction.

    Don’t you understand what I’m tryin’ to say
    Can’t you feel the fears I’m feelin’ today?
    If the button is pushed, there’s no runnin’ away
    There’ll be no one to save, with the world in a grave
    [Take a look around ya boy, it's bound to scare ya boy]

    And you tell me
    Over and over and over again, my friend
    Ah, you don’t believe
    We’re on the eve
    of destruction.

    Yeah, my blood’s so mad feels like coagulatin’
    I’m sitting here just contemplatin’
    I can’t twist the truth, it knows no regulation.
    Handful of senators don’t pass legislation
    And marches alone can’t bring integration
    When human respect is disintegratin’
    This whole crazy world is just too frustratin’

    And you tell me
    Over and over and over again, my friend
    Ah, you don’t believe
    We’re on the eve
    of destruction.

    Think of all the hate there is in Red China
    Then take a look around to Selma, Alabama
    You may leave here for 4 days in space
    But when you return, it’s the same old place
    The poundin’ of the drums, the pride and disgrace
    You can bury your dead, but don’t leave a trace
    Hate your next-door neighbor, but don’t forget to say grace
    And… tell me over and over and over and over again, my friend
    You don’t believe
    We’re on the eve
    Of destruction
    Mm, no no, you don’t believe
    We’re on the eve
    of destruction.

    Personally, I don’t think it’s too late for anything, but maybe that is because I don’t wear a watch. Rather than thinking that there is something to do it might be a good idea to think about what you as a human being could do to help make the world a better place. I suggest dropping your amatuer dramatics for a start and distancing yourself from what is in essence a weak storm in a zen tea cup.

  30. frank says:

    albert einstein said
    “two things are infinite,the universe and human stupidity,and i`m not sure about the universe”

    and who was it that said.

    “we have three things
    the universe,human stupidity and humour.
    and as the first two are unfathomable,
    i`ll go for the third….”

  31. frank says:

    buggers are eating away at our fruits…
    monkeys are laughing at us…
    once cool,but now fat cats are fighting to the death….
    and cancer is spreading amongst us….

    we`re dooomed…….

  32. frank says:

    lets face it.
    people who claim to be seeking enlightenment,the highest (non)goal known to man
    look kinda stoopid walking around with a letter from some other “enlightenment seeker”`s lawyer shoved up their ass…

    its time for sannyasins to get together.
    we need a focus.
    an enemy worthy of the candle.
    when the movement was big we had enemies.
    big fuckers…..

    polack popes,
    ronald raygun`s monkey
    pisspot moraji desai
    homo prince philip
    mother theresa…
    etc etc etc….

    if you dont have good enemies you cant be a force,
    you end up fighting amongst yourselves.
    look at the history.the facts.
    it`s true isn`t it?

  33. prem bobby says:

    “…think of all the hate there is in Red China…”

    barry maguire subsequently morphed into born-again jesus freak, so this pre-apocalyptic song, eve of destruction (written by p.f. sloan, “Secret Agent Man…”), fits in with that mind-set (‘our scriptures say the end is coming, look around ya boy, now, aren’t we right after all, join our religion while there’s still time…’) nice try barry.

    seems when he sings this song today, he deletes the above line referring to “all the hate in Red China”, according to the reports. THAT is probably the most significant part of the whole story/song as we fast forward into the present moment…the bogeyman ‘communism” for the West has now changed into “terrorism” — same mind-set, new lyrics, “over and over again, my friend….” too bad.

    remember the good ol’ days when we had the 33 1/3 LP’s, and you had a “skip” …. now THAT showed this part of the human mind that seems to repeat endlessly, over and over again…until SOMEONE gets their lazy ass up and picks up the needle and moves it forward. Ah…that Quantum Leap forward!

  34. frank says:

    that`s not the good ol` days.
    that`s shantam prem giving a speech…..

  35. prem bubbie says:

    Hey ya all, all of this chit chat about cat fighting, destroying, polack popes, monkey’s and such, all of you forget the universe created us, yes dearies, evolution, asteroids, comets, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, et. all… and here we now stand, humans, a cut above the chimps, baboons, and apes; a cut below the angels, and gods….. what a mess,; who would in “heaven’s” name could think up such a fucked up, convoluted game? Einstein had it wrong, the universe is mad, plain mad. I’m a bit off the deep end, but I wouldn’t think up such a farcical, a puzzle put together by an imbecile…. never mind the petty ante poop throwing, backstabbing game going on in the sannyas world.. A bunch of pompous asses, that’s all…. along with the pseudo-sannyasin brown nosing, parroting, goose stepping desperadoes who rather have a church created than free wheeling, adventure loving individuals celebrating life, all with it’s highs and lows. I guess the universe and it’s servant, the one called “nature”, just wasn’t interested in creating such beings in great number… now how sick is that shit? Einstein had a big head, most of it full of formulas and magnets floating around. too bad he didn’t have more practical clutter bouncing around up there. I see things are out of our hands… just too much wild energy running around; I’m not into being in a gang fight where I’m out numbered 100, 000 to 1.

  36. frank says:

    that was better than alan ginsburg

  37. frank says:

    or was it serge gainsbourg.


    sock it to `em gonzo neo-neitzschean american beat poet guy……

  38. prem bobby says:

    the gonzos and the ginsbergs are gone.
    dead meat. dust unto dust.
    it’s the Cohens who are on the rise it seems…from Brian to Andrew to …. Baron Sasha….Oy Vay!!!
    Einstein was ok, but, really, you know, it’s all relative…i mean to hang your whole career on a formula which never changes is a little arrogant i think. the new mantra is “e=mp3″, too bad Al isn’t around for the dance….

  39. frank says:

    E = a drug so strong that it makes white people think they can dance
    — lenny henry

  40. frank says:

    einstein was right when he said
    “i should have been a plumber”

    he was on a losing streak when he said
    “god doesnt play dice with the universe”

    that`s how the universe started according to an old hindu myth.

    some trickster god came along and said to shiva.
    hey,try this dice game,it`s better than sex.
    alrighty,says shiva…
    he starts to play like crazy with parvati.
    they play,win,lose,fight,accuse each other of cheating and eventually she skins him for everything he`s got.
    then he has to retreat to his forest cave for a few aeons with just his chuddies,that`s all he`s got left!
    eventually she shows up again for another round and he can`t resist…..
    and so it goes for all eternity…..

  41. prem bobby says:

    lot of good points in your post prem bubbie, but remember too that our Mr. Osho hung tough on the stage for innumerable performances, with the odds much more than 100,000 to 1, although in 1990 he did finally ‘Exit, Stage Left’ as they say in the biz. maybe he’s just waiting in the wings for another chance to roll those dice Somewhere, Across the Universe …

  42. Alok john says:

    Barry Maguire’s ‘Eve of Destruction.’

    Jesus, that is an old song Lockesh!

  43. prem bubbie says:

    My belly still hurts, i’m laughing so hard…. frank and bobby… “Heaven’s to murgatroit” Snagglepuss!!! “You’re a riot Alice”!!!! I’m bookmarking this page, for when I’m sad and need a laugh…. here’s to ya kids!!!

  44. Chinmaya says:

    Dear Lokesh,

    Hope you are in the Gurudom profession, which does not allow you to accept the prevailing truth in the society, of vomiting by contempraries of Osho time and in later, who steal the Osho discourses and mixed with Sanskrit saloka, under their signature ;and posse as well Learned and Enlightened, whereas they are simply good copier and scandalous.

    No one escape from the voice of soul/truth in us.

  45. I went to visit a Mahadevi Darshan here in Berlin. It was very boring, mindfuck answered by a parrot who exploits dumb people like myself who still pay for bullshit pseudos. I guess I got hooked by her looks on fotographs. Reality check made me realize that my girlfriend is looking gorgeous.
    Sw. Anand Devada (Claus D. Grube)

  46. frank says:

    buggers,cancer,malevolent laughing monkeys,vomit….
    no one can escape….

    chinmaya,are you ok?

  47. Lokesh says:

    Chinmaya, is okay…as in like most people, fast asleep. Seems that all his negating thought in order to get to nirvana has mashed his critical faculties and left him plain dumb as in GURUDUMB:
    Wow! I just invented a new word.

  48. prem martyn says:

    I just had to find a way of contributing something wonderful and uplifting and i have been away for so long that its had to be something inclusive and truthful and devotedly meditative…..
    so i wrote a poem

    and its called

    I Love Osho
    (its a short poem and it goes like this…..)

    I love Osho
    very much

    I love the sea and stars

    I love Osho very much

    lala lala laaaaaaaaa


    (I couldnt think of a rhyme for the last bit)

  49. prem martyn says:

    i wrote one for mahadevi

    its in my Poems for Joy and Living in a nice way without having to be too perfect…available at

    you look nice

    nice face
    nice tits

    lala laaaaa


    (same problem again with an end rhyme )

  50. anugrah says:

    where is swami kavita

  51. Kavita says:

    Yes Ma Anugrah

  52. Kavita says:

    Chinmaya .. you say ” No one escape from the voice of soul / truth in us.” … does it not include these guys who are in the Gurudom profession / who steal the Osho discourses ? stop this bull / any shit .. that you are vomiting / saying

  53. Lokesh says:

    Prem Martyn…It is obvious Lennon/Macartney now have competition. When’s the album coming out?
    I can’t get that song out of my mind…I love the sea and stars…lalalallalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalla…

  54. Kavita says:

    nice poems .. Prem Martyn

  55. prem martyn says:

    aww.. you guys..

    im speechless and
    so happy

    that im gonna see if i can turn them into a 4 hour sitar accompanied raga……

    aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssss….neeeeeahhhhhhhh neahh neahhhhhhh oshooooooooooooo arrrrrrrrrrssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee oshooooooooooo mahadeviiiiiiiiiiiiiiii neahhhhhhhh neahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..

    give a free cd away with every group therapy programme…?

    maybe a concert tour?

  56. Lokesh says:

    Please, Martyn, if you need any money to promote your career please be my guest and withdraw as much money as you need from this numbered USB account in Zurich. That is 14 Bahnhof Strasse <Zurich. Number 0928272626666 Password: Osholovesmoney. That is one word.
    PS Keep it a secret.

  57. prem martyn says:

    Lokesh when it comes to promoting ones oeuvre I can only thank you for your generosity…

    Your wisdom reminds me of that of your clansman Frankie Boyle and i quote from his website…

    ”Here’s my new DVD and the book’s out in paperback. Both easily shopliftable. Seriously, I have enough money now, help yourself. My new TV show starts on Channel 4 every Tuesday from November 30th. It’s a Sensual Guide to Mythology, narrated by Sir David Attenborough in a surprisingly strong Pakistani accent.”

    A sensual Guide to Mythology ehh? reminds me of someone i heard once….
    I am further reminded by your opening financial statement of the fact that the Grameen bank makes microloans available to bicycle sellers of old Dhaka et al.
    … Whilst as confirmed spiritual seekers instead of micro loans from a socially inventive network… we enjoy
    as post-orgy-Osho-lovers the benefits of our trainings in spiritual insight techniques which we then give out freely through our beings to transform the world in the name of consciousness for the sake of love and no-mindness and our true source so that we dont reincarnate unless we choose to.And wisely have no interest in the world’s morality and live on Paradox.

    unless of course its therapy or a prepackaged meditational event in some glossy retreat ….then we charge other victims oops i mean seekers to maintain the crumbling edifice of..(well you get the picture…)

    Thankfully you Lokesh have provided me with mammons succour and the form of bank account details. otherwise i would have been forced to sell breathing therapy to a fellow seeker for 150 bucks an hour…( I qualified in neo Osho breathing in 1986 with Ma Dhyan Hooker then advanced training with Swami Smarmy, Osho neotraining ‘How to fleece others middle class insecurities without irony’2004)

    I had a look at the promissory note left in the Poona Post Office Vault ,opposite the old Ritz Hotel … it said
    ‘I leave you my dream’

    But the ‘ Take the piss upliftingly guide book ‘ seems entirely absent .
    Somebody could have raided the vault and left us just the dream…… yes thats it ….

    So I have concluded for the sake of posteriority (and i can confirm that it does indeed come from my arse) that….
    We live in Duality(boo hisss) and were trained to venerate anything that espoused meditative non-duality(hoorayyy) because it had a hold over our thin and fragile character deformities (BOOO)..transforming us for a series of collected moments in our temporary lives..(hoorayyy)..
    ……but no one has a good word on these spiritual bandwagons for giving Duality any credit in our day to day lives…and treat saccharine veneration as closer to revelation than simple uplifting comic obloquy.(boo, er hisss er …whatt?????)

    As a decent God fearing man.. i will of course turn the other cheek…
    and continue to blow off, when moved by the power of Dualism.
    In the meantime im off to Zurich, and hope i wont find another promissory note….


  58. Lokesh says:

    Very good. I always enjoy to help the needy…the giver should be grateful…as I am sure you are aware.
    Todays quote comes from Chogyam Trumpet-’Cutting through spiritual materialism’
    ‘The Bodhisattva must experience the complete communication of generosity,

  59. frank says:

    ah,that old crazy wisdom…..
    as hair-of-the-dogyam drunkpa, the infamous tibetan boozist once said whilst simultaneously shagging two hippy chicks and downing a pint of sake:
    “the function of the guru is to insult you”

  60. frank says:

    is madadevi still using the same catchphrase:
    “if you can have sex,you can become enlightened”?
    that was a good one.
    but what does it actually mean?

  61. prem bobby says:

    good post marty….funny.

  62. prem martyn says:

    you guys…..u bring tears to my eyes…..

    as did the whore i fucked once , she said to me delicately…

    ‘ I didnt know you had it in me ‘…(or was that a ‘you’..ah well no matter ….like time… pleasure can’t be measured…) ..

    ..and i think I left her my cream…in her vault…

    xxxxx <3

  63. prem martyn says:

    as im on a roll here
    i thought its time i sat you down and explained a few facts about how this enlightenment works….

    Mahadevi means:

    If u can have sex

    You can also get fucked..,

    Now please continue with your beingness without further worry…ok?

  64. prem martyn says:

    btw frank

    ellipsis is a form of indirect conversational postulates

    which is unfortunately medically incurable amongst enlightened ones….

    and requires years of non listening techniques for others to get their message….of non doing….

    in the meantime we all pointlessly bow down to acknowledge the infinitely useless lines of verbiage the holy ones have uttered….ineffectively….

    maybe they should be told that results compared to output arent actually matched by any discernible effect….other than the production of more non listening……

    go on frank write her a note….
    i’ll sign it with you if you want…
    i’ll start it off…like…

    Dear Mahadevi,
    I like your jugs. I like deep tans too..Would you pose nude for a centrefold on Oshoboy monthly.
    Ps I really havent got a fucking clue why you bother talking.


    Frank and the boys….

  65. frank says:

    re “if you can have have sex you can get enlightened”
    i thought it might be a health warning,or something…..
    like “enlightenment” was an std.
    there does seem to be a lot of it about.
    and it seems to be transmitted alarmingly easily on the satscam circuit….
    i know several people who seemed to get it just by reading about it ….
    it can be terminal,too.

  66. prem bubbie says:

    “Death in the family is always good”– Genghis Khan “Spare some change?” — Ma Anand Sheela “How many sannyasins does it take to pass on herpes?”–The Unknown Comic. “Pimples Happen”— Sannyasin Computer Geek

  67. Lokesh says:

    In Seekerland the new man of the moment is Mooji (I chuckle in an enlightened way) from Brixton. He is on the Advaita Vedanta thingamejigajig and the gurls love him.
    My questions are, why is it that so many sannyasins are hung up on being seekers and so very few become finders? Is this particular to sannyasins or is it symptomatic of seekers worldwide? Please feel free to comment. The commentator judged by our panel of judges to be the most original will be given free access to a numbered Swiss bank account briming over with money stolen by the Nazis in world war two and Sheela.

  68. prem martyn says:

    …ringg ringgg rinngg ringgg …. ringgg ringggg
    Ach Hulo,
    Is zat Ain Meestir Lokesss..

    ..yes hoots mon..

    Gut Morgen Meester Lokass

    ..aye it is a fine fine morning aye oh aye it is jolly fine as fine as the hairs on my tib.. erh who is that, the noo ?

    Zis is zee Amfurt am Rhine und Zuricher Und Hitler vas a fine-fellow Bank

    …oh hallo

    Ja vee haff a man in ze front halle wearing ze bicycle clips und swimbadd goggles asking for ze money from uar accunt.

    …he said what ?

    He vant uar accunt,((crackle crkl,pip, whirr) vid zee big dosh vot is in it.

    .. wha??he said ahm a cunt and a big toss pot ..sorry its a bad line..?? (whirr crickle snap undpop)

    Ja Ja…

    .. tell him he’s a fecking shitey seeker.and.he aint findin mah monney ..and he ken go an geet his erse wiped ba his ma….he no geetin ma monayy nuw… nae waey !!

    ?? Vat? Ja..Ja Ja Ok zo ve vill tell im same as Shella ,… ein cuntt is closed.
    ??teel him what ye want. Bye and merry Fecking xmarse to yu sunshine…

    Feel und danke Meester Lockarse…..

    Later that morning….

    at the Headquarters of the ZurichundNazi Bank

    ..Vell Meester Martyn Bormann Picklevinker zat is a fine name..
    ….yes i had an uncle in the war Kaporal Picklevinker

    Really vot a coinzidentz….my muzzers maiden name vos Picklevinker…

    So how about the money…..?

    Vate just vun moment
    Ring Rinng Ring pipp (..ach hallo Ja herr oberliuytenant ve haff Meister Picklevinker in ze salonn.Yes Ze famous PickleVinker from your Panzer division…!! vot ? never mind ze instructions give him all ze money??? Finders keepers? Gott und Himmel Ja jaa Ja . Heil. !!! I mean zank you Oberluytenant.)
    ….Ach zo mr Picklevinker it seems everyzing is in order hier , so please take all ze loot vot is in zis bag, mr Lochness says he dont need it..Zank u

    Ohhh .. wow.. thats so spiritual of him….er er er Thanks , ,,

    to be continued….

  69. Kavita says:

    Lokesh ..
    Mooji / any is the new chimp ..
    in the big bad jungle …
    and many seeker – animals ..
    like to mingle ..
    but once the ..
    seeker – animal knows ..
    all are animals whose ..
    source is single …
    then he knows the tricks ..
    of every new /old chimp ….
    and the importance to mingle ..
    so then they sing their own jingle …

    the chimp has always
    lived for free ..
    and wud not care …
    as she / he has a prize allergy ..

    jinga linga ling ………….

  70. Kavita says:

    / then he sings his own jingle …

  71. prem martyn says:

    i went to see him in brixton few months back

    like all the other nisargadatta guys and girls

    so what?

    satscam is like hand relief
    you want the whole deal
    but you cant afford the rate
    so you go away feeling like always

    you and them are different and thats fine….

    and nobody is gonna give it to you for free…or at all….
    and the wise words die as soon as they have to go to work on you
    leaving you with the bill

    as always…

    feel good or do good?

    usually its easier to do good ….that way someone or something else gets the benefit and you get the glow….

    but trying to feast on someone elses wisdom and feel all blissy
    is like a three day old baked potato in the fridge…

    just put it in the compost ….it tastes awful…

    (and no this is not the ultimate truth..i never said it was )so arguments against this little thought are need for higher or lower semantics really…

  72. prem bubbie says:

    Yo Loco, Lokesh, I think it’s a matter of low self esteem and the need for a fuckable father figure…. these women just can’t find satisfaction in the ordinary guy never mind the ordinary guy who also is seeking… Remember during the ranch and poona 1 days, the biggest complaint from the Ma’s was the swamis would do the old meditation posture whenever a chick would spread her legs — that osho story of the meditative/centered disciple that was seduced by a foxy chick back in ancient India. On one hand women want a caring, sensitive guy with feminine-like qualities; yet on the other, they want their brains fucked out by a “Conan”-like barbarian of a swami…. I suppose they think they can find one in India or England, sitting in a lotus position… That cliche- “Men are mars, Women are from Venus”may apply, i just wonder how do they expect “Conan” ever be to able to sit in a lotus position in the first place? Hormones- can’t live with ‘em, just a vegetable without ‘em!!

  73. prem bubbie says:

    “Men are FROM Mars”….

  74. frank says:

    “seekerland” would have to be the name of the enlightenment supermarket…..

    according to some,the universe is god himself playing hide and seek with himself,and he has to forget who he is to make it more interesting …..

    of course,it`s a game kids play spontaneously,hide and seek..
    follow the leader,too…
    cowboys and indians is big in pune….
    doctors and nurses…therapists like that one…

    meditation is just adult versions of kid`s games too…
    humming,whirling,staying still,dancing,repeating rhythmic gobbledygook,gibberish,funny breathing,laughing,singing….

    when you get older,they grow their beards,put on a robe and do it all seriously and religiously….
    and if someone else plays the wrong game on their bit of the playground…..
    that old favourite…
    a bit of rough and tumble…
    via the lawyers,of course.
    we are grown up,after all.

  75. frank says:

    satscam is a lind of neo-jungle book.
    first we had brian rajneesh with:
    “i wanna talk like you
    walk like you
    be like you…
    some one like me
    can be someone like you…”

    now instead of moogli
    theres mooji…

  76. Kavita says:

    Hey frankie ..
    every new jungle book ..
    has a new moogli …
    who cares ..
    if its mooji / moogli ..
    as long this jungle exists ..
    there will always be …
    new books & new mooglis ..
    so anyway lets rock & rollis !

  77. prem bobby says:

    “meditation is just adult versions of kid`s games too…
    humming,whirling,staying still,dancing,repeating rhythmic gobbledygook,gibberish,funny breathing,laughing,singing….

    frank, now THAT’s an original perception — one off, and seems to hold water on further pondering…

    reminds me of the time i pushed my best friend out of the back door of a moving bus when we were 13 years old, and saw him take his bumps and scrapes on the sidewalk — yes, then, Rinzai throws the disciple out of the second story window in Zen China, then jumps on top of him and asks if he’s ‘got it’….mmm, interesting, these game people play, youngsters and oldtimers…

  78. Lokesh says:

    I suspect some of these comments might help form a book one day. The jury is out on who wins the Swiss bank acc. number and may possibly donate the money to a worthwhile cause like save the….ehm something? Any suggestions?

  79. prem bubbie says:

    Save the DILFS and MILFS Foundation LTD. Make cheques, pubic hairs and toupees payable to: Dilfs and Milfs P.O. Box 007 New York

  80. prem bubbie says:

    It’s ALL a fucking game!!! Human narcissism has it that we are the only one’s playing a game……

  81. prem martyn says:


    Save the….. Diplome Initiale de la Langue Francaise…..??

    thats quite surreal of you…

    are you a cunning linguist?

  82. prem martyn says:

    Frankie your words are like rubies in the mist …..penetrating the fine shroud of illusion with a warm basking glow….pullulating their crimson beams in irridescent ,though scabrous comparison, which beckons indulgence like a fine swiss chocolate tartuffe warmly laced by the repeated curleyqueues of a pubescent sapphic nymph girls tongue

    a word pandit of inestimable benefit to humanity…

    I was going to behave myself and sit in class in quiet contemplation laughing only at the right moment, when given permission to so do, at anothers miscreance with doting spiritual giggles.

    I would have obediently waited in lotus position on comfy fold up chair , then wafted up onto my feet in asylum gown , effortlessly ,after having gone within for an appointed time…

    You FRANKIeby your public (a) musing have made it possible to PLAY before the dawning of the white effulgent light….and during… and and and …. INSTEAD of……

    This noble truth was supposed to be released in small doses of insight..and you delivered it in one glowing kryptonite mound…

    and we will have to adopt playfulness as the means the way and the goal….

    so much for wanting to understand anything..huh….how the hell can you make a following from having nothing ambitious to offer……. only having self created fun at no-ones expense or gain…

    Frank i bet you didnt ask anyone else opinion before you had your own viepoint…..well next time think man think !!

    How are we going to leave even a dream behind at this rate…enlightentertainment is a business.. a show busines,,, but a business nevertheless..

    Okay Frank this is what we do….we tell them it was just a joke and you didnt mean it…
    oh but that means…the joke was a that makes it even funnier….
    okay frank

    have it your way

    In fact im sure if people here understood you deeply they would realise they want to be just like

    you uu uuu

  83. prem bubbie says:

    you crack me up martyn….. a regular riot…. I’m still in stitches

  84. Kavita says:

    Latest Puppetji vid

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  85. Lokesh says:

    Martyn, there is no business like show business. When is the book coming oot?

  86. Kavita says:

    Chimmaya .. l hope you are not constipated from both sides .. now ? dont worry this too shall pass

  87. prem martyn says:

    Bubbie thanks ….
    happy for the cracks and riots

    as leonard barmitzvah cohen sings on ten new songs

    theres a crack ,a crack in everything thats where the light gets in…..

    and Kavita and Prem Bobby thanks for above appreciation,….

    which as Rumi onced said after a night under the moon in the old town of konya…

    Now lets see how do we spin a beautiful yarn …..

    kisses everyone

  88. prem martyn says:

    Thanks for the advance Lokesh the bank guy was super nice .. said he phoned you and you okayed it all….
    had a funny way of walking though …a bit stiff in the legs….and a terrible nervous tick in his arm punctuated by a series of germanic shouts….

    Still the money is all in new Reichsmarksbunds…loads of dosh, but one thing ..I cant get it changed anywhere..and..I havent seen this new German money used in shops yet…still I trust you, as you are a seeker and now maybe even a finder..( finder- its the new black )

    Book will be out as soon as ..sorry my laptop has run out of typewriter ribbon …got to go .now…


  89. prem martyn says:


    love the u tube link….

  90. Kavita says:

    prem martyn .. ya this guy Puppetji .. is so wonderful .. l have to share !i

  91. frank says:

    it`s true.

    the goof is out.
    it was never in the bottle,
    altho` maybe on it for a while….

    speaking of books,
    when devageet`s new book comes out-the one he was boasting here on sannyasnews community noticeboard would “ruffle a few feathers”.
    (in a chicken coop,maybe..).
    i can tell you in advance that the deepest esoteric truth that has been hitherto withheld from the hungry seeking neo-sannyas masses wallowing in spiritual ignorance and held in the safety of the akashik records for near on 30 years will be revealed in this already famous oeuvre will turn out to be no less than what every man/woman must come to know in the course of 84 thousand incarnations,or so…….

    “life is a gas”

    altho` to be perfectly honest,i did think that the room-full-of-mirrors trip-out gas salon bang next to the samadhi was a bit of a giveaway…….

  92. Satya Deva says:

    prem bobby:

    “meditation is just adult versions of kid`s games too…
    humming,whirling,staying still,dancing,repeating rhythmic gobbledygook,gibberish,funny breathing,laughing,singing….

    frank, now THAT’s an original perception — one off, and seems to hold water on further pondering…

    That’s not quite on the ball though, but an astute enough observation nonetheless… That’s just the Osho ‘meditations’ – a load of things to do for us screwed-up neurotics to reach a point where meditation can happen (if you’re lucky)…

    Some people don’t seem to need all that preamble – and how many ‘veterans’ here do any of it these dfays anyway?!

  93. prem bubbie says:

    Martyn: as Boy George once said… I’m so horny even the crack of dawn isn’t safe…. not exactly a wise-”crack”… any more “cracks” from the sannyas gallery?

  94. frank says:

    how about crackpot jesus christ riding bareback thru the streets on a stolen donkey?
    no wonder he got nailed by the fuzz…

  95. frank says:

    it wasn`t just osho meds.

    sufis do whirling
    tibetans do funny voices and humming..
    pulling faces in the mirror..
    hindus and all the rest do repetitive rhythmic mumbo-jumbo..
    group singing….
    and most religious priests around the world get dressed up in what look like their mum`s clothes….!

  96. prem bobby says:

    and another thing…

    no women.

    sufi in their whirling dresses, but no girls in THEIR dresses.
    tibetan monks groaning like bullfrogs on a bad beer hangover, but no babes to be found in the joint.
    priests in their pompous eye-candy attire, but where are the females?

    makes you wonder, no?

  97. prem bubbie says:

    For these imbeciles they don’t want females, when young boys to men are flocked around like sheep!!! It is possible they don’t trust themselves if a lady were around; on the polar opposite you have nunneries where old hags and men hating women congregate like they’re at a sale at Macy’s, dildos at the ready!!! If the men are dressed like women, why aren’t the nuns dressed like men? The men’s T-shirts would probably tear from all of the fat flying around…. Say, what ever happened to the “Flying Nun”? That Sally Field was stacked like dirty shirts!! Or skirts?

  98. Kavita says:

    Prem bobby … l too wonder … l did find in many of my wanderings … that women were always part of all this but there has been less participation for obvious reasons ..
    In the East there was Avaloketeshwara , Meera .. but ofcourse since Blavatsky’s courageous appearance .. a lot of women have started to appear .. this is my observation .. l could be wrong

  99. smarmy prem martyn says:

    rumi was gay

    he and his lover/ poet /master/ friend shams i tabriz….

    some of those love poems make you wonder just what sherbet he was eating that frothed in his mouth…..

    of course i have no problem with gay enlightenment
    in fact anyones welcome to use any consensual hole thats available for disappearing into the divine..

    historically though ….

    men / women independent relationships including spiritual ones were not consensual , allowed or sponsored even in europe until women achieved progressively more economic independence….

    so it comes as no surpriset that historically the wise ones were only a bit radical socially. if ever…..they either had no interest in or were indebted to or constrained by their functioning milieu…. in fact radical social or political language which we recognise as being relevant , is missing from, i would casually estimate ,every single enlightened master or mistress until osho came along…not that he avoided living around …and even actively or passively sponsoring an hierarchical structure in the commune for better or worse…

    now we have to contend with far worse than mere sexual politics ,that being obviously beneath our intelligence, instead we had/have to deal with an imposition of psycotherapeutic abuse ….
    The opposite to an illiterate emotionally repressed society is not an intellectually therapeutically composed one full of ready made formulas or idioms. Its one that strengthens kids to recognise bullshit and act quickly against abuse, by noticing the difference between fun feelings and deadly promises.

    If it dont feel like love it aint love.No ‘growth’ needed or expected.

    Your, my ,our love is enough..
    and fuck anyone who says it isnt…. master or mistresses included.

    lesson learning and life go together…