Osho/Realities and Pitfalls of a Trade Mark


The way I know Osho is as a transparent, clear, generous, and yet a hard master. I will not bother unduly about the misuse of OSHO as a title, as a brand name etc.
Most people from a childish thankfulness, think when they add Osho with their business, it will promote Osho´s work. The pulbic will take notice of the Osho name, and in this way they will be inspired indirectly to listen to Osho.
Once they come face to face with Osho´s words, life will not be the same again. Life will start moving into another dimension, into unknown realms.

Here lies the trick. life will become better and refined but first Osho will demolish the old building before the new construction works takes place.
Osho Is a name of a construction company, it is not a repair house!

In India, thousands and thousands of businesses carry on using ” Shirdi Sai Baba´s” name or “Balaji” in the south. Both these entities and others similar like Ajmer Sharif, Ma Vaisno Devi, have become famous to fulfill the desires of its devotees. To get a job or a spouse, to have a boy as a child; millions of people visit their shrines, and no wonder once in few months, one reads in the news, ” One devotee has put few million currency worth of precious metal or the stones in the donation box.”
The man before going to America or opening a business promised to the Deity , in case of his success, he will donate such and such amount. Wonder of wonder happens, doors after doors start getting open. Success and money follows beyond their wildest dream.
I am sure, miracles happen, power point of these people and places make such things happen.
But with Osho, it is a totally different ball game. He is not here to fulfill our expectations, but to break them apart. He pinches our bubbles with His nails.
With Osho also there are thousands of stories. How a couple comes to celebrate their 10th or 15th marriage anniversary in the ashram and how with in days, relation falls apart. German swami is doing Mystic rose, wife is going for a date with an Australian!

This is the power of Osho and His mystery school. Naturally when i would like to marry for a 3rd time, it will be simply the traditional way! How many times have we heard Osho expressing his love for gamblers, and putting the business minded people down.

No doubt, businesses with the name OSHO are bound to fail. Companies will have a good start and end up like Rajneeshpuram or Ashram becoming a resort. My suggestion to the entrepreneurs is, if you are looking for a blessings in disguise, if you are craving for the hidden and unseen mysteries of life, please use the word OSHO, it will make the process faster, BUT if you are expecting constant ego full filling growth and turn over, you are in the wrong company.

Simply don´t take your trousers down before a urologist, if you are in the need of cough syrup and Vitamin C.

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  1. anugrah says:

    Anyone who is Trying to do business with osho is doing nothing but wasting time…… people may come and go , time never stops for anyone

    osho, sunset ,sunrise , full moon, monsoon , flower opening are made to enjoy , love and meditate and not do business with.

    future is for osho lovers and meditators and once who try to do business with in the name of osho will fall face down to ground and get hurt badly

  2. Chinmaya says:

    Osho means Sat Chit Aand, all other dieties and religious companies with different nomenclature are connected to psychological phantoms for worldly affairs; and management of these organizations are exploiting the people with the connivance of the matinee stars and public figures.

    Alas, people could understand Osho in true colors.

  3. Kavita says:

    Every Master has has his unique Device .. Osho is no exception … Osho’s device is very Atomic for our Egos .. in that sense .. he destroys even the ground one is standing on … and also A Master’s Compassion is also unlimited .. one cannot draw a line .. anywhere .. once one is sucked into .. by this Atomic energy .. there is no coming / going back .. as there is no one left / right … even the centre merges with All

  4. Prem Abhay says:

    Osho: Sage or Sinner

    The Osho crowd chants
    we are not the crowd,
    Osho, Osho, Osho.

    I am glad that nobody managed to wipe Osho off the slate after he finished praising Christianity and before he condemned it. Do you think he would not have done the same to Zen, and crushed your ignorant beliefs? This was a strategy of his, and he made no secrets of it – attracting people by playing to their sweet lies, and then demolishing all that is fake and dear to them.

    Osho used his mind to break down other people’s delusions of mind. Sure his presence raised people’s awareness to give them a little sense of unidentified and dis-passionate observance of their mind, but it was his challenging discourses that gave this awareness something to look at. If you are questioned about what you think you know, and the questions confront your most important and fundamental suppositions about yourself and the universe, then these usually deeply hidden suppositions come bubbling to the surface. It is an emotive undertaking because there is much attachment to this ideas, and much in the way of raw emotions that these ideas are designed to hide. Sitting in the presence of the Master raises your consciousness, and listening to a discourse (or series of them) gives that expanded consciousness rich material to observe.

    If the Master has flown the coop (left the body or died) then the subtle conscious raising vibrations that surrounded the Master disperse. Furthermore you also have the opportunity to do what you normally do: select the discourses and books that you like, and that reinforce your own beliefs. If that is not enough you can dissect his words and create a replica of your own misconceptions.

    Sure, Osho’s insights into the human condition – at a socio-political as well as individual psychological level – can be profound. However more than whether they are right or wrong, or whether they are razor sharp or blunt, is that they bring you closer to the Master. If nothing else, the sheer intellectual brilliance is a challenge to your own daft yet lofty beliefs about your own intellect. It challenges your beliefs about your own intellect, and you therefore have to ask am I really as smart as I think I am.

    Osho’s earlier years were spent as a travelling intellectual. He amassed a great following not as a guru, but rather as a Hindu intellectual. He appealed to the Hindu mind and in doing so he became famous. Then he turned around and slammed the Hindu ideology, and everyone ran away. He did the same with Christianity, even having a Christian publishing company printing his books. One day he turned around and slammed Christianity, and you can probably guess what happened. Zen got spared the third degree, and now we have none other then Zen as the chief religion of Osho.

    The insights about Hindu society may well have been right, as with his understanding of Christianity. I do not think he would have wasted his time repeating blind lies that represent the basis of human ignorance at a social and religious level. I would say rather that he was focusing on the essential basis of truth in these systems. In the same way, in slamming the doctrines of these systems, he was not engaging in a blind game of contradiction, thus cancelling out an intellectual zero sum game. Rather, he was pointing to the flaws in each system (be they cultural or religious or whatever), and to the essential flaw of creating a belief system out of worthwhile raw human practice and experience.

    When a belief system is in place, and that means any belief system, then that collection of ideas gets transmitted to each new individual – whether they be immigrants or infants. Then, this person is no longer free to explore life according to their own nature, and to understand, explore, and perfect, their own unique qualities. If the belief system is imposed – as if so often the case when religion is involved – then the freedom of each individual to flower in their own unique way becomes stifled, and they end up a carbon copy of a mind-set or social convention.

    At a social level the imposing of a basic world view is done under the banner of morality. If there ever is a primary criticism of Osho, then it is about him and his people lacking morality. Morality is a learned system of ideas that has only one aim: to allow a group of people to function together in a harmonious way. The shifting from a humanity that is considered barbaric to what is called today a civilised society (or civilisation) is marked by the introduction of a basic moral code, and indeed a basic belief system.

    This system called morality is not in place for itself. Also, it is a creation of the human mind: it is not part of the basic stuff of the universe. Further, it is necessarily designed as a one size fits all system, else it would not work. It is designed to help humanity make the transition from animal to human. It is simple, and it is clear, and it is inclusive. In this way, the animal mind can not use deception and cunning to cheat the system.

    Morality is essentially a basic set of ideas that gets educated into each individual, and in time it becomes a deep imprint in the unconscious mind. This is a virtue in the sense that it helps limit a person’s capability of harming themselves and others around them. It stands in direct opposition to the criminal mind – the cold blooded type. The (conscious) criminal mind is utterly and intentionally destructive. All the world’s different moral codes are designed to foster a healthy mind and discourage violence and criminality.

    Part of the trouble with morality is that it is all fake. It is fake in the sense that it is given to you by society, and is nothing other then a general hypnosis. It is also a rough sword. As long as a person is not harming themselves or anyone else they should be free to explore whatever the like. There are so many different types of people in this world, that the scope for exploration is endless. The problem is, to suit the purpose of keeping a basic hold over the beast in man, morality needs to be kept simple. Being simple, it is therefore restrictive. It imposes (excessive) restrictions on the unique creative potential of each individual. This works in a primitive society, but it does not work if society has evolved to the point that the social group has the capacity to have those restrictions lifted, yet not fall into chaos (and civil war…systematic rape, torture, murder, pillage and the like).

    The religious moral code is essentially negative by design. It is designed primarily to stop something: all the ugliness and violence. Though the motivation for morality is about how not to do bad things, there is also the bit about how to lead a good life. It is true that this encourages people to move towards richer levels of living. Yet still, it is fake. It is also just a rough guide. If an individual is harming neither themselves nor others, then what is the need for cumbersome rules about how to lead a good life. Of course there are people that would like to tell you that you are hurting yourself; as there are people who like to tell you that you have hurt their (religious) feelings. How is judgement to pass on such subjective matters? The answer is simply whether an individual or a society is flowering or whether it is heading towards destruction (of itself and/or other societies).

    In some societies throughout the world the especially severe moral codes have been lifted centuries ago. Some societies have over the last couple of centuries taken gradual steps to lift moral restrictions that have been in place since the beginning of civilised society. It is essentially an experiment. It is a test to see whether a society has evolved, or perhaps has even undergone a revolution. The restrictions get lifted to promote the inherently unique individuality in each person. This is the journey that all people undergo: to learn who they are as a person. If a person has fully realised their potential as a person, then they embark on the journey to realise more deeply who they are…as only consciousness. Essentially this is saying that it is pretty damn hard to become enlightened if you have not lived life first! Does that sound familiar?

    Part of the problem with the whole situation is that if you come to understand that morality is as I have described, then you will realise that it is all fake, and then you can indulge in criminality without consequence – or so it may seem. Actually it just means you like the idea of having no morals because you would like to do something selfish that is harmful to either yourself or to others (or both). There is nothing new or troubling about this. This is the way primitive humanity lived, and morality has been winning and losing this one since the dawn of civilisation. It is to be expected during the lifting of moral restrictions, and especially so if it is sudden rather than gradual. The level of this lapsing into selfishness, insanity, and barbarianism, is the gauge of success or failure.

    Osho came along and, rather than lifting the veil gradually, lifted all the moral restrictions of civil society. It was a wholesale experiment probably in part undertaken by a gamble on his immense presence, his immense love, and his rare intelligence. In a way the choice is difficult. Once you understand the situation it is a little hard to lift the veil gradually without getting the message confused. The message is that the veil is just that. It is fake. It is an imposition. It is given to you, or more likely, it is forced upon you. How can you realise your unique human potential, let alone any higher potential, if you are essentially a robot.

    The worst of the situation is that being a party to blindly accepting beliefs or dogmas or creeds may actually be dangerous to your well being and to the world at large. Belief systems evolve and change, and some are always being born. Who is to say whether some new religious movement, or some historic one that has undergone changes, will actually achieve the aim of a civilised society. It is the capacity of the intelligent individual to think clearly for one’s self that alone can discard the trash of ignorance imposed by hypnotising priests, therapists, and others. A person who is unwilling to blindly accept advice from others will not be part of a crowd that blindly followers their leader over the edge of a cliff. The precondition is that the individual needs to be sufficiently integrated and conscious.

    Osho was trying to create free thinking and free acting individuals not only as an experiment in freedom, but also (I posit), such that these people will act as a pillar of strength against any dangerous collective hypnosis.

    If you think this planet is pretty much civilised and is beyond the potential to regress by any significant level, then I disagree. There is still civil war in some countries, and many so called civilised societies have deep civil unrest.

    It is a little hard to offer a revolutionary message in fractions.

  5. Lokesh says:

    Good post by Abhay and the fact that it does not relate to the trademark dispute comes as a plus. When it comes to the conclussion and I quote: Osho was trying to create free thinking and free acting individuals not only as an experiment in freedom, but also (I posit), such that these people will act as a pillar of strength against any dangerous collective hypnosis. This could only be taken as a statement of truth by a person in possession of an imagination with the stretching power of knicker elastic, which just so happens that I have. Sannyasins learnt the dangers of collective hypnosis by being subjected to it by Osho. A good example of this is how he actually managed to convince thousands of sannyasins to undergo sterilization surgery (in many cases irreversable) all in the name of what exactly? Population control? Saving the energy required for bringing up children for your spiritual growth? Many people went along with that nonsense and lived to regret it. So yes, you are right, Osho taught me how to quote: act as a pillar of strength against any dangerous collective hypnosis. Because he showed me by example what madness can result from surrendering to collective hypnosis.
    Surrendering to a guru is, amongst other things,one of the most powerful forms of psychological and emotional control that exists in our world. Saying that another human being knows what is best for you is surrendering to a game that is in essence authoritarian. So once again I say yes, Osho taught me well and as the song goes….I won’t be fooled again. The idea that masters exist who can lead you to salvation is an old programme from an old order that is ingrained in the human psyche and can lead…you can observe this by viewing some of the comments on this site…a cult mentality. So when I see some fool chanting, Osho, Osho, Osho l know that a cult mentallity is something I do not wish to be a part of and that it is time to post one of my favorite Grateful Dead quotes. You’d do well to read it.
    ‘Though I could not caution all, I still might warn a few: Don’t lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools.’

  6. frank says:

    “i give you a taste of fascism”

    “everything that is significant is absurd”

    “if the fool would persist in his folly,he would become wise”
    -william blake

    “if you want to discredit gurutrips ,grow a beard and go on a guru-trip”

    “i leave you my dream”

    “work it out forself”
    -jazzy b

  7. Lokesh says:

    When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
    Jimi Hendrix

  8. Shantam says:

    A very big part of the world has learnt quite significantly, how to combine love and power in a quite workable mixture.
    This unprecedented prosperity and relative peace is one of the reason, one billion people are added in every single decade, since democratic set up has taken shape in more than three fourth of the world, business and scientific world also shows flexibility in the matter of power sharing, now a days to chose CEO is as sacred a task as master´s used to chose their successors. It has taken a big jump from small traders mind in Monarchical set up.

    The religious and spiritual structures are still living in their own world of Micky mouses, these are the people who make so much noise about love, sharing, co-dependency, oneness, one spirit in stones and skies; yet live in their islands, with the sign boards, ” Trespassers will be prosecuted.”

  9. Chinmaya says:

    Osho is no exception, that is why He is Osho.
    Osho is exception that is why only one Osho.

    He never made any efforts to destroy anything,
    His energy remained always positive which made people to follow Him, listened Him and spent money on His books/casettes and they travelled far from their countries, to His seat for fun sake or disciplehood sake or trickery.

    He has sowed the seed for onward transmission of the journey to furtherance of Oneness.

  10. frank says:

    of course he did…..
    now,just get back into bed and pop these electrodes on your head for me….
    there,that`s it……
    now,take a deep breath……

  11. Lokesh says:

    Bzzzzzt! I can smell the singed brain cells from here.

  12. Shantam says:

    This is happening in the world of spirituality-

    Few people have come to the conclusion organsied religions are bad, ugly and useless, so every body must drop them.
    What alternative they provide, no one knows till now.

    Similarly, few people have spend precious years óf their life with this or that guru, now they think, this Master-disciple thing is outdated.
    How the generation next spend their time, they have no answer.
    May be by watching football on their mobiles!

  13. Shantam says:


    let us say, there are few people in the room, all experts in the branch of Ego watching, there capital “I” has become small and before the end of the day, may get simply disappear.
    Does this mean, from now onwards they will take similar decisions, when a situaion is presented.
    When they have drop their identity, their personality, does it mean, they will look the same?
    i think, these people who speak too much about ego, their mind(no mind, beyond mind) also need scrutinization.

  14. Shantam says:

    OSHO, Punjaji and Lokesh…..
    just thought this metaphor( not a claim that it is true)
    Public life of Punja ji is like a TV documentry, low budget, very few characters and the duration- 20.5 minutes.

    Public life of Osho is almost like a 70mm, exubrantly expansive mutli starer Indian Movie with many hollywood actors too. Duration 179 minutes.

    Lokesh was fed up with Osho movie during the too noisy music and dance scenes. He has not seen the movie after the second interval.

    Whereas, Punja documentry he has watched peacefully in a private theater atmosphare.

  15. frank says:

    if there is a pile of crap outside your door,you arrange somehow to move it.(ok not always in india).
    the question “what to replace it with?” is not relevant.

    if the pope,ayatollah,shagaracharya is abusing your kid
    ,do you say..”wait,we must find something to replace him with before we kick his ass”?
    i dont think so.

    wjhen the shit is shovelled,the fresh air comes.

    and the winds of change are blowing,and you are desperately hanging on to your holy chuddies….


  16. Kavita says:

    Shantam … this is not regarding only this trade mark / any issue .. probably you need to Start scrutinizing Osho first .. probably you have but dont have the guts to face it Dear / probably dont want to for your own reasons .. the moment you do that probably all this you are into will dissappear .. and instead of asking these questions here .. for a change ask yourself .. probably you will get a better answer .. and maybe you will really became Shantam .. probably lam saying this in total Ego & forgive me if lam wrong .. if u can

  17. Lokesh says:

    Wow, Shantam, you have one of the greatest minds………………………….in the stone age.

  18. bob says:

    some pretty amazing stuff being laid down here folks…

    Abhay gives us a crystal-clear overview of A Brief History of Human Morality – albeit a non-sequitur, sans Apologia, to the lead article, which was related to Osho trademarks, i think…if i can remember that far back…

    not bad, not bad at all from someone trained in Fluid Dynamics…

    i wonder who she really is…not the Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands, not Baby Blue, not me, not you, ….but who….?

  19. Shantam says:

    I bet, frank, you don´t have a kid, i mean legitimate.
    If some woman is taking care of few of your wild oats, it is not much to do with your silly acts.

    So.. how many kids call you Dad?
    Why i am saying this, al your comments till now show a bachelor mind..a bachelor in the western world…
    I don´t find a single comment, though most of them have immense sharpness and beauty, you can show to your child, Look Daddy has written this.

    where two thousand cowards can walk together, yet beleiving they are walking alone, feeliing inwardly proud of their bravery!

  20. Shantam says:

    Britain’s ‘yearning for Christianity’
    The first Pope in around 55 years who has visited Britian, in an address said it had become clear ‘how deep a thirst there is among the British people for Christianity’.

    He told his audience of Roman Catholic bishops: ‘You have been chosen by God to offer them the living water of the Gospel, encouraging them to place their hopes, not in the vain enticements of this world, but in the firm assurances of the next.’

    In a final attack on the atheists who tried to wreck the visit, Benedict XVI said that the country has become ‘a highly secularised environment’.

    This is called, protecting the market share at home turf.
    Most of the products, worldly or otherworldly are purchased on the basis of sound marketing network, good advertisement and after sale service…Satisfied customers recommend it further.

    Osho was also using the similar theatrical dramatics, in spite of being Buddha with Christ consciousness. not just a sales represntative but the innovator…till His last, the whole effort was on product innovation and satisfied disciples…

  21. Shantam says:

    Prem abhay… few of your posts, need a title. These essays should not get cramped here and there, but as an Independent threads. few are really damn good, must lead the discussion.

  22. Shantam says:

    How cheap are Indian parents? – Indian Stand Up Comedy!

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  23. Prem Abhay says:

    Lokesh I tried my best to blindly follow the lead article. I guess I got it wrong? Your quote at the end is a good point. The gang from the greater vehicle of the Osho movement excommunicated all the unbelievers. Now, everyone is trying to seek for reunification into oneness with their Master. A lot of people did leave the establishment, forcefully and otherwise, and this demonstrated that they had a basic level of common sense. I remember once someone told me they got banned from The Ranch. What were all these other people doing whilst Sheela and her gang went on their murderous spiritual trip?

    This is a little note to all the people that left the Osho greater vehicle. Sometimes people change, and sometimes people just reveal what they have unknowingly or knowingly hidden. What next? OIF and OFI have a big love-in. Jayesh and Amrito meet Neelam and Arun at the O-hotel for a night of merger. Keerti has his restraining order dropped and walks in the front gate holding hands with Swami Rajneesh. Abhay (that’s not me by the way) gets to go in and fix the water. Shantam rebuilds the pagoda. The terrorists that have made the resort a target get a free pass to do dynamic meditation for the rest of their life. All wounds – physical, mental, and emotional – get instantly vaporised in the healed buddhafield. Everyone lives happily ever after as an Osho sannyasin.

    The current gang in power may get forced into a compromise – in fact this is happening at many levels already. However do you think they will be forced to shift from insanity to sanity? How long before that Karachi based militant cell manages to swim across all the swollen rivers to see the resort for real? Think it is all a joke? Maybe go and visit Headley in his prison cell. Don’t reckon you might get smacked with the charge of complicity one day? Don’t reckon you are already complicit?

    Thanks Bobbie for getting me out of this trap I have been ensnared in. Up till I read your post I had no idea what to write about so I just made up some rubbish. Trademarks…well if you don’t go too far you don’t get far enough. When you go too far you have gone too far. OIF, IC, RM and gang have made complete fools of themselves. They had a legitimate job to do, and because of their hidden agenda to monopolise rather than protect, the actual function of protection is lost by the way side.

    Whatever legitimate rights they had to do a legitimate job is being lost, and there will be no one to pick up the tab. They saw every undertaking around Osho that did not conform to their utterly narrow and twisted view as wrong. They were incapable of distinguishing between credible and quality Osho activities and dubious ones. Kiss and make up and everything will be just like it was before, and Osho will come back in his space-ship to take us with Him?

  24. Prem Abhay says:

    Shantam, discussing a mess is one thing. Jumping in a pile of shit is something else.

  25. Lokesh says:

    Osho will come back in his space-ship to take us with Him?
    Now that is what I call news. I’m very excited to hear about this latest development in this epic that I am playing a very minor part in.

  26. Shantam says:

    In less than a week time, India will have its judgement of the century. Whether Muslims have an exclusive right over the mosque built at the place of Rama´s birth?
    Catch 22 situation, much complex than the supposed Mosque near ground zero in New York.
    Kashmir is burning because continuous fuel is poured from across the boarder.
    India-Pakistan, neighbours divided by two religious ideologies will always remain hot spots. Ashram or resort in Pune is just one of a million soft targets, India has for any day, any time suicide bomber.

    It is not just grace of God but coordination efforts of many agencies, that billion plus people go on doing their day to day activities…
    Resort authorities are also playing their constructive and protective role.
    To blame them on this front is unjustified.

  27. prem bobby says:

    what’s with Shantam?
    looks like he has turned into some outsourced offshore labor mercenary for the vested interests, all of a sudden, temp-help from Rent-an-Apologist, Inc.
    a few days ago he was defending the Pope and the Archbiship of Canterbury for doing all they could, and now he’s applauding the Indian agencies that keep the country running, and to top it off, he wraps it up with a good word for the osho resort management playing “a constructive and protective role.”
    What gives, Mr. Singh…did you maybe wrap your turban on backwards the last few days, a little too tight too….?

  28. oshobob says:

    I’ll go on that spaceship with Osho to Jupiter and Beyond, sounds a lot more interesting than that Lo Phat Yat Mediterranean Margaritaville Loveboat floating around Ibiza really…Osho used to have a reputation driving his Rolls fast and reckless, I wonder how Cap’n O will do with the big space cruiser, speed of light perhaps — like Einstein said, “It’s not just a good idea, it’s the Law!”…..

  29. Shantam says:

    Prem Bobby, it is my personal value system, not to be miser with the credit when it is due, and try to be fair and just.
    Even a higly shrewd man like Tony blair has not forgotten this trait while writing about Gordon Brown-

    “Political calculation, yes. Political feelings, no. Analytical intelligence, absolutely. Emotional intelligence, zero.”

    Policeman asked fractured Banta Singh, ” Have you noticed the number of the car that had hit you.?

    Banta Singh, ” Number of the car i was unable to see, but surely it was driven by a woman. Her Sari was not fully on the blouse, so i could see, upper two hooks were opened. She was wearing red bra and yes.. she has a black(Til) mole on the upper right side of the chest.”

  30. Chinmaya says:

    That is the mind, well said, Good joke, and

    They say so many things about this or that
    but what about their thinking and dhyan ?

    In one life either Meditation, enlightenment
    can happen;or
    watching women with peeping bra,
    Til (mole) Sari, blouse and its hooks, Lips
    and its color and tits bits.

    Choice is in our hand. Its Mind, its desire.
    Lust is faaaar more than meditation habits like
    lukewarm water.

  31. Shantam says:

    In one life either Meditation, enlightenment
    can happen;or
    watching women with peeping bra…

    Choice is in our hand..

    Chinamya, is some Satsang happening in your vicinity? Some holy man speaking on loud speakers, such absolute statements.

    I have heard and i will buy this time in India, Mobile phones with dual chip card system. In German market i have not seen that, may be companies have fear to lose their customer base.

    If one can give the example, Osho has refined this technique of dual hip card, in spiritual area, and may be the only one who tirelessly propagted the arrival of new era, where east and west, Zorba and Buddha(sounds Cliche), selfishness and sharing meet and merge.

    Even Osho sounds like Passion for impossible, there is no harm, for His disciples to give it a try.

  32. Chinmaya says:

    Yes Yes, in my vicinity, Swami Shantam Prem is speaking daily and I feel like to be his associate.

  33. Shantam says:

    Dr. Deepak Chopra, The Indian spiritual teacher,(not MASTER or sadguru), America loves to read his spiritual cookbooks; low fat, less spices, fit for burger eating majority.
    Harper Collins is going to bring His trilogy about Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, surprisingly about the third as an e book is released around 9/11, so that emotions get cooled down and people have a clearer picture about Mohammad, the prophet of peace.

    No doubt, millions of copies of His trilogy will be sold, Dr. Chopra undoubtedly is the richest Indian spiritual cook, little bit of Auervedic Massage, Ginger tea, OM OM OM…. i am at peace..world is at peace.
    I have prospered..i pray my readers get prosperity too.

    My question to Osho managers will be, ” you have spend allmost all your productive years with Osho,the Master who hated the world teacher. With a teacher, you would have also done a 2, 3 years correspondence course for M.S.degree.

    If Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad are relevant to be remembered day in day out, Why not OSHO. These guys have died even long long long ago.
    Bring Osho as a Master( i am not saying, prophet, Messiah, Saviour) or simply allow the dead to die peacefully.

    After all, ocean of life..cares not, how many high tides have risen and fallen. It is only the world of 7 billion human souls, where such things have some significance.

  34. Lokesh says:

    I was just sitting on the beach with my wife. Most of the people surrounding us were, like ourselves, naked.
    I said to my wife, ‘You know, I noticed from reading comments on Sannyasnews that even Indian sannyasin guys have a weird trip about the opposite sex…kind of schoolboyish.’
    She commented, ‘What do you expect? Growing up in such a sexually repressed society? You think just because they change their name, read some Osho books and do a few meditations that they will break through centuries of conditioning that is ingrained in their repressed psyches?’
    The problem with my wife is that she is usually right.

  35. Shantam says:

    Loeksh, please ask your wife(it will be an expansion to listen her counter points i am unable to see), who buys the 18plus signed magazines from upper shelves in the super stores?
    Even though Indian sub continent is the biggest beneficiary of free porn, USA porno industry generate 18 billion dollars of annual business.
    Who buys them?
    Few years ago, it was said, Scandinavian sex magazines use more paper than all the academic books of India.
    who was buying such stuff ?

    It is not to defend any cultural stereo types, simply to see without condemnation.
    I have spoken with my Indian friends many times, ” Country can have BMW and Mercedes, wrists can feel the brand value of Rado and Rolex, but to legalise prostitution in India will take centuries, same is about having sex shop at the city centre.

    On the other side, when i speak with some Indian seeker or social observer about the western sannyasins, they also say something like, -
    “You think just because they change their name, read some Osho books and do a few meditations that they will break through centuries of Christianity that is ingrained in their repressed psyches?’…

    Cultural stereo types from different eyes…

  36. Prem Abhay says:

    Lokesh, I seem to recall you were a Catholic priest in your last life.

  37. bob says:

    don’t forget the Rent-a-Beach events that the newly liberated Euro/Whities/Yanks do in the poorer countries….jet-set in with some bucks, take off their clothes, paint themselves with some wild colors, dance, drink, and generally act like neo-pagan fools, throw some coin to the local service people, and then jet set out…aaah, liberation is a heady thing….

  38. Lokesh says:

    No, Abhay, I was an alter boy and was sodomised by a Catholic priest with a big tibura and I’m still a bit sore about it.

    Shantam, do you feel you have to defend something here? By the way. my ancesters were picts. The picts were pagans and cut a lot of Christian missionaries throats. The Romans had to build a wall to keep the bloodthirsty bastards heading south. So, repressed does not quite sum up my cultural background, pal. Descended from wild blood crazed-animals might be a wee bit closer to the mark. Grrrrrr!

  39. Prem Abhay says:

    No Lokesh, that was your wife!

  40. Shantam says:

    “I was an alter boy and was sodomised by a Catholic priest with a big tibura and I’m still a bit sore about it.”

    You must be joking, Lokesh?
    The picts were pagans and cut a lot of Christian missionaries throats…..and when was the above incident..??

    Nobody is here to defnd any body…but filling the holes, left by the road builders!

  41. Shantam says:

    Sometimes acts are similar, intentions are differant.
    Somebody can write here as it is a time pass or entertainment or lessons in expressions…

    I wirte it here, as if sannyasnews is a daily register of His people´s thoughts and feelings.

    And feels a little imaginative joy to think, when few decades later, someone would like to know the post Osho´s body era, these notes of us also will shed an honest light about the life and times we are in.

    Technology has made it possible to see life in its utter nakedness, therefore the chances to built myths about our times are minimum.
    Just thinking about the timings of zen/sufi or Vedantic teachers. Through Books and commentaries one gets the feelings of essence bottles stored in a perfume shop, but not behind the scene realites, not the process started in dirty mud, rainy season, sickness, starvation and fight for the fittes..
    Therefore the myth, those were the golden days…

  42. Shantam says:

    At your facebook page, Lokesh, i will try to see,whether your wife is also in the friends list.
    Few months before, when you wrote about your trials and tribulations in life after poona phase, the way she stood with you, shows a woman of steal character and Still(German word) temperament..

    just while listening Osho, it came in me to know, whether her visit to Punja ji was the end of search or she has found some other anchor of the similar calibre.

  43. Kavita says:

    ” Sometimes acts are similar, intentions are differant.
    Somebody can write here as it is a time pass or entertainment or lessons in expressions…

    I wirte it here, as if sannyasnews is a daily register of His people´s thoughts and feelings.”

    Good to know that you have many other choices ….

    Somehow .. l write here out of choicelessness .. probably there are many like myself …

    Probably you also think .. you are doing a Great virtue .. for the coming generations of seekers / sanyassin …

    Well All the best anyway ! take it or lump it !

  44. frank says:

    i am also very important…
    and doing a vital service for the future humanity….
    and as our words of wisdom spill forth,we are but vehicles,hollow bamboos for the truth of the enlightened ones……
    hence it is vital importance that future generations should come to know that our very important meditations were of the utmost significance
    and we weren`t just sitting around doing nothing!

  45. prem bobby says:

    the day the Euro Osho sannyasins have their tribal neo-pagan nude body painting get togethers on a blustery winter weekend on the Beaches of Normandy, not some Greek Island or Goa, is the day I’ll know Sannyas has come of age. Steel that temperment, ye Buddhas of Osho! Storm the beaches!!

  46. Lokesh says:

    Abhay, No Lokesh, that was your wife!
    Mistaken again, I’m afraid. My wife’s grand father was Heinrich Himmler and she is a dyed in the wool Neo Nazi, but she is thinking of becoming a Jehovah’s Witness, because she’s seen the error of her ways.

  47. Lokesh says:

    Shantam, you enqire; she has found some other anchor of the similar calibre?
    Well she does have an anchor tatooed on her right bicep, but she is more into whips, chains and triple-ripple butt plugs of a medium calibre. You’d probably need XXXL due to all those hot wursts you’ve been eating.

  48. Lokesh says:

    Kavita, I watched the chick singing ‘Ve vill rock you’. I think Queen did it better.

  49. Kavita says:

    ofcourse no doubt about that .. Lokesh .. actually l forgot the original one .. had to share this

  50. Kavita says:

    here’s the original

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  51. oshobob says:

    frank, we got in that Synchro-Zone again,
    up there at 7:17
    just like the old days, bro’
    …a little focused cynicism, doubled, can go a long way, if aimed in the right direction…

  52. prem bubbie says:

    Lokesh, can you pass on a big, wet french kiss from me to your wife? Sounds like a female of decent intelligence , for a change. Ask her if she would post some comments on here…. more intelligent people posting the better. I remember an indian/american friend telling me that in pune 1 the indians were segregated when it came to bathing use. Seem the horny men would attack the ma’s in the shower stalls.. she was one of the few indians who were allowed to bath co-ed. Shantam– still bath in separate stalls? Lokesh- I too was brought up catholic, part eastern rite and part roman catholic- awful combination— i wonder why we need to go through that shit to seek higher/deeper love. Never abused by those psycho priests/nuns, just saw too much of it and was on the receiving end from my “religious” parents and peers. love and big kisses to mrs. lokesh!!!

  53. prem bubbie says:

    I’m floating the topic—”Having Osho Dreams or visions”…. anyone had or still having them?

  54. Lokesh says:

    Bubbie, now your in trouble. She’s wearing her rubber Mondo Bondage outfit and she wants a date.

  55. frank says:

    yeah,a tattoo of an anchor.
    shantam,you should get one,too.
    its very trendy to put a W in front of it.
    the chicks will go wild i promise…

  56. frank says:

    synchroniceties to you too….

  57. Shantam says:

    Right now in New York, UN summit is going on.
    in similar conferances to draft a resolution, many times for one single word, best draftsmen and legal brains spend million dollers worth of time.
    SO when one writes spontaneously many words are being used, which can give the other a chace to modify it or attack it.
    When i read my comment regarding Lokesh´s wife, it was clear, first he will take the end part of the last sentence- “whether her visit to Punja ji was the end of search or she has found some other anchor of the similar calibre”.
    Perheps better will be to say, ” whether her visit to Punja ji was the end of search or she has found some other influential person of similar calibre.( other than beloved husband´s thoughts and silence.)

  58. Shantam says:

    Somehow .. l write here out of choicelessness .. probably there are many like myself …

    Good to know, your choicelessness….

    There may be many like you here or in the world around, honestly speaking i am not one such type.

    Choicelessness, egolessness, mindlessness, desirelessness…looks like a clubless club of classless elites,
    i know helplessness, powerlessness but not amounting to surrunder.

    Probably you also think .. you are doing a Great virtue .. for the coming generations of seekers / sanyassin … .

    it is neither virtue nor something great. In every tradition somehow people have written socio religious commentaries in the name of Buddha or jesus.

    Around jesus, Vatican is a bigger than life institution, but does Buddha has covered 26 centuries oceanic life period by sitting on a paper boat or just floating…

  59. Shantam says:

    yeah,a tattoo of an anchor.
    shantam,you should get one,too.
    its very trendy to put a W in front of it.
    the chicks will go wild i promise…

    Frank, do you think Rajneesh, Samarpan, Samdarshi kind of, have got the tattoo`?
    They are making the chicks wild…they are the rock stars of Satsang scene.

  60. Kavita says:

    Shantam .. its good you replied now .. and not after 1/2 a century … All Buddhas are floating .. only few who thought that Buddhas couldnt float on their own have created the religion around for reasons l cannot percieve .. l can be wrong about this … sincerely please tell me if lam

  61. Shantam says:

    Nobody will doubt..Buddhas are floating..
    do they float like the Satellites in the universe, Taking care of their youtubes and facebooks?
    One needs to sign up to log in; for availing all the features…
    few good start ups, after a certain while, cannot change according to the user´s expectaions and end up like loss making social networking site Bebo…

    May be this is the gensis of religions.

    But nobody will doubt All Buddhas are floating in their life time and than..as the poetry say.. disappearing like a way of the white clouds..

    Few things one can just presume..

  62. Kavita says:

    There are so many Buddhas .. who have been exempted from history books / scriptures .. so does it mean their Buddhahood can be denied … and one cannot judge Buddhahood by way of successful / loss making … Buddhahood is not a busi-ness to the Buddha .. well ..
    Chareveti Chareveti

  63. Shantam says:

    Before i say good night to life around, Kavita, i have been reminded by your post, to say..
    Buddham Sharnam Gacchami…

    Touching the feet of all these Buddhas..not necssarily mean the successful ones, the crowd pullers…

    May be just like you and all others here or every where, in their unfolding form..

    Good night Buddhas..

  64. bob says:

    good night too

  65. Lokesh says:

    Good morning from España. I’m off to the tattoo parlour. I’m going to have an anchor tattooed onto my tibura. I just hope they have enough ink.
    Meanwhile, my wife and her tai-chi class are moving through the garden in slow-motion.
    And I think to myself…what a wonderful world

  66. Kavita says:

    Hey Lokesh dont forget the ‘ W ‘ .. its a Wonderful World indeed

  67. frank says:

    i have it on pretty good authority that brian rajneesh has “osho” tattooed on his tibura.
    of course,that is a copyright infringement,albeit quite a small one.
    he himself assures me that it will stand up in court,but i somehow doubt it.
    also,since some of his close disciples have discovered a plot by the IC to secretly delete the tattoo and replace it with the W anchor logo,they have insisted that he wear a new lunghi made from reinforced concrete.
    bravely,he refused,and has decided to `airbrush it instead.

  68. Lokesh says:

    Well, airbrushing is a more sensitive process than hairbrushing, but will it do the trick and bring Mr Rajneesh in touch with the childhood memories that have developed into erotic fantasies. Ma Yoga Shakti would be the one to ask. Unfortunately she refuses to be my friend on FB and therefore it falls to Shantam to come up with the answers to this prickly subject. Go on Shantam, ask Shakti if she thinks hairbrushing can be substituted with airbrushing.

  69. Kavita says:

    Lokesh hope Shantam hasn’t taken me seriously …

    this is one of O’s jokes …….

    The plumber comes to fix some things in the house, and little Ernie follows him everywhere. When the plumber pulls out a screwdriver, little Ernie says, “My Dad has two of those.”

    The plumber smiles and pulls out a wrench.
    “My Dad has two of those,” says Ernie.

    The plumber smiles again and carries on working. When he goes to the bathroom for a pee, little Ernie goes along. Taking out his prick, the plumber asks, “Has your dad got two of these too?”

    “Yes, he has!” replies little Ernie. “He has got one small one like you to pee with, and a big one which he chases Mum around the kitchen table with!”

  70. frank says:

    i think santa banta has emigrated to the uk……..

    gurdeep sagoo singh was arrested at 4pm may 12th when he drove a 15ft double decker bus under a 13ft bridge ripping the top deck clean off.
    he was 3 times over the blood alcohol limit.
    his solicitor claimed he had made a serious error of judgemnt.
    singh himself said he had “forgotten” that he was driving a double decker bus….

    lucky he had his magic chuddies on.

  71. Prem Abhay says:

    Lokesh, you don’t mind a little bit of a spar. Of course when it looks like you might have got yourself into a corner, you bring out the big woppa (tibura). No one knows for sure if it is true, but if it was true it would be an attention grabber. Everyone likes to read a good fiction if they know it is a good fiction. Everyone also likes a true ‘story’, so long as it is credible. If you can’t right a good fiction and the truth seems boring, then tell a fiction that looks true and you will become a famous writing guru.

    Lucky I was wearing my construction helmet when I walked under the Delhi Commonwealth Games sites centrally located walking bridge that fell down atop my head. It was just a small problem of the anchoring points of the bridge not being anchored. I just shouldn’t have taken my helmet off when I walked into the weightlifting arena. This was also not deemed a problem though, as it was just that the cables above the false ceiling caused the ceiling to collapse. Ever heard of a safety factor? Ever heard of fixing the anchoring points of a bridge?

    You see the standards a different between India and the West, and the West is expecting far too much. Over here in India we take pride in maiming and killing our construction workers, among other things.

    The Delhi Games organising committee is under more strain than the bridge and the false ceiling – the bridge collapsed under its own weight and the ceiling collapsed under the weight of a few cables. The officials have problems with construction, health & hygiene, and personal security, not to mention corruption. I know a team down in Pune that takes pride in masking all these types of issues, and they are very efficient. Let the games begin! The team can also tell lies in as natural a manner as Lokesh, just so you feel comfortable when you walk into the danger zone.

    Oh yeah, and there are a few chicken farms over there in the States that good do with a quick fix too.

  72. Lokesh says:

    I read the following news item yesterday.

    ‘The Commonwealth Games Federation head has demanded the Indian government take immediate steps to improve conditions at the athletes’ village in Delhi.
    Team delegates have described the accommodation as filthy, unhygienic and unfit for human habitation.’

    What surprises me is that someone could be surprised about something like this. Obviously they are not familiar with Indian ways and don’t realize that this kind of thing is completely normal.

  73. frank says:

    “strike another match,go start anew
    its all over now abhayby blue……”

  74. frank says:

    that wasn`t the athletes village,
    that was the arena for the synchronised crapping…
    which is a recognised sport in india.
    70 guys up by the railway line,vacant expression,total focus,in the zone man….
    the indians are well ahead in this discipline.
    and very enjoyable it is too.
    you guys should open your minds……
    and your bowels…
    you might find you are carrying a lot of unneccesary stuff.
    on you marks,get set,let go……

  75. Kavita says:

    Look at these guys .. l dont know what to say / maybe lam part of it too .. in some way or the other .. since l am born in this land .. yes Franky .. Let Go … it is


  76. frank says:

    “it`s only a football game,nothing serious…”
    i agree.
    and blow me down,did you see diogenes` dog having a good kip on one of the beds….

    let it all fall down,i say.
    who wants to watch a bunch of morons running around in circles,anyway?
    not me.

  77. Kavita says:

    probably the CWG are happening for the mosquitos and Diogenes` dog .. who knows !

  78. frank says:

    that dog certainly knows how to enjoy himself…
    he doesn`t need to run 100 metres in 10 seconds to prove himself.
    he sees a nice new bed,curls up and chills…
    whassaproblem..?you wont hear him moaning all the time…
    if you interviewed him,he would definitely say they were the best commonwealth games ever…
    it depends on your perspective…
    the media is so biased……

  79. Kavita says:

    Well .. this surely shows .. every dog has its day !

  80. frank says:

    and everyday is today.
    woof woof…

  81. Kavita says:

    woof woof .. zzzzzzz

  82. prem bobby says:

    talking about being “in the Zone” ….

    what did the sannyasin say to the Green Peace guy soliciting for donations door-to-door?

    “Hey, man, I’m already in the O-zone.”

  83. frank says:

    must be full moon,or something……………

  84. frank says:

    have you seen the 1948 movie “osho”
    starring isamu kosuki?
    what`s it about?

  85. bob says:

    no, never heard of that movie frank, or the actor…
    but, 1948…you can bet it was highly influenced by the American post war Macarthur occupation mentality…next movie reeled up for the japs…baseball.
    Batter up!

  86. Lokesh says:

    Tallking of Japanese films. I highly recommend ‘Tokyo Sonata’. A better tale of urban angst you will not find and those of you who encountered Jap sannyasins who wanted to feel anglee in the theraphy days will better understand where those people were coming from. That is, if for some bizarre reason should should desire such an understanding. Very humourous too, if you enjoy dark humour. Banzai!

  87. frank says:

    i love those national stereotypes….

    i have already mentioned the german guy in the welcome centre who,without a trace of irony explained that he was just obeying orders.
    i remember clumsily stamping on devageet`s toes once in a lunch queue.he turned and said “sorry” with seemingly genuine contrition….
    or when i stayed in aroom next to a german guy with wire glasses and his jap bird,the sounds of S and M rang out all night punctuated by the roar of violent action movies and raucous laughter as people got blown to pieces.
    the american tourist in agra:
    “honey,when does the bus leave for the pyramids?”
    or the obese guy in the us midwest
    “london,huh?do they speak english there?”
    the perfectly dressed and suave italian guy,in his beautiful pure white silk kurta pyjama,who assured me of how extensive his grasp of indian philosophy and culture was, as he ventured onto the benaras streets on holi festival.
    i later came across him involved in an undignified ruckus on the ghats,covered in paint by a gang of laughing youths…
    the swiss bank worker who cried when his counting machine broke down
    “she is such a good machine” he sobbed.
    the kashmiri trader
    “i selling to you for less price than i pay”
    the jewish landlady,who while asking an extortionate rent for a tiny room,assured me that it included cleaning.
    in the corner was a a toilet with a broken flush,full of crap…

    everyone has got to be somebody
    before they become nobody.

  88. frank says:

    i hear that the japanese,like in india these days,celebrate christmas.
    and the part of santa claus is taken ,of course,by hotei-osho,as he is commonly known,handing out presents and laughing,
    all with the help of rajneesh the red-nosed reindeer,i guess.

  89. bob says:

    actually, frank, most of us yanks are quite aware that Londoners speak some form of the English language. at least the Brits do try their best to give that charming, peculiar sounding dialect of theirs some semblance of local authenticity.

  90. frank says:

    cor blimey strike a light,me old son,
    now the guv`ner`s brown bread,
    the manor`s chokka wiv charing crossers and enlightened bankers.. .
    gawd `elp us…..

  91. Kavita says:

    Just came to know thru a friend .. that Shantam’s father expired in Chandigarh .. lndia .. needed to inform

  92. Kavita says:

    Lokesh watched ‘ Tokyo Sonata ‘ .. it’s wonderful

  93. Lokesh says:

    Oh good…people actually pay attention to what other people are saying on SN. Glad you enjoyed the movie, kavita, because I know it is not to everyone’s taste. He gave the money back…now how many people would do that?

  94. Kavita says:

    Lokesh .. l had watched Life of Brian in my teens .. but l watched it again .. its even more wonderful now .. movies really are a great medium of creativity ..
    from my childhood have been exposed to this medium .. by family & friends and love it .. & about tastes … even the tasteless has some taste .. l guess

  95. Kavita says:

    Lokesh .. l guess there are always exceptions .. to me it showed everyone’s passion for different things ..

    l have an lndian friend who loved her Japanese recent visit for its cleanliness .. l will surely send her this movie link .. lam sure she only visited the cleanest areas .. l she was living in a 5 star hotel

  96. Kavita says:

    Recent Japanese visit

    & she was living in a 5 star hotel

  97. Lokesh says:

    I’m a backpacker.

  98. Kavita says:

    lam a light traveller

  99. shantam prem says:

    No-Thought for the Day ®Copyright © 2010 Osho International Foundation

    The believer is not a seeker. The believer does not want to seek, that´s why he believes. The believer wants to avoid seeking, that´s why he believes. The believer wants to be delivered, saved, he needs a savior. He is always in search of a messiah — somebody who can eat for him, chew for him, digest for him. But if I eat, your hunger is not going to be satisfied. Nobody can save you except yourself.

    World of believers is expanding, growing and feeling good. The gurus grown out of Hindu believe system had never such a field day.
    Their power and radious of influence impresses me, but to be one of them, looks like some sucess story of some past life.

  100. Lokesh says:

    What difference does any of this make?

  101. frank says:

    the difference between a saint and a sinner is that
    the saint has a past and the sinner has a future.
    —-oscar wilde

    it makes no difference what temperature a room is.
    its always room temperature.
    —–steve wright

  102. shantam prem says:

    It is said many times, how spiritual path is paradoxically different than the material world. Famous example is, in the real world more you save, more rich you become, in the inner world, more you share, expansion grows accordingly.
    One more difference is also quite noticeable but rarely discussed.
    In the outer world we are more impress with other people’s success, their sex and love partners, whereas in the inner journey we think our guru is better than the other.
    May be this is the reason people take so much effort to spread their guru and his teachings.

  103. prem bubbie says:

    “so much effort to spread their guru…” what a waste of energy!!! If these people or devotees would actually LISTEN to their guru in the first place— and focus on themselves and their meditativeness and not “spreading the word” or news,(Frank Sinatra I miss you!), life on this planet as humans would definitely be better and of a high consciousness…. Shantam, what don’t you understand about the failures of organized religion?….What, are you now head minister of the Osho Ministries? What have you been doing with your time on this planet? better to just bang your head against the wall, instead of the stupid shit you come up with to post!!!

  104. prem bubbie says:

    The saint jerks off with his left hand, and the sinner with his right. That the only difference between the two….. —- John “Wad” Holmes

  105. prem bubbie says:

    The spiritual world and material world are intertwined — on this plane of existence. If you want to separate them, drop dead, then you’ll see the difference!!!

  106. prem bubbie says:

    or better still, take a paper bag and breathe into it heavily and quickly, you’ll float your way to heaven, all for free, no books to buy or groups to throw away your money on.

  107. prem bubbie says:

    Gospel according to Boobalah

  108. Kavita says:

    There once was one mentally challenged guy …

    and he would dress up like a warrior …

    and act like a warring soldier …

    to that his mother said very proudly …

    ” on the other side is Hitler ..

    and this side its my beloved son Umed Singh ..

    wonder who will win the war ? ”

  109. Lokesh says:

    Nobody wins a war, because everyone who enters the theatre of war comes out of it a different person. They say that Germany lost the war but 65 years down the line it looks like they won the peace.

    Shantam, you say: In the outer world we are more impress with other people’s success, their sex and love partners.
    What on earth are you talking about? I can’t relate to that at all. This is your movie.
    Then you begin to conclude: Whereas in the inner journey we think our guru is better than the other.
    Another projection of yourself.
    And then your dull conclusion: May be this is the reason people take so much effort to spread their guru and his teachings.
    What a load of bollocks.
    Really Shantam, Bubbie is right when he says: Better to just bang your head against the wall.
    He’s right because that might knock some sense into that thick head of yours, because if you believe half that nonsense you write it means you are completely lost.

  110. Kavita says:

    Lokesh that was a Indian Folk – satire .. l only translated it

  111. Kavita says:

    injoy …..

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  112. amrito says:

    hi shantam. In regards to this topic, it is quite an amusing contradiction.

    first of all, I know you are a staunch advocate against many of the copyright/trademark issues that OIF puts forward. Interestingly, their perspective about copyright is very similar to your article: the name “osho” can be mis-used. However, OIF takes alot of heat from everyone when they go out and implement the illegal use of the trademark “OSHO”.

    Now with trademark law or copyrighyt law, its pretty black and white and a cookie cutter approach: if anyone (regardless of intention) uses the name OSHO without permission from OIF, they get a lawsuit.

    So, although I’m neither advocate of OIF or OFI, its a strange contradiction with your views above and your stance against the OIF. In many ways your thinking seems more aligned with OIF?


  113. anugrah says:

    amrito wrote
    OIF takes alot of heat from everyone when they go out and implement the illegal use of the trademark “OSHO”.
    It is true Amrito,. OIF gets heat from everyone because they never sit back and listen to opinions and feedbacks about their decisions . If OIF tried to speak with language of love and not about law , i grantee to you , they will be recived,with love and respect as well but that is not the case.
    OIF tried to put everyone down and speak the lanuguage of wall street………people smell greed and love for money and start to throw heat.
    One humble request to OIF , Stop blaming innocent osho lovers for mess and divisions in the world of osho and start blaming OIF itself for heat. and everythingh . English has one beautiful word RESPONSEBILITY which means Ability to response. OIF needs to take responsbility and slowly slowly people will stop throwing heat on them.

  114. anugrah says:

    On one hand OIF is offering osho to world , but holding the gun in the other hand . Hand with gun and law suit is the problem . Offering osho is beautiful and graceful but not that way .
    It is time OIF should drop gun and start to carry roses and flowers with osho
    and also OIF need to trust others , if they want others to trust them

  115. shantam prem says:

    People who live in the refugee camps are so busy for their day to day life, to tell them about the corporate wars and board room discussions, will look futile and useless.
    It is better to bang the head with the wall, than to discuss this irrelevant issue.
    Like the refugee camp survivors, similar is the mind set of people who live in their little Oasis of life, comfortable living without much ambitious efforts, Some flower arrangement, some Oceanic breeze, comfortable apartment, few books, to talk with them about the corporate wars and board room discussions will also look futile and useless.
    Organized religions as we know till now, will go on renovating themselves, unless someone like Osho creates an organization which is better and contemporary in the approach.

    To talk with out door patients about the multidisciplinary hospital… !!! No Sir, my billboard is not for so called healthy people.

  116. shantam prem says:

    OIF need to trust others , if they want others to trust them…

    Anugrah.. it seems people who have spend their life time to learn Love and trust and co dependency, are the last persons to radiate the fragrance of these words at least, when they have got something precious; so precious that let go is not possible.
    Right hand is afraid, left wants to snatch and even you make the right hand convinced that left hand is your brother, then fears comes; robber can snatch it easier from the left…

  117. shantam prem says:

    Few highly “evolved”souls, who live in the countries where military innovation and expenditure is the maximum, dream always about the demilitarization of the world.

    While writing this, i am trying to imagine, how Bubbie kind of people look like?

  118. Kavita says:

    Little Ernie is playing with his train set in the living room, while his mother is cooking dinner. He lets the train go around the track ten times, then stops it and says, “All you fuckers who wanna get in, get in. All you fuckers who wanna get out, get out!”

    He lets the train go around ten more times and then stops it and says the same thing. At this, his mother comes storming into the living room and tells Ernie to go and stand in the corner for using such filthy language.

    Half an hour later, his mother tells him he can go and play with his train again. Little Ernie sends the train around the track ten times, stops it and says, “All you fuckers that wanna get in, get in! All you fuckers who wanna get out, get out! Anybody got a complaint about the delay, go and see the bitch in the kitchen!” – Osho

    Lokesh .. watched ‘ District 9 ‘ .. thanx for mentioning it

  119. Lokesh says:

    Kavita…long live the Prawns.

    I was just reading the last few comments about Osho trademark. I see such things as a sign of the times. To see people arguing the toss about such a matter, taking it ever so seriously and all the time thinking they are true sannyasins is a joke. The good news is that it is very unlikely that any of them will be alive in fifty years time.
    I see that many sannyasins use the Osho trademark without any problems from anyone. They simply do this by being sannyasins and practicing some form of theraphy or meditatation-related process and let it be known that they are an ‘Osho lover’, an expression that strikes me as being corny but there you go. Osho lovers of this kind make good money with their tie in to Osho and nobody can do a thing about it. On the other hand many of these Osho lovers maintain the image of being an Osho lover because they have an investment in being an Osho lover, which might mean that they are not being truthful about what they are about. But that is their business and nobody elses.
    I was just washing the dishes and thinking about how it is our job to give meaning to our lives. To be so identified with small issues like Osho trademark seems like a very strange way to go about giving meaning to one’s life.
    Personally, I think if Osho were sitting on a passing cloud watching all this nonsense that goes on in his name, and I do mean that literally, he would have a damned good laugh to himself.
    Just to visualize some fools getting all worked up about an Osho trademark dispute makes me shake my head in wonderment. Any sannyasin who is in contact with even a glimmer of what the old man taught must surely look at the trademark story and say to themselves , ‘Who gives a fuck?’
    Those who disagere, please go right ahead and continue on your present course. We all have different things to do during our brief sojurn on this mysterious planet…some like you just have to waste your time.
    I’ll leave you with a quote from Einstein. That is a world away from the pitfalls of a trademark.

    The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.

  120. Kavita says:

    l love Waldorf salad with Prawn & garlic bread toasted .. its nice to have different combinations ..
    Yes long live the Prawn

    rite now watching ‘ Gods must be crazy ‘ .. again after 25 years

  121. anugrah says:

    Shantam wrote
    Like the refugee camp survivors, similar is the mind set of people who live in their little Oasis of life, comfortable living without much ambitious efforts, Some flower arrangement, some Oceanic breeze, comfortable apartment, few books, to talk with them about the corporate wars and board room discussions will also look futile and useless.

    Shantam, Board room discussions are not futile and niether useless. but they can not change thinghs around , IF they limited to computer screens. reading, praising, condeming or doing anything with words will not help to stop corporate cunningness. computer discussions even can not minimize .
    our comments have no impact on those who we are trying to approach.

    Most of us have allready spent half of our life and have maximum 50 years left to live . and so far we are limited to computer and bill board discussions
    we need to go beyond same discussions and take one more simple step and live our posts honestly ….

  122. frank says:

    i`m bored
    i`m chairman of the bored
    i bore myself to sleep at night
    i bore myself in the broad daylight
    `coz i`m bored
    i`m chairman of the bored…….
    i`m a lenghthy monologue
    i`m livin` like a dog
    i`m bored
    i`m chairman of the bored…

    —–iggy pop

  123. Kavita says:

    ditto Franky

    i`m bored
    i`m chairwoman of the bored
    i bore myself to sleep at night
    i bore myself in the broad daylight
    `coz i`m bored
    i`m chairwoman of the bored…….
    i`m a lenghthy monologue
    i`m livin` like a bitch
    i`m bored
    i`m chairwoman of the bored…

    —–igg popy

  124. frank says:

    is the copyright dispute the 113th meditation of shiva?
    it`s obviously working.
    we`ve already got two people here completely bored out of their minds already!

  125. shantam prem says:

    our comments have no impact on those who we are trying to approach….
    Anugrah, let this be the part of Osho’s history, how in 21st century, when human voice was being heard all around, Osho’s torch bearer were living in the encapsulated world.
    APni apni dafli, apna apna Raag(one’s own instrument, own tune), this is with the master who wanted to have the whole world as a harmonious Orchestra.

    It is a need of the time, don’t sell or read those books, if you are not willing to live them.
    What is the joy of reading sex oriented literature, if nothing moves in the nervous system. Same is about spirituality.
    Or one should write at the 1st page, ” This is the work of fiction. readers are requested not to follow the written words.”

  126. frank says:

    “what is the joy of reading sex oriented literature if nothing moves.same is about spirituality….”

    … as they say in sanskrit rhyming slang
    ……what a shiva shanker!

  127. frank says:

    sounds like a work of friction to me.

  128. frank says:

    men only haiku.

    the porn mag
    falls open
    the holy centrefold
    the sound of one hand….

  129. Lokesh says:

    ‘I’m bored’, by Iggy Pop comes from the album New Values, which was a firm favourite in Poona One when we ran a discotheque in the fields up the back of Koregaon Park. New Values was always one of my favourite tracks and it still sounds good today.

    I’m lookin’ for one new value
    I’m lookin’ for one new value
    But nothing comes my way.

  130. Kavita says:

    YAWN ……… ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ .. was too sleepy even to read shantam prem // Sep 27, 2010 at 6:14 pm post

  131. frank says:

    …..i bore myself to sleep at night…………..

  132. Lokesh says:

    I’m so bored I will soon reincarnate as a Black & decker drill.

  133. Lokesh says:

    Truth be told. I never feel bored. Life is too short for that.

  134. Kavita says:

    human / animal / plant life is / might be short / long .. but life as such will be always be present in some form or the other .. and boredom is a word like love .. I / maybe we use it when l / maybe we run out of words

    watched .. gods must be crazy II last evening …
    l love bushmen !

  135. prem bubbie says:

    kavita: is that all you can do, to babble about what movie you just watched after xxxx years? go join shantam “headbanger” prem in his sorely needed ritual…. Frankie chuckles… sound of which hand… left for sinner, right for saint? “come on join together, come on join together…..” the who

  136. prem bubbie says:

    if all of you are so bored…. the headbangers ball is being held at shantam’s tonight…. ice packs are free…..

  137. prem bubbie says:

    “I’m so bored with U.S.A.”… “what can I do”? the clash 1977,… still rings true, though India had a similar song written some 5,000 years ago…. talk about premature aging!!!!

  138. Kavita says:

    bubbie .. l cant help it if u didnt like the comment .. u can read it or lump it Dear …

    u go bang ur head alone … l dont need no company

  139. prem bubbie says:

    I’ll go “lump it”… Dear. strange , that last sentence of yours;” I don’t need no company”… Glad you took my advice after all. Maybe even before? As for me, my walls are too banged up so i need to find another place, one made of cement or lead… Shantam, is your place available? Cheers…Knock on wood- or stone?!!!

  140. Kavita says:

    what advice ? Dear .. u must be crazy like the gods ..
    except for having sex .. l dont need any company !

  141. Kavita says:

    and bubbie Dear .. nothing comes free .. and probably by now the ice might have melted .. haw haw haw

  142. prem bubbie says:

    Kavita-Dear- A little less ganja smoking for you will help with your meditations and clarity…. “Go bang your head alone… I don’t need no company”… HAW HAW HAW and Kavita Dear.. everything is/was and will always be free… you seem pretty stupid too…haw haw haw

  143. Kavita says:

    this l know .. HAW HAW HAW
    l have never smoked ganja / any stuff ..
    so there is no question of less / more …

    that was in reference to -
    ” kavita: is that all you can do, to babble about what movie you just watched after xxxx years? go join shantam “headbanger” prem in his sorely needed ritual….”
    Ok .. l already have company .. whats the big / small deal about that anyway .. l dont need Shantam / anybody else for that .. l already have someone for that .. for now

    bubbie the ‘ ganjabanger ‘

  144. Kavita says:

    ” if all of you are so bored…. the headbangers ball is being held at shantam’s tonight…. ice packs are free….. ”

    ” and bubbie Dear .. nothing comes free .. and probably by now the ice might have melted .. haw haw haw ”

    anyway .. thanx for the energy you give me Dear

  145. anugrah says:


  146. prem bubbie says:

    you can thank him by giving up on the “thank you” and moving on ….. even in thanking, one can become obsessed , remain stuck….. now–how hard is it to figure that out? Too hard for most…. Miten, i feel is playing off of that obsession, making a living out it…just one of many who do… just my observation… “Poets, priests and politicians, have words to thank for their position….” “De Doo, Doo, Doo , De Da Da Da, is all I want to say to you…” of course written by another poet… how ironic!!! So much for the quote of the day

  147. anugrah says:

    Bubbie, i can not believe so much poisen you carry. i worry about your beloveds who are near you , .if you have any
    as long as i am concerned , i am laptop and you can womit on me, but i am deeply worry for once who are near you

    people like you there is no hope……..just darkness and nothing else

    shantam and few are only sane people on this site , it is still worth spending time here……..
    love to you all expect bubbie because he can not understand it

  148. prem bubbie says:

    Poison? If the truth is poison or more accurately “poisonous”, then so be it…. you sir are a fool… “…i am deeply worry for once who are near you”, who asked you to worry? idiot!! you sound like a christian do-good-er, you say “love to you all expect bubbie because he can not understand it”. You are in no position to be a judge of my character or for anyone else with the stupidity, foolishness and denial you obviously possess. so, you won’t share your love with those who don’t jibe with your views….hypocrite!!! READ your own posts and then look around you, look at the world and people, not only sannyasins. You might just get shocked into enlightenment. Just because they’re sannyasins doesn’t make them angels….jackass!!!!

  149. anugrah says:

    Prem bubbie, From you post i found out for sure that there are people around you and one should be worry about them. I hope they are our readers.
    by the way people around me are allight , and they feel sorry for people around for you because they have to take poison live face to face. i have two word for you , LOVE YOURSELF

  150. anugrah says:


  151. prem bubbie says:

    “God Saves us from a…” now i know you’re full of shit anugrah…. There is no god!!! Haven’t you read osho? you claim you are a devotee yet no nothing or absorbed nothing from him… a sorry- ass joke you are… now go and bang your head against the wall, and join the others. “Waste… time of other readers…” who asked you ? Again., this preoccupation of saving, helping or looking out for others’ welfare… are you a christian fanatic disguised as an osho lover? You reek of a fanatic, an extremist… Take a whiff of yourself, then shower all of that funk off and call me in the morning.

  152. prem bubbie says:

    “Bubbie, I am shocked to see idiot like you on this beautiful site.” You are just dying for some censorship mr. Anugrah. Are you josef Goebbels reincarnated? fortunately, through the wisdom of the editor of this site, free speech and ideas lives on!!! you hate that don’t you? Just the pretty sannyas propaganda is all you want… march in goose step to the idiotic beat called “denial”.

  153. Forest Gump says:


    I have done this shit with Bubbie, you are starting it again..no use.. I found that he is very consistent, which sort of admirable. He is kind to engage in this kind of conversation over and over, never gets bored. I feel, he is one of the best person to have fun with….So take it easy..Don’t take him too seriously..He is a friend in my opinion. Love..

  154. Kavita says:

    Anugrah .. Bubbie is right about this … —-
    ” look at the world and people, not only sannyasins. You might just get shocked into enlightenment. Just because they’re sannyasins doesn’t make them angels….jackass!!!! ”

    Anugrah and l feel .. everyone / no-one is a snake …. here / everywhere … and its ok to be any animal .. . its good to be alert .. this is no preaching jus sharing Anugrah .. take it or lump it .. better would be for you take it

  155. prem bubbie says:

    Is she singing another song, another “Babe” version of Miten? Bodhi, i agree with lokesh, and satya d.(welcome back, bro), how the fuck do you know who/what is enlightened? there is that possibility she is. tell me, Bodhi, what is “enlightenment”? Do you have a check list, a guide on how to “recognize” those who have “achieved”. My feeling is those ex-swami’s and ma’s need a big daddy or mama to tell them what to do and how to behave….too bad you numb-nuts can’t seem to keep your eyes open for even a minute for the last 20 years, life in itself would have taught you more than sitting next to an alleged “enlightened” person. Your life-keep on bouncing from one end of the room to the other, until you wear yourself out and die. OY VAY.

  156. prem bubbie says:

    Sorry the post was meant for the Bodhi article…oops.

  157. swami jeevan ekin says:


    It’s just not possible to say anything about Osho-whatever is said about Osho is true about that person who says and not about Osho.

    Osho is just a mirror which has reflected the life he way it exactly is- with words, with silence, with gestures.

    Osho is an absolute expression of the existence.

    Osho is the mouth of existence to express the life in its entirety

    Osho is a prayer and a prayer heard to express the life in its aggregate.

    Osho is a song and a song sung to express the life in its integrity.

    Osho is a dance and a dance performed to express the life in its wholeness.

    Osho is an absolute answer to ignorance.

    When one looks in to the mirror and comments, one is commenting about oneself and not the mirror. This is true with the mirror called Osho.

    We tend to see our own reflection in Osho and conjecture of Osho the way we are.

    It gives us a false feeling that we are commenting about Osho.

    There is no way to say anything about Osho.

    Osho is not enlightened if we are not by ourselves.

    Only our prejudices, inhibitions and apprehension enveloped in Ego is reflected in the mirror called Osho.

    Man is in a constant stress between the divinity pulling upwards and the animalistic instincts pulling downwards.

    If the people about Osho were to be categorized, it would be something like this.


    These kinds of people are nothing but a breathing corpse.

    The kinds of people love to be pulled driven by their animalistic instincts.

    Such people are the residents of a dark world who only vegetate, defecate and produce children. Such people are the victims of very localized consciousness.

    Their egos live, they do not.

    Such people lack discriminative intelligence and are just a step above being called as animals.

    Their life is embellished with sorrows, misery, grief, ruefulness, sadness and servility.

    The joy, celebration, rejoices, ecstasy are their nightmare.

    They are mainly the cause of wars, battles, altercation, frays, and trifles.

    They are not aware of their being. They are the salves of their mind.

    Hostility and violence are their chief symptoms of doing.

    Such stolid people are averse to any transformation.

    They are merely the puppets in the hands o f lust having a destructive approach towards life.

    These kinds of people don’t live the life only live the characters having delusional personality.

    Such people use to have fixed dogmas, rules and norms to follow to any extreme of triviality.

    These kinds of people have well defined predictability.


    Such people are more timid than the first category sharing their all qualities.

    Such people are averse to freedom and tend to satisfy themselves with lame philosophy and their fixed religious dogmas and rites. These kinds of people tend to follow certain commandment and tend to be unscientific when it comes to be religious which is merely a set of rules.

    These kinds of people are afraid of accepting the responsibility of their being what they are. They are also the doing oriented than the being oriented.

    Their whole life is nothing but a quivering vulnerability. Such people may initiate the revolution which is social by nature and not the rebellion which is individual by nature.

    Such kind of people move by the conclusion of the mind.

    Merely an idea of awareness, emptiness, meditativeness and aloneness is very intimidating to them.

    Their motto of money, power and esteem is most supreme and of utter importance to them.

    Their creativity is a compulsive outcome than a joy out of meditativeness.


    These are the people who seem to be breathing human beings.

    These are the people who have started doubting their conditioning and bondage.

    They are the people voracious for that which is.

    These are the people who want to transform their personality to individuality.

    These are the people who wish to go from falsity to the truth.

    These are the people who want their dark corners to be lighted.

    These are the people who want to break free from their shackles of conditioning.

    These are the people who wish to go even beyond witnessing.

    These are the people who aspire for selflessness.

    These are the people who are preparing themselves to get emptied even from the concept of God.

    These are the people who are ready to surrender to the ultimate.

    These are the people who are charmed to mysticism and the core of spirituality.

    These are the people from whom one can expect compassion, love and care.

    These are the people whose way of life mostly is meditation.

    These are the people who are looking for the boat to traverse the infinite ocean to be one with it.

    They are the people with sensitivity and sensibility and a flair for discriminative intelligence.

    Owing to their much spiritual inclination, most of them are not as successful on materialistic front.

    This category is an amalgamation of various mind sets intelligence being common among majority of them.

    These types of people are very sensible and creative who can see a little more than what meets the eye.

    They are prone to openness of experience within certain limits.

    They usually tend to talk about nothingness, emptiness, consciousness, futility of this life, life being a celebration, love, compassion, kindness, serving poor.

    They still belong to having and doing group than being group.

    They have mild playfulness, mild seriousness of sincerity, and mild approach to humor.

    They are more vulnerable to get dejected, daunted, frustrated, elated and being mirthful.

    These kinds of people have been an instrument in sustaining the morality and ethics in the society.

    Some of these kinds of people do fall victims to the compulsive desire to be a Guru or a spiritual leader.



    OSHO~. A sannyasin is not only free, he is freedom. It is living rebellion.

    Sannyas is joy in being.First quality: openness to experience.

    The second quality is existential living.The third quality of a sannyasin is a trust in one’s own organism.

    The fourth is a sense of freedom.The fifth is creativity.

    The sixth is a sense of humor, laughter, playfulness, non serious sincerity.

    The seventh is meditativeness, aloneness, mystical peak experiences that happen when you are alone, when you are absolutely alone inside yourself.

    And the eighth is love, relatedness, relationship.

    And the ninth is transcendence, Tao, no ego, no-mind, nobodiness, nothingness, in tune with the whole.

    OSHO~ Osho-A saint comes: I see. A sinner comes: I see. I am just a mirror, so whatever is in front of me is reflected. But the mirror is not a film plate; the moment you have moved, the mirror is empty again. In my room I am sitting empty. Most of my day is just a mirror, mirroring nothing. Only when I come to you, or to some interview, to the press, the media, then my mirror reflects.

    . I am just a mirror – a mirror does nothing.

    In language it seems as if a mirror also is doing something – it reflects. Linguistically, reflection is an action – but the mirror is not doing anything.

    When you are in front of the mirror, it reflects you. When you have moved, the reflection disappears. The mirror is simply there; whatever comes in front of it is reflected in it.

    You are living in darkness, in ignorance, in blindness. I know exactly that I am not doing anything. On my own I am just an empty mirror. If you want something to be echoed, you come in front of me, you ask a question. If some answer arises it is a simple happening – not a doing.

    Just as water flows downwards, the sun rises, the birds start singing and the flowers start opening. The sun is not doing anything. It is not knocking on each bird’s nest – “Get up and start singing…” Just the presence of the sun – and something happens all over existence. Life starts awakening, responding.

    I am simply a presence.