Rare Footage of Osho talking to Pilot and also in a Boat

Bloggers here may well be interested in this Ranch footage as it is rare.

Notice how physically vulnerable Osho appears.

Notice the (deliberate?) confusions about the car doors between him and disciples, notice the initial stalling of the car, notice the talk with the pilot, (you need max sound as Osho spoke so softly), and the conversation with Sheela about getting another road built to the lake,  and what quality the road needed to be!. Also notice how he drives in socks only, and only puts the chappels on before he gets out of the car.

In the talk with the pilot notice how Osho responds to the pilot’s  demand that the flight should be “as early as possible”!  Something of zen there!

Such footage we find is often taken down by OI so get there fast! Goodness knows why they take it down ?.. ?




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24 Responses to Rare Footage of Osho talking to Pilot and also in a Boat

  1. shantam prem says:

    “Such footage we find is often taken down by OIF so get there fast! Goodness knows why they take it down?”

    Parmartha, as a lifelong disciple, if the childish act of OFI trustees bewildered you then you should also think Sheela fiasco in a new light. In my observation, she was just one corner of the palace politics around Osho.

    Be sure, this whole series of latest videos will be removed. Herr Klaus will cry for copyright violations.

    So let us watch the history and copy the contents, if possible.


  2. Kavita says:

    Thank you, Parmartha, this video has led to a treasure trove for many like me – only hope they stay on youtube!

  3. madhu dagmar frantzen says:

    What is so rare about this (and maybe also other comparable footage),
    dear Parmartha, is that it gives the flavour of Innocence a chance in that whole ´history-book-compiling´of the Ranch chapter in many of our lives (even Anand Sheela´s life). You did very well to post that vid here.

    Why such is taken down so often? you ask. Maybe because the ride ´from Ignorance to Innocence´ is mostly taken on the wrong horse, and this horse has the name ´Shame and Guilt´.

    However – shame and guilt has nevernhad a good outcome, not only in the sannyas realms; mostly ends in the repetitive re-actions in other costumes (habits), recognized in their circle-ling only ´too late´.

    I am very grateful that you posted that vid for a re-view, far beyond any propaganda ´for´ or ´against´, because that is rare, there you are right.

    Has to be honoured and put into place. Like any other shattered dream of living together in love and peace has to be honoured.

    To me, it brought back the memory of walking and living a dream in that miraculous, mysterious, vast landscape without the air pollution (and other pollutions of over-crowdedness and fights) we are more than less living in.


  4. shantam prem says:

    How much love, how much trust and caring is between Bhagwan and Sheela!

    Nothing lasts for ever, even if it is the love and trust between Bhagwan and Sheela.

    • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

      How much love, how much trust and caring is between Bhagwan and Sheela!” (Shantam Prem).

      What you interpret from the vid with your “prologue” (and your “epilogue”) I don´t see as such, Shantam Prem.

      Maybe that people who participated for a considerable enough length of time at the Ranch, not as onlookers and without having too much of an authoritarian character, tend to envision the whole energetic field.

      And by that I mean also – in that very phase which is documented here – many beautiful people giving their strength wholeheartedly to a project of living and working together in a spiritual commune around a Master and a Mystic in a rather remote, secluded corner of the planet.

      The vid is taken before the deterioration process entered this Leela or pretty much lingering on the verge of it; therefore it is so precious, in my eyes.

      We see the Master moving and very fragile, as Parmartha has stated, wondering about all this construction business, and Sheela, still with a very moderate voice, informing and explaining, and not markedly captured (and corrupted), like later by her administrative power position. And we see Vidhya (later Nirvano), somehow like a shadow in the pines.

      And we see our many fellow-travellers in this vid, more like happy kids. Lovers. So happy that their contribution is appreciated.

      It’s mostly that Innocence and a tangible joy, like in a Kazanzakis adaptation of ‘Zorba’ (the Buddha), that captured me when looking at the vid, as well as the rememberance of a very special ´Sammasati´, in a very special remote corner of this world, quite a magic landscape, even nowadays, I guess.

      It´s amazing, isn´t it, what humans are capable of when their love is given a chance to share, to contribute and BE in a space of giving and belonging too?

      And on the other hand, those borderlines and verges of danger re deterioration, the fallouts of blind and blinding love, when going astray, sometimes in big collective measures.

      Our ´book´is full of everything, isn ´t it ?
      And it’s an open and unfinished book. Alive.

      Some even say, the paper is white. Nothing written on it.

      I don´t know.

      With Love,


      • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

        “In the talk with the pilot notice how Osho responds to the pilot’s demand that the flight should be “as early as possible”! Something of zen there!” (Parmartha)

        Wondering about your view – and your take – on ZEN here in the article, Parmartha.


      • Tan says:

        Where do you see Vidhya in this video?

        • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

          Vidhya is in the car (5.52 mins.) in the compilation part of ´visiting the airport and the exchange with the pilot´, standing by His side all the time (8.24-11.29 mins.), even joining the chat there in a way…We see her back, her hair, her big, big sunglasses and her shyness to be filmed, I guess – or something else….

        • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

          My fault in writing, Tan, meant Vivek all the time.

  5. swamishanti says:

    I remember someone put up some video on youtube which included Osho in a boat on the lake, and also some interesting footage of him, right before he left the body, checking out Chaung-Tzu, which was being designed to be the Samadhi at the time, with the new chandelier, but the video was taken down, as usual, by OIF.

    They are not selling or distributing any of the footage in any format, so not at all sure why they object to people sharing it on the internet.

    Heard some Indian sounds ringing out from somewhere around that time:

  6. sw. veet (francesco) says:

    With gratitude to Rajneeshpuram’s People, with their innocent, dancing hearts, their smiles, all of them who have given love a chance.

    Watching this video has brought me back to the feeling of those old golden days. That fragrance reaches me through a documentary on Italian tv (I remember also interviews of sannyasin family on the plane to – or back from? – Oregon).

    In this/that feeling of contagious joy I’d say that also Sheela is vibrating as part of that love affair’s social experiment. In such buddhafield all the options seemed available, for everybody: sky and hell, war and peace, rancour and forgiveness, lambs and wolves smiling each other: shadow and light.

    And for the few that have jumped out from the boat…yet I can see in their lives the same warm light, the same fragrance of those blessed days.


  7. Arpana says:

    When I took sannyas I was in a state of shock for weeks that this had had happened. Was so against how I saw myself; and I could not get myself to Poona fast enough to meet Osho face- to-face.

    For years afterwards, I expected it all to end, Was never able to take the connection with Osho for granted, and yet the connection endures. What goes with the connection shrinks, but not the connection.

    A grainy old video of him is shown on Sannyas News. I struggle to articulate the impact. Nothing like it. After all this time. He still alive. (Pre-sannyas me would have been decidedly sceptical of all this, but politely kept my opinion to myself).

  8. Prateeksha says:

    Thanks, Parmartha. What a powerful reminder of the blessings of the Master.