Happy Mahaparinirvana Day to all SN readers

Mahaparivirvana day was founded when Osho’s father died in 1979 in Poona one. He died on September 8th. The ashram authorities then announced a new celebration day for sannyasins,   to be called Mahaparinirvana day, when the leaving of the body for all and every sannyasin could be celebrated….

A Mahaparinirvana day end of lecture, from when Osho was alive

Osho: says: 

Nivedano …


Relax …

But remember to continue witnessing.

This witnessing is the secret, the most golden key, the master key that opens all the doors of the mysteries and the secrets of existence.

As you relax, as your consciousness becomes more and more settled, your separateness starts melting.

Gautama the Buddha Auditorium is turning into an ocean, ten thousand buddhas melting into the oceanic experience of one cosmos. This is the only religious experience — the oceanic experience. There is no religion other than this.

All the scriptures are just commentaries, non-essential. The essential phenomenon is this oceanic experience of dissolving yourself into the ultimate.

A great song will arise in you, and without any movement you will feel a great dance. You will hear the one hand clapping. You are no more, only the existence is.

Gather as much flowers and fragrance and blessings and beatitude and benediction as you can. You have to bring them back. You have to bring them from your center to the circumference of your life.

And persuade the Buddha. Inch by inch he is coming closer. It is your very nature.

One day, one golden day, you will disappear and only the Buddha will remain in place of you. That will be the greatest height of your blossoming, the greatest golden moment of your thousands of lives. Beyond that is only the cosmos.

First, become the Buddha. This is called nirvana. Then take a jump into the cosmos, and disappear into the blue sky. This is called mahaparinirvana — the great enlightenment.

The first is called enlightenment, the second is called the great enlightenment. Then you are not, even the Buddha is not. Only the existence is, with all its glory, with all its majesty, with all its flowers blossoming, its beauty, its truth, its divineness spread all over the cosmos.

Then you will become one with the whole, not part of the whole. To become one with the whole is the only holiness.

calligraphy 6

Nivedano …


Come back …

But come back as Buddhas, with the same gestures, with the same grace, with the same silence, with the same ecstasy.

Just sit down for a few seconds to remember the golden path you have traveled, to remember your original face that you have encountered. And watch … the buddha has come a little closer to you. It is not long before the spring will come … you will melt away, and only the buddha remains.

Then the second step is very simple.

I teach only the first step. The second step you can take anytime, or if you want to wait, the second step will happen in your death.


Okay, Maneesha?

Yes, Beloved Master.

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44 Responses to Happy Mahaparinirvana Day to all SN readers

  1. Tan says:

    Thank you very much, SN editors, moderators, everybody who helps with the site going on.

    Loved the remembrance…we have always to be reminded.


    • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

      Yes, Tan, YES, we love to be remembered, don´t we?
      And we love to chat-chat like the birds in the trees, don´t we?
      And we love to be in awe listening to the SILENCE in between, always present, don´t we?

      The neighbour´s dog just barking…maybe moon-struck?
      Neighbours’ voices, just a little chamber-orchestra with male and female chatting their songs, the courtyard here had heard already so much.

      Moon is like a mandarin slice tonight, beaming.
      There is no end to the Silence deepening.

      I have been going for the last , before the last , before the last- summer swims close by the river today, just floating, cloud watching.

      Happy Mahaparanirvana day-and-night for you all too -

      This comes with love,


  2. shantam prem says:

    Parmartha or anyone who has created this string can ask themselves, “Do they have this much clout as disciples to advise management clergy to reinstate this and other Osho festivals?”

    • swamishanti says:

      Osho nicked his Mahaparanirvana day from ‘Paranirvana’ day , which is celebrated by Buddhists to commemorate Buddha’s death and full entry into Nirvana.

      In south-east Asia, Buddha’s birthday is also celebrated, ‘Buddha Purnima’, or ‘Buddha Jayanti’, on the full moon.

      I remember a big party on Buddha’s birthday up in the mountains in Nepal, with a dj that came up specially from Goa. The mountains  were literally pounding to the music for a couple days.

      But what does ‘Mahaparanirvana Day’ mean to sannyasins?
      Not a lot I guess.
      Are we meant to give out presents today?

      • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

        “Are we meant to give out presents today?” (Swamishanti)

        Yes, sure, Swamishanti, what else? And don´t be a miser, if you please!

        Looking forward to something…maybe one of your fabuluous graphic design compilations?


        • swamishanti says:

          Here you go – it is a bust of Neem Karoli Baba.

          Perhaps everyone from the ‘baby-boomer’ generation should get one…you were the generation that had parents with strange ideas, but still, you made a start.

          You oversaw the beginning of a new dawn of consciousness…from the flares and long hair of the sixties, to the Black Rights movement and the overthrowing of apartheid.

          You were the generation who first began seeking in earnest the spiritual knowledge, you found many little Indian gurus with big heads who were espousing the spiritual knowledge – in so many different varieties, colours and flavours.

          Happy Mahaparinirvana day.

  3. shantam prem says:

    I think in this site, Madhu, as I know her from the posts, has spent the maximum time in all the Osho communes: Pune 1 to Rajneeshpuram to Pune 2 and, most probably, many years after the demise of the master. I wonder why she does not write anything, favourably or unfavourably, about changes imposed by the clergy.

    I think i am expecting too much from her. Famous ladies at Oshonews with their smiling photos also don´t write about the real-life politics in their master´s cult, though they have very sharp nails to scratch the elderly face of Mother Theresa or pull the blond-coloured hairs of Donald Trump.

    I simply feel amazed why media around the vision of Osho do not write under what pretext Osho´s own festivals are not celebrated at the property developed by master and His disciples.

    • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

      No need and NO WAY, Shantam Prem, to include me like an object in your fights here around your INNER obstacles, and your fights against what you call a ´Pune Regime´.

      I left Pune Ashram early summer 1990 and did never return since.

      And you are right; I am deeply connected to Osho and His teaching-no teaching; it´s a Love Affair.
      And sure enough, I have my own obstacles to overcome, wherever I am, and I am always HERE. (Also geographically for long long time without any travelling on the outside).

      It´s so sad and saddening where you seem to be at, all these years, and believe me or not, most of the time, reading you, I feel your bitterness about apparently something lost. I know that feeling, and when it´s haunting me, although I have quite some other issues as a woman, but I know this very nagging inside and paining.

      That´s why I rarely harass you with some´know it better´or something like any psychological ‘coaching’ etc etc.

      I truly have enough to do, or better, undo, inside myself, to overcome my own obstacles or bitterness, and am getting lots of everlasting refreshed trauma-issues and challenges, which I simply cannot overlook or deny.

      In my opening text (some three years ago) to contribute here, you’ll find some of my words on the ´Sangha-Issue`, which – I am sorry to say – didn´t leave me as a work-IN-about. Also all these past three years I am posting here at the UK caravanserai, I’ve often been so shocked about the nasty tone here…

      But also changes, ever changing, I also feel.

      You, Shantam Prem, seem to only read and interpret according to your own means, and that´s truly a pity! So – maybe you don´t get anything from any of the reports of others here. And that´s truly a pity too.

      I miss the Sangha and friendship amongst fellow-travellers like anything, Shantam Prem. And that has nothing to do with some regime or other. But more with a changing climate all the way that I simply couldn´t adapt to, partly because of post-traumatic stress syndrome (ever refreshed), also by some obnoxiously mean facilitators of system constellation circuses around, and on the other hand, a kind of ´survival of the fittest syndrome´ I feel at least quite prominently happening all over all inner and outer places like a big heavy cloud…(sometimes).

      I am not quite fit this way, Shantam Prem, and you really need to acknowledge that (!). And above all, your stand on commune issues has never been similar to mine, also in so-called better times, where I felt really thoroughly connected and part of ‘everything´.

      And rarely, but sometimes, I also feel here in the UK Chat ´sannyas and friends´ a thrill to expand my vision of what a Sangha really is, and then I have a ‘holiday’, so to say, from bitter feelings and being apart from a longing for something which is NOT the way I imagine.

      Osho – in my inner-view – has always pointed out to give as much awareness as possible for the present momemt. So precious reminder!

      I am trying my best to keep that in heart and mind and body too. And I surely recommend you to ‘sammasati’ the same. And THIS, this present chat topic was all about that, I feel, and I loved it. Still loving it. As this kind of love affair is truly everlasting.

      Take care, Shantam Prem, I also try my best to let that happen.

      Healer, He said, first heal yourself! That´s a very good one, isn´t it? I am quite busy with that.

      Have a good day, Shantam Prem, and please don´t include me in your fights, I´ve got enough to undo about my own. Be compassionate, will you?

      The last summer days here, warm and still so lush green; time to take off and get into gear.


      Madhu, IN 7TH PARAGRAPH:
      “you’ll find some of my words on the ´Sangha-Issue`, which – I am sorry to say – didn´t leave me as a work-IN-about.”
      WHAT DOES “didn’t leave me as a work-IN-about” MEAN, PLEASE?

      AND 10th PARAGRAPH:
      WHO ARE “obnoxiously mean facilitators of system constellation circuses”?

      • shantam prem says:

        Read your two statements and create some synchronicity.
        “I miss the Sangha and friendship amongst fellow-travellers like anything, Shantam Prem.”
        “I left Pune Ashram early summer 1990 and did never return since.”

        Sometimes people have so unrealistic expectations from Nature and from others.
        Grass grows by itself, but not Sangha….

      • satyadeva says:

        Good post, Madhu.

        All the best in your days and nights over there. I think you deserve some good fortune….

    • satyadeva says:

      Have you considered the possibility, Shantam, that “the media around the vision of Osho” (not to mention the vast majority of sannyasins and fellow-travellers) might well be similarly “amazed” at your futile obsession with these festivals?

      Perhaps you might simply contemplate the possibility that it’s all a complete and utter waste of your precious time and energy to, in effect, blame any outer ‘circumstances’ for your obvious unhappiness.

      (I’m not holding my breath on that one).

  4. Bong says:

    Lokesh, 30m is nothing special for a freedive instructor. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Trubridge.
    Even I can hold 4 1/2 minutes on a good day.

    Happy Mahaparinirvana, Shantam Prem. Good on you for keeping festivals alive.

    Remember, Namaste, everybody!

  5. shantam prem says:

    Question is, why the hell Osho created different festivals in parallel to prevalent festivals, and what was the reason that suddenly, two top brasses decide there’s no need for them any more?

    Question is also, are disciples consumers of Osho products where the bosses decide like in Nestle or Mcdonald’s, what will remain on the shelves and what not?

    As a fellow disciple, I am simply trying my best to shake the status quo and state of helplessness and feeling of being cheated and betrayed in the name of New Man, New Humanity.

    We must not forget, more than half of his life Osho has spent criticising and condemning other religions, beliefs, cult leaders and so on.

    For what?

    Do my fellow bloggers think, nobody was doing meditation before Sannyas?
    That all the apartments in heaven were lying empty because humanity was not able to drop the ego and pay the price?
    Is Osho New Mohammed?
    Everything was shit before Islam or Sannyas?

  6. Parmartha says:

    Have just read most of this string.
    The Festivals were adopted on the advice of Laxmi from around 1972 as money earners, which they certainly were.

    The Mahaparinirvana day one (but can stand correction) was the last to be introduced on the death of Osho’s father in 1979.

    I know it was nicked from Buddhism, but it was democratised by Osho’s then organisers to include all sannyasins who had died (or do I have that wrong?). Maybe I have been labouring under a misapprehension, but if true, then I think that was a good idea.

    All Festivals are kept up, as I understand it, in many parts of India and Nepal, so those who like them can surely gravitate there.

    Osho International don’t do them because they consider that Osho’s last wishes were either for them to be dropped, or for those organisers to carry forward the organisation according to their own lights, which Osho himself trusted.

    The fact of the matter is that things are in the present as they are. To me, speaking from old age and experience, those who keep up those old traditions, and malas and orange, basically create a ‘cult’ and a ‘religion’, and that was certainly against Osho’s wishes.

    And even if the present organisation in Pune collapsed and was replaced by what happens, say, in Nepal, I would feel the same way.

    • shantam prem says:

      Parmartha, this kind of denial rationalisations are similar to ‘Islam is a religion of peace’.

      I feel Osho disciples have the inner responsibility to diagnose symptoms properly rather than say cough to Tuberculosis.

      Land has gone barren and cultivators think they are following the advice of big landlord. If Osho festivals are not celebrated in the property developed by master himself but somewhere else, it is like driver is fucking the mama, gardener is fucking the mama, but not the dad!

      • Parmartha says:

        Can’t see your point, Shantam.

        Osho lived in a variety of places, and celebrations happened in Bombay and Rajneeshpuram in his presence. No one is campaigning to go back to such places and do celebrations there.

        Move on.

        I am sure if you did a celebration with Arun or Keerti or Neelam and forgot your ego you would enjoy perfectly well.

  7. Bong says:

    Thanks for your insight, Parmatha. I am no fan of orange or malas either, but I love to celebrate!

    Perhaps we can have the latter without the former? I don’t think current OIF could light their way out of a paper bag, but that too is OK.

  8. swamishanti says:

    Sometimes people try to find tapes and videos. Here’s one of the recordings of one of those festivals from the Ranch days:


  9. swamishanti says:

    Osho states:

    “First, become the Buddha. This is called Nirvana. Then take a jump into the cosmos, and disappear into the blue sky. This is called mahaparinirvana — the great enlightenment.

    The first is called enlightenment, the second is called the great enlightenment. Then you are not, even the Buddha is not. Only the Existence is, with all its glory, with all its majesty, with all its flowers blossoming, its beauty, its truth, its divineness spread all over the cosmos.

    Then you will become one with the Whole, not part of the Whole. To become one with the whole is the only holiness.”

    Meher Baba was another master, from Poona, who became popular with westerners, including the Who’s Pete Townsend. He may have entered this Mahaparinirvana space as a young man.

    As a teenager, Meher Baba was known as ‘Merwan’. The young Merwan was attracted to an old Muslim lady called ‘Babajan’, who lived under a tree in Poona. One day in 1914, when Merwan was taking leave of the old Sufi, she kissed him on the forehead.
    On returning home he fell into an unusual state.

    For nine months he reportedly could neither eat nor sleep. His eyes stared vacantly into space.
    Merwan was unresponsive to everything around him – his body simply standing, sitting or walking in whatever posture it was placed. At best, he acted like an automaton.

    Deeply troubled by her son’s condition, his mother spent her time and money on having the best available doctors treat Merwan. No medication made the slightest difference to Merwan’s state.
    Meher Baba later told others that this peculiar state was due to his becoming unconscious of all material existence. He was “drowned” in the inconceivable bliss and peace of God Realisation (permanent Oneness with God).

    It took seven years for Meher Baba to return completely to ‘normal’ human functioning. Friends and family thought he had lost his mind. Particularly, they could not fathom the activities he now performed: sudden, long walks and runs; round the clock work; and secretly bashing his head against the floor or through windows.

    Meher Baba later said that it was a visit to another master, Upasni Maharaj, that helped him to properly return to his body by throwing a rock at his head:

    “Maharaj greeted me, so to speak, with a stone he threw at me with great force.
    It struck me on my forehead exactly where Babajan had kissed me, hitting with such force that it drew blood…
    But that blow from Maharaj was the stroke of dnyan…with that stroke, Maharaj helped me to return to ordinary consciousness”.

    • Arpana says:

      I AM REMINDED OF THE FATEFUL DAY of twenty-first March, 1953…


    • Parmartha says:

      Thanks again, SS.

      To be very honest, this talk of gradations of enlightenment, which in particular seemed to gain ground around Osho’s ‘Beyond Enlightenment” series in 1986(?), succeeded in me feeling sceptical towards all enlightenment talk. I suddenly realised it all might be some sort of mystical con talk.

      Anyway, the idea that enlightenment equated with some all-seeing, all-knowing and mistake-free state was clearly unhelpful. I feel that is why in some mystical traditions (including some Christian mysticism) the notion of complete unification with God only happens just prior to death.

      • Bong says:

        Well, one could write a book on the subject. Fortunately, Osho already did and it was titled ‘Psychology of the Esoteric’. It really is a gem.

        For the record, I find Christian mysticism quite accurate. Does anyone wish to share their adventures through the seven bodies so described? I could, but the preparation for an Olympic gold is not strictly formulaic, how much more so the cultivation of Self.

        Do all seeds bloom? There is so little benefit from intellectual discussion. Just try. Celebrate. Meditate. Ignore my contribution. Realise.

        • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

          “Do all seeds bloom?”, you asked yesterday, Bong.

          No, never, I would say. Especially not in the virtual realms, which in a way are producing even more fake flowers than plastic flowers.

          And also in Nature itself, not every seed is producing a flower, it depends on so much in and on and around the field surrounding the weather (and its periodical calamities etc. amongst many other issues).

          And even a child can come to know about it.

          Otherwise, there are seeds like the desert rose, for example, looking like some ugly straw ball, being tossed and turned around by the winds (without roots) of the desert, keeping their beauty in secret.

          And maybe then, in a night or a moment – by chance of some dewdrops, opens its wings in lush green foliage, just for the smallest of a small time being; then – hiding again in a dry straw image. Unrecognized.

          And what a wonder is that.

          So, we simply don´t know, neither of ourselves to the depths, nor of ´others´. As humans.

          And then, you recommend, Bong, to “ignore” your “contribution”. And reading that then, Bong, I am asking myself, why did you then contribute in the first place?

          We used to sing that song about ´The Flower of a Man´, Bong, a beautiful song, sung by beautiful people – the field, I would say, the ´Sangha, one could say.

          No need to denigrate so many people in awe and sharing their joy about experiencing a beautiful flower or remembering Such(ness).

          And if you yourself as a sentient human being have some beauty to share, it´s best to do that, besides comparing yourself or going into competition with anything else, past or lost or degraded or whatsoever.



          • Arpana says:

            “The founder of the Theosophical Movement, Madame Blavatsky, had a strange habit her whole life – and she lived long, and travelled all over the world and created a world movement… In fact no other woman has been so powerful in the whole history of man, has had influence worldwide.

            She used to carry many bags with her, full of seeds of flowers. Her whole luggage was nothing but seeds of flowers. Sitting in the train by the side of the window she would go on throwing seeds outside the window, and people would ask, “What are you doing? You carry so much unnecessary luggage, and then you go on throwing those seeds out of the window for thousands of miles.”
            She said, “These are seeds of flowers, beautiful flowers. When the summer goes and the rains come, these seeds will become plants. Soon there will be millions of flowers. I will not be coming back on the route and I will never see them, but thousands of people will see them, thousands of people will enjoy their fragrance.”

            She actually made almost all the railroads in India full of flowers, and people said, “When you will not see them again, what is your joy?”

            She said, “My joy is that so many people will be joyful. I am not a miser. Whatever I can do to make people joyful, happy, I will do; it is part of my love.” She really loved humanity, and did everything that she felt was right.”

            Osho, ‘Beyond Psychology’
            Chapter 41, ‘Times Of Crisis Are Just Golden’

        • satyadeva says:

          “Do all seeds bloom? There is so little benefit from intellectual discussion. Just try. Celebrate. Meditate. Ignore my contribution. Realise.”

          Duly noted by the Guruitis Surveillance Team…

          At a guess, Bong, I’d put your age at no more than about 30, probably a few years younger. Here’s one for you…


          • anand yogi says:

            Perfectly correct, Bong!
            The SN readers are certainly training for the Olympics!
            The Mahaparalympics!

            Shantambhai is undisputed gold champion of the ‘Tossing The Lingam With Only Half-A-Brain Functioning’ event since ’88-90 Mahaparanirvana Olympics in Pune!

            And ignore this foolish, crusty old, rational baboon Satyadeva, who has been competing in the ‘One-Legged Rationalist In An Ass-Kicking Contest’ event, and in all the years has not even managed to get from here to here!

            Let him enjoy watching ‘My Back Passage’, by Bob Zimmerframe! He is also meditating to ‘Stairlift to Heaven’!

            Madhu also is a gold winner at Mahaparalympics in the ‘Spiritual Cliches Marathon For People With Surgically Removed Sense Of Humour’!

            Beloved Bong, my guru Swami Bhorat has recognised your state! You are certainly a candidate for gold in the ‘Parrotting Spiritual Wisdom With A Heavy Cough And Severely Browned Lungs’ section!
            But be careful, the competition there is very great!

            Hari Om!
            Go forth and spread wisdom whilst you still have some remaining vital organs functioning!

            • Tan says:

              Only you, my dearest Yogi, to make me laugh in this horrible (weather-wise) day.

              Your mind full of creativity! XX

                • Arpana says:

                  My brother was overheard to snap rather sharply at the neighbour’s kid, “I didn’t get older because I’m stupid. I didn’t have any choice.”

                • Tan says:

                  Yogi, I don’t know your biological age, but, here in SN, you remind me very much of my student life, the newspaper we used to write, trashing politicians, professors, etc…Age around early 20s. Cheers!

                • frank says:

                  This is an ad for a vid from ‘Herb’ website:

                  “If you dig stoned philosophy, you’ll love Alan Watts. This video has a profound impact on your perspective.

                  Stoners love Alan Watts. And it’s no surprise Watts supports cannabis (among other drugs), given his heady aptitude. Arguably the greatest philosopher of our time, Watts’s profound thoughts, paired with his unparalleled speaking abilities will leave you and your mom, brother, sister, grandpa, friend, neighbour and dog utterly speechless.

                  So roll a joint and prepare yourself for 4 minutes of pure splendour. Once it’s over, consider trying your hand at a Watts impersonation with your own mind-blowing sermon. Struggling to find the sultry smooth pitch emblematic of the brilliant Brit? Better pack another bowl or five — we’re pretty sure that’s Watts’s secret.”

            • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

              Thanks, Ananad Yogi, for mentioning me in the ´Mahaparalympics, too much of an honour…However, I got that last-minute place (as quite rightly you saw my handicap!).

              Only got the place because I am not doped, so I could fill the upcoming vacancies (because of the doping of others) by chance. Last minute call – and please, let us not speak of medals…

              Just to be with the others in this ´Maha-(Mara-)paralympics is ‘something’ here. And that, even in spite of the surgically removed sense of humour, managed by a fully drunk surgeon, long time ago. (Had been one of his ´Monday-Operations´, as we call it here).

              Btw, are you the raving reporter I saw managing his cyber-drones to be sent in the sky above the playing fields on his computer for an overview? Or for ‘shootings’ (pic and vids, I mean…)?

              Tell us more about YOUR skills, will you?


      • swamishanti says:

        Re The Who, different masters and being knocked out of the box in Poona…

        Baba O’Riley live:

        This Hazrat Babajan is an interesting one.
        Born in Afghanistan, she ran away from an arranged marriage and ended up in the Punjab in Rawalpindi.

        There, after living a Sufi life for some time, she met a master who knocked her out of her box and gave her `God-realisation`.

        Apparently she later returned to Rawalpindi, and the same master helped her to come back into her body a bit.

        The story goes that at some point she was met with opposition from orthodox muslims, who considered her a heretic and buried her alive after overhearing her uttering ecstatic words denoting an identity with the divine, but she managed to escape and ended up living under a tree in Poona (see pic below).

  10. Arpana says:

    ‘I knew a man who had never committed an error in his life and I once asked him his secret. He said, “I was afraid to make a mistake, so I never did anything. That is how I avoided making any mistakes in my life.”

    When I heard this I began to laugh. Somewhat affronted, he asked, “Why are you laughing?”

    I answered, “What greater mistake can there be than not doing anything because you might make a mistake?”

    To fear mistakes is to fear life. You have to be ready to make mistakes. The only thing is not to make the same mistake again. Only the man who avoids old mistakes but is not afraid to make new ones, lives and learns. And he is also the only one who ever wins too.”

    Osho, ‘The Long, the Short and the All’, Chapter #1, ‘Knowledge and Understanding’

    • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

      What I have come to love about this spot in Sannyas News UK, Arpana, is that´s it´s quite a ´no-go´ to hide behind an Osho-Quote, if it´s hiding.

      And you hide a lot, I feel.


      • Arpana says:

        “Live more authentically. Drop the masks; they are a weight on your heart. Drop all falsities. Be exposed. Of course it is going to be troublesome but that trouble is worth it because only after that trouble will you grow and become mature. And then nothing is holding life. Each moment life reveals its newness. It is a constant miracle happening all around you, only you are hiding behind dead habits.”

        Osho, ‘Ancient Music in the Pines’, Chapter 4: ‘Be A Light Unto Yourself’

  11. Parmartha says:

    Here’s something back on string!
    Osho on his father:

    “My father is no more, but I remember him in such moments, when I suddenly see that I am behaving just like him. When I see his picture, I know that when I too am seventy-five, God willing, then I will look just like him. And it is so good to feel that I will not betray him, that I will represent him even to my very last breath.

    Devaraj (my doctor) – I am not mistakenly saying Devaraj for Devageet – I mean Devaraj: Youyou should remember it. My body functions exactly like my father’s, even in its illnesses. I am proud of it. My father suffered from asthma, so when I suffer from asthma I know this body comes from my father, with all its faults, flaws and errors. He was a diabetic, so am I. He loved to talk, and I have done nothing else all my life than talk. In every way I have been his son.

    He was a great father – not just because he was my father but because even though he was a father, he touched the feet of his son and became his disciple. That was his greatness. No father has done it before, and I don’t think it is going to happen again on this rotten earth. It seems impossible. The father becoming the disciple of the son? Buddha’s father hesitated; my father never hesitated for a moment.”

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