Fireworks of the Heart

Osho Camp Dallas with Swami Anand Arun, July 2 -4 2010

Beloved Swami Anand Arun, Osho’s long time associate and medium, graced the USA with his presence once again at a packed house for Independence Day weekend at Zorba Studio. The fireworks began immediately with Swami Arun’s warm welcome and a series of Osho’s active meditations that merge healing breath, freeform dance, emotional release, silence, and stillness.

For the newcomer, Osho’s intense active meditations can work like a powerful cleansing of many hidden shadows that block the heart, hiding love from view. No matter how much we meditate at home, being in the presence of this Living Buddha and an active Buddafield of 60 or more celebrants has a way of energetically catalyzing deep sorrows, revealing unconscious forcing currents, and releasing deeply held patterns that squash the music inside of us. After hours of Osho’s Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini Meditation, and others, emotions are released, body armor dissolves, and at the end of 3 days, there is only bliss and silence in a loving, lighthearted community that is unparalleled anywhere in the USA.

What is essential to communicate to a newcomer to the world of Osho, is that it is very, very safe to be yourself in the camp environment, even if you feel angry, sad, frightened, confused, or ashamed. You can move freely in a dimly lit room. You can cry freely as others will also naturally be releasing any unconscious content that wants to arise for healing. Most of the time participants have their eyes shut, so it is a private yet supported emotional healing for everyone. Rest assured that the impossible-seeming emotion of grief will turn into gladness in a very short time. Healing happens at a Osho Camp, profound healing, profound insight, profound love.

Everyone loves Swami Arun who is natural, easy-going, and very humorous. He is so loveable that it is easy to forget he is a holy man but would never call himself that. A tireless engineer, architect, and international teacher of Osho, Swami Arun shared his special vision of creating a beautiful Osho International Village with a special facility where older sannyasins ready to take the death flight could do so consciously with warm, loving people by their side as well as topnotch medical care. Arun is so effective at manifesting his dreams that is only a matter of time before this first class facility is launched. Arun talked about how many sannyasins come from broken families and have no other support. Out of compassion, he dreamed this dream of better-than-hospice care, more a celebration of conscious dying to ensure enlightenment if possible and a beautiful reincarnation next time around. In one discourse, Arun shared Osho’s words that “Death is not in the future. Death has always been happening.” These words gave me a deep acceptance of how things really work on planet Earth. We should never be surprised by death since it started happening to us the moment we were born into this life. A special highlight of the camp was that several long-time sannyasins blessed us with their presence, those practicing over 20 – 30 years and bringing with them a visible lake of light. You can feel it and see it in them—the rewards of doing Osho meditations for many years—they are the silent, glowing ones.

My personal experience of Osho consciousness is refreshing and vividly unique with every camp. This time I felt a protective golden dome around me, where I could simply view an ocean of light in total silence. It seemed I was being healed of things that do not have stories or even names. After we drop the past, remnants in need of healing come from remote regions of the unconscious. The healing went so deep that I fell into silence and witnessed all the gorgeous people around me, just letting me be. This kind of trust in the process and tender-hearted community is unfathomable in Western society.

The over-arching message of the weekend was that throughout history Enlightened Masters have done so much for the world that it is now up to all of us to continue the work of consciousness and awareness so that we save and continue their work of evolution. Osho sees his sannyasins as the realized hope of the world. We are the ones bridging spirit and matter, East and West, money and meditation.

To find this heightened level of spiritual refreshment elsewhere, one would have to go to other Osho Camps or to the Himalaya to any of the 5 emerging Osho communes founded by Swami Arun, the latest in Pokara. In the country of Nepal, Arun has already initiated over 65,000 people into Beloved Master Osho’s discipleship, and has effectively garnered the support of every government leader and even the army.

Heartfelt thanks to Swami Anand Arun and Zorba Studio! Next stop: Atlanta! July 9, 10, 11. See to sign up.

Ma Prem Geet

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  1. Lokesh says:

    One of my favorite Osho book titles is, ‘Be prepared, plan for a miracle.’. I like it because it is witty and original. Taking this article on face value it sounds like miracles are indeed happening.
    I don’t doubt for a minute that Geet is a sincere person and it is obvious that she is filled with a spirit that borders on the evangelical.
    The work involving hospice work is doubtless commendable and praiseworthy. So. well done, Ma Prem Geet.
    Here are some of the mistakes she is making that we would all do well to pay attention to.

    in a loving, lighthearted
    community that is unparalleled anywhere in the USA…..this claim is proposterous. For a start, in a huge country with hundreds of millions living in it, how could she possibly know that and make such an exagerrated claim on the weight of holding a three-day meditation camp with only sixty people in it. This kind of thinking is typical of a certain section of the sannyas scene and is completely unnecessary because it is based in comparison and there is really no need to compare.
    Arun has already initiated over 65,000….I’ve said it before and I will say it again…A real master is not the one who gathers the most disciples but rather the one who creates the most masters who are no longer in need of what he or she has to offer. The need to state such a 65’000 fact shows that the person writing it is unaware of what I just said or else why write it in the first place? I’ll answer that for you. It means that person thinks that is impressive and in a way they are right, but in the case of people like myself the statement is impressive for all the wrong reasons.

    and has effectively garnered the support of
    every government leader and even the army…..really? I’d no idea that the situation was that bad.
    All this in the name Osho, the man who was effectively banned from almost every country on the planet while alive.
    Whatever happened to the spirit of rebellion that was once so much part and parcel of being a sannyasin?

    I could continue but I don’t want to bore you.

  2. shantam prem says:

    …..All this in the name Osho, the man who was effectively banned from almost every country on the planet while alive.
    Whatever happened to the spirit of rebellion that was once so much part and parcel of being a sannyasin?

    I could continue but I don’t want to bore you

    Yes. Lokesh.. Bore people and continue.
    What do you expect from the spirit of rebellion?
    Can you shed some light, please.

  3. Yakaru says:

    Arun is not the first, and won’t be the last unimaginative dullard to try and hitch a ride on Osho’s caravan.

    This isn’t about meditation, its about labelling particular experiences with the word “Osho”. Good for business of course, but it is completely unethical.

    All very nice to offer dymnamic etc, but the whole experience for people is skewed and distorted in favour of Arun’s image and financial interests.

    (Sorry for interrupting, Lokesh. Please keep going! It’s worth spelling it out for people.)

  4. frank says:

    i dont know about a spirit of rebellion,but a change of tactics wouldn`t go amiss…..
    with enlightentertainment,like in football,managers and teams insist on sticking to old,worn out systems…
    surely,a team full of defensive disciples and the spearhead main-man lone striker up front has had its day?
    just hoofing it up to the star man and hoping for the best?
    can`t see it myself….

    i envisage a more “total football” approach where anyone can play in any position at any time,depending on how the play is running………..
    like that you get freedom,flexibilty and intelligence.
    you dont need military sponsorship deals and
    you can do your talking on the pitch,no need for the preposterous claims……..

  5. frank says:


    absurd,laughable,inviting ridicule,ludicrous,risible…..

  6. frank says:

    anyone who thinks this lot will win the master of the millenium cup is seriously deluded.

    its all very well feeling you`re enlightened when you`re flying high,taking the us by storm in front of 65 people,but what about those cold,empty tuesday nights in winter up at bolton and blackburn …..
    that`s when you get to see the true quality of their meditation…..
    i dont reckon they`ll be up to it……..

  7. shantam prem says:

    When you have diagnosed in your way, what are the remedial solutions in your opinion?

  8. Lokesh says:

    I have to admit I am really enjoying this blog at the moment, always good for a laugh in one form or another.
    Any time any of you are visiting Ibiza, do get in touch.
    Frank: but what about those cold,empty tuesday nights in winter up at bolton and blackburn ….god forbid, Ibiza for an entire wet, damp and very intense winter is not an experience for the faint-hearted, let alone Bolton or Blackburn.

  9. Lokesh says:

    SP:Can you shed some light, please.

    Sure, no problem. It is like this. Gurus, teachers satsang givers and spiritual masters are all milestones and signposts at the side of the road, while the real guru is the road itself. Once you realize this you can relax, drop the goal-orientated mind and enjoy the jouney with all of its twist and turns, ups and downs etc. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a deceiver.

  10. frank says:

    what is the solution?
    to what?

    the problem?
    that indian and nepalese expats need a nice religion to remind them of home,judging by the videos….

    nothing wrong with that…
    but do you want to claim that a few people excercising their freedom to jump about and wave their arms around has some kind of universal or global significance?

    there lies the path to religio-grandiosity…..

    the most enlightened in the world….
    the only way……
    his vision must reach the ignorant,unconscious masses to stop global suicide…..

    look,i must be blunt here…
    all the talk of averting a “global suicide” from osho,but no one could even stop his girlfriend/closest life partner from commiting suicide……

    i wonder if those osho parrots ever thought about that one?..

  11. shantam prem says:

    Frank Bhai,
    I think to be blunt is one of the quality Osho cultivated… Just it needs to be logically correct, intelligently phrased and must not be born with foot in the mouth disease.
    Than is all right.

    You know.. following my Master´ss foot steps, i can say humbly, it is a “Status Yymbol” to have the white one by the side, it makes the whole city jealous, and the Mem Sahb has always the spiritual encyclopedia around. Satsang at home, so much that it can make indigestion.
    So life is not easy for brown sahib and Mem Sahib.Too much maintainance cost is required for such Hybred luxury.
    With the same race it is OK? can ask any Jersy Cow how life is with the jersey Bull.

  12. frank says:

    what the fuck are you talking about?
    you sound like someone out of em forster`s passage to india.
    dr aziz on azid,maybe.

    “oh yes,mr fielding,she is having breasts like ripe mangos in the mango season,and the bananas in my gunny sack are turning to sweet banana lassi,please,be telling me what is the solution to my problem?……..”

    you seem obsessed with memsahibs and the british empire,so it will come as a surprise to you that my dadaji,who was from jullundur,had some amazing and little known insights….

    british royal family?–indian!
    queen victoria,empress of india,see-indian?
    prince dilip?-indian!
    all children stay at home until married–indian!
    see,arranged marriages-indian!
    prince charles-talking the rubbiss all day,everyone have to listen,and he dont have proper job..ha..indian guru!
    fergie and andrew,taking baksheesh for “special meeting”–indian!
    parents killing daughter because she going out with muslim boy–indian!

  13. Lokesh says:

    SP Sounds at times like Peter Sellers in ‘Oh What a Lovely Party.’
    Birdy, Birdy, nam-nam.
    A warped sense of humour can help in understanding what he is waffling on about. I sometimes suspect that he is a house prisoner with an alarm bracelet who is unable to go out and thus spends so much time on this blog talking a lot of nonsense. Each to his own.
    I’m off for a swim in the sea.

  14. shantam prem says:

    Lokesh now i know who you are. I have seen you and your Dada ji

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  15. Anand says:

    The English (Scots) and Indians are at it again.
    Long live the Queen!
    Arun is a nice fellow, but no rebel.

  16. Yakaru says:

    Hi Shantam,
    Here’s my opinion-

    If Arun wants to lead events where Osho’s techniques are offered, that’s up to him. If he privately believes he has a special connection with his deceased master, that’s a private matter.

    However, this silly old fool is going around selling himself as a “channel for Osho”. So people go to the events, have the happy experience of doing the meditations in a large group, then Arun sticks his head into the picture and tries to get people to associate him with their experience.

    It’s cheating, exploiting Osho’s meditation techniques for financial gain, and it reveals Arun to be a rather weak and stupid man with no ethics or self awareness.

    The solution: he and all the others should stop, and get a proper job.

  17. Krishnananda says:

    Oh! People, you have to meet Ma Prem Geet to understand her sincere feelings.

    I have been to all his retreats in US and seen people’s life changing. He says repeatedly says he is not a guru, Osho is the Master. But out of gratefulness we respect him and love him.

    All he does is inspires people to Meditate Daily and love and trust Osho. And he does this with passion and immense love for Osho. I have seen rocks melting and people flying.

    You have to be there to believe (experience) all this. The mind can and will play tricks, will not be ready to accept other people changing.

    And about Work in Nepal, its just Phenomenal, 5 communes – self sustained – in a poor country. I think there is a lot to learn from. One needs to understand the socio-economic condition of Nepal to appreciate all the in happening.

    I know you guys WILL find fault in this post, and you are most welcome to do, as you have always been.

  18. Krishnananda says:

    “the man who was effectively banned from almost every country on the planet while alive.”

    Osho was not banned in Nepal, by the way, he stayed there for 45 days.

  19. frank says:

    but his caretakers and those wishing to see him were refused visas.
    that`s “effectively banned”,i would say.

  20. shantam prem says:

    Yakaru and Others,
    in the previous thread in the end, i have posted Today´s interview with Dalai Lama. Please, see this for the referance, may be it will be easy to understand Arunji and others, who are working in the school of Osho.

    Somehow.. Sannyasins don´t give the due aknowledgement to other sannyasins in the public domain. may be it is a sibling rivalery.

    My buttons also get pushed for many people, who have jumped in the S business.
    But Not for Arunji.

  21. Sadhu says:

    Oh My God…what is happening HERE…this big Idiot Arun???? hay Bhagwan…fuck him….He was baned, total baned and I am witness…He is such a fraud…but yes…His Osho shoping mall is doing good…heard a lot how He is exploting people in US…God bless…poor Us friends….be carefull with this Arun….fuck him…

  22. shantam prem says:

    Arun is a nice fellow, but no rebel.
    Anand, what you will say about Rajneesh?
    and about Chitanya Keerti, And yess.. Amrito.. Dhyan Yogi…, Veeresh etc.

  23. Krishnananda says:

    Sadhu, You are Jealous…. Yes he was banned from Pune. Does not make any difference. Love cannot be banned! You can keep on shouting, will hurt yourself.

    God is already blessing “Poor US friends”. Negativity does not go a long way!

  24. shantam prem says:

    Sadhu, can you tell the story of Arun´s fraud and why he was banned.. Witness account can be quite reliable, yet their is a latest ruling from Supreme court that the judges in the lower court should give more importance to the circumstantial evidence and scientific findings.

  25. Krishnananda says:

    Shantam, please define being a rebel. Just writing on this site does not prove to be a rebel.

    Not everyone has the genuine passion to work for the master, and those who have should be given their freedom to do so! If not then it will not stop them either, they will find their own freedom!

  26. Krishnananda says:

    “Sannyasins don´t give the due aknowledgement to other sannyasins in the public domain. may be it is a sibling rivalery.” – Shantam, You are right on this one!

  27. shantam prem says:

    Krishnananda, and your version why Arunji was banned from Pune, when Osho was still in the body.
    Was it a case of financial irregularity during Osho´s stay in Nepal?
    Was Arunji was instructed to close the shop when Osho was still in the body, The way Swami Yoga Chinmaya packed Pokhra Ashram and came to Pune with his close band of friends.

  28. shantam prem says:

    The rebel statement is from Anand.
    Anand // Jul 7, 2010 at 2:11 pm
    The English (Scots) and Indians are at it again.
    Long live the Queen!
    Arun is a nice fellow, but no rebel.

    So please, ask him.

    I will not hesitate to say, you are right when you say, “Just writing on this site does not prove to be a rebel.”

    I think, if someone takes the responsibilty of his words and actions and stand behind them, if someone follows His own teachings rather than just preaching others, i have much regard for such person, and i wish to have this regard for me from my own self.
    ( PAR UPDESH KUSHAL BAHUTARE; many many are experts in preaching others).

    In a socio political arena, i treat Parchanda as a rebel. If His leadership creates better world for Nepalie people, he will be termed as Rebel with a mission, without this just another poltician with a rebellious temprament.

  29. Krishnananda says:

    I think he was not banned when Osho was in body only after he left his body. In fact, Jayesh and company created a lot of trouble when Swami Arun wanted to host Osho in Nepal. There is a whole lot story that is to be told – that you guys will never be able to fathom.

    Swami Arun was banned because he did not follow some so called Instructions from the commune. They started saying that he must wear black clothes for camps, not conduct longer meditation camps etc and it was Ma Neelam who wrote the letter and was publish in Osho Times and now she is also banned, so is Keerti, Dharma Jyoti, Yog Chinmaya and other people.

    Good that they were banned, they could go out and create Osho Tapoban, Osho Dham, Osho Nisarga and other places. At least we do not have to flock to the fancy resort where you are not even allowed to wear HIS mala and sing about HIM!

  30. Krishnananda says:

    “Parchanda as a rebel” – He is a killer! Killed or inspired to kill thousands of people.

  31. Lokesh says:

    Read my book. All profits go to Cambodian land mine victims.

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  32. frank says:

    good video!
    a bit of chris morris,with a dash of rab c nesbitt…
    nice one….

    best wishes to all the caledonian no-mind victims……..

  33. Amano says:

    Before Rajneesh, now Arun, where is Our Beloved Master Osho .

    Why stop at finger which is pointing to MOON

    I would like all the meditation camp leaders, satsang leader , claiming to achieve nirvana or satori or all the kind of gurus and maha gurus arouund osho stop this monkey business . it is very dis-respectful to osho what goes on in their events……. just be ordinary and focus of 17 koregaon park and try to save the source where it all started on 21 march 1974 in lao tzu house .

    Camps and gathering will not be able to save that place . which is our birth place of all sannyasins and osho lovers , osho moments

  34. Lokesh says:

    Wild flowers don’t care where they grow.

  35. amrito says:

    you guys are all so rediculous, absolutely the reason why Osho’s message has only reached the gutters.

    Such cynical fools who live to spread hot air on sannyas news instead of meditation in the real world (ahem: shantam).

    sw. arun is more of a rebel than any of you tidwits. and this realization comes when the rebellion is seen as a transformational force on people, not a reactive one.

    he does not preach enlightenment about himself, image himself as a guru, layout a guidelines book to Osho Centers, put his picture on a locket and on top of this…references Osho everywhere!!


    Straite up fools in the house!


  36. Kartar says:

    Aruns Entoiletment League of organized groups and meditators. Common symptoms are dribbling uncontrolably and the unbearable urge to rapidly shake one’s head in random directions. A place where participants lack any sense of self-esteem so seek out like-minded minds to congregate in large groups. A gathering where scholastic vocabulary is limited so they communicate via cryptic handicapped feelings. To be mediocre but try too hard to be exciting and entertaining, to the point of just being really stupid. All this can be compared to the Dark Side of the Mickey Mouse Club: Members can be comparable to street gangs in order to get respect and recognition that they fail to receive in their very short lives. Or no more than a gathering of beggars who formed a club for themselves to help get the attention they seek.

  37. Anand says:

    As far as I remember Osho was informed that the Nepalese government was threatened by the US government to expel him from Nepal. So the decision was
    made to leave early. I think via Thailand to Greece.
    The Nepales government was friendly towards Osho, but the US threat was too strong.
    That pattern was later repeated in Uruguay.
    During his stay in Nepal Osho and his disciples stayed in the Solti Oberoi Hotel in Kathmandu and I think it was on an invitation by Arun.

  38. Anand says:

    Arun is touring the US and teaches Osho active meditations, White Robe etc. His appeal is mainly to Indians living here, but since Osho is hardly present anymore in the US, he discovered his niche. Why blame him? And why he should not get re-imbursed?
    His approach seems traditional Osho.

    Let’s face iy now after 20 years many branches of Osho have been appearing and grown. His tree is flowering worldwide.

    Personally I favor it when Osho sannyasins bring Osho to another level. When people just become parrots or carbon copies of Osho I get bored. It has been 20 years and no change in sight?

    Shantam Prem asks:
    Arun is a nice fellow, but no rebel.
    Anand, what you will say about Rajneesh?
    and about Chitanya Keerti, And yess.. Amrito.. Dhyan Yogi…, Veeresh etc.

    ..all former buddies and travel companions of mine.
    From the ones you mention I would favor Veeresh.
    And I am curious how Rajneesh will fly. I believe he is total flake, but at least he is out there, doing his thing.
    The rest I do not care much about anymore….

  39. prem bubbie says:

    I see that clown amrito is back… nice visit … Arun gave sannyas to over 60,000 nepalese…. woop dee fuckin doo!!! So many ashrams, so many meditators, so fucking what!!? Nepal is in shambles AGAIN.. Prime Minister just resigned, the marxist fuck faces are threatening violence, Again!! What happened to those 60,000 meditative souls? One would think SOME of that blissful juice would rub off on the rest of the population. Not many live there. Hey, get that former prime minister, the one who visited the main Ashram a few months back to run things, he must have some bliss left in him after that hoopla of a visit… Pompous ASS!!! ASSES!!! Pardone me. I think Sheela sneaked into Ashram during his visit and taught those retards how to fuck things up real good…. maybe she stayed to advise the ministers how to subvert the democratic process and taught them all how to use an UZI….. very possible indeed…..Krishnananda get a grip …”you have to meet ma prem Geet to understand her sincere feelings…” Her feelings MAY be from her naivete…. common sense, i don’t think so…. street smarts, no…. intelligence, fat chance…. Being naive has it’s purpose… but, enough is enough, time to grow up from infancy to adulthood…. Yo, Arun, they need you back in Nepal, a country is about to implode…. they desperately need another 60,000 converts immediately… Think that will help? NO!!

  40. amrito says:

    Amano writes:

    “Before Rajneesh, now Arun, where is Our Beloved Master Osho .

    Why stop at finger which is pointing to MOON”

    Are you kidding ME?!

    Amano, how did you get involved with Osho? Did you not see wild accusations and filthy tabloid reports about him being compared to Rev Jones etc? Those silly idiots didn’t have a clue about Osho but really loved to fucken rant and spew rubbish.

    Now where the hell do you draw the comparison line between sw. arun and rajneesh? It says one thing: you are as delusional and idiotic as the journalists and media Osho was attacked by. In fact, you probably became a groupie and didn;t even have to realize the resistance against osho.

    Now I know some one you are going to come back and say:

    “wow now he’s comparing Arun to Osho”

    Two Words: So what.

    ‘m definately not comparing any of you so called “Osho”‘s sannyasins.

    Anand Says:
    “Arun is touring the US and teaches Osho active meditations, White Robe etc. His appeal is mainly to Indians living here, but since Osho is hardly present anymore in the US, he discovered his niche”

    Indians, Jamaicans or Whities are not an issue in regards to Osho;s work flourishing within Sw. Anand Arun’s camps. The pure innocence in which Sw. Arun touches people with his expression of love for Osho is like a wildfire…So there’s no issue in terms of Sw. Arun in the USA bringing “mostly” indians–look at Zorba Studio–its a pretty diverse crowd.

    There is one singular issue, and its a very sad sad issue in the expansion of Osho’s work today–His own silly sannyasins.

    The only barrier to Osho is his own people…And instead of encouraging beloved souls like sw. arun (who wouldn’t mind sleeping in a filthy basement in some ghetto north american suburb just to spread Osho’s work–I’ve seen it)—you hurl stones.

    Shantam pretends to be rebel, but he’s an sannyasnews addict junkie. Frank’s humour is getting dry and old. Lokesh is a cynical vegetable sannyasin. Yakaru doesn’t seem to mind paying therapists there $70 an hour but questions sw. arun’s financial gain strategy when the reality is he gets very very NOMINAL financial coverage and sometimes uses pension income to help people organize events.

    Such hopeless fools.

  41. amrito says:

    ***IF ANY PERSON WHO IS NEW TO OSHO IS READING THIS DISCUSSION BOARD**** (google search will surely bring seeking souls to this forum at some point in time)

    kindly remember that every flower has its thorns, and Osho’s thorns turned out to be his disciples (after he left his body mostly)…

    you will find no benefit here, so read Osho instead because these people will KILL Osho right infront of you, so get out while you can…

  42. Amano says:

    Amrito , u call everyone on this site hopeless Fools. but forgot to write about yourself. . what about you ……what have you done for osho and his work

    when i read your posting, i see a very sad power hungry person .

    same catagery like arun

  43. Amano says:

    , i was not compareing rajneesh with arun.
    rajneesh is ok. but arun is a fraud and full of politics

    you wrote good here on this site about arun. you sure will get chance to lick his ass and get a seat in his inner circus

  44. shantam prem says:

    Good morning in Europe, after noon in India and enjoy the peaceful sleep in North America.
    Sannyasnews Junkie is here to write few more comments and i am sure with a proper proof reading,these thoughts of me will take a form of book.
    Those who use hands instead of a paper tissues feel respect for the words printed on paper format.

    If you are commited to a certain project from your heart and being, intensity of it is intoxicating.
    If the eyes expand their vision, sannyasnews is a platform for the present day Samurais in the world of Osho.
    Swordsmaship with the words, perheaps more powerful and good for enviornement too for its bloodless nature, like a Tofu cutlet instead of Chicken*

    So Amrtio and Krishnanada are doing full justice to thrash those who are judging Arunji through the face value.
    To me Arunji look as siren and loving as Punja ji were.
    Just the other day, i have seen the photos of both these people and feel this similarity.
    Few will think, i should go for eyes check up.

  45. shantam prem says:

    Kartar, the paragraph of you is in such a good prose; let me quote here, the deliciousness of the words needs repitition-

    Kartar // Jul 7, 2010 at 11:48 pm
    Aruns Entoiletment League of organized groups and meditators. Common symptoms are dribbling uncontrolably and the unbearable urge to rapidly shake one’s head in random directions. A place where participants lack any sense of self-esteem so seek out like-minded minds to congregate in large groups. A gathering where scholastic vocabulary is limited so they communicate via cryptic handicapped feelings. To be mediocre but try too hard to be exciting and entertaining, to the point of just being really stupid. All this can be compared to the Dark Side of the Mickey Mouse Club: Members can be comparable to street gangs in order to get respect and recognition that they fail to receive in their very short lives. Or no more than a gathering of beggars who formed a club for themselves to help get the attention they seek.

    My Question is why to single out Arun´s Entoilenment league.
    For example sake, do people behind
    ” Psyhcology of Vision”, ” Path of love”, Oneness university are different.
    Do their participants have a healthy self esteem, and why to take us away, Are we not mediocre enough to change our name and life´s direction because of some man from Jabalpur, surely His scholarly talks ooze intelligence..

    Where one will draw the line, what is your boarderline between appreciation and condemnation?

  46. Lokesh says:

    Amrito. Lokesh is a cynical vegetable sannyasin.
    I’ve been called a lot worse things in my life, but that is a newie.
    As for the cynical part, that is not really my fault. I’m Scottish and the Scots are born into a traditional philosophy which is grounded in being cynical and sceptical. Personally I think this is a healthy character trait and one which I shared with Osho. He was very cynical about certain people. He loved nothing better to get on the case of people like Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandoo. And remember too, that the Cynics were an ancient Greek sect who renounced worldly things and that is where the word cynical comes from. Besides, I really do believe that most people’s acts are based in selfishness, which is what a modern-day cynic believes.
    A vegetable sannyasin. Yes I am. What’s wrong with that? Don’t you know the Frank Zappa song, ‘Call any vegetable’? It goes like this:

    Call any vegetable
    Call it by name
    Call one today When you get off the train
    Call any vegetable And the chances are good
    Aw, The vegetable will respond to you

    Which is exactly what I’ve just done.

  47. Kartar says:

    SP says: Where one will draw the line, what is your boarderline between appreciation and condemnation?

    Shantam Prem I have none. I just write when the mood takes over or whenever I’m online, which is rare lately.

    At the moment I am on my way to pick up my brand new Maserati…Vroom Vroom. Get out on the highway looking for adventure or whatever comes my way…

  48. Lokesh says:

    If you get overtaken by a Mustang…hey, that’s me. Now what is on the radio? Click…..Like a true nature’s child
    We were born, born to be wild

  49. Anand says:

    I do not understand the problem with Arun. He is traveling with Osho’s meditation techniques and copies the Osho resort set up with White Robes etc.
    People always have the tendency to look for some guru,
    instead of just going inside and stay with themselves.

    Where is the harm in Arun’s work? America is a free country and he can charge whatever he likes and Jayesh sleeps only in 5 star hotels, Arun seems to be a more simple man.

    And why was he banned from the Osho resort in Pune?
    I think the banning in Pune should be a more interesting subject for sannyas news. And why all those banned do not unite in a legal case against this?

  50. shantam prem says:

    My feelings are the same, as you said,”
    “Just be ordinary and focus of 17 koregaon park and try to save the source where it all started on 21 march 1974 in lao tzu house .
    Camps and gathering will not be able to save that place . which is our birth place of all sannyasins and osho lovers , Osho moments.”

    Once the Bargad Ka Perh (Banyan Tree), the tree which gives Oxygen day and night comes back to its full glory after the long autumn; the flower pots and other trees will simply play the background.

    What wonders me the most is the way beneficiaries of such abundance has shown their back.
    It also shows that people were on the board as tourists, spectators, paid guests and got the best of their investment and time.
    Once you burn your heart as a gas, than you have a different connection with the ship.

    And my insistence about the fact that Poona should be run with the same structural programmes as it was during His life time.
    Osho presided over the day of 11th December, no one has the mandate to take this away from the Menu, though individuals choice is there join or not to join the festivity.

    So these kind of small small things have a value of immense significance.
    Those ladies and Gentlemen think the smell of cooking religion in all this and cannot digest it because of their system, they are free to find something else or fill their own plate from the vast Inner menu hand picked by Osho.

  51. Satya Deva says:

    From opening paragraph of this article:
    Beloved Swami Anand Arun, Osho’s long time associate and medium, graced the USA with his
    presence once again….

    The use of the term “medium” is enough for me to be very sceptical about the writer of the article.

    Just delusion, sentimental hogwash to call anyone the medium” of a Master.

    I’d thought that sort of bullshine had ended with Somendra/Michael Barnett, back in the late 70′s….

  52. Chinmaya says:

    It seems, as if I am in a fish market and buyers/shop keepers are throwing their garbage each other. Bloody hell. These are Sanyasins of Osho. Having read the above remarks for each others, New comers would feel disgrace to join any group of Osho or else, you all have decided to demit the name of Osho from this universe. Osho must be feeling sorry as to what He taught or spoke by spending innumerable hours of talks and what His people has understood Him.

    Just show some serenity and courtsey for each other. Donot rape but enjoy the sex. So much filth, anger, nasty designs and dislike for the Monitors of the class, what will be the condition of minds of the junior students of Osho and of those, who are in the yards and are not coming up to participate in Sanyasnews. May be they are waiting to participate in an appropriate time.

  53. Lokesh says:

    Chinmaya. Osho must be feeling sorry as to what He taught or spoke by spending innumerable hours of talks and what His people has understood Him.
    This is utter nonsense. Don’t you get it? Osho has merged with the cosmic jelly and no longer exists as an individual. Osho had no investment in his talks. He gave discourses out of abundance and the pleasure of giving. Ever heard of the expression, ‘The giver should be thankful’? It means that any opportunity to give must be taken as a blessing, because only by giving does one become fully conected with life’s current.
    Who gives a hoot about junior students’ minds? The whole point of the sannyas movement is to become grounded in a reality beyond mind.
    This blog is a good example of what Osho meant about being in the market place. It is by nature a filthy place but if you keep your wits about you that filth provides the nourishment for the lotus grow.
    Your comment is full of moralistic tosh that tries to evoke guilt, and guilt is the most useless of human emotions and does not belong in sannyas news. If you don’t like the heat why jump in the fire?

  54. Chinmaya says:

    A critic has a great treasure of criticism

  55. amrito says:


    I may be a fool, but I’m certainly not hopeless.

    Shantam and yourself are hopelessly trying to bring down a regime that simply is unphased by internet bickering.

    The exiled 0alai Lama and Tibetan Budhism didn’t JusT sit on the sidelines and protest to have their land back–they took Tibet to the rest of the world.

    If you think camps and meditation centers are worthless you haven’t understood an iota of Osho. He himself set up a flourishing movement of meditation centers and camps around the world. A lot of people couldn’t even visit Osho in Pune, but did they feel his presence? Absolutely yes.

    Those who don’t know Sw. Arun must understand his simplicity: bring Osho once agin into homes and spaces around the world (and not with a price tag or profit margin).


  56. amrito says:

    And to see how I’m contributing, just click on my name.

  57. alok john says:


    Have you done a camp with Arun?

    He really is exceptional.

    I had the same opinion as you until I did a camp with him.

    Sannyasins all have a connection with Osho, we are all mediums in a way, it is just quite a bit deeper with Arun.

    If you do a camp with him you go into deeper meditation than doing a camp without him. Same as going to Pune; a meditation in Pune will be deeper than that at home. Who knows why?

  58. Lokesh says:

    I will be known through my sannyasins – Osho

    Amazing how so many miss this, even though it is printed at the top of the page.

  59. Lokesh says:

    Amrito: And to see how I’m contributing, just click on my name.

    I did and I am suitably impressed. But what I really want to know is how do I go about getting a name clicker?

  60. shantam prem says:

    Without doubt, Amrito, it is like this what you have written, and the photos of Osho Madhuban share the fragrance of Osho thousand times more than one can ever write.

    “If you think camps and meditation centers are worthless you haven’t understood an iota of Osho. He himself set up a flourishing movement of meditation centers and camps around the world. A lot of people couldn’t even visit Osho in Pune, but did they feel his presence? Absolutely yes.

    Those who don’t know Sw. Arun must understand his simplicity: bring Osho once agin into homes and spaces around the world (and not with a price tag or profit margin).”

  61. shantam prem says:

    Lokesh, may be you have not read my previous mail, where i have written fromthe Photos, Punjaji and Arunji´s energy looks similar.
    What is your take?

    In another mail i have asked Sadhu to prove the authenticity of his accusations.
    Sadhu // Jul 7, 2010 at 3:37 pm

    If cannot, atleast he can withdraw his profinites.

  62. shantam prem says:

    And yes..Amrito, regime may be unphased by the Internet bickering, so what. I don´t expect them to read or react to my words.
    What is the hurry to win in the first few minutes of the game. What is the hurry to turn immediately the whethers. Many people on the earth wait months for a day of sun shine.
    A dog may feel doubtful when other dogs in the vicinity don´t sing in symphony, but a man of truth can walk alone, unfazed by the praise or the condemnation.
    May be you can ask Arun ji?

    It will look funny to you that this sannyasnews junkie is thinking himself as a man of truth and puts himself in the same league as “your Arun ji.”
    But in this way you can understand how other people´e mind react and in the process defends their image of Osho, Jesus, Buddha or “Parchanda”.

  63. Lokesh says:

    Shantam Prem. I looked at Arun on You Tube and he appears to be a genuinely cool guy, interested in getting people involved in Osho’s meditations etc. I really don’t have a problem with that, but then again I am not that interested. Were he in the neighbourhood I’d certainly look him up.
    I see little similarity between him and Poonjaji, but I’ve never met Arun so I can’t say for sure.
    Externally, Poojaji was quite deceptive in the sense that he appeared like a jolly old man (which he was), but when you got up close he was indeed the real deal and certainly managed to blow me out of my socks. But then again who am I to say, I’m just a cynical vegetable sannyasin. Hoo-hoo! Oh oh…I have to run…here comes a peeling knife.!

  64. shantam prem says:

    The way, i have understood the message regarding Meditation camps, Osho has encouraged this more than any thing else.
    To people with leadership qua lites, he was asking immediately to open the centre and lead meditation camps.
    Even in the Ashram, though every day was full of meditation still Osho instructed Ma Zareen,( the woman with leadership qualities and power balancer to Ma Neelam) to conduct 3 days meditation camp during every second friday till Sunday of the month.
    Everybody could feel more intensity in the energy, so much so that workers were asked to take day off from routine work and spend the day at the meditation camp.

    Naturally every meditation camp leader(facilitator) will bring his personal qua lites and drawbacks too in the process.
    Once Osho left the body and because of inefficient and isolated working style of the resort management, these centre leaders also became independent.
    And being 20-30 years as centre leaders, they grew their own band of people, the way big branch of the tree creates its own branches. When one sees the sannyas ceremony of all these people, it has the same style as When Osho himself was initiating and the way it became during Poona 2 days under the chairperson of Avirbhava; the Ma who screams like a child when Osho enters the Buddhahall.
    On the second front, western sanynasins with leadership qualites had the craving to be group leader. Mas with prominent boobs and macho man with soft heart were choosing the vocation to be Tantra Master, massage,re balancing, Craniosacral, NLP, breathing and so on.
    YOu must invest considerable amount of time and money to be a group leader and than the cut throat competition in the branch…

    As one sees the trend, Indian meditation camp takers with sannyas and Satsang are getting more ground.
    It is not just the question of the cost effectiveness. These people are more emotionally present, they give a shelter feeling to the participants, naturally this brings brand royalty. People just don´t go for meditation but meditation with A, b, C, just like patients going to their favourite doctor in the OPD.
    I have no idea how the price structure of groups and therapies is decided, but for the meditation camp leaders and organisers it was a message from Osho to do this on no profit no loss basis. And same was in the Ashram, everything connected with meditation was at cost price, including Osho´s books.
    And another reason behind the meditation camps was that once people in the far away towns have the taste of collective meditation in the camps, they will take the next step to visit Buddhafield, the UNO of consciousness.
    As there is no affinity with Ashram any more because there is no Osho ashram any more. People wait in their home towns for the home delivery. Easy to pay, easy to digest, food for lightness.
    Few people believe once Buddha leaves the body, Buddhafield disappear. Few people thought Buddhafield requires the harmonious bonding between many people, let us make it resort, it is than easy to maintain as any 3,4 or 5 star facility.
    There are few sentimentalist fools like me, who feel Oshofield can be maintained without Osho; as all the verbal and visual guidelines are there, even in the sign and Braille language.
    What it requires is a simple change in the mind set.
    Let us see.

  65. Satya Deva says:

    Alok John:
    Sannyasins all have a connection with Osho, we are all mediums in a way, it is just quite a bit deeper with Arun.

    If sannyasins are “all mediums in a way” then Osho must have been the most neurotic man ever…

    Just look at the ‘inner conflict’ here!

  66. prem bubbie says:

    Amrito, Another one who has to brag about his so-called spiritual accomplishments and “practices”. Another egomaniac You, sir, forgot the “be still and know” cliche. what’s the matter Canuck Amrito, Can’t take criticism of your cult’s members and practices? Yes, it still is a cult, sad to say. Arun is a big boy, if he has a problem with the criticism that’s said about him, he can speak up. Can’t you see that you’re practicing the same way as those old time organized religions. Acting like some “savior” or “defender of the faith”, like the christian fanatics. If characters like you are left unchecked you’ll be burning “witches” at the stake or hold “Inquisitions” then burning convicts at the stake for “criticisms of osho and his disciples”. If you and Arun and others don’t like criticism, or in other words, “if you can’t take the heat … get another fucking job”. I clicked your name…. Another Woopdee fuckin doo!!! What do you want – a fucking medal? A pat on the head? Like a dog…good boy, Amrito. here’s a biscuit for your good behavior… Fuck you….. A swift kick in the ass for you instead…maybe afterward a zen stick to the head… Amrito, A little hitler in disguise.

  67. chetna says:

    ‘If you do a camp with him you go into deeper meditation than doing a camp without him.’ -I totally agree with that. It is just a fact.

    He is a mystic that’s for sure and he could not care less for your comments on this website.

    In 70′s people threw stones at him for being with Osho, he was thrown out from home, left by his wife etc etc and now some stupid comments of your will disturb him? Please…..

    At the same time I take into account that all these teachers, helpers etc I should watch out! They also have their deceiving minds and totally convinced of their holy doings, even if they are very harmful to others.But can they see it?

    I like Osho’s advice that we should be open, receive, thank and move on, or rather inside. That’s al the game0going inward. The rest is bla bla

  68. Yakaru says:

    No I haven’t done a camp with him. I’d be quite happy to do a meditation camp, but that would because of the meditations, not the camp leader.

    Even if I thought he is a “clear channel” for Osho, I would still be opposed to him promoting himself with that claim. It’s confusing and misleading for newcomers. And I would have thought the old-comers would have grown out of that stuff by now.

  69. Yakaru says:

    If he offered a hype-free event along the lines of “I’m Arun, and I’ve meditated a lot and I’ll talk about what I’ve learned” I wouldn’t object.

  70. amrito says:

    bubble farts…keep farting.

    the stink eventually makes one permanently ignore you on sannyas news.

    :::permanently ignored::::

    good nite.

  71. prem bubbie says:

    “permanently ignored”… Yeah amrito — AFTER you got your two cents in-Canadian cents at that!!! Next time we hear from you will be to promote another so-called sannyasin mystic/ meditator that’s visiting your ashram/center. It’s so obvious what you and rajneesh are doing when you post, both of you might as well sell tickets when the circus is in town!!! money money money like vampires looking to suck blood from another victim, so it is with so many in the “Osho sannyasin” world… Feeding of one another for money or ego boost…. So pathetic from so called meditators…. Just telling it like it is and not blinded by the Sannyasin fog and denial!!!

  72. prem bubbie says:

    Chetna, if you go deeper into mediation when Arun is doing the camp than without, you sir and anyone else, are sad, sad, creatures….. How shallow you must be, how cowardly you are, how incapable to delve into one’s own bliss without “help”… AFTER ALL OF THESE YEARS WITH OSHO??!! oy vay

  73. prem bubbie says:

    Yakaru— I agree with you for what it’s worth. But being true to capitalism and the modern day marketing/advertising techniques, these marketers have to squeeze money from people, suck them in with glorious claims of sainthood, hocus pocus feats of meditation, claims of angelic like powers…. Being an ordinary person living life to his fullest—-naaa– that doesn’t sell…”60,000 in Nepal have been given sannyas by Arun”— that we can use. 60,000 converts haven’t done much to help Nepal, Why bother taking sannyas?

  74. prem bubbie says:

    the sannyasins doing these camps and groups remind me of a bunch of junkies needing to score their next fix….it’s time for DETOX!!!

  75. Amano says:

    Amrito, How are you feeling today? anything new or same old stuff

  76. shantam prem says:

    Darshan with Octapus St. Paul

    Wash the sins and strains of inner and outer life
    Feel blessed

    Check these pages for his forthcoming visit in your country.
    Entry free, donation only.

  77. chetna says:

    ‘If he offered a hype-free event along the lines of “I’m Arun, and I’ve meditated a lot and I’ll talk about what I’ve learned” I wouldn’t object.’-that’s what he says actually, and adds you don’t have to trust me, experience it for yourself.

    I am not here to protect him, as some of the things he says I am even not comfortable.But who is perfect? We are all made of errors!

    Bubbie, yes, I need help. I need help from my Master, I need help from nature, from a smiling child-all helps me to realise godliness around us. And Arun’s camp helps me with deep intensity.

    I medi with or without him. As I said, at the end of the day I am going in alone.

    And by the amount of your anger, one does not need to guess how much you have gone in!

  78. Lokesh says:

    Osho talks about the continuation of his work

    Nobody is going to be a successor to me. The very idea of succeeding was an idea borrowed from the royal families. Just as kings were succeeded by their eldest sons, it reflected on the tradition of masters also that somebody would become their successor.

    I want to make a complete break. As far as I am concerned, you are all intimate to me. I can afford the intimacy of all of you, because there is no question of any succeeding. Nobody is going to be my successor. I want everybody to be a master unto himself.

    To be a successor is a little humiliating. It is against the dignity of an enlightened man. Neither has he anybody before him as his predecessor nor has he anybody after him who is his successor. He is alone, standing like an Everest; no one precedes him, no one succeeds him.

    His aloneness is a message to all who fall in love with him, that they also have to be alone. In your aloneness you are beautiful, pure. It does not mean that you have to renounce the world. It simply means that you don’t have to belong to the world. You can remain in the marketplace, but just be a mirror, a witness, watching whatever is going on.

    But traditionally they never understood that it is against the freedom of the individual to be a successor. It makes a spiritual experience almost like a treasury or a kingdom. It is neither. Nobody can succeed. Everybody has to be on his own, and that independence and the taste of that independence is so valuable that I want to bring a new kind of master and a new kind of disciple into the world. They are intimate in their love, in their trust, but they are not bound in any way–by any thread, visible or invisible. The master is himself, the disciple is also himself. And the function of the master is to prove to the disciple that to be oneself is the greatest glory in the world, the most splendorous thing.

  79. Satya Deva says:

    Thank you, Lokesh; for this much-needed breath of sanity.

  80. Satya Deva says:

    Alok John:
    If you do a camp with him you go into deeper meditation than doing a camp without him. Same as going to Pune; a meditation in Pune will be deeper than that at home. Who knows why?

    Possibly because of what the mind puts on to the person or to the place?

    The feeling of being ‘contained’ by a supposedly superior consciousness?

    Similar perhaps, to how we felt as children (or would have preferred to have felt?).

    Not saying this is true for all, or even true at all, just a thought….

  81. Anand says:

    Beloved Swami Anand Arun, Osho’s long time associate and medium, graced the USA with his
    presence once again…

    Strange choice of words: ‘associate’ ? I doubt Arun spent much time physically close to Osho.
    ‘Medium”…you must be kidding. Maybe Anando, but then… ‘Graced the USA’….typical new age trash……
    Why not keep it simple: a simple man offering Osho’s meditation techniques in the marketplace.
    And whatever is happening during these events, is the participants connecting with Osho’existence/meditation/their own life energy. Stop projecting stuff on to the facilitators!

    Lokesh: running from your German wife again? Seems to be a pattern….

  82. Lokesh says:

    Anand….Lokesh: running from your German wife again? Seems to be a pattern….

    No, not today, she’s in the pool with our grandson and I’m out in my yacht, cruising the Mediteranean. Oh! I just spotted a shipwrecked mega.babe…have to go.

  83. Lokesh says:

    PS. An octopus credited with psychic powers has predicted that Spain will defeat the Netherlands in the World Cup final.

    I do believe this is a sign of the times.

  84. Satya Deva says:

    Again, re meditation “going deeper” in an Arun Camp and in Poona, well, there might be a ‘group hypnosis’ factor, I suppose, with a whole crowd of people believing similar stuff, thus multiplying the effect, very probably exponentially.

    Bit like a placebo…

    But whether that might apply equally to both cases, I doubt ,and I wouldn’t want to ‘degrade’ the ongoing effect of Osho’s past presence in the very air and bulidings of the Poona Ashram.

  85. Satya Deva says:

    Funny, Lokesh, I’ve had a feeling that Holland would do it, from the very start of the tournament…

    Goes against form etc., but – what to do?!

  86. shantam prem says:

    I thnik Ma Prem geet has written the above piece with heart and with spontanity.
    I am sure, she is not studying for Bachalor or Master in Laws, so that every word can create a conflcit of opinon.
    ALso it is an act of courage to write at sannyasnews, where the format is inreactive.
    Just imagine she writes something in Osho world, Times or in Viha Connection, how the readers can react on every word. Read the contents and if you cannot digest, bear it till it sinks like a stone in the bottom of the lake.
    And as it is with the heart and its expressions, red is not red it is fiery red, someone is not good but very good. Master is not a master but the son of god or the testicles of the existance.
    So one can look at the contents of the article with empathy or can contest it…., as many claims are just proposterous. Lokesh, Anand have pointed these flaws.Yakaru feels simple repulsed by these over the board exageration.

  87. shantam prem says:

    “In 70’s people threw stones at him for being with Osho, he was thrown out from home, left by his wife etc etc and now some stupid comments of your will disturb him? Please…..”-Chetna

    Shantam, the sannyasnews junkie was absent the whole day. One has to work also; even though it is all grace of God; bread, butter and internet.

    The above comment of Chetna were creating the words in the silence, here they go.
    What she has written about Arun is true for many many many of first generation of Sannyasins, and this percentage is even higher for the bache mates of Arun ji.

    Most of these people have not grown grey hairs by sitting in the shades; osho´s washing Machine has really given them a tumble wash.
    The OSho field was like an industrial wash machine.

    ‘If you do a camp with him you go into deeper meditation than doing a camp without him.’ -I totally agree with that. It is just a fact.

    Again many of His bench mates, Like Chaitanya Bharti, Chitanya Keerti, YOoga chinmaya, Narendra Bodhisatva, Dhyan Jyoti etc. are continuously taking camps. They all have their pet people and all their leaves and sub branches arounf them feel the same, Protection.
    In their humble and flamboyant way, all are contributing by singing the tunes of Osho on their flutes.
    We are doing it in our ways through this click click click on the key board.

    And because ALL have ego and desire for recognition, so it is normal to tell the stories of one´s extra ordinary courage and cleverness to the new people, but sometime it goes like this.
    Newly married vrigin feels impressed to see this usually hidden thing in open.
    She asks her husband about this.
    The expereince husband replies, ” He is a prisoner, soon he will enter the prison in you.”
    And it happens.
    Wife feels very happy. Few hours later, she ask the prisoner to be arrested.

    Few hours later, when she again tries to arrest the prisoner, hsuband shouts, ” When you will understand, i was not talking about life imprisonment.”

  88. Anand says:

    Lokesh: enjoy life on Ibiza, sounds like the place to be.
    Beats SP Freiburg.

  89. prem bubbie says:

    Well said you all—Lokesh, Satya Deva, and yes even Anand—– to the rest of you—the truth does hurt even after all of these years, when are you going to admit it, and face your self deceptions? Once you do that, ALL ashrams, centers, Camps, Resorts, and therapy groups, and the Osho-in name only-organizations will simply disappear…. for you will have finally stood on your own two feet and become the “new man” as Osho has foretold. Chetna, it’s not about being angry, not at all!!! I think you’re too stupid to realize that.

  90. shantam prem says:

    Long Live Anglo Saxon Club, the brainist, sharpest and the most meditative ones.
    This club heartly welcomes, its new Exective president, Mr. Prem Bubbie.

    Objection objecton…
    How the people walking on their two feet are carrying the borrowed name.

    There are healthy people who don´t need any injection but no.. they will carry always the syringe. Who knows..*

  91. shantam prem says:

    Anand, without hesitation Lokesh Ibiza beats SP freiburg.
    Even the natural citizens of Germany, England, Scottland etc. would like to shift to Ibiza.

    But see, like many Indians, i have no choice. It is like this saying, “Beggers have no choice.”
    Like all the Indians, i was also walking from front gate to back gate of the ashram.with an ashram gate pass glued to the passport, with the idea something will
    come out from the Lotto of Mystery school.

  92. Lokesh says:

    Help me, help me, help me sail away,
    Well give me two good reasons why I oughta stay.
    ‘Cause I love to live so pleasantly,
    Live this life of luxury,
    Lazing on a sunny afternoon.
    In the summertime
    In the summertime
    In the summertime

    What exactly does being a sannyasin mean?
    Take my humble self. I rarely read or listen to anything by Osho. I have one photo of him in my kitchen. I think white robe brotherhood is kids’ stuff. I’m not in the least bit interested in what is going on in Poona. I haven’t done an active Osho meditation in over twenty years. I have many more friends who are not sannyasins than who are. I’m not nostalgic for the good old days of Poona One. But the funny thing is that if someone asks me, ‘Are you a sannyasin?’ I always answer yes.

  93. shantam prem says:

    When you anwser Yes, What are the different sets of reactions from those who asks, ” Are you a sannyasin?”

  94. shantam prem says:

    Two three days before i could find out the difference between me as an Indian and me as a Osho Sannyasin.
    When the collective voice of Indians in US were shouting foul and the Indian media was voiceing in pity, i fould the article below with right amount of punches and written in a very lucid way.

    To appreciate the jokes, satires and irony in life known as Leela is quite a trademark of Osho´s sannyas.

    My Own Private India
    By Joel Stein Monday, Jul. 05, 2010

    I am very much in favor of immigration everywhere in the U.S. except Edison, N.J. The mostly white suburban town I left when I graduated from high school in 1989 — the town that was called Menlo Park when Thomas Alva Edison set up shop there and was later renamed in his honor — has become home to one of the biggest Indian communities in the U.S., as familiar to people in India as how to instruct stupid Americans to reboot their Internet routers.

    My town is totally unfamiliar to me. The Pizza Hut where my busboy friends stole pies for our drunken parties is now an Indian sweets shop with a completely inappropriate roof. The A&P I shoplifted from is now an Indian grocery. The multiplex where we snuck into R-rated movies now shows only Bollywood films and serves samosas. The Italian restaurant that my friends stole cash from as waiters is now Moghul, one of the most famous Indian restaurants in the country. There is an entire generation of white children in Edison who have nowhere to learn crime.
    (See pictures of Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park.)

    I never knew how a bunch of people half a world away chose a random town in New Jersey to populate. Were they from some Indian state that got made fun of by all the other Indian states and didn’t want to give up that feeling? Are the malls in India that bad? Did we accidentally keep numbering our parkway exits all the way to Mumbai?

    I called James W. Hughes, policy-school dean at Rutgers University, who explained that Lyndon Johnson’s 1965 immigration law raised immigration caps for non-European countries. LBJ apparently had some weird relationship with Asians in which he liked both inviting them over and going over to Asia to kill them.

    After the law passed, when I was a kid, a few engineers and doctors from Gujarat moved to Edison because of its proximity to AT&T, good schools and reasonably priced, if slightly deteriorating, post–WW II housing. For a while, we assumed all Indians were geniuses. Then, in the 1980s, the doctors and engineers brought over their merchant cousins, and we were no longer so sure about the genius thing. In the 1990s, the not-as-brilliant merchants brought their even-less-bright cousins, and we started to understand why India is so damn poor.

    Eventually, there were enough Indians in Edison to change the culture. At which point my townsfolk started calling the new Edisonians “dot heads.” One kid I knew in high school drove down an Indian-dense street yelling for its residents to “go home to India.” In retrospect, I question just how good our schools were if “dot heads” was the best racist insult we could come up with for a group of people whose gods have multiple arms and an elephant nose.
    (See TIME’s special report “The Making of America: Thomas Edison.”)

    Unlike some of my friends in the 1980s, I liked a lot of things about the way my town changed: far better restaurants, friends dorky enough to play Dungeons & Dragons with me, restaurant owners who didn’t card us because all white people look old. But sometime after I left, the town became a maze of charmless Indian strip malls and housing developments. Whenever I go back, I feel what people in Arizona talk about: a sense of loss and anomie and disbelief that anyone can eat food that spicy.

    To figure out why it bothered me so much, I talked to a friend of mine from high school, Jun Choi, who just finished a term as mayor of Edison. Choi said that part of what I don’t like about the new Edison is the reduction of wealth, which probably would have been worse without the arrival of so many Indians, many of whom, fittingly for a town called Edison, are inventors and engineers. And no place is immune to change. In the 11 years I lived in Manhattan’s Chelsea district, that area transformed from a place with gangs and hookers to a place with gays and transvestite hookers to a place with artists and no hookers to a place with rich families and, I’m guessing, mistresses who live a lot like hookers. As Choi pointed out, I was a participant in at least one of those changes. We left it at that.

    Unlike previous waves of immigrants, who couldn’t fly home or Skype with relatives, Edison’s first Indian generation didn’t quickly assimilate (and give their kids Western names). But if you look at the current Facebook photos of students at my old high school, J.P. Stevens, which would be very creepy of you, you’ll see that, while the population seems at least half Indian, a lot of them look like the Italian Guidos I grew up with in the 1980s: gold chains, gelled hair, unbuttoned shirts. In fact, they are called Guindians. Their assimilation is so wonderfully American that if the Statue of Liberty could shed a tear, she would. Because of the amount of cologne they wear.

    Read more:,9171,1999416,00.html#ixzz0tE4XkMAy

  95. Anand says:

    No Shantam Prem I was kidding: Freiburg is actually a great city to live in. Beautiful nature and conscious and eco people, beats most India places and ask Lokesh about November or January in Ibiza, dead but good for writers.
    Bubbie is right, if he drops the trash.

    Pune 1 as a kindergarten school (pre-school). It is still a wonderful place to visit, but the mystery and magic has moved on. Future seekers will find their own enlightenment somewhere and we will all be milestones left behind together with J. Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff and all the others. But we certainly did dance our dance in those years!

  96. prem bubbie says:

    I used to not write “trash”, i was nice, polite, caring, loving, supportive to others who wrote on this site….. Soon, i realized people wrote just to boost their egos, to feel good, to brag about their life’s quests, often just “subtly” showing off…. Accomplishments be damned I thought… same stupid characters just 20 years older, same stupid head trips…. I remember when I worked on a CSA farm in upstate New York back in 1992, most members were people from the N.Y.C. who spent money for good Bio dynamic produce and milk, cheese, and yogurt. Once a month on a Saturday, members were encouraged to support and participate for a day working on the farm, either plant, harvesting vegetables or milking cows…. Out of 290 members usually 5 or 6 would show up once a month… the general manager gave up after 7 months and put up a notice…. ” C.A. taking new members”. I asked him “Don’t you mean C.S.A.”? He said , “No, it’s C.A. because there isn’t any support in the community for this farm, people just want to throw money around and then talk about how they “joined this group, so they can get fresh vegetables”. It’s a conversation piece for parties and get togethers, something to brag about. People at heart don’t give a shit what they eat.” Next to some of Osho’s discourses, that statement by my farm boss was one of the most important things said to me in my life….. So it is with Osho sannyasins, most of them anyway…. a conversation piece, talk, talk…very little walking the talk… Anand and Satya Deva, why people still feel a deeper meditation from some one they perceive to be of a higher consciousness… It’s definitely a mind thing, “Get out of your own way” as Zen has it… and this is exactly the point… Why the sannyas community… it’s a place for a lonely person to feel strong, be accepted, yet when sannyasins get together it becomes a conversation piece-”I went to such and such camp with so and so”. “I did these groups with so and so”… That group and camp addiction, Back in the early “80′s was wide spread amongst sannyasins…. It’s Obvious then and now very few have actually progressed to a higher state of consciousness by doing these dumb camps and groups. You don’t have to believe me, just look around the world, in India, Nepal, U.S.A. europe… anything progress? NO!!!! That’s the truth….. Stop the addiction!!! Stop the tail chasing…… Chetna, Get out of your own way!!!!! If you were a christian I’d say.. If you had the faith of a mustard seed… that famous line from the new testament.. you’re own mind, Chetna has made your meditation feel deeper while doing Arun’s camps, so goes for most of the rest of you with similar experiences… and you bring yourself down when you meditate on your own. Ciao Bella

  97. chetna says:

    all this mind masturbation is futile! you should guys ty medi, I’d say!

  98. chetna says:


  99. Lokesh says:

    SP When you anwser Yes, What are the different sets of reactions from those who asks, ” Are you a sannyasin?”

    Nine times out of ten it is ‘I thought so’.

  100. shantam prem says:

    Lokesh, this is enough compliment when ” I thought so” is the answer.
    Something different must be there, whether you remain silent or say something.

    SOmething different is much more than a Botex.

    Honestly speaking, your years spend in the intensity of the commune has also play a significant role.

    Just medittaion, sannyas as a home delivery Pizza is more like “Brahmkumaris” , SantMat”, Radha Swami…

  101. Lokesh says:

    Yes, well, life appears to go on and as far as I’m concerned it is a day to day, minute to minute thing.

  102. shantam prem says:

    even this say to day, minute to minute thing has a foundation somewhere. This is the fragrance of the cutlivated crop, a flowering of a farmer´s efforts.

  103. Lokesh says:

    A flowering of a farmer´s efforts. What, you mean like sheep shaging?

  104. George says:

    Dear friends,
    I want to say that please stop talking about inner circle, because there is no inner circle at all. Once Neelam left commune, with her inner circle was dead.
    Now only Jayesh is whole and sole, no other person is equivalent to him.
    Yes, Amrito and Mukesh these are two more people who have some power, but BOSS is Jayesh.
    And please don’t talk about Devendra, Sadhana, Zareen…these are poor CHAMCHAS. Only CHAMACHAS.

  105. prem bubbie says:

    Chetna, The point is That you are mentally masturbating even when Meditating in the presence of guys like Arun…Your mind has given you the illusion of a deeper experience or not so deep one…. nothing to do with Arun waving his magic energy to get you deeper of a trip. Too attached I guess to people like Arun or other gurus… just like a marriage or relationship a man and woman would have…. your attachment is holding you back… no need for a co-dependent relationship at all!! You are the power!!

  106. Anand says:

    I agree with Bubbie, right on and nice story about the farm.

    And again I like to put attention to the wolves of the Osho ‘Path of Love’, a very aggressive sub cult based on the teachings of Kalindi. These people have worked out an Osho sub cult feeding the pockets of Satyarthi, Rafia and Turiya. Strangely, but I guess just for money reasons, this trip is still supported by the Osho resort.

    Group leaders are more and more becoming the priests of the Osho religion, also because people are looking for a spiritual ma or daddy showing them the path to enlightenment.
    DROP ALL GROUPS and GROUP LEADERS! and you be free right now.

  107. Forest Gump says:

    Is there any moderator for the many bullshit comments for such nice gratitude filled article, why to give any opportunity to these unworthy people who are fucking themselves in their own words? They have no single word of appreciation for any work that’s being carried out without any self motives. They have no idea how much toll it takes to carry out master’s work from country to country, city to city & village to village. Swami Arun is carrying that work for more than 30 years. Only a few people know his enormous sacrifice and surrender to master Osho. Keep on asking “Tell us about his sacrifice”. Go fuck yourself , you guys are not worth of talking. Assholes. Your ego filled shitty mind couldn’t even stand Osho, You are the one who crucified Jesus & poisoned Socrates. You are born again and again to do this shit. Existence keeps on giving your guys opportunities to be this human form. Look at yourself, how ugly you are. Pigs love dirt & that’s what you are. There seems a few who absorbs Osho’s message of love and surrender and writing here to awake you, but you love dirt & wouldn’t appreciate any neat stuff. Keep on filling this forum with more shit, I am outta here.

  108. Lokesh says:

    DROP ALL GROUPS and GROUP LEADERS! and you be free right now.

    Free of what?

  109. shantam prem says:

    What you give, comes back.
    Once Osho was using the group leaders for the expansion of His work, now group leaders use Osho for expansion of their work.

    Only the beneficiaries has the right to judge, what is suitable for them.
    And the way present leadership at the helm of Osho Resort is, they can support only those who are not dangerous to their height.
    The people who make them psychological week are thrown out, rest can contribute into the work.
    May be this is the way, human nature works; meditation or no medittaion.

    Dogs tail remain crooked, even when it stays in the straight pipe for 12 years.
    (12 saal nalki main rakhi, to bhi kute ki duum tedi ki tedi.)

  110. Lokesh says:

    The bottles stand as empty
    As they were filled before
    And time that was in plenty
    But from that cup no more
    Though I would not caution all
    I still might warn a few
    Don’t lend your hand to raise no flag
    Atop no ship of fools

    Grateful Dead

  111. Anand says:

    Lokesh: FREE is not of what, it is just FREE, a state of being….

  112. shantam prem says:

    Krishna Prem’s Book OSHO, INDIA and ME
    has the promotion at the notice board of this site.
    May be the editors can create a new thread from the excerpts of this book.

  113. Prem Jashan says:

    Amritho : I support your feelings and the fire in your postings in this thread…I know you have not been participating much in the forum, but you have a lot to contribute else where..keep it up..

    SP: Its not easy to be in a public forum like this where any one can post any damn thing. But your ( and also few other friends )consistent efforts make it better to some extent..

    Your suggestion to editors on KP’s book made me to think that , other sections of this forum needs to be highlighted more as well. There can be many more ways in which this forum can become a connecting point for worldwide sannaysins.

    “”Sw..Arun was banned even when Osho was in the body” ”

    The conspiracy to destroy Osho’s work started even before Osho leaving the body. Osho himself lost control on certain things. Only few rebels like Sw.Arun realised it quickly and started to work independently. It took a decade to realise the same for Indians. ( may be centuries long slavery and blind faith on others contributed to it) .

    Partly, Osho lost control because his dependency increased on certain people. For ex. When Osho was sent out of US, some sannyasins could have still run the show in Rajaneeshpuram and kept the property. There are Zillions of Churches in US managing to survive as non-profit organizations, ( on people’s tax money partially , they do not have to pay utility bills and property tax) , why not hand full of sannyasins stood up to run the show. We could have gathered momentum back again had we kept the property.

  114. prem bubbie says:

    We kept the property, but decided not to pay the mortgage…if that were to happen today it would have taken the banks more than a year to seize possession. No one sold anything, but no one wanted to stand up and keep paying off the debt for the place…EVERYONE was focused on where osho was going…none gave a flying fuck about the ranch after he left, to the point of being irresponsible and borderline thief-like and saying “fuck it” to honoring a commitment by continuing paying the bills until a buyer for the ranch could be found… Hey they found some dumb-assed redneck Texan to buy all of Osho’s Rolls Royces, that wasn’t so hard… no patience, no commitment WITHOUT Osho’s presence. Regarding Osho’s dependence during Pune 2… His own addiction to wealth, and nitrous caused his dependence… Someone earlier posted that he had quite a few drug dealers around him during Pune 2… Easy way of getting money, same as during pune 1. could you actually see Osho pushing a broom or a mop around to earn a living? Or working as a computer software designer, or advertising executive or a real estate agent? I don’t think so… he has himself to blame for his “Dependence” on people of questionable character, it was after all, his GREAT EXPERIMENT Jashan…. and yes it is nice to have a site where you can post anything in response to other comments… It takes “Cajones”(Balls) to do so… 3 cheers for NO CENSORSHIP!!! I know most of you sannysins would do otherwise, especially the Germans and Indians!!! Worse than Catholics!!

  115. prem bubbie says:

    continuing= continue

  116. prem bubbie says:

    And Prem Jashan, you say “it’s not easy being in a public forum like this…” Well deary, if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen… Please re-read Osho’s discourse from the late 1970′s where he talks about living in the market place… the famous “Put some steel in your toes” discourse… stop being such a pussy. And yes, we all have those weak moments… with sannyasins it seems to be all the time!!!

  117. Amano says:

    Prem Bubbie , you often try to find spelling mistakes in sannyasins who are writting here. Have you noticed that you pick negative and wrong thinghs more quickly and easity. sometimes you pick one line from jashan , sp or others and start commenting like a bad kid…
    come on man grow up and be creartive , we are all here one family, so atleast try to keep it clean please.
    and please think twice before commenting on my comment

  118. Lokesh says:

    The thing is, Prem Bubbie does in fact bring attention to some salient points on dependency.
    Another interesting aspect of Bubbie’s comment’s is that in spite of his apparent piss and vinegar personality much of what he says is reactionary as opposed to revolutionary. Take for example the use of such phrases as ‘people of questionable character. This comes across to me like the commonplaces traded over at the Jockey Club. Questionable character! That is a joke. Osho himself was of questionable character and so are many of his sannyasins, including myself. Osho loved Gurdieff’s ideas and I’m sure he enjoyed many of Gurdieff’s stories about his very own questionable character. The man was a cigar-smoking alcoholic who couldn’t keep his hands of his female disciples.
    I also have to say that Bubbie’s ideas about ‘drug dealers’ are out of touch and based on a perspective better suited to great grandmothers. In a world where human beings drop bombs on innocent women and children, suicide bombers press the detonator switch in crowded marketplaces and corporations like BP rape our environment, what is the big deal about dealing a bit of dope? As Sir Mick Jagger sings,
    Well now we’re respected in society
    We don’t worry about the things that we used to be
    We’re talking heroin with the president
    Well it’s a problem, sir, but it can’t be bent.
    And remember that is SIR Mick Jagger, you know the guy who wrote Sympathy for the Devil and layed traps for troubadors who got killed before they reached Bombay.
    All this crap about Osho’s vision and his legacy. Man, the old boy was hooked on laughing gas and valium…he was a drug addict. This does not bother me in the slightest but how do the Catholic sannyasins fit that into his legacy. I’ll tell you….by pretending it never happened. And that is what is being done with lots of other things that Osho got a wee bit carried away with. He went from knowing everything that happened in his commune to being oblivious to the outrages taking place around him every day in Rajneeshpuram. His ideas about Indian gurus going to America and being corrupted by money certainly did an about turn, ‘I want that V12 Rolls with the refrigerated bar in the back seat and don’t forget the mahogany fittings. Tell my people I’ve entered the silent stage of my work because I want to watch ‘Patton’ for the ninty-ninth time on my big screen telly. Now where did I leave my new diamond-encrusted rolex? Ah, there it is over by the gas cannisters.’

    How about a wee Osho quote: My secretary collects all kinds of crazy car-stickers. One was: “Warning–I brake for hallucinations.” I liked it. Really great!

    For me Osho will forever remain the master who did the best job of blowing his disciples’ preconceived ideas of how an enlightened man is supposed to behave right out of the water. He left a dream behind and it was not a logical one because logic is based in the past and as the man said…Drop the past; that is the way to die each moment. Never plan for the future; that is the way to allow life to flow through you. And then you remain in an unfrozen state, flowing. This is what I call a sannyasin — no past, no future, just at this moment alive, intensely alive, a flame burning from both the ends, a torch burning from both the ends. This is what let-go is.

    He left you his dream because he couldn’t take it with him. I quite understand. Afterall, who would want to enter Nirvana with such a cumbersome piece of luggage?

  119. shantam prem says:

    “Love is not a quantity, it is a quality, and a quality of a certain category that grows by giving, and dies if you hold it. If you are miserly about it, it dies.
    So be really a spendthrift! Don´t bother to whom. ”

    What is true for the individual is also true for the religions, organisations.

    This should be the guiding force for the organisation who runs
    Giving, sharing, expanding, not to one category of people but who so ever enters the gate.

    Again while wring this, my heart bows down to Osho, who in his genre, shared so abundantly, so beautifully.

  120. Lokesh says:

    Giving, sharing, expanding, not to one category of people but who so ever enters the gate.

    If that were really the case why bother having a gate in the first place?

  121. Prem Jashan says:

    We can see some clear examples here how people go off track after spending so much time in Osho circles. How on earth one can buy the idea that Osho is after wealth and women. Its a sheer waste of time trying to convince them otherwise. And by the way masters like Osho can do what ever they want. Osho said this openly in an interview with a Journalist on national TV when he was asked about a rumor about he going to a bar near ranch.

    Masters have their own freedom.There are masters like Shiv Puri baba and Totapuri who never initiated anyone. Totapuri happened meet Ramakrishna unintentionally and gave him the final push needed. It is a responsibility to continue to help and guide others. Out of their freedom they can choose not to continue. And also by the way, Sw Arun is not special in anyway. If you are available with total love and trust, the very moment Osho will be available to you. Its such a cosmic play..

    The other day I was listening to Yoga Sutra series. Jaina religion in India is dead because there are no masters available so Mahaveer can work. The link is broken. Same thing with Gurdjieff..Osho says Gudjief sends his people to him so they can get necessary help..

    The basic thing is that the spiritual work expands more effectively if it is done collectively. Just like any other field of research , the researchers have to collaborate.. Thats why my insistence and every Osho lovers insistence to have a place for a larger commune. The whole country of Tibet was a monastery and thats why a miraculous work was possible. Now we lost that also.. Why not we support Nepal now where there is so much ground work done already. In no other country Government is openly supporting Osho’s work.

    Join the celebration or be left out some of you dumbos..

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  122. Prem Jashan says:

    Isn’t it a miracle that Osho survived long after saying Mohammad is a lunatic and Islam is a third class religion. And after publishing his work called ” Christianity the deadliest poison”. The mystery has no logic..

    And Osho is so compassionate to give all means and ways for the people to continue their journey. All you need to do is sit back, listen and absorb what he is saying..His work is the most up to date spiritual work available right now. Even other masters want to update their work but people are so struck with age old scriptures.. Having the most update work, all we have to do is live it by all means and share it with few others..

  123. Anand says:

    Many sannyasins lost their connection to Osho and now
    rationalize on pages as these, that Osho was a drug addict etc.
    Sorry guys you just missed….and writing books in Ibiza or
    growing weed in Oregon will not change that.
    The inner connection to Osho is such a rare and blessed

  124. Lokesh says:

    Prem Jashan, you say, His work is the most up to date spiritual work available right now
    The question of spiritual salvation and evolution is not a new one. Some of Osho’s ideas on this were groundbreaking but being modern and up to date has little to do with the essence of spirituality because the spirit is timeless. A man seeking salvation 10000 years ago and a modern-day person face the same essential problem, namely how to move beyond the world of the limited ego self. Your need to promote Osho as being the best, the most modern etc has little to do with Osho and everything to do with your ego’s need to feel special.
    To believe that all you have to do is sit back, listen and absorb what Osho is saying is the key to liberation is completely naive. If that were so thousands of people would have been liberated by now and that is something that has not happened or we would have heard about it. I’m sorry, it is not that simple.
    Anand, you say, Sorry guys you just missed…. missed what exactly?….becoming like a bleating sheep who has not yet learned to think for himself and question all authority, as indeed Osho did? It is you that is missing something…the point of what I am saying.
    For many years now my vision of Osho has been a more all encompassing one than the one Catholic sannyasins have become comfortable with.
    As I’ve said before on this blog, Osho was the most marvellous man that I ever had the good fortune to meet. He was also a human being who began a fantastic and revolutionary experiment. It is the very nature of experimentation that mistakes will be made. Osho made plenty. Instead of denying their existence why not learn from those mistakes? Otherwise a lot of Osho’s work will be wasted.
    You say, The inner connection to Osho is such a rare and blessed state. I find this completely vague. You obviously think you are on to something, but if you honestly believe it is so rare why not expend a little energy and make the effort of describing and sharing what this connection encompasses. Something which you are not doing and instead making schoolyard comments like…writing books in Ibiza or growing weed in Oregon will not change that. Change what exactly…The fact that you are still completely identified with your spiritual ego. Personally I have no need to give a name or form to that which resides at the core and foundation of my being. You can call it Osho if you like but I simply don’t need that, because it looks like a dummy tit to me.
    I’ve always admired the way Osho died (all this leaving the body crap sounds airy fairy for me). One’s death is the culmination of all one has done in life and Osho died beautifully. He did not die in that way because he followed blindly like a sheep, but because while alive he lived like a lion. Osho left me his dream also and it wasn’t about setting up a global organization but about having the guts to be who I really am and hopefully one day dying a good death like he did.
    I loved Osho as a great friend who had the grace and courage to show his humaness and his weaknesses. He did not hide those aspects of himself, he wore them on his sleeve. What is the big deal about getting hooked on drugs. If Osho was in great physical pain why not allow him to get hooked on nitrous oxide. Different strokes for different folks. Laughing gas always left me with a sore head, unlike catholic sannyasins who are simply a pain in the ass..

  125. prem bubbie says:

    Amano, i haven’t corrected anyone’s spelling in many many months…Are you sure you’re not reading some post from last November? Out of date and out of touch …stuck in the past!!! Clean or unclean comments are for the individual readers to decide…. Your unconscious fascist tendencies are bleeding through your skin amano.. please re-read what you just posted. My comments that most sannyasins want to censor negative things said about osho, and other sannyasins are proved just by your posting Amano… Go meditate on that…. The comment you make that we are all one here is a complete fallacy…If true why all the nonsense from the rulers of the Resort? Why the big divisions amongst sannyasins? Why all the chaos in the universe? On the physical plane of existence, there is an illusion of oneness… Regarding Consciousness, that’s a different matter!

  126. shantam prem says:

    “The basic thing is that the spiritual work expands more effectively if it is done collectively. Just like any other field of research , the researchers have to collaborate..”

    Jashan, this is the point, Osho gave His whole life for.
    To create this collective workshop, Osho took the taunts and insults from Indian collective mind, from the western collective mind and also is getting the SHIT from His won people, who were once crawling at His feet like the leperds in Mother Terasa´s mission.
    Once they got the self esteem back, bombarded the whole place with their mind bombs because these laughable creatures once heard from Osho, ” Once you cross the bridge. Break it. If you meet Buddha on the way, cut him with the sword.
    This is how the statements of compassionate ones get ruined by His own people.

    Without doubt, the game is not finsihed yet. The think tank around Osho´s work will change.

  127. shantam prem says:

    Dowg Buddy Bubbie
    Last few comments of yours are worth taking notice of.
    and it seems you have improved your arsenal.

  128. prem bubbie says:

    I believe you’re cheating yourselves if you just look to Osho for salvation/liberation/enlightenment….He even encouraged people to move beyond him…. use what ever methods necessary, and if you’re intelligent enough create your own “meditations”… Sannyasins simply can’t let go of his hand… I will say it again, either you’re too scared to let go or are addicted to Osho in some other way…Hence all the bullshit that goes on with respect to the Resort and these “associates” of Osho like Arun. Addicts don’t like to told they’re addicts.. they will even justify their addiction in many ways.. denial and more denial… and lot’s of arrogance goes with their addiction, something that is/was a fact with sannysins in general. It’s not limited to sannyasins but applies to all organized religions… a myopic way of looking at the world and reality… yes, i believe the sannyasins of today have turned Osho’s ideas into a cult/religion… Flying free is better-don’t you agree?

  129. shantam prem says:

    Flying free is better—many will agree.
    But there are majority of other seekers who want to have the organised structure around, just like many travelers buy the lonely planet guide and go for the journey and there are many who buy the same guide but go through Thomas Cook.

    The person who thinks there is only one way and only one kind of human beings, is in my opinion a perfect son of a bitch.

  130. shantam prem says:

    Via Thomas Cook.

  131. prem bubbie says:

    Jashan, why is it hard to accept osho was after wealth and women? It was staring everyone in the face regarding his wealth, and regarding women just listen to his discourses, one famous one, where he declared, “It(pussy) all feels the same”. selective memory is another negative quality sannyasins have. What’s wrong with wealth and women? He was going with the flow, at that time… Then in the late 1980′s he became an environmentalist, because so many German sannyasins were members of the “Green” party in Germany at that time and were making a big stink about it in Germany , Europe and in Pune. germans provided a great deal of money.. He just went with the flow… Even his homophobic comments during that time were contrary to what he lectured during the “70′s and early “80′s. Yes, Anand, Osho was using nitrous, and drugs dealers were around, not just a little bit, same with the prostitution… I was friends with several dealers while at the ranch and the stories of their exploits were remarkable. And I knew several sannysain prostitutes while I was in New York, just as remarkable were their stories. All were Devout Osho Sannyasins!! No malice from their part… So your claim all these allegations are from bitter ex sannyasins after the fall of the ranch is utter bullshit and wishful thinking. You too can’t swallow the truth. Just another who wants to paint a rosy picture on how things operated at the ranch and in Pune, and reality was the extreme opposite. DUH!!! If someone threw cold water on your face to wake up you’d just roll over and continue sleeping… that just sums up the state of the sannyasin mind….. why be nice? might as well be vulgar and dirty. you guys don’t deserve “NICE”.

  132. prem bubbie says:

    Yo SP: How it be Dawg? Just Chillin’ here. Word. Later Bro.

  133. prem bubbie says:

    Lokesh, The difference from 10,000 years ago and today is obvious… the modern mind/ego has thickened, has grown. back then the world and mind was a simple three layer cake… very little sophistication, and not complex. so when Yoga techniques came about in India it worked fairly well for simple, country bumpkins, no catharsis as an appetizer was needed. Today more catharsis is needed before any gentle meditation techniques are done, and i would say even more now than even 20-30 years ago…That’s why I say just doing 1 hr of dynamic is no where enough to flush out all of the accumulated garbage… Look around yourself, here in the states especially, people are “multitasking”, “trying” to is more accurate .. As the latest scientific research has shown, the human mind is BY DESIGN able to effectively handle only two tasks at one time…But is best at one task at that. Science has come to the conclusion ancient mystics have known for thousands of years…. Even about the Cosmos too!!! So their are similarities with our ancient ancestors but Nature evolves and never remains stagnant, and with regards to the human body/mind.. We are more scatter brained then ever!!! So unfocused, spaced out…. Another human arrogance… most humans think nature applies to other species and not them… I’ve had this debate with several Christian extremists some years ago… All thought humans were not animals and not bound by natural laws… Fucking Remarkable!!! There is one thing modern humans still have in common with the ancients… Humans are still very superstitious, that hasn’t changed much… OH Well…

  134. prem bubbie says:

    Lokesh, Great point on nitrous and pain… It is well known he had a serious back problem, most likely a herniated or degenerated disc…. Very painful, I have three, I tried various pain meds but i don’t like the foggy, nauseous state along with insomnia, so I avoid pain meds.. MY CHOICE!!! if i could get my hands on nitrous to try on an experimental basis I’d would in a New York minute. So, instead I lie down as often as i can get away with along with an anti-inflammatory drug. back then Osho had very few options for pain relief, i assume nitrous was best for him… So what is the big deal? Most dentists here in the states give you two options: one, a shot of novocaine into the gum, or nitrous for major or even minor dental work which would touch the nerve. so why not for severe back pain? I think there are too many spiritual Puritans in this world, whether in India or in the US..
    or Asia. They think a guru or mystic has to be pure and be a virgin white as snow… What a crock of shit… How does one explain the North and South American Shamans using hallucinogenic plants, or the Siberian Shamans using similar methods to attain “out of body” mystical states? Yes, Lokesh, there are far too many “Catholic” sannyasins running around and have been in the past. Not to limit it to Catholics, Protestants, and muslim and Hindus… I think many have been brought up in Revolutionary Islam Iran… Now those idiots have a hair cut code for men!! Reminds me of catholic school!!! Long beautiful hair…Shining, gleaming…. Give me down to there-Hair!!

  135. chetna says:

    Lokesh, beautiful post! My heart resonates with what you’ve said. I am somehow moving the same direction.
    My search is slowly moving into the search for freedom, rather than anything else.

    Bubbie,I do not know why you made such conclusions about my relationship with Arun. To me he is a dearest friend and sincere sannyasin who is walking on the same path as us with Osho. Nothing else.

    He has to deal with his ego and you with yours! Stop interfering into people’s life! They are all free to do what they like, even if that does not satisfy your movie.

    With sannyasins I’ve learnt 2 things: how to judge and complain!

    Without love and positive thinking we are not gonna go far!

    Peace and love to all!

  136. shantam prem says:

    “Stop interfering into people’s life! They are all free to do what they like, even if that does not satisfy your movie…”

    Once this attitude takes place at the level of Pune, I assure you Chetna, this Shantam will stop judging and complaining in the world of Osho.

  137. shantam prem says:

    Osho liked women, Osho liked money, osho used laughing drug ANd let we invent hundred other things to add in the list; still Osho is Osho.
    His contribution to make us stand on our own feet, His contribtution to create an Ashram which was much more than a Dynamic, Kundalini and white robe fitness centre…

    People who feel free, who want to walk on their own so well and good, who stops them. Why the fuck they are willing to blow the bridge they have crossed and perheaps million others will walk over that in the times to come.

    Do we need Talibans who destroyed Buddha´s centuries old statue because it stops people to look towards formless God.
    Son of the Bitches are those who were dancing singing on the five celebrative days and now for others they are saying, ” Every day is a festival. Every day is a Celebration.”

  138. shantam prem says:

    I think there are too many spiritual Puritans in this world, whether in India or in the US..
    or Asia. They think a guru or mystic has to be pure and be a virgin white as snow… What a crock of shit…

    Lokesh, not a single sanynasin has expectation like this towrads their Master or towards their own life.
    Those majority of people whohave expectaions like this, simply blocked Osho from their life. They have their right to chose also.

    Simple point is how The way Osho is and How is work is remain uncorrupted by substraction of any kind.

  139. Forest Gump says:

    Prem Bubbie, Seems like Osho gave you name “Prem Poopie”, You misunderstood it or changed it, Prem means love, Poopie mean “Shit”. “The one who love shit”. Pigs are never content, no matter how much shit they already have, but they will keep filling themselve with more shit. Congratulations!!

  140. shantam prem says:

    World cup is over, the great binding factor for the humanity, time to look again the individual issues.
    I am ready for that.
    Is someone willing to organise my Satsang/Darshan in their town?


    No it is not a joke.

  141. Forest Gump says:

    Shantam Prem,

    Looking at your blogs, it seems that you are neither Shant (Peaceful) or Premi (loving) as your name describes. Once you have become little loving & peaceful as your name. People will be attracted to you like a magnet, and then you can have Satsang or Darshan. But for now, it seems there is a long wait, dude!!! May be many births or maybe it will never happen. You are saying it’s a joke, every joke has some intention behind, otherwise wouldn’t even arise in your mind. You are finger pointing others for becoming Guru. Like a mirror, it’s reflecting your own desire to be that. Keep it up!! you are in the endless vicious circle of ego & mind.

  142. Anand says:

    Bubbie, of course there were people doing drugs and prostitution. If you gather 100,000 people together you are about to find all kind of people. Many of those wanted to spend more time close to Osho and therefore started these activities. But where is your link to Osho? That Osho profited from them?
    Even if they donated money, it was not to Osho as a person, but to the commune.
    And if Osho used nitrous for his pain or dental sessions, what is the big deal?
    Why focus on these people? There were also tons of lawyers, business people, doctors, healers, nurses, gardeners, writers, musicians etc. etc.

  143. Anand says:

    Lokesh: it is strange, you write ‘Osho was a drug addict’.
    Come on, you might want to share with us your story about being a drug addict and spending time in jail for it, but Osho?
    This kind os sentences really tell about your inner connection alive to day to Osho.

  144. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam P. I made that statement not Lokesh. Anand, i agree with you, so what if he used nitrous, did you actually read what I wrote? Forest Gump changed name to:Porous Dump, BTW, pigs are very clean animals by nature, humans put them in squalid conditions, they have little choice but to make do. Yes, humans are more piggish than pigs… Can’t see your love here Gump the resort leadership’s room is more to your level.

  145. prem bubbie says:

    Anand, “why focus on these people?”, These people helped destroy the beauty with the help of lawyers, doctors, nurses, gardeners, writers, musicians… As i said above, we buried ours heads in the sand and most did nothing to stop the madness and found ways to justify the inaction, including myself… those who did raise even a voice were kicked out and most sannyasins rejected them because they were told to do so… and so after all of these years it STILL CONTINUES… What are you brain dead? All of this time and postings from those close to Osho at that time told a lot of what happened behind closed doors . No matter how much evidence, facts shown, truth told, next week you and others will pretend not to have heard it.. True growth happens when one learns from past mistakes, your’ own and others. Most sannyasins believe NO mistakes were ever made and never will be made…Fucking Retards Imbeciles

  146. Forest Gump says:

    Prem Poopie or Boobie,

    I feel pity for you. Seems like this forum is your daily let out. You are so retarded and afraid of getting stoned on road, so you see, you use this place to get rid of your continuous frustrations. Assume this forum shuts for a day or two, there is a well possibility that you might bang your head to the wall & kill yourself. You must be thankful to folks here saving you so far. By the way, have you tried Dynamic Meditation?

  147. Lokesh says:

    Some very interesting posts. Prem Bubbie, love him or leave him, made some great comments. Hi, Chetna. Shantam Prem, you are in such a hurry to write things on here that you are becoming sloppy, and it shows. Less is more. Anand, I never spent time in jail because I was a drug addict. What can I tell you about spending seven months in strict solitary confinement awaiting trial, in a cell the size of an Indian lavatory? Well, it was an interesting experience and all those years of practicing meditation sure came in handy.

    What stiring the pot on this particular thread has shown to me is how childishly dependent an Indian (some westerners too I am sure) sannyasin can become on their guru. Nothing wrong in that, in fact there exists something very sweet about it. Nonetheless let us call a spade a spade.
    There has always existed something of the father child relationship in the Hindu guru trip. Just for starters, you can see that in the sannyas name game. Allowing Osho to change your name, a task that normally belongs to one’s parents, is a good example.
    In the early days of Poona one, most of the ground crew were x-hippies like myself. Unlike Indians we had to travel a long way to get to Poona and I’d say that we were driven by a force that was far more powerful than the Indians. Matbe it was the time of the season, maybe it was the LSD, or maybe a combination, but those were powerful times and they were changing fast. During celebration days the shram would be inundated with excited Indian sannyasins. They were fun but it was always a relief when they left because they behaved like a bunch of kids, remember, I am speaking in generalisms.
    Many of the Indian sannyasins who write on this blog could belong to the same school as Paramahansa Yoganananda, because the way they relate to Osho is steeped in tradition and has little to do with the radical aspects of Osho’s work that made him such a magnet for western seekers.
    In all due respect I have to say that I’ve always enjoyed the Indian heart, which for me has always manifested most clearly in the form of singing bajans. The thing is, it is obvious that the east/west divide still exists, or why else would there be this gulf between the understandings of Indian and western sannyasins.
    Bridging the gap between east and west was, is, very central to Osho’s work, hence his dream of creating Zorba the Buddha. It is a great idea and if we could get enough Zorba the Buddhas on the planet….well, the sky is not the limit. So folks, we can destroy the bridges that we passed over, because the past is a graveyard, but it might help if we all bear in mind that some of us are coming from very different backgrounds but we can unite in seeking a common goal of sharing individual truths and varied perspectives, and of course having a wee bit of fun.
    A big thank you to those who set this blog up. It is a lot of fun and I really enjoy getting myself in gear in preparation for work in the morning by making a few comments to all my blogging amigos on here. I’d love to meet every last one of you in 3D.
    Jesus, what is going on? Now I am giving pep talks. For Christ’s sake please, don’t take a word of anything I say seriously.

  148. shantam prem says:

    Lokesh, thanks very much for pointing towards sloppiness. Less is more, For example, when it is a bullet of someone which changes the destiny of the nations for good or for worse.
    To avoid this less as more, recently Canada has spend few billion dollars for few days for the security of G 20 heads of state.
    Once Poona promised, there will be no head of state but “Heart state.”

    When i visit you in Ibiza, i wish to know your first hand stories about your imprisonment; its legal and emotional aspects. May be it is better not to touch such issue on the platform like this, where everyone can spit their Paan or chewing Gum.

    Now this perennial question about Master Disciple relation and the great divide between east and the west.

    Osho started the Initiation process, father child dependency game. His contemporaries like Sai Baba were not attracting westerns in this way; devotion, Darshan Satsang was the solution to wash the sins and feel refreshed.
    J. Krishnamurti were feeling pity for all these kind of people. Understand your system and get free, no one else can do this for you.
    Than were few off shoots from the school of Ramana, though he did not start any school but than it is easy to create school around such Advaita people. I am not, you are not but your wife is your wife and my wife is your mother kind of choc late talk.

    So one can say, there are few different ways for spiritual service provider and the seeker.

    My contention is that when a very basic honesty is not there, how it will create the real integrity in the being. I think it is childish to put coffee in the tea box, salt in the sugar box, tea in the bottle of pepper.
    Let us say, i was deeply touched by J krishnamurti and Osho. To listen Osho is spell binding but to read J krishnamurti´s books are worth of every cent.

    I am not saying to celebrate death and birth anniversary of J, i am not saying that I am the disciple/follower/devotee of J. I am not saying where he gav ethe lectures or his school in England is a Buddhafield.
    J has CAtegorically Denied such symbolism.
    Whereas Osho DEliberately CReated such symbolism.

    It is up to the good will and emotional integrity and trustworthiness of people how they take this and deal with this.

  149. shantam prem says:

    One point more about symbolism around Osho or anybody else in the game.

    Resort as Ashram does not indulge into any kind of symbolism, where as all the Indian centres and most of European centres create special events during five Osho days.
    Does it mean that people who are following the traditional lines lines will get some extra privilege, some medals will be given to them or those who are following the non traditional approach are free and better.
    So simple life is not.
    But as a preference, i don´t find such people trustworthy who create Ashram for J krishnamurti and also the people who bring their resort into the Ashram.
    Same way i will not trust people who put ” Lacoste” on their non branded T shirts, who put glucose powder into their counterfeits medicines or some coward with fictitious name like this Forest Gump at sannyasnews who spray something on his pile of shit, thinking it is a Right Guard deodorant which will keep his Dynamic fresh for 48 hours.

    PS-Still it is my preference. and i hope in the final analysis by Life itself, sinners and saints sun bath together, just like Burqa and Bikini women laugh with each other.

  150. shantam prem says:

    An oldie and a goodie… J.

    GOD ENJOYS A GOOD LAUGH! There were 3 good arguments that Jesus was Black: 1. He called everyone brother 2. He liked Gospel 3. He didn’t get a fair trial
    But Then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was Jewish: 1. He went into His Father’s business 2. He lived at home until he was 33
    3. He was sure his Mother was a virgin and his Mother was sureHe was God But Then there were 3 equally good arguments that
    Jesus was Italian: 1. He talked with His hands 2. He had wine with His meals 3. He used olive oil But then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was a
    Californian: 1. He never cut His hair 2. He walked around barefoot all the time 3. He started a new religion But then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was an
    American Indian: 1. He was at peace with nature 2. He ate a lot of fish 3. He talked about the Great Spirit But Then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was Irish:
    1. He never got married.. 2. He was always telling stories. 3. He loved green pastures. But the most compelling evidence of all – 3 proofs that Jesus was a woman:
    1. He fed a crowd at a moment’s notice when there was virtuallyno food 2. He kept trying to get a message across to a bunch of men whojust didn’t get it
    3. And even when He was dead, He had to get up because there wasstill work to do
    Can I get an AMEN!!

    PS-Moral of the story- Jesus was in the public eye for 3 years and has become part of our life for the last 2000 years.
    What is wrong if Osho also takes a place around.

  151. Sadhu says:

    I just wonder….in few years…after he left body…where is people are gone…jusr deaapear….strange….my God…is this mean Osho has out of date????

  152. Lokesh says:

    And now for something completely dufferent.
    I received this as part of an e-mail this morning.
    It is from Maitreya, who used to be called Baskar in the old days when we worked side by side in the shram.
    Last time I saw him a few years ago he was eminating a very strong meditative vibe.
    Any comments.

    Discover the Being

    God’s vision of Unity is unique; it provides a rational shared understanding that has the capacity to unite all spiritual groups and religions in oneness in God.

    Osho’s vision of Zorba the Buddha and the nondual insight of advaita form part of the foundation for Unity.

    Zorba the Buddha combines celebration of the positive aspects of life and transcendence through witnessing; it provides a vital grounding in meditation and celebration that supports the nondual understanding of advaita: Consciousness is all there is and I am part of That.

    Unity integrates all aspects of religion that are holistic, rational and can be verified by direct experience. Unity discards the aspects of teachings that are divisive, irrational or unverifiable with experience.

    Some teachers say you are already enlightened and just have to remember it. This is partly accurate for those rare souls who were enlightened in previous lives. Yet even they must integrate their previous experience into their present nervous system. This involves far more than mere remembering. Integration can be challenging.

    For the vast majority of unenlightened seekers who have no prior experience of enlightenment, remembering something that is unknown is irrelevant; you can only remember something that you have previously known.

    You are made from consciousness, as is everything, but that is not enlightenment. Your soul is created with a program for unconsciousness and ignorance. It has no memory of its origin in nondual consciousness.

    You grow slowly in awareness and love until your soul merges with the fifth body, the Being. The Being or the Self is already there awaiting your discovery; you do not have to create it.

    The Being is discovered by growing in consciousness and sensitivity. When the veil parts and your soul merges with Being in enlightenment, it is a new discovery.

    Many teachings say you are responsible for your enlightenment. Ultimately this is not accurate. You did not create your unenlightenment, nor can you manifest your awakening. Enlightenment happens by the grace of God when you are ripe and the time is right.

    And the time is predetermined by Source. Awakening rarely happens before life 100. The journey is 108 lives in all, and you become fully enlightened only in your last life. It is the same for every soul.

    Everything is predestined by Source; nothing is in your hands. You have no possibility to manifest enlightenment. You can manifest an enlightened ego, but that is a great misfortune.

    Merger with the Being in enlightenment is a divine gift, a showering of grace that is preceded and provoked by conscious surrender to life-as-God.

    You are God

    The ultimate truth is that you are already God. You are made of God and are an indivisible part of God – as is everything that exists.

    The whole existence is God-in-motion. The sensitivity you feel is God. The awareness you have is God. Your love is God. The veil of separation, your ego, is God.

    Even though this is the truth, it can become a trap if you believe you are God without experiential verification.

    Premature belief prevents authentic discovery. Be rigorous about what you know from direct experience and what is borrowed knowledge. We have enough parrots of teachers and scriptures already.

    The solution is to remain an inner scientist. Verify all teachings with reason and direct experience.

    Your soul does not have any clear memory of being God, nor do you know how to create the universe. In that sense, you are lost in samsara groping towards the light. This is your experience and is therefore the most real for you. Yet Source is in you animating your every move, thought and feeling.

    The fast way to grow is to remain true to experience. This prevents the spiritual traps of unverified belief from ensnaring you. At the same time, try to understand the big picture and how you fit into it.

    You can understand that consciousness is all there is, and God is awareness of consciousness. This means you are a part of God with no memory of where you come from.

    Take this not as a belief but as a hypothesis. Do not believe anything until you know.

    What you always know experientially is the energy of the moment. This moment of life is who you are right now.

    Become more sensitive to this miraculous moment of life happening in you. Allow the energy of Now to take you where it wants to go. Give more space to the silence between thoughts. Silent surrender leads to reunion with God-the-beyond.


  153. Prem Jashan says:

    Bhagawan once wanted to personally check out how things are going in Rajaneeshpuram. So he went out in disguise along with one of his close aides also in disguise. He wears a mala, removed the long robe, his cap and put on orange outfit that any sannyasin would wear. Goes and sits in the bar along with others. “What do you think is Bhagawan up to? ” checks with Indian Sw. Veet Digambar sitting next to him. “He is here to get the shit out of Ronald Reagan” replies Digambar with a look of enlightenment. “…”What do you think is Bhagawan up to? ” checks bhagawan with Ma Big Pussy sitting next to Digambar. I thsink he is here to get the shit out of Pope”. responds Pussy. ” My god , all my people are concerned about getting shit out of everyone else and forgetting their own” .Bhagawan thought to himself and leaves..

  154. Krishnananda says:


    Just been back from a meditation retreat with Swami Arun in Atlanta. It was such a blessing. So much love and opening. Just don’t have the words to express gratitude to Osho for his wonderful meditations and so loving people.

    One old timer sannyasin told me “It was just like Pune 1 and Rajneeshpuram. You guys are not missing anything…”

    i have not seen Osho physically, but I understood what she meant.

    Love and Hugs
    Sw. Krishnananda

  155. shantam prem says:

    Lokesh, what Maitarya has written in your mail or what he wrote in June 2009 for a sannyasnews thread is not that important, what will make me interested is how you feel about one of your colleague from Poona one is sending the Godly mails and how you receive them.
    Is it not like this that one is still a student and other has become a professor and that too of the same class.
    How people get such diploma?

    There is one Bhaskar in Freiburg too( UMA AKADEMY in Google search), a very nice man. I will say 8,9 people around him have created quite a meditation space and they work hard to generate money for the not profitable spiritual work of Bhaskar, who is known as FIL(frienfds in Light) among his people.
    His talks are also circulated in mails. If you like such material, please check their website too.

  156. shantam prem says:

    Demographically speaking it looks like that facilitators, meditation and therapeutic leaders in the world of Osho are in the ratio of 1; 10,000.
    Which is quite a satisfactory ratio. May be this is the sign of inner richness the way every 10 in Switzerland work for the power houses of UBS and co., generating richness of their own kind.

  157. Lokesh says:

    SP Basically I believe that any person who manages to get people to sit down and meditate is on the right track. So Maitreya is cool in my books.
    You say………Is it not like this that one is still a student and other has become a professor
    Well, i can only speak for myself and for me it is not like that at all, because in order for it to be as you say comparison would need to enter the equation. Why compare. Life pays us respect by making us all unique. That is more than enough for me.
    Although there exists a need for people to take on the role of teacher coming from the students there also is a need on the teacher’s part to play the role of teacher. I’ve met enlightened people who lead normal lives without having the need for anyone to sit at their feet. I think in Hinduism you also have people who are called Arihants and they are enlightened people who don’t pass anything formal on to anyone.
    The pursuit of enlightenment is one of life’s greatest illusions. Many people who have everything start to seek enlightenment as if it were simply a trophy or new aquisition. How ridiculous. Enlightenment is the last thing on earth that one’s ego would want to have happen because for that to come about the ego will have to go. Just think…no more you. I’m happy to simply play the role of human being for a while. I prefer to leave enlightenment to the serious seekers among us.

  158. Forest Gump says:

    How do you know enlightenment is an illusion, have you experienced it? Or just you are being on the other extreme because you know, you are not worthy of it. Grapes are sour because fox cannot reach it. Mind is ego and Mind is used everywhere, even in writing in this forum, we keep on talking about dropping ego not even knowing that “dropping ego” is also part of the ego. Mind drops in meditation, love & gratitude, and then ego gets dropped by itself.
    In my opinion, a seeker inspires other with his gratitude and fulfillment. He desires to learn and seek more & he remains student without any pre-defined goals. Enlightenment may be a byproduct of seeking, but who knows there are endless galaxies to explore after that.
    Osho is the only first and last master who has philosophize spirituality, just to help this hopeless humanity to save from dead end & give a taste of meditation. But people just do anything to avoid meditation, otherwise forum would have full of sharing nice experiences with the master. But we can all see what it is. Osho’s vision of new man is certainly not being realized here.

  159. prem bubbie says:

    Words of wisdom from Porous Dump aka, Forest Gump, what are your other names by the way? Dump doesn’t like people criticizing others… You sound like a catholic sannyasin,- defender of the faith, bleeding heart, helping the less fortunate–blah blah…. You don’t like others’ negativity but spew out a lot yourself… a bad joke of a sannysin.

  160. prem bubbie says:

    Nice e-mail Lokesh, Yes I discovered for my self things are predestined by Source, now the conundrum, why bother with all of this shit? The conflict built in by Source into this Physical/Mental plane of existence. My advice to all is not only catharsis and meditation but study the ancient mystical texts and teachings from all over the world, not just buddhist and hindus but all, any big university library will have many to choose. Maitreya is honing in well… Still so many sannyasins are way too Westernized, they haven’t flushed out their Catholic or other Christian upbringing, also Judaism and Islam. A great hindrance, keeps one from flying high!!! Osho was condemned by Krishnamurti for revealing many of the ancient secrets to the masses.. The masses can’t understand- by design(Source). A risk he felt he needed to take, and now we witnessed the consequences of that gamble. What will be next from Source? If I were a gambling man……

  161. prem bubbie says:

    Dump says:”Osho is the only first and last master who has…”. Dump is also delusional Such closed mind and biased, too…We now know where you are coming from, A smelly Dump-Gump!!!

  162. Forest Gump says:

    lol, I am happy to be myself, whatever you can call it catholic sannyasin or defender of faith, thats a compliment. I have started to like you now..Poopie..ha ha

    Aren’t we mirror to each other, negatively reflects negativity and so does positivity. So Do you want to change the roles and contribute positivity?

  163. shantam prem says:

    First step First, you man, woman or both hiding behind this fictitious name of a movie character, please, show some guts in the name of Osho and write with the name given by parents or by the Master.

    The way you are bambarding is like this saying in Hindi, ” Tati ki Aut se shikar khelna.” (Playing hunting by hiding behind the pile of shit).

    This i am writing not because you are insulting every body, but in a brotherly way. Thinking in terms of new man with the rebellious spirit; not to be spineless is one of the attribute.
    Osho sannyaisn are not terrorists who come in the bus with face mask and start shooting. So my beloved Masky Forest Gump write your comment with your name and a bit of bio introduction.
    Let us know each other first.
    Than sharing has a purpose and you will feel also even the bullies of Prem Bubbie are full with human warmth.

  164. Forest Gump says:


    There have been many spiritual and non spiritual philosophers. But masters, in the past, have always been esoteric not philosophers. Osho merged esoteric science with philosophy. He contributed a huge sum so that so that today’s intellectually grown breed can understand the philosophy & then imbibe the mystery that’s beyond any understanding. Many are following traits now, but no one satisfies, does it?

  165. shantam prem says:

    Don´t by pass my mail. People are waiting to know you.

  166. Forest Gump says:

    Beloved Shantam Prem,

    I came across this forum. It hurt me to see beloved Sannayasins who can beacon the light by fire bestowed by our beloved master Osho, are arguing in so much negativity. I am not here so show any courage. Just consider me to your best friend. I am no one to insult anyone, if you trust me, your dignities are still very much intact, unless you want to drag it down and make it as insult. I will be out of here soon. Just today I am enjoying talking to you friends here. I would have been happy to introduce myself if this place were not such a chaos.

  167. Forest Gump says:

    PS, By the way I like that sentence “Tatti ke aut se…”Nice one”, it made me laugh to belly. But nn the other hand, I am not playing any shikar (Hunting). I am just sharing my feeling. But yes, I am hiding behind my computer, which is “you are right” is shit, I hate it, It stinks & makes me work. I have started to accept this shit slowly; there aren’t many choices for me anyways.

  168. shantam prem says:

    Same is here, there are not many choices…
    I can presume you were not part of any commune around Osho, may be all that happened before you came out from the collage. You seems to be quite young in the age.
    Why i presume this. because every commune around Osho was full of chaos. It was pushing the buttons of all those meditators who had a preconceived idea how love and devotion must reflect.
    My God.. OSho ashram in Pune was not Radha Swami dera in Byas.

    I share with you one story which got its roots in Pune.

    Shravan Kumar was taking his blind parents for the pilgrimage. On the way to South, they took a halt in Pune. While walking under the shades of dense Banyan trees, Shravan kumar started feeling sorry for his life. Why he has to carry this burden all through the country. He is wasting the prime of his youth.
    He told his father, ” Sorry Pita Shri we have done enough pilgrimage. i want to go home and get married. It will be joy for you too, to have grand children.”

    Seeing this change, father said, ” No Problem beta. first let us go to the other side of the river and get something to eat and than we can discuss.

    And ten minutes later when they were on the other side of the river, Shravan Kumar felt a piercing guilt over powering him. He felt ashamed what he was thinking before. He touched the feet of his parents and started crying like a baby.
    Blind parents blessed him and they continue their journey.
    During the night, Shravn Kumar asked his father, ” why he felt this surge of rebellious during afternoon, and why he changed again once the river was crossed.”
    Old blind yet wise father smilingly answered,” During the noon time, we were passing the area of Rajneesh Ashram.”

    May be same seeds are playing tricks here. Don´t judge the nastiness of others but have the centring of your convictions and stand behind what you say.

    May Master´s grace go on showing us the path….
    Tamso Maan Jyotiergamaye… Asto maan Sadgamaye….
    and some fine one day, Maritu maan Amritgamaye.

  169. Lokesh says:

    Dear Forest Gump, you say…..How do you know enlightenment is an illusion, have you experienced it? Or just you are being on the other extreme because you know, you are not worthy of it.

    The idea that a person attains enlightenment because they are worthy of it shows that your understanding is shallow.

    You don’t even bother to take the time to read what I said because you are such an overflowing tea cup you simple can’t wait to fire off your pretty insignificant shot.
    You’ve made it perfectly clear that you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer so I’ll spend a little time on you in the hope that you gain a little clarity.
    If you go back to what you think you are quoting from my post you will find what I said is this….The pursuit of enlightenment is one of life’s greatest illusions.
    Enlightenment is the end of illusion. It is the idea of seeking it that is the illusion, because how can you find something that requires you not to ‘be’ there in order to happen and it will happen due to the ongoing process of consciousness. I won’t say any more to you on the matter personally, because anyone who is capable of coming away with this kind of childish mumbo-jumbo, quote: ….He contributed a huge sum so that so that today’s intellectually grown breed can understand the philosophy & then imbibe the mystery that’s beyond any understanding…..will most assuredly be way out of their depth.

  170. Forest Gump says:

    Dear Shantnam,

    I must admit that you are a tricky fella. You are right, I am very young, but only at the heart although I have lived in Pune Asharm and seen the chaos as well. You are also right, world around Osho have never been like Babe Byas ka dera where everyone is obedient & following. There has been always chaos, but then there is a choice, we can become part of outer chaos & get identified as part of that chaos or remain aloof to deal with inner chaos & evolve. Sanghas have always been chaos, but it evolves as the people in Sangha evolve. Slowly majority of chaos start converting into minority of chaos. If we think, we are evolving as part of Sangha, then at least, we can take little responsibility to show respect & encouragement to many who are at least asking people to read Osho & meditate. Swami Arun went to USA, introduced Osho to a few people; we all started to feel challenged & insecure that this fella is becoming Guru now. I understand Pune regime has a regulation to drop the priesthood. But who are they to tell us who is being Guru or not, people are intelligent enough to decide by themselves. Without meeting with one, how can we pass the judgments? This is what has been happening here in this forum, jealousy, disrespect for master & his work and many are encouraging and even further discussing it. Are we really evolving and becoming light on the path to many seekers or just becoming part of the same herd of “so called sannyasins” ?

    I loved your story by the way…lol

    Thank you for sharing words of wisdom.

  171. Forest Gump says:

    Dear Lokesh,

    My apologies, love you my friend..

  172. Forest Gump says:

    I guess, I have shaken up enough apprehension that it’s time for me catch you some other time, Love you guys…

  173. prem bubbie says:

    Forest Gump or correctly “Forrest”…. was an imbecile…. have you actually seen the movie Dump? Name fits you well…. after all of that gibberish you wrote.. Are you actually Canuck Amrito in disguise? You asked me…Have I tried meditation and to do Dynamic… How else could I have gotten hear?!! Dump, you need more than dynamic for one hour…Running around in circles for about 5 or 6 hours will help you more.

  174. prem bubbie says:

    P.S. Gump, all of this “negativity” being posted is to keep things real, in perspective. Reality, whether you like it or not is both +/- .What type of meditations have you been doing for you NOT to see that… Balance is good. Being blind, in denial, one sided, superstitious, not using your intelligence, giving away one’s freedom of choice, following the crowd, being irresponsible, not questioning or challenging authority, is NOT being mature or wise or even enlightened. Stop doing the above then start your quest for nirvana.

  175. Amano says:

    Jashan, It is truely Miracle that osho survived long after saying mohammad is a lunatic and islam is third class religion.
    He survied but there was fatwa or reward from ayatula koymani of iran to kill osho .
    i am not sure really if we can call it survive , because tastes shows that osho was given poisen called thyliam in us prisons.

    osho paid very heavy price with his life , just for us.
    osho was like a great gardner who cares for flowers and trees , we should not let him down.

    osho was all his life a rebel against all kinds religions and some sannyasins are trying to create church type atmosphere in the name of osho and meditation.
    one hand indains sannyasins are playing guru game and other side western managment in pune resort trying to turn beautiful budhafield into mcdoland and some kind of thrid rate resort .
    i can not bellieve so easily they jayesh and amrito turn budhafield into third rate resort.
    it is hard to bring revolution there in 17 koreagaon park, specailly when you accept non voilence teachings of osho……

    osho was bold to call spade a spade and fucking spade a fucking spade
    we need some bold fellow among us who can do something and not just watch and wait for someone else . it has been long time, looks like it is now or never suitation . that makes me worry a little……..i gave up my gate pass, and did my part ,i request to people who are inside 17 koreagaon park to come forward and stop being so attached to gate pass. soon one day there will be nothing left and what they will do with useless gate passes and food vouchers…and loveless accomodations ……….this applies to swami amit ( osho brother ) and others there. stop selling your souls and try to pay back osho what you owe ……..osho gave his life for us and we can not even risk gate pass which is going to be useless sooner or later

  176. prem bubbie says:

    Amano, you sound like a christian, catholic better still..That shit is said all the time in christian schools but with “jesus” as substitute. Jesus gave his life for us. Jesus died on the cross for us, Jesus gave his life, for this or that… Please before you go on any further do some christian mind cleaning with 8 hours of cathartic meditation every day for a month…. Skip rope, climb stairs, ride a bicycle, bounce off your bedroom walls , while shouting “Jesus Sucks” that should purify your soul… Amen brother, Jesus loves you.

  177. Forest Gump says:


    Man..I love you just because I realized that you are an idiot. If you want to make fun of me, make something new, but you are such an idiot, beating the same bush of “Name fun”, Don’t forget the original idea was mine. Of course whatever I would say would seem gibberish to you as it takes some brain power to grasp. You made me laugh though, great way to start the day. Love you, buddy. Take care.

    Bye the way, No, I am not Amrito in disguise, I am on your side at least from that perspective.

  178. shantam prem says:

    Amano // Jul 13, 2010 at 3:45 am
    This was a powerful post. 7out of 10 points i can give for this.
    Please read your words again and just take one simple step, WRITE WITH THE NAME PEOPLE KNOW YOU IN THE ASHRAM.

    Crowd will remain crowd, and crowd is coward; it can include sannyasins too.
    But individually people can stand and the people who want to motivate the others, MUST STAND.
    May be in this way, the sincere call goes forward through the invisible channels of existence.

    So, contemplate over these words. look inside what is stopping you, where lies the weakness.

    I am also at

  179. shantam prem says:

    Just seen this quotation in the previous thread, these pearly are so Osho like that one can jewel them here too.
    And to remember also that the well has been acquired by Delhi water suppy corporation kind of entity, It has been notified that everybody will get 10 buckets of water per day and it is suggested if you need more dig a little well in your own source.

    Chinmaya // Jul 11, 2010 at 4:40 pm
    THAT IS THE ART I HAVE BEEN PRACTICING MY WHOLE LIFE: how to influence people and create enemies. So I have stopped influencing. I am just here, and if anybody feels thirsty the well is available. If you don’t feel thirsty, it is your business. But I’m not preventing you from drinking from my well. I’m available, but I will not even call you to come and drink from my well.

    THE WELL IS THERE, OPEN, AVAILABLE. So those who are intelligent are going to be caught in my net sooner or later. And I want only the intelligent people, because they are the people who will be able to prevent what is going to happen to humanity.

    The ordinary masses and the crowds, the cripples and the blind and the sick who go to Billy Graham for some spiritual miracle, to be healed… they are not my people. If somebody is sick, we have a hospital.

    The Last Testament

  180. prem bubbie says:

    Dump, you say” “Don’t forget the original idea was mine.”?. What an EGO!!! Dude are you that desperate for attention and need for recognition? Read the postings for the last year or more and you’ll find dozens of “Sannyasins” have beat you to “your idea” of name calling!!! Did you just graduate high school? Such an infant, needed to be recognized… think of an original idea then post it and then say nothing and see whether you get the kudos and accolades or just insults… Expect nothing-get everything. I wonder if this is the new “sannyasin” that we are seeing in Forest Gump…. If so, may Osho be reincarnated so he can straighten this new crop out….. These young punks are even more twisted than us oldsters. Forest, stick with catholicism, PLEASE.

  181. shantam prem says:

    Bubbie, i am wondering about your transformation. In this particular thread, your posts have more weight and less abuses therefore quite effective.

    I don´t think it is because of Ritalin and co.

  182. shantam prem says:

    There is no need for Osho to be reincarnated to straighten the new crop out, hundreds of scientists graduated from his university are already doing the field work.
    And this i am not writing as a joke when one sees in the world, people taking care of spiritual life of others just after a five days refresher course with some dead channel.
    And who says five days is a less time when Laotzu got the last insights by seeing only a leaf falling.

    In Hindi we call it, ” Sabh Chalta hain,Yaar” (Everything Can work, friend) attitude.

  183. Prem Jashan says:

    “Love is my color, love is my climate” –

    Naturally all his people carry that fragrance..No matter how long they act as bad asses.

  184. Amano says:

    prem bubbie, your comments are pointless and meaningless. you are just voimiting .you need doctor very soon for your mind

  185. Sadhu says:

    Dear Krishnananda
    Please,pls,pls,…dont cpmpare any thing with Poona 1 or Rajneeshpuram, NO dear No….that time never ever can come again any where….this was Just Osho….that was a mirrackel…please Krishnananda, dont put two diffrent things toghther….as you said you never seen Osho….please dont even dream tht any thing possible again wich happen around Osho….He is a GEM….humanity never ever seen such person….please Krishnananda…dont hurt old sannaysins….this poor Arun….oh…He is shit…how any thing possible as ppona 1…around this shit?????

  186. shantam prem says:

    Thanks Heaven, KrishnaNand`s companion who out of his over flowing love and gratitude for Arun ji, forget to point out the similarity with Poona 2.
    May be the person left the train few station before the end terminal.

    I think at present in India, five six meditation camps are taking place every month. Around 20 people are facilitating these camps; and at the end of the third day; many hearts and eyes get moisture as if water has been sprinkled on the flowers.
    The same can be with other group of people and ways.
    The underline principal is that inner child in us feel protected by the group environment as all seems to be on the same path, no ego clashes or hostility.

    Some time i see little pupils when they go with their teacher for city tour. Holding hands, walking in harmony, taking seats in the bus, Looking at the church or the nature, playing hide and seek, definitely it is not less worthy than any other experience of adult life.
    And i am sure, when the child goes to the same place, next time with parents or alone, the memory of group feeling will feel quite mesmerising.

  187. shantam prem says:

    Whether some one takes shower in his bathroom or goes for a swim in the lake or goes to a sea, basic principle is the same. freshness of water will be felt.

    But somewhere these experiences are quite different in their own way.
    Similarly, there will also be a difference of experience when some companion is around. May be water will feel bit more watery.

    The problem comes when some dry bone start preaching, why to go to an ocean, you can take shower and feel the same freshness. It will save time, it will save money, why to pay for hotel rooms and blah blah.
    I think, these kind of bugs can also be classified into the list of parasites. In the world of Osho, there presence is quite strong.

  188. Lokesh says:

    Fireworks of the heart?
    More like damp squibs.
    How about starting a new thread?

  189. shantam prem says:

    Lokesh, new thread is a good idea.
    Please, take the initiative for this.
    Best wishes that you as a word smith is able to create fireworks of the heart.

  190. Sadhu says:

    Yes Shantam…BUT…water should be water PURE…not gutter water…using Osho’s name, his meditaions and vision and behind all these hiding Arun typ people who are them self as fool as possible…these camp leaders work is like a tap recorder…not more than that…when one starts talking about these tap recorder like a some thing than it become shit…like a big shit Arun…Shantam you are rebel…I respect you…

  191. shantam prem says:

    Respect is Ok Sadhu, disrespect will also be fine but i will definately protest when someone start abusing Arun, Keerti, Neelam or Dr. Amrito.
    Difference of opinion apart, they are as sincere disciples as 20tth and 21st century could imagine.
    Their appraoch, we may not like and can communicate the counter point. But they are the people, one can rely upon, they will not misguide someone. Their investment in their own growth is too strong, and i hope this is with many of us.

    Today i have posted a mail to Sadhna and Amrito at Resort with the Titel..”Kuch Dil Se”
    (something from the heart)
    If i get a reply or no reply, soon i will post the contents for the friends and family.
    To know we will die alone and no advocate will be upstairs to present the brief to the allmighty, yet during the life sharing with the People in Sangha is also a part of meditative essence.
    who knows it is my ´conditioning`, which think like this.

  192. Lokesh says:

    Would you agree or disagree that in reality the guru’s main role is to teach and encourage the disciple to become totally responsible for him or herself.

  193. shantam prem says:

    Thousand times YES…
    I will agree with this thought that the guru’s main role is to teach and encourage the disciple to become totally responsible for him or herself.

    Osho is one of such gurus.
    if i dare to add in my choice; J krishnamurti, UG and Punja ji are also such gurus, though all of them are as different from other as dentist from gynaecologist.

  194. Lokesh says:

    Anyone else?

  195. Chinmaya says:

    They are in the near to coming years – (1) Lokesh Maharaj 2) Piyare Shantam Prem (3) Father Prem Bubbie (4) Mata Chetna (5) Bapu Prem Jashan (6) Soamy Krishannanda (7) HH Shri 1008 Amrito Maharaj(8) Tapo Maharaj Jayesh (9) Osho Rajneesh of Goa (10) Arun Guru Ram, etcetra etcetra.

  196. Lokesh says:


  197. Krishnananda says:


    “how any thing possible as ppona 1?”

    It is! Come see yourself!

    Your ego is hurt buddy! that you were there and we were not!!!

    Whatever you say, Swami Anand Arun talks pure meditation and has an unending passion and love for Osho, Gratitude and nothing else.

    By the way you don’t need to believe me! Talk to the people who come to his camps. You are most welcome to come see Osho Tapoban to know what it is all about.

  198. Krishnananda says:

    Chinmaya you forgot to include, “Buddha Chinmaya”.
    Good humor though!

  199. Krishnananda says:

    Somebody needs to teach Sadhu to type in English.

    “these camp leaders work is like a tap recorder” . Has he ever been to a meditation camp or is he just dilly-dallying?

    I think we need to be constantly reminded, again and again. Why do you think Osho spoke some 700 books, The longest tape recorder ever.

    Criticisms are awesomely welcome.

  200. shantam prem says:

    Chinmaya, you are “Man of the Match” for todays´s 20-20.

  201. prem bubbie says:

    The point being one doesn’t need to do meditation camps to hear a person talk about meditation or be in gratitude and love for Osho…. What is so hard to understand those points? Not to sound like a broken record but it is so obvious sannyasins need a hand to hold while crossing the street. You don’t need to hold a gurus hand, just listen from a far to his/words and if you are bright enough and intelligent you learn to cross the street on your own… So many of you are in your 40′s, 50′s and 60′s in age and STILL are afraid to let go of the gurus hand to walk on your own, you even create an imaginary guru when the guru dies so you can pretend to have a hand to hold or project that guru on to another person as a substitute… this is what is going on here with the current bunch of bumbling sannyasins and wannabees… With Arun, Osho’s substitute is found, if no person , the Resort or some ashram and activities there are used. Most of you will be holding on even at death’s doorstep…. Your fear is what will send you back here when you are reincarnated…. It’s a tough nut to crack because fear is built in to our genome…. but you gotta try to break the fear cycle…. these characters like Arun and Amrito, Jayesh, rajneesh and others are not helping matters, They’re closet case “Energy” vampires…they just love feeding off the weak, spirited seekers…..

  202. prem bubbie says:

    Krisnananda- why do you have to be negative and always correct a person’s spelling? HA, Ha, How do you like pie in the face!!! Amano’s june 11th 6:21 pm posting to me!!! hey amano:we all need doctors, a rubber room, tranquillizers, and a good sex partner, you sir also need an eye doctor for your near sighted vision.

  203. chetna says:

    Hey Bubbie, very good comments, but a mixture of yes and no for me.

    Osho said, we are all connected to him individually. In fact I only joined when I heard that discourse! I am a Puna 3 sannyasin, so to speak
    There are no better people than sannysins who will put you off Osho for a long time. When I saw/see old sannyasins the first thing comes to mind-what were they doing all that time? Did they hear anything that Osho said? Comments here prove that fact daily. Immature souls! Very simple!

    Not to come closer to Osho would be a big loss in many people’s lives. Hence, people like Arun are very helpful to new-comers. You can’t understand the value as you drank from the source, but to get inspired through books is hard. Thus those camps are very helpful in getting experience of the inner world! And the shift is huge! But, if you do not meditate, you will probably not understand me.

    Then you can walk alone, strong and loving.

    BUT, the fact that you are/were with Osho you are already deceiving yourself that you are walking alone. Osho is holding your hand. If you are into esoterism, then in your daily medi. If you think it is all nonsense, then through books, people etc.

    Why would Osho say I will dissolve in my people? Poetry? Then I came to learn that in some people he is flawing, vibrant, alive! So when you attend Arun’s camp, you feel connected.

    But the mistake people make, they start calling Arun enlightened, the Master bla bla bla. And that’s where it gets ugly. Not Arun’s fault, by the way. He is not controlling to check everyone’s post. At least he himself says he is not and is a simple sannyasin.

    But at the end of the day, I do recognise that I do not know. He may even be harmful, the energy vampire as you say. I wish I could sit in front of Osho and ask. But then if we are going into the route, me being with Oshi now is sheer nonsense in the 1st place.

    What I have seen is that all of us have barriers. Old sannyains are stuck, nothing is moving in them. Osho became a person to them, a friend. So they do not get energy and inspiration as he is not here. So if they can to some camp, they are already on the ego trip-I’ve done this and that. I know it al. Closed! Too big ego, no innocence and openness or trust.

    New sannyasins have not seen Osho, so to them he is some dude that spoke a lot and the only thing they do is go around to chase girls. There is no inspiration to meditate from start. And they get attached to all sorts of people (especially in ex Soviet Union).

    I would say existence knows what is best or us and to argue here and teach each other on what is right and wrong is stupid!

    Bubbie, can you really tell what we’ve experienced in Arun’s camp? You know nothing!

    But I take your point no one should be salve of some Guru, whether Osho or some street man!

  204. frank says:

    “it was just like pune 1 and rajneeshpuram”
    said old timers,
    according to krishnananda.

    an old friend of mine went to see retro tull and think floyd on the same bill.

    he said “wow,it was just like the seventies”

    how sad is that?

    what would heraclitus say about that?
    you can`t kick the same ass twice……..

    no doubt you thought i was joking when i said some of these these gurus are like tribute bands……

    and i dont see any problem with orun being a medium.
    i`m a medium,too.
    it says so on my underpants.

  205. frank says:

    hey chetna,
    chasing girls is a meditation too!
    osho encouraged it a lot!

    look if you chase girls non stop two things can happen.

    (same with drugs,alcohol etc…)

    you become a sex addict and then a dirty old wasted geezer..
    or you get bored of it and then get enlightened…

    this was osho`s approach to matters…..

    did it work?

    hey,chetna,fancy coming out with me tonite to my dealer and then back to my place for a bit of tantra,like?

  206. chetna says:

    oh Frank-perfect example exact to when I came to a medi place 1st time when I was 20 and the next thing I knew a stinky unattractive old man is grabbing my ass breathing heavily and whispering ” you have such a good energy”

    Horror movie……..

  207. frank says:

    come on,dont be so repressed,loosen up a bit,ma….

  208. shantam prem says:

    Chetna and Frank, most probably both in England, ice has already been broken why not visit each other and see, where a casual hug of meditation leads too.
    And Frank, if you touch her here and there without the spoken or unspoken consent, you will get a Red Card.

  209. chetna says:

    I like hot man, not some second hand stock

  210. shantam prem says:

    And KrishnaNanda,
    Meditation and gratitude apart, how old are Arun ji, in normal years not like esoteric hi fi?
    Is he married or with some long term companion or short term relations, like a sailor on every port.
    Do he has children?

    Just normal biographical questions…..

  211. shantam prem says:

    -perfect example exact to when I came to a medi place 1st time when I was 20 and the next thing I knew a stinky unattractive old man is grabbing my ass breathing heavily and whispering ” you have such a good energy”

    Chetna, it reminds me of Poona though it can be anywhere, whereever God is, meditation is…!!

  212. chetna says:

    66 or near that
    was married twice
    3 children
    probably a sailor….but who knows apart from him

    I hope it is ok to disclose

  213. frank says:

    come on,darling,the night`s on me,
    this is just like pune 1,
    you dont have to pay a thing,
    existence takes care….
    ……i`ve got a free bus pass……

  214. Lokesh says:

    I’m sorry to interupt the love in but I was wondering if any of you could lend me a heavy-duty set of jumper cables. I need them so I can give shaktiput transmissions to my disciples. Ehm….that is, when they show up.

  215. shantam prem says:


    It is always Ok to disclose but not before Income tax authorities.

    Before i close my shop for the day, i must say, instances of old unattractive men grabbing the ass and whispering about good energy at Pune has decreased substantially and the same is with the dating scene.
    In that sense, full marks go to Jayesh administration. Those who are looking for really a meditative space and want to get maximum in 2 to 3 weeks stay; it is uncomparable to any other place.

  216. frank says:

    lokesh,oh,they`ll show up…
    just go up to them,grab their ass and say “you have good energy”
    slip `em a micky finn,mumble about tantra,no probs…
    it`s been working for me for 35 years,mate.
    i`ve never had any complaints….
    and i say
    “if it aint broke,don`t fix it…”

  217. prem bubbie says:

    Chetna, if you read the previous posts you’ll see that what I, Lokesh and Satya Deva have been saying is, WE CAN WALK ALONE ANYTIME!! So attached to gurus, girl…. Yes many THINK they need a jump start, only a few can fly by a gurus words, and fewer still fly from a spark from life itself… Too many get the jump start and can’t let go of the jumper cables, as the case with most guru worshipers. Sannyasins I’ve noticed have a “Do it Osho’s Way” or “Go Away” attitude… oh so closed for souls that claim to want to know the infinite… Forest Gump, Amano, Amrito(Canadian), to name just a few…..sound so much like the old nazis of 1930′s Germany, such dangerous company, doing more damage than any politician can. They are disguised as wolves in sheep’s clothing… throwing out Osho quotes like candy at a parade. This is what destroyed the beauty in the 70′s and 80′s in Pune and the Ranch and is still destroying…. Lokesh, nothing seems to work, not even jumper cables , to jolt these yo-yo’s.

  218. Amano says:

    Forest Gump , Where are you bhai

  219. Amano says:

    i want to thank you all for spending time here on this website . it makes me often laugh when i read postings here. good night everyone

  220. Lokesh says:

    The sun has risen on what promises to be another scorching day on Ibiza and not one potential disciple has shown up at my hastily erected ashram. I tried Frank’s advice to, quote:just go up to them,grab their ass and say “you have good energy”and only needed two hard slaps on the face to wake me up to the fact that this was bad advice.
    I so much want to be a success in the guru business. Perhaps I should try some of Osho’s old sayings and tell potential disciples I am the master of masters, or that one about being a gateless gate sounds pretty good also. I am now beginning to regret having written all those comments on here about becoming attached to the finger pointing at the moon. I think potential devotees might have read them and are now unwilling to attach themselves to me.
    Come on you lot, if we really are all one help me out here by writing A few tips on how to become a spiritual babe/money magnet.
    PS Please don’t tell anyone about this. If my German wife gets wind of this there will be hell to pay.

  221. Forest Gump says:


    What beauty are you talking about? Sannyasins used more Osho quotes back then in 70s, except some lunatics like you who was just there for Pussy. I just don’t understand “what the fuck you want”. If you wanna walk alone, then do so, why the fuck are you here in this forum at the first place, In reality, serial killer type of loners like you are always desperate for attention, otherwise they bombard people with shit, which is what you do in this forum. You are a psycho pissed asshole. People like you actually destroyed Osho & still destroying.

    If doubt is your worship, doubt your ass that always wants to get fucked by largest penis in the world. Doubt your breath & abuse it to keeping you alive so far. Doubt your mind that put you in so much misery that you can’t stand a single loving person who want to express gratitude.


    You are of the same category of this stupid Bubba. Why don’t you guy mate and have some babies. If it doesn’t help arise some heart in you guys, at least will offer you faggots a good time so that you could forget this shit sometime & stay away from here. Poor pussies, I feel pity for you.

  222. Lokesh says:

    An earlier comment from Forest Gump, Quote, Of course whatever I would say would seem gibberish to you as it takes some brain power to grasp.
    Going by your latest efforts I suspect you may be overestimating your intellectual prowess.

  223. Forest Gump says:

    Dear Lokesh,

    You mentioned earlier that I have made it perfectly clear that I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    My friend, knife is a knife, it pricks.

    However I feel sorry, but it doesn’t bother me to indulge myself into this kind of trash talking to reflect faces to people like Bubbie & Sadhu.

  224. Satya Deva says:

    Chetna says:
    When I saw/see old sannyasins the first thing comes to mind-what were they doing all that time? Did they hear anything that Osho said? Comments here prove that fact daily. Immature souls! Very simple!

    Yet the other day, at the SN Community Noticeboard she had a right go at someone called Joy, who’d had a right go at someone called Bhavana, who’d posted a couple of lines of gratitude to Osho for still being around, ‘looking after US ALL’ (my capitals).

    Chetna was outraged that anyone should dare to criticise such a pure expression of devotion to the Master, ending up by virtually screaming at Joy: “JUST SHUT UP!”

    I’m sure you all see my point by now…But I’ll spell it out anyway:
    Nothing whatsoever wrong with Bhavana speaking for herself, from her own experience, but she’s totally out of order, deluded, if she thinks she can speak on behalf of anyone else, let alone ‘all of us’.

    Before my reply and the others’ comments were wiped off by the editors (fair enough, it’s supposed to be a noticeboard, not a discussion forum), I suggested to Chetna that she redirect her remarks to herself, as unfortunately Bhavana had used the word “us” rather than the more responsible “me”.

    Thus, Chetna’s outrage was in support of what I call the usual or typical (in many, perhaps, I don’t know) sentimental sannyasin hogwash.

    (Sincere, of course, well-meaning – but when has that necessarily implied truth. Tony Blair, the Pope, Hitler…obvious, innit?!).

  225. Satya Deva says:

    And I suggest Chetna re-reads those 4 lines of hers I quoted above and see whether they apply to her….

  226. shantam prem says:

    “If you take the responsibility for your life you can start changing it.
    Slow will be the change, only in the course of time will you start moving into the world of light and crystallization, but once you are crystallized you will know what real revolution is. Then share your revolution with others;
    it has to go that way, from heart to heart.”

    Look Look, Osho is reading our mails.
    That is the reason, He has written the above quotation in today´s No Thought of the DAy at

  227. shantam prem says:

    It looks like Zeiigiest” in the world of western sannyasins, so much stress over the freedom and wallking alone.
    And this from the generation who has spend their whole youth in India at the feet of lmnOp masters, and now in the twilight of their life, it is another tune.
    If they take it as a natural progression of their effort and “dependency” than it makes sense other wise, in Hindi it is said,” Sou Chuhe kha ke Bili Haj ko Chali.”
    (After eating hundred rats, Cat goes for Haj(pilgrimage)

  228. Lokesh says:

    Reading some of today’s comments I believe it might be a good idea for some to take a double take on how the mind came into existence in the first place and how it became what it is in your lives today.
    Originally the mind was a tool created to help biological survival. Look around….it worked very well. In order for it to help man survive the mind learnt the laws of nature and supressed them as much as possible in order to conquer it….look around….it did. In its efforts to raise life to what it thought was a higher level of existence the mind aquired the knack of symbolic thinking, the ability to communicate, and the ever increasing skill of using language. As you can see words have become very important to us, in my opinion too important because it only takes a few wrong words and you have an excuse to freak out….the mind controls you so much, the price to be paid by most for the mind’s help in our continued survival. Remember it was a tool in the beginning. Unfortunately, the tool is now using most of us instead of vice versa. This has happened because words and abstractions have aquired a reality of their own and humans in turn have adopted that reality as their own. Most of us live in a verbal world and are dominated by words. You don’t think so? Try telling me that next time some jerk comes up to you and calls you a fucking asshole to your face.
    We are totally identified with words, one word in particular dominates us above all else. That word is ‘I’. As I am sure you will all agree, we have a problem.
    I think it was part of Osho’s dream that we could live much more healthy lives if we were not so caught up in this ‘I’ thing. Run back over the last few comments. Do you think after reading them that this is what is happening?
    As it says at the top of the page….I will be known through my sannyasins – Osho.
    If that were true in this case that would make Osho a headbanger going by some of the crap being traded on these pages.
    Of course, Osho was not a headbanger, but he did from time to time attract a few nutters. I’ve met a few gurus and there are always a few very confused people hanging around them. Perhaps that is why they need a guru in the first place. Are you one? Please keep it to yourself if you are. I get bored with nutters very quickly.

  229. frank says:

    its perfect that everybody here disagrees with each other..
    look,take a few “enlightened” guys and what they said about each other..
    j krishnamurti
    ug krishnamurti

    completely failed effort
    the greatest pimp of all time
    lost his enlightenment
    greatest fraud of the 20th century

    etc etc

    thats the nature of it.
    everyone is different.
    actually, the fact that we are all different is the one point that we all share!

    if people want to “walk alone” and another wants to throw himself at the feet of a master and they both proclaim angrily the ignorance and stupidity of those who dont—ok
    its just another manifestation of life,like the snake fighting with the mongoose,earthquakes,the feathers of a peacock,the tail of the bird of paradise or the smell of the bright red buttocks of an ape…..

    i salute it…..
    violence is part of this earth

    the enlightened guys dont usually get into barroom rucks(apart from gurdjieff)(and ramana was a keen ameteur boxer in his youth)
    they just like a good old slagging session of their rivals.
    thats how it should be.
    all these deepak chakra type guys bigging each other up and writing grovelling blurbs for the back of each others books is a bit nauseating,isn`t it?

    and supporters of any guru need to get real…..
    no matter who you are,,musical,political,religious….
    you put yourself on stage,you get the hecklers along with the converts….
    its the old yin yang thing…
    black and white go together….
    love it or get off stage…
    any performer will tell you that….

    amor fati….

    for example our resident deep-fried southern friend forrest gump,has ,thanks to bubbie,been able to vent his anger in a way that has left him with clear conscience….
    never mind his guru,he should be going to the feet of bubbie and recognising his intrinsic generosity…..

    i salute the large lump of excrement within you…………..

  230. frank says:

    as well as the god…


  231. Satya Deva says:

    No time to say much, but, Lokesh, words should be used accurately, perhaps especially in the matters in question at this place, otherwise, why bother?

    “Osho is still looking after us all” – that’s a very questionable claim, is it not, and deserves to be challenged, rather than accepted as a “beautiful” truth.

    How dare anyone presume to speak for anyone else!!

    (Now, back to today’s ‘Telegraph’…).

  232. Chinmaya says:

    Almost All the Gurus in the market – at National or Regional or at International level, are running after power, posiiion and juicy girls, besides to fulfil their ego, by meeting the Heads of Countries, to show to local friends till they reach to cremation with feeble body.

  233. bodhi heeren says:

    Have I been away from this site 6 month or 6 min.s? At least it’s just the same bunch of negative people throwing garbage at each other and apparently having a gr8 time feeding each others swollen ego’es.

    But thx to the original poster. My foot, someone having a positive experience and sharing it with fellow sannyasins. She sure deserves all the trashing she’s got for being so out of place. Talking about Love and Meditation auchhh.

    Would certainly be a sign of Osho’s utterly failure if there wasn’t enlightened disiples around, people taking Osho’s vison to the marketplace etc., etc..

    But sannyasnews sure is a nice place to visit whenever I need an excuse for being in a bad mood :)

  234. shantam prem says:

    I always wonder when someone writes like a sharp knife yet hide behind a fictitious name.
    It looks like, Forest Gump or Sadhu both are using the mask over their known name, may be few others too.
    What is the fear and what is the motive?
    None of us is not as famous as Tom cruise that his comment in favour or opposition of Scientology will make a world news, none of us is writing against or far, some psycopath head of a state.
    So my suggestion is to the people who are expressing themselves now or in future, please stand with your words and thoughts, don´t give them for adoption to some fictitious name.

  235. frank says:

    oh bodhiheren,
    you are so right.
    i dont know how a pure and advanced soul like yourself can stand the stink at jackass news.
    your ego is so obviously unswollen,unlike the negative trash you find here.
    it`s amazing,i see no sign of swelling on your highly spiritual ego..
    how do you do that?

    but,remember to be compassionate to the sad and negative ones.existence needs them,too…..
    these unenlightened and negative fools are like the mud without which lotuses like your good unswollen self and i could never bloom…….

    and if you are in a bad mood,don`t worry,we will entertain you and send you on your way with the feeling that altho` you are,like osho,an “utter failure”,at least there are some worse than yourself…..

    i bow to the unswollen ego in you……

  236. shantam prem says:

    Amrito, Krishnanada, Gump in forest and now Bodhi Heeren..Are you all Nepalese expats?
    Your connection with Arunji is appreciable, it is not difficult to visualise how his presence has filled your senses with divine bliss and therefore a sense of gratitude.

    Sannyasworld web site is full with arrival and departure information of meditation,Tantra and breathing experts. People read about events but no interaction.
    One cannot imagine the same here at sannyasnews; how beautiful, miss you.. wish to be there kind of expressions.
    As Frank has written in one of the above posts, it is a game of black and white, mud and lotus…
    and this is the esoterica of life that lotus of one is the mud for other. It seems, perspective plays more role than the reality.
    This also makes me wonder how people get eager to share their guru with the other. Without asking, people go on motivating others to visit at least once, please spend just one day with HIM/Her , you will feel the difference.

    Feeling of sharing overflowing.
    World will be a bit more juicy when these happy hearts will invite their friends, ” My girl/boy friend is so good, so cool, so far out; would you like to come for an evening of Striptease. We want to share our joy with you”.

    Without doubt, sensuous joy is very personal, spiritual joy is for public consumption.

  237. frank says:

    and what happened to dear chetna?
    she got frightened off by a bunch of aggressive and lustful pensioners posing as experts in transcendent religion…

    chetna,come back,dont be worried,these guys are just
    collateral damage from the quest for enlightenment…..
    it happens….

    maybe we should introduce the burkha at sannyas events and discos to curb the fantasies of the shameless shamans of the “just like pune 1″ persuasion?

    half of these enlightenment experts contrive to get you you to drop your mind
    and the otherhalf have devices to try to make you to drop your pants…

    the middle way is hard to find,indeed……

  238. Forest Gump says:


    You wrote “I get bored with nutters very quickly”.

    Is it your mind (which is a tool as per said) gets bored or “you” get bored?

    If you get bored the utilitarian value of mind is not quite there in the statement.

  239. Lokesh says:

    Ehm…er…Forest Gump….you’ve got me stumped. I got it wrong. You are the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    News Flash: There is no knife and there is no drawer.

    I wonder if there is anything good on telly. Now that the world cup is over there is a hole in my life. Like…like an inner emptiness. Could this be enlightenment?

  240. Forest Gump says:

    Lol…Yes, Indeed, there is no knife or drawer, ah…sudden moments of enlightenment. Lokesh, You & I have become one to universe now..Congeratulations!! Yeaaah…Now, We don’t need jumper cables to do the Shaktipat.

  241. shantam prem says:

    Gumpy Bhai, take care you are getting addicted to Snews.
    So come out from the Burqa.
    Are you on Facebook?

  242. shantam prem says:

    Satya Deva, just saw your promotion work at Sannyasnews notice board?

    Let us shifet from Arun to this Mata ji. ( no cynicism)



    Stress Tips News

    “I was kind of a twitchy nervous woman with a lot of internal stress and worry…

    until I discovered these GREAT methods”
    Discover how to ‘Melt Away’ Your
    Stress & Anxiety in 3minutes a day -

    I’ll show you 3 amazing Exercises
    Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About!

  243. frank says:

    do you get bored of nutters easily?
    do you have an uncontrolable urge to adopt the name of an imbecile from one of tom hanks worst movies?
    do you see the swelling in other people`s egos,but when it comes to yours,there`s just a big blind spot?
    have you had bad experiences with “tantric masters” with bad breath and dubious personal habits?
    do you ramble incomprehensibly about the future of the osho resort,without ever getting anywhere?
    are you interested in enlightenment but wold rather watch the football?

    then log on to jackassnews.
    its absolutely free.
    surrender to the screen
    you will be transformed..
    that is my promise…..

    or your money back………

  244. frank says:

    do you think your guru`s better than my guru?
    do you want to have a pop at my guru cos he`s a charlatan?
    do you need to show that you haven`t wasted most of your adult life seeking something that probably doesn`t exist?
    do you find yourself speaking against the mind only to find that that`s what you`re in yourself?
    would you lke to be a guru,but you just haven`t got ythe x-factor?

    don`t be vorried
    ours is not a blogsite of despair
    come,come,yet again come……

  245. Lokesh says:

    Ehm…well…that’s all very well, but I’ll settle for the money.

  246. Forest Gump says:

    Dear Shantam,

    Mask has its own utility, at least it offer us to use the mind from authenticity. Behind the mask you don’t have to be diplomatic because once you come out raw & naked, you lose the face value. That’s why I don’t have a face book. It may appear coward on the surface because we are conditioned to think that way, but it’s better than having mask on mask.

    For example what difference is it going to make if I say “I am “Mother Teresa” who jumped into the lake after a wise man asked me to do so, I recently imbibed the spiritual body of Michael Jackson to learn some moves, so that I could become disciple of Osho in the next birth.”

    My friend, People have more than one name & more than one face. Different mask is worn according to the situation, at least with the fictitious name & face mask, you don’t have that problem.

    My love & best regards to you…

  247. Satya Deva says:

    Shantam Prem:
    Let us shifet from Arun to this Mata ji. ( no cynicism)

    Hey – that ain’t no “Mata ji”, that’s my ‘wife’!!

    Seriously though, she’s been working extremely hard since May last year, building a website, now around 120 pages ( and recently introducing bi-weekly news feeds and a 3 or 4 weekly E-Gazette (all FREE!!).

    It’s the realm of therapy, folks…but there’s stuff on various Osho meditations, along with a load of other stuff.

    Just put out the first Press Release and with the huge amount of work that’s been put in, she deserves success.

    (End of commercial break).


  248. chetna says:

    Hey, Frank, I am here, but not like you a retired f..t I’ve got to earn my bread (still) . Hopefully soon (when all old sannyasins have died) I can emerge myself from the mud like a lotus and make my bucks by telling followers of Arun etc that I am his reincarnation!

  249. chetna says:

    And coming back to your Tantra proposal…I’ve been to a couple of classes by some enlighnt (of course) teachers-oh holy smoke! That crowd beats my stinky old man big time! These guys on the spiritual express don’t knwo anything apart from ‘dropping pants’

    PS Loved last posts. you make me laugh guys

  250. frank says:

    you are right,chetna,
    i might as well face it -
    i am too old and worn out by now for anything except dropping my ego…..
    pretty much everything else has dropped already….
    no more tantra for me unless i can find a tantrika with wheelchair access…
    oh well,thanks to my new incontinence pants,i can still have a bloody good laugh…
    so far,so good……..

  251. chetna says:

    ha ha ha

  252. prem bubbie says:

    Pourous Gump, We know who the real psycho is, you are definitely bi-polar, at least— care to read you roller coaster posts…. Who loves you babe?!! Ha, Ha….

  253. prem bubbie says:

    It seems some of you young sannyasin wannabees can’t wait for the old farts to die off…. With the world at your hands we are truly fucked liked like never in human history…. with all of the mentally ill seekers roaming around the planet… Gump, join the muslim jihaddists, they’re on the same head trip as you!!

  254. prem bubbie says:

    Oh yeah Gump… Fuck you if you can’t take a joke!!! Obviously you can’t, so why are you a sannyasin?

  255. prem bubbie says:

    Your schizophrenia, homophobia, over-bloated ego, pompousness, and delusional visions have been brought to the surface… can’t you thank this forum at least for that, Gump? Say, did you copy all of that from us old time sannyasins… seems familiar.

  256. Forest Gump says:

    By the way, the Islamic tunes goes perfectly with your name, here is one sample:

    Allah hoo !!! Bubbie boo !!!

    When you use the word “We” for yourself, clearly indicates that the kind of mental case you are. Have you ever looked at yourself in mirror? How many people you see?

  257. Lokesh says:

    And now a little song from the good old days. It was written by George Harrison and its message is timeless. This is Radio Ibiza signing out.

    We were talking-about the space between us all
    And the people-who hide themselves behind a wall of illusion
    Never glimpse the truth-then it’s far too late-when they pass away.
    We were talking-about the love we all could share-when we find it
    To try our best to hold it there-with our love
    With our love-we could save the world-if they only knew.
    Try to realize it’s all within yourself
    No-one else can make you change
    And to see you’re really only very small,
    And life flows on within you and without you.
    We were talking-about the love that’s gone so cold and the people,
    Who gain the world and lose their soul-
    They don’t know-they can’t see-are you one of them?
    When you’ve seen beyond yourself-then you may find, peace of mind,
    Is waiting there-
    And the time will come when you see
    we’re all one, and life flows on within you and without you.

  258. Forest Gump says:


    The good news is that Jesus is coming back. But the bad news is that he’s really pissed off at you.


  259. Satya Deva says:

    are you interested in enlightenment but wold rather watch the football?

    Conflict not necessarily there, frank…

    Eg, if Fabregas stays on at Arsenal for next season, rather than head off to Barcelona (where he’d surely prefer to be), then I for one (or should that be ‘I’ for One, Lokesh?) will have my biggest-ever Satori (well, ok, it’ll be my first, I admit, the terrible truth has to emerge one day)…

    But, getting away from the appalingly trivial:
    “interested” in enlightenment…mmmm…wonder how many of us are truly passionate, one-pointed about this, and how many are just, er, well, pretty keen really, yes, It’s interesting stuff, you know, thought-provoking, might do an evening class come the autumn, mmm, yes, fascinating hobby….

    As Lokesh says, I don’t think many (most?) have much of a clue what the hell we’re really looking for when we say we’re searching for ‘enlightenment’…

    Searching for our own death, eh?!

    But it’s surely a gradual thing, via a gradual awakening of understanding?
    Simply put, seeing what makes us unhappy and simply giving it up…Including our fear, of course…

    A series of ‘little’ deaths…Culminating in what one teacher has called “psychological and emotional death”, either simultaneously or separately. And then…

    The Big Bang?!

    (Maybe I should stick to football, after all)….

  260. shantam prem says:

    SD, I will still say to your wife Mataji”, not because she is elder to me but the way she is bringing her website about Stress. I don´t see her contribution less worthy than those south Indian Ammas.
    Social scientists in India are speaking aout the fact, why in India there are so many gurus and sub gurus; as masses don´t have the access to the psychological health.
    Longing of the soul apart, the bulk of the business comes from selling the Dettol for the inner wounds.
    But the way life is, Neuro surgeon and corner house GP both are doctors, the way Every body in the inner profession are calling themselves Enlightend or Bodhisatva.

  261. Satya Deva says:

    Thanks, Lokesh. George wrote some marvellous stuff, I used to listen a lot to the ‘All Things Must Pass’ album when enjoying the first dizzy heights of dynamic meditation highs, back in London, ’73/’74…

    It kinda seemed a lot simpler then, in a way, suitable case for treatment though I most definitely was….

  262. Anugrah says:

    come on jashan, have a some courage, tell your real name. i am not going to tell out of respect , but i would like you to come forward .and take this simple step, turst me you will not regret…….all your good and true posting are worth nothing if you hide behind the sheep skin. be lion and roar now or stay calm and quite rest of your life . it is ceating to hide names . it is cheating to osho and most of all it is cheating to yourself………
    thanks you shantam for your un-conditional love for 17 koregaon park.
    i like one thingh , about you that you never change your mind about certain important issues… i have seen often in politics that people change mind alot. and views . but you shantam say thinghs as they are . thanks
    jashan ,
    once more , come on man , you will not regret , it will make you more strong than before……i say this out of my own experience

  263. Anugrah says:

    my real name is anugrah, i have been hiding in sheep skin , but it is time for me to lions roar…………..
    thank you sp for you unconditional love for 17 koregaon park and compasion to sheeps here on sannyas news

  264. shantam prem says:

    Gumpy, let me acknowledge your point. So when i write Gumpy it is a nick name to your alter ego, Forest Gump.

    Also my profound apology for being a bit rude to the people who are writing through their alter egos.

    I hope it can encourage many more people to utalise this site, to make the world of sannyas more transparent, alive and up to date.
    So use any name, any mask to pour your heart out, may be soon you will find out it is also an unbranded Path Of Love.

  265. shantam prem says:

    Pornistan? Pak tops world in ‘sex’ searches.

    Bravo Winds of change; it may take few decades but Bikini will replace Burqa.

  266. amano says:

    my real name is anugrah, i have been hiding in sheep skin , but it is time for me to lions roar…………..
    thank you sp for you unconditional love for 17 koregaon park and compasion to sheeps here on sannyas news

  267. Satya Deva says:

    Btw, for the benefit of those for whom the name George Harrison is a mystery, he was the lead guitarist and youngest of the four Beatles (you must have heard of them, surely?!), who were (maybe still are?) the world’s most famous pop group.

    He it was who inspired them to ‘meditate’ in Rishikesh with Maharishi in the 60′s and he eventually flowered into a fine musician and a great song-writer, producing some memorable, hauntingly beautiful ones, like ‘Something’ (Sinatra’s favourite love song of all time), ‘Isn’t it a Pity’, ‘Give me Love, Give me Peace on Earth’ and a whole lot more…

    So, ladies and gents, perhaps especially if you’re ‘on the spiritual path’ at all, give him some of your time, the songs are worth it.

  268. amano says:

    come on man stop being a sheep,.tell you real name ……what you got there to loose bhai
    i learn that if you write good and sharp, it is worth nothing if you hide in burka

    i feel relieved now by saying my true name .
    love to you all

  269. shantam prem says:

    Once when not many people were around Osho, One of His books have the titel, ” Aswikriti Main Uttha Hath”
    In English, may be the meaning will be, Hand Raised in Non Confirmation.”

    We might not be the fingers of that hand, but accepting usas His disciples, we have become the fine hairs on those fingers.

    Hand needs to be raised again because the River´s course has been changed towards desert.

    I also understand the phobia and fear of those who are afraid Osho´s work will turn into religion.
    If you are born into a single book, only son of a god kind of condiioning, this fear and shame is natural.

    Just minutes ago i have read the news, Vatican labels the ordination of women a ‘grave crime’ to be dealt with in the same way as sex abuse

    Read more:

  270. Forest Gump says:

    SP: Thanks for acknowledging my point & alter ego as well.

    At least your effort inspired some friends to take off the “Sheep” mask and wear the “Roaring Lion” mask and they are feeling really good about it. I am happy for them.

    About the same time of ”Aswikriti Main Uttha Hath”, Osho also delivered a wonderful series of discourse in 1974 after getting up from sickness “My Way The Way of White Clouds”. It’s a pure poetry and inspired many loving souls around the world to Osho. Now the problem is that those books are becoming obsolete. (Out of print for long time). New Sannaysins don’t even know about it, even if they know, it wouldn’t appeal to them, just because repressed humanity like nothing else other than becoming rebel.

    I feel that Osho works in a mysterious way, it makes one rebellion to give one new insights, then evolves the ones who pine, into love, silence, beauty & poetry. The master, not being in the body, has inspired many seasoned disciples to take message further beyond rebel & promote love & silence. Many of them are working tirelessly to provide many thirsty souls the taste of Osho. But we are abusing them here & we are calling them shit. Resonating with people who says “oh he/she is on the Guru trip” . Lets assume for an instance, they are on Guru trip, but are they harming anyone? Trust me, they are much better than many Guru Maharaj ji in India & energy healers/workers in west. No one can take place of Osho, but let’s become open to the ones who love Osho & want to promote love of Osho and create a comfortable platform for Sannaysins. We have every right to doubt, but let’s “find out” first before making any presumptions.

  271. shantam prem says:

    It looks like Sun is shining in India. its judiciary is adopting itself with the rapidily changing world.

    Single & pregnant? You can skip classes: HC
    NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court has suggested that Delhi University and Bar Council of India frame rules allowing relaxation of attendance norms for students missing classes due to pregnancy. Reminding the two institutions that ‘‘society today is changing at a rapid pace and we must be in tune with the realities’’, the court on Monday admitted the petitions of two Law Faculty students who were short of attendance because of pregnancy.

    The court went a step ahead and said that pregnancies of single women should also be treated sympathetically by educational institutions as far as attendance is concerned. ‘‘The Supreme Court has given liberty to live-in relationships and it has held that pre-marital sex isn’t an offence,’’

  272. Chinmaya says:

    Dear Shantam,

    Living Relationship and Relationship while Living as Paying Guest (PG) is very common in the Metro cities in India and now, the demand is of Single Parent-hood, which is giving birth to pre-martial sex.

    Osho says very viviidly that unless the West and East meets, there is no chance of Globalisation. And yet, we have to travel to start co-habitating in other planets. Mars is found with Air, Oxygen, Plants, Water etc. and Moon too is already seen by us. Aliens from other planets are often noticed in various parts of our earth.

    One thing, I must appreciate, you have the solutions of all problems – Lukman Hakeem………yahoooooooo

  273. Kartar says:

    The year is 2222 and Swami and Ma land on Mars after accumulating enough air points. They meet a Martian couple and are talking about all sorts of things. Swami asks if Mars has a Arun Meditation Center and stock market, and all things about how they make money. Finally Ma brought up the subject of sex. ‘Just how do you guys do it?’ asks Ma. ‘Pretty much the way you do,’ responds the Martian woman. Discussion ensues and finally the couples decide to swap partners for the night and experience one another.

    Ma and the male Martian go off to a bedroom, where the Martian strips. He’s got a teeny, weeny polka dot member about 2 cm long and 1 cm thick. `I don’t think this is going to work,’ says Ma. ‘Why?’ he asks, ‘What’s the matter?’ ‘Well.’ she replies. ‘it’s just not long enough to reach me!’ ‘No problem,’ he says, and proceeds to slap his forehead with his palm. With each slap of his forehead, his member grows until it’s quite impressively long. ‘Well,’ she says, ‘that’s quite impressive, but it’s still pretty narrow.’ ‘No problem,’ he says and starts pulling his ears. With each pull his member grows wider and wider until the entire measurement is extremely exciting to the woman. ‘Wow!’ she exclaims, and they fell into bed and make mad, passionate love. The next day the couples rejoin their normal partners and go their separate ways.

    As they walk along, Swami asks Ma, ‘Well, was it any good?’ ‘I hate to say it,’ says Ma, ‘but it was pretty wonderful. How about you?’ ‘It was horrible,’ he replies. ‘All I got was a headache. All she kept doing the whole time was slapping my forehead and pulling my ears.’

  274. shantam prem says:

    No Chinmaya, i don´t have solutions for my own problems, but when one looks at life with the awareness enhanced by Osho´s words and meditation, soultions seems to be quite easy. Realistically speaking, His people have shown, implimantaion is as difficult as without meditation and His Talks.
    The way world is moving, it looks like non meditative yet intelligent brains are streching themselves to find new paths, unused avenues and the above three news can show, how the religious mind because of its holy ego is not willing to walk with the time.
    In this branch, people who speak about walking one´s own walk are also walking with their green glasses, when every thing is bliss, green, joyful, peaceful and skratch a little and highly rigid mind resurfaces.
    About others i have no right to speak but leadership at 17, Koregaon Park has lost its shelf value, and therefore the whole thing called Sannyas.

  275. shantam prem says:

    Someone will say, no sannyas is expanding. More than half a dozen people are busy taking meditation camps. Malaysia, Singapur, UK, USA, Canada are in their radar.
    Similarly more than half a dozen Sannasin Satsang givers are encourging Silence and instant Nirvana,
    ” You are God like i am God, what does it matter if your God pays Euro15,00 to listen my God. In the end we are all one, Bye God !”

    In my eyes these people are doing a good job like those enterprsing spirits who buy, 75% less from the Clearance Sale of a big store and sell the same in far away suburbs at reasonable profit.

    If this is called expansion of the business, let it be. Soon “Sannyas” will ring the opening bell at Wall Street.

  276. Chinmaya says:

    Dear Shantam,

    Wishing you good luck to solve your problems in private. Donot stop making efforts to make Him, as your partner on all fronts.
    Only God knows your future none else, says Guru Nanak.

  277. Forest Gump says:

    Real Sannayas is for a few people who are thirsty, rest is all leela (Mumbo, Jumbo ). Osho inspire mass so that a few real ones have buffer to survive in the society. Sannyas going to Wall Street or market place will be more beneficial. I agree that Sannayas should be available to people at reasonable cost & should be easily accessible so that the leela continues & real seekers continues to get enough cushions to meditate. 17 Koregaon park is doing exactly opposite, dropping mala, raising cost, cutting celebration indicates what. They should have been the one who would become Satsang givers, but seems like they want to do nothing else other than banning people. Whats the purpose of hiding Osho’s discourses. You tube should have been full of Osho discourse, but there not even a few. On the other hand Many Tom, Dick and Harry Gurus are reading Osho and documenting them as their original breakthrough. 17 Korgaon park is playing major role in throwing Sannayas in dumpster. Is it helping? I don’t think so.

  278. prem bubbie says:

    Forest Gump your new sannyas name is: Cum Dump…swami or Ma… doesn’t matter anyway… Your past posts says you’re a young sannyasin… then you comment on the things during ’70′s and 80′s.and talk like you’re an oldt imer, who was there and who is way ahead of others spiritually…. Point of Fact is you’re full of shit, don’t know what you’re talking about, haven’t the inkling of what meditation is, claim to “know” what REAL sannyas is and who it should be available to and at what price… You sound like someone at customs at the airport, screening out who can enter and what it will cost to get in…. get yourself a government job getting paid a lot of money for useless work. You must be an American or Canadian schizo.

  279. shantam prem says:

    The Virtual boxing between two heavy weights*
    Prem Bubbie v/s Forest Gump

    Boxer on the left side is wearing cross crossed boxer shorts, Gump on the right has a locket of Osho tatooed on his chest.

    I have not the news what bookies are thinking but be ready for spectacular punches, few will be under the belt too.

  280. Forest Gump says:

    Bubbie or Boobie,

    You have no idea that how much I enjoy playing with you. If you weren’t farting so much, I would have certainly made love to you. Your heart is pure, but you operate through your ass, which hairy and smelly. Seems like you were in so much hurry while making journey downwards from “Mind to heart”, you completely forgot the heart and reached directly to the ass, dead end. Now you are stuck there. Folks, is there any meditation that helps raising consciousness from ass to heart? We need to help this poor child.

    May be lund-dhari baba of Bhatinda can fix you.

    A riddle: What was Bubbie doing, when he saw Jesus up on the cross?



    Don’t know?

    He was taking a sneak peak (under the wrap).


    I loose, I am a lazy person, I have to take shower after kicking Bubbie’s dirty ass.

  281. Lokesh says:

    I will be known through my sannyasins – Osho

  282. Lokesh says:

    Hey, Bubbie, I am surprised that you bother entering Into this ping-pong with Gump. I’m curious. What do you get out of it.
    As soon as Gump showed up it was obvious that he was a tea cup overflowing with verbal sewage. Why add to it. Gump is only becoming more stirred up and confused. When the puddle is muddy, leave it alone until it settles.
    These last comments from you guys show a total lack of self respect. It is little wonder you guys use nom de plumes. Afterall, who would want anyone to know you were capaable of coming away with such banal behaviour…kind of like how babies are fascinitaed by their own shit type scenario.
    You’ll notice that not much has been coming from the other bloggers, except Shantam who ploughs on regardless. You guys’ comments don’t exactly inspire, except perhaps to prompt one to think that time could be spent in more creative pursuits elsewhere.

  283. Forest Gump says:

    Dear Friends,

    I don’t remember the exact wording, but it was something like this: Someone asked Osho, why do you say dirty jokes or talk dirty sometimes? Osho said consider me as pure water down pouring, when it falls on mud, it looks dirty & muddy, when it falls on stones in sunshine, it looks sprinkle & fresh. My quality of sharing will change according to the people gather around here. I am speaking from my emptiness, I just pour, I don’t care if it falls on mud or beautiful vessel.

    Lokesh, We have made Bubbies, Sadhus & Gumps here. You loved Bubbie, never said anything against him so far or Sadhu and other trash talkers who don’t challenge your thoughts. You have no problem with them.

    Choice is ours and, are we still going to allow them and enjoy them?

    I am out of here.

    But remember, one Gump will go & another Trump will come & the history will be repeated. If you really want Sannayasnews to become clean platform for positive sharing, Boycott the trash talkers and moderate them.

    No wonder Swami Keerti and other well regarded disciples appeared only once or twice.

    Paratama Apko Sud-Budhi de ( Shantnam can translate it for you guy, if he wishes..)

    Hasta La vista.

  284. shantam prem says:

    Gump, i will try to translate-
    ” Parmatma Apko Sud Budhi De”

    It looks like a nice sentence but full of ego,as it is used in the presnt context.

    “MAy God grace YOU righteous conscience”

    (YOU is you in the plural form)

    From a humble and compassionate heart, it will follow by itself something like-

    Parmatma Hum sabh ko Sadbudhi de

    May God grace US ALL righteous conscinece.

    This i hope becomes prayer for all the religious minded people who for thousand years are so full with praise about their own path and path bearer and so full of condemnation for others.

  285. shantam prem says:

    No wonder Swami Keerti and other well regarded disciples appeared only once or twice…”Gump”

    It is very true.
    There can be two,three reasons for this.
    First to protect one´s dignity.
    Why to pass by a street, when with every step, some dog in the neighbourhood barkes.

    Secondly, to portect one´s shine.
    Many well regarded people are also aware that once their gold will be in the fire, the artificial shine will burn like an impurity.

    Thirdly, to protect one´s superiority.
    Creamy layer of every society always defies laws of gravitation. To walk above the ground is what makes people elites.
    When a seeker of truth, A sannyasin also lives in this way, it is no good for their journey.

    Thus spoke unemployed seeker, Shantam Prem

  286. Lokesh says:

    You know, I reckon Gump is so weak-willed he’ll find it impossible not to return here. That is the second time he has said….I am out of here.

  287. chetna says:

    Lokesh, I remebr you said the same too, but yet still here.

    Whoever said that, remain in this forum. Funny to watch!

  288. shantam prem says:

    I think not to take any Oath of not returning to sannyasnews, when something bubbles inside to say/convey/express/share among Osho´s people, why not go on raining till it stops by itself.
    But the people who say too often i am out from here are like arche type wives, who at every conflict blackmail, ” I am going to my parents and take the kids with.”

  289. shantam prem says:

    My request to the regular of this site is too concentrate the time for a while and submit as thread.
    Parmartha is a very good editor and polishes the stuff in a printable form.
    Fireworks of the heart or More like damp squibs, try the thread root.

  290. shantam prem says:

    Chinamya, just listening a sikh song ” Shoes from my skin”, written by an ancient disciple.
    I hope you and others can enjoy.

    Shoes made of my skin can be used by the Sikhs(Disciples) of the Guru, the disciples who live the teachings and heave become humanitarian and humble on the way.

  291. Lokesh says:

    Chetna…I say I am out of here when I mean I am leaving a sitution. Gump meant that he was permanently leaving the situation. It is a question of context..

  292. Lokesh says:

    Shantam Prem, are you suffering from boredom?

  293. shantam prem says:

    Just read your sentence addressed to me and search engine brought forward the story, i have read first time in 1983. I think it was in my first Osho book.
    A temple was being built in a village. many people were busy in breaking the stones.
    Someone asked few stone crushers about this hard job. Work was the same, answer were different.
    Some one was doing this out of helplessness, someone was doing because the joy was near his home and someone was doing because it was a privelege to participate in the constrcution work for the temple.

    MAny people can have their motives, whether it was sannyas or sannyasnews.
    for sure, to kill boredom i can find thousand better ways.
    May be one day i turn out to be the manager of a temple, still it will be a joy to go on crushing the stones.

  294. prem bubbie says:

    S.P.- well said about Gumpster, I agree with you Lokesh, but I made my reasons clear many times why i post the way i do. Dumpster’s been exposed, hiding behind his”love” of Osho… Trash talking has its purpose can’t anyone see that?… your Puritanism” has blinded you, for the most part… Dumpster wants censorship, so do most “Sannyasins”, pretty clear-cut, all of the past years’ postings attest to that. Lets do what we can to expose the frauds, the puritans, the fascists who pretend to have an open heart and mind and use Osho’s name and vision as justification for their hatred… what have we not learned from the past? A lot I’d say….

  295. Anand says:

    Bubbier loves to hit on the new arrivals here. It is part of the initiation scenario here. How long will you be able to stay on sannyasnews once Bubbie focuses his old fart brain from Oregon towards you?
    You would think he would disappear sometimes, but it looks more likely that sannyasins with a certain sensitivity do not bother anymore writing here and that seems to be his main motive.
    But he is not all bad…the Oregon weather, the redneck scene up there and living of social security got on to him…..

  296. prem bubbie says:

    Personally, I think you’re the “Gumpster” in disguise… who ever said I live up in Oregon? Washington? Northern California? Idaho? I”m too young for Social security, maybe I sell pot for a living…. malas too!!! cheap, made in China lead coated Funny you should just bubble to the service after Dumpster announces he’s through with this site… just a coincidence? I wonder? S.P. nails on the head i think with regards to why the “nice” sannyasins are not posting anymore… too hot for them to handle… not enough steel in their toes.

  297. Chinmaya says:

    Dear Lokesh, Chetna, Prem Bubbie, Frank, Gumpster, Ananad, Sadhu, Kartar, Anuragh, Shantam Prem, Satya Dev, Amano, Prem Jashan, Krishnananda and the great Amrito,Jayesh hope you have visited Golden Temple, if not, and you have the quest for spirituality or soul-thirst visited once, you will get contentment surely. Otherwise, to visit this place as one of the Wonder of World.

  298. Lokesh says:

    I’m out of here…that is, until a new thread begins.

    Forest Gump…R.I.P.

    I was too, too hot, baby
    Too hot to handle
    Yeah, I was too, too hot
    Too hot to handle

  299. shantam prem says:

    During the last weeks, one man Raoul Maut was getting too much paper space in British Media.
    Just thought about Bubbie at sannyasnews, same misplaced rage, bringing everybody to the fire- those who survive are real, rest is the grilled food for Him.

    I think this is quite scary; and Anand observation is pointing in the direction,” it looks more likely that sannyasins with a certain sensitivity do not bother anymore writing here.”

    Do we need Buddha´s reincarnation to initiate Bubbie, as it is in the story, “UngaliMaar”.

  300. shantam prem says:

    Someone wrote a piece of thankfulness for Arunji.
    Without writing this, His camp would have gone the way it has gone. In the Notice board, it is mentioned during the coming next weeks, he will be in UK too.

    And any one can see,” how many rotten Tomatoes and shoes has been thrown at him.”
    And than how much bloody attack on the people,like KrishnaNanda, Forest Gump etc. who came in his defence, which is their right to do so.

    I will feel them like Warriors on this thread, they took the legitimate ground and defended the man they love very much.

    It looks like, the way Big Show started by Osho at 17, Koregaon Park is losing the capacity to provoke and inspire sannyas heart, many many more Arun´s are needed to travel city after city with their small theater.

  301. frank says:

    sure i have visited the golden temple.
    i stayed there for some nights.
    enjoying the sikh social security system…
    also i circumambulated the golden part in the middle of the pool many times.
    people thought i was very religious,but actually,i was just enjoying the mouthful of prasad they give everytime.

    but i cant see the resort handing out rotis for free…..

  302. shantam prem says:

    but i cant see the resort handing out rotis for free…..
    Frank, But the place can sell the rotis, which taste like Rotis.
    Have you ever tried paper like Rotis in the resort?
    People still remember the Tandoori rotis of Mariam Kitchen during the phase 1987-1988.
    Than started the modrenising process and rotis were outsourced, may be from some prison.
    The soulless rotis of the resort can create riot even in prisons, but not there.
    Therefore, it created good opportunity for Thali business in Koregaon Park.

  303. Anugrah says:

    yes sp. Rotis were coming from one prison after 1988, i broke my tooth once eating that roti………..and once i used that roti to hit swami who brought them.

    there was not much imprtance given to food which mostly indians eat. and they never revolt , that is why those rotis still continues……… but commune guest who get free vouchers take it easy

    we have enough resources and osho lovers who would love to make rotis inside kichen with new tandoor,.

  304. amano says:

    es sp. Rotis were coming from one prison after 1988, i broke my tooth once eating that roti………..and once i used that roti to hit swami who brought them.

    there was not much imprtance given to food which mostly indians eat. and they never revolt , that is why those rotis still continues……… but commune guest who get free vouchers take it easy

    we have enough resources and osho lovers who would love to make rotis inside kichen with new tandoor,.

  305. amano says:

    a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him keep her.
    David Bissonette

    > > After marriage, husband and wife become two sides of a coin; they just
    > can’t face each other, but still they stay together.
    > Sacha Guitry
    > By all means marry. If you get a good wife, you’ll be happy. If you get a
    > bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.
    > Socrates
    > Woman inspires us to great things, and prevents us from achieving them.
    > Anonymous
    > The great question… which I have not been able to answer… is, ‘What
    > does a woman want?
    > Dumas
    > I had some words with my wife, and she had some paragraphs with me.
    > Sigmund Freud
    > ‘Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a
    > restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and
    > dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays.’
    > Anonymous
    > ‘There’s a way of transferring funds that is even faster than electronic
    > banking. It’s called marriage.’
    > Sam Kinison
    > ‘I’ve had bad luck with both my wives. The first one left me, and the
    > second one didn’t.’
    > James Holt McGavra
    > Two secrets to keep your marriage brimming
    > 1. Whenever you’re wrong, admit it,
    > 2. Whenever you’re right, shut up.
    > Patrick Murra
    > The most effective way to remember your wife’s birthday is to forget it
    > once….
    > Nash
    > You know what I did before I married? Anything I wanted to.
    > Anonymous
    > My wife and I were happy for twenty years. Then we met.
    > Henny Youngman
    > A good wife always forgives her husband when she’s wrong.
    > Rodney Dangerfield
    > A man inserted an ‘ad’ in the classifieds: ‘Wife wanted’. Next day he
    > received a hundred letters. They all said the same thing: ‘You can have
    > mine.’
    > Anonymous
    > First Guy (proudly): ‘My wife’s an angel!’
    > Second Guy: ‘You’re lucky, mine’s still alive.’
    > Anonymous

  306. Satya Deva says:

    Very amusing, thanks, amano!

    And more seriously –
    Is this the human predicament? If so, what a mess – and no wonder the world’s an explosion waiting to happen…

    Is there an answer (please don’t just parrot, ‘enlightenment’!)?!
    (Or, ‘open relationships’ – please!).

  307. Chinmaya says:

    Thxanks Dear Frank, for your expressions, about enjoying visiting Golden Temple and Parsad. I too had enjoyed visiting twice to this place, plus free kitchen. Osho also visited this place once and has referred in His book JAPUJI.

  308. Chinmaya says:

    Thanks Dear Frank, for your expressions, about enjoying visiting Golden Temple and Parsad. I too had enjoyed visiting twice to this place, plus free kitchen. Osho also visited this place once and has referred in His book JAPUJI.

  309. frank says:

    i agree with you guys.
    if you cant get a decent roti,then you can simply forget all about enlightenment….

    but,i think that,judging from tiruvanamalai, statistically,there is more chance of becoming enlightened from eating dosa than roti…..

  310. prem bubbie says:

    lokesh, that’s from a song of the same title by the group UFO back in the ’70′s. good ole ’70′s it’s still a big haze for me..

  311. prem bubbie says:

    S.P. “misplaced”???

  312. prem bubbie says:

    Don’t you notice S.P. you far outclass the competition with regards to “paper space”.. read for yourself…. i’ve even commented about you not having a life other than sannyas news….. talk about being in denial!!!!!

  313. prem bubbie says:

    I guess Anand and S.P. just want “holier than thou” angels and virgins to inhabit this site, people very much like themselves…. No complaints, or disagree nicely, look at the world through rosy eyes, such feel good hippie types need only post and apply for a job here. Give me a fucking break…. “no wonder the world is an explosion waiting to happen”. a quote from the late great Satya Deva, master of ceremonies…. I can picture S.P. Anand, and Chinmaya, Arun and company… with collars around their necks being lead like sheep to slaughter…by their own sannyas masters!!! Good Night!!!

  314. shantam prem says:

    Bubbie, Trust me, i am allergic to holier than thou attitude. Neither i sell this behaviour nor buy.
    Better to die thirsty than to drink Petrol.
    My criticism for you is because of your no respect for other people´s boundaries. As many people have pointed before, this you may not have got from your very childhood.

    Three wheeler bicycle does not require breaks, but you have no breaks in all your vehicles.
    If like a fictional/historical/mythological Zen master you throw your disciple from the balcony and than ask, ” Have you got it”, it is OK, in other cases, it is a Panel offence.

    And my life other than Sannyasnews?

    I have started writing on this public platform since18-20 months ago. 45 years of life were not spend sitting under the shade and waiting for something to happen. Life looks like a Novel, not a editorial of Financial Times.

    But yes…Sannyas itself was a great turning point. May be i can write an email after my death to inform, what i got or lost at Osho Casino.

  315. shantam prem says:

    “No matter how much we meditate at home, being in the presence of this Living Buddha and an active Buddafield of 60 or more celebrants has a way of energetically catalyzing deep sorrows, revealing unconscious forcing currents, and releasing deeply held patterns that squash the music inside of us.”

    This is the paragraph from the text of this thread.
    If the writer writes this in a journel of some primary school, i think it will get good reviews. At sannyasnews or any other gathering of Non Nepalise sannyasins, it will be taken with a pinch of salt and no offence, if Bubbie throws in, a bowl full of red chillis

    A woman visits her parental home after the marriage. In the evening when her friends ask, How was the honeymoon?
    She blushes and than go chatter chatter, ” My God so good so good, i must be the happiest woman on the earth and you cann´t beleive how big his THING is.”
    At that someone asks,” How many such things you have seen before, how you know.”
    “No No, it was my first one”, replies the newly wed.

  316. Anand says:

    bubbie: yawn

    I follow Lokesh

  317. prem bubbie says:

    Quite contrare senior, dawg S. Prem, I do respect other people’s boundaries and I was brought up “respecting” others’. that was as a child…. a child’s mind will absorb just about anything given it…. Note The my use of quotes for “RESPECTING”… a very subjective word… a very judgmentally based when put in action…. Most hide behind “respecting their boundaries” so they can continue to sleep walk without someone giving them a swift kick in the ass, or else they’ll start to cry and complain, that the person is intruding on their “space” or “boundary”… might as well stop meditating, a waste of time, why bother sitting at a gurus feet…. Just to make oneself feel good that they are “seeking”…. Ha…. What fools, what a crock of shit!!! Be nice, nice , nice, pat on the head, “good job”, common on now, who else can boost the ego some more? the truth is too dangerous….

  318. Forest Gump says:

    It’s easy for me to protect my ego & make a little tongue twister and say I was saying “Hasta la vista” in that night’s context & didn’t meant to say good bye forever. Hence I am back. No I won’t do that. I accept my defeat if it matters & nourish people who are reading this. A few recent comments made me write & express again.

    In India, A few years ago, It was popular when someone gets bitten by a mad dog, he would starts to behave like a mad dog in a few days, if someone come rescue him, he would attacks, bite him & give him the same decease. So the bitten person is secluded & tied with rope in a locked room. But due to the nature of disease, he would pull the rope around his neck, bang himself to the walls of room in agony & eventually die.

    Bubbie was bitten by mad dog long back but haven’t died yet. In fact, he is deliberating biting many others and giving them the same decease, as we can all notice.

    Hats off to Shantnam, who is trying to “CONVERT“ a “PERVERT”. My friend, you are naïve, he has bitten you many times, but you have a loving master to protect. So you have been able to keep yourself in sanity. In Sikh literature (Gurbani) it is said “Jako rakhe saiyan, maar sake na koi”, or “Jiske sir ouper to swami, so dukh kaisa pave” . It literally means “If God wants to save somebody, then nobody can kill him” . We notice or not, Osho has given so much strength to us to face not only lunatics like Bubbie, but in general overall in life. So we keep on trying to build the temple, which is our birth right. This is the language of love and gratitude, way beyond the comprehension of many intellectual types. So there is certainly a chance that surgerical operation will be carried of my sentences.

    Bubbie’s continuous offense to Osho and Osho people here has made perfectly clear that he is not an Osho Sannayasin or he is a drop out, who is burned out because he was bitten by his self delusion (mad dog). So he is trying to bite everyone to give the same disease. Since he is doing it deliberately, he has succeeded up to some extent.

    There is another possibility that he is not a sannyasin, then what is the purpose of his propaganda, who knows, maybe he is an outside agent, this website is being read worldwide. Any negative propaganda helps.
    Dear fellow travelers!! You decide, I am just trying to understand the reason behind his “so much hate” towards Osho. He is always deliberately bringing the topics of nitrous oxide addiction, prostitution, etc, etc, just to prove that Osho is not special, so stop loving him. Then he goes further and abuse those who are carrying out Master’s message and tries to create hatred against them too.

    We must be all very naïve; to not to understand his tricks. We start responding and sometime even start to resonate with him. May be he portrays the alter ego of many individuals here, so become less objectionable.

    Anyways, I think that he is getting exposed now & many others like “Sadhu” on the same track getting lessons that we osho lovers are the Sannaysins of 21st century Don’t take our love & gratitude to the master as a weakness, we can bust your ass.
    I know, I sounded like an organized religion here, but what wrong in becoming organized, if it helps. Osho didn’t teach us any dogmas, he teaches us to act according to the situation & remain in the middle in periphery, centered.

    Hasta la vista, Once again.

  319. shantam prem says:

    “Just to make oneself feel good that they are “seeking”…. Ha…. What fools, what a crock of shit!!! Be nice, nice , nice, pat on the head, “good job”, common on now, who else can boost the ego some more? the truth is too dangerous….”

    Look Bubbie, with a tone like this, you block all the communication. You simply scare people.
    People feel like what Gump has written.

    Who so ever writes, shares communicates, you are gonna jump over that person without any logical ground.

    AND EGO…

    It looks like after reading too much Indian literature, EGO has become the new NIger word of so called evoloved beings.

    EGO is as personal as Your Tits or the Balls(for fictional names, no one knows, who they are), Even if someone has got cancer there, it is a matter between Patient and doctor, spiritual mentor and a pupil.

    So the fight has to be on prinicple grounds, not random shooting of people´s ideas.

  320. Forest Gump says:

    Well said, Shantam!! I can’t agree enough that EGO is matter between the master and disciple. A very profound statement.

    I would request you to not to be upset about my fictional name. I am sorry; we can’t get any further on that. But I would like to open a channel of communication with you in the coming posts, if you are OK with that.


  321. shantam prem says:

    About fictional names, i have no objection any more.
    I hope more and more sannyasins can come out in this way from their indifferance, as there is wide spread apathy amongst the sannyasins.

    Sharing between the seekers is a real Satsang. This is the way it was for millaneoum, discussing mundane and other worldly issues among the friends.

    Majlis, Mehafil, Sangat, Baithak are the words used for such kind of meetings, gatherings.
    Internet has made this possible for global sangat, after all, internet is not just for Pornoistan*

  322. shantam prem says:

    If editors of sannyas news and Viha connection are reading too the posts, they should take their medium to facebook also, one step forward towards wider section. also as i read here and there, readers and writers of these two mediums are not affiliated to some particular group but with OSHO.

  323. shantam prem says:

    “But I would like to open a channel of communication with you in the coming posts, if you are OK with that.”

    Gump, i am not easy with politeness. Even when my boys say Danke, Merci… i feel uneasy.
    I think rural India still show their politeness through non verbal style, shaking the head in a ping pong form.

    and also communication is not between two people, Refree can jump too, same is for audiance. Total interactive.

  324. Satya Deva says:

    I think you guys misunderstand Bubbie. Doubt whether you’ve ever been in a ‘no limits’ encounter group, where such vitriol can be par for the course! The idea being to get under your skin, to get you to react, to show up your own, normally dormant or carefully hidden ‘stuff’…

    Your outraged, almost, dare I say it, ‘petit bourgeois’ responses are really rather amusing, frankly.

    And don’t forget, Bubbie’s a Yank…What was that Kipling quote about East and West never meeting…?!

  325. Sadhu says:

    I want to ask all friends: “Never born, Never died…..” is this true??? He never died…or his peole kills him?????

  326. Satya Deva says:

    How are “his people” ‘killing him’ (or do you think he’s already ‘dead’?)?

    I bet no one who posts here is out to ‘kill’ Osho, the idea is rather silly.

    And as for the Poona ashram, that’s all a matter of opinion.

    One man’s ‘murder’, is another’s liberation….

  327. shantam prem says:

    ” Kuch to hua hain ke hawanon main uski khusboo na rahi…
    Log hain ke kehte hain woh har jagah hain”

    Something has happend; Air has no more His fragrance…
    People, though are saying, He is every where.

  328. Satya Deva says:

    But it all comes down to YOU and ME, ALONE, does it not, SP?

    All this going on and on and on and on and on, and maybe you’ll never see the point!

    If you’re so keen on a group thing, then create your own, as it seems no one -except the wretched con man ‘rajneesh’ – is going to do it for you.

    And I don’t necessarily mean something large, just a few is ok, isn’t it?

    Why not try and see where it goes…?

  329. Sadhu says:

    Where my dear…Shantam…WHERE!!!!…to me no where….He is gone….bad luck for him…he got his people like us/…DEAD people…Once He say, “Dont let me down…” sorry beloved masrte sorry….we are not your people…SORRY…

  330. frank says:

    are you british or something…?
    having a british passport myself,i am a little wary of this “sorry” lark…
    usually hides some more unpalatable sentiment…

    it was the british,if my memory serves me right who invaded the rest of the world,saying…
    “i`m terribly,terribly sorry,old chaps,but i really have got to kill you,it really is awful,i`m so sorry,but we really need,some diamonds,gold,sapphires,slaves,rum,sugar,cloth,mercenaries,some opium and a decent cup of tea………it`s a daashed dreadful business..

  331. Forest Gump says:

    Prem Shantam: You said: “Majlis, Mehafil, Sangat, Baithak are the words used for such kind of meetings, gatherings. “

    YES, I can imagine, Reading and contributing to this forum, can attract two or three varieties of people:

    First one is for those who want OSHO badly and miss him, miss his satsang, miss the white rob meeting of friends, miss the Buddha field. So this discussion, satsang, talking about beloved master fulfils. Still bring some “aha” feeling. I agree, virtual hugs & sharing love can be taken to the point where we can feel it.

    Second one is for those, who don’t want OSHO, but he has gotten into their nerves very badly, made them bipolar. So they temporarily fulfill themselves by writings against him.

    Third one is one those, who are on an operation to kill Osho’s work.

    Dear lovers of Osho, It’s time to wake up.

    It is said

    “Sheesh Kataye Guru Mile, tou bhi Chhota Janiye”

    It means if one can find a true master in exchange of his head, still not enough.

    Kabir says:

    Prem Na Baree Oopajai

    Prem Na haat Bikaaye Raaja Prajaa Jo Ruchai

    Sheesh Deya Le Jaaye.

    This means; the crop of love does not grow in farms and barns. Love is not something which can be bought in the city markets, there is no worldly business transaction of love. Love is nothing but love. A king or his subjects, the poor and the rich, whoever wishes, may exchange it with his head, by sacrificing one’s life.

  332. frank says:

    “don`t let me down”
    was lennon/mccartney….

  333. frank says:

    as it is written in the hiliest of the holies book….
    “mantru yantru gilli gili jellibee yantru bhang bang jellijai….”

    “he who drowns in holy cow dung smells bad but dreams himself in a rose garden”

  334. Forest Gump says:


    You wouldn’t mind drowning yourself in holy cow dung smell, If you would have slept at Koregaon park burning ghat in the smell of burning bodies, ate on people’s “left over” food passes, just to meditate in the rose garden of 17 Korgaon park.

  335. prem bubbie says:

    Forest A. Dump, you’re such a stoop….bipolar indeed!!! The world is full of “religious” seekers like yourself all belonging to one organized religion or another, all trying to control the rest of the population because they think their group is THE way… Just like the British… they apologized while conquering , all the while doing what they did because they thought their way was the best for the world…. You just substitute Osho for British rule, pretty simple..yet you use quotes from Osho, Kabir and whoever else you think will best suit your needs… This is the biggest threat to individual freedom, “Religious” seeking wolves in sheep’s clothing. Better to scream and shout about those like you, than to be quiet and polite. I’d say for you to look at yourself in the mirror every time you open your mouth, then, it’s hard to see your reflection amongst so many thousands of broken mirror pieces.. Who ever said I hate Osho… You make so many unsubstantiated assumptions… another note worthy quality of yours!!!

  336. prem bubbie says:

    Dawg Shantam P. my tone is my tone, I chose it consciously, if you or any other person is scared, well too bad… Fear is the biggest block to any spiritual “growth”…. Look inside yourself, see what fear has done or undone in your life or quest…. You guys love quoting Osho so much… Read his famous “steel in the toes” lecture… All about moving through fear and growing up from being fearful , meek little kids to strong, assertive, wise, intelligent, practical, street smart individuals who are also meditative and loving…. You keep chasing your tail Dawg!!! And you’re never getting tired of it!! That’s what is so sad… That goes for most of the sannyasins.

  337. Forest Gump says:

    You say “This is the biggest threat to individual freedom”.
    What kind of freedom, are you talking about? No matter, you are born to a mother or grew up from ground like a plant or landed directly from another planet. You have certain dependency on the mother or on the ground where your roots are or on the planet where you come from. You are not free, no one is. You have certain associations & dependencies.

    When Osho talks about Freedom, he talks about the final jump that one has to take after reaching high on the top of building (building of consciousness). You have to rise in love with your Guru so much that it becomes difficult for you to cut that association & become free. But lazy people like you sitting in the shitty basement, keep on talking about taking jump to get freedom without making an effort to reach even on the next floor. You sound like misguided follower of J Krishnamurthy. You would have risen in your senses, if you would have loved J Krishnamurthy. Love is the key, my friend.

  338. prem bubbie says:

    “… this forum can attract two or three varieties of people…” those who miss Osho real bad…. he even said live in the moment, be in present, blah, blah… so stuck these people… they are their own worst nightmare… screw ‘emm .. don’t need those people around anyway.. they gunk up the works, like a clogged drain… always overflowing with stale, smelly water…. your type i guess Dump…. those who try to destroy osho’s work… are those in The
    Resort and Ashram’s all over the world and those of the above mentioned are doing it everyday themselves… no outside help needed… it was being destroyed long ago by sannyasins themselves…. you’re pretty brain dead– Dump…. no great conspiracy going on, sannyasins continue to fuck up a free lunch given to them by Creation, continue to trip over themselves as if they have two left feet…. DENIAL DENIAL DENIAL…. never ending… always looking for someone else to blame for negativity or misfortunes…. even you C. Dump

  339. prem bubbie says:

    freedom? you’re joking….. such a stoop , dump!

  340. prem bubbie says:

    the world according to Forest A. C. Dump… a reincarnated SS officer of the Third Reich…. Danger… Danger…. He’s warming up the ovens…. You MUST worship a guru , you must love a guru , you must…. or else you must be exterminated…. By Forest Gump Who’s your Guru Baby? Better Be Osho or Else!!!!!

  341. Forest Gump says:

    Let’s find out, who agrees or disagree with this Poop Bubbie, the potty mouth.

    Just putting AGREE or DISAGREE will be enough.

  342. Forest Gump says:



  343. shantam prem says:

    Gump, be sure nobody who has written at this forum has the intention to “Kill Osho”.
    If you want to kill a thought, a momentum in the movement, the best way is to ignore it. Be apthetic, indifferent, simply put it in the black list.
    The Vatican was doing this with Osho. Osho Vatican is doing this with the ideas raised in this sannyas platform.
    In this sense, try to feel the connection of Bubbie or Sadhu,
    They have their own way to make Love in their Boom boom boom.

  344. Forest Gump says:

    OK, SP, I trust you..

  345. shantam prem says:

    Just started Listening “ES Dhamao Santano” 8th discourse.
    Thanks to Osho World, Osho voice can be drinked anytime any where.

  346. shantam prem says:

    Those who think Zen is their way, awareness is the key, walking alone is the path. Be happy,munch your peanuts and enjoy your journey.

    Those who think, a bit of intoxicating love, sublimation of this love towards master, those who feel little bit like Sufis, below is the song for such people-

    Khuda ka Zikar karen ya Tumahri baat karen..

    Whether we speak about GOD or talk about YOU
    Our concern is LOVE, for whom so ever we talk.

    Angels you are not, angels we are also not
    Humans we are, so let us talk about humans.
    When death is waiting at every foot step..
    how joyful it is when we talk about Life…

    Whether we speak about Khuda or talk about you..

  347. Anand says:

    Good question: why is Fart Brain Bubbie still around here and never leaves, like a mosquito attracted by the light?

    Gump: a hidden truth from some threads of last year: Bubbie receives US government money to work against Osho sannyasins. He picks up a meager monthly cheque of about $ 400.00 in his shag in Washington state. He lives out in the rural near the Canadian border. Life is tough out there, lots of rednecks with guns.
    He is still upset, that he lost his job in 1986 on the Ranch, when we was a full time employee for the CIA and got good money and the girls. Now he has to fuck his goat. Life is a drag. But he’s got internet and some weed he is growing in the woods.

    His 1986 Toyota pick up brings him to Bellingham sometime and he buys some booze and hangs out with the guys in the saloon. Boy, life is rough out there and his goat is getting old.

  348. Forest Gump says:

    There you go Anand!!

    This is the information, everyone was looking for.

    Now we know he truth about Poop Bubbie, the jerkin jack of goats. he he

  349. Forest Gump says:

    By the way Poop Bubbie!!,

    Would you grant us a few words on your theory of freedom, other than your philosophy of kiss ass disciples, blah, and blah?

    Please give us some real sincere words. Also please shed some light on your path of spiritual evolvement.

    May be there is something we didn’t learn so far and you are trying convey something but it’s getting hidden behind the dust of your continuous verbal sewage.

    We are waiting to hear revolutionary thoughts from Sri Sri Bubbie –Bakwas.

  350. prem bubbie says:

    If you believe Anus Anand then you believe that Osho was and will be the only enlightened Guru on this earth-Ever!!! Trouble is, F. C. Dump, you believe it!!! With all of those Capitalized words of yours you posted, You’re pretty pissed off…. such a hypocrite, then again insane/ schizo people can never be hypocrites!!! ha fuckin ha!! btw anand, make up your mind where do I live? you’ve got Gyroscope problems.. i can get you a compass, cheap, points in one direction for cats like you, and that’s– down!!

  351. prem bubbie says:

    Mr. Forest A. C Dump: You say, ” this information everyone was looking for”…. No, just you…. Stop speaking for everyone else, there you go again making assumptions for others… if your head was any bigger it would blot out the sun from the sky.. such an ego…. you must have suffered from low self esteem as a child… for you to rant on like you do… Osho bible in one hand and a cross in the other…. if you were smart you’d drop both and free yourself from all of that burden… it might lighten you up so you could fly. Miracles are truly possible.

  352. Forest Gump says:

    Poop Bubbie,

    Do you read your own posts? You don’t even make sense. Here are few samples from your postings. Read it in front of a mirror. You will see, how fucked up your are.

    Here it is:

    ..such a hypocrite, then again insane/ schizo people can never be hypocrites!!! ha fuckin ha!!

    a reincarnated SS officer of the Third Reich…. Danger… Danger…. He’s warming up the ovens….

    blah, blah… so stuck these people… they are their own worst nightmare… screw ‘emm .. don’t need those people around anyway..

    guys love quoting Osho so much… Read his famous “steel in the toes” lecture…

    …. What fools, what a crock of shit!!! Be nice, nice , nice, pat on the head, “good job”, common on now,
    Give me a fucking break…. “no wonder the world is an explosion waiting to happen”.

    we all need doctors, a rubber room, tranquillizers

    AND, The list goes on



  353. Forest Gump says:

    Poop Bubbie!!,

    I have a strong feeling that you will never express your theory/philosophy in sensible and sincere words.

    And I know why…

    Because there is “NONE”.

  354. shantam prem says:

    “The difference between the wise Buddhist and the sectarian Buddhist is like that between the vastness of space and the narrowness of a vase.”
    Kongtrul Rinpoche

    “Somebody once asked how one could fit together various traditions that represented the Buddha’s teaching. One can think of Buddha’s Dharma as a wonderful seed planted in the earth, out of which has blossomed a tree with deep roots, great branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits.

    Sometimes a person might point to the roots and say that it is just here that we can find the real Dharma, while someone else might say, “Oh no it is in the flowers,” and still another will say that it is to be found in the fruit. But, of course, these different parts cannot really be separated; the roots sustain the tree in their way, and the fruit depends on the roots and leaves and branches as well.”
    Lama Govinda

    I have submitted an article of my understanding about
    Mahayana(the great vehicle) and Hinayana( the small conveyance) to the editor. As most of the time, my context is OSHO.

    A tree is full with fruits. Few are thinking they are apples, few are thinking they are Papayas.
    Is it fault of the tree or of the eyes.

    Osho invited Swans and Peacocks live at 17, Koregaon Park. They are the symbols of inner journey.

    Few are trying to create Chcikens out of their cross breeding, looks like getting successful.

  355. shantam prem says:

    Bubbie and other participants at sannyasnews,
    Will it not be a good idea to meditate while listening Osho Talks before you post your wise thoughts.

    Few will definately jump over the conclusion, we have listened Him enough, we already know what His next sentence will be.

    Any way, All priceless Osho discourses are available for free at Oshoworld and those who don´t like to download for free, a nominal fee of US$ 3.50 per title is charged at

  356. shantam prem says:

    Satya Deva // Jul 19, 2010 at 2:47 pm
    Your point is not forgotten.i wish to reply in the next thread.

  357. Satya Deva says:

    Ok, SP, I look forward to it.

    The old ‘no limits’ encounter groups, both in Poona and elsewhere, eg UK, were tailor-made for what sometimes goes on round here…

    And even then, they didn’t necessarily ‘work’…!

    But as I’ve said here before, the longer time goes on, the more convinced I become that the policy of the ‘Resort’ is the right one.

    Tough on the younger people, who’d love another ‘ashram-in-all-its-old-glory’, but nevertheless true to life, to the reality, ie that any attempt to duplicate the past glories is, almost by definition, bound to fail.

    In the light of Osho’s physical death, (not to mention the disparate views and conditions of those who call themselves “his people”), any other view, though doubtless well-meaning and sincere, is tainted by sentimentality, hence by delusion and illusion.

    If we can’t stand being on our own, then why not try to create a small-scale group effort and see where it leads?

    Otherwise, if you really are spiritually hungry, live what Osho taught (and what was that, btw?!) or find another Master.

    Very simple really.

  358. Satya Deva says:

    And if you say you can’t live what Osho taught without a great big group of thousands of fellow-seekers (a sort of ‘spiritual neurotics anonymous!), then he can’t have been such a great Master, can he?

    Either that, or you’re with the wrong Master, perhaps…?

  359. shantam prem says:

    *Such is the state of present day truth and freedom seekers, instead of gratitude to make Alma Mater better they burn the institution, once they are able to walk alone.
    IF i am healthy, for what we need the hospitals, so is the blindness of certain group of people.

    *Those who walk alone are so desperate in their walking alone that they go on looking back, whether people are still gathering or not.

    *Masters, Masters Masters, to find them is as easy as to phone a call girl or a boy.

    * Till the early 20th century, widow marriage was a rarity in India, now it is an established norm.
    Time changes and social norms too.
    Why to get attached with the dead masters, when so many eligible gurus are waiting to increase the nos. in their Harem.
    Widowed, divorced Disciples don´t need to feel shy. No stigma. Check google, book your flights. Journey for truth need not to be postponed.
    PS- Before you book your flight. Check your local esoteric book store. Some guru ma or dad is in the city.

    * Prognoses says, during next 30 years, sperms will be created in the high tech labs.
    Dependency on the men will come to ground zero. Total freedom.
    May be Bubbie is doing the research in the spiritual world. Last awakening without the gurus; alive or dead.

  360. Satya Deva says:

    SP, you’re just transparently attached to the idea of a once-flowering ashram, which could never possibly be the same as it once was, when the Master was present.

    All you’d actually get would be a gradual degeneration of the essence of the matter, the living presence of the Master, along with the degeneration of the community as an inevitable consequence. With all the conflicts and foolishness as exhibited daily at this place.

    As I’ve said before, that’s gone, finished, dead. But nothing stopping you creating your own initiative, if you that keen on some sort of community.

    But as long as you have this attachment, man, you’re living in an illusion and delusion – and you’re actually the author of your own suffering.

    Why not look into this, rather than amusing yourself with farting around with these silly images and useless fancies?

  361. Satya Deva says:

    It’s a bit like desperately wanting your parents to get together again – after they’d divorced 20 years before…

    You may be desperate, but that’s your problem, it doesn’t imply that it’s the right thing to happen…

    Arising from mere sentiment and hope, It could even be the worst thing for all concerned….

  362. anugrah says:

    Book called SOUND OF RUNNING WATER has been re publish and re printed .
    it is biography of osho and also tells the life in pune during poona1 and life in rajneeshpuram.
    This book is similar to book called THIS VERY EARTH , LOTUS PARADISE

  363. frank says:

    not joking here:
    if you check lady gaga`s website,you will find a video of deepak chopra with his shades on praising her “exquisite talent”and “existential angst”
    her lyrics “remind him of the beatles….”

    she has said he`s the main influence and guru of her life.

    so,my idea of gagaji looks very much on…….

  364. frank says:

    but we are neo-neo-sannyasins,now de-frocked in a religionless religion here…..
    all that praising and being positive to everyone is a bit nauseating and self-serving..
    pass the sick bag….

    let`s not forget the symbol of sannyas..
    the two swans…
    do you know that when swans mate,they start by having an almighty vicious fight…?
    then the lovemaking begins….

    that`s the way you do it……..

  365. frank says:

    or was it one swan and two seagulls?
    can`t remember.
    seagulls are vicious buggers too….

  366. frank says:

    here`s a bit of gagaji,from her biggest hit….

    “i want your psycho,your vertical stick
    in my rear window,baby,your sick”

    i wonder if these lines were inspired by deepak?
    rumi,it aint…

    and the name of the album?

    “fame monster”

    nice one deepak……..

  367. Forest Gump says:

    What is the difference between a mummy, a mother, and a ma?

    I don’t know much, but I will try my level best. A MUMMY IS ONE WHO IS PRETENDING TO BE A MOTHER, BUT IS NOT; who thinks to be a mother, but is not. Because to be a mother is very very difficult. To be a mummy is very easy. Just to reproduce is enough to be a mummy; no understanding is needed.

    The whole world is full of mummies, but to find a mother is very difficult. A MOTHER IS ONE WHO HELPS YOU TO BE YOURSELF. The mummy is one who thinks, believes that she loves you, but loves really herself; and wants you to become a projection of her ambition. That’s what a daddy is also.

    MUMMY AND DADDY YOU CAN FIND EVERYWHERE; they have corrupted the whole world — mummies and daddies. Freud says if you go deep into neurosis you will always find a mummy in the end. All psychoanalysis verges, finally, on some problem which the mother — the mummy — has created. SO MUMMY IS THE PRETENSION OF A MOTHER — the physical counterpart of the spiritual mother.

    To be a mother is very difficult: ONLY ONE WHO HAS ARRIVED HOME CAN BE A MOTHER. To give birth is very easy, it is just natural, biological; but to be a mother is something spiritual.

    The mummy will like you to follow her, she would like to possess you — to make you become a part, a precious possession to her. She will cling around you. THE MOTHER WILL HELP YOU TO BECOME INDEPENDENT, she will help you to become individual. She will love you, but she will not try to force anything on you. She will give her love to you, but will not give her knowledge to you. She will send you into the world to find your own truth, to find your own life. SHE WILL NOT GIVE YOU A PATTERN OR A MOLD. She will not structure you; she will simply help you, whatsoever you can be.

    The mother is just the ideal, it rarely happens. Mummy you can find anywhere. THE MOTHER IS JUST THE IDEAL, the Utopian ideal — ONE WHO CAN GIVE BIRTH TO YOUR SOUL. Only a Buddha can be a mother, or a Meera can be a mother, or a Krishna, or a Mohammed can be a mother — only one who can give you your soul, your destiny.

    Mummy is just biological; the concept of mother is spiritual.

    And Ma is very simple to understand. Ma is a woman who is suffering from a disease called Osho-itis!

  368. frank says:

    whereas kenny kingston,a psychic called in to counsel gaga about her suicidal nightmares believes she should stop late night eating and be wary of an enemy whose name begins with “c”……..

  369. shantam prem says:

    Frank, why to take antibiotics, when life can be healed with Homeopathy. Why to walk ardously when a hug, a touch, a smile of someone can bring the required relief.
    And who knows the way Ma gaga is top notch in her field, Doctor Chopra is in his field.
    Why to go for “face” value.

  370. shantam prem says:

    Satya Deva, thanks for bringing me to the Radar. All these hours, i was feeling your words and definately a friendly sincerety behind them.

    i wish to counter logic few of your points, but
    than the answer has to be tailored made.
    So little bit of measurement-
    Do you have pictures of some gods or masters in your home or a little cross placed in an aesthetic way, if not cross than OM.
    In the book shelf, do you have Holy Bible, Gita or Buddhist literature, whether Osho books are placed near them or one shelf below or above.
    When was the last time you have heard Osho talks or followed His meditation technique.
    And lastly, when was the last time, you have visited Osho?

  371. prem bubbie says:

    Satya D. “As long as you have this attachment, man, you’re living in an illusion and delusion….? Right on Right on!!! Any questions Forest A Dump? Forest… you are in no position to make demands…. ignore me, okay, you have trouble walking your talk, Dump. angry? “So is Jesus” A true psycho indeed!! I can get some Thorazine for you… Double the price just for you….. Google “Thorazine” if you don’t know what it is.

  372. Dhanyam says:

    Shantam Prem wrote: If editors of sannyas news and Viha connection are reading too the posts, they should take their medium to facebook also, one step forward towards wider section. also as i read here and there, readers and writers of these two mediums are not affiliated to some particular group but with OSHO.

    I do read Sannyas News and we are on Facebook (Osho Viha). I do my best to act as Osho’s postman and make Osho available around the world. The Viha Connection magazine is also now available as an online magazine, in addition to the printed version.



    P.S. I just finished reading Krishna Prem’s book “Osho, India and Me.” It is a GREAT book, not to be missed!

  373. anugrah says:

    sadhu, it is true, osho . NEVER BORN , NEVER DIED , ONLY VISITED THIS PLANET BETWEEN DEC 11, 1931 TO 19 JAN 2000


    OSHO refused to go via bypass heart sergery . that is what i heard from sources
    my personal feelings is that he became weak from poisen , everything else is just rumers……..

    i do not think anybody has guts in this world to kill osho . my feeling is he died alone.
    as far as amrito and jayesh were with him in last minute, that is just a false story to capture the movement and it is lie just to hold power in commune .

  374. shantam prem says:

    Prem bubbie, the question i asked Satya Deva(Jul 20, 2010 at 10:12 pm ) is also for you. plus few more points.
    How old are you? What you do for living? Were you ever married and do you have children?

    Take your time

  375. Satya Deva says:

    Point of info, anugrah:

    Osho (ok, his body) died in 1990.

  376. Satya Deva says:

    Shantam Prem, in response to your questions:

    I have seven Osho books, can’t recall the last time I read any though. Also, one ‘Osho Times’ magazine (1996).

    I have several small photos of Mother Meera visible, no ‘altar’, no ‘OM’ picture or pictures of “gods”.

    I have a Bible somewhere, but never read it, no copy of Gita or any other literature from traditional religion.

    On the shelves there are a couple of books from Amma, four from Sai Baba (I visited his place in ’96), one from Meher Baba. Can’t recall the last time I looked at any of them.

    I have a large collection of Barry Long cd’s, tapes and videos, which I play now and then.

    Can’t exactly recall the last time I practised an Osho meditation, although I did do a couple of Veeresh 3 hour ‘AUM’s in 2005. Might have done a Kundalini after ’96, but only once or twice, at most.

    Last saw Osho in flesh in Oregon, 1983.

    OK then, how did I do? Have I passed the test, do I qualify?
    I’m trembling with nerves now….

  377. Satya Deva says:

    Forgot to mention that I also have two or three books by Barry Long, eg ‘The Origins of Man and the Universe’ (which tells me all I’ll ever need to know on the topic).

  378. Satya Deva says:

    Oh yes, and three books by or about Mother Meera….

  379. shantam prem says:

    First thing i did after reading your posts; ordered at Amazon,” The origins of Man and the Universe.” by Barry Long.

  380. shantam prem says:

    During the last 27 years,I.e after last time seeing Osho in 1983, how many people in the psycho spiritual sector you have visited; say Amma, Barry Long, Mother Meera, Veeresh etc.( I have written the names in Alphabeticla order, you can write with your choice)

    As i know from the wonderful wonderful site(success with stress) of your wife(62yrs), are you also in her age group( +- 7)?

    I have several small photos of Mother Meera visible; without any ill or bad intention, hypothetically, what you will do with the photos, if she dies?

    and were there other people´s photos also, at a certain time period.

    PS_ i hope these are not too much questions.

  381. Satya Deva says:

    Since ’83, I have visited the ones you mention above (but not Veeresh), plus one or two others, including Andrew Cohen (not really my cup of chai!), Sri Chinmoy in ’84 (when he came to London, playing an interminably long, totally boring concert, from which most of the audience walked out, well before the end!!), Jean Klein (a good and genuine teacher, but again, not for me), plus a few others (but not for several years now, perhaps since 2001).

    No idea what I’d do with Meera’s photos if she were to die before me…Good question! At present, I rarely look at them, but they’re there anyway, as ‘reminders’ – and I need a lot of reminders…

    But as I’m about 13 years younger than her, that situation will probably not come to pass…(I’m the same age as Francoise, btw, and will pass on your praise to her, she’ll be pleased with that, I can tell you, as the whole enterprise is only just starting really, she built it from scratch, with no previous website-building expertise, a remarkable achievement in itself, I reckon).

    No other photos of ‘gurus’ etc. used to adorn my walls, although Sai Baba and Meher Baba were around for a short while at certain stages, way back in time….

    Could I have a glass of water, please, your honour, while I await the verdict? Gosh, these handcuffs are tight….

  382. Sadhu says:

    My dear friends…Poona where our master psent his most of the time and many-many beautiful sannaysins created wonderfull place around him, in last many years money, creaticvity, mieditaion and so much pour by his people…pls, pls….let this place remain for his people…there are mnay luxurious resorts in least this place make as easy as possible so HIS people can come here…can enjoy his energy….dont make RESORT…spa and all….let this plave mystery school….hay Amiro…can you hear….

  383. Satya Deva says:

    shantam prem

    First thing i did after reading your posts; ordered at Amazon,” The origins of Man and the Universe.” by Barry Long.

    Did you read the readers’ reviews, SP? My sediments entirely….

  384. shantam prem says:

    If it is a criteria, that highly evolved spiritual beings remain always cool and centred in all circumstances of life, i am miles far away.
    When ever my son abuses the teacher in the school and gets expelled for his indiscipline, i feel shaken.

    Meditation or sannyas, i am more like all the parents. If the child has a little pain in the tow, parents whole body shivers.

    May be to avoid this, many gurus have chosen a way of celibacy. And those modern day monks who want to have the cake and eat it too, put too much emphasis on contraceptives…

    So write now i just focus on easy writing. Complex case has to be adjourned.

    And about the Barry Long´s book, your choice has more weight for me than the readers reviews.
    This also means, friendly reference plays more role in our lives than non personal advertisements.

  385. Chinmaya says:

    I don’t say to you that. I know: EVEN IF I AM GONE, I KNOW YOU WILL SEARCH FOR ME. Yes, I can trust you will hunt for me in every stone and flower, in every eye and star…

    And I can promise you one thing: IF YOU HUNT FOR ME, YOU WILL FIND ME… in every star and in every eye… because if you have really loved a master, you have moved into eternity with him. The relationship is not of time, it is timeless.

  386. shantam prem says:

    Thanks Chinmaya, for sorting out this quotation.
    Is this spoken by Raman Maharishi or by Rama Krishna Paramhansa.
    Language looks new. So it must be some talk from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar or Madam Anandmayi…!

    Who knows……

    Zara si Aahat hoti hain to dil sochta Hain.. Kahi yeh woh to nahi.. kahi yeh woh to nahi..

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  387. Satya Deva says:

    I understand, SP, but what I meant was that these reviewers sort of sum up my response to the book.

  388. shantam prem says:

    Minutes ago, i have read one review at Google. Nicely summarised.
    For me, if i find this book even 10 % better than any book of L Ron Hubbard of Dianetics fame; it is worth
    € 16,68 and i will invite you for a coffee for your reference.

  389. shantam prem says:

    Just heard today that the ancient gate at 17, Koregaon Park, Pune will be exchanged with glass door, which will open with the chip card, something like underground railway entry system.
    Three years ago, when i was there, mentioned to my friends that the place must get rid of old gate pass and system of two guards at the main gate.

    So a welcome change and also one can write the history, how many main gate guards fished the visiting women seekers in its history.

  390. Forest Gump says:


    “Zara si Aahat hoti hain to dil sochta Hain.. Kahi yeh woh to nahi.. kahi yeh woh to nahi..”

    Such a nice expression, beautiful..

  391. Forest Gump says:

    And I agree that every expression of love represent us, the Osho Sannaysins, We can not be otherwise..

    And you are right

    when “Hajmola” can fix, why to take “JamalGhota”

    on the same lines of

    “why to take antibiotics, when life can be healed with Homeopathy”

  392. Chinmaya says:

    Dear Shantam,

    The quotation above, is by our Enlightened Master Osho. Such rhthmical language can only be from Osho and none else. All others have their own way of presentation and many of them have super-imposed thoughts or by copying Osho.

    It is our THE DIVINE MEODY, By Osho

  393. Chinmaya says:

    Shantam dear,

    I enjoyed the song thru Youtube, Kahi Yeh Woh to Nahi
    and was in meditative state in the feet of the Master. And I can understand the state of your mind, living all alone but with the Master.


  394. Forest Gump says:

    Chinmaya & Shantam,

    I passed through the same beautiful space during listening to that song.
    I can see the Virtual Satsang is already taking place…Aboslutely loved it….Love & hugs to you guys…

  395. shantam prem says:

    ” I have several small photos of Mother Meera visible….
    I rarely look at them, but they’re there anyway, as ‘reminders’ – and I need a lot of reminders…”

    SD, this is the story of every body. Few people take the shape of reminders, for a day, year, century or longer.

    Photo is a photo, whether it is of the living person or of the dead one. Not just illiterate superstitious people but educated and rich people also bow down before Buddha´s statue, which is not even 1 percent similar to original Buddha.
    Same is with many other symbols, they serves the purpose. Purpose of reminding us.
    For many of us Osho´s photo is this reminder. Those who see a cross hanging around this photo are free not to bother about.
    But the freedom to chose is one of the fundamental of Osho.

    And Living Master, there is too much hype being created by the attention grabbers and multitude of people with attention deficiancy.
    Those who want to grow, they can even grow while bowing down before road side stones, yet few can miss the train even when they perform fellatio and cunnilingus to the Master.
    (even though such people don´t like such non veg food)

  396. Satya Deva says:

    Ok, SP, but ideally there’s a way to use such a photo, the point is to connect with what’s there inside us, not lump it all on to someone or something outside us. (And then expect, somehow, to be ‘saved’!!).

    That’s what I meant by admitting that I don’t often look at the photos, meaning I don’t often use them as a sort of ‘meditation’.

    Otherwise, these things can become just more images to ‘worship’, or just ‘ornaments’ on the shelf, useless in either case.

  397. shantam prem says:

    Satya Deva, Worship, Ornaments, religion etc.; this is the bone of contention.
    Who are we to judge others, whether they are religious or are just following the prevalent religion out of social convenience.
    Are we judging our children in this age whether they are just fucking or are in love.

    Do any clergy of modern day religions have the right to stand with a broom and stick in the hands and tell like a village school teacher,”if you don´t do like what i am saying, you will never achieve Liberation, Nirvana, Sambodhi.”

    Osho i adore also for the reason that he encouraged each and every individual to create his/her own path. No mass produced clothes from C&A, neither highly expansive clothes from some designer. With every single step, you create your own path. If smoking is your path, smoke; but not to affect others with your smoke.

    So when i criticise the present administration, it is value based, it has nothing to do with Mom and Dad´s separation.
    Every body who has spend their life time with Osho and only Osho, have all the rights to Refine my points, as i write with raw emotions but to REfute them is not that easy.

    I know, the practical affect of my out bursts will be negligible. No Problem. My focus is the next generation of sannyasins at the helm of Osho affairs, the sannyasins who will not have this exalted stature of being in Living presence of Osho.
    On the other side, it has nothing to do with result orientation. What so ever may be the out come of the case, as a witness, i stand with my Oath of sayig the truth with best of my knowledge and intention.
    This brings a deep satisfaction that neither greed not fear can change the inner space. Any who knows, few others on the path with Osho feel inspired. As it is said in Hindi, ” Kharbuje ko dekh ke Kharbuja Pakta Hain”
    ( Honey Mellon gets ripeness by seeing another honey mellon.”

    PS- Does it also mean that the people i am opposing have some malefic intention, that they are not ripe enough, that they will never see the other shore; NOT AT ALL:

    Win Win is the Mantra and path is so amazingly esoteric, who knows winner will be the one who was not even playing.


  398. Satya Deva says:

    Shantam Prem:
    I know, the practical affect of my out bursts will be negligible. No Problem. My focus is the next generation of sannyasins at the helm of Osho affairs, the sannyasins who will not have this exalted stature of being in Living presence of Osho.

    That’s your whole problem, in a way, SP…

    You’re treating this situation almost exactly as if it’s politics, which somehow misses the whole point:

    As soon as this sort of thing arises, frankly any pretensions to ‘a spiritual path’ degenerates into ugly in-fighting, with different factions struggling for power. Just the same old, same old trips, from the same old, same old minds.

    I honestly believe you’d be better advised to focus upon your own personal concerns, rather than imagine that you can do or say anything worthwhile for the benefit of “future generations of sannyasins”.

    Who says there will be – or even should be – such “future generations”?!

    Let the young people work it out for themselves, too much interference from the ‘parents’ is practically guaranteed to produce adverse results!

    In other words, kindly stop being such an interfering busybody, you don’t know what you’re doing

  399. shantam prem says:

    This future generation thing was just to make some psychological point, it was not meant as a destination, as a goal.

    I am not that high school drop out who thinks Politics is a dirty business and clean hearted souls with medittaion rose on their jacket need to smile like a coin collector clown.

    Politics is a science. Many universites offer Ph.D in political Scinece. Similarly spiritulaity is also one of the subject, nothing more nothing less, may be a litlle more refined that psyhcology, theosophy, philosphy or Orthopady.

    ANd Ashram Management is in the same way a subject matter like Hotel Management, though both have their own set of rules, just like hand ball is different than foot ball.

    The writing at sannyasnews and addressing His people, i am enjoying this and treat this as a Ashram job.
    As an ex. Lawyer, i could not see my calling in drafting legal briefs, here i am doing it for free and feeling gratitude also.

    So.. this is my reality. Nice people sing Mantras, run meditation camps, lead groups or simply watch silently women lying on French/Spanish beaches or German lakes….
    i think i will continue pressing (the buttons) on key boards…till the rain stops itself….

    And it will be intrusion and interferance..if i write on Maharishi´s site or Amma´s web page. My interest in them or any body in the business is as much as i know about Lindsay Lohan through the newspapers.

    Still..keep in your heart friend, like in life, we all walk our paths, go ashtray many times and continue the journey of rising and falling.
    There are no set rules… If you know what you are doing and it is right enjoy that.
    And that right is just your right. You can see in few south Indian women as mother figure, i cannot find in them my future wife.
    Different people, different ways.

  400. shantam prem says:

    Gump/Chinmaya. One more song..for the evening white robe brotherhood.
    Tum tum ho Ham ham hain.. Osho hain Dhardkone main to ek Rishta Hain..
    (You are you, we are we.. Osho is in heart beats, so some Releation is….)

    ANd i hear a voice.. you middle class Indians.. it is no Spirituality… it is sentimantalism.

    what so ever.. enjoy the song.

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  401. Satya Deva says:

    Shantam Prem:
    Politics is a science. Many universites offer Ph.D in political Scinece. Similarly spiritulaity is also one of the subject, nothing more nothing less, may be a litlle more refined that psyhcology, theosophy, philosphy or Orthopady.

    ANd Ashram Management is in the same way a subject matter like Hotel Management, though both have their own set of rules, just like hand ball is different than foot ball.

    A spurious and utterly opposable attempt at ‘logic’, SP!

    (No wonder you thought you could be a lawyer).

    Politics a “science”, eh? Pull the other one! (Meaning ‘you can NOT be serious?!).

    I also studied Politics, among other things, btw, and it ain’t no science, that’s for sure. The “science” is added by its professors, to lend it an enhanced aura of academic respectability.

    And one can study “spirituality” at college as well, eh? Like any other academic pursuit?

    Perhaps though, you’re referring to ‘The University of Life’…?

    Just more bullshine, SP.

    I won’t even go near “Ashram management/Hotel management”…

    Interim Reprt:
    ‘SP tries hard, but should, by now, really be doing a lot better than this total nonsense’.

  402. Satya Deva says:

    shantam prem:

    This future generation thing was just to make some psychological point, it was not meant as a destination, as a goal.

    Then kindly write what you actually MEAN, rather than attempting to wriggle away like a, er…
    tricky little lawyer….

  403. Satya Deva says:

    Shantam Prem:
    The writing at sannyasnews and addressing His people, i am enjoying this and treat this as a Ashram job.

    SD: (Also, please note I am ‘MN’ who responded in above two posts – can’t even remember who I’m supposed to be (all SP’s fault, of course).

    An “Ashram job”? Who are you kidding? Delusions of Grandeur, or what?

    Just more garbage, SP, utter self-deception!

  404. Forest Gump says:

    Satya Deva:

    How do you reach to the conclusions that SP is being total nonsense & self deception and “you are not”.

    He is making a solid point with which several thousand of Sannyasins agree. When I thousands, it is supported by the fact that hundreds of Osho places around the world and India, has nothing to do with Resort.

  405. shantam prem says:

    Santa Singh to Banta,” I am shifting to Mumbai. People there are very friendly. Nice people take you for dinner, you don´t have to pay anything. Nice people invite you in the five star hotels, you don´t have to pay anything and the Sex….
    Soon i will shift to Mumbai.”

    Banta Singh.” But Santa, How you know all this, I cannot believe?”

    Santa Singh, ” Do you think my wife lies. She was in Mumbai to visit her sister. She has told me all this.”

    Everything has a context.

  406. Forest Gump says:

    When one thinks about Switzerland, It’s obvious for him to think of the sceneries of the beautiful landscapes, nature & beauty. So one decorates his living place with the paintings of the sceneries of Switzerland as a reminder of his love for the place. It would be foolishness or one’s perception to say those paintings as an object of worship & superstitions.

    The same way, Osho Mala, Robe, Osho pictures & regular listening to his discourse is a continuous reminder of the love affair. If one has evolved to drop those, fine, that’s his journey and path. But he has no right to dictate or call other people self-deluded or non-sense.

  407. prem bubbie says:

    Forest A Dump…. You justify your positions repeatedly by sayings others feel the same way…”HE is making a solid point with which several thousand of sannyasins agree.” “When I thousands…Resort”. Do you have trouble standing on your own two feet without help of “thousands” of others? I believe you to be a weak person at heart, no backbone to stand on your own “beliefs”, without the backing of others. How about standing for something without others help or backing? Too chicken shit I guess. A Wuss or a Pussy as we call it here in the states… So what if thousands or hundreds of ashrams think a certain way. Just because they will jump off a cliff to their deaths(metaphorically speaking) doesn’t mean you have too. I just noticed, you are a follower not independent, you’ll only say something when someone else says something. Hasn’t meditation done anything for you? Are you really meditating or just pretending because others are doing so? Have to fit in with some group I guess… This is no wolf pack dude!!!

  408. prem bubbie says:

    We all have the right to call anybody ANY name we want…. Fascist Forest is my name!!! Free Speech Lives!!!

  409. Lokesh says:

    This is no wolf pack dude!!

    That is funny.

    Net, neti. But what is it?

    How come there is no new thread?
    How about this for a suggestion….Was Osho really enlightened? If the answer is yes, how can you say that. And if the answer is no, how do you know. If you don’t give a shit, what does that mean? If there is nobody to answer a question that never existed in the first place does this mean you are enlightened or does it mean you are brain dead?
    Shantam Prem. You can start first so we can get the hollow rhetoric out of the way. Gump, you can go second. That way Bubbie can get kick-started and maybe you will find a reason for existing other than talking a lot of utter tosh.

  410. Forest Gump says:


    Really enjoyed the songs, Especially, after listening to it after such a long time, sounded totally meditative & meaningful.

    Have a great day, dear…

    I noticed that Crazy dog “Poop Bubbie”, is around again to spread the “RABIES”, No worries, we going to have him vaccinated this time, so that even he bites, wouldn’t transfer the disease.

  411. shantam prem says:

    “I’m out of here…that is, until a new thread begins.

    Forest Gump…R.I.P.

    I was too, too hot, baby
    Too hot to handle
    Yeah, I was too, too hot
    Too hot to handle”

    Looks like the above paragraph was from some old Turkey?

  412. Satya Deva says:

    Forest Gump // Jul 22, 2010 at 5:14 pm
    Forrest Gump writes:

    Satya Deva:

    How do you reach to the conclusions that SP is being total nonsense & self deception and “you are not”.

    He is making a solid point with which several thousand of Sannyasins agree. When I thousands, it is supported by the fact that hundreds of Osho places around the world and India, has nothing to do with Resort.

    Just re-read my posts and, with a bit of ‘luck’, you just might be able to work it out for yourself, FG. (But I wouldn’t necessarily bet on that outcome).

    As for SP’s “solid point”, well, one man’s (or even “thousands” of men’s) “solid point” is another’s (or even “thousands” of others’ ) mudslide to oblivion…

    I don’t actually care too much about playing the ‘numbers game’ though…Maybe you’ve been rather too brainwashed by democratic sentiment?

    Anyway, in case you simply insist, here’s an idea to chew on, ok?
    The vast majority of sannyasins don’t give a flying f..k about the Poona Ashram, especially its present and future….

  413. Forest Gump says:

    Poop Bubbie or To whom it may concern,

    I am a follower or independent or utter tosh or whatever; it is obviously certain that I am giving you and many others in this forum a lot of pain in the ASS. Otherwise why would you bother writing about me?

    Two nuns were walking through the woods one evening when they were jumped on by two men who dragged them into the bushes and began to rape them. Sister Mary, bruised and battered, looked up at the sky and began to pray softly, “Forgive him Lord, for he knows not what he is doing.”

    Sister Teresa looked over and said, “That’s a pity, mine does.” Lets take OFF the smile from our face, we will come back this way again.

  414. shantam prem says:

    How come there is no new thread?
    Will someone can write for the new thread.
    Professional meat cutters are feeling unemplyed.

  415. Forest Gump says:

    Shantam wrote:

    “I’m out of here…that is, until a new thread begins.

    Forest Gump…R.I.P.

    I was too, too hot, baby
    Too hot to handle
    Yeah, I was too, too hot
    Too hot to handle”

    Looks like the above paragraph was from some old Turkey?

    Shantam, here is a joke in the context:

    When Nuns are admitted to Heaven they go through a special gate and are expected to make one last confession before they become angels. Several nuns are lined up at this gate waiting to be absolved of their last sins before they are made holy.

    “And so,” says St. Peter, “have you ever had any contact with a penis?”
    “Well,” says the first Nun in line, “I did once just touch the tip of one with the tip of my finger.”
    “OK” says St.Peter, “Dip your finger in the holy water and pass on into heaven.”

    The next Nun admits that “Well, yes, I did once get carried away and I, you know, sort of massaged one a bit.”
    “OK” says St.Peter,”Rinse your hand in the holy water and pass on into heaven.”

    Suddenly there is some jostling in the line and one of the nuns is trying to cut in front.
    “Well now, what’s going on here?” says St. Peter.

    “Well, your excellency,” says the Nun who is trying to improve her position in line, “If I’m going to have to gargle that stuff, I want to do it before Sister Mary Thomas sticks her ass in it.”

  416. prem bubbie says:

    Your “Flying Nun” colors of Catholicism are flapping wildly across the sun setting sky of Sannyas. Mr. Rump Gump Cheers

  417. prem bubbie says:

    Aren’t you he pissed off one desperately seeking support from your fellow followers? Rump dump

  418. shantam prem says:

    “The vast majority of sannyasins don’t give a flying f..k about the Poona Ashram, especially its present and future….”

    It looks like, Mother´s loving child is getiing spoiled. From His nut case friends like me, he is getting foot in the mouth syndrom.
    i know many times i get the fit of this.
    Bacteria from the Master.

    Vast majority of sannyasins do care about Ashram in Pune. From the past to the future. Ashram is always a part of discussion, where ever sannyasins meet.

    This is general scene. Exceptions are also there, for example those sannyasins who are looking for new pusher for their spiritual wheel chair. They are too busy in their mind and its problems that to care about anything else other than narcistic ego does not arise.

    The main who almost lost the connection with Osho movement decades ago, gives above statement with authority.
    Surely one can add this in the nomination list of Foot in the mouth award, July 2010.

    PS- Don´t feeel offended SD. i am also in the list.

  419. Forest Gump says:

    Satya Deva:

    I am not sure whether vast majority of Sannaysins give Ashram or Osho or Meditation any importance or not, but you have honestly admitted that “you don’t” based on the facts that you revealed about yourself.

    What’s point of discussion then, why to kill time to write in this forum? Enjoy yourself.

  420. shantam prem says:

    Bubbie, May be you are a loner, a sword carrying warrior on the path of inner exploration, so be it.
    There are many others, who cherish the company of fellow travelers.
    Do you think Osho gave so much importance to commune because he was waiting Christian orphans, mass produced by their family priests with the due consent of parents.
    Sangham, Sangat, congregation has been accepted form in many mystery schools.
    So don´t judge others from your individual computer, it is good for you but may be not good enough as a server to others.

  421. Satya Deva says:

    Borrowing Osho’s style, eh?

    Always amusing when sannyasins ‘hide’ behind Osho, as if borrowing or ‘feeding off’ his greatness somehow ‘elevates’ them – in their own eyes, anyway – above ‘the common herd’, including, of course, all those on other ‘spiritual paths’…

  422. Satya Deva says:

    Above post in response to Forrest Gump’s of 9.41pm, btw….

  423. Forest Gump says:

    I will be known through my sannyasins – Osho

  424. Satya Deva says:

    Shantam Prem says:
    Vast majority of sannyasins do care about Ashram in Pune. From the past to the future. Ashram is always a part of discussion, where ever sannyasins meet.

    Forrest Gump adds:
    I am not sure whether vast majority of Sannaysins give Ashram or Osho or Meditation any importance or not

    Seems to be some, er, conflict there, ‘swamis’…

    At least FG is honest here, whereas SP merely exaggerates his necessarily extremely limited experience of the matter. (SP, you’ve just earned your very own ‘Foot in Mouth Award’. Congratulations!).

    I’ll stick with my earlier statement, I reckon.

    If only to wind up you suckers even more….

  425. Satya Deva says:

    Satya Deva:

    Borrowing Osho’s style, eh?

    Always amusing when sannyasins ‘hide’ behind Osho, as if borrowing or ‘feeding off’ his greatness somehow ‘elevates’ them – in their own eyes, anyway – above ‘the common herd’, including, of course, all those on other ’spiritual paths’…

    (Above post in response to Forrest Gump’s of 9.41pm, btw…).

    Forest Gump:

    I will be known through my sannyasins – Osho

    A more inappropriate, less apt comment it would be difficult to imagine, coming from you, FG!

    And do you truly imagine that he meant his comment to apply to parrots like yourself, unoriginal mediocrities hiding behind the great man’s ways and words/

    You seem to be missing the point. Quite funny really….

  426. Satya Deva says:

    Forrest Gump:
    What’s point of discussion then, why to kill time to write in this forum? Enjoy yourself.

    That’s exactly what I’m doing here, it’s an enjoyable, sometimes challenging, ‘occupational therapy’, a good exercise in sorting out my thoughts in relation to others’ views.

    As for that ugly expression, “killing time”, it’s not like that, it’s much more interesting.

    Ok, Fareast Chump?

  427. Forest Gump says:

    Satya Deva,
    I am happy to be a parrot, mediocre and unoriginal if that’s what matter and nourishes egos in this context, I have no issues here. The language, style & words are always borrowed unless one lands directly from onother planet & speaks his own language. One should be writing Gibberish (his own language) here if the contest is to be original & above mediocre.

    I am not missing any point any here; I can see clearly see how mind find all the excuses to avoid any possibilities of spiritual evolution; keep on remaining trap in the vicious circle of unawareness.

  428. Forest Gump says:

    Satya Deva,

    I am glad to know that you are finding it interesting and therapeutic. In a way those so called “ugly” expressions must be very helpful then.

  429. Forest Gump says:

    Satya Deva,

    And thank you for calling me “Fareast Chump”. This is a compliment. If you guys would have really travelled Far East, not to take pictures & write books about it, but to imbibe the mysteries, would not have challenging others and calling them non-sense here. You would have been transformed. But you guys travel half heartedly & make yourself more confuse than ever. It’s really pathetic condition, In Far Eastern Language; it’s called as “Na Idhar Ke Na Udher ke”.

  430. prem bubbie says:

    FarEast Cum Chump writes: “…I have no issues here”.. What a crock of shit…… A bonafide case of a person with Alzheimer’s disease … or just using too much nitrous,and forgot to adjust the oxygen level!!!

  431. prem bubbie says:

    Forest C. Chump, Since you invite abuse, it would be rude of me not to give it, in abundance.

  432. Forest Gump says:

    Shantam You said: “Bubbie, May be you are a loner, a sword carrying warrior on the path of inner exploration, so be it”

    Actually this “Poop Bubbie” is not a sword carrying warrior, but the stupid Zulu warrior, mentioned by Osho several times. Osho has kicked his butt on several occasions. But now we all know, he likes pain, so screwing him hard is not going to help.

    Here is his one of his story told by Osho:

    Poop Bubbie -Bakwas , the Zulu warrior went to the king of Zululand to ask for the hand of the King’s daughter in marriage. The King said, “No man can marry my daughter unless he can first carry out three tasks which I have set.”

    The warrior said, “Just tell them, O King, and I will do them immediately.”

    The king said, “I have set aside three tents. In the first tent is a large barrel of alcohol: you must drink it all in one breath. You must immediately go to the second tent, in which there is a seven-foot gorilla who is crazy with toothache; you must find his bad tooth and pull it out with your bare hands.

    In the third tent, which you must go to immediately after, is an English lady who has been specially trained not to have an orgasm. You must satisfy her totally!”

    “Yes, my King,” said the warrior. He went inside the first tent and drank the full barrel of alcohol in one mighty effort. He staggered out and went immediately into the next tent containing the mad gorilla. There was a terrible fight, the tent shook and the air was rent with screams and howling, large pieces of fur came flying out of the door, and a human ear.

    The roaring and shouting went on for twenty minutes. Then the blood-soaked warrior crawled out, staggered to his feet, and said, “Okay, your kingship, now show me where the English lady with the toothache is.”

  433. Chinmaya says:

    Shantam Piyare

    You are Drunkard of Osho……& talk truly and straight.

    All songs intimated by you, thru, Youtube…..are heart touching.


  434. shantam prem says:

    Osho Camp Dallas with Swami Anand Arun, July 2 -4 2010

    This date has long passed its shelf value but at sannyasnews it is still the main banner.

    Resort needs more people, as one of my friend told there were around 70-80 people at the peak evening hours.
    Why such a magnificiant place attracts so less people, is a matter of concern.

    Sannyasnews needs more articles, but it will be difficult to write for many as paper shreders will pull them apart.


  435. shantam prem says:

    “Your name was mentioned (Iqbal Singh) at a dinner I went to the other night here – Neelam’s daughter Priya and a bunch of older mostly UK sannyasins and that old US Jivan – I think it was Priya who mentioned you as a rather vociferous correspondent on, very outspoken against the Pune ashram admin……..”

    In some restaurant in Pune, i was remembered by some sannyasins, feels nice. Smell of Paneer Tikka Masala with Butter Nan, few small holes in table Cloth and relatively clean hand towel…. this all makes Pune a right destination for modern seeker, be right, left or middle swinger.

    Just want to add from my side and it is addressed to Ms. Priya, The ashram kid who is near forties but still looks in late twenties-
    My criticism of the ashram policy makers does not necessarily mean the endorsement of Indian chapter started in Dharamshala.

    Pune central, Osho Galleria Delhi or Meditation boutique Dharamshala, looks a clinically clean as RamaKrishna Mission Ashrams*

    Please, convey to your Mom, Ma Neelam that she is the face and heart of Osho´s work from India and therefore; she must avail her emotional response in all the possible ways to make the window in the walls seprating Pune with others.

    communication is all. Let power of the heart in all of us make us jump out from encapsuled attitude.


  436. shantam prem says:

    Sun is shining in Ibiza.
    Water is deep and blue.
    God is smiling to see his topless creations
    and our Lokesh..
    Is he sitting on the rocks
    typing new thread for sannyasnews?

  437. Lokesh says:

    Almost every morning I actually do sit on the rocks. I usually meet a sannyasin or two there. Got a few laughs when I described some of the comments flying about on this blog. Described you and how you spend so much time on here and gump, how he is a complete tosser. My wife always asks why I bother. My response is always the same…’entertainment’.
    The water is indeed deep and blue. The closest I get to pure meditation these days is when I head out into the big blue. Most days I swim a few kilometres. Often the water is crystal clear, but you can’t see the bottom when it is a hundred metres down.
    When I move totally into power swimming there is little space for thought. It is a pure and energetic absorbtion in movement. It is like marine nataraj…there is no space between the swimmer and the swimming.
    The quality of the comments on this thread have become very mundane of late to the point of being boring. I was hoping some new thread would begin and inspire a little creativity. Alas no, and thus the kindergarden mud-slinging continues. Ho-hum.
    The big blue beckons and I am off for a swim.

  438. Satya Deva says:

    Forrest Gump:
    I am not missing any point any here; I can see clearly see how mind find all the excuses to avoid any possibilities of spiritual evolution; keep on remaining trap in the vicious circle of unawareness.

    Yes indeed, self-knowledge is a truly wonderful thing…Should be more of it, eh?

    To invest in a mirror would be my suggestion to you, Swami Far East Chump…(I wonder why…)…….

  439. Satya Deva says:

    Forrest Gump:
    The language, style & words are always borrowed unless one lands directly from onother planet & speaks his own language. One should be writing Gibberish (his own language) here if the contest is to be original & above mediocre.

    I take it, then, that your experience of literature, philosophy and so on is, shall we say, rather seriously ‘limited’?

    In which case perhaps you’re somewhat typical of the upcoming ‘computer generation’, almost all of them electro-magnetically polluted to a greater or lesser degree.

    Comparatively ill-educated, essentially illiterate, consequently unable to adequately express yourself, hence driven to resort to quoting someone else.

    Before rationalising such mediocrity with a predictably thoroughly spurious argument.

    A true Chump of the Far East indeed….

  440. Anand says:

    Shantam/ Lokesh: it is called a ‘summer hole’. Everybody has too much fun living then creating stories.
    Remember the Loch Ness story? Probably sightings will appear soon. Maybe the sannyasnews editor also took some time off to some Greek Island.
    Good to hear that you are in good shape for ocean swimming.

  441. Chinmaya says:

    Having seen the grand mother reading very attentively and carefully Bhagwant Geeta,
    the grand son asked his mother,
    Mom, for which examination the grand mother is preparing hard.

    Mother replied, Oh my dear son,
    your grand mother is preparing for FINAL examination.
    your comments please, dear Shantam………

  442. Chinmaya says:

    Daddi maa ko BHAGWAT GEETA ka path karte dekh pota apni ma say bola –
    Ma daddi kon se exam ki tyaari kar rahi hai ? Ma boli – Beta, daadi FINAL ki tyaari kar rahi hai.

  443. shantam prem says:

    In school life, you learn first than come exams.
    In life school, First come exams than learning.

    What i can say about final examination, i have no ambition to look for a job afterwards.

    Four days after the husband´s death, widow has given the advertisement in Times of India, with the text-
    Thanks to all relatives and friends for their support and presence during the cremation of my beloved husband.
    in Grief
    Manisha(32), Height-165 cms, fair skin, one child

    PS- Can you pass me the cutting of this ad.

  444. Chinmaya says:

    An Economist explains reason for having two wives….

    First Monopoly should be broken….and second is that competition improves the services.

    Dear Lokesh….what are your comments please.
    Be humourous

  445. Forest Gump says:

    Satya Deva wrote”“Comparatively ill-educated, essentially illiterate, consequently unable to adequately express yourself, hence driven to resort to quoting someone else.” “A true Chump of the Far East indeed….”

    Your unbaked arguments clearly indicates how immature you are, Satya Deva, Physical you may be older, but stuck at teen, Brash & ill-responsive.

    Keep on writing criticism against me like many others here. I don’t give a shit. I just enjoy this forum in parallel to my work, more you guys discuss me, better entertainment it offers me.

  446. Lokesh says:


    I was just watching some people on a big yacht, moored in a beautiful bay. They were drinking champagne and tossing cigarette butts into the crystal clear water. It sometimes occurs to me that human beings are filthy predators whose time on this planet might come to an end once there is no clean air to breathe. I ask you would it be a great loss in the greater scheme of things? Perhaps religions and spiritual ideas are simply a by product of man’s fear of the unknown and death. I mean to say, we have folks on these blogs talking about their inner emptiness when it is so obvious they are full of shit and that talking about inner emptiness is just parroting someone else’s ideas of where they think it is at.
    Did God create man in his own image and by so doing give creedence to the thought that he has lost the plot?

    Ho-hum. I think the heat is getting to me. Time for a siesta. Now that is what I call a civilized and enlightened social institution right here in sunny España.

  447. Lokesh says:

    Btw. How about creating an avatar facility on this site. Having photoes to go with our names would add to the fireworks of the heart. speaking of which.
    Quote: Beloved Swami Anand Arun, Osho’s long time associate and medium,
    Since when did Osho have associates? Do they all look a tired as Arun? A medium….to channel what exactly?

  448. shantam prem says:

    Photos with comments?
    Most will add the photo of their dog or the Banana wih the comment.
    Many are not willing even to write with their prevelant sannyas name though their can be more than 500 Shantams, 1,000 Prems.

    My suggestion will be to add something like
    Click to rate sign as it is now a norm in many newspapers. Readers can click like or dislike without revealing their identity.

    The” professional” writers on this site also need to see mirror once in a while.

  449. shantam prem says:

    From today, GuruPurnima(Master´s Fullmoon) celebrations have also started in Pune; not in the main Ashram but 10 minutes walk away in a public auditorium.
    So, here is a song from one of Osho´s favourate, Gulam Ali. Those who think, such festivals are childish can stay away, no bad feeling.

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

    Why so much fuss, if have taken something to Drink
    Robbery i have not commited, neither thief i am.

  450. Satya Deva says:

    Forrest Gump:
    The language, style & words are always borrowed unless one lands directly from onother planet & speaks his own language. One should be writing Gibberish (his own language) here if the contest is to be original & above mediocre.

    The above is all one really needs to read about the quality or otherwise of the mentality concerned.

    Chump, you’re just rather foolish, aren’t you?

  451. Satya Deva says:

    Shantam Prem:
    My suggestion will be to add something like
    Click to rate sign as it is now a norm in many newspapers. Readers can click like or dislike without revealing their identity.

    The” professional” writers on this site also need to see mirror once in a while.

    Careful, SP, might be a rude awakening for you, sir…

    You might find that few bother to read your lengthy, flowery ramblings after all….

  452. shantam prem says:

    Satya Deva,
    First of all i must say thank you for showing so much interest in the affairs of Osho, sannyas and miscellaneous matters.
    This is even more intriguing as you droped your active interest in Osho long ago and have been swinging with many other people of similar” caliber.

    Why this so much interest to modify the multicolored sannyas way of thinking?
    Few of your favourite people are still kicking the world tours, have you any connection, communication with their group of people or it is more like in the day we meet, at night we separate or other way around.

  453. Satya Deva says:

    It’s an interesting occupational therapy, SP…

    Particularly as more utter rubbish is thought, spoken and written about so-called ‘spiritual’ matters than about anything else…

    And in my experience, much of this outpouring of ignorance is perpetrated by people who call themselves sannyasins.

    A symptpom of which is quoting Osho instead of speaking or writing from one’s own actual experience.

    (As I’ve attempted to point out to the pseudo-adolescent would-be ‘rebel’, Far East Chump, a serial offender in that regard).

  454. shantam prem says:

    So guys and Mas
    New thread is there.