Shantam explores the ending of Master’s Day

The Execution of Gurupurnima by Osho International

The day of full moon in the month of July has been celebrated for centuries In India as GuruPurnima; Master´s full moon!

Basically, the word Master does not do enough justice to the word GURU. With Master one always gets the notion of control of someone over the others. Slave fits more with Master than Disciple. The literal meaning of GURU is someone who leads the human being from darkness to light. The occult meaning is someone who reveals the secret of that which is hidden and sacred. In ordinary parlance in India, people also use this word sometimes for their school teacher or college professor too, because the knowledge or wisdom is shared.

July is one of the Monsoon months. Cloudy sky, rain for the rice fields, and longing in the heart. In such an atmosphere; the Master is remembered as a sign of gratitude. One can say, Gurupurnima is a Valentine day between disciple/student and his mentor/guide/teacher.

Because of its very nature this Festival is beyond the grip of the ‘religious’. In all the traditions where the emphasis is not on prophets but on learning, Gurupurnima is celebrated through their personal style and flavour. As it is a non religious Festival, Osho when alive incorporated it too in His scheme of Festival days.

For more than two decades this festival was celebrated internationally by his sannyasins. Even today hundreds of Osho centres in Indian cities organise meditation camps on this day. In Pune, just 500 metres away from 17, Koregaon Park, a three day festivity has kicked off in a public auditorium.

Why doesn’t the resort management allow such festivals, they have never shared any logicial reason to support their strange behaviour. Psychologically speaking, maybe as it is ruled by ex Christians, The Shadow of Christian festivals and the dislike of them may overpower their psyche and result in this Head Stand. In this way, they want to prove Osho is a different kind of Guru and they are the unique disciples.

But again…why not celebrate Gurupurnima as a symbol of gratitude of being with such an extra ordinary Master – especially when it was the Master’s wish.


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  1. Kartar says:

    I give thanks on this day ( then again I’m thankful everyday) to all the teachers, inspirers, and gurus (especially Osho) who have – in a spiritual growth way – touched the lives of so many. A great day to reafirm one;s spiritual connection with Osho. I bow down to the feet of the awakened one. As far as the resort management goes…their a lovely bunch of coconuts.

  2. Sadhu says:

    Shantam…this is strange….Amrito can celebrate 31st Dec. but not GURUPURUNIMA….As Amrito’s logic is that Osho wants 365 days celebration, not any speacial day…than why 31st….Dec…..WHY….is this not in 365 days….or 364+1?????

  3. MEERA says:

    when will u guys
    that u cannot expect anything of s.o else??!!!

    if u wanna WAKE UP
    why depend in others
    who have no clue of WHO osho IS
    and are only moneyminded..

    what is YOUR contribution of the NEW MAN ???

    looking in the stars won´t help
    if u don´t regain consciousness
    and become aware
    of what existence wants u to do .

    . all of us have a plan
    given to us when we came to this world ..
    it is up to u
    to WALK
    the path ..

    that is the meaning of GURUPURNIMA ::

    what path are u following??.

    since a long time I´m searching
    for the ´rebellious spirit´sannyasins
    who are ready to walk into the unknown..
    hand in hand..
    here and now.

    . but most of them so called sannysins
    are sitting back
    waiting for their death..
    sitting in their selFdmade prisons
    save and secure
    like a seed in the earth..
    never reaching the sun..

    what to say about sunlit-peaks??!!!

  4. MEERA says:

    you are right shantam..
    those western people running the resort
    are hypocrites.
    . conditionend by the church..
    wanna be rebells..
    as they used to be
    when they invaded and oppressed India..
    no feeling for spirituality
    for indias heritage
    only greedy business minded
    ready to kill indeginous people
    to grab their land and gold.
    . brutal
    utterly stupid
    below any anmial
    without any conscíousness at all..

    they just wanna be again
    the landlords in India ..
    they even give a fuck about osho
    who told us
    which celebrations we shall follow
    in order to keep together
    and celebrate this event of
    who is the guru
    who is the god…

    these people are the same oppressors
    who destroyed India
    and now they are destroying
    the heritage of Osho..

    so no future generation can be part anymore
    of this greatest experiment on earth..

    thats why osho has sent me to Germany 20 years ago to work out
    PARADIES on earth…
    and no sannyasins here in germany
    who is in the slightest aware ..
    all the same stupid people
    who run the resort .
    .with very low energy .
    and no awareness.
    just money in their pocket ..

  5. Chinmaya says:

    Meera Ma

    You have expressed truthfully and honestly about the people of Europe and Resort.

    People of India have different value to Conscious than to the people of Europe, totally living at physical level – KHAO PIO MAUJ UDAO – CHAR WAKK. Hardly anybody is flashed after thousands years any enlightened person. Rather He too remains luikewarm on this path.

    Only Indians are trying to bring them on the path of enlightenment, like you are putting your efforts, I will say, just you are sowing the seed in them. This is your great contribution, which will work after you go from this earth. MURRDE NU POOJE EH DUNIYA…….
    they do not bother for the advice of the living person.
    They have not understood directly OSHO, during his body life time, that is why Amrito & Co. want to celebrate on 31st December.

    It is their Ego and Mind participation, nothing else. They have no throbbing of heart. They have the heart but for worldly affairs and ego fulfilment and not for walking on the path of enlightenment. Perhaps, Master wants them upto that only. Yet I hope, they will come in the main-stream, may not be in this life, but in the new life, hopes are there. They lived with the Master, they have seen closely the beaming eyes of the Master, they have touched to the physique of the Master. They have walked along the Master.

    Alas, they could understand the meaning of GURU- PURNIMA DAY and lived on the directed path.
    Still, I wish them to come in the Main stream.

  6. MEERA says:

    dear chinmaya.. ..
    maienstream means nothing .
    is neither hot nor cold ..
    just lukewarm..
    and hoping for the best
    u must expect the worst..
    there is no hope for these people
    and they are not the CHOSEN FEW
    but a bunch of crooks..
    so why waste a single thought on them..
    THEY have chosen to be this way
    not the MASTER::

    can be one
    who walks away from the crowd
    and become an individual..

  7. MEERA says:

    whish u ALL




  8. shantam prem says:

    Sometime People even don´t know what they are writing.
    Whether they are writing their thoughts or playing the casette of someone or it is like a little sheep has a lion´ dunk on the feet, comes home and shouts, ” I am the lion, I am the lion.”

  9. Baba says:

    But just look what the english have given India,why be so negative about the fusion of england with India.After all look at the Great Indian Railway System which was gifted to India by the British,and many beautifull hill-stations like Mahabaleshwar,Darjeeling and Matheran.And in Osho`s beautifull ashram we had great clean drinking water and great dentists and doctors,all from England too.

  10. MEERA says:

    naa shantam

    u didn´t get it..

    i´m not goin to waste my energy here´anymore..

    GOT IT????

  11. Krishnananda says:

    Wanna Hear Osho Talk about Guru Purnima?

    Listen to Zen the path of paradox Vol 3 #1 starting from 1 hr 16m 41 second mark till the end.

    Beautiful Discourse…. as always!

    With love and Gratitude at the feet of OSHO

  12. Satya Deva says:

    Oh dear!

    It’s Meera again, the completely deluded, utterly unhappy one from Germany…

    She’s already polluted this place before with her insane ramblings, a classic, thoroughly miserable, paranoid, unloved and, in this vein, unlovable middle-aged woman, blaming anyone and everyone for her misery – “the West”, the Resort management, the “lukewarm” German sannyasins – anyone will do, she’ll always find some convenient oppressor!

    My God, can you imagine ever getting into her orbit, into any closer proximity than this cyber-distance?!

    To cap it all, proving beyond any shadow of doubt that she’s not only disturbed, unaware and misguided, but also completely mad, she calls this impostor ‘rajneesh’ “our guru”!!

    Poor, innocent Chinmaya! If you’ve been taken in by Meera’s ranting and raving it doesn’t say a lot for your judgment, my friend….

  13. shantam prem says:

    I hope other readers will feel too, the holes in the stable Jeans, Madam Meera is wearing.
    Such high voltage writing ends with-

    So.. to wash this strain away, one Guru purnima joke-

    what is the only precaution one should take before Oral Sex and FBI?
    Simply learn to control the tounge. Little bit more, and one is in shit*

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

    Look at the moon, may be it is His/Her face.

  14. Lokesh says:

    Last night I took two friends out clubbing on Ibiza. This being the planet’s party capital we had plenty of choices where to go. I’ve partied so much in my life that commercial clubs hold no interest for me. It was therefore that I had a pleasant surprise when I drove home at dawn and found myself with a few new perspectives under my belt, which only goes to show that even at 60 you can still learn plenty that is new. Some of those new perspectives concerned Osho and if you take a few minutes I’d like to share them with you.
    To this day I’m not sure if Osho was actually enlightened, but one thing I have no doubts about is that he was one of the greatest party throwers the world has ever known and for that alone I bow down to him. Last night, as I watched thousands of people dancing in Ibiza night clubs, I thought to myself ‘What a rip-off’. I’m not talking about paying 15$ for a bottle of beer. What I mean is that people have had their right to be blissful and ecstatic stolen from them. People are paying hard-earned cash to experience what they have been told by the media is ‘a good time’, when in fact they are going through a lot of empty moves that leaves them with less than nothing at the end of the day.
    I was already well acquainted with blissful states when I first met Osho in February 1975. When friends ask me what it was like being with Osho in the early days I often describe him as being like pure LSD. Well, at least that was how it was for me. It was Osho who first showed me how to get high on a free supply. Those were good times of the highest order. Eventually my path through life would bring me to realize that bliss states are something that have to be transcended, but that is another story. What this story is about is how the original idea of sannyas was about feeling fantastic. Osho’s meditation techniques were a real gift on many levels. The collective high that you could tap into in Koregoan Park during the seventies was the tops and it was running 24/7. The sixties became known as a period of peace and love but in my mind the fruits from that time did not ripen until the seventies in Poona One. I was there for over six wonderful years but looking back I do not feel nostalgic or wish for a repeat of what once was. How right Heraclitus was when he said that you cannot step in the same part of the river twice. It is history now and right now we have sannyasins arguing the toss about what is going on in Number 17, Osho’s legacy etc. My suggestion is to drop the whole thing. Right from the start sannyas was about an inner revolution…an inside thing which has nothing to do with some building where something once happened in India. Before Buddha died he left specific instructions that no statues were to be made of him…did anyone listen? Now people dress in white, sit in front of an empty chair, and watch Osho discourses that in many ways relate to a different time than what we are living now, which doesn’t mean to say that there is not something timeless to be found in some of them. The point is that many of you are worshiping something that is dead.
    If you really feel connected to Osho why not drop all the ‘Our Osho’ bullshit and get out into the world and spread the message instead of writing endless hours of irrelevant shit and tossing insults at each other. What is the message? Well for a start it is good to help people to understand that they can have a great time without thinking they have to go to an overpriced, smoke-filled discotheque to wave their hands in the air like they just don’t care. That the greatest joy is to discover that within us exists a spark of divinity that is who we really are, that in reality we are gods and goddesses, just like the old man told us for all those years. You don’t need a big organization behind you to do this. Many times Osho spoke about how whenever three of his people are together he is present. In the old days we dressed in orange robes. Now we have moved underground. The colour orange was a rallying flag, it is no longer needed and neither are organizational buildings or marble shrines with ashes or any of that old crap that has never ever really helped the world become a better place. If you are a real sannyasin you will be a light unto yourself and spread that light wherever you go. If you are not doing that you are a deluded person who is living out a defunct ‘spritual trip’.
    Much of what goes on in this blog is actually the anti-thesis of what Osho was about because it is simply mindfuck. The whole idea of being a sannyasin is about moving beyond the mind and connecting with something which is eternal and beautiful. You do not need anything external to do this. These days normal people are attached to so much nonsense, money, cars, clothes, images of themselves etc. So called spiritual people become attached to different things, ashrams, guru pictures etc. Real people simply live unencumbered by attachments and celebrate each moment as it unfolds. Not only that, they don’t have to pay to get in, because they are in already.

    Don’t you think that is more than enough for today?

  15. Dylan Thomas says:

    You can see here people from all countries…. I am a foreigner in my own country – it is very rare to find an Indian, and if they come, their purposes are not for a spiritual search. A few Indians have come to steal things, a few Indians come to have a lazy life, not doing anything and asking for all the comforts. And they write letters to me that they have come to the ashram just to meditate. We have no objection, you can meditate – but don’t ask for food, and don’t ask for clothes, and don’t ask for a roof, because that is not part of meditation. Just meditate.
    And what is your meditation? – because you have come here to meditate, and others have come to make houses for you and bring money for your comforts. You will simply repeat your old idiotic chanting, which is not meditation at all. You cannot participate in my meditations; your inhibitions are such that, because women are also here, you are afraid, trembling inside – it shows your sexuality and sensuality, which are repressed.
    A few Indians come because they think that here they can live an uninhibited life and the society will not know about it. But their reasons are never spiritual.
    It is a strange phenomenon, but perhaps there is some undercurrent of logical and rational reasoning behind it. Because they have condemned the world for centuries, they have not improved the world, and they have not improved their own richness. The whole country is poor. Fifty percent of the country is going to die by the end of this century, and when five hundred million people die, the remaining ones will not be able to live either. What kind of life will it be when you are surrounded by corpses and there will be no one even to take those corpses to the funeral grounds? And all kinds of diseases will spread. But they will not listen to me.
    Osho The Rebel – Chapter 15

  16. Satya Deva says:

    A truly excellent post, Lokesh, well said indeed.

  17. Swami Dhyan Anurag says:

    Yes Meera

    Swami Rajneesh is really shaking up
    the sannyas world with his loving offer of
    FREE Osho Groups
    and FREE Osho Therapies
    FREE Osho Therapy Training programmes

    Swami Rajneesh is the only sannyasin who is not making money out of the dream of our Master Osho
    not selling Osho like therapists and gooup leaders who he calls The Rapists and Failed Politicians
    these are the New Age Pundts and Priests
    who Osho warned about

    Sharing and Spreading OSHO and
    His Message and NOT SELLING OSHO !!!

    He is really showing the way
    with his love and open heart
    and you can see he is walking his talk

    Many like Satya Deva are simply jealous and unable to accept their ignorance and vested interest and greed

  18. Swami Dhyan Anurag says:

    Read carefully and let me knw who or where such an open and loving commune exists today and where they are not selling and making money out of the vision of Osho out of pure greed and exploitation

    Where Freedom and Transparence is Valued !!!!


    “ sangham sharanam gachchhami “
    a free space for all osho sannyasins and lovers freedom of expression of meditativeness
    and inner experiences
    will encourage and give wings to sannyasins to share and express their love on the path of awakening

    sannyasins and their inner growth come first
    we will strengthen sannyasins freedom of expression
    encourage and explore the values
    of freedom and growth for all osho sannyasins
    and all seekers of truth on the path

    a space to accept each other and bring people together to celebrate and create a buddhafield
    in a loving spirit of togetherness and oneness

    we accept all sannyasins
    and their meditativeness and spiritual expressions
    compassion in action is real human growth
    to accept each individual as they are
    without any rejection or judgment

    we accept all spiritual beings and masters of different paths and offer them a loving humane space
    for expression of their being and their realisation
    no one can be banned from entering the osho cocom
    entry to osho cocom will be free
    for all with love and openness
    food at the osho cocom
    will be offered at affordable prices

    freedom of the individual comes first
    we will accept the value of the majority of one

    freedom is of the highest value
    and cannot be sacrificed for any group or organization
    we will create the silent circle of friends
    where compassion and wisdom of silent sincere sannyasins will act as gentle guides

    spreading osho…not selling osho !!
    earning through creativity and not through therapies
    the osho cocom will earn through
    selling creative art sculpture and handicrafts
    from the arts village the music lab
    and health food division
    and not by selling osho therapies or meditations
    which will be offered freely out of love

    sannyasins loving donations
    for spreading his vision will be welcomed

    all donations and funds collected will be used wisely
    for creating new osho cocoms and growth of sannyasins and for spreading osho vision to the world

    we are creating an inner science mystery school
    where all osho therapies are offered totally free

    the osho cocom will offer all osho groups and therapies and all osho meditations for free

    osho mystic rose
    osho born again
    osho no mind
    osho hypnosis
    osho self hypnosis
    osho painting group
    osho breath
    osho prana healing
    osho primal
    osho tantra
    path of love
    men’s liberation
    women’s liberation
    osho work as meditation
    osho talking to your body mind

    osho cocom will offer for free
    all osho therapists and group leader training
    osho bodywork and massage training courses
    and other osho inner science training courses

    offer various core osho methods of meditation
    and transformative meditation techniques free

    offer osho vision through his daily discourses

    offering osho sannyas celebration / sannyas name & mala
    understanding sannyas as a way of life and living in the world with meditativeness and awareness

    create osho festivals / carnivals and celebration events

    expressions of the heart and kirtan dance celebrations

    meditativeness in work as a meditation
    understanding meditative work in the marketplace

    with a massage training center
    offer ayurveda massage and yoga
    and other healing therapies

    osho wholeness spa
    meandering swimming pools
    sauna and steam
    ayurvedic massage with kerala spa & yoga center
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    creative arts center
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    creative crafts village
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    ceramic pottery wood bamboo crafts
    all creative projects and works produced
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    where various body awareness techniques
    taichi kungfu judo aikido jujitsu
    are available for learning and training

    music recording studio
    to create music for meditation
    and to offer space for sannyasins to create music
    and support marketing to the world at large

    to understand food diet and health
    and grow formulate and distribute health foods

    a herb and plant nursery
    experimenting with nature and learning to understand plants and herbs and various health
    and healing secrets

    we will offer all osho video audio discourses
    all osho photo and osho art and signature library free
    osho ebooks meditation music osho songs

    for worldwide free distribution
    all you will need is your hard drive to download freely

  19. Satya Deva says:

    Dhyan Anurag:
    Many like Satya Deva are simply jealous and unable to accept their ignorance and vested interest and greed

    Utterly wide of the mark, I’m afraid, Anurag!

    I have absolutely zero “vested interest” in anyhing related to Osho, so the question of “greed” simply doesn’t arise.

    And “jealous”? Hardly – why the hell should I be?!

    No, Anurag, you don’t see the point at all.

    For me, anything connected to or arising from this blatantly fraudulent character, ‘osho rajneesh’ (lower case intentional), holds no interest or inspiration for me whatsoever.

    Just look at who he attracts, for a start – this mad idiot, Meera!! (Have you seen her posts of today, for example? She’s a first-degree raving lunatic).

    Exchanges with him on here this year were and remain more than enough to convince me my first impressions were perfectly valid. As I’ve said here before, I wouldn’t trust this guy a single millimetre.

    Behind that (for me, unimpressive, copycat) facade, lurks a self-seeking, self-deluded, cunning character, who will not stand for any opposition. A thoroughly nasty piece of work, frankly, if he wasn’t such a laughable joke.

    Fine-sounding plans – perhaps – but I am far too deeply sceptical to be even the slightest bit interested.

    For example, you really believe that inviting ‘all sorts’ of teachers, Masters has the remotest chance of succeeding? Christ Almighty, just take a look at what goes on here, in discussions between different viewpoints.

    Anyway, isn’t Osho himself enough? (Not the con-artist doppelganger, the real Osho!).

    Moreover, self-sustaining through selling art-work, handicrafts, music? Mmmm, I wonder…

    We shall see….

  20. Satya Deva says:

    And…sannyas name and mala? Oh, please, grow up, for Christ’s sake!

  21. Lokesh says:

    Satya Deva. Thanks.

    As for the rest of these comments, it is quite clear that many are missing my point and wasting their time. I see that as their problem and not mine. Some people seem to get off on being stuck records, So be it.

    When I met H W Poojaji for the first time he said to me, ‘Be here, remain quiet, don’t gossip and mind your own business.’ He was in effect giving a recipe for how to lead a peaceful and meditative life. Simple and good advice.

  22. Satya Deva says:

    Indeed, Lokesh.

    Reminds me of what Osho advised Veena, the woman who ran the first London Centre, Nirvana, ie to not bother at all about what other people were up to, saying, or how they were behaving, just to get on with her own meditation etc….

  23. Lokesh says:


  24. shantam prem says:

    Satya Deva and Lokesh, follow your foot steps and why not simply get rid off from this blog.
    You both got enough from Life and from Osho, share in your way, silent way, loud way.
    Who stops you.
    May be it can make space for few new people. Period.

    Ok.. Good bye and God Bless you.

  25. shantam prem says:

    Rajneesh; the Indian extreme.
    Dr. Amrito another extrme, in between are the constituents according to their collective mind.

    I hope both these extrems prove right, so much so that the followers/No followers of these two extremes get the last kick and are free from the wheel of life and death or what so ever is there wish/no wish.

    Little shaking, little dancing and smart asses think they have got the master key of Spiritual evolution.
    Most probably neither the sinners on the earth will miss them nor the saints.


  26. shantam prem says:

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

    In the other article, Rashid has given the Title, ” Only the Singing was left.”
    The youtube video from Mehandi Hasan; One of Osho´s most loved singer; May be many can have this feeling.. only singing is left.

  27. Satya Deva says:

    shantam prem

    Satya Deva and Lokesh, follow your foot steps and why not simply get rid off from this blog.
    You both got enough from Life and from Osho, share in your way, silent way, loud way.
    Who stops you.
    May be it can make space for few new people. Period.

    Ok.. Good bye and God Bless you.

    May I translate, SP? Thank you…

    “Why don’t you two bastards just f*** off now, you’re just, well, just a pain in the arse.

    Leave me alone, this is my domain, I feel uncomfortable around you two c***s.

    I NEED to share my lofty thoughts untroubled by the likes of you two over-privilged, English motherf*****s.

    The future of sannyas, of Osho’s whole work, is in my – and my many supporters’ – hands.

    Ultimately, you two (and others like you, eg that American bastard Bubbie) just make me sick.

    You western shits spoil everything here…


  28. Lokesh says:

    Or to put it another way.

    Quote: May be it can make space for few new people. Period.

    We are the new people. It is you that is stuck with the old. Parroting the same old cliches and somehow still managing to keep alive the idea that you are somehow managing to change the world.

    There is an old saying. ‘Empty barrels make the most noise.’ This does not have anything to do with inner emptiness but rather the simple fact t that empty-headed people are always the ones who make a racket.
    it might be a good exercise for SP to take a break from this blog as his obssession with it and his own hollow words have moved over the border into the land of pathological behaviour. I don’t wish to be malicious, but am simply stating the obvious. Another saying that SP might do well to contemplate is ‘Less is more’.

  29. shantam prem says:

    One from France, one from Ibiza, two whitemen from cold country have managed their life in the warm world and have learnt the art from mouses to leave the sinking ship at the right time, one left in 1983 another could not feel the energy in dead Poona just in 1990, so the refuge with Papaji..

    May be it is the guilt lurking in the soul for undignified departure that like Born Agian Christians want to give the Bible lessons.

    Any way, in a free world, Jehovh the witness stand on the same street as Hare Rama people with their propagana material.

    My request will be to the editor of this site to add, Thumbs Up and Thumbs down at the end of every comment.
    Now when left, right and middle wings have jumped in the fire, Osho´s readers on this site has the right to show their opinion.

  30. shantam prem says:

    SD… the above post of yours is very nice. Good to see, you are adding new spices.
    Reminds me the article where the author was decoding the hidden meaning, when lovers talk with each other.

  31. Satya Deva says:

    My request will be to the editor of this site to add, Thumbs Up and Thumbs down at the end of every comment.

    I think you’ll find the editors have far better things to do with their time than pretend to be arbiters of any post’s significance or value, SP!

    What a cock-eyed suggestion that one is…Perhaps a certain controlling ‘authoritarian’ mentality poking out its foolishly worried little head over the parapet…?

  32. Satya Deva says:

    And point of information, SP:

    I live in London, I merely visit France.

  33. Satya Deva says:

    shantam prem

    SD… the above post of yours is very nice. Good to see, you are adding new spices.
    Reminds me the article where the author was decoding the hidden meaning, when lovers talk with each other.

    Which, of course, is also why you chose to put up a snidey little post at 7.57pm, SP…

    As another said of you, at times the shite oozes forth from your very pores, try to disguise its sight and odour as you may….

  34. Lokesh says:

    Shatam Prem, your suprcilious comments only serve to illustrate the rotten state of mind that you are locked into. You really want to take a break and relax. You have become overly identified with a lost cause and have become lost in the process.
    You hear that bahing sound? Don’t you know what it is? Well then, I’ll tell you. It is a herd of lost sheep calling to you. Where is Gump? You need back up. He is a fan of yours. Bah! Bah! Here he comes. As Bubbie said, ‘This ain’t no wolf pack’. Bah-bah-bah. Of you go now and be a good boy.

  35. shantam prem says:

    Have you two gentlemen not heard, ” Those who live by sword, die by sword.”
    Or one can also say, it is vibrant democracy at work.
    “Overly Identified with a LOST CAUSE”, will such kind of mind will also come into the category of Supercilious or may be in one of other 15 meanings in the book of Thesaurus.

    Call me an Obsessive personality, a psychological disorder; but will you look your face in the mirror while saying Lost Cause to a cause thousands of people are working over time, in Pune, Delhi, Köln and other hundreds of cities and towns.The difference between the various factions is about the direction Osho movement should take, it is architectural difference and has nothing to do with those, who think white robe is a childish thing.
    Again i say, i am addressing my posts to the Sannyasins, who may have even taken sannyas after Osho´s death.
    Yet the people who are part of spiritual swingers club, in the habit of sniffing this or that master can also read and respond, it makes world colorful.

  36. Swami Dhyan Anurag says:

    Just look at who he attracts…
    How strange as it as just what i was looking at today on his website which is the most juicy Osho wesbite now in the Osho world !!
    These are the most juicy and extatic sannyasins from all over the world at his camps an events and none look deluded or stupid to me
    Just looking at these camp photos puts you to shame that you are just jealous and are lying or totally blind and stupid yourself and deluded like Lokesh
    pictures of his world tour camps

    Last Year he did more than 40 camps in 12 months and his travelling list is growing every year and his events are a proof that more and more beautiful and intelligent people are gathering around him every day

    also see his other website

    I have heard that 60 cottages are now sold
    to many old sannyasins and many are Osho therapists and organisers of Osho medtation camps and Osho Groups in Poona 1 to Poona 2 and also many are from Oregon time who are now joining him and offering themselves for free as Rajneesh himself has inspired them and is walking his talk

    Get a real look at what is happening and stop this bullshit and negative blind discussion against one of the most loved Osho sannyasin Swami Rajneesh

  37. Lokesh says:


  38. Swami Dhyan Anurag says:

    And to get it across Rajneesh started his Facebook just 3 months agoyou can also see his Fcceboook
    with more than 1700 friends who are well known sannyasins on his list and again none look deluded or sound like sour sannyasins like you here
    Rajneesh started Facebook ” Osho Cocom ”
    few weeks ago and already 650 have joined him there

    And on your comment of Oh for Christ sake Sannyas and Mala , Rajneesh has on his Osho Sannyas Facebook over 1100 people on his list

    He is growing so fast that there must be something you are jealous about and hiding behind abusing him

    As they say Wake up and smell the coffee

  39. shantam prem says:

    Satya Deva // Jul 24, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    If you read the internet edition of famous newspapers, almost all have such kind of facilities. Thumbs up, thumbs down, Agree, disagree, recommand, offensive etc.
    Or simply go to You Tube and see.

    and don´t you think as a writer of maximum threads of last one year, i can share some suggestion with the editors of sannyasnews.

    So i take the opportunity to say that my language is a spoken English with limited vocaboulary, Editor always does a good work of polishing the sentences.

    Any way, SD and Lokesh can write a joint petition to the editors to stop Sannyasnews, to save their time and money from a lost cause.
    May be one of you can offer them a return ticket to visit their favourate ShitSang.

  40. Swami Dhyan Anurag says:

    And yes Lokesh
    Yawn is correct for you so keep sleeping and Yawning and dreaming that you know everything and that you are the Greatest Judge here
    All judges are the greatest egoist
    and they think they are spiritual
    The Judge is Spiritual Ego in you
    so Yawn away to your eternal sleep

  41. shantam prem says:

    It looks like today´s erection of Rajneesh is Sponsered by Swami Dhyan Anurag.
    Copying and pasting, copying and pasting….

  42. Lokesh says:

    Anurag..I’m not sure what you are rattling on about. If it is this guy Rajneesh…you’ve got your wires crossed as far as I am concerned. I have nothing to say about him other than I’m simply not interested in him. I looked at the photos…and? Yeah, looks fine to me.

    SP Scrape below the surface and the sewage starts seeping.
    Quote: favourate ShitSang.
    You are not casting a very good impression with that kind of comment. Makes you look like a chump. if you are going to continue writing comments it would be good if you made a small effort in the articulation department. Goodnight.

  43. Lokesh says:

    PS Anurag. sweet dreams. XXX

  44. Anand says:

    ok nice European/Indian sword battle here today.

    I liked your piece Lokesh, well written.

    SP: I think it is great you are here, but you are always HERE. So less is more, even from the eternal depths of India.

    And Rajneesh: let time tell. I agree that he is a mad con man, but let him have his part in the divine comedy too.

    And to collect many facebook friends is one of the most easy things to do.

    sweet dreams over there.

  45. shantam prem says:

    Thanks Lokesh,
    Your suggestion noted in the heart diary. Will give my best to be articulate.
    As an exercise, while writing i will go on remembering my beloved ex., mother of my younger child.
    Because of the nature of her work, She has tried to tutor me in proper, articulate, judicious and politically correct English.

    In her eyes, most of Pune sannyasins irrespective of their age are spoiled adolescents, thinking their navel is the center of the universe.
    No need to say,she has pushed my buttons like no one else.

    Same is for her and for you and SD, Don´t forget…my Blah blah is never without any warmth of love.
    God bless us All, seekers or no seekers

  46. prem bubbie says:

    I wonder about the simultaneously and sudden appearance of both Meera and Anurag . Both the same perhaps? Notice how both rave about Mr. Sw. rajneesh. Maybe, just maybe, with all the criticism about Rajneesh’s self promoting when he posts here, that he enlisted his alter egos, Meera, and Anurag. Maybe he is schizophrenic and needs his helpers whenever he can’t handle a situation.. Just more than coincidental that’s all. Meera + Anurag= rajneesh.

  47. prem bubbie says:

    Say Sw. Mr. Editor-in- chief, Why no comments allowed for Rashid’s promo? you don’t want critical comments; that the man is Oh So Sensitive that the delicate flower can’t stand some wind blowing on his back? Who knows? Maybe all postings would be very loving and supportive. Just curious.

  48. prem bubbie says:

    Those fucking germans can’t do a “Love Parade” right!!!! Panic at a love parade????!!!!! Must have been organized by sannyasins—German of course!!! 18 and counting…oy vay!!

  49. Lokesh says:

    Awww…gee whizz….SP has seen the light again after it was obscured by clouds….hallelujah……praise the lord.

    Run for cover….Love Bubble is back in town.

  50. Satya Deva says:

    Bubbie, similar thoughts crossed my mind re rajneesh and Anurag being one and the same, with anurag having posted exactly the same promo stuff on the Goa place as rajneesh did months ago. Both indignant Indians too, of course…Mmmm, very suspect!

    Don’t reckon Meera’s involved though, she’s just a one-off lunatic German, who also embarrassed herself here before, last year I think.

    I still find it amusing that this rajneesh guy simply attempts to copy Osho in every way, the ‘Bhagwan’ of the early days, the appearance, clothes (or their absence), gestures, way of speaking…

    Absolutely nothing original there at all – except the indignant little explosions of outrage and spite he spewed out when challenged here…

    Very odd indeed that his acolytes like Anurag just accept this blatant copying, see nothing whatsoever suspect there – and might even view it as a sign of ‘authenticity’ for all know!!

    As for ‘mature’ sannyasins wanting to be with his enterprise, well, maybe they’re so far gone that they have no idea what else to do with their lives…After all, a sgnificant percentage of sannyasins were always somewhat ‘dysfunctional’, cluless regarding living in the ‘real’ world…

    And the ‘new people’ – possibly many just desperate, I guess, and that desperation evidently clouds their judgment, because they simply don’t know any better!

    They’re obviously looking for something to lift themselves out of their oppression and yes, perhaps they’ll have positive experiences, at least somewhere to ‘let go’ and therapize themselves to the nth degree, if that’s what they think they need…

    Plus, of course, endless sex (how on earth could I forget that, the quintessential ‘(SE)X Factor’?!!)…Not that rajneesh has the slightest interest in that area, of course…

    Maybe the more intelligent of them will eventually see rajneesh’s limitations and move on…

    Meanwhile, as the old saying goes:
    ‘You’re never alone with a Clone’….

  51. Lokesh says:

    Meanwhile, as the old saying goes:
    ‘You’re never alone with a Clone’….

    If you think about it that saying can’t be that old.

    Rajneesh! Who could take such a man seriously. Just the thought of him makes me laugh.

    SD You say: After all, a sgnificant percentage of sannyasins were always somewhat ‘dysfunctional’, cluless regarding living in the ‘real’ world…
    Ehm…well…I suppose you could include me in that percentage. Fortunately, I am also very lucky. Therefore I manage…very well as it happens. But I do know what you mean. When I read some of the comments folk are coming away with on sannyasnews it really makes me wonder. Always good for a sardnic laugh, though.
    Meanwhile, for the first time in 26 years I spotted a shark in the Mediterranean while I was out swimming. Now, that really made my day.

  52. Chinmaya says:

    —————————————————————————Guru Purnima, or the Full Moon of the Guru, is the annual occasion for honoring and expressing our gratitude towards the Guru or the Divine Teacher. While Guru is considered indispensable for spiritual progress, his guidance can also help us handle worldly matters with equal ease.

    Guru Purnima falls on July 24, EDT (July 25, IST). This day is significant for disciples who seek to get initiated by their Guru, students who desire to get the blessings of their teachers, and for everyone who wants to honor persons of great wisdom and learning. This is a rare time to solve unsolved problems.

    Gurupurnima is the largest and most perfect full moon of the year,
    which in India is dedicated to the Guru. So meditate you Gurus!

    MY FEELING IS THAT EACH OF YOU HERE HAS PASSED MANY TIMES AROUND SUCH GROVES — sometimes a Buddha, sometimes a Mansoor, sometimes an Ali, and sometimes a Ramakrishna, a Raman, sometimes a Mahavir, a Zarathustra. You have passed! It is impossible that down the ages you have never come across a luminous grove — you must have come. The greater possibility is that not only once, but many times you may have come across a luminous grove. But you have missed. DON’T MISS THIS TIME!

    And this GURU PURNIMA DAY IS THE DAY OF ALL THE BUDDHAS, all those who have become aware. In their remembrance, become aware. The grove is here in front of you.

    YOU CAN SEE THAT LUMINOUS LIGHT — it is here! You can hear that celestial sound, that music is happening. And you can be soaked into my fragrance. It all depends on you: how much you are ready to take, how much you are willing to take, how much you are going to be with me, how deeply.

    YOU CAN COME HERE JUST TO HEAR MY WORDS; then you will miss the real message.

    YOU CAN COME HERE FULL OF YOUR NONSENSE, your argumentativeness; then you will not be able to hear what I am trying to convey. You can come here as Mohammedans, Hindus, Jains, and you will miss me. BUT ONLY YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE, NOBODY ELSE.

    Try to understand your responsibility towards yourself. Enough you have been stumbling in darkness! When light becomes available, don’t miss the opportunity. TAKE THE JUMP….


  53. Satya Deva says:

    What exactly is the point of this, please, Chinmaya?

    Yesterday was the day, not today.

    And Osho is no longer around…

    Yet you insist on clinging to the past…Is the past dead, or not?

    Why concern yourself with attempting to resurrect it?

    A waste of your time and energy…

    Perhaps it’s this sentimentalism – however sincere and well-meaning – that yesterday prevented you from seeing what’s glaringly obvious about Meera, for example, when you acknowledged her as some sort of great standard-bearer of Osho’s work!!

    Perhaps you’re just one of Life’s ‘innocents’?

    Wake up, don’t be fooled or fool yourself!

    Move on, Chinmaya!!

  54. Satya Deva says:

    Btw, how old are you, please, Chinmaya?

    I have the impression you’re fairly old, middle-aged-ish, at least?

  55. MEERA says:

    old shanti now satya deva hahahaa

    old bitching jealous woman..


  56. Satya Deva says:

    The only shite I can see and smell is that which emanates from your every word, Meera…

    Ok, carry on, I look forward to even more evidence of your utterly irresponsible self-delusion…It’s really rather funny, actually!

    So, come on, don’t be shy, give us all a good laugh….

  57. Lokesh says:

    Deary me…! Some real tough talking going on around here.

    I will be known through my sannyasins – Osho

    He was right.

  58. prem bubbie says:

    Nice saying…”You’re never alone with a clone…”, I was thinking of the saying “You’re never alone with a schizophrenic”, an album title from that old Mott the Hoople alumnus, Ian Hunter. Rajneesh just might have a poster of that cover spread all over his bedroom wall!!! Meera, go take a flying fuck, PLEASE…nothing more to say to you, as Osho once called some people such as you…”Crack Pots”!!!

  59. Lokesh says:

    Aye lad, nothing like a cracked pot to illustrate the nature of reality. The pot cracks open and it is found that the space it surrounded is in fact universal.
    Long live the Cracked Pots.

  60. Satya Deva says:

    Nice image, Lokesh…But unfortunately, the “cracked pot” in this instance appears to be very formly closed, impenetrable, I imagine (except via a similarly ‘crack pot prick’….

  61. Satya Deva says:

    ‘firmly’ for ‘formly’ (above)!!

  62. Satya Deva says:

    Which brings us back to clones again, I guess….

  63. Satya Deva says:

    Einstein once said,

    “Only two things are infinite: one is the Universe, the other is human stupidity”.

    He knew a thing or two, that bloke….

  64. Swami Dhyan Anurag says:

    Thousands of beautiful people and sannyasins are with Swami Rajneesh as can be clearly seen by his world Tour pictures on his website
    It seems that Lokesh SatyaDeva and Bubbie here are the great Egoistic Judges who know all and everything
    and are right or are deluded and jealous and afraid to make any valid comment except their blind judgments which they keep on repeating like parrots here.
    That same boring Parrot like blind Judgments always cinical and dejected and dry bone people.
    Yes the grapes are sour !!!

  65. Lokesh says:

    I’m sorry Anurag, Papaji once told me that whenever you see a crowd round a guy on the spiritual scene it is time to move on. You know, I reckon that old guy was on to something and I listened to his advice.
    A couple of other things. Jealousy is based in comparison. I’m not comparing myself to anyone, least of all your wee pal, Rajneesh.
    The fact that thousands of beautiful people find Rajneesh interesting does not cut the mustard for me. I daresay if he showed up in the neighbourhood I’d pop in to say hi and maybe ask a few questions if allowed.
    What you have to understand is that I’m simply not very interested in most of the gurus and teachers that I hear about. On that level I have been spoiled…or maybe its blessed. I don’t have any judgements about Rajneesh, or any other person for that matter. Judging people is a fool’s game. I do believe it is alright to judge a person’s actions, though. Going by your caustic comments I’d say you have some kind of painful bug up your ever-so-spiritual arsehole. Oh well, we all have our problems, I suppose.

  66. MEERA says:

    yes Lokesh.
    . that woman satya deva is so full of shit ..
    looks like she will be admitted soon to a psychic -asylum..
    she is fso ull of bitterness jealousy..
    and stupidity..
    her EGO is just rediculous.
    . she wanna have the say here
    as the only woman.. thats uttermadness
    she is a sheelatype..
    and ulitmately will suffer the same fate

    Only two things are infinite:
    one is the Universe,
    the other is human stupidity”.einstein

    thanks god for anurag and others here…

  67. MEERA says:

    from satya deva
    I will call her satanic devil

    Utterly wide of the mark, I’m afraid, Anurag!

    I have absolutely zero “vested interest” in anyhing related to Osho,

    this is prove enought

    that she is NOT WITH OUR MASTER

  68. Satya Deva says:

    Who’s “that woman Satya Deva” then, Meera?!

    I know no woman of that name…

    Perhaps you’re simultaneously typing and gazing into the mirror?

    Thanks for further condemning yourself, with no external assistance – to yet more ridicule…


  69. Satya Deva says:

    That same boring Parrot like blind Judgments always cinical and dejected and dry bone people.
    Yes the grapes are sour !!!

    You’d be well advised, Anurag, to provide more specific answers to the points I and others have raised about rajneesh, his ‘followers’ and the Goa project.

    To help you – try re-reading my 12.30pm post of today, ok?

    Otherwise, I have no inclination to respond any further to your abusive comments.

    Moreover, I, like Lokesh in fact, am not that much interested in doppelganger/clone rajneesh anyway, nor his project.

    But it is quite fascinating how easily you, mad Meera – and him – can be wound up into a virtual frenzy, by just a few negative comments.

    Mmmm, interesting…What do they say about such reactions? Something to the effect that the greater the emotional outburst, the more likely it is that the perceived ‘attack’ has some validity, some truth, at some level?

    While if the crticism were truly off the mark, the one criticised could simply laugh and walk away….

    Meditate on that one, sunshine….

  70. Alok john says:

    Shantam, I used to enjoy the four annual sannyas festivals, but there were always lots of sannyasins willing to work very hard to make the festivals a success. It may be that people in Pune now are not willing to work in the same way.

    Different times, different people.

  71. Anand says:

    Meera is back from her asylum near Cologne…
    now that really brings sannyasnews to another level….
    her screaming even beats Bubbie’s farting brain….

    Meera, Bubbie and rajneesh…that could be top billing for a new Osho Festival…don’t they have one in Munich called Tollwood? I would suggest Osho Tollwood featuring……

    Now how long will a 60 yar old Pune 1 sannyasin continue to swim in the shark infested waters around Ibiza without being bitten?

  72. prem bubbie says:

    I think Anand puts me in the same category as Meera and Anurag simply because I called him out in the past and insulted/exposed him and he’s still pissed off. I think Mr. Arse Anand can join the list instead…. Still pissed off after all of these years A. Anand!!?? hey Meera I got a boyfriend for you!!!

  73. Lokesh says:

    Anand, you ask: Now how long will a 60 yar old Pune 1 sannyasin continue to swim in the shark infested waters around Ibiza without being bitten?
    Well, I don’t have a crystal ball but I’d say from my experience for the rest of my life.
    You see, sharks have been given a bad rep over the years, I’ve been in the sea many times beside sharks and they did not bother me in the slightest. The are supremely beautiful creatures and have been around a lot longer than us. Mind you, most of the sharks I’ve swam with were pelagic sharks who are generally nocternal predators. Human beings don’t regeistar on most shark’s menu radar…too much bone, gristle and muscle for a shark’s appetite.
    Human beings beat the sharks hands down in terms of predatory lifestyle. In fact, I was just reading that sharks are being wiped out in the Med, like elsewhere in the planet’s oceans.
    So Anand, please don’t concern yourself about my safety.

  74. Sadhu says:

    Alok Jhone
    Hay dear…what are you talking about…people not intersted in working in Poona….My God….My God…hay dear Oshh’s people are crazy…now near by Resort some friends have beautiful Gurupurnima celebrateion…and how they put there loving work, if you will see, …I am sure they work more hard than ever….no dear no…..this is only Amrito and his chamchas, they dont want Guru and his blessings…

  75. MEERA says:

    so now maybe u realised shantam
    why I´m not writing here anymore ..

    frist of all because
    of that mad satanic bitch devil
    in here
    who destryos any reasonable conversation
    by immideatly jumping on me
    out of an inferioritycomplex
    and out of jealousy
    and imposing her insane personality on me
    full of anger and hatred..she is not a woman but a sheelatype who wants to be the only woman in here..

    Osho had sayd it many times
    that women have destroyed the commune..

    and because of other crack-pots…

    there will never be a possibility
    of conversing
    as long as these losers
    are allowed to vomit their mental diarroha in here
    they have no arguments only violence .

    .and violence and ignorance
    is already enough in this world
    which is full of mad people
    and is a mad-house..

  76. MEERA says:




  77. Lokesh says:

    Osho was fond of saying that seriosness is a disease. I agree wholeheartedly. Thank god it is not infectious. Or maybe it is due to my Scottish intellectual heritage that I am immune to it.

    I will be known through my sannyasins – Osho

    He was joking, of course.

  78. MEERA says:

    lokesh u have not a clue about OSHO
    like most of the others here………………

  79. anugrah says:

    dlyan thomas, copying and paste of osho discourse is so easy . do you have any of your own wisdom. what osho has said about indians is right. i do not doubt my own master. but what you are doing is very bad for your inner health.
    indians needs food , cloth and shelter and westerner like you need mental health. this is the diffrence between indian and western.
    by the way in osho centers in west , same shit . visitors go there and they expect that center should give them , food , clothes and shelter……it is just that osho never visited those centers ,but i did…….
    next time just use your brain instead of copyiing and paste osho words.
    be creative

  80. Lokesh says:


  81. Lokesh says:


    Ehm…bit of a contradiction there Meera. I’ve heard Ginko Bilbao is very good for boosting memory.

    Anugrah. I suggest you check your blood pressure and stay away from hallucinogens. Never been a fan of Dylan Thomas myself. I do enjoy Irvine Welsh, though. Anyway, wouldn’t the world be a boring place if we were all the same? Take care.

  82. Sadhu says:

    I saw many Indian news pappers, in whole country, millions people celebrate Gurupurnima. In sShirdi there were 3 Lakh people gatthers, same is many places..and what about Osho???? particulalrly in Osho Resort, where Osho spent his most of the tmie, where He left his body and where His Samadhi….this place is s theerth…and how many people were there???? One my firend say….3 new people came, alltoghther 50 to 70 people were in Evening Meeting…..My God…what a beautiful gretetst master in whole human histry and…just in 20 years….Hid theerth is dry and dead????? few idiots move around…??? Pls Amrito and other people who are there for long your eyes..time to wake up….there are many luxuriuos reosrts in whole world, but master’s palace is just rare…pls make this place again theerth Pls…for luxury rich peole can go where ever they want but where these people will go to pay there love and respect for there master…pls….pls Amrito dont be so hard…Osho gave you so much love…pls….pay your respect to him….let his palce opne for his people…may you remeber on each and every food pass there used to be a line…’Meeting place for frends…” pls Amrito..pls….

  83. MEERA says:

    and ANAND wanna tell u
    that u are a brainless creature
    who is not aware of what s going
    on like the rest of your sheela-gang

  84. MEERA says:

    and SADDHU
    forget about these idiots
    and don´t ask them to do anything
    what you yourself cannot do..
    .instead bring your friends and families
    from all over India
    and celebrate gurupurnima inside the resort..
    these f*ckn english bastards
    are not in charge of Oshos work
    they only mind their own pocket..
    like all the f*ckn english people
    who invaded India..
    and left it utterly destoyed of its dignity
    because they capitalised
    for centruries on it
    robbed the cou tiry
    and enslaved the people


    same they did with africans
    and they killed the native american people..

    and f*ck that old bitch satan devil in here
    who is screaminG her ugly OLD miserable head of
    defending all these bastards
    because she herself
    is part of thiS murderous gang

  85. Satya Deva says:

    This old girl Meera’s a real hoot…

    Her latest posts are a near-perfect description of…why, herself, of course!

    In the words of the prophet, ‘You couldn’t make it up!’

    Anyway, another good laugh – but rather poor quality advertising for clone-man rajneesh….

  86. Satya Deva says:

    Ever heard of dynamic meditation, Meera?

    Might be just the ticket for you…

    Why not give it a go?!

  87. anugrah says:

    Lokesh, yes world woulb be boring place if we were all same .
    i wish you a good time and enjoy your life my friend

  88. MEERA says:

    naa satan devil shanti:: the freak-out…

    had your dynamic meditation ?! LOL..

    .finished your bitcheswork? HAHAHAHA





  89. Satya Deva says:

    Keep talkin’ to that mirror, Meera, one day you might get it…perhaps….

  90. Baba says:

    Meera you are angry with `those english bastards` because you are German and we beat you up in the war.

  91. Lokesh says:

    Meera is not angry. She is just a little upset that the batteries ran out in her XXXL vibrator. It’s double ended and black,

  92. Lokesh says:

    Just talked to a friend who met Mr Rajneesh. Rajneesh told my mate that Osho and Krishnamurti enter his body and speak through him.
    ‘And what did you make of him,’ I asked.
    ‘The guy’s a fucking twat,’ was my friend’s reply.

    Please remember, this is not my opinion. I’ve never met Mr Rajneesh and have no judgements about him.

  93. Satya Deva says:

    Quite so, Lokesh…

    Let’s maintain a strict objectivity in any enquiry into this very important person…

    After all, he might not be a “twat” at all…

    He might merely be a self-deluded fool who believes and teaches that dancing cures all personal difficulties….

  94. Satya Deva says:



    That would include you, of course, Meera, you do realise this, of course?

    However, this would be unnecessary in your case as you are quite clearly already there, are you not?

    The Hell of seemingly chronic, unremitting unhappiness, dissatisfaction, anger…

    With no end in sight, unless you realise that YOU are responsible, the cause and ongoing author of your own miserable condition…

    No hope for you otherwise, Meera, you’ll simply be lost forever, always finding someone else to blame…

    Have you learned nothing all these years?

  95. Swami Dhyan Anurag says:

    I know Swami Rajneesh personally and he has never stated that Krishnamurti or Osho speak through him
    And always ridicules such rubbish ideas
    So who is this ” friend ” of yours ??
    And none of you have ever met Rajneesh himself
    so much Ado about Nothing
    But your own minds and projections always
    Yes and also Osho states that Dance is the way to the divine and has always spoken about Dancing your way to Godliness.
    Osho book is titled Dance your way to God

  96. Satya Deva says:

    Anurag, rajneesh has said that all personal problems can be overcome through dancing.

    Do you honestly think this statement is sensible?!

    Did Osho ever intimate similarly? No use at all quoting Osho out of context, so don’t try that old trick, please. No need to underestimate our intelligence, thanks very much…

    “Dance your way to God” is for those who are READY, it’s not meant for people facing personal problems, which is the realm of therapy, is it not?

    Discrimination, Anurag – I suggest you (and rajneesh) develop this quality, otherwise you both simply sound stupid.

  97. Satya Deva says:

    God save us from these ‘Osho priests’!

    How come so many complete and utter tossers are attracted to this sort of realm?

    Any ideas, anyone?

  98. Lokesh says:

    Well, SD, I’m not sure but there might be something in the water.

    Anurag, you ask: So who is this ” friend ” of yours ??

    His name is Swami Lingam, his phone number is 0044… Oh, I don’t have my reading glasses…what a pity, I’m sure Lingam would have enjoyed a wee chat with you. Maybe some other time.

  99. Swami Dhyan Anurag says:

    Yes i completely forgot
    That Something in the water was the Sharks
    who are afraid to come near you…
    Even sharss have common sense after all !!!

  100. prem bubbie says:

    Meera, Wasn’t that you at the last Halloween party dressed up as Sheela? Next time don’t apply “Crazy” glue before putting on your costume!!! Trouble is, you got used to the costume, now it’s your skin. Anurag: What the fuck are you still doing here? Isn’t time for rajneesh’s daily blow job? Open wide and say aaaah! Free medication for both of you after the “Love Parade” funeral…… What a riot both of you are— no pun intended!!!!!

  101. prem bubbie says:

    Anurag, the sharks went after you instead, they are the “garbage disposal” of the seas. They left your head intact, even sharks know better not to poison themselves!!!!

  102. Lokesh says:

    Oh yeah, I just remembered something else my friend told me about Rajneesh. He claimed to be the Maitreya Buddha.
    ‘What did you think when he said this?’, I asked.
    ‘Man,’ he said, ‘I thought, this guy has got his head stuck in his own chocolate box.’
    ‘What else did he tell you,’ I enquired further.
    My friend replied, ‘He said that he had been a truffle badger in a previous incarnation.’
    ‘Wow!’ I exclaimed, ‘He really sounds like….’ I was lost for words.

  103. Kartar says:

    SD said: God save us from these ‘Osho priests’!

    How come so many complete and utter tossers are attracted to this sort of realm?

    Any ideas, anyone?

    All the so called Osho Priests were abducted by Aliens, taken back to the spaceship, then anal probed. Perhaps now their problem lies in the fact that they cannot relax their anal sphincters and are suffering from too much probing.

  104. Swami Dhyan Anurag says:

    Yes Bubbie
    I remember you youself claimed to have been a Prostitute in the american oregon ranch days.
    So blow jobs for 10 dollars was your expertise.
    I guess you know all about it and are great expert at sucking swallowing and spitting.
    Which is all you are doing here !!!

  105. prem bubbie says:

    I learned from watching the ho’s from Pune 1 who moved to New York and the Ranch…. They even charged me for watching!!!! Gotta pay for that Rolls some how!!! At least Osho could take a joke, even in the afterlife!!!

  106. prem bubbie says:

    For Those Who Are Simply Socked(Yes, Socked as pronounce by Osho himself), by all the Vulgarity, the filthy language: Get Used To It!!!! It’s all just jibberish anyway. That I’ll admit happily, At least I can admit it’s jibberish… How about you Rajneesh, Meera, Anurag, Anand, Chinmaya, Anugrah, Shantam Prem, Dhanyam(I almost forgot you, Who i think is a street hustler posing as a holier than thou “Perry White”). Your cover’s been blown for a long time, D. Pie in the face time!!!

  107. Chinmaya says:

    Hey Bubbie

    I never passed any bad remarks about you or anybody. So, delete me from the above list. You have your lifestyle, you live, as you like, I have no grudge against you at all, and not about any other fellow on this thread.

    Everybody writes out of the discourses of Osho a little or very big, and they say, we copy and paste. It is their thinking and they can continue thinking like that. If anybody is writing from his own, they should re-read as to what they write.

    Wishing everybody good luck luck at their place.

  108. MEERA says:

    in poona resort
    which is not an ashram anymore
    but a holídayresort
    owned by some english landlords ..
    a place which was made
    by us and Osho..

    there was no gurupoornimacelebration
    instead it had to happen somwhere outside
    in a different place..
    even osho´s brother was there ..outside celebrating

    nobody allowed to celebrate in the resort..
    and Osho´s whole message is




    but these people are the same category


  109. MEERA says:

    before I withdraw from here

    I just wanna remind u
    of what happend in America to the ranch..
    the same people..
    .the american governement..

    do u believe u are any different?

  110. Satya Deva says:


    Still lookin’ in the mirror, Meera – and seeing someone else?!!

    And do u believe u are any different?

  111. Swami Dhyan Anurag says:

    YES to meera the divine dancing meera

    YES to GURU PURNIMA for our master OSHO

    Meera has passion and love for OSHO and her heart is with OSHO and His Vision for all sannyasins
    to be Free

    A real devotee feels the pain.
    We should understand her message against dictators and power people who are only interested in
    SELLING OSHO for their own pockets and dominating sannyasins all over the world like the Vatican and Dictator and Rulers

  112. Swami Dhyan Anurag says:

    Every Year the Muslim Sufi center that is 500 meters from the OSHO Resort celebrates all Osho festivals !!!

    The Resort Ban Osho Festivals and Celebrations

    This is totally shocking sickening and horrifying
    That even the so called fanatical Muslims
    are not so Fanatical as our 21 Inner Circle of Baboons

    We should all WAKE UP !!!!
    And realise who are the Fanatics here who support the Resort managment who are ugly and ungrateful and against our Master Osho and His people

  113. Swami Dhyan Anurag says:

    And the real FANATICS are the 21 BABOONS
    And those who are supporting these dictators
    Remember what Osho said about dictators
    ” Why did you all not speak up against Sheela ?? ”
    Those who speak are the brave ones here and people like Swami Rajneesh wll be understood one day as the Brave and Fearless Ones

  114. Satya Deva says:

    rajneesh likes to use the word “baboon”, doesn’t he? He called me “a baboon” on here, I recall, when he became very upset, very spiteful, very reactive, confirming my impression of him as being a deeply unimpressive entity and certainly a man I wouldn’t trust an inch.

    And now here’s Anurag, a rajneesh acolyte, using the same term of abuse…

    I guess copying is kinda catching, especially when the ‘main man’ bases his entire game on being a clone!

  115. Satya Deva says:

    YES to meera the divine dancing meera…

    Meera has passion and love for OSHO and her heart is with OSHO and His Vision for all sannyasins
    to be Free

    Well, if that’s what you really think, Anurag, then you are clearly a man completely lacking in judgment and doscrimination.

    Indeed, your language is that of a fanatic and Meera is self-evidently another, who embarrasses and shows herself up every time she comes on here.

    And you really believe she’s a good advert for this enterprise?!! You, like so many, are just confusing love and emotion, trying to glorify emotional imbalance and dysfunctional disturbance by labelling it “passion”!

    Before you righteously accuse me of being some sort of neo-colonialist anti-Osho fascist, let me also tell you that I don’t really give a damn about the future of the Poona ashram, nor about whatever rajneesh and the fools who follow him want to get up to.

    I’m pretty impartial, neither issue keeps me awake at night…

    I’m simply saying how things appear to me, whether you or anyone else likes it or not.

    And such posts as you have put on here today further convince me you are just another fool.

  116. Satya Deva says:

    Also, Anurag, I notice you haven’t responded to my (and others’) strong reservations (to put it very mildly!) about rajneesh’s blatant (and absurd) copying of Osho – the clothes (or lack of them), the hair, the facial expressions, the tone of voice etc…

    Do you not see that this is simply laughable? And that no one with any common sense could ever take such a copy-cat seriously?!

  117. Satya Deva says:

    Similarly, you didn’t reply to my point of two days or so ago about rajneesh’s stupid claim that dancing cures all personal problems.

    Perhaps you don’t have an answer….

    Perhaps you and rajneesh are even one and the same!?

  118. Swami Dhyan Anurag says:

    Before you righteously accuse me of being some sort of neo-colonialist anti-Osho fascist,

    let me also tell you that I don’t really give a damn about the future of the Poona ashram,

    Here is the difference…
    That you do not give a damn about Poona Ashram…
    Do you really care about Our Master Osho ??
    Or are just a Judgmental know it all Egoist playing the game of bing ” enough unto yourself ” and Aloof !!!

  119. Swami Dhyan Anurag says:

    Also, Anurag, I notice you haven’t responded to my (and others’) strong reservations (to put it very mildly!) about rajneesh’s blatant (and absurd) copying of Osho – the clothes (or lack of them), the hair, the facial expressions, the tone of voice etc…

    Rajneesh has explained it clearly here in Sannyanews before that he has Dissolved into His Master Osho and infact this is natural that such inner and outer resemblances happen naturally
    as a manifestation of Love and Grace

    He has even explained in many Youtubes about this.

    Also you should know that Osho himself commented about these issues surrounding Rajneesh and had it announced in the Poona 2 Buddhall that Swami Rajneesh was the model sannyasin of his ashram
    So perhaps you are Greater Judge than Osho Himself
    who gave him his name of Rajneesh when Rajnish was being critisised about his behaviour in Poona 2

    You are simply jealous and blind and ignorant of such mystical happenings between a Master and Disciple

  120. Satya Deva says:

    Those who speak are the brave ones here and people like Swami Rajneesh wll be understood one day as the Brave and Fearless Ones

    Sounds like hyperbole to me, Anurag…

    I think you have more than a tendency for self-dramatisation, which prevents you from seeing things as they are.

    After all, who or what is actually preventing your lot from going to Goa and doing whatever you want?!

    What’s actually “Brave and Fearless” about that, please?!

    Capital ‘B’ and ‘F’ indeed – Bah, humbug!!

  121. Satya Deva says:

    Also you should know that Osho himself commented about these issues surrounding Rajneesh and had it announced in the Poona 2 Buddhall that Swami Rajneesh was the model sannyasin of his ashram
    So perhaps you are Greater Judge than Osho Himself
    who gave him his name of Rajneesh when Rajnish was being critisised about his behaviour in Poona 2

    Ok, that’s interesting…

    However, I’d like some proof of these claims, please, I’m not prepared to just accept them from you, Anurag.

    And you know, Osho just might have been ‘taking the piss’…

    He wasn’t averse, for example, to announcing ”enlightenment’, when it was pretty clear that wasn’t the case at all….

  122. Satya Deva says:

    Furthermore, whatever support Osho might have given him, it doesn’t necessarily follow that rajneesh has anything of value to give to anyone else…

    For example, his ridiculous idea that dancing cures all personal problems…(yes, I know this is about the third or fourth time I’ve cited this, but no one, ie you, Anurag, has adequately responded yet).

  123. Satya Deva says:


    Osho…who gave him his name of Rajneesh when Rajnish was being critisised about his behaviour in Poona 2

    Why the two different spellings?!

    Are you saying that the original name of rajneesh (the clone) was in fact ‘rajnish’?

  124. Satya Deva says:

    And any chance of replying to my two earlier posts (5.42pm, re your support of Meera) and 5.48pm (re rajneesh’s unimpressive appearance here a few months ago)?

  125. Swami Dhyan Anurag says:

    See his Video Orgasmic Stillness 1 & 2 on YouTube
    where he explains what he means by dancing and moving vertically upwards.

    Other than dance and Kirtan ways to raise energy to the crown center Swami Rajneesh he also speaks on and offers Vippassana meditation camps
    Where walking and sitting and inner breath are the main focus as he has followed this path for 28 years

    He also speaks on all Osho Core meditations Kundalini Dynamic Nadabhrama Mandala Laughing & Gibberish Mystic Rose meditations ect more clearly explained than any i have heard so far anywhere else.

    Rajneesh is also a Tai Chi Master and has used
    Tai Chi and Vipassana as his path
    His main message is Stillness and Silence that arrives through Dancing to a ” peaked state ” as a simple way to get a taste of the state of ” No Mind ”

    Why only see a part of him when he speaks on many paths himself. He only comments that it is celebration which is the way to Live life totally and its totality peaks one to the highest. So you have not really looked at Rajneesh and all his dimensions of work at the Camps and Events worldwide.

    Open your eyes and not just speak as if you know Rajneesh and all about him.

  126. Swami Dhyan Anurag says:

    Satya Deva

    Yes He was born as Rajnish
    and Osho changed his name to Rajneesh

    It seems you have not read Tears of the Mystic Rose
    where he explains how his fathers name was
    SHiV RAJ and mother Vimlesh
    and how they created his name RAJNISH

  127. Satya Deva says:

    Thanks for these replies, Anurag.

    I await your response to my posts of 7.18pm and 7.33pm…

    Especially what Osho actually said about rajneesh, ie specific references in videoed discourse(s) and/or in Osho literature.

  128. Satya Deva says:

    His main message is Stillness and Silence that arrives through Dancing to a ” peaked state ” as a simple way to get a taste of the state of ” No Mind ”

    IE nothing much different to Osho in those terms…

    A problem a lot of us older people have is that we’ve done all that before, when we had the energy for it, and now, frankly, it simply doesn’t exert the same attraction, it simply doesn’t work.

    These methods are just meant as ‘tastes’, of course, then one has to find one’s own way.

    And people of ‘a certain age’ have also done all the therapy they’ll ever want or need, so any programme that relies upon these meditations and therapies simply looks irrelevant, frankly.

    That’s not to say I, for instance, make any claims at all of being ‘evolved’, but what I’m saying above just happens to be the case.

    So you see, Anurag, rajneesh and whatever he’s up to doesn’t seem like anything particularly attractive, it looks very much like what we’ve experienced before, in slightly new garb, that’s all.

    That, plus my reservations about rajneesh, whom I don’t find inspiring at all, is more than enough to turn me off.

    And if I were to choose or find another Master, I most certainly would not pick an unoroginal clone of a dead one.

  129. Satya Deva says:

    No use, garimo (but thanks), as you have to sign in to facebook and I have nothing and will never have anything to do with facebook.

  130. prem bubbie says:

    “Do you really care about our master osho”? Anurag says. If you have not been informed Anurag, Osho is dead… gone from this earth…. Time to move on and stand on your own two feet…. Didn’t Osho spend so much time lecturing about attachment and neurotic obsession? You definitely were not listening and only chose to hear what you wanted to hear to suit your needs and neurosis.. Now that’s the TRUTH you don’t want to hear along with other nuts like Meera.

  131. prem bubbie says:

    Meera, there is no such thing as the “Devil”… The Devil is your mind, there is positive and negative energy, but no Grand Master of Darkness… You are still a Christian at heart…. Time for some exorcism for you….. Before anymore postings, please don’t take any hallucinogenic drugs Meerra. Or is it the devil speaking? Ha Ha

  132. Satya Deva says:

    Final point for now:

    Great play is made in rajneesh’s promotional stuff about how everyone will be totally welcome at the Goa project, all people and all views are to be completely respected, “the majority of one” and so on…Making it sound like some sort of democratic Shangri-La…

    Yet, in the exchanges on here a few months ago between rajneesh and others, including myself, he showed himself rather averse to the slightest criticism, quite soon degenerating his comments into angry, spiteful abuse, eg calling both me and his critics here “baboons” (just like you, Anurag).

    It was really most unimpressive to see how this self-styled advocate of ‘spiritual democracy’ failed to ‘walk his talk’ (or even ‘talk his talk’!) when faced with a bit of opposition on an obscure internet forum.

    So, you see, Anurag, there are plenty of reasons for me (and probably, for all I know, others) to be sceptical about this guy and, by extension, his project.

  133. garimo says:

    Satya Deva,
    I just thought it interesting to read some of sw. jeevan ekin’s comments,

    “Internet is a big power.Your project is to be in problems that I will see to it personally. As your land is disputed property.Drug and prostitution mafia are claiming it in the court.
    Few of your Russian sannyasin are from Russian mafia.
    Its a challenge to you.”

  134. Satya Deva says:

    Well…Over to Anurag and rajneesh then….

  135. Anand says:

    swami rajneesh, the ‘fake’ guy is a con man and a lunatic. Just look at his photos and what he has to say.
    He is a carbon copy of Osho from the Bombay years.
    He used to be Swami ‘Slow walk’ in Pune 2, a harmless nut case, now his ego is rising to higher aims…and there are always enough idiots falling for the new guru.

    Every guru gets the disciples he deserves and every disciple gets the guru they deserve.

    And Lokesh has to look at his ‘spiritual ego’ of knowledge.

  136. anugrah says:

    Anand, I am not a disciple of Rajneesh, neither he is my guru…….i am not worried about him , but sure so worry about you……… have so much jealousy and poisen in you , stay away from here and try to meditate……

  137. Sadhu says:

    All these gyus who are imitating Osho, this way or that way…to me …all jokers…i just laugh….Rajneesh, Shelendra….looks so fool…just ugly jokers…

  138. Sadhu says:

    Few days back, was watching Shelendra on one chanel…my god look so stupid…and what He is talking??? how people can like these idiots…I just wonder???

  139. anugrah says:

    sadhu, you are right, they are jockers , good excuse to laugh. some of them are cartoons

  140. Sadhu says:

    Yes, Anurag…particullerlly…Shelendra and Rajaneesh….they are cartoon….fools…foools…may some where Osho must be laghing on these cartoon…i can hear his laughter…one is his so called brother…Buddhas brother DEVVDATTA…Osho brother…Shelendra…

  141. Anand says:

    Anugrah…ever heard of ‘freedom of speech’?

  142. MEERA says:

    these are not speeches

    but jealous selfrightious stupid idiotic comments including the ones of that idiot devil
    who calles herself deva ..

    so people —get lost
    go to hell

    and never to be heard of..

  143. Satya Deva says:

    Well, one thing’s certain (apart from death and taxes) -

    We can always rely on this Meera for respectful, balanced, objective comments.

    A sheer delight to be around….

    PS: She knows a ‘hell’ of a lot about meditation and spirituality as well….

  144. prem bubbie says:

    What the “HELL”, we are all “DEVILS” in her eyes… a born again christian spy— maybe she is. any baby pacifiers lying around?

  145. anugrah says:

    Anand, freedom of speech my foot……you are voimating , nothing else

  146. Anand says:

    Anugrah…sensitive issue your guru rajneesh….hmmm..
    do you own a mirror?

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!! For everybody including
    Bubbie…..(I thought I would never say this).

    And again: swami rajneesh aka swami slow walk is a con man, a fake, just imitating Osho’s gestures and fooling some inncent people including ‘anugrah.
    It does not take much brain to see that, just go to his website and I met him in person too, waste of time!

  147. prem bubbie says:

    You didn’t— you’re just mumbling just like Anugrah!!! Anurgrah: Vomiting is a form of free speech, just that your vomit has clogged up your ear drums, so what common sense may be posted is turned to gibberish in your ears and what gibberish (rajneesh and meera’s comments) are turned into common sense statements….. Your head is on backwards too!!!

  148. Anand says:

    Bubbie and myself agreeing….it must be full moon.

  149. Satya Deva says:

    Satya Deva Jul 27, 2010 at 8:04 pm

    I await your response to my posts of 7.18pm and 7.33pm…

    Especially what Osho actually said about rajneesh, ie specific references in videoed discourse(s) and/or in Osho literature.

    Still waiting, Anurag….

  150. Satya Deva says:

    Make that 7.18pm and 8.04pm, July 27, Anurag (forget the 7.33pm).

  151. MEERA says:





    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  152. shantam prem says:

    No Baby….end of every thread will be stiched with the trademark Osho.
    It is like YKk zip on the jeans, solid and stable.

    Have you seen, above video is watched by 20 people at youtube and comments are banned too.

  153. shekhar moolchandani says:

    hat Osho Disciple swami Rajneesh has betrayued his master.
    Those who understand Osho would never agree to this point that Osho may tell some one his ideal sannyasin.

    look at the whole body language of this con man.
    My friends in India are soon to bring him to the book of laws