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This Article was first published in Viha Connection magazine

Osho Leela is the home of 30 people, living and working together to create a center for transformation where visitors of all ages come and experience a new way of living through connection, meditation, and celebration. It is a doorway through which people can discover who they are and what their lives are about. People come here to strip themselves of their present dramas/lifestyle, undo what needs to be undone, fill up with fresh juice, and move on, empowered to do what really turns them on.

Osho’s vision is at the heart of Leela; it is the fire that brought a small group of sannyasins, headed by Dhyano Harding, together to create paradise on earth 14 years ago. Leela began its life as The Foundation for Joyous Living, home to the Humaniversity Therapist Training and a growing number of other groups hosted by the community. For four years the group rented a property in East Dorset, then gathered funds with the help of 30 friends and an ethical bank to buy Thorngrove House in North Dorset. Osho Leela had become a name in the world of personal growth and was attracting ever-growing numbers.

Thorngrove House in the beginning

Thorngrove House in the beginning

I was living in London, looking for my career, after a three-year period when I created a community in Devon. Dhyano invited me to come and play music for the meditation weekends he put on each month. I would come, sing my heart out, bring out the music in other people, and return to London to continue looking for my career. Each weekend I felt my soul flowering a little more. Osho Leela was the soil, the greenhouse that enabled me to discover my true gifts. All my ideas of needing to become something (that I wasn’t) began to fall away.

A year later, having taken sannyas in Pune, I helped run Leela’s first music festival and, after a cold dip in the sea at Lulworth Cove the following day, I decided to stay. It wasn’t really a decision; it was the most obvious, uncomplicated falling into life. Music was at the core of what I could offer; but I became the office manager within a couple of months and continued from there. I have seen many people go through this kind of transformation, finding their joy, their passion for life.

Osho Leela puts on workshops and events every weekend of the year. There is a huge variety on offer, from singles’ weekends to Osho meditation retreats to conscious clubbing weekends to Awareness Intensives. For me, it’s all spreading the fire of Osho’s vision, because whatever happens here, the feeling created by our community life, the Buddhafield if you like, plays such a strong part in people’s experience. Yes, we introduce people to Osho’s meditations, perhaps only Dynamic or Kundalini, but they get a taste of Osho just by being here.

Osho\'s vision is at the heart of Leela

Osho's vision is at the heart of Leela

Twice a year we put on Osho festivals, one in May, which has recently been renamed India My Love, and the other in August, called The Ultimate Celebration. Both festivals focus on Osho meditations and include a sannyas ceremony. They always gather a big crowd of sannyasins, but not exclusively sannyasins. Alongside the meditations we have workshops, shows, live music, a kids’ club, and parties. With our camping and caravan park, we can welcome over 300 people here, so in the summer months all our events are big. Both these festivals have been going since we began and have retained a similar format. We do festivals well.

Festival music

Festival music

Over the years we have added six more to our calendar: New Year, Easter, Biodanza, Dance and Voice, Tantra, and Healing. We make the majority of our festivals accessible to everyone, including families. Kids love to be at Leela. They feel such a freedom here, and it is safe for them to play and roam within our grounds. Twice a year we put on a teenagers’ program. It takes a little more encouragement to get the teens’ fire going, but recently their end-of-festival performances have been fantastic, and they have all participated.

A few years ago, Devaraj, both a director and general manager here, introduced a new weekend to attract younger people. He was keen to reach the 30-plus age group, so he created Puravida, a consciousness clubbing weekend event. This is a high-energy, three-day event with meditations, including Osho’s Dynamic and Osho Satsang; workshops, including Bioenergetics, Burlesque, and Biodanza; the Humaniversity AUM meditation; and all-night parties with top DJs. He puts on four a year, with each weekend having a theme, like James Bond, Celebration of Urban Culture, Balkan Gypies! Yes, Osho Leela is known for its wild dressing-up parties. We have a dressing-up cupboard that’s almost as big as our kitchen. These weekends usually gather a crowd of at least 70 people.

Although Puravida is aimed at the 30-plus age group, people of all ages come along. Our oldest participant was 80. The younger ones are more likely to come once, then move on to the next party event. However, now that we have more young folk in the community, it is becoming more attractive to the younger generation.

Puravida disco

Puravida disco

The Humaniversity Training is central to the health and well-being of our community. Almost everyone in key positions has completed the four-year Therapist Training and the whole community participates in an AUM meditation once a week to keep relationships healthy, clear, and energized. Friendship is always the goal, and we offer support wherever we can.

The Leela Community

The Leela Community

Dhyano always used to call us “the UK’s leading Personal Growth Center.” Who knows? Perhaps we are. What I do know for sure is that our numbers are continuously rising, the community is growing, and we are offering what people want: an oasis to replenish,love and grow.;

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134 Responses to Friendship Is Always the Goal by Tarisha

  1. Lokesh says:

    Sounds great to me.

  2. Alok john says:

    Cowardly sannyas news appears to have deliberately removed
    Ramses Shaffy’s article from the front page of sannyas news because it was followed by a critical discussion of the Humaniversity.

  3. sannyasnews says:

    Dear Alok
    don’t be so untrusting. its just an error by me (Dharmen) when I updated the homepage. (didn’t check i was using latest version) but thanks for the alert. I will now take all my courage and reinstate it.

  4. Alok john says:

    Ok, Ramses Shaffy’s article is back on the front page of sannyas news.

  5. Sw prem martyn says:

    I booked for the Integrity Weekend and they said it wasn’t happening as not enough people had booked….
    Later i realised it was all my stuff and I was suffering from a severe dose of projections.

    The important thing was that at least ‘my’ girlfriend was able to sleep around and i could really look at how insecure I was with the word penis….

    Luckily I was able to meditate whilst she went off. It was either that or putting sand in her petrol tank…

    I love spiritual growth its so how do you say….. fulfilling…

  6. shantam prem says:

    Hardcore managers of Osho Pune can learn something from Osho Leela.

    Where ever there is meditation, harmony and atmosphare of friendliness, Buddhafield is there. It has less to do with geography more with psychology.
    The first paragraph of this article was once very true about Pune, and i hope in this life time first generation sannyasins will be able to say again-

    “Osho Pune is the home of 300 plus people, living and working together to create a center for transformation where visitors of all ages come and experience a new way of living through connection, meditation, and celebration. It is a doorway through which people can discover who they are and what their lives are about. People come here to strip themselves of their present dramas/lifestyle, undo what needs to be undone, fill up with fresh juice, and move on, empowered to do what really turns them on.”

  7. Sw prem martyn says:

    i’m not actually judging the fact of human behaviour as expressed through leela or poona…. but i am clearly and obviously identifying the blend of and hidden undeclared agendas of ….’We’ve got what You want….’
    and from my time there a long long time ago(humaniversity london) its easy for the’ wise’ and practised elders to use generic ambitions of the faithful to sponsor belonging and need. And that reenforces the dilemma…..And in my experience was wide wide open to ‘abuse’ or random intimidation….a bit like the Big Brother stuff on telly or the Desert island survivor routines that were an extension by the mass media of the Humaniversity HOT SEATING..etc….Not that abuse is avoidable…. its just a waste of time….And collectively propagated ideologising through Osho’s lieutenants is not a way to sponsor Osho.
    In my time in various communes with and without roles of senior responsibility, its very clear that unless you remove the ‘this is good for your growth tag’ then real development and loving engagement will never happen, because then you will always be in a process.and one that is always just out of reach of your personal resolution (unless you leave)….and therefore open to idiotic interference.

    .living intentionally can be great. really great…i made frends in spite of the communes/centres therapy not because of them…meeting individuals on my and our mutual terms… even against a centre if necessary…

    …but Oshified behaviour usually involved some degree of sexual one or both partners….defined by the fact that if it doesnt feel like love it aint love….and yet there is a whole weight of identification attached to interpersonal exploration that in conclusion breeds neither community nor intimacy but competitiveness and ridicule….
    and a declared intelligent free love is more developed than anything i ever found in a commune.. its more respectful, more transparent , its honest and its not done for the purposes of self promotion to the disadvantage of another, and yet it is perfectly available without the shenanigans of imposed doctrine and routine bullying approved behaviour.

    …If leela has changed for the better and adults are fully answerable to each other ….not a hierarchy of approved ‘Osho’ values or ‘his’ love but instead my love and yours held in respect ….. then that means its a community of truly autonomous individuals.But as its whole strategy was/is one of authoritarian pressure cookershumaniversity style limits … then the anarchic self regulation of each member is confined by therapists and their 4 year trained sanctioned versions of Osho…

    when Osho is not apportioned to a group, but becomes a sense of discretion , then you will find that revolution which these communes promise but rarely deliver in his name.And i dont mind if you have evidence to the contrary but I do mind if you invalidate those who don’t confirm your exclusive rights to intelligent and revolutionary behaviour.And no i gave up visiting or participating in these places because the surprise and fun was riven by competition not community.Thats my experience . It may not be yours.

    And all of that makes me a wise old bastard….

  8. shantam prem says:

    If the above post is any indication, Martyn, after the reward, your sense of maturity has increased multifold, instead of showering insults, you are giving a thousands dollers worth of insights.

  9. Lokesh says:

    That’s all very well, but can somebody please tell me what Osho’s vision is.

  10. Sw prem martyn says:

    Shantam, I so enjoyed receiving the award which you initially suggested….i had great fun in my acceptance speech too on the previous page post…..You know shantam , had our beloved editor here not invited me to play… then i would not now be able to look forward to growing older in a virtual community .. a community in which your valued and often confusing contributions remind me of the real leela that is India…..
    Shantam if we get married should we have 1000 or 2000 guests?
    thank you and really …keep on blogging…. :) ..

  11. Sw prem martyn says:


    ..20 / 20 plus nitrous oxide…

  12. shantam prem says:

    To be true i am looking forward to get married, and if the woman is western,bride will wear white in the traditional church marriage.
    Sounds reactionary to the sannyas beliefs.
    No it is not, just want to share with Osho the contemporary world. By having few disgruntled Europeans academicians like Amrito or Anando as the main disciples and reading too much of early 20th century philosophical junk, He like many other Indian gurus started believing that west is falling apart, needs some Auervedic massage and heavy breathing.

    Time has shown it is not so.
    So if Swami Prem Martyn is your virtual name and real woman is behind, we can discuss our guest list.
    and the way Hanpacked husband i will be, food in the party will be of your choice, i.e. Vegan!

  13. shantam prem says:

    what is Osho vision?

    In simple, what He said in thousands of discourses, PLUS what he created by being in association with His people MiNUS blunders of Rajneeshpuram phase.

  14. Lokesh says:

    Sw Prem Martyn has so far been the only person to supply a good description of what Osho’s vision is, namely…20 / 20 plus nitrous oxide…which just goes to show that award has not gone to his head,

    Shantam Prem…Osho said thousands of things in those thousands of discourses, many of them contradictory. The rest of your equation does not add up to anything coherant, Does this mean that you believe Osho’s vision is something vague? Please try a little harder and supply me with something that will be easy for me and other equally unenlightened people to understand.
    The world waits and watches. Tick tock.

  15. dharmen says:

    Lokesh, check out ‘The Zen Manifesto’ can’t quiet remember the details but it sounded pretty good at the time!

  16. shantam prem says:

    Without doubt, Martyn´s one liner has a great punch power.
    I don´t believe for a second that Osho´s vision is something Vague and just for thought, 99.5% time i feel those thousands of things are not contradictory but complementary.
    When you have to embrace the complete life, it will have the rivers, oceans, deserts and sewerages too.

    Look at the chemist shop, it has all the medicines and few combinations can be very fatal; so is Osho´s vision.
    And one of the amazing things is that in Osho´s medicinal(meditational) shop, there is no place for the chemists(priests and co.), just like in the super store, people can choose their remedy, the way they understand from those thousands of discourses.

    So here come the point, once Osho is not in the body, role of Dr. Amrito kind of people becomes irrelevant and people like Him should not have gone that far to do the plastic surgery on the vision, as every one knows Vision and institutions have a longer life span that human body.

    Bu than what is Osho´s Vision?

    I think without the help of poetic expressions, it is as difficult to describe this as Love and beauty kind of feelings and the way i have learnt Love includes hate and not love also and beauty is half without ugliness, so are the human interactions.

  17. shantam prem says:

    Yes.. Zen Manifesto can shed the light over His Vision.
    and moreover, the way He created the structure for His people for a day to day life.
    Also,When one sees the photos and the life at Osho Leela described in this article. Naturally, people have to adopt and add new ingredients according to the time and the land.

  18. Alok john says:

    “My Way : The Way of the White Clouds” was prepared specifically as an introductory work for newcomers

  19. Lokesh says:

    Okay. i will read Zen Manifesto. In the meantime I’d say that Shantam Prem will not be getting the job of presenting Osho’s vision to the UN in new York York. Pity, because he’s obviously a lovely guy but ever so prone to poetic flights of fancy that I daresay are understood by very few, although the heart behind his words is more than evident,
    Osho’s vision, Osho’s vision, I’ve heard that repeated many times on this blog site but so far not one person (besides Martyn) has come up with a condensed form of what Osho’s vision actually encompasses. This is a challenge to all concerned to put there ideas about what Osho’s vision is but nobody responds. Why?

  20. Kartar says:

    Osho’s vision is the coming of the new man, a new humanity. The new man or new humanity he is talking about is us. Osho planted the seed in all his sannyasins. The explosion of the new and the destruction of the old – which is the basis of our own revolutionary transformation.

  21. shantam prem says:

    Lokesh, don´t give the challange like a school teacher to write a bloody essay on Osho´s vision.
    You have spend enough time of your life around Osho and His communes, an dmust have spend thousands of hours to listen His talks.
    Other week, i was watching my son to do the multiply and divisions for his maths test, but to someone like you, i will offer a calculator.

    The little puppy was asking His Mom, ” Can you tell me how my father looked.”
    Mom, the bitch replied, ” Sorry son, i cann´t say. Your father came from behind and left from the behind.”

  22. shantam prem says:

    As a matter of fact, the word VISION is a very tricky word. Most of the masters in the spiirutal world use this word as a catch and millions of people like me, you or us get trapped sometime in their baseless VISIONS.

    I think with Osho, it was a quite an pragmatic approach other than RAJNEESHPURAM.
    The beautiful and visionary idea was possible to implement in India, the way it was originally planed for the shift to the Kuch region of Gujrat State. Poltical opposition was there but the leagl and constitutional rights were in favour of Osho.
    Few surrundered disciples encouraged Osho to take a fancy flight to US with the idea our lawyers will manage the required formalites and Also LOVE will change the atmosphare, after all what is more powerful than Love.
    Other than this and two three other instances, i find Osho the only one who inspired human heart in such a passionate and intelligent way.

  23. Lokesh says:

    Kartar has the right idea. Remember though that, just like in Jesus’ parable, not all of those seeds are guaranteed to produce anything worthwhile. Which brings me to…

    Shantam Prem, it is not a case of me giving you an exercise like a school teacher but rather requesting that you try and communicate in a more universal language or at least one that others can understand. I mean to say, what is one supposed to make of this: So here comes the point, once Osho is not in the body, role of Dr. Amrito kind of people becomes irrelevant and people like Him should not have gone that far to do the plastic surgery on the vision, as every one knows Vision and institutions have a longer life span that human body. And this is you coming to the point? Apart from the fact it is totally convoluted it makes a general statement that is not entirely true. i.e. Vision and institutions have a longer life span that human body. Average lifespan in Europe is somewhere around 70+. During that time millions of visions(particularly vague ones) will come and go and the same goes for institutions.

  24. Satya Deva says:

    Whatever may or may not be “Osho’s vision”, it’s surely missing the point to focus to such a degree on the collective manifestation rather than on the individual.

    Does “Osho’s vision” mean anything at all without the individual taking responsibility for his/her life and spiritual growth?

    All very well to talk about wonderful communities, but the success of such a communal enterprise depends upon the quality of the people involved.

    Which itself depends upon their genuine committment., including being prepared to ‘die’ – not as a stupid religious ‘martyr’, but to ‘themselves’, to their ‘egos, if you like.

    And that’s not such a common quality, frankly.

    ‘Many are called, but few are chosen’…

    I’d say that the chances of a real, large-scale spiritual community being truly successful are actually quite remote, especially without the guidance of a living Master.

    So, I’m afraid that also means that any attempt to ‘reproduce’ a (properly run) Rajneeshpuram, or Poona 1 or 2, is unfortunately doomed to failure.

  25. shantam prem says:

    Satya Deva, the point written by you is very universal in approach and the way we human beings(even the deep meditattors) are, it is quite true-

    ” I’d say that the chances of a real, large-scale spiritual community being truly successful are actually quite remote, especially without the guidance of a living Master.”

    As a tour guide in the ashram, during Osho´s life time and afterwards, almost every day some will ask the straight question,” Who will be the successor after Osho.” and when the answer was, ” No, Osho has not left any successor but a committee of 21 members”, and immediately the question will pop up, ” who is the chairman of the Committee?

    And i think this question was put to Osho also few times that what will happen to your work, once you leave the body.

    And it will be an understatement to say that Osho was not aware about the tricky situation and must have looked into the history of world religions and their off shoots.

    Whether it is collective ego or the individual ego, as i see, it has created quite a havoc in the world of Osho, and it is quite dramatic because we were thinking to tam the wildness of this imaginary reality.

    And it may sound too harsh but Jayesh and Amrito represent this EGO on the institutional level, they personify this with all the best intentions.

  26. shantam prem says:

    On the other side, if countries can survive and flourish without MONARCHY, spiritual communities can also exist without the Living Master.

    May be the country which gave democracy to the world, cannot imagine a life without the Queen( She has done a remarkable work for her country from the time of world war) and her off springs, yet world is moving towards the era of COALITION POLITICS, where people adhere to the common minimum programme.

    May be this way Osho wanted to have His work flourish after the physical departure, but never thought two people will go on adding their spoons and fingers into the dishes cooked by others.

  27. Satya Deva says:

    Interesting idea, Shantam Prem…

    Yet one is essentially concerned with ‘overcoming the world’ (in us), while the other is merely concerned with ‘running the world’.

    IE the two have markedly different priorities.

    I don’t believe that “a common minimum programme” is going to help people fundamentally transform themselves. Too easy for the mind to escape, with all its devilish cunning and self-avoidance.

    No, a really potent spiritual community requires a living Master, not a watered-down version.

  28. shantam prem says:

    just read these two Osho quotations. One can guess, whether these words will ever take a prominent place in the official website of Osho Foundation International.

    Just think: one rose flower creates a certain fragrance around it, but then five thousand rose bushes and thousands of rose flowers will create a tremendous fragrance, a field full of rose energy.
    If you even pass through that field without doing anything, your clothes may catch the fragrance, your hair may catch the fragrance. When you have passed through the field, you will be surprised that you are full of rose fragrance, it is all around you.
    Exactly the same is the situation of the flower of meditation. It is subtler, but more powerful. Five thousand people functioning meditatively create a certain energy field. I call it the buddhafield, the field of awakening.

    The commune is not a religion, following collectively on a super-highway. The commune belongs to individuals who have joined hands with each other because they are going on an inner journey where they will be alone. But with so many people going on that inner journey alone the fear of being alone is dropped.
    You can share your experiences with each other; perhaps sharing your experiences with each other will help immensely. That’s why therapies exist where people can open their heart and share their experiences.
    But the commune experience is a therapeutic experience — day in, day out.

  29. Lokesh says:

    Satya Deva, you bring up some interesting points.
    One of the problems facing a ‘spiritual’ community formed by Osho’s sannyasins is not only the lack of a master who is alive but also the deliberate breaking with tradition that is so much part and parcel of Osho’s way.
    There are many functioning communities based on a spiritual value system in the world today and contrary to what you say they are in fact successful (although perhaps not on a very large scale). The common denominator amongst all these communities is tradition.
    What tradition can sannyasins carry on? I ask myself. Well, now that I think about it. there are a few but none of them seem particularly conductive to running a large scale operation simply because there is an element of anarchy at play in some of them.
    I can’t help but notice how Shantam keeps ranting about some of the personalities who run the scene in Poona as it exists today. Perhaps it is worthwhile to consider that running a show full of people who wish to celebrate their existence and various other sannyasin credos will leave the people in charge with their work cut out for them.
    I personally believe that the time of the Indian gurus is over, that the need for a living master is over. Those wonderful men have left us all the tools that we need in order to awaken. This constant need of a physical manifestation of that which is within can, in my humble opinion, be left behind. If a person’s desire for liberation is real and their resolve firm it will happen. Strange this talk about living masters and the need for them on a website visited by individuals, many of whom having a strong connection to a supposedly awakened man who never had a spiritual master himself. Could it be that part of his ‘vision’ was that we too can awaken….with a little help from our friends?
    I always dug that line from Kahil Gibran’s The Prophet…

    Stand together, yet not too near together:
    For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
    And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.

  30. Satya Deva says:

    Yes, Lokesh, I was referring to a large-scale community, I realise there are successful enough small communities around the world.

    You might be right, the time of the guru (Indian or otherwise) might be over…I have my doubts about that though.

    You say Osho never had a Master, during many lives as a seeker, yet didn’t he say he visited many, without becoming a disciple of anyone?

    Maybe it boils down to personal evolution: You might be ready to be ‘a light (or even a Light) unto yourself’, I don’t think I am yet, however….

  31. Satya Deva says:

    Something else as well:

    Isn’t it the case that in a group situation (any group, I don’t necessarily mean a therapy group) no one can rise above the level of the ‘highest’ person, ie the most evolved one there?

    That’s why I see a need for an awakened consciousness as a prerequisite for a radical, large-scale spiritual community.

    Otherwise, it’s likely to devove into a load of people pulling themselves and each other up ‘by their bootstraps’…Useful, yes, but maybe not all that ‘spiritual’…

    With the danger that such a community can become a bit too ‘comfortable’, a refuge from the perceived harsh reality outside….

    With no one to provide the fine-tuning for those – always a tiny minority – who might indeed be ‘getting close to the fire’….

  32. shantam prem says:

    Lokesh, your paragraph quoted below below is quite to the mark of diagnnosis.

    “One of the problems facing a ’spiritual’ community formed by Osho’s sannyasins is not only the lack of a master who is alive but also the deliberate breaking with tradition that is so much part and parcel of Osho’s way.
    There are many functioning communities based on a spiritual value system in the world today and contrary to what you say they are in fact successful (although perhaps not on a very large scale). The common denominator amongst all these communities is tradition.
    What tradition can sannyasins carry on? I ask myself. Well, now that I think about it. there are a few but none of them seem particularly conductive to running a large scale operation simply because there is an element of anarchy at play in some of them.
    I can’t help but notice how Shantam keeps ranting about some of the personalities who run the scene in Poona as it exists today. Perhaps it is worthwhile to consider that running a show full of people who wish to celebrate their existence and various other sannyasin credos will leave the people in charge with their work cut out for them.”

  33. shantam prem says:

    I iwish to quote again the quotation taken from Osho world´s website.

    “The commune is not a religion, following collectively on a super-highway. The commune belongs to individuals who have joined hands with each other because they are going on an inner journey where they will be alone. But with so many people going on that inner journey alone the fear of being alone is dropped.
    You can share your experiences with each other; perhaps sharing your experiences with each other will help immensely. That’s why therapies exist where people can open their heart and share their experiences.
    But the commune experience is a therapeutic experience — day in, day out.”

    I am not sure whether in the whole discourse Osho also mentions, similar to what Satya Deva said , “I’d say that the chances of a real, large-scale spiritual community being truly successful are actually quite remote, especially without the guidance of a living Master.”

  34. Lokesh says:

    Well…you all have something interesting to say and after reading your words, I considered them and here is what I have to add.

    Ever since LSD sparked my cosmic curiosity back in ’67 I’ve been involved, in one form or another, with things that could loosely be labelled ‘spiritual’. I think the quest for enlightenment that many people imagine themselves to be on is based on utter nonsense. Enlightenment is not something you ‘get’. The whole pursuit of enlightenment is, for most of us, absurd. I say for most of us because there do exist rare individuals who are dying for enlightenment but they are very rare indeed.
    To the extent of my knowledge, in the whole of Poona One I never heard Osho declare anyone enlightened while alive. For someone declaring themselves to be the master of masters this is a bit strange. Many of Ramana Maharshi’s disciples became enlightened in his lifetime and all the indications say that this is in fact true. In Poona One, once in a while someone would die and Osho would say something along the lines of, ‘One more life to go’, etc. Which brings me to past lives. Osho never spoke too much about such things. I think I’m correct when I say that the Buddha declared that there is no soul and therefore no transmigration of the soul. I know lttle about such things but from that little I might hazrd a guess and say the Buddha was right on the money. Something moves around in the afterlife but it does not have much of a personality. Then again, I’ve witnessed things that make me conclude that something personal does move from body to body. Those contradictions again. Bottom line…be here now.
    This blog began with a beautiful description of a sannyasin community. Yes, living in such a place can no doubt be the cause of much inspiration. As for freedom from bondage, I doubt it. The idea that there is something or someone that needs to be liberated is perhaps one of life’s greatest illusions. Osho himself described how it was mainly self-enquiry that brought him to enlightenment and from how he described it, such a state is the last thing on earth ‘you’ want to find, but still we seek.
    The reason I say that the time of the gurus is over is because the secret is out. Or to say it in a metaphor that Osho loved ‘the goose is out’.
    What does that mean exactly? Well…for a start, there is no difference between the intelligence that reads this and the one who wrote it. We really are one. If you close your eyes and ask wholeheartedly who and what it is that needs freeing from bondage you will soon find that is simply a dream, or a nightmare, because as Osho so cleverly put it, Nirvana or rather the concept of it, is in fact the last nightmare. It’s a dream. So are you. A puff of smoke, a white cloud, a wave on the ocean. Your existence is fleeting. Here today and gone tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. The goose was never in the bottle in the first place.

    As a footnote I’d like to add that one time Osho did declare an aquaintance of mine to be enlightened in Poona One. His name was Ram. I think he now works as a ladies hairdresser in north London or something like that. He definitely was not enlightened. At the time he was as puzzled as the rest of us by Osho’s declaration. I never did figure out why Osho said that about Ram. I guess he was playing a joke, because it really had a lot of people going at the time, myself included. I have to laugh when I think about how stupid and gullible so many of us were during those halycon times.

  35. Satya Deva says:

    Most interesting, Lokesh.

    I too don’t subscribe either to the ‘blinding flash of Light’ idea of ‘awakening’ – for most people anyway.

    But while we are simply ‘unhappy’ – including going ‘up and down’ and feeling the need to look for love outside ourselves, from a partner or indeed, a community, then we’re not ‘awakened’ at all, we’re simply in the realm of the ‘normal’.

    However, I should add that personally, having been in the realm of the ‘abnormal’ for much of my life, I’m happy enough at present to take the ‘normal’ and get on with that…

    While examining it all from whatever insights and/or capacities I may have gained from all the self-work over the last decades….

  36. Kartar says:

    I think one’s priority in life is just to get up and do the best you can everyday. Traversing life’s winding paths daily life is guaranteed to teach us everything we need to learn and to do the best with our abilities.

    IMV we’re here to mature through our life path. We are here to live moment to moment. In other words we need to connect the dots between where we are and where we’re going, one day, one moment, at a time.

  37. prem bubbie says:

    Actually, it’s your INTERPRETATION of Osho’s vision… but isn’t that what christians do, to be like Christ and follow his “teachings”, whatever they may have been… Sheela also thought what she was doing at the ranch was Osho’s vision…. same with Laxmi, how about the clowns in Nepal, and on and on…. give it a rest and grow up!!!

  38. Kartar says:

    Prem Bubbie the most powerful tool on the planet today is Tell-A-Vision. That is where I tell a vision to you, and you tell a vision to me. That way, if we don’t like the programming we’re getting, we can change the channel.

  39. shantam prem says:

    Satya Deva and Lokesh, As i read last of your posts, i agree with the article i read the other day, ” Happiness starts at 50″.

    One can use few other words for the same thing,
    at ease with myself, to be normal, just being in here now!

    What is that life force, which keeps people going on despite of heart breaking personal tragedies. Most of the people don´t know about Vipassana, Neo Vipassana, TM or DM, still they keep going years after years step by step and learn somehow to squeeze the juice of wisdom out of life´s vivid experiences.

  40. shantam prem says:

    Kartar, you have shared a beautiful paragraph-

    “I think one’s priority in life is just to get up and do the best you can everyday. Traversing life’s winding paths daily life is guaranteed to teach us everything we need to learn and to do the best with our abilities.

    IMV we’re here to mature through our life path. We are here to live moment to moment. In other words we need to connect the dots between where we are and where we’re going, one day, one moment, at a time.”

    in this process called life and its multitude of paths, we human beings become part of millions of things. Few people have found their path in cultivating and creating all kinds of apples, few in hitting different kind of balls with hands, feet and sticks; few in doing and prevention of crimes, few in Christianity or Buddhism, few with Osho or someone else.

    As far as this shantam is concerned, it is a utter fascination with Osho and the way he was pointing His fingers and laying foundations for a new kind of organsiation behind the ideas of religion and spirituality.

    When Life is a Leela, it is not a bad idea to conceive a scene when the organisation around DEAD OSHO keeps his flame ALIVE through the joint efforts of sannyasins.
    In this way we contribute towards a more transparent, tole rent and loving world. When Osho spends His whole life to fight against the rigid, frozen and outdated values of other organisations, it becomes even more important that we create something better.

  41. Chinmaya says:

    In fact, ONLY A VIOLENT MAN IS INTERESTED IN POLITICAL POWER. All power is violence, and remember it! — even if you are interested in spiritual power, then you are violent. Any interest in power is violent. Power means power over others in some way or other. It may be political, it may be financial, it may be religious or spiritual.

    SO MANY PEOPLE, IN THE NAME OF RELIGION, ARE ONLY HIDING THEIR INNER POLITICS. They are searching for kundalini power or searching for how to levitate — foolish and stupid desires — they don’t transform your life.

    When, there will be freedom to the people of Osho Phase-I Pune by the present administration Resort.

  42. shantam prem says:

    When a politican or a businessmen craves for power, it is somewhere natural.
    But the people who have chosen to be with a Master, and that too like Osho, who is showing the mirror to one and all, this thing called power need to be chanelisd into understanding, sharing and compassion.
    I don´t see this on the top level. I have no survey but can imagine, compared to a city state called Vatican, Osho resort has the list of more NOT ALLOWED people, even the people who are with Osho for decades.
    Most of these people have not commited any crime, they are loving, meditating people; not to allow such people to visit the Samadhi of their Master is not a very senstive way and smells like a power went wrong.

  43. Lokesh says:

    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”
    Jimi Hendrix

  44. prem bubbie says:

    Chinmaya, keep quoting Osho all you want, but do YOU have anything of value to say? Moron!!! Is it a quote from Osho that you’ll have put on your tombstone? Not many sannyasins and wannabees have anything original to say, just more quotes from Osho. Hasn’t anyone learned anything from living their lives? Oh yeah, you all are fast asleep walking around like zombies, that’s why you’re sannyasins in the first place. Unconscious you live, unconscious you die. For Tarisha: “Friendship is always the goal”. What kind of stupid statement is that? So, you live in a ashram/commune living “Osho’s dream”, to attain friendship. DUH?? Better to join the Greek Navy where no one leaves their friend’s behind. You won’t get a zen stick over your head, just a boot up your ass that will be with you wherever you go as a reminder for being stupid!!!!….. More so-called stupid sannyas shit–yet again!!!

  45. Chinmaya says:

    Prem Bubbie,

    No quotes are available in the market, written or spoken by you and so far, you are not the Enlightened or a Master.

    Hence, I should quote from my Master, who is world- wide, and because of whom, many power hungry, stupid, idiots and poor mentality people from other countries have taken the shelter in Pune in His Ashram and are living a luxurious life with touching sex since they have lost the power of their dicks, which are now for urination only. Otherwise, why they should not go back to the plae of their origin and start their own Ashram, with their original thoughts and lectures and their own followers. No ways……no chance……because they know the language of hate,cheating, lies and bluffing.

    Prem Bubbie, you do not know/ and you have no idea about the power of sanyas, if it is lived in purity; and once you realize, you would not like to write the word shit against sanyas. This sentence, itself, indicates much about the people using such word for sanyas. And the sanyas of Osho, my God, it has its own values, which can be known by only seekers and thirsty and it is not the game of all Tom Dick and Harys .

    The day, you will realize sanyas, leading to enlightenment, you have a different personality and individuality and conscious and awareness and awakening and bliss and faaar sightedness and I wish you very good luck on this path. Early is better, death can happen at any moment. Death is waiting for all of us. We are not standing in queue or power-wise, we are in a circle and anybody can be taken by death at any time at any age, whether we have fulfilled our dreams or not. Whether we have become enlightened or not. Be loving and love to you all.

  46. Lokesh says:

    When reading Prem Bubbie’s and Chinmaya’s latest posts it occurs to me that there are as many versions about who Osho was and what the sannyas movement represents as there are people who have come in some kind of contact with them. In other words, millions of different versions about a man and a community formed around his ideas. But what is the truth of it all? I belive that there exists little in life that we can be sure of, but one thing you can count on is that somehow, in some mysterious way, life mirrors our inner condition. As one American composer once put it, “I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.” it works the same way for hate also. Tread carefully, for everything you put out will come back to you. You can count on that and if you can proove me wrong I’m owe you a drink.

  47. Chinmaya says:


    What you want to know……Osho/Sanyas or Enlightenment or Social life or you want to advice others, as per your post ???

    Love to you

  48. shantam prem says:

    The writer of this thread, Tarisha is living her life in her way with her value system and share with others in a nice language, the labour and fruits of her life, and big boy Bubbie could not resist to pee on her as if she is a tree in some central park.

  49. Sadhu says:

    Can any one tell me, what will come out of all these intellectual jargon???? I don’t think any one from management notice what is being written here…Now, I think time to do some thing real….really real…other wise I heard one proverb in Hindi, “Dogs are barking and elephant is moving there own way.’

  50. Alok john says:

    Lokesh : “When reading Prem Bubbie’s and Chinmaya’s latest posts it occurs to me that there are as many versions about who Osho was and what the sannyas movement represents as there are people who have come in some kind of contact with them. In other words, millions of different versions about a man and a community formed around his ideas.”

    Read and listen to the discourses. They are not that contradictory.

    Take a statement like “Friendship is always the goal.” I would be surprised if you found this sentence in the discourses, at least not standing alone as a “principle.” In general, for example, in “The Way of the White Clouds”, Osho teaches living without goals. So I think the statement “Friendship is always the goal” is not part of Osho’s teachings.

    Not that I am against friendship of course, but life is a bit more complicated than that, and sometimes it is not time for friendship, and anyway there is only so much “doing” you can do to “make friends.”

  51. Yes!I know!
    Osho´s visions is one that includs friendliness to all and with the “New Fairysaint”or shall we call You the *Bodichitta of Compassion* of our times!
    She apeared to Us and we are Her crew and the first ones for that matter(Special position!),we´ll see how it go and will pick it up as the Devine devinity will´s Us to!
    *Male-nature ready to watch the last tango(?),by the *femenyn-nature and Her charms!!!
    Single file for the *male-nature(Simply!) and never loose contact with the femenyn´s eyes!She will preform Her earthly tango´s and other dances,be bathroom ,table phantasya or tanju!
    Until we have arrived at *fairysaint sky dance,this will be our routine!Take the steps!
    P.S-Please bring moskito nets!
    Osho is our love,
    until then,
    amrit & crew*

  52. shantam prem says:

    Sadhu brother, you have raised a very important question in your five lines.
    In Hindi, the proverb is even more hard hitting. Dogs are quite civilised and well fed, well mannered.
    When KUTE Bhonkate hain….gives the feeling of Indian street dogs…
    Basically it is not the fight between workers and the management, Labour and conservative party.
    and my opinion is that if the seekers at the decision making bodies don´t read the comments here, they are doing injustice to their own destiny, they are doing their job but without soul.

    Any CEO and president or prime Minister MUST learn how to read the pulse beat of the people.
    and sannyasnews seems to be the only media in the world of Osho, where common sannyasins are sharing their heart. These are not the article writers in the established media, whether it is Osho Times, Osho World and there is some new magazine replacing the Osho Times.

    When in future someone would like to know the life and times after Osho´s physical departure, the comments here will be treated as honest version.

    And who knows some mysterious force uses this energy here to defrost the Osho wrapped by the few in plastic folio, who knows these comments may prove the far cry of a pea cock, who is being robbed of His feathers.
    As far as this Shantam is concerned, through the writing feels like showering flowers at His feet.
    What to do, i am not a Mantra singer, neither,” Dad screwed Mom and it fucked my life” kind of star therapist.

  53. shantam prem says:

    After reading your proverb, Sadhu, i remember the meaning of another hindi saying,
    “Who says sky does not get the hole; try to throw the stone with Energy and Integrity.”

  54. (Please allow!)
    Once one´s certain of *nature-play,(“nature-nature”),only than an enquiry follows!Otherwise do not bother please, it´s all is ready darling!Just single file for some,whilst others…dance,for the beloved!
    The dances are as “sacred as they can be, Gourjef own dances that masters of conciousness did use without any “copy write” issues were needed!But to some we´re still we earthly,dances and all dances areO.k,as far as the devine devinity lets Us!
    Every detail has been taken care of and even more than what is needed, so we hear!
    The fear that ..”.You fear Osho(!)Soror Terezinha(!);Sadham Hussein(!)*Nature-nature,this will be known!
    Darling every point has been covered.O.K?!
    No only leaves without *fairysaint:..Her LOve!
    Take care,
    Osho´s our love,
    until then,
    amrit & crew*
    PS_*Moskito net until we have evolved as an organism that survives these bittes!”

  55. Prem Jashan says:

    Center A wants to bring down all the Osho’s pictures from their premises and they are backing up that idea with one of Osho’s discources. Center B wants to put Osho’s pictures everywhere and they are backing it up with another Osho’s talk supporting that Idea. Sameway, Sannyasin X is living a life of no marriage or family, he backs it up with a message from Osho. Sannyasins Y&Z are married, have kids, saw what marriage is, grew up through it, whats the point in going thru diverse and repeat the same, live like friends /partners together, free to have sex with other (no strings attached relationships etc) – they back up their idea with one of Osho’s lectures too.

    So the point is everyone is living Osho in their own way. I do not see any point in clashing with each other. When present or future generations see all this, they cannot really figure out any thing like OSHOism. This is what exactly, what Osho wanted.

    There are many small centers, but what is now missing is the big lotus paradise, a rose garden with 10K roses, a mango grove with 10k buddhas at one place. A place like that can be a 8th wonder in the world and everyone should at least know that there is this paradise on earth. Honestly, according to me thats what is missing ..Do we need another good Sheela to create it? Even if someone creates, do people come there like they did when Osho was alive? These are all the questions that come to mind..

    But That was what Osho’s dream was, correct?

  56. alok john says:

    I don’t think there is a discourse saying whether or not to put photos up in centres.

    I thought he was against marriage as a legal institution. Roughly I think he taught “If people are in love they should stay together; when love dies they should part.”

  57. Sadhu says:

    Oh Shantam, again you are beauty….you touches my heart…few days back, tow sisters in India committed suicide because two polce men were harassing them…first they went to news media, than police officers and when no one help them, they committed suicide…and than…all news channels were on fire…whole country was boiling…and witihn a day result came…yes, I respect these girls…at least for there self respect they did some thing…in this case death is more beautiful than living in pain…

  58. shantam prem says:

    Center A wants to bring down all the Osho’s pictures from their premises and they are backing up that idea with one of Osho’s discourses.”
    Jashan, as Alok John has pointed, í have also not heard something in any of the discourses.
    Still for the logic sake, lets us say, Osho spoke against the photos in 1987 for 35 seconds or minutes in answer to some question.
    Will we forget that till His last publc appearnce, more than two still photo camera were captruing all His movements other than two video Camreas, one from the front side and another from His left.
    Has Osho wishpered in someone´s ears that because Ashram does not have good wall papers so let the sannyasins use His photos for the time being to cover the ugly patches on the walls!

    What to say about higher intelligence, even common sense requires to trust more the actions than the words.

    Still i will say, it is a question of personal choice how one gives the interpttaion to one´s disciplehood, BUT not at Pune, as that place is the heritage point of all the sannyasins, irrespective of the fact when they were initiated into sannyas and by whom.

  59. shantam prem says:

    “There are many small centers, but what is now missing is the big lotus paradise, a rose garden with 10K roses, a mango grove with 10k buddhas at one place.”
    As far as Osho´s people are concerned, if it is not possible at Pune, the place Osho himself cherished and nurtured than forget about that grand experiment.

    People with their personal capacity and leadership qua lites were always there. Yoga Chinmaya ji in Uttrakhand, Arun ji in Nepal, Veeresh is the only super star in Europe and i was just today reading an ad in German Osho Times to have the community taste and work as a manifestation of love and make new friends, and all this at a reasonable price of 328 Euros per month.

    Pune is the place, where we all can surrender our ego, there is no intermediator in between, just it needs a small change in the perception of hardly two three people.
    This is life. An elephant can pull the trees from their roots but is unable to make himself free from a small chain tied around his feet.

  60. prem bubbie says:

    It is indeed joyful to see the basket cases such as Chinmaya rant and them proclaim to know who is or isn’t enlightened. Isn’t there a zen saying that one never knows whether the next person you meet maybe be a Buddha. Chinmaya, goes on to basically say he is an authority on enlightenment and knows what Osho was all about… Very Arrogant indeed, hence proving my point that a big problem with humans is arrogance… Chinmaya MAY be a sannyasin, then again most sannyasins were/are still arrogant, very much like all the other organized religions of the world… You guys still don’t get it!!!! Head up the ass syndrome!!! Oh by the way …Slum Dog shantam…peeing on someone else is still a divine act, according to Hindus.

  61. prem bubbie says:

    Alok John…Very nicely said.

  62. Satya Deva says:

    Prem Bubbie, helo!

    May I ask whether you are or ever were a sannyasin, initiated by Osho, given the name etc?

    If so, what happened to apparently so thoroughly disillusion you? Was it the Ranch debacle?

    If not, why the Indian name (as I believe you’re American, aren’t you?)?

    And, in either case, why exactly do you even bother with slagging off (that means heavily criticise, with hostility) all and sundry on here? To make yourself feel good, feel better?

    I’m not really ‘offended’ by your bile, in fact at times I find it quite amusing. And occasionally it rings true, I must say.

    But again – if you hate the whole ‘sannyas trip’ so much, then why not just forget it and allow the fools involved (to your mind) to go on in their foolishness? As they undoubtedly will, for you surely can’t imagine anything you might say will have the slightest effect upon their beliefs and behaviour?

    Lastly, what is your actual opinion of Osho himself/ And what do you think was his purpose in creating this ‘sannyas’ thing?!

  63. prem bubbie says:

    read my postings since last august when i first “joined” this site…sannyasin for 28 years, and finally, fuck you if you can’t take a joke or insult….. ciao bella

  64. prem bubbie says:

    This site seems to be an ego boosting site… needs to be the other way around, just doing my part.

  65. Lokesh says:

    Prem Bubbie, I thought about some of your comments over the past few days. It was a good exercise. What a boring world it would be if we were all the same.

    A couple of months back I contacted an old Poona One friend via Facebook. At first he pretended to not know who I was. Eventaully he wrote and told me I should fuck off and that I was an arrogant asshole. It put me through a real headtrip. I wrote and apologized and said I meant no offence, He wrote back: ‘Ha ha, fooled you!’
    That is my old friend, I thought to myself with a chuckle.

    In the same way Prem Bubbie, winds everyone up with his caustic comments on this site. Keep up the good work, Bubbie.

  66. Satya Deva says:

    Ok, Prem Bubbie, you’re far too subtle for me -

    A veritable ‘Sledgehammer on the Rock’….

  67. Lokesh says:

    More like a pneumatic drill I’d say, but that does not mean to say that Prem Bubbie is boring. How about referring to Bubbie as Bubbles from now on. Just to lighten the situation up a bit, so to speak. What do you think, Bubbles?

  68. prem bubbie says:

    bubbles…. for those who think of me as an asshole, how about “barf”….. vomit has its place too!!! Nice that some get the gist of it.

  69. shantam prem says:

    Wow..nice hearted people are feeling so much concerned about the unique contribution of this barf or Asshole or genius of a kind.

  70. shantam prem says:

    Minutes ago i have posted the same post below in the previous thread, let it be here too, and i hope conerned persons will answer in their best possible words-

    Sometime i wonder what people likeThis BHOSRI KA, Bubbie (consult some Indian in your city for the exact meaning of capital lettered words), or other spiritually evolved people expect from Sannyasins.

    Should the sannyasins stand with pro or con placards before the anti abortion clinics?
    Should we pay monthly to the Osho centers or the green peace or to work hard in IT, medicine or banking sector and share the killing with people in poor countries or simply to collect the food stamps, sit in the trailor and mastrubate thrice a day!
    After all, what is the criteria?
    There must be a yard stick in these people´s mind.

  71. prem bubbie says:

    Speak englsh you fool!!! Slum dog Shantam the poser of a swami could be the biggest hypocrite of the lot. o ye pious one, who quotes osho like a parrot, yet deep down a violent soul. Hates anyone who disagrees with him, can’t stand his own reflection and is jealous of those who are honest enough to admit their to their own insanity…. o woe is thee slum dog

  72. prem bubbie says:

    hey Dog-breath, just posted under “Living Dangerously” story please read….

  73. prem bubbie says:

    “Love” Dangerously– live/love laugh/insult/humiliate – all the same

  74. garimo says:

    Prem Jashan concludes “So the point is everyone is living Osho in their own way.”

    and garimo would have to edit that and say:

    “only those living their versions of Osho are living their versions of Osho… while others may have chosen to live on their own terms being self reliant, self responsible, walking their “path” alone. Not *everyone* is always seeking to live a interpretation of Osho. but rather have grown into individuals making choices perhaps inspired by some memory of Osho… but having become, remain independent individuals.”

  75. Chinmaya says:

    Osho never gave us any sort of principle of living.
    He continued only on Meditation, Living with awareness, awakening. If people are living in their own pattern of life, then, Osho is not responsible.

    Amost in all religions, and their people too, are scattered with individualized thoughts and living on butchery pattern which is visible and reported from time to time through Media, as we see daily from the total position world wide. There is no one yard stick to measure everyone. And why people should live on the dictated terms of some Mafia, faque Dharam Guru involved in crimes, hates with beautiful language to quote from holy books.

    Here topic is friendship, let us be friends and burry the hatchet and talk on positive approach for each other, as human being.

    Love for all.

  76. Lokesh says:

    Chinmaya. Are people really so stupid that they place responsibility on Osho for anything that occurs in their lives today? Osho has been dead for twenty years, and if he was who he claimed to be while alive, he has disappeared without a trace….forever.
    You say, There is no one yard stick to measure everyone. Well…how about silence? Or rather our capacity to be a host to silence. Or perhaps love. Or rather our capacity to give and receive love.
    I guess you might be Indian because like Shantam Prem you employ flowery language to express. The problem with that is that other readers might not be able to see the woods for the trees, which would be a pity if you have something worthwhile to say, Another thing I’ve noticed, particularly in Shantam Prem’s case, is that there are often oblique references to people running the scene in Poona that never quite get to the point and leave you wondering what on earth he is talking about. There is also contradiction there in the sense that he is often the one to step forward and request that people be named and, I presume, shamed. This from a person who apparently experiences difficulty in doing exactly that.
    And thus the mirror of life goes on reflecting and nowhere does life manifest itself more than in human beings. Take Love Bubbles (Prem Bubbie), how can any of you take anything he says seriously? I’ll let you in on a wee secret here. The minute you all stop taking Prem Bubbles seriously will be the same moment that he will drop bombarding you with his particular brand of none-sense.
    There are many among us who are possessed by something that requires an emotional response to sustain its existence. It is a vain and fickle energy that will go to extreme lengths to keep itself alive. One of this force’s basic strategies is to provoke people in any way that it can. Sometimes two people possessed by the same negative force collide and a heated argument ensues. Sometimes whole nations are possessed and then when two or more confront each other we have war.
    Osho’s non-serious approach to living was for me one of the greatest parts of his teaching. Every time I catch myself taking something seriously I know that it is my ego at play.

    Your sincerely…..

  77. shantam prem says:

    “There is also contradiction there in the sense that he is often the one to step forward and request that people be named and, I presume, shamed. This from a person who apparently experiences difficulty in doing exactly that.”

    Can you point in any of my comments,where i indulge or encourage people in the game of name and shame?

    Other than the Life long Chairman and vice chairman at 17, Koregaon Park, ( Amrito and Jayseh) i have not use any criticism for any body, be in the ashram life, political or social life, not even to the general perception to say priests and polticians are duffer, ugly or mafia of the soul.
    As i maintain in my life, if you don´t have the power to change positively, than why to blame others. Join the game and play better, so simple is the life.
    In Pune, i was not a spectator or a consumer of some new system against depression, meaninglessness.
    It was not just the presence of Osho but His far out teachings, and a brick by brick effort to create a one of its kind life strcuture, which can be an alernative model.
    To dilute this effort into a convinient form is my concern, because i am part of this game.

    and secondly, abut the flowery language, you can find out most of the Indians use this. And Osho is one fine example.
    This also means, people who are familiar with His lingustic style and the meaning behind the words must be on the executive position of His work.
    If people does not understand my comments is not a big loss but in case of Osho, it is quite a thing with far reaching manifestaions.

    And how i can resist my style, so one for you. If you copy this for your book, be honest to aknowledge.

    Waiters are not suppose to add water in the soup. If they are tempted to do this, let they learn to be Chef first.
    and my head bows down before Osho, being a magnificant cook, He was humble enough to serve like a waiter too.
    After all, the Master with the white flowing beard was a man rooted in the small village ethos of an Indian Village.
    To have a British doctor as a personal physician was His success at the world arena, Food of Dal Chappati, and Subji was His reality at the foundation.

  78. Lokesh says:

    SP….Can you point in any of my comments,where i indulge or encourage people in the game of name and shame?

    I could but I can’t be bothered wading through all the stuff you write to find them, because it really is not that important. Which brings me to the next point.

    You say…If people does not understand my comments is not a big loss
    Well I think most people on this blog would agree with you, myself included. This leaves me wondering why you bother writing at all with an attitude like that.

  79. shantam prem says:

    I was thinking you are a writer, who understands the deeper meaning of the sense behind the words.

    You can see from the example below, what problem we face with Osho, Cutting the sentence in the middle and than bringing one´s own mind in..

    (If people does not understand my comments is not a big loss)…and than your commentry.
    Don´t you have the patience to look the thing in whole context-
    The complete sentence is-
    If people does not understand my comments is not a big loss but in case of Osho, it is quite a thing with far reaching manifestations.
    I hope you understand this properly. The sentence after the but is the BUTT.
    CAn you see a ddisciple speaking about His writings in context with His Master, otherwise the readers of this site know, who is writing with profundity and honest expressions gathered at the feet of His Master.
    So i can say again, if some one cuts my sentence in the middle it is not a Big loss but with Osho, it is a Very Very ugly thing.
    And do you think i bother about most of these 5, 6 people on this blog. I am writing for my fellow sannyasins, the unknown seekers, those thousands of readers of this site.
    Still i love and appreciate the contributions of each and every one including YOU or even Bubbie, as every endeavour worth mentioning has the involvement of many people on many different levels.I think every living creature,every organism has somewhere an Asshole too, as important and necessary as heart or the lungs and few other “things”, so nothing to condemn in the complete picture.

    Dictators controlled the birds in the cages, Masters motivate the soul of the birds to open the wings and fly.

  80. The *fairysaint is Osho´s answer to our problems,*now,this moment/moment & future ones!
    Only *awareness/love* can be the teachings that Osho whilst on earth taught and thru His grace the *fairysaint will blossom and polonate other *fairys that are in the forest floor,and guiding Us to “inner river*” that runs to the sea,or the ocean of consciousness!
    We are looking forward thru His /Her grace for the *alchemical change from *bat dance,*table phantasya,*tanju to Her own Ballet of skys!
    *Male-nature be aware as the nonsence is coming to an end; the *femenyn principle is emerging, as the *New man(woman!)is arising from darkness to light!
    PS-Please always bring “one´s moskito net*” of awareness,until our bodhy(S) /minds have evolved an “anti-moskito” protection! It´s on the pipe line,just as the *fairysaint,is another*Bodichitta of Compassion!
    Osho is our love,
    until then,
    Amritlind & crew*

  81. Chinmaya says:

    Dear Lokesh,

    To you it may be looking that Osho has disappeared without any trace, because you wanted to see him at physical level. There you are correct, but the communion between Osho and with some Sanyasins is far above from this expression.

    You say to me, yours sincerely, thanks for that and I hope, we should be sincere to each other, here in this thread and otherwise also, but what you have written, it seems you wanted to write to Shantam Prem and not for me.

    Silence needs no measurement, no yard stick. Silence is silence.

    For me, Prem Bubbie is as lovely and nice person, as you are, I have no ill-will for him either. We all are out of White Robe brotherhood group. We all are fellow travellers on the path of enlightenment and walking with our speed, with our wisdom and shall meet at one point, sooner or later.

    Though, Shantam Prem, as referred by you, is quoting too much, but he seems to be a true heart peson with true feelings, he expresses differently, we express differently. Need not necessary that he should first consult us, what to write, and what not to write.

    You talk about your ego, it is very important factor in the life, without ego, there is no universe, everything is happening but because of ego. So, the participation of your ego, is the right omen of your being on the right path.

    All I say, Osho is Osho………..

    God bless us all……Love

  82. Lokesh says:

    SP As usual I suspect that you are exagerating greatly. Thousands of seekers reading the comments on this site….nonsense.

    Yes I did cut your sentence in half and I did bring my mind in… create a joke.

  83. Lokesh says:

    Chinmaya, I appreciate your sincerity.

    Back in the days of ancient Rome people worshiped all kinds of gods, quite similar to the Hindu pantheon in the sense that the Romans had a god for everything. If a person said anything derogatory about those gods they were liable to be stoned to death. Nowadays we can look back at those times and wonder how peole could have believed such things….or can we?

    Now the status quo in this particular arena is worshiping Osho. I don’t believe Osho would have wished for this because he was not in favour of anyone worshiping a name and form. While alive he obviously took great pleasue in being put up on a pedestal but now that he is gone that particular game is over. The drop has merged with the ocean and worshiping anything other than the creative intelligence that breathes life in to each and every one of us is simply a cult of personality.
    A true master is not the one with the most disciples but rather the one who creates the most masters who are in no need of a master. Of course we have the tradition of bhakti yoga, which for me has always been the yoga that provides the most leeway for pure fantasy. Osho is not somewhere waiting for his beloved disciples on the other side, because their is no other side. All that nonsense has been created over thousands of years by priests who want o exploit peoples’ fear of death. Many people who believe they need a guru are actually looking for a boo hoo because they are afraid of embracing their aloneness. Tragic in the sense that it is within that very aloneness hides the very thing that most people are seeking but will never find because of fear of the unknown.
    Time to fetch some wood and carry some water.

  84. Chinmaya says:

    Dear Lokesh,

    No where I had mentioned worshipping Osho, like people worship to God/Goddess in India, or as you referred and Osho never supported this pattern.


  85. Lokesh says:

    That’s okay Chinmaya.
    It looks like everyone uses this blog for different reasons, mine being pure entertainment.

    I take pleasure from writing and reading what others say. It is fun.
    I’ve never been keen on the white robe brotherhood. Sounds like something out of a Conan the Barbarian comic. Same goes for the name Osho. As soon as the old man started calling himself Osho I had trouble with it because Osho sounds like a brand of clothes washing powder. Which kind of ties in with the white robe thing. You know?…..Osho brainwashes whiter than ever before.

  86. shantam prem says:

    A bit of exagration is a creative liberty, though editors can share about the clicks this site get,since articles have got the facility of comments. It is a very normal thing in today´s media though psycho spiritual groups only bother about bombarding the holy information.
    So i hope more and more people travelling on Osho´s path will bring their versions of the things, they have seen and felt.
    I think this will put some barricades on the path of neo priests.

  87. Chinmaya says:

    Dear Shantam,

    Yes, it depends upon the presence of mind to listen Osho, at the same abyss level, where from Osho had spoken. In fact, there is a great need of rhythm of listening and speaking, which can happen between a Master and his awakened disciple.

    I have learnt that in India, even the so-called faque Dharam Guru like Mr A, Mr S, Mr B, Mr C and Mr Z and Ms M., Ms B, they come straight from the Beauty Parlor after listening and repeating to listen Osho, vomit the same to the innocent followers in vernacular language, because they never had tried to directly listen Osho. And the innocent people feel great pleasure to listen 2nd class people lectures as originals. They do not know, they are listening Cheats and Cunning, who has no originality and even their faces are not original . A few of them are Gay, if you watch them carefully. Many have already been caught, like Swami Nitya Nand of Chennai, Kirpalu Ji and much more.

    Oh my God.

  88. shantam prem says:

    Chinmaya Guru business is flourishing not just in India, The Satsang Phenomenon is gripping the west too. Most of these people have passed the gate of the Osho ashram specially after His departure.
    The creativity, genius and lives long walk on the inner search is not too much appreciated, though the business Model left by Osho is followed by many.
    When something like “Harrods”downgrade itself after the death of its founder, it opens the possibility of self employment for many.
    Still it is beautiful, world needs all kind of things. People who don´t spend money and time to see some kind of ball being hit by a single or group of people also need something to relate.
    Compared to other professions, this work is still not very lucrative atleast in the west.
    In India it is the second best profession after the politics. No wonder, As per transparacy International, my mother land has a very high rate of corruption and gurus share the bouty to wash the sins of their people in their weekly satsang prepared thorugh the notes taken from Osho´s books.

    My heartly wish is to see detergent powder called Osho (As Lokesh feels with the name Osho) reaching every village without the extra Castic Soda inside, in its purest form.

  89. Lokesh says:

    Shantam Prem…exagerating as usual.

    The Satsang Phenomenon is gripping the west too.
    That is untrue.
    The general public’s interest is not very great as far as Gurus are concerned. There is a wave of materialism sweeping the world and the guru business suffers as a result. Economy is not booming and as a result people look out and not in.
    The biggest mini guru producer in recent times was H W Poonja’s school in Lucknow. It is wearing a bit thin now. I mean to say how far can it go if you ask a question and the question comes back, ‘Who is asking the question?’ ?????
    The guru business is not that lucrative but just the term ‘business’ says much. As soon as business enters a spiritual community and becomes a priority that community becomes mired in commerce. In the beginning sannyas was about energy, but pretty soon money seeped into the equation. By the early eighties it was the bottom line. A sign of the times we live in.
    Be a light unto yourself…it’s cheaper.

  90. Sadhu says:

    Without JAYCHAND, English people were not slave whole India….how it happend????? Now we can see…HOW…for power, money, sex few indian sold there master….

  91. Chinmaya says:

    Dear Lokesh,

    As far as my information, data and information say, Guru Business is the biggest industry in India. In the west, Guru Business is flourishing with the ferry of the people, posing as Guru and trapping the westerns by showing new pattern, other than, their original sources, connected to their religions. In the Europe, besides America and Canada, more Indian Guru are wandering, but for the sake of their business, money, luxuries with name and fame.

    And when, a such type of so called Guru, reach back India, their followers have high respect for them, with an inclination and propogation that their Guru met to Prez of United States, Prime Minister of Great Britain and PM of Canada. I have met such Business Guru in double digits.

    May be this meeting with such dignitaries is arranged for 5 to 7 minutes, through their mafia group people, but it was merely for throwing an impression to their fellow countrymen and not for influencing their personal life, with their conversation. The whole purpose is to display their pictures with such high rank holders. Hence Gurudom and Business Guru has become the order of the day. Even, illiterate people without their previous educational qualifications are noticed as Guru in western countries, with parrot like reciting and relishing to a few Salokas out of Geeta or from some other holy books. Their low mentality and original face, but because of their genetic is clearly noticable by learned people. Thus, Guru Business is more dear like fake currency.

    Please take the above in good spirit and for the sake of information and knowledge. And I have to other purpose to express, as expressed above.


    Osho never went at the door step of any politicians or Some Birla or Tata or Dalmia. He says weak man goes to the strong man. Indira Gandhi wished to visit Pune Ashram and sought the consent of Osho, for a particular day. She could not visit but because of other administrative/political reasons. She felt sorry and fixed a revised date, again she missed the opportunity and requested for third time. Osho denied her request of her visiting Ashram. Because he was of the opinion for individuals/seekers and not Prime Ministers.

  92. Lokesh says:

    ..Maybe that is one of the causes of why Indira
    Gandhi lost the last elections. She has charm,
    she has a subtle beauty and grace. She was the
    only politician in India who looks graceful and
    intelligent; she has been replaced by very ugly
    people. But this may be the psychological reason
    – she is aristocratic…

    Unio Mystica, Vol. 1, ch. 4

  93. Lokesh says:

    You guys have your wires crossed in regards to this guru business thing in the west. I live in a place that is quite in the forefront as regards new age gurus etc. I also live near to the biggest nightclub on the planet (10,000 capacity.) That club makes more money in one night that all the new age trips combined make in a year in this region.
    Biggest business in India. Whatever happened to Tata? Who cares?

  94. Chinmaya says:

    That is nice to read. Now, if u feel easy, disclose the location, please ???

  95. shantam prem says:

    Without doubt Tata is the top respectful name in Indian Business; they have hold on eatable salt to Jaguar brand in Luxury segment.
    One of the reason behind their high integrity may be that the promoters are coming from a sharp declining Parsi religion with high ethos on ethics and morality.
    Few may not know the fact that the follower of the Parsi religion don´t bury or burn their dead, it is a wastage of life resources for them. They leave the body for the birds to eat.
    What TATA is to the business world, OSHO has all the potential to be in the religious segment but unfortunately OSHO brand does not have the CEO/Chairman in the caliber of Ratan Tata.
    This is a sad reality, some may say it as name calling.
    But when you count the emotional investment of the people involved, It is not Ratan Tata or Narayan Murthi ( Infosys) but two Hindu gurus in the age of Television teaching very primary school basics of health, religion and spirituality; Ravi Shankar and Swami Ramdev.

    And secondly Indian here too are two much wired with guru business because for us this unregulated industry is as common as Pizza baking to Italians.

    Continuous research and development and cut throat competition some times produces Osho and J Krishnamurti; the way; india´s next door psychological neighbour, America does by producing Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

  96. shantam prem says:

    This is for all of us.

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  97. Lokesh says:

    Shantam Prem. I followed the link and listened for a minute. I began to feel sleepy. Does that mean I am part of the sleeping humanity? I guess it does.

  98. shantam prem says:

    Osho´s discourses are best against insomnia. Try again this 11 minute talk, and tell me when you started feeling sleepy.
    it is not a bad idea to be part of sleeping humanity. I love to be one of them.
    Atleast sleepy people don´t make too much fuss about their awakening, as if these awakened people have touched some nerve of existance erection!

  99. Sadhu says:

    Osho say: “It is not possible for me alone, we need many friends, many kinds of friends. Somebody can work physically, somebody can do mental work, somebody can arrange for finances, somebody…. People can contribute according to their capability. We also have to remember that bigger this group of friends the better. Then different kind of people will come and will contribute in different ways. They will enrich the work with their unique contributions.”
    The Call of the Eternal

    AND in Osho resort they are reducing all friends…now may be 15 or 20 friends are working….WOW!!!!

  100. Sadhu says:

    May someone still remember that Amrito braught a massage from Osho that in commune only his sannaysin will wrok, no out side worker will allowed -witch are bit heavy….otherwise not at all…and now Amrito him self forgot that massage…I wonder He remember Osho or ?????

  101. Chinmaya says:

    They have no friendly mind but a Devil’s mind. Even new and small organizations in the market are coming up at a fast speed after reading Osho, and mixing with their non-sense of traditional/orthodox strategies; but these buggers have reduced the Ashram and its original values to stand still perhaps, they have fixed a target to finish the Ashram.

    May God bless with a sense of friendliness. Stale mind. They are spoiling the Legacy of our Master, Osho.

  102. I once heard the *fairysaint,point that friendliness was the thing that seekers could persue through Her the *Bodichitta of Compassion!
    I also heard that friendship is greatly needed and specialy in hell!
    Please be aware rather be with ones hand in ones tommy serchinch for breath before nervous stress,be arriving specialy in this world of “wall st.”strenght!
    As much as possible,as often as possible hands in ones navel,until one day ,perhaps will touch the very back bone from the front,but not necessary at all!
    Try this as a theraputic tool!Hands in the navel all day as often as the mind could remember; here a few steps thru*Fairysaint! Attach something on one´s arms to remember;back again breathing from ones tommy!Until one day when hands are looking for tommy,as second nature!
    Please masters of meditation,go for breath!
    Greater enfasis should be made on breath before anything else!Osho´s all life work could be translated(Not correct,no translation needed just *watch!), for the search for breath!Please take note!
    Osho´s our love,
    until then
    amritlind & Crew*

  103. shantam prem says:

    Sadhu, it seems the beautiful quotation lost all its significance once Osho left the body.
    Whereas Krishna,, Buddha, Jesus, Nanak, and their teachings became stronger and stronger after their death, Osho became weeker and weeker; the man who was suppose to be counted with the above mentioned names, the man who was the toruch bearer of our time.
    So it is no surprise, the name is of Osho but the game is is of two three men, and they choose who will play the cards with them.
    The shrinking of the message in the form of continuous festivity of friendliness, the collective call to create this very earth the lotus paradise disapperaing into the mundane trafic is a tragedy of our time, something very unique, very motivating has been pushed to oblivion.

  104. Sadhu says:

    Yes, Shantam, and Osho say: “If we use all the means that are available then one man can do so much in his life that was not possible for Buddha and Mahavira to accomplish in twenty five lives. Buddha and Mahaveera were helpless. They worked hard with whatever little means were available. But it will be a sheer nonsense to ask someone to go through the same hardship. Today, many means are available and they can all be used. One man can do so much in his lifetime that he won’t be able to accomplish without these means even if he lives for four hundred years. So, we have to think about using all those means. ..’-Osho
    The Call of the Eternal
    In a way mahavir and Buddha are more succsessfull than Osho????

  105. Lokesh says:

    Sadhu. Why bother weighing up who is more successful or less successful? Anyway, how, in this instance, do you define success?
    Perhaps one of the grestest obstacles to Osho’s work reaching more people were put in place by Osho himself. People are still discussing what happened in Oregon and what the general public read about what took place there does not leave Osho in a positive light. It is as if he deliberately set out to put people off. The Rolls Royces were a good example of what I am driving at. Those cars made him look ridiculous, because it was ridiculous.
    Sannyasins can use double speak to rationalize what Osho did i.e. ‘Osho did not want disciples who could not see past the Rolls Royces’, which is completely delusional.
    When you think about it on a global level, over thousands of years religion has caused nothing but trouble. Have any of them actually done any good? Our history is one of one atrocity after another, I don’t think it could be any worse. Today Islam is rising and the Christians are mobilizing. We don’t need a new religious leader. Osho must have been aware of this. What he had to say and offer can work well on an individual level but on a global level….forget it.
    Apart from anything else Osho’s legacy is at best a confusing one and the world is already confused enough.
    Osho taught us much by the carry-on that was Rajneeshpuram, yet still there is infighting by various factions within the current setup. If nothing else this serves as a perfect example of why Osho’s work will never be something adopted by the herd, because the herd needs clear cut directions or else it turns into a stampede into chaos.

  106. Lokesh says:

    PS “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” – Plato

  107. shantam prem says:

    We, the present day seekers are also reflection of our society. Today million times more means are available, humanity has never seen such a prosperity, such a comfort and easily available sources of knowledge.
    But seems like trust, hope, “Ashtha” in life are in decline. Deep down we are beliving, there is no existance to take care of us. Even many of rich and powerful don´t trust that is why they try to control what so ever they have got, earned or looted.
    Do you think the people who are running the show in the name of Osho, radiate energy and feelings of Trust towards their own fellow seekrers.
    The way we see life, Trustful people keeps the arms and heart open, whereas the doubtful person maintains the poker face, moves in a small circle and hides the hands in the pocket.
    Osho left uswith not just His words but a running Ashram, to make it shrink in any form is not acceptable, it is letting down the higher values of life.

  108. Thanks for kind words ,even if one dosen´t necessarily agree!Never the less,we can always learn to discover!
    BHASKARIOUX-pLease think before and after,you let out any sound, and more over think not to think!
    BASKARIOUX-breath awareness is not something that we should apologise,for asking ones fellow travellers but it comes from depts that only the *fairysaint acknowledges and it´s not about discussion about our prowesses,or about langueech proficiency!
    I clearly express myself oftentimes in away that it often confounds people but soon one will adjust the editing wrights… and soon beyond words,nature and its tech,high or low!Eureka!Thank you,*Osho!
    The *fairysaint dosen´t need to hassle sanyasins with rethoricals “contrapositions”,but only is Her love that is overflowing in our lives and often is not because we are worthy!She the * fairysaint dosen´t need our services!
    *Male-nature,bros can you dance(even ghetto dance!)?
    If not we have no other alternative than to single file!
    *Femenyn-nature thru your “genius”sensitivity lead Us to our inner most river,and by the way, stop the flow that is running underground and make all flow in the surfice,although nothing is lost in existence so the wise speaks…”for all is alright…no loss of energy all is transmutable*”,thru the *Bodichita of Compassion!
    Please all this if poss with alittle chuckle and less seriousness including myself!
    Nature-nature in need of a good,healthy laughter,bring moskitto net until body/mind evolution is required!
    Site,jungle side by the banion tree or better known as “*New Bodhi tree!*”
    PS-I am sorry about the spelling mistakes!
    Osho is our love,
    until then,
    amritlind and Crew!

  109. shantam prem says:

    “Apart from anything else Osho’s legacy is at best a confusing one and the world is already confused enough.”

    Lokesh, can you share few quotes, discourses and acts by Osho, where you find, His legacy is at best a confusing one.

    35 years of continuous speaking and being in the public eyes and using all kind of contradcitove aspects to make the arch complete, somewhere few dots may look as the untidy garden, yet it is the broadest possible garden, i can think about.

    “because the herd needs clear cut directions or else it turns into a stampede into chaos.”
    For these kind of people, every kind of Church offers a clear cut directions. Call it prayer, Vipassana, Dynamic or Who am I, Who am I?
    Simple tablets for the complex mind. If herd think they, are happy with one screw driver for all, let they get.

  110. Satya Deva says:

    Lokesh, your second-last post above summarises things extremely well, I think.

  111. Sadhu says:

    Dear Lokesh, to me successful means, how much his message spread all over the world as it is. Meditation, Celebration, Love, Laughter…when Is ee around may be many people are reading his books…but can not see these qualivties…even in Meditaion Resort, where his message shuold be more alive…we have seen this place with so much love and laughter…and now…look like a dead place…no love, no laughter…NO ALIVENESS at all…and when source is dead than all branches are dead…who put poison in roots….WHO???

  112. Sw prem martyn says:

    You know i never recommended ……(ok i cant remember all the lat 30 years)…… to anyone else to do any group or meditation or visit osho all through sannyas….which i consider worthy of a UN award for keeping your nose clean…..but I do now advise against most of the recommendations for personal development… at least I would advise for and against in the same breath if anyone asked…..
    which seems very non-committal though actually quite fun….and utterly irresponsible…. :)

    still i would recommend Van Morrison….he’s great…especially track 10 on’ keep it simple’ album… ‘Soul ‘…..wonderful… just wonderful (and no its not on you tube…)

    ps if you fancy a shag.. go to humaniversity…..just dont go as a couple to work on your relationship….no dont do that ….go the other way,,,,,any other way…..unless of course you like threesomes….. :)

  113. Satya Deva says:

    Sadhu, I see where you’re coming from, the loss of that extraordinarily alive community…

    But it also strikes me that if you depend upon a community then that’s a recipe for suffering if/when that community breaks down, or fails.

    Perhaps the way things are seems to be indicating one thing: Be a Light unto yourself!

  114. Sadhu says:

    Satya Deva, I know, I know…light unto yourself…I Know…than why Osho has created such a wonderfull place, and Why inner circle, and Why He used to say my people is the only hope…my friend…humanity need such place…where people can go and rejuvenate…His whole life He was very much concerned for commune, He used to say humanity can survive…if we can creat communes all over world…what to say world…only one place where He spent most of his life time…few power hungry killed such place…

  115. Chinmaya says:

    Only a confusion and biased mind will say that Osho confused with his presentation whereas India is divided so much on religion level, nobody can understand the realities. Only in Hindu religions, there are toooo mannny God and Goddesses and they believe all of them, and worship them besides they worship Planets, Fire, Water and much more……

    Osho helps us to remove the confusion, which was previously developed in us by our seniors, elders, teachers and neighbors. Meditation word spread at highest speed through Osho than in the past.

    To maintain the legacy of Osho, is the prime duty of the management of Ashram besides various media and other sources for its propogation. Osho Times Int’l is not suffice and it is not reaching beyond the people of Oshioities.

    Love all………..

  116. Prem Jashan says:

    For a moment, let us keep outsiders aside and talk about the sannysins and people who were connected to Osho. I see that lot of people are off track over the years. Its mainly because we do not do some simple things necessary to be connected. Its my own personal experience when ever listen to Osho on regular basis, or attend a Osho weekend event or a summer festival, my whole being is filled with love and gratitude to this whole existence. When I am not doing any of these things, my mind still says “I love Osho” but my being is not in tune.

    Osho did not give any rules and regulations to follow but it should not be taken lightly. If you keep looking at the milk its not going to become buttermilk on its own. You need start with heating up the milk. Same thing with meditation, it creates the necessary energy to take the quantum leap.

    I have seen people who are off track. I have also seen people who are connected to Osho at every possibility. I have seen some one who even listens to Osho while in the bath room, driving, eating anything that doesn’t take one’s full attention. Everyone need have to do that, but at a minimum certain period of time on regular basis is a must.

    Unless, we do some simple things like listening on regular basis and connecting with other fellow travelers, we easily go off track. In order for silent transformation to happen within, we need to put some action..

  117. shantam prem says:

    Be a Light unto yourself!
    May be i am biased as i feel the same way as Sadhu, may be because we come from the same Indian environment.
    Here Satya Deva and Lokesh also have similarity in the thoughts as they share too, the similar cultural and racial bond.
    It also means, like the head lights of the different automobiles, we human models also radiate different beams of light.
    Still.. there exist a common link which binds us all, the common barometer to check whether light really exist or not.

    As we have seen many times, sometime bulb is fine but its formation is different than the electric points.
    In this context, i have also the firm belief that the two people i always criticise don´t have any malefic intentions, simply their approach is not fitting with the spirit of Osho´s guidelines yet is compatible with prevalent western standards of thinking.

  118. Sw prem martyn says:

    How to communicate and invite ….so as to bring about a heart warming and a charmed life …..

    .the only risk is to risk your sexual emotional life….its all you have as a human being….. and have a master turn you upside down….. if you dont allow for that level of basic interference all your meditations are nice fat wanks… very pleasant and totally without any value beyond your private internal self aggrandizing cheesy life….
    but……… then how many women and men do you really know who have the sensitivity and culture and vocabulary to explore freedom whilst exploring you and themselves at the same time..a few ,a lot… not many?… well i suggest thats why we put our trust in a social format of religious seeking… because otherwise it can prove very limited in a world lacking in regular spontaneous encounters ….. now then

    once upon a time the havelis of old delhi were full of houris and sufi masters who enchanted lovers into states of human and divine intoxication……thank goodness there are still some gatherings/places/events where spiritual vulnerability and integrity can meet….but that is a constant unpredictable…..sticking Osho in front of it is a suggestion….not a guarantee….

    post your top summer venue/centre tips here .. :) .
    good luck and happy summer

  119. Lokesh says:

    SP You request: Lokesh, can you share few quotes, discourses and acts by Osho, where you find, His legacy is at best a confusing one.

    If you look to Osho quotes and discourses for guidance in general there is bound to be some confusion in the long run. Why? Because a lot of what was said by Osho, transcriped and then printed in hundreds of books were responses to different individual’s needs. What is good for one may not be good for another and therein lies the root of what I believe we are discussing.
    As far as Osho’s words are concerned I no longer find them particularly interesting, to be honest a lot of his books are a bit boring to me and there are other people who say the important things he said a lot more concisely. In saying that I do not wish to appear disrespectful. The six years or so that I spent in Poona One are, in retrospect, amongst the most wonderful in my life and I am forever grateful that I attended perhaps somewhere in the region of. two thousand discourses. Because I learnt a lot.
    Osho’s words were very mush of second importance in the greater scheme of things. Sitting listening to his words was what was taking place on the outside. The real thing was happening on the inside…an amazing transfer of energies.
    I talked to Osho personally many times. I can still remember some of the more important things he said to me but it is what took place between us on an energetic level that I will forever treasure.
    I’ve often asked on this blog what exactly do you think is Osho’s legacy, his vision. Very little has come back to me in a coherant manner.
    For me Osho’s vision encompassed many things and was. like the man himself, multi-faceted. When it all boils down he taught that we can all increase our level of awareness and become more meditative in our day to day life. As simple as that. We don’t really need an institution to do that. We are already equipped with everything we need, and remember the sky is not the limit.
    I talked to a sannyasin friend recently who had just returned from India. The last time she visted the shram in Koregaon Park she found that many people she saw there were stuck. Stuck with the same old programmes and a lot of it had to do with sex. Many of us who were with Osho in the early days have moved on to higher ground, where there is no need for a supportive community to live our lives but still maintain a certain level of spiritual awareness in our lives.
    Not to become attached to the finger that is pointing at the moon was a recurring theme in Osho’s discourses. Yet, contradictory as it may seem, he actively encouraged us to worship the finger and he did that by becoming such an attractive and fascinating finger. It took a very rude awakening to wake me up to the fact that I’d become hooked on that most amazing of fingers. That is almost thirty years ago now and a lot of water has passed under the bridge.
    We only understand others to the depth that we understand ourselves. It is very easy for me to see when another person has become attached to the finger pointing at the moon. From my own experience I can say that it happens but sooner or later a time will come when you will look at the moon directly and see that the time has come to let go of the finger and move on.

  120. Sw prem martyn says:

    there’s nothing like nostalgia…
    there’s nothing like energy darshan
    there’s nothing like sex

    and then…
    there’s ….
    being stuck
    …. in an ashram

    Shi Tzu
    Japan 14 century


  121. Sadhu says:

    Oh yes, I am agree, people who are in Asharam….get really stuck badly, most rootan people…more longer stayed, more rottan or we can say…died years back…only corps are there…

  122. Satya Deva says:

    I talked to a sannyasin friend recently who had just returned from India. The last time she visted the shram in Koregaon Park she found that many people she saw there were stuck. Stuck with the same old programmes and a lot of it had to do with sex.

    Were these people living in the ashram, or just visitors like her, Lokesh?

    And In what way “stuck”? Stuck in hang-ups or stuck in the ‘you’re uptight if you don’t want sex with me’ mode?

  123. Lokesh says:

    Stuck as in stagnant.

  124. Lokesh says:

    Ah, Prem Martyn, Shi Tzu, a man after my own heart. His discourses on why plan it are unsurpassable.

  125. Satya Deva says:

    Not sure what you mean by “stagnant”, Lokesh.

    And were they visitors or ashramites?

  126. Lokesh says:

    Lets change the subject, because this one is becoming stagnant.

  127. Satya Deva says:

    Well, you’re responsible for the stagnation then!

    You write something ambiguous, unclear, then refuse to clarify.

    I’m surprised, Lokesh.

  128. Lokesh says:

    You better get used to it because life is full of surprises, not all of them pleasant.
    Joking apart, Satya Deva, I really do feel that this particular thread has run it’s course and really is becoming stagnant in the sense that it does not appear to be moving in a creative direction. But hold on, what’s this? A new thread! Halleluljah! The Mahabarata. Well now let’s see where this will lead us.

  129. Satya Deva says:

    Ever considered a career in politics, Lokesh?!

  130. Alok john says:

    Lokesh, my theory about the Rolls Royces….

    He got them to save the commune from a shoot out by the US government. Americans worship wealth but despise poor people. So there is a terrible shoot out at David Koresh’s poor commune. But US government leaves rich Rajneeshpuram alone.

    Cannot think of any other explanation. Otherwise it is just weird and purposeless to buy 93 Rolls Royces and send photos to the press.

  131. Satya Deva says:

    I thought it was supposed to be some sort of ‘satire’ on American materialist values, Alok. YOu know, taking it to the nth degree, so that it’s all utterly absurd.

  132. Alok john says:

    SD wrote about the Rolls Royces “I thought it was supposed to be some sort of ’satire’ on American materialist values, Alok. YOu know, taking it to the nth degree, so that it’s all utterly absurd.”

    Yes, I know that was what was said. But I find it hard to believe that Osho did not know that 93 Rolls Royces be a barrier to people appreciating his work.

    If you are a world teacher and you think your message is important, why create such an unnecessary barrier?

    So that is why I came up with my theory.

  133. Satya Deva says:

    An interesting one, Alok…

    But weren’t the ‘Rollers’ bought well before the major crisis?

    Maybe just a publicity stunt to get the Yanks to sit up and take notice, draw them in…After all, he was always an expert in ‘seduction’….

  134. Dearest ones!
    Sw.Prem babi,speaks about living dangerously and haven written about it but dosen’t tell where’s writing is !Which wall?!
    Please lets know as all has something to say even when it’s said differently….!
    Please try to meet the fairysaint as she’s the new and old bodichitta of compassion as *Manjury had come to show travellers,in *forests, *jungles and *fogs the way out!
    Remember…Gate gate, paragate parasamgate,bodhy svaha!!!
    Osho is our love,
    Fairysaint is our guide,
    untill then,
    amritlind and Crew!