Sangeet comdemns Letter of Apology to OIF

The previous post was a letter of apology to Osho International Foundation (OIF) from the former Director of Osho Boulder Meditation Centre in the United States. Below Sangeet answers his main points. (Ed.)

Dear Jamie,
This is an open letter in response to your letter (of apology to OIF). I’m sorry to hear that you feel you have been out of integrity in recent years. I always hope that Osho’s people will have the strength and courage to be in our truth, in spite of any opposition we might face.

I understand that after Suvarna was subpoenaed (required) to testify in the US trademark case, and gave completely honest testimony, the people from OIF (the Swiss nonprofit) were instrumental in having all the board members from the Boulder centre banned from the Pune Resort. I can’t help but suspect that this “apology” of yours is really a way for you to get your ban lifted or is a response to some other pressure. By the way, after all the years you spent running the Boulder center with Suvarna, playing music with her, and (she thought) being her friend, you could at least get her sannyas name right in your letter. But then, you didn’t really write that letter, did you?

If your motivation for signing the letter is to get your ban lifted or to get someone’s approval I’m very sorry, because you must feel pretty rotten at some level for letting yourself down this way. On the other hand, I could be wrong, and if you really are sincere, then I congratulate you for coming into your integrity. Osho said we were all His successors but it is very difficult to pull that off. It is difficult to respect people with different points of view, yet I think it’s essential. Osho said this has never been done before, but He believes we can do it. I believe we can do it too.

For myself, I feel very much in integrity with my understanding of the situation. I heard Osho say that he did not want any religion, institution, or organization formed around His work. He spoke of religiousness versus religion and organism versus organization. I understood Him to say that an organization would be the ultimate threat to His work. Disciples at some point down the line always want to become respectable; they always want to be accepted. No one with an authentic religious teaching can ever be respectable, so authenticity has to be watered down. If we create an institution where people have the power to water down or suppress Osho’s real teachings, we’ve destroyed Osho’s work. It might not happen in our lifetime, but it will happen.

I heard Osho say to each one of us, “This has happened to every major religious teacher. Please don’t let it happen to My work.” I didn’t think much about it at the time, but 30 years ago, when I first heard Him ask this, I said in my heart, “Yes. I won’t let that happen.” When the time came for me to put up or shut up, I resisted. I had a life I wanted to live, blah, blah, blah. But in the end I knew I really wanted to keep my promise, and I would continue to keep that promise. (I think Existence listens in to promises made to the Master, and it’s pretty hard to weasel out.)

Near the end of Osho’s life I was working in His library one day when Anando came back from seeing Osho. She said that He had spent the whole session that day telling her why it was important that the Inner Circle and Presidium, which He was in the process of setting up, should never interfere with the centres. He told Anando how much damage Sheela had done to His work by interfering with the centres and said that it was important to the success of His work that the centres be left alone. Maybe it was delusions of grandeur, but I said to myself, “I’ll make sure that never happens again.”

By legal definition, if there really was an Osho trademark, as OIF claims, OIF would be required to exercise direct control over the centres or the word Osho would no longer be a trademark. That means that if OIF really didn’t control the centres and OIF ever wanted to enforce the trademark, it wouldn’t be able to. Without control a trademark would mean nothing. In the US case Vatayana testified under oath, several times, that OIF already actively controls all the Osho centres in the world. She specifically mentioned how she had personally exercised control over the Boulder centre.

Since this is exactly what I understand Osho to have asked us not to do, I have done everything possible to prevent this from happening. If you sincerely disagree, I have no problem with that.

I think it’s important to say that in the US trademark case the three-member board ruled unanimously, in a very strongly worded opinion, that there never had been an Osho trademark. OIF was really stretching to try and create the illusion of one. This is important, because if you aren’t trying to push the river, to create fantasy in the face of reality, then there’s no reason to be angry or vengeful if someone like Suvarna simply tells the truth. If you aren’t living a lie, there’s no reason to fear the truth. And let’s face it, it takes a tremendous amount of energy to try and prop up a lie. What a waste!

If you, the people from OIF, and other likeminded souls want to form some kind of a voluntary organization that will preserve what you think is a “golden” form of Osho’s teaching, go for it. No one is stopping you. Every religious or philosophical faction through time has always believed that its interpretation is “golden,” but that’s your freedom. This would at least be an honest approach to the issue of preserving Osho’s teachings, and there would be no need to try and intimidate anyone else into going along.

On the other hand, if you want to force legal control and your “golden” interpretation on other successors of Osho who choose to be independent, that’s not OK at all. Osho spoke about the difference between persuasion and coercion. Persuade away, but if you coerce, threaten, or bully, expect to find some of Osho’s people facing you and saying calmly, “Back off. This is not going to happen.”

In my understanding, Osho’s teaching is about individuals. It’s a wildfire burning out of control, because that’s the nature of truth. When the individual is consumed by the wildfire, that person’s own individual teaching happens inside. There’s nothing for anyone else to keep “golden.” In fact, there’s nothing that is anyone else’s business.

But that’s just me. If you disagree sincerely and respectfully about this, then I respect and support you in living your truth. I do not respect or support bullying, name-calling, threats, or intimidation.

So, Jamie, if your “apology” was just a wank to get back into the Resort or please someone else, that’s pretty pathetic. On the other hand, if you are sincere, then I hope you’ll continue to stand up for what you think is right. If we disagree forever, so be it. For me the most important thing about being with Osho is to live our integrity and truth—disagreement is not very important.

Sangeet 4/17/2010

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  1. Fresch says:

    Are you all banned? Am I banned? Do i also have to sign these kind of papers they publish to visit resort? Everybody will hate me then. Am I in the middle of cult stuff? No hugging will help here…

  2. Alok john says:

    Sangeet wrote : “For myself, I feel very much in integrity with my understanding of the situation.” Orwellian Psychospeak?

    There is an Indian man in early middle age who has written a book called “Tears of the Mystic Rose.” This man calls himself Osho Rajneesh.
    What is Sangeet’s opinion of this? Would he like to comment?
    No doubt this Indian man would also call himself an “independent successor.”

  3. Alok john says:

    Of course both the ethical and legal arguments depend on the meaning of “interfering with a centre” and “controlling a centre.”

  4. Shantam Prem says:

    People like Sangeet, i feel as fellow travelers.
    Such people need to be the part of inner circle and presedium at the root level of His work.
    Such people need to run not just the centres but the management at the Black House at 17, Koregaon Park, Pune.

    Sannyasins have the right to know whether the chairman of inner circle is like a British Monarch, once for ever or He is like a prime Minister; the tenant for a limited period at 10, Downing Street.

  5. martyn says:

    to interfere, definition:
    Compulsory robe wearing at wh-robe and compulsory 7 pm vids and compulsory dynamic if in a group…all these have been seen in the life of mr osh vision for a free being….and worse… work as worship etc etc…gachamis etc etc…

    diktats from Osho and the top brass and black robers ‘acting out’ the definition of being in your heart or a meditator.. ha fucking ha…
    to keep the spielberg type white light energy levels….boloxxxxxxxxxx
    and integrity levels of minus freezing..
    …Give me jeans anyday..

    If i wanted to be japanese I’d have new teeth too…

  6. Fresch says:

    the situation looks sad…what was a third answer Anand was talking about?

  7. Fresch says:

    but somebody was allowed to play gitarre at the resort….that’s something

  8. Anand says:

    Not to forget that the Boulder Osho Center has a board of directors….jamie was really not that much in charge. So Suvarna got banned too. The real ‘active directors’ are Swami Avinash and Ma Punitama, who immediately ‘resigned’ after they got banned for one day in Pune. But are still the active forces in the Boulder Osho Center. Weird politics, that front people have to take the hits from OI and then have to write these fake letter to be able to re-enter Osho Resort.
    Real centre leaders, who were in with the decisions made in Boulder are still running the center unscratched. And worse of all power politics from Osho International (Jayesh and Yogendra) using the entrance to the Osho Resort as a weapon for their international politics. More you look at the state of Osho sannyasins…more sick you get.

  9. Shantam Prem says:

    You have nailed it, Anand
    And worse of all power politics from Osho International (Jayesh and Yogendra) using the entrance to the Osho Resort as a weapon for their international politics. More you look at the state of Osho sannyasins…more sick you get.

  10. Prem Jashan says:

    How can Jamie’s stand change just by looking at the Osho’s books in Barns & Noble or Border. Its a matter of making more money for OIF. Those new titles in those stores look like they fit the bill of categories like “better living” “healthy life style” and so on. I do not think they carry the mystic aspect and the originality that earlier books of Osho carry. This point was brought up by Dhanyam ( Viha) in one of his postings. Sorry James.. You are very naive ..

  11. martyn says:

    Its a Hoax..

    Following recent scurrilous publication in OHELL magazine of private correspondence the management of LOve LIfe and Stifled Laughter wish to make clear the following

    There has never been a policy of asking for apologies to obtain solicit or generate an improved public image.

    Despite a flurry of exchanges demanding that Revisionist Party Cadres toe the Party Line the management wish to make it clear that

    1) Nobody owns a laptop in the Resort and so no such apology could possibly have been typed beforehand .

    2) Although a crack team of Up the Garden Path therapists was despatched to the scene of said apology, no evidence was found at management level of anyone having the slightest interest in undergoing anymore therapy, even for free.

    3) Photographs of people posing with apologies are being seriously investigated near a boulder somewhere in a detention centre , or resort.

    4) The head of the detention centre has denied claims made to the press that any fellow meditators or party cadres have been excluded from the party…. unless they bring a bottle and some chips to share..

    4) Further proof has been supplied from the mothers of the so- called apologees that they will keep a watchful eye on any further so called apologies or trick or treating after the 1st of April ,from their errant three strikes and you’re out children.

    5)Archive material said to expose the main apologists in systematic apologising with film dating back to Fred Karnos Circus Routines in1901 with clapping seals are infamous.In fact one detention centre insider claimed a lot of people had it in for him Quote ‘Infamy , infamy they’ve all got it infamy.

    Full details of this apology can be found at http: you’re banned

    Osho’ s last words on the subject were ….his last words on the subject.

  12. Swami Detective says:

    If I have an issue with the Pune resort, they say it has nothing to do with them, and direct me to OIF. OIF politely replies and says it is nothing to do with them, ask the Pune resort.

    Get this though, if I get in a bit of a scrap with OIF, then all of a sudden I am banned from the Pune resort. Keep in mind that the Pune ‘resort’ is the central hub of the Osho movement. You become known as an outsider or and outcast, and so you have to go off and find new friends. Maybe those friends are nastier than the ones you were not permitted to connect with.

    If you think that is pretty convoluted, just wait, cause theirs more. OIF fraudently trademarks everything imaginable to do with Osho by omitting the fact that he is not just a made up name like “Coca-Cola”, but a real famous historic spiritual figure. Of course when the trademark ruling went against OIF, we had Sadhana (the resort spokesperson) blasting the US ruling. She said that they were treating ‘Osho’ as if it was a name like “Coca-Cola”. It is precisely because ‘Osho’ is not something like “Coca-Cola” that the ruling went against OIF. It is precisely because OIF made the presentation that ‘Osho’ was a name like “Coca-Cola” that it received the trademarks. Talk about cultish screwed up mentality!

    OIF needed to demonstrate that it had ‘control’ over all the ‘legitimate’ Osho centres in order to progress in its legal monopolisation. So it simply stated, and under oath, that it had ‘control’. Then, once it gained legal standing (with multiple trademarks for example), it sent out legal contracts for all the Osho centres to sign, such that once they signed this letter, OIF effectively had ‘control’. So then if I ask OIF, hey you guys have the copyrights and trademarks for Osho, but do you have control of the centres. OIF will say yup we sure do, and here is the legal documentation to prove it. Talk about a cultish screwed up mentality!

    The vision of Osho as unfolding under the guidance of Jailesh and Amrito is for all to see at the Pune resort. A key element in the platform is a no-nonsense Zen style approach that seeks to weed out devotional elements that could lead to the formation of a religion. Yet numero uno Jailesh holds a deeply devotional view of Osho. He reckons that even people that have never met Osho can get fully in touch with Osho (the being), and need no help from all the fake gurus and priests (and I suppose mental health professionals too). At the core of his belief system is a deeply (if not extreme) devotional position. What about all the other people like Vatayana and others who have worked tirelessly day and night for the last two decades. Would you not call them great devotees? Talk about a cultish screwed up mentality!

    What about the monsoon when all the water stations were closed because the drinking water contamination problem was first recognised? I know, lets do nothing and wait until the end of the monsoon such that then the drinking water stations will come clean anyway. Once the rains have stopped the micro-biologist does her tests….hey look, the drinking water stations are all clean. Wow, the problem has been fixed, and it cost us nothing.

    Hey but what about that annoying engineer that first identified the problem and forced us to shut down all the water stations for weeks on end. I know, let’s make up a bunch of nasty lies, and then kick him out. But what if he responds? Ah no, he is just a dumb gardener, and anyhow why would he respond, he is always in silence.

    Next monsoon the drinking water contamination was worse then the last time. Gee, lucky that damn engineer didn’t come till after the monsoon. Still he looks like trouble, and he just wrote a damn report that Amrito received (and in general agreed with). Also he started this DDOS campaign. I know, let’s threaten him. Ooops, that only made him send more DDOS’s.

    And now, here he is at the Pune resort front gate with a water contamination report. I know let’s get Dhyanesh and the security team to bash him up. Damn he’s still here, and even though we continue to threaten him with the security team, and with our other friends outside the resort. Let’s try and bash him up again. After the second bash up attempt the engineer in a dazed state wanders into the Osho garden, only to be met by a guy with a knife.

    The engineer is in a bit of shock after the clash at the front gate, and so only notices the guy with the knife just a metre or so in front of him, along a narrow isolated section of the garden. The blade is open, but not fully. The engineer stops abruptly and says…hey what’s this (pointing to the knife). The guy says, oh, and closes the blade. He than says he was just oiling it.

    Wad da ya reckon Freschee? That engineer should do a bid of pillow bashing don’t ya dink? Yup he is a loser! Good that they banned him! Shoulda dun a bedder job of bashen im up I reckon. Makes all the other banned sannyassins want to come to Pune and go for a walk in the park doesn’t it! Seen or heard any signs lately? Nahh, the place is just like heaven, and hugs and kisses all round.

    News was coming in thick and fast last year about the threat of Islamic terrorism. The resort touts that all is well, and come all yee faithful. Yet when the German Bakery was blown up what did the resort do? Well, everyone (other than Dhyanesh and Jayesh) meditated for an hour or more, and then it was decided that the best thing to do is throw a party! When Dhyanesh and Jayesh were asked where they were during all this, Osho beamed in a message to Amrito to tell everyone it was a special Inner-Circle secret. No comment! Yet, come all yee faithful! And come they shall say’s Sadhana cause they love Osho. Huhh, you kicked out all the Osho lovers a long time ago! Of course all the cult leaders and followers are still jostling for positions.

    Sheela and Gang Orange people Cult™
    Jayesh and Gang Maroon people Cult™

  13. prem bubbie says:

    Money, money, money, money!!! Control , control, control. I want to be accepted…… Ego trip…. What else to say…. you can argue all you want…… Stupid Fuckin’ head trip… a bunch of sorry ass losers and posers… next !!!!

  14. martyn says:

    dear Bubbie nice to see you back……

    Im surprised you found that quote above from Osho, from the Book of Nothing..Man was he burnin’….Still I guess they’ll never re-print it as that old style fiery master jive has gone out of style.Good to know the truth is out there. Swap you for a copy of Streisand’s ‘The Way We Were’

    Ive heard everything changesbut bubbie himself ‘, still if you’ve got any Ep’s left , put them on the deck its great to hear the old tunes.

    Gotta go now …need to take cover… incoming !!! Duckkkkkkk

  15. Fresch says:

    In normal world when parents dye, children start often fighting about the heritage in the courts. As we all therapy junkies know, it’s not about money, but love and hurt feelings.

    This is a clearly siblings fighting; good thing is they took a step from courts and are writing letters now. So, the next step for the more mature one (who can emotionally afford to it) is to set up a real meeting for shorting thing out. So, let’s see if people can open up hopefully.

  16. Fresch says:

    If you are a healthy older brother or even a healthy parent, you do not need to humiliate your younger siblings, and of course a mature parent does NOT humiliate the children.

    If limits are needed, there are loving ways to do.

    So, which one of the parties do you think is more mature?

  17. Kranti says:

    ” For myself, I feel very much in integrity with my understanding of the situation ”

    ” when I first heard Him ask this, I said in my heart, “Yes. I won’t let that happen ”

    ” Maybe it was delusions of grandeur, but I said to myself, “I’ll make sure that never happens again.”

    Here we have the savious we had been waiting for ..Osho’s legal heir.. If she can think that she has the duty to stop certain things happening then what about the people running the show far .. why they dont have a right to think like that?

    So mcuh for self delusions.. Surely we her as fellow travellor ..Otherwise we will not know where we are…

    I opened this thread with so much anxiety , expevting great reply to the previous threa.. alas.. all she could come with up is ..

    ” I can’t help but suspect that this “apology” of yours is really a way for you to get your ban lifted or is a response to some other pressure. By the way, after all the years you spent running the Boulder center with Suvarna, playing music with her, and (she thought) being her friend, you could at least get her sannyas name right ”

    Poor guy Jamie .. he couldnt do more harm

    Now what about purity of Osho’s work.. she has the perfect answer

    ” There’s nothing for anyone else to keep “golden.” ..

    So go ahead .. ask few of those fundamendalists to interpret what Osho said and do further damage.. anuway we cant keep the work golden

    ” In fact, there’s nothing that is anyone else’s business ”

    Then why the hell you guys drowned so much money in a ten year court battle

    Finally a great finish

    ” But that’s just me. If you disagree sincerely and respectfully about this, then I respect and support you in living your truth. I do not respect or support bullying, name-calling, threats, or intimidation. ”

    This shows what these guys were up to

    You can call yourself credible , someone with integrity , saviour of Osho etc etc

    Infact is she aware Osho had a medicine for that ? It was called awareness.. knowing how our minds work?

    Of all the threadss this the lowest quality thread we have seen.. I just a show of what I think , what I feel , what i blah blah

    No wonder the guys running the show dont feel like responding at all..

  18. Fresch says:

    wow…the real people are hiding…from all parties?

  19. Shantam Prem says:

    Osho had a medicine for that ? It was called awareness.. knowing how our minds work?…

    This medicine is for the sale only.
    The sannyas organisation, which know so much about the mind is a victim of its own shadow.

    Kranti, i can understand your position or any one who has not lived with the people there for years.
    Videos create very good visuals. Love songs sooth our heart and when these things translated into reality should create the zestfulness for the life
    We were so much behind the mind and it seems it has attacked back with Vengeance.
    Still, the way it is, the hub of His work still radiates a air of tranquility and superstition free atmosphere.
    And i am of the firm opinion, once this Patriarch mind of Pontiff is put aside, onecan see not two three five people passing through podium with reverence but thousands.

  20. Shantam Prem says:

    wow…the real people are hiding…from all parties?

    who are the real people?

  21. Kranti says:

    I still have not recovered from this statement

    ‘ If you disagree sincerely and respectfully about this, then I respect and support you in living your truth ”

    Please sincerely and respectfuly disagree with me..then i will support you in living the truth

    Oh Dear .. even Osho didnt come up with something authoritative like this

    Why am i desperate to see this Sangeet? Truly somebody

  22. Kranti says:

    ‘ Kranti, i can understand your position or any one who has not lived with the people there for years ”

    Shantam.. Just a question wuth due respect to you..

    I do understand that people who lived with the people have an advantage..If it is true, then what about people who lived so close to the Master himself.. if you are going to use ‘ living closely ‘ as a pre-condition for understanding what is happening then it will defeat its own purpose because by logical extension Jayesh and Amrito can claim to bemore right as they were closer to Osho..

    If one cant trust guys who were close to the master then why should one trust all the sangeets who lived there?

  23. Lokesh says:

    This is a particularly uninspiring thread, but the whole gang is trying to make the best of it, so here’s my euro’s worth.
    Sangeet writes very well but I sense a smattering of holier-than-thou with a dab of preemptive striking mind gymnastics. Swami detective has competetition. Perhaps they use the same grinder for sharpening.
    That poor woman who wrote the letter of apology sounds completely lost and, more importantly, very guilty. Although holding the higher perspective, Sangeet does little to rid the woman of her guilt. Oh yes, there is all this talk of integrity (newspeak) but little in the way of actual compassion.
    As I said on an earlier blog: Sannyas was once about the politics of ecstasty, now, as in this case, it is about politics,
    The thing about politics is that it attracts stupid people. They are stupid because they desire to have power over others as opposed to having power over their self.

  24. martyn says:

    Mass Apology Sweeps Cult.

    The Catholic Church has become involved in asserting its trademark claims over mass apologies currently reaching epidemic proportions in a new age religious sect .

    The current strain of the pandemic Virus of Apology (ImVSry1) has affected many seekers’ experience of reality claims the church. A leading Bishop declared :
    ‘ I thought we had Mass apology trademarked and under control but it seems other cults are getting in on the act’.

    No need for ALARM.
    The current strain of the Virus is a mild recurring white Anglo- Saxon one and requires no attention, and it will just go away by itself claims a top doctor.’
    ‘ This self replicating Apology Virus has simply reproduced itself from a latent tendency to say sorry whilst queing at bus stops and asking people the time… it is not the full blown Latin style Mea Culpa and self punishment apology.In fact many people confuse this Anglo-saxon virus with the earlier ‘Whine flu’ or Wingeinga Wingeinii which has no discernible effect on anyone and is marked by recurring complaining of disgruntled seekers.

    Thousands of confused seekers have however been apologising furiously to each other over the last 24 hours. Scenes of shocked panic came over hundreds of devotees as they realised they had been seeking through no fault of their own and now had to apologise to no-one in particular .

    One distraught Ma was seen running up to men she had never slept with and apologising for not offering her services sooner.

    Therapist have been offering to apologise for a fee, and profiteering from others suffering. Police are investigating.
    One Therapist dared to quote Osho saying he said what she said but better than she said it ;
    ‘ He never apologised for anything and just enjoyed the show ,so we thought that it was OK to be just like him even though we are not and haven’t even got a big chair ‘
    According to the Union of Therapists union leader (Pune) Ma Satchit Ansi:
    ‘ Generally these sorts of problems are sorted out by everyone sleeping together regularly and if you Really Love each other you’ll even arrange a new date for your man every week.Then he wont need to apologise because as always with meditators its your fault anyway for not growing ‘Whats an apology anyway?

    Current immunization programs against apologising are woefully insufficient claims the detention centre management ” If every one wanted to apologise we wouldn’t have enough resources to cope.Please stay home and be your usual unapologetic selves and just get over it alone, in the blissful watchfulness of the eternal silent doo dahh ‘If you feel the need to apologise have someone else do it for you….but remember to say
    ‘ sorry to bother you but would you mind getting me an apology from the resort, as I’m unable to enter the place as i have been banned three times for faking Whine flu’

    For further Info and updates contact

    The Tony Blair Centre for Apologies and Forgiveness
    Pentagon Villas
    Vatican City

  25. Lokesh says:

    Whine flu….I like that.

  26. martyn says:

    The more incapacitating Virus ImVrySry2 has been around longer than the dinosaurs and is mutually infectious…and affects the heart of both apologisers…..

  27. Shantam Prem says:

    Let me try to answer with my experience, cultural conditioning and honesty.
    For the west may be it is a New thing to be with the master.
    All the richest, powerful and trend setters countries have Christianity as a base. Jesus and God and that is it.
    People in Europe may not go into the churches but the Church in every village is still the central point from cradle till grave.

    Indians have their own version of Jesus; Rama and Krishna etc.
    If former is the son of the God, others are mentioned as God himself incarnated in Human form.

    I come from the Sikh family. The founder of this movement has put the whole stress on the concept of Master, the guru, the man who leads you from darkness to Light.

    and somewhere this belief has creep ed in that how so ever you work yourself, Master´s blessings, his gaze, his presence has the alchemical power to fasten the ripeness.

    So when Osho´s books came in my hand, simply was the feeling of breaking free from the gravitational forces.
    And He himself has said many times, about the importance of the Master.

    I was 20 at that time, first year of law course with 75 rupees of pocket money per month.
    And when i saw the photos of the people at Pune 1 and rajneeshpuram, i wanted to be like them. Not in the company of Diplomats, Lawyers, Bankers but the disciples who are in the presence of the living master and my own religious book is telling that even if you have to die on the process to reach master; it is worth it. What to say about selling your land or house to finance this journey.

    Just imagine, i was not able to be with the company of other Osho seekers. My heart would have crushed me for eternity and by with them, have i got the Miracle pill?

    Yes… the miracle pill i have got and that is even if you give the blow job to the Master, still you will be you and No master can offer you the growth, love etc. like a 3 G mobile set.

    And it is a poetry that being closer to the Master you become better and more tolerant. And i am sure even Hitler would have done the same things in that political and social environment of arly 20th century after months of Dynamic.

    And i am utterly thankful to Osho because His mystery school was not a band aid for the human ego but a living laboratory to see the NAKED TRUTH around.

    So now after living in that enviornment for decades, i see no special aura for those who were interacting with Osho on day to day basis and therefore they could understand Him better than the others.

    And between you and me is not that situation that i am drained out and you are fresh.
    But there is only one difference, you still think people who run business corporations are motivated by the basic instincts, those who run traditional structures are living in closed cocoons and people who run resort are better than the others, and also for the reason they were the chosen few.
    Here comes the point.
    ‘ Kranti, i can understand your position or any one who has not lived with the people there for years ”

    And without doubt and without claiming to be enlightened kind of thing, i cannot be more than a simple Chai Wallah in a set up of Google Inc. BUT if i am one at the hot seat of 17, Koregaon Park, the people will get best of their time and money than what Jayesh; Amrito or new kid in the block rajneesh can ever do. People carrying their burden of vanity simply drown the ship.
    Why so?

    because the life has not corrupted the Indian small town innocence in me and i had the privilege to be with the Master but not this much that i behave like the saviour of the Master.

    People like Jayesh and Amrito were there for decades because of their special job offers. Normal sannyasins were there for the sheer joy of being there.
    Therefore what it true for me is for other thousands too.
    Few from these thousands with diverse backgrounds should be in the management board.
    Those who stayed too close to the sun cannot see any more with glasses and without.
    Let me not write the names of these.

  28. martyn says:

    thank yee kindly Lokesh

    Och Aye..
    thought yee’d disappeared over the Brae…

    Ah doo ma beest… :)

  29. Swami Detective says:

    Here it is, twenty years of throwing tanties is gonna be solved in a monsoon long group at the Osho Resort in Pune. The Chairmen Mao inspired compulsory de-education group, called Anti Tanti Neo Nanno Osho Hanky Panky shall primarily be conducted in a cloud of total secrecy in the third basement of the Auditorium by none other than Black Robber Fresch as a Truolip, with the aid of ground-cutting insight from Hapless Helper Krackpot Kranti.


    Miso soup made from freshly contaminated drinking water, complete with oversized glowing green insects from the resorts very own organic farm.

    Please note that someone has stolen the ownership rights of the farm from the Pune resort, and so therefore the organic insects cannot be guaranteed to actually be organic. Check for further details.

    To wash down your miso soup there will be an endless supply of top-shelf spirits, complete with ice from the resorts very own contaminated drinking water.

    Morning Therapy:

    Encounter of the Rugby (Football) Scrum-packs. For the “orange-shirts” we have Keerti and Swami Rajneesh as front-row forwards, and Neelam as hooker. The rest of the pack will be made up of everyone from Viha and Boulder that has not changed sides by the start of the encounter. Of course you are free to change sides once you pack in for the scrum.

    For the “maroon-shirts” we have of course Dhyanesh and Jailesh as front-row forwards, and Amrito as hooker. The rest of the pack is of course a secret because it will comprise the unknown number of anonymous current Inner-Circle members.

    I have yet to work out which side Abhay is on, so will have to get back to you on that one.

    Tomorrow night during White-Robe I will announce the detailed functioning of the event. Please note that this may change if I get a directive from Jailesh to shut up.

    Lunch: Same as breakfast, but with more alcohol.

    Afternoon Therapy:

    Tantra for the Tanties. Please note that for this exercise you can still wear your orange or maroon shirts, but, as you will find out, there is no need for excessively burdensome undergarments or chastity belts. If you would like to go deeper with your soul-mate she/he is also welcome to join in the affairs.

    If your beloved chooses not to participate, let me here take the special opportunity to assure him/her that your purity of spirit shall not be compromised in any way.

    All exercises shall be carried out in the sewer….oops, mountain stream that runs through the resort. Warning: Do get totally carried away with the Tantie Tantra exercises because this aids the process of toxic sludge….oops, Himalayan minerals seeping into the underground water table. From there the delicious mix of Himalayan minerals goes straight into your miso soup. You will then find the miso soup much more filling.

    Actually I just have word from Doc Amrito that what I previously said about him announcing detailed functioning in White-Robe tomorrow night actually never happened. You got it, the details have been dehypnotised from my memory, and you can no longer read what I previously wrote on the subject (as you have also just been dehypnotised).

    For the next twenty years or till the start of the monsoon (whichever comes sooner), there will be no further comment, not even to comment that I did comment and then deleted the comment, or even to comment that that may also have been a comment. Oops I better shut up else Jailesh will be giving me a few comments of his own. Please note that that was not actually a comment, it was rather, a mild indiscretion, based on a rare crack in my powerful field of awareness. Ahh that’s better, I have just re-tuned in to Planet Osho’s vibe.

    Dinner: Same as lunch except with more alcohol.

    From dinner we will go on a pub-crawl that alternates between the Blue Diamond and the O-hotel, until we either pass out or it is time for brekky.

    Finally, the group shall end when the last of the mango rains has complete flooded all the neighbouring residential estates because the sewer….ooops, mountain stream has been blocked by an unusual combination of foreign particulate matter and Tantric Tantie participants.

  30. martyn says:


    nice..! made me laugh out loud too for free….how dya do it !

  31. Swami Detective says:

    Ah yes, that would be for ME

  32. Lokesh says:

    Shantam Prem: For the west may be it is a New thing to be with the master.

    Well…actually it is not a new thing in ‘The West’, its been going on for ages. You need to get out a bit more or at least educate yourself by reading some books apart from Osho publications. That is, if you want people to take what you’re saying with more than a pinch of curry powder. Curry, by the way, is Scotland’s national dish. This whole east, west thing is starting to sound a bit old hat. Things are changing fast on Planet Maya and we are now living in a – haven’t you heard – a global village.
    There are now just as many Hindu and Buddhist images in Europe as there are in India. In some places more. Here on Ibiza one of our local restraunts is called Bambuddah Grove. There are more Buddha statues in there than in Bodh Gaya. All this talk about India being especially spiritual is wearing a bit thin. There is nothing spiritual about poverty, yet India’s streets are still full of it. Oh yes, you can still sense Buddhas’ footsteps in India, but you might well have to shovel a pile of shit out of the way to actually find them. There is nothing spiritual about being Indian.

  33. Kranti says:

    ” “If you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinion for or against.” – Osho

  34. Kranti says:

    Good post Lokesh.. I liked that Planet Maya..

    May be Osho can pour some dynamic medicine over the entire planet in single shot from above.. Dont know what His plans are

  35. Shantam Prem says:

    Have i ever endrosed this image,”There is something spiritual about being Indian.”

    I will be utterly glad if west find the call of their soul with the gurus of their own land, who atleast understand the ground realities.
    Crowling on the knees like orphans before Indian gurus, as if west has become Haiti!
    My prayers are that west produces its own brand of gurus.
    This is one of the reason i admire Kalinidi etc., they back their cookies from the wheat produced in their own land.
    Fuck the 25 centuries old stories about Buddha, tell Irish Canadian Jayesh and British Dr. Amrito to sell their kind of spirtuality to their kind of people.
    Let us see the results.

  36. Anand says:

    Loksh, that poor woman is Swami Vidroha Jamie…..and sannyasnews now continue with this episode and add the complete story: Bhagwati from Bali published Jamie’s and Sangeet’s letter in her group email to friends and got attacked by Swami Ramarshie, a business man from Australia, who is a former insider from Osho International.

  37. Anand says:

    Shantam Prem: check out Kalindi’s website. Cult, cult, cult…..

  38. Kranti says:

    Yes Shantam..take a look if you have not done so like Anand says .. they have a photo of God also..

  39. Lokesh says:

    Great! This blog is turning out to be a good laugh afterall.

    Anand, loved this line: A former insider from Osho International. Sounds like a line from the Financial Times or maybe it is just a sign o’ the times.

    SP Have i ever endrosed this image,”There is something spiritual about being Indian.”
    Ehm…well as a matter of fact….ehm….YES!

  40. martyn says:

    Hey u guys :



  41. Fresch says:

    I hope OFI, OIF, Osho or any mO on is NOT the centre of you life, but YOU. Get the fucking life! This is a good lesson; do NOT leave your studies, jobs, girl/boy friends etc. for this cult stuff. You can meditate anywhere.

    By the way, I was witnessing a rich family company’s (owner’s are on Forbes’s list) fight about similar things – a family member and a central figure in the fight – just got robbed by Romanian beggars on the street in the middle of the day and hospitalised. He lost only 130, Euros, but the body is bad. So, if I were these sanyasins fighting, i would not play with these energies. It does not help to hide from your self. It goes for all of us.

  42. Lokesh says:

    Fresch. I would appreciate a clear explanation of how people go about hiding from themself. You see, I’m not convinced that is really possible. Perhaps this is my misconception. Please clarify. You warn that this goes for all of us and I’m worried that I might be doing this.

  43. Fresch says:

    It seems to me that the people – from both sides of this fight – are hiding behind people who are writing here FOR them (so, I am not talking about you). I was referring all of us to remind my self (!) to read my own postings too (=to become more aware of myself). I will not go to details, the ones recognize it concerns.

    I like more your east/west discussion. Lokesh you have very good points, this Scottish curry is fanny story for me to remember. But Shantam, its true Indians are very beautiful in some special way (horrible in an other way too) with meditation; there just seem to be very natural way of being passionate about religiousness. I love it (the positive side of it)

    I really like this blog, even it’s a bit too much some times.

    Anand, You really give the BEST and REAL information :) thank you.

  44. Kranti says:

    I cant hide me from myself because there is no I, no me and no myself.. hahaha

  45. Fresch says:

    oh, martyn, I really like your perspective…why should we be so serous about this cult stuff.

    Pls detective, i am interested in your points, but I would really like you to discus OTHER things ALSO!!! Anything.

  46. Fresch says:

    kranti, you are sweet, but there will be a lot of experiences of life to come…or happening. what to do but live life.

  47. martyn says:

    Japanese claim better apology technique shock.

    If you want to get ahead learn how to apologise profusely said Swami Fukuoka

    Teams of Japanese scrapers and bowers have been asked to provide the Resort with extended training replacing the planned Path of Love feelings-awareness-based training to an apology-scraping based one.

    One resort insider claims they realised a lot of people were banned from the resort after some had refused loving reminders.
    Now those very same people have become a business resource . Banem and Grovel the ad agency representing the resort said in a press release …We never thought apologising was a marketable commodity until we met our Japanese dentist friends, who really shine out ( especially under flashlights at night).They offer replacement sets of bright white teeth for all April subscriptions on the new :
    Osho Apporogy TLainings.

    Warning only devotees able to walk backwards should attempt these techniques.

  48. martyn says:


    Im sorry that…
    You know it wasnt that I..
    I mean…

    Words are so difficult when …..

    You know ever since i first blogged i always thought that….

    I mean when you , i mean when I…

    Wow have you seen the stars tonite…..

    Im sorry I have to go I’ve embarassed myself .. I apologise to you to the resort to the Universe……

    they say its the other side of blame…
    sweet tender apologies…

    lighten the load on the heart…

    By the way Fresch … i love the way you meditate… asking yourself about us all about you ….its such a long way round but so….how shall i say.. so inclusive …. :)

    love…. the long way round :) a new romantic novel set in Blogland by the acclaimed german authoress Countess Fresch von SteinerSchule


    thanx …enschuldigen sie

    & .see you at the vegan meeting then?

  49. prem bubbie says:

    Sannyasins and wannabe’s alike will fight and complain about anything and everything… Nothing is good enough for you creeps, yes creeps, what better way to describe a bunch of spoiled rotten, white and brown trash, you float around like drift wood and turds on top of the surface of a pristine lake. Complain/bitch about this, about that, who is trying to screw who out of what and where and the reasons why, who’s trying to control this, deny that, ban this person or that group… Pretty fucking pathetic.. Then you have the trolls hanging around this site with nothing better to do… Shantam Prem/ Slum Dog Wanna be a Sannyasin is just one example… He seems not to have a life outside sannyasnews… How about getting a girl/boy friend and get laid? It’ll clear up your sinuses for sure… Maybe get a job as well… Fresch… why are you on here so much.. tired of being a rotten mother? Anand… as the anus turns.. so much for that creep… Lokesh… wishing it were Pune 1 again.. stop your daydreaming and get with the program.. your old Pune days are over…. Ibiza? Continuing your law breaking ways from Pune 1? Lay of that Xtasy it’s frying your brain, or what’s let of it…. To the Boulder Center crew… If you guys were in charge of that place, no wonder sannyas centers are all screwed up… Yes, Osho is right, the mind– that bottomless pit, it can never get enough drama and conflict…the energy sucking vampire… To bad osho didn’t title his last set of discourse…”My Sannaysins: The Vampire Chronicles”. Bram Stroker, move over!!!

  50. Anand says:

    anyone seen the Swiss Osho movie (GURU) yet? I heard it is really negative…
    no wonder with Sheela and Shiva as their main actors.

  51. martyn says:

    Prem Bubbie…

    ….dammit Sarge we got low flying shrapnel tonite…
    ..and Vietnamaste to ya….get some rations in f’ the long haul .. could be a rough blog…
    (ping ping ping takataka )

    …..and Sarge if I dont make it, would ya send this letter and photo of me back to ….

    ( takatakatakataka ping ping)

    Sure son, i’ll make sure she gets it….

    ……No Sarge
    (ping ping)
    to the Doc, Sarge ..its an apology….

    (crash thump)

    Sure son , to the Doc….

  52. Fresch says:

    hi losers,
    bubbie growled up from garbage bin; did you spill your last beer on the floor while gulping down the last sausages? Detective, get you ass locked in the nut house with kranti shouting the megaphone (to him self): watch YOUR SELF ( HEAR it, wood head).Shantam, you are giving us this picture of lonely writer of osho lover while actually I just saw you partying in your friend’s video; what a fake! Anand, just do the fucking path of love as you are told, or give them the money. Lokesh, you are resentful with sanyasins, so go chill out poonaji people …not fun?martyn, your friend should take you out (with or without their dogs), go for a walk, long walk.

  53. Fresch says:

    Martyn, you ask apology (try on your knees) form your girlfriend and your therapist for ranting 30years old back graph. First ask if you can participate in his primal groups 10 times while she can do alone (!) his tantra groups…in freedom. Then perhaps you can learn from her.

  54. martyn says:

    fresch dont leave like that…

    you said you’d always…..

    you said that you were no longer interested in superficial virtual relating with words ….
    that you were ready to go deeper

    what about the vegan nut soup i made just for you….

    with whole walnuts in their shells.. and sauerkraut…
    i was thinking of you when i made it….lovely sauer-kraut

  55. Fresch says:


  56. Fresch says:

    did you do your apology trip? I think you have tortured your girlfriend so much, that it need at leas 50 Ave oshos as well

  57. martyn says:

    Fresch I was wondering… that you’ve gone public about your desire to grow with me….could you just show me the on your knees position one more time…yes the hands open in prayer mudra… ready to receive…..eyes closed (no peeping) just ahhhhhhh…….

    thanks fresch… oh sorry have some kleenex.. i thought you liked meat….

  58. Fresch says:

    20 primal groups

  59. Fresch says:

    dynamic 50 years, no talking, 100 Ave Oshos

  60. martyn says:

    fresch i really have to go.. im chatting elsehere too .. sorry..


    primal primitive ones…

  61. Shantam Prem says:

    bubbie growled up from garbage bin; did you spill your last beer on the floor while gulping down the last sausages
    and one can see the cum of some friend flowing out of his synonmous of donkey.

    Bro, you are still one of us. World is a oneness university.

    PS. it is not about oneness university of some south Indian Bhagwan.
    and for those who think, if something is still missing after O from OSho the P from Shri. Poonja ji and Kalindi was just aa Babe of some lesser known god Gurusana, try this south Indian guru. I have heard something happens, so beautiful as if G spot in the crown chakra gets stimulated.

  62. Shantam Prem says:

    Lokesh, this is for you.

    Santa- Do you know what is the secret behind Indian´s happiness?
    Banta-Yes. Indians celebrate every second hour,” Wow! electricity is back.”

  63. martyn says:

    nice one shantam ..

  64. Anand says:

    hey, brainfart CIA agent Bubbie is back. I wonder what happened to him….
    maybe he spent a few weeks in jail…up north in Seattle? His foul language has improved, but he is mortal, like us.

  65. Swami Detective says:

    Papa BeenAddict the Sexteen, after a long lonely 24 hours since leaving the inHumaniversity, has fallen again into street fighting and has beamed a message to Korruption Kranti to slot in another misuse of Osho quotes.

    Papa Jailesh and O I Forgot that Osho was not a coke-can has systematically done the same think with a global publishing campaign. As well, in order to get the trademarks for Osho-Qoute (a new fizzy drink and extremely tasty ideology), O I Forgot that they didn’t have control of the global network of Osho centres. With improved branding O I Forgot seized control of the Osho centres through a Love of Utter-lying. O I Forgot suddenly forgot that they had forgotten everything they made up to seize power, and now they rule Planet

    Of course O I Forgot will forget they can wield as a weapon the Osho Resort in Pune (the spiritual home of hundreds of thousands if not millions of authentic seekers) unless it is that they remember to forget they forgot, and therefore have you randomly banned.

  66. martyn says:

    i think we should all adopt each others writing styles… just to get a new slant on the same old….

    and become that unitary consciousness….

    which we all have declared we revere and love so much..
    we could play Guess Who this is…..

  67. Anand says:

    Fresch, why should I hand over any money to the Path of Love people? A cult is a cult is a cult……..Miracle of Love is a cult and Path of Love is the Oshonized version of it with lots of Christian values embedded….no thank you Fresch. More likely I will visit Bubbie in Seattle and do a Brainfart session, visiting the shadow world. Hey Bubbie…wanna have a date? It is getting hot in Florida,….ha ha ha

  68. Lokesh says:

    Anand.,,,,,,,anyone seen the Swiss Osho movie (GURU) yet?

    It is released on the 29 April. It will be a good laugh, if you enjoy dark humour…What else could it with Sheela and Shiva in starring roles?

    Much more exciting is the soon to be released, ‘Prem Bubbie Unchained’. I’m not a great fan of horror movies but this promises to be a bit different, The script is based on a real life character with an extremely repressed personality that bubbles over and posesses a person who is pretty much your average guy next door. Bubbie begins to project his repressed personality onto almost anyone he comes in contact with until thr whole world becomes a living nightmare for him. There sre supposed to be some amazing special effects in the film with scenes of Bubbie morphing from an uninteresting man on the street (Played by Tom Hanks) to a Godzilla-like monster destroying everything it comes in contact with. I’ve been told that the story has a happy ending. In one of his rare moments of sanity, Bubbie falls in love with the girl next door and lives happily ever after. Of course it is a cliche but apparenntly it is so bad it is good. Can’t wait to see it. I’ve already ordered my 5D specs.

  69. Shantam Prem says:

    Let Prem Bubbie does not beocme a whiping boy.
    All against one makes my heart ache.

  70. Lokesh says:

    SP Prem Bubbie is probably a masochist who loves to be whipped. So, no need to be worried. You can say ten hail Oshos for Bubbie just in case.

  71. Fresch says:

    Prem bubbie is an ex CIA agent who is stil trying to destroy sanyas

  72. martyn says:

    shantam… no lets do that to fresch.. whipping girl has more added volume and makes my dick ache and throb

    hey fresch please don’t stop the attacks now we’ve only just begun….

    shall i tell you where to aim (for the insults)

    have you heard of joan rivers she uses female body parts to show you the way to divine laughter…much better than kalindi….

    did you know kalindi rhymes with dead cunt ?

  73. Fresch says:

    I am having divine laughter here reading your low quality posts

  74. martyn says:

    you missed on that one…but i did too
    looks like some of it went into your eye…

    but im touched by your simple germanic invasory qualities… how delicate…

    your love is like the birds’

    the doves
    the nightingales
    the cuckoos

    and now
    the swallow

    good girl …all of it …mmm …daddy loves you

  75. Shantam Prem says:

    Martyn, Can someone read your fantasis on the sites like Literotica.
    Whiping a girl is not part of my imagination but whipped cream over the honey, Mantra music in the background and a simple candle.
    May be for you this will look like poor man´s version of, “Path of love”.

  76. Shantam Prem says:

    Yes Martyn, you have the knack of writing erotica.
    I am sure next main character of your story will be called Fresch and i hope Fresch herself is waiting for your extensive story.

  77. martyn says:

    Fresch this is insult meditation….

    you need to borrow some?

    apparently it takes seven generations for the crimes of our forefathers to be forgotten….

    but if you want to send a letter of apology, can you re-address it to
    Path of Lav und meditatzionen und arbeit macht Frei
    C/ o Proletarian german bourgeois who married a big nose
    Ma Turaluralura

    Ps Your public remark about Tim Guests mother I found so forgiving and therapeutic..Im glad you know the meaning of timing after all your therapeutic work

    so with the same intent…im sure you understand how to approach the death of ;


    When woman was named….
    God called her genitals….
    ‘a cunt’

    how surprising that form and function are the same in some words ?

    love kisses and cunts


  78. martyn says:


    shes the only girl here…

    thats why i’m being nice to her

    must go…
    i need to have a divine wank.

  79. Lokesh says:

    fresch: Prem bubbie is an ex CIA agent who is stil trying to destroy sanyas

    Oh dearie me…well…we all have our problems, don’t we?

    Please try and avoid getting sperm in your eyes. Apparently the little blighters think eyeballs are ovums and start burrowing in.

  80. martyn says:

    anyone got some bugs bunny videos

    thats all folks……..

  81. martyn says:

    the technique here folks is that old familiar one

    Being Total


  82. Shantam Prem says:

    Even though Fresch is the only woman here, I hope you will also think her as a brain not just a body.

  83. martyn says:

    oh shantam

    i knew
    James Bond was there somewhere…..?

    I don’t do hope….even figuratively…
    .i trust…
    knowing the Germans, they usually come back for a fight !

  84. Fresch says:

    I have lived a lot of male energy since for a while; meditate mostly with men, work only with men, work super male project, meet men friends at free time…talk here with men..act a bit like a man with my woman friends…It has been very creative process, but i am waiting to integrate it some time soon.

    It’s true there are no other woman here, but Anand and me; where are chetna, garimo…there has not even been other woman here, because the nature of discussion has been so aggressive. However, today i did realize I do not bother to fight with you (I tried), it feels like relaxing. So, pls some female writers, can you come and give some softer standpoints, stories and energy here.

    Lokesh, bobbie, CIA agent, is in love with Anand, could not let go of her and is still stalking her here after all these years (since pune1).

  85. Fresch says:

    Lokesh, you do not know everything, but in short; Bubbie was send to Pune1 by US government to find out about dangerous Indian guru. He pretended to be sanyasin, but fell madly in love with Anand. She found out about it, rejected him…and here we are, resentful CIA agent still trying to give it back to her.

  86. Fresch says:

    Now she said she could have a date with him…that’s just to distract him away from here.

  87. martyn says:

    Ahh Uberfresch is back….

    u know vy its so agressive hier cos u haf nott ritennnn vun jok about yurself since appearing on ze blogs….

    typicall for a jerman und tipicalische for ze fantasist ideologue und tipcalische for ze control voman to build ze groth prozess fantasystucke spiele …in ze korners of herr mind…
    dont forgett tu criticise ozzer muzzers wizz ze ded kinder allso my hidden named scared uberfresch

    while u protagonise ze benefits of somezing zat u haff neverr experienceddd ozzer zan being a non rebel amongst rebels…..
    in ze arsen und licken of ze hierarchies mit de sabotaging surrenderr of ozzers libido to higher fantasist forzes mit de sabotagen primary school zerapy sprache…wizout living ze intimassy und fun as ze definition but ze Growthh in ze bourgeois playgrund of yur fucking bitch Kuntindi.. …maybe also she vas not goot mozzer vatt u zink?

    sieg yahoo…

    ( u see ze jok yet? )

  88. Fresch says:

    martyn, go meat… (I have heard it makes you less aggressive)

  89. martyn says:

    u can have the last vord

    and the last vordd is


  90. Fresch says:

    yes, i am failing it badly…huhhuh..a bit scary.

  91. martyn says:

    zerr gutt noww ve see ze use of language … growtthh und prozess und scarey…und gutt mozzer und hiding ze name…..acchhh fresch ze holl story is zerrr….

    .butt zat is yur verzion of relitee… zerr is no objectivv for ze ozzerrrs to maintainnn…. nott ifen if yu vant to koll it derr herzen…..zerr is nuzzing to followw….. evan as ein masterr plennnnn…

    und if u inzizt on corporettt behavurr u vill get corporal adolf reply…

    now Eva lie down un zink of ingland, i need laff…..

  92. martyn says:

    and if u vant gutt recipe for meat eating chickkn…

    first stuff ze bird up ze arse with big handfist… and pull out her inzides….
    zen split her leg ofnung and eat her holl…use teeth to rrip open flaps off skinn.

  93. Swami Detective says:

    Interview in the case of Swami Detective versus Jailesh, Armedrito, Dhynamite, I’l Drag You Outta White-Robe With My Hand Over Your Mouth Yogendra, Mookuss, and Gang.

    The Osho dissidents were planning a mass rally on the 19th January.

    On SannyasNews we have Keerti saying that he heard that many Westerners had planned a mass gathering. He also sounded like he might round up a few locals too, and have a little combined street dance party. Abhay also was planning a book release of his compilation of recent SannyasNews gossip, with the location likely to be outside the resorts front gate. Sounds like quite a scrum pack.

    So it looks like there might have been a bit of a party planned for the 19th January. Anyone at the resort feel threatened by this? Nah, you guys never heard about it, and you don’t have anyone that keeps tabs on SannyasNews.

    Now I am well aware that you planned nothing in the face of the threat of terrorism. But what about this Osho death celebration anniversary. It looks to me like it could turn into a revolution. You didn’t much like Abhay at the front gate with a detailed Water Contamination Report that anyhow isn’t that much of an attention grabber. Of course you created the attention by trying to bash him up. That was not very intelligent on your side. Think it attracted any attention? Now Abhay might have a book that has much more content and is quite catchy. It is also contains much of the ugly truth of what has been going on at the resort.

    We have the potential for a mass gathering of dissident Westerners, and also it looks like Keerti might be mustering the troops for battle too.

    Interview Question 1: Did you guys plan anything in response to this potential threat on the anniversary of Osho’s death? I know you would have heard about it. What did you do? Any special meetings? Any general strategic, or perhaps tactical responses planned? Did you inform your friends at Pune police cop shop? Try and spin a few lies and get them on your side (that is the ones that aren’t already)?

    Now I have not heard of any mass gathering actually happening in opposition to the resort. Did it happen and the media missed it? Did it happen and it was just Keerti and Abhay? Losers! Where was Swami Rajneesh? So if nothing happened, I suppose your plan gets wasted doesn’t it?

    Interview Question 2: What did you guys plan in response to a possible mass gathering of opposition supports on the anniversary of Osho’s death (sorry, losing the body)? Did you hire a few more guards for the front gate? Did you by any material to fortify the resort entrance for example?

    I suppose if something did transpire you would be holed up in the resort. That doesn’t sound like much fun.

    So Jayesh and Mukhesh both were holed up in hotel rooms in the recent Mumbai siege. I suppose that would not have been much fun either. That makes me wonder, why, with senior managers already having a real life terrorist encounter, did the resort then not seem to respond to the threat of terrorism (late last year), and the actual terrorist bombing of the German Bakery?

    Doesn’t Jayesh and Mukhesh have much say in what goes on there these days? Seems a little odd to me. After what they went through, I would have thought that they would have done the utmost in this regard. Of course Jayesh must have some say there. He got Sudheer to ban the guy who tried to inform the party goers that night what happened just down the road at the local bakery (dissident hang-out). This is very strange, of course just to me, and I am a wacko.

    Interview Question 3: Did Jayesh or Mukhesh have any flashbacks to the Mumbai siege when they heard about the planned opposition rally for Osho’s losing the body anniversary?

    I have heard from a resort insider that Keerti is a terrorist. He even made a kidnapping attempt on Amrito, but fortunately the Pune cops were called in, and Amrito was saved. I have also heard that Abhay is a violent and dangerous person.

    I know you folks from OIF, the Inner-Circle, and Pune resort are all saintly beings deeply devoted to Him. And I know all the opposition supports are bad bad people. I suppose this planned mass rally may have looked pretty threatening? Sounds to me like there could have been a major civil unrest incident in Koregaon Park.

    Interview Question 4: What did Pune resort management do in response to the planned mass rally by opposition supporters?

    Interview Question 5: Anything left over that didn’t get used?

    You might be surprised to know, but I know a little about how business works on the street. When you hire someone it is often times difficult to get them off the books. They keep coming back wanting more money and offering more services. (I read that in a book). I also read about Abhay being threatened on a number of occasions around Koregaon Park. Could have got pretty nasty.

    In one such incident there is a fairly obvious case of likely collusion with Dhyanesh (the one involving the ‘rooms for hire’ rickshaw wallahs that hang out at the German Bakery). Also, as Abhay has stated, the second attack on him looked planned. So it would seem the folks at the resort can plan an attack on one of these annoying dissidents. The attack was also executed to some extent, but I reckon you coulda dun a bedda job!

    Interview Question 6: It looks to me like the guy with the knife that approached Abhay (on a narrow path in an isolated part of the Osho Teerth park) was part of the show. If that is the case, I am just wondering, was he planning to use the knife, but Abhay saw him just in time? Was it just a meant as little friendly threat amongst fellow Osho devotees of Him? You know, just like Freschee reckons, a bit of psycho pillow pampering?

    I know where Abhay was approached by the guy with a knife. I have gone through that location in my mind. Do ya know what? If I planned someone like this, of all the places in Koregaon Park, I would have chosen the Osho Teerth park. Do you wanna know what else? Of all the possible places in the park, I would have chosen precisely that little area. Maybe someone is thinking clearly.

    It seems the resort management does plan things, even things that have the potential to quickly escalate into serious and possibly lethal violence. So it would seem that you great Zen devotees of Him do not just live in the moment. Maybe ya all aren’t real devotees of Him?

    Interview Question 7: Did you keep any additional security guards on the books? I know it’s hard to get rid of them, they are like leaches.

    Interview Question 8: Did anything happen the night of the 13th February, such that when it did you had one of those ahhhh moments, and new straight away what it was?

    Interview Terminated

  94. Anand says:

    Fresch….hmmm, your psychic abilities suck sister, you need to book a Tarot Card Reading training.

  95. Frank says:

    does anyone knows when new osho movie by sheela is going to be release in usa. name of movie is guru .bhagwan his secretary and bodyguard

  96. Shantam Prem says:

    Two thousand years before there was a Jesus and a Judas,
    five thousand years ago; Krishna and the Kans. Around 7500 before was Rama and Ravna.
    Story of divine and evil, good and bad, compassionate and selfish. In the end like in Bollywood movies and disney land cartoons; bad is killed and the good share all the goodies with his Lolita.

    Now is Kalyuga.
    Osho has gone. Secretary and bodyguard will play the main lead.
    Next movie; Doctor & The Length of the Robe.

  97. Lokesh says:

    Frank: The movie goes on national release in Switzerland on 29 April. As for the USA, that will probably take a bit longer. The film will have to be picked up by a mainstream distributor for it to do the circuit in USA. This may or may not happen. I don’t know. I suspect that not enough interest might stop it going global. A documentary film has to be excellent to make it out in the big bad world, I doubt this film will be dubbed excellent my anyone who wields a bit of clout.
    Many sannyasins will support this film by going to see it or by buying the DVD. Ironic really, considering that it appears to be negative sensationalist garbage starring two people who were resposible for generating a lot of nego bullshit within the sannyasin community.

  98. Shantam Prem says:

    May be this video can shed some light on our collective sannyas mind;
    why the patriarchs, the clergy at Osho are more happy to sell the books and crush the Vision.
    In simple terms lack of emotional intelligence from the people who have spend their whole life in cutting the roots of fear and creating highways of love and selling the road maps too; in the form of glossy booklets.

    Will few people get dizzy with the idea that sannyas has a collective mind and patriarch and clergy too?

  99. Lokesh says:

    Shantam Prem: Are you a girl trapped in a man’s body.

  100. Shantam Prem says:

    That is an interesting question.
    If i say i adore girl qualites, will it be implied I am Lesbian!

    I cannot stop listening Osho speaking about feminine qualities.
    Women with a prick in their brain may have burnt his fingers, but the Patriarch have shrinked the reach of Osho´s vision.

    May be because of my Pisces sun( the most feminine in the whole zodiac with all its illusions), i have a natural empathy for the qualities of famme fatale.

    And i firmly believe with this qualities, Osho brand of religiosity has the big scope to spread; if the step brothers of the Vatican clergy dare to integrate the alchemical fire, which Master himself has praised all His life.
    Without this, every Osho centre will remain as empty or full as the beautiful churches, just cut off from the life.

  101. martyn says:

    booyakasha ….!!! u want laugh…

    street cred sexuality

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  102. martyn says:


    animal rights: for all u veggie frens awt dere

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  103. Frank says:

    does anyone when know when the new osho movie will be release in usa

  104. Lokesh says:

    Frank..The movie is scheduled for release in Switzerland this weekend. I somehow doubt it will be released in USA for viewing in cinemas. But you never know.

    Shantam Prem..I suspect someone has spiked your chai with LSD.

  105. Fresch says:

    Anand, very good advice, I will make some changes, indeed.
    For the rest of you, thank you, it has been a pleasure to be here. I had to think through some issues, it’s been very enlightening. I will take my self out from all internet for the beautiful coming summer. So, take care.

  106. martyn says:

    all the best fresch …u r welcome anytime….

    its only virtual…

    so enjoy the summer

    and smiles…

  107. Shantam Prem says:

    Was Noah’s Ark Found?
    Expedition crew in Turkey is 99.9 percent sure it’s uncovered the remains.

    Today many news channels are giving the new details about Noah´s Ark.
    When something is written in the Bible it must be true. After all Bible is Not Rajneesh Bible, who has been rechristianed in new name after the first paper back editions.

    So on the one side we have majority of Christian population who can think to create a new star for the energy purposes but will remain firm on their single and formost religious belief and than we have Christians turned Sannyasins, so paranoid that they protect their Osho from the corruption of religious mind.

    Seems like Osho has become a Baby Osho in the careful nursery of 17, koregaon Park. Amrito and Jayesh as parents taking care of this baby in the Pram and using their best scintific knowledge to keep this Baby as big as Tom thumb and have also instructed to the staff what kind of stories Baby Osho will hear and what kind of music…
    This is the way to protect the innocence of a child from big bad world.

  108. Anand says:

    Fresch: enjoy …I will too, but as in Zorba the Buddha, also the Virtual and the Real…and we might not know which one is which anyway.

  109. Lokesh says:

    Hardly surprising that this thread fizzled out the way it has. But wait….what’s this? Do I detect a spark of life?

  110. martyn says:

    nahhhh i’m on facebook mostly…there’s more music there…


  111. martyn says:

    not enough apologies…..

    (we are sannyassins we’re trained to accept and grow )


  112. martyn says:

    currently listening to LILLY ALLEN
    and FUCK YOU


    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  113. Lokesh says:

    Well I watched Lilly and I conclude that in this world it is definitely a case of different toons for different folks. If you want to watch something completely different you can watch my handmade effort on You Tube.

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  114. Fresch says:

    I am missing you already and i will take a new name and come back when you last expect it. And then I will tell some truths about life. Hug.

  115. martyn says:

    llly allen works on full volume sound system…..

    and lokesh lovely editing and production work on your oeuvre….

  116. Shantam Prem says:

    Fresch, when you miss already the warmth and tease of virtual sannyasnews, how much it can be for the real warmth which sannyasins have generated at Pune.
    You know the taste of that.
    Whether you are from Germany or Brazil whether you live in Luxembourg or London, something vital is missing and Osho has tried to make it complete through our mixed energy, otherwise these things called Meditation, prayer etc. are part of the human life from the beginning of civilisation.

  117. Shantam Prem says:

    When someone refers something here, it creates curiosity to watch.
    Yesterday, it was a street smart interview with an rapper, more than 3 million clicks for Ali G.
    Today this song Fuck you from Lilly Allen has also 3.7 million clicks. i tried my best to enjoy but could not go beyond 1.36 minutes.
    If i am DJ-ing at roofless Buddhahall, i will play every time-

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

    May be we have similar taste in XXX movies, Martyn. Refer one here. The other week, i have read Karl legerfeld´s interview in British paper, and he was quoting his appreciation for people who work in the industry of showing more than the phony emotions.

  118. martyn says:

    shantam ali g is a comedian impersonating a street rapper he also made Borat… humour doesnt always travel..

    and music is also culturally bound…
    however there is no comedy without british humour creating new contemporary cutting edge ‘in your face comedy.’ similarly there would be no music without british american roots music of the last 40years…

    you have to have told your parents/bf/gf to fuck their arseholes to understand anything more than denver..and as i said b4, india has not a single protest song…
    thats why we westerners become all gloopy when we assume another portable identity..complete with miten and premal gloopy soundtracks that go nowhere and mean nothing (love you miten but your new age music is crap).
    and thats why i will never wear a white robe in my life…i dont want it and i dont need it…or the frenz that go with it or the packaging…like u said shantam…packaging.

    (all typed with one finger while eating dinner)

  119. Shantam Prem says:

    (all typed with one finger while eating dinner)

    It means oneshould not provoke your comments few hours later than 7.30-8-00 PM.
    (all typed with one finger while—–)

    “and thats why i will never wear a white robe in my life…i dont want it and i dont need it…”

    Election time in UK and the country fate is being decided by one single word, BIGOT.
    I was not sure about the exact meaning but now when find out, it seems; people who were(are)wearing white robes or who wish not to wear this damn thing again..are feeling perfectly at ease with their bigotry.

    Indians did not have the protest songs but the Indians living in UK are going in this direction too.
    Enjoy the song below.
    If you need translation, ask someone personally.

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  120. martyn says:

    err ….the Lilly Allen song is precisely about bigotry….

    with lyrics this time

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

    the syllogism between not wantin white robes, gloopy music and elections is well worth some semantic investigations…bur yes given a good tune we can make a protest hit Shantam !

    maybe a white robe party ..and a no robe party….
    but not a john denver party… they played him to Manuel Noriega in Panama to force him out of the presidential palace in the 80′s.

    anglo indian culture is much more emotively coherent and the mix is great for everyone….

    I cant help with any more interpretations…ive got pudding now..

  121. shantam prem says:

    This thread and this month too is on the verge of ending.
    So a random quotation of Osho-

    “The Christian teaches surrender to God; God is just an excuse to surrender. It is a help, because it will be difficult for you to surrender without any object. The object is just an excuse so that in the name of God you can surrender. Buddhism says simply surrender — there is no God. You relax. It is not a question of some object, it is a question of your own subjectivity. Relax, don’t fight. Accept.”

  122. Swami Detective says:

    Swami Detective (SD): The following has been cut from the Book of Wisdom and Life’s Mysteries. Surrender is out, rebelliousness is out, reference to God is out. OIF is carving up Osho in a systematic manner to create their user-friendly fake nanno-Osho zen. Jayesh and Amrito are trying to create a mass religion based on Osho.

    Reading the carved up words of Osho will create a bias in your mind, a bias that supports the arguments from Jayesh and Amrito about how they would like Osho’s vision to proceed. This bias is the essential nature of the turning of the tide from religiousness into religion. Of course they will say to you that they are trying to do just the same thing by streamlining Osho and weeding out all the devotees.

    At the apex of Jayesh’s philosophy is an extremist religious notion, and one that he has sought to propagate from the highest to the lowest in his sphere of power. In the clique at the centre of power are people that are deeply devotional in psychological profile. The practical reality is that opponents have been removed through adoption of the concept of non-devotional zen, yet the truth is that the slide into devotional extremism is inherently possible in the central metaphysical position of Jayesh’s, and evident in the explanations and physical conduct of those in power. It is also evident in the systematic manner in which Osho’s words are being carved up.

    SD: So what, is OIF going to threaten SannyasNews for allowing deleted words of Osho. Hahahaaa, what a joke! OIF, 24 carrot crap!

    ….It is only when you can trust the unknown that you can trust a master, never before it, because the master represents nothing but the unknown. He represents the uncharted, he represents the infinite, the unbounded. He represents the oceanic, he represents the wild, he represents God.

    ….That’s what sannyas is all about. Sannyas is going to undo all that the society has done. It is not just accidental that priests are against me, politicians are against me, parents are against me, the whole establishment is against me; it is not accidental. I can understand the absolutely clear logic of it. I am trying to undo what they have done. I am sabotaging the whole pattern of this slave society.

    My effort is to create rebels, and the beginning of the rebel is to trust in oneself. If I can help you to trust in yourself, I have helped you. Nothing else is needed, everything else follows of its own accord.

    ….How does this poetry happen? It happens in surrender, it happens when the part gathers enough courage to surrender to the whole, when the dewdrop slips into the ocean and becomes the ocean.

    Surrender is a very paradoxical state: on one hand you disappear, on the other hand you appear for the first time in your infinite glory, in your multidimensional splendor. Yes, the dewdrop is gone, and gone forever; there is no way to recapture it, to reclaim it. The dewdrop has died as a drop, but in fact the dewdrop has become the ocean, has become oceanic. It still exists, no more as a finite entity, but as something infinite, shoreless, boundless.

    And remember, let me repeat it again: when you surrender to existence you are not surrendering anything real. You are simply surrendering a false notion, you are simply surrendering an illusion, you are surrendering maya. You are surrendering something that you never had with you in the first place. And by surrendering that which you don’t have, you attain to that which you have.

    ….You may be the last generation which has the possibility to rebel. And if you don’t rebel, there may be no more chances: humanity can be reduced to a robotlike existence. So rebel while there is still time! I don’t think there is much time left, maybe just this last part of the century, these coming twenty or twenty-five years. If humanity can rebel in these next twenty-five years, this is the last opportunity; otherwise people will be utterly unable to, their unconscious will dominate them. Up to now, the society has only been able to pollute your conscious mind — through education, through the church, through propaganda — but only your conscious mind; your unconscious is still free.

    ….If you are emptying yourself you will become more and more blissful, because you will become more and more spacious. You will become more and more available to God and to God’s celebration. You will become open to existence and all its joys and all its blessings.

    ….Beloved Osho, What os those who take sannyas in Poona, only to drop it back in their home environment

    Anand Lionel, they are assholes. And they are assholes not because they drop sannyas but because they take it. Their idea is that by taking sannyas here they will gain something, and then back home they can drop it….This is how the mob mind functions. And sannyas is not for the mob mind, it is not for the sheepish mind. It is for lions….A lion, asking such a question?

    ….This is the beginning of real sannyas.

    A middle-aged American lady whose husband had recently died went to a spiritualist to get in touch with him as she was feeling lonely. Contact having been established, she said, “Hello, honey! How you doin’?”
    Honey: “Fine. In fact I’m a hell of a lot better off than I was before.”
    Lady: “How do you pass the time, honey?”
    Honey: “Well, I wake up, make love, have breakfast, make love, have lunch, make love, have supper, make love, sleep, make love, wake up, make love — day in and day out.”
    Lady: “Where are you, honey? In heaven?”
    Honey: “No, I’m a bull in Koregaon Park, Poona.”

    That possibility is there, you can misunderstand me. And there are also others at the other extreme. [Anybody who chooses one part of my teaching is bound to misunderstand me.]

    SD: The words in block parenthesis have been retained.

    ….The fifth question:

    Beloved Osho,

    Why do You call people cabbages and assholes? It seems so disrespectful.

    Anand Swaghat, cabbages are also people, and very innocent people. What do you mean, “It seems so disrespectful?” Disrespectful to whom? To cabbages? In fact it is more disrespectful to cabbages to compare them with men. What have they done?

    Just look at man’s history, and the history of cabbages. You will not find more innocent people than cabbages, they are all buddhas — so silent, so happy, so meditative. And you are saying, “It seems so disrespectful.” To man?

    And what can I do if somebody is an asshole? I am not condemning him, I am simply stating a fact. Do you want me to lie? An asshole is an asshole, plain and simple. And remember, it is perfectly okay to be an asshole.

    But why, Swaghat, are you worried? Are you a cabbage or…?

    ….So, Krishna Prem, the controversies will become more and more. And because I am controversial, my people are bound to be controversial too. Because I am controversial, you will also be offensive, you will also have to suffer. You will also have to be ready to be persecuted in many ways.

    But remember one thing. To live a life of compromise is worse than death. And to live a life of truth, even if it is for a single moment, is far more valuable than to live eternally in lies. To die for truth is far more valuable than to live in lies.

    ….That’s why love, which can open the gates of paradise, only opens the gates of hell….Man is very close to God, the closest. Hence the responsibility and the danger, the hazard, the adventure. You can fall. And what is the fall?…. It is not because you are lower than the birds, it is because you are higher and much more is required of you. It is because you are higher that God’s criterion for you is higher too….If the parents insist, “Cleanliness is next to God,” the children will start living in every kind of dirt.

    ….There is every possibility their love may go deeper than your love, may have a higher quality of intimacy, may have something more of poetry and more of God in it.

    ….Don’t make Wicked Jokes

    SD: The above phrase is a deleted chapter title.

    And, slowly slowly, I will turn the commune into an energy communication….That’s what you have to remember when you come to me for an energy darshan, for a “close-up.”…. When you are in an energy darshan with me, when you are partaking of something of my energy,….

    The fifth question:

    Beloved Osho,

    How can we know the difference between surrender and dependency, not just with You but with all that comes up in our lives?

    Veereshwar, the difference is so absolutely clear that once you have experienced surrender you will never miss understanding what is surrender and what is dependency.

    Surrender is out of love, dependency is out of fear. Dependency is a relationship in which you are hankering for something, desiring something; there is a motive. You are ready to become dependent — that’s what you are willing to pay for something. Surrender has no desire in it. It is sheer joy, it is trust, it is unmotivated….

    ….That’s why it happens to many sannyasins…. Just now Haridas has said that he used to go outside the ashram; now it is becoming more and more difficult to go outside. Why is it becoming more and more difficult to go outside? Nobody is prevented from going outside, but it becomes difficult on its own, because you see so much nonsense — and you have to see it, because it is there; you have to listen to it.

    SD: Here is a reference to the value of being in an ashram. Of course it has been deleted! Jayesh and others argue that Osho discarded the old ashram model, and replaced it with a more worldly (zen) vision. If this is the case, what is the need to hide the benefits of the ashram model? Are such statements now wrong?

    ….In the new commune we are going to introduce all kinds of meditations. Those who enjoy swimming, they will have opportunities to go for a swimming meditation. Those who enjoy running, they will have their group to run for miles. Each according to his need — only then this world can be full of meditation; otherwise not.

    ….The master is one who is not, the master is one who has already disappeared into God….When the disappearance also has happened to the disciple, the first experience is that of meeting and merger with the master — because the disciple does not know what God is, he knows only the master. The master is his or her God….Hidden behind the master’s hands were God’s hands, hidden behind the master’s words were God’s messages….Your prayer is going to be fulfilled in this life.

    ….Beloved Osho, Please explain the difference between a sannyasin and one who is not, yet lives with a deep commitment to truth.

    ….Unless you see somebody who has committed that suicide and still is — in fact for the first time is…. You will have to look into those eyes which have seen truth, and a glimpse of the truth will be caught through those eyes. You will have to hold hands with someone who has known, receive the warmth and the love… and the unknown will start flowing into you….

    SD: Here Osho alludes to the necessity of a living Master. Of course this flies directly in the face of Jayesh’s deep insight into Osho that even people who have not met Osho can get everything they need from Him. This extreme devotional position also demonstrates a religious zeal at the centre of the current supposedly hard line non-devotional ‘zen’ style Osho model pushed by Jayesh, Amrito, and the team.

    SD: Another theme not demonstrated is the seemingly taboo subject of death. Often times there a major deletions when this is mentioned. Hence in the book Life’s Mysteries, we have the following amendment.

    I have heard that your sannyasins celebrate everything….

    SD: More from Life’s Mysteries


    ….Zorba is love; Buddha is awareness. It is easier to grow one, but is far more juicy to grow both together. And if both together can be grown, then the master will not be the last barrier, because in love and awareness you will become one with the master.

    On the path of awareness the master is a barrier. That’s why Buddha said, “If you meet me on the path, cut my head immediately.” That is the answer on the path of awareness, because in Buddha’s teaching there is no place for love.

    There have been schools of love like the Sufis. A Sufi will not agree with this. He will say, “If the master meets you on the way, become one with him.” But if you are understanding my approach… it is a little bit complex, because I am trying that your love and your awareness both go hand in hand….The world has known both kinds of people — the lovers and the meditators — but the world has never tried both together. This synthesis will bring a new kind of man. For this kind of searcher, the master is not a barrier at all.

    SD: It is argued that Osho’s teaching evolved from devotion to zen. The above points to a different philosophical position from Osho about his own teachings. All this talk of love for the Master is not very helpful when you want to kick out all the lovers of Osho.

    ….I am not saying to you, escape from your love affairs: go deeper into them. I help my sannyasins to go into love, because I know love ultimately fails. And unless they know by their own experience that love ultimately fails, their search for God will remain phony.

    ….The difference between a politician and an English lady…

    When a politician says yes, he means maybe. When he says maybe, he means no. If he says no, he’s no politician.

    When an English lady says no, she means maybe. When she says maybe, she means yes. If she says yes, she’s no lady.

    SD: Another recurrent theme is the deletion of crude references to politicians. Other rather crude jokes are also regularly dismissed.

    ….It happened that I was expelled from a college…. I was expelled from many colleges and many universities; that way it gave me great richness. Nobody has belonged to so many colleges and so many universities. In the city where I was there were twenty colleges; time came when not a single college was ready to accept me.

    SD: The entire explanation of Osho being a very naughty boy has been deleted. It is of course bad for the image to reveal such things. Fancy Osho being ‘banned’ from all those universities.

    ….An American, a very devout Catholic, had tried for years to get a private audience with the pope. When his request was finally granted, he flew to Rome, and within the hour was kneeling before His Holiness. Kissing the ring after the pope had blessed him, the man said, “Your Holiness, I want you to know this has been the most inspirational experience of my life. I am deeply grateful. I would like to share my favorite story with you: There were these two Polacks…” “Excuse me, my son,” the pope interrupted, a little offended, “are you aware that I am Polish?”

    “Ah yes, Your Holiness, but don’t worry. I will tell it very, very slowly.”

    SD: It seems that politicians are not the only ones to be appeased through deletions.


    SD: Most of the answer to this question has been deleted. It discusses issues surrounding rebelliousness and guilt.

    ….You say, “I feel like the tiger in the story awakening to its true nature.” No Vasumati, that tiger has not felt anything awakening in him. He has just encountered the awakening — out of nowhere. The tiger was simply looking in the water, seeing the reflected face of the old tiger and his own. He simply gave a tremendous roar and the valleys resounded it. It was not a longing or a thinking or a feeling or a desire — “let us think about it, let us consult a few wiser people.” It was spontaneous, without a single thought. And that is the way to be awake.

    Let your tiger explode into a wild roar. In that roar your false identity with a sheep will disappear, will be gone. It is not a decision by the mind, it is an outburst of the being itself.….You have become a thinker. To hell with all thinkers, just act. There is not much time to think about what is right and what is wrong….I think it is time, Vasumati. Do something, legal or illegal, but do it. Enough of thinking.

    SD: This sounds a lot like Osho encouraging a disciple to be rebellious. Better delete that one, it might create fear of major civil unrest.

    SD: Another theme I have noted is that, in highlighting a positive aspect, Osho first expresses the negative aspect. This can be considered repetitious, and so often times the negative is removed, especially if it has been talked about in general, leading up to the positive statement. It is considered redundant, yet I cannot see how anyone other than Osho can have the authority to remove it. Since he did not in his talks, then presumably he would not have considered it redundant (else why did he use this particular linguistic style).

    ….With an [un]alert mind the (same) energy becomes [violence; with an alert mind the same energy becomes] compassion.

    () added
    [] deleted

    ….My only contribution to human evolution is a sense of humor. No other religion, no other philosophy has [accepted] (attempted) humor as something religious; it seems to them that it is something profane.

    SD: The interchanged words are entirely different in meaning.

    ….You all have to risk, and you have to risk all that you have. And risk it with great joy! because what can be more joyous than to give birth to a new man, to become vehicles for a new man, for a new humanity?

    It is going to be painful as every birth is painful. But the pain can be welcomed if you understand what is going to happen through it. If you can see the child coming out of it, then the pain is no more pain — just as the mother can accept the pain of the child’s birth. The pain is irrelevant: her heart is dancing with joy — she is going to give birth to life, she is being creative. She is making this world more alive; a new child is being born through her. God has used her as a vehicle; her womb has proved fertile. She is happy, in great joy. She rejoices, although the pain is there on the periphery. But when this great joy is there, the pain simply functions as a background and makes the joy even more loud. Remember…

    My sannyasins can become an energy womb, an energy field. A great synthesis is happening here. East and West ARE meeting here. And if we can make this impossible thing happen, man will live in a totally different way in the future. He will not need to live in the same old hell. Man can live in love, in peace. Man can live in great friendliness. Man can live a life which is nothing but a celebration. Man can make this earth divine.

    Yes: this very earth can become the paradise and this very body the Buddha.

    ….It is painful to be purified! It is like taking pus out of your body — it hurts. Although it is GOOD in the long run — if the pus is out, the poison is out and you will heal soon — but it hurts. To take the pus out is painful. But to leave it inside is to help it to grow; it will spread all over your body.

    One can only be ready to go through purification if the desire is so total that one is ready even to die for it if that is needed. And it is a kind of death — because the personality that you have always thought you are will have to die. You will have to drop all that you are identified with. And THAT has been your ego. You will have to surrender all that you have been claiming up to now and bragging up to now; all that has been precious to you has to be dropped as utter rubbish. It IS painful. It feels as if you are losing your kingdom and you are becoming a beggar.

    SD: This is the raw truth of the ultimate search. Better tone it down and make the spiritual search sound nicer.

    SD: There are many other deletions (and additions) in the two texts I referred to.

  123. says:

    We are flying
    Truth we be buying
    To buy out all the lying
    How you livin
    Were you livin
    Were you livin
    It aint got to be like that
    By doing the givin
    It was your own choice
    Scratched up your Rolls Royce
    Every dum friend you had
    Was glad to rejoice
    And turned into a nut
    Trying to make the pockets fatter

    PUBLIC ENEMY-What kind a power we got?

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  125. shantam prem says:

    Swami detective,
    Thanks for sharing the above discourse from Osho.
    May God bless all those who are searching and seeking.