The Delhi Jain Conference: Accommodation block antics

In the latest Viha Connection, which SannyasNews always recommends people subscribe to, Arun tells a revealing early story that says nothing for Jainism!

Osho came from a Jain family so during the early days after His enlightenment, the Jain community thought that they had a wonderful orator who would advocate and spread Jainism.

So the father-in-law of Indu Jain of the Times group invited him to speak at a Jain conference in Delhi, which was to be held for two or three days. All the renowned religious speakers were invited. As per the rules of the Jain community males and females were accommodated separately in different buildings.

Osho post-enlightenment and a draw at Jain Conferences

Osho was not famous at that time and was a lecturer at the Jabalpur University, but he was as outrageous and outspoken as he was later. They introduced Osho as a young charismatic Jain youth,  and said that he was unmarried and celibate. On the first day he gave a very good lecture. In that conference there was a lady professor from Benaras Hindu University.  After the lecture she asked Osho if she could talk to him. She said to Osho that she was very interested in what he had to say and his open-mindedness,  and wanted to talk to him in detail.

But due to his hectic conference schedule she did not get time to meet Osho, who was then known as Acharya Rajneesh. So when she persisted several times, Osho said to her, “Why don’t you come to my room where I am staying, and in the evening when the programs are finished you can talk with me in my room.”

But according to the Jain rules, women were not allowed in the men’s block, especially after sunset. Even today there is still this rule among Jain communities that young unmarried couples cannot meet each other after sunset.

Osho was staying in a two-room suite, and as in the second room a bed was empty she asked Osho if she could stay there and talk to Him. Osho said that if she had no objection, then He also didn’t have any problem with her in that room. The lady was courageous; she brought her bag and settled down in that second room. That annoyed the organisers because it was against the Jain traditions.

So they objected and said that it was not possible. They asked her to move to the female block. Osho objected, “If she is ready and I am ready, then why are you worried?”

They said that it was against their community and would only be bad publicity for the community. Osho replied,
“When we both don’t care about our respectability, then why are you so concerned and afraid?”

The organisers did not agree and forcefully shifted the lady’s luggage to the female block. This made the lady very angry, and Osho also didn’t like it. Osho said to the organisers, “When you spoke of me from the podium
you glorified me as a great renunciate and celibate, now you think that I will lose my celibacy if you leave me in the same apartment with a woman. This shows that you are hypocrites, I am not a hypocrite.”

The organisers said that no matter what Osho said it was not possible to allow them in the same suite. Then the lady said she was personally insulted and she would leave the conference. Osho also decided to leave the conference – and they both did.

The following day the papers published a story with the headline “The Sensuous Saint,” in which they wrote that Acharya Rajneesh had left the conference because he was not allowed to stay with an unmarried woman. In normal thinking this was seriously bad publicity at that time in India,  for Acharya Rajneesh and also the people closely associated with him.

(SN adds: However over the next year more and more people attended, both Jain and non Jain, to the various places up and down India where Osho spoke.  Maybe that is why Osho always said there was no such thing as bad publicity!)



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  1. frank says:

    When Osho first started talking about sex at public meetings,he had to make out he knew about it from remembering it in his past lives so as not to scupper his morality cred in the present and get lynched in the process!

    ‘Past lives’, ‘celibacy’, ‘holiness’, ‘religious speakers’ – a bunch of mendacious, misogynistic pervs masquerading as ‘spiritual’ and holding it together with the threat of mob violence…

    Bow down to that if you like, but watch your ass!

  2. Parmartha says:

    The writer of the Osho Source Book, Pierre Evald, who has to be respected at least for his gargantuam efforts documenting Osho’s early life, says that what Osho offers really is a mixture of Tantrism, Jainism and Buddhism.

    • frank says:

      Academic bollocks.
      What about Taoism?
      Laotsu House/Chuangtsu auditorium and a sense of humour, anyone?

      Jainas have got about as much sense of humour as a monk on elephant tranquillisers in a medieval German Trappist monastery!

    • prem martyn says:

      Great offers…I’m not sure it’s a perfect pick-up line but I’m game to have a go with anything these days.
      “Allo darlin, blimey that Osho, marvellous, I’m very glad he offers a mix of Jainism, Tantrism and Buddhism…er, wait a minute, you forgot your suntan lotion…where are you going? Come back…I…have…a large…Leonard Cohen collection.”

      Oh well, back to the Ayahuasca tea for one ceremony in the Argos tent.

  3. simond says:

    Is anyone surprised that Osho should so quickly find the Jains as limited ?

    The tale is a lovely example of how he overcame his conditioning and background, and sought bravely to find a new way. He did it, and so can we.

    Fitting too, that it was a woman who came to him and was strong enough to go against her communtiy and seek out Osho.

  4. shantam prem says:

    During last 25 years, when India´s economic liberation policies started working; Jains being the business community have seen multi fold increase in their wealth and influence.

    “The Jains have the highest literacy rate, 94.1.% compared with the national average of 65.38%. They have the highest female literacy rate, 90.6.% compared with the national average of 54.16%. It is believed that the Jains also have the Highest per capita income in India. Jain community though very small in numbers, contributes a significant percent of Income tax revenue of India.” (Wikkipedia)

    On a religious level too number of people letting go of mainstream life have increased significantly. Almost on weekly basis i read such stories. It is heart touching to see young men and women choosing the most difficult spiritual path.

    Question is: Do these people have no knowledge that their fellow Jain has founded a new spiritual order where end result is the same but investment is low key?

    Do these people have never read Osho?

    During the phase of checking their committment, do the parents have not persuaded them. “Please read Osho´s commentaries on Mahavira and you will see the religion in a different context. He is the Mahavira of our time. He is one of us”?

    • simond says:

      Shantam Prem,

      Could you tell me why it is “so heart touching to see young women and men choosing the difficult spiritual path”?

      Since when have the nuns and monks of the world ever contributed much at all, except to confirm religious belief and conformity?

      Perhaps you are considering such a path yourself? Surely, if it’s good for them, it may be good for you too?

      • shantam prem says:

        “Perhaps you are considering such a path yourself? Surely, if it’s good for them, it may be good for you too?”
        In my case. i stick with the ‘roofless orphanage’ called O Sannyas, plus my Sikh roots and the timeless values of Indus Valley.

        My path is one of the colour of the rainbow.

  5. Lokesh says:

    Some people like to go out dancing
    And other people, they gotta work
    And there’s always some evil mothers
    They’ll tell you that life is just made out of dirt.
    And the women never really faint,
    Oh the villains always blink their eyes.
    And the children are the only ones who blush.
    And life is just to die.
    But, anyone who has a heart
    Wouldn’t want to turn around and break it
    And anyone who ever played the part
    He wouldn’t want to turn around and fake it

    Sweet Jain, sweet Jain, sweet Jain
    Sweet Jain, sweet Jain, sweet Jain
    Aw now that’s sweet Jain
    Sweet Jain, sweet Jain, sweet Jain

    • frank says:

      I guess the Acharya was a rock `n` roll animal before his time, demanding unmarried ladies in his room after the gig…
      I wonder what the headline in the local rag would have been if he`d thrown a wireless outa the window of that place…
      or driven his Morris Ambassador into the temple tank….

    • Lokesh says:

      Just look at these people. Is it any surprise that they come away with a load of shite about some spiritual bird crashing in Osho’s room? These people are still living in the dark ages. Their relationship to Mahavir is as tenuous as modern-day Christians’ is to Jesus. It’s kid’s stuff.

      • shantam prem says:

        Oh yes, these women are still living in Dark Ages, like Christian nuns. They are not showing their curly armpits, they are not showing their waxed legs and one cannot see panty lines when they try to sit in their white robes.

        Those who could not hold THE NEW feel great pride cursing THE OLD.

        • satyadeva says:

          And you, Shantam, how’s your capacity for holding “THE NEW” these days? Propped up by your ancient Sikh traditions and the past glories of the Indus Valley? With regular doses of bitter resentment for whoever’s running an ashram 6000 miles away from your daily life?

          I bow at your holy lotus feet, sir!

        • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

          What else are you interested in, Shantam Prem, besides “curly – or not curly armpits”, “waxed or not waxed legs”,and “panty lines” of the females?

          And how, I wonder, do you see man´s role “in not holding the NEW and great pride cursing the OLD”?

          In other way questioned: what is YOUR contribution of “holding the New”?
          And what is “the NEW” for you?


          • frank says:

            Waxing is oddly similar to the Jaina practice of pulling their hair out instead of cutting it. Waxing seems to be a kind of neo-ascetic practice where people suffer intense pain in order to get to a smooth fashionable heaven.

            Shantam, to show solidarity with the touching efforts of these young male and female renunciates, you don`t have to go the whole way…you could continue with your ‘low investment’ sannyas, and just get rid of your ‘curly asspit’ by having your ass crack waxed.

            A smooth ass in a new pair of holy chuddies?
            That should be a good karma generator in the view of the timeless values of the Indus valley, surely?

            Btw, for your “rainbow path”, you might need these….

          • shantam prem says:

            Madhu, your direct question is working in me. God willing, I will be able to write the answer, as true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

      • Ashok says:

        “a load of shite about some spiritual bird crashing in Osho’s room.”

        Yes, well, from the wider perspective of a western liberal outlook, it certainly looks like a load of shite that the Malcolm Muggeridges of the Jain world should moralise about what was going on in Osho’s rooms. However, as the Jains had certain rules, surely it was Osho’s responsibility, having been invited as a guest to speak at their conference, to follow them? By inviting the woman in question to his room, and knowing that this action contravened Jain protocol, he may have displayed a rather arrogant streak in his character, considering himself ‘above’ the normal regulations, as opposed to consciously taking a rebellious stand against a dark and primitive social convention, which I suggested elsewhere.

        Furthermore, it seems to me that the fact that no other possible venue was put forward, other than Osho’s suite, is suggestive of the possibility that one or both had sex in mind? In this case, it may well have been the “spiritual bird”! I have met many such women who, although on the one hand appeared to be sticklers for maintaining rigid and conventional sexual mores, quickly transformed at the whiff of an opportunity in the most unusual of circumstances!

        During Osho’s life there must have been many occasions when women presented themselves to him with the intention of sharing their intimate delights in return for a shower of his blessings? Surely, this kind of thing cannot have been uncommon amongst women who were attracted to his teachings, could it?

        In the same vein, I well remember at a festival in Sweden I attended, Hanoverian princess and sannyasin, Turiya, recounting how at one point in her life she had frequently masturbated while focusing on a photo of Osho! This revelation was met with screams of delight and agreeing nods by many of the women in the audience.

        Now, back to the lady professor in question, we are told that she was unmarried and pursued Osho on more than one occasion…Maybe she was a spiritual bird with the ‘hots’, hoping, on one level, to discuss a few ideas of universal significance with the master, but at the same time hoping to set up a situation in which she could seduce him e.g. in the suite. In this respect, I am reminded of a verse from the song ‘Wig-wam Bam’, made by the UK pop group, The Sweet:

        “Hiawatha didn’t care too much
        For Minihaha and her tender touch,
        Till she took him to the silver stream,
        Where she said words like he’d never heard,
        That made him all shudder inside,
        And she said, wig-wam bam, gonna make you my man,
        Wam bam bam, gonna get you if I can.”

        (Supplied by ‘Fish & Chips Newspaper Wrappings’ – ‘down-to-earth’, real reporting served up the traditional way on grimy printed tabloid press paper!)

        • satyadeva says:

          Who could really give a stuff what happened there? Only someone with the gratuitously prurient mind-set of a sensation-seeking tabloid reporter (who, deluded, imagines he’s some sort of ground-breaking, investigative, fearless iconoclast).

          • Ashok says:

            Thank you, SD! Such praise and recognition from someone as yourself is indeed a joy to receive – I think I must be hitting the target! Moreover, my appreciation for encouraging me to follow what you have seen as my true vocation! xxx

            • Ashok says:

              Satyadeva, your public quarrel with my good self here, levelling accusations of delivering inappropriate, gratuitous and prurient remarks, represents a kind of confession, I believe born not out of distaste, but perhaps out of conscious or subconscious desire on your part!

              What about your frequent attacks on Shantam? Inappropriate, gratuitous and prurient are words that come readily to mind at times!

              You naughty, naughty ol’ Satyrdevil’ you, are you a ‘pot looking to find a kettle to call black’ in an attempt to ease your guilty conscience?

              Very naughty if you are, but I’ll still like you anyway!

              With best wishes,

              From Brother Ashok (ever-ready to oblige a friend in need).


              • satyadeva says:

                No, mate, you’re way off target there – too would-be clever by half. And Shantam usually gets what he deserves here. If you can’t see that then, frankly, we’re many miles apart.

                • Tan says:

                  Yes, Satyadeva, he can’t get it, he is not a real sannyasin, and he hates Osho, that’s why he is here, to throw vomits and dirty on Osho. Again, spot on, my dearest.

                • Arpana says:

                  Something of the rescuer, knight in shining armour rescuing the weak; don’t mock the afflicted at play here (on his part. Do I need to make that qualification?).

        • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

          You´re offering some ‘Fish & Chips Newpaper Wrappings’ here, Ashok (1 October, 2015 at 9:15 pm)
          - and we here in Germany have the saying that “fish stinks from the head on”.

          How true.

          And it is not recommendable at all to use the same stinking ´wrappings´ twice, or even more than twice. It´s a question of EQ = Emotional Intelligence.

          Seems to be appropriate for me to quote Frank´s comment at the end:
          “a bunch of mendacious, misogynistic pervs masquerading as ‘spiritual’ and holding it together with the threat of mob violence.”

          Appropriate so far as those kind of people didn ´t die out. Wherever. Obviously.



          • Ashok says:

            Dearest Mother Madhu!

            I do not deserve the grace of your divine and immaculate presence, wretched sinner that I am!

            Was it so wrong of me, I ask, to describe some of the fairer sex as being of a harpie-like, predatory nature at times. If so, I beseech your forgiveness, oh merciful and benevolent Mother!

            On another note, and in an act of symbolic compassionate embrace, I promise I will respond to Brother Malcolm at this trying moment of conscientious reflection and denial for him, by not sending any more ‘stinky fish-heads’ or ‘vomitz’, in his direction in used fish ‘n’ chips wrapping paper!

            Finally, for uttering the ‘bird’ word, I deeply beg your forgiveness. I can only say that I believe that the demon which had momentarily possessed Brother Lokesh, when emitting this vile utterance from his screechbag, had possessed me too!

            Please punish me as you see fit.

            Your Loyal and Most Devoted Brother, Ashok

  6. Ashok says:

    ‘a bunch of mendacious, misogynistic pervs masquerading as ‘spiritual’ and holding it together with the threat of mob violence’

    Very interesting, Mr Frank! Assuming that the threat of violence was a real possibility within the circumstances of the situation related here, or elsewhere in India at the time, how does one then interpret Osho’s actions?

    Firstly, I suppose, it could be argued that he was prepared to be a true martyr to the cause of challenging the cultural traditions, social mores and beliefs of the Jain sect he was born into? In which case his ‘stand’ could be described as being prinicipled and highly courageous.

    On the other hand, let us for the moment assume that he did in fact succumb to the lure of possible sexual activity and encounter, and this reptilian drive is what motivated him beyond all others. In this instance his ‘stand’ might be described as stupid: risking physical harm just for a bonk or something similar!

    Not that this loss of control is uncommon amongst spiritual teachers or others, it seems, as it was reported on a previous thread here only just recently that the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was subject to these kinds of ‘fits’, groping Mia Farrow’s boobies on one occasion, as I recall!

    If the latter interpretation is the correct one, then in my view it would only serve to exemplify the basic humanity of the man involved, provoking my compassion and understanding, rather than ire and rejection.

    We are all only human, after all! Or to put it another way, maybe being a “shape-shifting lizard” at times is part and parcel of our human condition!

    (Supplied by Rooters Ass. Newspapers & Press International)

    • Lokesh says:

      Mia Farrow payed a heavy price for her sins by having Rosemary’s baby and not much in the way of bazoobies. One could conclude that the Maharishi paid for his sins too by not having much to grope. He would have loved Pamela Anderson, but only a God-fearing man like Kid Rock could get his saintly hands on those heavenly mountains.

      Sinners, repent!

  7. prem martyn says:

    Women have historically been treated as chattel in India, obviously. Nuns and nunneries were often the first and last repose for those dumped, unmarriable single women whom religion afforded a modicum of welcome provision. India is filled with the legacy of its land rights and medieval patriarchy which allows for religion to arrange the effects of social privilege and poverty. The co-ordianted attack upon individual identity allows for the mass to be organised by implicit and explicit self control.

    When civic law took the place of religion in the West, social workers et al became implicated in the repetitive contemporary scandalous abuse of British orphanages (previously workhouses).

    Exploitative child labour reflected capitalist values, as opposed to religious ones, which were then subsumed and exported to wage-slavering puppet states of Asia and South America, in pursuit of the governing classes’ self worship and altars of power and lying calculations.

    Osho’s Sannyas has rarely entered political thought or participation at popular level despite initial attempts to radicalise and empower by example, preferring instead to address the nominal vanguard of the self-elected and aesthetically aligned bourgeoisie.

    We may relish the challenge in society but the questions Osho raised have largely been avoided and resulted in addressing the simpler ones of navigating one’s feelings internally to mutual advantage. This has immediate benefits, although lack any composite strategy at large or the use of language to effect radical change in behaviour en masse, which may or may not be relevant in the scheme of things.

    The resources for communising and communing are still there. It remains our responsibility as to how we live and the effect of the ideas we carry. These do manifest over time, with who knows what result. But we do have an effect, no matter, especially together. We are not nuns.

  8. shantam prem says:


    • frank says:

      “standin` on the corner
      suitcase in my hand….”

    • Tan says:

      I don’t get it, Shantam. Do you mean the ladies? I can see 2 ladies in the picture. Each one on her own path….

      • shantam prem says:

        Tan, Read my post and the link therein to understand the mystique of this lady.
        30 September, 2015 at 6:35 am

        • Tan says:

          Thanks Shantam, I missed that post of yours.

          If this change is genuine, the young lady is going to suffer. If this is a way to call attention to the Jain religion, she will make a lot of money. Hope is the second alternative.

          Just my view, anyway!

  9. sannyasnews says:

    somewhere on this string, or somewhere lately, you seem to harp on OshoNews, and desperately wanting them to open up, and create a blog. We dont think this is the first time you have asked them, and we understand you have asked them directly in the past. I wonder if they answered you?

    This latest time, you seem to try and trick them by suggesting a female only blog, as you obviously see that site as run by old style ashram “Mas” who treat the male bottom as a great place to whip, even when they have done nothing wrong! In the unlikely event of them so doing, I am sure you would take on the role of a woman!

    Many of the articles over at OshoNews are actually anodyne, and really to comment on them would involve some work, especially comment they would approve of.

    Sannyasnews is an almost free board, and you have found for sometime a place here which many would say you should be grateful for!

    • frank says:

      You could always put some of their articles up for comment here.
      The so-called prophecies of John Hogue seem quite popular over there.

      egL “In 1139 St. Malarkey set out from Ireland on a harrowing pilgrimage to Rome; upon sighting the Eternal City he fell to the ground and began murmuring Latin verses, each signifying the future destiny of the popes. His words were suppressed for over three hundred years by the Roman Catholic Church, yet to this day 90 percent of the saint’s prophecies have come true unfolding in chronological sequence in 111 Medieval Latin mottoes, and a final coda, that together hide clues identifying the succession of 112 Pontiffs up to Judgment Day.”

      It`s not a million miles from bouncing up and down in a padded cell thinking you`re flying, is it?

      As they say in `medieval Latin`:
      ‘Est unum natus omnen minutum.’

    • shantam prem says:

      Sannyasnews, I am surely grateful for this media and be sure, if it comes on the verge of getting closed because of financial burden, I will be happy to contribute in the trust fund.

      As far as Oshonews is concerned, it is really class of its own, almost an upper class in-flight magazine. Few article writers seems like opium addicted, for example that bearded chap writing World´s finest Bullshit dipped in Nostradamus vague words.
      I hope you reprint the latest shit for my esteemed fellow bloggers.

      As far as comments are concerned, I am sure Oshonews will never fall to this disgraceful challenge. Few media houses like to live in 20th century.

      • Lokesh says:

        Shantam, sorry to mention it, but most of the the other readers have been living in the 21st century for 15 years now.

        • shantam prem says:

          Yes, I know, it is already 15 years in 21st century. I am the incurable romanticist to apply Botox to the Dame who spoiled her looks because of too much vanity.

          Also, I am little slow. I am holding the hand of the old and unrecognizable gentleman, who incidentally is the founder of the sect ruled by his forward-looking offsprings.

          • frank says:

            Osho`s vision, according to Shantam.

            • shantam prem says:

              Yes, this is what Osho Foundation can be in human form. Every religion and cult have performed some kind of plastic surgery over their faces to enhance the market share, sometimes it gives dividends in the long run. For example, Buddha´s statue.

              In Osho´s case, it’s almost Nokia story.

      • frank says:

        Oshonews is not `upper-class`, it is middle class aspirational.

        A VW Petit-bourgeoisie, using tech to pretend to higher emission standards and aspiring to the Rolls Royce haute-bourgeoisie of enlightenment!

  10. bodhi vartan says:

    Lokesh says:
    “Sweet Jains”…

    There are two types of Jains, Digambara and Svetambara. The ones with the hankies over the mouth are Svetambara. Osho’s family are Digambara of the Taran Panthi sect. Digambara ascetics are nude whereas Svetambara only wear a white sheet. To be meditating in the nude is a Digambara practice and the authorities/police had to stop Osho from conducting nude meditations.

    • Parmartha says:

      Just a point of information, Vartan, do Digambara Jain monks continue to live as Mahavir and follow their asceticism in the nude? I thnk it is unlikely, otherwise they, like it seems Osho’ early meditations, would be stopped by the police?

      I guess your authority for the nude Osho early meditations is the Source Book? The dynamic, but not other meditations were in fact also practised nude in the very early days in London at Bell Street and even elsewhere.

      I always imagined it was the then major influence of the Esalen Institute but am glad to be corrected.

      • bodhi vartan says:

        The Digambara monks are still expected to be naked. Just put the word in google/images and you will get the idea.

        Rajneesh was at an early age confronted with death, as his younger sister Kusum died from an attack of smallpox when he was only five years old. At that occasion he was so upset by her death that he not only refused food but also put on the features of a traditional Jain monk. He was at that time impressed by the simplicity of the monks’ lifestyle and he started wearing a traditional loin cloth. When carrying his begging bowl he would walk along the line of family members begging them for food. This way of showing grief and the performance of some austere religious rites were only to be abandoned by the young boy after considerable persuasion. (From the Sourcebook).

        Taran Panth

        Osho (Rajneesh), who was born into a Taranpanthi family, has included Shunya Svabhava and Siddhi Svabhava as among the books that influenced him most.[3]

        • bodhi vartan says:

          (Sorry for the long quotes but they give a good understanding of the situation. What I find interesting is Osho’s use of the word ‘ascetics’ for the meditators. The date is 1973).

          Many government officials were watching closely what was happening during the camp, and they had by now banned the habit of being naked during meditation practised in the previous camps. Bhagwan entered the meeting hall and inaugurated the camp by lighting the lamp before starting his lecture and answering the questions that had been put forward to him.

          “Friends had asked many questions. All the questions are related to the ascetics being naked during meditation, the ban imposed by the government and my accepting the ban. The raising of such question is but natural because my dear friends could not avail the tents that were set in the Scout Ground and were cheaper, where they could enjoy free natural atmosphere. You have to take shelter in costly hotels and guest houses. Again you have to spend money on coming to this place, to attend meditation practices and sermons. You have to go through many inconveniences. But for an ascetic, it is a small test. I am happy that you have passed this test very successfully. I am really very delighted to see your love and enthusiasm.” (Bhed 2006, p. 359)

          So the banner applauding the government was certainly meant to calm down the whole matter. And after Osho had lit the lamp and thereby inaugurated the camp, he commented on the situation:

          “It has been a helplessness for us because of the ban imposed by the government of Rajasthan only two days ago that if we wanted the camp to be held, there won’t be any permission of becoming naked during meditation and if we wanted this facility, then there won’t be any camp. So, the less evil was opted for. The government informed us only two days ago that they would not provide any ground, institution or building owned by the government for the camp.

          Now, ascetics had already come not only from all corners of India, but foreign countries also. Hence, only this could be managed. The camp had been organised in this hotel premises.

          Moreover, government have the right to deny giving their land for the purpose. I don’t find any fault in their order because the land is theirs. We don’t have any land or building where we can manage as we wish and the owners of the Palace Hotel are also helpless. They don’t have the courage to allow us to be naked here in their hotel. It is the question of the business.

          But you please don’t take it like we have changed the process of meditation or we have bowed down to the government. The government have only given us an opportunity so that we can arrange and put our own place where there won’t be any binding.” (Bhed 2006, p. 359)

          The whole affair once again pointed to the fact that a commune without any restrictions from the outside world was very much in demand. Bhagwan went on and concluded his lecture with the words:

          “Moreover, the government have their own anxieties too. They have pressure from the society, journalists, sects and religious leaders, but if we have our own arrangements, no such pressure will dominate…

          Even I won’t ask you to drop your clothes on the roads because you don’t own roads. The others who move on those roads may get disturbed by your act. At the same time I would like to tell the others that they have no right to object if we do so in our own place, or in any lonely place. Of course! I had permitted you to drop your clothes during meditation, but it does not mean that you can do it everywhere. If you take interest in dropping clothes then it leads to opposite direction. It is a separate issue that you drop your clothes during meditation, but if you show others your nakedness, it is entirely a different thing. Showing one’s nakedness to others is a psychological disease. I am not a propagator of nudism, but I do agree that nakedness can be useful in meditation.” (Bhed 2006, p.359)