I began wandering around China…

I began to wander around China in 2007. In those 3 years, I have changed, and so has Osho in China.
Vilas’ story.

In 2007 I began to wander around China to share Osho’s meditations. In a southern city, there was a girl who would come to do Dynamic meditation every morning, she would do it totally and completely. After the meditation she would feel great relief and power, but her daily life became more chaotic and miserable. Finally it became clear that the channel of her energy had not changed. She was accustomed to use her energy for misery. Before she had little energy, so the misery was little. Now doing the Dynamic certainly increased her energy, but the misery seemed to increase as well.

Suddenly aware of this one day, we both burst into laughter. Why we do meditation is far more significant than how we do it!

During that time I thought the only way to show an interest in transformation was not to talk or think about meditation, but simply to do it. In this I imagined I was behaving as an honest and brave warrior. However one day whilst on the Chinese road I was talking to a friend. I found myself complaining that everybody talks but no one takes action, including that friend. . Finally he got angry, I suddenly realized I am not here on the Chinese road sharing Osho meditations where I can simply to quarrel, so I apologised. Then he said:”Most people cannot simply move into meditation, however what they need is not judgement and condemnation but understanding and compassion.” This shocked me as a hit, I thanked him and laughed and changed my definition of growth. Since then if somebody asks me how I measure my growth through meditation? I answer:”The people that once I judged get less and less.”

In this period of wandering I again encountered the fear of no money. I tried an experiment this time – just relax and wait and see. However as the money became less and less, I became more and more anxious. There was an inner tension urging me to do something, but I persisted. Then when the money was almost no more, for some reason I suddenly relaxed! When money decreases to the bottom, it becomes zero, then it cannot decrease any more. The only change for it now is to increase, the question simply becomes when and how. Somehow a subtle peace arose in me, the fear of the unknown changed into a trust of the existence. And soon the money came, and I found the unknown is really a wonder!

Ever since I was interested in spirituality, I thought I was different from worldly people. My lifestyle was courageous and rebellious, they were just cowards avoiding themselves. But when I asked their attitude towards my own lifestyle – they said I was just a coward avoiding living in the world. Amazing! On the surface the way we live was different, but the way we think of each other was just the same! By and by I found what I experienced in my lifestyle, they also experienced in society! It is the same source with different expressions, it should be appreciated and celebrated. The way to be unique is not to be different from others but to be the same as oneself.

Once turning in the road, I met a Chinese lover of Krishnamurti. We had a nice talking and deep communion. This sounds a miracle because the meeting of an Osho lover and a Krishnamurti lover is often a quarrel! We talked of the event when Krishnamurti and Osho,when they were in the same city did not come to see each other. I laughed and said:”These two old guys are so petty,why take it so seriously? But I think the real reason was that they were too old to travel! What they did not do, we have done today.”

And what is my report after wandering where the existence took me these three years on the by-roads and highways of China? … Something of Osho is coming true in China, stealthily and peacefully and silently.

In 2007, the autobiography of Osho—— “Osho’s life”,with 1500 pages — was completely translated into Chinese. Some of his books on Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, and Zen have been published again. There are about 70 ebooks of Osho in the Chinese language available online, and also a lot of his audios and videos. The lovers of Osho can communicate and share with each other through bbs; many foreign sannyasins have been invited to hold workshops in China in an irregular way but it is happening……

Moreover, Osho is not just the name of Osho. To me, he represents the whole of life. Maybe somebody does not know Osho and meditation, but anybody will know life, love and laughter. So the situation here is no longer something to fight or fear but to love and transform.

So for a while I seem to have stopped wandering but it is now in my bones -
“Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived” – and a joke to be joked!!!

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  1. prem bubbie says:

    Osho Says: When you ask WHY- You miss the point. Yeah I know, Another Osho quote.

  2. firend says:

    beautiful vilas, Thanks for sharing.

  3. Punam says:

    Bhodidharma came from India to China and met the king with one shoe on his head. His head not the kings (English can mislead sometimes). After a perfunctory interview Bhodidharma turned around and went back up the mountains deciding none of those people were up to his teaching. He then sat in a cave staring at the wall ignoring all who came to see him except one student who said if you don’t accept me as a disciple I’ll kill myself and here’s a hand to be getting on with, the next will be my head! Alright alright alright enough is enough already, your new name will be…………………?

  4. Punam says:

    I was reading a book about a guy who went searching for hermits in the mountains of China in the 90′s. The officials said they didn’t exist anymore but he did find some living in remote places, living alone meditating. One hermit asked him who this Mao Tse Tung person was he kept mentioning!

  5. Dhanyam says:

    Dear Vilas,

    Many thanks for your most interesting post.

    I am very interested in info/details on the 70 Chinese e-books and other goods. Could you please let me know where I can find this information? Thanks!



  6. martyn says:

    check the link above dhanyam for online chinese books on osho


  7. martyn says:

    thanks to osho bob its his page of course !!


    Osho Books — Chinese
    Chinese simplified characters for chapter 1 of many Osho books, with a link to the
    complete translation of the entire Chinese online book.
    奥修的书 中文 简体 “第一章”

  8. oshobob says:

    good article Vilas.

    Here are the two main websites that have the complete Osho ebooks in Chinese, and more…

    From Taiwan, in traditional Chinese characters:

    In simplified Chinese characters, used in mainland China, here is the site, with the complete Osho book list on the homepage:

  9. Fresch says:

    Prem Martyn/Bubble, I would not recommendent you to start irritate me. I have been very understanding and friendly with you…for a reason; there is less bubble and more martyn these days. Also, do YOU think, it is a good way to approach women with aggressive behaviour (where on earth did you learn that?…) Just see what is happening with you and oshobob and frank…Yess!!! You are becoming friends with them. Wonders are happening in osholand, indeed. So, what can you learn from this? What will be you next step with Anand and me? Can we be friends?

    Welcome all new people, so wonderful to get you opinions among these small mind fuckers. Thank you. Russian osho paradise. Well, very interesting. Very. How about safety, visas etc. ? I do love Russian mentality, more close to me than many others. You have Gurdijeff, soul, depth, and contradictions…perhaps not enough self-esteem.

    Vila, you story is kind of beautiful osho missionary story. ..However, it is missing insights of why are you spreading the message in China. Where are you coming from? Why missionary work, why China? Good luck with life any way.

    Punam, your own experiences are more interesting than osho tarots..Pls, do not get hurt.

    Chetna, do not leave us, more of your stories? How is life now? Oshobob, give some of your wonderful life affirmation tips for us…:) And stop flirting with Russian sanyasins with frank. Hallooo!!! This is serious business!!!

    What is deep insight with you tonight? My insight is…I am not going to live ONLY here and now any more, but make a 5 year plan to grow spiritually, physically and economically.

  10. Anand says:

    Fresch: I am not sure, if you have been here, but just in case here is info from November about Bubbie from Oshobob:

    // Nov 26, 2009 at 7:07 pm
    I would say it’s very possible that prem bubbie is a US government agent, trying to demean the Osho communoshobobity at large by his consistently negative posts.
    I also think he could very well be the ex-Osho sannyasin Sw. Prem Pranama (or ‘Prenama’), who is the son of Jeane Kirkpatrick, the UN Ambassador in Ronald Reagan’s cabinet back in the early ’80’s.
    If you notice in his posts, bubbie is always egging sannyasins to come forward with admissions of illegal or immoral activity. He’s the one who floated up the totally unsubstantiated innuendo of Ma Laxmi and the Pune 1 org of putting forth “ultimatums” to sannyasin Ma’s to engage in prostitution with kickbacks to the ashram or leave. There is no basis for that accusation at all, from the record. Same with the drug allegations connected to the Ashram.
    He wants the Resort to be torn down, not improved. He throws mud at influential sannyasins like Keerti, he castigates all people who want to be connected to any Osho group as being unable to live on their own, etc. It seems like it’s a non-stop barrage of anti-Osho stuff, with no real discernible motivation showing for his destructive tirades.
    prem bubbie was also the one who initiated the anti-Dalai Lama, anti-China posts a few weeks ago in a thread here. Seemingly from out of nowhere. Doubly odd, because usually anti-China people are pro-Dalai Lama. And the pro-China people (mostly the Chinese themselves) are anti-Dalai Lama.
    He is the guy who threw in the story of Jeane Kirkpatrick’s son being a sannyasin at the Ranch, and telling the “unknown” story of why Osho was allowed to leave the US and not be put on trial.
    Jeane Kirkpatrick, for those of you who do not follow politics and current events much, was a highly conservative ally of Reagan in his administration. Her main claim to fame was that she was a staunch and virulent anti-communist. Her tenure as a UN Ambassador for the US Government was basically predicated on that stance. She was also a firm believer in strong and vengeful God, a religious attitude that segued into her hatred of communism perfectly and conveniently. During Reagan’s administration, the Soviet Union (remember the “evil empire” statement), and China were main targets of the pro-Christian, pro-capitalism agenda of the American white power elite. Also included in that agenda was Osho’s Ranch at Rajneeshpuram, which was very non-Christian, non-capitalistic, and non-American too (a multi-national, non-denominational commune, the antithesis of all of Reagan and his associates’ ideals.
    prem bubbie seems to have a very political underpinning to his personality, almost what we call in America “Libertarian.” A Libertarian talks like a wild radical liberal, but lives like a hard-core conservative. Anti-communist/pro-capitalist. Anti-government/pro-individualism. Pro freedom/anti-regulation. etc.
    bubbie’s view of the Dalai Lama (liked him at first, then didn’t like him after awhile), encouraging boycotting Chinese products to bring the Dragon down to its knees, and so on, are all things that neo-conservatives in America latch onto — ideas right up Jeane Kirkpatrick’s alley.
    When I saw that this ex-Osho sannyasin Sw. Pranama had faded out of the Osho world in the late 80’s, and remorphed himself into a supposed reincarnation of a 19th century Tibetan lama, naming himself Traktung Rinpoche, I started to wonder a bit. No one but himself gives any credence to his claim, in fact the office of the Dalai Lama dismisses him outright as having no authenticity to his lineage claims. He goes around trying to get some recognition from the Tibetan community, but it seems it’s non-existent. He and his American wife (also picking up some Tibetan name out of the hat), dress up in traditional Tibetan clothes sometimes, and talk (you can check out his YouTube videos) some fairly meaningless pseudo-Buddhist, pseudo-Tibetan mumbo-jumbo.With his bio of traveling around to many different spiritual groups, including Osho, and now picking up this Tibetan lama charade, I would say I smell a rat. The whole thing seems bogus. Probably Sw. Pranama was a Reagan plant all along, and now has moved on to the Tibetan Buddhist global story, again a cover for some similar agenda.
    So all this begs the questions of why prem bubbie brings up the Sw. Pranama story, the anti-Dalai Lama, anti-China post, the continual harangues against everything in the Osho sphere, his resistance to reveal his identity or photo (he’s says you would vomit if you see his photo, as if you would know him from the past), his relentless demands for more bad rap info on the Osho sannyasins, etc.
    Another odd story, for sure. I could be wrong about the connection here, but there are many similarities. Maybe even they are two different people, with intersecting personas. Anything’s possible at Sannyasnews or in the wild world of Osho. Makes life interesting anyway, no doubt about it.
    Does anyone else here at Sannyasnews have any experience with Sw. Pranama from Pune 1, the Ranch, Pune 2, or his new incarnation? It would be interesting to hear. For prem bubbie, we just have to wait, unless he comes forth with some revealing info on his own, for his true story and motivations here.

  11. sannyasnews says:

    For clarity’s sake. Vilas is Chinese. He first contacted sannyasnews in 2005 and we sent him some Osho books in English. He has kept in touch with us from time to time since.
    We dont get the feel that he is a missionary! Just someone looking at his own growth and at the same time being itinerant in the way many early sannyasins did. And in the same way, sometimes meditating and inviting others to join him.
    Probably a gutsy thing In China. Sannyasnews knows from other contacts in China many are in Chinese jails for their practice of Falang Gong and tortured. Yet Falang Gong is arguably a much less dangerous set of practices to a totalitarian state than the mystical interface of a true sannyasin.
    Even more sinister is the claim on some Canadian sites that there is evidence that Falang Gong members (who look after their bodies well, etc) have been executed and their body parts used to keep ageing communist leaders alive.

  12. Punam says:

    Hi Fresch , A little confused about what you are saying but not hurt, my school reports were always ‘must try harder next term’ or ‘his mind tends to wander’ so I am familiar with this sort of appraisal. In fact your post does read a bit as a school report , especially that threat about irritating you, thats a school teacher threat if ever i heard one! ‘ Be careful laddie, don’t get on the wrong side of me or you’ll live to regret it!’.

  13. martyn says:

    Dilas you write very eloquently
    .Do you teach English on your travels?

    Have u met with Videha or Jivan who offer mainland and Taiwan sacred movement groups?

    and Osho videos are available here:


  14. oshobob says:


    The correct spelling of that outlawed group in China is Falun Gong, not “Falang Gong.”

    ‘Falun’ literally means The Dharma Wheel, and ‘Gong’ is the same character as in the well-known ‘qi gong’ — it means ‘the method’, or ‘the practice’. This group is sometimes referred to as Falun Dafa — The Great Dharma’s Dharma Wheel.

    There are many misconceptions, inaccuracies, lies, and unknown hidden underpinnings of the Falun Gong, as seen from both sides of the subject. Oshobob’s constant mantra is applicable here: Don’t believe everything you read and hear.

    One of the important facts in relation to the Osho world is that the Chinese government White Paper of c. 1998 that outlined the banning of harmful religious cults, was instigated by the Falun Gong phenomenon, but extended by definition to many other groups, including Osho’s. This was the time that Osho’s books were banned from mainland China.

    But I think there is a larger story here, that has yet to be fully disclosed. Don’t be so quick to judge the Chinese government in the negative. The Chinese people have been burned many times in their long history by superstitious religious ideas that have at their core nothing more than the same pseudo spiritual mumbo-jumbo that plagues the rest of the world.

  15. Swami Detective says:

    SIMI and IM and Headley and Karachi crowd all had big plans for Pune. Nice background work complete with detailed video footage of places like Osho Resort, a Jewish center, and key defence installations. It all fits for a repeat of the Mumbai attack. Why then blow up a dingy little bakery that was the central meeting point of Osho dissidents? With all the attention, added security, and investigations, the central plan will be very difficult to carry out.

  16. Sw prem martyn says:

    Lovely atmosphere created there
    Vilas thank you…

    Well Im currently an insomniac so apologies for eternal blogging..(or conversely you are invited to enjoy my insomniacal wanderings )

    And my aphrodisiac is the sound of a well hammered keyboard….

    It’s a secret pleasure which I’ve only recently discovered after being spotted on the ‘net elsewhere by forces greater than myself. and found myself here in the garden of merriment to compose odes and ditties….

    In Vilas’s lovely prose , I am reminded of my escapades amongst the Communists and the derring-do of the Osho sannyassins of ….Cuba in 2006

    .”….surrounded by Commies on all sides they were a sea of marroon robes in an ocean of Red Mist…led by …”
    .(oh well I’ll have to stay awake more to write further instalments….)

    And strangely for an anarcho-syndicalist like me (Durrutti Column Library, Orwell section saturday afternoons) I was even present (gasp) in Osho’s Communism and Zen Fire Zen Wind….series poona 2

    Synchroniceties…again and again…makes u feel Jung and unaFreud…

    oh yes Cuba….wanderings in the mountains amongst
    all the best of that heretical sect which made the world er .consci..no i mean medit…..no i mean er…
    smile and sing
    yes thats it ….

    truly religious experiences….

    smiling and singing and….

    you know them …the consciuosness-raising bunch of hell raisers….the.’ Buena Vista Social Clubbers’ and their evil felon gangsters the Chan Chan super sexy sambaistas.

    And the way of the ve-gan in Cuba…oh yes

    and if anyone is thinking of visiting… drop me a line care of well here i suppose… they have only received two sannyassins in twenty years there,.. and the community is rumoured to be about a hundred strong…..
    I digress…like Rumi ..peregrinating and ruminating around and around…

    The story began with just some idling online, ”Cut price fares to Havana ”, I crazily thought to myself that October night with the rain pelting against the windows of a damp London basement flat…..

  17. prem bubbie says:

    You are so obsessed Anand, admit it… can’t get those insults out of your mind…desperately clinging and searching for a way to get back at me… you got a lot of screws loose dude, even after 35 years of meditating… That’s right, don’t believe everything you read, Fresch… or are you also called Anand? Now to something completely different…

  18. prem bubbie says:

    Oh Fresch- I’m so scared!!!!!

  19. prem bubbie says:

    Vilas a missionary?, can’t be… a sannyas missionary?… is that possible?… You might be the first… in a long line of future Osho missionaries… The NEW MAN HAS ARRIVED!!!!!! Run, head for the hills!!!! Christians beware!!!

  20. prem bubbie says:

    Anand, out from under your rock where you ran to a couple of weeks ago after being outed for being a fraud.. go back to your hiding place where you can obsess some more.

  21. Fresch says:

    Punam, you are right, I was a schoolteacher…:)sorry, and you got me. And that goes to Vila’s story as well. It is dangerous to bring anything to China, I happen to know some real Christian missionaries who work there. The fear is always present. But like sanyasnews put it China has burned it’s fingers many times…it’s very interesting what will happen there. Actually Vila’s story is one of these amazing sanyas karma-how-did-he happen to go there etc.stories. I have heard Dalai Lama to say that he also respects all the economical etc. changes what has happened in China. It is such a huge country with incredible history.

    Thank you Anand. I am often too trusting with people. So, what we should do with these hurt and resentful ex-sanyasins or even CIA agents?

    It is a dangerous relationship to fall in love with a master Osho, yes.

    But if you finish a relationship – like in the normal woman-man relationship – you should then move on further in your life and not stay obsessing your old relationship. You know, bubble, if that is your thing, move on, let go, do not waste your time with your past here. I just heard somebody saying that resentfulness is the same as drinking poison and wishing evil with the other person…so, bubble, only one who is getting more hurt is YOU. I feel sorry for you. If you are doing Tibetan thing, remember to get friends, you need to approach people FRIENDLY (not aggressive)way, be open (not resentful) and interested in the other…well, Tibetans deserve better than you.

    So, any suggestions from other people, how can we help bubble?

  22. Punam says:

    Good morning everyone, the clouds have lifted the sun is shining on me today and its time to celebrate!! Got some heavy wheels to barrow today, good physical work, dynamic you could say!
    Peace and Love dudees!

  23. Fresch says:

    Punam – as most of sanyasin – does not need a school teacher, but you bubble, you need a lot; it must be a story of you whole life; being hurt, reactive and resentful…

    you do need an understanding school teacher, loving and good parents…let them grow in you. It’s time to grow up, you can still do it.

  24. Punam says:

    The teacher announced that the first pupil to answer the next question correctly can take the rest of the day off….at which point prem Bubbie tosses his/her bag out of the open window ‘Was that you Bubbie?!’
    ‘Yes Mam – see ya!’

  25. Chetna says:

    “Chetna, do not leave us, more of your stories? How is life now?”

    Fresch, thanks for remembering me. Yes, I have not been very active; do not feel like interfering into some meaningless arguments. Not my game! And meditations are juicy now for me, and when it happens I chat less.

    Stories!? Maybe one. When I was reading the article I could so relate to the fact that life takes care, it is like an invisible mother, who is always there. As Vila has tried to experiment on what would happen when the money runs out, I have done it unintentionally, hence things were really unexpected. I came to London without any money (got robbed on the way and lost the little that I had saved being as a student) and I literally met people on the street that helped me with everything. I came home once and found cash in my wallet (a person that I’d met on the street while getting directions put it for me there over the coffee while I was in the toilet. He must have noticed that I would never have taken money from his hands, was always too stubborn and free). Once, a friend of a person I hardly knew in our first meeting gave me 1,500 Pounds (and I didn’t ask for it, but I really needed money for the visa). I cried, I was so touched and could not understand why he was helping me. Later, when our friendship has progressed he told me that he had helped me because I needed it and he knew that I would help somebody else when I see that help is needed. He said it is like a chain of help, it will always be there. And I will never forget that.

    It is so beautiful; some people are so pure, they just help you for no reason and get nothing in return. And you do not even ask them for help. Like Osho would probably say it is a La of life, and it is. Life takes care, we are never alone.

  26. Sw prem martyn says:


    Well you wil also know that after coming down from various wonders and wanders , meeting the occasional forced transplant victim , and stopping to remind yourself of what we are capable of…..above and below…. Then you may well need to eat something..
    Taking Osho as your vegetarian guide ,,,in China you’d be confronted with the industrial level gormlesseness and sheer inhumanity of the street level bloodlettiing and downright cruelty that Chinese people have become Galactically legend for.’Unaesthetic’ Osho used to say of carnivores.

    So whilst on the road you’d be at least scrupulously vegetarian, if not vegan .Because as we all seek to promote the Vision we remember that its ‘who’ and ‘what’ we stick in our gobs on the road makes us who we are.

    And as you notice your thoughts and watch them arise you might also watch theirs and tell them what brainless gits they truly are ….or would that be too heartless?


  27. frank says:

    to vilas,chetna,
    and all the receivers of the dharma-bum transmission

    chancing it it with no money.
    testing the trust of the universe….
    betting all your money on the sunrise…
    time honoured road to enlightenment.

    keep that magic bus rolling-further
    keep on truckin`


  28. frank says:

    bodhidharma bum,even…

  29. Fresch says:

    Chetna,Thank you for you story, I love it totally, once again. There is a one valuable insight there that took me years to understand; “He said it is like a chain of help, it will always be there”…(it is not about give and take). Good story, you were lucky chetna.

    Vila’s story is sanyas story in way that sometimes I wonder we are like in an airplane lounge; people are doing all kinds of plans (and actions) to travel to Himalayas, Bali, moving to Israel or Mexico…you start this with falling in love with somebody in China (a friend actually did a whole trip going to live there with her, it did not work out etc), then you start planning buying the house with your friends somewhere in south America, then 3 month vipassana retreat in the mountains, then a commune in Russia … we are strange people.

    I must admit I have tried most of these dreams. It must be because of longing. I read somewhere that Buddha had called collective as sangha, a safe place or communion of people to meditate with other people. When you meditate intensively, you start getting visions based on your longings…the reason I am also here (in sanyas news), in spite of my dear friends in real life, I am no longer longing for a prince to come to save me, but I am longing for our sangha…so, thank you for sharing with me tonight….

    so, the Resort people, pls understand our critics, many of us want a sangha, not a Resort. We want to be people on the path, not customers. Live sanyas life.

    Love to you all.

  30. oshobob says:


    you can start your kosher vegan dietary agenda and tirades with the Dalai Lama….

    When he came to my city a few years back, the buzz of the town was not the content of his speech at the local university hall, but the fact that he ordered take-out at one of the local eateries for his dinner — a big entree of beef cube-steak and the fixins. Said he just loves that beef, he sees no problem at all eating the flesh of once-alive sentient beings — mmm mmm good, beamed His Holy-moly ness!

  31. frank says:

    the dalai lama did try to become a vegetarian once for 18 months.
    during this time he contracted hepatitis and gave it up for a bad job.
    tibetans are non-veg.
    in fact there are some in eastern tibet who dont eat any veg at all.
    the other tibetans laugh at them for spending so long on the toilet.

    oddly enough ,the last time i saw some tibetan monks(honestly),they were near the front of the queue in burger king,looking very excited indeed.

    in tibet they dealt with the karma problem by having muslims as the butchers.

    i think the dl should eat as much meat as he likes,
    i also advised him to get himself a californian girlfriend,too….
    but he never called me back….

  32. frank says:

    and oshobob…
    i sincerely hope that you did the honourable thing,and invited some of those american veggie buddhists round to your place for some donkey-dick soup!

  33. shantam prem says:

    “so, the Resort people, pls understand our critics, many of us want a sangha, not a Resort. We want to be people on the path, not customers. Live sanyas life.”

    Fresch…. This is the only point i can jump in the discussion at sannyas news.
    Those who have seen the beauty of this will always long for this, those who could not, because of any reason will always feel happy that finally they can live in their individual capsules, for sure with a internet connection!

  34. frank says:

    oh fleshchianti,
    you are no longer looking for a prince to save you?
    just when i was planning to whisk you away from all this madness and onto my yacht by helicopter where i was going to sail off into the sunset with you.
    damn it….
    what can i do witht the rest of my life,now?

  35. shantam prem says:

    Will the resort people understand the inspirations of Osho´s people at this age of their life; i am sure about this at least 1 percent and without doubt this is much more than zero.

    I can understand their point too, as the commune life created a hedonist way of life, most of the time meditation was used as a mean to reach some where around the legs area, it means also the pockets in the trousers.
    fourth chakras till seventh all in the service of base chakras, It seems Master, the passionate and compassionate founder was be fooled by the bricks of the sangha.
    It was required to fill the loop holes rather than the old saying, throwing the baby with the basin water.

  36. oshobob says:

    bloody ‘ell frank….

    i was just washing the dishes and i suddenly remembered the infamous donkey d**k episodes of long long ago here at jack *ss news,
    and then i come back to the computer and you’ve put it on already…

    it’s a good thing i was washing those dishes bro’, cuz that would have been 3 times, and that means the ‘frank ‘n bob show’ would have had to commence, with global stops to all the new Osho Communes being formed around the world…whew, that was a close call….!!

    Maybe the Chinese should just mortg**ge all their donkey d**ks, and do some Yaobu’s in Tiananmen Sqaure, and save humanity from destruction, and so on and so forth…

  37. oshobob says:

    Shantam, can’t you see the writing on the wall?!
    We ARE in the process of setting up Osho Communes all over the globe, you dork! There must be one formed in Germany too…


    I bow down to the feet of the Beer-garden Buddha!
    I bow down to the feet of the Deutshland Dharma!
    I bow down to the feet of the Schnitzel Sangha!

  38. oshobob says:

    where do you live?
    we’ve got to get a name for the new Osho Commune in your country, but first we have to know the country, right….?

  39. prem bubbie says:

    Fresch(Shanti), on one hand you say to move beyond the past yet with the other you ask chenta for more stories from the past,… you seem to get your wires crossed often, along with anand and others… nothing about being hurt, just pointing out the hypocrisy, denial and sheer stupidity, of sannyasins, including yourself… take a good look in the mirror Fresch, or can you bare to see your reflection? You guys just can’t take criticism!!! Instead of feeling sorry for me, work on your own shit!!!

  40. prem bubbie says:

    bare=bear — oops!!

  41. shantam prem says:

    Bubbie, why you are behind every body, men and women, gay and straight, meditator or non meditator?
    Do your mirror always tells you, ” you are the best Bubbie” and if mirror is of full size, it must be exclaimg too, ” you have the best, Bubbie.”

    And sannyasins in general live in less hypocracy and denial and are less stupid and more intelligent than any other group of people. Some time i wonder where your clock has stopped.

  42. oshobob says:

    bubbie has got some very good criticisms of the general lethargy and “let’s all coast along to the ashtray” mentality of a good number of sannyasins these days. though his non-stop barrage of “in-your-face” tactics does get tiring. still, he makes some salient points that many are in denial of. maybe a bubbie lighting the fire is needed in the present situation of stagnating sannyas…
    bubbie, where do you live? what country?
    are you willing to start the New Osho Commune in your country?
    we need to know where you live before we can give the new place a name.

  43. prem bubbie says:

    Can you translate the first part into English please? The last part is a real winner of a statement that i ever heard!!!! Shantam, please reply again AFTER your dose of MDMA has worn off!!! “And sannyasins in general live….”. you must be high. That and a good dose of Denial to go with it!!!

  44. prem bubbie says:

    Oshobob– not to justify anything, but WAY back I was nice, but there was no genuine debate that resulted from being nice—the “in your face” approach has had more genuine results and has cleared most of the frauds from this site… so I’ll continue to use that method—- being nice doesn’t work, so fuck it!!!

  45. prem bubbie says:

    Bob, I live in Fantasyland, USA. You can can take the “Good Ship Lollipop” and it’ll leave you off just down the block from my place-it’s a slow ship though, it often travels in circles; eventually you’ll get here- lot’s of sannyasins around too!!!!

  46. oshobob says:

    ok, bubbs, good enough.
    so it’s the good ole’ USA is it, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

    So it will be…

    Oshoville !

    when it’s formed, you can give discourse every day bubbs, and let it rip, no more Mr. Nice Guy….!!

  47. okay everyone change positions and argue against yourself and agree with your opponents….

    house rules

    1)There are no rules

    2)See above

    3)If in doubt feel your feelings

    4) there is no 4

    5)Ahh the mystery

    6)Add to this list

  48. oshobob says:

    haha, that’s funny Martyn!

    you’re much more palatable when you’re in your humorous mode, as opposed to your more self-righteous ‘animal-rights, vegan purism, stop-the-genocide’ political modality.

    Going down that road, you’ll end with Abhay in front of the supermarket doors handing out protest sheets…

    btw, where is Abhay these days…?

  49. Punam says:

    7) All arguments must meaningful

    8) All meaning can be arguable.

  50. Punam says:

    8) = 8 )

  51. frank says:

    9. the next sentence is false
    10. the previous sentence is true

  52. frank says:

    or swami bubbie`s version of the liar`s paradox.

    all sannyasins are liars.

  53. Swami prem Martyn says:

    11) agree with bob
    12) point out that osho had a big fun mouth too and how we all must aspire to sitting on cushions with closed eyes as a way of life.

  54. Swami prem Martyn says:

    13) always throw whatever comes innuendo back out again

  55. Swami prem Martyn says:

    14)be jung and anna freud ..(it’s stiil funny)

  56. oshobob says:

    14) go back to 11, and make it your life-long mantra

  57. oshobob says:

    15) go back to 11, and never do it (really, i’m basically a loner)

  58. oshobob says:

    >>14)be jung and anna freud ..(it’s stiil funny)

    that went over my head martyn. is that British humor or something?

  59. Sw prem martyn says:

    14b) be young and unafraid…..

    bob pleasse try to keep up….

    15)open a facebook group for fans of sunpat news and encourage people to sit and meditate together online…

    16) Tell women how I spend all night blogging and how great it is it should be in the olympics

  60. Sw prem martyn says:

    watch my breath

    18)watch someone elses breath

    19) hold my breath

    20)hold your breath with a pillow on your face

    21)call the police and tell them theres be a dreadful accident whilst meditating

    22)meet women at parties and tell them what a great meditator i am

    23)return to the topic of china otherwise editors will be out of job

  61. Punam says:

    In the holy church of British humour Bob (thats humour btw) you must light Four Candles……!

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  62. Punam says:

    24) Put editors out of job by always doggedly returning to topic of China.

  63. Sw prem martyn says:

    25) realise that no one else cares a toss about china apart from
    and punam

  64. Punam says:

    …and 1.3 billion Chinese….hang on hang on thats now 1.31 billion….hang on hang on…

  65. Punam says:

    …when we are reincarnated we will have to be Chinese, no other choices, mono culture….British, Americans and others will only survive in Zoos…..no kidding!

  66. Punam says:

    …too silly…time for bed…nite!

  67. Sw prem martyn says:

    if u go to my page at


    ull be able to email me and thence facebook me…

    if u want

    (this isnt the right place to msg but nice to see u after long time)

    and apologies to all other bloggers

  68. oshobob says:

    funny. very funny…i’ll give you guys a favorable nod for the way you color your humor…Fork Handles for y’all…!

  69. oshobob says:

    >>jung and anna freud


  70. Punam says:

    My facebook account is John Brettell, load me up with your stuff there’s plenty of room on there!! Come all ye come all ye, hahaha!

  71. Sw prem martyn says:

    26) Describe the best meditation you ever had/did/disappeared into to a radio phone in programme.

    27) Write essay ‘my favourite places and positions to meditate in.

    28) Rewrite the lyrics to Andy Willriam’s hit song from 1960′s If I ruled the World/( Resort….)

    29) Take sannyas

    30) Give it away to a passing motorist

    31) File an insurance claim for a lost sannyassin

    32) Construct a ‘Detect a sannyassin kit’ out of used shampoo bottles and a battery.

    33) Ask Germans have they got ‘it’ yet..then go back to number 9.

    33) Call yourself a sannyassin, (then find the line permanently out of order)

    34) Write a phrasebook for sannyassins to use to get noticed.

    35) Develop extrasensosry perception and a large dose of salts detector.

    36) Realise why the Germans are stil stuck at number 9.

    37) Go veg ! (and ask Bob to agree with you)

    38) Never ask your parents if they really thought things through.

    39) Rejoice that parents are unable to notice yet the link between sex and 85 years of living.

    40) Remember Osh saying how not to suffer .. first dont be born

    41) Disagree with anything u dont like and give it to someone who can use it.

    42) Give all your used meditations to charity to have them recycled into saving the planet shopping bags
    43) oh yes China

  72. Anand says:

    Brainfart Bubbie (real name Stuart) lives either in Vancouver, Bellingham or Portland USA. Lots of rain up there. His mother died in 2006, so he is still mourning. My virtual real estate company in Florida is building him a shag near the beach, so he can lighten up.

  73. Anand says:

    Oshobob: I feel pity for you that you think Brainfart Bubbie does valuable contributions to sannyasnews, after you were the one unmasking his secret identity, BB is only here to get rid of Osho devotees, who he hates.
    But you can call his place ‘Brainfart Bubbies Anti Osholand’ and send him some money to extend his subscription to the Oregonian.

  74. prem martyn says:

    Anand ..
    osho me an osho devotee and ill sho you a credibility clause.
    As my dentist sang :
    ” fillings nothing more than fillings
    trying to forget…… my fillings for uuuuuuuuu

    he said i had a case of presumptive linguistic collusions that prevented me from living the tooth


  75. prem martyn says:

    and prevented him from leaving it too….

  76. prem martyn says:

    i’m like the German soldier in www2
    when the town clock fell into his arms after an explosion at the Ubergruppenfuhrers High Comand…

    What did his Colonel say to him…

    Ach Gott und Himmel…You have time on your Hans !

  77. Fresch says:

    Are you same person in different moods prem bubble and prem martyn?

  78. Fresch says:

    if so, perhaps it is time to evolve to prem martyn and leave bubble behinde. What would it be next prem…?

  79. Dhanyam says:

    Dear Martyn,

    Thanks for your reply and leads. Greatly appreciated!



  80. prem martyn says:

    not a seeker and now not even a finder…..

    woww look at that i have been asked a question as to my identity…

    well its all trust really

    t… r… u…. s….t


    if i told you why should you believe me here of all places ?

    just trust


    (i know i’m sick … very disturbed…. i watch replays of the Bates Motel over and over….dont go downstairs….

    who am i?? mama….mama….)

    im sorry but i cant ‘put him/ her out of his misery’ re; the above question by someone calling themselves fresch.. i cant even put me out of my own….

    you see……it would be pretending to know something i have no way of telling….
    who am I ?

    first you have to really want something….then the answer might come….might….

    the ground must be prepared otherwise…….to receive these moments…

    and names are what ?….words on the wind….

    rene magritte, the artist u know…..

    voici la pipe?

    ou’ est le sannyassin? qui est il ?

    qui est fresch ?

    sorry i must go … i have booked for the Blindfold Tantra Group……

    Who is in (me)?

    This is the work….every day ….

    like blindfolded sex……. maybe just the experience is enough….

    Your question is more than enough already…..

    the very quality of a question may prevent the answer

    but playing hide and seek is fun…..

    …..your turn….!

    ”enough for today.”

  81. Fresch says:

    You are not playing hide and seek, I have considered you the same person for a long time. Now you are dysfunctional bubble again, not interesting any more.

    Martyn is more fun, even smart…I was just thinking if you would be ready to drop bubble, and maybe…just say maybe go even beyond martyn. I would be very curious about prem…if you are able to evolve…:) Do you want to play with us?

  82. prem martyn says:

    okay my real name is ..hey the keyboard just got a..virus… oh damn ..you can read this… okay .?
    just try this..oops
    ..its okay now i think …

    my real name is g#%th^^fubh

  83. prem martyn says:

    you missed with your answer !

    now it will be very difficult !

  84. Fresch says:

    I am not interested in your real name martyn…we all have all these personalities. i just like your more evolved self…some times you have good jokes and more profound insights, I would like to read more of them (than regressed bubble stuff)…play with us, let’s be more inteligent and fun.

  85. prem martyn says:

    and anarchist…… too …… ( i like them …osho did too see zen fire zen wind….

    :) with playful and sheer stupidity :)
    for the hell of it :)

    yes lets !

  86. prem martyn says:

    i really cant do intelligent

    i have letters of proof…

  87. oshobob says:


    you are leaving out the BIG first word in that Osho title — ‘Communism’.

    It’s “Communism: Zen Fire, Zen Wind”:
    here are the complete 7 Osho discourses again at:


    You were there? Radical, you want radical?! Osho praises communism, praises Zen, praises Stalin (!), burns your ears out too, along with part of your mind…!

    oh, to be jung again and anna freud…!

  88. oshobob says:

    Now even the Chinese government doesn’t use the “C” word in communication with the “global community”…it’s been remorphed into “free market economy with Chinese characteristics”.

    words, words, words….
    aren’t they fun to play around with?

  89. prem martyn says:

    Well i mentioned ‘Communism’ in my Cuba blogg above before….but noone wants to know so i decided to just be apolitical and pnly fit for a laugh….thought thats what you wanted Bob … martyn without zits…

    :0 :)

    yes you remembered it burned yur ears out…classic ! (and not in palatable mode !!)

    You know sarjano had to ask osh again did he really mean that its okay to put a bullet through a kulaks (russian peasants ) head..? .’
    osho, i am shocked ‘ sarjano said….

    you wont find the bullet part in the transcripts .and i ‘think’ i remember that because i looked for the book asap after and was surprised not to see the bullet part as i remember……..just a generalised remark about russian revolution deaths etc

    Great stuff to hear shooting …..from the hip.

    its all there in black and white

    you like word play ?

    get yourself a pair of breasts (plastic ones if your a loner) and dont be afreud of enjoying the mammaries ….of being jung…

    maybe i’ll get banned soon and thatll give everyone else a chance…dont know what shantam prem makes of all of this….but its nothing to do with chakras shantam…(Horn please) OK ?


    and Bubbie (and anyone else ) you are more than welcome to say whatever you want .

    I Do

  90. Fresch says:

    Prem …(?) I believe you did not have it so easy at school…☺ but you should know better: sanyasins do not look at any papers. You can be very fanny … and intelligent. However, it is time for you to get interested in others as well, eyhhhh in a positive way too.

    Oshobob, I do not think you would be loner in the new Sangha, see how popular you are here, even a a bit (!) osho freak. Really, your Internet pages impressed me.

    Well, I really liked this story of Dalai lama eating meet. It was once again one of my infantile dreams that he would be (almost) enlightened. Thank you frank bringing in some reality, even with humour. It just happens to be that truth is always so much more amazing than any fantasies. Do any of you know his girl friend situation? I would love new gossips there. Frank you can sail to our new sangha with me …into the sunset of course. I would love that. Take my hand?

    The same with shantam, let’s continue the plan. The list you all made was really good. How do you want to spend time in a new Sangha? What activities or no activities? I want to do dynamic and free dancing in the open air…and chill out with cappuccino at the beech with others. How about you?

    ps. you would not be interested in communism in reality, I promise that. my parents were left wing intelligentsia…it did not work, it was never honest. it was not inteligent…:)

  91. Fresch says:

    I was taking evening meditation for granted…of course that too. How about all activities on the beech under the open sky? With huge screen, no fear for neigbhours, so much dancing, singing, joy, even loud music and all the sounds accepted?

  92. Fresch says:

    By the way martyn, if you really are this “tibetian”, pliiiiiiiis tell your story. It would be on of these legends. we will not tell anyone else.

  93. prem martyn says:

    fresch you want to interact but you play top down

    and seem to be uninformed of bottom up

    it doesnt do for ze fun part ja?

    or maybe zat is ze german joke….’
    first i kick him on ze ground zen i say
    (zis is ze funny part…)

    zen i say
    ‘what you are doing grovelling sttttannnddd UP und schnell’

    if i explained anymore it would be free therapy… and i dont do free ……and i dont do therapy…..or free insights

    and ive often lived in osho communities around the world communally/in communes.and next door to them… unlike anarchism most participants are actually asked to take their growth seriously( no not sincerely) – seriously (or u wouldn’t have cohesion and that sabotages the priesthood and its language.

    its known as substitution

    i prefer the more popular ‘PR’ version

    its more honest….

    you pay up front and leave and

    yes i am reluctant to tell u more..

    may u and frank be happy
    will bubbie be yur bridesmaid?

  94. frank says:

    “the truth is always much more amazingthanfantasies”
    you have a good point there fleschpot…

    asked about his sex life,the dalai lama pointed to his groin and said :
    “i obviously missed this” .
    “my instrument is pointless,it has no purpose,meaning”
    he continued, explaining that no doubt it was pleasurable,but the consequences were just not worth it for buddhists…..

    i know what you mean del,but just how…?

    “by following buddhist scriptures and not eating solid food after mid-day”

    maybe he missed out on being born english too….
    full english breakfast every day,eggs,bacon,pork and beef sausages,beans,mushrooms,toms,fried bread and tibetan tea….,served fro 6am to midday….
    guaranteed nirvana or your £2.75 back…

  95. oshobob says:

    Martyn, just now saw your Cuba post above. that was inserted i think after a while, maybe after your brief censorship/blocking episode. so no one reads it unless they go back to the top and scrolls down through all the posts….hey, that’s life,…new posters have the same problem, with a delayed insertion, at the time that they posted it …usually a day later, then almost no one sees it….

    but, marty, i’ve got nothing against talking about political things — neither did Osho — just the hard core agenda kind that are “we’re on a higher plane than you”, more aware, more sensitive to life, etc. — I don’t know anyone that is FOR genocide, at least not on my block.

    there was definitely some editing done on that book before publication, as you point out, Osho in one discourse said that Gorby should be shot — cutting room floor for that statement…!

    true enough, Fresch, left-wing politics and communism leave a lot to be desired, as Osho said too, and I agree, all it’s needs is a healthy dose of Zen Fire, Zen Wind, to create a spiritual foundation. People have lived in communes for most of human history really — the nuclear family, individual property ownership is a fairly recent development on the planet — tribes, clans, extended families were the going thing mostly….

    So, what kind of government is your new sangha going to have Frecsh? Dancism? Celebrationism? Freshism?

    who gets the filet mignon and who is stuck with the ground round?

  96. Fresch says:

    I wonder if dl missed it, why would he, he would get girls. It is not logical, he is eating meat.
    Martyn, interested in others….
    However, you are sweeeeeties….:))))) eyhhhh…but spaced out osho freaks. I go to sleep. Good night.

  97. prem martyn says:

    everythings got ego in it including my hugely egoistic infantile activities like joining a holier than thou vegetarian caravan

    i just go hard core when it comes to salacious gob filling….

    i always will and i invite the samefor or against……Its one area where i know the range of interactions well..

    and there is always fall out across and on top of the spirit…

    shit happens…

    and im not a gandhian or PETA-ist though i tried to help those guys out they are what you describe. See my blog ‘inspiraction’ .

    Sexual sensual liberation is a two way ticket.You’ll stiill get to heaven on meat, killing in itself like the universe is neutral on issues of justice…..but its what YOU want after and before white robe……knifed pig /chicken/goat or gasping tuna or

    nut burger…

    .Find a beautiful vegan girl to convince you only to eat pussy.

    my guilt tripping wont.


  98. prem bubbie says:

    Fresch- are you Hermann Goering in drag? or Anand in drag? What a drag it is being in drag….. Doing the sannyas-goose step Tango in drag can be a drag… No need to drag this on any longer…. Caio

  99. prem bubbie says:

    Fresch- please answer the following honestly- or is that too much to ask of you? 1) Do you go by the name of Shanti also? 2) By the name Anand, or Shantam Prem or Swami Rajneesh or Meera, or Lokesh or Martyn or Frank or Punyam? 3) all the above Time to come clean dude/lady.

  100. prem martyn says:

    and. bob….

    implicitly in sannyas i mention this veg thing whenever i can -here openly -..becos i can’t tell you the number of people/ therapists etc who go on and on about their consciousness and groups and the heart (oh my god the heart) etc… but when I point out they’ve just had sheep or octopus or worse in their gobs for no other reason than they like the buzz …i get met with the BARRAGE…. of either sannyas head thrown back in evasive laughter or dont be negative at meal times ….

    like ‘ i dont want to be conscious now ..im eating marty’ lay off….

    so its a straight choice


    Vegan harangue
    Sannyassin hypocrisy

    for dinner…

    or did i just ruin it foreveryone

    if u prefer elicitation i can do that as well but not instead of provocation

    it so far has worked for me to create my world …those whom i would prefer the company of …

    and yes you are also right.

    Vilas has his sincere motives in his community-validated perceptions and experiences .By default his subliminal ‘I’m aligning myself with oshoness’ for which i lauded him….

    and I have mine …
    and yes i know the strategies to use. for establishing listening……i just cant be arsed to use them

    prefering to
    kill two birds with one stone


    and meat eating

    amongst sannyassins….

    it hardly ever gets a mention…


  101. shantam prem says:

    Prem Martyn, What is wrong with meat eater and being sannyasin also.
    For sure, someone can quote Osho about this, but was the veganism is the central point of His teachings.
    Do you think Vegan Meditators will find G Spot of existance and the others will end up in asS pot.

    im my opinion, to eat meat which is prohibited by any religious belief is as good as to be Vegan.

  102. Punam says:

    My understanding about the to eat or not to eat meat question is that the mind is much more mercurial than the body so, as such, ideas, thinking and impressions can do more damage than any meat eating. What you think and believe maybe more than what you eat is the problem.
    BUT if you look at cruelty involved in the industry if providing meat that is a different matter. Then I want to abstain like Martyn does. I have been drawn back to bacon lately but i have not touched other red meats for 25 years. Strange that i allow myself bacon! What is going on there? Ravenous little carnivore in moderation.
    On the grounds of cruelty and global warming issues I would say yes, much better vegetarian.
    Plus you get to a see Melissa Lewis undress!


  103. shantam prem says:

    very nice video, Punam, as good as OTC eye drops i am using for the tired eyes.
    Only one question, do the model looking as President Obama´s sister in law has silicon-stuffed head lights or they are as real and inflated as Osho´s enlightenment?

  104. prem martyn says:

    shantam you are fighting your own religious violence of your society screwing your libido and your oral indulgence by law…in your head

    but the pigs didnt fuck your head your parents did

    and the ‘holy food’ is part of the violence done to you

    of course you feel like killing

    i would not impose on children
    (it wouldnt be necessary after one visit to the slaughterhouse to see )

    but i would provoke adults

    Nepal festival just finished over 200,000 animals kiled in one week of violence.

    Now sing and dance and celebrate your freedom FROM

    and then celebrate your freedom TO>so that you might feel more than just the ‘i’m asannyasin i do what i want nonsense.
    thats a betrayal of life….

    Paul lowe preaches that level of betrayal along with lots of old school therapists….

    maybe put it this way

    try using your girlfriend
    for pleasure

    and see if she doesnt feel like killing you

    thats whats happening everytime you eat some animal person thing…thats the energy inside…
    and when its convenient you say ‘oh osho is not example’.. yet all the time its osho this osho that

    im using him back to you….in your own idealism…until you get it !

    that u are calling yurself a sannyassin for your convenience like everyone else ..and only u call yourself that..nobody else can !!!!!!. but you want to be recognised as glorious sannyassin of the deep understanding..

    i have no reponsibility to anyone else’s osho or his ‘legacy’… why because i now have my very own licence to thrill …
    the fact that i quote osho is not for my guidance but to placate yours…

    as they say at the end of films…’any resemblance to any character living or dead is purely unintended and fictional’

    because its unlikely u’d ever turn around and say fuck osho….
    thats too unindian? but …..

    personally speaking i think its one good reason to start wars.
    I know… how about indian veggies launch nuclear strike on muslimeateaters….

    You see shantam violence doesnt work.

    But you do need to kill your parents./ teachers / pundits and politicians… NOT THE COWS AND GOATS AND PIGS ….and avoid meditating it just might make you more human

    Accha ?


  105. prem martyn says:

    and that makes me a sannyassin


    and osho my beloved master


  106. prem martyn says:

    and then send a few nukes into nepal

    you know just because it felt right at the time to do that..

    and then to knock out a few thousand Hindus who belong really in a Vajric Hell

    or maybe flush them out of nepal with the help of the Eighth Hussars on Cavalry duty against the Fuzzy Wuzzy JimJams


  107. shantam prem says:

    Great Martyn,
    It is always a joy to see the rage of a Vegetarian. I am surrounded by people who are not meat eaters for generations and the way they give logic is so similar, so full of contempt for non vegetarians, ” why cann´t you kill your loved ones for a good and tasty meat, than you will know how it hurts chickens and co.”
    and without doubt when a whiteman becomes Vegan or some kind of inner seeker or “Rents a Guru”, and the authority and missionary Zeal speed, he gets than is never going to be less than the expansion of East India company.

  108. prem martyn says:

    no external recognition suits me fine

    and remember to tell everyone
    that you love your master prem

    otherwise i’ll invade you

    its a british tradition

  109. Fresch says:

    How beautiful, Mahant! They look so beautiful, the old pictures. Yesssss, Oshobob, start raising money, should sanyasins buy the ranch again?Oshobob, you are becoming famous in the world of osho!

    Wow. How about the commune in Russia? The language is so difficult for other sanyasins…Welcome our Russian friends. How is osho spirit in Russia?

  110. prem martyn says:

    To all those who otherwise would prefer to be lifted into a munificent state of expanded awareness over this issue instead of a reductio ad absurdam

    I strongly recommend the elegiac film

    KPAX with Kevin Spacey

    (that ones for you me ol matey Punam)

  111. shantam prem says:

    Yes sannyasins can buy Rajneeshpuram again, if some Chrishmatic leader arises from the ashes, the leader who sell such soothing energy that the inner child among the richest also feel drawn to the sugar daddy and money channels are released.
    Just check the google pages, “oneness university” of a new and successful Indian guru in the market and can see how in a remote South Indian city some one has created a oneness empire spread in 1000 acres.
    Our own Rajneesh is also such leader.
    flies always find the way to fly around the Sweets.

  112. Fresch says:

    Oshobob, you probably do not see your own beauty. But really, you such osho of these bobs here…☺))

    Shantam, crowds often gather around phony gurus because they promise to fulfil your unconscious desires and thus if you are snoring you are drawn to these exploiters. But, it does not help, because you just drown with them. This is for example not what I wish to Mahadevi and her friend. Meditation and/or going in is often not easy, but even hurts and requires huge amount of intensity…just remember how hard Osho is answering to the questions, the stick hurts.

    So, we do need to share a lot of love to compensate all the pain. I am often not sure if I have the courage…I see from my own writings that one of my own issues seems to be dreaming “for a better world”…and dreams are dreams are dreams…

  113. Punam says:

    Well I just been down to the street market where Barney the bookseller said ooh ooh i got something for you John. ooh ooh ‘what’ ? i ask ‘The Idiots Guide to Being an Idiot’ ? No ‘The idiots Guide to Being a Fool’ ? Nope, ‘ The Chatter Box Brain’s Guide to Making Friends’ ? nope, something from your Past says he ‘ an Oshobook?’ says i as quick as a flash ‘Yep’ says he. An Indian edition? I think it might be.’ Show me!’. Out comes a 1976 edition of ‘Only One Sky’ completewith resplendent psychedelic cover! American printed actually but same as Indian edition. And this copy has book- worm filigree plus a pressed insect. In short its a little gem that has fallen into my hands today…and no charge baba!
    Its never in the Past only Now. can’t get away from Now Now Now………….it .keeps cropping up!

  114. Punam says:

    Oh shantam prem, I have looked at that video only twenty five times or so therefore i am unable make a definitive judgement about the headlights but the bumpers are definetely real as, i would say , is the upholstery!

  115. Punam says:

    shantam I just took a look at the Guru baba down there in South India.
    Come on mate what is this? No comparison! Just the sort of guru Osho would have mocked, same old same old! Now if you see Osho like that, fine, but as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Where you see Flys to Sweets i would see Bees to Nectar.

  116. Fresch says:

    martyn, this is not bubble, but martyn “Fresch- are you Hermann Goering in drag? or Anand in drag? ”
    This was fun….I am still laughing…
    time to let go…

  117. prem bubbie says:

    I checked out the news article Martyn, the statement made by the hindu priest is not surprising, “…the godess needs blood…”. What a fucking wacko….. is this the future of Osho sannyas? The way things have been warped by the current cast of sannyas clowns, it may well be. The Delhi center is a hint of the future for sannyas. A few sacrificial cows should take care of any problems…. India.. the basket case of the East.

  118. Fresch says:

    I am so curious about it, bubble gone, what will be after martyn, martyn going deeper…and prem….pops up!!!! Jeeee, Wellcome!!! Jai prem….

  119. Punam says:

    Nepal, birthplace of Buddha, ……………..(.and Jesus wept!)
    Four Noble Truths…….Noble…..means worth bearing……you don’t always get what you want, you may get what you don’t want….noble suffering
    Who said anything about killing thousands of animals to get good fortune? Buddha weeps
    Yes wacko!

  120. oshobob says:

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    o o o o
    o o

    o O
    o o
    o o 0
    0 0 oo
    o o o o o o
    o o o o
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    o o 0 O
    o o

  121. Punam says:

    Bob, o’s you got any o’s?

  122. Fresch says:

    oshobob, did you get enlightened? or are you looked in and we should save you…:D

  123. Fresch says:

    Dharma Mahant, see what you did! oshobob has gone crazy, help!

  124. sw prem martyn says:

    your chinese alphabet characters come up on my screen as s&^%m stains…

    should i love you
    and swallow your pride?

    Blessings and kleenex to you.

  125. prem bubbie says:

    At least he admits to being crazy. What are you waiting for Shanti(Fresch)?

  126. sw prem martyn says:

    Would someone please tell Vilas that we are working on writing something relevant about China…

    Something like….. did you know that Bubbie is hiring a slow boat and sailing us all to China to discover the mistake east ?

    Its always important to have a group leader I find especially on long journeys where not all the passengers are agreeable.A natural talent someone with a glint in their eye and a swagger in their step… come on lets be frank.. we all need..oh just a minute..mmmm yes lets .. Frankieeee uuhoooo

    Stories of east meets west tend to go …well…. aum and aum, unless you all agree to pull together as a team.

    So as we are all agreed i’m sure that we want this Vilas chap to be thanked for his help
    in bringing us together let me say that.,”……

    At this point the oil spattered deck hand and chief engineers Shantam Prem and Geton WithIt came up to tell us that the slow boat was going even slower and we might be together for some time….

    ‘I say jolly hocky sticks’ cried Fresch…. anyone vant to play kribbage…I’m razeer clever at cribbage..in fact im exceedingly clever at everything…especially opening my…..
    ‘Heart ‘ said the slightly nervous and sea-sick ships pampleterr Sir Archibald Punam (O.B.O.N.E.KNBE)

    Yes laughed the ships crew she really is wonderful at opening her ‘Heart ‘….they all muffled in amusement…

    ‘Anyone for carrots?’. bellowed a voice from the ships bowels from somewhere in its clanking rusting hull ,

    Carrots ,carrots, carrots since they had left New Philadelphia oh how happy they all were to have hired that seafaring chef, who was without doubt a well seasoned chef and a true gastronomic gas bag…..

    there were so many on this slow boat that not all the ships mess could be accounted for in one sitting ……

    thinking of messes where was the big dolls blouse of a Bosun, oshobosunbob?
    and would he be able to tell the crew and captain that the maps to China were all like him a ….. little er….lost???

  127. Punam says:

    It is my pleasure to join my shipmates aboard the good ship lollipop.

    China it is then.

    I’ll have a rendevous with the girl i saw on a willow pattern cup once.

    I’m packing up my pen and paper, sea sick pills and troubles in my old kit bag right now as we speak.

    I always knew I would leave these shores for good one day and this is it.

    This time there will be no returning.

    Good bye all you ungrateful ghosts of the past.

    Feed the dogs and don’t wait up for me.

    Love Archie

  128. Punam says:

    O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob is it true what mummy says you won’t come back?? O nO nO O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob O sh O b Ob

  129. amano says:


  130. chetna says:

    Guys, what do you think about this?


  131. Fresch :)
    ‘Oshobob, start raising money, should sanyasins buy the ranch again?’ :) :) :)

    So miraculous! World is really change!

  132. shantam prem says:

    “Shantam, crowds often gather around phony gurus because they promise to fulfil your unconscious desires and thus if you are snoring you are drawn to these exploiters. But, it does not help, because you just drown with them.”-Fresch

    I think we all, who are a bit connected with Osho have this notion.
    Osho was(is) not a phony guru, but a real one, True Master and we, His people, how so ever small in numbers may be are not crowds. We must be the real pearls and diamonds, therefore we cannot be termed as crowd. Intelligent, open, rational and also could bow down at Osho´s feet with free will and choice.

    Why for God´s sake with all these meritorious qualities, we are unable to keep not many places at least one,
    The 17, Koregaon Park, Pune as the Magnet Home for His people.
    i am really looking for one attribute in our collective agenda, which can be termed as far out, which attracts the attention and captures the heart of the people.

    Please, Friends, share with your fingers on the key board, “Just one” quality developed in our collective way of life, which we can offer to the world as thirst quencher.

  133. sw prem martyn says:


    shantam prem


    and an ability to clean up the mess so that everyday is more beautiful than the last….




    and pure unalduterated anarchy of the spirit….things always settle into their place when you evaporate them collectively


    enough for today….

  134. Punam says:

    What i think Chetna is its probably a business idea . Maybe does some good for some people who have the money in a healing sort of way. Aisho sounds a bit like Osho as well doesn’t it. If you’ve studied these healing techniques why not cash in? I couldn’t heal my own finger, i leave it alone as long as possible and it usually sorts it self out. I think I never liked the Body Mind and Spirit market place in Pune and i still don’t like it. I’m lucky like that i guess.


  135. Punam says:

    Martyn I like that, succinct. I’ve had short glimpses of that in the past (commune). Now, to be honest its Fear Island again (marketplace) I have been washed back up on. I got cocky once and thought I’d escaped but that damn rip tide(society) brought me back. But of course that is a dream (ego) too!

  136. Punam says:

    I don’t believe this, i’m sitting here at this computer in an untidy room, gasping for a cup of tea and in need of a shower – philosophising!


  137. sw prem martyn says:

    well said Punam….

    so u been watching bellamy’s people too .. that episode is a documentary surely :) ))…..

    i have so much antipathy towards any groupie structure..after alllll these years, any structure that is not collectively assumed that unless a ‘group leader’ pays me to participate..or better still we all take turns to …

    the sun wont shine enough….

    the question is always what do they the advertisers get out of it ? We are always given the impression of the unique chance to……….

    and about the tantra….
    personally i’v e always preferred to trust friends to share my libido with…sharing stories with unknown ‘seekers’ at a cost both financially and emotively is draining and mostly sponsors only some other persons self image.

    You are you.Now enjoy.

    Thats it.
    Its official.

    the majority of humanity has strangely never had to buy these things at seven days at a time to find love or healing or sex. Why do we?( its rhetorical dont answer! )

    long live your autonomy and dignity
    in these evangelised world of smiles….

    whats wrong with a playground and finding out for yourself….without an identity to back it up?

    lists of ‘playgrounds’ would be good….including swings and a cricket pitch

    osho managed to have fun even before he got enlightened…loads of fun… more fun than you could pack into any long spiritual straining ever….

    how many ‘advanced’ group leaders /people u ever met..or..how much fun u ever had ?
    whats top of your list?

    how do people manage without ‘searching ‘ OMG.

    or have we all become zombie trekkies and worse ?

    so this will be my last post on this subject..
    ( this email is complete in itself :) )

    remember after all was said and done the jokes came at the end !!!

    dont forget the fun


  138. shantam prem says:

    Body, mind, spirit scene in Pune; many of us did not like this, but it was blended quite well with the main theme of meditation and inner exploration, and surely it was keeping the leaders and followers types busy and also attracting money for the expansion of the Ashram campus. in this way, The essential programmes could be offered at cost price.
    But as it is said arrival of the super markets is killing the small shops in the inner cities, similarly, rapid decline of one of its kind spiritual super market at 17, koregaon Park, Pune is creating opportunities for small shops and kiosks in the non specialised sector of body mind spirit sector.

    Art of living
    Oneness university
    Psychology of vision
    Path of love
    etc. are few of the names who are getting a good share in the simple need market of ” How i got extra´ 4 inches in 4 weeks” or ” Without silicon,without hormones- Journey from cup B to cup D”

  139. Punam says:

    I think that started when Osho left the body, he sort of had the final word on who was enlightened or not and de-enlightened a few when they went off on a trip.
    But now as we all know enlightenment is imeasurable, but it is a good buzz word to add value to your product.
    Before just a certificate from the College of Alternative Medicine sufficed now it has to be Self Certification. And why not? Seems logical.

  140. Punam says:

    Shantam I think i am suffering from Enlightenment Envy.
    How can i increase my Enlightenment Chances by 4 lifetimes in 4 weeks— its my last chance in this lifetime I’m getting old and time is running out !! Please post a link!

    Desperate Dan

  141. chetna says:

    Do you remember Osho saying something like do my 5 Dynamics and you will move from 1st chakra to the 5th, and if you pay extra I will take you to the seventh.

    I do think anybody who has mediated for a bit will buy this cheap promise ever.

    I just cannot buy all these enlightment courses sold by enlightened people. If Osho was so enlightened why the hell most of his sannyasins are so screwed up? Many now sell cheap enlightenment to others and shag young girls/boys in the name of spiritual growth after the course.

    But another part of me does believe that people grow and have something to share with others. And they also must be getting enlightened on the way, otherwise spirituality makes no sense. I have personally a lot to learn. But why can’ I trust any outsiders any more? If healing was so effective we would have been in a better world by now? But things do not really change….same story-war, money, greed etc etc

    Maybe I should judge only when I’ve tried one of those courses and then start teaching myself. That’s what seems to happen a lot these days. Yesterday’s neurotics giving sessions to today’s neurotics.

  142. Chinmaya says:

    Without knowing the facts in person, it is easy to give comments on an Enlightend Master. Oh God, please forgive such people, who knoweth not, what they are writing here.

    If you comment on an Enlightened Master which means you are beyond the knowledge of the Master, and definitely you should also create or have created an Ashram and lead millions of people.

    If any mistake is commited by any of the labelled Sanyasin, it does not mean, Osho is responsible for the mistakes of others. May be that labelled Sanyasin is a proxy.

    Much of the water is flowen since two decades since His leaving the body, and it seems new comers to the organization can easily comment, because they were unable to get peace from their ancestral/community religion with peace, where from they have joined here..

    Enlightenment is the game of Body, Mind and Soul under the guidance of a Master. If anybody is not satisfied or is unable to understand the teachings of Osho, he/she is at liberty to leave, who is tethering and persuing to continue attached.


  143. Punam says:

    Chinmaya God forgives before the comments are even made!
    And whats so bad about people saying whats on their mind?
    Its not heresy you know !
    Osho would grin, he may even agree to a point, he would certainly tell a joke!
    Chetna asks if Osho was so enlightened why are so many sanyassins screwed up? Thats a fair question.
    Someone may ask that question without risking the wrath of God!!
    Chetna its cos’ he accepted all and everyone who asked to take sannyas, no questions asked, no bill of mental health required!

  144. sw prem martyn says:

    does anyone think the editors have noticed the missing word…
    in the last 93 posts?

  145. sw prem martyn says:

    we live in a starved world… where even the middle classes have to find their ghettoes to function and find pleasure in….

    just swap emails and you never know we probably have more than enough unused gifts amongst ourselves already to sponsor another life..a.forum for free exchange…

    an osho ebay…

    wanted 4th chakra

    will swap for advice on revenge and letting go…including
    set of unused baseball bats and a little book of hugs.

  146. shantam prem says:

    May be you can increase your chances of ENLIGHTENMENT(true or fake) by getting birth in India.
    Have you not noticed your visits to this land of holy, every street dog with a dick walks like a Lion, the Prince.
    Also being born in the west, i think it is injected quite deeply that how so ever one tries, one cannot be like Jesus; so study medicine, engineering or management and create the paradise on earth as it is in the sky, the holy land of our father.
    Whereas in India, because of the Brahmanic attitude, it is ingrained in certain people to be purer than the others.
    Search in Google, all about Indian gurus and see the contented grin on their faces, specially in this time of unprecedented economic boom.
    Naturally this create envy in the heart of western people. So much authentic inner longing, but the cream in being eaten by the brownies with beard.
    The west has got few enlightenment shopkeepers too, who are getting encouraging response from the main stream also. what formula they used, i am unaware about. If you meet John de Ruiter or Echhart Tolle or Samarpan kind of people, please ask their mantra of light on behalf of this Indian, trapped in self imposed exile.

  147. sw prem martyn says:

    have a great week guys and girls and stay safe….and if you ever feel like getting carried away again…..then phone for an ambulance first ..i know I will as they do that everyday and are trained….me i just get carried away…. and i still end up in the same place….

    quite some trick eh?


  148. chetna says:

    Chinmaya, I have put my arrogant comment knowingly for the argument’s sake that even with the great Master’s presence not many people have grown (assumption of course) and now His disciples by becoming enlightened (assumption) promise big transformation in 7 days course.

    Enlnt does not appear to be so easy……but I don’t know and that is not an assumption.

  149. oshobob says:


    a little Chinese language lesson for all, you may be interested…

    Beijing literally means “north capital”.
    bei = north
    jing = capital

    There is another Chinese character pronounced “jing” that is used commonly in Zen and Daoist circles, and it means “revered scripture”.
    e.g., Dao De Jing (old romanization, Tao Te Ching –Osho has many discourses on this book)
    dao= the way
    de = virtue
    jing = revered scripture

    This was written by Laozi (old romanization, Lao Tzu — a favorite of Osho’s)
    lao = old
    zi = master (or, ‘child’)

    This is the same ‘zi’ as in another Chinese writer who is becoming more well known these days, Sunzi (old romanization, Sun Tzu)
    Sun = his surname
    zi = master

    He wrote a small book titled usually “The Art of War” (actually “Military Strategy” would be a more accurate title translation).

    He was a man steeped in Daoist philosophy, and has been influential in Chinese military thought throughout the ages, including for Mao and CCP during their rise to power in the 20th century.

    The tactics of “when the enemy attacks, retreat”, and ‘when the enemy retreats, attack” are cornerstones of his methodology, and is the basis of many successful guerilla campaigns, not being confined to military matters either.

    But, getting back to Beijing, this city was not the capital of China until the northern “barbarians” — Manchurian tribes, and then the Mongolians — broaching the Great Wall — took over China (c. 1100-1300). This was also the time that Ghengis Khan moved into Tibet and instituted the lama theocracratic system, which included the “dalai lama” set-up. This, not coincidentally, was also the time that Chinese Zen started to decline on the mainland, and was being ‘transfered’ to Korea and Japan.

    It was a very pivotal set of events that reshaped the entire Asia landscape, and has major reverberations to this day — the Zen story, the Tibetan story, the Chinese story. Why do Tibetan Buddhist monks eat meat? Why did Osho speak on all the Chinese Zen masters refering to them by their Japanese name pronunciations? Why does China consider Tibet part of China? Enigmas of the East, or very understandable results of long cultural processes?

    All of these current situations were being formed centuries ago, and are extremely relevant today, especially in the spiritual realm, particularly to the Osho phenomenom of the movement of Buddhism, Taoism, and Zen from Asia to the whole world, which is an extremely recent set of cascading events.

    And, believe it or not, the story is not over.

    as frank has reminded us awhile back,
    “it ain’t over til the fat lady sings”.

    indeed, it ain’t.

  150. prem bubbie says:

    chetna, osho also said that if you did Latihan for 3 months you will become enlightened, from “Only One Sky” 1973… And Latihan is a meditation that is FREE!!!!! no need to pay for any groups, camps, whatever…. an old tantric meditation, powerful stuff, makes dynamic, kundalini, mystic rose seem like yawning… Anyway, no need to pay for any of it… a birthright to all. and if anyone could do it 3 months straight, they deserve to become enlightened!!!

  151. prem bubbie says:

    Why are so many sannyasins screwed up?…chtena asks…We’ve covered this before… anyway. I THINK, it’s because he needed to cast a big, wide net- all inclusive, given the dire and desperate times we humans have found ourselves in…What’ was there to lose? And luring people with the free and open “Sex”bait, and yes it was bait was a huge gamble, but then you can find diamonds within the muck… You’ll still get a whole shit load of crazies left over!! If he were around say 100 years ago I doubt he would have gone so far to find receptive people… G. Gurdjieff tried 90 years ago and he lived in Europe, not India, where the modern, neurotic population was beginning to flourish… The last 50 years, we’ve been living on the edge of extinction and I think it’s worse now than back when Osho was alive-people being so impersonal and disconnected, yes the internet may seem to bring people together but it has made people more lazy and unwilling to go out and MEET PEOPLE in the flesh!!! So enough of my gospel, Osho just had to take drastic approaches to wake people up- it didn’t really work though, with all the shit that happened…..and the left ver crazies running around. He had some balls though.

  152. Fresch says:

    Why are we sanyasins do screwed up? Good question chetna. I saw a documentary where this Tibetan monk in Nepal was giving instructions for the journalist to meditate, the final and advanced meditation was to meditate on FEELINGS (any persons, situations etc) and she ended up crying… I am telling you this story because no matter what meditation path you would take it would lead to this chaos. Osho just does it really fast and efficiently…. Yeas, screws us up. I have heard him say it prerequest…to create the chaos.

    So, most of the meditations we go into our feelings (even non-cathartic meditations)…hopefully with awareness. And how is that? Mostly it hurts. Yes, there might be some glimpses of love (sort of) and bliss (sort of), but if the stupid aim is to become vulnerable, what else you expect than pain most of the time. This makes me hate this stupid stuff sometimes.

    Especially when you go back/or live your normal life people being aggressive and depressive, calculating, sticking knives in the back etc., trying to use you. What to do? Stay vulnerable. Of course we are screwed up. I will not even bother to go into what happens in relationships, you know it. So, horrible fact for life is there is no turning back, but surely this is not any dance on the roses. No, just now I hate this.

    For this Sarita lady. I do not know if she is enlightened or just in love with this guy. But they both kind of look sweet, and since they are doing groups and not giving satsangs (=giving advice), who cares. But it is risky…

    However, if I got enlightened I would not start telling it to other people very fast…well, there is no danger for that….I might suffer from enlightenment envy as well (thanks punam), so I settle for dynamic tommorrow.

  153. Fresch says:

    bubbie, dynamic, kundalini, all meditations do NOT cost more than cd (or you can borrow from a friend), and then you can practice for free for ever after…

    how come you still alive? you are martyn drag.

  154. Fresch says:

    Ouhhhhh…I just realized you have evolved…to bubbie…Jai prem bubbie!!!

    Good night to you all.

  155. oshobob says:

    as far as i can remember, “latihan” is kind of a gentle movement meditation, letting your body move any way, not a real strong cathartic technique, say, compared to Osho Dynamic or Osho Mystic Rose, or others. In fact, I think latihan is incorporated in Osho’s Gourishankar meditation as a stage. But, to do it exclusively for 3 months and then get enlightened — has anyone done it and succeeded there? Have you, Bubbs?

  156. shantam prem says:

    I won´t say that we sannyasins are all screwed up. As i remember when similar thing was asked to Osho, He said something like, these people are sannyasins for last few years but for thousands of years were Christian, Hindu etc.

    In my picture we are like half constructed apartments block. After the Initial booking, foundation and brick work were done quite fast as the developer was still alive.
    After His death, company name still exists but the internal feud between the siblings have derailed the original concept and the value for money offer.
    So the remaining completion work is hanging in the middle. Many time, a broken hut in a suburb Ghetto gives more wholesome feeling compared to a incomplete high rise on a prime locality.
    Because of these man made, mind made circumstances, many people are going to the other developers and few enterprising sannyasins among us have taken the possession of their half complete apartment and completed it with their own style. These are the people who have created a make shift market of finishing material.
    What so ever, the moral of the story is every developer worth his name should leave behind a comprehensive and detailed list of tasks and the succession. It is very important in the case if their are not just one or two but 20 siblings. The survival of the fittest will have the hostile takeover but the bigger tragedy will be when these people have no sense of inner aesthetic, just by wearing helmet one does not become Donald Trump or in this matter OSHO.

  157. prem bubbie says:

    Bob.. latihan can turn out to be anything, gentle or super energetic, it all depends on your energy, body, mind…. if you have chakra blocks it often becomes energetic, like a battering ram pushing through a door, a very unpredictable meditation, very purifying, after you’re done it’s like you just came out of your mama’s womb… Way back in 1990-91 I did it for 12 straight days as far as I can recall.. I thought I was walking on a cloud, I was doing it at home and the Seattle center-Osho Suravi, there were about 5-7 sannyasins doing it as i remember, 2-3 times a week…. One has to be careful too, after the meditation you become very sensitive, and tend to absorb the energy around you, with regards to other people’s energy… Good to hang with playful, and fun people afterward… That’s my take on it…. In the book “Only One Sky”, Osho has more to say …. If you do it… Bon Voayage!!!

  158. prem bubbie says:

    Shanti-Fresch…So, what’s the use of having camps, retreats, groups and all that other nonsense? A money pit perhaps… a pit for those paying and a cash cow for those charging a fee…. Look around, even on the internet there are plenty of meditations for everyone, or simply create one yourselves, or are you too attached to the sannyas “community” to let go and be free? Why do we need a crutch or a BMW? Oy Vay!!

  159. Chinmaya says:

    Well said Shantam

  160. Fresch says:

    Dear bubbie,

    i am feeling so good right now (after dynamic), feeling so good…
    I wish the same for you, with dynamic, with lathian (I do that too some times).

    And I am so free as a sanyasin…that made me free…wish the same for you sweetie…

  161. sw prem martyn says:



    Thanks for that Bubbie.nice reminder.

    and Amano… yes we all did read your post and thanks for the CAPITALS !

  162. oshobob says:

    great link there to Osho talking on Latihan, thanks for the explanation Bubbie, and to Marty for the link.
    maybe i always thought of latihan as gentle movements because that is how it is described in the Gourishankar meditation, to maybe distance it from Dyanamic, so people don’t go into strong actions automatically…

    Osho explaining it, and the difference to his Dynamic, is well worth watching. From the Uruguay talks, The Path of the Mystic series, and it plays immediately, from OshoWorld’s just recently reworked Osho audio/video archives. Fine clip. Nice quality too.

  163. shantam prem says:

    Few jokes after the meditation…. These jokes won´t exist if wives do Dynamic like Fresch.
    Could not get during the first half of the game, May be in this second half i get one!

    My wife sat down on the settee next to me as I was flipping channels. She
    asked, ‘What’s on TV?’

    I said, ‘Dust.’

    And then the fight started….


    My wife and I were watching “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” while we were in
    bed.. I turned to her and said, “Do you want to have sex?”

    “No,” she answered.

    I then said, “Is that your final answer?”

    She didn’t even look at me this time, simply saying, “Yes.”

    So I said, “Then I’d like to phone a friend.”

    And then the fight started….


    Saturday morning I got up early, quietly dressed, made my lunch, and slipped
    quietly into the garage. I hooked up the boat up to the van, and proceeded
    to back out into a torrential downpour. The wind was blowing 50 mph, so I
    pulled back into the garage, turned on the radio, and discovered that the
    weather would be bad all day.

    I went back into the house, quietly undressed, and slipped back into bed. I
    cuddled up to my wife’s back, now with a different anticipation, and
    whispered, “The weather out there is terrible.”

    My loving wife of 5 years replied, “Can you believe my stupid husband is out
    fishing in that?”

    And that’s how the fight started….


    My wife was hinting about what she wanted for our upcoming anniversary. She
    said, ‘I want something shiny that goes from 0 to 150 in about 3 seconds.’

    I bought her a bathroom scale.

    And then the fight started…


    When I got home last night, my wife demanded that I take her some place
    expensive…. so, I took her to a petrol station.

    And then the fight started…..


    My wife and I were sitting at a table at my school reunion, and I kept
    staring at a drunken lady swigging her drink as she sat alone at a nearby

    My wife asked, ‘Do you know her?’

    ‘Yes,’ I sighed, ‘She’s my old girlfriend. I understand she took to drinking
    right after we split up those many years ago, and I hear she hasn’t been
    sober since.’

    ‘My God!’ says my wife, ‘who would think a person could go on celebrating
    that long?’

    And then the fight started…


    I took my wife to a restaurant. The waiter, for some reason took my order
    first. “I’ll have the steak, medium rare, please.”

    He said, “Aren’t you worried about the mad cow?”"

    Nah, she can order for herself.”

    And then the fight started…


    A woman was standing nude, looking in the bedroom mirror. She was not happy
    with what she saw and said to her husband, “I feel horrible; I look old, fat
    and ugly. I really need you to pay me a compliment.’

    The husband replied, ‘Your eyesight’s damn near perfect.’

    And then the fight started…..

  164. prem bubbie says:

    Real Nice jokes Shantam- do you have anymore? Anybody else?

  165. prem bubbie says:

    Thanks for your post Martyn along with the link… nice discourse…. there is a simple way not to get lost in the latihan… just by opening ones eyes and a focus of thought to come back to earth, that will stop the latihan, it seems the energy dissipates quickly when the eyes open; just the way it is I guess. there’s a second part to the latihan, you can call it Latihan- Osho style, its a complete meditation, The Subhud version is the first part only…

  166. Fresch says:

    you are talking to your self from bubbie to martyn…Isn’t’ that a drag?

    Yess Shantam, not so easy between women and men.

    How about an article about that Sanyas News?

  167. Swami prem Martyn says:

    TO :
    Uber gruppen Command


    Fresch und Fascist Pretension Group.

    ORDER !
    Please read ze rules :

    If it doesnt feel like love it ain’t love.

    I need proof that you love….Before I accept that you are a sannyassin..

    i really dont do belief so i really don’t believe you.

    My moment is better than yours. Much.

    Now blow,
    then suck.

    now zing loud whilst marching

    Ze Liily On Ze`Mountain
    Ze `Fresch FACEd little blonde boys lalala
    Ve will conquer everyszing
    and listen to ze sound of my own voiz

    lalala stomp stomp lala la stomp stomp

  168. Fresch says:

    You know martyn, start eating flesh. It will make a vegetarian less violent (heard it from some body). It is more real.

    Silent night, holy night…

  169. shantam prem says:

    Oh Dear Fresch, after reading your above post, just mailed the rough draft of an article to sannyasnews editor dealing with man woman theme in connection with Osho.
    Such article is urgently required. Without this theme Osho is being turned into a Brahamakumari Baba, not by others but by His own people.
    The children of a famous Pub owner are selling only diary products because they crave for respectablity, the middle class honour.
    And as the last ten years have shown, trust of the masses they have not got. World still thinks, who knows they have contamnated the Paneer with Rum!

  170. shantam prem says:

    As i read in one of his post, Vegan Martyn likes to eat “Muschi”(who doesn´t?), and if the woman has eaten the meat, will he be still considered a Vegan, i am wondering.

  171. Fresch says:

    Shantam, you right. Woman-men discussion should be interesting for sanyasins. To look at it from many aspects. We can see it here, even with the other issues, it is easy to read if it is a woman or a man who is writing…that would be really the Topic.
    martyn, sorry, I go to far sometimes…

  172. shantam prem says:

    Hi Editor Parmartha,
    can you tell this computer lay man, how the mails can reach your editorial desk.
    They are returned undelivered with words like proxy error, to much spam from my IP no….
    write me at

  173. sw prem martyn says:

    ach flesch…..
    zo u r human und animal vampire
    u eat ze flesh und u zuck ze life

    find urself a shit eating community wizout ze veg guru und veg communes

    und u ken leff evry day wiz ze shantam mezods of ze leffing at ze veg zeekers

    have u tried new asram nazi warcrimes menu

    torn fingernail pie und screamings

    Used by new vorld builders in 1939-45

    heilige nacht

  174. shantam prem says:

    For a wonderful photo of Jesus; cigratte in one hand, beer can on another.

    Buddha: untold story
    Who Killed Gautama?
    New research reveals the dark truths on the life and times of Buddha.

    Man was a man is a man, with just a difference-during the time of Buddha, there was no internet.

  175. sw prem martyn says:

    its fine fresch… im very well worn sannyassin…. no need to apologise …..seen much worse :)

    and the answer is not since i was a teenager …

  176. oshobob says:

    good link on the recent research into Guatam Buddha’s history, Shantam.

    Stephen Batchelor’s book seems to make the whole story much more true to life, compared to the sanitized versions that the religious propagandists put forth.

    There is a recently published book, done by an American man and Japanese woman, that does a similar “deep research” into Confucius’ writings that have shaped Asian thought and culture so massively.
    They have concluded that Confucius (Kongfuzi) spoke no more than 5% of what is written down in the Analects and his other famous books. The rest was written by others, over centuries of time, with little connection to the real man Confucius. His witings were much more Taoistic than the rest of the kind of civil and moral precepts associated with the rest of the writings into those influential books.

    So, Osho’s negative slant on Confucius, that he is a moralist and anti-Taoist, may actually be based on faulty source material for that perception.

    Of course, this recent view calling into question the authenticity of the Confucian books is very controversial. Quite radical.

  177. sw prem martyn says:

    I dont know if im conscious at the moment….should i try a seven day £1000 training to test if I can breathe and love?

    The Path Of Satchit hard and See what Comes…..yes…

    I got stuck on breathing in…What should I do now?

    afterwards i’m sure i will be of much greater use to humanity…because i will have sponsored the collective consciousness….and my unapologetic arrogance…

    Whew what a relief to know when i feel good then everything I do is valuable.And i can afford not to be bothered by crticism, or debate. I just have to be open to the energy….


    Meantime none of my therapists accounts are open to scrutiny? Should I ask if they are conscious too? and who they will benefit with their new found love……

    Its really important to know how to stick ur penis in these days.I think with peer group references and validation and with being exclusive and secret…..makes you feel special.

    now rearrange these letters in the right order

    ayirut and aifar….

  178. oshobob says:

    did you see that Martyn,
    where Batchelor pulls out the quotes from the Pali Canon on the last supper of Gautam Buddha, which did him in his last days?


    Maybe, Punam, your bacon craving has a more religious history than you might have known, though not kosher at all, ….oy vah!

  179. Fresch says:

    Really interesting stories Shantam, thank you. Buddha’s stories have quite a lot of similarities, as in all, with osho’s life. Who would want to become a master? I mean really? I actually love to hear these real stories; a lot else makes so much sense. Also, that Buddha was a person, somebody who lived here, not a Hindu God…:) hmmmmm, hello there Indian friends, come again.

    And there is the Pork. The beef is on.

    Martyn, you are sponsoring the collective consciousness for all these teenagers with all the experiences you have, quite massively, I must say. However, I am not Nazi vampire bitch, but a loving and caring woman. Thank you…:)

    It is fanny to write here, because besides you, we do not know who is reading these things. Sometimes I get this feeling of being in the…eyhhhh…bubble here. I hope it does not explode. I am not sure if we can actually have a relationship stories here…it just might get too much.

  180. Fresch says:

    and Jesus is boring, even with a beer and cigratte, I never got into the guy, even from Osho’s stories…actually, it was always such pain, when osho would start about christianity for hours and hours.

  181. shantam prem says:

    The way we need to be honest about our inner jungle, i wish same way we look at the jungle of differerent people surrounding Osho, compared to the sanitized versions that the religious propagandists have put forth.
    Buddha And Dev vvart, Rama and Ravana, Jesus and Judas, Osho and Sheela; and rest is all clean,pure and without any egocentric and power dominated attitude.
    Osho´s story is a stroy of our time, it is all recorded by the electronic eyes and still…..
    Nobody knows where the washerman´s wife has gone yesterday and where she will go today.

  182. shantam prem says:

    Reader digest in India in its March edition has publsihed a survey, at the bottom end of the scale of 40 most trusted professions are religious leaders (35), lawyers (36), police officers (37), government officials (38), realtors (39) and politicians (40).
    So fresch, believe me many many million people in a country of billion plus are watching the world with open eyes without the traditional Kajal of superstition and make belive world.

    Somehow, What Osho had wished for His India in late 60´s, early 70´s, present India is going in that direction, becasue of the “Beware from Socialism” change which started happening in India and other parts of the world from 1990 onwards.
    One can be sure If Osho had lived few years longer in the body, some Russian Oligarch would have become the chairman of the inner circle.

  183. Swami Detective says:

    La justice espagnole soupçonne une alliance entre l’ETA et les Farc.

  184. Swami Detective says:

    Radovan Karadzic nie le massacre de Srebrenica.

  185. sw prem martyn says:

    So as you know my main interest is how to sponsor anything that undermines and sabotages the unspoken structural intentions of the organised religion part of sannyas’ dysfunctional collusion. Linguistically , energetically and above all interpersonally. Particularly undermining the use of emotional and sexual abuse by those in advisor roles to the whole community and in their ideology, historically.(Thats mainly for the westerners).I dont know the Indian Osho version of abuse.

    I don’t worry so much about money and privilege it’s the transpersonal areas which are the most valued and therefore most determinant of the community.

    . Someone had to speak up against the STASI in East Germany and some of us have to tear the book of so called sannyassins best behaviour /learnt axioms before we get to the truth of how to enjoy life.

    Which is what its all about at least before they the priesthood fuck with your head..

    I have been doing this in positions of responsibility and amoingst the larger diaspora of s’yins. All to great effect over the last 12 years. Ever since i discovered my balls again.

    And I do that in the spirit of what I learnt from being ,living ,loving and hating in the world of snysins and the conclusions of my affected memories.

    So for me i’m more interested in issues of justice and ‘values’ and sponsoring the courage needed to face the psychological brutality and betrayal that underpinned and still does the world of hierarchical sannyas and its mind set..

    I am unashamedly attacking at every instance the legacy of what constitutes approved ‘love’ and ‘growth’ and ‘transformation’ anything which attempts to confuse you/me into a state of devaluing your/my own elemental outspoken sanity into a ‘growth awaits’ indecisive paralysis dependent on breakthroughs which only defer your authority to ‘externally approved cohesion and interaction’.

    When I got the chance and I learnt the game I fought back, and I will carry on fighting back. I know the difference and have achieved my own version of collective truth and transparency.
    iI works, i’ve tested it.and its cost free ..you/ we/i just need balls.To fight back.

    I’m trying to pass on the very important part of being a and around sannyassins that one should learn early on that a generic ‘meditational /growth-trust’ is actually for victim/ losers and part of the identity problem. In terms of language, everything which doesn’t allude to introspection, or more….self doubt… is immediately suspect.Therefore you/me work from a presumption of behavioural expectations and their collectively held esteem ie …..approval of your acquiescence through ‘ meditwatsit.’

    think of sitting on cushions and watching with eyes closed and see how much that influences your self identity.

    Check peoples vocal range next time they realate to you their white robe./therapy/ relationship snyas life.. and notice what people aspire to …They want to be seen as on the ‘path’ by mutual recognition.

    Conversely I dont. In fact I do whatever I can do disturb that in me and in others.

    Its runs very well as a formula to fight those who would use this credo, a therapeutically instructed credo backed to the hilt by the smarmy arses of the blackrobers.

    I hope this helps thoise who read this column never to be duped into surrendering their libido and being a casualty.Ther is unfortunately no map I can easily describe here.

    As i said before,for me being human is straightforward in its ideology and needs very little tweaking in themain area where most of us function…. to love and be loved.

    So at the risk of repeating myself.

    If it doesnt feel like love it aint love…..

    it really is that simple.

    The rest was Osho taking you/me to extremes. Sometimes by making you hungry sometimes by creating havoc.
    He used to jump off 100 ft bridges. I never did.

    I dont think he got it right for me. Thats up to me to get it right for me….I wish you the same…and dont be duped by complications.

    If anyone has any news of an egalitarian/libertarian non surgical gown wearing community .I’d be happy to know more.

    And if you believe that this runs counter to your version of Osho and his legacy then thats makes me very very happy.And if you think that the rapists knew the game and still practise it.. then courage up and face them down.

    and that dear friends is my very last post here on Sannyas news.

    thank you for reading for contributing and above all for getting me to order my thoughts publicly ..
    good luck

    and a very cheery O..

    (and if Fresch you say you are then you are…!!sometimes i went too far. :) …and sometimes i enjoyed…. :)

    oh yes and GO Veg. GO……..!


  186. Fresch says:

    Martyn, Do not create paranoia. These sites like Sanyas News are on because it is HEALTHY we can let the steam out. I must have hundreds of sanyas friends all over the world, and most of the people could NOT care less about my trips…or agree with me to many points or what ever. So, do “teenagers” and us the favour and be who you are. And do not disappear anywhere:DDD

    When I bring some ”tabuu” out here, it already relaxes in me, even I was dealing with it in the dynamic or other session. Like Shantam wrote we are not any milkmen of some stupid cult. There must be enough of trust in meditation and Osho, that we can also live out our selves.

    Sometimes something or somebody pisses you off, next day if feels totally meaningless. We all know it. If I had to wait until I have only something ”beautiful” to share, it would be a long waiting, and boring. I rather be real. Thank you Sanyas news.

  187. Fresch says:

    So, let’s keep the anonymity here, between us.

  188. shantam prem says:

    Hi ewverybody,
    Just came to know about MMS(mineral Miracle suppliments) devloped by Jim Humble.
    Has somebody tried this, for the healing or purification or betterment of Body mind thing?
    So many people become rich and famous by selling CURES in the name of medication and meditation.
    i am willing to give my heart and money to a system whose success rate is minimum in two digits.
    in my experience, in our time, other than Osho, none has come closer to this point.

  189. shantam prem says:

    Breaking News, Must Watch—
    Swami Nithyananda sex with actress Ranjitha

    Again an Indian Guru, saying something else and living something totally different. Thanks to the hidden Camera, one can mediate over the double life, many people wish to live and few successful Golf players and Gurus get the privelege to live-

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  190. shantam prem says:

    Ps-Don´t bother about the language in this news item. I think may be Kranti is able to understand this, but the visuals are speaking such a wonderful and universal language.

    The spokesperson of this guru, who has an ashram near Baglore and commands around 2 million followers( Gurus are expert in fabricating the figures), has choosen a usual way of denial, ” Video is doctored. We will file a case against Tv Channel and so on.”

    I think the world need to understand Osho´s insights that meditation alone is like a dry bread and sex is the butter over it.
    Accept it or deny, best is to enjoy this buttered bread HONESTLY.

  191. frank says:

    buttered bread?
    this “tamil actress” looks more like an all-you-can-eat thali with extra poppadums and ghee.

    but before getting too smug around here.
    this nityananda.
    “drop your mind”
    “your ego is the problem”
    etc etc

    yes,so dont get too cocky.

    even if you have sex,
    that manipulative crap doesnt go away…..

  192. Punam says:

    Martyn you’re not still reeling from that Horizon programme on TV last night which postulated that human evolution, the big brain (you certainly got one eh?) was all thanks to ancient pre-humans discovering how to cook meat! haha
    I guess you spent a lot more time in communes than i have so I cannot comment on your vocal disaffection…man i couldn’t stand that black robed lot either (i knew one swami who worked out that by leading just one meditation in Buddha Hall he got to wear a black robe and consequenly impressed the women!! Pathetic eh? But I slipped out of all that years ago and struggle to know where my sangha is now!
    Nothing compares to vintage Pune (but i was so much older then I’m younger than that now), I don’t give a damn about Koregaon Park anymore, I know how you feel about the therapists, the heirarchy and what a relief when you realise that you are actually on your own!!
    Throw away the toys.
    We can still be friends, I’m lazy, i won’t crusade, love your energy, see you on the Path …whoops!

  193. Punam says:

    ‘…..think of sitting on cushions and watching with eyes closed and see how much that influences your self identity…..’

    what does he mean here? I may be splitting hairs but you can have eyes opened.
    What about influencing no self, no identity?
    Or just no-mind, with no influence.
    But that sounds fake when i say it!
    Back to the cushion or just kick the cushion?
    I’m all mouth and no cushion!
    Cushion is better than the Stop phase of Dynamic! More comfortable, hahaha!

  194. frank says:

    well,now my last post is awaiting moderation.
    dont miss it when it comes.
    it`s all in there:
    an unmoderated preview of my latest video:
    “sex-gurus on viagra taking out mortgages……..”

  195. frank says:

    ah,yeah,ahh,ahh,12%per annum,oh yeah,that`s good….namaste….

  196. Chetna says:

    Shantam re MMS(mineral Miracle supplements)

    I asked my friend who is HIV positive if this medicine was tried and the fiend did try. Health condition was worsened so it was stopped. Now of course the friend is thinking maybe it should have been taken for longer.… one never knows for sure.

    To me Ayurveda has been the biggest miracle in life. No one could help me in UK and Ukraine, basically doctors do not understand the body, but the ayurvedic clinic I went to in Kerala has lifted my health so much that I cannot be grateful enough.

    I would highly recommend the place if you have some health concerns (but they do not deal with HIV just to mention).


  197. glasnost says:

    Well Done! I Like it!