Osho Resort Update after Blast

Mobiles, bags barred from Osho Resort

As part of what are called “fresh security measures” in the wake of the Pune bombing, that has now claimed 11 lives and injured many more, mobile telephones and bags are now banned from the Osho Resort in Koregoan Park.

Reports however indicate that the terror attack on the German Bakery just down the road from the Resort has not affected the normal buzz at the Ashram/Resort. Many disciples of Osho both westerners and Indians are continuing to use the Resort during this the peak season, which usually ends in March when the weather hots up too much for most foreign visitors.

There are increased security guidelines enforced by the Indian authorities. Commandos armed with sophisticated weapons stand guard at the main gate.

Bags are now also checked assiduously at the “Gateless Gate”. Mobile telephones cannot be taken into Buddha Hall, where most meditations take place during the day and in the evening.

To reach the Osho resort from the Main North Road, people now have to take a long detour because a part of this road has been blocked by the security forces.

Indian security personnel are also checking all flats in the surrounding area.

Meanwhile, a range of Indian sannyasins have urged the Indian government to protect all Osho centres in the sub-continent.

One spokesperson said:
‘It is something really terrible and very shocking that innocent people lost their lives at the German Bakery, which was always frequented by international tourists. It was a heinous act of terrorism.”

‘It is unfortunate that the terrorists could strike near a place known for spirituality, meditation and peace.

‘Osho disciples and centres request the immediate action of the Indian government to take all necessary measures to provide for total security of the ashram,’ the statement said.

Other Osho meditation centres in India are also located in Dharamshala, Dehradun, Shimla, Indore, Jabalpur, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pondicherry, Karnal (Haryana), Bhimtal (Uttarakhand), Rishikesh, Guwahati, Amritsar and Chandigarh.

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47 Responses to Osho Resort Update after Blast

  1. oshobob says:

    good to hear that the terrorism, mayhem, and carnage has not affected the normal buzz at the Ashram/Resort.

    that’s a relief.

    i hope all the RingTones on the sannyasins’ cell phones made it through the ordeal too without any major problems.

  2. amano says:

    Life at Resort will never be the same after german backery blast . I have heard from two diffrent sources that security is tight and visitors are not happy about it and many want to leave soon . Indain government is never going to protect its normal citizens or osho lovers and visitors because government is very corrupt.
    symtoms are telling me that resort will move out of pune , or perheps out of india in future .
    i remmber in oregaon something like that happened inside gambling house in rajneesh puram , there was blast and after that next month osho left america and sannyasins start to move back to their orginal country and same might happened here in pune .
    it is hard to celebrate and meditate in this kind of fearful atmosphere . people will find alternate places like goa where they do not have go via security checks and other stuff……..it will be very hard for resort to keep up with security because resort has more 5 gates and each gate is crossed many times by same people.
    government wll help now, but not forever, sooner or later they will leave , and resort has to take care and this years you will see least visitors, it will be hard to maintain resort if you have less than 200 visitor a day because it cost so much to run resort these days
    any way i wish everyone good tme and try to post their comment

  3. Utsav says:

    ur such a pessimist Amano. I have been to the Ashram after the blast and it was worth watching the spirit of the meditators. Not at all deterred by terror.

  4. Fresch says:

    So you prem martyn have a little inner savior in you. Freedom fighter against dirty politicians of the world. It would help you clearly to work on your anti-authority issues, in other words with your father. So, perhaps some more time in humaniversity …and what a beautyful guy you will be. However, I like your idea of using laughing gas in soft foam ‘missiles.. just why laughing gas, laughing buddhas could conquer the world. You can be in the front (after some more therapy) leading the buddhas.

    By the way, something beautyful can come out of this horrible event. Pune and other Indian canters can get more connected. It looks like it is happening. Actually, the idea of moving the Resort somewhere safe could be a great move; no more Indian traffic and pollution, no more religious fanatics. Perhaps beautiful countryside in Spain or Creek. There could be a total new man to be born.

  5. amano says:

    message below is from a sannyasin who was heading to the german bakery
    when it happened.It comes from the italian sannyasin list and I forwarded it
    to you for information. So sad….miss you, friends,think of you all the
    time, Love, Pakhi

    il messaggio di un sannyasin

    che ha sentito l¹esplosione

    mentre si dirigeva alla ­ german backery a Pune

    Beloved Friends

    This letter was just forwarded to me by a friend about the horrible bombing
    of the German Bakery last nite..

    Love As Always


    Subject: NOT COMENT……

    A Letter I just got in from a friend in Pune : Hello love!

    I m ok. I was in rickshaw on my way to bakery to see a friend and heard
    unbearable loud noise.. suddenly loads of bodies into pieces outside
    bakery. I m in shock. Straight i went to hospital and the sight i saw… See
    i ll never forget rest of my life..

    bodies after bodies dead or alive coming in pieces… whole koregaon
    park is sealed and both south/north rd are blocked… Its an
    international issue now. Dhyanesh and all people from ashram are
    shocked. All the shops around bakery are finished including videotron,
    , tibetan lady shop, there s nothing there ….

    I went to give blood , loads of water n bandages, to the people re
    injured. My brother on his bike taking people to hospital and also on
    his shoulders…
    so far 15 dead(including foreigners) and 57 badly injured.On tv they
    dont say the truth but its worst than that. Sad part is bodies are soo
    black due to the chemical they used in bomb that its damn hard to
    recognise anyone… My beloved lovely italian friend nadia is dead
    with whom i had breakfast same morning in bakery, Shankar money
    changer is no more, One nepali waiter is dead, no news of tibetan lady
    yet. I hope she is ok.

    I wish i had something pleasent to tell you.. but right now situation
    is bad specially it happened at home.. Koregaon park, German bakery is
    home for all of us since years…

    Will write u more later Not to worry..

    Big hug and take care,
    Thanks and pray that all rest in peace..

  6. frank says:

    do you mean crete?
    the last time he was there,he caused quite a stir,i remember.
    there were religious fanatics there too…
    behind the story of “socrates being poisoned again etc” there were a few things that had little to do with the philosophical subtleties of socratic dialogue,i recall.

    the congregation of the greek orthodox church
    “the three old women who went to the local church”,according to bhagwan,as he was then,had complained that the sannyasins,unmarried people, were acting imorally in their rooms.
    bhagwan`s respose was to recommend in no uncertain terms to the few hundred people in his audience,to great laughter, thatthey should henceforth make love in their rooms in the a noisiest and loudest manner as possible,so everyone could hear.
    the disciples naturally obeyed their masters wishes.

    also,in one of the discourses where journalists asked questions,one asked
    “what do you think of madonna?”-she being in the ascendant as the global pop megastar at the time.
    “he(sic) is rubisss” replied bhagwan with a hint of a twinkle in his eye,to much amusement all round.
    two days later,the local papers reported that bhagwan had been preaching against and blaspheming the mother of god!

    the local bishop threatened to kill him.

    all the church bells on the island were ringing when he was deported.

    maybe he had authority issues.

  7. Alok john says:

    Frank, I love the “maybe he had authority issues.” Perhaps he should have done the Tourist Program?

  8. Fresch says:

    Who do you mean? it would be great if all the bishops and priests went for tourist programme, Yesss, good Frank, make a proposal for the Churches of the world. Nuns could go for Path of Love…?

  9. Fresch says:

    And everybody would meet in the new Resort in Spain…

  10. Fresch says:

    auts, I mean the new Resort will be in Vatican, of course. So many people know the way to there allready.

  11. oshobob says:

    The New Commune:

    America 2.

    Let’s see how America has changed in 30 years, from Reagan to Obama. The sannyasins can rebuy the Ranch, and go for Oshopuram.

  12. Fresch says:

    Wow, I wonder how would that be.

    Why not Sedona or Hawaji?

  13. oshobob says:

    And don’t forget about China.

  14. oshobob says:

    Well, it looks like the decision has been made.
    (the writers at sannyasnews again in the forefront of global evolution!)

    Miss Marple has predicted a sell-off of the Pune Resort soon, and others here seem to be in sympatico collusion on that one, so i guess we have to ink out the rough design here for the New Place.

    We need:

    Location: America-Colorado, Sedona, Hawaii, Oregon…, China, Greece, Vatican, England-London or Devon…, Bali, etc…

    Name: possibly “Osho-opolis”, San Osho, Oshopuram, Awarenessopolis…

    Managerial System: democracy, communism, meritocracy, theocracy, dictatorship, monarcy, anarchy, etc….

    Money: donations, World Governments bail-out, capitalistic enterprises, bank robberies…

    People: old sannyasins, new blood, prisoners, proletariats, bored bougiousie, etc..

    Writer of the Constitution: Abhay, Shantam, oshobob..

    Comedy script writer: frank, oshobob

    Central focus: Osho, 200 enlightened sannyasin-Buddhas, ordinary people, oshobob….

    Well, there you go, that’s a start anyway….

  15. prem bubbie says:

    so /fresch it sounds like you want another Ranch style ashram… it after all was isolated, away from the religious fanatics, traffic, pollution… and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!!! You’re still so naive after all of these years. I don’t think Martyn has an issue with authority or his father, that statement on your part is simply a cop out… What have you actually learned from all of your years around Osho, doing all of those meditations and groups?… you are a great example, AGAIN, with regards to the failures of sannyasins in general.. all of that wasted time and energy, hopping around, hooting, screaming and pretending to be in silence… yet the ordinary, the obvious, the common sense things in life simple bounce off your heads and you then walk around “thinking” you know it all and are “special”… How this is possible with one’s head up one’s ass is the truly the greatest miracle and mystery the great cosmos has ever created!!!

  16. prem martyn says:

    i have been censored re Paul Lowe and Sting…if this gets through then am I free to speak freely again ?
    It’s my last attempt to do so.Thanks.

  17. prem martyn says:

    So I understand then from my comment above appearing that I am free to repost my document ( which was delayed from last night…and written prior to any of the comments appearing about me from others here)..

    and…To the editor( s): If my understanding of being free to post is mistaken kindly email me to clarify the issue.Thanks.

    Here goes …
    21 feb>

    If anyone does feel like venting their spleen or campaigning or feeling self righteous ( I often do, it comes with the failure to do the neo neo Right up the Garden Path training for 1500 quid) then here is some elliptical information that I trust will not prove litigious (legally defamatory)

    Alternatively u might just feel it helps in some way.(please be in your heart befopre committing pen to paper if prompted…and u can check if u are in your heart at (www.checkifiminmyheart.com)

    So the story thus far.
    I like ‘campaigning’. I’m good at it so some say. Or so bad I get noticed for my views.
    never mind… so the general idea is that this is a political headline so I will comment politically.
    (Get on with it !!. :Ed;)

    Following my constant theme that Koregaon park is being inveigled media-tically though these events I have attempted to go global by analysing the relevant Western/ Uzbekhi/ Afghani/Zealot menace.

    It turns out that yesterday the BBC broadcast Craig Murrays/David Hares play on precisely this connection. Our man In Samarkand .

    And today The media in UK have picked up on the fact that STING got paid a $million to play at the Dictator’s request and recently dismissed criticism of his role in sponsoring this vile tyrant.



    Cut to Oshobob’s mention of TEERTHA (Paul Lowe) in Herges/Tin Tin biographical book circa 2000.

    Teertha/ Paul Lowe has become/ was until recently STING and Trudie’s Guru. see here their ode to him.. (see website address below:)

    “Paul Lowe is a teacher of insight.
    He’s also good for a laugh.
    He has the face of a fallen angel
    and the legs of an old giraffe.
    He’ll make you think, he’ll make you cry.
    He claims he’s not afraid to die
    If he grew wings you know he’d fly.
    And he’s not afraid to tell you why.
    For Paul is a teacher of insight,
    he’s also good for a laugh.
    Like a Moses who has dropped the commandments.
    And he doesn’t need a staff.
    I know it’s not much of a poem,
    and it doesn’t have much of a tune
    but we hope it conveys the love we share,
    poetic flare, it’s rude but fair.
    And we hope to see you soon.”
    - Love. Sting & Trudie, UK

    the above is from website

    My personal recollection Mr Lowe is of a man who whilst proclaiming the menace of jealousy was unable in a Totnes meeting circa 1990 to mention once the name of OSHO. Despite repeated attempts to ask him why from the audience . It is also my recollection that he declared he was in touch with other planetary forces/ beings from other planets. There are of course no public recordings from these meetings. Though there were other sannyassins there at the meeting .

    Should you wish to confer on Sting your opinion of Sponsor a Monster you can access his website (for a price) or go to his facebook page.

    Meantime IF Mr Lowe is still advising Mr Sting you may also wish to tell your truth to him to be delivered in his next meeting with the banjo player/ Dictator’s daughter’s image maker.

  18. prem martyn says:

    Well this is confusing… I have just posted my Sting/ Paul Lowe(Teertha) and Uzbekhistan massive oeuvre and it is ‘awaiting moderation’. But my previous comment isn’t.????

    So I can post but not really??

    many thanks for all the interactions particularly Frank (enjoyed the indian spoof latterly).. Oshobob i see elements of a laissez faire bonhomie developing/ appearing there..nice…. and prem bubbie is back ..with some nice parry stokes to the attacks on me elsewhere.thank u ! and our interactions have been humorous (no need or evidence for walking on eggshells …remember.?.)

    If there is something that doesnt work for others or seems unreliable from me then please be specific as to why and what you really prefer and what works for u… Or a simple and more substantial ‘fuck off’ to me would be less effort and cleaner.If thats what you want.

    Anarchistic simplifications appeal to me more than consciousness promising ones as my ‘sprituality’ knows no costed ‘growth’ dependency nor identity.

    If this post gets through i still wont know why i have been moderated up to now….but…

    hello again

    and if it doesnt then ….


  19. garimo says:

    >i have been censored re Paul Lowe and Sting…

    I was censored today as well.
    on “My Osho My Sannyas”.

  20. garimo says:

    Well really… It’s yet to be made clear if it’s censorship, confusion or digital limitations.

  21. prem martyn says:

    right well okayyyyy heres a new approach…..

    if u want to read and comment this unpublished comment of mine you can visit my very own blog at


    where you can leave your comments there.too.

    And now back to the popcorn and adverts.

    …my site contains some adult nudity…. but no other meat. you have been warned.

    love and a song in your heart….

  22. prem bubbie says:

    Someone the other day called for sannyasnews to “critique” all postings because he/she thought most were being too negative, and that negativity doesn’t belong on this site… Who was it? They must have some juice with the masters at sannyasnews news… maybe they owed him/her a favor… more politics as usual-maybe.

  23. robert laishram says:

    rest in peace for the departed soul. Give peace a chance.

  24. frank says:

    thanks martyn.
    with ref to your delayed posting:

    to sting and trudie:

    i know its not much of a poem
    and it doesnt have a tune
    they say it takes one to know one..
    for you,you bearded buffoon….

    i`m so glad you like pauls insight
    and yes,he is having a laugh
    its no secret that he`s seen the light
    which sets him apart from the riffraff

    yes paul`s good for a laugh
    he`s like moses who`s dropped his pants
    and they all wonder at the size of his staff
    like all true sychophants

    but i think your response to uzbek`s plight
    is really rather a gaffe
    still,if the money`s alright…
    and you`ve got to feed the giraffe.

  25. prem bubbie says:

    Sting and Paulie: Professional Wrestling’s new tag team take on the Psycho Family of Uzbekistan. Live from the filth of Tashkent… Tickets only 10 quid for front row, 5 quid for blue heaven seats…. Proceeds split equally – Sponsor a Monster, Sting and Paul Lowe….Hurry Tickets going fast… show your mala or crystal necklace and get 10% off!!1

  26. oshobob says:

    Ok, ok, Dharma Mahant. Russia it is, comrade!
    Next stop, Oshograd!

  27. oshobob here you may see latest news from Russia :)

    Oshograd is very nice song! :)

  28. frank says:

    the ukraine girls really knock me out
    they leave the west behind
    the moscow girls make me sing and shout
    gotta gotta drop my my my my mind
    take me to bhagdaddy`s farm
    gee its good to be back home
    let me hear your balalaikas ringing out
    come and keep your comrad warm
    you dont know how lucky you are boy!!

    all the best of luck mahant…..

  29. Alok john says:

    Garimo, martyn, almost certainly you were not censored.

    Occasionally I have posted something uncontroversial and I got “Awaiting moderation.” It is just a system glitch.

    Also there are a whole raft of words that the system won’t post such as mortgage, penis, and many others. It you cannot post try to guess and remove any “offending” words and try again. Sometimes the “offending” word is quite surprising. Sannyas news set this system up to try to prevent spam, but maybe they should write something to let everyone know.

  30. Alok john says:

    “If you cannot post…”

  31. martyn says:

    Alok… thanks

    good to know…

    and if i’m understanding you correctly then
    Kindly review your statement from :
    ”Also there are a whole raft of words that the system won’t post such as ………”

    Well, it just has posted them including the supposedly offending P***S word !! (my asterisks)

    Gadzooks, Holmes you’re right !!

    and ‘mortgage’ is offensive ?Under what by- law …surely u jest sir ?

    and don’t mention virgin trains…

    Hap*nis to yu

  32. Chetna says:

    Finally Russians have entered this forum!
    Didn’t expect to find myslef on this site.


    Oshograd it is then!

  33. martyn says:

    To Swami Mahant
    from your linked website:

    Thank you for Russian and Belarussian news

    The caption appears to say that these photos are of ‘advisers’ to President Lukashenko of Belarus meeting Swami Arun.

    Thephoto date is October 2007.

    President Lukashenko visited India in April 2007.

    You have image here from :


    from blog site




    Nicola Duckworth, Amnesty International’s Director of the Europe and Central Asia Programme, said.

    In Belarus, the authorities do not tolerate any public criticism or dissent and have virtually monopolized the media -critics of the regime risk imprisonment at the hands of a judiciary under the control of the government.

    Amnesty International’s latest report Belarus: Suppressing the last voices of public dissent details how the authorities use controversial legislation to restrict the possibilities for journalists, non-governmental organisations, political parties, trade unions and individuals to express their personal opinion.

    Harassment, intimidation, excessive force, mass detentions and long-term imprisonment are increasingly employed as methods to quash any civil or political dissent.


    Best Wishes
    and take care

  34. frank says:

    i am trying to mortgage my penis

  35. alok john says:

    i love viagra

  36. frank says:

    bang goes your theory,i think,john

  37. alok john says:

    Well that is what Dharmen told me, and I have occasionally not been able to post, then tried again after removing a couple of words, and then it has posted okay. Maybe he removed pe**s and mortg*ge from the list of offending words.

    Try vi**ra

  38. alok john says:

    I have tried to post a post with via**a in it and it wont post

  39. frank says:

    the bank manager didnt think much of it,either…

  40. frank says:

    but he did suggest that if i took some viagra,ihe was willing to lend as he thought it might go up….

  41. alok john says:

    Okay, I give up!!

  42. frank says:

    me too.
    i think i`ll just rent from now on.

  43. martyn says:

    we can all be funny frank…. but alok has got a problem with posting his penis, and you have obviously not checked the website http://www.am in my heart or is my heart in me.com.

    tell me alok when did this first happen ,mmm?

  44. garimo says:

    >>Garimo, martyn, almost certainly you were not censored.

    Alok John,
    don’t think you understood my post.
    I understand this site had delays in posting comments with some links, I’ve experienced that.
    But my feeling censored was not this site, it was “My Osho, My Sannyas.” and partly why it seems censorship-like, is not only did my comment not make it, but the comment to me that I was replying to was also removed.
    Whatever… I requested all my comments be removed, and they were. I really like the Burning Man principal of “leave no trace”.

    Did you know there is now a Iphone app where someone can take your photo and using a face recognition program search the photos posted in online profiles in social network sites like facebook and yahoo… and then they can download information about you on their phone?

  45. Chetna :)

    We are looking for moderators our English path of forum

    Unfortunately in Russia prefering our national language. But information is same. :)

  46. Sadhu says:

    Oh dear after blost Osho commune security is jsut inhuman, how gards are behaving is just inhuman. we can understand how security is very importent but….as Osho say…use your intelligens.” hay man…please be bit human….I never seen such humiliation in my life..please if you are thinking to go RESORT….think twice….you will suffer…worst behaviar ever I seen….with tears in my eyes have to say…Osho’s place is dieing….sorry Osho…we ayour people are just impotent…we can write we can read….that’s it…sorry….Osho sorry….your people killed your place badelly