Casualty List in Pune Bomb Blast

List of those killed in Pune terror attack

Pune, Feb 14 (IANS) Nine people, including two foreigners, were killed in Saturday night’s Pune terror attack at the German Bakery in the upmarket Koregaon Park, an area of the city frequented by the elite and foreign nationals. The names of the victims announced this evening by Pune Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh are:

P. Sundari, 22, of Bangalore

Anik, 24 and Anandi Dar, 19, brother-sister from Kolkata,

Vinita Gadani, 22, of Mumbai

Shilpa Goenka, 23, of Kolkata

Shankar Pansare, 40, of Pune,

Gokul Nepali (waiter in the German Bakery)

Saeed Abdul Ghani, 26, Iranian (student in Symbiosis)

Nadia Materinia, 37, Italian

Injured – 60 injured (46 male, 14 female). Nineteen (14 males, 5 female) discharged and 41 still in hospital. 12 foreign nationals (5 Iranians, 1 Yemeni, 2 Sudanese, 2 Nepalis, 1 Taiwanese, 1 German) among the injured.
Indo Asian News Service

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  2. shantam prem says:

    SO young are these people; full of life and adventure, dull and depressed don´t visit places like German Bakery nurtured by the sannyas energy.
    As one sees the news, numbers take the shape of human forms and scattered dreams, wishes and inspirations simply chock the heart of the people concerned.
    Slowly slowly stories are emerging of these people.
    Nadia is a sannyasin exploring India with the eyes of wonder.
    Brother and sister Anik, 24 and Anandi Dar, 19, their story at has captured the interest of India.
    Anik was the graduate from one of the most prestigious engineering university and working for multi national Morgan Stanly, in a simple terms, touched the dream of middle class India.
    Rich or poor, failure or success; no body has the right to take other people´s life and happiness in the name of anything. Simply No Excuse.

  3. prem martyn says:

    Associated Press Writer

    updated 9:13 p.m. ET Feb. 14, 2010 )

    MARJAH, Afghanistan – Two U.S. rockets slammed into a home Sunday outside the southern Taliban stronghold of Marjah, killing 12 civilians after Afghanistan’s president appealed to NATO to take care in its campaign to seize the town.
    I’d imagine the phrase repeated subliminally by the media of
    *We are civilised we keep saying sorry.* doesn’t help the survivors much.

    In the village…
    No photos, no media team, propaganda ops on full alert.

    Now if you are a zealot u will start linking these events in yur screwd up sheep eating head.

    Meantime Sannyassins will go and feel their feelings, some might even want more protection from the State.

    Or some might say decentralize the command structure of Resortopolis so it isnt a a target, and send everyone out to little centres around the world, Tolstoy style instead.Or call in the power of Superaum.

    And the Western World’s paid assassins will continue to protect Uzbekistan’s Gas and Oil fields from the domino effect of a fanatical Mullah backed insurgency, and u will be security checked everywhere and no one will be empowered in the mad house of the eternal war.

    Personally I like ex-President Vaclav Havel’s of CZ understanding of what you can do to make a civic society.So as to dignify your existence on this planet. He should know he was 6 years in jail.

    Someone just fucked with the playground. And this time we cant ask Daddy Osh to make it better and take the rap.
    And no i’m deliberately not going down Via Sentimentalis with everyone elses gambit on the horror and the awfulness.
    I try to read between the lines as this is a blog on ‘What did u do in the War daddy’ of events not a condolence reunion.
    Just so we dont suffer ‘munchausens syndrome by proxy’. (look it up)

    Love to all.

  4. frank says:

    the media links all these events.
    it is also possible to make other links.

    did you know that india`s death toll on the roads last year was 100,000?
    that`s also a big price to pay for modernity,and the middle-class dreams of morgan stanley etc.
    a lot of suffering and personal tragedy there.
    and since the bomb blast,how many slum dwellers in say pune and mumbai alone have had their homes destroyed by the govt or have died,poisoned by fumes,”industrial” accidents,dodgy alcohol,violence,kids eaten by rats etc…..?
    more than 9 for sure.
    its all collateral damage isnt it?

    you assume the bombersare muslims in sympathy with afghanistan.
    they could easily be hindus.

    after all the victims include at least 6 muslims
    and only one (semi)christian and no jews.

    the west versus muslim story is a convenient peg,but not the whole story by a long way…

  5. frank says:

    and now the resort is in the unenviable position of having to co-operate with the police for their own “protection”

    mmm. who benefits from the bomb?
    and who loses?
    we will see.

  6. prem martyn says:

    ahh yes theres the rub….u cant frighten people with the words terror drivers take risks by switching off headlights at night from Pune to Bombay in terror outrage driving prank. and have them running into ur electoral arms saying help us from the terror of indias terrible driving instructors….well u could but remember only de GAD decide who will live on the India road…shree rammmmmmm and de Gad dont have de vote….

    the assumption is that they are not from the People’s Front for Judea but the Judean People’s Front ( vanguard splitters semi-trotskyite no membership fees meet above the Odeon tea rooms wednesday night bring sandwiches)

    And im being harassed by a libertarian version of events written by Noam Chomsky not as i foolishly thought the disempowering version of the Bad News Boys …… written by the backroom ‘well if its not the muslims its the communists we protect u against, u got that buddy?..’ooops, gulp yes sir…mr Marine…u are my hero, and u certainly don’t LOOK as mad as the mullahs/hindu/korean/palestinian/chinese or that swampthing that will eat your children…..

    ”’And mr Swaymeye…. if u want proof that they Godammm EVUL whyyy…..everyone in America gotta gun cos why …heuh we dont trust each other…..spit chew . I married ma sister from kentucky she darnnnnnn purtyyy.heuh heuh….the only good indian is a dead one ,got that from General Custer.they learnt that in 1870 they learn darn good them indians…put em on reservations….
    .. heuhhh spit

    challenge the world view and break the links with the in breath and relax with the outbreath…..and if it all looks so unmanageable and beyond you then u have to pesonalise it, otherwise what the hell u have a radical master for?
    try krishnamurti instead he just never got involved.

  7. oshobob says:

    power template:

    1. create act of violence, real or virtual.

    2. use all media organs to report it.

    3. extend security apparatus for increased protection.

    4. control people and their lives through fear.

  8. Dilruba says:

    lam sure every person living in Koregaon Park / one’s who have connections there .. have recieved calls from people to find out if they / our friends are alive / okay .. l havent been an exception .. l live in the same lane ..

    l wonder .. though what l should say to them .. lam alive but my friends ( who l couldnt befriend ) lost their lives or .. why lam still alive or .. am l really alive ? …………….. Chareveti Chareveti ……..

  9. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    Now the Real message to learn for this Osho Resort Managment from this act of Terrorism



    Banning spreads Terror Hate and Fear
    Bombers spread Terror Hate and Fear

  10. oshobob says:

    so where are all the on-the-scene amateur videos and photos of the post-blast “carnage” at the German Bakery? None to be seen as of yet. Not one.

    You would think the people at the Osho Resort (busiest season of the year) on a Saturday night at 7pm, only 200 meters away, would all rush immediately to the scene to give help to the dead and dying, recording the event too with their cell phone cameras and digital cameras. Where are the documents, and Osho sannyasin eye-witnesses? None to be seen or heard from as of yet.

    Odd, no?

    In this age of digital internet, with cheap and pervasive digital recording products all over the place, these pictures and stories would have been posted online within hours of the event. Mobile wi-fi, laptops, etc. All things upscale yuppie types at the Resort travel with, and have in their shoulder bags and purses.

  11. oshobob says:

    Only one short month it has been since this supposed terrorist Headley was in the area, with intense international media reportage of it. You would think the area would be on exteremely high alert from all security agencies of India and the world’s government anti-terrorist orgs, looking out for a terrorist event then. And the German Bakery, a public walk-in place with no security, right in the middle of the Osho Resort and Jewish Chabad House would be the place that would be a super-soft easy target, if that was someone’s intention to do harm, targeting foreigners, Westerners,
    Jews, Osho sannysasin pagans, etc.

    No security? Someone just walks in an leaves an unattended bag? And some dumb waiter just opens it up and the place blows up?

    Does anyone here really believe this story?

  12. oshobob says:

    By the way, talking about this Headley dude…

    Years ago, according to his Wiki bio, he was arrested for trying to smuggle heroin into the US. Given a reduced sentence in exchange for him performing undercover anti-drug operations in Pakistan for the US Drug Enforcement Agency.

    So many people have accused Headley of being a CIA operative, in fact, that a CIA spokesman had to come out and given a resounding “No way!” statement publicly. Now, would you believe a CIA PR spokeperson? Right, neither would I.

    How’s that for a weird wrinkle in the story?

  13. Anand says:

    Nobody got hurt, who was at White Robe evening meditation.

    Italian news report that Nadia was with “zen master” Dolana, the swan lady.

    Oshobob: David Headley visited Pune March 09 and stayed in Suriya Vilas next to German Bakery.

    yes hard to believe Oshobob, that Osho sannyasins coming to Pune to meditate and sit in the Evening Meditation and not roam the streets of Koregaon Park with their digital cameras and laptops in their bags.
    Just shows how far away you are from the reality in India and Osho these days.

  14. Anand says:

    David Headley was visiting Osho resort in 2009 or 2008. His 2 day visit to Osho Resort was made public in October 2009.
    Now you have terror at German Bakery.

    My questions: why did Jayesh not install extra security at the Osho resort after
    October 09? Some sannyasins were badly hurt and lost legs….

  15. oshobob says:

    ok, Anand, so it’s been more than a month since Headley was reportedly in the area, if he was there March 09, but still, Koregaon Park around the Resort should have still been top priority for anti-terrorist agencies, only 11 months after his scouting activities…

    get the spelling right anand, it’s “Dolano”, not “Dolana”, and she’s the ex-’swan-lady’, not the swan lady. That was the past.

    and “nobody got hurt who was at the White Robe”…man, that’s a relief, huh? none of the ‘family’ got hurt, oh…how reassuring for us all! Moral of the story, don’t go see rogue woman “zen masters” outside the system…. stay at home, safe, in the Resort, at White Robe Meditation, and you should be all right, with Osho and sannyasins…the Chosen Ones!

    Do you think all those “meditators” in the Pyramid didn’t hear the massive explosion just 200 meters away? And maybe want to do something, go and see what happened? Or does “meditation” mean you
    ignore the world around you? If someone was screaming that they were being raped outside, would the thousands in the Pyramid just sit there like dead Buddhas and continue to “meditate” ? How spiritual!!
    How devoted to the inner search!!

    What about the security and entrance people at the Gateless Gate? What did they do after the explosion?
    Just sit there and hold down their job positions?!

  16. oshobob says:

    Another interesting fact about Headley is that he was born in Washington DC, seat of the US Government, and his father worked for Voice of America, a US global government propoganda organization, and, as is well known, the VOA is basically a front face-icon for the CIA. Kind of like the Peace Corps, but more far reaching.

    But who knows, maybe this guy is just virtual, doesn’t really exist as a person, his bio created by who knows who…

    I would be interested to hear Ma Sadhana’s account of him, if she has any. Did he do Osho meditations at the Resort? Or just walk around, and relax…? Did anyone in management or other in-house sannyasins talk to him, or relate to him in any way?

  17. frank says:

    bloody `ell.
    what`s got into everybody around here?
    its like a
    mossad vs. al quaeda ice hockey match
    or something.

  18. frank says:

    rahul bhatt,son of mahesh bhatt,one time sannyasin and later ug krichnamurti biographer,
    was befriended by headley.
    bhatt senior is involved in anti-zionist anti imperialist stuff.
    certain govt figures tried to implicate rahul with headley in a conspiratorial way,but rahul has publcly stated in the indian express interview ,last november ,that headley,in his opinion is a cia agent!!!
    check the story yoursel by keywording google….

  19. frank says:

    here`s some mindblowing stuff.
    rahul bhatt,son of mahesh bhatt,onetime osho sannyasin(70s)and ug krishnamurti biographer proclaimed in an indian express interview november 14 2009 that headley is ,in his opinion a cia agent!!!!!!
    this was after political attempts to discredit the bhatts thru their association with the bhatts.
    (bhatt senior is involved in anti-imperialist,anti-zionist stuff)

    check the whole story yourself keywording google.

  20. frank says:

    that should be “association with headley”

  21. prem bubbie says:

    Anand you’re so full of shit and a hypocrite!!! Why the sudden change in attitude and emotion, oh yea the herd is following a different path now, since you don’t know how to create your own, gotta follow the herd….a TRUE Douche Bag indeed!!! Are you really Anand or someone else that’s using his name… so many bullshit artist that post here, not sure who is who…

  22. prem bubbie says:

    Frank and martyn: cool it with your “violent” words!!! Do you think the use of violent words is going to change anyone’s mind?

  23. prem bubbie says:

    Oshobob: talk to Shantam Prem and Anand, they think the resort people are experts in security, well that’s what Anand thought yesterday, now he questions them…Hmmm… put those two in charge of security and Osama Bin L will be bunking at the resort at a cut rate price by the end of the week!!!! Now Shantam, who are the real “stupids” here?

  24. frank says:

    no,but fuck you anyway!

  25. prem bubbie says:

    Anand and Shantam Prem work for the CIA and MI-6…don’t trust them, keep them under surveillance, report their whereabouts constantly… Beware of those two impostors… You have been warned!!!!

  26. prem bubbie says:

    You’re welcome frankie bubbles!!!

  27. frank says:

    i`m welcome?
    i didn`t mean it literally.
    look,i think anand is more your type.
    invite him to your love shack,you seem to be interested in his anus…….

  28. prem martyn says:

    prem bubbie…
    i’m so stream of consciousness when i write, that its like being in the gents/loo/men’s room after a night on the town.
    i really apologise for not making sense…as for the violent words …..
    …..what in cocksuckname bollox fridgemagnet tits arsewipe garden sprinkler power hammer enlightenmentwatchfulness porn mudra sitar and listen give u that idea ?? u mean someone actually reads any of this ..Holy Sheikh Rattle and Roll

  29. frank says:

    i read it,
    and i work for the cia the fbi, the bbc and bb king……

  30. Yakaru says:

    Congratulations Oshobob. You have made the most offensive set of comments I have ever read from any sannyasin ever.

  31. Sarjan says:

    You Guys are ridiculous !!!!

    it really feels bad to read what you guys say!!!!

    Much love to all!!!

  32. prem martyn says:

    i was on a bus once back in the early 2000′s in north london top deck and these bathroom robed vagina hair bearded skullcaps were on there too….and one sat behind me and was intoning his blackmagic incantations nasty energy from all of them ….it turned out i was on the bus route where they found the islamist zealots gunpowder council flat years later….they were obviously at it for a long time before they finally did the dirty in london. Still the nastiest one I know is that bloke Allah Bin Sheikh Tony Blair… he’s still free and proseltyisng in a suit and one never knows just what he caused us all to suffer for his private boarding school version of power.

    Now about Dolano, and the swans I just saw she runs a cat refuge which makes me want to forgive her stupidity with the swans debacle all those years ago…Would i bother to tell her again….i’d only get a mouthful of hogwash about the itttybityyteensyweensy yellowpolkadottymindywindy but its nice that she has animal welfare sentiments….i.just wanted to put the broken record straight..

    ps that was off topic a bit but still in the same Koregaon Ball Park…

    and on page 3 read the latest from the resort press department about how its no longer a resort but a collection of buildings used to provide medical aid to Afghani Refugees.Hindu Orphans and an overflow carpark for released Gunatanamo detainees..(that should keep everyone safe for a bit)

  33. prem bubbie says:

    To martyn, it was meant as a joke… for Frank accused me of using violent words, now I turn the page and find you two doing the same– of course they aren’t violent, maybe a little misguided,(joke).. walking on eggs here.. time to go… with pleasure!!!

  34. prem martyn says:

    and my words are too…tonality can only be represented by the ubiquitous ‘ :) ’ smiley.

    .it was the swearing gibberish meditation…from the alone to the alone….across the internet..:)

  35. prem martyn says:

    Yakura …..oshobob is using the via negativa… he is doubting .. where he should be doubting his doubt….which would lead him to trusting his doubt which is trusting his trust…

    ..but he didnt pay for the full night he got stuck…into doubting his trust ( ask any passing enlightened master or mistress its a familiar issue amongst laptop disciples everywhere)


  36. prem martyn says:

    er …Yakaru :) ooops !

  37. Yakaru says:

    No worries, Prem Martyn – Yakura would probably make more sense….Not my fault!

  38. Anand says:

    Oshobob, I think you have never been to Pune and been in the meditation pyramid, otherwise your words make no sense. So why are you commenting here about these places? The explosion was during the time when there is music on during the Evening meditation…as far as I am informed and I talked to people there and have actually been in the pyramid meditating for man years,
    nobody could hear it as an attack.
    And what were the guards supposed to do? Leave the gates unguarded?
    Indian police was there at the scene within minutes the hospital is only 250 yards away…
    I ask myself really what is the purpose of this ignorant and stupid shoutings of mindless and uninformed stuff at sannyas news?

    If you guys are frustrated with Osho and how sannyas is now functioning, why you bother and spend time here? This is the most negative Osho forum I came across….

  39. Anand says:

    Prem Bubbie….. what is your real name?

  40. oshobob says:

    Yakaru, are you japanese?
    what was it you found so offensive in my remarks, that i said Headley’s dad worked for the Voice of America?
    by the way, you’re mistaken, i’m not a sannyasin.

  41. Anand says:

    Prem means Love
    that does not fit with Budbbe
    that is why I call him
    Trash Bubbie
    seems more true to his nature

  42. Anand says:

    Oshobob..yes I know Dolano the EX swan lady from Pune. I lived in Pune from 1975 through to now every year including Rajneeshpuram.

    yes I care for family first, but that does not mean that I feel not for the people, who died at the German bakery, whatever nation they belong too. And Nadia seems like a beautiful Italian woman, it does not matter if she was an Osho sannyasin or a Dolano follower. Let everybody be happy on their own ground.

    Ther German Bakery was a mixed up place with drug dealing peddling their stuff, Indians trying to make some buck from Westerner or picking up a Western date, renting rooms…..there was a lot of dark energy in there, not unexpected, just 200 yards away from Osho main gate.
    You would never see the management from Osho Resort see in there…too many shady characters moving around.
    Light attracts darkness and darkness attracts light.

  43. oshobob says:

    anand asks,
    “And what were the guards supposed to do? Leave the gates unguarded?”

    My god no!! And let a couple people sneak in without paying? When about 100 human beings are dead and injured, people screaming, just a bit down the block from a massive explosion? No, anand, we would not expect the resort guards to leave their posts to lend a helping hand to bombed and bleeding human beings for chrissake. I don’t know what i was thinking there.

  44. prem martyn says:

    ANAND sometimes I just find that there is every reason to be in something but not of it …..osho gave me everything i needed to experience life..and i gave his/my commune loads of my energy and here I am experiencing it..again..virtually.. which is the modern version of sharing a coffee in Prems….a cold nescafe made from amoebic water but a coffee nevertheless….i couldnt care less about negative or positive or cynical or not cynical …and ….im not looking for the silent witness … im just enjoying…..

  45. prem martyn says:

    And its my way of saying if anyone tells you no long kissing or hugging in the asram resort, or shouts at u for lying on a garden bench… then recite the mantra ‘stick it up ur guru’s ass…’

    its my way of saying im enlightened too.

  46. frank says:

    “dark energy” in the bakery.
    “evil” bubbie
    “negative” forum sannyas news

    anand,i wonder have you ever heard of the psychological concept “projection”.

    if this the most negative osho forum,then why are YOU here?
    to spread light?
    i haven`t seen you do that,
    apart from your odd posts of purported osho nitrous session transcripts,
    you just seem to trade insults with bubbie.

    is that the sum total of “light” gained from being in the ashram since 1975?

    bloody hell,maybe time to expand your horizons a bit?

  47. Punam says:

    Perfect moment for a group hug guys!!……………mmmmmmmm

  48. prem martyn says:

    How comes we all get to go off topic so fast ? i mean here we are supposed to be contibuting to a page about an outrage and we have ended up in a group hug…..?

    But maybe thats it Punam, we should offer terrorists group hugs and endless twaddle about their feelings.That would confuse them to the point of ineffectuality.a proven formula of course!!!
    ” Seventh cavalry division offer group hugs to Afghani rebels , everyone sharing feelings shock” Kandahar Times…

    Not THE swami punam of london c1988??)

  49. shantam prem says:

    I have been told few of my friends, People are not enjoying this forum which has turned into miles long and skin deep.

    There is no harm to release the energy through computer and key board, but we must feel how others get offended, because of public spitting.

    People once bought some books how to climb mount Everest, than they made two weeks course and after that became expert to comment from their arm chairs.

    My simple suggestion is read your comments before you post and if you cannot hold IT, use New York Post.

  50. swami prem martyn says:

    Offend me please Offend me….
    Hey Effendi psstt u want group hug ?? I show u nice Asram…nice time., U like Resort whatever u like …?? here we have everything marvellous guarantee….come my fren’ come.. yet again come ! pssst trust me I sannyassin okay look open heart….i do dynamic listen see hu hu hu hu… evryone fren ok. U have girlfren… Careful ..asram dark place full of negative hands on experience….

  51. prem manish says:

    Terrorism is an mentle process. It is in the mind. definatly outside security is needed. But however security we creat it finds its way on this way or that way. The world is such and we carry our death with us. we must have to do our duties for outside world but a deep inner connection is always needed. Thats why meditation is. A meditative and peaceful mind never induged in such kind of voilent activites and carries peaceful vibration around himself.
    Do you know Krishna preaches his geeta in the middle of batlefield. Only deep connected people able to respond any situation rightly. And that is real

  52. Anand says:



  53. frank says:

    well shantam,you have complained here solidly for months and years here about how the resort aint what it used to be and suggesting how to fix it.
    now maybe you will have to move to another website and continue to complain how jackass news used to be the place but now the wrong people are there and how to fix it etc!?
    things standing shall fall
    the moving ever shall stay.

    but i agree with you.
    this bunch of hoo hoo hooligans sound and act like a bunch of thugs at closingtime on a saturday night,vomiting on the bus and abusing innocent passengers.

    i`m going to catch a taxi.

    nice meeting you
    and goodbye.

  54. Anand says:

    I talked to friends via skype minutes after the explosion …I talked to the ashram guard minutes after the explosion via phone….
    there was professional help needed and available within minutes…the hospital is only 250 yards away from the German Bakery…..body parts were on the streets…there were sirens in the air, people screaming….

    Hug to Prem Bubbie….we are all Buddhas.

  55. Dilruba says:

    does all include the guys who did the explosion too ? lam wondering

  56. Anand says:

    Dilruba…yes…all is one

  57. Anand says:

    Buddha nature is in all of us, but not realized in many.

  58. frank says:

    thus spake anandathustra

    he came down after 30 years in the mountain ashram and lo!
    after getting into a scrap with bubbie and a few other evil thugs,didst see the light.
    and didst proclaim:
    “i suddenly realise that i didst love the evil shack- dweller all along
    now,i am beyond good and evil
    yes…all is one”

    and the mob didst answer him:
    “that`s a good one
    pulleth the other one….”

  59. prem martyn says:

    sob, sniff i need to look, sniff at .. sob the nature of my sniff dualistic mind… maybe if we all really perceived our isness bumble being all this would go , away…

    .without me having to become intellectually literate beyond some plagiarised experiential cloud cucckoo babble talk that i so desperately want to impress you with to ur innate disadvantage….oh i do hope to really get it before everyone finds out i havent got anything whatsoever to offer …really….

  60. prem martyn says:

    anand have u not had any sense bombed into u yet??
    I think thats the metaphor here.

    nice one frankie…

  61. Satya Deva says:

    I wonder under what circumstances it would be deemed ok for the Resort guards(or at least one of them) to leave their posts and go to help people in distress?

    Someone being attacked, raped maybe, say, 50 yards away? Begging for help…?

    How about an explosion 100 yards from the gate? Blood-drenched wounded staggering along the road…?

    Interesting thought, Anand?

    Or would you be too up your own backside to bother with looking at such a scenario?

    Living in an ashram for 35 years? Sheltered from normal life, or what?

    Perhaps such obscene acts as terrorist bombings are meant especially for people like yourself. To wake you up…


  62. Satya Deva says:

    And how long, Anand, would you say you’ve been ‘holier than thou’?

    35 years?

  63. Satya Deva says:

    Anand, did you actually write those last three posts attributed to you, yourself?

    I’m inclined to believe they’re the work of forum satirists, eg Frank or Punam…

    There’s nothing as phoney as a ‘spiritual phoney’…

    (Ever read ‘Catcher in the Rye’ , by J. D. Salinger? Describes people rather like yourself. On current evidence, that is (maybe you’re just so much more ‘awake’ than almost everyone else – doubt it though, somehow).

  64. frank says:

    you`ve got to feel for the guy,though.
    35 years in the ashram,then he goes out one day to spread a bit of peace and light and what does he get? set upon by a gang of evil,dark,negative hooligans,
    the CIA,
    the us govt
    frank the caustic gnostic
    sannyasnews spiritual hardman-
    satya “vinnie jones” deva
    and bubbie the unabomber
    –all in the same week!
    you`ve got to admit that whatever your religion that`s damn bad luck (or karma?)

  65. frank says:

    what to do?
    meditate more.
    it`s better than sitting around doing nothing.

  66. oshobob says:

    right satya deva…
    seeing anand transform miraculously from an old 35-year sannyasin vet grumbling curmudgen, with a big-time defensive justifying personality, trying to glide by on his extensive sannyas experience and connections… into an advaita avatar with hugs for his enemies, ‘all-is-one’, ‘we’re all buddhas’, etc, is even beyond a believable quantum leap. just a little too much to swallow. like this current pune bakery story, in a way.

  67. frank says:

    and even kwaichangbob couldnt resist,and jumped in to kung-fu the poor guy while he was down……….

  68. oshobob says:

    well frank you’ve got to admit, the old geezer had it coming…he’s got direct skype connections to friends at the ashram, to the front guard phones minutes after the bakery event, to unknown dental session talks by Osho, knowledge of why Osho’s Pune 1 discourses weren’t filmed, etc. I mean, this guy must be some sort of bigshot in the sannyas world. And he’s hiding his identity. I think Anand has got to face the music, and own up to who he really is. Maybe he’s Devageet or Amrito, who knows…

  69. prem martyn says:

    osho bob…. just one more ‘it might not be true’

    i’ll explode….

  70. oshobob says:

    so go ahead, explode, marty…
    but, remember, the ‘stream of consciousness’ literary genre that you seem to be so fond of went out of vogue over 40 years ago — you are dating yourself, bro’.

    It jumped off of Siggy’s dream-analysis couch and landed in Joyce’s ‘Finnegans Wake’. It had a very short half-life, and kinda fizzled out with Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’, in the late 50′s.

    C’mon Marty, spool up to the 21st century, it’s hip-hop, rap, and buddha-within jive…

  71. prem martyn says:

    I’d like to bring u in a rappin style
    the story o ma guru
    he bin arown’ a while
    he’s groovy cat
    he got plenty o class
    and now and agin he kinda whip’ ma ass
    and he cool an’ he free
    an he livin in de collective memory

    Well i went to see a video de odda day
    jos ta see if i could meditay’
    an’ i sat in front o de TV screen to see ma Guru in front o me
    he say ‘man u better start meditating’
    to all de cats anticipatin
    anoddah lecture on de FBI
    bot instead we got a sock in de eye
    Cos he say ”Im cool an you’re free ‘
    an u made o love …like infinity…

    tisk tisk boom tisk boom tiska tiska tiska boom boom

    wha’gwan bhagwan? (he dat man he dat fren u been pyneen for) ….O’show me somtin betta.

    kiss kiss tiska boom BOOM

  72. prem martyn says:

    me rise to de challanj
    me rise to de bait

    even do’ in uk its gon half past eight….

    me kyan believe de poetry streaming like consciousness….
    it ‘ all virchewal
    litter -rarily….

    causin no mess

  73. oshobob says:

    u alright, mahty
    u a homeboy, foh shur.

  74. shantam prem says:

    Frank, If i compile a book of the comments at sannyasnews, the following comment of yours will sure get a place-

    “this bunch of hoo hoo hooligans sound and act like a bunch of thugs at closing time on a Saturday night,vomiting on the bus and abusing innocent passengers….”

    It can be me, you or any one, only the co passengers in the double Decker can find out; something is stinking for sure, in the world of sannyas, the rotten word of rotten Indian tradition has gone worse with the involvement of all and sundry.

  75. prem martyn says:

    me sittin in mah al-one-ness

    me love dat wud’


    u can ad it to anytting…like even oshobob

    u can make it oshobobness….an’ extend de quality an make u truly indivi-jewel….

    me tanking u fo’ de plesha of u invitashun.
    here on de Sunrise News

  76. frank says:

    yes shantam,
    you can count me out of the indian tradition/religion thing.the brahmins are charging extortionate rates for their pujas these days,i hear.

    i apologise for being one of those hippies who was part of the “all and sundry” you refer to,by my thinking that ganesh the psychedelic elephant was on acid and hinduism was primarily about hairy guys in orange loincloths sitting on tiger skins with loads of heads facing in all directions with rivers and smoke coming out of their snake-turbans,impressing the birdsand people leaping about to formless music with flowers all over them whilst sinking pints of bhang lassi,and remaining totally unattached and beyond it.

    it was a case of mistaken identity.
    but it was fun while it lasted.

  77. Punam says:

    Punam the forum satarist?! Satya Deva you put me alongside Frank even. You mistook me for Martyn surely. Its a title I would be proud of but I do not possess the necesessary chutzpah, savvy and balls to carry it through……..even as i speak i am still a little concerned that we should be a little more respectful of the dead here, after all there’s a roll call of dead and wounded at the top of this thread! Martyn seems to be beyond that already, such sentimentality does not hold him back! I was going to remind him of the time he himself tried to bomb a junior school in London one Christmas when we were both in the Tigers, but that would be totally inappropriate at a time like this for Gods sake.( Alladdin that was his cover name then I recall.)
    Whatever happened to respect for the dead? Mourning? Perhaps its the Wildebeast Syndome in its purest form here; so long as we aren’t the ones the lions are devouring its business as usual…munch munch…… I’m all mixed up here! Not the qualities of a resolute satarist I’m afraid…sorry lads.

  78. Punam says:

    Cant even spell the word!

  79. oshobob says:


    you can tell your friends who aren’t enjoying this forum anymore to go jump in a lake.

    they don’t post here, but sit behind smoked glass, and from the peanut gallery make negative comments about the content here to you, who passes them on to us. the people that post here are not doing it for the enjoyment, education, or edification of your anonymous friends, and have no responsibility to adjust their thoughts for the increase of their enjoyment or reading pleasure. Can’t they make their criticisms themselves here? Tell them not to worry, they can use fake names like everyone else.

    Maybe you ought to find some new friends — some who are a little more courageous.

    Instead of spending your time passing your friends unasked for comments and judgements on to us here, you might do well to take advantage of Ma Veena’s new website that offers non-native English speakers who use the web some counseling and English help in their online posts and websites. Spelling, grammar, syntax, and all the rest. She has loads of experience, and was one of Osho’s first editors of his books in English in the Pune 1 days. You can find her site on the website, I believe.

  80. Punam says:

    Then again, pondering this, there is no better dedication and respect to all the dead and wounded than to be ourselves, non serious and humorous. Outward shows of ‘respect for the dead’ are traditional and possibly phoney. If we had drums and guitars and flutes on this forum we’d be playing and dancing like we did at cremations in Pune. Play on Friends!

  81. prem martyn says:

    the dead arent reading this forum…..and if they are it should be laughter all the way .. or would that be a grave mistake… Dont mourn just send good vibes…trust yurseel…as the man said consciousness and its servant ethical accountability….and there’s nothing to say about the wounded that they wanna hear from here… ..but civic empowerment and living in truth even if u dont have swans are easily accessible to all .. read Vaclav Havel far more useful and accessible than the itness of the thatness…Ever since my street theatre days even pre paper tigers (archives of the International Times)…it was important to strip off (literally) and expose(arrestably) the naked truth.Its more fun to stop the world and have fun than trying to stick by the imperatives of quasi religious/truth seeking sentimental obsequiousness to something that doesnt by definition exist ie sannyas and truth seeking ….for those of us who are past caring and into another ball game… the one that u can lose in and it still doesnt matter…

    all the best swami Punam ask parmartha for my contact if u want my fb page…im in uk at moment

    altogether ..there’s no i.. only uuuuuuuu

  82. prem martyn says:

    hey punam u said it while i was typing it… synchro niceties to yu mate…..!! toot toot

  83. Punam says:

    You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off Martyn!


  84. oshobob says:

    And as i think of it, these are YOUR feelings Shantam, and you are using your friends criticisms to convey them. maybe prem martyn knows a name for this syndrome, the Pass it On to My Friends by Proxy Syndrome…

    I remember once Osho just ripping someone to shreds in a Darshan in Pune 1, who came to him with a question “that my friend has”. Mr. B. saw through the scam immediately, said “this is YOUR question!” and just reamed the poser to holy hell and back for his cowardice.

  85. shantam prem says:

    Punam, without namimg the person at 17, koregaon park, Pune, i had e mail connection with him the other day, his reply about the celebration for the sannyasin died in Bomb Blast, ” As per Osho guidelines we don´t celebrate unnatural deaths.”

    But your idea of drums and guitars and flutes is a sweet one.
    and i would like to invite those people too, who were getting headache from Kirtan!
    (remembering you, Prof. Thompson.)

  86. frank says:

    and dont forget the true story about the bishop of bongobongo land who was called to give a sermon at the sunrise jackass hospital for the mentally and spiritually challenged..

    “let us remember why we are all here”
    he intoned from the pulpit,in the time-honoured fashion,with suitable gravitas and sober demeanor.
    from the back of the room came the reply from the audience:
    “because we`re not all there”

  87. prem martyn says:

    I was being total !

    i would post my contact but id be swamped by fan mail

    why dont we set up a san’news fb page then we could really let rip….

    love and revenge

  88. Punam says:

    Ha ha ha thats a good’en Frank!

  89. shantam prem says:

    Bob, be more than 90 % sure, Shantam does not like to hide behind the bush, like many of the fellow writers, who cannot dare even to write with their known names and identity.
    Using Key board like the brave cow boys and wearing Pampers and thinking someone will put 2, 20 Dollers reward on their head!
    I really mean what i say as i have immense respect for the words and their meanings and impressions on oneself and others.
    And about the friends, be sure i had met many of them in Pune the other week, most of them are familiar with the contents of sannyas news and few even asked me, whether i am that Shantam Prem, who is writing much during the last few months.
    it is not my intention to be famous or another Rajneesh in the pipe line, but please ask your friends, if there are any, about their opinion regarding the posts in this forum.

  90. prem martyn says:

    Shantam…unless i get an opinion from a ma with honkers the size of plates u can be sure that i wont listen to anything yur friends say… I have to maintain some respect for the Sex partner swapping Guru after all, please now mix your search for truth with some tantric insight and go you know .. yourself….regarding the posts in this foursome ….

  91. Satya Deva says:

    Punam, profound apologies for pinning the wrong label on you…

    Humorous cartoonist (among multiple other talents, of course) a better description?

  92. Punam says:

    Yes indeed, on this very publication when it was in paper form!
    Its all coming back to me now, like as if in a dream, thats what i did in the war! I did my best to mock the cult busters INFORM and they ended up putting the ‘orange people’ to ‘more likely to laugh at themselves status’ and the Humanist Society asked me to do a strip for their magazine. It all went down hill from there!

  93. prem martyn says:

    The Humanist Society….? they of the London Bus Posters Campaign
    ->’ There Probably isnt a God Now Stop Worrying’ and Enjoy Your Life.’.!!!!…
    its so very British ….probably probably.!!!!!???? How unreassuring is that, its enough to make anyone worried sick !!!I I bet God is avin a right laugh..(probably)

    its that some people would (probably) laugh as a not so important sideline to the ever so commune building heart opening collusional therapy, but some of us (woops) did the meditational therapy as a sideline to enjoying the jokes and the laughter .

    U know when consciousness has got u by the balls its when u cant open your mouth ……(probably)

    and the desire to collude in the hush a bye baby, knowing look , beatific smiley non robey ,i’ll make u feel better…’search for self’…

    Give me a cartoon ,a raucous sabotaging laugh a walking stick and a lantern anyday…

  94. frank says:

    “as per osho guidelines we do not celebrate unnatural deaths”
    people are actually really spouting this sort of stuff,at the resort?
    butlins it aint.
    and what of osho`s death,being poisoned at the hands of the us govt?

    these characters sound like they are slowly but surely taking steps towards the level of nutbag-isms that “religion” excels at..

    brahmins who dangle string over their ear whilst taking a piss.

    the ones who throw babies out of a window 50 feet down onto a sheet for “good luck and health..”

    and the hindus who married their daughter to a stray dog to “ward off evil spirits”
    its not all bad news,she will be able to get married again without a divorce say the priests…

    maybe these guys are jewish,and miss doing that thing where they wave a dead chicken around their head three times to get rid of their sins….

    or chopping the end of their dicks off….
    what a brilliant idea that was….

    you ask `em all what they`re doing.
    “i`m just following the guidelines”

  95. frank says:

    a better humanist slogan would have been:

    not likely.

  96. oshobob says:

    One of Osho’s defining hallmarks was to make statements with “absolute authority”, for better or for worse, with or without substantiating evidence. And he personally titled all his books, as far as I know,

    his take on this ‘God’ thing was…

    “God Is Dead, Now Zen Is the Only Living Truth”

    No ‘probablies’ in there. Very definite stuff. Un-British.

    Osho International has just republished this book now, 20 years later, with the reworked title,

    “The God Conspiracy”.

    A good move on OIF’s part, i think, because,

    noone wants to hear that god is dead, and
    noone wants to hear that zen is the only living truth,
    that kind of talk is way too far out, too radical for most,


    conspiracies? not a problem.
    everyone is very interested in conspiracies because they are part of their everyday lives, it has mass appeal.
    conspiracies are eveywhere. behind every tree, and in every mind (OIF’s included). connect it with ‘god’, who most modern people are skeptical of in the first place, and you’ve got an grabbing title.

    marketing genius by OIF spin-doctors.

  97. KATH says:

    “as per osho guidelines we do not celebrate unnatural deaths”

    I use to do all the pic’s for the Indian Press of Death Celebrations and remember a friend dying from falling off a cliff in Mahrableshwa . He got an Celebration in Buddhahall . As far as I remember there were always exceptions . And anyway what is an unnatural death ? Suicide —I guess , well this was definitely not the case, right ?
    In my opinion it would do the image of the Resort good to show some more compassion for Osho followers who died or are injured . It wouldn’t harm to show some more sympathy . I fear this indifference does not look very nice in the Indian Press . However –the good part is — there will be no Death Celebrations needed if the next bomb explodes in the Resort, right ?

    We are all ONE , Kath .

  98. oshobob says:

    As to not celebrating “unnatural deaths”,

    in addition to Osho’s, as frank points out,
    was Swami Vimalkirti’s death natural in Pune 1?

    How about a car accident death? Dying as a soldier in a war? Cancer? AIDS? Suicide? Complications from surgery? Pneumonia?

    Maybe Doc Amrito can give some more definite guidelines so sannyasins that want to have their deaths celebrated can have something to shoot for in this regard, as they near ‘going ashtray’ — be a little less British in ambiguousness.

    No death celebration, no need for any habeus corpus.


  99. Punam says:

    Shantam prem, who is prof. Thompson ? Who is Shantam prem actually. Where you part of the HOI? Why is Prof Thompson remembering me? Is this a secret coded conversation? Are you TinTin?

  100. frank says:

    god is difficult to get rid of.
    along with freddie,i thought he was dead too.
    but he just keeps on making those improbable comebacks
    … like rocky,david beckham,johnny cash and of course elvis…
    just when you think you`ve heard the last of him he`s back in your face again….

    he`s probably the most annoying geezer i`ve never met.

  101. prem martyn says:

    oh dear above we have a lot of sub plots linked to the plotty plotters who just happened to plot their plots with a plot to plot against other plotters, who were zealots not plotters

    Empowerment is not a static object.It is based on a series of relations.If the guy who posted this thinks it empowers anyone here please supply the full approach of your methodology. otherwise we will have to call in our roving reporter Tin Tin and Prof Thompson to decipher the cartoon-like blog for a bedtime story read.

  102. prem martyn says:

    or in the spirit of egalitarianism and democracy I will disagree with myself ….

    …every single word in that blog is true….

    See that really helps everyone a lot doesnt it…..?

  103. frank says:

    that blog has more
    fancy-dress fatimas
    pithecanthropic mountebanks
    dictatorial duck-billed diplacocuses
    interplanetary goats
    than you can wave a stick at captain

  104. oshobob says:

    who is TinTin — the Rin TinTin dog from the US TV series?

    who is — is that Sam/Paritosh who wrote “life of osho” and helped create sannyasnews, or someone writing from Rio… ?

    “freddie” i know is the german guy with the last name that is very hard to spell and didn’t like the god thing too much…

    prof. thompson i’ve always believed is the twin brother of chris calder, who most likely is bogus (probably so anyway).

  105. frank says:

    herge`s adventures of tintin.

    who can forget “tintin in tibet”?
    which was probably second only to the lobsang rampa books in sparking the global late 20th century quest for buddhist enlightenment….

  106. prem martyn says:

    The adventures of Tin Tin ..a 1930′s character detective ace written by a Belgian, Herge…Prof Thompson was Tin Tin’s cartoon mentor.Tin Tin is/was a boy.

    Everyone here is writing an hour ahead of GMT.. how will i ever catch up with you guys …. ?? And if u get enlightened an hour before me … come back out of compassion……

    and the editor doesnt need to post a new title because it all comes round to the same thing …staying one hour ahead of everyone else……

    may your keyboards bring you to this moment of infinite bliss….an hour ahead of me…..

  107. prem martyn says:

    frank .u got there before me see i was right.. dammmmmmmmmiittttttttttttt this slow enlightenment dama damn damn

  108. Punam says:

    Yes I really thought I was on to something when I discovered Lobsang Rampa books, I wanted magical the power, just the thought of it gave me some power! I had a secret in my in my coat pocket that other people on the bus didn’t have together with my ginseng, patchouli oil, long hair and various Tibetan badges bought in Portabello Road market London .
    International Times, Frendz and Oz…..(sorry this is a wanabee hippie catharsis)
    My brother has just retired on a big fat pension, he had a proper job, he won’t lend me any money hehe! Tell me friends, was all this pseudo spiritual seeking all a waste of time?
    Or can i pull a rabbit out of the bag at the last moment?

  109. frank says:

    didn`t tintin get an award from the dalai lama,a couple of years back?

  110. Punam says:

    When the dalai lama got his Nobel peace prize he thanked TinTin in his acceptance speech…i have heard.

  111. oshobob says:

    thanks bro’s for the TinTin thing…really, i never heard of that comic…you see in the states, we are truely sheltered from many things, that musta been a strictly Euro thing…

    and punam, yes, i think a rabbit can be pulled out the hat at the last moment, but, it might be Bugs Bunny, if that’s OK with you…

  112. oshobob says:

    well, the Wiki on tintin says that the Dilly-Dalai did give tintin an international award for peace or something in 2006, something with Rev.Tutu too ….Tutu and TinTin.

  113. prem martyn says:

    Punam u found disappointment ….what are complaining about ? Disappointment great if you let everyone see how fed up u are .. itll make everyone else feel better off.. !! Maybe you found what you started with…..
    But just had a nice long bus journey on the way…..Remember u didnt plan on being born, its part of the Universes way of of saying after the dinosaurs will come Sainsburys and traffic jams and after u there will be just a little less regret, because you are obvously using some of it up . …I feel better about me just reading about you and your brother. Im gloating… in fact its a jolly good gloat.. Like misery, it follows everywhere .. gloats do that …and shleep do too.

    toot toot tin tin

  114. Punam says:

    Come to think of it Oshobob it would probably have to be Bugs Bunny. The very last moment Bugs ‘Bardo’ Bunny hopping away into the light , a last look over my shoulder and then just hop on off after him…… Bardo Bunny ! Hey not bad.

  115. prem martyn says:

    thers a leonard cohen narrated video on the body and death, acording to the tibetans in a very easy to follow documentary on the psychic events following death with real people really leaving the body and graphics and lamas..but no tin tin .chek it out on www. torrentz com for download cant remember the title
    .nite nite everyone

  116. Punam says:

    Yes its all there, disappointment, gloating you’re absolutely correct….then comes jealousy, regret, hatred…plenty grist for the mill eh?
    Oh I have another brother who does lend me money! But he calls it in too quick! Just can’t get the right staff these days.

  117. oshobob says:

    so punam, if you are the cartoonist, this may interest you…

    just to show you how us americans can steal anything and call it our own…

    looking at the Wiki on tintin,
    there’s a character named Mr. Buehlwinkel, some jewish looking guy with a big nose, who name was changed by the artist Herge from ‘Bloomstein’ or something because of complaints from the jewish community…

    so fast forward to the States, where we have the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons on TV, and there’s Bullwinkle the Moose with his big snoot…is it a rip-off parody from the TinTin series…? a global Cartoon Conspiracy, perhaps..?

    you know, i always had this dream of going to the Resort in Pune and meeting Amrito, pulling out a carrot and chomping a bit, saying, “What’s up Doc?”

  118. Punam says:

    I worked with Amrito way back. I was the trusty (maybe trustee)
    handyman alongside the Docs in the Medical centre. I would dip into the petty cash and go for a rickshaw ride to town to for a juice and to pick up his latest copy of the Lancet. Once I forgot it. He blasted me ‘You this you that!!’ ‘How dare you forget my Lancet?!’ Hey wots up Doc! I should have said. actually what really happened was i summoned up all my newly aquired Lobsang Rampa/ Osho magical powers grew about ten feet taller and spewed out flames and said
    ‘ S o r r y ‘…………………..

  119. oshobob says:

    here’s an article from an Indian newspaper today on a little history of the German Bakery, it’s owner’s story, etc.

    Punam, the story says it was opened in 1989, but i think it was you who remembered it 10 years earlier, wasn’t it? How does this news article jibe with your experience of the German Bakery?

    Was Prof. Thompson also taken from the Adventures of TinTin, and transformed as an “investigative journalist” on Osho? mmmmmm?

  120. oshobob says:

    talking about prof. thompson and lobsang rampa, here’s my webpage on L.R., with a short quote by Osho…but, doesn’t this guy look a lot like Anthony Thompson, the rappin’ prof? a closer resemblance than to Sean Connery, don’t you think frank?

  121. Punam says:

    Thanks Oshobob for the link. I thought German Bakery was always there but thats alzheimers for you! I jest (I’m touching wood right now) the German bakery was never my cup of coffee actually. The purist in me kept me within the hallowed ashram walls for breakfast, lunch and tea.(well especially when i got it free) German Bakery, to me, was where you planned you trip to Goa and where you went when you arrived back !
    On the subject of food…….is there anyone out there who attended a River House (medical centre) tea break? you would be surprised what we had…..cakes, biscuits, chocolate, melon, oranges and chai lots and lots of chai. And that was just morning tea break…..lunch at Ashram……then afternoon tea break we had, guess what ?……cakes, biscuits, chocolate, melon, oranges and chai lots and lots of chai…….I paid with my soul of course.

  122. Punam says:

    I forgot the bananas.

  123. Punam says:

    sweet sweet little bananas…mmmmmmmm

  124. frank says:

    you are right bob.
    the prof is a dead ringer for lobsang rampa….
    and thomson and thompson,the inept investigators…..?
    it cant be just a co-incidence can it?

    i love it that the two great sources of buddhist transmission came
    through comic-books with plenty of slapstick and one of the main characters a comically abusive drunk….

    and the well thought out hoax of a dodge-pot slacker who claimed to have fallen out of a tree,been taken over by a lama,met the abominable snowman,had a hole drilled in his forehead,and spoke in a strong west-country accent…

    it beats the pali canon hands down……

  125. prem martyn says:

    Dear editor of sunrise news,

    As u can see all the roving repoters here have contributed their professional standards to producing a blog of worldwide note.From the original starting point of jihadist meditation techniques which involve a particularly gruesome first stage we have ended up sitting high on a mountain top removed from the world ,seeking solace through the search for the inner shrine of the self through TIN TIN ,BUGS BUNNY AND LOBSANG RAMPA .

    We would like to offer this template of insights of seekers to the archive library of the Sunpat News.

    Should seekers wish to glean in future from previous disciples meanderings let them always speak of us in the present tense.
    For example the oft quoted phrase of Love Life and Laughter should read This is LIFE? This is LOVE? and This is Laughter? (not forgetting to use the question mark at the end.)..

    May our posterity be enjoyed by all those behind us.

    And in the tradition of online shoppers everwhere …

    ‘may your shopping cart always be full and your credit card within budget ‘

    toot toot

  126. Punam says:

    Thus spake the great Offendi! Last Testament? I fear not!

  127. Punam says:

    Can we add Rupert the Bear to the list please. He had dalliance with the Orient, he must have been an early influence as well. From Rupert to Nisargadatta Maharaj – a spiritual Bus Journey ……….

  128. Punam says:

    I am that twat!

  129. frank says:

    tintin is as good as the bhagavad gita,bible,mahabharata etc…
    that`s the fisrst thing i learnd about religion in india-the gods are a bunch of cartoon characters in calendars on the walls of chai shops…..
    sunshine super men with blue skin with daft grins on their faces doing funny hand signals…..
    enlightenment was probably thought up by some guys sitting round a fire waiting for the rainy season to finish and trying to outdo each other with their wacky stories about supermen doing unbelevable stuff…
    and what about bhagwan–he had his 700 years in tibet story where he was mummified in gold under the potala palace.funny lobsang rampa met his previous incarnation in mummy form too.
    lobsang fell out of a tree then got inhabited by a lama.osho fell out of a tree n the park in jabalbpur,too.
    osho didnt get trepanned but he did claim to have been circumsized in order to get in with some sufis.
    and there was the “i have loved more women than anyone” “i remember sex from my past lives”and what about the black magicians who attacked him near the end?i could have sent the energy back to them double but its not my style.

    do you remember the story about the hassidic rabbi who,faced with the destruction of his people, found that he didnt know the correct prayer,,the correct ritual,he didnt know what to do at all,so he told a story.
    and it was enough to save his people.because god made people because he loves stories.

    “i love that story” said osho.

    me too.

  130. oshobob says:

    martyn, look at it this way — it could’ve been worse…

    instead of tintin and bugs bunny, we could’ve been discussing things like why Petula Clark’s song “Downtown” hit No. 1 on the pop charts way back when, …or, did David Niven give his best performance in “Around the World in Eighty Days” or not…

    if you go up to the peak of the mountaintop, there’s noone there, ask Ed Hillary… you’ll have to come back down quick, and tell some stories of the journey — true, false, or a mix of the two.

    right frank, osho told a lot of stories, some whoppers too, i’ve always wondered why some of these were never investigated for truthfulness…like his story of Vivek being his girlfriend who died at 16 years old in Mahdya Pradesh…this story could easily have been researched, tracking down the family of the girl Guidia, the living relatives, osho’s mother’s recollections, etc.
    Maybe he just made it up.

    Osho loved “the story”, storytelling…you could even say his whole life was nothing but a rolling dramatic production of sorts…

    Is the show over?

  131. frank says:

    is the show over,bob?
    not till the fat lady sings….

    now keerti and mahadevi,in the wake of the bakery bombing have teamed up “on behalf of millions of disciples” and are asking the govt of india
    to watch out for the samadhi,as its “sacred and sacrosanct”.
    mahadelvis has anointed k as the leader of the pack and off they go….
    hellbent on bringing back the ashram.

    they have a slogan too:

    “it was always an ashram,is an ashram and always will be an ashram”

    yawohl mein shankaracharya!
    the britischer pig-dogs must be removed from our holy shrine!

    could be an opportunist move for a coup.
    the night of the long malas?
    “the final call”
    could be the final solution…..

  132. frank says:

    i like your idea of researching the past life story,but i dont think they would have been girlfriend boyfriend in the ameriacan sense with osho pulling up outside the girl`s house in a cadillac and honking his horn…
    more that indian lovestory thing with silence and a lt of intense glances and eyeballing acroos the temple pool……
    maybe nobody knew.

    i did read one account on the old,now defunct oshobeyondbondage group,purportedly by an old bloke who knew him as a kid back in gurudwara.
    the guy was in oshos gang and remembered them all sitting around listenin to oshos endless story telling.and crazy schemes
    he gave the example that one night,he remembered,osho convinced them that they must all meet down at the river bank where he knew that a space ship would be arriving at mdnight to take them away,because this village was too small for them…
    he never said whether the space ship ever came or not….

  133. oshobob says:

    f., you right about young teenage kids — anywhere! — when their hormones start kickin’ in and it’s lovetime, noone knows, but themselves, and maybe a few close friends, not the parents, or any older people, maybe a few close buddies…it’s all coming back to me now….

    i’m trying to hunt down this Keerti/Mahadevi collusion story, but I can’t find it yet — just the report of “the Indian Centers” are asking for gov’t. help…if you’ve got a link with the K/M team-up, put it on frank…

    spaceships in middle india, i never heard that one..!

  134. frank says:

    mahadevi`s blog.

    “my osho my sannyas”

  135. prem martyn says:

    Im sorry everybody i have hurt feelings… sob sniff…

    which is something that would never happen in an Osho centre or Asram/Resort as you well know..

    Oh yes and if by the teensiest weensiest chance that i did suffer any abuse from the high percentage of severely emotionallly dysfunctional truth seekers who in the presence of a collective ‘love’ religion suddenly become very loving and wise individuals ,( oh yeh??) then of course it would all be my projection ( oh really ?)

    But nevertheless if that did happen in an Osho centre it would be silly of me to remain remorseful or regretful …. because instead of taking responsibility all i would need is some good ol fashion mirroring techniques….

    so hurt back with as much as you want go on hurt me .. tell me to shit or get off the blog… tell me my girlfriend has the sweetest most charming delicate litlle …..piece of consciuosnass that you ever held…


    no actually dont that might hurt and id have to bomb u.

    Mahadevi quite nice consciousnass wonder if she selling?

  136. prem martyn says:

    sometimes im so left field that idont know why i write with complete non sequiturs to anything anyone has said…. stiil it beats talking about petula clark……

    see u all on the next headlines

  137. Punam says:

    Lets put it this way; if I was lost and up a shit creek and I needed the wine and warmth of human kindness or if i was lost in Bombay Sassoon Fish Docks on acid or I was up Everest without enough oxygen to get down and needed one last joke and pearl of wisdom before I followed Bardo Bunny…….I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d love to have there but a funny, wise and seasoned Sannyasin!! Love

  138. KATH says:

    India, February 18th, 2010 / IndiaPRLine / — US President Barack Obama called the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh earlier this morning to condemn the blast that took place in Pune on Saturday and to condole the loss of lives. In a brief conversation, the two leaders took the opportunity to review developments in Indo-US relations.

  139. Miss Marple says:

    Oshobob said: “so where are all the on-the-scene amateur videos and photos of the post-blast “carnage” at the German Bakery? None to be seen as of yet. Not one.You would think the people at the Osho Resort (busiest season of the year) on a Saturday night at 7pm, only 200 meters away, would all rush immediately to the scene to give help to the dead and dying, recording the event too with their cell phone cameras and digital cameras. Where are the documents, and Osho sannyasin eye-witnesses? None to be seen or heard from as of yet.”

    Miss Marple says:
    This is in fact a bit odd. Well, it was repeated to no end that the new auditorium is sound proof and therefore nobody heard a thing. And then maybe afterwards the nice music of the fun party was too loud to hear anything? Who knows? Maybe the meditators were too busy shaking their booties to the latest tune while the local population was already scratching the body parts from North Main Road? Celebration is most important you must know, under all circumstances. It must not be compromised!

    Giving help to the dead and dying? Pardon me, but our business is to deal with lofty spiritual ideas, walk on cool marble floors under shady trees, sip a cappuchino or two, peek into the decollete of the Ma next to you, but not to deal with blood and first aid. Not pretty, not nice, not aesthetic enough for the conscious and aware meditator.

    And the missing video footage? Will probably never show up, like other video footage from much more grizzly events never showed up.

  140. oshobob says:

    Well, Miss Marple, good to see you back after all these years. Your abilities and long-honed skills in these types of cases are in desparate need here, I must say.

    Your expertise in poisoning also — thalium, to be more specific — could unlock some as of yet unsolved mysteries that continue to baffle the bungling buffoons who have the audacity to call themselves ‘investigative journalists’ and ‘dharma detectives’ here at Sunshine Superman News.

    Thalium in the pancake syrup? Could this ever have been even considered at a Sunday breakfast murder in Devon, or Northhampton for that matter? I dare say, it would have been unusual, to say the least….!

    and this bakery case before us now…

    “shaking their booties” was it…? Indeed!

  141. Miss Marple says:

    Thalium in the breakfast porridge? Not unusual at all. I have seen this more than once at home in Buckinghamshire, dear Bob. Although it seems this case is an entirely different matter than the usual stabbing-the-Vicar-with-the-carving-knife. Or the quick poisoning of an unpleasant relative who cheated at playing Bridge or got the Butler’s daughter pregnant . Don’t get me wrong. People can do what they like as long as they don’t do it in the streets and frighten the horses.

    But this case….. Passions of an entirely different nature at at lose here. Lots of money is at stake, the maids are already talking and the gardener is burying the evidence under the Rhododendron bushes.

    My best guess: Montgomery Castle will be sold to the highest bidder within six to twelve months. No arrests but the crows will feast on the bodies of the scapegoats.

    Must go back to my knitting now. A sweater for my nephew.

  142. prem bubbie says:

    YA HOO!!!!!!!