Is Something Happening here still?

Recent account of 48 hours in Pune Resort by a Newcomer

Hours 48; moments of epiphany 4; hugs 3 (totally platonic); kiss 1 (avuncular at best); sex free or otherwise zilch; PDA (Public Display of Affection) ditto.

Things have changed since Osho “left his body’’ 20 years ago—the word die isn’t ever mentioned. India has become much more liberal—free sex isn’t restricted to his meditation resort. Ashram is another taboo word. “There is this particular image about the word ashram that we don’t want to encourage,” says Sadhana, in-charge of media and my shepherd for the two days I was there. The world squandered more of its ability to wait, Rajneesh himself has been embraced as an original thinker by no less than Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, and Osho is a hit on Youtube. On January 1, he had eight million users.

It is still like walking on to the sets of Hare Rama Hare Krishna—dark glasses, the dirty blond hair, the strumming of the guitar, lots of dancing, the quintessential ‘hippie scene’. There are more goras on the serene campus than on the streets of London. But quiet, yet alive, with stagnant pools of water with statues of Buddhas sitting meditatively, there is this feeling of energy that is impossible to miss. (And it isn’t the high of marijuana, even though the idea of dancing uncontrollably to Destination Unknown at 9.30 a.m. without any form of stimulant, except life, is baffling.) Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, couldn’t escape it, Vinod Khanna has famously talked about his experience, the greatest Indian musicians have played here, and even David Headley couldn’t resist.

“It is good that Osho left his body,’’ says Meera, a Japanese artist who is Indian in her soul. “People have become more responsible, more aware. They are not here looking for a guru. They genuinely want to find themselves.”
One of the first few followers, Meera threw away all her clothes in the garbage and decided to go orange with a vengeance. “We even painted the walls in our house orange. We were that committed. My ex-husband, a professor in MIT in the US, went to teach in orange robes and a huge mala. Osho was so radical,” she says.

Meera’s first Osho experience—all the old-timers talk about their firsts with an obvious thrill—was at a mandap near the now gleaming black granite welcome centre. There was only the ground full of sand, there was music and him. “He has left so much to be completed. Everything changes, even bamboo,” she says, as she reaches out to embrace me, the first of my all platonic comfort hugs.

There was no sex. Not behind bushes or in the quiet corners of the green campus, where trees grow thick, wild and green. It was like being in a 1970s Hindi film—incredibly sanitised, plenty of music, crazy dancing, beads and people speaking Hindi with bad accents. There was a tiny bit of skin show, as my prudish friend would refer to it, near the pool. My heart raced, as this young lissom girl peeled off her maroon robes to sit in the sun in a bikini—Zeenie Baby was much bolder—and my heart raced hoping that I would catch some of that famed free-love moment. Only to come to a screeching halt as time was fleeting and as short as the attention span of a child after a box of candy and a huge can of Coke.

For Osho, the biggest change has been the internet, says Pramod, hugger number 2. Osho’s is one of the most popular channels on the web. His speeches are translated immediately and beamed across the world—to reach out to millions of people, and to those who are in desperate need to find inner peace. His philosophy of not frowning on comfort helps—he has touched people from Latvia to Brazil. At the touch of a button.

Sadhana, who is always dressed immaculately with a string of pearls around her neck, says that basic comfort levels ensure that meditation is easier. “You won’t constantly think of the dirty bathroom that you have to go back to or the room. It is easier to find yourself.”

Anyone who has been part of the active mediation that is specifically designed and practised here, especially those who believe that changing channels is exercise, will probably find it easier to find muscles they didn’t know existed. However, there is a strange sense of peace—or stillness—that fleetingly, in the kind of euphoric moments that Elizabeth Gilbert describes in Eat, Pray, Love, creeps in suddenly. Holding on to it is incredibly tough. It is like hanging on to a wet, soapy glass—very slippery. Meditation, the constant switching from music to quiet, to music again, helps you feel centred.

The sit-alone-chanting-a-mantra to find that moment of epiphany doesn’t work here. It is all about dancing (to my utter horror and deep embarrassment). If you are the kind of person who cringes at the thought of moving to music, this is your nightmare come alive. Every form of meditation has some form of dancing involved—rattling off in gibberish, letting go, jumping up and down shouting “Hoo Hoo’’ deep from your genitals and sudden bursts of stillness.

“This is to let all the conditioning go,” says Sadhana. “In India women are conditioned all the time. It is very tough to give it up and choose this life. My parents were shocked. I was always on the look out for spirituality. He offered me meditation. But I didn’t have to bow down to him.”

These finding-your-self-through-mediation stories abound. Everyone seems to have one. “I had read a few books and I decided to stop by on a trip to India. I stayed here for a week and just fell in love,” says Chota, who works at the tiny coffee shop. A Spaniard by birth and a sanyasi by choice, he abandoned his name, Raoul, for Chota. “This place got me in touch with my inner child. Meditation is the key to self growth. I’d like to grow up here.”

A hot shot executive in a leading designer firm, dressed stylishly in a deep maroon slinky robe, has been coming to the resort since she was a baby. “I was two,’’ she says. “It was not easy. We had to wear only orange and this huge mala even to school. The kids in school were very mean and used to call me Rajneesh. But I come every year.”

Aamir Khan would fit in here. His magical potion that has made time stand still for him—unlike his other competitor Khans—seems to be an open secret in the Osho world. Sanyasins—you can tell one from her eyes, they shine, says Meera—seem to have defied age. Sarani, 38, looks at least 10 years younger (she runs an Osho centre in her country). But perhaps, that is because Osho is still young, too.

He still gives darshan each day at the evening meeting with the help of technology, of course. Dressed in pure white robes, everyone in the resort waits to get in. Their reflection in the black granite pool is like swans, as Sadhana puts it. The only sounds that you can hear are of pressure cookers whistling in nearby flats and birds going home. There is a sense of anticipation as you walk into the hall quietly to dance, find a little silence and meet Osho.

He is beamed into a hall full of white-robed seekers tired after the dancing session (the band plays instrumental music and the auditorium turns into MTV grind, without the skimpy clothes) to listen to the Master, as he leads 7,000 Buddhas into mediation. The evening meeting is thrilling, terrifying, powerful, chaotic, crazy. (It doesn’t matter if you don’t dance, as I found out later.)

Masais only know the present, claimed Robert Redford in Out of Africa. They have no sense of the past or the future. They would die in jail. Osho wants people to be like that tribe. It is far from easy, especially in a world that is changing every second. For those in the business of tracking these minute spilt-second decisions, it is perhaps impossible. I realised that in a second of clarity as I walked out of the meditation resort two days later. My laminated pass is in my bag—a prized possession and a great way to break the ice at parties. I feel lonely. “Together, but alone,” is Osho’s philosophy. Will I go back? I am not sure. I am still not ready. But I think, it is important that I should.

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  1. amano says:

    resort is still one of important places to visit and to participate because of evening white robe meeting and dynamic ,kundlini and other meditations which are happening there since more than 30 years
    Mind is never happy with management . i remmber that there has always problems when it comes to management , since 1974 till today ……..every management faces hate from regular visitors .
    sometimes visitors hates management or inner circle because they are told what to do and sometimes out of jealousy . but if your focus is on osho . you can handle management more lightly .
    after all they are not so bad ……we have to give them some credit for running the place and not closing down and selling it . of course they have done some basic mistakes , but who does not make mistakes…..
    is there anyone here on this site reading my posting have not done mistakes…… to you all the reader and if you get chance, just go to pune resort and enjoy the beauty master left for us to see
    love and gratitude

  2. prem bubbie says:

    Yeah right, what a cop out.. When you carry out a plan to murder hundreds of people, some within your own clique, there is something seriously wrong with that organization. Face facts for a change Amano and the rest of you… When will you get your heads out of your asses? Is it that comfortable there? “…the beauty master left for us to see”. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, even with head up the ass!!!!! Amano, I thought you didn’t make mistakes, nor Anand, Fresch, Swami Rajneesh, Amrito(the canuck) and of the resort. Sannyasnews…Sw. Keerti, Chinmaya, jayesh, prem abhay, the goon squad security guard at the front gate, shall I continue… You all talk like this is a perfect world, this sannyas world, and when criticized, you do all you can to stifle the “offender(s)”. the resort management does it by either banning or beating a person(s). The jokers on here have yet to engage in a debate to answer the critics. What is heard instead is… …”you need therapy, you need to meditate”, blah blah blah. A typically robotic response, that any parrot can be trained to say. I think “You guys need therapy, something serious”. Ha Ha

  3. prem bubbie says:

    Osho wanted people to be like the Masai…. They are a simple people living in a simple world, a three layer cake….. Herding, farming, eating drinking, fucking, sleeping… the basics…now, where the fuck can you find that on this planet anymore? Even the people in Bhutan, which used to be closed to outsiders is now being “Westernized”, i.e. mentally ill. “Far from easy”? You’re joking!!!! That kid being tormented by those cruel classmates for wearing a mala…. one kid with a mala, out of a whole class… Osho hasn’t been accepted far and wide as is claimed… 8 million viewers out of 6 billion, how many viewing out of curiosity or watching it as a side show? That news of the New Dehli center is all the more proof, all is NOT well in Sannyas(Osho) land.. Who the fuck are running these places anyway? Reincarnated hindu priests, probably. OY VAY!!!

  4. shantam prem says:

    After reading these “48 hours in Pune Resort”, i remember in Hindi- “Khandhar Batate hain.. Imarat Kitni Buland Thi”.
    Roughly translated it means, ” Ruins are telling, how strong the building was.”
    For a casual visitor, who spends two three days to two three weeks from his whole life in the resort, it is for sure a life long experience.
    You pay reasonable amount of money and get a unique experience of meditation and serenity, specially when India is turning into a jungle of cement and steal.
    I will be happy to read the experience of this person when he dares to spend regular time there. Let us see how 48 hours of expressions change when it is 48 days, what to say about 48 months in entire life.

  5. shantam prem says:

    Sadhana Sadhana Sadhana, Amrito Amrito Amrito and two three names more; the high priests, the spokes persons, the people who hijacked the whole movement.
    It is really a joy to be the sole representative of God, Jesus or Osho. How you come on that position, how many people you use as stepping stone, who will bother to encounter you, if the people have this much depth of interest as pages of facebook.
    When you listen or read these people it seems as if they are the fountain of creativity, the saviour of Master´s vision and there are few Humpty Dumpty in the world as big as flies who surely believe without the lizard roof would have collapsed.

  6. Fresch says:

    Prem Bubble. Thank you for making me laugh really from the belly. You are fanny, in a way even sweet. So, did it ever come to your mind WHY EVERYBODY is saying to you ”you need therapy, you need to meditate”? If not…God help you! Or you can hang out here with us. healing is happening for you, I can read it, sweetie.

    I have taken every possible taboo up here that I can think of about Osho and sanyas. It is not too bad. 99% of experiences are ecstatic, but those ones you do not need to share. Right? We all know it and we all have them. Inner c is almost ok., but it is important to give them feedback.

    Ouhhhhh. I just love my sanyas life. We have all these playgrounds around the world to play with. And most often we can sink into that feeling of “peace—or stillness—that fleetingly…. thrilling, terrifying, powerful, chaotic, crazy… They have no sense of the past or the future….” Yes, we can do it anywhere. It is time to appreciate it.

    Wowwww.Thank you Osho and thank you my fellow travelers. Hug to you all.

  7. prem martyn says:

    There is no such thing as free love…you always have to pay so get out of the wonderful world of Osho followers as soon as u can unless you are serially dysfunctional manipulative illusionists.
    People are just people. You win some you lose some.Nothing you get or give here you can’t get or give somewhere else.Nothing.
    Get out of religious belonging /identifying with all the knick knacks human need creates before it kills your true spirit and voice. Need anything? well here u have to pay hard..because its couched in subliminal religious ‘its all good ‘bollox.Try saying fuck off outside of a Dynamic and see how far u get in the black robed swanning around hierarchical psycho babble network .Thanks Osho , bye.

  8. Fresch says:

    Prem martyn, (or prem…)

    You just have not screamed long enough and hard enough fuck off in dynamic and groups…you can also do it by yours self; get a safe place and do for 5 hours AND be aware to whom you are screaming…after that, see if you still have energy to say fuck off or maybe (just maybe) rather have some hugs. Of course if you WANT authorities attention…there are more creative ways, like being interested in people in FRIENDLY way…which reminds me of a discussion with my beloved friend Prem Bubble. See, why people tell him ” ”you need therapy, you need to meditate”.

  9. frank says:

    bubbie has to have therapy because all the washed up sannyasin supremacists he disagrees with agree that he does?
    that`s just groupmind brainwash sannyas religious thinking.
    think for yourself. like your master, who said its better to be wrong from your own self than to be right from borrowing from the crowd!

    again about vivek,she died whilst doing osho therapy.
    no doubt she was “resistant” or did not do it “totally” or some other sannyas cliche that you have to be seen subscribe to in order to keep your membership intact!

    you say you have “taken up every taboo” but you ran a mile when you actually got any kind of answer about your question of oshos girlfriends.

    self deception,and being part of an important group of uber-seekers is like drinking,taking drugs and chasing pussy/dick – a lot of fun,very intoxicating…..
    one day,tho,` it starts to fade and reality kicks in.
    then the real fun starts.
    check it for yourself.

  10. frank says:

    but if people here on jackassnews get too annoying you can always do dynamic totally next weekend or the weekend after.

  11. frank says:

    did you read the article from this week in the community noticeboard.
    the celebrations in kutchwada,oshos birthplace?

    “rajababu singh,an IPS oficer believes that osho is now being understood in the right perspective”

    goodness gracious me.the voice of wisdom!

    he wont even have to do dynamic,just whack some slum dwellers,muslims,gays, etc with his lathi every morning.

    hari om,hari osho.

    hardcore hindu rajneeshis kick dhoti,man…….

  12. Fresch says:

    To be exact I did suggest he could do it (for example scream for 5 hours) alone where ever he is. If he is living in soundproof place, no need to wait, but just do it right a way. It (screaming) helps me, you know. And if I do it intense enough, I need perhaps half an hour. No need to be dependent on therapists, organized meditations etc.

    “that`s just groupmind brainwash sannyas religious thinking.”
think for yourself. like your master, who said its better to be wrong from your own self than to be right from borrowing from the crowd!

    Of course he can sit on that shit and resentment and get cancer. It’s everybody’s right. Right? What do you Frank suggest to a person who is clearly depressed? make a poem? Go for jogging? or deal with the feeling directly?

    “vivek,she died whilst doing osho therapy.

    I did not know her…but what I have heard is she was not taken responsibility for her own growth. Sanyas life is not an easy choice, I never suggest it to my normal friends. Osho or osho therapy does not save you; you have to do it your self. You have to go to Pope and Church for somebody to save you. Perhaps prem bubble could try that…with you holding his hand.

    taboos. For me it was important to take up/speak up…I am interested in your answers, but I was also interested where my own unconscious idealistic illusions have been lurking. Still interested in your answers….

    “being part of an important group of uber-seekers is like drinking,taking drugs and chasing pussy/dick – a lot of fun,very intoxicating…..

    Yes, I am love and bliss junkie, and hope to stay that way and let it deepen so that finally I will not remember how to be other way. Sounds good for me. Thank you Frankie. I wish the same for you. What is fun in your reality?

  13. Fresch says:

    Yes, Indians are making Osho to a Hindu God. Please the Pope, help us.

  14. Fresch says:

    For my Indian friends,

    You know what I will do. I just go to Delhi center, pray for osho with my fingers crossed more humble than any of the Indian “devotees”. Then I will have a talk with my Indian fellow Beloved male “devotees” about dating western sanyasins. I will hold my mala high to the sky and curse it as a sin; them lying and seducing western innocent women for dating at their holydays in Pune and after the holydays marrying/going back to their hindu/sanyas wives.

    And I will pray Osho’s forgiveness for them.

  15. Fresch says:

    Some more love for my Indian fellow travelers,

    What I also hear is that they (Indian sanyasins) do not get (or got) it together to live in the commune together because of the caste system: higher caste Indian sanyasins cannot tolerate lower caste Indian sanyasin. Taboo? Or should I understand “cultural differences”?

  16. Fresch says:

    For the first time visitor,

    Perhaps you are just voyager full of shit and prejudices spying in a sex cult, not getting it even together to get your self a date which is clearly your repression reading your article.

    If you were seriously interested in meditation, so much more courage, curiosity, feeling of the heart is required. So much more willing to jump is required. Hope you have at least some fun chewing about us in your boring parties and boring life. Nothing more exciting will ever happen to you.

  17. frank says:

    no need to go to india.
    you have got plenty of your own caste system in your own mind to be getting on with!
    everyone not part of your cult within a cult has a boring life and nothing interesting will ever happen to them unless they follow your prescriptions about “serious meditation” and “dating”?

    maybe you are parodying cliched sannyas attitudes?
    then,you are doing a fine job.

  18. Anand says:

    so Freshie is looking for a date with trashie Bubbie. Pick up your bag for a trip to the North West and share the daily Oregonian with him. Clean up his rifles and his dirty dishes and prepare another outburst of hate and filth against all happy and blissful sannyasins. Then share some rum and coffee and drive with his Ford pick up to the next shooting range…yeah the wild, wild West.

  19. frank says:

    are those the same happy blissfull sannyasins who need lawyers to speak to each other?

    have you heard the osho neo-gestalt prayer(TM)?

    i do my do your thing.
    i am not in this world to live up to your expectations
    and you are not in this world to live up to mine.
    you are you and i am i
    and if we meet,that`s beautiful.
    and if not,you`ll be hearing from my lawyers.

  20. frank says:

    you are right tho` anand.
    like ecky egghead and mahadevi
    fleshy and bubbie going at it iike rabbits after a few pints of tequila in a shotgun shack near the border would probably do more for global cosciousness that most of these self-righteous closet bigots who swan around in their robes saying `i`ve got no religion or caste` while the shit-scaping caste follows them around with a shovel,so they can go deeper into meditation without any distractions….

  21. Fresch says:

    Anand and Frankie….you are jealous, jealous little boys and girls. You see bubble what you are missing in your real life. You are missing the play. So Anand, tickle the sweet bubble some more, he might stay with you. I can share.

    Frankie, the King of the sanyas news, sorry to tell you, but eyhhhh, “Elvis”..not a carbon copy? Ouhhhh, you are right, you are not even a sanyasin, why am I talking to you? However, i am willing to hear, what IS fun in your life?

  22. frank says:

    me? fun?
    it`s watching the grease from my breakfast drip down the lonely grey walls of my putrified little bedsit,then down to the clinic for my medication,or pick up my dole check and avoid my creditors most days.
    has been for as long as i can remember.
    maybe a coupla drinks on a saturday night and get the shit beaten out of me by some skinheads….
    that`s about as good as it gets.
    i`ve never loved and lost,just lost.
    never had a laugh.
    never smelt the flowers on a crisp spring morning
    never had a girlfriend apart from mandy down at the train station,but i guess she doesnt count.
    i suppose i should`ve joined a sexcult,i could have had a good time,oh well,its too late now,as i`m almost paralysed from the waist down…..
    i think,as you say,its probably self-inflicted cancer caused by my negative outlook and lack of meditation..
    no one likes me at all,what to say about love.
    only my mum,but she could just be jivin`…….

    must go now,its time for my pills……

  23. prem martyn says:

    dear flesh.

    obviously u lick arse to get your kicks.

    fuck off takes a second, not five hours. and you use it to people not walls.And by the way its all a power trip.
    cheesy smiley power trippy.
    now how u gonna win?? let me guess by getting me to open my heart. .lick baby, lick

  24. Very arduous to dipict what is the final call

    But one thing can be said:
    It’s not possible that the world can escape from the greatest Master ever walked on our planet— OSHO

    Dear Friends!!!
    Here I would like to tell the whole world that Ragging is pure violence. There are other ways to be playful. There’s a very famous Osho book: Shiksha Me Kranti, Revolution in Education, which has been in circulation for last 40 years. The 3 Idiots script and film is based on the Osho vision. Read the book and you wud find it out yourself. Another book in English is Glimpses of Golden Childhood by Osho. Osho shows us the way, specially those of us who are teachers and students. We are happy to see Osho vision unfolding thru movies and novels and stories.

    I say the success of THREE IDIOTS is none other than OSHO

    Poets, politicians, painters, philosophers, journalists, directors…steal as much as you can, from me and my literature regardless of whether you mention my name or not. What I am speaking is not mine though it is happening through me. I happen to be the medium. What I am speaking is eternal and everlasting. I am simply the empty flute and the song of existence is flowing from it. But really what I am speaking is important, not the one who is speaking. But remember those who love me, know me and understand me, they will simply recognize it. You can not hide it in any way. My statements will surface from the whole orchestra; they will pulsate; they will be radiant enough to eclipse the eyes of the intelligent ones. Osho, the 20th century mystic from Indian soil, knows very well the very nerves of human Nature and it is why he has already spoken everything that one is yet to know, accomplish and execute.
    When for the very first time I glimpsed the trailor of the movie Three Idiots, and there I saw Madhavan (FARAHAN) speaking as: even to be born I had to fight with three hundred million sperms. The one that won in that race was me. I simply recognized the voice of our beloved Master OSHO.
    And when I watched the movie, Osho was found everywhere blowing the walls of our dreams. Even the lines composed in the song:
    Bahati hawao sa tha wo,
    Odati patang sa tha wo…
    Hamko to thi raah chalati
    Wo khud apni raah banata
    Humko kal ki fikra satati
    Wo bas aaj ka jashn manata…
    Hum sahame se rehata kue me
    Wo nadiyo me gote lata
    Ulatee dhara cheer ke chalta tha wo…
    Badal Awara tha wo
    Pyaar humara thaa wo…
    The biographical sketch of Rancho Ranchhor Das Chanchad is aslo derived from the Master. We should here be reminded of Osho having been called in America as Rancho Rajneesh.
    After the movie got released, I became very surprised at the claim made by Chetan Bhagat that the story is derived from His famous novel Five Point someone.
    Surprised- because this sort of story can be found from any College. The great writer’s hankering for being recognized simply indicates that his own world is so poor that he needs them to get compensated.
    OSHO has always been telling us that if anyone is impressed by any poetry or good piece of work, then never try to go to meet the man who has written them. Because your whole sense of poetry will be marred. You will get all your sense of receptivity spoiled. What they do is to fill the gap through them and it becomes a sort of consolation to them. And it is because of this they never fail to cling to it, for that is their only treasure.
    Generally the poets, novelists, great writers live their life just opposite of what they write. Once OSHO gave an example of one of the best poets in Hindi Sahitya, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar who is known to have written great heroic poems and who was a regular visitor to Osho Discourses. He always tries to know the ways of how sweets and diabetes can go together. Always talking to Him about politics, sons having gone astray and the likewise. Osho used to tell him: Dinkar! my whole sense of poetry is spoiled when I read your poems because you come in between the lines talking about all the rubbish. Dinkar said,”Bhagwan, I am not twenty four hours a Poet.” Osho said,”Come, when you are!” Actually the inner life should flower. The man should be recognized by not what he writes or speakes but by what he is and how he lives. But Dinkar was personally very timid man .
    So far as the content of the movie is concerned, I have asked just one question to the people at large whether the dialogue delivery of the film is also there in Chetan Bhagat’s book to whosoever has read his Five Point Someone. I was responded from every corner: No. I contemplated that anyone can easily manage to make a story like the movie Three Idiots if he goes to any reputed Engineering College of the Country and tries to know the life and the milieu there. But I can say for sure that the philosophy rendered behind that movie is not possible than to have already gone from the teachings of the Master Osho.
    Though I say that if one could understand the basic message of the movie, one will only stept on the first ladder of the whole world of Osho; the world that is everybody’s birth right. The Buddhahood that is everyone’s essential Nature. We have not yet been able to make ourselves even to understand the first step of the whole ladder.
    Three Idiots is great in this sense as it can prove a stepping stone to move towards the whole ocean of Freedom, Bliss and Love.
    It was in this sense Osho spoke a book entitled Sambhog Se Samadhi Ki Aur which people totally misunderstood. They did not even read it and they critisized. Every step of a ladder has got equal importance and place. No one can be replaced.
    Appraisal of Three Idiots is a good sign as it indicates that perhaps people can understand. And of the greatest importance is to understand oneself.Understanding oneself is very simple but because of man’s incessant sifting from this very moment has made him hereft from it. The whole exercise of Science, the total effort of mankind in making the world better, the complete Education system if they do not let us dwell into reaching our Essential Nature, everything done in the world is simply a stupid and idiotic game which will keep man weeping, crying, frustrated and compelled to live a life of meloncholy.
    The movie has become the greatest hit ever. But I have asked to so many movie watchers as to what is the principal message intended to be conveyed by the movie. I am surprised. Not even a single individual I could find who could be able to confer the real message. They liked, loved and are influnced by it but they are found confused and bewildered at the very living philosophy shown in the movie.
    Osho says: there is no difference between the character and understanding. Understanding is that part of character which is not visible; and character is that part of understanding which is visible. So it never happens that one understands and does something else other that what he understands. We know anger is not good but we never give up any chance of expressing them when the moment comes. Therefore, as far as I am concerned, Three Idiots is a turning point which can pave the path for the world to understand OSHO whom the world has still been missing. In fact, we are not understanding what we are missing.
    Soon the moment will come when the world will face its final collapse if Osho is not understood. As Bertrand Russell in one of his essays Science and War says that man is such as he will choose death if he has an alternative between death and understanding. At last, he says: I hope I am wrong.
    I appreciate the brilliant attempt of all the characters and the director that they all have done a great job in portraying the message of the Master adroitly.
    The only thing lacking in the movie is the name of Osho being told to the world openly. The money can be made; entertainment can be done but when it becomes the matter of Death and Awareness, it shouldn’t proceed likewise. Swami Rajneesh’s saying in His mystical book Tears of the Mystic Rose that the World has gone really mad at Osho having been handcuffed in America is enough for world that it has really been missing Him.
    I totally agree with Maa Amrit Sadhana saying: Why man can’t feel gratitude?
    Aamir Khan, Rajkumar Hiraani and all the great ones who are able to convey the message should tell the world that
    This is OSHO
    This is OSHO
    This is OSHO
    The Master of Masters
    ***Read many more things and get offers from the Cosmos of Osho
    Visit the original sourse of it:

  25. prem martyn says:

    next time someone sticks a broom handle up your arse … shout at the walls…its great for conscious witnessing and the abuser gets off on it too…some like to laugh at your plight.. telling you its all ur projection… sick fucks.ah memories of the humanisickversity….such heart opening…bunch of losers…

  26. oshobob says:

    looks like sex is still big after all these years…

    food keeps the individual organism alive,

    sex keeps the species alive,

    and free access to sannyasnews on the internet keeps the sannyas free-for-all bar room brawls alive.

    thank god for technology.

  27. Fresch says:

    Ass is good if it is a smart ass. Yours is clearly not. An other tip I can share I learned in Pune long time ago is screaming at mirror helps you to OWN your shit better than a wall. Just look at how much energy you have. Still Abhaya, could use the wall or what ever else but not Sanyas news one 5 hour writing stupid gibberish.

    For Indian Beloved sanyasins,

    Actually, now that I think about it, Inner c has been generous and over-understanding with “cultural differences”. Have you checked out these people, Siddhartha, Shailendra, Oshodhara people? They are going around “enlightened”…No wonder, number of Indian sanyasin is skyrocketing.

    So, for you Newcomer, if you really want to go for a hindu-guru-ashram-trip, try out some of our “enlightened” Indian sanyasin-guru- read it from Osho book-hindu-devoutee-having right gestures-feeling my crown chakra-for Indian bramee (what ever) caste only- creatures. Oh, I forgot, you are not sanyasin, why am I talking to you. Also, it would be too scary to have a dialogue with us…exposing one self – not easy.Better to talk about it in some boring party for next 20 years.

  28. Fresch says:

    Oshobob, I was missing you. Where is little kranti?

  29. frank says:

    speaking of barroom brawls,it all reminds me of sannyasin i knew once who was thrown out of a party pretty unceremoniously after causing trouble,stealing something,and then getting into a fight…
    as he walked off down the street a bit battered,he was shouting:
    “fuck you,you fuckers have absolutely no idea what love is…no fucking idea…..fuck you……”

  30. prem martyn says:

    abuse and justice matey …..oh u do wanna win see i was right… well not on my expense account ur not

  31. amano says:

    shantam, you are rght, sadhana, amrito, and few more names who hijacked osho movement, but how about those names who watched all this rape of commune and let this happen. i mean amit, anando, shunyo, maneesha ( ok) and few more who were there while the movement was captured and hijacked and turn into resort………
    my feeling is everyone who hijacked and everyone who witness and did not raise the voice are equelly responisble for this . please throw some light on this, i like more to hear from you on this issue because what you wrote is true .
    i was there when budha hall was distroyed and that scared place was replaced with techno ;parties .
    somehow i feel responsible deep in me that i did not stand against it and just watched and witnessed the rape of budhafield by few inviduals and i saw many more who know that time and now that it is wrong to turn commune into resort ,but kept quit out of fear of loosing gate pass.
    nobody understood that it is not worth having gate pass once commune turn into resort.
    happening of commune is once in a thousand year while we see thousands of new resorts come and go all over world
    what a shame on people who watched and did not go against amirto and jayesh and sadhana ……..NOW PLEASE TELL US IS IT TOO LATE OR WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT OR CONTINUE TO KEEP SILENT ABOUT IT ?

  32. prem bubbie says:

    Holy Shit, I can see clearly now, after 1 hour of Dynamic!!! Trees made of gold, and India, green and lush, with only a handful of people living there, all sannyasins of course. I see Osho walking on water, sharing the fish he caught from the sea, with his white robed cross bearers, all jumping up and down shouting “Yahoo, Yahoo”, all the while those non believers, in Dehli decided to meditate naked with their wives in the back staring with hard-ons at the sight of all of those tanned asses. While Fresch was prostrating himself in prayer to the almighty, he couldn’t but help sneak a peek and some cute butts jiggling their way to Heaven. Amen. Written under the influence of doing Dynamic meditation with a tequila chaser and worm.

  33. prem bubbie says:

    As long as jayesh is willing to spend the cash, the “resort” will probably be there. Boycotting and negative press MAY help in twisting his arm, other than that and Fresch’s praying to the almighty, Kiss the thoughts of an Ashram good bye..

  34. oshobob says:

    The Newcomer says,

    “Hours 48; moments of epiphany 4; hugs 3 (totally platonic); kiss 1 (avuncular at best); sex free or otherwise zilch; PDA (Public Display of Affection) ditto.”

    Well, let’s do the math here:

    3 hugs + 1 kiss = 4 epiphanies (with no sex or affection)

    Total time spent for this equation to gel:
    48 hours.

    This guy could’ve gone to any local Catholic church service on a Sunday morning and probably got the same experience in less than 2 hours.

    Well, live and learn, pal….

  35. shantam prem says:

    Thanks for your thoughts and ideas.
    The other day i got an SMS joke, it may fit.
    Banta Singh had an ice ball in his hand and was looking at it quite seriously.
    When Santa enquired why he is so much absorbed into this, Banta answered,” I am trying to find the holes from where all this water is leaking.”

  36. frank says:

    fleshy seems to be a bit of a gender bender.

    bubbie thinks she is a guy looking at cute tanned arses.

    what do i think?

    anyone who does meditation whilst looking in the mirror has got to be female.

  37. oshobob says:

    frenschie has got to be a ma, if she’s a swa, then, boyz, there is definitely something gone cockeyed in the house of tudor…

  38. shantam prem says:

    “Recent account of 48 hours in Pune Resort by a Newcomer”, it is not very difficult to deduct from this nicely written article that this newcomer did not go there as an unknown seeker but was a respected guest, who was shown the place by the hosts, otherwise for a normal seeker it takes more than 48 hours to figure out, ” where is the loo and where is the Internet cafe and this guy could find out to speak and get hugs from the top executives of the resort.”
    World is really green, if you look at it with the green colored glasses, purchased or gifted. for a seeker of truth, it has many different colors and shades too.

    Ashram is another taboo word. “There is this particular image about the word ashram that we don’t want to encourage,” says Sadhana.
    “We”, how many people make we?

    I remember the old logo of Indian music company HMV. In that logo, a dog is looking at the speaker of a gramophone.
    Everybody is suppose to listen; His/Her Master´s Voice but many times it is like the famous title, ” Listening Prozac-Hearing Placebo.”, Listening Osho-Hearing Amrito.”

    Who will tell these people that there Master Osho has always choosen the conservative words and has given the new contemporary meaning, new lease of life to them.
    Sannyas, Sannyasins, Swami, Ma etc; the foundation words of His work have the same particular image as Ashram.
    Same way, the word resort has also the very shabby image, it is like a toilet with smell of disinfected material, disinterested waiters and pimps and real estate brokers mingling over a glass of beer.

    Naturally as a disciple i will prefer the words uttered by the master, yet i am aware also that there exist people who kiss the lips of their drivers and cleaning ladies instead of their life partners!

    “It is good that Osho left his body,’’ says Meera, a Japanese artist who is Indian in her soul. “People have become more responsible, more aware. They are not here looking for a guru. They genuinely want to find themselves.”

    What a stupid statement this is.
    Meera is a nice painter and a painting teacher but it seems like she is getting the coaching classes , ” How to think CLEARLY like Dr. Amrito.”
    Someone asked one of such people, ” can you put the light on the existential question, Who enjoy the sex more; man or woman?”
    The authoritative voice answered, ” The woman.”
    “Why i should believe this?”, asked the newcomer.
    “When you put a finger in the ear. who enjoys this. finger or the ear? So simple is the answer.”, smiled the neo thinker.

    This also shows that how irresponsible and immature are all these people. in the very first place they came to Osho in search of a guru and changed their meaningless names into exotic Indian names and therefore thinking to have the Indian soul.

    For Osho, the biggest change has been the internet, says Pramod, hugger number 2.
    It is not just about Osho. It is true about porno, music and newspapers industry.

    I am sure neither Susan Boyle needs such PR managers nor Osho.

  39. amrito says:

    shatnam, you sound so synnical.

  40. frank says:

    re.meera`s “stupid” statement about people are more responsible etc……

    look at osho times and all publicity publications since the will find what?
    always these stupid propaganda statements issued by parrots.

    it was ever thus.

    YOU are changing.
    its not fun for YOU anymore.
    it was fun when you could feel part of it,daggle your diggler,be in the chosen few,the company of fellow travellers,get a job,feel important etc..
    now its gone.
    you could be the lucky one.
    you dont have to obey the boss and spout his crap.
    you are free to spout your own.

  41. shantam prem says:

    Amrito, you are right.
    I am cynical and skeptic about the motives of few people and firmly believe that because of these people on the helm of the power, a jungle has become a park, Osho´s naturally growing movement has lost the spark.

    And dear Frank, it is true that propaganda statement were issued all the time in the history of Osho´s work.
    Nobody minds advertisement material during the soaps, but to get the best TRP shows cannot rely upon the advertisement material.

    The people who are running Osho show have lost the moral integrity. When leaders start getting afraid from their shadows, misinterpretation of their mandate happens automatically.

    Amrito and company don´t want to impose a dead master over the chest of humanity. The best service would have been to refrain from false propaganda and to shine through pure honesty and transparency as actions always speak louder than the words.

  42. oshobob says:

    you know, this whole lead article by “The Newcomer” has the distinct odor of an in-house Press Release written by Team Resort itself, under pretense of an outsider coming to “visit” for 48 hours.

    Embedded in it are all the particulars that the Resort is currently marketing for it’s global client base:

    – free sex all over the place is NOT happening here.

    – there is no guru worshipping here, and even old sannyasins vets are happy about that.

    – everyone is responsible to find themselves through meditaiton and clean accomadations.

    – this is a resort, not an ashram.

    – osho is making a big mark on the internet, go and see.

    – quotes from succesful yuppie-types on how much they like the place.

    – literary allusions to current pop best-sellers in the West, as hook-ins for a non-osho similarity.

    – written by someone who sounds educated, is writing maybe for some respected journal, gets to meet the top managers and famous ex-sannyasins immediately for hugs and quotes.

    Go read the article again, and try to imagine it was written by a PR editor at the Resort or OIF, and you’ll see what I mean immediately.

    This type of thing is done all the time in the modern world of pre-packaged in-house advertising. Why wait for someone to write something, when you can do it yourself. And control the content from the start.

    Similar to my point recently about why wait for your enemies to arise, when you can create and control them yourself, for your own benefit.

    Much mo bettah…not for truth, but for business.

  43. amano says:

    if makes no sence if someone goes to commune for 48 hours and share his expreince , it does not mean much. it is like seeing movie for few minutes and give verdict about it ……..
    48 hours are not enough to see everything what goes on there.

  44. prem bubbie says:

    For all the negative talk here, no one has commented about a privious story of the Dehli center and its segregation of the sexes. I think, as the old cliche goes, “Osho would be rolling in his grave”, i suspect he’s rolling in laughter instead, laughing so hard at the thought that these people still don’t get it!!! That they didn’t even notice how he set the hierarchy up during his life, having women being in charge, co-ed bathing facilities, except of course in India, those repressed indian men would attack women in the showers so they had to be separated. Even coed meditations- oy vay!!! When the cat’s away the Indian men will play, with western chicks and leave the old indian hags outside to watch the action!!! In any book, it’s called regression or better still, de-evolving. So much for all of that meditating!! A pretense indeed!!!! Yet no criticism from the resort masters, or Shantam Prem, Anand, Amrito, Swami rajneesh, Dhanyam, Garimo, what other knuckleheads have I missed… No banning from the resort masters, no thugs going up to Dehli to keep them in line….as long as people are interested in Osho they can modify or mold his teachings into any manner they wish, and of course, spread the holy word around, all of that proselytizing needs to be rewarded, with the masters in pune turning a blind eye to the rape of Osho’s teaching. Yes rape, what other word can best describe it? A quazi-hindu/christian/rajneesh cult operating in Dehli. Osho’s gone, no one to interfere with things, us hindus need a new place to operate our whorehouse of a religion. Hey this
    Rajneesh cult, it might work, a little tweaking here, a little there, this will work for us…… According to many, during pune 2 it took Osho’s direct intervention to stop the beatings that were inflicted upon Swami Rajneesh…. the dim witted swamis and ma’s couldn’t even figure out that violence out of hatred is evil and of course, not meditative. No intelligence; not then , not during the ranch days, not now. And so, the de=evolution of sannyasins is accelerating at even a faster rate than most scientists have estimated…soon those orangutan features will appear followed by a mad dash for the fastest banana boat back to Africa. Back in the jungles of Africa…. the swinging sannyasins of yesteryear will be in an all out war with each other, hurdling coconuts, shitting on their enemies faces, all for the possession of a grove of coconut trees, where the famous tree shaking ceremony is held once a week. Where only the males are invited!!!

  45. Prem Abhay says:

    The pearls are fake.

    Does Sadhana drink the water?

  46. Fresch says:

    Looking at the mirror, do not forget to put some mascara on…the Resort way.
    Prem Bubble just wants to hide his interest in me and his longing to be with woman in general…:)

    It is true Meera’s comment “They are not here looking for a guru” sounds sad, but Amano, Shantam and rest of you who miss the devotional side of sanyas, pls visit Delhi center run “Poor Keerti’s way”or Oshodhara and see if you want Indian hindus to take over the Resort and turn it into hindu ashram. So, we are not happy with EVERYTHING at the Resort, but there just might be other Indians following Sheela’s legacy coming.

    I must emphasize I do love Indian culture; classical music, dance, literature, Bollywood etc..and I have some very good Indian friends. However, sanyas does not belong to any culture or religion. Never. Also, there were several Indians writing here before, why none of them is answering these questions?

    For First time visitor, you better get your employer to pay for a longer visit at the Resort to write in-depth article based on your own experiences. Nowadays readers want that. It is not about voyeuring or superficially interviewing sanyasins or trying this or that meditation, you need to live it, jump in, not to stay an outsider, open your heart for love and hurt. To get an Osho experience, you need to feel YOUR SELF, your feelings. It is NOT about others, but you. And why are YOU not participating here?

  47. shantam prem says:

    Fresch it is not about devotional side of sannyas, neither it is about Delhi or Kathmandu, Sidona or Miasto, Köln or London.

    It is all about 17, Koregaon Park Pune.

    Resort authorities with their money and skills are free to create one or dozen kind of resorts from florida to Ibiza to Phuket. They are free to adjust their product according to the local customs and rituals.

    Pune should remain hundred percent Osho´s style, with all the meditations and sparks of life. Ashram in Pune cannot and should not be used as a private property.
    What has happened during the last ten years is similar to “female genital mutation” .
    Many have gone into indifference, so some one like me who prefers a laid back life has taken a combat role.
    i feel like with my little stones to go on battling “Osho Faminine Energy Mutation”.

  48. Fresch says:

    Shantam, so you know better what is 100% osho’s style?

    What if you style is not my style or ma x’s or swami y’s osho’s style?

    Get real.

  49. shantam prem says:

    Fresch, singing in the file below is from Sikh Scriptures with English sub titles.
    “I have seen all places but none can compare to you”.

    For many of us, these feelings are for the ashram in Pune. What was that pull which encouraged thousands of people to come out from 9 to 5 carrier routine and make Pune as a life base.
    And also we must find out what were those compulsions that these people have to shift their inner residence status back to their home towns and countries.

    Why only Dhynaesh, Amrito, Devendra and Sadhna kind of people counted on the fingers flourish in the present enviornment and other branches of Osho have gone dry.

    If these people are so smart and so much in love with Osho , why for God sake they don´t go into the field, why they are sticked with glue to the base camp.

    Let Amrito and Jayesh go to London and Edmonton and through their personal Charisma and curriculum’s vitae inspires few people on the inner path.
    That will be an achievement, flowering of Osho´s work on them.

  50. shantam prem says:

    I am not that much on the cloud 7 to claim about knowing Osho´s style 100%.
    For this reason so that all the little beings add together the complete picture of Elephant, Osho has chosen 20 people from different cultural and financial backgrounds.
    As one of my friend mentioned during my last visit to Pune. Not just j & A but those famous members of Hollywood gangs are equally responsible for the decline of Osho movement.
    With a little bit of heat they left the ship, whereas when Osho was in the body they were giving the impression to live and die for His work.

    Whether they left voluntarily or were shown the doors gracefully by the aggressive lots is a matter of investigation.

    One thing is clear even the market forces have reject the presented version of Osho marketed by the so called Resort.
    The facility at 17 Koreagon Park is the most under utilised in India. If life allows i will write about my last visit in Pune, just a week ago. Those who know Osho from 1978 will vouch the fact that Osho wanted minimum involvement of local work force. Work as worship and later work meditation was an integrated part of ashram life. His people were taking care of the campus with their love,laughter and creativity.
    As it was almost impossible to bend them according to the will of the bosses, all of them were driving their strength from the source itself, therefore the only way left for the vested interests was to replace them with paid force.
    400 people are getting millions of rupee wages for the work, which was done almost free as a gratitude.

    Let a team of long term sannyasin sits together and chalk out the Osho guidelines for contemporary world.

    Jayesh and Amrito are not wrong but same is true about others too. If these few stop the habit of dominating the others, WORK will blossom.
    The way Osho is right now, it is like an amputated body, healthy but without the limbs to dance and embrace.
    The complete Osho is a most marketable Master of all time as there is no one like that with life positive approach and a ultra modern factory.
    When you can built a new car, why to use the facilities only as a repairing garage. This is what today´s resort is- an OPD for caugh cold and fever, while the master wanted this as a cancer research institute too.

  51. Chinmaya says:

    George Gurdjieff used to say — very sadly, of course — that if even two hundred people are enlightened, they can make the whole world full of light, full of life. JUST TWO HUNDRED PEOPLE CAN TRANSFORM THE WHOLE CHARACTER OF HUMANITY. He could not manage it, but what he said is true.

    I AM GOING TO MANAGE IT! I will not leave you unless I have made enough people enlightened so that they can make the whole world afire, alive. I AM DEPENDING ON YOU, NOT ON ANY BOOKS. Those books may be helpful in some way to bring people to you, but my word will be throbbing in your heart; only then can you help anybody who comes to you.


  52. Fresch says:

    “If these few stop the habit of dominating the others, WORK will blossom.”

    I totally agree with you. Actually instead of going to all this hurt feelings who did what to whom etc., a creative solution would be to form many different circles of friends (different nationalities, ages, backgrounds, sanyas ages etc) to really share what would juice the place up and how people would feel more welcome again (not just new “customers”) and how sanyas is a way of living instead of attending a 2-week course a year.

    hahaaa…did you ever heard Osho saying transformation would happen in 1-2 weeks?Or just practising meditations, not living sanyaslife?

    And it is true they should come out of their caves, make tour everywhere to meet people for example, try to persuade ALL people (Pune1, ranch, pune2 , The resort and new comers etc.) to participate and share. The initiative should come from them, because they are in a way holding the legacy. I hope they are not too old for that.

  53. Fresch says:

    The whole thing would need to be juiced up. Also, this includes all the sub cults like Path of Love, Miasto, Humaniversity, Koln, other centers, Delhi center…:) We are whole, not a cult consisting of different sub cults. I do not want to be in a cult or sub cult of a cult.

  54. Fresch says:

    So, you see. It is not about Amrito and Jeyesh. None of that will ever happen.

    It will not work because everybody “is doing their thing” individually and not really co-operating..and the cattle follows because we are too lazy also and doing “our thing”, mega spiritual individuality has shown it’s true face.

    So, we can keep complaining and blaming. What a waste. No vision.

  55. Anand says:

    Path of Love especially has created a major sub-cult within Osho sannyasins based on Christian ideas from Kalindi with the wolf therapists hunting for new sheep.
    It is time for an Anti-Path of Love group like Anti-Fischer Hofman.

  56. oshobob says:

    That would be a strange wrinkle Anand, since the Anti Fisher-Hoffman group was created over 20 years ago by Ma Turiya at Osho’s suggestion.

    The Path of Love was created, as far as I know, by Turiya and Rafia, so is this back full circle to a double negative — the Anti Path of Love would be the Anti “Anti Fisher-Hoffman” ?

    The only ones to lead this then, would be… Fisher and Hoffman.

  57. Fresch says:

    I think I need to watch out my “caste-system” with sanyasins and non-sanyasin, so thank you Frankie for feedback. Even I do have a lot of non-sanyas friends, I might be afraid for being “the odd one” for them which is no excuse for me to keep distance.

    However, I feel it is SO OLD and stagnant NOT to co-operate. The good side being part of the cattle is to be friends with everybody. The Stars cannot afford it, they rather be alone waiting for somebody go to them than participate as normal people….eyehhh.. normal sheep’s…baaaahhhhhh…

    I think we are too idealistic here, what would be the cure for that? “Kill your dreams” – one year intensive. Auts…we are doing it without paying for it, hello the Resort and other sanyas companies!

  58. Fresch says:

    oh, that will fullfill my dream being alone with my father figure Amrito (sorry Bubble..) at summer…no one else is there, or?

    oshobob, the roof is on only at new year. Sorry.

  59. prem martyn says:

    I had a wank once.Its ranks or should that be wanks as important as finding myself through a range of hierarchical structure bogus theatre games called Osho by the rapists. A bunch of cunts who really tried too hard.

    There thats better must dash , time for another wank.PATH OF LOVE = I CAN MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER..Turiya and Roughia Uber Alles performed by naked torchlight on horseback on her estate in Italy.

  60. prem martyn says:

    They both have a similarity is what I really wanted to mention.. ..You need a box of kleenex for either activity.

  61. oshobob says:


    you have the whole-istic yearnings in your heart for the sannyas world of Osho, but that is just a small part of the picture, commendable though it may be. All the diverse sub-cults in the sannyas world are still a minute part of the whole world of 6 3/4 billion people living in the here and now.

    Pull yourself back and look at the larger picture too — just keep it in mind. There are many barriers between sannyasins and the rest of the world.

    And also, the smaller picture — that is YOU, the individual. There are numerous sub-cults within yourself.

    The contention and confusion in Osho’s world of frictioning factions is just in the middle of the other two parts that neighbor it.

    The individual, sannyas, and the world. They are all equally important, there really is no smaller or larger.
    Just as there are is a movement towards a harmony in each person, there is that inclination intrinsically in the sub-cults of sannyas, and the rest of humanity too.

    Nature will eventually right itself, its just a matter of time. Human problems are so tiny compared with the enormity of the natural cosmos — look at a starry night and you can see it easily. Consiousness is part of nature too, so people have a triple responsibility — you could actually say infinite and eternal.

  62. prem bubbie says:

    Unless a person is brain dead, the segregation of the sexes for meditating was not in Osho’s grand scheme of things. That is obvious, yet the hindu priests running the Dehli center thought they could get away with it and are getting away with it because no one seems to care, and people think it’s harmless. And you call yourselves Sannyasins? Give me a break!!!!

  63. prem bubbie says:

    So Creme Fresch, you’re a female after all. Unless you have big boobs and a nice ass, I’m not interested……Sorry Dear

  64. prem bubbie says:

    Please read Prem Sandesh’s post under “The Final Call”, headline…. Finally a true inner circle sannyasin from the pune and Ranch days sharing… I hope he can find the courage to tell more intimate stories with this generation of Sannyasins….. Keeping things Real, Honest, Transparent, no more hiding and being in denial…. that’s the only way we can grow… that’s what i think….. and fuck you if you don’t like it!!!!

  65. frank says:

    where did you learn this about the segregation of the sexes in delhi?

  66. frank says: might fit right in in delhi if you couldn`t even tell what sex fleshy was!

    dont worry,i`m sure when you go to delhi they can fix you up with a nice hijra.

  67. Fresch says:

    “There are numerous sub-cults within yourself…” Yes, my master oshobob, even without O roof. I know you mean well “look at a starry night”, but I kind of heard that before, sorry. However, why are you all sweeties here and not stearing at the stars? Because we want to share the experience!!!

    I start to understand you prem…, slowly. I just knew it, you romantic, cute, idealistic…fool. What I do not understand with “Sam (sandesh)” writting is “let her heal us…” Do you mean we should let Mahadevi to heal us? Are you Sam? What??? She would heal me better than Turya and Rafia? You are still selling your fucking book here, aren’t you? Just put it to your own wrinkly ass.

    It is a difficult story when you make your money and living on sanyas. So, I do totally agree with Anand about “wolf therapist” fishing for customers, with any of these sub cults. I am happy I get my own money from other people/companies, also I am happy for the fact they (my customers) have a lot. So, even I was talking the same shit, my customers are not investing their last savings on my work or putting their whole destiny on me.

    It is tricky to make your money on sanyas. It is tricky to buy real estate castles in Italy or drive BMW and lead “Love, love –groups” at the same time. It is not what osho did at all even it sounds like it.

    Money is good, but not when you exploit other people.

    American New Age dream? Did we end up there? there we came again.

    Where is little Kranti?

  68. Fresch says:

    “There are numerous sub-cults within yourself…” Yes, my master oshobob, even without O roof. I know you mean well “look at a starry night”, but I kind of heard that before, sorry. However, why are you all sweeties here and not stearing at the stars? Because we want to share the experience!!!

    I start to understand you prem…, slowly. I just knew it, you romantic, cute, idealistic…fool. What I do not understand with “Sam (sandesh)” writting is “let her heal us…” Do you mean we should let Mahadevi to heal us? Are you Sam? What??? She would heal me better than Turya and Rafia? You are still selling your fucking book here, aren’t you? Just put it to your own wrinkly ass.

    It is a difficult story when you make your money and living on sanyas. So, I do totally agree with Anand about “wolf therapist” fishing for customers, with any of these sub cults. I am happy I get my own money from other people/companies, also I am happy for the fact they (my customers) have a lot. So, even I was talking the same shit, my customers are not investing their last savings on my work or putting their whole destiny on me.

    It is tricky to make your money on sanyas. It is tricky to buy real estate castles in Italy or drive BMW and lead “Love, love –groups” at the same time. It is not what osho did at all even it sounds like it.

    Money is good, but not when you exploit other people.

    American New Age dream? Did we end up there? there we came again.

    Where is little Kranti?

  69. frank says:

    and as for this sandesh guy.
    a penny to a pound says he`s writing from his room in graceland,or heartbreak hotel.

  70. Anand says:

    Osho in India: totally accepted and embraced in most households
    Osho In Italy: on the bestseller lists of books and a haven for many of Osho’s therapists and base of Osho Miasto
    Osho in Israel/ Russia/ Taiwan/ Mexico: growing in popularity, full groups, great book sales
    Osho in USA: dead land, never recovered from Rajneeshpuram and with the help of government agents like Prem Bubbie stirring the anti-Osho soup, no hope for the near future.

  71. frank says:

    you are right anand.
    no hope……
    better buy a few litres of hooch and join bubbie and fleshy in their shack and forget the whole thing….

  72. frank says:

    …or get your black robe on and fly to kazakhstan or ukraine,set up a few tantra groups and shag yourself senseless…
    which is it gonna be,,?

  73. frank says:

    a welfare check to a fortnight at the kiev hilton says its a choiceless choice…
    what you waiting for…?

  74. Fresch says:

    Anand, what do you think we should do?

  75. Fresch says:

    frank, can we for once have a serious discussion without repressed hints..
    do you have any POSITIVE suggestions?

  76. Fresch says:

    can this journalist dude who wrote the original article figure it out?
    boring life starts sound better and better

  77. Fresch says:

    frank, you are getting there; your suggestions get more and more creative. What did you do your self? How did it go? flushed?

  78. shantam prem says:

    “I start to understand you prem…, slowly. I just knew it, you romantic, cute, idealistic…fool.”
    There are two prems in this forum, Prem Bubbie and shantam Prem. Both are somehow boarder line cases.
    If your sentence is addressed to Shantam, i feel elevated and feel it as a Master´s grace. Approaching 47 and still romantic and fool together; i think these qualities are required from the members of management team at the helm of Osho affair.
    The present administration is requested to make the space for new people. They can use their skills to built townships and housing societies in the vibrant and recession proof real estate market of India.
    A mystic like Osho is well served by the fools and romantics.

    Any way Fresch, you may keep your identity and sannyas name in wraps but it won´t harm if you tell a bit about yourself, like your sannyas and happy birthday age, man or woman and in the sannayas world it is also very important straight or otherwise and in the end nationality. When even the apples from different countries have unique taste and texture what to say about human beings and that too in the form of Osho sannyasins, His misfit people, who are again back to the real world of selling insurance policies or like me getting the benefits of welfare state and using the time at sannyas news.

  79. buddhawala says:

    So when is Frank and Fresch getting married?

  80. buddhawala says:

    Or should I say divorced…

  81. Fresch says:

    Why would I tell you any personal details? For what?

  82. Anand says:

    Shantams hormons are getting up again, he starts chasing Freshie like last year’s Shanti.

  83. Anand says:

    Fresh, I would ply for an Osho Meditation Festival USA organized by Hari Deva.

  84. shantam prem says:

    Does It means Anand that Fresch is a “Ma” and how you have figured it out? In that case, please go for the prize possession as a first dicoverer´s right.
    I also wonder whether this word Fresch is from some language or self created.

  85. frank says:

    i would put my money on fleshi being shanti.
    am i right or am i right?

    i took a tarot card for her too.

    the queen of cups.

  86. frank says:

    of course she could be a hijra
    or a ladyboy.
    calm down shantam……..
    down boy…….

  87. Prem Abhay says:

    This idea of segregation of sexes at the Delhi centre sounds like a malicious myth started by Flash the Flesh.

    The way that some Indian men seek to exploit Western female sannyasins happens in Pune not Delhi. It happens in Pune precisely for the same reason it is less likely to happen in Delhi. The Pune resort is the epitome of Western extravagance. Do you think I will get to see any pool-side bikini babes in the centre in Delhi? The Pune resort has excluded the dimensions of Osho that fitted with India. Westerners get attracted to the Western style at the resort, and Indians get attracted to the Westerners at the resort. It makes for a clash of false ideals. The Indian men simply see superficial Westerner tramps. The Westerners see a superficial Western façade. If you want a deeper experience you better not stay for long, else your ideals will be shattered.

    The centre in Delhi no doubt explores the dimensions of Osho that suit India. Being in India, it would be stupid not to. It is unfortunate though that all the dimensions of Osho could not be on display in one place. Osho left his legacy and the Pune space to be this way.

    Osho declared a number of people enlightened – the first was his first disciple (in 1967). He also declared some people enlightened and then later on declared them unenlightened. This was a great joke, and it points to the reality that many people can easily be deceived about their own state of attainment. To my knowledge Osho never declared the likes of Jayesh or Amrito as enlightened. I would not be surprised if he never declared any of the Inner-Circle as enlightened. This fits because he made it clear that it was a practical managerial body. Also, even though he declared some people enlightened, he also declared that there be no successor. Whatever the reason for this one thing is clear. Jayesh and Amrito are not Osho’s enlightened successors. As much as they would despise admitting it, they were left a managerial responsibility – nothing spiritual in it.

    Meera says something deeply hypocritical. She makes the point of Osho having all his sannyassins wearing Orange robes and their malas. Clearly Osho was being a guru to them. Yet in the end she has the view that it is good that Osho is not around because people will stop looking for a guru and look within themselves. What do you think Osho was doing? What do you think an authentic guru is trying to do? Osho used all kinds of devices to help his people go ‘in’. Now we have people like Meera and JA & Gang declaring that actually everything he was doing was actually being a hindrance. If it were an outsider saying this I would at least accept it reasonable to come to this conclusion. However as a supposed close disciple of Osho, the expressed view is utterly and scarily contradictory.

    Osho created a beautiful legacy: meditations, meditative therapies, monologues, centres, and a collective of seekers. It is absurd to say it is good that the creator of this is not around. None of the creation would have existed if it were not for Osho, if it were not for Osho being the great person that he was. If you think Osho was some psycho cult leader that is well and good. It would make sense that you also do not think much of his legacy. However if you view Osho as your Master, then to consider some dimensions of Osho as harmful to spiritual growth shows a deep contradiction in your personality.

    The logic of Meera’s is the logic of JA & Gang. It is interestingly enough the same logic of beloved Sheela and her gang at The Ranch. After Osho decided to come out of his silent years and again reconnecting with his people (at The Ranch), Sheela tried to stop him. Sheela was using Osho’s material and making herself the Supreme Leader of the movement. The Master was getting in the way of her efforts to raise the consciousness of humanity. Of course it turns out that Sheela and her gang were a bunch of murderous criminals.

    JA & Gang’s move to systematically de-Oshoise the Osho movement is in the same vein. They have no spiritual authority, yet through their abuse of power as members of the Inner-Circle, they have systematically removed all dimensions of Osho that are not to their personal liking. There are many who support the removal of these other dimensions of Osho. Yet all these dimensions, including devotional aspects, have a clear validity based on what Osho himself has said and done. These dimensions are also reflected in the personal qualities of the other members of the Inner-Circle (who have systematically been removed from office).

    This talk about all Indian reverence and devotion as extremist is baseless. Do a little CD-Rom search. Osho has clearly explained that there are fundamental differences in the constitution and mind-sets of Westerners and Easterners, and that this in turn leads to different practicalities. One of these is that Easterners tend to be more reverential, and in a way that would seem absurd to Westerners. (Perhaps some Western politicians should take a look at this type of logic in framing their views about Islam).

    Fresch makes sweeping assumptions about Westerners and Indians, and then seeks to negate the obvious criticism that she is deeply biased by saying she has lots of (sannyassin and non-sannyassin) Western and Indian friends. I suggest Fresch that you have a look at the depth of your friendships. I also suggest that you are projecting your immature and superficial worship of Amrito as a father figure onto the genuine reverence towards the enlightened Master Osho that many seekers (Western and Eastern) have.

    And no Fresch, I am not flirting with you.


  88. Anand says:

    Abhay every ow and then your commentaries here make absolute sense and your are right on target. I wonder if Osho would be allowed back into his own ashram by the new formed priests Jayesh and Amrito.
    Did you notice that whenever a discourse series at the auditorium like now Osho Upanishads comes to the point of master-disciple relationship, the series gets switched very fast.

  89. prem bubbie says:

    Frank- from Fresch’s post on Feb.9th

  90. prem bubbie says:

    Thank You Sour Creme Fresch, you’re sooooo sweet!!! Now show me your tits!!!!!

  91. Prem Abhay says:

    Anand, it is otherwise called lying by omission. People that come to Osho through OIF and the Pune resort (and its affiliates) get exposed to a certain narrow dimension of Osho. Not only this, they get fed the line that this is the only legitimate dimension of Osho. It is ironic that these Osho managers are only somebody to the extent that they are disciples in a Master-Disciple relationship. Yet their whole focus is on presenting a narrow view of Osho that actually seeks to destroy the credibility of this very relationship. Of course many a disciple seeks to take over the Master’s job.

    JA & Gang are seeking to arrest spiritual control of the Osho enterprise. Of course they are Western in general make-up, and so their version of spirituality differs from Osho’s. Nonetheless they are still trying to play guru to a crowd of people seeking both enlightenment and a Master that can help guide them when they lose their way. Just have a look at Sheela’s role at The Ranch. She was playing guru in much the same way as JA & Gang.

    If you can say yes to everything that comes your way, there is no need for a Master. Trouble is when the inner-world goes into unchartered territory, we seek out help, a friend, a guide, or a Master. This is why people seek a Master. This is why there is a Master-Disciple relationship. Here in lies a deep contradiction with JA & Gang’s interpretation of Osho’s spirituality. Just ask Sadhana and you here it over and over. All you have to do is go in. All you have to do is meditate. Of course we all have heard this, but to know it is a different matter.

    The conviction to keep going when every cell in your body wants to run away is something that the Master helps you with. Granted Osho’s presence can no longer support the process. Granted the answer to your questions must somehow be found within the mass of his wisdom. Listening to a narrow selection of discourses in the Resort auditorium gives you an erroneous view of Osho. There is a deep seated bias in what people at the Resort are exposed to. In a way it is also why a living Master is the most precious gift.

  92. shantam prem says:

    Abhay, “Most of the time” It is a joy to read you. The impact is even stronger because you came to Osho only few years ago and share the concerns as if it was a life long connection from early 70`s.
    Many time i wonder why those multitude of people are not raising their voice,who have spend years in the LIVE company of Osho, when the VISION is distorted in a very common place.
    During my stay in Pune the other week, many many people expressed their disillusionment with the operating system, but like whispering not shouting.
    My heart always touches the feet of those maroon robed people, who i see on the way to 17, Koregaon Park; though their presence is shrinking just like holy cows in between Rickshaws, cars and bikes.

  93. Fresch says:

    I need to take a break from the net and focus on living.

    So, I am sorry if I hurt any of you. Let’s do what we can to keep it going and alive.

    Mostly, it has been an inspiration. Thank you, namaste.

  94. Anand says:

    Abhay, I guess most of us did not know how lucky we were to spend so much precious time in the presence of a living master in the seventies and eighties we Osho. We were young and came from the West, but our hearts were open.
    Even the fascist Ranch regime of Sheela did not break our love.

    So I understand your criticism to the current ‘regime’ and agree to many points of what you write and also to Shantam’s observations. But what is the solution?

    Meanwhile we are 30 years older at least and have a life outside of 17 Koregaon Park, which grew out of the experiences from Pune 1 and 2.

    Shantam Prem lives of the German welfare state, Trashie Bubbie in a hut in Oregon. Fresch is already leaving, Kranti became in visible…

    The ashram in Pune became a meditation club resort and attendance is low.
    At the end , nowhere to go but in.

  95. frank says:

    and out.

    shake it all about…

    that`s what it`s all about…

  96. shantam prem says:

    Anand, we were not following someone like Osama Bin Laden into the aboriginal atmosphere of Afghanistan, neither we became Mormons with the idea of having young brides; few people in the vast humanity had listen the call of one of the most thought provoking master of all times and these few people, His “misfits” were not the uneducated and poor in pockets and heart. Most of us have more than average academic qualification and for sure He was proud on us, the way were full of gratitude.
    Many of us have the choice to go for MBA kind of American education and after wards to sell shares, bonds, Coca Cola and french fries; so the people who have spend their life time with Osho and have sharpened their beliefs and being, who dare to walk the walk alone, cannot be taken hostage by a miniature group of people.
    What i am writing is not for personal gratification any more, but a natural feeling of sharing the Osho project in its totality with other millions of human beings who could not join the show during His life time.

    Management people have tried their best to delude the contents with the idea that it will attract those souls who were not willing to digest Osho in its totality.
    This clever and cunning idea has failed and failed totally. Humanity has grown this much intelligent to see the synthetic contents floating into the original Soup.

    I am sure and convinced in my heart that world at large is ready at the tunes of Osho. People are open to experiment with love and meditation OSHO STYLE, they are waiting for the complete package and for people like me it will be an immense satisfaction to feel as trend setters, who made the break troughs into the inner realm.
    What a joy it is too be the bricks in the foundation of new humanity-new vision as brought forward by OSHO.

  97. oshobob says:

    I’m glad to see Abhay that you have highlighted the ‘lie of omission’ strategy that you feel is being used by the Pune Resort. You make some illuminating and targeted points in this regard.

    Keep in mind though, that OIF has made an enormous effort through their website to offer to the world at large the complete Osho Archive, both in text eBooks, and mp3 audios. For a nominal charge, yes, but complete nonetheless. So to accuse them of pruning Osho works to segue with some hidden agenda of theirs to censor Osho is quite misleading.

    They do produce some edited books and compilations which are not to the purist’s liking, but the complaints in this regard are vastly overblown, in my opinion. For example, the new book produced by OIF called ‘The God Conspiracy’ is a reprint of ‘God Is Dead, Now Zen Is the Only Living Truth’, from Pune 2. Looking at both books, the are nearly identical, with almost no editing — the only parts I can see are some minor changes in the way the “Let-Go” endings to the discourses are presented in the new book. Not much change at all.

    At the Pune Resort, they may have done some more trimming of Osho — from everyone’s complaining here, it would seem that the Resort has turned into some Holiday Inn, with a few paperback books of Osho being sold in the coffee shop bookstall — but, never having been to the Resort, I don’t know the situation there from any first-hand experience.

    It appears they are trying to downplay the Master-disciple construct, but even many devoted old-timers are doing the same these days, outside of India. For example Sw. Milarepa, the musician who travels the world with his One Sky Band, singing devotional and love songs from the old days (along with new pieces), and is “banned” from playing these songs in the Resort from the accounts I have read here, has an extended article on his website explaining that the Master-disciple game is dead, and not relevant anymore. So you go figure it.

    Osho always wanted to spread his message via his sannyasins all over the globe, and not have them attached to a physical focal point, whether it be the current Resort in Pune, or the Ranch Commune, or any other place.

    Maybe it was in his wisdom that he hand-picked Jayesh, Amrito, and the rest of the current Resort managers just to make sure that that happened.

  98. prem bubbie says:

    Anus Anand abusing illegals in Florida while making millions for himself….. one sannyasin osho didn’t need!!!

  99. prem bubbie says:

    Osama, Mormons(Morons), not like those followers… are you kidding…. often sometimes worse than those nut jobs, Shantam… you obviously have been living in a darkened closet all of these years as a sannyasin, don’t feel bad, you had plenty of company and the crowd is getting bigger… get a grip, get real and stop wasting time with your fantasies. You, anand, Abhay(both impostors)amrito, keerti, all of you so called die-hard devotional disciples, your attachment to old dreams will never enable you to fly high… you can move in with the groundhogs, they are very welcoming to new recruits.

  100. prem bubbie says:

    So Fresch babe… “getting back to living”…what have been doing here? Fantasizing? Is that your profession also? It’s a wonderful life!!!

  101. shantam prem says:

    “Maybe it was in his wisdom that he hand-picked Jayesh, Amrito, and the rest of the current Resort managers just to make sure that that happened.”

    Bob, you are always up to date about the happenings around Osho´s work and His people.The paragraph above is flawed in its contents, similar to lie of Omission.

    Osho hand picked Jayesh, Amrito and other 18 people too, and strangely enough none of these 18 are part of current resort managers. The first among the equals found character and behavioural flaw in the rest of their colleagues and therefore they felt it as a RIGHT to replace them with their kind of people.

    25 percent of them, the rich and glamorous Hollywood gang left Poona for ever within a year or so.
    Why, what were the TRUE reasons behind this, only God knows.
    One of my friend in Poona finds them equally responsible for shredding away the trust handed over to them by none other than Osho himself.

  102. frank says:

    blame blame blame
    “they are responsible”
    blame blame.

    shantam,you didn`t complain when you were at the “asram” and you were having a whale of a time chasing skirt in the name of osho and enlightenment,now you want to blame just about every other mug in a robe for the fact at your life`s taken a downturn.
    get a grip.
    amor fati
    love your fate.

    you should have gone to one of those old english schools like amrito,where after they beat your naked ass with a cane,just the same as a zenstick-you had to pull your pants up,walk over to the “master” who had just thrashed you ,shake his hand and say “thankyou sir” and move on.

    take the zen stick and move on man.

  103. shantam prem says:

    Bubbie, Obama administration is on the way to provide health cover for all. I hope mental health is included in this package.

  104. frank says:

    in 1996 it cost 20 rupees to feel important and cruise for spiritual pussy.
    now it costs 20 dollars.
    and people aint singing yes bhagwan yes anymore
    sounds like you were just lucky…

  105. Anand says:

    hey Trash Bubbie, do you need a job in Florida? I am building a new empire there. With your slang you fit right in. We are paying minimum wages and offer dormitory accommodation. You would love it!

  106. shantam prem says:

    Blame blame blame, it is not so dear Frank.
    I have just made my space in the game. These words of mine are my songs of gratitude or i should say in the esoteric terminology, ” They are coming out of me, i am not creating them.”

    And shantam was in the ashram with other thousands and were having a whale of a time chasing skirt in the name of osho and enlightenment.
    I agree. Instead of skirts there were robes.

    Please tell me any post of me during the last many months where i have been complaining about every other mug in the robe.

    Do you think to complain about Gordon Brown is to complain about every British. Are you Butler to the extended Royal Family?

  107. frank says:

    you complain about every other mug that you were mug enough to allow to make decisions that dictated how your life went -
    the three stooges
    hollywood gang
    etc etc etc.

    you got lucky for a while
    then the tide turned
    and the dice rolled against you
    that`s life.

    you are not creating the words they are just coming out of you?
    you sound like rumi or kabir after a heavy night on the tequila in bubbies shack.

  108. shantam prem says:

    Hey Frank, from where you have got the facts about my life from my not yet published biography.
    The phase, when i got lucky and when the tide turned and how scary yet thrilling it is to float with these tides.

    When one wants to be a part of a project bigger than one´s life, it becomes natural and necessary that other mugs take the decisions and your ego structure is strong enough to bear this strain. Sannays movement was and is one such projects of our time.

    People with delicate and underdeveloped ego feel strong with the fact that they are deciding their fate themselves. You seem to be one such brave heart.
    Living safe, playing safe, tides of fate still come, even in the bath tub!

    Can you share a single incident of your life which was bigger than your Frankiness. Daddy could tolerate that British blue eyed boy is reading some Indian guru but to change the name in some weird language of primitives, He would have surely beaten you. Am i saying too frankly, Frank.

  109. oshobob says:

    Shantam, you say,

    “Bob, you are always up to date about the happenings around Osho´s work and His people.The paragraph above is flawed in its contents, similar to lie of Omission.
    Osho hand picked Jayesh, Amrito and other 18 people too, and strangely enough none of these 18 are part of current resort managers. ”

    Maybe they aren’t, Shantam, and then again, maybe they ARE!

    Nobody who knows is talking, it seems.

    As you are one who seems to be a little savvy about modern business practices, you should be a bit more alert here. Maybe the Board of Directors of McDonalds don’t all live in Chicago anymore, they are spread all over the globe, from Beijing to Belfast. Exactly where and who they are, are not known to the general public, it’s an in-house “secret”. Why should they tell Joe Public about it?

    Maybe ALL those 21 Inner Circle members that Osho picked are still Inner Circle members, spread all over the globe, with satellite businesses under varying names — The Academy in Sedona, Osho Miasto in Italy, Osho Nirsarga in Himachal Pradesh, and so on. The Resort in Pune may be just the Flagship, used for image and marketing purposes, maintaining a central global presence. The bulk of the work of OshoVision may be sub-contracted offshore, just as in any other modern company policy. Whatever works.

    Also, keep open the possibility that Osho designed not only the creation of the 21 Inner Circle in 1989, just before he “left the body”, but he also designed its reformantion and realignment over the last 20 years.
    Just like an extended business plan by major companies, or a 5-year, 10-year, and 30 year set of plans by a communist government.


    “After 2 years, the Hollywood bunch goes to Sedona.
    After 10 years, the Indians leave the nest in a huff, and set up their own centers throughout India.
    Anando and Shunyo to Italy.
    “Ban” various people, and have them continue the work in their own countries and around the globe.”

    And so on and so forth.

    What is presented to the general public by any large group of people, whether a business, a government, a religion, is NEVER the full truth. Never!

    Lie by omission.


    With all good intentions.

  110. shantam prem says:

    ” Words are coming out of me, i am not creating them.”,
    Please, see this in the spirit of Self Satire.
    And one more fact for my biographer, i drink tequily kind of stuff only when it is in the company of chased skirt, robe or Jeans. Personally i prefer all kind of religiously prohibited meat with a cup of masala Chai.

  111. Anand says:

    Osho Bob, what you write is not the truth either. The Delhi IC people are banned from the Resort. The Osho Sedona Academy with Yogi and Avirbhava are doing their own thing and are not associated with the Resort, even former Wadud and Waduda are not coming anymore to the Resort, former IC member Anasha is in Goa instead of Pune, still sour over the one million dollar donation in ’88 and the fake Osho watch she got from Jayesh. Anando and Shunyo lost all their status including rooms in Lao Tzu House and are making sure, they arrive at the Resort after the annual December IC meeting and yes some people died like Prasad, Kavisha etc….so there are no secret communications. Everybody avoids everybody as good as they can.

  112. shantam prem says:

    Bob, If Sannyas Managers could have taken a leaf from the success story of McDonald’s, Kellogg’s or Pepsi co, Osho´s work would have been on the centre rather than side lines of today´s world.
    the hard fact is, Store owners children are selling belts before the church market, because of conflict of interests among the siblings.

    During my visit to Pune, the other week, i felt amazed by the all out development of Koregaon Park and adjacent areas, and was surprised to know that famous restaurant Prems frequented by Sannyasins for more than three decades, has gone closed. Not just closed for renovation but completely sold because children started fighting after the death of founding father and mother.

    Osho´s bob, please visit Pune at least once.
    I cannot afford right now to offer you a ticket, but assure you complete lodging and boarding at no cost at all.

  113. Prem Abhay says:

    OshoBob I would not consider download prices offered on to be nominal, especially considering the actual cost of downloads.

    My criticism is also a little more refined then you make out. It is that when you come to Osho through the resort and OIF and JA & Gang, what you have at the outset is a pair of coloured glasses.

    Just have a look at the prejudices that Fresch (the Amrito devotee) carries with her. Her views of Indian reverence towards Osho are astoundingly ignorant. If she were to browse, and come across where Osho speaks of the sanctity of the Master-Disciple relationship, or speaks about the difference between the Eastern and Western mind, she will dismiss this with justifications straight from the new Gang’s handbook.

    It will go something like this. Osho was trying to appease the Indian masses so he and his Western disciples can have a little peace and quiet. Another argument – taking Kranti’s lead – is that all of that stuff was in the dark ages when Osho first started talking about the truth. We the new humanity are much wiser now, and Osho catered for this with Osho neo-Zen.

    It is a joy to read all that stuff about Masters and Master-Disciple relationships, and reverence and devotion. Why you ask, because I get to reinforce how stupid and ignorant so many people are, and how so very smart and wise I am. This is the Osho filter that JA & Gang put on unknowing victims to there scam. This is also why I say they are trying themselves to be Masters. They are clearly saying ‘this’ dimension of Osho is good, and other dimensions of Osho are not. You have to be wiser than Osho to decide that.

    OshoBob, do you see that if you give someone tinted glasses to see Osho with at the outset, then they will see the rest of Osho the way you would like them to. The Gang’s scam would not have fooled so many people if they did obvious things like slicing the electronic Osho archives to pieces. They do not need to because their deceptive advertising cuts peoples minds into pieces first. OshoBob, you seem like a reasonably intelligent fellow. Surely by now you would be aware that JA & Gang are not going to make any obviously stupid mistakes. You also are obviously still assuming that I would similarly make stupid errors. Or is it that you are not a reasonably intelligent fellow?

    Jayesh and Amrito see much of authentic Osho in a deeply clouded light. They consider much of Osho out of date and irrelevant. They do not mind if new sheep have the opportunity to view more of Osho, just so long as they see Osho the way they do.

    As Shantam points out, an argument is that they are offering a gentle introduction to Osho – Osho101 for Dummies. This is not what is happening. They are putting up a simple prejudicial framework from which new adherents then misinterpret Osho and everything else. Just see how prejudiced Fresch is.

    OshoBob, if you were addicted to power and new that you were incapable of being a Master, would you like the Master-Disciple relationship to be dead, and for that matter the Master also?

    Osho did not hand-pick the current resort managers, Jayesh did.

    If the original Inner-Circle was incapable of functioning on any giving issue by consensus then majority decision making presumably would come into play. This would mean for example that if there is a 10 all dead heat, Jayesh (being chairmen) would have the final say. I have a feeling this is not what happened.

  114. prem martyn says:


    I was fucked by the Guru but I dont remember fucking him. There is something missing here….
    Now if i had fucked him ,like cosmically ,maybe i wouldnt’ feel so estranged from his confusing legacy, as it is I’m likely to be reassembled under law of atomic fission and genetic evolution again as a shrub ,if im lucky.
    Life sucks, ….well if she gets it right it does.

    .Fucked with or without resorty,ashramy conscious thingy or even WITH the doo dah.
    Ho hum…..Maybe its better to sing tralala ‘I was buggered from the start Bhagwan, buggered in your love tralla lala’ Singing always helped to feel one’s concerns drift away….into the arms of another swamiji….or ma-ta hari

    I remember my dear old Guru / master/ nitrous Oxide/ Valium dependent , saying you’ll miss me when the fat lady sings….how right he was….
    Still Im not sure I was worth it , but you see that’s what it was all about…feelings lots and lots of feelings oh yes who cares what the feeling was .. at least you could have one.or two or several every day..especially in that wonderful way he had to make you forget how to self regulate…and hand over all your discern to collective identification.. because er… opinion was just a feeling oh and of course.other than a bit of introspection..called medi-doo dahh.(that really helped a lot…..) still if it wasnt for energy darshan and the odd bit of satori even those feelings i could have stuck up a passing arse….Communes were good for that sticking things up or in or on someone…if u were lucky…resorts still offer the same service .possibly. but with no energy darshan …shame really ….

    … time to do that medi doo dah and look at the ducks out of the window and say…. boy am i glad I did those groups otherwise I just might have not have known what love was all about………
    .nice one osh ….

    oh yes perhaps when two white Swans were packaged for Mr Osh on some glory-disciples instructions from UK and died asphyxiated en route , to be replaced by two other swans who were fed in a six inch pond and had their wings cut to stop them flying around some of us might have realised what a pillock Osho was(..Mukta as u screamed at the time ‘U know better than your master .? .well actually in this case ..yes) in choosing complete idiots to run his ashram. Still I blame the nitrous Oxide… it can cause havoc with ur enlightenment….and legacy.

    Still u win some u lose some…..Ps i’m not enlightened (really no kidding) and its better than ever trying to be…..helps u self regulate with discern and reponsibilty sure Mr Osh would have like that….whatever he was or wasnt….
    LOVE ….and justice to all suffering beings including white swans

  115. amano says:

    I have feeling that our discussiions and comments here not much of help . i feel sad when we start throwing mud on each other
    i do not mean we should be agee with each other . i am ok with disagreement
    sorry prem bubbie for my past posting and making fun of you . you are beautiful as u are.
    my point is we should more than what we are doing to bring change into osho movement which has lost touch with reality

  116. oshobob says:

    you’re all in cahoots, i know it.

  117. prem bubbie says:

    Money talks, money talks, money talks…never mind the talking that goes on around here.

  118. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam, I had free mental health while wearing orange…top notch coverage…no deductibles or co- pays. Instant doctor’s visits and free non addictive medicine.. My coverage lapsed though, oh well….

  119. prem bubbie says:

    My current shrink told me that all he could prescribe me was Trash Talk Therapy….. it turned out to be addictive medicine and will have to go into detox for treatment. I think I’ll pass, I like it too much.

  120. prem martyn says:

    Swannnyy how I love u how I love ya my dear ol swannnyy…
    .So….. Dolano she of the personal swan assistant / feeder (now she feeds people instead of swans with her blockbuster light of a thousand suns as an illuminee.)…oh yes in her time the ashram swan feeder … So II popped her the question ‘looks like the swan is going a bit crazy’ ( at the time in front of old Buddha Hall one swan was left after the male mate died, and there it was in all its glory in the six inch pond, literally no bigger than a bath tub. Well the swan was exhibiting classic signs of distress ….repeated head bobbing and paddling in cirlcles, and the mighty Dolano replied in ze german aczent ‘Oh she like to do Sufi Whirling, isnt it beautiful !!!!!…’
    Of course what do animal behaviourists know when u are in a buddha field , cajoled and pummelled into suspending disbelief by smiles and gormless rhetoric…(Nothing a swan landing in the mouth wouldn’t cure.!) …more stories of intrigue to follow….watch this space .. all white swan brotherhood related….Maybe i should go undercover, ill never get a bus pass to Jayeshyland now they know…..

  121. oshobob says:

    Anand, that’s what I mean, with the “banning” deal. Yes, I’m sure all these people are distanced from the Resort, but that’s part of the plan, the story, the strategy, whatever you want to call it. You know, Osama bin Laden is ‘banned’ from the US, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t working for the CIA out of Langley, Virginia. This banning from the Osho Resort is turning into a joke — they should come up with a new wrinkle, some fresh ploy. Banning is getting a little old hat, a little stale, isn’t it?

    Shantam, thanks for that kind offer for room and board in Pune. Maybe I will go to India one day. If I go to the Pune Resort, it will be 30 years in the making. I think it was 1980 when I was on way last time. I could go, you never know what roads — as the Chinese say, of the “red dust of the world” — i could travel on.

    Abhay, you are really unique. You plow straight ahead on this anti-JA & Gang vendetta you are on. You will not give up it seems. Were you like this as a child — when you had an idea in your mind, you wouldn’t let it go? Tenacity seems to be your strong suit, but your credibility is in tatters, since your admission of pinching “the real” Prem Abhay’s identity, and with bald-faced impunity too. You have to climb out of that ditch of deception to reach ground zero again, and start from there. But i’m sure you will find a way.

    It seems you are able to weave any set of facts to bolster your predetermined conclusions. Saying OIF is offering with complete unedited Osho as a mask for their covert intentions of taking over as Masters is really a stetch of the imagination. Can you imagine Jayesh sitting on a marble podium giving discourses on spiritual matters in front of thousands of people. I can’t even picture it.

    But, you know, a good prosecuting attorney can also make a good defense attorney, the pro can unite with the con — yes, the Taiji Tu, The Supreme Picture, can be seen as a whole.

    yehaa &

  122. prem martyn says:

    aren’t clipped winged , asphyxiated , slowly going nuts white swans in a bath tub spoon fed by a carer who refuses to read the signs and an Osho home help-personal assistant who thinks animal welfare a challenge to His masters Voice a fucking metaphor for the W S brotherhood…or do I have to spell it out…

  123. Fresch says:


    Do you know about this? happened this morning:

    India restaurant (German bakery) bomb blast kills eight in Pune

  124. chetna says:

    Yes, and 40 injured

  125. Fresch says:

    is it terrorist attack? is it connected to the resort?

    Were there sanyasins?

    it is difficult to get news.

    Horrible, horrible…so much hate.

    How is everybody in Pune?

    Lots of love to you all!

  126. Fresch says:

    Do you kow that Jeyesh survived the Mumbai attack?

  127. prem martyn says:

    About the time Jayesh has his mid morning tiffin there…should we assume ze wurst ….ze snackwurst colonel ???
    ….or too much bicarb in the dough….it vas ze Blitzkrieg Spezial Pizza topping that vill have gone off prematurely in ze gas oven…., schnelll mahindra lets get out of here before ze allies arrive…..

    im having attack of ze black humours, i’ll be alright if i say i witnessed nuzzing…..(as uzual)

    Sieg Yahoo

  128. frank says:

    i saw some indian news footage.
    the place is completely wrecked
    10 dead i think,inc 2 foreigners.

  129. oshobob says:

    good opportunity for awareness & meditation.
    you here are simply repeating information that has been projected on a screen.
    on film. in text.
    the source is not your experience, but someone else’s report. news agencies. police departments. politicians.
    be more careful, more alert.

  130. frank says:

    ok bob.
    we test your theory.
    no explosion in german bakery.
    you go stay in shamtam`s flat,and i will pay 2 weeks vegeburger and salad with banana lassi for you in german bakery.
    peanut cookies too.

  131. oshobob says:

    in this age of digital cameras and video capabilities in ubiquitous inexpensive cell phones, i think anyone can expect numerous on-the-spot documents of an event like this from people in the vicinity. So far, none.

    7pm on a Saturday night in a well populated commercial tourist zone of a large city. Seconds after something like this happened, people would be snapping pictures and taking videos.

    All you see so far are pictures of the usual cordoned off police scene, with the rubble aftermath of what looks like an explosion. Men standing around, cars.
    No dead, no injured, no body limbs. Police reports of “suspected cause.” Every report mentions the Osho Resort and the Jewish Chabad House.

    The immediate propagated innuendo is a terrorist event occured that was most likely caused by Islamic extremists. This idea is now in the minds of hundreds of millions of human beings around the Earth.

    If it really happened, then all empathy to the victims.

    If it didn’t, then a lot of people are lying. And getting paid for it.

    Of course, they would be doing it
    “with all good intentions.”

    Their intentions.

  132. frank says:

    check the clearly visible picture of osho propped up in the ruins on the front page photo of timesonline.

    what do you think oshobob.
    a marketing trick from the resort?

  133. oshobob says:

    frank, obviously if there is a report of the German Bakery being demolished, then it would be. Must be.
    You couldn’t have it standing there intact. Similar to the World Trade Center towers in 9/11. They were really demolished. But by who, is the real question. And how. And what is the motivation for it.

  134. oshobob says:

    yes, very good picture of Osho!
    not ripped, no charred marks on it. propped up in the right position.
    And the “BAKE RY” signed ripped in two, but very, very readable. Looks like the sign was cut in two with a Skil saw, not a bomb blast.

    How many times have you seen photos of these supposed terrorist attcacks in their aftermath? They all look almost identical, and the stories that go with them too. Like a template storyboard was used, with individual idiosynchroncies added for local identity.

  135. prem martyn says:

    Can anybody link this in to why they took Osho’s pictures down in the resort and yet its survived a bomblast in germ this a sign….How do we know it wasnt an emotive catharsis by the inner circle, that caused it after all this conspiracy harassment, not a bomb blast at all just people not owning their anger and dumping … that would be quite usual for people who have been at the Asram for years they have a tendency to explode unpredictably or even sabotage emotionally.. still this would be the biggest event in Pune restaurant history since they discovered cockroaches at Prems in 1974/75/ . I tell you that was ghastly….

  136. shantam prem says:

    The German Bakery, a favourite haunt for foreigners, is located just across the road from Osho Ashram. A Jewish Chabad house and a synagogue are 500 metres away from the bakery.

    Terror returned to haunt the country on Saturday when a bomb blast ripped through Pune’s popular German Bakery, close to the Osho Ashram and diagonally across from the Jewish Chabad House. 9 people were killed and 45 wounded. |

    The German bakery is a favourite food joint for foreigners, located close to Osho Ashram which had been surveyed by Pakistani-origin American David Coleman Headley, a Lashkar-e Taiba operative.

    “There was a bomb blast at around 7.15 pm in the German Bakery near the Osho Ashram at the posh Koregaon Park in Pune this afternoon.

    Pune: Nine people including one foreigner were killed and 45 injured in a suspected bomb blast in the German Bakery at Koregaon Park which also houses a Jewish prayer house and the Osho Ashram here this evening. Pune Police Commissioner Satya Pal Singh said there were five women among the victims.

    In the first major terror strike since the November 2008 Mumbai attacks a powerful bomb blast ripped through a popular bakery in Pune on Saturday evening killing at least nine people including one foreigner and injuring 45 others. The bomb blast took place at about 0715 hrs IST on Saturday inside the famous German Bakery near the Osho Ashram in Pune


    Print media or electronice media, from all corners of India, It is German Bakery near the OSHO ASHRAM. Not a single mention about so called Resort.

    Rest in peace dear friends who lost their life because few stupids cannot bear the multi colored vibrant humanity.

  137. prem bubbie says:

    Headley was mentioned in the article… now back to the debate regarding, allowing headley to visit the resort, along with politicians… a terrorist is allowed to visit yet, people who are/were lovers of osho BUT had disagreements or contrary views with the resort gangsters are banned? What insanity!!! people who probably don’t have a gram of violence in their bodies are refused entry yet a man with violence written all over is welcomed…. along with corrupt politicians, and greedy business people… Now, What is (seriously) wrong with this picture? This question is meant for all of the ashrams and their masters, particularly in Nepal.

  138. prem bubbie says:

    A few “stupids” Shantam? more like millions of insane and mentally defective animals…. You are soooo out of touch….. Soooo sad for you too

  139. Anand says:

    This is another stupid posting by Trash Buddie. How is the resort registration supposed to find out, who is a US based potential terrorist? is it written in his US passport? Have you ever been in Pune and experienced the registration process at the resort, where passports and visas are being checked? If not, why don’t you shut up?

  140. prem bubbie says:

    anus anand, what do you call your postings, jackass? who is trash buddie? still pissed off from my insults, if you can’t take the heat, get lost!!! you did for a while. What, you don’t like certain critiques? Only your own critiques pass the test Asshole!!! Go whip some more poor people desperate for a job in Florida, anus. You are worthless here and everywhere. A fucking fascist shows his colors, yet again!!!

  141. prem bubbie says:

    A new reality tv show is being produced by anus anand and shantam prem, it’s called: “Murder and Mayhem in Mumbai”(en mass). It will feature just some plain stupid people being followed around India. Cameras will follow each contestant, to see who can cause the most carnage using the most destructive weapons available. Points will be given to the most creative contestant, though stupid people don’t have the ability to be creative. To apply, just bring your resume, and video tape showing the stupid things you did in your life… the top ten stupidest people will compete for a one month’s stay at the famous “resort” in Pune.

  142. prem bubbie says:

    If terrorists are stupid then what would a rapist be? A: A guy suffering from a lapse of judgment due to a temporary hormone imbalance…. common shantam, use your noggin, or has your stay in india left you a little slow or incoherent?

  143. prem bubbie says:

    Anand asks: ” How is the resort registration supposed to find out…”? A” By doing their homework. Also by using the spy network developed long ago to weed out infiltrators within the sannyas network. Good old sheela used to brag about knowing who people really were; who were legit and those who were posers. So Anand, you don’t know shit!!!

  144. shantam prem says:

    you can go on wrting Trash Therapy as dictated by your Psychiatrist. No harm.

    Anand´s point is very clear, scanning process at 17, Koregaon Park is almost perfect, sometime it seems rude also but keeping in mind security of all, it is a world class security system.

    SO if you can arrange money, please do visit Pune.
    I criticise because of its anti growth policies, but as a basic product, Nothing comes closer to the place resided by our beloved Osho.

  145. Anand says:

    New security is being introduced at Osho resort Pune. Bags are being checked and a security team from israel is coming to give advise.

    Further hate mail from Trash Bubbie speaks for itself.

  146. prem bubbie says:

    Anand continues to spout shit, that’s why I call him Anus…All of his intelligence comes from there.

  147. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam, you say…. “almost perfect”, how do you now what Jayesh and his security chief are thinking, or planning? A facade is a facade, something the leaders of the sannyasin organization have plenty of experience in creating. Become a muti millionaire and start kissing some ass at the resort and they “might” let you in on their secrets, So please all you defenders of the faith—stuff it!!!!

  148. shantam prem says:

    Again and again I say Bubbie, the people at the ashram have million times more sanity and sincerity than many of the people who became sannyasins by default.
    Please, please please with your twin Prem Martyn, check out a new master or a new shrink, the way you both write, is much below the boarder line.
    You are not using your freedom of speech and expressions in a healthy way.
    Just because you write English without spelling mistakes, does not mean all the screws are tight.

    Many of us criticise Jayesh and others but with a sense of love and deep bond of being fellow travelers, you are hitting them on their right to be a decent human beings.

    (though hate is not my domain)

  149. frank says:

    cool it bubbie and martyn,
    you sound about as smart as a couple of failed suicide bombers.
    you think violent words will get you what you want?
    not a chance.

  150. prem bubbie says:

    violent words? you must be joking, frankie!!! Shantam Prem.. They are decent human beings… now who’s got their screws loose? Freedom of speech is just that… NON negotiable… positive or negative, smooth or coarse language, free speech doesn’t mean you have to like what I say, yet another sannyasin- fascist pretending to be all loving, a closeted Hitler supporter!!! You certainly have a thick head Shantam… Surprised by you, frankie!!! I don’t really don’t care what happens, but pointing things out. Gotta problem with that anybody? Your feelings maybe hurt especially at this time, but fuck you any way.. Remember all the shit some people got for criticizing the American gov’t just after 9/11. How the american and western powers put themselves in the spot to be attacked? Some brave, truth telling individuals, took a big chance, and had the courage to openly criticize corrupt governments for killing innocent people. Short memory, Shantam, Frank… This is the time to speak up, every moment is the time to speak up and act… the most vulnerable time is the time that change can happen, even if you’re half asleep….Most of you who took sannyas should know; in your darkest, most vulnerable time you saw miserable self and then took the leap toward Osho!! A bombing happened, disgusting as it is…but you people are NOT special!!!!! Face it!!! That’s part of the problem…Wake UP!!!!!!

  151. prem bubbie says:

    “Resort”, not “ashram”. Sanity and sincerity? What??? Are you who you say you are? OR Are you actually, jayesh or amrito writing propaganda? Sounds like it!!

  152. Anand says:

    Trash Bubbie=ex sannyasin from Ranch time 1986=24 years ago!=still hooked on his experience with Osho and sannyasins, that is why even now he is writing hate mail avery day on sannyasnews=he thinks he knows it all, because he got stuck in Oregon nd his mother worked in the US government.=Hates all happy sannyasins, who have a good life and hates everyone, who has their trip together. Trash Buddie never made it to India and works part-time for the US government. Be aware of Trash Buddie, if he turns up in the neighborhood of your post here, he likes to spill his poison over to you.

  153. prem bubbie says:

    The Grand Anus Anand speaks. You’ve admitted to everyone you’re a fraud , so what you say can’t be and shouldn’t be trusted believed… Bullshitter you are and continue to be , you and prem abhay…You still can’t admit your own gloating of your ’70′s past from pune, so keep up the bullshit anus!! You’re a waste of time to read anymore as your name suggests!!! Ha Ha to the guy who can’t take a joke!!!

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