Founder of Facebook visits Osho Resort

Facebook’s Zuckerberg visits Osho commune

Mumbai: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, 25, may have been sitting next to you sipping coffee in a Mumbai or Pune restaurant and you may not even have known.

Zuckerberg, whose immensely popular social networking site has thousands of fans in India, was recently in Pune, visiting the Osho commune.

His quiet visit to the Osho International Meditation Resort, as the commune is known, stirred some interest amongst some disciples.

“The millions of hits on Osho on the internet and numerous references on Facebook seemed to have evoked Zuckerberg’s curiosity, and he visited the commune a few days ago,” Amrit Sadhana, a senior member of the resort’s management.

Zuckerberg, posted a cryptic note on his Facebook account earlier: “I’m in India this week for vacation. I’ll be attending a good friend’s wedding and checking out a few cities while I’m here.” However the post accompanied a picture of Zuckerberg with a friend and a child posing with an elephant on Pune’s North Main Road, which leads to the Osho commune and the Jewish Chabad House, both destinations visited by American terror suspect David Coleman Headley in July 2008 and March 2009.

“He is in India for a week on a vacation to attend the wedding of a friend in Pune, who works for Facebook,” Gitika Kapur, Facebook’s senior account executive, said from Delhi. Declining to reveal which cities Zuckerberg visited during his brief stay in India, she said he was on a private visit and stayed in Pune for a week.

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170 Responses to Founder of Facebook visits Osho Resort

  1. Prem Abhay (The Real One) says:

    This is an official notice. I am the real Prem Abhay. I left Pune many years ago and moved on. I have little interest in technology and rarely use the internet. Recently I came to know that someone has been impersonating me. This person claims to be the Prem Abhay that worked in the Samadhi and Lao Tzu garden. This person claims to be the Prem Abhay that worked in hygiene with a micro-biologist. What this impersonator says about me is true. However, in recent years I have apparently gone to Pune to protest, have a Facebook space, a blog, and even write here on SannyasNews. Whoever is doing this I do not know. I also do not know why.

  2. prem bubbie says:

    So… give Zuckerman a medal!!!! Talk is cheap… Who gives a shit? Well Sannyasnews does!!! Making a mountain out of a mole hill– AGAIN!!! Now for some more important news… such as… Why are there more christian missionaries in Haiti than there are doctors and engineers? Them poor dumb Haitians are a ripe for a conversion, the “hell” with providing them with food, shelter and education and teaching them common sense and not superstition. This is what the “good” lord wants, I guess…. PRAISE THE LORD!! and pass the bibles out. AMEN AMEN… now sannyasnews get back to real reporting!!!

  3. prem bubbie says:

    Zuckerman should be flogged for that monster of a creation called facebook…. Was he Sheela’s lover in a past life? Hmmnn, I wonder…..

  4. Anand says:

    Pool closed, samadhi closed, Rinzai to be closed….at least Zuckerman fits the new profile of Osho resort visitor….

  5. Anand says:

    Bubbie: so stuck in the 80ties! Who is Sheela? my gosh….

  6. Chetna says:

    “Pool closed, samadhi closed, Rinzai to be closed….”

    What do you mean closed? For refurbishment or similar? Or altogether?

  7. oshobob says:

    the new clientele at the Resort seems to be expanding into a very motley crew indeed…

    Zuck, Jeffrey Archer, and Headley…

    maybe they can become friends on facebook and share their experiences…

    Who next… Elvis?

  8. frank says:

    sannyas has never really cut the mustard on the celeb front,outside of india,has it?
    probably time to give up and just accept ourselves as the small-time nobodies that we actually are!

    btw zuckerberg in a member of the pi epsilon jewish fraternity,which,in its mission statement is “dedicated to jewish ideals and values and ethics”
    sound like jewish freemasons or something.
    so its just as likely that he was visiting the chabad house on the corner of north main road,
    maybe to get some kosher food?

  9. frank says:

    zuckerberg,archer,deadly dave…
    encounter group…poona one?

  10. prem bubbie says:

    Elvis has left the building!!! That was a good one Bob!!!

  11. prem bubbie says:

    The two anus’- amrito and anand seem to speak for the sannyas community as a whole. Now anand in your past posts you seem to get very nostaglic yourself with poona 1, now who’s full of shit and stuck in the 70′s? As for amrito your heart seems to be at home with the capitalists who use and abuse others for personal gain. Haiti is a great example of that, of “christians” capitalists who just love “helping” those in need. Those same people who created and maintained the poverty and stupidity in Haiti. Why don’t you and anand join them there. anand can even hire some haitians to work for him for slave wage salaries. I hear your employees in Florida are “illegals”- cheap labor for a cheap person. Care to comment?

  12. prem bubbie says:

    Personally, I believe no one is “illegal”. Every one should be able to travel freely from one place to another without “proper” authorization. The sad fact is, humans are territorial by nature, not open at all to “outsiders”. Until most of the world’s population in all countries decide that there won’t be borders or countries anymore, we will have borders and “citizens” and “illegal” aliens. When true world wide open borders exists, humans will truly have evolved to a higher consciousness, and we won’t need to have gurus anymore.

  13. prem bubbie says:

    I think Zuckerman was looking for a good pastrami on rye with some kosher dills on the side.

  14. oshobob says:

    well, here we go again…it’s back in the ring…

    you could invite Paul Lowe back to the Multiversity to reprise his role as Sw. Anand Teertha, hotshot therapist with buried desires for Osho succession position, to lead this neo Encounter Group — what is he now — 77 years old?, not a problem, he can bring his meds with him…

    coax Hugh Milne to return as the rent-a-guard Sw. Shiva — if his hair is graying, he can dye it orange for the events, easily done…


    it’s Round One….!

    The Paki ‘Who Doesn’t Drink Saki’ comes out fuming — his parole officer from the FBI only gave him a few days leave from his Chicago jail, and that makes him mad….plus, these Islamic fundies are always in suppresed rage anyway, just a normal day for them….

    Headley takes a swing at the pimply-faced rich-boy Jewish billionare from the States, but Kid Zuck is young, spry, and ducks easily — ‘Zuck-a-Duck’, he could wear out the middle-aged Muzzie quite quickly…

    Archer lays back in the corner, plays it conservative, too much to lose with messing with the two who are tangling at center ring, a politician through and through, thinking more how he could put the scene into his upcoming book…a lot of competition these days in the West, seems like everyone and their little sister is self-publishing books…Archer glances over to Teertha, at least the old group leader is older than him, ‘play it safe’ thinks Jeff to himself…

    And all of a sudden, the door bursts open, and in strides…..Sheela!!

    “What are you idiots doing?! Stop this right now! You all go back to your rooms in the Guest House…that’s the way Bhagwan would want it….”

    Everyone freezes. They all go out…Headley back to his prison cell in Chicago, Teertha to his retirement pad in Byron Bay, Archer to the Motherland England, and Kid Zuck back to his Jewish college fraternity friends back at facebook (but not before he stops at Chabad House to cop a kosher pastrami-on-rye sandwich for the plane ride back…..

    frank …
    i’m getting weary …

  15. oshobob says:

    and now i’m in a synchronicity with bubbie…!

    i was going to write ‘Reuben sandwich”, but it came out ‘pastrami-on-rye’…

    Oi vay!!!

  16. Anand says:

    Bubbie I was kidding you. Never been to Florida, also have nothing to do with real estate development anywhere…ha, ha. Just got tired of your anti Osho, anti sannyasin, Seattle rain drenched insults. Now that you are back here, I take a break. I just don’t like your company, not even here.

  17. Anand says:

    Chetna, pool closed for the rebuilding of the facility, probably seasonal. Samadhi closed for ‘maintenance’, sounds more like another stick from Amrito against the ‘devotees’. Must drive him mad to live next door to it all.
    Rinzai pyramid (includes residential, session and group rooms) apparently ‘given away’ for next season. Not sure, what that means. Let’s see next year.
    Namaste for now.

  18. amano says:

    Mark zuckarman visited the resort……and sannyas news post that news. I do not see anything wrong in that. mark zuckarman is not crimnal ,nor he has done any harm to any one of us, why to re-act to sannyasnews and its staff for this…………
    i think people who re-act to others are normally from jealousy…..
    i want to ask prem bubbie what is so wrong about posting this news………mark zuckarman has shown world something new and i am sure prem bubbie is using his facility of face book , so why to re act on his visit . why not to take it easy…………is it jealousy or something else. please come forward and explain and try not to re-act on this and be cool

  19. prem bubbie says:

    Don’t have a page on facebook… thanks fuckins god!!! The “reaction” is that facebook is so impersonal , worse than the telephone, hence the root word for the slang “phony”, which means pretentious, bullshitter, etc. If you want to “know” somebody, meet them in person, not from afar, not from a picture or what BS they may write on a “virtual” page. Do it the old fashioned way- face to face…same with these threads… very impersonal, not many would say to some one face to face as they do here..Too chicken shit…. Too risky, never know what the reaction would be… for me.. I definitely would not be so bold, occasionally I take the risk and am very blunt, I too am part time chicken.. Anyone else have the balls to admit it? As for Anus Anand… You fooled even Shantam Prem and others, not only me, you truly are chicken shit!!! And I don’t live in Seattle, for the 5th time, Anand can’t read either.

  20. prem bubbie says:

    For those americans with satellite or cable tv… the other night on C-SPAN 2, they had a book reading/Q&A from the Harvard Bookstore, an author named Don Lattin wrote a book titled: “The Harvard Psychedelic Club” “How Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Huston Smith and Andrew Weil killed the fifties and ushered in a new age for america” What a fascinating hour from this author. I discovered a few things too. First, how Tim Leary used undergraduate students for his LSD experiments after being told not to do so, a few mentally fragile students totally flipped out. Another thing, Leary also fabricated research stating the safety and benefit of LSD. Also, Ram Dass is a homosexual, albeit a closeted one, and he is currently seriously ill at his home in Hawaii. Positive and healing thoughts for him. I think I’ll buy the book… one of the best one’s written so far from what I hear. Google the titl if you want more info…. Strawberry fields forever…. I wonder if Tim Leary was actually a covert CIA agent, it sounds like he used the same methods for his experiments…

  21. prem bubbie says:

    “title” not “titl” …oops freudian slip

  22. shantam prem says:

    As one can deduct from the news, facebook founder has visited the place because so many sannyasins are on the facebook and so many files of Osho are shared all around the world.
    It means he has visited the place which was the home to Osho and His people, And he was in Pune because of some Mansoon Wedding kind of festivity. If He flies specially because of the resort, Sadhana has a right to mention this as a news item.
    Hundreds of times successful people from all across the world, when the visit Pune, they try to visit Osho Ashram too, It is a natural curisoity, Osho and His people have put this place on the tourist map of Pune.
    Why this time it is a news?
    Because world is booming with all kind of enterpreneours, it is a spring time in the world of commerce, business and entertainment activities.

    Just few years ago, the number one couple of entertainment industry, Brad Pit and Anginlina Jolie were in Pune for film shooting. Just imagine they have visited the resort, For Sadhana kind of people, it must be the breaking news of all times.

    In fact this is a very cheap attitude, the way some Pizza and ice cream seller click the photos with celebrities.

  23. Fresch says:

    If you are rich or famous, you always have to deal with orthodox (Christian) publicity and/ or orthodox (Christian) networks and greedy nobodies. So, they cannot really participate in dynamic screaming or hugging anybody etc. without anybody trying to take photos, make money etc. I have seen it happen. So, they cannot really have Osho experience anonymously. If you just surf around, it looks and feels good, but it can not go deep.

    I also think Zuckerman was visiting the Resort because of sanyasin network at face book. However, we should let these people stay anonyms.

  24. Fresch says:

    On the other hand it is just right too them (for rich and famous) .How poor, how mediocre, how meaningless. You can wear only one pear of shoes at one time (even you had 1000 shoes). How boring, so low. To be nobody (like here) is so much more fun. Thank you God.

  25. Fresch says:

    I mean nobody like me…:)

  26. oshobob says:

    The kid’s name is ZuckerBERG, not ‘Zuckerman’, or ‘zuckaman’. At least you can spell his name right…then you can go ahead and bash him to holy hell. Start out with a little proper protocol please.

  27. Fresch says:

    tank you, my Beloved M…eyhhh…friend

  28. Fresch says:

    And you do not know, I might have had a date with him…hmmmm… i should check out his picture ( I mean heartful energy…) at first.

  29. Fresch says:

    I mean with a date of discussing all deep experiences with chackras, past lives, meditation, love, science, religions etc.

  30. oshobob says:

    Fresch, if you want to be “discussing all deep experiences” with Kid Zuck, first you have to determine that he has them. A Jewish boy who goes to a private US prep school, then Harvard, then creates an internet social network that seems like it caters to the mentality of junior high school girls at a slumber party, well….

    since ‘facebook’ is free, i would assume that Kid Zuck makes his billions there on advertising, and as frank pointed out in a recent post on TV and media viewing venues, the name of the game is to get an addicted audience, then put the product ads in their minds.

    The result of these modern technologies seems to be creating more closed cult-like “closed societies,” what I call the Cell-phone Mafia phenomenon. Your own little group, with group self-stroking communication the standard fare of the day. A bubble virtual family.

    Maybe the lack of expansion and stagnation of the Osho vision is related to this — most people are very reticent to come close to a “closed society” of “friends” in a spiritual group — it smacks too much of a cult for many. Major problem, I think.

  31. Fresch says:

    I am fundamentalist; so I like to date only sanyasins…However, I do like some virtual sub families – like us here – bubble is a babble is a bubble, and it will be difficult to cut my self from here to the real world for good. perhaps iwill not have to.

    But, I agree with you sanyasins being a closed cult with our own sagas, even language and networks– the most obvious reason for new people to get turned off. Don’t you think so? What to do?

  32. prem bubbie says:

    I knew someone would take the misspelled name bait, oshobob you fool, you fell for it. Zuckerberg, zuckerman, zuckershmoocker, so what?!!! Anal and neurotic, so pathetic. More dynamic and catharsis is needed for you o-bob!!!

  33. prem bubbie says:

    As for being a “success” Shantam prem, you too are a fool, all your understanding rather, MIS-understanding of Osho’s message,, are you reading his books in english and interpreted into gibberish. Success is another ego trip you FOOL!!!! WE are all failures, that’s the truth, just look around at the state of the world humans have created. Fortunately you are not dictator of the world for we would be really screwed with your warped sense of reality and purpose. You make a great greedy-assed Capitalist, Shantam— you too need more cathartic meditation to shake off all of that accumulated dust on your consciousness. Oy Vay or is it Oi Vey, osho bob? My recommendation for you all “so-called” sannyasins and wannabe’s, join some born again christian cult, they are always looking for new members and the mindset is much similar to yours. Amen Amen, Capitalists and Entrepreneurs for Jesus Anand and Shantam Prem co-chair

  34. prem bubbie says:

    The so called “news” about so called rich and famous is nothing more than celebrity gossip. It can be found on most satellite tv stations at any time. This also has been an issue for almost 30 years within the sannyas realm. Gossip, gossip gossip gossip. So manic, so obsessed with mundane nonsense. I think people just want to hear something stupid most of the time. Nothing of value, nothing of intelligence, just worthless chatter for the lowly egos to hold on to and to keep thinking about. This syndrome has gotten worse over the years, obviously all that “meditating” going on is either a waste of time or not happening at all and people are just pretending. Humans are herd animals for sure.

  35. prem bubbie says:

    Why the Osho Rajneesh advertisement? Desperate for money, are we? Try the begging bowel outside the resort instead!!!

  36. oshobob says:

    you’ve got some good points bubbs, the haiti christian thing, the gossip thing, the celebrity deal, though you did fall for my ‘misspelling’ schoolmaster trap, i don’t care how any one spells things, why should I, I just call him Kid Zuck myself…is there a panic in needle park or something bubbs…?, you seem a bit more manic than normal….some good points though, pal…are you really Elvis?

  37. Anand says:

    Prem Bubbie is back! Just for the newcomers: Prem Bubbie (what is his real name?) is one of the loosers and disappointed ex-sannyasins from the Ranch time. He hates sannyasins and Osho, does not like anything positive happening in the sannyasin scene, since he left in utter disappointment. He might have worked for the CIA (see older posts), lives outside of Seattle, hates any successful businesses or sannyas enterprises since he is poor. he is full of hate and anger and tries to pour his shitty mind on this side. Be aware of him, do not trust him, he is EVIL!! He has not tasted Osho nor meditation, he is scum.

  38. prem bubbie says:

    My anand aren’t we sensitive. What, do you hate being exposed for the bullshitter you are? You’ve mislead others with what you stated as your occupation, only to say now you only intended to mislead only me. You’ve lied repeatedly, how can anyone trust or believe you? You say you were a sannyasin from pune 1 past, prove it!! You say I may have worked for the CIA. Are you currently working for them? What you say is hate, is only a trap for a fool like you. You fell for it and now look at you, all wound up, lashing out with stupid words thrown in all directions. As they say in Brooklyn- “Fuck you, if you can’t take a joke”!!! AS Shantam Prem would ask, What is your real name and how about a facebook picture? You are running scared dude!!!

  39. prem bubbie says:

    Hey Oshobob—-Touche!!! Brilliant move!!! Now if you could only be hired by sannyasnews….. it would give them some credibility for a change. Check this “joker” anand out…. What a sorry dude!! I would like to hear more made up stories from him about pune 1. Maybe he’s Elvis!!!!! cheers

  40. prem bubbie says:

    Regarding Haiti, Sannyasnews and co. can team up with those evangelical Christians arrested for child trafficking. The evangelicals can do the trafficking, and sannyasnews et. al. can do the prostitution!!! A match made in HEAVEN!!! Two heads on the same coin. Now can you see why i say both organizations and their members are of a similar mindset?! All in the name of a “higher” power!!! Time to dissolve Osho sannyas organizations and move on!!!

  41. prem bubbie says:

    And anus Anand, No I don’t hate Osho or sannyasins, you obviously can’t read… same problem as Shantam Prem, you interpret things into gibberish…. As I stated many months ago, all of that so called meditating you did the last 30 years did nothing for you, either that or you just pretended. Great pity I feel for you. anyone have a zen stick for this… (guy)? or is it girl?

  42. prem bubbie says:

    I get more laughs reading these threads, than from watching a Marx Brothers movie marathon… keep up the good work you guys… you’re knocking ‘em dead!!!!!

  43. prem bubbie says:

    I almost forgot; “Creme” Fresch, you say you only date sannyasins. Too bad, I used to do the same, and only very cautiously, you know hiv, hep B, the clap, and even herpes, oh yeah; crabs!!!! I was very lucky not to get any of those things, l.o.l. !!!!!! I knew many not so lucky and a few less lucky still with regarding hiv aids, including a couple of ma’s. Yes there are wonderful, loving, INTELLIGENT people who are not sannyasins, just have to get up your fundamentalist ass and discover them….not difficult at all… there is a big world out there, or didn’t you notice… are you stuck in a closet somewhere and can’t see the light? no pun intended…. Your Creme is still Fresch, don’t allow it to become sour like anand’s. Who loves you baby??!!!!

  44. Fresch says:

    Prem bubble,

    The nature of net is, that you can be confronting and it is good, especially if you are able to justify you point, so” occasionally I take the risk and am very blunt” , good prem bubble. Next step for you is to do some encounter group, you will not only learn to take more risk face to face, but OWN you negative shit. Then you are not loosing any energy projecting it on the outside.
    “Time to dissolve Osho sannyas organizations and move on!!!”“I get more laughs reading these threads”

    These two are somewhat contradictionary, don’t you think so? Where would you go from here? Just put your past behind and take some contact with sanyasins, you will love it again. No need to be alone. If you do not like sanyasins (I think you do) find some other friends to meditate with.

    “there is a big world out there” Thank you, I am very well connected with the world, but my intimate life (best friends and lovers) is with sanyasins just because connection is always deeper. I would wish the same for you. To open you heart again will hurt and needs more courage. Good luck.

  45. frank says:

    there was an old man from seattle
    who liked to do meth and prattle
    he shouted his abuse
    at anand the anus
    shouting “douchebag” as he went into battle.

  46. Anand says:

    hihi-hi Bubbie…got you again, tickle, tickle….. I will always be there to take the mask of you…bitter, bitter old man. You cannot catch me.

  47. Anand says:

    How much is your monthly cheque from the CIA? $ 150.00? Not much pay for slandering Osho and sannyasin non-stop…you are some left over CIA mule from the 80ties Ranch time, but we have all moved on…into meditation, into bliss…into our open hearts…..

  48. oshobob says:

    Stop the presses!!

    Did you all see the new post at the top of this thread today?!

    It’s from someone who claims to be “Prem Abhay: (The Real One)”, dated 2 days ago.

    Claims Abhay who posts here stole his identity!

    Well, here is the post, copy and pasted:

    “Prem Abhay (The Real One) // Feb 1, 2010 at 3:06 am

    This is an official notice. I am the real Prem Abhay. I left Pune many years ago and moved on. I have little interest in technology and rarely use the internet. Recently I came to know that someone has been impersonating me. This person claims to be the Prem Abhay that worked in the Samadhi and Lao Tzu garden. This person claims to be the Prem Abhay that worked in hygiene with a micro-biologist. What this impersonator says about me is true. However, in recent years I have apparently gone to Pune to protest, have a Facebook space, a blog, and even write here on SannyasNews. Whoever is doing this I do not know. I also do not know why.”


    Can you believe it?!

    What next?!

  49. frank says:

    elvis starts posting?

  50. frank says:

    could have been a plan to feed sannyasnews neg material that everyone agrees with,then eventually discredit it to show how wrongheaded people on sannyasnews are.
    didnt work.

    i saw a similar stunt executed very well on the rick ross cult website.
    some guy wrote in with a story about ” a young woman he knew well” who had started reading eckhart tolle`s power of now.she had got obsessed by the book, started to go crazy,stay alone,avoid her family not eat and eventually committed suicide. it was a lttle in the style of “reefer madness”- a shocking horror story.
    the mugs on the cult website swallowed the lot hook,line and sinker and all chimed in with their twopence worth,how dangerous and sinister it all is,how typical and predictable this sort of thing is and how something`s got to be done-even congratulating the author for his time and honesty.
    quite a few posts later ,the author explained what he had done.
    red faces allround.

  51. frank says:

    well,i dont forget shiva meditation 58:

    the so-called universe
    is a juggling picture show
    to be happy
    look upon it so

    those two glove puppets anand and bubbie
    are doing a good pantomime version of
    good sannyasin/bad sannyasin
    dont you think?

  52. frank says:

    actually,i think its a credit to sannyasnews to give space for all the nutjobs around (we are many).
    other sannyas group sites all have well-policed moderation,by which. there would be a few less around here.meera was unsubbed from livingosho,for example
    bubbie would be a goner.
    ok,maybe you wouldnt invite these guys for tea and have them slipping their douchebags in the hot water when you`re not looking…
    but walking around pretending you`ve got no shadow probably aint the way to go either….

  53. oshobob says:

    when i was a kid we had this TV game show series that aired for a long time, called “To Tell the Truth”.

    maybe it was shown in England, don’t know, but the format was there were 3 contestants, one of whom was a person the panel of celebrities was supposed to guess was the “true” one — the other 2 were imposters who were lying.

    At the end of the “interogation”, the moderator of the show would say, “Will the real ‘John Smith’ please stand up?” After a series of faked standing-up by the 2 paid actors, the real guy would stand up, and everyone would clap and laugh. The other two would then tell who they really were, and everyone would laugh and clap about that too. Very entertaining show. I’m sure Dhanyam and anyone in the US would remember it.

    might be shiva’s # 58 sutra come to life — at least living on the fake TV screen.

    seems to be a similar situation here.

    maybe this “The Real One” Abhay is real — or maybe not. He could be created by “water-filter” Abhay. Or they both could be imposters, created by a third “scriptwriter”.
    Or anything other possibility someone’s fertile imagination could dream up could be the “truth”.

    if Elvis starts posting, i wouldn’t be surprised.

  54. Anand says:

    Frank, well written. I agree about giving space for all the different opinions and thank sannyasnews for this. Evil Bubby is a different case all together though.
    A lot of sannyasins were disappointed after the fall of the Ranch and gave up on Osho. They missed out on life with Osho continuing on the world tour, Nepal, Greece, Pune 2 and even the twenty years up to now. Fine.
    But remember that the US government had people on their payroll infiltrating on the Ranch. And do you think the Fundamentalistic Christian republican Party of that time ever let totally go? Osho was a big threat to them and they kept on feeding information on the alleged poisoning in Oregon etc to the press, every time some positive news about Osho and sannyasins came up, specially in the US.
    So let’s not be naive. This is not a pantomime game. Evil Bubbie is part of that left over legacy and I am sure he is getting paid for his assaults on any open hearted and positive exchange about Osho here. And you might have noticed, once he attacks somebody these people disappear from this forum.
    That is why I keep an eye on him and once he re-appears I make people aware of who this guy really is. A complete anti-Osho, anti-sannyas nut, probably living in a hut with his gun near the Montana border.

    On the other side I am more on the side of Shantam. he is clean and open in his criticism of the the present Osho resort and Osho International administration and his posts are well deserved. He is on the right track and has enough inside understanding about the Osho organization now.

    When Osho said, make resort-like facilities available in Pune, he did not say,
    make the ashram/ commune a resort. Of course this can never happen. Meanwhile the ashram has lost its standings and other normal hotels in Pune
    like the Westin provide a much higher quality and standard then the resort.
    This year the prices in the resort were so high, that the groups are all half empty and places need to be replaced by workers. Just acts of desperation.

    Now the Osho Meditation resort is run by people who are smokers, drink alcohol in huge amounts whiskey and wine (Amrito and Jayesh, Mukesh) and lost contact the Osho base of people who are interested in MEDITATION.

    So how to move on from here? Hard to say. The gang of three clings on to their power, money and real estate and have a tight grip on the finances and publishing. Not Rinzai, but Sanai property might be sold or leased.
    A bankruptcy could be a solution for change. A revolution by the sannyasins banned maybe, if they would unite. But now that even Abhay might be a fake-probably not.. Or is this what Osho’s Dream was, have it all dissolved into a Disneyland style Resort, while sannyasins all over the world are flowering.
    Groups are apparently doing well by all the established group leaders, who
    do not come to Pune anymore, but are successful in China, Taiwan, Lithuania, Russia, Greece, Italy etc. Facebook offers great and fast communication as well.
    For now, I am interested about the outcome of the Abhay mystery and one side of the pool in Osho resort is open again, Jayesh is in Pune drinking lots of wine and Amrito eats alone his lunch looking out for misfits.

  55. oshobob says:

    and this is not just an internet phenomenon, all this…
    in ‘normal’ life too, we are all wearing masks, aren’t we…whoever lies the best and doesn’t get caught wins in our warped societies. Political election campaigns spouting promises, religious leaders painting pictures of paradises with no basis whatsoever…it’s non-stop….

    Can this “Real One” Abhay prove he’s the real one, if there is any real one in first place…?

    There’s even some people who say there were different people who “played” the role of Osho at different times in his career, from those B&W photos of him in childhood all the way to the guy who’s laying prone on the funeral stretcher on Jan. 19…!

  56. oshobob says:

    there’s no doubt of outside covert infiltration into the sannyas world of Osho — i would say on many fronts, not only government agencies. Also, private plants, especially from wealthy families with sons or daughters as sannyasins (money and public prestige concerns), and maybe even media plants, to get inside scoups.

    but it gets me wondering too, about this aspect of fake identities and such…

    most agents of governments also have the opportunity to be double agents — supposedly working for one group, but actually working for the other. Effective and successful strategy, but it takes a whole lotta “keeping the game going” strategies and memory work to pull it off. Can you be a triple agent? A quadruple agent, and beyond…? 10, 20 crossovers, what’s the limit? Eveyone involved has to be cognizant of the multi-layered charade. At some point it has to break down…

    i was thinking about the late ’60′s, with anti-government protest groups, SDS, Weathermen, etc. Very possibly these groups could have been created by the governments themselves, as a way to wick-out people with similar ideas — then nail them. The Cultural Revolution, btw, occured at the same time in China, and Mao’s “Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a thousand thoughts contend” was just such a similar strategy for exposing potential enemies. Very effective.

    It may be entirely possible that all the so called renegades and enemies of Osho through the years (Sheela, Teertha, Shiva, Satya Bharti, even the “banned” sannyasins currently, are all actually created anti-Osho plants — charades created by Osho himself, for similar purposes, and maybe more things involved that are unknown to almost everybody, maybe unknown to everybody even….

  57. Fresch says:

    God, I completely missed prem Abhay’s last testament (did not notice his last writing of 1.2….). ouhhhh what paranoya.

    Prem Abhay, the original one or stolen one…actually we never know, do we? All is projections of our minds. Somebody stealing the identity; I am writing my mother’s, father’s, sisters, teacher’s ideas…sanyas news is actually run by the Resort (an outlet to catharth, for us not publish negative books, articles…), or one of us moderating the discussion for the Resort…hmmmm.

    CIA agent to write negative articles about osho, sanyas….

    What we have here, just words, ideas…

    But, chetna, amano, Anand, Frank, oshobob, this ghost-writing did not come to my mind, I was answering to a real person. How do we know this new prem Abhayay is a real person? Does it matter? I am writing what I am feeling right now.

    Surely you understood, I wrote it clearly Amrito is not my guru, Oshobob is my guru…and correcting my spelling…eyhhh..other mistakes.

    What a waste to spy other people’s meditative life. Poor fake Prem Abhay. He is creating so much dark energies insides. I just often forgot how innocent we are, really, such a shock again.

  58. frank says:

    “evil bubbie”?
    is he from the evil empire or
    the axis of evil
    mr president?
    an evil member of a bunch of fundamentalists who proclaim that all people they dont like are “evil”,maybe?

    “when bubbie attacks someone,they disappear from the forum”
    what is this,the sopranos?

    “they are opening one side of the pool.”
    i`ve heard of lane swimming,but this is ridiculous.

    to be perfectly frank,i find it hard to take you seriously,anand,

  59. frank says:

    i am getting elvis coming though now,

    yay yay yippee aye.

    ….ghost writers in the sky…..

  60. Fresch says:

    Since I have my soft point for Amrito, it just came to my paralyzed, paranoid mind what if they still get all these orthodox, crazy religious, envious…or real CIA agents trying to poison, get terrorists connection to the Resort, threaten etc. them in the Resort?

    And we are here complaining of this and that, how many rupees, who did not notice me etc… I do feel horrible stupid, spoiled idiot. Luckily I will go for meditation next weekend. I will kill Abhay in dynamic…well, rather my ex-lover…:D

  61. oshobob says:

    and if you think that people are naive and don’t understand all this bs at a gut level,
    remember B.B. King’s most famous and popular song, in the Chicago Blues style…

    “Nobody loves me but my mother,
    …and she could be jivin’ too…”

    I saw BB King perform this live once in a dive beer bar in the Midwest, and the crowd just went wild when he sang those lyrics…! People know! Deep down, they know.

  62. oshobob says:

    Freschie, you say,

    “Luckily I will go for meditation next weekend. I will kill Abhay in dynamic…well, rather my ex-lover…:D”

    Which Abhay will you kill in Dynamic…?,
    Abhay No. 1 (water-filter Abhay)
    Abhay No. 2 (The Real One)
    Abhay No. 3 (the one that’s in your mind) ?

    I see you have diminished your giggling down to just one “D” smilie, we are sobering up a bit, heh?
    When you were ending with your peak “DDD” post-ending, i had to search it, and got directed to “DDD bra size” — that was a mind-expanding google image search result, i must say…

    your guru and on-the-spot spell-check master,

  63. Prem Abhay says:

    If you accept this deceptive person calling himself ‘the real’ Prem Abhay, then it makes no difference. This so-called Abhay anyhow accepts the basic facts from which I make my analysis. Whether or not you accept my analysis is up to your own awareness and intelligence (or lack of in most cases).

    Sanai was only ever leased by the resort, so it would seem strange that the resort would sell or lease it.

    The CIA in Afghanistan lost quite a few agents in a suicide attack recently. They ignored basic protocols and allowed a person with a suicide vest to enter and move freely in their compound. This man was one of their spies. He was sent to Pakistan as an undercover CIA agent. On websites he posted malicious writings denouncing America and praising violent extremist Islamic ideals. The CIA thought that he was doing such a good job keeping his cover. He apparently had gathered information on the leadership of Al-Qaeda. This was so tempting that they ignored their common sense. They were blinded by desire. The man was a double agent. The ugly truth was found out it in a single moment of devastating destruction.


  64. frank says:

    did somebody just say something?

  65. frank says:

    bloody hell,it`s elvis….

  66. frank says:

    there are as nearly as many abhay impressionists as elvis impressionists these days
    come on,man let`s hear your version of “bridge over troubled water” for a change.
    its really intereszzz

  67. oshobob says:

    ok folks, we’ve got a bona-fide ‘elvis sighting’ here, posing as one of the prem abhays,
    elvis was a US military vet too, rank of sargaent i believe…
    now he’s back, with some post-op recon perspectives out of Afghanastan…
    this is too much…

  68. prem bubbie says:

    Sour Creme Fresch: Why wait until “next weekend”? Surely, your paranoia needs to be dealt with “NOW”!!!!! Another douche bag!! Claiming to meditate, but actually too lazy to do so… You guys keep proving my point…. So please, don’t tell another how, when and where to meditate!!! Oy vay!!! I’ll take that pastrami on rye now, Hold the pickles, Ive got enough gas as it is, from reading these posts.

  69. prem bubbie says:

    Fresch, bring anand with you when you go meditating this weekend, along with a chaperon. Someone to hose you down with water when both of you overheat….with your paranoia your brains may be in danger of frying… can’t have that now can we…. I’m still laughing… “I will go for meditation next weekend”…. That’s a good one!!!

  70. oshobob says:

    Abhay says,

    “If you accept this deceptive person calling himself ‘the real’ Prem Abhay, then it makes no difference. This so-called Abhay anyhow accepts the basic facts from which I make my analysis. Whether or not you accept my analysis is up to your own awareness and intelligence (or lack of in most cases).”


    Does anyone understand this logic above?

    What is the “real” Abhay deceptive about? What doesn’t make any difference? What basic facts? What analysis?

    Abhay, you seem to be sliding around now in some slippery pool of oil, trying to BS your way out of this one somehow. What’s the skinny?

    And where now is “The Real One” Abhay? These two could go at it themselves right here in center ring, it would seem, and clear this whole thing up. Abhay vs. Abhay.

    And where is Elvis, the King, when you need him — eating double cheeseburgers with peanut butter smothered all over it in some Vegas dive? Up there in Rock ‘n Roll Heaven maybe…?

    ‘…these are the best of times, these are the worst of times…’

  71. frank says:

    a guy who pretends to be a guy who once knew a microbiologist?

    not exactly “catch me if you can” starring leonardo dicaprio,is it?

  72. oshobob says:

    the Titanic has sunk,
    but leonardo dicaprio’s star has risen.
    leonardo da vinci is dead and gone,
    but The Da Vinci Code is a worldwide bestseller.
    Osho hit the dust 20 years ago,
    so all we need now is a media event to shoot him up into the limelight again.

    anyone got any good script ideas?

  73. frank says:

    the story to blast him back into the limelight,would,in keeping with the old man himself,have to be a practical joke.

    like for example, the raelians, who managed to get the story in all the papers that their scientist had been the first to clone a human being at a secret location?
    that was agood one.except,i think they actually believed it themselves.

  74. frank says:

    on the pr front,we could learn a bit from them…..
    as one journalist put it:
    “raelians are great material.they are good looking sexy nudists who worship space aliens.if that doesnt catch your attention ,you`re probably dead”

  75. oshobob says:

    that’s funny frank,
    maybe OIF should just put these raelians under contract to take care of their public relations,
    just like they hire out Sodexo and the security team to do a job at the Resort.
    but even they would probably have to ratchet it up a bit from cloned humans, space aliens, and nudism — these subjects are becoming quickly passe in the 21st century.
    might have to raise the bar to the next level….
    like “it is this very reality that is miraculous”
    “Whooah, dude, like, THAT’S different!”

  76. amano says:

    prem bubbie is sick man , and needs treatment, it is waste of time to read his posting……….i request all of you to ignore him and slowly slowly he will stop re acting to osho and sannyas

  77. prem bubbie says:

    “Prem bubbie is a sick man”…. quite true, I can admit it… your problem is that you can’t or won’t admit that you are sick yourself… you claim to be a sannyasin, a lover of Osho, yet all through Osho’s many years of discourse he says that we are all sick… it was one of the main points of his lectures… have you and other sannyasins forgotten(conveniently) that message? Another big point I make about sannyasins today,is that if someone reminds them of their stupidity, they don’t want to hear it, because they don’t want to deal with it!!! All is peachy keen in Fantasyland!!! Don’t wake me from my dream, dude!!! “…stop reacting to osho and sannyas”. Just throwing cold water on stone cold sleepy faces!!! The next showing of “The night of the living dead” is happening at Amano’s this Saturday night, admission free, just show your mala at the ticket counter.

  78. prem bubbie says:

    Amano, you also have forgotten along with most of you sannyasin clowns, is that physical life is duality. Sick indeed!!!

  79. prem bubbie says:

    Is everyone here not who they say they are? Prem Abhay, not prem abhay, anand not the real estate developer in Florida, but actually, “the thing that ate Detroit”,
    Swami Rajneesh not bhagwan shree rajneesh….. Amrito(the canuck) not the Amrito the canuck but amrito from the resort? Creme Fresch, not a sannyasin? Is this actually sannyasnews run by sannyasins, or a ghost site one is re-directed to….run by an Elvis impersonator?? We’re all full of shit here!!! “Trust yea not a sannyasin who claims to be a sannyasin, just because he says so”… Book of Rajneeshism page 186, paragraph 2, line 4…. that’s what a sannyasin told me once…. I’m not sure, I can’t remember.

  80. garimo says:

    One evening in October, when I was one-third sober,
    An’ taking home a ‘load’ with manly pride;
    My poor feet began to stutter, so I lay down in the gutter,
    And a pig came up an’ lay down by my side;
    Then we sang ‘It’s all fair weather when good fellows get together,’
    Till a lady passing by was heard to say:
    ‘You can tell a man who “boozes” by the company he chooses’
    And the pig got up and slowly walked away.

    “The Pig Got Up and Slowly Walked Away”, 1933 song
    by Benjamin Hapgood Burt

  81. oshobob says:

    bubbs makes some damn good points, irregardless of whether he is a CIA agent or Jeanne Kirkpatrick’s son. he has some hard-hitting diatribes that bring to light many covered-up problems in the sannyas world.

    but bubbs, can you answer me this question:

    Why did the Brooklyn Dodgers really move to LA?

  82. prem bubbie says:

    …because the air is cleaner and the pastures greener!!!!

  83. prem bubbie says:

    Yes, even the belief that Osho was/is an enlightened man, is just that, a belief. Same as when those hanging with Jesus or Buddha believed their guy was the “One”. So get over my criticisms of the whole movement, i “believe” Osho was enlightened, now that’s either a positive for me or a problem for me… So goes for the run of the mill religions, all are beliefs… may or may not be true. I see arrogance in all, including sannyasins, since I is/was one, I’ve seen the games and bullshit along with the beauty… Sannyasins think that the hour they spend meditating 2 or 3 times a week or taking week long groups once or twice a year, that all their troubles have washed away, contrarily, after the hour or so is up, it’s back to the same old shit and nobody wants to admit it or hear from someone pointing that out…. And you wonder why the stupidity continues.. .Denial Denial, Denial…. Osho gave lectures about Meher Baba, and how he was a guru for “stupid people”…. now he really boosted all the sannyasins egos with that one… Mighty and proud to be a “Bhagwan sannysin”, all the others are idiots, we’re the smart ones… past events and present situations have proved and are proving otherwise.

  84. Prem Abhay says:

    OshoBob I mistakenly thought that this other Prem Abhay was being deceptive. After looking deeply into the matter I realise where the errant steps towards total illusion have occurred. Please let me explain.

    It is known to me that a certain swami called Prem Abhay (not me) left a 30 odd page report with Doc Amrito. I happen to be in possession of this report. What I have written is entirely consistent with the contents of this report. To verify this all you have to do is ask the Doc. I assume that the report is in the same file as the top secret list of practical things to do that is the guiding light for the Inner-Circle. (No doubt high on that practical list is to have Osho’s ceremony on the eve of his physical departure, and not on any subsequent day).

    You may appear confused about this entire matter but I will set you straight. It just so happens that I also am called Prem Abhay. I even gave myself that name in a special little sannyas ceremony. It was a name channelled to me personally in that ceremony. Who am I do judge? It is simply a coincidence. I never realised until now that having the same name as the person I was writing about would create confusion in the crystal clear minds of Osho’s students.

    You see it is just that I came by a certain swami Prem Abhay’s report, and felt entirely obliged to take the matter up. I also accept some personal responsibility for the situation. In my writings I have inadvertently used the term ‘I’ when referring historical situations that pertained to the other Prem Abhay. I suppose I also have fell victim to duplicity. My apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Now that this swami Prem Abhay (that I have based my work on) has surfaced, he probably also thinks the situation is rather a little weird. It is simply a case of mistakenly merging two separate identities – kind of like splicing two video reals together to create a seamless flow when the truth is otherwise. It happens so often in the murky world of duplicate sannyas names. To help you create the division in your mind, just think of me as American Abhay. The other fellow is from Oztralia. Of course I know of many other Abhay’s, and even a number of other Prem Abhay’s. I do not want to create any unnecessary confusion, so will not outline who they are and where they are from. I hope they do not start writing on SannyasNews any time soon.

    By the way, I saw the real Elvis the other day. He was stepping out of some space-ship with a guy with a long grey beard. I cannot say for sure who this fellow was and do not want to jump to any conclusions, how so ever obvious they may appear at first glance. I can say this though. Emblazened on the side of this space-ship was the letters “Osho Returns”. In smaller letters below this were the letters “Thanks to Virgin”. Stranger things have happened I suppose. At least it makes my situation rather dull.


  85. prem bubbie says:

    What the fu….?

  86. Anand says:

    I wonder how many thousands, ten thousands or more Osho sannyasins out there had beautiful experiences in their meditations and love though their disciple hood relationship with Osho. They are probably not reading these pages, but are fully involved iwith their lives. The master disciple relationship between Osho and his sannyasins has continued for over twenty years after his death and Osho message of love and meditation has flowered around the globe.

    His books, audio and video tapes, his meditations, his words and silence has infiltrated the consciousness of millions from Deepak Chopra to Eckard Tolle.
    There is no way to stop this anymore, millions of books are being published in most major languages and Osho’s has been on the bestseller lists in many countries f.e. Italy.

    Osho’s disciples are traveling around the globe and sharing their experiences in groups, seminars and trainings. New generations of people have been touched through these meditations and in many ‘new’ countries like Russia, China, Israel the spark is continuing to make a fire.

    Where there is light, there is shadow too and therefore it is no wonder, that in this forum people like Prem Bubbie, Osho Bob are throwing their personal frustration as ex sannyasins or personal disappointment on Osho’s work. Guess what, Osho’s love and message is far larger and has touched millions of souls resonating with him.
    And you need to make the effort to say Yes and participate. Then a word of wonder and love and meditation opens up for you.

    To all of Osho lovers: YAHOO OSHO!

    In love , your ‘real estate developer from Florida’. Ha ha……

  87. oshobob says:

    Abhay, you are really something. Amazing.
    If I ever needed an attorney to help me in a court of law, you’d be the first person I would contact.

  88. oshobob says:

    The Greatest Story Ever Told, or How Osho’s Flood of Love Is Lighting the Dark World of Commies, Jews, and Other “Shadow People”
    by Anand
    Thumbs up! 5 Stars!
    Inspiring! Heartwarming! Awesome!

  89. frank says:

    well said abhay.
    that`s what we need here.
    a man who is not afraid to call a spade an earth relocation implement

  90. frank says:

    jackassnews is beginning to have the feel of a broken down after-the-goldrush saloon somewhere out west at closing time.
    with the preacher man and the outlaw goin for their guns…….

    you americans……….

  91. Alok john says:

    Anand wrote “Now the Osho Meditation resort is run by people who are smokers, drink alcohol in huge amounts whiskey and wine (Amrito and Jayesh, Mukesh) and lost contact the Osho base of people who are interested in MEDITATION.”

    This is from Osho’s ‘I am the Gate’, page 100…

    “Tantra used the same method, the same route, in a different way. It was unimaginable. They used intoxicants — bhang, charas, ganja, wine. And the method was this: take the intoxicant, and be aware. Do not lose awareness. Go on taking the intoxicant, and be aware that you are aware. Do not lose consciousness. There are methods in which no intoxicant will be of any effect, so snake poison was used. The snake is made to bite on the tongue. And when the snake bites on the tongue and you are still aware, only then have you taken the jump — otherwise not. The route is the same, but the method is quite different.

    In this Tantra practice, if no intoxicants work and you go on remaining conscious, you behave consciously, then something has crystallized within you. Something has gone beyond body chemistry. Otherwise the chemistry will affect you. Now you are beyond chemistry. The chemistry is somewhere working in the body, but you are aloof, it cannot touch you.”

  92. frank says:

    complete with abhay as the dodgy fork-tongued attorney,and oshobob as kwai chang cain from kungfu.

    ride `em in rawhide!

  93. frank says:

    now here come a dodgy limey trying to flog bootleg whisky….
    must be saturday night or something….

  94. oshobob says:

    osho always said the “new man” would be born in America, but this birth looks to be pretty rough, not at all like one of those Leboyer French gentle birthing type Euro things.

    It’s down the chute and out, then, “good luck, pal, you’re on your own!”

    Doc Holiday meets Don Corleone.

  95. frank says:

    you know what,i`ve met loads of peole who used this and the “gurdjieff was a hard drinking guy but still enlightened because he was so capable”schtick to rationalise their behaviour.
    and not one genuine practitioner
    in fact,in my opinion it actually turns out to be one of the worst forms of denial of having a substance abuse problem

    remaining conscious whilst taking strong intoxicants on a regular basis is simply a dangerously delusive idea.
    drinking venom etc?
    has anyone ever seen it done done or soberly tested it??
    it`s like the indian rope trick,

    in fact,the indian rope trick is one of the greatest magic tricks of all time.
    people in every part of the world have heard about it.
    that`s the nature of the trick.
    so effective that people get interested,go look for it……

  96. oshobob says:

    alok is back, this time even peddling a pro-drug Osho quote to continue his non-stop apologist tendencies for the Resort.

    as alok john has this one-off idea that all the early sannyasins are reincarnations of WW2 criminals and murderers, Nazis, Fascists, i was wondering, maybe, Alok John is actually …. can i say it?… Adolph himself!! — that’s right, The Fuhrer!!

    Masking his past identity with the mild-mannered, even-keeled facade that alok projects, just to hide his opposite reality.


    What were those last hours like in that Berlin bunker, alok? Can you remember any of it? Would you like to share?

  97. Alok john says:

    There was this guy Bob, having it off with Eva Braun, when Adolph was lying down with a migraine. Boy was it hot in there!

  98. oshobob says:

    frank, it looks like you and me here on a saturday…
    with this talk of Gurdjieff and Nazis, here’s something i discovered while doing my “People in Osho’s Talks” on my website, might interest you…

    Gurdjieff’s father was a Greek, but the family had been relocated to the Georgia area for unknown reasons, and his surname was Russianized. Originally it was probably the Greek name “Georgiadis”.

    A well known Nazi, Rudolph Hess, who became Hitler’s right hand man (and was the reputed author/editor of Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ book), also, little known to most people, had a Greek mother. Her surname was also Giorgiadis, the same as Gurdjieff’s. Now, the Greeks are a very small minority people in the world, but, as these two both made their claim to fame in Europe under unusual circumstances, it would be interesting to run down a connection in the lineage, if any.

    Hess story was so unusual too. I found he flew a plane from Germany to Britain around 1941, to try to broker a deal with the British government for an alliance with Germany in the war, was shot down, and served basically the entire war in a British jail. Now, that is an odd story. And I saw a video of him speaking at a Nazi rally in the 30′s, and he came across as a raving maniac homosexual/theatrical demagogue type. Weird. This was the guy that ended up being tried at Nuremberg, and spent his remaining life at Spandau Prison, where he supposedly died, or committed suicide at a very old age.

  99. Alok john says:

    And another guy, Abhay, checking the water filtration system. Drove eveyone crazy. The Russians were half a kilometre away, and all this guy Abhay could think of was the water.

    Boy was it weird. Adolf would be dancing the jitterbug to a gramophone record. Goebbels was obsessed with the latest research from Tibet. Said we were all part of the Ashoka Nine destined to save the planet. This was when the Russians were almost at the door. Bob said this was all bulls, and I must say I couldn’t help agreeing. Bob said he was going to reincarnate in the States and follow and Indian guru. Talk about crazy!

  100. oshobob says:

    good, good, alok, you’re starting to open up a bit now….

  101. prem bubbie says:

    I discovered a web site called “Math for Sannyasin Dumbies”. There I found an interesting equation: 2Anands X 1/2 Prem Abhay – 3Hari Oms + .75Amrito(canuck) X 1.2Amano -2/3Jayesh +4Shantam Prem X 1Swami Rajneesh = the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me Elvis!!!

  102. prem bubbie says:

    Anand, I think since you’ve been a boss at your Real Estate developments for so long, having so many employees, telling them what to do, you find it quite impossible to take criticism, you can’t stand being challenged. You’ve had it your way for so long, and when some one finally comes along and tells you off and tells it like it is, you’re at a loss, confused, bitter, and angry. You’re lame attempts to dole out “humor” in your last few postings give you away… Those lame and copied “ha, ha’s and ‘Yahoo’”, show you to be a pretty uptight and fascist -at -heart pseudo- sannyasin… You’re just another in a long line of “sannyasins” who can’t take a joke and lack a sense of humor, going back to the famous Laxmi, Sheela, to the present day of Amrito and Jayesh… some great company for you. Ever since I brought up the “illegal alien” thing at your work place, you have been trying to throw the readers off with your denials and repeated mentioning of “Real Estate developer” in your postings. Sorry pal it won’t work… You have NO credibility , your stories can’t be believed and you can’t be trusted. You’ve been lying for the past 6 months, at least since you’ve told the readers what you “do’ for a living even if Elvis came back and vouched for you, no one should ever believe you again. That also goes for most of the frauds that post on this site. Hurry Prem Abhay, Graceland has some issues with their plumbing, your expertise is needed.

  103. prem bubbie says:

    Enough with the “YAHOO”s. It’s outdated some 20 years now. Find another joyous exclamation, maybe “SUPER COOL” or “RIGHT ON RIGHT ON” or “PEACHY KEEN”, maybe even “WHOOPEE” will do. You can get creative and invent a word, or is that a quality sannyasins lack- creativity? You guys are much like a herd of cattle, if one person starts saying something other than Yahoo, the rest will follow, I’m sure of that much.

  104. Anand says:

    hey evil Bubble, you forgot I told you I am not a real estate developer. I do not live in Florida, like you do not live in Seattle, I have no employees…I am just here to blow your cover, when your face shows up. I am in Pune right now (maybe)….

  105. oshobob says:

    anand, your long post above explaining how the great lovers of Osho are just saturated with love, and are carrying this love all around the world, and are the light of the world with this great gift of Osho’s love….

    and then…

    you turn right around and call Bubbie “evil”, because he rubs your fur the wrong way a bit. Weird.

    I don’t think I ever heard Osho call anyone evil in his 35 years of talks.

  106. Anand says:

    Osho Bob you are taking life too serious. I am responding to Bubbie’s language of filth and hate he is posting since long time. And these kind of people only understand their own language, so I am mirroring back what he is putting out here. And I am tickling him with my messages of love, that must drive him mad.
    Anus, evil…just words.

  107. Anand says:

    Osho Bob, I am talking for myself, not for Osho. From my point of view Bubbie talks trash and I call him evil….not sure, what this has to do with my observations of the distribution of Osho’s message in these days.
    Which brings me to you: why you call yourself ‘Oshobob’…are you nuts?

  108. prem bubbie says:

    You’re schizophrenic Anand. Either that or a fraud bigger than the masters of the resort or Sheela. You can’t even acknowledge your own past words to the others who have posted. Can you read? Can you understand what you read? I joyfully admit my use of “vulgarity”. Strange, when others use filth, whether they’re enlightened or not, you are completely content. Bob sees this hypocrisy in you and with others. Frank too, Shanti, and Kranti, even Alok John. Words are words and when used to describe you and your hypocrisy and deception and stupidity, you “FREAK OUT”. Your Above replies continue to show that and you don’t seem to get it…… You are a microcosm of the failings of Sannyas world and NONE of you seem to get it!!!! SAD SAD SAD

  109. prem bubbie says:

    Anand, you kept saying… that you didn’t want any part of a web site that tolerated posts such as mine. You repeatedly said “I’m outta here” and would disappear for a while until it was “safe” for you to post again, because I wasn’t responding to posts anymore… I just waited and continued to read the absurd posts from flakes such as yourself… I’ll probably take another break, but will continue to read the absurdity being posted on this Fantasyland website…you may think you are safe, but then again you’ve been decieving yourself all along.

  110. prem bubbie says:

    As for Oshobob using that name… His business, not yours… if he wants to call himself Jesus Christ or Elvis what’s the big deal…now Anus Anand, who’s really taking things too seriously here? Try reading what you post before doing so. More filth and vulgarity is needed, not Victorian sannyassin ways and repressiveness.

  111. oshobob says:

    Anand asks,

    “why do you call yourself ‘Oshobob’…are you nuts?”

    I do it to stun. (hint: hidden anagram embedded).

    bob backwards is bob.

    the sound of osho said backwards is osho.

    What then is the sound of one hand clapping in a parallel universe?

  112. prem bubbie says:

    A: Elvis farting.

  113. amano says:

    i visited the website math for sannyas dumies……… was intrested website .
    prem bubhie, you are wasting your time condemning sannyasins ,
    why you carry so much poisen inside you
    i have feeling you are guy without money and unemployed …….because you are too focus on stupid thinghs. if you were busy guy or rich guy , you would not go so often to computer as you do……looks like you are fanincailly broke. if you are poor and broke……..let us know we will try to send you some money may be 5 dollers each of us.may solve your problems

  114. Alok john says:

    I did a special meditation from ‘The Book of Secrets’ last night and have more past life memories from the bunker…

    I remember a couple of funny incidents. Abhay was continually fiddling with the water filtration systems. Well you have to hand it to him, he would do anything for the Führer’s health. He’d even mess about with the filters during air raids. We’d call him to come down, but he’d shout in his thick Bavarian accent “Ve must not take risks with the Führer’s health.”

    Anyway, one day during a air raid we heard a great crash. Abhay had fallen through the roof into one of the bedrooms where Bob was having his way with pretty Eva Braun. Adolph rushed in. Can you imagine the scene…Bob and Eva in flagrante, Abhay looking embarrassed. Mayhem! Well Adolph went ballistic. And you know Adolph, for him ballistic was, well, ballistic! Gave Bob a terrible tirade about his duty to the Fatherland and his oath to the Führer. Then ordered him to leave to the Eastern Front. Well there was silence for a moment, and then I piped up that actually, there was no Eastern Front anymore, or if there was, it was about a kilometre away. A terrible look came upon the Adolph’s face. For a moment I thought he was going to order Bob to be shot. But he was just getting one of his migraines and he rushed out the room to lie down. The incident was never mentioned again.

    Mr and Mrs Goebbels and their children were also in the bunker.
    Mrs Goebbels was a big healthy extravert lady. Sometimes she’d give Bob hints on sexual technique to try on Eva. Anyway one night after dinner Mrs Goebbels got a bit tipsy. Said in her next life she was going to run tantric sex groups in Hawaii. We all laughed. Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous? People actually paying money to learn how to fall in love? Shows how crazy we were!

    (Copyright, just in case, Alok John)

  115. oshobob says:

    that was pretty funny alok, though not exactly the way I remember it…i knew there was a sense of humor lurking in you somewhere (or, as you Brits say, a sense of “humour”). but, i must say, your preemptive copyright prophylactic tag seems a to infer a somewhat inflated self-perceived literary status to your post. It was good, but was it that good? Watch out for that hidden ego!!

    anyway, keep letting out any more Bunker Memories you may have, it’s a healing process, don’t force it now…

  116. buddhawala says:

    I predict that Facebook itself and all it’s members will be eventually be sucked into Osho’s Buddhafield..


  117. garimo says:

    >”I predict that Facebook itself and all it’s members will be eventually be sucked into Osho’s Buddhafield..”

    what about Sannyasnews?

  118. prem bubbie says:

    Actually Amano, I don’t spend a lot of time writing replies to fools on sannyasnews. Not compared to others , yourself included. Whether I’m busy or not , rich or poor, it doesn’t matter,;keeping things “REAL” matters most. You dummies don’t want to accept reality… what pity… imagine if sannyasins dealt with reality like they do with sex…. a “NEW MAN” will truly have been created!!!! By the way, use a dictionary next time before you post, or are you Shantam Prem in disguise? or just another bullshit artist?

  119. prem bubbie says:

    Amrito: is that all you have to say? After all of this time?

  120. prem bubbie says:

    Buddhawala: is that all you can do, make lame predictions? Remember all of Osho’s predictions? None came true… haven’t heard a peep from sannyasins regarding that… reminds me of those christian doomsdayers, predicting the exact time of the earth’s destruction or those astrologists, predicting what will happen to who, and when and where for the upcoming year or decade or century… NONE of it ever comes true, yet you desperate lame brains keep holding on, that someday the predictions will come true, all the while missing the “moment”. “Living the moment” and soothsaying… an oxymoron indeed….Just another in sannyasin and new age stupidity… oh I forgot… tarot cards too!!! i still have my Rajneesh Neo Sannyas cards from way back when,, wait… I’ve got to clear the dust off first before I seek advice from the “Holy” cards….

  121. prem bubbie says:

    Amrito, if telling the truth is being an idiot, so be it… I’m a BIG idiot then.

  122. prem bubbie says:

    This year will be the 25th anniversary of the downfall/closing of the Ranch… looks like the fed, gov’t will be making a good chunk of the “ranch” a wildlife preserve after all… see the local newspaper, in today’s Oregonian for details… Are you guys going to “celebrate” the closing, the expulsion of Osho and jailing of Sheela and her gang? If you had the balls and a TRUE sense of humor, you would, I am… It’s probably the best comedy show that ever happened in several centuries, why not celebrate? Or is the sannyas community too uptight and prudish to ever consider celebrating those occurrences? Time to put your money where your mouth is!!!!!

  123. frank says:

    are you a drunk?
    or are you in some kind of severe ongoing pain?

    your tirades are not as “hardcore zen” as you imagine them them to be.
    you sound unhappy.

  124. prem bubbie says:

    Drunk on Sterno!!!

  125. prem bubbie says:

    I am what I am, Olive

  126. amano says:

    i found out what who real prem bubbie is , he is sick and poor and need some help ,
    and i have feeling he is single and have no girl friend
    he is missing a female partner and love.
    sorry bubbie, you need to find some women who cool you down and need love . better take a break from writting. , and see you after break . this gap will help you to come clean perheps

  127. Anand says:

    Amano, which woman with any kind of intelligence would like to share Trash Bubbie’s hut in Oregon? Maybe he needs a dog……

  128. garimo says:

    anand… you bastard!
    Why you hate dogs so?

  129. oshobob says:

    what has this forum degenerated into, some kind of Miss Manners life-betterment online advice column, or what….?!

  130. oshobob says:

    “bubbie, you need this, bubbie you need that…”

  131. oshobob says:

    you guys sound like a bunch of old ladies at the Christian Temperance League marches, doling out unasked for moral guidance…

  132. oshobob says:

    Sannyasnews, maybe time for some new sannyas news, or better yet… some new sannyasins!!

  133. frank says:

    it`s a bar-room brawl scene from your american west.
    the abusive drunk gets beaten to the ground by a group of religious fanatics.
    now its down to kungfubob kwai chang cain to calmly sort `em out………

  134. Fresch says:

    Can we forget this negative shit, pls. it is boring same stuff all the time…

    Let’s go into creative gossip instead. I am interested, if Vivek was Osho’s girlfriend, were Sheela, Anando and Maneesha also osho’s girlfirends? He did lived his life as he ”preached”. I am happy about that. Do any of you know anything about that?

  135. oshobob says:

    Before you get too excited and titilated by your “who’s kissing who” gossip from 25 years ago Freschie…

    let kungfubob bring some wisdom from the East…

  136. prem bubbie says:

    that’s a funny one frank….instead of Sterno, I’ve switched to tequila w/ worm… wish me a pleasant trip….

  137. prem bubbie says:

    “Once in a while the pot of stew needs to be stirred, otherwise the scum will float to the top.” Notice all of the scum that’s floating….

  138. prem bubbie says:

    Co-dependency is not my thing, A. Amano. Why do you hate city folks so, Garimo?

  139. prem bubbie says:

    Anand, your closet is waiting. I see your tail tucked behind your legs, ready to run and hide at a filthy, trashy words notice. You’ve been wearing a dog collar for so long, you’ve forgotten it’s there. You’re such a weak man!!!

  140. oshobob says:

    The ancient symbol known in the West as the “yin-yang” symbol actually has another more correct name, well known in ancient Chinese Daoist circles, and passed on through many cultures and time eras.

    In China, this circle symbol with two seamlessly merging halves has been known as the “Taiji Tu” — this literally means, “The Supreme Picture”. It is a representation of the wholeness of the cosmos — the complementary opposites viewed from a distance as one unity.

    This is the same ‘Taiji’ that is used to describe the ancient Chinese set of movements called Taiji Quan, or “The Supreme Fist”. In modern times, unfortunately, this has been refered to simply as ‘Tai Chi’, which doesn’t really identify the boxing movements as separate from the other aspects of Daoist history, such as the Taiji Tu. There are other aspects of the ancient traditions that can be called Taiji also, but it could be viewed at the Chinese version of the Indian concept of “a-dvata” — not two, but “one”.

    “Yin” means the “feminine” principle, and “Yang” means the masculine, so this is really a way of explaining the universal concept in everyday terms that common people would understand.

    So remember, you can’t have a fight unless you have peace, and also, you can’t have calmness unless you accept it’s opposite, conflict.

    Accept both, and you will understand the Taiji Tu.

  141. Fresch says:

    Hello there, I did ask a question!!!

    Bubble, go for the groups, meditations etc. real life connections will give you more perspective. We sanyasins will not judge you if you come again after many years and with that resentment – poor or rich. Come and play with us instead of getting cancer somewhere in the cave. I would love to read your posts after some real life meditation experience.

    Oshobos, pls this question is important for me. You know a a lot. What is your opinion? What would be this Tom Robinson’s knowledge about this?

    Ananad, Garimo, Amrito, where is Kranti? Abhaya, What is your opinion about Osho’s girlfriends?

  142. Fresch says:

    and Frank!!! and everybody else. I want to know!

    After that we can discus who YOU did NOT kiss.

  143. oshobob says:

    Here are two pages from my website, under “Osho meets China” that will show you the pictures, characters, and Osho’s comments on the subject:

    Yin-yang symbol:

    Tai Chi:

  144. oshobob says:

    Freshchie, I’ve heard rumors, that, uh..well, actually probably nothing more than an urban legend, but it’s been said that … frank (or at least someone who was impersonating him) did once sneak into the main kitchen late at night to snatch a kiss from … Deeksha!!

    The event was later made into an underground movie/cult film,

    The Kiss: Kitschin’ in the Kitchen

  145. Fresch says:

    Yes, I am interested in your stories as well….:),

    but as I told, I would love to hear about Osho’s girlfriends…so what are the legends and sagas of our beloved tantra master?

  146. oshobob says:

    most likely was an imposter, because i just can’t see frank being attracted to a bossy, greasy Italian woman — just not his type, he gravitates more towards the northern England style, a bit more refined…

  147. prem bubbie says:

    You’ve got some balls Sour Creme Fresch!!! “…after some real life meditation experience”. Your comments need to be directed to the vast majority of sannyasins… redirect them to yourself…. aren’t you the one who doesn’t date “nonsannyasins”? Stuck in the cave of stale sannyasin pussy. What did you say…that you have deeper connections with sannyasins? Who’s shitting who? Closed mind. Isn’t life itself an oyster? Not that closed and tiny circle called sannyasins? Yes tiny. Despite the fantasies you and others have regarding the “spread” of Osho throughout the world, the sannyas world is a fraction of the world’s population, despite what you and others may have been led to believe from Facebook and Myspace. Billions of people don’t waste their time on those pathetic and impersonal “cyber” places. Yes your delusion is real. maybe the only thing that is so. how about you try and dating a nonsannyasin, hey? Develop a deep friendship(s) with just an ordinary person? Afraid to put out to the unknown? Chickenshit you are, spineless jellyfish, you mimic…. Anand can fill you in on the rest….

  148. Fresch says:

    is it a tabuu talk about this? osho said him self to the journalists he is NOT celibate, but having his “cup of tea”.

  149. oshobob says:

    The person who knows most about Osho’s history with his ladies is Professor Thompson, aka TonyZ.
    I know nothing on the subject. By the way, where is Anthony these days … taking some refresher courses at General Pinochet’s East Santiago Community College…?

  150. garimo says:

    >Ananad, Garimo, Amrito, where is Kranti? Abhaya, What is your opinion about Osho’s girlfriends?

    Fresch, your imagination isn’t enough? You want my imaginations too?

    I think better to go for a walk… maybe you’ll take one too.

  151. Fresch says:

    Okey prem Bubble, do not put your self to the corner now. You ARE spending all YOUR time with sanyasins in this “cyper” place. Anand will not date you however you try to tease her. Basically you are having a wrong approach, watch kids, the ones who tease or hit other kids will not get friends, and it is not the way to connect with people. You get friends by being interested in other people – in FRIENDLY way. Let us see it. Get creative.

    However, I want to know about Osho’s girlfriends! Then oshobob you can share your own story.

  152. Fresch says:

    Yes garimo, I want to know what is your imagination about osho’s girl friend. He said sex and love is not a tabuu.
    More imagination…I am sure they filmed osho dying. He always said it is the most important moment when the master dyes. It would be strange if they did not. What you think about that? I think “they “ will show it when we are “ready”. Or is that tabuu also

  153. Fresch says:

    sanyas is about experience and sharing it.

    Or are we shoemaker’s children without shoes?

  154. oshobob says:

    osho did have one girlfriend, i know,
    her name was
    Tabuu-la Rosa

  155. Fresch says:

    One more thing, especially for Abhay. I just hear from a friend (western woman) who visited Delhi center, that there are only Indians. Osho is worshiped to the max with kneeling in front of huge pictures, hysterical emotional sanyas calibrations, only Indian men meditating while their wifes sitting a side or outside waiting. She said there was a lot of heart energy…well, it sounds like a Hindu cult for me. No wonder osho is getting more “respected” in India. “As one of the handy Gods…”. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    oshobob, you are romantic about Osho and sanyas. no need for that, reality is more. so what, new man did not happen in USA. we have to come back many times. And yes, I know it from my own experience.

  156. Fresch says:

    I mean Hindu Gods

  157. frank says:

    well,bhagwan used to speak about his visits to the bastar tribal people of central madhya pradesh,who practiced free choice sex for teenagers.they put them in a “ghokul”or dormitory in a communal building and let them get on with it and try out who is best for whom.
    he spoke highly of the system,and clearly instituted something not entirely dissimilar in his sannyas world.
    they were something like the trobriand islanders of polynesia admired by wilhelm reich,who part-based his sexual theories taking them as free non-neurotic peoples.

    fresch will want to know,did they let him have a go?
    i dont know.

    when giving his sex to superconsciousness talks in bombay,he was careful to let it be clearly implied that his knowledge of sex was from past lives,thus getting him off the hook for any (perceived by jainas and hindus) transgression in this life.
    admitting getting your rocks off for a guru in that time in india would have been like obama coming out and saying he liked little boys.
    definitely lose the job.
    and maybe more.

    he hid himself systematically.
    he admtted that he cried when his father died,but only behind closed doors(“of course”)
    he said to those journalists that he had loved more women than anyone.
    but he hid the significance well.
    it was part tongue in cheek,
    part wind-up,
    or if you believe milne or chris christ,
    it was a sort of john holmes(a famous porn star) macho boast.
    so his “admission” was more misleading than any denial! funny!

    my guess is this.
    he only had a few girlfriends,
    like anthony thompson said.

    you try keeping so many women silent!
    or maybe that really is the mark of true enlightenment!?

    i dont know

  158. oshobob says:

    another quite unknown girlfriend of osho’s, who was related to The FBI guy, Eliot Ness, from “The Untouchables” TV series…

    her name was M.T. Ness.

  159. Fresch says:

    Frank, you sound tired. It is true, perhaps it is not a good thing to discus this in the public net. It is already difficult enough. I thought for first 15 years Vivek was not his girlfriend, it did not even come to my mind. Well, maybe it has no relevance to my life how many girl friends he had.

  160. garimo says:

    It’s raining again today. Only a short walk.
    The Redwoods must be loving it this winter.
    Plenty of rain, after three years of shortage.

    The river is raging, and it’s nice to see that it’s getting
    a good cleaning as well.

    Osho’s maybe / maybe not girlfriends seems so far away.

    But there are some new buds appearing on my plum trees.
    and the first of the hyacinths are starting to bloom.

  161. Prem Abhay says:

    Fresch, it sounds to me like there is Indian style Osho in Delhi, India. What kind of Osho would you like if you visited India? Would you like a flashy Western style facade? I also accept that India has a legacy of repression of women. Sometimes change comes from acceptance. That does not mean to welcome the ugly, but is sometimes serves no purpose to reject it.

    As for your other query, maybe noone has come up with the gossip because they were looking in the wrong place. Perhaps Osho liked boys.

  162. Anand says:

    So you ‘accept’ Prem Abhay that you are an Indian chauvinist? Great accomplishment man, really great… something to be proud of. All your talk about clean water and then this……

  163. prem bubbie says:

    Osho also said, that all pussy feels the same. Enough said

  164. Chetna says:

    “you try keeping so many women silent!
    or maybe that really is the mark of true enlightenment!?”

    I loved this comment!

  165. prem martyn says:

    Facebook was invented years ago in Poona. I remember getting virtually loved by someone with no real address….
    Said she was opening her heart to energy without ‘belonging’.
    Turned out she was opening her legs to swamijis without charging.

    As my Guru once said ‘better time next luck’.

  166. Very arduous to dipict what is the final call

    But one thing can be said:
    It’s not possible that the world can escape from the greatest Master ever walked on our planet— OSHO

    Dear Friends!!!
    Here I would like to tell the whole world that Ragging is pure violence. There are other ways to be playful. There’s a very famous Osho book: Shiksha Me Kranti, Revolution in Education, which has been in circulation for last 40 years. The 3 Idiots script and film is based on the Osho vision. Read the book and you wud find it out yourself. Another book in English is Glimpses of Golden Childhood by Osho. Osho shows us the way, specially those of us who are teachers and students. We are happy to see Osho vision unfolding thru movies and novels and stories.

    I say the success of THREE IDIOTS is none other than OSHO

    Poets, politicians, painters, philosophers, journalists, directors…steal as much as you can, from me and my literature regardless of whether you mention my name or not. What I am speaking is not mine though it is happening through me. I happen to be the medium. What I am speaking is eternal and everlasting. I am simply the empty flute and the song of existence is flowing from it. But really what I am speaking is important, not the one who is speaking. But remember those who love me, know me and understand me, they will simply recognize it. You can not hide it in any way. My statements will surface from the whole orchestra; they will pulsate; they will be radiant enough to eclipse the eyes of the intelligent ones. Osho, the 20th century mystic from Indian soil, knows very well the very nerves of human Nature and it is why he has already spoken everything that one is yet to know, accomplish and execute.
    When for the very first time I glimpsed the trailor of the movie Three Idiots, and there I saw Madhavan (FARAHAN) speaking as: even to be born I had to fight with three hundred million sperms. The one that won in that race was me. I simply recognized the voice of our beloved Master OSHO.
    And when I watched the movie, Osho was found everywhere blowing the walls of our dreams. Even the lines composed in the song:
    Bahati hawao sa tha wo,
    Odati patang sa tha wo…
    Hamko to thi raah chalati
    Wo khud apni raah banata
    Humko kal ki fikra satati
    Wo bas aaj ka jashn manata…
    Hum sahame se rehata kue me
    Wo nadiyo me gote lata
    Ulatee dhara cheer ke chalta tha wo…
    Badal Awara tha wo
    Pyaar humara thaa wo…
    The biographical sketch of Rancho Ranchhor Das Chanchad is aslo derived from the Master. We should here be reminded of Osho having been called in America as Rancho Rajneesh.
    After the movie got released, I became very surprised at the claim made by Chetan Bhagat that the story is derived from His famous novel Five Point someone.
    Surprised- because this sort of story can be found from any College. The great writer’s hankering for being recognized simply indicates that his own world is so poor that he needs them to get compensated.
    OSHO has always been telling us that if anyone is impressed by any poetry or good piece of work, then never try to go to meet the man who has written them. Because your whole sense of poetry will be marred. You will get all your sense of receptivity spoiled. What they do is to fill the gap through them and it becomes a sort of consolation to them. And it is because of this they never fail to cling to it, for that is their only treasure.
    Generally the poets, novelists, great writers live their life just opposite of what they write. Once OSHO gave an example of one of the best poets in Hindi Sahitya, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar who is known to have written great heroic poems and who was a regular visitor to Osho Discourses. He always tries to know the ways of how sweets and diabetes can go together. Always talking to Him about politics, sons having gone astray and the likewise. Osho used to tell him: Dinkar! my whole sense of poetry is spoiled when I read your poems because you come in between the lines talking about all the rubbish. Dinkar said,”Bhagwan, I am not twenty four hours a Poet.” Osho said,”Come, when you are!” Actually the inner life should flower. The man should be recognized by not what he writes or speakes but by what he is and how he lives. But Dinkar was personally very timid man .
    So far as the content of the movie is concerned, I have asked just one question to the people at large whether the dialogue delivery of the film is also there in Chetan Bhagat’s book to whosoever has read his Five Point Someone. I was responded from every corner: No. I contemplated that anyone can easily manage to make a story like the movie Three Idiots if he goes to any reputed Engineering College of the Country and tries to know the life and the milieu there. But I can say for sure that the philosophy rendered behind that movie is not possible than to have already gone from the teachings of the Master Osho.
    Though I say that if one could understand the basic message of the movie, one will only stept on the first ladder of the whole world of Osho; the world that is everybody’s birth right. The Buddhahood that is everyone’s essential Nature. We have not yet been able to make ourselves even to understand the first step of the whole ladder.
    Three Idiots is great in this sense as it can prove a stepping stone to move towards the whole ocean of Freedom, Bliss and Love.
    It was in this sense Osho spoke a book entitled Sambhog Se Samadhi Ki Aur which people totally misunderstood. They did not even read it and they critisized. Every step of a ladder has got equal importance and place. No one can be replaced.
    Appraisal of Three Idiots is a good sign as it indicates that perhaps people can understand. And of the greatest importance is to understand oneself.Understanding oneself is very simple but because of man’s incessant sifting from this very moment has made him hereft from it. The whole exercise of Science, the total effort of mankind in making the world better, the complete Education system if they do not let us dwell into reaching our Essential Nature, everything done in the world is simply a stupid and idiotic game which will keep man weeping, crying, frustrated and compelled to live a life of meloncholy.
    The movie has become the greatest hit ever. But I have asked to so many movie watchers as to what is the principal message intended to be conveyed by the movie. I am surprised. Not even a single individual I could find who could be able to confer the real message. They liked, loved and are influnced by it but they are found confused and bewildered at the very living philosophy shown in the movie.
    Osho says: there is no difference between the character and understanding. Understanding is that part of character which is not visible; and character is that part of understanding which is visible. So it never happens that one understands and does something else other that what he understands. We know anger is not good but we never give up any chance of expressing them when the moment comes. Therefore, as far as I am concerned, Three Idiots is a turning point which can pave the path for the world to understand OSHO whom the world has still been missing. In fact, we are not understanding what we are missing.
    Soon the moment will come when the world will face its final collapse if Osho is not understood. As Bertrand Russell in one of his essays Science and War says that man is such as he will choose death if he has an alternative between death and understanding. At last, he says: I hope I am wrong.
    I appreciate the brilliant attempt of all the characters and the director that they all have done a great job in portraying the message of the Master adroitly.
    The only thing lacking in the movie is the name of Osho being told to the world openly. The money can be made; entertainment can be done but when it becomes the matter of Death and Awareness, it shouldn’t proceed likewise. Swami Rajneesh’s saying in His mystical book Tears of the Mystic Rose that the World has gone really mad at Osho having been handcuffed in America is enough for world that it has really been missing Him.
    I totally agree with Maa Amrit Sadhana saying: Why man can’t feel gratitude?
    Aamir Khan, Rajkumar Hiraani and all the great ones who are able to convey the message should tell the world that
    This is OSHO
    This is OSHO
    This is OSHO
    The Master of Masters
    ***Read many more things and get offers from the Cosmos of Osho
    Visit the original sourse of it:

  167. Chinmaya says:

    THE DAY I GO, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO LIVE BECOMES GREATER — to live me, to become me. All around the world, all the communes have to understand it.

    IT IS VERY EASY TO DIE WITH ME. It is so easy, that it is against my sannyasins’ dignity. I will not give you such an easy job — you have to live!

    And when I am not there, YOU HAVE TO LIVE MORE CONSCIOUSLY, MORE CAREFULLY — because who is going to spread me all over the world?

    Remember, dying is a very easy thing, it happens in a single moment; LIVING IS THE REAL CHALLENGE. My leaving the body will be a challenge for you — THAT NOW THAT I HAVE LEFT ONE BODY, I CAN BE IN ALL OF YOUR BODIES; that now I am not speaking from one mouth, I can speak from millions of mouths….

    I AM NOT GOING TO BE REBORN IN A BODY, because that would be just idiotic. When I can live in the bodies of millions of my sannyasins, what is the point of again getting caged in one body? IN FACT, THE ENLIGHTENED CONSCIOUSNESS SIMPLY SPREADS into all those who are available and open — it becomes universal.

    YOU ARE NOT GOING WITH ME, but I am coming within you!


  168. Shines-on-me says:

    I am amazed at how much chundering and crap you lot spoole out. You are all so up yourselves and after trying to read what you are saying, I realised that you are not saying anything. You are all a waste of space – cyberspace, actually just space.

    I wanted to see what Swami Prem abhay was up to and interested that there was a suspected imposter, there’s another Swami Prem abhay. Take a look under lucks66 on yahoo. Do either of you look like him? He maintains that he’s the real swami. Knowing this person to be a person of ill-repute, I can’t understand why you other swamis would want to be associated with him. So whose the real Swami Prem abhay?

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