Suspected Lashkar-e-Taiba operative Headley Visited the Resort

Headley visited Osho centre in Pune

PUNE: The Pune police on Tuesday ordered an inquiry to find out whether suspected Lashkar-e-Taiba operative David Coleman Headley (49) had visited other places in the city too after it emerged that he had paid two visits to the Osho International Meditation Resort at Koregaon Park here — on July 24, 2008 and March 16, 2009.

Joint commissioner of police (law and order) Rajendra Sonawane said that the Osho resort has given the police details of Headley’s two visits. Deputy commissioner of police Ravindra Sengaonkar of the special branch will conduct an inquiry to collect details of Headley’s visits and also identify the people he may have met or those who may have accompanied him here.

Headley did not inform the foreigners’ registration office (FRO) of the Pune police of his arrival on either of his two visits, Sonawane said. “Any foreigner who comes to the city for even one day has to intimate the FRO and give details of his/her departure. The police can taken action for violation of the Foreigners Act in case of non-compliance,” he pointed out.

It is learnt that Headley visited India on a business visa on both his visits. “The visa enables a foreigner to travel to any part of India, but he has to register himself with the FRO at the place where he is conducting business,” said assistant commissioner of police Kalidas Suryawanshi. The police are trying to find out whether Headley had registered with any FRO in the other Indian cities he visited.

Meanwhile, Ma Amrit Sadhana, spokesperson at the Osho International Meditation Resort, confirmed that Headley had registered at the resort on two occasions. “We anticipate that everyone who registers with us comes for meditation. We have multiple meditation courses that range from one hour to longer durations. We don’t have any other information about Headley. We learnt that he had visited the resort only after he was arrested by the FBI,” she said.

Acting on the advice of the police, the Osho resort has now restricted the entry of visitors and has tightened security. “Those who come for meditation are being admitted. But we have placed restrictions on other visitors as a preventive measure. We are giving the FRO details of all foreigners who visited the resort. The resort is spread over 40 acres and around 20,000 foreigners come visiting here every month. We admit people who are looking for spirituality, but only after conducting a proper verification,” Sadhana said.

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  1. Anand says:

    I wish they would do proper security measures like metal detectors,before entering the pyramid meditation hall.

  2. prem bubbie says:

    Back in the late 1980′s the pune ashram was visited by a couple of saddam hussein’s agents. They were interested because of osho’s anti-american views at that time. Given that and the terrorists that were disguised as sannyasins(sheela and her thugs), and the numerous “sannyasins” that were always trying to rip off another sannyasins through ponzi schemes, and other phony business dealings and new age ventures, it doesn’t surprise me one bit. We have insane people running ashrams and centers as well as sannyas web sites, just look at the insanity that being posted here. I’m going into business selling fake thorazine, I’ll be rich by the end of the year!!! Bye Bye!!!

  3. shantam prem says:

    Prem Bubbie, In one paragraph you have blamed everybody on the earth. Does your computer key board has some kind of Diarrhea?

    I think you know how to search the newspapers over the net, please, read few Indian papers about this man Headley and his group LeT and and their involvement in 26th November massacre at Taj Hotel in Bombay, which killed 160 people.

  4. Kranti says:

    Why the hell Indian Govt issues a Business VISA for someone in that category.. any organization / center in India has a right to believe Indian Govt will prevent issuing VISA to these guys..Now they act smart by giving statements ..

    What bloody business a terrorist has got to do here..or in any country for that matter..

    If Govt fails utterly then how any organization is supposed to fucntion.. forget about entry into resort..if they place a bomb on the road what anyone can do..??? thats what they did in pakistan in the last two months.. As long as corrupt politicians are ruling the country who are ready to sell the safety of their own people for money nothing can be done..

  5. Prem Abhay says:

    For ready reference, here are the excerpts of the relevant reference to the “defence college” made in point 92 of a 46-page complaint filed by Lorenzo Benedict, a special agent of FBI, filed in an Illinois’ northern district court, against Rana, Headley and others:

    “Based on my review of this and other communications, I believe that Individual A had inquired of LeT Member A whether the Denmark project was on hold, and whether the visit to India that LeT Member A had asked him to undertake was for the purpose of surveilling targets for a new terrorist attack. Later on July 10, 2009, LeT Member A responded to Individual A’s email, stating, in part, that: “There are some investment plans with me, not exactly at Rahul’s city but near that. Rest we can decide when we meet according to your ease,” the FBI investigator says in his complaint.

    When the FBI investigator quotes Headley having said that he had some “investment plans” (read targets) “not exactly at Rahul’s city (read Mumbai) but near that”, the target is definitely not Delhi and it was all likelihood Pune.’s-reel-link-getting-real.html

  6. Prem says:

    Kranti, Your outbursts at aGovt of India… Why the Hell… is easy said, than done…

    You know Dawood Ibrahim is having multiple pasports issued from only India. How can Govt deal with it. But you are right… Why the Hell….
    And if you wish to initiate a clean govt. then , a sannyasins will have to create SocioPolitical wing of their own and pursue the campaign for clean govt. and also try to create awareness among the Indian Masses that , look the present govt is just inefficient and better govt is needed. who can do better admn. Further. Efficient govt will mean less curruption and less curruption mean curbing the anti national, anti soocial elements entering the country.and many more things

    But the process is too complex and too time consuming.. even the ages will go…

    Osho has envisioned a society where no crmes will happen, no rapes will happen no violence will happen. Then do you think.. there will be any need of Therapies or therapists. Will there be need of any Cathartic meditation and a need for any resorts.. So Crime and Religion both are two sides of one coin. but this is the price one has to be ready to pay.

  7. oshobob says:

    Headley’s “real” name is Daood Galani, a Pakistan national, says the gov’t reports. A lot like sannyasins, you can’t really know if the original name is bogus too–most likely is, if he’s a gov’t plant.

    and you never see photos of these guys, like Headley and the post 9/11 Arab ‘terrorists’ caught in the US. You always see an artist’s drawing done in the “court hearing”, with the judge and attorneys too. The suspected “perp” is always wearing an orange prison shirt, bearded, male, slightly wild looking, though centered, with a hint of an elitist arrogant smile on his face. You could mistake one of these guys for an Osho sannyasin very easily.

  8. Dhanyam says:

    Did Sadhana really say 20,000 foreigners come visiting every MONTH?

  9. oshobob says:

    exactly the point i’ve been hammering Dhanyam…

    Ma Sadhana says 20,000 foreigners visit the Resort per month, the news media reports it, and then everyone picks it up and repeats it, as if it’s a fact. Then it goes down in the history books, to be used as a reference source by academic researchers, it’s included in the Wikipedia pages.

    When the American radio humorist of the last century Will Rogers said “I only know what I read in the papers,” maybe that is what stunted his spiritual growth…

    Let’s get Prof. Thompson to either verify that number or dispute it…I think he touched on this previously — one person may go through the gate 50 times in their 2 week stay — that may be counted as 50 on the clicker instead of 1, by Ma Sadhana. Women, btw, are notoriously infamous for bending mathematics and numbers to fit their personal agendas, — it’s happened before…

  10. Swami Dhyan Anurag says:

    Ma Sadhna stated officially
    that 20,000 people visit the resort in ONE YEAR
    and that 50% are indians visitors

    and now
    From Goodle alerts:–business-bleak-as-flats-go-empty/543046

    First swine flu and now Headley’s Pune visit may unnerve foreign tourists,
    feel realty agents.

    [Headley being an alleged terrorist whose visit to The Resort has been
    causing most of the Google alerts for Osho these days.]

    Real estate agent in Koregaon Park, Imran Sheikh, has at his disposal
    nearly 40 rooms that are still empty. Sheikh said many agents like him are
    in a similar spot. This is unprecedented for agents like Sheikh as this is
    the peak season at the Osho Ashram that sees a minimum of 1,000 foreign
    tourists coming over between October and February.

    This year, agents said the bad news broke out with the swine flu. Now, with
    the case of Pakistan-born LeT operative David Headley exploding over Osho
    Ashram in the city, agents here are expecting the police to further shore
    up the procedure for foreigners.

    “This is bad for business. We expect few foreigners to show up. Over the
    last month, the police strengthened rules for Indian tenants, making it
    compulsory for either the owner or the clients to present themselves at the
    police station for verification. We expect the police to start this
    procedure for foreigners as well,” said Sheikh, who runs the estate agency
    Big Properties.

    [page two:]

    A majority of the tourists coming to Osho hunt for budget accommodation
    through agents who work around the Ashram.

    Within the seven-km radius of Osho Ashram, there are countless real estate
    agents who deal with tourists as between them they have around 1,000 rooms
    to sub-let. “These days even an autorickshaw driver is a real estate
    agent,” said Sudhir Garg, an agent who has been working the Osho beat for
    over 12 years.

    Many foreigners who come to Osho Ashram often stay only for a few days,
    some for a few months. Rarely do agents provide tourists with a licence
    agreement for their short stay.

    If at all, they stick to the C-form, which is filed at the Bundgarden
    police station (for agents at Koregaon Park). Six months ago, agents said,
    the police upgraded the process. It began making three copies of this
    C-form — one of which is sent to the police commissionerate.

    But on Tuesday, the Pune police were still looking for David Headley’s
    C-form. “We have been working here for many years, we religiously file
    C-forms within 24 hours,” Garg said.

    Garg said even now, with bleak business prospects, he accepts clients only
    if they are staying for a minimum of 15 days. But many come for one or two
    days and then head off to Goa or other cities from Pune — a floating
    population that is still difficult to track, unless they have filed a C-form.

    Agents said when apartment owners lease out single rooms on their own, they
    are lax about C-forms if the tourist is staying over in the city for only a
    few days. Some real estate agents in Koregaon Park say they sign any
    foreign tourist for 11 months but tenants are free to leave anytime after
    they give a month’s notice.

    “For us, the documentation process is exhaustive. We file the C-form, which
    has copies of the travellers passport and visa and other identification
    document even if they are staying over for only a few days. We generally
    also try to learn the background of the tourist and what is the purpose of
    their visit,” said Rani Wilfred, an agent.

    [Didja know there was this big deal foreign rego trip now? C-form?]

    Love, Sarlo

  11. Anthony thompson says:

    Oshobob. 20.000 each month? no way.
    7.000 perhaps. you know people around osho have always have the tendency to inflate figures. the 10.000 Buddhas were more like 3500. the 800.000 sannaysins back in ´85 were in reality like 250.000.
    you know, like big fish.

  12. oshobob says:

    Pasting the quote from this thread’s lead article above, last paragraph, supposedly from Ma Sadhana:

    “…The resort is spread over 40 acres and around 20,000 foreigners come visiting here every month. …”

    Go ahead, scroll up and re-read it.

    Now, we must ask the editors of Sannyasnews what their Source for the article and quotes was.

    Swami Anurag says the official statement was 20,000 visitors per YEAR, and that includes half Indians, not only foreigners.

    And Anthony says 7,000 per month maybe, that would be 84,000 per year, different again from the article quote and Anurag’s “official” number of 20,000.

    As we say in the States, “We’ve got a problem here Houston.”

    Like one guy says Osho died at 58 years old, and another guy says that 580 years old is the right number. You wonder why our human race gets into confusion….? Don’t look too far.

  13. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam Prem, do you know how to read? Apparently not!! the truth does hurt and sannyasins in particular can’t take the truth!! What part of what I posted above is not true Shantam? Get over it, we are all fucked up and pretending to be riding a high horse just because we follow a guru!!! Nothing has changed in Pune, screw balls running the show, now and back then. Accept it and grow up and find a new calling. It’s called learning to walk or standing on your own two feet. If you want keyboard diarrhea look to Anurag’s posting. More mountain of madness!!!

  14. prem bubbie says:

    Who cares how many foreigners visit every month? 20,000 or 200? More petty shit being discussed. move on

  15. shantam prem says:

    the truth does hurt and sannyasins in particular can’t take the truth!!
    May be this is the Point Bubby.
    When Osho was playing with the facts, as per my understanding, many times he was pointing towards some higher truth, but when we mix the facts and fictions, we try to save our skin and deceive other people and the replacement of God called Existance.

    “The resort is spread over 40 acres and around 20,000 foreigners come visiting here every month…..”

    “Women, btw, are notoriously infamous for bending mathematics and numbers to fit their personal agendas, — it’s happened before…”

    Sadhana, the replacement of Keerti and Neelam can never use the figures without checking and rechecking from Mr. Big Boss, any way in the age of inernet it takes seconds to discuss among two three people what to say and how.
    Email from Poona to New york will take the same time as from Mirdad to Krishna House.

    In the context of the present happening it is very unappropriate to exagrate the nos. because the news connected with terrorists are being read by the future terrorists and their God feary sympathisers.
    So many foreigners visiting one place in India, Ya Allah!

  16. Anthony thompson says:

    perhaps she was counting the times people enter the gate. So the gate gets entered 20.000 times a month..plausible.

    Back in the seventies it was said that 50.000 people visited the ashram… a year.
    So, my guess ( i do not have the figures with me about this subject) is that on average there must be around 3000 people participating in the activities per month… average including high and low season. Visiting the place, lets say 7000 people cross the gate ( I am counting the people not the times they enter) But many just go for the pool or just see the place for the day… or so.
    So my guess is that participating in the activities there should be no more than 40.000 people a year.
    It is a guess… i do not remember the exact figures I had.

  17. shantam prem says:

    Inner circle, this was the work designed for inner circle to take care of day to day realites as per the changing times.

    For example to open an internet cafe, or to install an ATM machine or provide safe and clean drinking water and now to be one step ahead from the ugly minds of death mongers, it means, taking care of best precautions to avoid worst case scenerio.
    The general manager of Taj Hotel, who lost his wife and both children in the massacare planed by this son of a diplomat, has stated in the interview that it is very delicate matter to plan security in the hospitality industry. You want to welcome guests, without intruding too much, still creating the secured enviornment.


    Look at the photo of this man. No where he looks blood thirsty fanatic. With proper command over the English accent, academic personality but with a screwd mind, new face of terror has emerged.

    My feeling is that before the whiterobe brotherhood, meditation cushions should be arranged by the workers, so that participants go empty handed in the auditorium and the tradition of metal ditector should be revived again.

  18. shantam prem says:

    Unfortunaltey Osho left the world stage bit too early(push from friends and foes), otherwise the last twenty years have given so many events worthy for His comments and jokes.
    How beautiful it would have been to listen for years Bush jokes from Osho´s mouth.

    So here is one from Google search.
    Auditoirum is fully packed with ” Ten thousand Buddhas” and Osho tells a stolen joke with His own style and makes it immortal.

    Bush Presidential Library

    There’s a show on C-SPAN about presidential libraries. Here’re what the draft plans for the George W. Bush Library now call for:

    The Alberto Gonzales Room – Where you can’t remember any of the exhibits.

    The Hurricane Katrina Room – It’s still under construction.

    The Texas Air National Guard Room – Where you don’t have to even show up.

    The Walter Reed Hospital Room – Where they don’t let you in.

    The Guantanamo Bay Room – Where they don’t let you out.

    The Weapons of Mass Destruction Room – Nobody has been able to find it.

    The War in Iraq Room – After you complete your first tour, they can force you to go back for your second and third and fourth and fifth tours.

    The K-Street Project Gift Shop – Where you can buy an election, or, if no one cares, steal one.

    The Men’s Room – Where you could meet a Republican Senator (or two).

    To be fair, the President has done some good things, and so the museum will have an electron microscope to help you locate them.

    When asked, President Bush said that he didn’t care so much about the individual exhibits as long as his museum was better than his father’s.

  19. Prem Abhay says:

    From Times of India:

    According to police officials, the special branch will seek an explanation from the Osho centre as to why it concealed information from the police that Headley was on a business visa and why it entertained him.

    Investigations have revealed that the resort charges foreigners an entry fee of Rs 700 and Indians Rs 500. The police have been asked to collect photo copies of payments made by Headley, the officials said.

    The police are collecting details about the past and present activities of the resort to determine whether it is doing charitable work or is into commercial activity as it collects entry fee from visitors.

    I find it quite impressive of the Pune police that their in depth investigations have found out the entrance price to the resort. Further they have managed to find out that the resort may actually not be doing charitable work, but may actually be a commercial venture – all this under the guise of being a resort. This would all be as hilarious as Sadhana’s inability to do basic maths if the consequences were not so serious.

    Yes Shantam the establishments (in)ability to provide basic services like clean food and water give me much hope for their (in)ability to provide adequate response to the issue of religious violence.

    Of course here I have had another theory for quite some time. You see the worst case scenario for a bunch of religious nut cases like the ones running the current Osho show is to destroy everything that is seeking to shut them down. It is the same mentality as other religious extremism that leads to terrorism. Following this basic maths the outcome is a terrorist plan to vaporise all opposition. This would be difficult, and the trouble is they (the establishment) are the obvious suspects. The coming together of lots of opposition members for a celebration in Pune is a likeable investment possibility. This would however have repercussions. The establishment could anyhow then cover this by finding a likeable investment possibility within the resort itself. Hence they would no longer be suspects. However this would have more repercussions. Such scenarios would only come into play if there was sufficient pressure on the establishment, and if the establishment was sufficiently decaying. In other words, we are nearly finished, so we may as well go out with a bang, and take as many others with us as we can. Perhaps we could ask Headley, or perhaps some of the big heads at the establishment, for some cunning religious extremist advice on this matter.


  20. prem bubbie says:

    Pune 1 ashram was not doing charitable work either i.e. drug deals, prostitution. That’s one of the “truths” sannaysins can’t deal with.

  21. prem bubbie says:

    one has to paint a rosy picture in order to get away with dirty deeds.

  22. prem bubbie says:

    At the Resort and elsewhere, “money talks, bullshit walks”.

  23. prem bubbie says:

    How about a “Truth and Reconciliation” Commission, like the one South Africa set up after the white minority government fell. Just everyone in power at the ranch and pune1 and 2(who are still alive) come and tell all. All the deals, manipulation, threats, acts of violence and terrorism and all the “illegal” shit that went on at those places. Even the Resort bozos can join in. Clear the air, finally, all cards on the table. I doubt it will happen though, for fear of some government prosecuting the individuals. Too bad!

  24. Thanks to Prem Abhay, I read the full news on the net published in Times of India.

    It has one wrong fact: 500 Rupees for Indians. No, it is 300 Rupees.
    And I guess nobody gets receipts for payments made for entering the commune or buying food. I guess, this might have to be done as it is called resort, and not ashram. Ashrams in India do not have to give receipts as the money collection is accepted as contribution or donation. But for the resort, it may not be applicable. Govt may ask for taxes, or VAT, Value added taxes.
    It is a messy affair indeed. I am sure the ashram or resort will be able to deal with this mess sooner or later.

    (The Times of India
    November 19, 2009 at 2:00 pm

    · City

    TOI : PUNE: The Pune police on Thursday issued instructions to the special branch to get detailed information on terror suspect David Coleman Headley’s visits to the Osho International Meditation Resort at Koregaon Park here.

    According to police officials, the special branch will seek an explanation from the Osho centre as to why it concealed information from the police that Headley was on a business visa and why it entertained him.

    The special branch has also been told to find out from the Osho centre as to who was the instructor and foreigners present when Headley attended the meditation session, the officials said on the condition of anonymity.

    Headley, a suspected Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) operative who has been arrested in the US on charges of plotting terror attacks in India and abroad, had visited the Osho centre in Pune twice July 24, 2008 and March 16, 2009.

    Joint commissioner of police (law and order) Rajendra Sonawane confirmed that instructions were deputy commissioner of police Ravindra Sengaonkar, in-charge of the special branch, to collect relevant details from the Osho centre. Sonawane, however, refused to elaborate on the issue.

    Investigations have revealed that the resort charges foreigners an entry fee of Rs 700 and Indians Rs 500. The police have been asked to collect photo copies of payments made by Headley, the officials said.

    The police are collecting details about the past and present activities of the resort to determine whether it is doing charitable work or is into commercial activity as it collects entry fee from visitors.

    The officials said the police are also finding out how much time Headley spent at the resort during his two visits, whether he was served food there and whether he purchased any compact discs or books from the resort.

    The special branch will find out who had referred Headley to the Surya Villa Hotel at Koregaon Park and…More)

  25. shantam prem says:

    Ashram or resort, this place has seen many storms, only difference is that this time authorities have to resolve this with the help of professionals as many of His own people are not welcome to interfere in the internal matters, these long standing people built the institution with their skills in public relation and social acceptability.
    But because of psychological compulsions, crown prince was not willing to bear the people with equal stature. If you are unable to listen the NO, than two ways are left, be an Enlightened ( does not matter, pretended one´s are equally good) and have the, Yes Master Yes, disciples or become like a dictator, many people love to be dictated, it gives purpose to otherwise worthless life.

    One can see in the latest photo in Indian express. Main gate of the resort looks like a cinema with hardly any people. Swine flu etc. are just skin deep reasons, main feeling is disillusionment in the majority of the patterns.–business-bleak-as-flats-go-empty/543046

  26. frank says:

    “police investigations revealed that the entry fee was 700rps…”

    wow,these cops are hot on the trail…

    also,osama bin laden was spotted taking a banana lassi at the german bakery.
    some top special branch sleuths gave chase,but he cunningly gave them the slip by going for a walk down to the ghats…..

  27. Prem says:

    Pune police have duirng investigation observed as under:
    Investigations have revealed that the resort charges foreigners an entry fee of Rs 700 and Indians Rs 500. The police have been asked to collect photo copies of payments made by Headley, the officials said.

    The police are collecting details about the past and present activities of the resort to determine whether it is doing charitable work or is into commercial activity as it collects entry fee from visitors.

    for link :

    Now OshoCenter will need a Advocate to lead out of the fog, like Ram Jethmalani of India or Prem Niren of USA

  28. frank says:

    but seriously,
    the situation is looking grave to me.
    sounds like a job for rajendra clouseau to me.
    and when the going gets tough,send in mr bean too.

  29. Dhanyam says:

    Reading the postings I feel that the seriousness of the Headley visit is not realized.

    Check out

    If seems that Headley is a scout for terrorists. He stayed at the Mumbai Taj hotel before the terrorists struck. It seems obvious that he didn’t go to the Resort to meditate.

    Someone suggested putting a metal detector by Buddha Hall, which I don’t feel will deter terrorists. In the Mumbai attacks, there were only two terrorists at each location, and they were able to fight off the police for several days.

    The Resort guards are no match for armed terrorists. Does the Resort have any plan in case the terrorists strike during the evening meditation, trapping everyone inside? Or to prevent any car bomb from entering the garage below Buddha Hall?

    The terrorists love publicity, and an attack on the Resort would give them worldwide publicity.

  30. Kranti says:

    1.Will the pune resort put enough security and communicate to the sannyasins?

    2.Will the famous sannyasins worldwide / countrywide drop all the differences and conflicts and egos and contribute / assist Pune to do so..

    Test of the level of conciosunes for all who can make changes / influence things..Lets wait and see..

  31. Kranti says:

    May be its Life’s / Osho’s way of uniting people…

  32. Anand says:

    I agree with Dhanyam, this situation is very serious. But under any circumstances it will be hard to establish proper security at the Osho Resort in Pune. But at least the entrance to the pyramids should be protected by metal detectors and proper airport like security.

  33. frank says:

    he was probably using being at the resort as a cover to case the jewish place on the corner.

    those guys are religious nutbags too.
    an extreme sect waiting for the messiah,and trying to get jewish hippies back to the fold.

    terrorists hit the synagog in mumbai,remember.

    now the story`s out,its gonna make it more difficult.
    thats good.

  34. High alert at Osho centre in Pune

    Pune, Nov 19 : Security at the Osho International meditation centre here has been strengthened after police admitted that Laskar-e-Taiba operative David Coleman Headley’ visited the place twice, in 2008 and in March this year.

    The step was aimed at providing security to foreign nationals, who visit the meditation centre.

    ”I cannot reveal the details as it would compromise the confidentiality of the arrangements for the on campus security,” the centre’s spokesperson Amrit sadhana told UNI here today.

    The pune police have stepped up security in and around the centre and at the restaurants and hotels, frequented by foreign nationals in Koregaon park.

    According to the special branch officials, crack teams have been deployed to oversee the places. Besides, quick response teams have been kept on the standby to thwart any eventuality.

    On Tuesday, city police commissioner Dr Satyapal Singh confirmed that Headley had visited Pune twice on July 24, 2008, and on March 16, 2009.


  35. oshobob says:

    wow, things are really heating up…
    definitely a case for Insp. Raj Brahmaswami, “BS” Clouseau, Agent 009 (named by combining “a cat has 9 lives” and the everpresent local Hindu belief of transmigration of souls) of the Pune Police Dept, known also as the “James Bond of Maharasthra and Surrounding Provinces”.

    the Pune Police sending in “crack” teams is probably not that good of an idea — the sannyasins are supposed to be the drug guys, not the police, for god’s sake.

  36. prem bubbie says:

    Is this all the sannyas community can do, post on threads? I don’t care too much for prem abhay and his one show parade, about water quality, but at least this SOB protested in front of the resort. I don’t include Sw, twinkle toes Rajneesh. He, I think suffers from schizophrenia and is need of profession help. What will it take for the sannysins living in pune or mumbai to get out and protest in front of the resort? I think sannyasins still suffer from “Osho put Jayesh and a few in charge, so they must know what they are doing and we shouldn’t complain” mentality. This same mentality happened at the ranch, only a few complained, and were kicked out. I remember clearly while living there sannyasins saying that regarding sheela. So no one protested. This is exactly what I mean taking responsibility for one’s own actions. To live life with awareness with what is going on around you. If you live life stupidly, things like this are the result. The clowns at the resort get no pass from me, nor do the sannyasins living nearby. The only way for change is to protest loudly, most effective is direct protest, in large numbers. I still believe the resort needs to be torn down, more so than ever. It’s become a stupid, insane head trip game for the controllers at the resort. 25 years since the ranch fell, and no one has learned a damned thing. Pass the MDMA please.

  37. shantam prem says:

    Prem bubbie,
    This is one of your post i agree from the heart.
    Once we pride in our disciple hood and honour our efforts we have taken in His life time and afterwards, we can reclaim our collective heritage, one of its kind human growth movement which has become very middle class in the attitude.

    Never ever few people should be allowed to be the sole in charge, Let a presidium of 20 people work together in the name of their own growth to run the day to day administration.

    Let music dance and laughter enhance the vibes of 17, koregaon park.
    And it should be taken care that truth and transparency prevails. When only 325 people are there in July August, no need to add zeros unnecessarily.
    Why to follow the trend of porno writers, their male characters always have not less than 9 inches.
    Why cann´t we be just honest, at least where soul is at stake.

  38. sannyasnews says:

    Like Dhanyam, I fear that an important point is being missed by the writers here and this is why Sannyasnews posted this article.
    If the visit of Headley was to research the Resort as a terrorist target which, on balance, could be likely as it has so many rich western and liberally free guests – which this brand of Islam detests, then all need to have cause for alarm.

    India is such an easy place to disappear and live well beyond the law, so ideal ground for a would be place of residence for a would be terrorist or would be attack.

    In addition everyone who has loved and lived in India knows the Indian police to use an English northern phrase “a’int much cop”! and widely corrupt, so there does not seem much chance for their detectives in this investigation!

    Some argue that Headley may just have visited out of curiosity to kill time whilst he waited for associates. Possible of course … but no sense in taking chances.

  39. Kranti says:

    ‘ Is this all the sannyas community can do, post on threads ?”

    Prem Bubbie..One thing that can be dome is all sannyasins for whm it is otherwise possible can make it a point to gather in pune and create high energy.. A sort being there for each other..

  40. Kranti says:

    But there is no substitute for proper security system..

    They say..Pray to god But remember to lock the car door

    Now it is , Run free communes and center but dont fail to put tight security system

    The person sitting in Osho samadhi will not be that relaxed when the threat is there outside..

  41. Dhanyam says:

    Dear Friends,

    In my opinion, there are important lessons to be learned from the visits of Mr. Headley to the Resort.

    I believe that the Resort is on a list of potential targets by the terrorists. I also believe that neither the Resort nor the police are able to prevent an attack. The timing and tactics are up to the terrorists.

    In my opinion it is the responsibility of the Resort to cancel the evening meditations in Buddha Hall where thousands of people gather every evening that the Resort cannot protect from a terrorist attack. Knowing this situation it is irresponsible to continue the evening gatherings and risk the lives of so many people.

    Terrorism has changed the world immensely. Now it is time for the Resort to change before the terrorists force the Resort to change.

    I see the writing on the wall. Read the words before it is too late.

  42. Kranti says:

    ” In my opinion it is the responsibility of the Resort to cancel the evening meditations in Buddha Hall where thousands of people gather every evening that the Resort cannot protect from a terrorist attack. Knowing this situation it is irresponsible to continue the evening gatherings and risk the lives of so many people.

    Dhanyam..It is very radical and bold thought.. I am stunned

  43. Kranti says:

    Just a thought Dhanyam..Irrespective of evening meeting it is still a place frequented by lot of foriegners and the risk will always be there..secondly the security system at the gate itself needs to be strengthened more than inside.. What do you feel?

  44. oshobob says:

    you guys are way too easily manipulated by the news media, most of which is pure balderdash.

    as i highlighted before in the Michael Jackson thread here, the main area of focus should be how the media operates, how it creates and controls stories, how gullible people are so easily swayed.

    Chicken Little’s “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!” has been replayed too many times in human history. It’s time to wake up. Trust your own experience — you can never go wrong.

    Believe an AP wire story, a Reuters article, a New York Times piece…!? Gimme a break. Whoever controls the media controls peoples thoughts and emotions, and therefore, their actions. On an individual and collective level. That’s a shame. All propaganda dramas. All yellow journalism.

    Take a walk in the forest.

    Hug your girlfriend.

    Cook some food and eat it.

    Dance to good music, or pick up an instrument and create some yourself.

    If you want a good BS story just for entertainment, you can listen to Doc Amrito’s “I Leave You My Dream” speech on Jan. 19, 1990. You can buy a copy at Dhanyam’s Viha store online. It ain’t Shakepeare, but Doctor Zhivago does a passable job with a delicate situation. The audience just loved it…

  45. prem bubbie says:

    This is another reason to tear the resort down!!! Smaller places to gather to do meditations, for free of course, enough with those “groups”, I guess cash cows are hard to give up!! Doing the above will facilitate true independent growth, break the co-dependency illness that has plague the sannyas community. Could it be– free individuals at last? This incident is a blessing in disguise, use it to fly to greater heights, a chance to stop chasing the tail. Born on the 4th of July.

  46. frank says:

    this guy deadley dave was arrested a couple of months ago in the us on his way to denmark.
    maybe to bomb the news office that printed the anti-mohammad cartoons,it is suspected.

    in his suitcase,they found,allegedly:
    a photocopy of the copy of the issue of the paper which carried the cartoons, a video of the front gate of the newspaper office,a street map of copenhagen and a copy of a book titled:”how to pray like a jew”.(presumably left over from his visit to the chabad house,pune)

    like at 9/11,they found an empty car with a book titled: “how to fly a plane”,and next to it a copy of the koran.

    do you ever feel someone is taking the piss?

    i was waiting for them to mention the post card from deadly dave to his wife:

    “weather lovely.
    my room marked with an x.
    bombed the office last night.
    wish you were here.”

  47. oshobob says:

    right frank,
    everyone is getting skeptical about everything,
    even teenagers don’t believe anything anymore, too calloused, too jaded, at only 14, 15…

    like those “islamic terrorist” websites, whose URL’s are never given out for some reason, with the black-hooded dudes standing with AK-47′s, flanking some British schoolteacher kneeling on the floor, wimpering, some American geologist, looking dazed, with a banner taped to the wall in the background in Arabic with a revolutionary slogan…Christ, what a joke, these clips are probably made at a film studio in Langley, Virginia, or LA…maybe they hired some retired Monty Python actors to play the roles, who knows…

  48. Anand says:

    Dhanyam and prem bubbie have spoken the unthinkable. There is no security possible for the Osho Resor. There was no security at the Oberoi and Taj mahal, Mumbai…and Jayesh and Mukesh know, since they spent the night in the Oberoi last December.
    So either adapt to the changing environment or even sell or close the place.
    Maybe Osho sannyasins are better served to create small places worldwide and an international center somewhere in Spain, Italy or Canada.
    Did Osho not say, his place in Pune will have a life span of 20 years…? I thought he meant energetically, but who knows?

  49. Dhanyam says:


    I consider my posting to be a wake–up call. I don’t feel the Resort takes security seriously enough. Consider the way terrorists strike. Thousands of lives are at risk.
    Terrorists will scout out the weakest Resort link and strike. I think the Resort should lease out the security to a professional company that can provide that service. I would never trust the Resort to provide adequate security. As long as the terrorists don’t have AIDS, they are allowed to enter.

    To OshoBob,

    The media did not manipulate the Mumbai terrorists attacks. If terrorists get into Buddha Hall, this is what will happen.

    And Frank,

    Headley, the terrorist scout has been arrested, but the plans he may have worked out to attack the Resort are unknown. His terrorist friends have not been arrested but are out there somewhere and no one knows what they are up to.

  50. Dhanyam says:


    You are wrong about the security. The Taj had 11 security guards, but they were armed with wooden batons against two terrorists armed with AK47s and a lot of ammunition.

  51. shantam prem says:

    Dhynam is suggesting to cancel the evening meeting.
    My God…

    Why not simply to cancel Dynamic at 6, around 300 people participate with sleepy eyes and thick shawls, same is about other collective meditations.

    When airports, cinemas and over crowded railway stations are operating, Ashram will mange this too, with visible and invisible security measures.
    May be it is a wake up call for the mangement to drop this banning game.
    Give equal opportunity to all sannyasins to contribute for the securitty and expansion of the Alma mater, it means Dhynam and Keerti like people should be treated as part of Osho´s mala. They should be hugged publicaly.
    Our love and sense of collective responsibilty is a need of the time.

  52. frank says:

    if the risks are as great as you say,the only sensible idea is to close the resort and move out.
    if these terrorist sleepers are around,they will just wait,for years,if need be.
    security cannot combat suicide bombers.
    how many times has that been proved so far?

    the place has gone down the pan according to the vast majority of visitors.
    so why get paranoid for the rest of life?

    time to move on.
    it`s obvious to anyone with at least half a brain still functioning.

    just a few retards suffering from nostalgia and a few aging “tantrics”.still on the pull……
    wouldnt be much loss.

    osho never wanted to go back to smelly old india anyway.

    “i will never go back to is not my way to go back anywhere”

    funny—that`s an osho quote you never hear the osho rent-a-quote guys throwing around…..

  53. prem bubbie says:

    Well said Anand!!

  54. prem bubbie says:

    This an opportunity that ought not be passed. Anand, I hope you can tie all my posts together and see.

  55. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam prem I believe you sound like a person who’s house is on fire that’s shouting:” don’t save me, save the house”. It’s only a house, no matter who lived there in the past.

  56. shantam prem says:

    bubbie brother,
    It can be that one is saved that is why one can shout loudly not about saving the house but the street too.

    Another case scenerio is that Shantam is trapped in the burning house but hundreds others have saved themselves. Are they shouting, are they helping the fire brigade or they have this feeling, ” Fuck Off, it is only the prison which is burning, let us go home.”

    And another case scenerio is that in the suberb full of houses, Shantam is in his seven story burning house.
    If after hiring the best services from one of the most controversial architect, still there is some defect left, i will prefer to burn down with the house.
    And more importantly many times those fire fighters die who are doing their job of saving other people´s houses. The man from a village near Jabalpur is our chief fire brigade officer. Is it not like this?

    There is a dignity sometime in dying rather than surviving.
    Why to be like mouses who are the first to leave the sinking ship.

  57. shantam prem says:

    Those who want to read more about this character Headley-

    Because of Him, life will never be the same again at 17, koregaon Park Pune.

    Someone has read in Maya calander that world will come to a nend in 2012. Same readers are also suggesting Osho saying, Pune has the life span of 20 years.
    It means if it is not going away, blow it apart.
    Send the parts to Spain or Italy and may be in the cellers of the houses where sannyasins live*

  58. Anthony thompson says:

    one clarification on the mayan calendar… considering I am from that part of the world.
    Mayans never made any predictions. It is just that the calendar they made finished in 2012. like when we had in the year 2000 no more digits for the computer dates. the same. Nowhere it says the world will end. that was a conclusion made by new age people.
    thank you.

  59. shantam prem says:

    Thanks Anthony for this clarification.
    World did not end up during nightmerish nineties though His commune fell like a ice castle.
    So many you tubes and people in Germany specially those who eat bio food, read Echard Tolle, do family constellation and apply Aura Soma oils are quite exciting, just two years more*

    It will be a joy to see their frustraion in 2013.

  60. Anand says:

    Since Jayesh and Mukesh were holed up in the Mumbai 2008 attack in their bathrooms at the Hotel Oberoi, I cannot understand that the resort security is not a nr. 1 issue. It is bad marketing from their part, since any news about the visit of this terror suspect will hold visitors back or re-direct them to Goa or to Dharamsala. Lots of my old friends are not coming to Pune anymore and now they have one more excuse. While Harideva is creating Osho Beach in Goa.

  61. shantam prem says:

    “Lots of my old friends are not coming to Pune anymore and now they have one more excuse.”
    Anand, inspite of being a regular to Pune for more than two three decades, you are aware of the fact that many of old friends are not going to Pune any more.

    It is there silent protest.

    Though a little bit of noise can make the cover ups bit more difficult and system approvement easy.

    As the saying is,” Without crying, even mother does not understand the hunger of the child.”

  62. Kranti says:

    ‘the Resort should lease out the security to a professional company that can provide that service”

    Yes Dhanyam..When administrative thinmgs can be outsourced more serious aspect like security has to be given to the professionals..

    Any security will have its limitations..but that is not an excuse for not having security at all.. As log as the center lasts the life of people can be protected.. instead of allowing an idiot to to just walk thru the gate smiling and blowing the bomb..killing so many people.. I dont think sitting in the of various countries we can suggest in sannyasnews that let whatever happens and no need for security and all..

    But I am not sure why people like Sw Keerthi & Neelam shouldnt call up / fly down to pune.

  63. Anand says:

    Of course Shantam Prem I am aware of this. But then there are a lot of new friends to be made, plus the undercurrent of Osho’s energy is still there to directly plug into. In my 3.5 decades of being with Osho I have learned one thing to go with the flow, to go with change and to welcome the new.
    And looking at old photos from Pune 1 I must confess, we have all done a quantum leap jump.

    Outside security would be welcome, but unfortunately is the whole set up of the different properties a mess to secure. Terrorists would not need to enter through the gates, just climb fences….

  64. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam Prem, It’s still only ONE house!!!!

  65. prem bubbie says:

    Quantum leap jump? You’re kidding? Maybe in fashion and hairstyles, that’s about it. In my opinion you’ve wasted 35 years and probably get better flow from your toilet waste pipe!!!!

  66. prem bubbie says:

    Anand, I forgot, you’re so enlightened, you noticed all of this quantum leap just from looking at old photos. You are quite mad, sir!!!!

  67. prem bubbie says:

    Next basket case–please!!!!

  68. shantam prem says:

    In my 3.5 decades of being with Osho I have learned one thing to go with the flow, to go with change and to welcome the new….

    Sounds very beautiful, one of the typical sannyas lingo used by many world over.
    It is again a question of interptation.

    Banta Singh comes home early and finds his wife Banto in a compromising position with his best friend Santa Singh. He starts shouting. To hear mother sister abuses, Naked Santa jumps over Banta and start punching.
    Banto encourgages her lover,” Beat him. Neither he fucks nor allow others to fuck. give him few more.”

    To hear such insults from His wife, Banta goes into the rage. Soon he is holding the naked Santa by his hairs and thrashes him with the wall.
    To see this Banto encourages again, this time her husband,” Beat the bastard. shameless creature must not fuck others wife. Thrash him more.”

  69. Anand says:

    Now after Meera we have with Prem Bubbie another “Swami Know it all…..”

  70. frank says:

    hi anand,
    how about going with the juicy flow of the moment ,dropping all negativity,welcoming the new and letting go into change, the only hope for humanity—–a hundred and eighty degree quantum leap into a cliche-free energy field……..

  71. garimo says:

    >cliche-free energy field..


  72. Anand says:

    sounds good frank…..

  73. prem bubbie says:

    Swami Common Sense, maybe!!! oops!!! one of the banned phrases for sannysins to use… Anand(Blissful) What is your last name? Ignorance, maybe? Swami Blissful Ignorance & old fart!!!

  74. prem bubbie says:

    So a raw nerve has FINALLY been touched!!!! I thought that funny bone was numb for sure!!!

  75. Anand says:

    what does bubbie mean? Rotten tomato?

  76. Anand says:

    Maybe Prem bubble and Meera are the same person? They use the same foul language….

  77. frank says:

    this thing with the mayan calendar……
    if their calendar runs out in 2012,shouldnt someone be organising an airlift of new calendars for these guys.
    they might end up having absolutely no idea what day it is…..

  78. Kranti says:

    ‘ they might end up having absolutely no idea what day it is…..”

    They should also tell them how other people are making money out of their limitation to see beyond 2012

  79. frank says:

    mind you,i bet you they`re planning one hell of a party on new years eve 2011…….

    more power to their elbows,i say….


  80. frank says:

    the word on the street about deadley dave is that he was tired of the idea of having to wait to go to to muslim paradise before he could get his hands on some ripe chicks and was looking at speeding things up and was researching his new plan—- to go into the guru business.
    makes a lot of sense.

  81. Anthony thompson says:

    sorry to water your party guys, but the “mayans” from the calendar were wiped out by the spaniards some centuries ago… so they won´t be missing much.

  82. garimo says:

    >but the “mayans” from the calendar were wiped out by the spaniards

    Anthony, I think the Lacandon might have some disagreement… if they had any contact with those outside of their remote jungle. I doubt they’re online much.

  83. Kranti says:

    I googled Lacandon & Osho together and got some nice read..

  84. Chinmaya says:

    Banta and Santa is the best, than your other letters, which are simply knowledgeable and better.
    Gud luck…..

  85. Kranti says:

    So Shantam is yet to catch up with Banta and Santa ?

    Is that what you mean Chinmaya?

  86. Anthony thompson says:

    the descendant of the mayans are still there, in central america, but they do not speak the old language, nor can they read the calendar.

  87. Chinmaya says:

    Kranti dear,

    It seems to me, Basically, this Banta and Santa is Heart and Mind, which, I understand on the background of expression given by Shantam.

    and the desires are like that of the wife BANTO, who is ready either for Banta or Santa.

    And the soul is our Master Osho – invisible now, enjoying Banta, Santa and Banto.


  88. Kranti says:

    Thanks Chinmaya.. My question itself was out of some misunderstanding

  89. shantam prem says:

    Mama Mia.. Chinamya will get some esoteric and enlightening meaning out of Santa Banta joke….

    Again it proves, His sannyasins, the very ordinary disciples can create better examples and expressions than the gurus on more than five religious channels in India.

    I think if thousands of Osho´s disciples get this feverish desire to be successful in the sermons market, many shops will get closed.

  90. frank says:

    its like those tibetan bowls or bells.
    you dong one….
    the sound goes quieter and quieter and quieter.
    at this point it is local and measureable.
    you keep listening….then as the sound disappears completely… becomes silence.
    that silence is everywhere.
    its not in a certain area.

    that`s what happens to a buddhafield when a buddha dies.

  91. Chinmaya says:

    Dear Shantam,

    Everybody understands the Master – Osho – as per his wisdom and wits. Certainly, Jayesh and Amrito has their own level of understanding Osho. May be a little more than us because of their higher level of contribution in terms of time, money and energy.

    With your utmost presentation through your innumerable posts and life and energy spent with Osho for more than 25 years, it can easily be concluded that Jayesh and Amrito has understood the need of the sanyasin and common man (new entrant) in this competitive world at financial and inner level. Inner level for seekers and finance needs of Resort.

    Nomenclature hardly matters, label does not bother, important is the taste of wine, then, wehther it is Resort, Ashram, Temple, Centre or Foundation.

    A beautiful lady is a beautiful lady, from which family, caste, creed, religion and race does not effect much but important is her qualities and habits for the good of future and family. These qualities are definitely available with Jayesh and Amrito for a nice presentation of the discourses of our Master for the common man of the present day.

    Let us hope, Jayesh and Amrito will be kind enough to re-start allowing entry to all, including to have darshan of Samadhi, from Chrismas or New Year so that the arduous labor put forward by our Master Osho, for the welfare of humanity and for the development of soul for enlightenment again starts touching physically.

    An Appeal to all, Kindly burry the hatchets and be close to each other. After all for all of us, father is one – Osho.


  92. Kranti says:


    The above post of yours is the most beautiful post of this forum.. Thank you.

  93. garimo says:

    Some have great marketing plans.

    I’ve noticed the word “Mahasatvaa”. I googled it, can only find listings for the person using it, but no description of what it means.
    any ideas?

  94. garimo says:

    I ask because I notice she is channeling Osho and giving sannyas.

  95. frank says:

    a “mahasattva” in sanskrit,i think,is a great bodhisattva.
    a great being.
    one who works devotedly for the salvation of all beings.

    looks like she has stuck an extra “a” on the end of the word.

    as you say,probably for marketing so she has a google page of pages to herself.

    amazing what you can do by shifting the odd letter around….

    great souls
    great sales

  96. garimo says:

    and dropped a “t”.

    Another sannyasin awakened by just the touch of another after Osho… but is now selling Osho.

    Leaves me mixed feelings of confusion, disappointment and embarrassment.

  97. shantam prem says:

    I also googled the above name-

    Mahasatvaa Sarita has been on the spiritual path since 1973. She lived in India for 26 years at the Osho Ashram. She has been teaching Tantra, Meditation and Healing since 1990. Her School of Awakening in the U.K. draws people from all over the world. She is the author of two books, which have been translated into many languages.

    Sarita says: “Having let go of attachment, I was hovering at the threshold of illumination. Uezu San’s presence of compassionate love provoked total surrender and a shattering of the illusory door. I entered pure presence, pure light. It is with deep devotion, love and gratitude that I join him in making this space accessible to all devotees of the sacred way.”

    By the way she writes a regular column for OShO WORLD, magazine editied by Swami Keerti.
    This title always stucks in the eyes as during the ranch days, Osho distributed to few hundred people the titels of Sambudha so and so, Bodhi or Mahasatva so and so…
    Almost all have droped this once Halloween was over, but few still keep the mask.

    It was looking at that time, we people will turn the wheels of religiousity, a new chain of hotels will be born, market is ready but the pressure from external and internal forces; the group of people who were suppose to be the caders of such new world order are still in the business but as vegetable providers to the Hiltions*

  98. prem.. says:

    first they said it was David headley who visited the resort .. then they said it was a mistaken identity .. it was not David headley it was dravid headley or somthing like that …


    then who gave the letter to the Pune Police .,..who made such a drastic mistake .. and who thinks that national security is a game ….

    then why was the wrong letter given to the police … 1

    seems the resort trying to cover up somthing …or hm…..

    anyways all this just makes the resort look ……hm..

    and talk of the so-called enlightened beings said to be there….

    and such foolish mistakes and such foolish excuses .. and cover-ups…

    just dont know what to say…

  99. frank says:

    dont worry prem.
    its just another day
    in the weird and wacky world of neo-jackass.

    never bores,never dies,just keeps rollin on,like this planet.

  100. Chinmaya says:


  101. paramanand chidatman says:

    it is not possible for people like anand sarita to get awakened so soon..she is far away from that..she is in a business which is the frst sign of being an ordinary mortal…people like sarita shud be arrested and stopped from fooling other idiots.

    she is earning thousands of pounds in the UK and living in a posh apartment in Kings langley london