Osho “Dancing in Oregon” videos: legal dispute

Dancing in Oregon videos/ Background
Recently certain Osho videos originally located at http://www.vimeo.com/5771061 and http://www.vimeo.com/5771124 were removed by Vimeo because they had received information from Osho International Foundation (OIF) that they trespassed upon copyright, etc.
Devopama here in England challenged this view and made a counter notification, letters detailing this below. We are told by Devopama today (October 7th) that no such notice of legal proceeding from OIF mentioned as a possibility by Vimeo in their initial letter has been received, and Vimeo will now reinstate the videos.
(Sannyasnews Reporters)

Exchange of Letters detailing the dispute

from Devopama to Vimeo:
1. This is in relation to your notification suspending access
to the following URL: http://www.vimeo.com/5771061


2. I, Stewart Edwards, (Devopama)
do hereby consent to the jurisdiction of the Federal District Court in San Francisco County, California and agree that I will accept service of process from the person who provided notification
under subsection (c)(1)(C) or an agent of such person.

3. I swear under penalty of perjury that each search result, message or other item of content identified in the notification is non-infringing. Osho International Foundation (OIF) does not own now, or ever before, the copyrights in the work of the mystic Osho.
The findings against OIF in a domain name dispute in 2000 (Claim Number: FA0006000094990) and before the US Trademark Trial and Appeal Board in 2009 both demonstrate that OIF’s claims to own all rights in Osho and His work are unfounded.
4. You are accordingly requested to reinstate the suspension directive and permit access to the aforesaid Dancing in Oregon videos



Look forward to receive your confirmation of having revoked the suspension.
Devopama (Stewart Edwards) M.A.,Ph.D.

From Vimeo to Devopama:
Dear Stewart (Devopama)
We are in receipt of your counter notification.
In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) provision located at 17 U.S.C. §512(g)(2)(B), we have informed Osho International Foundation (“OIF”) that a counter notification claiming that the material originally located at http://www.vimeo.com/5771061 and http://www.vimeo.com/5771124 has been erroneously removed from Vimeo. Within ten days, VIMEO may receive notice that OIF has filed a court action regarding this matter. If such notice is received, VIMEO will be unable to restore your material. If no notice is received, VIMEO will endeavor to restore your material 10 – 14 days after the date of this notice.
Vimeo, LLC

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37 Responses to Osho “Dancing in Oregon” videos: legal dispute

  1. Anthony Thompson says:

    some people do not know the difference between trademark ( which was lost in the US), and copyright.

  2. shantam prem says:

    ;any people may not know the difference between
    trade mark and copy rights, but most of the people know the difference between deception and honesty and related words.

  3. Heraclitus says:

    I agree Anthony between copyright and trademark. But I see that in this case OIF has seemingly given in. Which, if it is an indication of current mood might be no such bad thing, and save a lot of money going to OIF lawyers.
    Such money will have come from the pockets of sannyasins or friends of Osho, one way or the other, and this is often forgotten.

  4. Prem Abhay says:

    Perhaps Devopama does know the difference between copyrights and trademarks. Maybe he is using the trademark case as a landmark ruling that also applies to copyrights. The trademark ruling basically said that because Osho was a famous historic figure noone could have ownership of trademarks related to ‘him’. Now is this concept of ownership of ‘him’ just limited to trademarks? I see no reason why this would be the case. I would agree with the logic that in the same way noone can own the name Osho, or Osho this or that, nor can anyone own anything that he said. Why? Because he is a famous historic figure. In the same way noone can have copyright over the teachings of Buddha or Christ for example.


  5. Alok john says:

    Basically, OIF said they own copyright of the two dancing videos, Devopama said they don’t, and now OIF has ten days to file a court action.

    It is entirely possible that whoever operated the video camera assigned copyright over to OIF.

    Devopama writes “I swear under penalty of perjury that each search result, message or other item of content identified in the notification is non-infringing.” Unless Devopama knows for sure that the person who operated the video camera didn’t assign copyright to OIF, he may have perjured himself.

    Alok John MA (Oxon)

  6. Anand says:

    There is a lot of video material of Osho and the Pune 2 days locked up and unused by OIF. Remember the Osho Now news? Swami Niskriya in berlin also has a lot of unpublished material from Kathmandu, Pune 2 etc. Nothing of this get ever published. Now in the days of YouTube and Facebook etc. these clips
    could be appreciated very much, but nothing is released except the few ‘official’ Osho discourses on YouTube. The moment something appears somewhere the lawyers and threats are coming out. What is the reason behind stopping all these video material of Osho by OIF?

  7. Kranti says:

    Since this post is once again about trademark / copyrights tell me what you guys think about this ..I posted this earlier also..

    J Krishnamoorthi’s view on the need for a foundation to preserve the work of a master

    ‘ The Foundations will see to it that these teachings are kept whole, are not distorted, are not made corrupt. They will not give rise to any sectarian spirit in their activities… nor create any kind of place of worship around the teachings or the person.”


  8. KAT says:


    Thank you Pradeep Tripathi for the link.

    May all beings be happy.

  9. Mahavir says:

    I also uploaded so many videos in vimeo but they removed all. and my aim is to share the osho videos what I am having ,with every one, my plan is to upload it again and share it once again.. can you please suggest me is the vimeo team is till removing the osho videos? or you can reply to
    I am planning to share the videos in oshoinmysore.ning.com

    Thanks and Love

  10. Even me also uploaded the osho videos in vimeo they deleted and the send me the notice also..


    please suggest me if i upload it again, they will make a problem ? If they are not making problem then i will upload and i will start sharing.

    Thanks and Love
    Gurugajanan Bhat

  11. Why this sudden lame duck article in between when discussion is going on about Osho Samadhi court case and major implication on why Amrito is not replying to questions beings asked,

    I wonder whether sannyasnews is interested in discussing the vital issues regarrding Osho Sannyas world.

    If we are genuinely interested then we should wait for Dr Amrito reply.


  12. Heraclitus says:

    Amitabh your preoccuaptions are simply not at all those of everyone.
    They are just political preoccupations and not really worthy of a seeker.
    Whether there is an organisation, and if so who runs it, are just temporal matters.
    Move on, create your own world.

  13. shantam prem says:

    The link you have mentioned homeoflife is just amazing.
    one of the few sites, radiating honesty and tranqulity.

  14. Prem Abhay says:

    Heraclitus and Amitabh, the lame duck article is very important. The copyrights to all Osho’s works are (apparently) with a foundation that is intimately connected with the Inner-Circle and Pune Resort. All the issues are interrelated. Understanding how the resort and Inner-Circle function can shed light on the publishing foundation, and the reverse. The expansion of publishing is for example a direct feed into expansion of Pune resort and Inner-Circle empire. I argue for example that the Pune resort is a dangerous place, and that the dangers may continue to worsen. If this was the case then even if it was found that the publishing approach by OIF was found to be acceptable, it is not acceptable that this ties into more people coming to the Pune resort. The people who run OIF cannot for example be considered to be legitimate if they are spending an extended period of time in jail for crimes relating to their conduct in other Osho related endeavours.

    Heraclitus it is just political preoccupation that brutal regimes past and present have committed the most atrocious crimes against humanity. Move on to Burma or North Korea until you gather some common sense.


  15. Kranti says:

    ‘ Heraclitus it is just political preoccupation that brutal regimes past and present have committed the most atrocious crimes against humanity. Move on to Burma or North Korea until you gather some common sense.”

    This what Heraclitus exactly meant.. just one post brings out Burma , Korea etc.. The same approach and reactions are applied in PUNE case also..

  16. Prem Abhay says:

    Kranti if you do not know what ”obfuscation” means I suggest you ask OshoBob for a translation.


  17. Kranti says:

    As a Osho lover and a sannyasin I asked myself again and again what the ongoing conflicts are about and what people react against. I participated in these forums for six months to see what people think .

    After all the debates I was told that “ You have no sense of the depth of what is happening “ But I have not seen anyone talking in a language which will bring out that depth. I only see over reactions by categorizing people as criminals , thugs which is not even creating a conducive climate to sort of issues . People even create Blogs without revealing identity just to hit out aggressively.

    I was told ‘The dialogue returns to the superficial and those who point out the truth at depth grow weary and leave. This is how it has been for the last twenty years.” If people like Abhay , Harri Om keep aside their CIA Investigation type of reactions and talk in a language which is conscious something positive can happen..

    If we talk about mundane things then people go like “ Oh! Osho is vast We are harming His vision etc etc.” . If we talk about vision then we are told ‘ don’t you know the water is contaminated , quality of buildings are not good.. Someone in other thread is even suggesting bombs in auditorium..And then I hear chopping body parts , atom bombs , Involve government and prime minister , Violence against everyone ( with example of two cases where one happened 25 years ago & another where a broom stick was shown.. Oh! What cruel violence )

    Man ! So much for understanding ‘ the depth of the issues’.

    I don’t see people RESPONDING to what they want to see ..Just Reactions , Reactions , Reactions

    As far as my understanding is concerned Osho was all about Awareness and Celebrating the journey of Life joyously. He took the essence of all the paths and gave us what we need in the form understanding and meditations

    We have all the Osho meditations and other passive meditations like Vipassana , Supporting people who take a plunge into meditations / aloneness available in the form of therapies / personal assistance , Playfulness in the form recreational stuff and programs , dancing & celebrating as part of everyday life , Samadhi for people to relate with Osho and meditate , various efforts to reach out as many people as possible .. all are available

    Now from what I have seen in this forum most of the requests are around the following , Bring back Buddha Hall ,Have Osho Bajhans / Devotional Music ,Stop banning, Make available Osho books in original form & No copyrights / Trademarks for Osho.

    I see banning as the only genuine issue we have that needs to resolved .By freeing Copyrights / Trademarks we have done a major harm to Osho work. Take a look at some of the Youtube videos where all kinds of people calling themselves as Osho and making people hold their leg and massage . Take a look at Oshodhara and their enlightenment certificates..If you need more evidence then no one can be blamed for what is happening to Osho’s name .

    So I am leaving this forum as far as these debates / arguements are concerned. I will only participate in positive threads like News about Green commune etc

    This time Oshobob .. It is for REAL.

  18. oshobob says:

    Kranti says he’s leaving “for REAL” — yeah right, sure….
    Just like a woman — obsfucating their “real” intentions with a bunch of histrionics and second-hand drama tactics. He may leave under that name, but he’ll surface under another nom de guerre or morphed misidentity. The oracle at bob predicts it…

  19. Dear Kranti

    We are celebrating your departure which i hope is for REAL…REALLY REAL

    It will allow people of intelligence to discuss real isssues and attention will not be diverted from the main topic and their link of discussion

    Yes Green commune positive thread is for you as the innocent chinese people who do not understand english clearly will be very glad to have your opinions

    so for REAL bye bye and we celebrate


  20. oshobob says:

    Kranti, by the way, there’s no need to leave really. You are playing the role similar to Archie Bunker’s wife in the All in the Family TV series that used to be aired here in the US years ago. The mother that is always trying to cool down all the fighting factions in the family, and saying things like “Come on now, we all can be friends, there’s no need to argue all the time, after all, we’re all part of the same family, aren’t we?….” That sort of stuff. The mediator. The peacemaker. The force that tempers all the hotheads always in each others faces. Kranti, your type has a place in this world — a very necessary place in the midst of the battling warriors with their self-righteous attitudes.

    And too, ‘Six Samurai’ just doesn’t sound right.

  21. Dear Heraclitus

    I agree with you and I am doing my thing
    but my blog Oshoteachings.blogspot.com was shut down on copyright ground and I was banned from Ashram 3 years ago.

    Our youtube vidoes has been pulled down and many other threats are coming to me.

    I am not allowed to spread my love for Osho.
    They are NOT allowing me to do my thing.


  22. Prem Abhay says:

    Kranti thankyou for not overreacting to what I had to say.

    The story I heard about the Rolls-Royces was that they were a donation from a single wealthy individual, and that he actually retained ownership of the cars. The cars or the money for them was returned to him after the explosion of The Ranch.

    Swami Rajneesh I sense is trying to bring out an important pattern. The community model of The Ranch was a disaster that carried with it immense injustice. I also say that Pune 2 Ashram (1990’s) was the same. So all these people started out again from scratch as untrusting individuals in the world. Perhaps he is trying to point out that somewhere in the middle of this is the possibility of individuals creating for themselves and the community rather than exploitation of individuals by power and money hungry criminals.

    At least with Pune 2 Resort model it is difficult to exploit people in the same way. If one has an abundance of money and likes the slice of the pie that is on offer there that is good for them – is that you Anthony? The others can simply go elsewhere. They do not have to live alone as recluses for the world is vast and individual seekers can meet up elsewhere – perhaps with a different Master or friend.

    Just to put my issues in the picture….even the practical affairs of the Inner-Circle are done to a deplorable level of quality and insensitivity. They are – it is argued – operating outside their mandate. At the level of their mandate their conduct is anyhow utterly filthy and disgusting.

    If Jayesh is now busy building a new health club at Basho and still he has not addressed the issue of clean water this is totally outrageous. He will send people to the health spa, knows that the water they drink is not clean, and does not care. This has happened for years. Who knows if it is still happening. I do not see how this is any different to poisoning if the pattern is repeated so brazenly. Anyhow for sure he would not hesitate to mass poison – the psychology and the willingness has already been proven. If Jayesh and Amrito create a new world religion then this may create carnage on a mass scale.

    I call on all sannyasins to protest until the truth be known about the state of health and safety at the resort. Also, the water is just the tip of the thawing iceberg of negligence and criminality.


    Yes I agree Kranti there is much confusion. If you read the Reports to Police in my blog you would understand why for example I use the term ‘thugs’. On matters of the sacred the argued falls on whether or not Osho’s pie is sliced up, and in which way. This is not a philosophical inquiry. It is a matter of identified the contents and saying whether they are in or out or whatever. I consider that a practical inquiry based on what he did or said – granted this is not itself a straight-forward endeavour. On matters of the mundane….why is a person banned; how is a person banned; is the drinking water contaminated during the monsoon; why is the drinking water contaminated in the monsoon; is the a lack of finance; is their a lack of knowledge and ability; are the at present any health and safety issues that pose a threat to visitors; if so why is it there; can it be removed; did the Pagoda get removed because of the local counsel; was the Pagoda a health risk (like the tarp was)….

    Kranti when I point out mundane matters that have come to my attention you do not accept them because I lack a certain level of proof. At some point the number of issues and the accumulation of evidence may get people asking whether I am perhaps not totally nuts. Though I accept this I do not accept that you negate the issues that I have raised. If you do not negate them you trivialise them. Granted I came out of the assault dramas physically relatively unscathed. With respect to the attacks on me you mention being shown a broom-stick; this is totally out of touch with the facts. Of course you may not agree with what I have represented as factual. OK, but say so rather then obfuscate. This is the same pattern repeated with respect to the issue of Sacred versus Mundane affairs. I call on any relevant government to investigate your bank accounts for evidence of financial reward for deceiving the readers of this site.

    Kranti you have been immensely helpful up to a point. You question keenly and have much experience and understanding to call upon. After this point your mind becomes utterly ugly. It is as though you are trying to protect someone you love and refuse to accept that they may not be worthy of your love and trust….AMRITO!!!

    We have of course had this conversation before.

    I say this because you acknowledged some of your own blindness, and now have again forgotten. I just would like you to respond in an objective and impartial manner that respects what other people are saying and asking.

    You probably feel you are being attacked and do not no why. If you see what I am saying – about having some sort of trust (false or otherwise) in Amrito – than you may understand why people have been criticising you.

    Of course if I leave this site I will not be saying so. This is not a hint. If I come back I will not be saying so. This is also not a hint.

    Yes Amitabh you are not allowed to be yourself. You have to be either a fake or nothing at all. This is such an irony. Jayesh and Amrito apparently focus on an individualist spiritualism, yet really they are attacking the freedom of the individual to be FREE!!! This is the Zen joke I suppose.

    Now that we have got it can we do a bit of social networking and arrange for some emergency meetings. Also this would not be about arguing for or against OIF, the Inner-Circle, and Management Team India. This will be about rectifying the current destruction of Osho’s legacy: a matter of practical and urgent concern. In other words it is accepted that the powers that be are acting outside their practical mandate. Also, their conduct in mundane matters needs to be investigated. It is a matter of urgent concern to know whether or not a person can visit the resort and feel that their health and safety is not threatened. If the Indian government is too corrupt or complacent to act, then we as an Osho sannyas community should make efforts to uphold basic laws that rest on common sense and dignity. The contents of the discussions and any actions taken should be shared to all sannyasins through a web-site.


  23. Prem Abhay says:

    Anthony I have a question for you. When the issue of drinking water contamination – especially in the monsoon – was raised you said that you responded from you experience: you have never been sick, and nor have your any of your friends. The question I have is whether or not you drank from the drinking water stations or from a bottled water supply? Also do you know what is the case with your friends? If it is that you only drank bottled water then your response is misleading. Also since you are an intelligent fellow I take the position that if you were misleading you were so intentionally.



  24. Prem Abhay says:

    When it came to the point that I set up a website to reveal the truth about neglect and criminality at the resort – and then received an email from Amrito warning me not to come to Pune – I started sending emails all over the place. Some emails went to the Pune resort, others went all over. Also, each mail-out contained different information. In total I would have send many thousands of emails. Proof that these emails went somewhere was the returning abusive emails. Whilst some emails I sent were entertaining they were also very informative and clearly written (in my opinion). It is therefore reasonable to say that the issues I have been raising are well and truly acknowledged throughout the sannyas community.

    After I went to Pune and was attacked my “Notice of Eviction” turned up on SannyasNews. There were other sites that put up my information. OshoWorld has continued to post information I sent them.

    In order to shut me down the establishment would have needed to adopt an official policy with respect to me and what I was on about. More specifically there would have needed to be a clear reason(s) for me being banned. The issue of water contamination would have also needed to have been officially addressed. Does anyone know the official position with respect to these issues? Perhaps Anthony could ask Vatayana if he has not already done so.


  25. Prem Abhay says:

    I have some more questions. It was pointed out to me again and again – especially after I apparently engaged in immature games with Dhyanesh and the guards (just venting my anger) – that I am in need of therapy and was devoid of emotional and psychological intelligence. I am just wondering what therapy groups I can do. Just one thing….I have been told that I am not yet ready for strong groups.

    I have some more answers. Why is it that Sheela and her Gang managed to commit such grave acts on an ongoing basis? People say that in large part it is either politeness or fear. Of course there is another important element: when we hear from a person of authority that this or that is the case there is a tendency to BELIEVE this. If what an authority figure says is contradictory to our own experience and common-sense, there is the possibility that our mind will reject our own knowing and find justifications to support the nonsensical belief. Another way of putting it is that we can be hypnotised. This however does not explain everything. While there is a tendency to believe things that ‘some’ others tell us, there is also in us a tendency to believe that which we would like to believe. We believe in that which we have an investment in. If I want something to be the case I will be much more likely to accept it.

    The resort in Pune looks like a beautiful oasis. Not just Osho.com, but many high profile magazines and newspapers support this point of view – and propagate the hypnotic myth. A few people have stated with clear argument and reason that this is not the case. There is, in a lot of instances, facts that sufficient other people are aware of to give considerable support to conclusions. The overall conclusion is that the Pune resort (perhaps for around the last decade or so) has been heading on a trajectory of negligence and criminality. Perhaps in the years prior – the Pune 2 Ashram – the sincere and energetic enthusiasm of so many people kept the destructive powers at bay. Also I suppose people with these destructive tendencies developed these possibilities over time. I have been told how loving and sincere Jayesh and Dhyanesh were for example. However this is in the past and people change – sometimes not for the better.

    Amrito and Jayesh carry much authority and they have created a space that is attractive to a wealthy elite. If they (Amrito and Jayesh) do their job well they stay in their positions of power. The circle of wealth and the sway of powerful and intellectual friends provide much credibility in a world of obsessive and tasteless consumerism and opulence.

    On first impression it is very easy to believe in Amrito, Jayesh, and the heaven-like resort(s). Both individuals are of charismatic magnetism. No doubt they carry a presence and grace and distinction. As does Yogendra and others in the leadership.

    If the inward light is drawn to darkness in time the outer appearance shall also fall into disrepute. The magnetic glow that attracts throngs of eager women (and men) shall strangely fade. As this happens in the cycle of life the powerful withdraw into their towers of wealth: all created out of exploitation and abuse. This is always the way with great dictators.

    Though the powers that be are influential in getting the crowd to believe in the myth of their greatness and their religious epic, there is one other factor at play. So many Osho sannyasins have refused to accept the possibility that all is not blissfully well at the resort (and elsewhere) because they themselves have their own personal ambitions. The possibility of serious problems – even the likelihood of it – is shut out in large part because people want to believe in the dream.

    One day a centre run out of a house shall be transformed into a sprawling mini-empire. A centre manager has the potential to become rich and powerful and spiritual if they follow Jayesh and Amrito’s instructions. What about all the Osho therapists that abide by the laws of the land – including not going to other guru’s. If a therapist can see much negative qualities in people like me – and even try and save ‘us’ – they will perhaps one day become great Osho therapists. Imagine floating around the world leading groups in Jayesh and Amrito’s vast spiritual Zen Resorts. The ugliness and abuse and negligence and criminality that has and is still continuing is in large part so because many Osho sannyasins want to believe in the dream for their own selfish personal gain.

    As prestige and power and wealth grow with obsession the ability to have compassion and empathy for those that suffer at their hands becomes equally less. The crowd or followers or citizens become an insignificant lower form of life to the rulers. The ruling vision becomes a fantasy. The seemingly powerless and insignificant crowd is not as they would believe. Thus the crowd responds to control and tyranny, for freedom shall not be long taken from those who know it to be their eternal nature.


  26. Anand says:

    Abhay, I am interested in the water issue. What is the situation now? Have the filters been replaced?
    Is the resort water safe to drink? have the German water fill stations around the resort replaced? What is the situation with the food offered in the resort? How is the contamination report? Can you drink for example the Ginger tea? is that safe?
    And what is situation with bottled water offered in the shops in Koregaon Park? Can you get ‘original’ water from the source or this water locally re-bottled and fake?
    I think all these questions are legitimate, while your personal vendetta against the management team is understandable, but in its repetition gets boring.

  27. Shanti says:

    Yes, You are so obsessed with water.
    My dear, I was also in the resort last summer-fall And I drunk from the water stations taps… and still alive and kicking.
    I think was repaired. ..or it is an hallucination on your part.
    But please do not write the whole water report again. Ok? I read it already…. a few times.

  28. Alok john says:

    A nice joke from The Tantra Vision, Vol 1…

    “And the last is a very precious one — meditate over it:

    One day, when Jesus was walking through a village, he came upon an angry mob who had backed a woman up against a wall and were getting ready to stone her.

    Raising his hand, Jesus quieted the mob and then said solemnly, “Now, let that one who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    Immediately a little old lady picked up a big rock and hurled it at the woman. “Mother,” said Jesus between gritted teeth, “you exasperate me.”


  29. oshobob says:



  30. Prem Abhay says:

    Anand do you think I do not find the water issue repetitive and boring? It is new for you and already you are bored. How do you think I feel? You have raised suitable questions. I went from trying to resolve the issues you are raising to asking from the outside – same as you are here. The real question is why is it that I or others are not able to obtain satisfactory answers from resort management. Their only response to me was removal from residential program, not allowed to work at all, banned, threatened, and assaulted. If you are bored see what happens if you ask the same questions in a manner like I have – LOUDLY!!!

    If the water situation has been ‘repaired’ then do you think it strange that I am writing on this site (and elsewhere)? Do you think it strange that I have not been informed that either I am wrong or my queries are out of date? Do you think it strange that you could simply not find out the situation and kindly inform me on this site rather then criticising me in various ways? It is not my joy to receive unpleasant replies.

    The importance of the question remains even if it becomes repetitive and boring. It is the same as why Amrito never explained about the workings of the Inner-Circle – as he promised to do soon after Osho left the body.

    People respond to me that they have drunk the water and they are alive and well….as if that means all is well and I do not know what I am talking about. I helped out in the Medical Centre for a while and have seen the droves of people walk in very ill. What about all these people? I have also heard that there was atleast one significant outbreak where a group of people contracted amoebic dysentery – apparently from drinking the water. Of course it is difficult to prove the link.

    The government in India has shown utter ignorance in regard to provision of clean water. A legal battle that took something like ten years finally managed to get one Indian local council to fix their water system so that the locals did not get sick and die. I forget which town it was.

    If you want me to shut up about the water then kindly find out what the historic and current situation is. If you find this out and it comes straight from resort management than forgive me but I will find it hard to believe. Though I may remain unconvinced it would be interested to here their story.


  31. amrito says:

    abhay how do u find so much time to write so much shit?

  32. Prem Sarita says:

    Went to Poona in 2000 and worked at the reception alongside the beautyful Melissa. Been missing the community and been hoping to return sometime soon. It saddens me that there seems to be so much power struggle and politics going on. Why the f… is that? Where is the love???


    Prem Sarita

  33. Bodhi Heeren says:

    dear Sarita

    Don’t get confused just because this board is dominated by a very vocal, very aggressive – and very small – group of people who are obsessed with critizising what goes on in Poona.

    All of them connected to the Osho look-a-like who calls himself Sw.Rajneesh or sometimes even Osho Rajneesh.

    Nothing to worry about and certainly not something to take serious. I’m sure the Love is there for anyone with an open Heart.



  34. Kranti says:

    Thank you Bodhi Heeren .. for a beautiful acnowledgement of things ..

  35. prem bubbie says:

    With all love and respect Heeren– on what planet are you living? True nothing to be worried about, but that does not mean all is well. Too much violence is still in the world, great preteners still clamor for attention and domination of others. In the sannyas world too. Inaction lets the negativity rise, the evil grow. “good” people, people with some common sense, intelligence, and sensitivity have be too lax, too accepting of “business as usual” regarding human actions. 6 billion people and counting, how much more violence and hatred can we accept before we kill each other off. We have the ability to stop this madness, it’s just sitting there, inside . those who are “lovers”- the compassionate ones do have that ability especially. Either through fear, or just plain laziness we allow those with hatred in their hearts, to dictate to others how to live, what to eat, what to believe….. What good is meditation when it can’t be lived and shared. What good is meditation when there is no compassion, no common sense, no straight forwardness? Time to spread that energy, not sit on it, in a lotus position. All the while the tornado gets bigger and bigger. “Nothing to worry about and certainly not something to take serious.”

  36. Please lets trust the *Fairysaint the envoy that Osho have given Us,that She the *fairysaint, will help Us out of this situation(hole!)
    We must remeber that She the Fairysaint Has a few rules and these rules may have manyfolds as benefits if we adere to them:-
    1)-*male-nature must single file following our sisters in the forest floor and will be performing our eartly dances,be *table phantasya,*poledance,or *tanju or any dance floor steps!
    2)On no account leave the *male-natures eyes unwatched,bearing in mind that the “power plant nature” will seek revenge if allowed to comeback and the *femenyn-principle must take roots, for this consciousness to grow,before He find strenght to comeback!
    Whether we are in the *`Banion tree jungle in arambol´ or the forests of germany or UK,or US our we need to single file and follow *nature-femenyn untill we get Her sensitivity ,otherwise we might end up like “(*catholic church!) is going wright now!Even the pope`accepts the desease comes from within!
    Please in all humility that Osho left Us with to grow as an awareness from His consciousness accept this *femenyn principle that has to grow within before we can trip with anywhere else!
    First we go to a *super-nature that Osho is creating and from there to a *supra-nature and the abodes beyond!But all with the *fairysaint as the as the guiding sentivity!
    Osho is our love,
    until than,
    Amritlind and the crew*