Film offers new perspective on Osho

Inside Out, a Personal Journey.
Sannyasnews reporters.

Israeli Television Channel 2 has screened “Inside Out”, director Anat Alachmi’s personal journey in the footsteps of Osho, combined with a take on Osho’s admirer-turned-detractor Uri Lotan, now deceased.

The film was mostly shot at Osho’s ashram in Pune, India and is interspersed with transformational tales related by some of the many Israelis who still make pilgrimages to the compound, almost 20 years after Osho’s death.

According to director Alachmi, whose first visit to Pune was in 1992, “Lotan, who stayed in Osho’s commune during its stormy days of the ’70′s… eventually became an ‘enemy’ [of Osho's] and tried to metaphorically ‘kill’ the guru”. A well-known psychologically pattern of love and hate.

Alachmi says that what began as a journalistic documentation was “utterly transformed” when Lotan died, and she set out on her own journey to India, armed with his personal diaries from the days he spent at the Ashram.

Sannyasnews is keen to get a copy of this film, but as yet it seems difficult. Any readers who might know how to get hold of Israeli television films, could they make an entry in the blog below.

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4 Responses to Film offers new perspective on Osho

  1. Kranti says:

    Can we have the link where i can learn more about Anat Alachmi & Uri Lotan.

  2. Heraclitus says:

    This film is in Hebrew so not much use to an English audience, unless they introduce sub-titles.

  3. Kranti says:

    I couldnt get much info from google about Anat Alachmi & Uri Lotan in the context of Osho although i came across few references to them in other news including something like Uri lotan fell down from stairs or something like that and there was minor reference to his pune visit , which is of no use..

  4. jitendra says:

    this is better pryas